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The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell Guestbook Archives: June-October 2007

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every interesting.......
afia, 12,Nyc [10-31-2007]

i like the site but email me s=more info if you could. thanks, john adkins
john adkins, 13 [10-31-2007]

I thought this was a very informative website. I love reading about our forefathers. At the time I looked this up it was because my family and I were watching the movie National Treasurer.
Billie Lovell, Lockhart Texas [10-31-2007]

I asked my mom and dad what the liberty bell was and we came here to find out about it.
haley, 7 [10-31-2007]

i love history
madison wooley, 12 jackson tn [10-31-2007]

I got all the information i needed
Bob, 86 [10-31-2007]

Alex Cariello, 9 [10-30-2007]

very cool,i will use this site for a school veterans day progect!
kaitlyncat22 [10-30-2007]

adams [10-30-2007]

Very interesting. I just acquired a set or partial set of over 600 original periods photographs and some matching glass negatives taken by the offiocial photographer that traveled with the Liberty Bell in 1915. Some of mine are numbered, some have the name and address stamp of the photographer, and a few have pencil inscriptions of those individuals in the photographs. I have acquired other photographs, glass negatives, books and memoribilia from the family's house and am in the process of researching the photographer.
jeffrey kenneth kohn, 60, Elkins Park, PA [10-29-2007]

This helped me a lot when doing a project, and gave me most of the information I needed. Great website!
Susie Apodaca, New Mexico [10-29-2007]

did i go to
shelley futrelle, big spring [10-29-2007]

found this sight very informative, and very helpful.
Chet Whitcher, 34, Eldred PA [10-29-2007]

sadie [10-29-2007]

I was in awe on July 5,2007 as i sat in the presence of the liberty bell.To walk in the same steps as our founding fathers just across the street at Independence Hall is a moment my son nor i will ever forget.
kevin russell, maryville,tennessee [10-26-2007]

The bell is a very important Symbol in America history and our Job is to preserve that History, Thanks, ATT: Carlos E Rivera Frances, SSGT/USAF, San Juan Puerto Rico.
Carlos E Rivera Frances, San Juan, Puerto Rico [10-26-2007]

I had to look after watching "National Treasure".
Kenneth E Ebeling, Graettinger, IA [10-26-2007]

this is for my son who is in the third grade
albert kimmey, allentown pa. [10-26-2007]

DanDaMan, 14;Palmyra;Happy to beh alive.. [10-26-2007]

i like studying this
Jordan, 12,wi [10-25-2007]

I'm going... going... gone!
Rishi, 14 [10-25-2007]

this is a great monument
Emmy, ia [10-25-2007]

jessica stout [10-25-2007]

Great quick info
renee, 47 [10-24-2007]

I did some research on the beginings of the revolution period it may seem that the revolution started about 1755 though corespondance between 1745 and 1754 were of tallent and perhaps neglect through oposing political parties, research that i found very interesting is the hole piece of literature i got through this hook up /search DeLancey Official Action,when listings show up go to Levermore The Wigs Of Colonial New York levermore is the writer here and appears to be from the 1800's enjoy David George DeLancey,o ya i've also noticed that when the Liberty Bell Rang it was for the appearance of certain ocational gatherings such as a coffee house setting, a ship entering to the prominence of security, a church gathering, and a congressional effect standard, A coffee house was a unique place to drink and socialize the women sugjested it to be called a coffee house for the limitations of brew type beverages a decided it was a more leniant perhaps way to keep gathers stable amongst each other also it was where trade arived and then left, perhaps a form of representation though whos to decide 3:34 p.m.e.s.t.
David George DeLancey, d.o.b.12-27-1961 [10-24-2007]

this sight stinks!
kenny wolf [10-24-2007]

wow! oh my gosh! i have never been this interested in anything wow this is like so awesome! i think you all should have a pic of a saddlebred horse in there that would finish this website it would look so awesome! it really would! luv ya lots, allie from ky!
Allie Hunt, 14 versailles ky [10-24-2007]

we're dumb we spell pennsylvania wrong
Noah, sk8er4life69420@hotmail.com [10-24-2007]

i think that the liberty bell has a hold of a chunk of our History and i am glad that it is a piece of history
Kaylin, 16,ironton [10-24-2007]

nice website a lot of info
melissa, 16,salt point ny [10-24-2007]

I've never been to Philly but would love to see the bell. When will it go on tour again like it did in the 1800's???
Brian Landis, Bakersfield, CA [10-23-2007]

I think it is a awsome gustbook PEACE!
anonymous [10-23-2007]

This sight aint cool yo!from oarange CT
alyssa, ct 50 [10-23-2007]

Adrianna [10-23-2007]

i think the liberty bell is diferent then the other kind of bells
rachael [10-23-2007]

hi whats your name
anonymous [10-23-2007]

Allie [10-23-2007]

I think the Liberty Bell is a great way to look back in history
Adriana Bogue [10-23-2007]

I like it A lot, it is very cool!
olyvia [10-23-2007]

I love Philly and the historical sites and i love libertey bell.
Joanna, Maryland [10-22-2007]

I am happy and so proud for our fathers that made it possible to sign our Acta independence. PS.I like the movie National Treasure.
sophia roldan, 8 years old seattle wa [10-22-2007]

i saw this movie,national treasure the other day and since then i wanted to know more about US history,esp this libery bell..i have a similar bell at my school,it was broken too in 1857,,so history has always been wid me..!
rajan vaish, india [10-22-2007]

Victor Whitacre, 24, Charlotte, North Carolina [10-22-2007]

It is very nice because I am doing a project in school on a power point,so one pwer point is the liberty bell,and I have found a lot of info so great website thanks
Morgan, delawere [10-22-2007]

We know so much about other places and not enough of our own country.
Ralph S. Bennett, 58,Brooklyn,N.Y. [10-22-2007]

This is way cool stuff. I am a descendant of some of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Matthew, 9 [10-22-2007]

Taylor Johnson [10-22-2007]

i like the bell i just don't know why yet
toni [10-22-2007]

this is a very good and educational website keep up the good work
Alyssia Nikeya Gremillion, 14, Jarreau, Rougon Middle [10-22-2007]

I have seen the liberty bell
James [10-19-2007]

The Liberty Bell would be good for field trips for home schools and public and private schools or go on a vacation and see The Liberty Bell.
David [10-19-2007]

whoooooooooooooooooooo go liberty bell
Kiersten Paddock, Fort Wayne, Indiana [10-19-2007]

da boi, 40 newyork [10-19-2007]

I salute you!
Lillie, 13 yrs. old, Robbins, TN [10-19-2007]

Brittany, 14, [10-19-2007]

This site was of critical importance for our social studies project. Thank you very much.
Joshua, 14, Edmonton, Maurice Lavallée [10-19-2007]

liberty bell is cool
mohammad rizk, 13 loma linda [10-18-2007]

I am doing my 4th grade History report on this. I loved learning about all the history on the bell.
Kelsey Scharff, 9 Maryville,Tenn. [10-18-2007]

I think the liberty bell is a great symbol of america.
Sarah Hill, age7 city lancaster [10-18-2007]

catherine copeland [10-18-2007]

marie [10-18-2007]

Jeff Alexander, Bloomington, In [10-17-2007]

It was pretty cool to go see the liberty bell 2 years ago!
Brandi Mady, 16 Brooten MN [10-17-2007]

I went and seen the liberty bell 2 years ago it was awsome! the crack was pretty neat to
Megan Eckstein, 16 Belgrade MN [10-17-2007]

My grandson is give a report for school
Mary White, 60 Corsicana Texas [10-17-2007]

Vanessa McGuire [10-17-2007]

Visited the Liberty Bell in August for the 1st time.
Michael LaCovara, 49, New York City [10-17-2007]

I think The Liberty bell is very important to the U.S and should be respected and treasured .
maria [10-17-2007]

Danielle Smith, 12 Chicago [10-17-2007]

I like to learn about the liberty bell. I am doing a project on it and i like it!
Samantha loves the "bell", not telling you [10-17-2007]

I have beautifull memmories about the Liberty Bell. When I was young I lived in Pennsylvania, studied in the Saint Mary's School. Commonly the teacher took the class to visit the Liberty Bell. It means a lot to me.
Carmen Serrano, Puerto Rico [10-17-2007]

Thank youv
anonymous [10-17-2007]

Wow I would have never known.
Brittany, 14 [10-17-2007]

I love National Treasure and i am reading bout the bell in class. and we have to make a video on eveything thing that happened.
Hayley, 13, Hisperia, [10-16-2007]

Sidnee [10-16-2007]

i think that the liberty bell is intersting
Ashley, 13 [10-16-2007]

I think God for our freedom. I am glad I live in America. I'm glad it has a scripture from the Bible on it. That is what America was founded on freedoms, Religion being the main one!
Scarlette Snow, Pilot Mountain, N.C. [10-15-2007]

I am coming to see it in person on 10/16 or 17th/2007. I am very excited to see one of the most important artifacts from the beginnings of our nation.
Kathleen R. Osmon, Age 71, Los Angeles, CA [10-15-2007]

i think it is very neat to learn about the liberty bell
kaylee [10-14-2007]

As an emigrant to this Country from Malta in 1950 the significance of the Liberty Bell means a lot to me. First in the pride of being a US Citizen and second that John Pass the co owner of the Pass and Stow Foundry that remelted and recast the bell was also born in the little Island of Malta. Where can I learn more about this man? Thank You Joe Scicluna 1721 Summit Avenue Union City. NJ 07087
Joe Scicluna, Age 77 Union City NJ [10-14-2007]

anonymous [10-14-2007]

Jim Lowe, Age 71, California [10-14-2007]

awesome website
Jodi, 13 [10-12-2007]

Freedom is cracked in America and around the world. I fear our children do not know the true cost of freedom in America!
Annette Williamson, 62 Sugar Land, Texas [10-12-2007]

Thank you for the website. We used it for home schooling and found it very helpful.
Jonathan and Christine, 7 and 33 NH [10-12-2007]

A treasured piece of history to remind us of our fore fathers fight for liberty and freedom
Rick Giordano, East Providence, R.I. [10-12-2007]

meghan spate [10-12-2007]

I think this web site is very educational and it helped me get an A+ on my English Paper! Thanks, Catelyn Trahan
Catelyn Trahan, Houma,La. [10-12-2007]

what is the liberty bell?
Aly Johnson, 15, mcpherson, kansas [10-12-2007]

Katy Kemmick, 13,Billings, MT [10-11-2007]

i love the bell
alexsis mcdonald, 13 shreveport [10-11-2007]

mbs [10-11-2007]

GOD save America and Indonesia...
fgn, manado,indonesia. [10-10-2007]

why is there a crack in the bell??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
jamie hahn, ne 11 [10-10-2007]

when was the bell aualy rung??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
jamie hahn, ne 11 [10-10-2007]

jamie hahn [10-10-2007]

i'm doing a project on pennsylvania and just thought it would be cool to talk about the liberty bell when i present.
Kjerstin, 15, Minnesota [10-09-2007]

I love this website.It helped me on my History power point.Thanks you guys.You rock.
Joanie, 14 Baxter Springs,Ks.66713 [10-08-2007]

I am doing a project on the Liberty Bell.
Paige Moore, 7 [10-08-2007]

No one should be a slave to another.
Jon Lecanu, 9 years old and I live in Port St Lucie, FL [10-08-2007]

Me and my friends are studying on the Liberty Bell.It is really fun to study.
Cassidy, 8Smithville [10-08-2007]

Donna Caputo, Phila, PA [10-07-2007]

I think the Liberty Bell is pretty neat.
Chase, 8 [10-07-2007]

this is cool i learned a lot about the liberty bell
da jacksta, 14 [10-07-2007]

how did the bell brake
emily smith, eee [10-07-2007]

jeremiah [10-07-2007]

Wendy Flake [10-07-2007]

yosup cool page
toni, 10 houston [10-07-2007]

WOW! that is pretty. well yeah um... I'm in history so thats why i'm on here and i picked this liberty bell to look up because i learned about it in 4th grade
Windy, 13, wakpala sd [10-07-2007]

You should tell why there is a crack in the Liberty Bell
Morgan, 10/warren/mass [10-05-2007]

I am very happy about the Bell. May it continue to make us proud of our history. It has tremendous history and I will always be fascinated by it. It has gone though a lot and still stands proud.
Sheral Taylor, 45 yrs. Frederick, SD [10-05-2007]

I love studyin the liberty bell right now im doing a killer essay on it and i am so excited.
Trent Larsen, 17, bowdon N.D. [10-05-2007]

I can't wait till I see it next month!
Tiffany, 14 Baxter Springs Kansas [10-05-2007]

Cool website.
Joanie Bindel, 14 Baxter Springs Kansas [10-05-2007]

very cool
thomas pershing, 9 years old live in Colorado [10-04-2007]

i thought this was a great website and got help on myreport THANKS!
stacey, 12,las vegas,nevada [10-04-2007]

put my name on it
joe, 38 [10-04-2007]

i love this site
chijike, lmoe [10-04-2007]

i think it is totally awsome
Josh Ayres, 13 years old from calabasas,CA [10-03-2007]

lotsof information, this reading is for homework
victoria tuttle, 7yrs old, loxahatchee groves,fl 33470 [10-03-2007]

Cory [10-03-2007]

I like liberty bell?
Angelique S. [10-03-2007]

nelcie morgan, 29, marshall [10-02-2007]

We would like to see the real liberty bell.
Ms. Swan's Class, French Gulch, CA [10-02-2007]

I was privileged to see and ring a replica of the Liberty Bell when Mr. Hall brought the bell to a Patriot Guard Riders tribute. It had such a pure sound it gave me goosebumps! Liberty, the freedom to be ones self. To establish a government where the people have a say in events. To worship and speak as one sees fit. What an incredible blessing that many on this earth are still deprived of. It is a bit ironic that the British who first cast the original before becoming the enemy, would recast a replacement after becoming an ally in WWII. A good lesson in how times and people can and must change. And that can only be possible where the people truly have liberty.
Michael Bender, 60, Beloit, WI [10-02-2007]

i love the liberty bell!
jake [10-02-2007]

Mary McCorison, Southwick Ma [10-01-2007]

Grew up in Philadelphia with little appreciation for the Liberty Bell. Now I'm a professional historian! Am now interested to research the 1915 LB tour.
Susan Neff, Wabash, Indiana [10-01-2007]

i think it is awsome
kim p [09-29-2007]

Stefanie Wagner, 24 Conyngham Pa [09-29-2007]

It is a very good informational spot to learn details about the liberty bell. It helped me learn a lot too.
Christina Murray, 16, Forrest City AR., [09-29-2007]

Georgie, 300, cin city, [09-28-2007]

Anthony Fox, 13,littlton,colorado [09-28-2007]

i found all the info. for my questions!
Jenifer Coolada [09-28-2007]

Thank you so much for your help....
CJ Spink, 12,Prattsville Arkansas [09-28-2007]

I liked the timeline for homework but it was too long to print
Day Day, New Orleans [09-28-2007]

I learned a few more facts about the Liberty Bell. It was and still is interesting to me. Our son had to write a paragraph on the Liberty Bell for school. He found the facts to be interesting and was not sure what to write about. His father and I will point out some of the interesting facts and see what happens with that. Thank you for having this available on line.
Wagner Family, Beebe, Arkansas [09-28-2007]

I live in Florida but have been to the liberty bell and it is beautiful!
Tara Hannon, 13 [09-28-2007]

Fantastic! Recently saw the movie "National Treasure" It's a must see movie. Has a lot to do about the Liberty Bell and I became very interested about the Bell. Found this site and it's great. Thanks.
Kevin Broderick, Atlanta Ga. A young 57 year old guy [09-27-2007]

It is wonderful to know this information.
Regina Toliver [09-27-2007]

This is a very cool site! Keep it p!
Bethany, Auburn [09-27-2007]


Steffy [09-26-2007]

i am learning how to make a travel guide of the state of pennsylvania for a school research project.
Emmanuel Lewis, 8 yrs, Calumet City, IL [09-26-2007]

i reily think it is good that they did that for us
mellissa boyle, 10 [09-26-2007]

i think this web site is very educational. ilove it. it's awesome.
madison, 10 whitehall [09-25-2007]

nicole [09-25-2007]

it is really neat
alexis craig, eminence indiana [09-25-2007]

Kristin Caltabiano [09-24-2007]

whre was the lberty bell rang at
hannah wolzen, 12, hickman, nebraska [09-24-2007]

I thought that the Liberty Bell is the most wondeful object of history. I loved it!
Ashley, 11, San Antonio, TX [09-24-2007]

I thought you gave a good explantion of the bell except how the crack got there and if the crack is on the first bell or on the second, and how it got there
george rooney [09-24-2007]

It's really great!very informative and educational.i learnt a lot of historical stuff that i didn't know before
Nadia Carrisa Morrison, 19 trinidad and tobago [09-24-2007]

Great photos of the Liberty Bell,keep up the good work.
MaryLee Kenney [09-22-2007]

I would love to see the reall liberty bell.
Stephanie, harlingen,TX [09-22-2007]

what a trip down memory lane! i hope everyone appreciates history like yall!
ASHLEY, 27 lumberton tx [09-22-2007]

Collegediva, 19, towson Md [09-22-2007]

I am just exploring the details...
Vikas Deshmukh, Mumbai [09-22-2007]

2nd grade class, 7 & 8 years old [09-22-2007]

I like reading the history of the United States of America. The Liberty Bell is something great for all (Americans to Read).
Cecil Lee Jones Sr, Age 49 [09-21-2007]

What a pice of history!
Woodrow Wilson, Felicity, Ohio 45 [09-21-2007]

keke, 13 [09-21-2007]

deb anderson [09-21-2007]

yall rck
joseph, 15,lockhart [09-21-2007]

i am really thick kinda but im a girly girl im oretty a dumb blonde so it quite obvious im not gona be a genius but i have always wanted to be part of something very important thats why i am looking at history and going to try and change it and when i out my mind to things i canb do whatever i want to if i really put my mind to it rosie] xxxx
Rosie, preston. [09-20-2007]

This is a great bell for our country.
Sydney Simpson, 7 [09-20-2007]

a lot of people think that george washington is my grandfather.
Briana, 10;sf [09-20-2007]

i think that the liberty bell is the coolest site in philly!
Jenny, 13, chicago [09-20-2007]

Max Coniglio, age = 15, Garnet Valley, PA [09-20-2007]

I did visit and have brought several visitors to see it.
Norma Cronin, Chadds Ford, PA [09-20-2007]

Hi I´m from germany and I´m interested in world wide history.I like this page ´cause it included many facts and how it is build, is nice. Sorry for mistakes...maybe in grammar!
Patricia, 19, zwickau,germany [09-20-2007]

i enjoy history, so find this site very interesting.
ian fraser, cobble hill canada [09-19-2007]

I think that there are a lot of pictures with wounderful sites of the Liberty Bell on this website
Danielle Smith, age 12 years old,city Chicago [09-19-2007]

Evan Bryant [09-19-2007]

I like the liberty bell song why is the crack in the liberty bell.
Alan S. Beam, 12 maine cutler [09-19-2007]

tyler [09-19-2007]

Michael, Cutler, Maine [09-19-2007]

Eric, Cutler [09-19-2007]

its soooooooo kool
willie ramsdell, 12 cutler [09-19-2007]

Darlene Wheeler, Cutler, Maine [09-19-2007]

The Liberty Bell March song rox!
Ashley, Cutler [09-19-2007]

this is cool!
jackie, 34 chandler [09-19-2007]

ben [09-19-2007]

Really enjoy reading about our history. Makes me feel proud to know I may be related to John Stow by marriage. Thanks for the time taken to tell the Bell's story.
Sarah, n.j. [09-18-2007]

This website is grate. I found exactly what I needed.Thankyou for giving this information.
unknown, 11, Philly [09-18-2007]

golie, ry5eyr [09-18-2007]

waylon, 9 years old, Kansas City,MO [09-18-2007]

we were getting some history for a report my son has to doin school . what we found was great and one day we will visit the liberty bell . thanks
James M strickland Jr and Alfred Dishon, 46 and 11 Raeford North caroliina [09-17-2007]

I would like to be captured in a frame with this antique Bell ............
Eshwar Parsi, 28,India.............. [09-17-2007]

I seen the Liberty bell a few years back i was very touched i name my daughter Liberty she was born on the 4th of july
Stephanie Mageean, Northern Ireland [09-16-2007]

The bell is just brilliant and so is the history that goes with it
Michelle Jones, Ballarat Victoria Australia [09-16-2007]

Jenny Soal, Ashburton, New Zealand [09-16-2007]

Annette Danielson, marysville,Wa [09-16-2007]

I would love to visit once before I die.
Viv Meyers [09-15-2007]

i love this soo much and it is soo awesome! and veyr fun to learn about and it is soo awesome
katie morees, i live in texas [09-15-2007]

brezil [09-14-2007]

jacob, 14,rome, [09-14-2007]

Maria Bowar, 34,Red Bluff Ca [09-14-2007]

Carrie Ann McCracken [09-14-2007]

nice place
Kyle, 8,las vegas [09-14-2007]

jazmyn, 10 omaha [09-13-2007]

Todd Edward Hickle, Findlay,OH 45840 [09-13-2007]

I love U.S.A.
Todd Hickle [09-13-2007]

It is coooooooool
Shelbie [09-13-2007]

Haven't had time to read this yet just intrigued to know why the name Stow is on the bell.
Christine Stow [09-13-2007]

i think the liberty bell's crack was 2 inches wide and long
Matthew, chestrfeild township [09-13-2007]

This website really helped me with my homework on the Liberty bell!
Rachel Treitman, 8 years old [09-12-2007]

I'm doing a project about!
Brandon M. Valiquette [09-12-2007]

i hate the dumb bell!
jordan barnes, doahdlb [09-12-2007]

I love the liberty bell it is a great symbol!
Angell, Courpus Christy T.X. [09-11-2007]

What is the thing inside the bell that dangles to make it ring???
Mikayla, 10 [09-11-2007]

great site, thanks for the info about the Liberty Bell
Kevin R. Hildebrandt, 52yo, Alfredton, Victoria, Australia [09-11-2007]

in 2004 my boyfriend took my children and i to see the liberty bell. he is from norristown, pa and we almost missed seeing the bell because it was close to closing time. desperate to please us he accidentally parked in a 15 min. loading/unloaoding zone. the free visit to the bell cost us a ticket but it was worth it. the city is so amazing that we drove around for an hour and a half before we noticed the ticket on the windshield. i never in my life seen so many different people in one area just as excited as we were,as at the bell. that in itself speaks volumes. everyone was and hopefully still is united as one when visiting. i hope to go back again to spend more time going through and learning more history-we only had 10 mins to get to the bell and have our pic taken.
stacey p., 36, cambridge,OH [09-10-2007]

If it weight so much i just is wondering why it cracked on the first ring?
Ann Matthews, Massena NY [09-10-2007]

I thought it was a very good web page. Its so great.
anonymous [09-10-2007]

this is iteresting
interesting, 12,fajardo [09-08-2007]

I work in a elementary school reading program and we read your information it was great!
Lori Jackson, 40 Cookeville Tennessee [09-06-2007]

juan [09-06-2007]

I've visited the Liberty Bell, several times. At each visit, I'm always touched by a sense of "history".
William A Wilkinson [09-06-2007]

Carol Byrd, Anaheim CA [09-06-2007]

Well done! John Stow was an ancestor the history and family tree of whom I am attempting to learn more about. Thank you for the lesson.
William Collesano, Valhalla, New York [09-06-2007]

I really needed help on my history homework...this site helped me a bunch!
Jenn Depp, Denver [09-06-2007]

Nancy Brown, 33, Sherwood, Arkansas [09-06-2007]

the liberty bell is a important landform to me.
alexis phillips [09-05-2007]

kelly, tfhgfhyt [09-05-2007]

My family and I had the privilege of visiting the Liberty Bell Center this summer when we traveled to Philadelphia. Although many people were crowding to see the Bell, we were able to get our photos taken with it. We appreciate the effort people have given in order to preserve our nation's history. The trip was excellent!
Christianna, Cridersville, OH [09-05-2007]

Lesley Arney, age 53 years from Isle of Wight UK [09-04-2007]

MacKenzieTernir, 45, Kansas City, Missouri [09-04-2007]

danny r. carlson, 61 peoria, illinois [09-02-2007]

i think that all of this stuff is awsome to look at. I watch the movie National Treasure and i went on the computer and i have got so into it. If i ever have to do a project on historic things i will really pick the declaration of independence or the liberty bell . THANK YOU
MELISSA CAMPBELL, 11 somerset massachusetts 02726 [09-02-2007]

i don't really know much about the liberty bell,but i think it's a sign of the acceptances of independence which i think good.
steve [09-02-2007]

Edwin E Laboy, Philadelphia [09-01-2007]

erin [09-01-2007]

I Love the Liberty Bell! It's the best Ever!History Rocks! God Bless America!
Becca Shields [09-01-2007]

heys ppls! if u know any interesting fACTS ABOUT THE WHITE HOUSE OR THE LIBERTY BELL feel free to tell me anytime i'm always on
sara, 10 [08-31-2007]

I am doing a state project on Pennsylvania.
Sophie, Charlston S.C. [08-31-2007]

I am doing a porject on the liberty bell.
jasmine hinton [08-30-2007]

i think this is eally cool history is my favorite!
bridget bly, 12 phx [08-30-2007]

Planning on a visit to Philadelphia during 2008 and am anxious to see the Liberty Bell.
Carolyn Whitford [08-30-2007]

melanie beswick, 27, Oldham, England, U.K. [08-30-2007]

Kyle [08-30-2007]

wow, cool stuff.
tony [08-28-2007]

it was cool to the pictures of the bell, i would like to visit the bell sometime.
Andy, 13,miami [08-28-2007]

alissa pricer [08-28-2007]

I went on this site to get information for my son to do a paper on the Liberty Bell for school.This is the most interesting and awsome site I have seen. It is wonderful.
Erin Banks, Nicholasville,Ky [08-28-2007]

It was fun looking at the pictures of the tour that bell made. Seeing the different people that had the honor of seeing the bell or even touching it! Thanks for sharing.
Christi, Las Vegas [08-27-2007]

this is an amazing website, i never knew that america had such an understanding for world history. the decleration of independence is also a great artifact and i feel honered to have seen the very scroll, or a copy!
jessie largy, london [08-27-2007]

Jest watched National Treasure...
Darshan Shroff, Mumbai, India [08-27-2007]

I am really intrested in the history of the liberty bell, I like this site.
Christine, 6, spokane, wa [08-27-2007]

Where is the information on the present bell which hangs in the tower of the the state house ? It was cast in 1876 by the Meneely Bell Company of Troy, New York and weighs 13,000 lbs. It was a gift of Henry Seybert for the centenery of the Liberty Bell. See the website at www.hudsonmohawkgatewa.org for more information.
Jess Brodnax, Troy, New York [08-27-2007]

i liked listening to the march and ringing the bell, the old pictures are cool and the liberty bell is pretty
chloe, 7 [08-24-2007]

I like the website because i like all the facts and the info it has in it! the website is great.
daley, 10 Nashville, IL [08-23-2007]

I am just doing my assignment.I am also interested in the liberty Bell.I want to know something from the Liberty Bell too!
angel yoo, 11years old.live in cavite [08-22-2007]

My students had a fun time learning about the liberty bell.
earl banks [08-22-2007]

liberty bell rocks
Marissa, 10 yrs old [08-21-2007]

seth betman, west bloomfield [08-21-2007]

I love this Web it is GREAT!
Sara Ann Parrish, nyc [08-20-2007]

I think this is a wonderful page and I am glad it is here! I hope to go see the bell in person one day Hopefully soon I will get a car so I can see the bell and My kids!
Regina, 38 yrs old, E Syracuse NY [08-19-2007]

Im just watching a movie about this ..just wanted to check via ýnternet :))
Goektug, 32 [08-19-2007]

kaitlyn, 10 [08-19-2007]

Melissa, Tabernacle [08-17-2007]

Who thought of keeping a broken bell around all these years would still have people curious enough to read your web page and learn our history. Great job, very informative !
Melody Ridenour, Long Beach, California [08-16-2007]

the liberty bell is amazing
Matt Dowdy [08-16-2007]

morgan, no [08-16-2007]

I Love your website and i have learned so much for my school history assinment.
Courtney [08-16-2007]

I wish someone would include the Liberty Bell poem that was published in the "The Liberator." This is the poem that was mentioned at the visitor's center, but I can't find it on line. The tie in to the abolitionists was my greatest discovery while vacation. Thanks
Paul Huff, 50/ Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223 [08-15-2007]

chelsi stewart, 11 slocomb,al 36375 [08-15-2007]

Thanks for years of history!
Edwin Bueso, Honduras [08-14-2007]

This was a very interesting site. I wish I had thought to view this before visiting Philadelphia two weeks ago. My two children enjoyed seeing the liberty bell in person.
Deanna Perez, Chino, California [08-14-2007]

we the people should have it the way it was.
Anthony P Pacheco, 29,Taos [08-14-2007]

Dean [08-14-2007]

Thanks for maintaining our history!
Jacquelyn C. Franklin [08-14-2007]

I'm a member of Duncan,OK Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution and was working on getting ready for Constitution Week. We have some posters of the Liberty Bell and was I curious about the history of the bell. Very informative. I will use some of this information along with our posters. Thank You
Sherry L. Pettigrew Peck, Marlow, Oklahoma [08-13-2007]

I hate you
Timmy, 12 fortmead maryland 20755 [08-13-2007]

I love the Liberty Bell
Savanna [08-10-2007]

I am so interested in history! I love history! I want to work at one of the national monuments when i get older!
Ashley, 14, tn [08-09-2007]

timothy rains, age-13 tibbie,al 36583 [08-09-2007]

I thought it is great to show our history
karina lopez, 13,boardman [08-09-2007]

The Liberty Bell was amazing! I felt like I could actually hear it ringing.
Danielle Cherie, 13, Leo, Indiana [08-08-2007]

Bobbi Van Dyke, Niceville FL [08-08-2007]

jeremy, jeremy [08-07-2007]

glad to sign
brandon longmire, sevier county tn. [08-07-2007]

Thanks. We teach about citizenship at our Cambodian Center and the students are very interested in your site. Some of them saw the Liberty bell in Philadelphis.
mary Blatz [08-07-2007]

I saw the movie National Treasure... It had the Liberty Bell in it...
Jenn, 10,Mundelein,IL [08-07-2007]

Just looking at things while watching "National Treasure"
Cheryl Earl, Orlando,Florida [08-07-2007]

Sondae Phelps, ohio [08-07-2007]

Paulette Rollins, age 63,, South Carolina [08-07-2007]

tapanga [08-07-2007]

I believe that the Liberty Bell is symbol of our freedom that must never be forgot. A sound that is made to send a clear message that we must never forget our christian hertiage of the many people who gave up their freedom so that we may live in ours.
Lisa Gibbons, Jamestown, NY [08-02-2007]

This is so cool I had to study about the liberty bell and I saw this web site and it is cool. Thanks for making my studing the liberty bell a lot easier
McKenzie Rench, 10, Collinsville IL [08-01-2007]

this is some good info :)
nadiya ward [08-01-2007]

Daughter visiting and had to read up when I saw her picture with the bell.
David and Anne Jones, 67 yrs, Prestatyn, North Wales [08-01-2007]

Wyatt J. #13, 12 [08-01-2007]

I was recently in Philadelphia and purchased models of the liberty bell for my children. Unfortunately, they did not come with any historical facts that make the bell a historical figure. Your site was able to provide that information to my children. Thank You, John Franklin, WI
john coury, franklin, WI [08-01-2007]

Mrrs: Ccline-wing, Speak for yourself [07-30-2007]

Retired Professor Emeritus. Too bad we did not have the Internet back in the early 50's..... It's wonderful seeing the youngsters today - signing on!
Lee J. Wexler, 82,Clinton,WA [07-30-2007]

Excellent site for facts on the bell
Peggy McCloskey, Nashville Ga. [07-30-2007]

I was born in Allentown and Baptized in the Zion Church. It was nice to read about it in your links.
Brenda Zink Raffiani, Boonton Township, NJ [07-30-2007]

Sheri Singleterry, 38 years old from Hot Springs, Arkansas [07-28-2007]

Ethan Bown, 29, Philadelphia [07-27-2007]

pam alastanos [07-27-2007]

LARRY SCHREIBER [07-25-2007]

I like it because it has a crack.
mackensy fread, howell, n.j. age 6 [07-25-2007]

Great music:)
Nini P. Crisostomo, 52, Los Angeles, cA [07-25-2007]

wow this website was no help what so ever
cody koehler, usa [07-25-2007]

i think the liberty bell is a great thing for kids to learn so if they go to this sight they will really learn a lot.
Amanda, 34 [07-25-2007]

Great info. Thanks a lot - it will help plan our visit next week.
Cathy L., Columbia, MD [07-25-2007]

with bens glasses in the movie when it said here at the wall maybe he wrote on abs wall on the back of the hundred dallor bill they were pointing at the wall maybe on that wall.
fred burmeister, 31/spring [07-23-2007]

I just watched National Treasure all over again and they mentioned the liberty bell.. So i thought i should just drop by the website and get to know more about the Liberty Bell.. Interesting!
Michelle, 17, singapore. [07-23-2007]

B. Mahaffe, 41 [07-23-2007]

I love history and since I moved to USA, my concern was to learn as more as posiible, when you really think about powerful turns of the American history it leaves you breathless: such a short time - such a great achivment. It is a lot to learn and be proud of!
Olga Snipes, 26 y.o. Laurinburg, NC, I'm Russian! [07-23-2007]

I loved reading about the liberty bell and all the history surrounding it.
Amy R Doyle [07-21-2007]

Patricia: I thought that this was a very informative link and I enjoyed going throw the pictures and information wit my daughter. Alexandria: I thinks its really cool plus the photos were really awesome.
Patricia & Alexandria, 28yrs & 9yrs, Davis, OK [07-20-2007]

"2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."
patrick knox, Edmond, Oklahoma [07-19-2007]

ilove the liberty bell its a important part of are history
Veronica, laguna niguel ca [07-18-2007]

I am in awe of the people who persevered through the creation of this nation. There were numerous times in which we could have conceded to defeat. I truly believe that God had a hand in helping in the creation of our country. On the negative side, I do not believe that the people of this nation today could withstand or stand up to any similar challenges. We've become spoiled by our good fortune and think it just comes with citizenship. We may being facing challenges to our way of life sooner than we think. I hope I'm wrong. I hope true patriotism will rise when we're called upon.
Randy Thompson, 51, Broomfield, Co. [07-18-2007]

i enjoyed reading the story. i watched "national treasure" and just had to see the artical
STEPHNY LOPEZ [07-17-2007]

I was so pleased to find so much information about the Bell and able to send the link to family planning a visit in the near future.
Bev Wieland [07-17-2007]

Got info on the Liberty Bell from the film National Treasure.... would love to think it was all true! :0)
Jon Sleeman, Essex, UK [07-16-2007]

the site is Good,it is helpfull & realy inspearing to those that value History & wents to know what happen before there were born, i thank the management of these SITE u gurs are doing a great job thanks
PROMISR, 20,Nigera,port harcourt.Rivers state. [07-16-2007]

robert white [07-16-2007]

I grew up in NJ and at a very young age we had a school field trip to see the historic sites in Philadelphia that we were studying. To this day, reaching out and touching the crack in the Liberty Bell is one of the most exciting and memorable moments of my childhood.
Harriet Parinello, Santa Cruz, CA [07-14-2007]

this page didnt help me find anything that i was looking for so put a serch united that will help people find things quickly
Hether Sparkes, 16, middletown, oh, 45044 [07-14-2007]

adam tarango, 27, midland, tx. 79706 [07-13-2007]

I am in the process of making a Liberty Bell for the nursing Home I work in. So I wanted to get information. Thank you for being here. M
Mary Williams, Hobe Sound, FL [07-13-2007]

brooks [07-12-2007]

i need a job
rafael moraes, 26 [07-12-2007]

anonymous [07-12-2007]

Why did the Liberty Bell break. It's sorda weird.
Benjamin, Fair Haven [07-12-2007]

Happy fourth of July,i still keep in mind that since i was a kid the blasting of the fireworks and the colors represented both sides of the revolution is that wrong to think this way, and also the thought of representation it is true many were invovled with the hiding of the Liberty Bell or just the Bell at one time it was perhaps thought, Of Liberty to ring it, or may i have the liberty of going to the bell Tower and ring it just a simple way of life as of today a local department issueing there way amongst each other and all of a sudden a war breaks loose and everyone decides to think differently, that will in course start some kind of war in itself, so now the matter is who is about the liberty and why if a place experiences Liberty in ways of matter meaning i have the liberty to, or the liberty is about us, or the liberty will be here once and for all, well the liberty is knowing what shall happen and from a govermental status the liberty is not effected how then can it be adjusted to the course of residence,'course' simply means the goverment 'of' simply means war and 'residence' means obiding with something and wich effectively autherizes the taking up of side though doing so in such liberty one may not see the coursee of Goverment and those affiliated with it, for instence take the DeLancey faction after 1760 when Chief Justice James DeLancey died and in the same year King George the second died many perhaps silently went with them, a lot of Female DeLancey's also married high profiled polititians and soldier like profile living obroad was not a problem, adjusting to a Goverment perhaps was, possetion is and was important, as for the Liberty Bell i realize why certain people hid it, for intence one could of lade claim to it or simply destroyed it being it was rang when approuching soldiers were about to enter the town, now perhaps is the time to study what a capital venture is all about and the freedoms of capacity about a place of war like status or maybe just through the deciding of choosing something there was the admittance of whom realy owned it,very interesting a town filled with numerous people deciding how to lug it away to a place when then guarding it was more effective sometimes it's Stratergy first then decition i think, i know that it may even resemble the performance of well lets say holding a thumb up while still useing the little fingure as profoundness, both in touch with each other and though somewhat seperatly an adjusting task, still in the begining of a war like ternament a somewhat respectfull action ofcourse very few perhaps aknowledgeing the Bell full establishingthough when untill the performance of useing it again to where it has establishing and then perhaps does'nt realy matter of the ownership for it is now liberty for all maybe under some understandings,another hiden adventure for me is the terming Taxation without Reresentation, seems what realy was'nt a Reresentation was funding and perhaps the aknowledgement of the awareness of funding, anyone know what an encrouchment means during the Albany Congress Plan Before 1760, and still to this day words and titles like Commissioners are not totally represented as of any other Law though they do exsist as liberty allows it to they still do not have full coverage what and who represents a terming A Legal Tender Binding, With No Restrictions and this was to be the making of currency a representation to the people for the people a tool perhaps to adjust the standards of living and in return of it the protection that was to keep it biding with no restrictions aA Legal tender :Tender meaning of useage from one thing to another:- a then tax perhaps was to be asseted upon it for the currency would then for sure be of making though i supose through time they would of realized that in order to make a sale you'll have to pay for it as well, so now we have to see for instence that and the word encrouchment means to each other if anything oops sorry i did'nt do it though it is for sure when it was confermed an ecrouchment Cheif Justice James DeLancey and the Crown denied the Albany Plan though it was deinied firstly through the representatives of Congress oops again maybe they were just Commissioners because of this word from the Indians wanting of Commissioners the governors could make it i guess because of protecting others from indians and also landing territorial needs encrouchment i'm not sure,currency for a public ok by thwe representatives of New York oops the People sorry about that, though others then would have to obide with a Plan of security perhaps an encrouchment, so who now died and took things with them while hostilities still arose and whom is recognizeing a Goverment at Large or just a Goverment it is true that a goverment is the people and a Political Party awaits it there were four poplitical parties in New York DeLancey Livingston Smith and one other with Smith all were freindly though all stuck together except DeLancey they ended up to the majority of the tories and were then under the representation of the Crown and also America for those who needed protection, though now when this happens things change slowly and progresively,the crown took the advise of william pitt to spend most or all of it's raw materials like gold silver and such to the Prussia forces to fight in the europian erea's while the crown british that is faught here in america for america from the french and indians perhaps some spanish as well then wich started the training of soldiers, Here it is Mad over taxes mad over soldiering Mad over Not haveing money to cerculate ones self wich one seems would have been the most upseting representation of all,till next time hope that was'nt boring perhaps next time will be better from Art Economics History David George DeLancey 3:10 P.M. Cape Cod Community College.
David George DeLancey, 12-27-1961 Dorchester Massachussetts [07-12-2007]

This is realy great to know. I never knew that the Liberty Bell ever left Pennsylvaina. We just watched National Treasure and thought of investigating the historical facts of it! Thanks!
Brandan, Tara, and Kendra Whiting, 24, Bountiful, UT [07-12-2007]

Our Girl Scouts range in age from 7 to 12. The quiz was fun although we didn't to well, we learned a lot. Thanks!
GIrl Scout Troop 1877, Oakland, California [07-11-2007]

I think the liberty bell is great and i am a big fan of history. I also did a treasure hunt in my school which deal with the liberty bell.
Al-jaquan Wilson, newark New jersey [07-11-2007]

Very interesting
Tom & Debbie Harley, 55 Spartanburg SC [07-09-2007]

Jerry W. Risch, 65--Santa Rosa Ca 95401 [07-08-2007]

Diana Duncan, Alamogordo, NM [07-08-2007]

reese [07-08-2007]

I enjoyed reading about the Liberty Bell. This is a great website because it is very informative, which is awesome for a person who loves history.
Abigail Olson [07-08-2007]

I like how it made on the computer, because it has funny words. They're doing a good job of making a good Liberty Bell website.
Jacob Shneiderman, 6 [07-08-2007]

this site gives great information on a large piece of history
Christine Stephens, 45, Comanche, OK [07-07-2007]

I havent personally seen the Liberty Bell, but I have to agree that it rings true to our liberty and freedom. And freedom is not something to take lightly or for granted.
Samantha Halverson, Astoria, Oregon 17 [07-07-2007]

steve spurrier, 37 [07-07-2007]

Can't wait to visit your State in Aug. 2007
Lynda Cobb, Paradise,NL,Canada [07-07-2007]

I think that this is a wonderful site to visit. I just wish more people living in American would visit these type of sites and realize that this country was founded on "In God We Trust" and put the faith of our Lord and Savior back into the every day life of the American people. This country would not have the problems that it has if congress and the judicial system would up hold the Constitution. To many politicians and judges have ruined our country by taking religion out of the equation and used their own definitions of "freedom." Removing God from our schools has only opened the door for the devil to corrupt our youth and once grown up and having children of their own, teach them not of religion but of "man's world" and this is wrong. The some foreigners who move to our land are some of the reasons our country's judicial system has up held removing religion from our schools and courtrooms. This is a disgrace to our Constitution. I am proud to be an American! I want the Constitution put back into play as it was originally written and then see where our wonderful land will be at in several years. More people turning to God to help our land of the free and the terrorists will have a huge battle on their hands with the Lord's Hand behind our great nation. Just think about it!
Phyllis Fulton, Middleburg, Florida 32068 [07-07-2007]

I am so proud that I was born in Philadelphia,PA with it's rich History. I am bring my grandchildren to visit all the historical sites this summer. PVB
Peter V. BRUN, 69 Ambler, Upper Dublin Twsh. (Ft. Washington), PA [07-06-2007]

this is a very interesting site and so is the movie national treasure.It is about 2 friends that split up and become enemys but one for the good and the bad to steal the declaration of independance and discovering a treasure map and coordinates on the back. It was voted number one movie in america. children from all ages will enjoy national treasure.
Kayla Juarez, warwick [07-06-2007]

It's a wonderful site, and very informative. I like it a lot,and so do my kids.
brian coleman, 40 dayton,ohio [07-06-2007]

i still dont get the meaning of the bell the words written on.
Yolanda, 21,penn [07-06-2007]

von egge [07-06-2007]

Warren McKay [07-06-2007]

I was a member of an Anglican Religious order that had 8 English Change Ringing bells crafted by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry--it delights me to know aobut this special link to our great Liberty Bell. What a wonderful world! God bless America and the special bond with England even though we did need to delcare independence from the "Mother Country" in our past!
Mary Frances Heinsohn [07-06-2007]

very imforming, learned a lot more, thanks
david milan, alabama [07-05-2007]

r [07-05-2007]

c. dale haines, 72 littleton, co [07-05-2007]

Every 4th of July at 8 PM I ring a special bell 13 times thereby I celebrate the bell that we call the Liberty Bell and the birth of our Country. I loath fireworks. They start fires, injure people, maim many and even kill. That is why I love the bell. A bell rings out Liberty. Thanks for caring for this historic momento.
Robert DeGraw, Kirkland, WA ( the web feet state) [07-05-2007]

very interesting and informative. This website is awesome....
michi Henley, Hemet, ca [07-05-2007]

very interesting
jason pessa, 29, philadelphia [07-04-2007]

My mother was a Stow and I am proud to say one of her ancestors helped to build this bell.
Sonja Risley, 68 Clearwater. Fl. [07-04-2007]

Kiran, Marysville, WA [07-04-2007]

wow super
sarah, texas 11 [07-04-2007]

With the lack of history being taught in today's public schools, we find it even more important to share such wonderful morsels as the Liberty Bell's story, with our children.We want them to taste their heritage and remember it with pride so as to pass it on to the next generation; especially if our American heritage continues to slip away. Welcome to all other heritages to enrichen our country, yet preserve and continue to pass on THIS country's foundations!
the osterbauer family, Mpls,MN-ages:45,45,14,12,11,9,4 [07-04-2007]

Robert M. Ricken [07-04-2007]

Although a short 230 yrs, American History is so full of heroics both by groups and individuals. For the sake of our future as a Nation, let us hope such heroics are part of We the People!
Joseph Toscano, 53yrs, Kingston,NY, [07-04-2007]

jeff [07-04-2007]

i am going to visit in about 3 weeks but we still might not go but i want to go so i am going to beg to my dad and my stepmom
ashley diaz, 12,nj [07-03-2007]

anais [07-03-2007]

the liberty bell is cool.
louis jovanovich [07-03-2007]

isaac phillip davies, 71/3 grants pass [07-03-2007]

Olga Sanchez, 37, Miami, FL [07-03-2007]

S. E. Brashear, Richardson, TX [07-02-2007]

I actually got to see the real deal and it was an experience I'll never forget. very educational and you'll have more respect for your country after hearing the facts behind it!
marcia cremeans, 29, hillsborough nc [07-02-2007]

there really are grand ideals in human history
anthony o dwyer, carrick-on-suir,ireland,republic of [07-02-2007]

have more children visit the liberty bell.
marisol, phila [07-02-2007]

God bless America and all of us!
Crystal Canterbury, Roanoke VA [07-02-2007]

I had the pleasure to visit in May of this year 2007. It is a very historical town to visited and hope i will go again to take my son and any future grandchildren.
Herminia B Chapa, La Vernia, TX 78121 [07-02-2007]

I think that the liberty bell is a fascinating antique. I have got that chance to learn the background and the history of the Libery Bell.
Forrest Smith, 17, New Port Richey, Fl [07-02-2007]

Joe Sierra, 56, Palm Bay Florida [07-02-2007]

jackie yarboro [07-02-2007]

A wonderful site and very educational for all ages. Thanks .
Jerome and Pelagia Wilson [07-02-2007]

the liberty bell is very interesting.The history of it gives me lots of thoughts,but i am only going to think about one of them out of many.the symbolicness of the crack is is a history everyone can learn about
karen, 9,Renton [07-02-2007]

Valerie Gearing, Harrisonburg, VA [07-02-2007]

page dont work ?
tom starr, 48 indianapolis in [07-02-2007]

wouldnt it be cool if the liberty bell took another train ride across the country in 2015....? take us back again to our beginnings...let everyone( well more at least) have a chance to view it
Deb [07-01-2007]

proud to be born and raised american
francis x o'neill, 54, cinnaminson/phila [07-01-2007]

Ruth Fulford [07-01-2007]

Crystal janis, 24 gloucester 3 kids [07-01-2007]

I'm printing our church bulletin for tomorrow and looking for something patriotic to put in it. The bible quote on the bell is what I have chosen and I am looking for more information to include with it. I wish we could all return to our true christian heritage and what this country was really built on. I am so afraid we have gotten so far from our beginnings that we may not survive for many more years. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Louise Isenhour, 64, Richfield, NC [07-01-2007]

Wonderful site! Very knowledgable, great pictures!
Julie K, 57, Florida [06-30-2007]

I like to learn about the Liberty Bell because my family and I just came back from our East Coast Trip and we visited the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania. Good Website.
anonymous [06-30-2007]

i liked the old pictures of the children and the bell.
ANDREW YBARRA, 9 years old, clovis, ca [06-29-2007]

Cool! Me and my daughter should visit.
Vanessa, 23 [06-29-2007]

Excellent site. has a lot of great information. It is an inspiration to us all. Thanks
Brent Jones, 49, Syracuse, UT. [06-29-2007]

I Enjoyed this website and shared it with my listeners on 99.9 KONY RADIO!
John Carter, www.999konycountry.com [06-29-2007]

Wow! While homeschooling my 4th grade son this year we studied the American Revolution. I got this idea to get our community to ring the town church bells on the 4th of July. While doing research on this project we came to the realization that the let-freedom-ring.com campaign was already underway. All we needed to do was get our community involved. This year we are going to our churches to generate that interest. Our local printing company put together the flyers. And we are making a float to pull along in our town parade. While researching how to make our bell, we came across this site and have come to the realization that a bible scripture is there for all to see. I feel God is leading us to encourage a new generation of children to realize what the Liberty Bell stands for and what our Freedom Stands For. God Bless America!
Dawn and Beau, Anacortes, WA 98221 [06-28-2007]

I was born in Philadelphia, spent most of my life in the surrounding area and was always so proud of being from the City of Liberty! Happy 4th to you!
Carole Dunham [06-28-2007]

Iris, 11 Olath [06-28-2007]

Jenny Madsen, l.a. [06-27-2007]

Your story concerning our Liberty Bell is excellent. I pray more people will read the message and come to know that there is no real separation of church and state, except for what man creates. God never wanted it this way. I am currently in the process of praeparing a sermon that deals with our Liberty and Freedom granted us by God and our forefathers who settled this country.
Ronald F. LaVoie-Tobijah, Anabaptist Minister in Pennsylvania [06-27-2007]

My family records show that John Stow was born in 1727 in Philadelphia, PA and died in 1757 in Philadelphia,PA. he is my Great Grand fater five generations back. I am very pleased to see his name on the Liberty Bell and very proud that he was a Patriotic American. His legacy lives on and will never be forgotten.
Bernadette Davidson Zajicek, New Jersey [06-27-2007]

S Katzelis, 32, South Bend. IN [06-26-2007]

anonymous, Devils Lake, ND [06-26-2007]

Leyla, 21, Roma (Italia) [06-25-2007]

In spite of being a naturalized US citizen, I find a deep connection & respect for everything that the Liberty Bell stands for.
Liz Riccardi, Wilmington, De. [06-25-2007]

I think the Liberty Bell is a symbol of our country and that it is really interesting. It rocks! Go Liberty Bell!
Katie, 9 Clinton NJ [06-25-2007]

I recently visited the Liberty Bell and standing next to it was just amazing, unreal. It is a great monument of our nations history!
J.Ayala, Southern California [06-25-2007]

Does anyone thing the bell is telling us something like a special code? The way things are miss-spelled,the crack!They are telling us something,I know it!
anonymous [06-22-2007]

I don't mean to be a Know it all, but I jst read it. You quote the passage on the bell as leviticus, it's in Ecclisiastes 3:1.
Richard Roberts [06-22-2007]

What a great site!
Kendra Coutant, 31, Plano, TX [06-22-2007]

I love this bell~ I'm using the "forever" stamp on my upcoming wedding invitations. We are getting married in New England and feel it is very appropriate to use this bell as a symbol of freedom and the idea that the stamp is called forever signifies our love--forever! The history of our nation will be an integral part of the start of our lives together.
Elizabeth A. Correia, 37,Turlock, CA. [06-21-2007]

This is the greatest symbel of LIBERTY ever
Michael Wooten, Age 58, Delta PA [06-21-2007]

My son is working in san Diego and sent his father a card with Liberty bell stamps on because of the same surname
Margaret Pass, age over 60! Doncaster U.K. [06-20-2007]

wats pass and stow
joshua, myrtlefford [06-20-2007]

i had no clue what the liberty bell was until i had visited this website. thank you so much. i love the section about crack. it was very insightful.
Brarah Hya, 31 Hb, CA [06-19-2007]

the tour is very facinating. you get to learn facts and learn its history.
sylvia, 12, jericho, new york [06-19-2007]

Retrop [06-18-2007]

i like the liberty bell from the movie i saw, ( national treasure when the is a treasure of the nights temple and it was to much for one man, not even a king
joshua, mytleford vic 3737 8 hillside crt 15 years af age [06-18-2007]

I am beginning a geneology project as my maternal Grandfather Reese Pass told me when I was younger that we were direct descendants of John Pass of Pass & Stowe. I am back to my great grandfather John Pass whoi was born in 1860. If anyone has detailed info on the John Pass from the foundry, please contact me.
Ed Miller, houston,tx [06-18-2007]

I appreciate the scripture from the Old Testament book of Leviticus concerning liberty engraved on the bell
JoyNewton, Huntington,IN [06-18-2007]

Wayne Gay [06-18-2007]

Jennifer, 38, Genoa, OH [06-18-2007]

S Sweeney, Shreve Island School [06-18-2007]

I LOVE the liberty bell.
anonymous [06-15-2007]

I have already sent another e-mail but I think that the liberty bell has important words such as PASS AND STOW. The movie is not all that that I like. I think that there is importance in treasure hunting.
Kelly Tyson [06-15-2007]

The Liberty Bell has some importance and so does the declaration of independence. The movie National Treasure is an inspiring movie and tell's clues of one's journey. But, I still think there is a meaning to both of the two things. I believe that things are important than people image. Kelly P:S I like the movie National Treasure and I think it shows importance of something special. A TREASURE
Kelly Tyson, 10, [06-15-2007]

natalie Wright [06-13-2007]

how did it get cracked
Gertude, gfd [06-13-2007]

Fun listening to the music! Nice site. I visited the bell this afternoon and was looking for some follow up info.
David P Johnson, from Mendota Heights, MN [06-13-2007]

Mildred Robinson, 54, Toledo, Oh. [06-12-2007]

thanks this site realy helped me with my project
sophie k, 10 atlanta [06-12-2007]

Ithink the Liberty Bell is so beautiful to me and big.
krea, 8 houston [06-12-2007]

I Love Phila. and I have lived here all my life I am about to take an Historical Journey of Phila. The Battle Family reunion is in Phila. on the 29,30and July 1 we are looking forward to Love and being together in the City of brotherly Love and Sisterly affection. We pray for the senseless killings to STOP!
Marie Battle, 56, Phila. [06-12-2007]

danyael, sweden [06-11-2007]

A. Williamson, Liberty, mo [06-11-2007]

I love Lady Liberty(the Statue of Liberty) and the Liberty Bell!
BILLY BOB JOE, 1,000,000 houston [06-10-2007]

I love history and this website was wonderfull.
Dustin DeSheles [06-10-2007]

Why is the libery bell cracked? My brother said someone tried to steal it and it fell and cracked. That doesn't seem like a reasonable answer. I also was looking up on the internet adn it said it was cracked by a test? I am very curious. Please write back to my email address and tell me why?
Kym, Bolivar, Ohio age 10 [06-09-2007]

avery t robinson [06-09-2007]

very well put together..
Kayla Louden, 18 bethesda, OH [06-09-2007]

emily, 9 [06-07-2007]

anonymous, 45 [06-07-2007]

Go P.a.
gabby [06-07-2007]

My thoughts on the "Liberty Bell": It is truelly an inspiration to all. Although i've never been to boston to visit the bell. I believe in my heart it is a great symbol of peace, understanding and freedom for all. It has always been an inspiration to me.
Taunya Graschel, Oklahoma City, OKlahoma 73108 age 33 [06-06-2007]

The bell assures of of the liberty and freedoms given to us by the U. S. Constitution. I am gathering information to write an article regarding mandatory binding arbitration, which directly violates our right to a trial by a jury.
Sally Sutton, 69 yo. - Trussville, Ala. [06-06-2007]

i think the liberty bell is very spiritual and the proclaim liberty throughout the land is from the jewish torah.
Jackie solomon, 18 years old Needham, MA [06-06-2007]

I think the Liberty Bell is very interesting! I would like to visit it sometime!
Jasmine Aguilar, 13, Waterbury,CT [06-06-2007]

this place is kind of boooooorrrrrrring
billy smith, 1003, you stink vill, 33 i rock ave [06-06-2007]

Sean Finnegan [06-06-2007]

nadia [06-06-2007]

None really, but I think the Liberty Bell is cool.
Colin Martin, age 11, Enfield, CT [06-05-2007]

Awesome pictures!
Jazmine, New York [06-04-2007]

the bell is no doubt the most assuring thing we have that declares, we are still a free people.thank god for all those who paid the price for my freedom.
Raymond Riley, age 68, Duncan, s.c. [06-04-2007]

I thank you... You put a lot of work to put this together.....
Judy Kline, 37,Medway,OHIO [06-04-2007]

Great web-site. easy to use and Very Informative.
Bryce Pelletier, 26, Center Hill, FL [06-04-2007]

PauLA yEPEs, 20 [06-01-2007]

I think that the Historical things are very cool. -AJ Baucom
AJ Baucom, 24Yrs.old.,bound brook,New Jersey [06-01-2007]

I was in Philadelphia many years ago and I am a history buff.
Terry Wood, 60, cincinnati, ohio [06-01-2007]

good! ! !
BEN ANN, 102 [06-01-2007]

nice website. it helped my friend with a report, so i went to come look at it, and its pretty cool. Nice trivia and quotes by the way ! ! !
Tamava_Always [06-01-2007]

pretty good
I'm an idiot for saying thank you [06-01-2007]

Amazing grace
Blaga Laga [06-01-2007]

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ur great
Kyle Walker, 11 [06-01-2007]

Hey the liberty bell is the sweetest thing to see
Pam Walton, Corry, Pa [06-01-2007]

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