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The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell Guestbook Archives: April-May 2007

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farrah workman, ravenna,ohio age: 14 [05-31-2007]

Diane [05-30-2007]

u guys did such a good job on this! it had all of the info i needed for my project! thanx! :)
rebecca edwards, 14 [05-28-2007]

I love your website. I can learn a lot of information!
annalyce bratcher, 10,anderson, [05-28-2007]

this was really helpful in my project. thanx! could you do one that has little facts?? awesome!
Sarah Culpepper, 13 [05-28-2007]

Jim Dacus, 61yoa. Sand Springs, Ok [05-28-2007]

Who made the Liberty Bell
Jason [05-28-2007]

hi bailey nathen [05-28-2007]

Michelle Ladd, 34, Indianapolis, Indiana [05-26-2007]

linda isom [05-26-2007]

john hoskins [05-25-2007]

anonymous [05-25-2007]

this bell is soooooooooo cooooool.where is it located?
kelsie malott, hagerstown,18 [05-25-2007]

Jennifer Fields [05-24-2007]

i think the liberty bell is the coolest i am doing a report an the bell. Thanks, Jammie
Jammie, 17/ new york/ fort drum [05-24-2007]

Thank you for provide me with this information, it is very complete.
Martha B. Gudino, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico [05-24-2007]

I think this is really interesting but needs more information. Like why the iberty bell was made, what sacrifices they took to make it.Oh, and also about the letters sent back and forth.
Ashley Neuman, I am 12 years old [05-24-2007]

how come blacks didn't get freedom, huh
BONQUESHA, 6 silver spring [05-24-2007]

niki [05-24-2007]

This is a site full of usefull information! It helped me on my home work when i had to do some research on the liberty bell.
Julie Spears, 15, REd Lake Falls,MN [05-24-2007]

Erin Gamache, Farmingdale [05-24-2007]

Patricia Gabrielle D.Tan, 7, Commision Civil Jaro iloilo City [05-24-2007]

sertyhgr [05-24-2007]

it is the first time that i am reading about this monument.. its nice..
shree ram [05-24-2007]

Sam, yu dont need to know [05-24-2007]

I thought that the Liberty Bell was pretty cool to look at and I would like to know how it got it's crack and ware the bell came from.
corey lavoie, 11 middleburg [05-23-2007]

ftrgd [05-23-2007]

I think the Liberty Bell is a really cool monument because it is part of Pennsylvania`s history.
Kaelin, city:spokane [05-23-2007]

you are weird
anonymous [05-23-2007]

GREAT information. Used it for my 10 year old's class project.
Leah Ross [05-23-2007]

nick, 13 ca 760 [05-23-2007]

I think this is acool website because it helped me in class.
casey darr [05-23-2007]

Why has Lev.xxvx been removed from the Liberty Bell as it stood for years and why is there no reference to the content of Penn's Charter? thank you Ron Roloff
Ron Roloff, Portland Oregon [05-23-2007]

this site needs to get more info i had to look at three other sites cuz this site sucks
harry, 15 willoughy ohio [05-23-2007]

cool! ! !
jack, 11 boston,massachusetts [05-22-2007]

My kids asked me what was the liberty bell used for originally and I couldn't answer them...so here i am trying to educate myself so I can educate them!
Rhonda McLelland, 39, Phoenix, AZ [05-22-2007]

MY THOUGHTS OF THE LIBERTY BELL must of been just like every one elses. the liberty bell was put on this earth for a purpose not me for me but for all those people who didnt get a education. most people fight for freedom n rights n how they dont get enough money well its sure nice to see a million people who truely love how the liberty belll was born
cody domings [05-22-2007]

Meg Newbold [05-22-2007]

I wanted more info/facts to pass on to my son.
JOYCE HAYNES, 39 [05-21-2007]

William Cleveland, Kalamazoo,Mi [05-21-2007]

Thanks for the info....
Mark Chandler, 45, Madison, WI and NY, NY [05-21-2007]

G. [05-21-2007]

ajile', 10/queens ny, [05-21-2007]

i lika this u r all very tallented that make this web site.
jazzy, pa [05-21-2007]

the stamp is a+++++++++++++
andy, philly eastwick [05-21-2007]

I think the bell should be sent back to it's home town Philadelphia so people can see it again.
samira, 10 clombia,maryland [05-21-2007]

I think you should hold some tours, so everyone can take a closer look at the Bell.
Evelyn [05-21-2007]

hi! ! ! !
anonymous [05-21-2007]

I love the Liberty Bell! I am going to the Bell in a few days, and I'v been a few times already. Thank you!
anonymous [05-21-2007]

Pat Cowie, Ridgefield, CT [05-21-2007]

I had to reserch about the Liberty Bell and I got lots of info. here. Now I see that the Liberty Bell was very old!
Gina Lee, 12years old [05-18-2007]

the liberty bell is cool
NATURE LAZZARA, 10,bentonharbor [05-18-2007]

Rick Fleming [05-18-2007]

ED [05-18-2007]

krista mulvey, age 13 redding california [05-18-2007]

Cynthia Sverha, 20/allentown/pa [05-18-2007]

john reese, 14, brooklyn, new york [05-18-2007]

Fascinating information; excellent.
Wendy Rosenblum, Stamford, CT [05-17-2007]

I love the liberty bell.
Clinton Stamper, 11,Doylestown,ohio [05-17-2007]

xxx, 16 yakima [05-16-2007]

Maddy, Penncylvania [05-16-2007]

Maddy, Penncylvania [05-16-2007]

I love your trivia. As a sugestin you shoud have a tour of the liberty bell, wear you can go underneth it and hear it ring.
Steffi Ringer, 11, Allentown, PA [05-16-2007]

Maddy, Penncylvania [05-16-2007]

I love Soical Studies! Learning about what happened in our Constitution. About the Liberty Bell and how different everything was before we had Liberty! I'm glad I can be remembered in this guestbook!
Sylvia Minkiewicz, 11, Allwntown, PA [05-16-2007]

it rocked but i think u should say something about puffles on it
Mr. Bigelsworth, Opp, Alabama [05-16-2007]

Lots of great information! We are learning about symbolism in our country and this site taught us a lot about the Liberty Bell. Thank you!
Mrs. Cross & Mrs. Bruce's class, 2nd grade students in Ringgold, Ga [05-16-2007]

Albert, williamstown [05-15-2007]

isabella, 25 [05-15-2007]

The Liberty Bell is important because it brings back memories of our great History!
Ryan Hart, 10 Beaver [05-15-2007]

I think everyone should visit the bell and know the whole story and meaning of it's history
albert j johnson, 63 born in philadelphia p.a. [05-15-2007]

i like it a lot
chantal, 11,reading,Pa [05-15-2007]

I visited the Liberty Bell a few years back. I plan on bring a group of about 22 to visit it during the month of June 2007.
Rev. Lester L. Banks, 51 Silsbee, Texas [05-15-2007]

pie is good
anonymous [05-14-2007]

This has helped so much because I had a report to do on the Liberty Bell and this site had so much info thanks!
Dina, 11,ohio [05-14-2007]

Excellent site. Thank you.
David Bradley [05-14-2007]

Sarah [05-14-2007]

Pablo Fajardo [05-14-2007]

I love learning about the liberty bell and other cool things! It is sssssooooooo convinet! Keep it up!
britt, 13 [05-14-2007]

The Liberty Bell is just amazing, and old too! I can't wait to come and visit again =]
Lulu Freebush, 15 [05-14-2007]

Wow! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Luke Haldeman, 10 [05-14-2007]

i thank this is the coolest thing i ever seen man you you rock will u date my Mom? please mom my love you! and i never had a dad befor
roy, 17 mirette [05-14-2007]

i thouth that it is the best thing ever. i thank that he knows what he is doing you rock out lode!=]
smith naomi, 16 me [05-14-2007]

the bell is cool and has lots of history
anna acosta, 14 santa ana [05-14-2007]

1 Chronicles 7:14 if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land! This is a call to obedience by humbling ourselves (lowering pride), prayer and seeking God's face meaning we do not get up till we get a breakthrough, repentance (turning from sin). When we do ur part then God is obligated to do His. If we do not want to do ur part, then God sureley will not do His. A three part process. Our country was founded on Christianity, and we need to go back to Christianity. If we ever want to see this country blessed again we should go back to the basics. God Bless America and all that we were founded upon! There are three
Pastor Jackie Powers, florida [05-11-2007]

Steven Geidel, Pittsburgh, PA 15209 Age 14 [05-11-2007]

i love what the statue of liberty means!
samantha, 17526 [05-11-2007]

The song Let It Ring for the freedom of America's Unborn centers on the theme of God's love and The Liberty Bell. Read the lyrics at boarderofeternity.com
Russ Boardman, Christian singer [05-11-2007]

this has helped me with a school project!
grace, omaha [05-11-2007]

I learned about the Liberty Bell in a book called The 4th of July story, its a really interesting book...So is the Liberty Bell
Emma, age 11, Tampa FL [05-11-2007]

It was a very interesting website. We learned a great deal about the history of the Liberty Bell, and we look forward to seeing the Bell in person and visiting the historic sites in Philadelphia during our 5th grade senior trip on June 19, 2007. Sincerely, Mrs. Stingone 5A-127
Class 5A-127 PS.22R, Staten Island,NY 10303 [05-11-2007]

i llove this website i hope you keep it up
hannah rhodes, 11 crawfordville ga 30631 [05-10-2007]

This is a great place to reserch! i can now tell my friends about it!
Christian, 10,Mt. Pleasant [05-10-2007]

Jorge Rivera, El Paso, Tx [05-10-2007]

this website was ausome
kelly dell, 10 gualala [05-10-2007]

bob, phila. [05-10-2007]

cki would like to see how yhe bell got crack
TAJEENA, hyattsville [05-10-2007]

omg i cant believe they mispelled pennsylvana!
Colly [05-10-2007]

The Liberty Bell is a part of Philadelphia history as well as my family history. John Jacob Mickley, my ancestor saved the Liberty Bell for all posterity.I have visited the Liberty Bell with my children and grandchildren. I hope we never forget the meaning of LIBERTY & PATRIOT. and
Lynn Hanas Melso [05-09-2007]

I'm surprised that the bleeding heart liberals of this great country havn't yet forced the elimination of the Liberty Bell, as they have the 10 commandments and other things they have dissmissed that were a part of this countrys' great history
Brian Adams, 47 Clarkston WA. [05-09-2007]

Red-Brick Church 2007 the ruin of a red brick church, crippled trees, rankly growing bushes, golden lit stinging-nettles, a throughout rusted fence netting with rests of black lake colour, pieces of broken glass. An old man’s penetrating glance on, he begging puts out his hand. You don’ t cross. You see a bright dress and a hopping child at the corner. I stroll through the miracle “world”, while a block of houses further on a homicidal maniac trails a trace of blood-in the crowd. The gate opens. Is this a wedding company pouring out, or just as cheery a pack of baseball thugs? And going on I hear I jazz of a lost one over me, behind me a small body landing with a smack on the sunken black paving. My God, men! In former times you called it NY, then LA, today its name is also London, Berlin or Cologne. There is a subway roaring, behind those window caves 30 species of fanatics brew their own agent-orange for the rescue of pure idea in front of humans and humanity. A far-seeing government however declares the prohibition of smoking. The ruin of a red brick church. The flaneur becomes a homeless. The miracle world gets lost in memories, the priest in the trail of a maniac. A child is born. Klaus Wachowski 30.04.2007
klauswachowski, 56, Alzey, Germany [05-09-2007]

I really enjoyed this web site
shannon stanley, 40 years old, [05-09-2007]

Bob, 24 [05-08-2007]

Everybody should have the same rights as everybody else.
Jessy Wickliff, 14 Kellogg, Iowa [05-08-2007]

cool bell
samantha ary, newton [05-08-2007]

hi. we're looking for research .
haley, ray, sasha [05-08-2007]

I can't wait to see it all.
Erin [05-08-2007]

when was the liberty bell first called the liberty bell? how long has the crack been ther
C and A, lubbock [05-08-2007]

i love this website don't ever stop it!
hannah, 11, Crawfordville, Ga 30631 [05-07-2007]

Visited the Bell this weekend, Had a great time.
David & Gail Watson, Laurel Delaware, The first State [05-07-2007]

This helped me a lot I had to do a report and it was amazingly convienent (spelling?) THANKS SO MUCH! ~carli~
Carli :) [05-07-2007]

I had a state project to do on Pennsylvania, and I had had 11 weeks, but I blew it off to the last day. This website saved my butt.
Air Dooderkeeks [05-07-2007]

what does the bell say.....
Alli, 8 pennsyvaina duglessbile [05-07-2007]

helped me on my report
elena, 11 [05-07-2007]

Lauren Ashley Fujioka [05-07-2007]

Joe, Thompson Falls, Montana [05-07-2007]

Where is the liberty bell located and when was it made? Thats about all i want to know.
Emily, 10 ft. bennning [05-07-2007]

This is cool how you did this!
Santhiago R. Partida, 17, boling [05-07-2007]

Thx for the website! it helped me on my report i had to do!
Maya [05-04-2007]

hayyy that is sooo cool i'm sooooo glad i went and saw ittttt! ttyl
sarah [05-04-2007]

Thanks for the information.
Lara Moreno, 9 [05-04-2007]

I think Itis a good idea to show everyone the bell
Jamielynn, 34 [05-04-2007]

I would like to see the liberty bell
Keylee [05-02-2007]

Um...i am from Minnesota yea the liberty bell is cool!
mjgfk [05-02-2007]

I learned about the Liberty Bell in school this year, and I am going to teach others about it at my program.
Rissa Boyd, 6 yrs. Colorado [05-02-2007]

The Liberty Bell really "Cracks" me up! JK
Sarah [05-02-2007]

john [05-02-2007]

this website is awsome and cool!
Victoria, 12 years old Crystal City texas [05-02-2007]

I think that this sight is rilly cool and a lot of fun to look at
jenica hardwick, 14,Purdy [05-02-2007]

Thanks for all the information. It will help me with my report!
Bailey Beckham, Lakewood, Ca [05-02-2007]

rachel [05-02-2007]

Why and When did the Liberty bell crack?? :(
Emily Dadswell, 10, Akron, NY [05-02-2007]

a guy [05-02-2007]

this site is soo coool i love it
mya [05-02-2007]

i like it
anonymous [05-02-2007]

This stuff is pointless, but it is an important part in our history........Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Jesse Hernandez [05-02-2007]

Simon [05-02-2007]

I think that the bell is avery important part of history and I can't wait to go to Philadelphia one day and see it.
Cheyenne Cisneros, 14, Nixon, Texas [05-02-2007]

Ayana [05-02-2007]

hope you get more people
chiquita cropp, 15 clarskburg [04-30-2007]

jimmy wayne atchley jr, 30,blytheville arkansas [04-30-2007]

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
amelia [04-30-2007]

Maria [04-30-2007]

This website needs more info.
Uni and Raini [04-30-2007]

Let the bell ring out clearly in these difficult times! From all at Lovely Recovery (which is carrying on the liberty tradition in the world of music).
david, 25, London UK [04-28-2007]

The Liberty Bell is a National Icon and to have a sight dedicated to it is brilliant... Thankyou and congratulations to the website creators for providing us with such an informative site. Thanks Again Ben Williams
Ben Williams, uk [04-28-2007]

i like history and the libewrty bell is greast
kevin olsen, bellview moo [04-28-2007]

i loved seeing the liberty bell, and thought it would be cool if you had tours of the sighning room coming from the liberty bell. just a thought.
angie [04-28-2007]

u have a nice day now!
Jesse Hernandez, St. John, IN [04-28-2007]

JOE ELIZONDO, 53 [04-27-2007]

I think that the Libirty Bell is something eveyone should see.
maryah dominguez, 10,SpringGrove [04-27-2007]

Jenna Gaudio [04-27-2007]

i think the liberty bell is balla!
abby [04-27-2007]

The Liberty Bells means so many special things to me. One thing being the abolishment of slavery. This meaning gave hope & purpose to African-Americans slaves. It reminded the slaves that they too were American's citizens that had a right to be happy & free people with all the same rights that any & all human beings were entitled too by God. By me being an African- American it gives me great pride that "The Liberty Bell" stood for freedom, hope, & peace in the eyes of my ancestors. If it wasn't for this bell, it might have never possible for me to be sitting here able to read, write, type, & be a free American! And I'm also proud to be from Pennsylvania where are fair bell restest.
Mary L. Jenks, 35yrs. old, Lancaster, PA [04-26-2007]

this stuf iz great 4 history report info.
katherine steinbauer, age 9, Augusta KS [04-26-2007]

I never been near the liberty bell or any thing,but I think were bless to have the oportnity to see it with our own eyes.
zabreyah lane, 13,andalusia [04-26-2007]

I was looking for a picture of Lydia Darragh, because I am her at school and I need to dress like her. So far, I haven't found a picture.
sinead mcdonagh, Age 8, Hull, MA [04-26-2007]

geaster@cfsd.k12.ar.us [04-26-2007]

Why is the librty bell cracked. What writting is wriiten on the liberty bell?
Monique, 13-pennsuaken-??? [04-26-2007]

It's really cool.I love it.
Brianna, 10,East Boston [04-26-2007]

Pat, Mattituck,New York [04-26-2007]

MaKenzie Johnson, 17, fwb, fl [04-26-2007]

I think that the liberty bell was so cool.. It was loud though.. I really jest like the colors of the flag.. It was PRETTY...
Ashley Ramsey, 18 Forrest City Arkansas [04-26-2007]

djksejshgjsghkjen, canada [04-26-2007]

This history of how our government and nation is the best thing to learn about!
Christie Parish, Tennessee [04-26-2007]

When and where was the liberty bell made?
ana, 13, donna tx [04-26-2007]

I thought the bell was pretty exciting to me. The crack was very cool because it was 1/2inches long and I like the bell when it went ding! ding! ding!
james pendarvis, 9 [04-25-2007]

I went to the Liberty Bell and I was so cool!
Lauren, New Jersey [04-25-2007]

Maricela Avila, 15 [04-25-2007]

I like the liberty bell because it beautyful and i learn a lot now that i have a school projet is due on April 27 2007........
Nancy R, 9 yrs philadelphia pa [04-25-2007]

Hannah, 20,Chandler [04-25-2007]

I learn a lot reading about the liberty bell
michael, 16,little rock [04-25-2007]

Great Info! I like the web page design.
Joseph Cantu, 35 yrs, Aransas Pass, TX [04-24-2007]

The liberty bell is so big I wish I could see it someday.
Gabriela Orozco, 11 [04-24-2007]

history rocks!
Jenna Towe, virginia [04-24-2007]

shontaviawhitehead, 13,Manning s.c [04-24-2007]

I like liberty.
Steve Klein [04-23-2007]

to my trout i love pass!
rent, 34 ment tx. [04-23-2007]

i learned that the liberty bell was gave to us from france and it broke then we sent it back to france to get it fixed and they fixed it and then it got broke again and thats the way the liberty bell has been like ever since then.
Matthew Mclendon, 12 [04-23-2007]

paige Avery, 14 yorba linda [04-23-2007]

STEVE R.TANGONAN, Los Angles, California [04-23-2007]

emily [04-23-2007]

I thought it was bigger than it is . I wonder how many lbs it is.It was one of the better places to visit in Philly. Thank you For letting us see it,
Shannon Hughes, 20,Phillipsburg [04-21-2007]

I love the liberty bell! it was cool and it was nice to make that bell! xoxo andrea aka andy
Andrea Guerrero, Chicago [04-21-2007]

brooke Brown, 8 [04-21-2007]

jerry maggard, 15 brunswickcounty [04-21-2007]

kiambra, peoria IL [04-21-2007]

they did not make natonal treasure
annonymous [04-21-2007]

Janelle [04-20-2007]

i loved your movie national treasure it was sweet i love social studies and thats history me and my best friend is gona do a report on it and learn bout all dat stuff later xoxo
ELIZABETH, hazelhurst ms [04-20-2007]

Your site is so neat.keep up the good work
Karen, Brookhaven MS [04-20-2007]

i love the liberty bell iTS so off the chain I WONT TO KNOW WHY IT IS CRACKED! GOTTA GO CHERRIO
KAYLA AND LIZARD B/F/F [04-20-2007]

I haven't looked yet.
Maxwell Stiles [04-20-2007]

I love the movie national treasure and i wish i was able to ask for one piece of the treasure that was found, That was tring to be hidden from the british in the war.I watched the movie when it was on friday, saturday, and sunday nights. It is my most favorite movies. I thankyou for letting me type to you. If their was gold cions found i would love to have one or two of them. I thank you again. If you decide to send me gold or a piece of the treasure just send me a letter and i will give you my address. Thanks, Preston Wilkins
Preston Wilkins, 12, powell, tennessee, [04-20-2007]

Ryan Harriman, 6, North Wales, PA [04-20-2007]

how did the crack get in liberty bell
kathleen, 10 gw [04-20-2007]

The liberty bell is so cool!Its AWESOOOOOOOOOOOME!
Alyssa Thevenot, 10, Owatonna [04-20-2007]

i think 4thgarders at merrydaie shold get an toura thanks
kkendra, 11yearsold batonrouge [04-20-2007]

kiambra [04-20-2007]

What?! I has no idea that the bell actually weighed over a ton.
Jt, 18, Benton, AR [04-20-2007]

What was Stowe's first name?
Jessica [04-19-2007]

i have not visted yet but history is important the liberty bell was put up on the month of my birthday
Samantha Lopez, 19 from alexandria virginia [04-19-2007]

It was a very nice website. It gave a lot of informations about the story
Ashley, 19 years old.. Live in Republic Pa [04-19-2007]

Ja'Lisa Atkinson [04-19-2007]

I'm doing this for a project and I'm finding this website very useful.
Grace, 11, Omha [04-18-2007]

its very neat and cool and import
harry, north carolina [04-18-2007]

i don't really belive in this but i like the story of
KELSE WILSON [04-18-2007]

I love ameraca and i would like to know more about the histery of my home
Michael King, 22, Chicago IIL [04-18-2007]

I feel very bad for the Liberty Bell. If something/someone hurt it than nobody could not see the Liberty Bell!
Natalie, ga [04-18-2007]

why did the liberty bell crack
aryn, deforest [04-18-2007]

very gd
Liamn, miami [04-18-2007]

very nice web page
John Cassel, 140 watson road turbotville, pa 17777 [04-18-2007]

my thoughts r dat they r sooo cool and i wouldlike to learn that in school and in other places!
RUBI ALVARADO, 12,richmond,ca [04-17-2007]

my thoughts were that the liberty bell is really fantstic to learn about.it is on of the greatest things that has happened to the united states and to everyone.i would like to learn more about the treasure of the constitution and the liberty bell.
CATHERINE, age12,richmond,ca, [04-17-2007]

This is my first visit. I am excited about learning all about the liberty bell.
Abigail Jackson, 9, Greenwood In [04-17-2007]

Freddie Ownbey, 50yrs.old, Dalton, GA. [04-17-2007]

Richard Johnson [04-17-2007]

watching "National Treasure" Also visited there with my children. and many other sites several years ago.
cynthia, 49 [04-17-2007]

Brooke Bartley, 26 years of age, born in Bakersfield, CA [04-17-2007]

I love history and found the site very interesting.
Monica Sauls, 16 Goldsboro NC [04-17-2007]

ps.your pge is cool and smooth. pss.yourcool
cuarhure, 11 lansing mi [04-17-2007]

i like the bell a lot your the best guys
josh [04-17-2007]

joshua townsend and cuarhure yang, 11 lansing mi [04-17-2007]

this is a cool website and i hope that you keep it on
Paul collins, desmoines [04-17-2007]

cool place to go on a field trip!
Maddie, 11 [04-16-2007]

day [04-16-2007]

del crandell, age:69 Marietta, oh [04-16-2007]

RCHouston, :-> [04-16-2007]

i think its great its still hanging middle of streetin philadelphiapa
williambowker, wrightsville beach nc [04-16-2007]

this is a very informative website ! i really enjoyed this !
lizzie, neptune beach [04-16-2007]

Amy & Robbie Ray, 25, Griffin, GA [04-16-2007]

that the bell has been thour a lot
ct [04-16-2007]

tary reese, 50 years old Columbia S.C. [04-16-2007]

I will be in your area in Oct.12,2007. It is great info. i can hardly wait to see Philly and all the great historic places in Philly. What a great place this will be to visit for real! Can't wait to see everything!
Patty Lechelt, Portland, OR 97206-9635 (64) [04-16-2007]

zach mcloota, 7 [04-16-2007]

How wonderful to get to hear the Normandy bell and know it sounds just like ours did! Also, thanks for all the information.
Jeannie Sorretto, 54, Ashland, OR [04-16-2007]

i love the USA
andrew, 24, painesville ohio [04-16-2007]

God bless America
Charlie, 58,St Petersburg,Fla [04-14-2007]

Mark Bapst, 56, Winston Salem, NC [04-14-2007]

Tareska Similton, 49, Charlotte, Norh CAROLINA [04-14-2007]

I like the bell vary much.
Emily Miner, 9 Ohio [04-14-2007]

Christina Gonzalez, 9 Pembroke Pines [04-14-2007]

I think the article was very informing. Thanks.
David B. Jones, Fayetteville [04-14-2007]

I just wanted some history on the liberty bell. f_massdin@yahoo.com
Francine Massdin, 58,Baltimore,Md 21223 [04-14-2007]

Michelle Blankenship, Bland County, Virginia [04-14-2007]

Ross Abbott, Bainbridge Island, WA [04-13-2007]

Dosn't look like our forefathers seperated church and state to me.
Brehenda Jean and Bohob Holtz, Corcoran,MN [04-13-2007]

Kenneth P George, Wheaton Illinois [04-13-2007]

wow i just watched a movie about a treasure in the liberty bell.Is it true?
Bobby, 42, pgh, pa [04-13-2007]

joey simmons, 34 Grenada, Ms [04-13-2007]

don hyatt [04-13-2007]

I think that the Liberty Bell is very important to us as Americans. The Liberty Bell will last a long time.....
Chasidy, 15, Alexander City Alabama [04-13-2007]

i love batsy ross she was such an inaration
ace, 10 pittsburgh pa [04-13-2007]

jacobtucker [04-13-2007]

I love the liberty bell it represents freedom in the United States. That is why iI am using the liberty bell for my school project titled, "freedom Of Choice"
Asia, 13 Ohio [04-13-2007]

I Love love love this website! Any time I need to know something about american history I use this site. And The pictures are great also but I thhink you should get closer pictures to show more detail on all of the pictures and also add more pictures. But the ones hyou have are also really good! xoxoxo
Asia, 12 Pittsburgh Pennsilvania [04-13-2007]

My curiousity was peaked as I read about the new forever stamp. For the first time I really paid attentin to the bell and wondered why it had the crack. I decided to look up the history of the Liberty Bell and here I am.
Sylvia Castillo, Miami, FL - Adult 50's in 2007 [04-13-2007]

I think the Liberty Bell is SO interesting and cool! It is so fun to go there and see so mant great places!
kalie, city, chesterfield [04-13-2007]

dear Sir(madam), My name is Anna and I 'm very interested in some questions(clues) that are listed below,and I would love to figer out. Any information will be helpfull: 1)Land under the art museum 2)whispering branch in one of the parks in downtown and its replicate( on which street, which park) 2)North-South/ East-West underground tunnels in the center city( under which streets) #3)PA turn pike- its original purpose 4)Street in the center city named after a tree, but changed in the present time 5)The tea house( probably oldest) 6)The highest land spot in Philly, where is the museum on it and has a view to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge,;( the view is not open for public) 7)2 sister-bells to the Liberty bell (where are they) 8)"She has been recently cleaned and sits upon a horse" ( where am I and what am I?) 9)The bridge in the city of Philadelphia at the time when it was built, it was the widest bridge in the world! (what is the name of the bridge and where is it) thank you for helping me in "treasure hunting"! : )
anna, 25, Philadelphia, Pa [04-13-2007]

this website is awesome!
Amanda [04-13-2007]

this is an incredible opportunity to come see the greatest history made..
Kathleen santiago, 14, bx ny 10454 [04-13-2007]

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well, i just really love history. i mean who can't love history.
samantha drake, 14, yakima, washington [04-13-2007]

looks okay good job
mark, 14 [04-13-2007]

Jenna Suckow, 11 Oelwein, Iowa [04-13-2007]

Hello! I have emailed you before, but you didn't respond. I just wanted to say that your site is very helpful with my school project! Hope to hear back from you! Katie
Katie, Northfield, MN USA [04-13-2007]

The bell is so big.
mary alice, marietta [04-13-2007]

its cool
shadoe, 14,tulare [04-13-2007]

Wesley Corbin, NB, Canada [04-13-2007]

Well,my thoughts are that it is a very good page to use if you are learning about the liberty bell the one thing i think that it shoulkd have is a better reson why it is a important wonder.
Ahley lesmann, 14,antler [04-13-2007]

This page gives so much info on the Liberty Bell.
Alexis, eight, Perryville, [04-13-2007]

i really love the liberty bell.i think it's one of the best monuments yet!
tiffany jo ritter, 14 [04-13-2007]

i think it is a good site for chidren because it can help them wth their history long ago
aja, eden [04-13-2007]

I think that the liberty bell has a cute and very detailed picture. I am in school doing a report on it and I have just started. later manb.
zydae, 11 years old, Eden N.C 27288 [04-13-2007]

very informational website
steven frech, 13 [04-13-2007]

I recently saw the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. I think this site is interesting, thank you for presevring history for future generations.
Lynda Dennis, Marion Ky 42064 [04-13-2007]

We thought the information was very interesting and enjoyed the music while looking at the pictures.
Ms. Timmerman's 5th gr. @ North Aiken Elem., Aiken, SC, 5th graders, Aiken, SC [04-13-2007]

cool site
Thomas Dougherty, age 10 Norwalk [04-13-2007]

Adriana, Tulare [04-13-2007]

Its great to be able to see this part of our history on the internet when you are not able to see it in person.
Martha, age 65, Stevenson, AL [04-13-2007]

i really appreciate this site
lee [04-13-2007]

i am doing a project on the bell
heike [04-13-2007]

o, c [04-13-2007]

I love world history
Brittany Thompson [04-13-2007]

I recently went to Philedelphia and saw the Liberty Bell! It was so neat! I had fun! As for the site, I have not looked at it yet!
Jenny Thomas, Washington D.C. [04-13-2007]

donnajean russo, cleveland, Ohio [04-13-2007]

i love history!i found this site becuase my dad told me to look up how the liberty bell cracked in i found out i so happin to run in to this.
tazshia, 10,atlanta GA, [04-13-2007]

i need some help getting pictures and history of the Liberty Bell. I hope you can help....
Pat stevens, need info for history report [04-13-2007]

sander Zabary, santa Ana, calif. Age-62... [04-13-2007]

William Kenyon [04-13-2007]

hayley [04-06-2007]

its so cool loking back at artificial fatcs and understanding the history of it
stacia mahi, 16,oahu, HI [04-06-2007]

I love to learn about the history.Expcailty Benjiman Franklin!
sydni [04-06-2007]

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jacob, age: 10 city: front royal state: virginia [04-06-2007]

heyyyyy this site is good for skol useige!
Michele Hite, 14, montgomery, pa [04-06-2007]

great site
hhhhhhh, hhh [04-06-2007]

I have learned a lot about the Liberty Bell.This is for a class project.G2G.bye.
samantha ary, newton [04-06-2007]

I whant to no who rung the bell when it cracked?
Anna Brenner [04-06-2007]

I think that your website is awesome! I have been working on The Liberty Bell in class lately, and I wanted to know more on it so I went to your website and I just wanted to tell you that it is AWESOME! I got all the info. I wanted/needed and I love your website!
Katie Kuyper, Northfield, MN USA I am 11 yrs. old. [04-06-2007]

sam, 11 lv [04-06-2007]

shelby mathis, 13,lv, [04-06-2007]

we are going back to philadelphia and will be viewing the bell and independence hall again with our 12 year old grandson. i am proud to be an american and proud of what the bell represents to all of us. watching "national treasure" sure helped get us interested in our natural wonders again. thx, nancy
NANCY, past visitor to the bell [04-06-2007]

Wayne Fordham [04-06-2007]

this web site is totally awsome.
brianna, 10,orlando,orange [04-06-2007]

cassie dotson, florida [04-06-2007]

What doe the Liberty Bell say on the srtip on it?
anonymous [04-06-2007]

I found this site to be extremely educational and with the special love that was contributed for all of us to enjoy a moment of history by those whom love their country enough to share a experience like this not only am I enjoying this for myself but I am able to pass a little information along to my 6 year old child and teach her the special values of our history education and ways to do research. Thank you so sincerely for this special opportunity today for traveling and a lot of purchasing is impossible for me and yet I want to show my child special areas of interest along as she studies various subjects in school. I found the photos and essay to be fabulous words cant describe this special site.
Robin Clark, 48 Romulus, MI [04-06-2007]

I like the pictures of the Liberty Bell.
katelynn clark, 6 Romulus MI [04-06-2007]

I love history!
Jonathan, 13,Sanantonio [04-06-2007]

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I love this wesite. I come to it everytime I have a question about U.S. History. I also use it for most of my social studies project.
Brian Patrick Reilly, 14, Louisiana [04-06-2007]

Thank you for the information that is provided about the Liberty Bell.
Martha C Chacon-Rodriguez, Anthony, Texas [04-06-2007]

what is the Historic Bell
susan [04-06-2007]

who knows the bell show the treasure of the american's independence day...
Mohamed, Malaysia [04-06-2007]

hi, My children and I visited this website to learn all about the liberty bell. Their names are Emma, Audrey and Martin ages 7, 6 and 3. They enjoyed hearing about it and looking at the pictures too. They all had questions, that also made me learn again the history of the bell. My husband also learned something too. Thank you.
calkins family, Chicago [04-06-2007]

I like to play basketball and baseball.
alexus emmans, 13 [04-06-2007]

I think our american history is really important and I'm glad to live here in America!
Mickey Sierra [04-06-2007]

Samantha Parker [04-06-2007]

I think that the Liberty Bell is an amazing historical monument to the whole United States. It has deffinately made it's stand point in society!
Jessica, 13, Boyertown [04-06-2007]

i loved 2 learn about the liberty bell it is very interesting
Taylor, 10 ut [04-06-2007]

Kool Site; fun song; fix the crack!
Zack Poole [04-06-2007]

This is a wonderful site dedicated to the HISTORIC BELL My Grandfatehr gifted me a Pencil Sharpener with the Liberty Bell's small model made over it. Evrsince I was fascinated and hope to see it as soon as my studies get over here in India
Alok Jain, 24yrs Male, Jaipur (India) [04-06-2007]

suraj shaw, kolkata [04-06-2007]

There are two authors for NLB : Patrick Daudon who died on october 26th, 2006, and me. The artistic project began in october 2000 when we where visiting Philadelphia. Then that "suitable ready made" (see Marcel Duchamp in Modern Art Museum of Philadelphia) has been cast in may 2004 in hommage of D-Day Liberators. Now NLB should be tolled on september 6th 2007 for 250th birthday celebration of La Fayette, in Philadelphia.
Charles H. Valot, Cherbourg, Normandie and Normandy Liberty Bell [04-06-2007]

chris [04-06-2007]

Kristina Doughty [04-06-2007]

kira taylor [04-06-2007]

A good place to learn about the liberty bell, and our history
Cassiy, Washington [04-06-2007]

D'lainey Creekmore [04-06-2007]

thank you, i a teacgher and this is a really helpful web site! Thank you for posting it! Diane Alder, Tohickon Middle School Doylestown Pa
Diane Alder [04-06-2007]

its awesome
Dian Alder [04-06-2007]

I love the website and would love to visit the Bell.
Elizabeth Douglas, 19, North Western PA [04-06-2007]

Was out in Pa. in the summer of 2006, what a brilliant place. The U.S. history runs deep thru those streets, I plan a return trip w/family this coming summer!
Ray Luchenbill, 32 yrs old Grand Blanc, Mi 48439 [04-06-2007]

liberty BEll
pat, md [04-06-2007]

i like to read all about the past i read a lot about are four fathers
mickey, st charles li [04-06-2007]

the bell is cool
hailley Bimgham, doing a report for scocial studies [04-06-2007]

years ago i read something to the effect that when the liberty bell was recast...they also made some very small bells from some of the metal....is this fact? or fiction?
ELAINE SMALTINI [04-06-2007]

i liked the website! happy face :-)
Somone Special [04-06-2007]

it is ok but u could put some rap music on it
Bobby clark [04-06-2007]

I am doing a visual walk to see The Liberty Bell; so I am getting the facts and elements of history and interest.
Gloria, Columbia, MD [04-06-2007]

briliant web for history essa
melissa, 11 horsham [04-06-2007]

who made the liberty bell?
RILLEY, 9yrs. [04-06-2007]

Cesar Donivan [04-06-2007]

Barbara Kelly, Hattiesburg, MS [04-06-2007]

Cynthia Moak [04-06-2007]

it is very cool. i wish i could go see the Liberty bell.
Makenzie Kyler, 13 kylertown pa [04-06-2007]

I hope to visit some day.
Linda Fox, Arnett, OK [04-06-2007]

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Carl Noe, Umatilla, Florida. [04-06-2007]

max, 8 meridin [04-06-2007]

I visited this page with my dad to learn more about the Liberty Bell.
Madelyn Bird, Age:8 Illinois [04-06-2007]

I wish there was a liberty bell in every state! I think the liberty bell is really cool!Well Hi oeople that read this.
Olivia Dirr, 10 Cincinnati, Ohio [04-06-2007]

i love the liberty bell it is awsome
haleigh, 10 cincinnati,oh [04-06-2007]

Humphrey, 20/fl/ [04-06-2007]

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tim keeton [04-06-2007]

i think it is so cool it is so awsome
hayley, 10 cincinnati,oh [04-06-2007]

i like this web sight a lot
nick hamm, 11 [04-06-2007]

I like the music and everything I just wish there was more to do for kids. Like games and more things to do. Thankyou for your time, Olivia
Olivia, 10,Ohio [04-06-2007]

i do believe that the liberty bell is a great representation of independence! it rox! my teacher mrs. bell thinks that it is awsome also.
Racxhel Sexton, 5th grade ohio [04-06-2007]

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Bill bob joe, tmher b [04-06-2007]

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tim keeton, 59 alabama [04-06-2007]

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Joe Tedesco, 10,cincinnati [04-06-2007]

it's cool
shaquina Taylor, 10,Philadelphia [04-06-2007]

One word to describe it,FANTASTIC
Paul Runkee, 39,Hull,England [04-06-2007]

i am doing a report on the liberty bell while everyone else is doing the statue of liberty i think its unique.
kayla, 11 milwaukee [04-06-2007]

I got to see The Liberty Bell when my plane had a stop over in Philadelphia.. That was in 88' I then flew to Washington where I saw many other national sights.. Thanks,Dennis..
Dennis J. Gervasio, 59years old city Albany, N.Y. [04-06-2007]

jamee froehlich, 9 [04-06-2007]

Why and how did the Liberty Bell crack?
Seung-Chul Lee, 8,Palisades Park [04-06-2007]

I love this wesite!
Maddy MacKenzie, 10, La Canada Flitridge, California [04-06-2007]

MADELINE LOONEY [04-06-2007]

this is a very good website and will be a very important source for my project.i will include this site in my bibliography
marc diaz, 12,miami,florida [04-06-2007]

I am writing a paper for 2nd grade on the Liberty Bell. :-)
Riley, 8 years old [04-06-2007]

hi. this looked like something to do, so i did.
anonymous [04-06-2007]

i love history it is soooooo fun especialy when its when you are learning about your country and how it got to be like this!
Brianna, orlanda,10,fl [04-06-2007]

i think that this is a very good website to go and visit for school.
charleen, 12 [04-06-2007]

MADELINE LOONEY, 10 hattievillie [04-06-2007]

doug Legate
anonymous [04-06-2007]

tayona, 21 -newark NJ [04-06-2007]

we are learning about this in social studies. I think it is really coollllll.......DONT YOU?
Madiiiii-, I am 10 years old [04-06-2007]

I think that learning about the liberty bell can help children see why there is a crack there in it.
Taliah, 13 newark [04-06-2007]

The Philadelphia is a good place to visit the liberty bell.The reason why is because that is where it is located. The liberty bell is somehing that is very interesting thing that you can think about learning about. But it is very important to some people that they visit the liberty bell so we can learn why their is a crac in the liberty bell. The reason why is because the bell had rang and put a crack in it. I have seen the liberty bell before. I hope that i get to see it agin it like i said before is a very interesting thing to learn about.
Aaliyah, 15 Newark [04-06-2007]

Bruce S. Reney [04-06-2007]

there is a lot of justice in this small faded document
elizabeth goff [04-06-2007]

I loved this website, great info.
Jordan Fansler, 11, Seminole Florida [04-06-2007]

history is so so so so so so cool!
Michael Lee, 9 years old, Cypress [04-06-2007]

Ramiro Arismendez, 42,corpus christi,texas [04-06-2007]

i love n.y.c its the best
maria, 19,nyc,11377 [04-06-2007]

I LOVE THE LIBERTY BELL.........but hate george washington
Valerie Ann, 19, south park [04-06-2007]

i will be visiting for the avma convention in washington dc in july with the doctor and his family and we are planning to visit the liberty bell and as many other sites as we can fit in while we are there.
DAWN HEDGES, globe, az [04-06-2007]

My 5 year old granddaughter is studying the history of the Liberty Bell. She is fascinated with history; has fallen in love with our flag. Thank you for providing this information to us.
Deborah Kennedy, Elk Grove, CA [04-06-2007]

vicki and jake, 44 & 9 [04-06-2007]

This is a fabulous, enormously important site! As a college professor I cannot state strongly enough how absolutely vital it is for students to have a sense of our nation's history. You cannot engage in intelligent discussion about contemporary political and social issues unless you understand something about US history. I teach courses in religious studies and I find that when I'm discussing American religion, I am forced to give a remedial mini-course in American history. You can assume nothing today when talking about our nation's past. There is so much that is distinctive and worthy about the United States. This can only be fully appreciated, however, when students understand the wisdom, the courage, and tremendous fortitude of the men and women who helped build this great nation. Thank you for making this resource available! John Stark
John Stark [04-06-2007]

I think the Liberty Bell is very interesting and cool. I also think this website has a lot of information and is great!
Mallory [04-06-2007]

great memory's
Zach, tn sevirville (age)102 [04-06-2007]

i live in england and have been over to the usa once but coming again in 26 days. i love phillidelphia and new york they are the best. the liberty bell was very interesting when we went to see it! much luff letby xxxxx
Letby Burden, 12 from England [04-06-2007]

Great website! We love the Liberty Bell March!
Class1-2 at ICS, Jamaica New York [04-06-2007]

I love the fight for freedom and what people did for this country.
Rachael [04-06-2007]

My daughter visited your City and saw the Bell a year ago and I have been intrigued since. The American love of, dream of and reality of Freedom is often misunderstood and overcomplicated by the rest of the World and in particular a liberal Europe. The story of Liberty Bell is more relevant than a thousand theses. Long may the American Bell of Liberty ring and long may the World heed it's call. Thank you USA!
simon hillcox, from England, UK [04-06-2007]

thank you very much i did come here before for research in my report.it was nice to read all the things that the liberty bell went through
matthew, 11,new port richey,FL [04-06-2007]

Whatever the story the Liberty Bell is a great piece of American History. I have been out of school for a long time. Going to this web site today helped in reminding me what our forefathers knew, understood and fought for in the early years of America. Thanks!
Diane Correa, Milpias, CA 95035 [04-06-2007]

I like the liberty bell. ding dong.
Kennedi, 11 Mobile, Alabama [04-06-2007]

Let freedom ring the way the forefathers planned! Leaders like John Adams, Samuel Adams, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Do what feels right!
Israel Woldegebreal, 20, St Paul MN [04-06-2007]

very good info
evan whyte, 10,thomasville [04-06-2007]

we're going on a trip to philly for school, writing essay, picked the LB.
Rachel, jcny, 12. [04-06-2007]

Wow cool
Mandy Johnson, 15, ivyland [04-06-2007]

steve, steve [04-06-2007]

Emily [04-06-2007]

the liberty bell is very pretty but should be in an important district
ashley, i have one child [04-06-2007]

Allyson [04-06-2007]

i'm glad there is freedom!
khennedy, 12 years old [04-06-2007]

sam, oakland [04-06-2007]

Toby Wolcott, 62, Louisville, KY [04-06-2007]

it's nice to know that some historical bell such as that stow is still exsisting for the benefit of the next generation...
LORENA ANN MERCADO, 22 yrs old, batangas, philippines [04-06-2007]

what is it like in mississippi.Do you have toy thier.Do you have a friendgirl
dwayne, city [04-06-2007]

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Jerkatlil, ruhdy38sgbvhyu [04-06-2007]

cassie chrisman, 13 [04-06-2007]

Thank you for teaching us!
Kathy Barnett [04-06-2007]

I thought your pictures were awsome
Solomon, 5,Blaine,55449 [04-06-2007]

it is the cool.
david jhoson, 17age burton [04-06-2007]

Calvin L.Reter, Reisterstown,Md 21136 [04-06-2007]

zack, none [04-06-2007]

Thank you for Liberty!
dawn perazzo, 7 yr [04-06-2007]

Loved the Liberty Bell March playing in the background as I viewed the site - plan to visit Philadephia and the Bell in June.
Janice Lombardi, Garland, Texas [04-06-2007]

National Treasure is my favorite movie. I love learning about the Declaration and the Liberty Bell and anything about history
Cole Cruthers, 6, grand prairie, texas [04-06-2007]

I thought that the crack in the Liberty Bell was caused by lightening. I also wondered whether the 2001 attack of the Liberty Bell with a sledgehammer made the crack larger. Also, because things can crack as they age, I think that the bell just got old too!
Miles Bauer, 5 Years Olds, Madison, WI [04-06-2007]

This is a very imformative sight. Thank you!
Danny Teevens, 44 yrs. [04-06-2007]

Rick Gourlay, 27,Fortworth,TX [04-06-2007]

Clayton Freeman [04-06-2007]

I thought this site was interesting and informative. I love our American History!
Paulette Landis [04-06-2007]

janet jones, 39, elk grove, CA [04-06-2007]

liberty bell, liberty bell, liberty bell...WHO CARES SO MUCH???!
gaby g [04-06-2007]

daniel [04-06-2007]

cheyenne, Johnson Cty [04-06-2007]

kati, 5 [04-06-2007]

cool dudey brown
cecelia [04-06-2007]

Our class is studying Washington, D.C. & all of the historical landmarks.
Evan Richardson, 7 years old [04-06-2007]

Thank you for the website. This will come in handy for my 8 year old son to do his homework.
Michelle & Jonathan Favel, 32,& 8, Panama City FL [04-06-2007]

ineed to have a book report by tomorrow.
CIARA CASTLEBERRY, 8 arizona [04-06-2007]

Buy a Liberty Bell