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The Liberty Bell

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this is somthing how we all like to look up to and thike back at
ellis [03-08-2007]

Very interesting and informative
Nancy Carty, nyc, ny [03-07-2007]

this is very interesting... hmm... :]
Janay, 19 [03-07-2007]

i think the bell is an onner
melanie zollman, 12/new albany [03-07-2007]

i think that this website is well thought out it tought me and i hope it will for many others at my school (perkins middle school sandusky ohio) it shows the features of this bell and what it ment to our country. like pass and stow the makers of the liberty bell. also i learned that the misspelling of pennsylvania i learned many other things about our national bell and what it means to us americans.
BRYAN FEIX [03-07-2007]

Yeah, why is the liberty bell cracked, who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it? who did it?
Eugene Miller, 11 years old, North Carolina [03-07-2007]

i am madison
madison, age 9/ city jeffersonville [03-07-2007]

I liked your site because it has a good amount of imformation. I'll use this site to do a report I need to do. You have to tell me where you learned this stuff.
Ashley, 8 Soth El Monte [03-07-2007]

why dores the liberty bell have a crack?
Claire J. Feng, 8yearsold [03-07-2007]

I think there should be liberty bell in every state! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Taylor keys, 7 larwanceville .aoying [03-06-2007]

I'm homeschooled and I wanted to know how the bell got broken when you rang it.
Jonathan Strom, 7 from Texas [03-06-2007]

I thought the book was great.
amethyst, sc [03-06-2007]

when did the Liberty Bell First chime? Tell me or i'll kill you!
Courtney Williams, 12,Gaiesville [03-06-2007]

Amber, g [03-06-2007]

I don't know when the liberty bell first chimed.
Andre'yonna Huggins, 11 Gainesville,Fl. [03-06-2007]

I have been fascinated by the Liberty Bell since hearing a song (sometime in the 50's) of which the bell was the subject. Was the bell ever stolen? Why would the lose of the bell prevent people getting married? I hope to visit in August/Spetember 2007.
Chris Elliott, Christchurch, New Zealand [03-06-2007]

hey wats up people
emily [03-06-2007]

very interesting. good info content. thank you
LUIS E GUZMAN, albuquerque,nm 87109 [03-06-2007]

why do they have so little things about the liberty ??????????????????????????????
cristal, w.v [03-06-2007]

jimdavis [03-06-2007]

Britany, Fort wayne [03-05-2007]

jeff nalezny, 42,chicago,il [03-05-2007]

In our class we are learning about the constitution and it seemed interesting to me to know that they held a convention in Philly. It made me want to know what the purpose of the Liberty Bell is.
Tanya Palmer, 34 Columbus Ohio [03-05-2007]

I love history and this was very moving to see and read
Donald Coleman, Saginaw, Michigan [03-05-2007]

bob jones, knoxville, tn [03-05-2007]

I love the liberty bell it so cool i have nothing more to say but there is one thing i have to say but that man that plays that son is cute i love the son is sooooooooo cute bye
elizabeth, 13 cacye [03-05-2007]

anonymous [03-05-2007]

MARLI MACLAY [03-05-2007]

Katherine Mitchell, St. Louis [03-05-2007]

I was watching the National Treasure and I was wondering how the Liberty Bell cracked?
Donna R. Sanchez, Raton, New Mexico 87740 [03-05-2007]

The Liberty Bell is an interesting bell
Donovan Ferguson, 9,rochestern.y,497 columbia ave. [03-05-2007]

Donna R. [03-05-2007]

I wish I could have been there to hear the Liberty Bell ring. It seems like President Washington has bad luck on his Birthday because it cracked.
Mika Lopez, 11 yrs old in Stockton, Ca [03-05-2007]

Stephanie Pitts, 24, Granbury Texas [03-05-2007]

Russell L. Brehm, Age 41 Pasadena MD 12yr oil son [03-05-2007]

Jimmy Stewart [03-05-2007]

This site looks different than on the movie, "National Treasure".
KLGroenevelt, grr. mi [03-05-2007]

mike, philly [03-05-2007]

I loved the photos from 1915 and I liked the Liberty Bell March. Gavin
Gavin Sullivan, 7, Clovis [03-03-2007]

Joedy Ellers, 62yrs from Kokomo, Indiana [03-03-2007]

I loved the photos from 1915 and I liked the Liberty Bell March. Gavin
Gavin Sullivan, 7, Clovis [03-03-2007]

SIERRA, vzd vxsccxvcxc [03-02-2007]

every thing is goin to be alright
jose, 14/vancouver/british columbia [03-02-2007]

the liberty bell is sooo retarded!
jill powell, oklahoma city [03-02-2007]

please talk about how the liberty bell got a crack in it. it should tell people that it is a really cool part of history.
Allie Orr-Zody, age - 9 Greenfield, ohio [03-02-2007]

what is the liberty bell
carlee, 13,southpoint,45680 [03-02-2007]

it so cool website and it have the best story ever
anood abdurhman, 10-dubai [03-02-2007]

SAMANTHA, 15 mibbleburg [03-01-2007]

ashley bowman, 29,loamdkfhd [03-01-2007]

haley clark, 10,lebanon [03-01-2007]

I was so pleased to find your site. I can proudly trace my ancestors back to the 1600's in PA. My mother's maternal Snowden ancestors were already here in Philadelphia to welcome William Penn when he arrived on the good ship 'Welcome'. One of her paternal grandfathers, George Henry Little, was a Philadelphia policeman and served as a Liberty Bell Honor Guard for the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. No matter where I may live Philadelphia will always be my home.
Lois Hobbins Mitchell [03-01-2007]

its pretty cool to me.i like the picture of the liberty bell.
madison, 7 [03-01-2007]

I think that the Liberty bell is really unique because it broke the first time they rung it and they are still keeping it as an artifact.occanisonally i like to come to this website and review things on the liberty bell. so it's been a real honor to come back and look at this website.
D. Wade, Miami [03-01-2007]

it is so awesome, cool, and I cannot wait to see the real one soon.
Samantha Feldschuh, 7, scarsdale, ny 10583 [03-01-2007]

laura, kerensville 24 [03-01-2007]

I really like this site and I can't wait to come visit the Liberty Bell in April 2007.
Cassandra McD, Middle of Nowhere, Vermont [03-01-2007]

its smoking
claudedreka, 10 houston [03-01-2007]

GEORGE NEGRON, 34 [03-01-2007]

I remember doing reports about the bell in school and it is good to refresh my mind about our countries history.
brian thornton, 27, mesa,az [03-01-2007]

I am doing some research on the Liberty Bell and this site realy helps!
Whitney Sutton, age- 13;city and state- Albertville AL; [03-01-2007]

i thought it is awsome
savannah, arnold,20,2217,mo [03-01-2007]

can you e-mail me some stuff about pass and stow
Brett Sherfield, 14 / cookeville [03-01-2007]

can you move it. Why or whynot.
Jennie, 27,Eatontown, [03-01-2007]

Very informative site. My daughter used it for a school project. Thank You
Coleen Taylor, 45 - Kissimmee, Florida [03-01-2007]

the liberty bell is awesome
nicholas reynolds, 11,lebonon,IN [03-01-2007]

this is so cool
joe Bob Fred Sally Susie John Jacob Jinglehimmer Schmit [03-01-2007]

this is so cool I really like it.
Joe Caperelli [03-01-2007]

stay Cool oooo cuz man don rone hear oooo thanks for understanding.
felix [03-01-2007]

Amy Birkett [03-01-2007]

kendra vieau [03-01-2007]

Brittney [03-01-2007]

Great, informative website. Thanks ! www.CoreyMondello.com
Corey, Boston Massachusetts USA [03-01-2007]

The Liberty Bell is so cool. There is so much history behind the bell. I am doing a research paper on the Liberty Bell so this website has helped a lot. Thanks a bunch!
Elizabeth, age: 13 city: Jefferson City,MO [03-01-2007]

cindy reed [03-01-2007]

i thought this site is GREAT good job
Zoey Mark [03-01-2007]

sarah [03-01-2007]

Jerry L Meade, Paintsville [03-01-2007]

Avram Maxwell Horowitz [03-01-2007]

I get American history class this semester and this web site is very helpfull for the liberty bell subject. thanks a lot..
emre, University of Yeditepe / Istanbul-TURKEY [03-01-2007]

im wondering is there any value in what i believe to be a rough draft of the liberty bell. is there someone i can contact or somewhere i can search on the web?
valeri rakowski, 29,nottingham, [03-01-2007]

as a frequent visitor to the U.S. I recently flew into Philadelphia and became aware and interested in the Liberty Bell. during my stay here I have been able to access this site to research more on this subject. as a senior history lecturer back home i compliment the authors of this site on its information and student friendly construction. There is a tenuous historical link between my family and this bell as we originate from Scrooby Nottinghamshire, the original home village of the first Pilgrim Fathers, whose first meeting house still remains in our village.
KEITH STATHAM, 58, Nottinghamshire England [03-01-2007]

Wooo to the Liberty Bell!
Whitney Sutton, Albertville AL [03-01-2007]

i am do in a report on the liberty bell i wached a movie with the liberty bell in it the movies title had something with the treshures in it the movie had to do with the ghuy looking at the back of the decluation of indapendicts to find the tresure
shronda, 12,zanseville [03-01-2007]

Very helpful for my son's first grade report on the Liberty Bell. Thanks
chase, Santa Barbara [03-01-2007]

How did the Liberty's Bell crack?
Meera, 8,n.j [03-01-2007]

Maxx Mitchell, 11yo, Marietta(Atlanta) [03-01-2007]

Kool! I'm loving the photos and facts! it is really helping me on my project!:)
Kiko [03-01-2007]

I think it is wrong that Pennsylvania is spelled wrong on the liberty bell!
mallorie benson, i am 11 years old i live in indiana [03-01-2007]

camerton weede [03-01-2007]

madison van epps, 24 [03-01-2007]

nephritina, 19 f ga [03-01-2007]

Alec Kraushaar, 9 years old, live in Marshall, MI, learning about significant symbols in the United States [03-01-2007]

This site is amazing!I found a lot of interesting informations about the liberty bell XD
Virginia Tamburini, 15, Verona, Italy [03-01-2007]

this ite is good and very rescource ful
lauren [03-01-2007]

I don't know very much about the liberty bell! :-)
Sophie, North Dakota [03-01-2007]

I think this is so cool. Its awesome. I luv AMERICa
brianna [03-01-2007]

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I think it is really cool how you have the words that are on the liberty bell on the homepage. It really helps me because I am doing a sculpture of the liberty bell and I need the words that are on it, and I got them from this site! -Thanks ~Jesse~Mae~Schlief~
Jesse Schlief, 13, Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA [03-01-2007]

Austin Lassa, 10,Sonora, CA. [03-01-2007]

omg..........this is the coolest site in the world..i learned so much info about the liberty bell.I strongly reccomand this site....
JEN [03-01-2007]

Hannah Draper [03-01-2007]

Sandra Ortega, 25, tampa fl [03-01-2007]

i think this site is very educational but i think if you want to attract more kids you shoould have a game or two but i lovve the song you can listern to toodle oodle
cyann [03-01-2007]

MAke the liberty bell more see able.
Jenna Suckow, 11 Oelwein, Iowa [03-01-2007]

I love American History. Unfortunately I have never been to historic Philadelphia. I'm planning a trip soon. Great site!
Kurtis McCurdy, 19, Marysville, OH [03-01-2007]

I love history were can I find more facts
annalyce, 9,anderson [03-01-2007]

charles horton [03-01-2007]

love istory
william carroll [03-01-2007]

This was a great source for my project.
Jessica Kirr, age 14 [03-01-2007]

I love learning about history because you get to learn about the past and famous people. can you please send me some historical pictures to my e-mail
Haley, 11 [03-01-2007]

I found it very interesting.
stephanie tsimbikos, 7 brooklyn new york [03-01-2007]

Freedom is so fragile. And fighting for it is often not very pleasant. But the future of our civilization depends on it! So let us hear the ring of the liberty bell all over the world, despite the loud noise of despotism and hopeless ideologies! This is a declaration of alliance in the name of the liberals in the south-west of Germany, where liberty has its cradle in Germany!
Jan Havlik, 33 y., Stuttgart/Germany [03-01-2007]

I think that the bell was the greatest thing in the world because it is most important and it has the best history too.
Lea Eldreth, 4408 welcome lane NC 28645 [03-01-2007]

i really think the liberty was a great point in history
seth, 14 [03-01-2007]

vian, 11 warren [03-01-2007]

u do not have what i wanted so i am never coming back to this web sight again!>:o
nikki smith, 199 years old [03-01-2007]

Edward C Mauro, White Mills PA [03-01-2007]

this is so intresting and i learned a lot for the 5 paragraph esa tomarrow thanks. your truly, chelsea
chelsea lynn stanley, 13, sparks nevada spanish springs [03-01-2007]

i think that tis is great history and i really felt thst i have learned a lot by justy reading the article
Cleveland Demary [03-01-2007]

Amber, 54, Las Vagas [03-01-2007]

Great site. We are learning about US symbols. Thanks.
Ms. Bishop's 1st grade class, Fort Worth Texas [03-01-2007]

Blake's class is studing national symbols and he has chosen the Liberty Bell as his project.
Blake Copeland, 7 yrs old, 2nd grader, Milwaukie, OR [03-01-2007]

I want to know how the Liberty Bell cracked and who did it.
Amy Bunnell, age 10 city Brillion State Wisconsin [03-01-2007]

I visited this site and thought it was great. I thought it brought you to the old days very good and made it look like we were there.
jessica, 10 tx garland [03-01-2007]

A Bible vrse on the Liberty Bell! We should return there.
Tricia Miller, Galesburg, IL, 56 [03-01-2007]

i really think this bell is super cool!.
mauricio hernandez, 9 years old, highland california. [03-01-2007]

jacobey, new jersy [03-01-2007]

Camille Calentino, 10 Years Old - San Clemente, CA [03-01-2007]

As a professor in History, I like the accuracy and content in this site.
Dr. Michael Brooks, Lake Charles, Louisiana [03-01-2007]

i love the liberty bell
cheyenne hamilton, i am 9,i live in texes [03-01-2007]

i think that the liberty bell is sooooooooooooooo cool
kassie [03-01-2007]

Mrs. Vittorio's History Class, North Port, FL [03-01-2007]

this website is really cool
lauren [03-01-2007]

I get chills when I think about our Founding Fathers making sacrifices so that we could have the freedom that we have today. I am very proud to be an American. What I am NOT proud of is the fact that we loet illegals into our country and they have the same rights as we do and they are not LEGAL AMERICANS. It's a shame, but I do love my country. I hope someday that our president will rid our country of its pollutants.(illegals)
Heather Ardaugh, age 27, Joliet, Illinois [03-01-2007]

Our class is learning about American history. We wish we could take a field trip to see the Liberty Bell ourselves!
Ms. Garrison's First Grade, Tallahassee, FL [02-13-2007]

This website is great for info!
Matthew Heyl [02-13-2007]

it is cool
jason, 10,ct [02-13-2007]

i like the liberty bell crack
brittney [02-13-2007]

kirsten hathorn, 8yrs,tahlequah, ok [02-13-2007]

Sierra Caulk - Adams [02-13-2007]

I think that the liberty bell is the greatest and i think that we should have a day that the whole world goes up to philidelpia and hears the beautiful sound of the liberty bell
Diamond, Staten Island Ny 10301 [02-13-2007]

Abbyyeagle, montorsville [02-13-2007]

Lots and lots of information I'm glad I didn't look anywhere else. You gave my lots of information. Plus, it's for social studies for a U.S. famous place poster.
Hannah Edstrom, 13, Red Wing, Minnesota [02-13-2007]

I think the liberty bell is awesome!
Nicole, 2-9-07 [02-13-2007]

i just love the liberty bell.
ONYEOCHA OWERRI DECLAN, 65, usa [02-13-2007]

i think,this liberty bell are cool!but, how did the liberty bell crack?
jane [02-13-2007]

it was sad that the Liberty Bell cracked.
christopher, 5 [02-13-2007]

KATHERINE [02-13-2007]

Thank you so much for the preservation
Bryan [02-13-2007]

John W. Leach, 51,Peabody MA. USA [02-13-2007]

just courious
Wayne Tilley, age 63 BEDFORD, KY. [02-13-2007]

i love history
alex smith, 14,salt lake city, utah 84116 [02-13-2007]

shauna, 21 [02-06-2007]

I think that the liberty bell is sooooooooooo cool.
Kassie [02-06-2007]

Like you site. I'm visiting in march with a college class. Can you e-mail me on if there is admission and the price or if there would need to be a reservation made. Thank You, Norma
norma goodman, 26, phoenix, az. [02-06-2007]

My 5th grade enrichment students have enjoyed using your website. They are creating a mural themed, "Signs of America". This webiste has been very helpful. We enjoyed listening to the bell! Thanks, Mrs. Alice Leveille Pennoyer School District 79 Norridge, Illinois
aleveille@pennoyerschool.org [02-06-2007]

the liberty bell is my favorite
breanne, conroe, TX [02-06-2007]

Web page is full of valuble information for my report on pensylvania. it helped me on my history points wich is sometimes difficult to find the infrommation. Thank you!
angelica, 12 [02-06-2007]

It was awsome
Olivia [02-05-2007]

I like visiting this site because I love learning about the history of modern day society. I think that people need to understand the past to know the future.
Kristen, 14,Beaumont, Mississippi [02-05-2007]

god lives! DONG! god lives! DONG! god lives! DONG! god lives! DONG!
kyle [02-05-2007]

Kendall [02-05-2007]

Hannah [02-05-2007]

i love this
chris viola, keansburg [02-04-2007]

How old is Liberty bell?
khadijah [02-04-2007]

Our History is a very important part of our lives, I wish that people would try to emphasize it more to our children in order for our children to understand it as well.
Bob Bombard, 37, Malone, NY, [02-04-2007]

evan [02-04-2007]

ummm... I wwqas just trying to find a site like they found on National Treasure
Abby Kate Ridge [02-04-2007]

Jacki Bingham [02-04-2007]

Would like to hear from cousin Bill Torcaso or his father Roy.
James L. Torcaso, Knoxville Tennessee [02-04-2007]

why does it brake
anonymous [02-04-2007]

The bell the ringing machine
LEW [02-04-2007]

i want a real picture of the liberty bell
tyler moreland, 18 ark [02-04-2007]

Sacred doucments and etc. which have withstood the test of time and held the country together for over 200+ years ought not be tampered with. Period. End of story.
Herman D. Bynum [02-04-2007]

I am signing before I go through the website.
David Deshotels, Baton Rouge [02-04-2007]

My daughter is doing a 2nd grade report on the state of Pennsylvania as well as a verbal report about the Liberty Bell. Thank you for all the informative pages she will be able to share with her class, friends and family.
Darlene Nutley, 40, Long Branch, NJ [02-04-2007]

i liked it
bob, 96, nyc [02-04-2007]

What a wonderful page, very informative for my children, and to actually hear the bell was incrdible. Thank you for this history page.
Anastasia, 36 [02-04-2007]

berk_yener, turkey/antalya [02-04-2007]

We were looking to find information on the Liberty Bell being cracked when Chief Justice John Marshall died. I was disappointed not to find a reference to that. Thanks!
John Marshall Griffith, 4, Gainesville, FL [02-04-2007]

i think the liberty bell is 1 of the sweetist things ever! i love it so much that i am doin a speech on it.!
Maryke Hols vanhumbeck, 13 years old, brights grove [02-01-2007]

noah gardner, age 6 - new orleans [02-01-2007]

U guys rule!
jojo, 190 honolulu Hi.. [02-01-2007]

how did the liberty bell crack
jamie hill, london [02-01-2007]

you rock! and stay young
sandra, virginia [01-31-2007]

That bell, the momories I have, at my age memories are important when it seems like all that you have left, & I agree with other postings, the crack, well that is what stands out for me. Thanks for the memories.
Terry Hastrasbourg, Saskytoon [01-31-2007]

Clementine Bowers, 8yrs, from Pearson Elementary in Rowlett, TX [01-30-2007]

I think it is great,but i would like the simple facts such as... when it was made?who came up with the idea?where was its first location?where is it now?where was it cracked? and when it was cracked? thank,you Mandy Martin!
mikelle tetmeyer, Il, [01-30-2007]

makayla [01-30-2007]

Thank the Lord for our freedom!
Chris Ost, 20, Cedartown, GA [01-30-2007]

Edward Morrisey, Columbus, OH [01-30-2007]

Saw Liberty Bell over the weekend. So nice to have all this information available at our finger tips.
Chitra Chari, Bethesda MD [01-30-2007]

i think that this a special bell
shatangi, rayne [01-30-2007]

I loved the bell it is really cool, especially the crack
Derek Dage, Saskytoon [01-30-2007]

im ur biggest fan love liberty bell
dakota stewart, 11 [01-30-2007]

Christopher [01-30-2007]

JIM WEBER, 78 [01-30-2007]

rethanne, 86 kc [01-30-2007]

John K. Thomas, Naples, FL [01-30-2007]

This is a great site; for children and adults!
Theresa Carroll, Montgomery Creek, CA [01-30-2007]

Bridget Deckard [01-30-2007]

Great site, loved the pictures from the 1915 trip.
Halley Becker, Westerville, Ohio [01-30-2007]

melisa [01-30-2007]

I wonder why the liberty bell is cracked?
Caroline, age 9, Shanghai [01-30-2007]

Thank You for letting me use this web site.
Samantha Mallen, age 7 [01-30-2007]

Great symbol of America
Ben Oberholzer, 17 Loveland Ohio [01-30-2007]

Ben Oberholzer, Loveland Ohio [01-30-2007]

i will share it later
eugene jacob, 21 [01-30-2007]

Daryl Carter McFarland, 43, Lexington, KY [01-30-2007]

We always love coming to visit the Liberty Bell and the city of Philadelphia. The walking tour is terrific and makes you feel like you are back in time. The museum docents are fantastic and very enthusiastic about their part in celebrating the history of our country.
Linda Jones, Toms River, New Jersey [01-30-2007]

Full of knowledge! Pretty cool!
Dean Snyder, 9 Thompkinsville,Pa [01-30-2007]

Jesse [01-30-2007]

I think the Liberty Bell is the fifth most important object that I have seen.
Kein Colette, Philidalphia [01-30-2007]

did you knwo that as wilson inc and raydean wlso discovered the second constitution and declaration of independence in the united states "'stored: for the postiarity fo the preservation of american democeracy "he decided as the nations first office of the law to commite a crime is to be a presevationist ..as a cpatila crimest with nick cage..and the ben franklin was the foudner fo the information fo the the knights of the golden circle,..from the beginign fo democeracy t date thru the poore richards almaniac.. that was coded with ditto expodential mathamtica nd the united states did not get the expodentual sciences untill 1970's and after,,tand that mtr president decided to ''eb a thief and "steel a nobel prive froma scientific discoverer,from butte montana with the "'hollywood gangster ' to pretend he ws the greatest president that ever lived as "shame on the most precious office the united sates and democeracy ever held sacrad tot he democeracy fo the national people..as a historical note" bush administration'' capital crime lord.geroge bush.. that the act is the begining of communistic acts in the unite states that will brign democeracy to functional destroy itself in creating a criminal orginazed criem syndicate fromt he white hosue thru out the united states governemt for theives and hierarchy crimial acts that will without question destroy the legal right os freedom fo the people..only then the founding father said .coudl democeracy be destroyed and american democeracy be lost forever... hanncok. did you knwo as well that hte existence of "'homeland security " is the end of the freedom fo peopel becaue homland security ws adholf hitlers security thru out world war 2 and was reserected int he uniteds tates to commission crimnal acts by the united states congress nd p[resident and geroge bush.. stil futher their is no "exzecutive presidents " position at the white hsoue because it has never been condone by the constitution fo the united states or ordained by the people f the people for the people ..the wanton rulers fo fdemovceracy .inwe the people..to form american justice established the constitution to save our lives from criem of terinary,overtaxing,and fraud of people who do exactly those crimes as the nations governemnt. boston tea party,...paul revere wilson icn..mr wilson.. historial notes for the constituonal standard to be "reenstated " to the bil of legal right and legal authority's mr raydean wilson 1002 iowa st. attorney before the united states supreme court civil action 1992 june 9,washington dc. maryland.. butte monatna 59701 we the peopel refused onc to let communisum ruel america ..we need to again rise aginst ti to preserve our way of life ..against communisem..
raydean wilson [01-30-2007]

going ghost!
Danny Phantom the 3rd [01-30-2007]

I liked the pictures. I was reading a book on the American Revolution and didn't know what the liberty bell was. Now I know more!
Jorden, 9 [01-30-2007]

i need facts about the liberty bell
kathy, 46, lebanon, [01-30-2007]

It was so cool
Jordan, age 10 [01-30-2007]

You sould have more than just one liberty day, because I think theres more inportance in the liberty bell. Also I think that they sould not have cracked the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is one of the most important things in the U.S.A. thats how important I think it is. I just do not know what it is made of. How heavy is it? What does it hang on the, Liberty Bell?
Cory Weinfeld, Age 7 Armonk, NY 10504 [01-30-2007]

i have seen this and it is such a great sight
kara, 11 laquinta [01-30-2007]

Adith Figueroa Diaz [01-30-2007]

can you tell me when the liberty bell was made
daniel falk [01-30-2007]

My family came last summer to visit. My son was extremely excited to see the liberty bell. Unfortunately, it closed right before we walked up. He still got to see it from one of the sides where you could see thru the glass. Philadelphia was a neat place to visit. We would like to come back when we have more time.
Carrie Purdum, 36 - West Carrollton, OH [01-30-2007]

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did you know that christopher columbus when came to america was a cliper ship and not he man in the picture..he ws the son of queen elizebeth,,though we know him as christapher columbus and was 'commissioned' to come to america and the onyl things commissioned "" are clipper ships.. mr wilson 1491
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American History Rocks and this Takes it To The next level
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It's horrible today that each and every Politian has completely ofrgotton the meaning of this Greta Susmbol of our country allowing people to enter this country at an uncontrolable rate, one at which we cannot sustain in future years. Everything g will be lost as we know it and we shall become like all other countries because they are "ONLY" interested in geting votes. Wil Americans want to flee America to go somewhere else were the American way can survive? I truly belive so.
Jim Pierce [01-30-2007]

just looking for a tour of the liberty bell.
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Graduate course assignment, interesting site.
Nancy Jeter, Phila., School of the Future [01-30-2007]

History rules man.
Premanand, chennai-41 [01-30-2007]

did you know that the most importent affect fo the liberity bell was to bring the nation of america to the singluar ability to rise up tot he task of freedom of nations,,o include england and that their are six liberity bells in existence today that where orgialy cast at pass & stow and whitechapel foundery both and that ""importent noptice' no-one has the elgal right to calim ownership,,reguardless of money due" for hauling ro keeping the bell in the place fo the real ownership of the people of the united states "who" paid for it orginally and have no legal authority to ..debt" the liberity fo the united states and its artifact to anyone,perosn or business,,or devide the postitarity fo the united sate an its people heritage as "'giving " by the queen of england.. 1754.. raydean wilson 1002 iowa st. butte montana
REDSKELITON.ROC.ROLL, butte,montana [01-30-2007]

You show the writings on the liberty bell also.
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I'm in the first grade. I'm just six. I what to no how the bell got brocn.
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I love the Liherty bell I learnd OK
kaylene smith, Hermiston oregon Age 9 [01-30-2007]

I love that there is so much history about the liberty bell.
Courtney Graham, chino hills [01-30-2007]

there is a treasure seeking pair of glasses in the wall. look at the wall at 2:22p.m.
Swati Singh, Allahabad [01-30-2007]

fred dupuis, 37,salem nh [01-30-2007]

To be honest after watching the movie National Treasure it made me want to learn more about Ben. Franklin,The Liberty Bell,The Declaration, AB.Lincoln,Slavery...etc,but reading the stories about the liberty bell inspired me.I practically love history now :).Anyways,the reasearch on this web site helped me a lot.This info is GREAT! YA HISTORY...!
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I enjoyed the pictures and info about the bell. My mother came from Narberth. When I was much younger we visited Phila. and saw the bell.
Mary Lee Bradley, Bellingham, MA 70years old [01-30-2007]

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Thanks to movies such as national treasure we can learn a lot,in this case the liberty bell.If it wasn't for these and the internet we would never find out other countries history.Quite often other countries can know a we bit more than the people that live there. Thanx
Dave Johnstone, Auckland, New zealand [01-09-2007]

i think the story be hind the liberty bell is very interesting. Thank you Tabatha Campbell
Tabatha Campbell, 12/Harbor city [01-09-2007]

I must say it means something to me. As much as I belive in freedom.. I wish I could just ring it once in my life time...
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As a Poet, I am fascinated by the Liberty Bell and the crack found therein. At least one of my poems has something in it about the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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I watched,National Treasure. I learned a lot about historyThis site helped me betterunderstand the big picture of american history!
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i am a direct descendant of isaac norris and i have always been told he was reponsible for the writings on the liberty bell.could someone please tell me what they are?thanks so much
william norris jordan, 45 phila pa [01-09-2007]

Great site for people who still love their country and their history. God Bless the USA
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Follow your heart
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It is my hope and prayer that freedom would once again be restored. When will an oppressed people find again the courage to make "A plea to our God and a call to arms" ? God help us. Rev.D.Day
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i remember seeing the liberty bell when i was about 16 years old, and my mom said, be sure to "touch the crack of the bell" so you can tell every one you touched the liberty bell..
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Veni, vidi, vici... ..history fascinates me and enthralls me so knowing some interesting facts on the liberty bell was really great
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Ever since i've taken Social Studdies (because i'm not old enuogh to be in a history class)the one thing I noticed is the crack on The Liberty Bell. My teacher couldn't tell me because she did not know, so I had to find out. I found this site and now I know every thing I need to know!
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