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I am in middle school and history is my favorite subject.I like to learn about the civil war and what the liberty bell says and how it got cracked.I have been on this site many times before this is a great site .I know I am only 12 and I am on here but I just love history.I have learned many things and my history teacher is great she is the nicest teacher. I think people think that history is boring because it is just there past that they don't care about it. Wich they are wrong all they are thinking about is there future. Like my dad tells me you can't go on into the future if you haven't learned your past. Or maybe that is what I say.I do know it is true though.I think everybody should know about there past or (the) past it is very important and exciting sometimes. I think every body should give it a chance.
Anna, 12, White Sulphur Springs [12-29-2006]

I thought that this site was very informative and I enjoyed it because it was easily acessable and everything was right there for you to use.
Mandy, 15, Washington State, Possibly going to be a history major [12-29-2006]

Nothing specific. I just wanted to sign le Liberty Bell guestbook that I consider as a previlege. Thanks!
Alain Goupil, 44 Years old, from Laval, Quebec, Canada [12-29-2006]

I watched,National Treasure. I learned a lot about history. Thank you for more information.
Stella Haberman, 7,Golden vally,MN [12-29-2006]

Outsome site!
Alfonso J. DeCarlo, Raised in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain now living in California. Went to Philly to have my right eye checked in the Will Eye Hospital [12-29-2006]

website is very imformative and had lots of fun reading and learning stuff i didn't know
john weigele [12-29-2006]

Got interest again with the liberty bell when I saw the Movie national treasure.
Timothy E. Dech, age 66, town Alexandria SD, born in Bethlehem Pa. [12-29-2006]

I would like to know more of the history of the Liberty Bell.
Loretta Nusser, Female; Pittsburgh, PA resident [12-29-2006]

Saw the liberty bell on a movie "The Sentinal" and noone had any info on what the signifacance of the bell was. So I came to look it up on the internet.
Patricia K Johnson, 46, Fort Pierce, FL [12-29-2006]

You've got an interesting site
Jose Chong M, Guayaquil [12-29-2006]

history fascinates me and enthralls me so knowing some interesting facts on the liberty bell was really great
george sison [12-29-2006]

very interesting and informative, keep up the good work...
Jing, Philippines [12-29-2006]

Albert H. Abaied, 58 yrs. Lancaster Ca [12-29-2006]

i have a dear friend who collects bells and chimes; So, for christmas, i thought id make her something about the one bell she didnt have: the liberty bell! :)
nancy gray, 24yrs/wisconsin [12-29-2006]

i dont get it
rinn [12-29-2006]

i think the liberty bell is very big and i've never even seen it.i've herd it is very big,even from my mother,because she has been in new york city befor only to bad for me because i was in her stomatch.she went with my family.
sandra payne, new york 8 [12-29-2006]

I LOVE this website i'll tell all of my friends about it
kailan slevin, illionis 10 bement [12-29-2006]

i have a 6 dollar continental currancy signed by thomas leech, i found this web site trying to look up who he was very interesting
rebecca hecox [12-29-2006]

For Christmas We gave our grandchildren and their parents a week end trip to Philadelphia in Feburary of 2007
Cheryl Vaughn [12-29-2006]

it was a geat sight. i had to do some resurch on the liberty bell, and i got a lot done by this sight.
mariah schwartz, 13,sauk radpids [12-29-2006]

Enjoyed the photos of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. I'm doing research on a Christmas postcard I found referencing the children in California who signed the petition to have the bell transported to the Expo. Would like to know if there is a list of names of those who signed the petition - wondering if the child named on my postcard signed or not. Fun mystery!
Mandy Grover, Indianapolis, 41 [12-29-2006]

the liberty bell is cool that's wat i think
Shinelle Campbell, 13, Tamarac [12-29-2006]

This IS cool.
Brady Judovsky [12-29-2006]

I think that the liberty bell is the most interesting thing that I have ever seen. I think that it is the most interesting thing becauseyou can learn some good stuff.
Samantha, 18 Washington [12-29-2006]

My Grand daughter is doing a school research paper on the United states an I felt that it should start where it begin.
Ron Loveland, 65, Janesville Wi 53545 [12-29-2006]

THis was very cool to me especially because the bell truly didnt look real!
Olifia Plazak, Maryland [12-29-2006]

I have always been interested in factual events or things that took place creating history, however after watching the Davinci Code and National Treasures it has me wanting to do my own research to find out what really happened? So i will be searching for answers all over
Jasmine Bland, 24/Springfield, IL [12-29-2006]

It is cool o Love the bell
Danielle W, 14 [12-29-2006]

Courtney Beebe, 13 [12-29-2006]

The site was well put together very insightful. Thank you
Karen Young [12-29-2006]

Thanks for all your great info! It's really been helpful!
Can't Remember my name...Sorry [12-29-2006]

send e-mail to me!
Rildon Mendes, Brasilia,District Federal,Brazil [11-27-2006] [12-29-2006]

I liked the site! However, I think that you should have different questions for the quiz! I wanted to see how much i really knew and after two quizzes it was just what i remembered from the last one!
Lynn Tackett, 14 [12-29-2006]

i am a resercher on geograghics...such as Decloration of Indepence, Members of congress, or Bill of rights...Now is my time to reserch on the Liberty Bell.
Micki Williams, 11 is my age [12-29-2006]

hello everyone. isnt history just fascinating
Brianna Olsen [12-29-2006]

I was raised in Philadelphia. I have family roots there since 1900. My family's name is Henline-Glover. I lived on Kingsesing Avenue, and attended school just down the street from my home. My father worked for the Philadelphia Transportation Company. He started as a subway train driver; transfered to tralleys, then street cars, and finally as a dispatcher in the subways. He worked for 30 years for the PTC and was with them when their named changed. I am hoping to bring my grandchildren to Philly. I have many fond memories.
Wanda Boyd, Lubbock, Texas [12-29-2006]

school project for my granddaughter
Luby Guillot, Rayne,La [12-29-2006]

I think it is so cool to learn about this!
Alyssa, 11,Eugene [12-29-2006]

Umm i have never been there. dont plan to...history sucks...at least american....umm I like long walks on the beach and pina coladas and getting caught in the rain!
Ramabama Dingdong, 17, Marysville Ohio...YEA GO MONARCHS WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [12-29-2006]

It realy helped with our project it is a realy great information site! thanks a lot!
Erica, Cristina, Vernon [12-29-2006]

nicee......niccccceeeeeeeeeeeeee.....gave me sum info for my school project tht i didnt know like that pennsylvaina is spelled wrong on the bell... i never knew tht! nice job i LOVE THIS PAGE
Jessica, whowantsastalkerontheirtail? [12-29-2006]

It was a cool part of history to read about. Also i got a teacher who takes about it a lot. It's cool.
anthony candell, 13, jackson New Jesrey, [12-29-2006]

this is a nice site! wery interesting! i had to go on for a school report!
alyssa, 13,Milwuakee,Wisconsin [12-29-2006]

My son (five years old) noticed the Liberty Bell on the back of a silver dollar and thought it was on the moon. Thanks to the web site he now has an understanding of the importance of the bell. Great Job!
Craig May, Henderson, NV [12-29-2006]

chelyssa Jenkins, 14,Lawton,Ok [12-29-2006]

don r. despres, meriden, ct [12-29-2006]

I think it was cool to see!
luke adamek, 9 Aston pa Pennell School [12-29-2006]

I love this site it gives so much info.
Macella [12-29-2006]

megan [12-29-2006]

LaRosa Grant, 29, Wagoner, OK [12-29-2006]

I am just learning about the Liberty Bell. I am in kindergarten.
Jacob, age 6, Dudley, MA [12-29-2006]

can i learn about the liberty bell because i want to see how did they make it.
brianna, none [12-29-2006]

Thanks for the history I was able to share with my family
Tanyia McConnell, Orlando [12-29-2006]

great site. very helpful
lila, 15 greenacres, Florida [12-29-2006]

nice site
eze ndigbo [12-29-2006]

How did the libertybell get cracked?
Branton, age:10 city:sebring [12-29-2006]

William C. Hunter Jr. [12-29-2006]

This really helped with homework
anonymous [12-29-2006]

Viva Puerto Rico Libre!
Francisco Vargas [12-29-2006]

well i was just watching the movie national treasure and on google they typed in STOW so i did it and i wanted to see if it actually went to the website it was on in the movie.
christine, new hampshire [12-29-2006]

You need more info. about how it got cracked.
Claire Victor, Age: 11 [12-29-2006]

How did the Liberty Bell get cracked
Jared Sciarappa, 13, Medford, MA [12-29-2006]

Go Declaration
Stoowy, 16,gtr,543 [12-29-2006]

WOW, Its pretty amazing that it takes a movie to get people to take a little more intrest in our history of the United States,and how the rights and freedom were valued by people who were willing to stand up for what they felt was right and wrong no matter what the outcome may have been.But hey i too whatched the movie and thought it was very informitive.But i also sent my oldest daughter ( JAMIE ) to New York & Washington D.C for an educational field trip in April she had a good time and hopfully gained a greater appreciation for the history and freedom of our nation that most people take for granted. AND HEY, YA GOTTA LOVE THE BELL!
JARROD CHANDLER, 37yrs. Riddle, Oregon [12-29-2006]

George Steven Cross, Indianapolis IN. [12-29-2006]

I want to learn about the LIBERTY BELL.
angelica, none [12-29-2006]

I want to learn about it.
brianna, none [12-29-2006]

let freedom ring
gary barton, pineville, la. [12-29-2006]

It was relley sad when that thing ed.
Jake Deuterman [12-29-2006]

I watched the movie, "National Treasure," and it sparked an interest, so I wanted to check it out for myself.
Sharon Daniel, Camdenton, MO 65020 [12-27-2006]

How did the liberty bell get it's crack?
Chyna Jaffray, Age. 9 City.Ft.Myers Fl [12-27-2006]

Matt, 11, Pennsylvania [12-27-2006]

The "Liberty Bell" stands as a silent sentinel to our desired way of life.
Thomas Todack [12-27-2006]

How about putting a recording of a real band rendition of the Liberty Bell March instead of a midi file? Otherwise a great site.
Fred Fuller, Wisconsin [12-27-2006]

I was looking on this site for information for a project and I found everything that I needed.
Preston Kinney, 9years old Chandler, AZ [12-27-2006]

Katie, Illinois [12-27-2006]

Danielle Johannson is weird because she has climbed the Liberty Bell
Tiasha Badger, 17, dg [12-27-2006]

raven long, 10years old [12-27-2006]

Mike Minor [12-27-2006]

iam riding a horsa magicai one
Arden [12-27-2006]

It is pretty and old.
Jakira, 12 [12-27-2006]

hi yah yah yah!
melinda, 13 pa [12-27-2006]

I liked the article and now I know the reason for the crack.
Ryan Langford, 7, Indianapolis, IN [12-27-2006]

JOHN E BEAM, las vegas [12-27-2006]

Vron [12-04-2006]

goooooooo beeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllll!
susie [12-04-2006]

i have a question, why did people make the liberty bell?
Nikki Weaver, 13, Edwardsville, Illinoise [12-04-2006]

HI. i am bojangles and i love barney3! Love, Bojangles
bojangles, noneyabuisness [12-04-2006]

Joshua Walker [12-04-2006]

Great site.. I found you via "google" mainley because of the movie I just watched, "National Treasure". There was one scene that the "bad guy" used the computer entered "Stow" and came up with your site. I just had to see how accurate they were. I have never been to see the Liberty Bell but I still plan on making the trip. It's nice that we can save our national treasurers as we do so we can all enjoy them. It really helps to emphesize FREEDOM. Thanks, Bill Bruns
William Bruns, 63, Green Valley, AZ [12-04-2006]

Peace out!
lauren frosch, sc, 13 [12-04-2006]

What a beautiful bell
Tracy Hartley, sc 30 [12-04-2006]

vincent rivera, 16 downingtown [12-04-2006]

i would like to have a liberty bell of my own
joel sowder, 28 winfield [12-04-2006]

This page is for real!
Nicolas Cage, hollywood [12-04-2006]

I thought it was realy great.
Jasmine, 9, graham wa [12-04-2006]

I am not the interested in US history that much but it just fasenates me so much to here from another point of view. I am a 9th grader in scio OR and i think i am starting to get more into it!
Lairssa, 14,Scio,OR,97374 [12-04-2006]

I think the libertybellis the coolest thing in history
frankie, 10,Fredonia [12-04-2006]

the liberty is very cool
justin yingling, 11 harriman TN [12-04-2006]

I enjoy learning about the history of the liberty bell and also many other things that have to do with the Revolutionary War. I beleive that learning about our national and also world history is very important and needs to be discussed with the children of today that are also the people of tomorrow and our future.
Sabrina, 14, Camp Lejeune, NC [11-30-2006]

Always been passionate about our country's great history but this is as close as I will be able to get to see the Liberty Bell. Thanks for wuch a fabulous web site.
Julie Thomas, 29, Mansfield, AR [11-30-2006]

do you know any thing about the timely shadow or treasure.love carter
carter [11-30-2006]

thank you for the interesting facts! :>)
Nicholas Lamson, 9 [11-30-2006]

i love history and all that has to do with history. i have never been to this site until today. what a interesting,knowledgeable,and beautiful this site is.
ADAM, 21, salisbury, nc, 28144, [11-29-2006]

The Liberty Bell is nice.
Brittany, 7 fl [11-29-2006]

Anthony Weaver, 51, Columbus, OH [11-29-2006]

i am so fascinated about american history!
Ronie Renzie Bandolis, 12yrs/old,Zamboanga city,rshs, [11-29-2006]

Not enough info I need to know WHO created the liberty bell and HOW it was created
Alissa Fraces [11-29-2006]

Lacy [11-29-2006]

I have visited the Liberty Bell plenty of times and just knowing that we have many monuments that cn be recognized and symbolize good for our country is very overwhelming. The Liberty Bell gets a lot of reconigition just for standing in Phildelphia,Cith Hall section going through so much. Us history seem to be exciting when u hear about good things in the US..I love the Liberty Bell.I am HAppy for all good things in Philadelphia i been living here all my life.......
Jinean Ginns, 16,Philadelphia, PA [11-27-2006]

send e-mail to me!
Rildon Mendes, Brasilia,District Federal,Brazil [11-27-2006]

Am a descendant of the "Stainbank" of Mears and Stainbank, White Chapel Foundry. Now being a US Citizen (born in South Africa) I have been interested in the Liberty Bell.
Sally Stainbank [11-27-2006]

I am going to see the grand site today. I can not what to glance upon this peice of history with my own eyes. The link you have here is very informative but I wish it contain directions to the bell once in Philly.
John N Stoute, 300 Briarwood Ln. New Bern, NC 28560 [11-27-2006]

Just a History Buff adding to my part of it. Love American History and anything dealing with america.
Rob, 34, Indiana [11-27-2006]

i wish i can see the liberty bell before i turn 20.
Jordan Malloy, Age:10, City:Hartsville, State:SC, [11-27-2006]

Lewis Saettel [11-27-2006]

Beautiful constructed website and the march is great.
Jack Nelson, Mesa, Az. 85208, 85 years old [11-27-2006]

veronica, pico rivera [11-27-2006]

Hi Dad, i liked to site too, Royce- Dan
Royce Frati, Ajax [11-27-2006]

nils was here!
Nils [11-27-2006]

Found it very interesting...
C Clarke, Colorado [11-27-2006]

ELIZABETH DEJESUS, 24, philadelphia [11-27-2006]

I Lve this sight!
Cody Pinkerton [11-27-2006]

ryho [11-27-2006]

Juls, 88 [11-27-2006]

I think the Liberty Bell rocks!
Kaedan Henderson, 9 /Farmington Mo [11-27-2006]

David Merkel [11-27-2006]

thank you for this site
Rachel Summerlin [11-27-2006]

I Love this site! Because of the facts and the music. Now that I know about this site I will use it for projects!
MNM, 13, Kansas [11-27-2006]

logan, 9,Saugas [11-27-2006]

the liberty bell is something i had to do a quick presentation about....i didn't really learn anything from this site.
Casey [11-27-2006]

Amy [11-27-2006]

uuuuuuuummmmm intersting?????!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Edmund GAnt [11-27-2006]

hi i love stephen
mindy [11-27-2006]

Great site, I saw National Treasure, and wanted to find out more. Very informative.
Rina Nagar, London, England [11-27-2006]

I was just planning a trip to Washington DC and wanted to plan sites to visit while in town. Thank you for the information you shared on this site. Ken Gage
Ken Gage, Orig. Cadillac Michigan now Phoenix Arizona [11-27-2006]

i think its great!
yona [11-19-2006]

great site !
dave kozelenko, cobourg,ontario,canada [11-19-2006]

i was borin in Philadelphia .... YEAHHH, who ever built this site, can i talk to you because i wanna know how to build a site like this. please get at me my email is philly_italy@hotmail.com thank you.
yung mo [11-19-2006]

i'm proud to be a american
mike, 29 nj [11-19-2006]

matthew, 9 [11-19-2006]

I am Working on a school projet and this gave me all the imformation i needed and more
Evan Starr, 8 Miami [11-19-2006]

I was doing a quiz which required all the answers to have the letters 'el' in them.You appeared under 'Home of the Liberty Bell'.The answer being Philad'el'phia.I did read your history and listened to the tune.We in Britain recognize the tune as the theme tune to 'Monty Python's Flying Circus',a quite famous TV series as I,and many others grew up.Glad to know the true facts.Cheerio from Aberdeen
Irene Goudie, in Aberdeen, Scotland - The original Aberdeen...sorry U.S.A. [11-17-2006]

libby [11-17-2006]

Nice site, very informative. Please check my World War 2 and D-Day website: www.ww2dday.com
Tim Roop, Ocean City, MD [11-17-2006]

i think the liberty bell is amazing!
taylor boelman [11-17-2006]

this is one of the most well reserved pieces of history.
jesse johnson, 16, palmetto,fl [11-17-2006]

christian mullis, 14, kings mnt., NC [11-17-2006]

This is a very informational site! Thanx.
shaina, colorado springs [11-17-2006]

US History is amazing! We are watching National Treasure and decided to Google Stow to see if it would work like in the movie.
Quincy Wolf Kincade, 6 years old, Fresno, CA [11-17-2006]

I llllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeee it!
anonymous [11-17-2006]

I don't think this site is at all helpful. I am doing an assignment for school, because I'm visiting the Bell on Friday, and the site does not give the anwers to any of the questions. Even so, it is informative and I am sure that it helps many people.
anonymous [11-17-2006]

i really need more info on the liberty bell. thnks!
unknown, 18, York [11-17-2006]

It was great to see the Liberty Bell! Love this information.
Evelyn Evemeyer, age 65 retired [11-17-2006]

i think that upon my research that all of this is very exciting and who ever knew that just one little simple thing could have so much meaning and so much history
tina morgan, 18, belton [11-17-2006]

Thanks for having a great web site!
Mrs.Collin, 39 New York [11-17-2006]

Informative and historical. Many Thanx
Robert A. Wadsworth, San Jose [11-14-2006]

i think the liberty bell is so old that's pretty and romantic
cassandra haynes, 18 [11-14-2006]

Hassan Deer, Iowa 11age Des moins [11-14-2006]

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Hannah [11-14-2006]

This page is great! I learned sooooooo much. It Rocks
Heather [11-14-2006]

watched national treasure...great movie .great site. come visit another great site www.wildcherryresort.com thanks Spinny.
Brian Spinniken, 38 cherry farmer [11-13-2006]

I saw it in Philly! Cool!
anonymous [11-13-2006]

what is written on the Liberty Bell?
taylor, 9, CordelE,Georgia [11-13-2006]

Laurie Sandoval, 12 years-old [11-13-2006]

After watching the movie National Treasure it made me want to relearn about the Liberty Bell,and I can't wait until my grand-daughter is old enough for me to travel with her to Philly, so that will can live and learn the historic value together.
Jacqueline Gunter, Baltimore [11-13-2006]

e muito interessante a historia do sino da liberdade,eu adoro historia americana!
Rildon Mendes, 24 anos [11-13-2006]

the liberty bell is nice so you could make the bell biger.
cole, age is 9.city is Tempe [11-13-2006]

i really loved this site!
alec b [11-13-2006]

I like the Liberty Bell a lot!
bob smith, 42years old [11-13-2006]

DONNA ZIMMERMAN, severville tenn [11-13-2006]

jackie [11-13-2006]

I dis like it!It does not give enough information that is easy for kids to understand!
mikahorakokigohohuseinbob, 26 [11-13-2006]

This is a very good site if you are doing a school report. I like it a lot.
Paige, 14 [11-13-2006]

Mr. Jack Rivals [11-13-2006]

I love everything about the history of our country. I realy like the history of our independence. I enjoyed your web site and plan to visit as often as i can. Thank you for giving us another method of learning and understanding the history of this beautiful country. god bless America
Don Brewer Jr, 4643 Ky 596 Germantown, Ky 41044 age 28 [11-13-2006]

We learned of the 1915 trip while staying in Deming, New Mexico this year...can you tell us what railroad company was responsible for this trip? Your photo essay was great!
Linda Heiland [11-13-2006]

Let freedom ring!
Tim Pullin, 43 years old - Waynesville, NC [11-09-2006]

kaitlyn pitman [11-09-2006]

i hate the liberty bell what
anonymous [11-09-2006]

a very great site we just love it we added it to our faves.
jim mayfield, jackson tennessee [11-09-2006]

hey my name is Adrian! i love talking about history it was my favorite subject in school but now i am married and have two children
Adrian [11-09-2006]

Alyssa, 10 aubrey [11-09-2006]

devin [11-09-2006]

madison [11-09-2006]

isabel [11-09-2006]

we love this web site history <3 al jd
adam l <3s julia [11-09-2006]

justin tenerowitcz [11-09-2006]

adam lieb [11-09-2006]

ann lieb [11-09-2006]

Bob [11-09-2006]

johnnie a hoeft, 34 m kingman az 86401 [11-09-2006]

Annette Prchlik, Henderson, MI [11-09-2006]

I like the web site because I can print out really cool pictures for my extra credit project
M.B., age 8 [11-08-2006]

I think that this page is great. Im doing a school report and it has helped me to find much imformation that I needed. Keep up the good work. Thankyou very much and I hope to visit this site soon and see the new updates!
Jackie [11-08-2006]

It's a great work of art!
Camille Mckenzie, Colon Michigan [11-08-2006]

Jacob, Kiel Wisconsin [11-08-2006]

Edlayne Calabrez Fernandes, Sao Jose dos Campos, SP, Brazil [11-08-2006]

It is really cool that the liberty bell is on exhibit
Autumn Kovalcik, 13 Homer City [11-08-2006]

I didnt know too much about the Bell until I went onto your site. I have learnt heaps. Thank you.
Kris L, Wollongong NSW Australia [11-08-2006]

nice web site try and expand it more for biographys and items of importance but over all i give it a 8 out of 10 :)
Dylan, 13, Paragould,Arkansas [11-08-2006]

I think this sight is cool
grace, Smile Jesus loves you! this is my fav. saying [11-08-2006]

haley bolon, 7 rochesterny 14612 [11-08-2006]

i went to pennslvania before
alyssa hanson, 10 [11-08-2006]

I like the page
BRRREEZZy, fl [11-08-2006]

Wow, I never knew that the Liberty Bell represented so much. It truly is a display of patritism. Our country was built on so many morals. I didnt know why we even had the liberty bell until I read this article. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to seeing the integrity and dignity for which we stand. "One nation under God"
Mandy, 17 [11-07-2006]

"The bell rings no more, but the sound of LIBERTY is still heard." - Joshua Zayas
Joshua Zayas, Age 26, Vandalia, Ohio [11-07-2006]

that i like to sovle mysteries like ben and learn new stuff
dioniqua williams, 13,cleveland,ohio [11-07-2006]

keep up with good work
ESNAR MAKHAYA, 45years SOUTH AFRICA [11-07-2006]

Mentaloplo [11-06-2006]

I like when th e bell rings! IT IS SO COOL!
breanna, 11 quogue new york [11-06-2006]

I like the web site........... i will visit it again. i'm doing a book report on the liberty bell so this web site is very helpful. thank you!
matthew galon, 11,new port richey,fl [11-06-2006]

history of all countieshave always held my intrest spcialty the country i was born the wonderful u.s.a.
alora lucero, age 72 portland or. [11-06-2006]

im a history dector and this sight is awsome all my friensds get paid 54.00 dollars an hour
roena bostic, 12 dallas texas [11-06-2006]

the government leave a lot of information out about this whole situation and i could understand why money is the rule to all evil they are not looking hard enough sometimes the smartest people have the hardest time with figuring certain things out while the less educated people will surprise you the declaration of Independence isn't the only document that should be looked at i feel every piece of document that the free masons had their hand on should be looked at we are overlooking something from the past i can bet the house on it. they never expected for the treasure to never be found being that so many lives was lost already i feel the government have people working now to find it i even have my own personal feeling on where to start where to look but need to be careful and cautious cause knowing to much could be dangerous
Raydina Mcdaniels [11-06-2006]

Charles D. Kerr, 41, A,marillo Texas 2006 [11-06-2006]

This is so amazing I love history i was excited to learn about this.
Ashley Edgerly, 12, cody, wyoming, female [11-06-2006]

blaine [11-06-2006]

Bryan [11-06-2006]

Judy [11-06-2006]

Wanted to know,how the Liberty Bell got its crack
Shari Burke, 11 years old,Chicago,homeschooler [11-06-2006]

i need to do a report
taylor plok, 9 [11-06-2006]

jordan montoya [11-06-2006]

i was there
bridget, hellogoodbye [11-06-2006]

this is fun
danielle, htown [11-06-2006]

Tom Farrell, 54 Piqua, Ohio [11-06-2006]

Diane franco [11-06-2006]

i came to visit the liberty bell with my class and i kind of miss the whole trip to all of New England
Korrey, 17, madison, tn [11-06-2006]

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