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klissmen, 15 [10-31-2006]

i think the bell is super awesome!
kara cafeo [10-31-2006]

What an amazing part of history!
Meredith Royer, Hershey, PA [10-31-2006]

Tina Blake, san diego, ca [10-31-2006]

hi have a great day!
George Washington, 500 boomboom teacher thf [10-30-2006]

i am bored
daniel [10-30-2006]

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Angela Abernathy, Warren, MI [10-30-2006]

trish johnson, 40 malvern IA [10-30-2006]

thoughts is 2041 we think that we should get to know the national library of the congess of archives
anonymous [10-30-2006]

I love the history and it's very interesting.
Alexis Long, Spencerville OH [10-30-2006]

I have a book report about Pennsylvania. The internet led me to this sight.
Paris [10-30-2006]

This is the second time i've been here. Last time I was 8. The infromation here is realy useful. Oh and I LIKE CHEESE!
casey kaplowitz, I'm 11,olympia,washington [10-30-2006]

History is so precious
Janet Gonzalez, Pasadena,Texas [10-30-2006]

Ally [10-30-2006]

JORGE I ORTIZ, humacao .p.r [10-28-2006]

Georgia Walker-Adams, Stockton, CA [10-27-2006]

i think that this world rocks
samantha etheridge, 14 bronson michigan [10-27-2006]

America is DA BOMB BABY!
Christopher Bashaw [10-27-2006]

i think that america is the best place ever.
samantha [10-27-2006]

Alex Babe, mr keli [10-27-2006]

Thansks for the informitive site. Needed some information on the history of the Liberty Bell, and I found it all and more here.
J. Perry, 29 tx [10-27-2006]

One of the best all round site I have ever come across
Thomas W Walker, Philadelphia, PA [10-26-2006]

yo dudet, 1000 bobtown [10-26-2006]

love it
mandy [10-26-2006]

Katie, 13 [10-26-2006]

Let freedom ring
Kurtis Jeffrey Lueth [10-25-2006]

Orna Zagiel, 52, Tel Aviv, Israel [10-25-2006]

Corey Riddle [10-24-2006]

First time here
Mary Booth [10-23-2006]

where can you veiw the Liberty Bell?
Katie, 9,norco [10-23-2006]

i would like to tell you that the Liberty Bell is awsome. i hope i can see it in person one day.
Katie Carmouche, 10,norco,Louisiana [10-23-2006]

Domonic LeDoux, 27, Pueblo, CO [10-23-2006]

GOD BLESS the United States of America
Andy Papson, 63 Copperas Cove, Tx [10-23-2006]

tim alviner [10-23-2006]

I was asked about the bell so thought I would look it up. Have been to Pennsylvania but not Philadelphia. I will make an effort to go there. Great web site
Leigh Hammer, Wonthaggi, Victoria,Australia. 72 [10-23-2006]

Watch National Treasure... its a good movie!
Andrew Pratt, 12, Olympia, yeah! [10-23-2006]

ilove this website! it's the bbbeeesssttt!
Kiki Pattersion, Age:11,city:Los Angelos [10-23-2006]

I'm glad the liberty bell represents freedom. It is a wonderful symbol of the freedom of America. We are free to praise Jesus and announce his love for us because America is free. The liberty bell shows people how others fought for our country and we are thankful.
Jae Lynn & Xavia Garcia, 8 and 6 years old from Newark, NJ [10-23-2006]

absolutly amazing! the best info!
Jonathan Smith, 16, Columbus, Ohio [10-23-2006]

I need a picture of the Bell of Liberty...
Hyong kim, Ridgefield Park [10-23-2006]

I think the liberty bell is a special landmark and it can not be removed from where it is and it is a great thing it is a national thing and it is cool thing to look at
laura, bakersfield [10-23-2006]

Cool site! I like how you can listen to a recording of the Liberty Bell.
Emily, 14 [10-23-2006]

Ashley Zaccari, 12, Franklin, PA [10-21-2006]

I visited the Liberty Bell in person. I like this site.
Adam Pitt, age 6, Newark, NJ [10-21-2006]

molto interessante
antonio de stefano, anni 45 castel maggiore 13 [10-21-2006]

its really cool!
julie, age 9 bessemer, Michigan [10-20-2006]

you do a great job!
brenna walton, 11 fairport ny 14450 [10-19-2006]

emily mansfield [10-19-2006]

I like the page. I have been using my free time to read up on the Liberty Bell. It is really interesting to read up on the past.
Steve Farnsworth, Seneca Falls NY 26 years old [10-19-2006]

awesome awesome
nicole, 12 [10-19-2006]

i love this site it has the liberty bell and every thing
stefani mareno, 11 wisconsin [10-18-06] [10-19-2006]

ho trovato il sito molto interessante
marta de stefano, 10 anni pieve di cento (bo) [10-19-2006]

i really like your web site!
Jesse Clodfelter, 11, lexington [10-19-2006]

gabrielle, 10 witchita,ks [10-18-2006]

yimmy davidson [10-18-2006]

i love it its awesome
AmBeR Galaski, 14,meriden, ct [10-18-2006]

josh [10-17-2006]

Just curious to see about this Stow; My father's middle name is Stowe after his side of the family.
Beverly Maccabe Stowe Peterson, 45, Enterprise, Al [10-17-2006]

Was there 12 Oct 2006 for USS Canberra CAG-2 reunion. Duty station at shipyard from June 1956 thru Sept 15 1956. Downtown much different that what I remembered. Bell in much better location than back in the 1950's. But did not have to pay anything back then. Recommend to all school children to visit if at all possible. Enjoyed the visit very much.
Russell E McMahan, 71, Chattanooga, TN [10-17-2006]

Judt checking the history of the liberty bell
Judy Cummings, Yerington, nevada [10-17-2006]

Aaron, 9 Ohio [10-17-2006]

Aaron Crosby, 22 oh 52'' 154 [10-17-2006]

I think the liberty bell is extremely important to our country.
alexander schultz [10-16-2006]

I love to walk on the beach
Samantha Richards, Port Townsend [10-16-2006]

I like chocolate
Haley, 14, Burton [10-16-2006]

omg i love the liberty bell its kool
jessica switzer [10-16-2006]

I am attempting to learn more about my new home here in PA and I thought I would like to research the Liberty Bell.
james L. Standlee, 68,Grove City PA 16127 [10-16-2006]

I hate it
melissa, 54 jamestown [10-16-2006]

i love the liberty bell ]! it is so pretty!
brittani hillard, 13 [10-16-2006]

Deb Thompson, Gill Colorado [10-16-2006]

Adam Wines, 32 las vegas nv. [10-16-2006]

We're coming to Philadelphia next week. We're excited to The Bell.
Kay R. Ashton, Centerville, UT [10-16-2006]

Debra Cooper, Arlington TX [10-16-2006]

Brittnie [10-16-2006]

The Liberty Bell has amazing history which everyon should know, if you don't know your past, you'll never know where you're going.
Lindsey Broadway, 14, Belton, Texas [10-16-2006]

thanks for the info.
john read [10-16-2006]

that it is the best place
michael, 12 newyork [10-16-2006]

I am doing a project in my 4th grade class. So, I decided to do it on the Liberty Bell.
Isaiah Giles, 10, Corbin, Kentucky, Hunter Hills Elementary School [10-16-2006]

this is cool
jessica [10-16-2006]

Thanks for your wunderful site. I did my report on the Liberty Bell and got all the information from this place. I really liked the pictures.
Amanda, 9, Louisville, John Paul 2 school [10-16-2006]

Sander, 13 Id [10-15-2006]

this is a great website
melissa, Las vegas Nevada [10-15-2006]

Claire Lorenzen [10-15-2006]

I needed to do a report on 5 different historical site/building, and on the list were the followin: 1) White house 2) Capitol of Washington 3)The Congress 4) Statue of liberty 5) liberty bell I must've looked through ten sites before coming across this one. IT had everything I needed on the liberty bell. Thank you so much.
Stephanie, 16, pr [10-15-2006]

I love this sight!
Hannah, 10, Creswell, [10-15-2006]

its a good site
sam, indianapolis [10-15-2006]

tresor internationale recherche par un haitien
PIERRE JEAN NICKSON, haiti [10-15-2006]

Isaiah Alexander [10-15-2006]

I enjoy listening to the liberty bell music
Jabari Williams, 9 years old [10-10-2006]

Evan Lutz [10-10-2006]

Gerald Turmel, 43, Newtown PA, French Canadian [10-10-2006]

hi well i learn a lot about the bell on what i read about the bell.
tycisca howard, age 32 city nacogdoches tx 75965 [10-10-2006]

I love the fact that this grand symbol of American liberty quotes the "Sacred writings" (Benjamin Franklin, 1787) thus showing the Christian heritage of our beloved nation. Let Freedom Ring!
Steve Kennedy, 44, Brenham, TX; American History teacher [10-10-2006]

maggie [10-09-2006]

maggie [10-09-2006]

colin Brown, age: 6, Bay Village Ohio [10-09-2006]

LORI, 18 [10-09-2006]

Very interesting website. I have never visited the USA but if I ever do, Philadelphia will be on my itinery. Although a family name I doubt that I am related to the esteemed foundryman
John Stow, age 64, Cape Town, South Africa [10-09-2006]

wats up yal luv yal so much man
nic [10-09-2006]

kewl dude
Kimme [10-09-2006]

ROBERT HAMPTON [10-09-2006]

Zari Brooks [10-09-2006]

zillah gomez, 39; oakalla, TX [10-09-2006]

i thought it was wonderful when i visited the liberty bell last year, & i want to take my friend's 12 year old son to see it for his 1st time. i am planning on traveling around christmas with him & his father
john, 29 [10-09-2006]

i had a film on and they was talking about the Liberty Bell so i thought that i would have a look for my self and it was interesting and my son was very interested in the Liberty Bell we are from the uk and my son would like me to tell you thank you for having this web site his name is shane thanks shane
Will Brightey, 32 uk [10-09-2006]

I'm in 4th grade we have to do a ABC Pennsylvania book so I went on this wedsite and found cool pictures and stuff. Thankyou!
Taylor Hartzel, age 9 Lansdale [10-09-2006]

I would like to learn about the Liberty Bell.
Julianne Ingram, 7 [10-09-2006]

i luv emily
ryan, 13 desoto [10-09-2006]

nice site
Derreck, 31, Manassas [10-09-2006]

My favorite movie is National Treasure. I have seen it over a dozen times and not getting bored with it. The movie makes me feel like I was there.
Mark & Sylvia Beckstrom, Mark 40 Sylvia 41 Midvale Utah [10-09-2006]

We just got back from out visit to the replica of the Liberty in Buena Park California with our two granddaughters. They had quite a few questions including who rang the bell first. It sits in an exact replica of independence hall across the street from Knotts Berry Farm.
Dawn Anguiano, Vista, California [10-08-2006]

I think evryone should read this to learn about the Librty Bell because it tells about stuff you can't just learn about anywhere and stuff you should know. Well I'll just say again, evry one should read at least one paragraph of this!
Emily Hooten, 10yrs.old Emory,TX. [10-08-2006]

As a retired Middle School Principal, I suggested that my granddaughter, Jenna, see and read the history of the Liberty Bell before her visit to Philadelphia this coming Wednesday, October 18, 2006.
Paul S. Macciachera, Springfield, New Jersey 07081 October 6,2006 [10-08-2006]

as a third grade teacher teaching social studies, i showed the bell to my students and told them a few facts. very interesting...
SYLVIA SOUTH, 56 miami, florida [10-08-2006]

Richard Morrissey, business protocol [10-08-2006]

sandra phillips, shalimar fl [10-05-2006]

Great Site.
boecan [10-05-2006]

Brandi Helton, 17 glade spring va [10-05-2006]

i have this project and i though wow we can do a report on liberty bells im like yes i call it 1st
Brittany, 11years old zip33764 [10-05-2006]

I had to do a project on the liberty bell.
Julyana, 10 Lexington [10-05-2006]

Daniel Stow, 49 years old, Great,Great, Great, Garndson of John Stow [10-05-2006]

i think that having the bell for everyone to see is nice i would really love to go and see it if i ever get a chance and it reminds us what opportunities we have here in the united states
cinthia cardenas, Oakland, Ca [10-05-2006]

your website is cool how did you come up with it
Randyn exum [10-05-2006]

As I was watching natinal treasure, they when to google and put in stow-decloratoin of independence-so I cam ehre just to check out what SEAN BEAN checked out. so yes-I found it interesting. Go History!
janelle [10-05-2006]

this site was pretty cool!...?
Forrest Paul, Zimbabwae [10-05-2006]

Geordan Miller, I like potatoes [10-05-2006]

I amazed by the stuff that I learned about the liberty bell
Jason Mattern, 13 years old hollidaysburg pa 8th grade hollidaysburg junior high [10-05-2006]

it is a cool place for research
cassie bunnell, 13 aurora ny [10-05-2006]

This website is highly informative. What a pleasant surprise.
Pam, il [10-05-2006]

meg [10-05-2006]

i found the information interesting
Lesa L. Jones [10-05-2006]

How many times was the Liberty bell ever rang? I said 2 because once upon its completion and the other when Jusice John Jay was appointed Chief Justice. Is this correct? Thank You
Dennis Moncrief, 42 Tenneessee [10-05-2006]

I like your info
Melissa bowen, 9yrs,Byers, Co. [10-05-2006]

I think the Liberty Bell is a good bell I have a question why is it cracked?
steven, 9 years [10-05-2006]

Working in a school project and this site was awsome! Helped me a lot. Hoping for an A.
Sage Lynam, 13 yrs Hollidaysburg PA [10-05-2006]

i saw my name
Samuel A Workman [10-05-2006]

such an informative page, tell us about Pass and Stow! I could not find this explained.
A Evans, Age 54 Griffin, GA [10-05-2006]

The Liberty Bell is a special icon in history, not because of it's presence, but because of what it stands for, and what people died for to preserve this union. The "Bell" will be here forever and the meaning of freedom will forever be etched in our minds and our hearts. William from Virginia.
William R. Hunt [10-05-2006]

lola [10-05-2006]

I think the liberty bell is very cool.some people think its stuped but IT IS NOT.i would love to see the liberty bell.
Kendyl parker, 10 [10-05-2006]

james mazzie, clarksburbg, wv [10-05-2006]

awesome mate!
Elizabeth-Deyanna Nickatae-Dianna williamson, 14, Adelaide, Australia [10-05-2006]

wonderful history to read about
RANDALL KUYKENDALL, 50 yrs old. tustin, calif [10-05-2006]

it was really great.had lots of information on the liberty bell. loved how you all put it together.
Katlyn Thomas, 14, Dacoma,OK [10-05-2006]

carissa rosser [10-05-2006]

i think the liberty bell is awsome
alanna [10-05-2006]

My friend and I were wonder how and when the Liberty Bell had gotten cracked. we were brain storming about this at lunch today at School. We had serval ideas of our own, but I asked my Mom to pull it up on the Web. I am going to share the info I found on this web page with my class tomorrow.
Breanna Bateman, 8 yrs old [10-05-2006]

This site was very informative. I had to do a speech on Philly and all the things in it. Instead of me just looking for some random information I was drawn in to really get to know about it myself. Thanx for making clean sites with good information like this one. Much Love!
xoxoDenisaxoxo, Romania [10-05-2006]

Michael Schutt, 8 years old, Bartlett, IL [10-05-2006]

I think its very smart to write a declaration of indepandence so you can have your way.
Keiwon [10-05-2006]

carly, 9,cincinnati.Mariemont [10-05-2006]

i am doing a project and this was perfect information! thanks sydney
sydney, 13 [10-05-2006]

Matthew A Cota [10-05-2006]

shawn c. hill [10-05-2006]

This is a very interesting site that gives readers a wonderful insight into the Liberty Bells history. Thank you
Linda C. Gonzalez [10-05-2006]

I think that the liberty bell is really cool .And another thing that is cool is ho w many places its traveled.
Dakota Strickland, 9 fquay varina [10-05-2006]

joel, 41,swansea,home cleaner. [10-05-2006]

Iam here with my mom and im doing a project in school so i need more info.
Danielle, 16 [10-05-2006]

This web page should be passed on to all your Children & Grand Children...We have !
Ron Wilson, 62 - Noblesville, IN [10-05-2006]

long live freedom to all.

Jerry Evans [10-05-2006]

It is wonderful to read about our grand history
KATHLEEN COOPER [10-05-2006]

yesterday dug up some information from source The Encylopedia of Arkansas History & Culture George Izard (1776-1828) Mother was Alice DeLancey Izard what a Great piece of Art Economics History i for sure filed it in Gothem Center Discussion forum i have a space there if i do ever relinguish a portion of history relating the Liberty Bell I shall indeed Perform the Paregraphical venture of it Thank You David George DeLancey Art Economics History DeLancey History Files
David George DeLancey, 12-27-1961 Dorchester Massachussettes [10-05-2006]

Kevin Preston Mclamb [10-05-2006]

This website is absolutely awsome!I am totally coming to this website next time I have a project on someone special.
cassandra marentes, age:11-city:Avon park-state:fl. [10-05-2006]

Larry Reynolds, Panama City [10-05-2006]

My six year daugther ask me why and how was the Liberty Bell was cracked. I could not answer, so I am researching for the answer. Can not let my six year old out do me.
John Armstrong [10-05-2006]

kool website
marcelino [10-05-2006]

pease out
Anthony, 17 new kent VA [10-05-2006]

that bell is BIG!
kaitlin, 12 yrs. [10-05-2006]

Well done history page. I was born in Philadelphia and originally saw the Liberty Bell in Independence Hall.
Gloria Williams, 47, Key West, Fl. [10-05-2006]

RAE, bath me [10-05-2006]

My thoughts is pa is nice because
naya [09-21-2006]

MELINDA STEWART, nashville, tn [09-21-2006]

hello i am milton of new york and the EE.UU re cats
milton, new york [09-21-2006]

i wish you could send me some books on the history of America. i will want to know more about Washington and the bell.
oni anthony, 21, Jos city, Plateau State,Nigeria, West Africa [09-21-2006]

ALYSSA [09-21-2006]

whitley wood, 153 [09-21-2006]

Donna Stundon [09-21-2006]

I think it is cool that you are doing information on the Loiberty Bell. I'm doing a project on it I would really like to come some day when I have The sapre time. It would be helpful you would send me some information on the Liberty Bell so I can Have soome more important information . Then I can get a 100.
Mya Hairston, 13,Danville,Va, 24541 [09-21-2006]

ilove the u.s. by future marine melissa growe
melissa, 15, brownsville tx,78520 [09-21-2006]

I'm in 3rd grade and this site was really helpful when I needed to do some research on the Liberty Bell. We are learning about goverment and the 3 branches ! I love social studies!
Mary Estes, 8 Hermon, Maine [09-21-2006]

Jamie Ctall, 39, Fort Morgan, CO [09-18-2006]

Tracy Bryant, 49, Stockton, Ca [09-18-2006]

i want to know how do you get your info
siara [09-18-2006]

the Liberty Bell surely rocks my socks
Jake and Ryan, Carroll, Ohio [09-18-2006]

This is a great Web site. My wife was doing some drawing and asked how the liberty bell got the crack in it, so I went to the internet and the info is great.
Lee H. Cox, Age 72, City Taylor, Michigan 48180 [09-18-2006]

i like your trivia quiz!
alexis loller, texas [09-18-2006]

This is an informative website
Edlecia, 12, Baton Rouge, La [09-18-2006]

I liked this part of the site
Kenneth S, 14,Cookeville,Tn [09-18-2006]

i think that the bell is fantastic to look at.
chris milenkovic, 26,australia [09-18-2006]

I Look!/Nice
Donna R. Rundio, 36/ Wmspt./ Pa. [09-18-2006]

i want to learn a lot about hisory im watching national treasure with my mom. And i wanted i wanted to know how the liberty bell got craked? darriane
darriane, 11 chesapeke va daymien arch 1232 [09-18-2006]

I absolutely love history. I think it is awsome to find out things people did in the past. You can never learn enough of history.
Samantha Fields, 16 years old [09-18-2006]

Frank Dransfeldt, 31. From Padborg in Danmark [09-18-2006]

Very informative site.
Michael Spillane, 34, Battle Creek, MI [09-18-2006]

Thanks for info.ps..did u have a uncle name Russell d mauger or tony?
tristan mauger, age 45 riverdale cathanks for info [09-18-2006]

i,m 8 years old and i,m doning repot on the liberty bell.
KAITLIN LEIGHRUDDER, 8 east bernstadt [09-18-2006]

i think it is interesting and I saw something about it on National Treasures (the movie)
Samantha and Joshua Wright, 11 & 9 Raceland [09-18-2006]

Cassandra GReene, Oxford,Georgia [09-18-2006]

i think that th lierty bell is an important part in or cicioty and with out it we r not who we r today!
michelle vasquez, 12 [09-18-2006]

have to wrote 5 paragraphs on the liberty bell for a school project.
jacqueline vinson, 9, new port richey, fl [09-18-2006]

Rock on Liberty Bell, Rock On!
Jake [09-18-2006]

The Liberty bell is freaking sweet
Ryan Hughes [09-18-2006]

We are a Home Schooing family that live in Vero Beach, FL. Thank you for the wonderful photos of the Liberty Bell! We are studying America's symbols and it is great to see so many resources online! The photos allowed us to visit without being there! Thank you so much. Lisa Milton
The Milton family, ages 9 and 7 and Mom [09-18-2006]

dill, 10orlando [09-18-2006]

Joseph Satterfield, 27 Licking, Missouri [09-18-2006]

Alez Constqnt [09-18-2006]

Kenneth Ward [09-18-2006]

It was really cool. I thought it was like, totally far out.(How am I doing with the young kids lingo?)
sally, 36 [09-18-2006]

how to get freedome quoutes?
cyrenna [09-18-2006]

alicia [09-18-2006]

I think this website is a grate place to get info aboutare countries history
Brendan Szuwalski, 10 Dallas Tx [09-18-2006]

I think this musem is realy good and am very pleased with it and i think if anwon hasant been there thay should
Natasha Ryan, Reading [09-18-2006]

i think liberty bell is 1 of the best things in the world
scott slightam, 13 yuba city ca 95993 [09-18-2006]

yazmar Gill, 11 [09-18-2006]

I think the liberty bell is very awesome. I am doing research for making a book for the Revolution and other wars.
Allyson, Papillion,NE [09-18-2006]

i had to do a project on the liberty bell and this site gave me a lot of good facts
caylen [09-18-2006]

great site thanks this site is just what I need
anjjy kennedy, (14)year norfolk [09-18-2006]

That there should be more pictures with the history behind them.
Mr. Quintero Jr, 24, Yuma, AZ 85365 [09-18-2006]

Henni Guahe [09-18-2006]

Oh my gosh-I had no idea that Pennsylvania was misspelled on the Liberty Bell or the original Constitutiion, thanks so much for teaching me so much!
Sally, 13, [09-18-2006]

shannon, 15, riverside, [09-18-2006]

Amber Richter, 7 [09-18-2006]

whats the meaning of the liberty bell??? send it to me.
brianna, 13 debary florida [09-18-2006]

teresa esparza, odessa,texas [09-18-2006]

Bettyjean, Sarah,Megan,Robert Bacon [09-18-2006]

I just loved the Liberty Bell when I was a little girl!
Halie Stacks, Jacksonville [09-18-2006]

Well, it`s always nice to get to know new things about the history of other countries.
Raquel de Souza Silva, 32yo, brazillian [09-18-2006]

you are so cool!....i'm that to but i'm not smart i'm stupid.
silje helen sæter flister [09-18-2006]

cool that you are a smart guy a'm a fan...:-)
silje helen [09-18-2006]

jus need to see the bell which was reffered in the Movie, National Treasure
sukush, Asia [09-18-2006]

It's impressive to me that one of the great icons forged by an independant in this great country by the request of early Americans. Has scripture from the Bible and yet is as unknown to Americans as it is!
Keith Hoffman, 37, Lula Georgia 2006 [09-18-2006]

john miller, 58, colorado springs, co 80911 [09-18-2006]

3rd of september History Chanel about Philidelphia and Liberty Bell and now Looking into to the funding of it building and transport my DeLancey Heritage may be of some consistancy
David George DeLancey, Born 12-27-1961 Dorchester Massachussettes [09-18-2006]

Tony Negron [09-18-2006]

coming to see this month,as also the rest of historic dist.any suggestion's
tom procida, 62-las vegas [09-18-2006]

good. learned a lot about the bell
Justin Lapierre, 8 yrs old Cambridge,Ontario,Canada [09-18-2006]

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of the freedom and the Culture of Life which our Founding Fathers fought for and for some died for.
Kevin Fobbs, Detroit,MI [09-18-2006]

jonathan [09-18-2006]

Looked up this site after I saw it in National Treasure
Mike Kirton, 24 New Zealand [09-18-2006]

My 7 year old grandaughter was curious to know how the bell got cracked, now she'll know. She wants a small bell so I am going to try to find one on the internet.
Patricia Rodriguez, Dallas [09-18-2006]

God Bless America
RuthAnn Hatfield [09-18-2006]

Ereca Adams, 11,pensacola [09-18-2006]

i like to see it someday
clay taylor, 15 parsons tennessee [08-31-2006]

i love this site and my great ncle and stuff saved itwith cow manower!
Breanna murray, 15 cedar falls [08-31-2006]

I just returned from a 6 day trip to Philadelphia to see my Fiance who is from there and has returned to work for a short time. He took me on the tour of Philadelphia and we went to see the Liberty Bell and all the other spectacular sights. I was deeply moved by the History and beauty of it all. You learn about is as a child but when you see it as an adult there is a whole new respect that comes from the reality of it, and the wish that I would have paid more attention in History class.I was extremely excited to take pictures to share with my child when I got home only to find that the pictures did not come out. Saddend by this I came across this sight to show to him what his Mommy got to see. Although it is not the same as it is in person it still gave me the same chill I felt when I saw it for the first time. I now look forward to learning with my son in his History class with a whole new perspective.
Stacey Mayer, 37, La mesa CA. [08-31-2006]

let freedom ring
tish, 35 dallas,tx [08-30-2006]

could be better srry
holly, baton rouge,louisiana [08-30-2006]

I liked it
brandy parker, age8 kannapolis NC [08-30-2006]

wondering who the pass was on the bell.and where the name came from.
glenys pass, age 58 england [08-30-2006]

I have to do a report on Pennsylvania. Iwant to learn about the Liberty bell.
audrey, 11 ogden,UT. [08-29-2006]

We were there on Aug. 26th 2006
donna redding, atlanta, ga [08-29-2006]

I am in quest.We are doing a project about symbols.I wanted to do the liberty bell.I got a book in my librery about the liberty bell.I think I am going to write a paragraph.
katie beth, 7 years old covington GA 30016 [08-29-2006]

Just to hear the bell ring, makes me feel safe and so proud to be an American. God continue to bless America.She's a grand country.
Sara Kathleen Jackson Cross, 62 years old Plant City Fl [08-29-2006]

Jalisa [08-29-2006]

Haley Widener, Hey im Haley....Whats up ....lol.Message back..Haley...Im really bored..How r u???? Im sittin here in some stupid class not payin attention..lol.Me and Katie are bored..I love you! HaLeyLuVsCaMeRoN! [08-29-2006]

katie jones, i am 12 years old [08-29-2006]

im very proud of my heritage and our history.
CHARMAINE SNAWDER, 34 kentucky resident, 2 kids [08-29-2006]

will be visting in Oct. w/Ace Convention, and wanted some tourist info.
Mavis & Robert Knowles, Chattanooga, TN [08-29-2006]

Great Insight to learning more of our U.S. Haritage, Some day I'd like to visit and see it up close.
Paul Eklund, 47yo Nice, California [08-29-2006]

If the symbol of liberty and freedom that the Bell represents was observed over the world, there would be peace in the valley.
Edgar L Mitchell, Florence, Alabama [08-27-2006]

Fran [08-27-2006]

Gabriella [08-27-2006]

gggdgfrt [08-27-2006]

Nice web site.
Anthony Zamora, 38, Pico Rivera, CA. [08-27-2006]

your page is cool and very instering
jess devitt, 17 Westmont nj [08-27-2006]

I looked at the site because I am collecting bells
Donald H. Banner [08-26-2006]

Wonderful experience visiting historical Site so important in the making and development of our Country.
Dr, Barbara A. Wesley, Tacoma,WA,Senior Citzen [08-26-2006]

america for ever
Jesus Baez, 23yrs. old,chicago,il. [08-26-2006]

This is a good site for informative information
Michael [08-26-2006]

I'd love to see it!
Mary, 13 years old, County Donegal [08-26-2006]

im romanian and i woul really like to know much more of the american history and about the Declaration of Independece
adelle, age:17 [08-26-2006]

I really enjoyed this website so I'd like to give a thanks to whoever made it because I love history especially about the U.S. and this site helped to me learn an extra something today!
Kaycie [08-24-2006]

This is a very good site, and it helped me a lot with a Scout requirement that I had to do. The quiz was pretty cool.
miky [08-24-2006]

spero presto di poterla vedere dal vero kissssss
Riccardo, italy [08-23-2006]

Michele Campbell, 30, Redlands Ca 92373 [08-23-2006]

abut libertybelll
michellle, 10 [08-23-2006]

Alan Jones, currently residing in the UK [08-22-2006]

virginia Murray [08-22-2006]

I love the liberty bell
Sabrina H., Alabama [08-22-2006]

We loved Philadelphia...
Teddy Borkowski, 7 years old - Chicago, Il (Glen Ellyn) [08-22-2006]

i think that the liberty bell is pretty, even with that crack in it.
elisa johana, 13,pittsburgh [08-22-2006]

i like it
CODY JURDEN, 15 [08-22-2006]

i cant belive you got people photos in the year 1915 thats amazing it very amazing and i love the librety belly amazing site keep it up
hashem, 13 [08-22-2006]

Tim Mann, Woodstock, GA [08-22-2006]

sylvain [08-22-2006]

en el 1967 por primera vez, vi la campana de la libertad en phila. estaba en un edificio . la segunda vez que la vi estaba en un parque, pero hacia mucho frio, y no la pude ver bien. me gusto mucho phila. y espero en un futuro regresar.
chary, 58, miami, fla. [08-22-2006]

I am a Social Studies Mentor in American History in the Lincoln Public Schools and looking for material for my students.
Arlyss Felt, Lincoln, Ne [08-22-2006]

I am watching the movie National Treasure, just thought i would check out some word clues from it very interesting stuff ! Its just a movie ?
Dennis, 60/ Thunder Bay, Canada [08-22-2006]

mike strong, age 36,burlington ont [08-22-2006]

I have not seen the Liberty Bell in person, but I hope to one day see it. It is a mark of our history and it stands high in my heart. This site helped me to understand more about it. Thanks for making this site possible to spread the Bell's history to me!
Abby, 13, Indiana, USA [08-22-2006]

this is a really cool site...for history homework!
Myshal Jones [08-22-2006]

Angela Botticelli [08-22-2006]

Stephanie Jones, 35 yrs old, Albany Oregon [08-22-2006]

RHODERICK MANACAP, 35 years old,los angeles [08-22-2006]

mercedes tierney [08-22-2006]

veronica, bfsdgfsdj [08-22-2006]

this is where i got my info for school.it helped me a lot.
amber, 11,columbus,ohio [08-22-2006]

would love to come visit your city and see where our founding fathers put this great land together
MELINDA STEWART, nashville, tennessee [08-22-2006]

I am watching National Treasure and I just wanted to ask if the liberty bell was used in the movie.
Andrianna Weddle, 13 Spring Valley,Califronia [08-22-2006]

Outstanding website about the liberty bell...very insightful about the history of our country in general. Well done!
Jason Wolf, Lafayette, Indiana [08-22-2006]

sondra collins, pampa, tx [08-22-2006]

lisawestphall [08-22-2006]

Eric Manton, 72 phila.pa [08-22-2006]

Michelle, Jorgensen, 35, olympia wa. [08-22-2006]

How did the liberty bell get cracked
Adrianna, 9 Lake Havasu City [08-22-2006]

i love history very much.
tyler, cayton [08-22-2006]

I'm comming to town in 2 weeks and I will be visiting the bell. It sounds very interesting.
nancy jonseck, michigan [08-22-2006]

I can't believe that what I wrote on here when I was 13 still shows up on a search engine! lol.
Sara Champoux, 20, Yakima [08-22-2006]

the history of thge liberty bell says a lot about it country the information was very useful. it a good thing i watch NATIONAL TREASURE !
Shanicka Campbell, 19yrs, Jamaica [08-22-2006]

Bob Borka, 59, Hillsborough, NJ [08-22-2006]

My 9 Year old daughter found a plastic bank at her Grandmother's house and it was shaped like a bell with a crack. She asked me why it was cracked and I told her that is the Liberty Bell!
Pamela Singh, 42, San Diego, CA [08-22-2006]

When you sign our Statement of Intent, you signal your commitment to move to ... level of dependence on federal spending in the US, a citizen legislature
Marie Blessing Bank, 45, Los Angeles, CA [08-22-2006]

I visited this site after viewing the movie "National Treasure". I wanted to see any relevance.
Don Jacobs, Knoxville, TN [08-22-2006]

Glenda Goard, 53, Leavenworth,KS [08-22-2006]

hakan kaplan, turkiye sivas yıldızeli [08-22-2006]

This is one of our most historic pieces of america
Ken Rassi, 26, Fayetteville, Ar [08-22-2006]

Andy Sanchez, 31,ElPaso,TX [08-17-2006]

I was just browsing on your website and i ran across the picture essay. I was wondering who the picture was of, there was a little boy and girl. The caption above it named them Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam. I went to look them up and i couldn't find anything on Lady Liberty. All i found was the Statue of Liberty. Could you email me and tell me how to find more pictures of them. It would be greatly appreciated. Also this website is really great, it gives a lot of information. Thanks Rochelle
Rochelle, 18 Hendersonville TN [08-17-2006]

I think that your website is very helpful! Keep it up!
Janine Kim, 10, Los Alamitos, California [08-12-2006]

This historic monument still ring for all today.
Obed Morales, 42, East Windsor, NJ [08-07-2006]

James Deisley, 42 years old Millersville PA [08-07-2006]

the liberty bell is really a wonderful bell its really old to. I have been to Washington D.C SO I have seen all these beautiful things. I just want to tell you that have the amazing past about people and the Liberty bell i love the sound of the liberty bell!
venus, 13 atlanta [08-07-2006]

God Bless The USA. I am so sorry the world has become what it has I am at a loss what are we doing so wrong to deserve all that is happening in this world... I love my country. And I love my troops...
Diane, 20, Jamestown, Female [08-07-2006]

You have the most amazing history of all people of this world, the most beautifull stories, filled with so much emotions.
condrea ana maria, romania [08-04-2006]

My great grandparents live in Levittown. My Memom has a souvenir Liberty Bell she bought many years ago and I love to ring it.
Jonathan Plebani, 6 years, Virginia Beach, VA [08-04-2006]

I enjoy reading about our countries history; the way things used to be, and looking at how far we have come through the centries.
Angela Key, 22 yrs old, Bainbridge,Georgia [08-04-2006]

i work on a ship and was looking at a film when the liberty bell came up it is very instering nice one
william mc grane, 56 dublin ireland [08-04-2006]

Shelley K Bogan, 31 years old, Ellicott City, MD [07-29-2006]

Nice Story, I like it. I hope we have a new symbol for our future. The world is full of ware and we need now an end. I have visited Philadelphia and see the bell, but I saw no freedom.
Joe Dobrador, Greenvillage [07-29-2006]

I think of the Librety Bell as a great thing that America has done for the people and world.
Sara Martin, 9 [07-27-2006]

jehan joenesty.p, 19,male,indonesia [07-27-2006]

It's been a symbol of FREEDOM, for a long TYME
Louis A Rose Jr, 57 n.o. la [07-27-2006]

Wonderful history provided to us citizens. Thank You!
Alan Niloff, 51,Margate,Florida [07-27-2006]

It is an amazing feeling to be a part of such a great country, and to be able to celebrate our nation's history. I hope to visit Philadelphia some day to see the Bell for myself.
Bethany Thompson, age 20; Savannah, Tn [07-27-2006]

Mary Alice Terry [07-27-2006]

(I am thankful for all of the good information from your site.) Tallahassee Florida
eva reichert [07-27-2006]

anonymous [07-27-2006]

I had seen the bell when I was a boy and, look foward to seeing it again, with my son. The site was very informative.
Dennis R. Gaglia Jr., 1st generation American born in our family. [07-27-2006]

my thought are that even though you say national treasure is a lie i believe that there may be a tresure
Mercedez Shelton, Drexel [07-27-2006]

makeitabigdealandputitontv and putitinnewyork
christina racktoo, 9 [07-27-2006]

very interesting enjoyed it very much
scott thompson, wenatchee washington (state) age 53 [07-27-2006]

john feinhals, san jose, ca [07-27-2006]

super webb site. i am planning a trip to see the liberty bell in august. americans need to see the liberty bell then go see arlington.
kenneth b. goforth, inez, ky. age 51 [07-27-2006]

alysson bursott [07-27-2006]

Good site from U.S. History.
Igor Pravednikov, 42 y.o. from Moscow [07-27-2006]

I found this by watching National Tresures and I thort it was great.
Craig Cooper, Age: 17 [07-22-2006]

It's great to see our history preserved through the wonderful means of modern technology, the World Wide Web. My how far we have come since the Liberty Bell was first cast. Thank you all for sharing our History with the citizens of the world. Jason Fisher Oceano, CA.
Jason Fisher, 40yrs old, Oceano, CA. [07-22-2006]

Rosalie Hill [07-22-2006]

I think this is a fantastic web site and I found it very interesting.
Harriet Clarke, Age: 67 Springville, Alabama [07-22-2006]

I enjoyed the review of the Liberty Bell. It is so important to keep our history and make it available to those who want to learn about their country. I am proud to be an american. Thank You.
JEANNE OHLSON, reno, nevada [07-22-2006]

I am quite interest in the following bell.I suggest that the 'WORDS' on the bell can zoom larger.
Loi Li Wei, Malaysia [07-22-2006]

I love American History it has so much to offer.
Ken Tyler, Bobcageon, Ont [07-20-2006]

very interesting, would love to visit in person
Lindsay Toner, 24 yrs. old, Nacogdoches TX [07-20-2006]

kevin kingham [07-20-2006]

Quintella Wilson [07-20-2006]

I think the bell it a good thing and i think it would be a good thing for have it on the back of our money too.
Charles Walton Compton #, 29 ray ohio [07-20-2006]

I think there is a crack on the liberty bell cos someone maliciously chipped off some pieces of bronze from the inside.
christian muenyi [07-20-2006]

rachael hodges, 24.from england [07-20-2006]

Kim, 11 [07-20-2006]

freakin awesome
anonymous, jim morrison [07-20-2006]

Thanks for an educational and cool site. People could learn a lot of how the bell was constructed, of how Pass and Stow are the names of the founders. Thank You.
Sandra, Los Angeles, California [07-20-2006]

KENNETH E. WALTERS II, 49 fairmont wv [07-18-2006]

Gregory Suber [07-18-2006]

I think there's a crack on the liberty bell because while they were shipping the bell it dropped and cracked or when they were hitting the bell to make it ring they left the thing you hit it with out so some kids came around and saw it and started playing around with it and it cracked.
Jackie, 10 Butler like to learn about American History [07-18-2006]

is there realy trsure under parkington lane
karla, 9 [07-17-2006]

I think Philadelphia is so unique! It is beautiful, and my favorite part is the Liberty Bell. Have a Liberty Bellful Day!
Rylie Jarrett, 11- 1/2 [07-15-2006]

had a pretty good time visiting my home town, betsy ross's house, etc.(not to mention the liberty bell, of course i had seen them before afew times but my daughter didn't
maryanne and mary, mother and daughter visited philly lately,east stroudsburg [07-15-2006]

i am so glad that the liberty bell was made for freedome and representing america
nicholas McGuirl, 9 midlothan [07-14-2006]

Marianne Rose, 65 years old - Midlothian, VA [07-14-2006]

national treasure rules !
reed [07-14-2006]

it's so cool
louise larson, 120 years old welington / newzeland [07-14-2006]

It's so coll to learn about history its grat
prince charles, 69 years old bukinham palace / london [07-14-2006]

yuriany torres, 11 [07-13-2006]

Kevin Michael McKay Jr., (25,Lafayette,LA [07-13-2006]

The liberty bell!, high on my list of things you must see before you die.
Hendrik Poortema, 32, the Netherlands [07-12-2006]

June Hart, 75, Washington IN [07-12-2006]

Miguel Cabrera [07-12-2006]

Emily Moyer, age 7 Quakertown, PA [07-12-2006]

i like this website.
nicole saunders, 21 [07-12-2006]

Yup, I saw National Treasure too! Great Movie!
Dude, Bayside, NY [07-12-2006]

I'm orig from near Phila and, as a little girl, visited the Liberty Bell many times. My dad told me a story that when the "bell" was moved to Allentown and hidden in a church, on the way there, it was stopped for the night at a "toll house" on what is now St Rt 309. My father bought that old house and we lived there for several years when I was 7-12 years old. I love history, especially about our heritage and patriotism. God Bless America.
Bert Pierce, age 66, Cincinnati, OH [07-12-2006]

Very nice set up of the webpage.
Lucie P., 21 yrs. Texas [07-12-2006]

I'm checking here because of the movie "National Treasure".
Sharlene Ford, 59, Wakefield, Massachusetts [07-12-2006]

I just got done watching Nation Treasure and i couldn't beleive How much history went into the whole thing! I Would love to go see it in real life!
Shannon Bowers, 12, Ledyard Ct [07-10-2006]

the liberty bell is really cool!
karen, n/a [07-10-2006]

Brian Hurry [07-10-2006]

anonymous, 11 [07-10-2006]

yuriany torres, 11 [07-10-2006]

nicole saunders, 21 [07-10-2006]

This website is great! It gave me lots of info on the Liberty Bell that I needed to fill out a summer workbook that I have. Thanks for creating this it!
Eva, age 10, Silver Spring, Maryland [07-10-2006]

kurt, 41-gasport [07-10-2006]

i think its amazing how something in time still egxists and i think everyone should learn about it and i love the movie national treasures and how it talks about everything about history.
anthony, 23 ny [07-10-2006]

Gary Crowe, Alexandria, LA [07-10-2006]

My boys, Alex and Matthew are watching NAtional Treasure for the 2nd time today, they are enthralled by it, Iwill introduce this part of American History this year, we homeschool and am glad to have found this web site for them to learn more about The Liberty Bell, it will help them as they can relate it to the movie. We need more movies like it. Thanks for the great web site and info.
Donna, 43, children 3,5,9 [07-10-2006]

God Bless America
Sharon V, 39, Center Line, MI [07-10-2006]

Vickie Ann McCoy [07-10-2006]

The website was wonderful. It really helped to understand was the Liberty Bell really stands for. I came to this website to help me to do a research paper for college.
Kimberly Gray, 34, Baltimore,Maryland [07-10-2006]

david masters, london england [07-08-2006]

ryan masters, london england [07-08-2006]

tracy masters, london england [07-08-2006]

When first heard the Libertybell is 5 minutes ago.It was so cool I never knew it was so loud.But maybe one day me and my family could see it for real.
Kelsey, 9,Chicago [07-08-2006]

Marc Rindels, Minnetonka, MN [07-08-2006]

stow there is a treasure out there and i am going to fing t
kate, ohio [07-08-2006]

Aviation & Military Museum of LA, located in Monroe, LA--planing Sept event and want to include info on bell since the bell was unveiled 9/1
Patricia A. Hibbard, Monroe, LA [07-08-2006]

Awesome site! I love it. I learned so much today. I actually came here for research on a essay I am doing for college. It is discussing the process of how Americans have lost the true meaning of our liberty. Thanks again for the site. Hopefully it wil bring others to realize what our freedom really means.
Chad, Kent, Washington [07-08-2006]

In "National Treasure" the Bad guys type in "Past and Stow" on google, and a picture of the liberty bell appeared. I wanted to see if it worked, so I tried it. No picture appeared, but this site did. Cool!
janett, 47, Sarasota [07-07-2006]

can you have a picture of the declaration of independance
Trevor Wagner, 12 centreville [07-07-2006]

i really like thenliberty bell cause i saw the website and it on "National Treasure".id love to someday go see it,but i want to know,what does the "Declaration of Independence" have to do with the "Liberty Bell"?thanks for listening!:-p
Karlee [07-07-2006]

SAMANTHA REIMER, inverell nsw australia [07-07-2006]

i think taht this site is asome abd i learned a lot of stuff i never knew but i think it sohuld be a lot more colorful
drea freeman, 14,middletown ohio [07-07-2006]

My thoughts are that it is very interesting to know about the treasure and Benjarmin Franklin. I'd like to know How long ago it was sighned and in what state and city, and the date. Well thank s a lot
caitlin, 12, lancaster [07-07-2006]

I felt it had some very good and interesting information in the article.
Pam, Picayune, Mississippi [07-07-2006]

great information about the bell
JHASMYNE CARTER, 10 spartanburg south carolina [07-07-2006]

J.P. Myers, Fair Grove, Mo. [07-07-2006]

Did the Liberty Bell ever pass through El Paso, TX in the early 1900s? According to a historian here in El Paso (Leon Metz) it apparently did and the whole town shut down for the event. Is this true? And where could I find pics?
Ruben Beltran del Rio Jr., 35 El Paso, TX [07-07-2006]

Frank W. Ray, 52, East Bridgewater, MA [07-05-2006]

Ron Thompson, 40, West River MD [07-05-2006]

Great ! Visiting Philadelphia several years ago and seeing the Liberty Bell was a highlight vacation.
Pamela Maxwell, 53, Burlingame, CA [07-05-2006]

pete [07-05-2006]

Dr. Walter C. Emanuel, Jr., age-68, Cookeville, TN [07-05-2006]

Wonderful website! I have sent it to friends in the UK and to the young english scouts coming to stay here the end of July into August! Thank you! Great job!
Lauran A. Jackson, Somerdale, NJ [07-05-2006]

As a former Philadelphia, PA resident I had a discussion about The Liberty Bell yesterday and wanted to check some facts... Glad I Googled to this site and thanks...
Ned Joseph, 66 / Anderson, SC [07-05-2006]

Let freedom ring!
Andrew Lane, 25; Asheboro, North Carolina [07-05-2006]

Happy Independence Day 2006 to All
James Barnes, Bowie, MD [07-05-2006]

I thought it was a wounderful thought and I would hope you send me more info. Thanks Scot J. Fenton
Scot J. Fenton, 16, Claremore, OK 74017 [07-05-2006]

thank you for teaching people about one of our country's symbols. the knowledge needs to be carreied on.
Keely [07-05-2006]

Audra Fedde, 34, Dublin, CA [07-03-2006]

mrsag, 43 [07-03-2006]

i used to pass the liberty every day going to and from work at the SSAbldg.at 300 spring garden st,
jim epperson, born andstill live in phila08-09-1944 [07-03-2006]

An inscription from the Bible on our Liberty Bell? The passage in Leviticus from which it is taken calls celebraton of the jubilee (50th) year on the Day of Atonement, when all captives go free!
Keith Andree, Coolidge, AZ [07-03-2006]

This is a wonderful website. Thank you. It seems that our freedom isn't important anymore to some people. I feel sorry for these people, they are putting things of the world before our freedom. The freedom that we have, because many, thousands of our sons and daughters, fathers and grandfathers,through our history have given their lives for them. May God Bless the United States of America
Carolyn Kline, 72, Mansfield, Ohio [07-03-2006]

Sousa's band paid a visit to Frederick Md.October 19, 1897. The grand concert was held at the City Opera House located on North Market Street.
George W. Wireman, Age 85 Cith Thurmont Md. 21788 [07-03-2006]

teresa, klamath falls oregon [07-03-2006]

Merle-Ann Hiatt, 56 [07-03-2006]

i think is a great page because iy explains everything abot the liberty bell.
luisa fernanda, 12,revere,born in colombia [07-03-2006]

This is a great site thanks
john a. jones, 62yrs blue mountain ar. [07-03-2006]

Debora Gardner, Tacoma Washington [07-03-2006]

When I wached Nashnel Tresher the movie I became Very inchorested in the Liberty Bell
Josie Stokes, 9 Florida [07-03-2006]

i'm a big fan of the liberty bell
robert mcnally [07-03-2006]

What A Great Experienc.
Norman Jacobsen, 48,East stroudsberg,PA,18301 [07-03-2006]

My daughter is visiting the Liberty Bell as we speak and talking to me on the phone, so I'm a virtual visitor. I'm enjoying her trip to Philadelphia!
Ann Kennedy, Seattle [07-03-2006]

Don't let anyone change the name of our Liberty Bell! Preserve our history for our children. America Bless God.
Ed Nelson, Novi, Michigan [07-03-2006]

N Bowden, Wales. UK [07-03-2006]

Very interesting! I learned something new today!
Rhonda Kennedy, 39, South Portland, Maine [07-03-2006]

elizabeyh boone [07-03-2006]

the website is very interesting and easy to navigate always a good thing, I happened across this site while looking for a picture of the Libery Bell for the 4th of July parade. Interesting reading, especially the comments from other folks, we truly are the melting pot of the world, makes me thankful and proud to be an American citizen. Thanks and keep up the fine work.
John, age 48, illinois [07-03-2006]

Thanks I saw the real bell in 1989. I was teaching my Granddaughter, Who is 4 about the bell.
Donna McKenzie, Summerfield. Fl [07-03-2006]

Bill Moriarty [07-03-2006]

Cheri [07-03-2006]

I learned a lot about american history.Individually, I respect Paul revere.
jae hun [07-03-2006]

The liberty bell will be so cool. My family and I are going to see it tommorow! I can not wait!
Kimberly, 11 [07-03-2006]

i'm from the uk and have benn asked to find out a brief history into the bell, i find this site very good
steve williams [07-03-2006]

Gary Leinhart, Hemphill, TX [07-03-2006]

I needed some info and pictures for a 4th of July float I'm designing called, 'Symbols of Freedom'. This site was very helpful and I enjoyed learning bits of history that I didn't know. Thank-you!
Sara Salo, 25 yrs. old, Upper Michigan [07-03-2006]

What a wonderful site as a testimony to this glorious bell and to our freedom! I loved the quotes about bells - gave me chills!
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an incredible symbol of the price paid by, among others, my ancestors for the freedom of this nation.
Helen Hosmer Giron [06-23-2006]

Good site, very well laid out.
TOM FINNIE, 50, england [06-23-2006]

john hancock [06-23-2006]

I felt in awe, overwhelmed about the history of the Bell. It was especially gratifying to me when I rear the Bell was rang at the most important events of our history especially July 8, 1776 when The Declaration of Independence was read,when Ben Franklin died, every time a president died and many more historic events in American History. I thank God for this website and I Thank God I was born in America. This is a Great website keep up the good work.
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Lisa, 28,Austin,Texas,9-11-78 [06-17-2006]

The Liberty Bell a symbol of American Freedom. The inscription "Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof," Leviticus 25:10 is a fitting though unrealized motto for the land of Liberty. The alternate spelling of "Pensylvania" shows the early melding of various people into one American society. The Crack, a symbol within the symbol, reminds us that freedom is not without cost. Liberty is maintained by responsible freedom. - Roger W Hancock, www.PoetPatriot.com
Roger W Hancock the PoetPatriot, www.PoetPatriot.com [06-17-2006]

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Deborah Kay PASS Morgan, Duncan, Oklahoma [06-16-2006]

I had to wait an hour to see that stupid thing! I finally got into the building and i was fuming! Seeing that thing was a complete waste of time! All it is is a bell was a crack in it because some idiots couldnt properly fix it! Does it even have any importance in our American history? NO! IT IS JUST A STUPID WORTHLESS BELL! GRRRRR!
Katie Vilken, 15, ct [06-15-2006]

What a wonderful "snap shot" sorry for the pun of a very important page in our nation's history. Oh, that it the tour would be done again in my lifetime. Gary :+)
Gary Soper, age 51 Tigard, Oregon elementary school teacher [06-15-2006]

I thought that the story that yall made on ask .com was very interesting and it told any body that read that peace would really enjoy that story along with the pic6ture that is my opion also that was nice so kids can learn about the Liberty bell trhat rung the first day iof independance day which is july 4
Nateria s Rice, years old trenton n,j [06-15-2006]

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Im doing a report on the Liberty Bell,so why did the Santaneio Bell replace the Liberty Bell?
Samantha Hernandez, 10,Lawndale,Califorina [06-15-2006]

Excellent. To my fellow Americans: Free our POWs from Camp Pendleton!
Jim Shilling, Morrisville, NC [06-15-2006]

After watching the movie National Treasure, I was totally interested in the Declaration of Independence.
Sylina Darby, 11,staten island, [06-13-2006]

I never knew that Pennsylvania was spelt incorrectly on the bell.
Bobby Ross, 25 [06-13-2006]

The pic with this looks like someone in a bikini, with back turned-- not too clear and dull.
margie gray [06-13-2006]

The first bell cracked,was melted down. The second had a bad tone so it was melted down and the third one is now cracked, how did that one crack.
susie crowley, 48 connecticut [06-13-2006]

The liberty bell is a sign of freedom. I hope it is still around in a couple of thousand years.
Caitlin [06-12-2006]

im doing a report on the libertgy bell, so why is the liberty bell so important please send me a e-mail back as soon as possible
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I love learning about the liberty bell and the Declaration of Independence. Ben Franklin who invended the first glasses called opticals that read the Declaration of Independance, and John Pass and John Stow, both recast the great Liberty Bell, in 1753 the bell was hung in a musuem in front of the Independence Hall were the Declaration of Indepenace was sighned.
Kristy Parker, 12 years,Georgia [06-09-2006]

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This website helped me do my project on the great american symbols and one day i wish to see the liberty bell and other great american symbols!
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We should give thanks everyday to the men and women who gave their all so that we might live free.
Doyle Wells, age 57, Aberdeen, Ms. [06-04-2006]

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i have never seen the liberty bell, and will probably never get to, but i am an american citizen of the good USA and am proud of that bell for what it stands for and of course the Statue of Liberty. never saw that either only in movies.
darlene, new brighton, PA. age 60 [06-04-2006]

I lived in Pennsylvania most of my life and never really got to see the BELL I do like your web site
Fred Turner, 54 Lake City,Fla. [06-04-2006]

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My dad used to bring us kids into the City when we were kids. He'd always bring us to see the Liberty Bell...and back then you could actually touch it. My dad passed away in 1995 and a few years ago I went back to the City and stood in line to see the Bell again...and was overwhelmed by the memories of those visits with my dad.
Shannon DeGaetano, Bradenton, FL [06-02-2006]

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I came here because I was watching National Treasure, so i searched the results for "STOW".
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Jesse, 9 LaHonda [06-01-2006]

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i think that the liberty bell is a great sign of america and that we should all be proud of it.
john hoyt, 16 years old [06-01-2006]

I love this sight it is so interesting, I love learning about our countrys history about the times of Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Edison etc. and you guys really make it easy to learn and get great information. The liberty bell is one of my favorite U.S landmarks and I hope to visit it someday.
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