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The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell Guestbook Archives: April-May 2006

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i have no thoughts
Mariah, 23 [05-31-2006]

tonya farrelly, 15 [05-31-2006]

monica [05-31-2006]

just would like to say thanks for such a fab and informative site.
Trisha Budhai, 17yrs old, south africa [05-31-2006]

EDNA CAMACHO [05-31-2006]

Buzz, 16 [05-30-2006]

A great peice of work
Samantha, 12 Pennsauken [05-29-2006]

My assignment in my Toastmaster's Club tomorrow is to give a speech on an American person and I decided to do Frederick Loeser and the hiding of the Liberty Bell during the Revolutionary War. This site was incredible as a resource. Thank you very much.
Sunni Fisher, Ft Worth TX [05-29-2006]

cool! why is the bell patriotic? why is it important? Why is it a symbol? How is it used today? by the way this is a pretty cool site!
Meagan [05-29-2006]

neat website! '' educational. ''
Meagan, age 12 [05-29-2006]

I think that the bell is a remarkable park of our history
Michael [05-29-2006]

I like a lot
Chris Adams, Comfort [05-29-2006]

I think its cool
Ralph [05-29-2006]

Amy Salisberry, 31 [05-29-2006]

It is about a movie called National tresure.Is it true?
Jesseca, 09,Groves [05-29-2006]

i think it is beeping awsome
Stan Marshall, 9, south park [05-29-2006]

Nothin special
npk, 23,Pondicherry [05-26-2006]

the bell is off the hook. I'm looking to have a summer trip there
Alex Malone, 31, toybhanna,P. A [05-26-2006]

its cool noise
fred, 22 [05-26-2006]

My son was learning about the liberty bell in school, thought we'd look it up on the web and found this awesome and historical website.
Theresa Paas, 40, Mich. [05-26-2006]

I like listening to the "march"..... makes me smile.....
Teresa, over 21, Waldorf, MD [05-25-2006]

It rings out patriotism, and sets the tone of America to be heard throughout many generations to come! God Bless America!
Paul E. Boudreau, 39, Mass. [05-25-2006]

kristen [05-25-2006]

Want to know about the liberty bell
Andrew Kars [05-25-2006]

i think the liberty bell is cooool
kk, 07417 [05-25-2006]

I just wanted to be in the guest book i thought that i would be nice to be a part of something.
Stephanie Kowenia, Age 14 [05-25-2006]

i love the liberty bell it is sooooo cool i love your web-site dont ever take it off the web
Laicy, 24 [05-25-2006]

i would like to see evrythiing about yall please thank you very much
Shakendra Mumphrey [05-25-2006]

alicia bice [05-25-2006]

After I watched "National Treasure", I became really interested in History. I need all the facts I can get so your website is where I always go to! Thank you! ~Kate~
Kate Kennedy, McMinnville OR 97128 USA Age 12 [05-25-2006]

wat up homis
cheyenne [05-25-2006]

the liberty bell was off the hook
nicole [05-25-2006]

i like the history of the liberty bell
william maris, 15 tarentum [05-25-2006]

let freedom ring
paul sylvestre, connecticut [05-25-2006]

It is a very interesting piece of information.thank you
frank, canada [05-24-2006]

The Liberty Bell is an important part of what Americans perceive as their history in this, Our Nation. It is as it should be that the Liberty Bell is preserved and venerated.
Ms. Denise R. Ray [05-24-2006]

good job!
Katie [05-24-2006]

john, 80 france [05-24-2006]

they should talk about the liberty bell on the travel channel or the history channel
mike pirkl, 20 faribault mn [05-24-2006]

Krystal, 21 n.y [05-23-2006]

why was it important
natori, ct,10 [05-23-2006]

it is nice
nykeisha taylor, 10 [05-23-2006]

christine horton [05-23-2006]

Thanks, Your site helped me with my homework.
Tommy Harmon, 8 years old Kapolei, Hawaii [05-23-2006]

anonymous [05-23-2006]

Shelly Crowe [05-22-2006]

natori [05-22-2006]

courtney, 13, ravenna, ohio, 44266 [05-22-2006]

kmwkck [05-22-2006]

courtney, 13, ravenna, ohio, 44266 [05-22-2006]

do you have anthor video to see
kendra gray, 11,bloomfield [05-22-2006]

great site, thanks for the info
rex pittman, 31, Conway, AR.72032 [05-22-2006]

i find this bell a very interesting subject,of American history,and the remarkable journey it took.Fantastic
Michael Sullivan, uk london, charlton,se78ts [05-21-2006]

Marcus Hurcombe, Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, England [05-21-2006]

hi i think that the liberty bell is not a re-made of the bell from djswauger@yahoo.com
Donald [05-21-2006]

Rita Huggons [05-21-2006]

Nice website. Interesting Historical link. If we forget our history we have no hope for the future.
Pedro, 25, Scotland [05-21-2006]

Just returned from Philly WOW
Christine Cote, 1954/ Spokane, Wa [05-21-2006]

Wok Roll, ct [05-21-2006]

I think the web site was very helpfull on that matter of study.
Allen W Webb, 16 Greenville [05-21-2006]

This was my computer research project for today. I wanted to know how the crack got in the Liberty Bell.
Alisha Hernandez, 8 years old Conroe, Texas [05-20-2006]

thanks i made my homework now a good research project . this webside is good becouse it has details and all the storyof the liberty bell. i speak spanish but i send you this messege in english.
maria, 11 years old, mexico city [05-20-2006]

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honolokihugo Munches, 45 Moui Hawaii [05-20-2006]

The bell is very big and has a crack! I love the bell it is just so amazing i cant believe my eyes
miley, 14 beverly hills [05-20-2006]

The liberty bell is so amazing! I like how it symbolizes our country! I love the movie national treasure and how they go to independence hall and find the glasses. It is cool yeah. uh huh cya!
Emma, 12. ID. Student at AMS. 5-19-06 [05-20-2006]

it is cool mann and woman!
maria [05-20-2006]

i think the liberty bell is stupid
mohs jiller, 13 [05-20-2006]

this site has a lot of imformation
michael, 10 years old penslevania philidephia [05-20-2006]

nice website!
HALI SOMERS, 10,scranton,pa [05-20-2006]

The pictures bring the history to life. Do you have any drawings of earlier celebrations?Are there any famous horses that any of are famous people rode?
Violet Hano [05-20-2006]

I think that the bell is so nice. I just wish that I could go and see if for my self.
Caitlin Eggers [05-20-2006]

LOVE WIll find you.
Yolanda Sallard, 36, Atlanta, Ga [05-20-2006]

htis website is gret i am doing a project on the liberty bell and i found out everything i can now thanks you rock leona
leona, 10 massachusetts [05-20-2006]

bob shnider rocks
Randi [05-20-2006]

i think it is cool
blue [05-20-2006]

I really need more facts about Slavery in Texas in the 1800's
Aretha, 13 [05-20-2006]

Nicole [05-20-2006]

Ilike chicken
charisamdjh ungamunga, 112 [05-20-2006]

LeeAnn Schueller-Olson, 52, Burnsville, MN [05-20-2006]

This is a great website!
Nojai [05-20-2006]

This site helped me with my report. It's really cool.
Sarah H, 13 Yorba Linda CA [05-20-2006]

melissa [05-17-2006]

brerndan garvey, tarbert [05-17-2006]

i like eggs
eric johnson, 15 years, [05-17-2006]

Rhonda Milner, Indiana [05-17-2006]

My thoughs about the website are thats it's a wonderful reserch fasilitiy for childen for reserch reports or people that love nolige
yo [05-17-2006]

caleb, 8 [05-17-2006]

mark a zidich jr [05-17-2006]

You all have a great site thanks for the info.
Raven, 13 Detroit,MI. From PTA [05-17-2006]

i think this sight is great and stuff, but the liberty bell is boring.
Srah kelly [05-17-2006]

Good Website...
Zachary A. Lewis, 14, Coffeyville KS. 1323 W. 5th [05-17-2006]

What a great city Philadelphia is...all of it's history makes me proud to call it my hometown.
Jackie Ledward [05-17-2006]

What did it say on the Liberty Bell?
heather johnson, 29, Goshen, IN [05-17-2006]

this is big history and i can say about just wonderful. Thanks....
Omer Bilgen, 25, Kayseri/Turkey [05-17-2006]

the liberty bell is looking good for all that it has been through but i'm just on this website for a little work sheet on it but anyways even though i didn't get to see it inall of my life i sure do apprediate it! all of America should!
jordan looney, 11, watkinsville, [05-17-2006]

Kaija [05-17-2006]

I hate the liberty bell.
adam [05-17-2006]

I likr your site,It is cool.
Sarah [05-17-2006]

I love my city?
Michaela, 13,Mo,123 [05-17-2006]

the liberty bell is soo cool!
kasidee hill, 8 years old Ottumwa, Iowa [05-17-2006]

Laurelee Curcione [05-17-2006]

Morgan Reaves, 21,Hernando [05-17-2006]

Lanny Carmichael [05-17-2006]

I love the Liberty Bell I went to see it yesterday it was the best I also Love the city
Taylor, 10,Baltimore [05-17-2006]

i think you should ad what the liberty bell meant and what the crack meant!
Baseball, whyoming [05-17-2006]

this is realy cool people though I think there should be a website about The liberty bell and The eclaration of independence
Harry, 8 Launceston tasmania australia [05-17-2006]

its ok
Harry, 8 launceston [05-17-2006]

i love you
kimberly [05-17-2006]

hey I was just on the web so I just wanted to sign the guest book!~
shanyia stackhouse, 20 [05-17-2006]

I think the declaration of Indpendence is a piece of freedom.
chris, 14 Bunker Hill [05-17-2006]

it sucks
boocback, 12 newyork [05-17-2006]

I love this sight! It's got facts, and it's real interesting!
June Sanderas, New York, New York [05-17-2006]

RITA HOWELL, ohio [05-17-2006]

The Whitechapel Foundry London, was commissioned to cast a bell for the Cathedral of St Stephen, Brisbane. It was cast by Mears and Stainbank. It arrived in Brisbane on the R M S "Dacca" in 1887.It served the cathedral for 100 years, but when a crack developed it was taken down from the belfry in 1988. It is mounted in the lovely surrounds of the cathedral.
Gabrielle O'Shea, 70+Brisbane, Queensland, Australia [05-17-2006]

juan carlos [05-17-2006]

Glenda Carrasco [05-17-2006]

l.b.is wonderful
Daniel Gavino [05-17-2006]

I think that the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence are 2 very important pieces of American History.
Joseph Patrick Scheibe, 14, New Hope [05-17-2006]

Very informative. I looked this up during a history lesson for my studnets and your site was able to answer many of our questions.
Jim Winters, Lakeland, FL [05-17-2006]

Interesting web site...good job! My visit to the Liberty Bell this past summer was amazing, but I didn't know so much about it until I saw this web site!
Feigie Rubenstein, Princeton, New Jersey [05-11-2006]

Didn't know there was a website on the liberty bell. Neat.
Debi, Everett, WA [05-11-2006]

Thank you for this site. I am in the 4th grade doing a report on the state of Pennsylvania.I love this site!
Ashlee D, 10 yrs, Santa Fe,NM [05-11-2006]

Randall [05-11-2006]

Nice project with good design,good luck!
Bill, 39 [05-11-2006]

I think the Liberty Bell is awsome just like it is to learn history !
Alicia Mae Bice, age 10 Cloumbiaville M I [05-11-2006]

I think that the page about the bell is great
Whitney, Blakey Ga [05-11-2006]

i'm glad i have a report on this state. i have learned so much and i cant wait until i can go and see the liberty bell in person.
alex lacy, 12 utah [05-11-2006]

i love the liberty bell
sabrina [05-11-2006]

Latisha Minnie Gutierrez, 14, Philly [05-11-2006]

Wonderful historic facts to learn. Thank you for making this page available.
Viola Bradbury [05-11-2006]

justin, san antonio [05-11-2006]

liberty bell is wonderful
kimberly sallard [05-11-2006]

I love history!
LIL-D, 12 [05-11-2006]

I have a HOT boy friend.
Danielle Uceetta, 12 [05-11-2006]

I think the Liberty Bell is AWSOME!
Savannah, 11,franklin [05-11-2006]

myacarnes [05-11-2006]

Very cool site!
Kiola, New York [05-11-2006]

This small miracle. With gratitude, I.
Gaz, New York [05-11-2006]

Good site! Thanks!
Nord, New York [05-11-2006]

Very ineresting site! I like it!
Hera, New York [05-11-2006]

How the Liberty Bell got it's crack
skip, 9 [05-11-2006]

the bell get rung every year you forgot to put that
michael roland, Phila. [05-11-2006]

Ever sence I saw the outstanding movie, National Treasure,I became more in history. Its a great movie.Thanks Walt Disney for the admirable movie!I can not wait to go to Philadelphia!
Cindy Ramirez, age-11/California [05-11-2006]

Ismael Madrigal, 100 years old and love america [05-11-2006]

what was the first name given to the liberty bell
hannah [05-11-2006]

i want a summary aboutliberty bell
ali alhutay, 19years old_melbourne.FL etc [05-11-2006]

God Bless America and our Leaders and Troops.
Kim Goddard, 44, Seminole, Florida [05-11-2006]

The liberty bell is so cool! NOT!
Elissa, no comment [05-11-2006]

anthony buckley, 36yrs old, sheffield, england [05-11-2006]

Paula Rebecca Aguilar [05-11-2006]

Bob, bob [05-08-2006]

Why is the Liberty Bell an iportant landmark
Skip, 9 [05-08-2006]

This is a great site- very informational! It provided a lot of information for me to use on my report regarding the Liberty Bell. Thanks and God Bless the U.S.A.!
Evan Mercer, 15 years old; Wellston, Ohio [05-08-2006]

I saw the liberty bell today it was cool and spelled wrong.
Paige, 19026 [05-08-2006]

kristan [05-08-2006]

I love to hear the story of the LIberty Bell and how it got cracked! I can't wait to see the liberty Bell on friday! Now this song is aewsome it goes like this! And I'm proud to be an American! Where at least I know I'm Free!
Yelly, Allentown,age-13 [05-08-2006]

This is a song were singing for our concret and it goes like this!-And I'm proud to be an American, where at least i know i'm free, iand i wont froget the men who died. who agve that right to me and I gladly stand up! Next to you and defend her still today! GOD BLESS THE USA!
Mone [05-08-2006]

I cant wait to see the Liberty Bell when I go on the class trip to Phillie! Our class and I are so exited! We get to see the Liberty Bell and thats the cool part of the trip! I never saw the Liberty bell until this week when I go on friday! Ha, Ha, I get to go to Phillie and see the Liberty Bell! I'm glad that I am going on a trip with my class! It'll be so AWESOME! I am glad that were going there and I am also glad that the Liberty Bell is held in Phillie! I think that it was the best idea to put the Liberty Bell in Phillie! ROCK MY WORLD!
Mon Bon, 11 [05-08-2006]

Yelly [05-08-2006]

hi peeps
Alexandra Mildred, nebraska, texas [05-08-2006]

I love this site. It rocks. So much info.
Lily, Manhattan, Nebraska [05-08-2006]

I think the Liberty Bell is pretty interesting to see in public! It si so cool!
Mon, 11, Allentown [05-08-2006]

This thing is soo soo soo kool! i am going to here in school acually this week! i can't wait to see the REAL Liberty Bell in percon!
Schettios, 15, Harrisburg [05-08-2006]

I think Its really cool to hear the story about it! I can't wait to see it!
Yeller, 13, Allentown [05-08-2006]

I think it would be pretty interesting to see the Liberty Bell, in public! The Liberty Bell is something that supports our country!
Monika, 13, Allentown [05-08-2006]

For a brief period I worked in Philadelphia, and on many occations have seen the Liberty Bell and walked through the plaza. During my entire adult life I have served in the military and with the DOD conscientiously and productively work the idea that connects Jamestown, Williamsburg, the Liberty Bell, and Yorktown with ideas or liberty, recognition of human individuality and freedom for tribes, nomadic groups, socio-cultrual populations, soverign nations and mixes of people in between.
Gennaro Mellis, age 65, Williamsburg, VA, joined US Army in 1958 at age 17 and served untill 1977, served in US Army Reserve from 1978 until 1985, entered US Government service with the US Navy 1981 and will probably retire some time after 2012. Married 1969 to Donna Rivkin, we have 6 children. [05-08-2006]

I like it, but on Nation Treasure what does S.T.O.W mean.
Brianna, Pensylvainia [05-08-2006]

Excellent site. very informative.
Lee Bennett, 41, Girard, Ohio [05-08-2006]

I think you should have a copy of The Decleration of Independence in this page!
Tryggvi Njalsson, age:14 city:Asker country: Norway [05-08-2006]

it is good
robert, 14 [05-08-2006]

I thought it was really cool!
Melissa Musumeci, 10 yrs,Phila PA 19149 [05-07-2006 [05-08-2006]

Nichole Baucum, 11 [05-08-2006]

I love studing the liberty bell and everything about it. Espeaclily accents it is in Pennsylvania
Amber House, 11, Louisiana, Missouri [05-08-2006]

tom [05-08-2006]

I had a project to write about Liberty Bell
Simran Rathod, 8 Yrs,East Earl Pa 17519 [05-06-2006]

The Liberty Bell is a pretty cool National Icon and Im glad Philly is the home to it.
JJ, 14 [05-05-2006]

Working on a school project
Ariadne Shirley, Age - 8; Coral Springs, FL [05-04-2006]

the liberty bell was apsolutly awsome
Daniel McCreary, naples florida age 13 born in england [05-04-2006]

maycee, pellcity 9 [05-04-2006]

danielle marie wilder, 10,coon rpids [05-04-2006]

i love to know bout old history
ruth, 19, malaysia [05-04-2006]

iknow that there is a secret sign called the free macens and i want to join them some day...i am bery intersted in things like that i am also reading the divni code and i want to see the movie....nikki welty
nikki welty, 13 ca riverside [05-03-2006]

I love this page! It tells me lots of information for my project.
Nikki, 13, Fontana, CA [05-03-2006]

heard about pass and stow on the movie. " national treasure" so had to putit in to my computer and see what happend, sure enough here i am. Mimi terrebonne oregon
melody mimi winegar-carter, 35 [05-03-2006]

I like it! Thanks!
Lord, New York [05-03-2006]

Novelty [05-02-2006]

Monique Claveau, Married 58 years old [05-02-2006]

Twizzler [05-02-2006]

I learned a lot thanks for the site
Donald Shaw, philadelphia pa [05-02-2006]

Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP. excellent site i really like your stuff.
xanax, Springfield [05-02-2006]

Beautiful city, Philadelphia, beautiful history, including African-American history. Thank you
Antonio J.Murillo, Ashburn, VA [05-02-2006]

i like this
alena, 9 [05-02-2006]

I'm gald that we won america because the kids would still be slaves now and i don't want my kids to be work or dieing or my wife taken away fram me,or me being KILLED.So thank you forsaving us
mike, 25 [05-02-2006]

I RELLY LIKE THIS SITE CAN I PLESE HAVE a flag of your state (phhilada)
essence daye, age:10 city:md etc:goshen E.L [05-02-2006]

the book was great I had so much fun reading it
victor, 11 [05-02-2006]

hi iam bob and i want to see gw house ok
BOB, 20 [05-02-2006]

ellllo i love freedom fight the power
higgly town hero, 40 [05-02-2006]

the liberty bell's crack reminds me of all the freedom we never had
layla mowlana, 21 [05-02-2006]

We love this place. It's cool!
Tyla and Meghan, 10, Piscataway,NJ,08854 [05-02-2006]

This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck!
Keet, New York [05-02-2006]

Majid Nafia' AL-Harbi, 29 years, Baltumore [05-01-2006]

Hello admin, nice site you have!
Lera, New York [05-01-2006]

Great website!
Susan Koral, Norwalk, CT [05-01-2006]

Zula [05-01-2006]

I love your site LOVE Silence Doogood
Kourtney [05-01-2006]

i love history and i love usa
jordon, age 13 [05-01-2006]

Get more on this site NOW!
Serg [05-01-2006]

clarisa, 8, orange ca [04-30-2006]

Ever since I saw "National Treasure", I've been realy amazed by the things of history. That bell is hot! So is Nicholas Cage
Paris [04-30-2006]

Frances Pantano, Trinidad, Co. [04-30-2006]

thomas crain, 39m / joplin,mo [04-30-2006]

just watched National Treasure and thought id pull up the site they visited in the movie-very cool
stephanie [04-29-2006]

TAYLOR GOODMAN [04-29-2006]

Joseph Haber [04-29-2006]

robert thomson, 40 brooklyn ny 11214 [04-29-2006]

Great site! Very informative--ringing of the bell was a great touch.
Erika Bailey [04-29-2006]

I like your site. Visit my too
ativan [04-28-2006]

This is really cool and you should really make more websites on this. Thank you for sharing
chantel, 12 [04-28-2006]

hey ways up ghetto people how r you doin
Ruben Hancock [04-28-2006]

I think that you should have more information such as: what time it opens, fees if any, where in Plilly.
BAH, 15 [04-28-2006]

Great site! Really helped me! Thanks!
hayley [04-28-2006]

I think this is really cooL!
Molly [04-28-2006]

hi people
Kristie, 77 phila PA 19154 [04-28-2006]

MaissaRaimondi, 8 [04-28-2006]

Wow!Wonderful site. I just read a history book that made reference to the Liberty Bell. There wasn't a lot of detail and I wondered what I could find on the internet. Some day I plan to visit Philadelphia and see the bell for myself. Thanks.
Michael B. Wilderman, Mt. Vernon, Illinois - 59 [04-28-2006]

jonathan perry williams [04-28-2006]

It was amazing
CheyenneSweat [04-28-2006]

i like the liberty bell
Kelly Johnson, 14, Port Orange [04-28-2006]

really cool
LUIS CASTRO, 15, Wilmington,CA [04-28-2006]

I think this beii is bogus
Kenneth Paddock, 12 Darby Montana [04-28-2006]

liberty bell is kewl
nolan [04-28-2006]

Kenneth [04-28-2006]

this website is cool. my favorite part is the ring of the bell!
rachael [04-28-2006]

Janelle Redd [04-28-2006]

Bill Burruss, Gainesville Ga [04-28-2006]

It is my belief that a government of the people, for the people, and by the people HAS perished from this earth. The voice of the people I have spoken with, are not too happy. I do still believe this is the greatest country in the world.
Nicholas P. Thelen II, 32, Denver, CO [04-28-2006]

Ismael Madrigal [04-28-2006]

I like the Liberty Bell.
Bridget, 9, Jackson [04-28-2006]

Cool preservation of ancient history.
Niyi Odewale, Lagos,Nigeria [04-28-2006]

I saw the decleration it is boutiful
Maygen [04-28-2006]

i like the liberty bell and we are learning about it in school
Ellie [04-28-2006]

Noah Sams, Age 7 Cedar Rapids,Iowa [04-28-2006]

having a project on it. have a lot of good facts.
Marchetta Thomas, Columbus,Ga/ age 11/04/23/06/ [04-28-2006]

Great. More Americans should visit Philly and and see the bell
Robert Brilling Jr, Scotia NY [04-28-2006]

Thank you for having such a cool website to help us learn from.
Mr. Garrett's 3rd grade class, Heritage Elementary,Glendale Az [04-28-2006]

Brittany [04-28-2006]

The Liberty Bell sounds awsome!
Katie Cappuccino, age 11 [04-28-2006]

I theink it is awsome it nice to look at!
katelyn, 10 Alltown [04-28-2006]

Loved being in Philadelphia and actually seeing the things I learned
Alyssa Notaro, Calverton, New York, 13 [04-28-2006]

steven domitrz [04-28-2006]

CANDICE, 38,reno nv [04-28-2006]

nice and fun to vist
anonymous [04-28-2006]

this site gave me great information, thanks a lot my book report will be the best.
Sammy, 10 years old [04-28-2006]

Rick Weiss [04-28-2006]

Was the the Liberty Bell used at virgon tower.
JC Wick, 11, ny, 04,26,2006 [04-28-2006]

visted Independence hall Oct. 2005 while first visit to the state when kids moved to New Jersey..what a treat....love that kind of history....will visit again...soon..
Henry Fields, Petoskey, Michigan [04-28-2006]

i love mexco
zach da wax [04-28-2006]

leona [04-28-2006]

chelsea brooks, 14, suagus [04-28-2006]

I visited Philadephia and saw the Liberty bell as part of a 5th Grade field trip!
Catherine Staab, Annapolis, MD [04-28-2006]

i love the history of the liberty bell.also i love the movie national treasure
nathan, age 11:city,welland [04-28-2006]

i hate u
anonymous [04-28-2006]

I just came home from seeing the Liberty Bell... it was amazing!
LoLa, 98223 [04-28-2006]

I think your Website is very usefull,it helped me on a difficult project. Ijust wanted to say thankyou.
Maria Fernanda Abufele, San Pedro Sula [04-28-2006]

I thought it 1680s they would insullute the Decoration of Independince.
Henri, 8,n.y.,esventure [04-28-2006]

I'm a third grade teacher and I think your site about the Liberty Bell is very educational. I will encourage everyone to visit!
Tomica Me'Shelle Fontelroy [04-28-2006]

Brenda Lynch, 37,Bivins Texas [04-28-2006]

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
dvd, Miami [04-28-2006]

Wonderful photos of the past and of a very important piece of our history.
Elaine Augustin, Beverly Hills CA [04-28-2006]

I visited the bell in January of 2004!
Marc Braman, 30, cypress, ca [04-28-2006]

I got to see the Bell last July. It was great to finally get to see something I had read about my entire life.Worth going thru security and the long lines of waiting,,,
Kathy Triplett, 51y/o Hartford,Il [04-28-2006]

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Nicole Hulbert, 33 Tacoma, WA [04-28-2006]

Will they ever tour with national archives again
Sammy, Las Vegas NV. [04-28-2006]

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Louis David, 49yrs. Bethel,CT. [04-28-2006]

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Noel, mn [04-28-2006]

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Kristen Mirra [04-28-2006]

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Nicky Smith, 15, ?? [04-28-2006]

i saw the bell 2 weeks ago and it looked like it was made of wood hahaha
john, westfield MA [04-28-2006]

I believe in freedom! Go Liberty! This bell represents how great our country is!
Catherine Lee A., 11, Alexandria, VA--USA rox! [04-28-2006]

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Shery Skinner, 46--Houston,Texas [04-28-2006]

i think that the liberty bell was very important in the 1800's. when women were fighting for rights, the liberty bell would ring. i also love that there is a crack through the middle if the bell. did u know that there is a very small crack that continues all the way to the top of the liberty bell? email me and talk to me aobut the liberty bell. i am a libertybell loverr! ---skatebabe93@aol.com
Robyn H., jericho, new york [04-28-2006]

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Kylie, 8 c.a [04-28-2006]

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I have loved us history for years. I really want to work in the National Archives when I get older. Your website is great I love to vist it when I can. Your website has great pictures of the past. If people think history is boring well there are just boring themsleves. I am making a website at school for homework, and I am doing us history; your website helped me find the imformation I really needed. THANKS, you made it wonderful!
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Elliott Artingstoll, 14, england, lancs, burnley [04-28-2006]

The Liberty Bell is well-protected, and symbols that the USA is a place of liberty to live. I would like to know who bulit it.
Chang, from Taipei, Taiwan [04-28-2006]

Iris Nagovich, 42, Newport News, VA [04-28-2006]

We are learning about Benjamin Franklin & the other signers of the Declaration of Independence. Our story shows a picture of the Liberty Bell and we wanted to learn more about it.
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Emily [04-28-2006]

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Kiana Nicole Gibson, 16, Winnsboro,South Carolina [04-28-2006]

3rd & 4th Grade Class, Crookston, MN 56716 [04-28-2006]

We used your page as a learning experience for the Liberty Bell in our homeschooling 3rd grade English class. Thank you ! Wonderful to hear the bell.
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Jessica Molokini, 14, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii [04-28-2006]

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Jasjit Singh, 23, India [04-28-2006]

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Jessica Zhang, age:10 city:Allen state:TX [04-28-2006]

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Emily the Great [04-28-2006]

I've been to the Liberty Bell Center. It is a great place to learn about us history.
Diane Moore, Allen, Texas [04-28-2006]

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Erica Niewold, 9 years old, Allen,Texas [04-28-2006]

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TAYLOR GLOMBOSKE, age 9, brea ca [04-26-2006]

During a family vacation to Philadelphia in 1954, I actally rang the Liberty Bell! My Dad and I had our picture taken standing next to the bell (no railings or guards) and after the photo, I reached under the bell and gently tapped the clapper to its side, causing a soft and deep, but powerful tone to sound. Of course, I was grounded for the rest of the day, but the photo remains and the memory of the great sound still reverberates from my childhood. I'm much older now--and hopefully a lot wiser--but I've always carried a bit of patriotic pride knowing that I once actually rang the Liberty Bell, even only as if a naughty teenager on vacation. Let Freedom ring, always, for all. God Bless this USA.
William Fuller, 65--Wisconsin [04-26-2006]

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Kameron Richert, 8 cool Ca [04-26-2006]

I liked the story on the liberty bell. My ancesters were the ones to cast the new bell. It is nice to see a family story.
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