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The Liberty Bell

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Good website. Try to make it a little bit more interesting though so it catches peoples eyes better.
Tyler J. Wilson, 16/Macon/Missouri [03-22-2006]

Gr8t info was interested after the movie which stars Nicholas Cage, National Treasure....
Leah Matehaere, Gold Coast, Australia [03-22-2006]

My Mom was raised in the Philadelphia area,so I want to learn more about it.
Felicia DeShane, 13,Westville, OK,6th grade [03-21-2006]

I like the liberty bell is is so fun to learn about it.
shanta Burns, 20 Dearing GA [03-21-2006]

Chin Wang, 53yrs old/Evans, GA [03-21-2006]

Plan to bring my family to Philadelphia in July to visit this historic bell and enjoy the sights of your beautiful city
John M. Barringer, Carthage, N.C. 28327 [03-21-2006]

i like the liberty bell
Kristin Grogg [03-21-2006]

Therese Connett, Gower,Mo [03-20-2006]

Liberty bell is cool!
Bobby, 10 [03-20-2006]

The homepage may translate into a variety of languages
Jonathan Chiang, Newark, DE [03-20-2006]

jd [03-20-2006]

This was interesting.... you might want to make it more fun
Holly Wood, 52,Kanas City, TX [03-20-2006]

well i think the liberty bell should be pick ya'll kno wat i mean hahah j/k [just kiding]
candice, 13 linwood minnasota [03-20-2006]

excellent site
Melissa Grundig, 23, Sydney Australia [03-20-2006]

while searching for info for my daughter we came across your page. nice work
chris clark, 38, deltona, fla. [03-20-2006]

In the movie "National Tresure", the bad guys used the internet to find out information on the word "stow", and it led them to the Liberty Bell web sight. I wanted to see if it really worked, and sure enough it did.
Mr & Mrs H. J. McLennan, Richmond, Texas [03-19-2006]

kayro r moreno, 36\ old 1481 wes 44 sthialeahfl33012 [03-19-2006]

Kimberly Juhasz, East Brunswick [03-19-2006]

Brenda Bush [03-19-2006]

I would really like to go to see the Liberty Bell sometime because of all of this ifo I have read.It sounds like an instresting thing!
Kacie Marie Longo, age9 years old [03-19-2006]

wow thats the amazing bell, and the most amazing is the history on it
deny mei purnama, male, 24 years old from Indonesia [03-19-2006]

The Liberty Bell is really intersting.Right at this very moment I'm watching National Tresure.
Catherine, 15,Phoenix [03-19-2006]

Our founding fathers,drafted the documents our nation was founded on with the inspiration of the Bible,and you are allowing the A.C.L.U .to little by little distroy our pride by removing the mention of GOD ? HOW DARE YOU? If YOU remove GOD from our country,Why should HE bless it ?
Alan W .Duckworth [03-19-2006]

charles e neal [03-19-2006]

I am going to Philadelphia soon, so I am going to see the Liberty Bell. Than you for you information. Do you have any websites on other things?
David Widder-Varhegyi, 11,Charlottesville,VA [03-19-2006]

Samuel Soto, 11 [03-19-2006]

jownstow.jr, 19- [03-19-2006]

it's awsome
Daletza, 11 years old [03-19-2006]

Ben Buchkovich, Summer Hill, 195 brookbank Dr. [03-19-2006]

Cory James Hribar, age 10 1245 Krayn Rd. PA. [03-19-2006]

I was going to see the Liberty Bell
Amber, 10,Chattanoga,Tn. [03-19-2006]

thank you for oppunity
andrea, 10/florida [03-19-2006]

this website is cool
briah, 10 years old [03-19-2006]

i love tyler
brianna, 10,hartford,mi [03-19-2006]

this is a very nice site for kids to learn about their country and the things that went on a long time ago.
kayla winters, 11,deleware,ohio,5th grade [03-19-2006]

My butt hurts!
kyle saunders, 11 [03-19-2006]

i have always liked the liberty bell and i have always wanted to learn about its history
charish eschbacher, 11years old westerville oh [03-19-2006]

This is really good bell. It helped the people from long ago realize they were finally free. The Liberty bell is another symbol of how the United States of America came to be.
Jake Sanphy, 7 years old. New England [03-19-2006]

its so nice to learn more about the independence.
michael oliveros, 26 yrs old from manila [03-19-2006]

...i once visited the Liberty Bell 2yrs. ago, it was very awsome. Something me and my daugther can always share..the knowledge that i have on it and other places we've visited is some very charishable...especially for a cajun person..that just doesn't come very often....
Monique Robicheaux, 26, 70544, [03-19-2006]

reshaunte, 14 [03-19-2006]

cyle kelly [03-19-2006]

Lindsay [03-19-2006]

Tank [03-19-2006]

i love this web site because i love history
shelby, 12,cottonwood,alabama [03-19-2006]

Wonderful information on the Liberty Bell. A great teaching tool!
Julie, 22, Erie, PA [03-19-2006]

this was a really good site i learned about all the things i needed with the timeline and the facts pages ! Thanks so much for all the help Jessica
Jesica, 12 [03-19-2006]

I googled myself and this came up! It said that in 2000 Maura Matvey was seven, and I was! Maybe its me...
Maura Matvey, 12 Pittsburgh PA [03-19-2006]

Leah, 10,Andrews, NC [03-19-2006]

Great site, Now as the years go by I wish I had taken the time then to listen to my elders when they talked about things which happen in there life and learn more about our history and how we came to be. GOD BLESS ALL and THANK YOU
Mark VanPelt, Virginia [03-19-2006]

I thought this web page on the liberty bell was awsome. I am doing a project on the liberty bell and I found out a lot of things about it. so now I think I might do very good on the project.I also found out a little more than I needed because my teacher told my class to find 2 pages worth of notes and I found about 2 and a half pages I also enjoyed the quiz.One other thing I enjoyed was all the things the bell went through I am aso surprised that they kept recasting it .As you can tell I enjoyed this web page. And it helped me a lot.
Christina Franklin, I'm 11 Canton,N.C [03-19-2006]

A wonderful symbol of all the struggles for freedom.
Frances Broaddus Crutchfield, Midlothian, Virginia [03-19-2006]

hi i like what you know about history its important for people toknow about history and thank you for teaching me some history
anna martinez, 15saltlakecityut84115 [03-19-2006]

very helpful
tina price [03-19-2006]

i love the bell
SPENCER BEVINGTON, 12 years old [03-19-2006]

you rock
austin wills, 11/lincon city/97367 [03-19-2006]

I love to learn about History, especially the Liberty Bell.
Shae [03-19-2006]

this liberty bell has a lot of history
Kendra Crawford, 11 slocomb Al. [03-19-2006]

DENISE, detroit [03-19-2006]

Charles C Singleton [03-19-2006]

My wife and I enjoy visiting historical sights. The Liberty Bell is one we have not yet had the pleasure of visiting. It is definitely on the list though.
Chuck Giles, 45, Chicopee, Mass. [03-19-2006]

i think this site is great and i need to get in please................................. thanks thanks thanks thanks! !love you
jamie, 9 clombus [03-19-2006]

the liberty bell was asymbol for freedom.
emily, 11,Hartford,Mi [03-19-2006]

I will have to go and visit the liberaty bell one day! Never thougt it would be this awesome!
Gabi, 12 years old, Live in South Africa, Heard about the liberaty bell by watching "National Treasure" [03-19-2006]

josh hulshizer [03-19-2006]

I have always loved history and this Bell has always been my favorite! Thanks! -Chrissy
Chissy Smith, 21, Lancaster PA and I am married (03/13/06) [03-19-2006]

It was real kool and really kool that you had real photos of the Liberty Bell.It was awesome!
Jakob Ailey, age9 Kodak,Tn [03-19-2006]

cory jarvis [03-19-2006]

Ben Keller [03-19-2006]

Robbie Keller [03-19-2006]

I visited the Philadelphia back in January. Just being able to see the Liberty Bell in person was unbelievable. Such history...gave me cold chills to think of all of the people in the past that had seen that exact symbol of our American freedom!
Melanie Donofe, Weirton, WV [03-19-2006]

jennifer allen, south plainfield new jersey [03-19-2006]

This is a great website to find some amazing information. i learned a lot of cool stuff about the libety bell. Thanks www.ushistory.org/libertybell
Dipa [03-19-2006]

It is true that the libertybell has a lot of free masson history, i should know i am one. I did like also the mystery behind it, if you would like to read more goto, www.uglwdc.com thats the home page for masonic info.
Bro Hodge, Australia [03-19-2006]

it is very helpful! thanks!
shannon [03-19-2006]

this page was boring i couldnt find what i was liiking for
danielle [03-19-2006]

ya dude
papi the papster, 79,pittsburgh [03-19-2006]

Why Don't They use the Liberty bell
Trey Mcintire, 10 [03-19-2006]

love the website if you can visit teachers.dadeschools.net/mmarcus
alyssa, lover [03-19-2006]

ithink that this page is wonderful @i think you should have the liberty bell on desply all the time even holiday even on the bells birthday hope someday tocome up to see the great that rang on july4th1776 os many years ago.
LOURENA BARTON, 56uniontown penna15401 [03-19-2006]

jaymee [03-19-2006]

Dear Sir, We are in the process of making a 24 carat gold plated foil depicting the Liberty Bell it is made with a unique technology. Would your company be interested in buying these foils beautifuly framed. Thes can be sold in your souvenier shops
Ravinder Singh, 47 [03-19-2006]

Great Web Site! i needed info on a project i was doing on the Liberty Bell and this was the perfect Web Site with all the FACTS! i will share this site with my freinds! keep up the good work! Question: Is the movie National Treasure real facts?
Taylor Kelliher, 12 years old/Evergreen Junior High [03-19-2006]

Good job with the info.
DOUGLAS W. JONES, 35,m,atlanta, ga [03-19-2006]

April Lemke, 7yr mitchell SD [03-19-2006]

I Think it is just plan kool witha K !
BobashnbalabadingdongDO, NuN Yaa! [03-19-2006]

its very interesting
nancy, 16 salt lake city [03-19-2006]

This website is very informative and fun! Now, I can hardly wait to visit the Liberty Bell!
Erika, 16 yrs old; Holland, Michigan [03-19-2006]

This is a great sight for Homework help but, It needs more on the meaning of the inscription!
Caitlyn McDaniels, 12 years old [03-19-2006]

The "story" of The Bell is amaizing.
Apopei [03-19-2006]

This is great. I don't have time to finish reading all that I want to read, but I WILL be back! Thanks.
Sharon Kimme [03-19-2006]

NPérez, Managua, Nicaragua [03-19-2006]

josh [03-19-2006]

Eric Vanden Hoek [03-19-2006]

i just need i her picture
jerry, 20 [03-19-2006]

You should mast present the Declaration of Independence
Vlasceanu Andrei, 13 years, Bucuresti [03-19-2006]

watching the movie national treasure looked the bell up cool
RAY MILLS [03-19-2006]

My thoughts? Hmm...did I leave my oven on?
Optimus Prime, vgrrwegfqwe [03-19-2006]

it is a great informational site!
Ben Stacks, Chickamauga GA [03-19-2006]

justin [03-19-2006]

I think the Liberty Bell is a breatiful bell.It has so much history.You could learn so much about it.Everybody should know a little something about the Liberty Bell.
Mary Rose, Slater [03-19-2006]

i wish i could see it
carlos lopez [03-19-2006]

how did it crack, was what I wanted to know.
marcus cundifff, 6, Blaine, MN [03-19-2006]

It is very interesting to read about the Liberty Bell.
Lilian, 10,Turnersville NJ [03-19-2006]

my thought on the liberty bell is why didn't a blacksmith or someone fix the liberty bell after the crack had accored.Why just replace it?
sarah grover, 14, sacramento, ca [03-19-2006]

i think that the history of the bell is rich history and it really tells a lot about the bell. i was watching a movie
Cleveland Demary [03-19-2006]

I was moored up in marcus Hook in 1963. I, and a friend, paid a visit to Philadelphia and of course, The Liberty bell. I remarked to my friend, jokingly, that we had come all this way to see a bell with a crack in it. An American lady took umbridge and scolded me for my remark, which was, perhaps, a little insensitive. I enjoyed my visit to the bell and indeed the rest of the trip.
David Davies [03-07-2006]

Misty, 26, Ragland, Alabama [03-07-2006]

very good
Charles Thomas Bell, 72-Sebastian FL [03-07-2006]

dang this is sooooooo cool
NaTaShA [03-07-2006]

I never knew the liberty bell cracked!That was amazing.
chelsea [03-07-2006]

I want to go to Pennsylvania and visit the Liberty Bell someday.
Jake LINDER, age 7 ny [03-07-2006]

Janet, age 46 Chattanooga, TN [03-07-2006]

need on info on declaration of independences
Nikki [03-07-2006]

I dont think that teachers teach the liberty bell all that well!
Ashlee Lyle, 13yrs old roanoke va [03-07-2006]

The liberty bell is a very beautiful peice of art work and has traveled to many different places. I am very glad that i came on the site for information and some wonderful pictures.
terri ruiz, 26years old peoria az [03-07-2006]

I love looking at the Liberty Bell. I just came back from Washington D.C. It was great!
Brandon Paccio, 12, Long Island New York,3/2/06 [03-07-2006]

I think that the liberty bell is very cool and full of old history if i had the chance to see it i would take it..
Jimmy, 11,fort wayne a city it stopped in [03-07-2006]

willaim hawkins, 13, easton, maryland,21601 [03-07-2006]

Erin Pasquella, 28. Neptune NJ [03-07-2006]

This should really help me on my project on the Liberty Bell. Thanks for having the cool websit!
Skylar, 11,sauk rapids [03-07-2006]

Ashley [03-07-2006]

it was so boring
Megan, 9 [03-07-2006]

Its cool dawg
Austin, Bronx, NY age 10 [03-07-2006]

the bell sounds realy kool
jordan and catlin, 18 monett [03-07-2006]

nora + cristian
kay, roanoke [03-02-2006]

i love the liberty bell
bryana, 13 roaokone [03-02-2006]

whats up
nora, 12 [03-02-2006]

Malcolm Edenfield, 30, Port St. lucie, FL [03-01-2006]

i love looking at the liberty bell
tiante, 11 roanoke [03-01-2006]

Zach Miligan [03-01-2006]

eric [03-01-2006]

taylor CALICUTT, no [03-01-2006]

I love the Liberty Bell!
Shelby, 10 years old in Iowa [03-01-2006]

Jen [03-01-2006]

Shelleye, 12 [03-01-2006]

America is not great, as you people say, but it is superb.
no one knows [03-01-2006]

Albert, New Bern, NC 28562 [03-01-2006]

I think the Liberty Bell should be hung again at the top of the building. Its such a big part of our coutry's history, it should be seen easily.
Stephanie D., 10 [03-01-2006]

Ithink the liberty bell is a good object to ring for any kind of warnings.
katie collins, age, Dothan, AL. [03-01-2006]

i need more pictures!
brenda Romo, 9 california [03-01-2006]

I'm as big as the Libery Bell
Jimbala Shbablabadingdong, 1,000 [03-01-2006]

In first grade we study national symbols and patriotic symbols. We used your website for our research of the Liberty Bell! jthank you. Mrs. White's 1st grade class
Paige White, 1st grade teacher (signing for the class) [03-01-2006]

the bell rox!
caylea, mesquite texas 75181 [03-01-2006]

I loved National Treasure
Tiasha Badger, 17 [03-01-2006]

This website has great pictures. Thank you for helping our class learn about the Liberty Bell. Sincerely, Miss Acosta's Class
Miss Acosta, Naples, Florida [03-01-2006]

marcia bernard [03-01-2006]

Thank you so much for having this website. I'm a history freak. For example, my fifth grade class is still on page 166 in the history text book and I already finished the book!
Molly Phillips DuPont, 10yrs Sacramento CA 95827 [03-01-2006]

cheryl coleman, 43 [03-01-2006]

i really want to learn about the liberty bell so much i hope i learn the real importants about it
Kimberli Elliott, 10 jeenings [03-01-2006]

ana [03-01-2006]

jENNA RENAUD, 17 [03-01-2006]

I saw the bell in a movie and i was kind of interested because it connects to Declaration of Independence so i was curious about it's history.
Corinthia Midgett, 19, Langley AFB VA [03-01-2006]

gwen, germany [03-01-2006]

Adelino, Mary, Daniel and Marissa Lopes [03-01-2006]

kathy [03-01-2006]

my name is liberty soi want to luarn
LIBERTY, kenai [03-01-2006]

RogerMcCuller, 8 yrs old, Hallsville, Texas Doing aresearch paper on the Liberty Bell [03-01-2006]

We really enjoyed looking and it was educational too!
The Mickol family, Rochester, NY [02-26-2006]

I found your history of the Liberty Bell to be the best and most easily understood of all the references on the internet. Many thanks for a job well done!
Marcella H. Pettis, Beaverton Oregon [02-26-2006]

very cool
Marcin Mucha, age 30,country POLAND,city KOLNIK [02-26-2006]

Bristol, Rhode Island celebrates the oldest 4th of July parade in the country. This year our church will be entering a float using the Liberty Bell and the inscription "PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND UNTO ALL THE INHABITANTS THEREOF." LEV:25:10! Thank you for the wonderful info and inspiration. Great site.
LuAnn Pezzullo, Bristol, R. I. 02809 [02-26-2006]

I am doing a school project
adam zane, 6and 1/2 from loma linda ca. [02-26-2006]

I am checking into youur web site for my grandson for a project for school.
charlene woolard, 51, Washington, NC 27889 [02-26-2006]

Good information. I have been to Philadelphia several times and love the city very much, especially the historical area.
Claudia [02-26-2006]

when I watched natinal treasure I wonderded IF that treasure and rest of movie is true send me back
mason [02-26-2006]

Verry Good Web Site.
James Pauley, Sissonville, WV [02-26-2006]

melinda [02-26-2006]

good time there
Michael [02-26-2006]

The crack was really big.
Jakob Gentry, 6, St. Louis, MO [02-26-2006]

i think the liberty bell is very cool and did a lot of stuff
katrisha and lydia, mississippi [02-26-2006]

alyssa laux [02-26-2006]

good job
anonymous [02-26-2006]

melinda [02-26-2006]

kerry, 8 millersville pa [02-26-2006]

visited here many years ago, looking forward to returning in the next few months!
Paulette Federowicz, 47 Pawtucket RI [02-26-2006]

i visited the liberty bell on 2-22-06 and throught it was big and beautiful.
zy-an cheatham, 6yrs [02-26-2006]

melinda [02-26-2006]

Carmen Hill [02-26-2006]

Linda White, 54, Lake Mary Florida [02-26-2006]

Paul & Noella Welch, Sigonella, Sicilia, Italia [02-26-2006]

Lauren Welch, 10yearsold.Sigonella.Sicily [02-26-2006]

Gabrielle Rose Welch, 7 years old, Sigonella, Sicily [02-26-2006]

i am a long distence realtive of john jacob mickley. i was doing some research of him and found this site. thanks for the information.
Tara Fox [02-26-2006]

KAYLA [02-26-2006]

Great web site for my kindergarden class to view and understand the US symbols.
rosa morales, apoka,fl. [02-26-2006]

Lydia Katrisha, 11 brandon,ms [02-26-2006]

I need some picture of John F. Kennedy
celina james, 11,Clyde [02-26-2006]

am glad that they fought for our independece.And i am glade they made the bell
collins imo aba, imo [02-26-2006]

Thanks for the cool information. I'm going to share it with my class and new teacher.
Katrina Rose Bentley, 9, Livermore, CA [02-26-2006]

I would love to see the liberty bell!
Jessica Wagner, Baker [02-26-2006]

Kady Wright [02-26-2006]

i <3 the us because we are free and if we didnt have freedom i dont no wat i would do i <3 you kiss kiss by bye
emily elkins, 13 olive branch 38654 ms [02-26-2006]

To actually have been there when the Liberty Bell was made and delivered must have been an unbelievable feeling and experience. A great sense of history.
Steph, 32, uk [02-26-2006]

I like to reserch the Liberty Bell because it is interesting.
Kaitlin Dobek, 8 Clevland G.A [02-26-2006]

oh my gosh the liberty bell is sooooooooo pretty! i love this site! i have to view this site for a school thing! see ya
Rachel Andreas, 14, hernando, [02-26-2006]

"The vision to see the treasured past comes as the timely shadow crosses in front of the house of Pass and Stow. Now Pass and Stow, of course, referring to..." "...the Liberty Bell, right." -Riley, Abigail, Ben (National Treasure) I love this movie!
Sarah [02-26-2006]

The Liberty Bell is a great sign of the United States of America.
Skylar, 12 [02-26-2006]

I am the #1 fan of the movie National Treasure, well exept for two girls in my class, Sarah and Rosie. Rock On, America!
Holly Conway, 10, New Castle, Indiana [02-26-2006]

i like chocolate andv the liberty bell.
Chelsea, 85 [02-26-2006]

nonyu [02-26-2006]

I Love America
Holly, 10, I LOVE the movie National Treasure! [02-26-2006]

I just wanted to know Where is the symbolllocated when was it created,and why was it created
Ashley Estrada, 08 years old glendale California [02-26-2006]

I am 5 and I want to visit next year when King Tut is also in town. See you then. Corrine
corrine zastenchik, 5, putnam valley, NY [02-26-2006]

This is a great website! It really helped with the information i need for a report i am doing. I can't wait to see the Liberty Bell on my East Coast Expedition, it sounds wonderful.
Aryanna Abraham, Age 14, San Diego [02-26-2006]

Bob Scofield [02-26-2006]

This web site is really helpful! Thanks so much for providing it. Its great for my extra creidit!
Lauren Abbott, 12 Henderson [02-26-2006]

ilove this site and would like to be part of it.i also wrote abook and published it iwish it will be considered thanks.
maryam yahya, 18,kano [02-26-2006]

We would like to make the Liberty Bell on a 24 carat gold plated foil. Can you please send us a high resolution photograph of the Liberty Bell. Regards Ravinder Singh
Ravinder, 48 New Delhi [02-26-2006]

i really want to learn about the libertiy bell.i think it is a fasatating thing .and it is not just any old bell it is a great part of history.
shelby, 10 casper [02-26-2006]

Austin Bennett [02-26-2006]

anonymous, 53 and 59 [02-26-2006]

I thoroughly enjoyed your website. It was very well assembled, providing fascinating and in-depth information while doing so in an attractive, easy-to-follow format. Congratulations, and thank you for your efforts in bringing this important information to all the American people, for whom the bell tolls.
Robert Huyck, 26, Portland, OR [02-26-2006]

I thought that this was a great web page. I think that it helped me tons with my report. It helped me understand it more even though I watched the National Treasue movie.
Casey Branch, n/a [02-26-2006]

Randall Rice, Davie, FL [02-26-2006]

phil hawkins, 52 florissant mo [02-26-2006]

Nicholas, 10,dracut [02-26-2006]

i am intrested in this because i have a intrest in wheather national treasure is truth or false.
Samantha, 13,milwaukee,wisconsin [02-26-2006]

allison [02-26-2006]

This a great website I really like it I wouldn't mind being a history studier thanks a lot bye.
Cortland Bowman, 12,Wheelersburg OH [02-26-2006]

Byron Lentz, Tulsa, Oklahoma [02-26-2006]

I think that this site is very helpful for people with projects. i want to say thanks cuz it helped me a whole lot.
Clayton Zink, 13 [02-26-2006]

david richards, 32 yucaipa [02-26-2006]

You need to put in simple words why the Liberty Bell was made and what its purpose is.
Annie Kernya [02-26-2006]

The Liberty Bell one of the great symbols of our country.
Thomas Earl Cannady, 51, Winston Salem, NC [02-26-2006]

krista, 11 picayune,ms [02-26-2006]

i love the liberty bell i mean it's so cool with the big crack in it it would be rely cool to live in that time to 1775-1777 well email me from Philaadelphia
taylor, 9 richmond [02-26-2006]

Matthew McInerny, 9 [02-26-2006]

giveme info on the liberty bell!
catielyn, ut [02-26-2006]

I thik this pictures are great. They are lovely.
Olympia De La Torre, 19years, San Antonio Texas. [02-26-2006]

Julia Berman [02-26-2006]

we are in the process of restoring the wood stock add in trying to find the dec. of independance plack that was vandalized 26 yrs,ago any help om both matters would be helpfull. thanks t.a.g.
t gurnick, bw college [02-26-2006]

ummmmmmmmmm.......wuz up yo?
milfurd goldfarb [02-26-2006]

l, l [02-26-2006]

where the bell hangs is in front of our hall called heritage hall bu9ilt in 1961. a lot of history here abouy your and our bell . in 1963 bw was the only college with a liberty bell.
t gurnick, bw college [02-26-2006]

just wanted to let you know that here at baldwin wallace college our bellwas builtfrom the original mold of the bell in independance hall,it was cast by an old french foundry, les fils de george paccard,located in annecy-le- vieux,haute-savoie,france.
ted gurnick, 54- 400 n. rocky river dr. berea, oh. 44017 [02-26-2006]

i like this website a lot! it's pretty cool...especially to read up on the Liberty Bell when ur gonna go see it! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
Adrienne LaFrance, 16/f/Newville/Pa [02-26-2006]

Philly rocks for all of it's history. I hope I can take it all in!
Marie Tyler Wiley, Mystic, CT [02-26-2006]

thank you
timmesha buford, fresno,CA [02-26-2006]

matthew schwabel, age seven [02-26-2006]

Why is the Liberty Bell cracked? -Leah-
Leah, I am 8 and I live in Frankfort [02-26-2006]

Annie Kernya [02-26-2006]

The site was wonderful. I found lots of helpful information for our discussion on the Liberty Bell. Thanks a Bunch!
Mrs. Wanda Patterson, Fort Deposit, AL [02-26-2006]

I love this sight I hardly ever leave I am such a dork when It comes to this sight
Michelle smith, age 12 Troy New York [02-26-2006]

It is a wonderful sight I helped me with a lot of my school work
Breonna Zessin, age 12 Troy New York [02-26-2006]

i would really like to see and ring the liberty bell to see what is like i want to be able to tell my friends that i rang the liberty bell
rachel leeanne mccoy, 12 galloway ohio 43119 614-870-9708 [02-26-2006]

i think the site was really helpful and informational to me and my other class mates
luke thear, 12 [02-26-2006]

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Natascha, Australia [02-26-2006]

Veronica Beasley, Grass Range, Mt 17 years old, visited to see if i could get information for an americanism essay. Thanks it helped me out. [02-26-2006]

Jeff Pockat, appleton, WI [02-26-2006]

I am doing some research on the Pennsyvania state Constitution.
Rebecca Hardman, age 13 grade 8 [02-26-2006]

silence dogood [02-26-2006]

I really thought this site was wonderfull... It really helped me understand what the liberty bell was. Very soon i will be visiting philidelphia just so i can see the liberty bell.. well thanks for this site, Jen
Jennifer, 14 [02-26-2006]

this is a good and cool website
kizzie and brittany, 13 greenwood de [02-26-2006]

Visited your website on Google. Very educational.Also played "Liberty Bell"
Derek, Newcasle upon Tyne England [02-26-2006]

dude [02-26-2006]

I heard about this website after watching the Nicholas Gage movie, National Treasure. Thought I'd check it out to see if this website was for real.
Maria Tamaki, Aotearoa, New Zealand [02-26-2006]

i really liked this info i learned a lot that i couldn't learn in school.This type of history intrest me!
melanie steele, 14, pevely missiouri [02-26-2006]

kayla, 12 [02-26-2006]

Fantastic......My wife and I will visit Philidelphia along with friends in late Sept and are looking forward to seeing first hand the symbol of our freedom.
Ron Sportsman, Renton, WA [02-26-2006]

cathey, danielson, ct [02-26-2006]

Thanks for all the information. :-)
Beth Knepp, Reedsville, PA [02-26-2006]

I think its a good site but it needs more pics on the liberty bell, and a pic of whats written on it
Ed Wiliams, 13 pa [02-26-2006]

it is so cool
chelsea vue, 10 [02-26-2006]

fab site to visit
marco campana, age11 [02-26-2006]

austin karrasch, 7, belcamp, MD [02-26-2006]

Great historical information about the Liberty Bell and the part it has played in the history of the United States of America. What an amazing story. Congratulations. I wish one day to visit the Liberty Bell in person. Thankyou. Jonathan
Jonathan Te Rire, 46 years, Otaki, New Zealand [02-26-2006]

awsome websight could use MORE INFO
tom [02-26-2006]

Needs More info
Whitney, 13 Lexington [02-26-2006]

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I like the bell. The crack is neat
Olivia Merer, 5, Roseville CA [02-26-2006]

excellent site
David W. Keyes, 59,Toledo, Ohio [02-26-2006]

I thought the crack was cool!
Jacob Clement, 6 yrs old, Amarillo TX [02-26-2006]

i just thought i would come on to this site cause when i was watching "National Treasure" i thought hey i wonder is this real about what they are saying and i was wodering if you guys have seen it and was it real.
deedra steele, 14/philadelphila ms [02-26-2006]

white devil, hi [02-26-2006]

i am glad that they fought for our independece.And i am glade they made the bell
cathy joel, 16, saraland Al. 36571 [02-09-2006]

pawel radkowski, 29 szczecin poland [02-09-2006]

I think it is so cool.
samantha, 9,phoenix [02-08-2006]

I used to live in Philadelphia so i know all about this stuff:it's really cool!
HEATHER GRACE [02-08-2006]

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i love histoy
jorge delgado, 12,avondale,az [02-08-2006]

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louis [02-08-2006]

Mattea Lovato, 10 Gallup New Mexico [02-08-2006]

Mattea Lovato, 10 Gallup New Mexico [02-07-2006]

its a great site for people with projcets! Sha`Condria West of Savannah,Ga
shacondria west, 14, savannah, ga [02-07-2006]

good site!
Kamerin, Colorado [02-07-2006]

The Liberty Bell is a big bell!
Kate Bratyanski, age:10 city:Saddle Brook NJ [02-07-2006]

Cool Website!
Mitchell Brown, 9, Centerville, MN [02-07-2006]

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krit, bangkok [02-07-2006]

I visited the Liberty Bell as a child. Very interesting..
Marilyn Dunn, Sarasota, Florida [02-07-2006]

I like the web site
glkxjlk [02-07-2006]

I like the web site
kim dubois [02-07-2006]

I love the liberty bell so much.
Debray, 97 Pensalvania [02-07-2006]

When I was a kid, we would take class trips to see the Liberty Bell. We could actually TOUCH it and now I know what a privilege that really was!
Diana D., Chicagoland [02-06-2006]

Neal Parkerson Neathery Jr., 9 Crawfordsville, In [02-06-2006]

i like to hear and learn about history of our country.
jeff funk [02-06-2006]

I think our country should have more Liberty Bell and more things
amy beach, 30 Eldred [02-06-2006]

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I think the liberty bell is such a huge memory of the wonderfull past to learn.
kalie waner, 11 middletown ny [02-06-2006]

Very informative and accurate....Good for students to go to to learn more about our heritage
John HArtington, 53 Bridgeport.Ct [02-06-2006]

i think that this website pretty good but it needs a little more detale on the movie NATALE TREASURE and where to find the TREASURE at.
amber blake [02-06-2006]

the liberty bell what is it made out of and why is it so inportint.
Heather Harris, 26,Millville [02-03-2006]

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joe dirt, older than you [02-03-2006]

I think its a pretty good website, it just needs i little "spark" to it.
joe [02-03-2006]

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Lesley Schautteet, 43 texas [02-03-2006]

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Melanie Donofe, Weirton, WV [02-03-2006]

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I ziink thaut theez liberty beell must bee veary important. zimply amazing.
Katje Morrjion, 21 Olsa, Sweden [02-02-2006]

I really wish you would tell stuff like, How much it cost originally or why it was recast in 1753.
Sharpay Williams, 16 Los Angeles, California [02-02-2006]

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megan cole, 11 jolpin mo. [02-01-2006]

i love the liberty bell and 2 years ago i went to New York and i saw the liberty bell . i like it a lot
megan mcfarlane, 13, [02-01-2006]

For all Americans.
Charles D. Parker, 57, Reno,NV. [02-01-2006]

My name is Katelyn Bebber,and I am a 5th grader in Simi Valley, California.One of the major reports is our state report, and I picked Pennsylvania. Just by pictures I've seen of the Liberty Bell, I think that's it's probably a pretty cool state of history.
Katelyn Bebber, 10, Simi Valley, California. 91360 [02-01-2006]

Steven Schmidt, 33 [02-01-2006]

Learned more about the Liberty Bell. Can you tell me if inside of the Liberty Bell has any inscription? If so, What does it say.
Josie Varricchio, 65 - St. Petersburg, Florida [02-01-2006]

History is cool!
Taylor, Manhattan,9 years old [02-01-2006]

Thank you for creating this website so students, like myself can learn more about theeir own citys history
brittany Holloway, 16 Philadelphia [02-01-2006]

I am studying the Liberty Bell for a first grade school project.
Chase Hogan, 7 years old, Bethlehem, GA [02-01-2006]

The Liberty Bell is the symbol of American liberty. Let freedom ring!
Richard Nacamuli, New Jersey [02-01-2006]

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Bonnie, age 8 [01-30-2006]

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Khristian, 14 ashville ohio [01-30-2006]

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Donna, donna.counts@ehs.echalk.com [01-30-2006]

Alicia M Yates, ECU, Ada, OK [01-30-2006]

amazing what history I have forgotten.Trying to help granddaughter to do her home .work for school.thank-you .for all details
phylliscloud, age58,warrenmi. [01-30-2006]

Love the site and some of the new trvia that I learned about the Liberty Bell. Keep up the good work!
Bobby Jones, 33, Shreveport, LA [01-30-2006]

We wanted to know more about the liberty bell after watching National Treasure.
Chase and his mom, Michigan [01-30-2006]

Dennis White, Terre Haute, In. [01-30-2006]

I think the liberty bell is so historic from our nations history.
Christie Edmonds, age 11 city friendsville,TN [01-30-2006]

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melissa, Apopka [01-30-2006]

I think you should put more history in it.Maybee tell all the upcoming news.Like parties,and maybe invite people who log on here and give them invatations.THanks a lot for letting me share.P.S. send an invetation
Brytanee, 10 yrs old. Rialto, Ca [01-30-2006]

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stephanie [01-30-2006]

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Emelie, 18, Sweden [01-30-2006]

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There is so much history in that bell!
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býll, chicago [01-30-2006]

Proud of our founding fathers thoughts and intentions. Descendant of John Stow, I would like to learn more about him.
Marie C. Bassill, 41, Greenville, DE [01-30-2006]

This stuff is good for teachers,but it is boring for kids,so I think you need to put some games on it then we can learn and have fun at the same time.
lauren, sioux falls [01-30-2006]

Nicole, 10 sioux falls,sd [01-30-2006]

Rachael B, age 10, Sioux Falls sd [01-30-2006]

sam [01-30-2006]

I feel that we as Americans are blessed to be born in such a wonderful country! God Bless America!
Krishnar Hoffman, Alvin, Texas [01-30-2006]

I think the liberty bell is awsome and it has a lot of histroical facts about it that i also love. I first got into it and understod it about 2 years ago .
Chante' Armstrong, 13 waynesville,NC 28786 [01-30-2006]

I am so glad I visited this site. I wish I could access more of it today but, it keeps saying it is busy, so I'll just have to keep comming back. Which I would have done anyway. Thanks so much for the info.
Juanita Bates, Jerome Idaho [01-30-2006]

The liberty bell is vary important.
Tonya Mcgregor, 13,Lancaster [01-30-2006]

I liked the web site it gave some very interesting facts!
Samantha, ky [01-30-2006]

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The Liberty Bell Rocks
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Marissa, 12 [01-30-2006]

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Anthony Peralta, Rocheter N.Y. 82 years od [01-30-2006]

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i love this home page it gave me thoughts about my home town in penn. but now i really cant rember then cause i was only a month when me and my family moved to kentucky then missouri well i really miss my home town but now looking at this page really gives me some info that i need to know about my home town so thankyou so much for giving me some memories
mckinsey [01-30-2006]

it si reilly cool to learn history
hobo, 9 idaho [01-30-2006]

We were watching National Treasure and realized how little we actually knew about the Libery Bell. This is a great website with a lot of great info. We especially liked the pictures of the bell's voyage to San Franscico. What a pleasure it was to read all of the interesting info on a very important part of American history! Thank you!
vicki and trevor, 22, Whitinsville, MA [01-30-2006]

earl ivey, 55weatherford tx [01-30-2006]

DeCristoforo family [01-30-2006]

the liberty bell is so cool!
brooke mcdaniel, noxapater ms [01-30-2006]

Brian McCarty, Philadelphia [01-30-2006]

nice greetings from Czech republic, I saw movie about Liberty bell, it was very interesting.
Petra Povazanova, 28 years, Mesto Touskov, Czech republic, Europa [01-30-2006]

I wish that history was this interesting when I was in high school.
Dean Miller, Swords Creek VA [01-30-2006]

This site is very useful for research. It helped me on my research paper. It also contributes to the Bell's importance.
Miranda Hazlehurst, 14, searsport, maine [01-30-2006]

This is an excellent site.I had the same feelings while touring the site as I have when I hear the National Anthem or The Marines Hymn.
George J. DeLong, 67 yrs. old Fleetwood, Berks County, ex Marine 1956-60 [01-30-2006]

Need a good picture of the Liberty Bell for a presentation. Where could I find one
Sherry Higgins Nickles, Centre, Alabama [01-30-2006]

halen klein [01-30-2006]

hi my name is yazmin. i go to richfield indermiedet school.we are learning about the liberty bell in scool from yazmin
yazmin, 11 years old city RICHFIELD [01-30-2006]

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somebody, 11 [01-30-2006]

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I'm doing a report on the liberty bell for school and I'm 4 th grade and I think this site is awesome.
Davada M. Croyts, [10] elkins, w.v. 26241 [01-30-2006]

i think that the liberty bell is really cool and i have decided to do a speech about it!
Lindsay [01-30-2006]

this is really interesting and i love your website. i saw it on national treasure and tried it and it really worked
alyosn weightman, collingswood n,j [01-30-2006]

mikey harden, 13 tieton [01-30-2006]

I really would like to learn more about the Liberty Bell.
Haley, Council [01-30-2006]

I didn't know much about the liberty bell until I saw 'National Treasure', and I found it really interesting and wanted to find out more. This site is great. Good job!
anonymous [01-30-2006]

Forgot to add that I live in a town that has a replica of the Liberty Bell that was cast in the 60's. It was rung by John Wayne for Muscular Dystrophy and was not suppose to be rung again until a cure was found. However, it hasbeen many times since thenn.
Jennifer Stowe Hutchins, Liberty, TX 53 [01-30-2006]

frank chambers [01-30-2006]

it stands for freedom
Scott, 11 [01-30-2006]

i love american history and this web site told me lots more about the liberty bell!
Alanna Jackson [01-30-2006]

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dan mcardle, 12 yrs of age, pittsbugh [01-30-2006]

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katie [01-30-2006]

ann [01-30-2006]

My wife has lived in this tri-state area her entier life and has never seen the Liberty Bell in person. I would like to surprise her with a day trip this summer. When would be the best week.
Patrick Pierson, Newtown, Pa.18940 [01-30-2006]

The movie "National Treasure" made me interested in the history of the bell. I am glad to know about the true historical facts of the bell.
Sheila Thomas, Metropolitan Newark area [01-30-2006]

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jkaerjk, 24 [01-30-2006]

I love the movie National Tresure. I decided to do my report on the liberty bell because of this movie.
Tiffany [01-30-2006]

I think the liberty bell is an amazing artfifact but people tend to forget about it so i really is a shame i am doing a speech about the bell and have found many things i would have never thought i would now in a lifetime about the liberty bell and why it had a crack in the side and why stuff is written on it and what it was used for how it was amade what year and who made it! I really find it very fasinating!
Amanda Legleiter, Hemlock Michigan [01-30-2006]

This is great info on the Liberty Bell. Keep incoraging kids to want more and learn more about the Liberty Bell
Unique Schejbal, 11, Omaha NE [01-30-2006]

looking up the liberty bell for my son he is homeschooled. Thank you for having the site up. T
Teresa Lee, 29 columbia [01-30-2006]

Thank u guys and gals 4 creatin this website! It truly tought me a lot that i didn't no bout ma country.
Sahari, 14,MI, I'm a girl(lol) [01-30-2006]

i liked it a lot
Brittany Stoddard, age:15 [01-30-2006]

I've always loved history.
Abigail Hall [01-30-2006]

i think that even talking about the liberty bell and how it became famous is awesome.I encourage myself to learn more about the Liberty Bell in my future. "knowledge is power!"
Melanie cardona, 13/Chicago,IL [01-30-2006]

i am really interested in the liberty bell because i am doing a history fair report on it .i think i am going to have so much fun doing it and i hope i get an a on it
audrey murphy, 10 ashaway [01-30-2006]

I love this web page it has so many interesting facts.
Brandi Hinson, 22, Waynesboro [01-30-2006]

Hello, I think it is very nice that you put a website of history so people can know what the history. From Hannah
Hannah [01-30-2006]

Your timeline is the best timeline that I have seen in my life. Do you have more websites about the Liberty Bell.
Adam Jack Raymer, 10years old, Forest Lake, PA [01-30-2006]

Armando Velazquez, Ponce, Puerto Rico [01-30-2006]

I was just doing a report on the bell .
Heather, 15 Bloomfield Iowa [01-30-2006]

dallis broderick, 11 yrs, willow street, pa [01-30-2006]

Sara Kendall, 14 [01-30-2006]

I watched National Treasure with my sisters and now I am hooked on this type of History I think it is facinating
Jordan, Hamilton, 14 [01-30-2006]

I think you should put a little more info about how they made the bell.why they decided to make the bell
mantha, eagle point or [01-30-2006]

it is cool
matt, 12 [01-30-2006]

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your sight is awfully orginized
lilia, 56 years old [01-30-2006]

Mitch Szpara, Timmins, Ontario. Canada [01-30-2006]

What a great website. I learned a lot of things I never knew about the bell before. Thanks, Taylor.
Taylor Gorsch, 9, DC-G Scools Minburn Iowa [01-30-2006]

Alberto [01-30-2006]

I think that this website is good but, you should add new things on it every year.
Adam Jack Raymer, Forest Lake [01-30-2006]

mary nancy arciaga, 20, zamboanga city, philippines [01-30-2006]

My girlfriend and I visited the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia in Dec. '05. It was there I learned there had been numerous attempts at making a statehouse bell that would last. My desire to learn more led me to this website. Thank you for helping make American history available to the world.
Stephen Bydal, 37, American from the northeast currently living in Thailand [01-30-2006]

Philly rules
Brianna O., Philadelphia [01-30-2006]

Tori [01-30-2006]

I'm learning about it in school and Liberty Bell 7 is what I'm searching for, but your information is very unique!
Tanisha Johnson, 13, Mount Prospect 60056 #GE [01-30-2006]

morgan coffman [01-30-2006]

stow [01-30-2006]

miara, 13 [01-30-2006]

Arielis Vargas [01-30-2006]

i want learn about the history
vilkehpatel [01-30-2006]

Great site! Lots of important information, and pictures to pass to our young ones.
Ray, 39, Orlando, Fla. treassures [01-30-2006]

anthony bonales [01-30-2006]

Verry cool
Robert & Brenda Karns, 48 & 38 Mapleton Kansas [01-30-2006]

i thought that the bell was lame until i saw it just now.
nicole sorensen [01-30-2006]

I'm doing a project on the liberty bell and i need information on it.Does anyone have some interesing facts?
ttroudt [01-30-2006]

This site is GREAT! but i couldn't find one thing, why is the liberty bell so special or important? Can someone answer? Was it made to unite liberty...? This is a dumb question but i need someone to answer it please. Thank You!
Brad, Ridgewood, NJ [01-30-2006]

I think that the liberty bell is a great symbol of our strengh and our undying love for the U.S.
Becca, 13, Philly [01-30-2006]

jeffrey albin, othello,washington, 32 [01-30-2006]

Ellen D Shaheed, 39, Goldsboro NC [01-30-2006]

Loved the website and the history lesson! Our founding fathers made such sacrifices, so that we could enjoy the freedom we have today. God bless our soldiers who have fought in past wars and those currently in Iraq who are doing the same.
Betsy Jones, Lafayette, IN [01-30-2006]

Amazing information at the touch of your fingers World hiatory is just so amazing
Ezell Finklea,Jr., Miami, Florida 33150 [01-30-2006]

Crystal [01-30-2006]

I really love the liberty bell! I think I went to Flordia to see it! I saw the big crack! I forgot How it got there Oh, well! Sincerly, Raegan Hadley Age 8
raegan hadley, Age 8 city Indpls [01-30-2006]

Very great show. Hope to see the similar 'video' in China.
Nai-Cheng Liu, 75, from China [01-30-2006]

It takes a movie (National Treasure) to get me to look for this! I've always been interested in this country's history and this site is chock full of it.
Tim Walters, 42 Lodi, NY [01-30-2006]

Glenn D. White [01-30-2006]

this is cool... e-mail me please!
dj, 9 [01-30-2006]

it was cool
nikki, 12 [01-30-2006]

Jessica Kiley [01-30-2006]

pass and stow
ignacio lopez, 12 [01-30-2006]

Kelly Hill [01-30-2006]

Ethel Pettit [01-30-2006]

This bell is a remarkale feature
Jessica And Kiley, 14 [01-30-2006]

Thank you for this site. We home school and it has been a great help for research. We hope someday soon to visit this great symbol of freedom.
Amber Baker, Federal Way, WA [01-30-2006]

michael nichols, adairville k.y 11 years [01-30-2006]

I love telling the story of the liberty bell and why it is cracked. It really relates to my physical science class in talking about alloys and metals and what happens when there is not a balance of metals when blending them. I have a degree in american and ancient history. I just love history! Glenda Freeman 55, East Orange, NJ (Jan.6,2006)
glenda freeman, east orange, nj [01-30-2006]

Boris [01-30-2006]

hello am just siting here board well bye in have a graet life
aliyah, 11 jackson [01-30-2006]

Justin Whissell, 22, sudbury, ontario, canada [01-30-2006]

I saw this web site on the internet and it said cami bell from taylorsville was on it. i think she's my cousin...but i don't know.
amanda bell, west jordan, ut [01-30-2006]

Alan R. Sisco Retire U.S. Army, West Peterborough, NH [01-30-2006]

my sis died iluv uuuuu
billy elmo, im weird [01-30-2006]

Ashley paris [01-30-2006]

it was very interesting to read and lean more about our country and her background. More importantly the sacrifices many men and women made fighting to give us the free world we live in today, and so carelessly take for granted. Keep up the good work.
Sara Hall, age 21, Fort Pierce, FLA [01-30-2006]

It's an Honor to be apart of the guestbook. Thank You.
Vernon L. Johnson, Peoria, IL. 61604 [01-30-2006]

nardine [01-30-2006]

Ali Chappell [01-30-2006]

Paulette Ewing, Bronx [01-30-2006]

i am a fan of the liberty bell.
KELSEY, 9 [01-30-2006]

ashley, est [01-30-2006]

It is great to have the ability to visit the bell.
Yvette Ruiz, 37, Bethlehem [01-30-2006]

The movie was great:) And I got it for christmas to:):):)
Bryan, 11/Wyoming/ [01-30-2006]

It Looks nice on the internet but in person I think it would be even better
Joshua Smith, corry,19,Pennsylvainia [01-30-2006]

sarah [01-30-2006]

I think this is a good and is a Website held In the film National Treasure
Aaron, 13,oldham [01-30-2006]

I am visiting Independence Hall in May 2006 and it is great to read up on the history. Very interesting site. Thank you.
Bruce Dobson, 63, Taumarunui, New Zealand [01-30-2006]

this is a cool web page
Ericka&Angela Karmann, 14,Ione,Ca. [01-30-2006]

i love the movie national treasure, i watch it all the time, it teaches you a lot of stuff you didn't know about. like the liberty bell.
Ah'mard R. Hall, 23, chester [01-30-2006]

joe, 12 n.y [01-30-2006]

christian briggs, 7,trenton [01-30-2006]

god bless this wonderful country and all the beautiful,wonderous gifts it has to offer.it is truly an honor to belong to the united states of america.may god bless all the men and women in uniform who have fought and died to protect our precious freedom.stay united america
Janie Dooley, timberville, va. [01-30-2006]

timothy obren [01-30-2006]

I have never seen the bell or any other historical feature but it fasinates me i wish i could see somthing one day
Morgan [01-30-2006]

i looked for this webb site after viewing national treasure very interesting site because i love history very much jonnyflash
JOHNNY FARRINGTON JR., age 50 kernersville, north carolina 27284 [01-30-2006]

This is a really cool site. If I ever have to do any research on the Bell, at least I know where to go.
JF, 12, nj [01-30-2006]

Great page! NOT! u should have organized it a lot better! please email me about this and give new ideas for the page! hahahahahaha
Jake Bussell, 12age; Ft.Wayne,IN [01-30-2006]

Great history.
Guy Clermont [01-30-2006]

this is a very good website, and it is also very educating it teaches us more about the history of our country.
titilope oshin, il [01-30-2006]

I think the liberty bell is the best in my opinion it was the best bell just like the Titanic was the best ship
adam [01-30-2006]

ROY DE LEON, texas-tejano [01-30-2006]

I have just recently watched National Treasue for about the 10 th time and I saw that the people just looked up stow and this came right up. This website is very convenient. Thank you.
Lily [01-30-2006]

this site is kool but u need stuff like if u want to get directions or something like that.
andrew dolegowski [01-30-2006]

pretty cool site keep it up. support our troops and be for the president wat else can u do. support the troops and quit being such faggets and hassling all of your rich liberal A$$3S. shtuff happens life goes on.
alex parker, age:14 carson city NV just watched the movie national treasure and was wondering if this was the site the bad guys went on when they wee looking for the good guy? [01-30-2006]

joe price, 45 - milwaukee, WI [01-30-2006]

Bobby Goldsby [01-30-2006]

What does pass and stow mean?
gregory moreno, age 10, city of lancaster,new york [01-30-2006]

I was very able to se the bell in1959 a year befor my mother passed on that made the trip very special .
robert redlinger, sturgeon pa.15082 57 [01-30-2006]

tyler, 8 cortland [01-30-2006]

Is interresting to see the various symbols that symbolizes each others' independence. You have the bell, we have Mandela. Merry Christmas to all in the USA!
André Lötter, 28, Goodwood, South Africa [01-30-2006]

Buddy Bell, Woodland Ca. [01-24-2006]

its a very coolio website
smily [01-24-2006]

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