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The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell Guestbook Archives: September-December 2005

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We live in the great city of Washington, DC where a replica of the Liberty Bell now hangs outside Union Station!
John Chamberlain, 49, Great Falls, VA, Scoutmaster [12-22-2005]

as a child growing up in Pa i visited the liberty bell. having served over 20 years in the United States Air Force I have grown very much aware of the sacrifices of our founding fathers and feel a huge responsibilty to insure that our government gets back to the originalfounders plan
mr.&mrs Thomas E Loftus, 62 [12-22-2005]

A sense of pride and patriotism was reinforced as a result of this visit, it is imperative for us as U.S citizens to preserve and give this legacy to future generations
Richard Ramirez, 33,Houston [12-22-2005]

YO, That site was so cool, it let me know more history.
Kinsley Collins, 12,Homewood,Alabama,35209 [12-22-2005]

Taylor pomery [12-22-2005]

Zachary, 7 [12-22-2005]

Hi, i found your site with google.com. its a cool site. best wishes from good old germany. merry xmas cheers, tony
tony, germany [12-22-2005]

This site is great.
fred [12-22-2005]

merry christmas
christina, 15 gary [12-22-2005]

cool sight!1
frank, 11,grayson ga [12-22-2005]

i think that your sight is verry informative and i have learned quite a bit of information i did not yet now and i want to thank you for giving me that privlage to do so, in a quick and inforitave matter of resolution (P.S.i now know all the anwsers to your trivia quiz)
Devon Derr, i am 15 years old [12-22-2005]

halla back playas history is off the hook
Kyle the gangsta K kizlleare, gangstk town usa [12-22-2005]

This is a wonderful place to bring my son when we come back home to PA. We are looking forward to a visit this December. Your website is very nice too.
Andrea Marth Hageter [12-22-2005]

i love the liberty bell because it brings our freedom together
taylor, 7 baltimore [12-22-2005]

fred thomas [12-22-2005]

I think its very kool!
Alexis, 10, Wheeling, Illionois [12-22-2005]

i love to learn about the liberty bell
Brianna, 8 years old new york [12-22-2005]

I am touring the U.S. and visiting Philadelphia sights!
Svetlana Manucharova, 21, Moscow [12-22-2005]

This web site is the best web site of them all and i mean it i am not one of those kids that just e-mail this for fun i just want you to know that this web site could change our way of life and i'm not kidding!?!
veronica, 10 [12-22-2005]

this site was very educational and ive learned a lot from this website so thank youm for making this website goodbye!
macy [12-22-2005]

Cheryl Lemke [12-16-2005]

Tylor, 10,Mo, [12-16-2005]

I think the liberty bell is very interesting. I have been researching the revolutionary war and I came upon liberty bell and wanted to research it.I think once you read about it you think it is just a amazeing story.Well I really enjoyed it.
Kelly Segura, age 8, saline michigan [12-16-2005]

My thoughts aboutthe Liberty Bellare that it is very exiting. I never seen the liberty bell before. I would like to see it and study it.
Naomi Gutierrez [12-16-2005]

do you have any pictures of pual in the early days. your website is so cool . I wish i could learn all that that you know. will 10 years old I love learning new things. will are you going to answer my question
sarah juarez [12-16-2005]

My thoghts are you should try to be a little more imformative. Like On the liberty bell I didn't catch how it was cracked. Other than that I love it. P.S More pictures
Lauren [12-16-2005]

I think the Liberty bell is interesting & I wish I could go to Phillie to see it!
Taylor Brown, 10,mckinney [12-16-2005]

This is an awesome site to go to if you are looking up information about the Liberty Bell. Keep it up!
Dani Beck, 11/okc/ok/73162 [12-16-2005]

I first thought wow this must be a lot of bucks then I thought it looks like a hip place to go.
monique kleinhans, age 10, Torrance CA [12-16-2005]

My thoughts about learning about the bell was cool. I' ve actully seen the bell before. It was cool
Lauren [12-16-2005]

my thoughts are that laerning about the bell is boring.
naomi gutierrez, fontana age 10 [12-16-2005]

what happend to the liberty bell
Mahli Ortega, ? [12-16-2005]

We are watching National treasures right now, i saw what they typed in for Stow and wanted to try it out This is pretty neat! Thanks for making a cool site
Lindsey Brownlee, 18, Texas [12-16-2005]

I had to use this website for school.. and i remembered one of my friends, somthing great helped move the liberty bell and was there when it cracked.. and his name is on the bell, i thought that was pretty cool.. at least i think it was the liberty bell.. weelll byee
.................., 12 [12-16-2005]

I like the website and it gives good information
morgan fuller, 10 richfield [12-16-2005]

hi this is so cool.!
kiana [12-16-2005]

duncan [12-16-2005]

It was awsome
Marinda Landry, 21years old Gettysburg [12-16-2005]

Larriel Weatherspoon [12-16-2005]

I think you should have a websight for kids becuse they do projects for school and need to be able to find information a lot easier than they have to now.
Megan, 11, Oshkosh wi 54902 [12-16-2005]

The TWO rules's in life are 1)Trust no one 2)don't expect someone to stand up for you, stand up for your self.
NightSoul, 15, montgomery alabama [12-16-2005]

i am bored.
Nathalie Fifer, 15, Lauderdale Lakes, FL [12-16-2005]

I thought that the the liberty bell was great
Albert Manuel Lomas, 13 El cajon [12-16-2005]

the liberty bell is a great historical mark. it is one of the greatest marks of history. i am glad that it is guarded from danger. what would happen????? no body know
chris, 12 [12-16-2005]

cool site i love history
NGBADA ONYEOLU, 25,lome [12-16-2005]

Kleber Carneiro [12-16-2005]

i think that since someone in my family has sene the decloration of independence and has been raising me since my dad died i love histoy and everthing about the decloration of independence.
kristin, 11,colton [12-16-2005]

you guy's did a good job
shannon, 21 fresno ca [12-16-2005]

as a child, my dad had to take my older brother to the Navy base and one day my dad wanted to see the bell, him and I went inside, my brother stayed inside the car. this was before they moved the bell, I walked up to the bell and tryed to "ring" the bell. My dad noticed that i was not at his side heade twords me, I went INside the bell ( under and in) I noticed names scratched in the inside of the bell.) sad thing is I have NO way of proven this, is there any way to contact the people that worked there in the mid 70s??? I was born on 1-4-65. If you can help me I would be So thankfull. (( Side note, They wanted to move the bell to the builden it is in NOW, but feared the crack would get worst) PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.Thank you for your time on this mater, HAPPY HOLIDAYS
Tomie Wetzel, Bayonne,NJ [12-16-2005]

i think the crack of the liberty bell is from the time less shadow that was the time 2:22 from the clock tower on the one hundred bill i have i have read it with a water bottle at my house one hundred dollar bills have a clock tower on the back of it at independence hall.
SEAN BEAN, 54 city ruston [12-16-2005]

Daniel S, Venezia, topanga CA [12-16-2005]

I think that the Liberty bell is cool.
Adrianna, 14,Marshall.Texas [12-16-2005]

I just saw National Treasure and typed in what the man put and it actually showed up . That's crazy . Anyway go watch the movie it was so educational . I'm going to get my stuip teacher to let us watch it . Thanks Mr. Cage and cute littl white boy co star. Okay see you l8ter
Danielle, 17 [12-16-2005]

it is so cool and i want to see it some day but i probably won't
Paul Brown, 21, Iowa [12-16-2005]

ostaz_big, 23.london [12-16-2005]

It's interesting to know that Pennsylvania was misspelled on the bell obviously the person that spelled Pennsylvania on the bell didn't know that there was two "N's".
Autumn Miracle, 12yrs [12-16-2005]

I am doing research for extra credit at school and this was one of the topics that I chose.
HAiley Williams, age 14 Lowell Ar 8th grade [12-16-2005]

You idiots, you spelled "decleration" incorrect, dumbasses
John [12-16-2005]

Kay West, 27 Crestview Florida [12-16-2005]

just wanted to say love American History,, Great page,, toured US and had great pleasure of seeing Liberty bell, Congress, White House etc, Just watched National Treasure and was entheralled (spelling) left me wondering 'IF, BUT`s and MAYBE`s' even having to check out Silence Dogood on net.. fantastic...
Linda Rogers, Unitde Kingdom [12-16-2005]

Emily F, 10 [12-16-2005]

you's are really hot
pat, 12,melbourne [12-16-2005]

In Social Studies we were learning about the liberty bell and this site is very useful in so many ways here is two 1. It is cool to see the bell and 2. I just love history anything you name it. But this site was most interesting of all subject (exept math and art).
Teresa, oklahoma [12-16-2005]

I thought that this page was well organized and gives great historic memories in the photos. Great Job!
Kayleigh Lyons, Age: 11, Ft. Wayne, Indiana [12-16-2005]

I just whatched National Treasure. I cant believe it! I typed what the dude typed and it worked!
Notwilling to say [12-07-2005]

l homes [12-07-2005]

kewl was when i saw this page cool was when when i read it
sarah, hammond la [12-07-2005]

peggy [12-07-2005]

If this is the only way I can see America's history, I'll take it. I have very little money, and I would like nothing more than to see the roots of American History up close and personal. I really appreciate the fact historic sites and documents are visible via the internet.
Nicholas P. Thelen, 31, Denver, CO Wife Dayna [12-07-2005]

We want to go see the liberty Bell. Do you know how old the Liberty Bell is? The liberty Bell is a symbol for The United States of America.
Room 111, 6/7 Chicago, Illinois [12-07-2005]

hi mommy
Melissa Rose [12-07-2005]

Bill Shaishnikoff, 46 yrs old, Unalaska, Alaska 99685 [12-07-2005]

Iwhant to know if I can get a real live picter of the LiberdyBell. The same size,lenght,what it says on it.
hannah luce, 10,branson,mo65616 [12-07-2005]

this is so stupid this was in national treasure.
Benjamin Gates [12-07-2005]

why was philadephia spelt wrongly, on the bell
titilope [12-07-2005]

I love this website I think is very interesting to know the history of our country in the past and to know the meaning of it thank you
greter morejon, 25, miami, Fl [12-07-2005]

I know this bell from National Treasure .
xinjun, china [12-07-2005]

i liked this site a lot its very informational! great for reports. im really excited because im going to see the liberty bell this year with my school! i cant wait!
NIKKI, 14/female [12-07-2005]

Robert LaMar Miller [12-07-2005]

the site is really cool i like it a lot keep up the good work. plus there is history but it is fun at the same time that there is history.
brittany [12-07-2005]

I am doing a report on the Liberty bell! The liberty Bell is so interesting and cool to learn about!
Nichole, 11,Rochester Ny [12-07-2005]

god bless america
michael kraynanski [12-07-2005]

larrys.erving [12-07-2005]

Some of our family still is named Stow. My greatgrandfather, along with some other family, added the "E". They were from Elmira,N.Y.
Richard K. Stowe, Equinunk, Pa. 18417 [12-07-2005]

joshua greenwell [12-07-2005]

The bell is much more interesting in person.
Daniel, 16, Boston, MA [12-07-2005]

Cheyenne, 20 boston [12-05-2005]

I like the loberty bell
ashley fleshman, liberty bell [12-05-2005]

I recently visited Philadelphia for a NMSA Conference. It so interesting to visit all the historical sites and this was one of my favorites! So it is awesome to bring it back home with me and share in teaching others about it.
Amanda, 24 [12-05-2005]

stephanie Marie anthony, 14, Corry, Pa [12-05-2005]

We are watching National Treasure and wanted to see if the search engine really would bring up the Liberty Bell if we put Stow in as the search word. Pretty cool!
Marci Apthorp, West Linn, OR [12-05-2005]

Thanks for offering such great information!
David Anderson, 29 Tampa, FLA [12-05-2005]

It is OK.
Monica [12-05-2005]

wow you are having a great site here thanks a lot
Fady, 23, Egypt [12-05-2005]

Was it the replica of the Liberty Bell that made a tour of the US of A in the late 40's? If so, I remember it passing through Lyons, Kansas and have pictures of it. Just wondering. Howard Marshall
Howard W. Marshall, Kansas City, KS 66111 [12-05-2005]

I enjoy this site very much. I take joy in it everytime.
Raniess Burney, Orlando,fl 17years old [12-05-2005]

I enjoy the history of our great country
Linda Wilder [12-05-2005]

This is an AWESOME web site! I come to it all the time! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU!
Alyssa, 15, Minnesota [12-05-2005]

I went there it was cool
Jessjess, 27,salt lake city [12-05-2005]

hunter nicholas, olney il. 62450 [12-05-2005]

I had fun on the field trip . Your web site is very good to. I will like to visit you'll agian.
Tyrah, Age 14 [12-05-2005]

very cool!
Brittany Swett, 14, Elverta [12-05-2005]

after watching "NATION TREASURE" my son wanted to know about the crack in the bell. he is soon to be 10 and i think it is great he asked .
brandi & anthony davis, 33,10, henderson,nc [12-05-2005]

Joshua I was there in the midst of the battle, the midst of the storm, in all of its fury I kept you from harm. Through the eons of time I hid you in the shadow of my wings in my secret place, my pavillion. If if wasn't a soldier it was a helpless child a forgotten senior, an abused wife, a homeless person crying in the night and all dressed up and no where to go. Josette Marie Louise Lager Copyright@2005
Josette Marie Louise Lager, 56 Encino Ca. [12-05-2005]

I think this webste is very good I think that there is a treaser of the decration
Aidan Murphy, 8 years old,New York [12-05-2005]

I think that the Liberty Bell is cool
Ashley Reston, 13, Pennsburg [12-05-2005]

info about the liberty bell and declaration of independence.
johnny chanda, 8 pellston [12-05-2005]

i heard that your website was badass! hey i am a history teacher and i am going to refer your website everytime; for a project that is.. thanks fellow historians
Alex [12-05-2005]

i've always liked history can u email me somethin. P.S i thought National Treasure Was cool!:-)
Dylan [12-05-2005]

Your site is really helpful but can you please have a place where we can type exactly what we are looking for.
Jasmine, 15, Fort WashingtonMd [12-05-2005]

We watched National Treasures starring Nicholas Cage it was a wonderful movie which stirred up lots of questions about the liberty bell when the crack originated. Here I am looking up our history for my daughter. It's been years since i read about this. Thanks for having this site it helped my daughters curiosity. Keep up the good work.
Lorraine Rojas, 40 la [12-05-2005]

Megan Creech [12-05-2005]

This is a great web site. I have liked history since a teacher in high school made it interesting.
michael Stancil, 29, Des Moines, IA [12-05-2005]

I'm glad the people built the liberty bell. Now everybod is free from slavery all because of this wonderful historic monument the liberty bell. Proclaim Liberty throughout the land. Peace out peaches and cream. Shake Shake Shake baby bottle cake and rice crispies.
Shinelle Campbell, Florida [12-05-2005]

I Think Its Cool to Have Pages Like These That Way People Can See Some Real Facts About the Liberty Bell. Its Also Cool Because this Bell Was In National treasure. From Seeing that Movie It Made Me A lot More interested in History!..the interesting Parts Of it Anyway..I wonder if there rele is a treasure?
Jordan, 14 [12-05-2005]

The extra information on the history has helped earn some extra credit points in social studies. Thanks.
Jordan Seeley, 13, Louisville, KY. [12-05-2005]

We like American History, and enjoy learning things. Thank you for having this on the Internet Donald and Eugene Piedmont
Eugene & Donald Piedmont, Twins @ 12 years old, Medford, Or. [12-05-2005]

graham bull, uk [12-05-2005]

i love y
emily [12-05-2005]

laurene, 9 [12-05-2005]

Tiffani Peteto, 10 years Hellertown [12-05-2005]

lauren, 9 [12-05-2005]

Camille, Hellertown [12-05-2005]

For many years the Liberty Bell has been a symbol of 'Freedom and Human rights' On 26/11/2005 our daughter, a sister to Byron, was born and was named Liberty for this reason
Sam tolliday, United Kingdom [12-05-2005]

idey here [12-05-2005]

I'm going to see the Liberty Bell on a class trip.I can't wait!
Monique, 13,ny [12-05-2005]

lisha [12-05-2005]

i think that you should write a little something under the pictures to let people who visit the site what was going on in the picture. i was looking at the picture that was taken in el paso texas because that's my home town but i didn't know what was going on in the picture because there wasn't any text on the page to tell what was happening in the picture.
YVETTE ORTIZ, fort lewis washington [12-05-2005]

I think u should do a huge reunion where you take the Declaration of Independence and bring it to the Independence hall on the night of the 4th of July. scincerly, Ross Perry
Ross B. Perry, Age: 12 /City: Gahanna /State:Ohio [12-05-2005]

i need to know why the liberty bell has a crack in it
KIMBERLY DAVIS, 16 eutaw, al [12-05-2005]

loyda suero [12-05-2005]

timmy walter [12-05-2005]

Brittany, 14, Alexander City [12-05-2005]

I think that every body should respect the Liberty Bell, and have a chance to actually go and see it in real life some day. The Liberty Bell is a symbol of American history and is very fascinating.
Harley Brigman, 12 years old [12-05-2005]

Ilike this web sit because I can get a lot of info. I will tell all of my freinds about this websit. My teacher is giving us all a repot about the librty bell.
Taylor schindler, 16 Wild Rose WI [12-05-2005]

christina Fultz, altoona, Pa [12-05-2005]

gb [12-05-2005]

On 26th November 2005 Liberty Tolliday-Watts was born at Princes Anne Maternity unit, Southampton. The Liberty Bell has always stood for what is right and it is our sincere hope that Sam & Sarah's daughter, a sister to Byron, will maintain this high standard
Mark Tolliday, United Kingdom [12-05-2005]

Jim Cowell [12-05-2005]

i love this! its so cool yay! :-P
Melissa Ochoa, 14,Spokane Wa [12-05-2005]

Clarence Williams, 43 Durham NC [12-05-2005]

thys pages is ok
Juan José Rendón, 20 años, Chiclana de la Frontera(Cádiz, Andalucía, España) [12-05-2005]

After seeing the movie "National Treasure" I realized that I had not thought of the Libery Bell for many years and I would like to recapture the history of this wonderful piece of American history.
Mark E. Stein, Yonkers, NY 10704 [12-05-2005]

I thiught that the liberty bell was pretty cool. but that was after i read about it.
paul landin, 12, los lunas, NM [12-05-2005]

I think that, well i wonder how the liberty bell was racked and was it really cracked on Benjamin Franklin's birthday. there is so much to learn about in history.this is so cool to learn in our time because a lot of people know why and a lot of people dont know what happened to the liberty bell. well at least they replacest it with a new bell that is called well i dont know so all those people have to know about this before it is forgotten. peae out yall.
alayna jackson, winslow,az [12-05-2005]

MATT B. GUZMAN [12-05-2005]

I think that the liberty bell's history is very instersting. It's very neat about it's importance. I never thought that it was that important
Kristiana, Eastpointe,Michigan [12-05-2005]

Ireally enjoyed the site. The pictures are wonderful.
Drexel Green, 39, Baltimore [12-05-2005]

Very in-depth web site.
somer dice, 22, Manhattan Beach [12-05-2005]

Annie [12-05-2005]

great site, my kids liked it
kevin, 48, californa [12-05-2005]

Alejandro Zapata, Age 24 Dorado PR [12-05-2005]

Bernard w. Charles, Girard, Ohio [12-05-2005]

excellent, it helped me with my social studies project. thank you
MICHAEL MEDINA, 13,miami,fla [12-05-2005]

Lots of information. I wanted to know more after watching National Treasure. Good stuff.
Allen Channel, Los Angeles, CA [12-05-2005]

this page is cool you should put up pictures of the liberty bell on the front page and you should have some facts about it to just to catch the readers eye because if a kid that wanted to find facts about it they would look at the home page first they might not look around for a little bit to find that thing on the side with the diffrent pages and facts ...........ps this page is good
greg, 33 iowacity iowa [12-05-2005]

Great web page !
Derek Stokes sr, 36,chicago,ill [12-05-2005]

BABS BRODE [12-05-2005]

I would like to see the liberty bell one day.But I live in hell
chaela [12-05-2005]

TIFFANY, age 20 state city [12-05-2005]

Mary Beth, 15, Cedar Hill, TN [12-05-2005]

if it weren't for our presidents timeline we wouldn'tknow the time the day or have our freedom celebrate the Declaration of Independence
lakeshia [12-05-2005]

this page helped me get througha project and gave me a lot of info......thanks
Monique Szentmiklosi, 14, Homer City, Pennsylvania [12-05-2005]

Well, usally I hate history, but history about the liberty bell and independence hall, i love it!
Hannah, age:13 [12-05-2005]

kelly [12-05-2005]

kelly, 19, from england [12-05-2005]

A symbol of our forefathers quest for freedom. I hope to see it in person someday.
Stephen Ballard McMahon, 50,Houston,Texas [12-05-2005]

The words PASS AND STOW PHILADa MDCCLIII on the liberty bell why did people put that on the liberty bell and why is it important what I really want to know was what is the defanition of stow E-mail me back! A.S.A.P.
corey busbee [12-05-2005]

I love the march! Where did you get it? The pictures of the bell are cool too!
Agi Csaki And Brother Zoli Csaki, Agi 11 Zoli 5 Ithaca NY, 14850 [12-05-2005]

were learning about the bell in socil studys and it's really cool with all the history that it has behind it.
Garry D., 13 Chicago IL. [12-05-2005]

Stephen Watson, 32 Johannesburg S.A [12-05-2005]

Trevor, 10 Marlow Oklahoma [11-23-2005]

I really think this is a great site. I like a little bit of History but still.
Nieves Bruno, 13, Red Bank NJ [11-23-2005]

this is a vary interesting web site
Jessica, 13 [11-23-2005]

Go Panthers!
Carson Heath, 13, Charlotte, NC [11-23-2005]

I like the Liberty Bell.Now I know about the Liberty Bell.
Eric Thorp, 7, Euless, TX [11-23-2005]

This is cool....
Jessica, 13,F,Fl,ocala [11-23-2005]

seyi odewale, 30, philadelphia, female [11-23-2005]

Henry Collado, Camden NJ [11-23-2005]

Christina [11-23-2005]

I absoloutly love American History!
macy, 10,Mooresburg,Tn. [11-23-2005]

dana wells [11-23-2005]

I was born in Phila, PA and visited the Liberty Bell many time as a child. I'm far from "home" now and am glad that I can visit this website online to see this nostalgic part of our history!
Regina [11-23-2005]

ive found somthing ive been working on i found cluess the president and every one else in the states would wanna see i think its somthing thatare founding fathers ..........left for us to find
MARQUIS, 14, paramount,ca [11-23-2005]

Kathleen Briick, Joliet ILL [11-23-2005]

I've been to the liberty bell and Thought it was nice
Liam Briick, Joliet ILL. [11-23-2005]

shannyn [11-23-2005]

When I first saw the liberty bell I thought it was fake but seeing the bell was the highlight of my day.
Joseph, Middletown [11-23-2005]

I loved reading about the Liberty Bell,I thought it was very good reading...
Glenn payne, toronto [11-21-2005]

I love going to historical places and i love ur website i would go to the meuseum but i am afraid of going on a plane
Lisa Bisgaard, 13, Covina, 91722 [11-21-2005]

love2skate, Boiling Springs [11-21-2005]

HI i am 113 years old!
Herbert Hoover, 113,California, Texas [11-21-2005]

Hello! I am in school right now! I like this thingy that you have!
Alyssa, 13,oregon, [11-21-2005]

I liked your site a lot.
Ch'Von Cummings, 14 Milford,Delaware [11-21-2005]

Christine Benitez [11-21-2005]

jordan davis [11-21-2005]

We are going to visit the Liberty Bell for the first time today as a family.
The Sopourn's, 36, 33, 8, 6 Coral Springs, Florida [11-21-2005]

nic [11-21-2005]

JAMES MCKEE [11-21-2005]

Stephanie Westbrook [11-21-2005]

I am very curyous in the liberty bell beacuase of the decleration of independince
karla, 9 years wilmington [11-21-2005]

National Treasure is the bomb .com
levi, oklahoma [11-21-2005]

i am doing a report on the revolutinary and i found this site usefull
AJ Weiger [11-21-2005]

I'm just browsing about American history.
dr douglas yul holt, 38, springfield, illinois, 62705 [11-21-2005]

i watched national treasure and it was very interesting
seleste, 10 [11-21-2005]

It is amazing how many hands touched the bell on the trip and how it was handled. Thank God it isn't taking any more trips.
Ken Santos, Age 57 Somerset, MA [11-21-2005]

I was amaze on how the liberty bell came about and the history told behind it is wonderful
Sandi Hillocks, 23, brooklyn, new york [11-21-2005]

i saw the liberty bell 3 years ago on a trip
teddy carey, 13 corry pa [11-21-2005]

mendy nichols, columbia, TN 38401 [11-21-2005]

well im going to gointhe army when i get out of high school in three in a half years
catrina richards, 14,lancaster [11-21-2005]

IAN HOWE, 30 ruston [11-21-2005]

the liberty bell reperesents peace and racial rights
Jillian [11-21-2005]

I think this site is ver eductional. But I do think there should be more interactive games about the liberty bell, so that teens like me can see what it was like to live by the liberty bell. Other than that, it is a great site. Thanks
Samantha, Age: 13, City: Lake Elsinore, California. [11-21-2005]

my thoughts about the liberty bell is that i love the movie the movie that the man and woman find clues and find the missing treasure. anyways i am so intrestead into the liberty bell.
AUDREY SANCHEZ, 10 laredo [11-21-2005]

You have some really cool stuff about the Liberty Bell
Olivia Morris, 11years old douglasville georgia [11-21-2005]

I think the liberty bell is the shinit! It is so awsome and i am honored to sign the liberty bell.
Cassie [11-21-2005]

i liked this page because it gave me things on the liberty bell and i got an A+.Thanks a lot
erika barker, 10 years old [11-21-2005]

I went in the fourth grade to see the libety bell i really injoyed it
Julia [11-21-2005]

something i have always dreamed of seeing some day and one of these days i will.
carl bergman, 45 years old spokane wash. [11-21-2005]

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rogelio, 13 [11-21-2005]

I really like your website! -Claudia Fonseca
Claudia Fonseca, Age:11,City:Alexandria, [11-21-2005]

We are studying about the Liberty Bell and its History, i think my students will love this sight.
zed, ritzville [11-21-2005]

Awsome I <3 you!
bbgfdgd, 34,new york city [11-21-2005]

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Carolyn craig, 43055 [11-21-2005]

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joshua ray phillips, milltin brian dr [11-21-2005]

roxanne, 9 [11-21-2005]

I think it is so little that I cannot know any more.
tiger5, 19,urmqi,China [11-21-2005]

I think the Liberty Bell was cracked by dropping it down the stairs.
Logan Smith, Age 7, New Jersey [11-21-2005]

Kaitlyn Marciniak [11-21-2005]

I went to the Liberty Bell and the bell and your website are both very satisfying. I want to become a history teacher when I grow up.
Christopher, Age:11;City:Oldsmar, Florida [11-21-2005]

what dos it look like
anthony, 9 [11-21-2005]

I love learning about the liberty bell!It was such a great experience seeing it! Your website tought me so much about it! A little suggestion, put a big picture of the liberty bell on the homepage,so people can know what it looks like when they go on this website. Sincerley, Melina
melina [11-21-2005]

Im doing a social studies report for school and this really helped
Jessye [11-21-2005]

This website is rad... it really helped my with my school project thanks jJ_
Jocelyne Jeannot, nyc [11-21-2005]

courtney, 19 from montana stationed in chicago in the navy [11-21-2005]

I found the site very informative and interesting. The pictures give it a personal touch. Good work.
M. Cox, Toronto, ON [11-21-2005]

Doing research for school, Grandaughter of JOHN Dale PASS (NAME ON BELL).
Madison K. Pass, 7, Acworth, Ga [11-21-2005]

i really enjoyed this site to learn more about the liberty bell. thanks, Lyzsa
Lyzsa Alsevido, 28, philadelphia, pa [11-21-2005]

Eidde Garroiro [11-21-2005]

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Lonnie [11-21-2005]

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Jeremy Jackson [11-21-2005]

I think the liberty is a interesting and educating. I also that the liberty bell is an amazing piece of historical art.
Brian Ricci, 15, Woodcliff Lake, NJ [11-21-2005]

Andrew welch, 15,Wyoming,mi [11-21-2005]

i think the LIBERTY BELL is a great symbol of freedom i think the bell should be sounded again for freedom so how about it LET FREEDOM RING huh i think so just so people could apperciate that were all free in this country and respect other people THANKS FOR LISTENING!
kay, 15 plaquemine louisiana [11-21-2005]

I love History. i am going to be a historian!please e-mail me fun facts. as much as possable! ~colleen~
Bronte Wieland [11-21-2005]

Ilove the LIBERTY BELL its tite yeae. BY 1336 2ND AVE PEAC OUT.
leslee campbell, 11 Terra Haute [11-21-2005]

Rashawn hunter, pop [11-21-2005]

Telicia Keys [11-21-2005]

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james greene [11-21-2005]

how was the libertiy bell made?
meagan, 25,Ohio,Teledo [11-21-2005]

Kimberly Erath, Anthem, Arizona [11-21-2005]

i think it would be nice if you could tell us more like when the bell was made an how ot cracked that would be cool to know
Samantha, 9 Ct [11-21-2005]

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JaiVontaye Spates, 11 tus ala [11-16-2005]

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jaivontaye, 10 [11-16-2005]

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HALEIGH CULLEN, 10 [11-16-2005]

I find the liberty bell an interesting fact to write about for my school writing project. The movie National Treasure inspired to write about the Liberty Bell.
Jennifer Melton, I am 14 years old I live in Centralia Illinois.Iam 5foot4inches.I have blonde hair and blue eyes. [11-16-2005]

hello my name is tuğba ı do not know english because that ı will write turkısh yes ı am writting and ı hope you are read bu çanı ilk kez nıcolas cage in filminde görmüştüm ve çok hoşuma gitmişti ben biraz şifreli şeylere ilgi duyuyorum da neyse çanla ilgili begenimi sunmak için yazdım bu mail i thank you for readed
tuğba gölelioğlu, 22 erzurum turkey [11-16-2005]

We are studing this at Ogden Schools, Ogden, Iowa.
Dylan Williams, age 10 [11-16-2005]

this is an neat site! i used the info for a reasurch paper!
lauren, 13 years old [11-16-2005]

hi, the liberty bell is grat
brittany sopo. [11-09-2005]

Great site- I like the music link I am using the info. to write a science lesson plan about the bell.
char [11-09-2005]

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Jasmin Miranda, infor about Liberty Bll [11-09-2005]

daniel carpenter, pittsburgh pa [11-09-2005]

good site, it is very helpfull to understand the history of america
Rüdiger Senne, 20, Germany [11-09-2005]

chastity doggett [11-08-2005]

Tyler .B [11-08-2005]

how did the bell crake
anonymous [11-08-2005]

It helped me to know all about the bell and it's story.The Liberty Bell March was fantastic.
Mohammed Elshamy, 17 [11-08-2005]

Christopher John Epstein, Male, 34 Charlotte, NC [11-08-2005]

rachel nason, 9 methuen [11-08-2005]

My son (9 years old) is very curious about everything and we're doing research.
Barbara Merkel, 45, Madison, Alabama [11-08-2005]

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ryan sartzendruber, 9 coralville IA [11-08-2005]

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Kyle [11-08-2005]

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Jacob Loehne, 32 Indianapolis [11-08-2005]

cool things
Samantha Vaughan, age 9, Rolla MO. [11-08-2005]

I am a retired school teacher. I have read about the history of our great country all my life. I have dreamed seeing all of the wonderful historical places in our country. I will do not think I will ever get to see them in person but now because of internet I can see and hear about our wonderful counties treasures. Thank you for all the time and work you put into this sight. I can hardly wait to share it with my grandchildren. The music was wonderful! Mrs. Claire King
Claire King, 61 years old / Prescott, Ariz. [11-08-2005]

i have the movie NATINAL TRUSURE nad i what to know the history behind it!
kailey tucker, 10 nyc [11-08-2005]

mariah, 10 [11-08-2005]

Chelsie Aldridge [11-08-2005]

I am teaching US History for the first time. I found the website helpful.
Michelle Petersen, Colstrip Montana [11-08-2005]

this site is dope!
mike, 12 [11-08-2005]

This Stuff Is So Cool I Love It
The Man [11-08-2005]

This website is very cool and i think all kids should come to ths website because it is very educational. The liberty bell is a very important part of history. Everyone should know about the liberty bell. Dakota Georgia
Dakota Whitney, 13 [11-08-2005]

karli [11-08-2005]

Fenise, 09 Jacksonville Florida [11-08-2005]

someday i wish to vist the liberty bell!
Stephanie Anthony, 14, corry, pa, 16407 [11-08-2005]

great website!
Ariel, 10 [11-08-2005]

After watching National Treasure, I wanted to take a deeper look at some of the historical points of the movie. I loved the movie itself and how history played a role. Wouldnt it be neat if there really was a treasure?
matt stobbe, 25, Indian Lake, Ohio [11-08-2005]

Hello, my name is Daniel and I live in Switzerland. I saw the film "National Tresure", and there the Liberty Bell from Pass and Stow appeared, now must write I something here. I would like to come gladly once into the USA. Greeting from Europe, Daniel (Sorry, my english is not good, but I’m learning! : ) I wish now, (to early) for the next year a very beautiful July 4.!
Daniel [11-08-2005]

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Gillian Vaughan, 6 [11-08-2005]

i AM glad that someone has made a good website about historical information. Any crackpot can make a website but this one is great!
Maddie, 13 [11-08-2005]

Alana, 8,san antonio [11-08-2005]

the liberty bell has a part in my favorite movie National Treasure that movie is the bomb
anna, jackson mi 14yrs old [11-08-2005]

domingo Ruiz, 46 honolulu Hawaii [11-08-2005]

Andrew was doing a report and he chose the bell.
Andrew & Patty Kamischke, 9 years and 39 years Gridley IL [11-08-2005]

This is awesome info.
kyle flammond, 15 [11-08-2005]

SHELLI PENDLETON, henrietta texas [11-08-2005]

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connie donoho, 48, ca. [11-08-2005]

hey well to be honest well umm I really did nt like this site it was kinda boring it needs...Pizazz!but its cool for old people or serious people i guess
Brooke, disclosed [11-08-2005]

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Anna Alisha, 13/ tn [11-08-2005]

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Ashley [11-08-2005]

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Khaled Elfarra, 17,bb [10-28-2005]

A very interesting and informative site. My sister used it for her 3rd grade Social Studies homework. Thank You!
Tiffany, 11, Clifton, NJ [10-28-2005]

I loved this site. It helped me with my 3rd grade Social Studies homework. Thank You!
Krysta, 8, Clifton, NJ [10-28-2005]

Okay well I needed more info. on the liberty bell and were to find the treasure like on National Treasure, I know its here in the US somwhere, and I am determind to find it. I know that you all think Im crazy but im no okay.
Ian [10-28-2005]

i think it is very interesting
Kalli Whittington [10-28-2005]

ashley [10-28-2005]

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aj jones, 13 kinchaleo [10-28-2005]

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stephanie anthony, 14, corry, Pa [10-28-2005]

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kersten, 10 [10-27-2005]

we are doing a reasearch in civics and and this web site is very helpfull and i like it a lot so who ever made this thatnk u i made a 96 on he projct thanks again Sydny and justin
sydney&Justin, 14,15-waycross [10-27-2005]

a very interesting program i was engrossed through every page what a history and well documented. it is nice when people bother to research all this history and then put it on the internet for people like myself to read. well done to all involved. rod
RODNEY GRIGG, 59 yr DEVON ENGLAND [10-27-2005]

It is a good sight.Please send me info.
Joseph Duffy, 10 [10-27-2005]

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NATALIE ENGEL [10-27-2005]

Great for info on Liberty Bell. Interesting way to put it. Thanx
Rebekka Cavanaugh, 14, Michigan [10-27-2005]

mal [10-27-2005]

Did the Liberty Bell on its trip, pass through Marion or Bucyrus, Ohio?
Charlie Evers, 71 Marion and Bucyrus, Ohio [10-27-2005]

I think the Liberty Bell is the coolest after seeing National Treasure.
Dillon Philipps, 13 Lincoln Nebrska [10-27-2005]

Wonderful, important, valuable! Is it possible to get the Normandy Bell to come to my area?
Lucy Covington [10-27-2005]

this bell is big. Why is it so big?
johnny gies, 16 mayville MI [10-27-2005]

anna, green bay [10-27-2005]

Lily, 13, Pennsylvania [10-27-2005]

Great website!
Lincoln Elementary, Dickinson, North Dakota [10-27-2005]

I went through Google Earth to find the Liberty Bell. Then I went into G-Search and found this very informative and well designed site...maybe there could be some cartoon animation, in which Americans are so good at...???! Obrigado, América!
Rosário Sirgado, Madeira Island, Funchal - 38 Years old [10-27-2005]

Michael Christenson, Pellston, Mi [10-27-2005]

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jon, 17 [10-27-2005]

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Akram El Araby, Egypt-Giza [10-27-2005]

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rachel, i have a home [10-27-2005]

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anonymous [10-27-2005]

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Brianna, 11Burlington [10-27-2005]

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tyra, 10 [10-27-2005]

I have never seen this american treasure, but would love to some day!
Karen, Naperville [10-27-2005]

i never thought that the liberty bell was so important until now
gabriel grgetich, 13 san diego [10-27-2005]

What great information, I am helping my daughter Jade do a report on Pennsylvania. I remember my field trip as a child. I can't give her the greatness I had but I sure can show her what a great country we live in.
Lorie Rogers, 37, Plant City Fl [10-27-2005]

Kiyyah, Just visiting [10-27-2005]

I like it it is very informational! You rock auther
Alaina Stacy, 12 Morganton, NC [10-27-2005]

hey i love your website, pass and stow rocks the movie National Treasure!
Brandy [10-27-2005]

Lisa Campion, first grade teacher [10-27-2005]

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Gianna, 12,Manteca [10-27-2005]

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eze, bussiness,student,28 [10-27-2005]

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Leanne, 12, Manteca, [10-27-2005]

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Bethany Cheney [10-27-2005]

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Adriana I.Borbon, 10,ny,1646895 [10-27-2005]

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Tiffany Harris, 17, Phily, [10-27-2005]

This web site taught my daughters all about the Liberty Bell and those involved with it. Thank you Lisa
LISA CONNER, slaton, tx [10-27-2005]

mariah, 9 [10-27-2005]

This was a great website to look at information on the Liberty Bell!
Brooklyn R. [10-27-2005]

Great site. Just came back from Philadelphia Oct.18,2005 and visited Independence Hall and the liberty bell. Great History there...enjoyed the tour inside the hall especially the rooms where the Declaration and Constitution was signed..
Henry G. Fields, Petoskey, Michigan [10-27-2005]

the liberty bell rocks
JONH CARTER, 37 [10-27-2005]

anonymous [10-27-2005]

This is our first year homeschooling and this is the first time we have learned about the Liberty Bell. Your site has a lot of info and we enjoyed what we learned. Thanks a bunch. Kaci & Hannah Bowerman
Kaci & Hannah Bowerman, 6&7 yrs old Friendsville, TN [10-27-2005]

I haave always been interested in the liberty bell from the time i was young.This amazing countries history facinates me!
abbey campbell, 22 [10-27-2005]

very intresting stuff
Megan Olmedo [10-17-2005]

your sit is great.
Jennifer, 11 Ubly Michigan 48475 [10-17-2005]

Cris [10-17-2005]

I had to help my little sister research info on the liberty bell. This website helped lots! Thanks webmaster!
Kenzie, 13,Point Marion,Pennsylvania [10-17-2005]

ghdh [10-17-2005]

i thought the liberty bell is awesome and it helped me with my report so thanks cassie morgan 14
cassie, osage city kansas [10-17-2005]

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austin, 13, west memphis, [10-17-2005]

I saw a movie called natioan tresure and it was about a map on the back of the Decleration of independece
Adriana I. Borbon, 10 bronx,ny 1378456 [10-17-2005]

it's very interesting.
Dan Emmanuel Ventura, 17 [10-17-2005]

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Camille Gonzales [10-17-2005]

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Sabi, p.r [10-17-2005]

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EMMa horlacher, 13, mesa az [10-17-2005]

I like the Liberty Bell Story and I am thrilled about this web site.
megan thornton, 9yrs. Covington Kentucky [10-17-2005]

thank you for putting a website on the liberty bell.
Samantha, 9 years old from huntingdon [10-17-2005]

BRAXTON [10-17-2005]

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Tori [10-17-2005]

my name is Risma .this web site teaches you things about the american hitorie i im not american . bet i think that the american hitorie is very interseting. pass and stow. i never woud have thout those were names of two men . i woud like to learn more about the american hitorie . i woud read obout it not that there are no boek on it there propeli myte be a view bet wont find them even if i do find them thell propely be writen in ducht . bomer i now . your web site iscool and all id like a web site were you get to talk to sombody . wel not talk ask qoutions ebout american historie
Risma.bissesar, 13.suriname(paramaribo) [10-17-2005]

I would like to meet the person who wrote this web sight
amanda ellifritz, 10 baltimore maryland 21221 [10-17-2005]

*~Becky Reid*~ [10-17-2005]

emmanuel antoine, 17,miami,fl [10-17-2005]

This website gives a lot of information on the liberty bell. Anytime I want to hear information on the liberty bell, I will come to this website.
Laura, Marlboro [10-17-2005]

I saw the Liberty bell this summer and it was really cool. I'm glad that we have a Liberty Bell. It's another sign to show how far America has come through the years. It's a sign of freedom which most countries want and I'm am so gld America has it. If you want to talk over anything email me! EMAIL ME! =)
Jenny, 13 years old - Georgia [10-17-2005]

I really like the liberty bell
Natasha, 14,az,mesa [10-13-2005]

I have sean nashinal tresher & I love it. rachel conover
rachel, 10 cleaburne tx 76033 [10-13-2005]

was watching the film "national treasure" and became interested in the liberty bell. just calling from the irish
brian stevenson, 16, lurgan, northern ireland [10-13-2005]

collin] [10-12-2005]

Helped me at the deadline for a report on a US symbols and ....... uh, gave everything i needed. So i like it kinda even though i'll never come here again ( ever ).
chris davenport, 7th grade [10-12-2005]

MILDRED HALL [10-12-2005]

the liberty bell is cool
Kristian bandura, 13 edmonton alberta canada [10-12-2005]

This sight gives a very interesting view of one of our nations icons. Thank You.
Suzi, 38,Texas [10-12-2005]

I Have watched National Treasure and it tells a whole lot about history and the bell. I would love to see it some day.
Emily Veer, 10 yrs.old Puyallup,WA [10-12-2005]

i find your site very interesting, perhaps showing a quote on the entrance of this website, would ake it more intriguing to know the more history of the 'liberty bell''.
vanessa [10-12-2005]

Skye [10-12-2005]

Great for school!
Belle, 15 Loganville [10-12-2005]

hey this is cool
emily, 12 ogden [10-12-2005]

I'm doing a project for school in English. I love history and learning about our past!
Breanna Frasier, 12, G-town, Tx. [10-12-2005]

Holly Marie Combs, 32, Minnosota, Austinburg [10-12-2005]

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k2, age:12 city:ogden [10-12-2005]

this site is very helpfull
kat, 16 [10-12-2005]

i just came back to say i made an A on my paper i wrote on the liberty bell,so thanks again for the information you had on this site.
Blake Jones, 18,oxford [10-12-2005]

Raymond Pate, 29,BeatriceNebraska [10-11-2005]

heck yes the bell rocks
Justin Fouts [10-11-2005]

caitlin [10-11-2005]

como é legal ver a historia de um dos mais ricos paises do mundo, eh muito bom!
juninhu,16, brasil [10-11-2005]

i really liked your site, it really helped me understand more about our nations history!
Liberty, 15,cleveland,ohio [10-11-2005]

since i have watched the movie "national treasure" i'm interested in history especially the time of war of independence.this site is great!
Juliane Jentsch, 16 years, Germany [10-11-2005]

G'day there all, Bloody great site. I've been searching the net for all things pertaining to the Declaration of Independance. I mayself feel the best things you yanks have ever done was to kick the bloody British out of America. I would love to too Australia govern themselves but at the same time leave our flag alone as too many diggers have died defending the honour of Australia in war. Thanks again and will return often for any updates. Kev.
Kevin R. Hildebrandt, 50, Male, Victoria, Australia [10-11-2005]

I love this website! I learned a lot from this website. I had a history project on the liberty bell and this website gave me so much information! Thank you so much for the great website!
Lindsey, Wisconsin [10-11-2005]

I have an original print from Mole & Thomas of the Human Liberty Bell with the exact dimensions listed with all original information if anyone is interested in this information
Mary Crouse, Des Moines [10-11-2005]

I am doing a project on the liberty bell and this is where i have gotten all of my information on it is a very helpful page.
Allison [10-11-2005]

i need to know everything
sally [10-11-2005]

becky lynn (pass) sanders, 47 age Marlow, OK ancestry [10-11-2005]

very interesting
TEHLEA, 15 [10-11-2005]

Is there someplace online where I can hear a recording of the liberty bell sounding?
Michael Beason [10-11-2005]

I wonder if my grandparents were able to see the Liberty Bell when it passed through Spokane, WA.
Nolan Foss, 57, Edmonds, WA [10-11-2005]

Megan Schlegel [10-11-2005]

I like the web site. It has great information
alexander, 13,acworth [10-11-2005]

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Nadine Farmer, Bristol, PA [10-11-2005]

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Nelle Rennep, 43, Emca [10-11-2005]

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This site was really cool. It told a lot about how the bell is an icon. ROCK ON!
Quinci Staker, 14 [10-11-2005]

Sweet Site!
Jitney Sawyer, 15, Vernal, Utah [10-11-2005]

Megan Breitweiser, 16 [10-11-2005]

Teresa Barlok [10-11-2005]

I'm just about to browse this website, but, find history exciting in itself. After all, we do learn from our past...
Norma Jean Igisaiar, Guam [10-11-2005]

Dear Sir or Madam, Hello,my name is Ashley. My fellow 11th graders and I are doing a History prgject that involves building a Vietnam memorial in a real-world location. We were wondering what are the necessary steps to go through to purchase the portion of land in front of Independence Hall with building rights so that we will have the freedom to build as we needed? I must remind you that this is all hypothetical and we do not actually want to purchase this property. We appreciate your help.
Ashley, Washington [10-11-2005]

I love the LIBERTY BELL I wish one day I could see it.
David Johnson, 16 dyer [10-11-2005]

Looked at the site with my class of first graders.
N. Tapley, Bangs, Texas [10-11-2005]

I am doing a report on the Liberty Bell and this site was very informative. I loved the pictures!
sarakathrynhugheskelson [10-11-2005]

I'm doing a project in school about the liberty bell,and this helped.
Veronica, 7,Mechanicsburg,PA [10-11-2005]

I love history and i think that the Liberty Bell is one of the most important items in the world and i am very very grateful that it is shared with the public.if i had the chance to atually got back in time and see when all this great history of the Liberty Bell was built i would give anything.Well thats all u have to say for now.David Avant.
David Avant, 16,Crestview,Fl,32539 [10-11-2005]

Excellent and informative site
Jody Weissler, CEO Teachtopia.com [10-11-2005]

This website is very good.
Hugo Jardim, 12 Years, Santa Maria, Brazil [10-11-2005]

jose Zavala1 [10-11-2005]

i thought this site gave a lot of info for a school project im doing,and i seen it on national treasure and i just wanted to see what it was about.
BLAKE JONES, 18,oxford [10-11-2005]

Outstanding site.
Bruce B. Bemis, 61/Hutto, Texas [10-11-2005]

I think this is cool!
Abilene Gonzalez [10-11-2005]

THis is an aweaome site with lots of information on the Liberty Bell
Terri Wachter, Bonduel, WI [10-11-2005]

don kavanaugh, ky [10-11-2005]

Thomas and I rent the movie on the treasure and this was the movie and it was interresting on it so I checked it out on the computer. It was more interresting I might do this on for my college project it is for my English, we have to do is a draft for English(college)that I am taking.We would like to visit it some time.I want to learn more of it how can I get more information with out going to the library and coping it cost money to do it.
Brenda Brandon, 34,Thayer, Mo.65791 [10-11-2005]

i have known about these liberty bell thru the movie national treasure, nicholas cage, i love the movie much and i love american history that much. and most of all m a member of the organization "the international ORDER OF DEMOLAY, the sons of freemasonry. m planning to join also the freemasonry brotherhood, as i finished my second courser study. nursing. god speed......
radzmin jaljis, 27 yrs old, zamboanga city, Philippines [10-11-2005]

Marcie Copeland [10-11-2005]

The bell is awe inspirational when I know the Signer's of the Declaration of Independence had officially signed the document. What a wonderful sight to see. Marilyn Humphrey, Las Cruces, NM
Marilyn S. Humphrey, 71, Las Cruces, New Mexico [10-11-2005]

This website was very useful, I got all the facts and info and pictures I needed. I did'nt have to visit 25 website pages. Thank You, It was a an hour saver!
Joselyne G., Kennesaw [10-11-2005]

i have had a history class and i love this subject this is so entertaining to me. its enjoyable to read about this kind of stuff in our history class. the libery bell is the most intresting topic i think i love learning about it thank you for the site
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Hailey Christian, 9 Richmond,Kentucky [09-30-2005]

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goatmorello [09-29-2005]

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TaNeethea, 14,springs [09-29-2005]

It would be helpful if u had the fact of who gave us the liberty bell. I need this information and i cannot find it anywhere. Who gave us the liberty bell (what country)
Danielle [09-29-2005]

I thought national treasure was a good movie made me learn something in turn made me learn more
ABRAM WAGNER, 20 [09-29-2005]

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My son is in the 5th grade and asked me why the bell had a crack in it - I was ashamed to say I didn't know....but now I do! Thanks for the information.
Debbie Rubin, 49, Fort Worth, Texas [09-29-2005]

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i thought this page was really good, and it gave a lot of imformation about the liberty bell. o and by the way, i luv u ethan. and i also want to c da liberty bell and i also saw national tresure too and i wanted to c if it was true and wow!
melissa crue, 17, new york [09-29-2005]

I'm a 9 year old girl and I've been researching and learning about the Liberty Bell and is hopeing to some day go and actually see it up close.In school I'm learning about Pennsylvania history and we have to pick a projct and I picked the Liberty bell.So I have to put all of my imformation together and make a report of them,then I have to make a model of the Liberty bell.Then I have to bring it to school. I never knew that the Liberty bell was so interesting!
Kassidi Ramirez, age 9 Montrose PA [09-29-2005]

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I've seen a movie titled "National Treasure" starring Nicholas Cage. While watching it, I find it very interesting,intriguing and amazing because it involves treasure hunting and not just a treasure but the world's treasure though this is only a fictionalized story. It involves also histories where the declaration of US independence were also preserved not to mention the original copy of it and some letters of Benjamin Franklin's brother, the Liberty bell, Trinity church & even Parkington Lane. The imagination of the writer is so wide that even historical events like that could make such a good,nice,interesting story. I'd like to explore also some historical sites being mentioned at the said movie and see what the writer has imagine so widely and intriguing. Thank you.
Liza Cagayan, 30, Philippines [09-29-2005]

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imran, male, 24, mumbai(maharashtra-india) [09-29-2005]

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Gwendolyn Hampshire, Philadelphia [09-29-2005]

i thought it was a great thing to see i wished everyone could see it.
tony davis, 14 sweetwater t.n. [09-29-2005]

I got to see the liberty bell with my own eyes. It was very interesting
Meghan Dunne, 9 [09-29-2005]

I am learning about this in my 2nd grade class and love history.
Sarah Lucia Russo, 7 yrs old, Altamonte Springs, FL [09-29-2005]

Well i saw this on the movie National Treasure and wanted to see if this was what it is!
Allison Proue, ????? [09-29-2005]

My daughter has been studying about the Liberty Bell and the Constitution in her first grade class.
Karen Stokes, Kentucky [09-29-2005]

i am doing a report for history and we are going on a "USA Vacation" and we have to choose at least 8 places and the Liberty Bell is one of my choices so i am researching on your website... bye, Claire
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I love this country.Ever since I saw the movie National Treasure I wanted to understand more about everything our fore fathers left us. God Bless America!
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berraya, newark [09-29-2005]

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AREK [09-29-2005]

Afret watching National Treasure i have became fasinated by american history.And from all of its history the Declaration of Inderpendence is the most interresting.
David Allsopp, Rhyl,North Wales [09-29-2005]

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Daisy Atherton, 13 yrs old, chattanooga, private school, etc... [09-29-2005]

i am interested in this time period. it is interesting and it shows that the u.s.a was a great nation even back then because they for independence.
Brianda Almanza, 15 years, Chicago, [09-29-2005]

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Wayne Bell [09-29-2005]

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MacKenzie [09-29-2005]

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My youngest son came home from school today to tell me he had studied the Liberty Bell at school. We enjoyed reading the Bell's timeline together. Thanks for the great history lesson!
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Suzanne, New York [09-14-2005]

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Mrs. Milburn's First Grade Class, Argyle Elementary School [09-14-2005]

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kailey, 7 mansfik [09-13-2005]

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LaShaTavion Brooks, Humble, Tx [09-13-2005]

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I hope I can go see the Liberty Bell one day. I think everybody should go see it.
Jason Wood, age 7, Fort Worth, TX [09-13-2005]

COOL, I was watching "National Treasure" and i wanted to know if the website was real
Euan [09-13-2005]

Euan [09-13-2005]

Judy [09-13-2005]

I noticed a trend in the reasons people had for visiting this web site . . . either for academic purposes, or because they saw the movie National Treasure. If movies such as the one that influenced so many into searching for this site were in an abundance, our country would know and love it's heritage enough to make those who have fought for it proud. More movies should show as much interest in our past as National Treasure did.
Dexter McElhiney, 18, Southern Illinois University Carbondale [09-12-2005]

I had to do a report for school, and this website was very helpful on the Liberty Bell report.
Joe Hookey, 13,tn [09-12-2005]

i think the liberty bell is a really neat piece thats why i am doing my history project on it right now.
Ashley, 15 fort perce [09-12-2005]

Milena Nieves, 20 Years Puerto Rico [09-12-2005]

i found everything so interesting ever since i saw the movie " national treasure", it's amazing how everything the states have restored from like 180 years ago. There is so much history and legends through out the U.S.A. ive been looking through the net to find out anything that i can about the declaration of independance and the liberty bell.
cote campbell, Male 22, from saskatoon saskatchewan [09-12-2005]

The Bell is such a great symbol of freedom I want to give my respect
DeNeshia Johnson, 16 Ft. Worth TX [09-12-2005]

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Nick Dalessio, 12, Tampa, FL [09-12-2005]

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william, Easton, PA [09-12-2005]

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Dawn Joyner, 36 yrs old, Michigan City IN [09-12-2005]

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dawn keaton, 32 Strongsville [09-12-2005]

I want to see the liberty bell
Colleen Gibson, 13, Brookings, Oregon [09-12-2005]

I have enjoyed learning about the history of the Liberty bell. I wouldn't have gotten interested in the bell without watching the movie National Treasure. I hope to one day make it to Philadelphia to see all this history in person. I think it's fascinating to learn about the intricasies of this great nation.
Toni Parvin, 27 years old [09-12-2005]

Hi, I think that The Liberty Bell gives us a feeling of freedom and pride of our lands.
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This page would can be in others languages(spanish and portuguese-languages of Americas)
Golden, Ray, 30, Gurupi - TO, Brazil [09-12-2005]

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me and my cousin are so facinated by our history we watched national treasure and decided to write down key words and then we looked them up on the internet and we ound this website. we found so much cool info we decided to make a whole thing and we named ourselfs The National History Finders i really love this history website!
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