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The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell Guestbook Archives: June-August 2005

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katie farrill [08-30-2005]

I think that this is a wonderfull website
milady [08-30-2005]

Stephen j Rock, 44 bournemouth .uk [08-30-2005]

anaïs [08-30-2005]

anonymous, france [08-30-2005]

i thought this was the coolest wasthe coolest site ever made.i can not wait to see national treasure it is going to be so cool.thank you for keeping history alive.ahh history its fasinating.
shad, 7 punta gorda [08-30-2005]

Very interesting
Suedell Cirwithen, Philadelphia, age 64 [08-30-2005]

thank you america!
RICK MIRENZI, canton, ohio [08-30-2005]

creo que la campana de la libertad guarda una historia muy importante en ella y que todos deberiamos escucharla
Viany Anhaly Peraza Beltran, 13 años [08-30-2005]

i'm using this resouce for a project thanks
autumn [08-30-2005]

good buy
Smith West, oh [08-30-2005]

I Think Amarican History Is Awsome
Shane G., 14, Little Falls. [08-30-2005]

Hi! I think the Liberty Bell is cool, special, sparkling, important, big and awesome ! I am going to visit it on LABOR DAY . I can't wait!
Benjamin Hartman, 11 years old, Atlanta,GA [08-30-2005]

the liberty bell is very unique. Very awsome and a great symbol to the US.
Casey Weilnau, 16, Longmont, Co [08-30-2005]

i came to this sight to see when and how the Liberty Bell was cracked. It was easy finding the info and i'll visit back soon!
Neena Goff, 12/ jamestown/ MO/ USA [08-30-2005]

Nice information
g.wilson, santa ana calif [08-30-2005]

Pamela Braswell [08-30-2005]

I like this site. I was supposed to do research for a project so thanx so much for putting this site up cuz its really helpful.
Kelsey, 13 [08-30-2005]

This is an outstanding, very informative web site, in every possible way.
George E. Lapnow [08-30-2005]

CHELSEA [08-30-2005]

Basque Denis (d.b.), 32 ans Ste-Julienne Qc Canada [08-30-2005]

I like it it was so cool i wold love to see it in real life
kimberly meek, 16,mt.pleasant,ia [08-30-2005]

shea balz, 13, rothschild, wisconson [08-30-2005]

I enjoyed looking at all the old pictures.
Tasha, Atlanta, Georgia [08-30-2005]

Thank u Carlos for saving the liberty bell. Im related to u. i was at uncle Nandos birthday.
katie Rose [08-30-2005]

I am probably one of a few who saw National Treasure and decided hey lets google Stow and read up on the bell. The movie was great and kinda gets the mind wondering what if? I think the bell is fasinateing (spelling)
Belinda [08-21-2005]

it is cool
wesleyyellowwings, rsm [08-21-2005]

very cool!
ROBERT MARTIN, 44, ft worth, tx [08-21-2005]

KATIE, 10, wasilla, alaska [08-19-2005]

catherine [08-19-2005]

Sorry, Confused, if the bell was re cast, how come there is still a bell with a crack in it?
anonymous [08-19-2005]

Lyndsay Rowe, 17, Oakdale, 95361 [08-19-2005]

The Liberty Bell is my favorite symbol of America.
Joey Angelillo, 8, Germantown, TN [08-19-2005]

i love history
emmy tiemens, kelso,11.washington [08-17-2005]

Hi, my friends, I teach general history here in Brazil, my city is called by Itaperuna it´s a old language of tupy indians, this language is beeing considered dead for the brazilian governemant, but there are many people who care about the tupy language and they want to bring it back to school.The reason is make the futures students do not forget their anchients and culture.Well, I think I really talked too much, but I want to make you understand that I would like to have more information about all political process that brought the symbol of liberty for the american.Here in Brazil we don´t have any kind book to tell this example of culture and pride about those who fight for the best for us on nowsday.Thank you for your attention, and I´m sorry about my english. my eddress:rua DEP.LUIZ FERNANDO LINHARES,144 CIDADE NOVA- ITAPERUNA RJ - BRAZIL CEP:28300-000
JOSE RICARDO BARROS, Itaperuna - RJ - Brazil [08-17-2005]

I love history. I would someday love to visit the birth place of america
Harlan Finch, 47 yrs Shelton, WA [08-17-2005]

I am interested in the Liberty Bell. It brings back history, I really want to see it.
Anonymous, 9 [08-17-2005]

The eagle's wings in the book of revelation are the direct symbol of and far reaching effect of America protecting freedom around the world.
Russ Boardman, site @ boarderofeternity.com [08-17-2005]

W. F. Frisco [08-16-2005]

I am the daughter in law of a man whose father, Joseph Frank, was a young police officer in Pennsylvania in 1915. He was one of 3 officers who accompanied the bell across the county and back It was the first time he ever been further west than Philadelphia. His photos and story are a source of pride for my husband's family.
Annette Frank, 40 Los Angeles, CA [08-16-2005]

While watching National Treasure, I decided to type in the same thing that the "baddies" did to figure out what Stow was. I was interested in reading info. and looking at the 1915 photos. (I especially liked the one from Harrisburg, PA since that's only about 30 miles from here.
Susan C. Dailey, Lebanon, Pennsylvania [08-16-2005]

As an assistant professor teaching social studies to future elementary teachers, I found the site most helpful. Thank you so much.
liba hannah engel, Flushing, NY 11367 [08-16-2005]

goodday i like the new place the liberty bell is in since people come from all over the world it be nice to have the liberty bell open later on say wednesday and saturdays until 9 pm it is such an exciting experience and moving one i hate for people to out on visiting the liberty bell and also have adult only tours children are nice but be nice to have adult only tours also i really like visiting independce hall area and all of philadelphia i will be back in september 2005
joseph m. ott,a.s.,b.a.,m.a.,c.c.h., 43 st pete fl [08-16-2005]

SUPERBE CONCEPTION PATRICK DAUDON, que les photos de la Normandie Liberty Bell sont belles. Je serai a Philadelphie la semaine prochaine pour voir les "DEUX". SOPHIE
SOPHIE, normandie [08-16-2005]

JENNIFER, nauvoo alabama [08-16-2005]

This is a very cool site and I never would have found it but thanks to National Treasure I have found a suden interest in this subject.
Trisha Stalnaker, merritt island, florida [08-16-2005]

James Diehl, Harrisburg, PA [08-16-2005]

i just got done watching "national treasure" and i must say that i was astonished by it. if this movie would have came out 25 years ago when i was going to school trust and believe i would have paid more attention in history. and i know i would have learned a lot more in school. wow.... amazing!
shannon miller, 34- perry,ok [08-16-2005]

i watch the movie National treasure & i seen parts of the movie like stow it pop your web page up & i became interested in it
ronnie kinney [08-16-2005]

this is cooollll
Tori Buckman [08-16-2005]

thank you for the lesson
Cheryl~Ann Paul, 58 young -- Harare Zimbabwe [08-16-2005]

I wanted some information on the Liberty Bell for a relative in Europe and was pleased with your website, but imagine my surprise when I noticed the statistics were not translated into the metric system. With the whole world on the internet, metrics is a must.
Fredricka Veenstra, Fountain Valley, CA [08-16-2005]

i think the liberty bell is a wonderful thing to have around. it modifies what it for and how people thought of in the 1915's. i would really like to learn more about it.
casey, 16, il, [08-16-2005]

Yo! i guess like every one else im here cause of the movie,i think its great watching TV and being able to see exactly what i saw on there. Continue keeping it real U.S.A.
Mad B, 27yrs, Dominica, Caribbean W.I. [08-16-2005]

I watched National Treasure, and I just wanted to see if the search on Google really brought me to this page! Ha, that is a great movie and this is a cool site!
AA [08-16-2005]

I watched the movie, Natational Treasure! And then I rembered that the liberty bell had a word on the computer! Write Back!
Mona Saini, 25,thailand,China [08-11-2005]

bill welborn, 62 [08-11-2005]

God Bless the USA!
Amy, usa [08-11-2005]

i watched national tresure, and i cam to see if those fqs were correct so i went to google and typed in a peice of the movie that said "past and stow" and this web site popped up, now i know that it is true! Sincerily, Kaylee Olson
kaylee olson, 12 [08-10-2005]

After watching the film 'National Treasure', i became interested in the history of United States Of America. Apon reading the information on this web page i came away with a better knowledge of the Liberty Bell.
johnathan dawes, 18, england, gloucester [08-09-2005]

...history hunter
ice san pedro, 19, philippines, like history [08-09-2005]

Love it ! I am new to the electronic world and I am as excited as a child in a candy shop !
Evelyn, Springfield,VT [08-09-2005]

It is a great resource for students.
Dr. Jorge Ramirez, Chula Vista, 38 [08-09-2005]

that the liberty bell is a sign of freedom and that we should honor it the way it was created and that we should honor the people that fight for freedom and to show other people what they mean usto show it meaning
alexis wilson, 10 bogota [08-09-2005]

para mi es muy importante conocer la cultuira de este pais
sergio fierro, 39years,cd.juarez,chihuahua,mexico [08-09-2005]

Ricki bullorck, 10burgawfamale [08-09-2005]

Jeremy Tinus, 32, Keningau Sabah malaysia [08-09-2005]

david [08-09-2005]

I think liberty is good. Liberty is great for all the people because our state is great!
kristine mazziotti, 6 1/2 years old [08-09-2005]

DUS THE STORY REALLY EXIST BUTT NOT OF THE LIDERTY BELL ( the story of natsional treasure)
siobhan De Laere, 11 j. BELGEM [08-09-2005]

Hello, somewhere19 isn't my real name as you might have gathered. I like the pics on your site, and I also like the info about the Normandy Bell. Well, thanks for creating it!
Somewhere19 [08-05-2005]

I was just interested in finding out the exact facts about the LIBERTY BELL!
paddy murphy, 15 ireland [08-05-2005]

A bit of History... I like it!
Katie [08-05-2005]

I think th Liberty Bell is awesome im glad they moved it from San Francisco in 1915. I think people of Philadelphea love it.
Justin Newman, 12/Mingus [08-05-2005]

alexa hester, 44705 [08-05-2005]

ilove the libraty bell
shad, 10 punta gorda [08-04-2005]

Lauren Tappan [08-04-2005]

m [08-04-2005]

Sandy Walkr [08-04-2005]

Love the history, Will do anything to protect history.........Thanks
Danny Elliott, 28 Castle Rock,WA [08-04-2005]

This is a great site I learned a lot I didn't know, thanks.
Ann MacMurray [08-04-2005]

Thank you very much for this site.It is most interesting to every human.
alain caron, 62 Victoriaville,Quebec Canada [08-04-2005]

Thank you for keeping history alive! Seth - a6290e2147f11@yahoo.com
Seth, Brooklyn [08-03-2005]

I never knew this took place until I surfed in from a 'Sousa - Liberty Bell March' search engine. Quite interesting. I wonder if there is a timeline somewhere depicting the removal and moving of the bell during the Revolutionary War to Allentown, PA?
Tom Kearney, 65 - Male - Ambler, PA [08-03-2005]

i think the liberty bell is cool. I mean it's nice or historical.. well i learned about it in the movie national treasure...
Janae [08-03-2005]

j'aimerais recevoir les copies de monsieur Silence et aussi une copie de la déclaration de l'indépendance thank you
jean-sébastien lemieux, châteauguay [08-03-2005]

Ken, 39, West Lafayette, IN [08-03-2005]

I started to learn about the Declaration of Independence in 5 grade. my teacher explaned it really well! So now I want learn about American History. I am from Graham,WA. age 11 {I live in America}
Brittany M., Im 11 and I am here to find out if something is true [08-03-2005]

I have one thought and that is how wondrful it is and how amazing it is that you have it i think that is just wonderful and im glad that we have you people to take care of it!
courtney, 15, Indaim Trial [08-03-2005]

i so much love this siteoooooo so keep on your good working.
mgbada, 25 years old man from abidjan [08-03-2005]

If they had taught history like this in school, i would have actually learned something. great tour guides and awesome event.
lisa h, lawrenceville, NJ [08-03-2005]

I think that the Liberty Bell is an awesome thing.
Cheranda Boggs [08-03-2005]

esto es maravillosa informacion para todos los que nos apasiona la historia americana. y en general esta muy bien esta pagina. tankyuo very much
jorge villalobos, guadalajara .jal .mex [08-03-2005]

the history of liberty bell is so interesant and i am happy to have the opportunity of checking thia book
Alan Castro Mejia, Mexico 11 years [08-03-2005]

Hello. I am a fifth grade teacher in Philadelphia. I visited the Liberty Bell last week and noticed pictures on display from the 1915 trip. Are the pictures that are on display in the pavillion from the collection that you hold? I was specifically curious about a picture that was taken in Kansas with a white man holding up a colored girl. Would you be able to provide me with information on this picture? I am interested in knowing more about it and would appreciate any help you could provide.
Julie, Philadelphia [08-03-2005]

Magnifique et remarquable symbole que cette cloche pour annoncer au monde la liberte. Tant qu'elle resonnera dans nos tetes et nos coeurs il demerera un espoir de voir l'humanite s'ecarter de la tyranie. Vive l'Amerique.
Eddy GOLDSTEIN, Lyon (FRANCE) [08-03-2005]

im very interested in the bell.it holds a lot of history.im very into history.
jimmy, 11,ohio,southpoint [08-03-2005]

we need more pictures
elaine, 15, picayune, [08-03-2005]

I would love to go to Philedelphia someday to visit the Liberty Bell. . . . . . .
Kristopher Larkin, California [08-03-2005]

I love the site! It is very informative...Thx!
Ali, Indianapolis [08-03-2005]

Just got too your web site.More latter
Bob Tucker, 69 Manteca, Ca. 95336 [08-03-2005]

Being the great great great neice of John Stow, it is nice to see this great website about all the men that made history! Thank you
Sarah Stow, Boston MA [08-03-2005]

National Trasure...led me to thsi Page...Good Movie...Excellent Monument.
Saurabh Matta [08-03-2005]

I am Korean and never went to America but next year I will go to America. This homepage gave me a lot of information. I hope I can look a Liberty Bell.
Scarlet, 11,Korea [07-26-2005]

I think the Liberty Bell is a wonderful monument of history and represents a lot. I knew more of it only through the movie Nathional Treasure.
Abaeze Etche, i am 48age [07-26-2005]

I was watching the movie, National Treasure and was facinated by our history. I was interested in learning more. Thanks for this site =o)
Ceci Jimenez, El Paso, Texas [07-26-2005]

was the Liberty Bell originally named Independance Bell?
Kb, 11 Anaheim CA [07-26-2005]

Andréa, 25,guarulhos,são paulo,brasil [07-26-2005]

i like pie with ice cream!
henry, 11 white fish bay 53217 [07-26-2005]

i and my husband had our tour in US last may of 2004 and liberty bell was one of the tourist spot that we went to. in fact, we took our pictures there and bought some souvenirs. it was nice to know the history of the country and to the liberty bell. mabuhay!
faith corazon a. gaw, 27 [07-26-2005]

Adam Alqallaf, 9 years old [07-26-2005]

Past and Stow?Are writen words on the Liberty Bell.It's one question was and is there buried treasure beneath the church floors?Was there really a National Treasure that was buried hundred's of years ago?That's a question that needs an answer!I learned this from one of the best realistic movies ever, National Treasure!I would personally say if there is a real treasure someone should find it.
carlene, 12,fort mcmurray,ab [07-26-2005]

well this needs some work.
mandy, 20,edmonton,ab [07-26-2005]

orestes gonzalez, age8 lake placid fla [07-26-2005]

Robert C. Packard, 64 Neenah, Wi [07-26-2005]

guys yes
wini, lolo [07-26-2005]

This site, among others, make you proud to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America. God Bless America and God bless the keepers of this web site.
Jeff Smith, 33, Ashland, NE [07-26-2005]

Looks like a great site !
D. Pass, Fort Wayne, Indiana [07-26-2005]

CHERI' TUCKER, 22, plano texas [07-26-2005]

Abby, age;10 of nSavannah Georgia [07-26-2005]

I think that the liberty bell is one of the most important artifacts of the united states history.
Robin Kovis, age 12, city Yakima Washington [07-26-2005]

very atractive and iteresting website I love it all
tiffannie [07-20-2005]

I'm using a picture of the Liberty Bell on a poster for our Missionary Conference at my church,along with a picture of our President, and the White House. We support missionaries from many countries,and when we of our ladies' missionary club were asked to chose a missionary and decorate a table, and make a poster representing the country in which they serve, I chose America, the greatest country in the world! My church supports five missionary families to the USA.
Mary Baggett, Waverly TN [07-20-2005]

caroline miller, boylston, ma [07-20-2005]

I saw the liberty bell today with my grandparents after visiting the Constitution Museum. I am glad to be an American and that people sacrificed for my freedoms.
Darrell leahy Jr, 13 [07-20-2005]

Had fun visiting. It is nice to know that we can still see something as historical as the Liberty Bell.
Bernitha, Washington, DC [07-19-2005]

its educational but boreing you need to make it more for youth
olivia, 14,middletown,ohio [07-19-2005]

we saw the replica in the airport;
Jimmie Carter [07-19-2005]

tammi, tampa [07-19-2005]

I want to see the liberty bell in personal one day
naldy [07-19-2005]

I think the Liberty Bell is a wonderful monument of history and represents a lot. I knew more of it only through the movie Nathional Treasure.
Sarah, 14 yrs [07-19-2005]

tina, 25 Auston,Texas [07-19-2005]

I really like all the neat thing you can learn at this site!
Jesse Biron, 12 Elkton,Maryland USA [07-19-2005]

I am going to use this as part of a school lesson. My ancestor, Jean Jacob Mickley, helped carry and hide the bell during the Revolutionary War.
Chris Gribbon, Riverside, California [07-19-2005]

This is a really cool web page!
Chrissy, 13: bealton, VA [07-19-2005]

Catherine Armstrong, 46, Santa Fe, Tx. [07-19-2005]

Just wish I was alive when it came to EL Paso.
CW Shaw, 50 years old EL Paso TX [07-19-2005]

I've seen the movie National Treasure and i was thinking if the ship(CHARLOTTE)they found at the artic circle was real or not,cause it looked pretty real to me.
minh co [07-19-2005]

There is a lot of fats I did not know. Excnt site. It rocks.
vic, 9 ches 07,16,05 [07-19-2005]

rawchel [07-19-2005]

I'm researching the bell to write for children.
Juliana LeRoy, Windsor, CA [07-19-2005]

alexis renee jordan [07-19-2005]

alex [07-19-2005]

felicia [07-19-2005]

its great to the history of other stztes
dexter Roberts, 33m brooklyn ny [07-19-2005]

thanks for perserving a great peace of history
James Brown, 14 [07-19-2005]

I checked out this site after watching the movie National Treasure ~~ cool
Robin Schaffer, Washington [07-19-2005]

i really like the pictures and think it would be great if you put a lot of them in independence hall if you already have'nt and the reason i say that is because i have not had a chance to go to the great hall yet but i will soon!
TRAVIS [07-19-2005]

like it
dwight rates [07-19-2005]

Nice Web-Site, I will add a link to my site for your site.
George J. Smoluk, 37yrs, Philladelphia, Christian [07-19-2005]

thank you for helping me with my summer reading homework!
Tina, 14 [07-19-2005]

sam, 01463 [07-19-2005]

i saw national treasure was surprised to see that this actually came up
a burns, 42 indianapolis [07-19-2005]

I am intrested in world history and my latest subject is the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independance. Thank you for the web site it really is informative.
Levi Blood [07-19-2005]

Nice site. I came across it after watching the movie National Treasure which was surprisingly pretty good. In the movie they typed "stow" into goggle and the liberty bell as the most likely match. So i tried it and ended up here.
John Fox, Phiadelphia, PA [07-19-2005]

Irma Gare [07-12-2005]

Great Cite, I stumbled on it when Googling an old friend's name, and found that he had also visited this cite 5 years ago.
James L. Dye Jr., Pickerington, Ohio [07-12-2005]

Excellent site dude. It Rocks Yeah!
Anthony Munroe [07-12-2005]

margarita [07-12-2005]

I would like to see the Liberty Bell in Personal one day.
LILIBETH LAGBAS, Rockville Center,NY [07-12-2005]

I love the liberty bell because its neat and cool to.
abby, 9 florida [07-12-2005]

I saw the movie National Treasure and wanted to see if anything came up cuz i wanted 2 see if it was true
adrienne [07-12-2005]

President's House. I think most American know that George Washington owned slaves,and come think of it so did Tom Jefferson, and James Madison and!- so did WOW good old Ben Franklin.
P Richard [07-11-2005]

There is not one boring part in the whole intire movie. I think Justin Bartha is really funny and cute! Its amazing whole most of the things in the movie are true, like the all seeing eye and the knight of Templar. I love this movie so much. I recomend it to anybody!
Megan Hacelf, 13 [07-11-2005]

The Liberty Bell shood be repaired.
Camrie, 14 [07-10-2005]

I wanted to see What results I would get like in "National treasure" and I got this site.
Bethany, 13, Savannah,Ga [07-10-2005]

michelle, OKlahoma [07-10-2005]

These are good questions? I knew about the crack in the Bell but I didn't know about the state being misspelled.
Carolene Bartholomew, Daytona Beach [07-10-2005]

I Speak French -- pourquoi Mr.Pass et Mr.Stow ont'il reproduit une nouvelle cloche ? La liberty bell est bien trop importante ds L'histoire des étas-unis pour quelle soie reproduite !
simon beauchamp, 17, st-jerome,quebec,Canada [07-10-2005]

i love you sight its really creative
Nicole Lynn Costa, 11, Riverside R.I 02915 [07-10-2005]

kris chenier, 41 [07-10-2005]

Just like stephen bond, i have the movie national treasure and decided also if anything about the liberty bell would come up if i typed STOW The Declaration of Independence. WICKED!
Rebecca Purvis, 12, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada [07-10-2005]

It was awesome!
Lindsay, 22 Montana [07-10-2005]

Kendall [07-10-2005]

TAMMY MESSER [07-10-2005]

"Pass and Stow." the most (of what i think) famous quote, when you hear it you imeadietly think 'The Liberty Bell'.
Jade Lincoln [07-09-2005]

I watched the film of National treasure and i decided to make a research about its historical moments.
Ines Hussein, 12,Beirut,Lebanon [07-09-2005]

'Liberty Bell, i wonder if there really is treasure like 'national treasure'. i wonder if the special glasses are near the old home of the Liberty Bell.
Jade Lincoln, 13 [07-09-2005]

this is what i want to protect
chris kelley, us army [07-08-2005]

samantha, 19,Tooele, Utah [07-08-2005]

Marc Paisant [07-08-2005]

I was just watching the movie National Treasure and decided to look up STOW"Declaration of Independence" like one of the characters did in the movie and I wanted to see if something actually came up about the liberty bell. That is awesome!
Stephen Bond, age=17, Cincinnati, Ohio [07-08-2005]

I watched the movie "National Treasure" last night. Was curious to see what the results would be when "Stow" was typed in Yahoo like it was in the movie. It worked--got lots of info. Very interesting. I learned about the true cause of the crack in the bell. I always thought it was from ringing so much when we were declared free from England.
Billie Sperling, Bullhead City, Az Age 69 yrs. [07-08-2005]

Our country was founded upon scriptural beliefs from the Bible--why do men seek to destroy the very foundation our freedoms are built upon?
Diannan Larson, age 54, live in San Angelo, Texas [07-08-2005]

Whitney, 29 La [07-07-2005]

giselle [07-07-2005]

bryan and raymond [07-07-2005]

i love it
nick roy, 11 white swan wa [07-07-2005]

i wish america good luck
anonymous [07-07-2005]

god bless america
anonymous [07-07-2005]

Great Website,very informative.
Kevin, 17, Wildwood, Florida, USA [07-07-2005]

Visited the bell before. Just checking into some more history (feeling especially patriotic this week). God bless our service men and women; because of them I along with all Americans are free.
Antoinette L. house, Cleveland, OH [07-07-2005]

i love it
TAYLOR DONATO, 6 yrs, old peoria,az [07-07-2005]

B. Gates [07-07-2005]

information was right to the point well done.............
maryann, tuckahoe,new york [07-05-2005]

I am researching into Philip John Sousa and have a number of his marches and wanted to find out about The Liberty Bell and other marches. This page has helped me very much. Thank you. Rita
Rita Wood, retired and Living in England [07-05-2005]

krystal davis, 34, toledo, oh [07-05-2005]

Yo creo que la historia sobre la Campana de la Libertad es muy interesante y me gustaria que hubiera un poco mas de informacion para que podamos saber un poco mas sobre esto a las personas que nos interesa porque hoy en dia somos pocas.. Gracias! Viany
Viany Anhaly Peraza Beltran, 13 años [07-05-2005]

Who owns it? John Wilbank or his heirs, now? Did the City ever settle the whole issue of it being "on loan"?
Piet Van Allen, San Jose, CA [07-05-2005]

Just took my 2 young boys to see the Bell. When I was growing up, we lived just outside of Philadelphia, so I saw it several times as a boy. But now we live 125 miles away, so this was my kids' first time. They were impressed, and it will give them something to discuss in school. Excellent web site; I like the time line feature.
Bill Ets, Pennsylvania [07-05-2005]

Veronica Rivera, Elementary Education Student [07-05-2005]

when was it cracked
amber wilson, va [07-05-2005]

I liked this websight it told me a lot about the bell thanks for takeing the time to put it up for us .. LITTLE BEAR AND CUBS ...
LITTLE BEAR, 24 asheville n.c. [07-05-2005]

Thans for leting me read about the liberty bell.
ciera wilmering, 18 years lakeozark,Mo [07-05-2005]

Visted the Liberty Bell in July 2004
brenda turner, virginia [07-05-2005]

I was stationed in Philadelphia for 3 years with the Navy (1985 - 1988). I only wish I would have stayed in Philly when I got out of the service. You could never get enough of the history.
John Fitzgerald, Fairfield, Iowa, 43 [07-05-2005]

This page was very informative, the liberty bell has always been a question in our minds, Today july 4th 2005 we went to visit memorial cemetary in richmond virginia, it was very interesting
gibson family, 48,north carolina [07-05-2005]

Karen Lujan, Austin, Texas [07-05-2005]

Thank you for this Great presentation about our LIberty Bell. My Great (6X) grandfather Henry was wounded at the Battle of Brandywire or Chads Creek which was in defense of the city of Philadelphia
James B Bolton, Lexington, KY [07-05-2005]

LOHT [07-05-2005]

My husband were sitting here watching the 4th of July festivities and something was said about the Liberty Bell. My husband said, how did the crack get in the Liberty Bell. I said, well if i ever knew i have forgotton now. At the age of 66 i don't remember much about history. Anyway i got curious and decided to look it up on my computer. Thank Heaven for the inventor of that. I can get answer's to thing's now that as a youngster i had no interest in. Ruby C. Bryer
Ruby Bryer, Madison, Maine [07-05-2005]

Well presented and informative. Thanks
Jim Cole, 65, mobile, al [07-05-2005]

jane ainsworth [07-05-2005]

i am very appreciative of my freedow. i want to share informations with other countries.
MELISSA BOLICK, hickory, nc [07-05-2005]

I think the liberty bell KEEP a secret To A Treasure Of the letter The last suving amriecan Of the signg of The dicratin of the inde pendence.
Trysten Akiona, 9 [07-05-2005]

Very well done! Thank you.
Ruben Matos, Brentwood, NY [07-05-2005]

Gaylord Forshee [07-05-2005]

Todd Emmons, Excelsior Springs, MO [07-04-2005]

It's a wonderful sight. I have never visited such a site before. It's simply amazing. I would like to have a Souvenir of the history of this bell. It was great surfing the site.
Hozefa, 20 years old, India,Maharashtra, Pune. [07-04-2005]

HAHA! I'm just another adding to the "movie threading". Heh, was testing what they typed in the movie too. Reading other people's posts was a "great laugh" =P. /wave America. BTW, Happy early fourth!
Brian K. Sumaoang, Phoenix, AZ [07-04-2005]

I live it.
Margarita Williams, Panama City [07-04-2005]

was wondering how the crack got into the bell and if it fell from a building
dave moyer, 65 kingston ont canada [07-04-2005]

this is a great website. Wanted to know history of liberty bell
jeanice penick, 75, Cedar Park, Texas [07-04-2005]

I think the Liberty bell is a great piece of history. i would like to see it in person if I could.
Greg Lenhart, 38 Lima ohio [07-04-2005]

Renee Eberling, 60 [07-04-2005]

Ramon Luis Ramos PerezP, 56 years, Puerto Rico [07-04-2005]

I just was curious after watching the movie "National Treasure"
Matthew Thomas, 22, covington, KY [07-04-2005]

Very Impressive. I definitely felt very enriched reading about the history, and thinking that Liberty is truly what we are all about. Liberty is made to be strong but we need to remember how we are also so vulnerable to flaws and problems, yet we continue to exist in one piece-solid!
Jackie [07-04-2005]

proud to be an american who loves this country.
Richard Remley, Jacksonville, Fla. [07-04-2005]

proud to be an american born on american siol american by birth a southerner by the grace of god...
albert e. ragland.sr, austin,tx [07-04-2005]

I like history i know all the priesedents in america the libderty baell is cool
jaden, 12 years old live in lacombe albeta [07-04-2005]

Harold Williamson [07-04-2005]

I saw the movie "National Tresure" and i loved it i just had to goggle Pass and Stow now i no every thing about what ever they talked about i have the movie 14 times i can qoute every thing they said its great.
Tori Marshall, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada [07-04-2005]

Arnold Reynolds [07-04-2005]

Beverly Barton [07-04-2005]

stow, 81 washightion dc [07-04-2005]

I like your website. I'm the biggest 14 year old history buff I know, so I've been reading all your info.
Mollie, age 14 from Bradenton Florida [07-04-2005]

Funny how it takes a movie to get people involved in American History. Only wish more people would have gotten more involved a lot sooner in life. Then maybe This country wouldn't be in the shape it's in.
Amazed [07-04-2005]

Stanley A. Burdock, Brownsville. PA 15417 [07-04-2005]

amber, pennsylvania [07-04-2005]

Yours is a very well put together web site. Kudos to the designer.
James T, Walker, Greenfield, Tn. [07-04-2005]

....checking out site, will share thoughts later. thanks
j wright [07-04-2005]

Tina D. Jagerson, las vegas, nv [07-04-2005]

I look forward to seeing the bell in real life.
Carmina McEachron, 42, va [07-04-2005]

Thank you for this i realy enjoyed it and learned from this so thanks again
Dennis Vasquez [07-04-2005]

Happy 4th of July!
Rebecca Ann Puckett, 9 yrs old, Spokane, Wa [07-04-2005]

finly [07-04-2005]

I have watched National Tresure three times and I love the movie. I wanted to see if I typed Yahoo search would the Liberty Bell be there and it was.I think the history aspects of the movie are intressting.
W M BECKER, Australia 01/07/2005 [07-04-2005]

Good site, the original site of the Whitechapel foundry still exists and is clearly marked in east London
Bob Howard, Roquetas de Mar, Spain [07-01-2005]

Hey! The movie hoo ha said that the bell thing would come up first. I am most dissapointed. How am I supposed to laearn american history if not through TV?
Tracy Lucas, 28 yrs Edmonton Albeta, Cananda [07-01-2005]

Was watching National Treasure with Nicholas Cage and wondered if we typed in stow on Yahoo search if we would get the Liberty Bell like they did. And wala we did!
Peggy Hanneman, Panama City Beach, FL [07-01-2005]

We pretend togo to Philadelphia
marisela lopez, 33 New York [06-30-2005]

i think its all really cool because the movie Natioal Treasure makes it seem intersetinG! that movie rocks!
PauLa, 13 [06-30-2005]

just checking facts from a movie I watched.
gino, 44 [06-30-2005]

I saw the movie "National Treasure"it is a very good movie. If you like Si-Fi, watch this movie. I was totally inspired because they talked about the Liberty bell. I just wanted to see if I went on Google and typed in "Pass and Stow" if it would lead me to this site about the Liberty bell. BUt still this site is very informative. And I just wanted to say hi to my boyfriend that is so dam hot! Lizzie, age 15
Lizzie, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [06-30-2005]

this web site is awsome
shad, 10 [06-30-2005]

Thanks for preserving this historical journey for us. Let's never forget the lessons and blessings of Liberty.
Ronald L. Hawkins, Ft. Wayne In. [06-30-2005]

this site helps a lot thanks!
Adam Sandler [06-30-2005]

this page helped me a lot with my summer workbook.thx for the help!
Anwar Barnes, 11 [06-30-2005]

I was just watching National Treasure and wanted to see if it was true that if you look up STOW,Declaration of Independance that the first suggestion is the Liberty Bell. This is pretty neat! Thanks
Hannah [06-30-2005]

June, 2005
Gordon Harper, Sacramento, CA [06-30-2005]

I think the site is grate and it contain a lot of info about d bell.i wish i have d oppotunity to visit the bell,but all d same thanks for giving us info about the bell
Awolala Temidayo, Akure,Ondo State,Nigeria [06-30-2005]

I love it! I had a report on many things and I got lots of pictuers out Of this website! Thankyou.
Sasha Guzman, 18 arlington [06-30-2005]

looked into the info of the bell (pass & Stow) due to the film National Treasure Featuring Nicolas Cage.
Karl Isaacs, 18 Male UK England Bristol [06-30-2005]

why dose the bell have a crak in it.
bradley, 9 nv [06-30-2005]

Stuart Clark, San Antonio, TX. 51 [06-30-2005]

I think that who ever did this shoud put your picter on it.
Hollie R. Barten, 8 n v [06-28-2005]

I Thought the Liberty Bell was a very great site, and i would like to see it again. I am planning on going there on the 4th of July. See you there.
Travis Hall, Goodells Michigan-age 15 [06-28-2005]

very informative website very well put together.
Randal Johnson [06-28-2005]

I did this because im watching National Treasure and they did a yahoo search on STOW DECLERATION OF INDEPENDANCE so I did that and ended up here!this is so cool! ever since I've seen that movie its inspired me to learn more about American History! I LOVE IT SO MUCH NOW and am very fasenated by it! this site is great and helps me learn more about this kind of stuff! so cool!
Mamie, 12, Richmond VA [06-28-2005]

what a symbol, proud to be from pa. god bless the usa
kent m. long, pittsburgh. pa. born there 1937 [06-28-2005]

I have visited Philadelphia several times in the past year, as that is where my boyfriend grew up. Although there have been several visits to the city, we had not visited the liberty bell during any of the visits. I was curious about the liberty bell, its history, and how it got its name. I have a greater understanding of the liberty bell after visiting your site, which has further increased my desire to view the liberty bell. I will have to visit the site of the liberty bell in a future trip to Philadelphia. Thank you for your great website and a better understanding of American history.
Judy, 27 yrs. old. Monson, MA [06-28-2005]

I was brought to this web site by the movie natinal tresre
anonymous, 10 ca [06-28-2005]

i went on may, 2005 and it was the firts time i go to philadelphia and i saw the liberty bell and i fell so emotion that i dont have words to discribe.. but its beutiful.
ANGELINE MONTIJO, 29, bayamon, pr [06-28-2005]

Currious about what would pop up on the Google search for Stow + Declaration. Funny how a fictious movie like National Treasure can renew our intrest in our own history. Great web site! I'm glad you were here all along.
Thom Dillard, Age 48, Easley, SC [06-28-2005]

BRITTANY, 12, battle ground, washington [06-28-2005]

Yasmany Baldriche [06-28-2005]

i think it's really awesome...all the history about the bell
roselea [06-28-2005]

Watching National Treasure and did a search like the 'bad guys' did for Stow and Declaration of Independence.
e. [06-28-2005]

what was the name ofthe man that made the liberty bell,was he a maltese?
RUBEN G MIZZI [06-28-2005]

I love the history of our country!
Mark A, 34 [06-28-2005]

i love history and inspired to be a history major n i love the fact i can learn so much for a website to be intrijue to keep my dream up to be a history major
catie kopko, 15 chicago [06-28-2005]

this site has very unbeliveable facts about our Liberty Bell. it is very significant and beautiful. i am thankful to know the past of our founding fathers.
Kristel Castillon [06-28-2005]

Angiee Stephenson, 27 yrs, Oklahoma City [06-28-2005]

this is the coolest site
Zach Hawkes, 19 guntown [06-28-2005]

i love the site i love to learn more history
samantha nielsen, 18, boyd,tx [06-28-2005]

Well I have seen the movie National treaure it's good.
Megan [06-28-2005]

Keep the bell in Philadelphia where it all started
george Restivo [06-28-2005]

I Love this site, it's very helpful
Ben S., 15 [06-28-2005]

this web is so cool
danny, 8,a,z [06-28-2005]

i saw the movie natoinal treasure and i got inserested so much.and i think kids like me should learn this more and more every single day
daniela, 8,a,z [06-28-2005]

i think the liberty bell is cool. ive always wanted to see it atleast 4-5 feet in person.
danny martinez, las vegas, nevada [06-28-2005]

I just love the history of the liberty bell amd the amarican revulusion i just love learning about this stuff. P.S. Liberty bell is cool
Bobby, 11,NV,Las Vegas [06-28-2005]

just curious about the crack
gilberto calss, 27-puerto rico [06-28-2005]

very good
Britney [06-28-2005]

I didn't know Pass and Stow were names, I just thought that it was something to do with the speech or words on there. This website (and watching National Treasure!) have helped me understand the liberty bell a lot better! Thanx!
Meredith Armeni, 11, Pennslyvania [06-28-2005]

asouther [06-28-2005]

Glenn Levasseur, Vancouver Canada [06-28-2005]

Lynzey, 11 [06-28-2005]

cody, 12 [06-28-2005]

Your article contains just the information that I needed.
Robert L. Blackburn, Biloxi Ms. Age 77 [06-28-2005]

I will shortly be visiting Pennsylvania and Philadelphia and hope to see the Liberty Bell. Even in Australia I have heard of the Liberty Bell
Pamela Keighran, Highbury, South Australia, Australia [06-28-2005]

Ramon Ivan, 20,Lares,P.R. [06-28-2005]

Shannon Jenkins, 19, Phenix City, Al [06-28-2005]

Sylvia E. Martinez, 19 years old I lived in Caguas, Puerto Rico [06-28-2005]

I'm very interested in American history and will be visiting your great country for 8 weeks in January 2006
John Blair, 64, Kilham Yorkshire England [06-28-2005]

i h=just watched national treasure and was interseted in researching about it
shaun eaton, Aberdeen Scotland [06-28-2005]

I was wondering if you could send me info. The truth about the treasure,clue's and secret's which decipher somewhere else. does it exist? I also watch National Treasure yesterday and it was great and I loved it and I see STOW on search yahoo that's why I search for "STOW" declaration of indefendence.
Erick Quijano, 17, Manila Philippines [06-28-2005]

I was watching the movie called "National Tresure" and i thought i would check it out!
Sarah, Glendale, Arizona [06-28-2005]

I find your site very informitive.very educatioal ..A+
Donald, 57-Bancroft Michigan [06-28-2005]

i think the liberty bell was realy cool to discover.After watching national i thout the liberty bell was asome.
sareynah, age 8 oakharboer [06-28-2005]

Very Nice WebSite
Julio Cantres [06-28-2005]

heres for my history report
Ben Egan, age 12 [06-28-2005]

been there touched it .
Daryl Orr, Philadelphia, PA [06-28-2005]

connie brink [06-28-2005]

victoria helmig, 10, [06-28-2005]

very interesting history! probably learned all about it while in grade school but long forgotten. thanks to the internet i am able to refresh my stale memory regarding historical landmarks and such.
nena segree [06-28-2005]

ashton [06-21-2005]

So Cool
Chelsea Olver, Age 13 Silver Lake, WA [06-21-2005]

amelia [06-21-2005]

I think this site is so helpful and educational.
Caitlin Hurst, 14 Ewing, Virginia [06-20-2005]

i think it s cool
abdulrahman [06-20-2005]

denear, greenwood [06-20-2005]

this is a great website
Rj dilloway [06-20-2005]

I really would like to thank you for the tour.I went to Philadelphia when I 10 years old for the summer and visited all the historical sites.It was great to find out more of the history of the bell.God bless you in keeping our history around.
jonathan harris, age40/ Tuskegee, Alabama 36083 [06-20-2005]

I didn't know "Pass and Stow" were last names! I was just curious because I was watching National Treasure and wondered what it meant... Thanks for all the great information!
Veronica, 11 [06-20-2005]

I was wondering if you could send me a picture of the Liberty Bell up close. I was also wondering if you could send a document that explains how/why the bell has the crack on the front. Thank you very much.
Megan, 19, Fremont Ne. [06-20-2005]

Saw National Treasure last night and they had a Yahoo search > I tried it and got this; God Bless America
Bud [06-20-2005]

I don't know, I looked up PASS and STOW because I'm watching National Treasure right now
Allie Watkins, 11 [06-20-2005]

i love the liberty bell after i saw national treasure
stephanie [06-20-2005]

I am really into History and the Liberty Bell is my favorite!
Kylie Downs, 15 years old, Alexandria Minnesota [06-20-2005]

Great to see the interest in the liberty bell and our history. Years ago I was a member of the Marietta Jaycess, on the Liberty Bell Committee and for Bicentennial; we presented a Liberty Bell to the citizens of Marietta and Cobb County GA.
Joe Varga, marietta ga [06-20-2005]

i think the liberty bell is a very important fact about history. it's very interesting. i thing it's cool to learn about how there is a crack in the liberty bell!
JESSICA LOPER, 13 livingston,al [06-20-2005]

toni kelly, 16,syracuse [06-20-2005]

heather robbin, minneapolis, mn [06-20-2005]

Sanna Lähdesalo, Finland [06-20-2005]

i thougth it was great and cool.
jurika, 13,nj [06-20-2005]

I just watched National Treasre! IT WAS COOL!
Jack [06-20-2005]

I luv national treasure and i looked up pass and stow!U.S.A!
blah, 14 [06-20-2005]

Jose R. Vaquera, Houston, TX, 77084 [06-20-2005]

Allison, 11, Glen Allen [06-17-2005]

to go see the bell.
Deymi and Mary, 10and 11 [06-17-2005]

I dont know, I just looked up STOW, The Declaration of Independence because I'm watching National Treasure at the moment.
BeezleBub, 12, OC, Oregon [06-17-2005]

i am a history buff,, and i wish i had lived back then..thanks.....
mike dausy, 55,reno nv.. [06-17-2005]

Lindsey, 13 [06-17-2005]

I luv history. History is my favorite subject.
Justin [06-17-2005]

i might visit the liberty some day.
victoria leigh hall, 8, Milner [06-17-2005]

I also watched the movie 'National Treasure' totally awesome. I had to read about it for myself and I'm glad I did. AWESOME!
Marc Signor, 27 y.o: Melbourne, Australia [06-17-2005]

I watched National treasure and I thought it was just a history movie, but when I checked from internet it is a true American history. I am very glad that America has priceless history which almost everyone in the world can memorize in their minds well when it made as a movie. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Arco.Hartanto, 23years old, Indonesia [06-17-2005]

alex, El Paso, Tx [06-17-2005]

It's a marvellous site to understand the history and the fondements of the USA. I love USA and his history and I try that Frenchs especially Normans, and Americans, meets them because of the importance of our commun history. http://www.normandie.tk
Yuca de Taillefer, 32 years old, Normandy. [06-17-2005]

Do you think the Liberty Bell was cracked during the Revolutionary War? If you think so, email me at 1Doonbuggy@hollaback.msn.com
Julia, 39 Pennsylvainia [06-17-2005]

i love the liberty bell now since i live in south philly i get to see it anttime i want 2
marlena, 13, philadelphia [06-17-2005]

Abby Winn, 17 years old [06-17-2005]

i love your website about the liberty bell.
victoria leigh hall, 8, Milner [06-17-2005]

It is really great to view our history and it makes you feel really good to be an American
Joe Shannon, 58, Beaumont, Texas [06-17-2005]

Very well done
William German, 66yrs, from Greenville, Sc (10 in USNs) [06-17-2005]

I am VERY glad to be an AMERICAN, for all of us to have the FREEDOM, what our fore Fathers gave ALL of us.
Kathy Carr, 56, Casselberry, Florida [06-14-2005]

Linda Nokk, 31 years old live in Plymouth [06-14-2005]

i thought i would check this out after i watched the movie National Treasure
Melanie Braunschweig, 9 Crossville, T.N [06-14-2005]

I watched National Tresure and I thought it was really cool!
Chloe, 12.5 [06-14-2005]

this is so cool...i watched National Treasure and just had to check this out
crystal, 11,singapore [06-14-2005]

Your website is perfect for my project. PS. I mite visite The Liberty Bell some day.
victoria leigh hall, 8, Milner [06-14-2005]

I enjoyed reading about the Liberty Bell.
Shelby Griffis, 9 fl [06-14-2005]

adam aulner, blackfoot idaho age 12 [06-13-2005]

I watched natoinal treasure and I thught it was so cool that they got to see the liberty bell.PS your website is so cool.
victoria leigh hall, 8, Milner [06-13-2005]

I think your site is so cool. PS. I wached natoinal treasure and I thought that it was so cool that they got to see The Liberty Bell.
victoria leigh hall, age 8, Georgia [06-13-2005]

I think that you should show a lot of more stuff about the liberty bell and should tell the little kids story about the liberty bell
Jazz, 11,phily, [06-13-2005]

I think that you should show a lot of money
Tavonna [06-13-2005]

i just had to look up this sight after i seen national treasure.it got a little to interesting
ashley, 14,portland,or [06-13-2005]

I watched this movie that talked about the bell and many other historic monuments. This is a very liberal thing for me.
Latoya Johnson, waterloo [06-13-2005]

I watched national treasure and I thought it was so cool that they got to see the liberty bell and your website is so ausome.
victoria leigh hall, 8, Milner [06-13-2005]

the movie called the national treasure was so awesome that i had to check into the history of the liberty bell
michael ferranola, 40 valley stream new york [06-13-2005]

jake, age 6, Mi [06-13-2005]

I thought WOW! did that really happen i would of LOVED to see the Liberty Bell but i know i will see it eventually but i really thought that the photo essay was really interesting but what can i say i am just a 11 almost 12 year old girl that likes history. a lot
Gfoster, ---------- [06-13-2005]

jake [06-13-2005]

This sight was the best i learned so much from it
nick lawrence, 12 newburgh indiana [06-13-2005]

I thought it was cool
elliot, 10 [06-13-2005]

it so cool
Maria Stamatos, 10 [06-13-2005]

are the facts really true from national treasure?
Bebe, hi [06-13-2005]

i want a now the history
angki, 21 years old,indonesia [06-13-2005]

Annmarie Leininger, Newark, DE [06-13-2005]

later in life and now the liberty bells will be helpful and very important
destiny j. leubner, 9 M.N. also L.A. [06-13-2005]

it was good
angel orillano, puerto princesa, philippines [06-13-2005]

I wonder why ther is a crack in the Liberty Bell
Molly, 11 [06-13-2005]

I just love learning about history so, I watched National Treasure and it gave a great perspective of the Liberty Bell!
Nikki Tolliver, 14,LaFollette,TN [06-13-2005]

we need to think abut this its apart of your history and we are letting the ppl and the government tell us what we can say and what we can do so that we dont piss anyone off and to me this is a much of BS . we have let the ppl run this in to the ground about god in the school and having to be polical correct on what we say now days . when did foreigns have more rights then we do.
carole hritz, 36 yrs sparta tn 385883 [06-13-2005]

I really like this website!
Jimmy Gerding, 17-St. Paul [06-13-2005]

RJ, yAge:10 City: St.Cloud,FL [06-13-2005]

Brenda Hunt [06-13-2005]

I think the Liberty Bell is one of Americas most beautiful bells.
Haleigh, 23 [06-13-2005]

The liberty bell is a great tribute to the U.S.A
lexandra, 14 kentwood [06-13-2005]

Codie [06-13-2005]

cool site love philly
AMANDA B, 25 philly [06-13-2005]

Tyler Martin [06-13-2005]

alana, 8,Oconomowalk,567 [06-13-2005]

razuva [06-10-2005]

we just watched the movie national treasure, and just like everyone here saya, it was awesome! it this the site that they got to? cool! we are such total ditzes. like totally. where is the nearest nail salon? lova ya, mwa mwa razuva
razuva, borringlyn [06-10-2005]

I would never be on your website if not for "National Treasure"
Richard Lock, 57, Cerritos [06-09-2005]

I was born in Tokyo, Japan. My dad got a job offer in Philadelphia. So we had to learn English, boy it was a challenge, but i'm finally fluent. Anyway after we came to the United States. We had to take Mandarin Chinese and Korean classes near Independance hall, because of my dad's job. Every day after class we would visit the Liberty Bell. We had learned about American History back in Japan, and all my friends wanted to go to Pennsylvania. I was facinated by the Liberty Bell. After our family could speak Mandarin Chinese and Korean fluently, we started school here in America. But every day after school we would go to the Liberty Bell. Obviously i got an A everytime we had an American History test. So far I still miss Tokyo, but I love it in Philadelphia. But it has given me the oppertunity to learn the hardest language in the world, English. Plus I love living near the Liberty bell. Moving helped my dad make more money, and now I can speak Four Languages instead of 1 (my first language Japanese). You rock America!
Roy Kwagasaki, Live in Philadelphia, born in Tokyo, Japan, 15 [06-09-2005]

great site
darren williams, 34, cardiff, wales, uk [06-09-2005]

Have visited many times while living there. Am in Fla now.
Ginnie Carey, from NJ [06-09-2005]

MATTHEW, 13 [06-09-2005]

Your website has so many interesting historical facts! I would love to actually visit the bell itself! I have a question: In National Treasure, did they actually get to go onto the bell tower in Independence hall? Just wondering! Anyway, i hope you keep up the good work!
Rachel [06-09-2005]

valerie rosales, age-27 Colorado [06-09-2005]

Let The Liberty Bell ring forever!
Marc J. Stockwell-Moniz [06-09-2005]

Great information.
Lon, Jennifer, Matt, Ryan, Cassondra Peless, Belding, MI [06-09-2005]

Connor and Holly Maynard, Natchitoches, La [06-09-2005]

Let Freedom Ring. What a great country we live and worship in. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
David Clark, Morris Alabama [06-09-2005]

jaka, 5/2 [06-09-2005]

I love all history of the U.S.A!
Gretchen, 13 [06-09-2005]

Sarah, 20, Ironton [06-09-2005]

I had to look for new stuff about our history that I didn't know about. After watching National Treasure, I have given this thought: The liberty bell was moved after the crack appeared in it. So the Centennial bell was put in its place in Independance hall.
Alyx Stanco [06-09-2005]

i htink learning about the liberty bell is fun
zachary miller, 10,wilkes [06-09-2005]

Big $BILL$, 17,Hartford [06-08-2005]

Kacey Greenlee, 10 yrs. old Camp Lejeune, NC [06-08-2005]

I had to visit this site after watching National Treasure! That was one of the best movies I have ever seen and the best part was that it had so much history in it! I wish we had more movies as exciting and informative as National Treasure, the Entertainment business would find a huge crowd pleaser! Thanks for your your site!
Cheri Chavez, 36, Lodi Calif Preschool Teacher [06-08-2005]

Kaivon, 9 [06-08-2005]

Mehron, 6 virginia beach [06-08-2005]

This is an interesting bit of History. Thank you.
Lynn LaFountain, 58, Torrington, CT [06-08-2005]

valerie leimann [06-08-2005]

gd site wel done
Tara, u dnt need 2 knoe [06-08-2005]

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silvia, 12,kansas city,MO(06-7-05) [06-08-2005]

After watching National Treasure the movie I want to know everything about American history.
Keva Muller [06-08-2005]

Paisley Tinsley [06-08-2005]

Caroline, 14, Stockton, CA [06-08-2005]

I just saw the movie "National Treasure" and it sparked by curiosity. Thanks for the info. I hope to it in person one day.
JP, salem, or [06-08-2005]

I love National landmarks there so cool!
Shannon, Katy [06-08-2005]

Drawn to learn more about the Liberty Bell after watching National Treasure.
Dean Penberthy, 35, St. Louis, MO = History teacher [06-06-2005]

I'm going to Phlly with my class and we're going to see the Liberty Bell. I've never seen it before but I will soon!
Elizabeth [06-06-2005]

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Ian, 46 [06-06-2005]

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dyta, 17,indonesia [06-06-2005]

I am going thorugh each study as a personal study. I came across this site, and found it very intersting.
Jackie Morgan, England [06-06-2005]

this information ---> COOL National Tressure ---> AWESOME
Emi, 19, Indonesia [06-06-2005]

I to watched "National Treasure", and ended up here. Good movie, great history site.
Harmony O. Cannon, 55, Eugene, Oregon [06-06-2005]

useful website
Vernon Atwood [06-06-2005]

Danielle, 12, Austin, gm [06-06-2005]

I tought the word liberty is the effort and struggle and the sacrifices of the countless of loves through out the histroy of this great and great people.
bontu gemeda, 08 [06-06-2005]

just saw "National Treasure" for the second time and had to find out what would come up with "Stow Declaration of Independence" and look where I wound up!
Ann, Tucson AZ [06-06-2005]

Michael Dupree [06-06-2005]

Can anyone e-mail me from here?
BenjGirl, none ya [06-06-2005]

caleb joy, burnet texas [06-06-2005]

JoAnn Hatfield [06-06-2005]

i won't to know what MDCCll meens because what made me think about the liberty bell was the movie natinol treasure.I meen is there rilly a map on the back of the declaration of indapendece i love that movie and one more thing is there a treasure.sorry for bad spelling i'am only 11 and i am not a good speller and my e mail addres is my brothers old one. bye bye
Elizabeth Hatley, 11 colfax [06-06-2005]

phyllis hageter [06-06-2005]

amelia elizabeth, 9 years, vestal [06-05-2005]

American History is very interesting.I've seen the Movie National Tressure and i said i might look it up on the net
Bryan, 13 years Sliema,Malta,Europe [06-05-2005]

I like your iformation
destiny, 10 apple valley [06-05-2005]

I wanted to know about the Liberty Bell after watching "National Treasure" that movie is great and it is very factual about history. This website has some good pictures and great info to about the Bell.
Daniel, 15, Moreno Valley, CA [06-04-2005]

GLADYS HUNT, lakeland fl 33810 [06-04-2005]

I would like to say this is a great web site. Thank you sooooooooooooo much. - Elizabeth Nolon
Elizabeth Nolon, 9 Brielle [06-04-2005]

I think history is ANSOME.
Kylee, 10, liberty. [06-04-2005]

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i really like your facts
ANTHONY GOOLD, age 10 [06-03-2005]

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I thought that this site was very informational about the liberty bell. that was really cool and I liked it very much.
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I want to learn about the Liberty Bell because I really like History and its interesting to me.
Blake, 8 years, Seattle WA [06-03-2005]

i went because i just watched national treasuer and i just to see if this website really exsited
brendan long, 14 cincinnati,OH [06-03-2005]

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I found this page very interesting.I watched a moive today and inthat moive was some scenes of the bell and I thought it was interesting so I got on the computer to look up some more information on the topic.Thank You
KayLee Gildner, 12 years,From Whittemore MI [06-03-2005]

Lyn Jamison, 35, Memphis, TN [06-03-2005]

i think oyu sould do historycal letters
Meredith, 10 [06-03-2005]

I can't get enough of (our) early American History. Every Philadelphia visit leaves me a bit more in the know regarding our great nation's beginning, its colorful characters, its natural beauty.
Richard Hartman, 57, Towanda, Pa [06-03-2005]

osully [06-03-2005]

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I really enjoyed this site. It helped a lot in school for reacerch and I got all I needed. It also gave long descriptions while all the other sites gave short ones. This site rocked!
anonymous [06-03-2005]

I like cheese, jello, and the Liberty bell.
Allan Lockren [06-03-2005]

the liberty bell is an swsome thing! But i can't believe it craked on geroge washingtons birthday!
amy walraven, i love the movie national teasure [06-03-2005]

I think that it is good that someone has a site where you can read about things some people never think twice about.
anonymous [06-03-2005]

I love this site! I love all history1 Have any of you seen the movie National Treasure? Well if you have you would know a lot about history now! To all teachers reading this: Watch National Treasure it is a great movie! It made me really want to know more about the Declaration of Independence and other history!
Samantha, northbridge, ma [06-03-2005]

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MadelineHall, Age:15, Melbourne Australia [06-03-2005]

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I thimk this is really cool. After watching the movie National Treasure I got a little interested so I decided to see if this sight was real, and it was. sincerely, Korie (12)
Korie Foster [06-03-2005]

i looked up info on the liberty bell bc i had a social studies project. and wow i learned some pretty cool stuff i didnt now about the liberty bell.
Ali Schultz [06-03-2005]

I want to see the Liberty Bell oneday I'm studieing the bell right now
kendall, 8,Lottie LA [06-03-2005]

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3494, glens falls new york [06-03-2005]

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this site rocks it help me a lot with school work .my school trip is to Philadelphia!
kool kat [06-03-2005]

how can i obtain tickets to see bell on july 29 in advance. 2 adults and 2 children. thanks
sonny dyke, front royal va [06-03-2005]

Jennifer Kummer, 14, Haskell [06-03-2005]

I learned about Pass and Stow from the movie National Treasure. In the movie he goes to google and types in "STOW: Declaration of Independence"...so i did it to because i wanted to see if the liberty bell was the first answer.
Alex Espinosa, El Campo, Tx [06-03-2005]

show what happend at the boston tea party.
Alaina D.Bridges, 7 YRS, Independence, MO [06-03-2005]

I really like your sight. Being interested in History does also help play a part. After seeing the movie "National Treasure", I have really becomne more interested in the recent history of the United States. Do you have a periodical that you could possibly send me? Thanks.
Colton Martin, 13 [06-03-2005]

i dont think you are giving enough information
tia, 36, Newyork city [06-03-2005]

We visited the Bell today. I am learning about it in school. I am homeschooled. We are going back again to study it some more next week.
Michaela Moore, Age 7 Northeast, Maryland [06-03-2005]

this is a pertty cool sight i just learnt things that i didnt know
monique, 12,san diego [06-03-2005]

SSG Troy D. Collings, United States Army, Active [06-03-2005]

As a history teacher, I would like to know how they set-up the web for the movie National Treasure. Also anyother history you could send me.
Steve Wolverton, 59, Humble, Tx. 77346 [06-03-2005]

wendy hunter, 10 willamsport [06-03-2005]

William T. Vaughter, 16, Sydney NE, [06-03-2005]

on the liberty bell it says someything about stow what does it say?
bridget loyd, 13 stratford ok 4872 [06-03-2005]

Michelle and Rigel, Eugene, Oregon [06-03-2005]

debi, edison [06-03-2005]

USA rocks!
Breezy, Yuba city, CA [06-03-2005]

its a clue to a treasure and it was published 1915. lets all love our liberty bell.
kelly, 11 [06-03-2005]

Bob Smith [06-03-2005]

Larry Friesen, 47,brookfield.mo [06-03-2005]

What's the Liberty Bell's phone number? I mean, I've seen her up close...REALLY close, but I never got her number. Oh, yes, I did come here after watching National Treasure...DUH I WATCHED IT! He he he...I was in it! :~)
Riley, Hollywood, CA [06-03-2005]

Hi! Did you realize your web site looks exactly (or is) the one the bad guys look at on the movie "National Treasure?" You should watch the movie sometime.
Kelsey Conner, McDonough, GA [06-03-2005]

did the bad guys on National Treaser "The Movie" sign the geust book? We saw this website on the movie! It looked the same! Did you know that?
Morgan Carrruthers, Franklin, Tn [06-03-2005]

I think that this website is very cool, I love history!
Ariel Poncik, 8, Columbus, Tx [06-03-2005]

I really like this sight, it is an inspiration for me to learn more!
Adrienne Poncik, 13, Columbus, Tx [06-03-2005]

The liberty bell is AWESOME! I love it! My mom was teasing me about it all because of the three Masons.
Mason kuppler, 9,Greenbrier [06-03-2005]

anonymous [06-03-2005]

Liberty bell is hot!
Kristen Johnson, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada [06-03-2005]

the liberty bell is just that, a sign of liberty that philadelphia enjoys in its backyard. my only concern is, do not threaten that sign of liberty or freedom that this country stands for! continued good luck.....[gee].
mr. john geary aertsen, male, cuttingsville, vermont,05738 [06-03-2005]

this web site is the coolest thing about history
Hana, 13,allentown Pa [06-03-2005]

Watched National Treasure tonight and found this website. Alex
Alex Hendricks, Prescott, Arizona, 8 Years Old [06-03-2005]

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good page
anders, 12 years, norway [06-03-2005]

Yo Yo Yo! HE HE HE national Treasures an awesome movie eh?
Ali [06-03-2005]

Rodney & Denise King, Oklahoma City, Ok [06-03-2005]

Rebecca, Texas [06-03-2005]

.to whom it may concern, i was born in philly. the liberty bell is just that. the sign of liberty.why have military around it with guns. when i saw the initial move of the bell, it was because folk were terrorising it and throwing things at it. not a good idea in this day and age.
john geary aertsen, male,cuttingsville, vermont. [06-03-2005]

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