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The Liberty Bell

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how was the liberty bell cracked and when was it made.
Michael Mashni, 16, lexington, kentucky [05-28-2005]

Elaine Vanderhorst, Philadelphia [05-28-2005]

i want to know
ash, 23 [05-28-2005]

This site really did the Liberty Bell justice.
V. David [05-28-2005]

I love to learn about stuff in history like the Liberty Bell.
Brooke Eicher [05-27-2005]

my 7year old is in first grade and is doing a class project on the libery bell, just the right amount of info, thanks
marianne, ashland ma [05-27-2005]

I would like to see the liberty bell someday ok when you get this write back please iam a nice and intelligent girl bye
Jasmine, 10 [05-27-2005]

it was a nice pecie of imformation
jordan, 10, margate [05-27-2005]

the liberty bell information provided is really great to people who want to know about it, thanks
Katie, 15, cleveland [05-27-2005]

i thought the liberty bell was great i went there last year with my family
jeffrer batchelor, 15 dumas tx [05-27-2005]

I have a personally thought about our nations beginning and i was just thinking was ther more to our nation than we know?
xavier saldua, sugar land,tx [05-27-2005]

the libertybell has a lot of facts about it
jordan [05-26-2005]

domer [05-26-2005]

cool pictures
anonymous [05-26-2005]

Make a game about stopping the crack being made in the Liberty Bell.
Maria [05-26-2005]

"Liberty or Death"
Adam Betz, Tecumseh, MI [05-26-2005]

harry w durst [05-26-2005]

I thought this site was really interesting because we watched a movie called National Treasure and it was really good. So I just thought i'd check this out. Thanks, Briana
Briana, 13, San Antonio [05-26-2005]

I am curious as to why the verse from Leviticus was chosen to be inscribed on the Liberty Bell? It is a very good quote to have but if anyone knows exactly who ordered it to be inscribed, why, and if there were any other possible biblical verses that were considered, please contact me. It has been brought up in discussions with my congregation recently. Thanks.
Becci Yadron, 31, Lansing, Illinois [05-26-2005]

I ask my Mom and Dad every morning to show me pictures of "The Bell!" I like to look at pictures of the Libery Bell. Thank You. Erik
Erik Gross, 23 months, Los Gatos, CA [05-26-2005]

Ever since we visited the liberty Bell in 2002 I have wondered about the quote around the top of the Bell. Great to have finally found it! Thank you.
Roseanne, Victoria Australia [05-26-2005]

anonymous, iam9yares old [05-26-2005]

Hello... I love visiting your site..and notice that you have information posted on the Normandy Liberty Bell. I am the composer of "Let Freedom Ring"...which I have the honor of singing at the National BEll Ringing Cermeony of the Liberty Bell each year in Philadelphia on July 4th. I'm very excited that the Normandy Liberty Bell will be a part of the ceremony this year...in which I will be performing my song, Let Freedom Ring.. The Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorale will once again join me in this exciting ceremony. ONE CAN HEAR "LET FREEDOM RING" at: www.LetFreedomRingPublishing.com By the way, many concert bands will be performing Let Freedom Ring this year on July 4th across America in a full band/orchestra arrangement.. (sheet music now available for band/orchestra/choir) SO SING OUT AMERICA! GREAT WEBSITE... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.. GOD BLESS AMERICA..AND LET FREEDOM RING KAY SEAMAYER Let Freedom Ring Publishing
Kay Seamayer, Dallas, Texas [05-26-2005]

i m a 5 gradr and i thnk this is berry intrestang
anonymous [05-26-2005]

Nice :)
Sally Klitzke, Indiana -- Age 42 [05-26-2005]

K Wahl [05-26-2005]

How did the Liberty bell get a crack?
Elizabeth Fontana, 9,India [05-26-2005]

OK well i just finished watching national tresherer and it had a coupple of facts on it an di just wanted to learn more about it. Thankyou
Tyler,Skidnuk, Age,12 [05-26-2005]

I am doing a report on Pennsylvania at school.
Rebekah Clark, 10 years old [05-26-2005]

kenneth a russell [05-26-2005]

Nice one, but i think you should focus on improving a little bit and putting new content. Ohterwise i always encourage such ideas.
Richard OKeefe, 24 [05-26-2005]

Brittany Foster, 15, Hinton, WV [05-26-2005]

hi liberty bell
keith, I am 89 [05-26-2005]

I think that the Liberty Bell is a great monument and that u should send information to every person in America about it because everyone would dlike to know about it
Katherine, 13 age [05-26-2005]

your site is really cool! u need more pictures though, but otherwise its good!
Madison, 13 years old, Lincoln [05-26-2005]

this really means a loy to me. it made me stop and think bout how much we shold appreciate our country.
courtney poe, 14, alexandria kentucky [05-26-2005]

hey nice i learned a lot
jess, 25 [05-26-2005]

i tink your website is da bome digitaty lib bell hommy G
marissa, north dover school [05-26-2005]

Yaritza, i'm 10 years old [05-26-2005]

Shamara, 12 [05-26-2005]

Very thurough site
Cynthia Mansour [05-26-2005]

Cathy [05-26-2005]

Jacob [05-26-2005]

The only reason I went on here is because National Treasure
Ben Lippold, 10,Wichita,Kansas [05-26-2005]

I think the Pic where refreshing to see It brought you back! It also reminded me of the many different people that make up this grate land and what we stand for. well any way god bless the people of the USA (let Freedom Ring)
Chris Rapp [05-26-2005]

cool and great info! thanx 4 the info 4 my report
Amanda, 13 [05-26-2005]

denise bragg, bangor maine [05-26-2005]

I Hope I can visit Philadelphia next year again. It was wonderful to see the Liberty bell. Greets from Germany
Angie, Germany [05-26-2005]

I love the historicleness in the bell
Chrissy [05-26-2005]

I liked the 1915 photos and the story that went along with it. P.S I saw it in philadelphia.
Cory Yerger, 10 yrs. Northumberland PA [05-26-2005]

nice site
john burns [05-26-2005]

I thought this sight was awesome! I used it to find interesting facts about the liberty bell, for a report.
Tami Veach, age:15 [05-26-2005]

jsc, 10 [05-26-2005]

Learning about the US history is wonderful
Larry Steven Dotson II, Intriged with History [05-26-2005]

Sebastian [05-26-2005]

We watched the movie National Treasure, and it sparked our interest in the Liberty Bell, and The Declaration of Independence.
Terri Perez, 31, Miami,Florida [05-26-2005]

i think your site is so interesting and its perfect for my report on the liberty bell.
brielle, north dover school [05-26-2005]

I love history! like the movie NATOINAL TREASER!
Anni Nelson, I'm ten, I live in beaverton oregon [05-26-2005]

Megan [05-26-2005]

daniel gallo [05-26-2005]

Paul and Chase Pego, 55 and 8yrs old- White Cloud Mi. [05-26-2005]

tyler, age 10 [05-26-2005]

i love the moovie national treser
yael lyons, 12 yr. and i live in fl. [05-26-2005]

thank you for helping me with my work.I found everything you can know about the liberty bell. thank you again for helping
emily, 8,n.y [05-26-2005]

After watching the movie National Treasure I was very interested in looking at the website of the Liberty Bell
Douglas Brinker, 28 Villa Ridge, Missouri [05-26-2005]

Ashley Snow [05-26-2005]

Daisy [05-26-2005]

lot of information!
Austin Gist, California [05-26-2005]

really cool
alexia, pa [05-26-2005]

let freedom ring!1
THERESA, 18,philadelphia [05-26-2005]

Shanae [05-26-2005]

moriah c, 15 moval calli [05-26-2005]

If we only had today in our Government that we had back then!
Keith E. Haynes SR., Port Angeles, WA. [05-26-2005]

i like the liberty bell. it is cool. i would like to see it in person though.
Brett McClelland [05-26-2005]

Is it guarded?
Spector, chisholm [05-26-2005]

ashley harrrod, 13 [05-26-2005]

Teh liberty is my favorite bell.
Joseph, 7 [05-26-2005]

i realy enjoyd being on this site.it was veryinformative.as a child i had the privlage of visiting the liberty bell it was an experiance i will never forget,and wish to do again. thank you for this wonderful site sicerly heather.moore
HEATHER, lk orion,MI [05-26-2005]

i love the LIBERTY BELL
taylor [05-26-2005]

your site is not fun. put games on it. dont u no how to make a site. i do. and mine is better than yours.your would lose against mine. gosh
anonymous [05-26-2005]

Howard Thornton, 25 jamaica newyork [05-26-2005]

OMAR [05-26-2005]

Thank you very much for having this website.Without this site, I would never of gotten an A! -_-`Thank you
Miriam Kwagh, 9, 203yorkshireln. FairlessHills P.A.,19030 [05-26-2005]

i think that the liberty bell is an important part of u.s.a history
bimbo shpolopacus [05-26-2005]

Charlotte, Portland, OR [05-26-2005]

I like the Liberty Bell is intresting because I watched a movie called "National Treasure" and it has a lot of action,secret codes and clues,and history in it.
JADE, 9 years old [05-26-2005]

i luv national treasure
anonymous [05-26-2005]

Itiet who me its here its there!
Ian treasure hunter [05-26-2005]

I learned all about the liberty bell in National Treasure the movie. I came to your website and learned MORE! Thanks 12 year old Jorilyn Webb
Jorilyn Webb [05-26-2005]

You have almost every thing except that why was it made when was it made where is it at today and why it is important total true love from Pooh Bearr with 2 r's so the last one can roll off your tounge
anonymous, my age is 11, i live in gurnee, I love history [05-26-2005]

I dont think that this web page sends enough info about the belll half of it is bull damn how low do you steep
Hypnotic, Philedelphia [05-26-2005]

Thank you sooooooooo much I did my reasearch report on the Liberty Bell and this webbie was my main sorce (I didn't spell that right)
Rachel, 13, nj [05-26-2005]

just done a school report with my son and found your site very helpfull thank
Stuart Churchill, Glasgow / Scotland [05-26-2005]

I logged onto this site after watching "National Treasure" last night with my husband. I am incredibly curious about this portion of history now!
Melissa S. Nightingale, Grass Valley, CA 95945 [05-26-2005]

KIERRA [05-26-2005]

i am number one
candice greenwell, ernest ward middle school [05-26-2005]

Interesting. Ok the movie National Treasure sparked me to really want to learn more about the free masons, and the history of the liberty bell like the inscription on the liberty bell. Do you know of agood picture to sendme that so i can look at it?
Suzannah [05-26-2005]

this is absolutely the greatest country in the world
ernie gomez, 51 california [05-26-2005]

This is a very cool monument, and this website helped us with our prodject.
rebecca and meg, we're from PA [05-26-2005]

i think that the website is a very interesting web page and i wuold like to come and see the liberty bell sometime soon the reason that i am interested in the bell so much is coz i have just see a flim called NATIONAL TREASURE and i found the history so interesting that i just had to see the web site but any way got to go hope you get a lot more interesting comments on the site like this one byexxxxxxxxxxxx
jomaine [05-26-2005]

h ah a
Jade, 12 in albuquerque [05-26-2005]

I would like to visit the Liberty Bell someday.
anonymous [05-26-2005]

I saw the movie natinol treasure and typed this up sweeeet
Collin, 12 [05-26-2005]

ilove american history.
jeremiah, 17, broken arrow, OK. [05-26-2005]

hey ilike eggs
anonymous [05-26-2005]

I have just watched national treasure (staring Mr Cage). It was a real good movie and i thought i would research this site and see something that was real.
ben simpson, Australian [05-26-2005]

This bell has seen a lot of history, and has become probably the most famous bell there is.
: ), u.s. [05-26-2005]

tHESE ARE VERY COOL INFORMATION i WISH i WAS THERE IN THOSE TIMES it made me feel like I wanted to be a person who studies about things from the past. E ven though I'm so young I think about what I want to be when I grow up, this site made me want to be a person who studies things from the past thank you for making this site. Salamat! (thank you)
Jessica Isis Reyes Gan, 10yrs. old SSF, Filipino [05-26-2005]

Who made the Liberty Bell??
David Lee, none [05-26-2005]

I think that U.S. history is so interesting! SO is the Liberty bell!
Stuff [05-26-2005]

I'm doing a social Studies on 3 Patriotic symbols and the Liberty Bell is one of them.
shana, 11 yrs old [05-26-2005]

A lot of great information that my parents do not know.
N. Castor, want information before going to see the Liberty Bell on a class trip [05-26-2005]

I really like the liberty bell it is really nice to see it I hope that I get to see it again because it is good and because it helped me a lot with my proget.
Taylor DeShields, 11 maryland [05-26-2005]

Sara Kim, have a younger brother [05-26-2005]

i think u.s. history is awesome. after watching the movie national treasure i really found hiatory interesting
kayla [05-26-2005]

I love history. I really enjoyed this site. I wish the Liberty Bell would come to my town in Turtle Lake! Our town is small so something important like that would make our town more important! No one knows about my town. Well, thanks for making such a AWSOME web site.
Samantha Olson, Female, North Dakota [05-26-2005]

David, Nipomo, CA [05-26-2005]

sharon cirkles, 12, telephone,texas [05-26-2005]

Kewell! I LOVE this site!
Bridgette [05-26-2005]

HI averybody I was watching NICOLAS CAGE's film. it is Natýonal Treasure. I have seen the liberty bell to there yet. And I am finding this website. It is a good website. From where,to what place? I am sory, my English is bad, but I want writ from turkey. good bye. everybody.
Asude, age 29- I am from turkey [05-26-2005]

this information is great.
melissa thompson [05-26-2005]

i enjoy social studies it has been my favorite suject seens junior high and thanks to my globla teacher in high school my interest for it has grow and it has been of a great value.the movie national threasure inspired me to look up on this site and love the movie because it gives me an idea of how it was back then thank to this movie the site has gotten more kids wanting to learn about it .if is posible to send me more information ill apreciatted. thank you!
carmela martinez, 19 years old from new york city [05-26-2005]

I think the Liberty Bell is so cool!
Mary Woodall, 10 [05-26-2005]

I have visited Philadelphia sveral times in the past 5 years, I love the history and the whole city, the story and sites,i have seen about the liberty bell are GREAT! I love PHILLY!
Krissy, age 24 from Pittsburgh PA [05-26-2005]

i would like to see the Libery Bell
Ms.Kathy Buntjer [05-26-2005]

Louis Santamaria [05-26-2005]

I hate history
katherine quinlan, Hi to all my fans [05-26-2005]

great info on history
Leigha Parker, 27,Cowpens Sc [05-26-2005]

Dawn, Little Rock, AR [05-26-2005]

I love your site! However, I think that the homepage could use a layout that is a bit neater. Other than that, keep up the good work!
Rachel, age 11 [05-26-2005]

Just reading
caleb [05-26-2005]

This timely historic remblem that has been with us for 200 years should be cared with for respect because we do not know what is on the inside of it
Nomad [05-26-2005]

I think the Liberty Bell is a great thing to study
Alex E., I am 10 years old! [05-26-2005]

Owasome sight! the pics are great.
Troy W, Victoria [05-26-2005]

victoria [05-26-2005]

this is sooo cool. i just watched the movie National Treasure and i wanted to see if it was true. I have a 13 year old son who is now so interested in american history that i cant even begin to explain who happy i am that something finally got him interested in the great history of our founding fathers.
anna scott [05-26-2005]

watching national treasure led me here very interesting
Eddie Phillott, Australia,Rockhampton,33 [05-26-2005]

Addie [05-26-2005]

Eddie Phillott [05-26-2005]

Matt Cordon, 29,rexburg,id [05-26-2005]

Erica Lavallee, 26 years old Greenville NH [05-26-2005]

neal, ga [05-26-2005]

chris, 40 Indianapolis,in [05-26-2005]

wow i love natinaltresaure
anonymous [05-26-2005]

i luv da liberty bell it is so amazing. thnx for da great site!
britney, ca [05-26-2005]

You need a biger picture of it.
KAYLA [05-26-2005]

i love the website and loved wacting the national treasure did they really have the declration of independence with them i love this website and just wanted to learn more! bye bye
anonymous [05-26-2005]

the liberty bell is cool and wasent it cracked by john pass and john stow?
Tuesday, 11 [05-26-2005]

ken cyr [05-26-2005]

Kelli Donner-TSEU [05-26-2005]

I have recently watched the movie National Treasure and I didnot know how much history you could find on the liberty Bell
Bill hickman, Williamsburg,Ohio 45176 [05-26-2005]

It is a cool website
Andrew [05-26-2005]

I love the movie National Treasure.
Nathan Brickbealer, 36 [05-25-2005]

i think there is a map on the decleration of indepedence
TAYLOR MIMBARGE, ycstdoi [05-25-2005]

Rachel [05-25-2005]

kaylyn, 7 [05-25-2005]

I think that the liberty bell is very intersting...it has a lot to do with history.....but mostly i just got interested on the liberty bell from the movie the National Treasure..man that was a great movie...anyway i would just like to thank the people wo made the liberty bell possible and also all of the 55 people who signed the Declaration of Independance becasue that is also one of the greates Documents in the world... thanks alo for listening bye bye for now!
Cassandra Morin [05-25-2005]

Thank You so Much for this Wonderful Site, I don't know If I will ever see the The Liberty Bell In person, However ... I so enjoyed this site... God Bless America! pam polinske!
pam polinske, Proud Mom Matt,Katie,Sam and Proud Grandma .. Alyssa! [05-25-2005]

Jim Pass [05-25-2005]

OMG THIS IS SOOO INTRESTING! But can you add why the Liberty Bell was made
HI [05-25-2005]

I really like the Liberty Bell!
Summer, Age 11 [05-25-2005]

wazzup! !
valleyforge, 11,phoenix, [05-25-2005]

canm you send the picher to me
regal [05-25-2005]

I wish I was famous.
carolyn chan, age 8, city Fremont,Zip 94539 address 170 stanford avenue [05-25-2005]

adam nadu [05-25-2005]

I Love alli a whole lot
anonymous [05-25-2005]

The Liberty Bell How GREAT! I just visited there on Monday, May 23rd, 2005 with my school its awesome. Why is there so muh security? why is there a crack in the middle?
anonymous [05-25-2005]

how much would the liberty bell cost if sold? thanks
NATALY [05-14-2005]

Ryan from IA yes aunt mar its me [05-14-2005]

dear website, The liberty bell has taught me soo much about your country. I've seen it before, and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen (plus the statue of liberty). I teach now-a-days & this helped me decide what to give as a project. **THANKS!**
stephdine, england 40 [05-14-2005]

greetins' me friends! dis is da bes wb site me eva bin ooon. meeeee learn sew much 'bout you'r cuntry. it most bewtifal eva. meeeee love da BELLLLLL! ding dong! heeeheee! da moosik heer is da best evaaaaaaaaaaaa.
nanie, FRANCE, me 19, awsome [05-14-2005]

Guy Andrew Hill [05-14-2005]

I love history so I want to join please.
holly tippit, 10 keller TX [05-14-2005]

Crystal, 14,Port Isabel, [05-13-2005]

I am not sure how many greats, but John Pass was my great great great great great great great uncle or something like that.
Laura Shears, Descendant of John Pass [05-13-2005]

i love history so much i think the liberty bell and the declaration of independice should be on display ALWAYS
sarah, 11 [05-13-2005]

Very interesting!
Jasmine [05-13-2005]

i srt of lik it but u need mre pics.
anonymous [05-13-2005]

im really interested about the declaration of independence.especially wen ive learned it from the movie national treasure.after i saw the movie i was so curious about the treasure.if its true and if it was already been discovered.thank you very much...
jacy, 24y.o, philippines [05-13-2005]

I just finished watching National Treasure. I lookrd you up for more information. Thank you so much. I loved the Liberty Bell March as well. My 5 year old daughter Ruth said it sounded like the circus. My dream is to live in Pennslvania. Thanks to the movie National Treaure I believe you are going to have a heap on visitors going by your guest book. Well done to you all. Enjoy your day. God Bless America.
Katelyn-Mae Philpot, Age 33 from Australia. [05-13-2005]

love it
anonymous [05-13-2005]

Interesting! Thanks!
anonymous, Glen Mills [05-13-2005]

I love history I'm only twelve and I know I want to be a protecter of History. The Liberty was even hiden in a house that I live like two minutes away from. History is the best part of america because without it there would be no today!
Taylor [05-13-2005]

Hello Liberty Bell How are you i am fine can't wait to see you again i have to go now but i will ttyl CYA!
Flora Baba [05-13-2005]

you guys have a good web site but add a little more details and stuff like where was the liberty bell located you know like what state its in
anonymous [05-13-2005]

Tara Nicholas [05-13-2005]

It was totally wicked
Nicholas, sweet site [05-13-2005]

u guys are bad because u dont have the picture when it cracket
chris mehalick [05-13-2005]

Thank.you so much.i went on other sites & nothing went on
Nicole [05-13-2005]

Robin R Snyder, Portsmouth, VA [05-13-2005]

Jessica Smith [05-13-2005]

faith [05-13-2005]

what is the liberty bell?
fenil patel, pancylvania [05-13-2005]

I think the liberty bell is awsome
taryn marino [05-13-2005]

hailey, kool [05-13-2005]

I think you should add when the bell got cracked because that is some inportant informatoin
rebecca tripp [05-13-2005]

I love History!
Bonnie, I am 11 yrs old! [05-13-2005]

i think the bell is awesome
cc, hi [05-13-2005]

ashlee [05-13-2005]

I love the fact that the Liberty Bell is a symbol of freedom for America, but was made in England due to Americas incompetence....
anonymous, England [05-13-2005]

i really lied your site! I love the movie National Treasure and i wanted to learn a little bit more! great site! thanks!
Anna, 14 yrs. old from Indiana [05-13-2005]

why did the us make the bell
andrew, 14/la [05-13-2005]

My whole life I've been interested in the history of our great nation, the internet makes it so much easier to research it all. It's a beautiful bell. I hope generations to come will learn to appreciate the facination behind or history.
Blonnie Jacobsen, 28, F, American Canyon, Ca [05-13-2005]

i am doing a report on the liberty bell and i need help
Louis.Amador, 14,Marlin,TX,76661 [05-13-2005]

roy, 14 marlin texas [05-13-2005]

this website is cool
greg, i4 [05-13-2005]

This website is very educational for our children. I hope in the near future my family gets to visit Philly. My daughter is 8 and after watching National Treasure she is more than interested in the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independance. Thank you for the history lesson and allowing our children to have the chance to learn all the facts about our history.
BobbiLynn, 26, Palatka Florida [05-13-2005]

Pass and Stow why is that written on the liberty bell was that the makers of the bell or something?
anonymous [05-13-2005]

The liberty bell is so intresting to learn about.
Zack Tess, 10age 12/21/94 [05-13-2005]

how did that crack get there on the bell
Jeff Wilkerson, 20 holton ks [05-13-2005]

Funnt thing after watching the "national treasure" I just had the desire to learn about history and now studing way back from 1776 till 2005.
Jimmy [05-13-2005]

LOGAN [05-13-2005]

hey cool stuff.
maria, 44 [05-13-2005]

I love the movie National Treasure!
Autumn, Nothing [05-13-2005]

i think the the liberty bell is very interseting. i sawthe movie National Tresure and it got me all intrested in history and the Liberty Bell
Anya [05-13-2005]

It is so nice to read about our Great Nations History! Keep up the good work!
Kandi, 28, Tomahawk, WI [05-13-2005]

Found the information very interesting, who knows, my husband's family could be related to the 'Pass'mentioned - in fact we could be English relatives!
MRS SUE PASS, nottingham, england [05-13-2005]

It's a very interesting and informative site. I live in the caribbean and am interested in the American history so am alwayas visiting these sites and reading these books.
Jason [05-13-2005]

canaan [05-13-2005]

eli [05-13-2005]

Isaac Luera, 14 years old love amercan history [05-13-2005]

i dont get ur site
gp, who cares [05-13-2005]

I am the great great granddaughter of Mr Pass.
jacqueline deery [05-13-2005]

i'm into history. it is fun
Kevin [05-13-2005]

NYAMDELGER.J, history [05-13-2005]

I like your site. Do you know why the Liberty Bell cracked. Do you know if there is a book about the Liberty Bell
Noah Boeckman, 7 [05-13-2005]

Norval Land [05-13-2005]

enjoyed the page very much....thank you
Danny Duncan, Linden Texas [05-13-2005]

conner [05-13-2005]

history_freak16 [05-13-2005]

Freedom is like respect it has to be earned. but once gained it will live in us forever
Gerard Harkin, North of Ireland [05-13-2005]

I grew up in Philadelphia and saw the Liberty Bell many times. I revere it as a icon for our country's freedom. May God always protect it and what it stands for.
John Kuehne, 57 yrs, Vero Beach, FL, [05-13-2005]

dave fioravanti [05-13-2005]

I went to see the movie National Treasure. Some people say that there really is a map on the back of the, "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE" though most of are very eager to know if there really is. I think you guys should check if there really is.
Leilani Mailea Debla, 10 years old, Las Vegas, Nevada [05-13-2005]

Charles E Wade, Indpls,in [05-11-2005]

Laila Chambliss [05-11-2005]

i would really like to find a treasure
honey, america [05-11-2005]

James, Stafford, VA [05-11-2005]

I think that the Liberty Bell is very acient and old to be on desplays.
Emily, 10,wilson,NorthCarolina [05-11-2005]

I love history! My cuasin she's 13 too got me interested in history s long time ago, and i am glad she did! I have one question; Did you guys replace the real liberty bell with a fake libert bell?¿ Well i hope you will respond that to me at my e-mail address! I would love to learn more about the liberty bell please e-mail me with somethings i can learn about thank you bye, courtney, 13
Courtney, i am 13 years old [05-11-2005]

really intresting stuff and more to my history.
tiffany [05-11-2005]

This site rules! i mean rox man dude whoever you are
anonymous [05-11-2005]

James Forde, Hamilton Ontario Canada [05-11-2005]

nate [05-11-2005]

I loved this site. It was really good to help me with my homework!
Katie [05-11-2005]

samuel [05-11-2005]

This is so amazing I can't belive my eyes!
Emily, age 8 city, Brea [05-11-2005]

this is pretty cool
Patricia Fruge', Nevada [05-11-2005]

herkese selam!siteye izlediðim bir filmden sonra girmeye karar verdim. hoþuma gitti.
fatih, turkey [05-11-2005]

Julian Rosas Jr, Mcallen Texas [05-11-2005]

Hi, I just watch a movie and it made my think that i should learn more about the country that i live in, and its history. the movie i watched was National Treasure. Please e-mail me, and tell me a little more about Liberty Bell. Thanks Hannah
Hannah [05-11-2005]

Tad, usa [05-11-2005]

actually, m not very good at writing, but i just wans to express my mind about the bell.it seem hard to believe that the movie The National Treasure was jus a make-up story, starting from the beginning of the movie to the end, because the clues were so .......i just can say.the movie should be awarded.m not tryin 2 say somethin, but i think d story is real n if granted permission to do what was done in the movie., i guess i might come up eith something.thank you.
Dairo monday ololade, 16,lagos,male,unemployed [05-11-2005]

ELLEN [05-11-2005]

I think the website is great, got the idea of it from the movie National Treasure. I think it would be interesting to find who the people in the pictures were.because they to have thier moment in history recorded for all time. thanks for your website. james j. welch sr 6674 pentz rd #7 paradise Ca 95969
james j welch.sr, 66 yrs, paradise,ca [05-11-2005]

Is it true? Typing in STOW and then decleration of independence led me directly to this site....was it set up that way just to get people to belive that their is a treseaure or is their really something left behind by our forefathers.....maybe one day we will know all and know the truth behind everything hidden and everything exposed.
TreasureHunter, 28 [05-11-2005]

I loved your website. I love learning about American history, I just dont like learning about it in school. The Liberty Bell interests me because there is so much history behind it. Maybe some day soon America will get another piece of history.
Olivia, 11 [05-11-2005]

i watched national treasure and reallly wanted to learn more about da bell! i want to go to Pennsylvania and go to the second floor and look at the maps and go to the library of congrees! i luvvvvv luvvv reading! and i want to go! i luv dogs!
mackensie, 10 [05-11-2005]

Bob Graham, 51, Owosso, [05-11-2005]

Cesar Rodas [05-11-2005]

James and Helen [05-11-2005]

cool site
jon` [05-11-2005]

im doing a project
bianca, 10 [05-11-2005]

i liked your site it was very informative and a big help on my report
Chelsey Argyle, 16 years old and i live in Utah [05-05-2005]

after watching the dvd national treasure i was struck with a hint of curriosity about the bell. great web sight folks . thanks.
gary, im from a little town called middlesbrough in england, north yorkshire [05-05-2005]

just to know about d bell
temple, 24 years [05-05-2005]

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kiri, 100 [05-05-2005]

it is a nice web site for home work in collage
margret, 23 illinois [05-05-2005]

it is a nice web site for home work in collage
mallory, 23 illinois [05-05-2005]

well i just want to know how the bell got the cut thing for my school im only in forth grade and i need to learn about it or ill get an F and i dont want that and if you dont help me im going to call the police
kaleen, im 10 years old [05-05-2005]

precious, 13 years old [05-05-2005]

angel [05-05-2005]

I liked it. We are learning about it at school. My teacher is Mrs. Davis, at Brown Ele. in Crossville, TN. She can't find a liberty bell. only pictures.
tootie reid, 7years old [05-05-2005]

Darren Zype [05-05-2005]

Erin Byrne [05-05-2005]

i thought that this website was very educational and i learned lots of facts
sarah [05-05-2005]

sarah [05-05-2005]

jessica lindsey, heyh [05-05-2005]

Good site. a lot of nice info. God Bless America
Kenny D., 23, male, US Army, hometown: Bullhead City, Az [05-05-2005]

I like how everything has been set up on this page it is very easy to find what u are looking for. Thanks a lot I am finally done with my school project an the Liberty Bell.
Megan Weidner, 17, Orlando, Fl, 32812 [05-05-2005]

my boys and i just watched the movie National Treasure,..they were all excited about History..and wanted to see more about the history of the 1700's..thank you for the site
Eugene Reeves, San Diego, Ca. (father of four boys) [05-05-2005]

Brooke [05-05-2005]

gave me clues to the treasure
Ben Gates [05-05-2005]

kiana, nm [05-05-2005]

sarah hammond, 15 baltimore,21214 [05-05-2005]

this sight is awesome
tabatha, 9 wv [05-05-2005]

Thank you for giving me more knowledge of Liberty Bell.
K.L., My age is 13, I live in New Rochelle, NY, 10805, my birthday is 4/21/1992 [05-05-2005]

Kevin McClellan, 35 Jamestown, New York [05-05-2005]

i think u should be able to inlarge the 1915 photos and u should show larger photos
anonymous [05-05-2005]

needs more pictures
anonymous [05-05-2005]

anonymous, 11 [05-05-2005]

mike [05-05-2005]

The liberty bell is so awesome. I can belive its still here after so many years. It's probably very stong to take a big crack like the one it has. On my tour to philedelphia I defently want to see it. None of my bells are as strong as that. I wish that bell would stay there, so when I have kids or babysit kids I can show them the amazing features of the liberty bell. Thank you whoever made this for making it an historical part of philly. From, Autumn
Autumn, I am 10, clementon,N.j [05-05-2005]

NAZIR ISHAK [05-05-2005]

Hello people out there i'm doing a project on the Liberty Bell and if anyone knows any web sites about it please e-mail them to me
Katie [05-05-2005]

Melissa Edmond, 12, Somerdale, N.J [05-05-2005]

Tammy, 10 [05-05-2005]

Bobbi Marie, 10 yrs old Mt Ephraim [05-05-2005]

getting info. for my daughter
eileen scott [05-05-2005]

i know you might think this is some joke but it's not, i'm President Bush's neice, I'M NOT LYING! i gave my uncle my report on the liberty bell and he has it somewhere. He also said that if he had the time he would check out this website. you guys rock!
anonymous [05-05-2005]

can you please tell me more specifically why the pennsylvania is not spelled correctly on the bell?? thanx!
anonymous [05-05-2005]

this was great for my report, thanks like dude!
anonymous [05-05-2005]

just wondered how many poeple looked this site up after watching national treasure
perry, tonbridge kent england [05-05-2005]

I looked at this site because my daughter wanted to know why there is a crack in the bell. Thanks for the answer.
c hobbs, butler,missouri [05-05-2005]

I would lick to now more about the world and would like to see things
anonymous [05-05-2005]

I THINK YOUR SITE IS GREAT. I have worked on my Pass history for the last 10 yrs. My Aunt Thelma Pass worked on it for seventy years. She found A print of a painting done when the Liberty Bell came out of the Pass & Stow foundry in Penn. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Robert Morris(kin to him thru Sullivan,s) were in the Painting with Pass & Stow and Others.. My daughter has a copy of the painting so does my cousin Bill Ward. Thelma Pass said she found that we were related to the John Pass on the Liberty Bell. His people came from Ireland thru England Stuided metalsmith on some Island came back to Pa. went into business with John Stow. Her records were lost when she died. Sold at sale. My daughter and I Have traced our Pass family back to Virginia in the early 1700,s. Thomas Pass, sr., Thomas Pass jr., John Pass,William H. Pass, Mathew J.Pass, John Pass, C.C. Pass, Richard Pass, (me). If anyone has info to help prove or disprove this please write me at Rt 2 Box 361, Comanche,Okla. 73529. Thanks again for your great site. Richard Pass
Richard Pass, I Am 75 yrs old live in Comanche, Okla. [05-05-2005]

Mike Manimbo, Cleveland [05-05-2005]

I think Stow Bell is the representative of the culture of America,it stands for peace and love.
church, china [05-05-2005]

anonymous [05-05-2005]

I have never seen the bell but hope to someday
Michelle [05-05-2005]

hey im Alexa I have been to the Liberdy Bell but i have to do a project can u help me or give me a litle info an Bballgirl0001
alexa, 10 Philly [05-05-2005]

Dusty Durkee [05-05-2005]

the liberty bell is a great historic part of america and i am proud to part of that
Kenny [05-05-2005]

some trsaction
williams, email guest book of libertybell [05-05-2005]

It's so cool
Ariel Aguilar [05-05-2005]

foluke, 9 [05-05-2005]

I think it is cool because it is neat with all the pictures
Maria D., I'm 10 years old [05-05-2005]

Courtney [05-05-2005]

Nicholas, AGE 10 Chicago [05-05-2005]

brendan lestage [05-05-2005]

this website helped me lean a lot about history thank you
Clarisse, 17 Alaska [05-05-2005]

Nice morsels of information for those starting their quest to learn more about our history. Great job. Would be nice to have a sound byte of the Normandy Liberty Bell for visitors to hear. BTW kids, "E" for effort on getting involved and sharing your thoughts. SPELL CHECK, or dictionaries are but a few tools to avoid embarrassing yourself all over the world.
Old Salt, Norfolk [05-05-2005]

Ihope you make more historicalwebsites on different history
sophie, when you get this please give me more information on the liberty bell [05-05-2005]

i think scoial studies is fun!
sarah jean hammond, age 15, baltimore md 21214 [05-04-2005]

I think this sight is Tubeular!
DeAnna, My age is 11, I live in Falfurrias,Tx [04-28-2005]

Patricia Galindo [04-28-2005]

i love it!
s.o.s, 31 kingville texas [04-28-2005]

liberty bell [04-28-2005]

Jack Clampitt, 27 [04-28-2005]

We are going to Philadelphia tomorrow April 29, 2005 and we used this website to get information and we took the quiz and did "OK". Thanks for the website. We really learned a lot.
Mrs. Gustafson's fifth grade Class, Connetquot Schools Helen B. Duffield Elementary [04-28-2005]

anonymous, age 39 from bolton uk [04-28-2005]

i thuoght this web site was very good it give a lot of info and that cool i got wat i needed to do wat i needed to do
anonymous [04-28-2005]

hey ya
anonymous [04-28-2005]

I loved the site! I used it to do research on a history project and it was really informative, keep it going!
Ziva, 14, San Diego, CA [04-28-2005]

Sydney [04-28-2005]

I absolutely love this site it rocks thank you for all of this information!
mary mcgill, 14 [04-28-2005]

Christina Elsberry [04-28-2005]

sum 41 rules
brittni ann, 16, crown point, indiana [04-28-2005]

anonymous [04-28-2005]

keren! sangat bersejarah bagi USA
luky, 18 [04-28-2005]

marilyn [04-28-2005]

i think the liberty bell is cool
janna, 11 [04-25-2005]

jessica [04-25-2005]

anoinous [04-25-2005]

i did a report on the liberty bell.
jon rusert, truman mn [04-25-2005]

I like this
Arieal Driver, I am 14 Brownsville tn 38012 [04-25-2005]

working on badge - United We Stand
Linda Morrison, GS Troop 2410 [04-25-2005]

Let the FREEDOM of this Great-Country ring Loud and Clear to all.
Goldie M. Collins-Masters [04-25-2005]

Ashly [04-25-2005]

Very cool...I am doing a project on "Pensylvania" (haha) in school...never knew it was spelled wrong...on the bell, I mean
anonymous [04-25-2005]

unfortunately the liberty bell has become obsolete ask the archbishops and the french and the portuguese
noname, gov.us [04-25-2005]

instructions on how to get to The Liberty Bell historical monument
anonymous [04-25-2005]

Gabriela [04-25-2005]

Lacey, how old is the liberty bell, why was it built in philadelphia, where is it located at, and a bunch of other questions. [04-25-2005]

i love the leberty bell.
anonymous [04-25-2005]

jack l cox, stlouis mo. [04-25-2005]

I was doing a book report and I am origianlly from Philly
Angelis Delgado-Ramirez, Age 8, CHula VIsta, Ca [04-25-2005]

Dr. Jorge Ramirez, CHula Vista, Ca [04-25-2005]

I enjoyed the interesting facts and photos.
Taylor [04-25-2005]

We enjoyed looking at the pictures and the timeline.
Ms. Buckley's Second Grade, Savannah, GA [04-25-2005]

The liberty bell is one of the most informational thing I have ever seen!
Paul, allenstown [04-25-2005]

I´m hungry
Robin [04-25-2005]

I would like to find my friends,they are jill and tom,they live mt eliza vic.
jiangbing [04-25-2005]

I would like to see it
Jessica johnson, age 11 [04-25-2005]

bobbyann [04-25-2005]

seth little, 12, [04-25-2005]

I visited this site to find out how the Liberty Bell became cracked. I enjoyed listening to the Sousa march. Thank you, Eva
Eva McFarlin, I am 6 years old and I live in Austin, Texas. [04-25-2005]

isaac, 21 p [04-25-2005]

I was shocked that of all the people I asked while visiting Philly, none knew why the bell had become an iconic symbol. Was told it was made of melted British cannon after War of Independence!
Jason, Canada [04-25-2005]

what are the prices to go visit
juan [04-25-2005]

Your website is a very big help. I am doing a project in 5th grade on the liberty bell and all my answers are from this website. I am also going to shop at your shop when it is redesighned. Thanks a lot www.ushistory.org!
Skylar Church, Butler Indiana (Send the responce threw the mail) 325 Depot Street [04-18-2005]

The liberty is very important. It is great for it to be in Pennsylvania
Courtney, I am 10 and live in Pennsylvania [04-17-2005]

I would like to know how did the crack get there. If anybody can share the light.
Stephen Harrison, 54) I live in Lancaster UK [04-17-2005]

Of all the countries I haaave been in The United States of America is the BEST. Yes, we have laws and some are outrages and taxes are too hight but, this is still the best. God Bless America.
John W. Vandeven, Jr., 61 yrs, El Paso, Taxes [04-17-2005]

i like this website. i most of my basic information from this site.
Shelia, andrews, sc [04-15-2005]

Very interesting, very nice pictures,and lots of good info to read.
Zack Hall, 17 yr old, 11 grade Paris Ky, Bourbon Co. High school [04-15-2005]

i like this
leah [04-15-2005]

Emma Chang, I am 10. I live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan [04-15-2005]

We got a lot of information. Thanks a bunch!
Kelsey and Anna [04-14-2005]

I couldn't believe that they spelled Pennslyvania wrong on the Liberty Bell. The reason why I was on this web site is because I'm doing a report about the Liberty Bell.
Amy, April 4, 2005 [04-14-2005]

the liberty bel is a nice thing to remind you of history and time
keiara, age 13, new Carrollton, md [04-13-2005]

It is awsome. it is about cargo. it is about ta
ashlee [04-13-2005]

I Have a interest in the Liberty Bell. My G-G-G-G-grand fathers name was Johm Pass son of Thomas Pass,Sr., A Picture Of the Pass & Stow Foundry has been passed down from family. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Robert Morris and others are in picture (paiting I think)
richard pass, Age 75, Comanche, Ok. [04-13-2005]

This is a great site! I didn't know anything about the liberty bell before I came here, and now after reading the information here I feel like I have a really good understanding of it.
Nevar [04-13-2005]

this web site is great for a report i ha to do. thx, abbey
Abbey [04-13-2005]

wow this is really boring
anonymous [04-12-2005]

michael perrotti, 9 russell [04-12-2005]

IT looks like a very good stite. IT is fun and intersting
gringaag, 12 waterbury ct [04-12-2005]

What does the bell sound like? Can you get a tape of the ringing? Please let me know. Liberty, liberty, liberty! Thank you for all the information on your web site.
PJ, Coldwater, MI [04-12-2005]

joyce, San Francisco [04-12-2005]

I am doing a report
Corina Corrtas, Age11 [04-11-2005]

you are awsome im doing a sice fail on you
Kayla [04-11-2005]

Hello. Greetings from Denmark. After watching yhe movie National Treasure, I have had a wish of going to US and see The Liberty Bell, and of course other historical monuments. I am very fascinated about America, because of the great history tou guys have. Of course, if I ever get the chance, I would love to read The Declaration of Independence.
Johnny Kristiansen, Havbro, Denmark [04-11-2005]

Loved the Liberty Bell display, history and Philadelphia!
Po Hogston, Charlottesville, Va [04-11-2005]

I like the liberty bell because its mystereous
Keaton scruggs, age12,cityBoyd. [04-11-2005]

The liberty bell is a very historical thing that happened in America history and if anyone has to say anything just ask me.
Josh jacobs, My age is 11 almost 12. [04-11-2005]

thank you for all of your helpful information
chin linny [04-11-2005]

Rebecca Calahan [04-11-2005]

Shauntelle Brochu, IM 16 live in PA. [04-11-2005]


WOW what an amazing site Thanx all that made it possible!
Krissy [04-11-2005]

Savannah Howard, 10, Hamilton,Ohio [04-11-2005]

I'm writing a report and this gave me a lot of information.
Claire Chambers, 8 Years Old Second Grade Columbus, IN [04-08-2005]

I'm in ther first grade and I'm entering a V F W drawing and coloring contest about the Liberty Bell. Thanks for the help.
brodrick johnson [04-08-2005]

Hello! say to Peaches!
?????? [04-08-2005]

It was awesome! ROCK ON DUDES
Katijah Woodley, I am a girl! [04-08-2005]

Jenna St.laurent [04-08-2005]

How was the bell cracked??????
Sabrina Van Dyke, Oak Grove Et. Bartonville Illinois 5th grade 11 yrs. old [04-07-2005]

Nice website!
I love cowz! [04-07-2005]

Great website! Very informative about the Liberty Bell. We read it for our home school lesson. We're hoping to visit Philadelphia soon! Thanks!
Rick and Dianne Wilson [04-07-2005]

rj [04-07-2005]

My g-g-g-grandfather was john pass, but not the bell john pass
RICHARD PASS, trying to connect to bell [04-07-2005]

My class is going to see the liberty bell for a feild trip tomorrow and my dad is a chaperone!
The Jacobs Family, Potomac, MD [04-07-2005]

parker, cool [04-07-2005]

wow i don speek o spell goood
mooka chucka, 11 [04-07-2005]

kory [04-07-2005]

Joslin Bunker, La Jara, CO [04-07-2005]

It was cool. It was ausome. It game us a lot of information. Why was a baby crying in one of the photos?
Johnson 2nd OKC, OK [04-07-2005]

Meli [04-06-2005]

Hello New york city!
robby [04-05-2005]

Information for school reaserch
Jenna St.laurent, Constable N.Y. age:8 [04-05-2005]

I recently watched a movie called; National Treasure. Movie was full of facts and true about the bell.
Keum Frazier, I'm 14 live in Coeur D' Alene Id [04-05-2005]

Used to help students understand more of our freedom and work required to make this nation great
Ron Gilbert, AFJROTC Instructor [04-05-2005]

bob [04-05-2005]

Over 10 yrs or more ago, I saw this special on the original replica of the statue of liberty; a gift from the French, which was original of an African woman, America return the statue to France, requesting for the features to be changed, due to fear of Americans rejection of the Negro appearance. I would like to obtain the original drawing, photos of the statue of Liberty. I have searched different web sites, some picture of the original statue of liberty have been removed, I wonder why? Thanks
Rukiyah Shani [04-04-2005]

Could you give us a BRIEF summary on the Liberty Bell,please! :)
Uny & Jess [04-03-2005]

cool website!
Emily, 10 [04-03-2005]

symbol of modern democracy
Jung Hwan, Lee, Korea [04-03-2005]

helga renfro [04-03-2005]

marybelle muniz [04-03-2005]

this was pretty cool
Aaron Stroude [04-03-2005]

I work for the Verdin Co. which is the oldest bell maker in operation in the U.S. I never knew the true history of the bell until now.
rich mccreery, cincinnati, ohio [04-02-2005]

Your site rocks! It helped me and my partner on our Social Studies project!
Us, 13: Galloway, NJ [04-02-2005]

I like it a lot! It is really goos for my school projects!
Elizabeth Soderland [04-01-2005]

The liberty bell is a wonderful to Learn about.We'll my teacher Made us do reasearch about Old history.I Came acroos a book about THe Liberty bell.So i wanted to learn about it.
Sadie Ann Kamalani Scharer, 11 Years Old [03-31-2005]

jan wattleworth, 54, living in u.k., we hope to visit 'the bell' in May 2005 [03-31-2005]

Hello, I have been to Philly last yr and hope to return this yr. I didnt have the pleasure of coming to the Libery Bell then. I visited South St. then. I was wondering how far away was I from the Bell and would love to visit it this up coming yr. Thanks, Renee
renee smith, 28, female from Barbourville Kentucky [03-31-2005]

it must be really old at least 100 years old
meigan, 12 oberlin kansas [03-31-2005]

I have been looking for pictures of the founding Fathers that can be easily transfered to a T-shirt. I'm working on a T-shirt project which I call,THE PRINCIPLES OF FREEDOM. The purpose of my project, is to inspire citizens to look deeper into our rich history.
Bruce Luedeman, Larsen, WI I'll be 57 in May [03-31-2005]

kendall, 8 [03-31-2005]

un saludo
MARCOS SERRANO, san pedro sula [03-31-2005]

I would just like to say thank you for letting me have the opportunity to visit your site.
Claudene Dixon, Rochester,New York [03-31-2005]

katrina [03-31-2005]

wierdo [03-31-2005]

I am a descendant of John Mickley. He supposedly transported the bells to Allentown in his horsedrawn cart of garbage (manure, as the family story goes) I have an old family geology book relating this information. On the site< I saw an inquiry from Dawn Mickley. I would be happy to share any information I have with her. Yes, there are a lot of heros involved with the bell and someday I would like to see more information published on the heroic save of the State Bells.
Jolene S Buchart [03-31-2005]

Alicia, 11 /tx [03-28-2005]

it must be really old
meigan, 12 oberlin ks [03-28-2005]

Saw the Bell while travelling round the states, had never heard of it before and was disappointed. Queued (for you guys that means 'stood in line') for ages to see what the fuss was about. A symbol of freedom?? But black people didn't even get the vote till the 60s and are American's really free?? Can someone please enlighten me!
Francesca, Suffolk, England [03-28-2005]

I though you had a wonderful presentation and display of the liberty bell. I loved all of the history and the facts about it before you acctually saw it!
Shane, Recently visited the liberty bell [03-28-2005]

You guys helped me with my progect. Guess hwat i got and A+ on it!
Hannah, Age: 9 [03-28-2005]

We used advanced 3D imaging equipment in Feb. 2004 to capture the exact 3D dimensions of the original Liberty Bell and engineered the designs for the Normandy Liberty Bell. See our website at www.directdimensions.com for more information or email me directly at info@dirdim.com.
Michael Raphael, www.directdimensions.com [03-28-2005]

The Liberty Bell is truly a Historical event!
me [03-28-2005]

I'll be in Philladelphia on Tuesday. What is the actual address of the location with the Bell?
Ben Hogan [03-28-2005]

I really like learning about the Liberty Bell. I only wish they would put more infprmation on what is currently happening by the liberty Bell. Like if there is any celebrations every year or why people would actually want to visit. I know that is most of the stuff that i have to research about the liberty bell.
anonymous [03-28-2005]

anonymous [03-28-2005]

evan, Dracut [03-26-2005]

Leo [03-26-2005]

i really would like to see the liberty bell,but i can't cause my mom is to busy.
diane, 12,odessa,texas,79761 [03-26-2005]

We really enjoyed reading the "Timeline" of the Liberty Bell. It was very educational for all of us. We as a family wish that the Liberty Bell will always be available to see and read about for future generations to come. May freedom ALWAYS ring in our United States of America.
The Williamson Family, We live in California; Mrs. Williamson has an oil lamp in the shape of the Liberty Bell with the globe printed "1976"/"17176". [03-26-2005]

Fredrick leaser help to move the bell in 1777. He is related to my husband.
carol leaser, schnecksville, pa [03-26-2005]

Kenyan Richardson [03-26-2005]

great history, great people
miguel angel flores flores [03-26-2005]

lisa, age,7,using website for history fair project [03-26-2005]

I think this is so ineteresting!
Kathryn [03-25-2005]

I am seeing a movie-national treasure, so I been here. really cool
ericsambora, taiwan [03-25-2005]

courtney [03-25-2005]

I think it is cool what happened to it. I
Cheryl, 13 [03-25-2005]

i am doing a school project
ryan [03-24-2005]

Kyndal, This is very cool! [03-23-2005]

I am very excited to be on this website because of this project I'm doing.
Rachel Egger, 11 years old Oalkland CA [03-23-2005]

I thought the liberty bell is pretty cool
jeffrey mullen, 15 Dumas TX [03-23-2005]

hi. thanx 4 helpin me find stuff for my websearch. ya'll are a big help.
someone somebody [03-23-2005]

Good show really nice site
Bill Brunetti, Nazareth, PA [03-23-2005]

EMILY VARNER, 8,st.louis mo [03-23-2005]

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This has a lot of information. I could have used it for my state report on Pennsylvania, but it was wayyyyyy to long. But thank you for sharing this info with me!
Angela [03-18-2005]

I was supposed to write a paperon somthing America is famouse for, i choose the liberty bell. THis was the only good website. Thanks. ~kate~
kate, 11years old tenneesse [03-18-2005]

Very nice site. A lot of information, great job. Abraham Blumer (who hid the Liberty Bell under the floor of his church) was my 4-Great-Grandfather and I am proud to say he's my ancestor. Just wish there was a picture of him I could get.
Betty, Ohio [03-18-2005]

what was the first name of the liberty bell
anonymous [03-18-2005]

I have recently read a book about the Dec. of Ind. and also recently seen the movie National Treasure, this site helped explain the historical significance of the bell and also the general history of it.
Drew Willis [03-18-2005]

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mercy, 11 [03-18-2005]

I saw the movie "National Treasure" and wanted to find out some details and look at close up pictures.
Bonnie, Florida [03-18-2005]

excellent job! I've never seen such fine work on the liberty bell! bravo!
Jenny, 14, mi [03-18-2005]

I worked as a Park Ranger at the Bell for years, and will never forget it. I never tired of sharing my own feelings of what made the Bell special to me and seeing how it affected the thousands who came to visit each day. Ring On!
Roni [03-18-2005]

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Students doing research; you gave us the specific info needed to answer our questions. Thank you!
anonymous, 40 yr old school teacher in Tucson, Arizona [03-18-2005]

Greetings, First, some really big "Thank You"'s to you for your websites. Keep up the great work. Second, a suggestion: Could you include one or two .WAV files to the Liberty Bell webpage of the Normandy Liberty Bell ringing? Perhaps do one long .WAV file and a one shorter. I think having those recordings would be such a cool addition to this page. I've often imagined the sights and sounds from times past, especially those without the benefit of recording capability. Thanks, again, for your work! John Hess
John Hess, Allison Park, PA (near Pittsburgh) [03-18-2005]

Scripture from Leviticus quoted (Lev. 25:10); the truth applied. I like the fact that the true purpose and reflections of the Liberty Bell was not omitted.
anonymous, 54 yrs old; Tucson, AZ [03-18-2005]

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I don't really live in Texas yet. But I'm moving there! Thanks for the information. Doing a spanish project and I needed some information on the Liberty Bell because we are writing a legend about a famous monument in spanish, so thanks for the info. -tmeegee
Timothy, 14 years old, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas! [03-18-2005]

Terrific website! Even our public school history classes in Norristown, PA --- never ever came close to the real history of our revered Liberty Bell! Thanx for all your hard work! Best regards, Jerry K. Loeb Author/ANTHEM (2004) B&N, Borders, www.amazon.com
Jerry K. loeb, CDR, USN (Ret.) --- from Valley Forge, PA [03-18-2005]

i had a project and this ebsite really helped me to understand what this was all about thanks to this website i passed you should really take this oppurtunity to understand what it is all about thanks
claresa [03-18-2005]

A very good page with lots of information but it would be handy to have a picture of the bell on its own.
tom [03-18-2005]

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Mbr. Sons of the Amer. Revolution [03-07-2005]

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Bowling Green, FL [03-07-2005]


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My son needed some info on the liberty bell for a school project and this site was just what the teacher ordered,with all its facts. Thank You
Middlebury, Ind [03-07-2005]

My class project was to resaerch the liberty bell. What was the another name for the Liberty Bell?
age 8, Joplin, Mo [03-07-2005]

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Why did they ring the bell? I would like to seea big picture of it. thank you
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I asked my daddy to look at this site about the Liberty Bell while reading about it in my homeschool American History today.
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I came here while homeschooling my daughter to get more information on the Liberty Bell. She studied it today in American History.
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We are studying about US history in a unit we call Celebrate America. We like your site.
Riviera 2nd graders, Palm Bay, Florida [02-28-2005]

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Ariel Mugridge, Age 12 from Heber City, Utah doing research on bells for my music class. [02-28-2005]

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Thank you so much for this site. It is so informative. My daughter (10) has a report to do on the BELL, and this site has much more than I hoped. The pictures of 1915 are really awesome. Thank you!
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Jeanie, Matthews, NC [02-23-2005]

Very extraodinary, this really helps me in my study of the "WORD OF GOD".
Clarence, San Jose, California Age: 54 [02-23-2005]

I am doing a report on the Liberty Bell and I think it is realy cool.
Elizabeth, Age 10 Pennsylvania [02-23-2005]

We wanted to know about the crack in the liberty bell...we learned that Penn. is not spelled correctly.
Zion Lutheran Third Graders, 8, 9 years old Rapid City, SD [02-23-2005]

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Loron [02-23-2005]

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National Treasure rulez!
Collin Corning [02-21-2005]

Shaina was very curious about the history of the Liberty Bell and how the crack occurred. We learned a lot. Very interesting.
Cristy and Shaina Franckowiak, Shaina is in 1st grade and is learning about the Libery Bell in school. We are from Texas. [02-21-2005]

The Liberty Bell March was used as the theme song on the television show "Monty Python's Flying Circus"
anonymous [02-21-2005]

Just watched the National Treasure movie and was interested in finding out what cause the bell to crack. thanks to your informative site I now know.
Bundybear, Portland, Vic, Australia [02-21-2005]

Thomas Guglielmo, age 7 Stratford CT [02-21-2005]

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maria e., 53 yrs old Morgan Hill CA [02-21-2005]

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Grant, 10 sacraento [02-21-2005]

Allison Vieke [02-21-2005]

Patrick DAUDON, Normandy Liberty Bell, contact : 3 place des Moulins F 50100 CHERBOURG
PATRICK DAUDON, omaha normandy [02-21-2005]

Just watched National Treasures thought it was great and wanted to find more information on the history of America.
Helen Mulholland, Liverpool, England [02-21-2005]

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Claire, Missouri [02-17-2005]

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Louie, I'm 14. I live in Greensburg, Indiana [02-17-2005]

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Logan Brown, 13; Greensburg [02-17-2005]

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PATRICK DAUDON, Auteur-Concepteur de la NORMANDY LIBERTY BELL vous informe de l'organisation du Normandy Liberty Bell Tour en 2005/2006
PATRICK DAUDON, normandy [02-17-2005]

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anonymous [02-17-2005]

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kamryne, age>11 [02-17-2005]

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anonymous [02-17-2005]

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Evelyn Collins, 25, Rockford,IL [02-17-2005]

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JESSICA, 8 [02-17-2005]

Michele Sewell, Teacher [02-17-2005]

I've seen the Liberty Bell many times. I have also seen the church located in Allentown, PA where it was kept hidden from the British. Very interesting place. I recomend seeing the church if you ever have the chance. I heard that the Liberty Bell was melted down a long time ago and made into novelty Liberty Bells so the city of Philadelphia or the US government could get money. I assume this is not true...but could you tell me if there is even a hint of truth to this?
Chris, Perkasie, PA [02-17-2005]

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jenny mikel, Pennsylvania [02-17-2005]

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lahye, age: 27 skopje,macedonia [02-17-2005]

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julienne [02-17-2005]

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Sara Kathryn, *^*Basketball and Softball player*^* [02-07-2005]

I have a question: whos idea was it to commission the bell???? please let me know. also, who really named it 'the liberty bell'?
lahye, nothing [02-07-2005]

God bless America and our troops.
Alex Shipman, age 6 (2/07/05) [02-07-2005]

Darian [02-07-2005]

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Teddy Bingburn, 10, Bingburn, Nebraska [02-07-2005]

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Aiden Cornstubble, age 7, Leavenworth, KS [02-03-2005]

The Liberty Bell is cool to learn about.
Darian, 10 New York [02-03-2005]

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Cali [02-03-2005]

Faculty American History son and daughter-in-law just visited Philadelphia Thanks for the history about the bell
Barbara Reinders [02-03-2005]

I just wanted to read a little history on the liberty bell
Sharon [02-03-2005]

Thank you for publishing this site in tribute to our the Liberty Bell... the Normandy Bell..and some great history and interesting information about America..France, etc. I am a singer/songwriter in Dallas, Texas...and wrote a song "Let Freedom Ring" just after the events of 9/11. I am honored to share this song in performance ever July 4th in Philadelphia (along with the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Chorus) at the Let Freedom Ring(tm) National Bell Ringing Ceremony of the Liberty Bell! I'm pleased to share this song on my website for ALL TO HEAR! Please go to the Let Freedom Ring Project website: www.kayseamayer.com to HEAR "LET FREEDOM RING"! I look forward to performing once again at the Bell Ringing Ceremony in Philadelphia, July 4, 2005 to sing this song about FREEDOM! GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND LET FREEDOM RING! Kay Seamayer - kayseamayer@MSN.com
Kay Seamayer, Dallas, Texas (old enough to vote!) [02-03-2005]

Jonathan, 10 [02-03-2005]

I'm in school and I'm studying the Liberty Bell. Your website has fascinated me with it.
Lauren, 11 [02-03-2005]

who made the liberty bell?
Robert, Age 13 city Philadelphia [02-03-2005]

i am doing a class project on the state of pa.
LINDSEY SPREWELL, 10 yrs carrollton ga [02-03-2005]

Tell you the truth I never reallly new what The Liberty Bell was.My teacher sent me on this to find out.I was looking and found some really cool stuff!I also got to look at some neat pics. on it.wellloved telling you my thoughts! love Xaley T.
Xaley Tahnazani, 12/ST. George,Utah [02-03-2005]

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heather, maple park [02-03-2005]

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samantha [01-30-2005]

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Colin, Tell me more Facts about ben franklen [01-30-2005]

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December bryant -Walker, Age -8 [01-30-2005]

Jan Marek, Independence Mo. [01-30-2005]

Paulette Stiff [01-30-2005]

ashley [01-30-2005]

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Aubrie Martin, 9 EL Segundo [01-30-2005]

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lizzy [01-30-2005]

looking forward to seeing the bell in person in May 2005
Cam Schafer, El Paso TX age 51 [01-30-2005]

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CRYSTAL HAMM, 10 [01-27-2005]

fantastic website, I did a Civics project on the Liberty Bell and really learned a lot about it. Thanks for all the info.
Jacob, age 15 - Hot Springs, AR [01-25-2005]

James W. Griffith, 63,Seaboard,NC [01-25-2005]

My Grandfather,and father moved from Phiiy. over 50 yrs.ago.My Grandfathers great Grandfather was John Stow, who built the Liberty Bell.
Dan Stow, 47 yrs. old from Calif. [01-25-2005]

barbara reichert, pulaski [01-25-2005]

heidi [01-25-2005]

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anonymous [01-25-2005]

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Bill Christian, Chapin, SC 29036 [01-25-2005]

We have a friend from Philidelphia and he is going back up there in May 2005. Rusty and I would love to go with him but I don't think we can. But he is going to the bell and get us a present form there. I can not wait. I really wish we could see in real life
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jennifer, 15 Tennesse [01-25-2005]

I am proud to have worked on the metal work of this project, and wish your pics would show more of the exibit
Eugene Kapuscinski, Williamstown New Jersey [01-25-2005]

when the bell first rang is that what caused the crack
tatiana [01-25-2005]

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A lonely girl, Minneapolis [01-19-2005]

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Jacob, Nick, and Caleb Santiago, ages 15, 11, 8. Roan Mtn., TN [01-19-2005]

Michelle, Utah [01-19-2005]

I actually visited the Bell last summer and am now sharing with my students the great heratage we have in this country. I am Canadian by birth and love America and the freedom this bell represents. We are a very fortunate and BLESSED country
Catherine Shaw, Grade One Teacher [01-19-2005]

i like the site it is really cool its has a lot of interesting facts
steven [01-19-2005]

I understand that there is a quote from the Torah on the Liberty Bell. True? and if so what is it? Thanks Bob Evans
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Born and raised in Bensalem PA and now live in Salem OR ~ Ironic don't you think? Visited the bell many times on school field trips, didn't get the full impact until I brought my husband back home in 2002 and toured downtown though first time visitor eyes with Jim. I was amazed, every thing was all brand new, the best experience since I first went to the Pacific NW Coast (awesome!)Always keep the history, everyone needs to feel and touch to believe!
Denise Cooper, Salem Oregon [01-19-2005]

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Hi I have a Bicentennial paperweight with the Liberty Bell in it. On the ringer it has a G. Could you tell what the G stands for please. Thank you. Sincerely Curt Hagge
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Just want to represent Norway and Finnmark and the Norwegians Same Community, we never got our freedom. A Same is the same thing as a indian in Usa
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Markus Hellfeier, age 32, Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen [01-02-2005]

.dear friends, i was born in philadelphia and saw the liberty bell move from independece hall to a new location. the new location had armed guards by it. my family always wondered why an icon of liberty had people with guns with them by the bell. people would damage the bell so they had to put the guards there. this is freedom in america?.....john geary aertsen.
aertsen, john geary [01-02-2005]

saw national treasure and thought of this website as soon as i saw the liberty bell, for more info of where other things from national treasure came from visit google and then type the decleration of indipendence you can even sign you name onto the decleration page
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Hi, My name is dawn mickley and i am trying to research my family tree on the internet. I stumbled upon a whole load of information about a John Jacob Mickley saving the liberty bell from the british. Reading through it i found that allentown, PA, used to be called Northhampton and the furthest i can trace my family name back in this country is Northhampton in the UK... coincidence! Anyway i was just wondering if anyone has any information about descendents of John Jacob Mickley immigrating to england or any other information. I would apreciate any feedback you can give, thank you Dawn Mickley
Dawn Mickley, Southport, England, United Kingdom [01-02-2005]

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