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The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell Guestbook Archives: August-December 2004

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This site is very informative. The pictures really help inquiring minds learn more about America's history.
TEL [12-29-2004]

Fascinated by U.S. History.
John, 31 [12-29-2004]

thank you for alow ing people to come and see this anazing stuff i got to see the liberty bell when i went to philly
hannah, 11 [12-29-2004]

mikayla [12-29-2004]

for fun
jessica morecroft, austraila [12-29-2004]

philadelphia is the best city and still should be the nation's capitol
megz, i'm a 21 year old aries [12-29-2004]

National Treasure was awesome. Reminded me of the Davinci Code.
Caroline Meadows [12-29-2004]

I am pleased to inform you that in all of my years studying about the liberty bell, never have i found a site that so simply explains to students interesting facts, important details, etc. in a manner that makes them want to learn more. I applaud you.
anonymous, 48 year old historian/ history teacher [12-29-2004]

Hey I think this is awsome, it gave me all the information I needed for my report on the Liberty Bell!
Sarah, Texas [12-29-2004]

anna, hi [12-29-2004]

The Liberty Bell Rocks! Go Eagles! TO McNabb
Kyle Cormier [12-29-2004]

Nice to the people of america awesome history they got! but my question is, do I share the history too! im from asia. I would like to learn more about it. And is there really a treasure???pls let us know, thanks.
Jouvannie A. Cueva, 32,cebu city,philippines [12-29-2004]

i love too be free
BLANCAMARINERO, 21years old live in stamford [12-29-2004]

Isaw the movie national treasure and loved it. My daddy wants to take me to go and see the neat stuff about our history.
Christine Aguilar, 6 yrs old, huntsville tx [12-29-2004]

What interesting photos and information given on this website. Thank you!
Nanci, San Bernardino, CA. [12-29-2004]

I loved the movie, National Treasure... EVERYONE WATCH IT ! haha =)
Brittany, Wisconsin,I'm 14, I'm hot too!:) [12-29-2004]

I found the look of the liberty bell crack very interesting. I like'd the pictures, very much. Thank for showing them, to me.
Brittany L., Baltimore, Maryland [12-29-2004]

Thanks for making this website,whoever, it really helped me and my friends on a report
anonymous [12-29-2004]

I think that there should be just plain pics of the liberty bell becuse people like me and some others might have history projects to do for there school
cameron, im 19 I live in Hoquiam wa. [12-29-2004]

Why is there a crack in the Liberty Bell?
Zakiya N. Kangethe [12-20-2004]

Kampfl Yves - Belgium [12-19-2004]

this website is ok?
Jacquelin, 13 [12-19-2004]

I watched "National Treasure" as well it was very astonished
Falcon, 16 [12-19-2004]

I felt as if i had become a part of history. This was a great story.Please keep up the great work, and keep the history coming.
Pamela, chicago [12-19-2004]

Linda Watkins, 28 [12-19-2004]

Tyra Gardner, Va. Roanoke [12-19-2004]

I thought the facts were very interesting.
Jergens J'Nae Berryhill, 8 years old, live in Houma, LA [12-19-2004]

I want to be a part of history.
tashirah lovelace, philadelphia [12-19-2004]

I found this site after seeing National Treasure last night!
Susanne, 45 - Oakdale, Ca [12-19-2004]

we r out to find the Beloit College treasure but no one believes us.
Alex and Craig [12-19-2004]

I am preparing a series of decks of playing cards featuring fascinating facts about the USA. I would like to have your permission to print ino and photo(s.When you respond, I will you have your email address and will send samples. THANKS!
Christiana Gamos [12-19-2004]

Bob [12-19-2004]

jennifer, 12 cedar lake [12-19-2004]

I think it's wonderful that the nation's greatest symbol of liberty has a Biblical inscription on it. As long as we remain true to our religious heritage we can't go wrong. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Marilyn Gleason, Centennial, Colorado USA [12-19-2004]

Just kiding you know
Jordan Anderson, 14, Rigby, Idaho [12-19-2004]

Ya...God is good, god is great, let us thank him for this cracked bell! Lol. Slow down on the relig stuff. If someone was giveing you credit on somthing you probebly wouldnt want them to blow it out of preportion
Jordan Anderson, 14, Rigby, Idaho [12-19-2004]

yohana [12-19-2004]

Briana, 13,Ha [12-19-2004]

awesome story!
Jill, iowa [12-19-2004]

i thought it was awesome
john, 12 [12-19-2004]

i like your site....very cool........
anonymous [12-19-2004]

I love Pennsylvania!It is my state for the year! Sarah
Sarah Jacobs, Winsted [12-19-2004]

i love that bell
HOLLYWOOD, 10 mississippi [12-19-2004]

sammy, 54 new york [12-19-2004]

this subject sux
Kathren, 13 [12-19-2004]

Tiara [12-19-2004]

I used this site for information on my research paper
Heather, Michigan [12-19-2004]

now i know how the usa means freedom so let it ring
nicole baranyai, 12 [12-19-2004]

Davida, 40 [12-19-2004]

I think the Liberty Bell is one of history favorite artifact.
Brittany Jones, 14,Chicago Heights [12-19-2004]

how did it crack like that
ashley hultberg, age 13 state mi [12-19-2004]

ELLEN [12-19-2004]

eli Ledford, Fletcher,NC (5 years old) [12-19-2004]

The Liberty Bell is an important part of our heritage and it would be a wonderful thing if the bell were to make another trip across our country so that more Americans would have the opportunity to see this important piece of our history. Too many people fail to appreciate the sacrifices that our forefathers made to gain us our freedom.
John E. Hoffa, 69 years old and I live in North Olmsted, Ohio [12-19-2004]

I just saw the movie National Treasure and on the movie they typed this in, so I decided to try it.
Nicole [12-19-2004]

I think the Liberty Bell is cool because it represents liberty and feedom.
JuaNey Lacey, Chicago Ridge IL. age 10 [12-19-2004]

jason lin [12-19-2004]

jason kwan [12-19-2004]

Waz sup?
Mandy, 13,Ny [12-19-2004]

I think that being able to read about history and seeing actual pictures from when the Liberty Bell was in place, is AMAZING!
Jersey Kate, 15, mn, 12/11/04 [12-19-2004]

Why was the Liberty Bell made? Who made it? Why is it not in display in Washington D.C.? Why isn't it in a bell tower ringing the hour?
anonymous [12-19-2004]

Hoping to pay a visit to the bell in 2005. I find the story hugely facinating.
Chris Smith, Worcester England [12-19-2004]

hi this is my 2 time writing u people.Thanks a lot 4 all the info!Remeber:i love HORSES very,very much.Bye1
Hollie, 11 years [12-19-2004]

Originally being from PA, I really love this bell and everything it stands for.
Chris, 20, RAF Croughton, UK [12-19-2004]

I just saw the movie National Treasure, and I must say that even though the information that there is a treasure is not proven, that I have found myself quite interested in American History.
Kate Moore, age:11, [12-19-2004]

I think this website is great for projects and learning!
Jess [12-19-2004]

I love American History !
Kim Nicoliello [12-19-2004]

Great site w/ lots of pics
joel, madison OH [12-09-2004]

Great site! Give thanks to the Lord for He is Good, His love endures forever.
Ana Laurel, Age 16 [12-09-2004]

why did the liberty bell crack ?
austin, age 8 [12-09-2004]

I hope this bell lives foever and ever
Shannon Garside, 11years old kanasa athison [12-09-2004]

kyle walker [12-09-2004]

wala, live in philippines [12-09-2004]

I would like to know information on the liberty bell
Stefanie Franc [12-09-2004]

I like what is written on the Liberty Bell.
Savanna Schoenecker, Age 6, Brownwood, Texas [12-09-2004]

used your site to help with my paper on the Liberty Bell
tara miller, 22 coldwater michigan [12-09-2004]

The site is great I really like it
Ben Cantwell, age 17, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina [12-07-2004]

Shannon S., St.Louis MO. [12-07-2004]

May freedom so ring in the hearts of Americans that it will pour forth to the poor, the brokenhearted, the captives, and those who are bound. May the love of God pour forth to free us all not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.
Susan LaFlamme [12-07-2004]

God bless the U.S.A. !
Bianca Pinkerton [12-07-2004]

liberty and justic for all
tracy, 42-paterson-nj-07514 [12-06-2004]

I used your site to help with my paper on the Liberty Bell. It really helped! Thankz! :)
Ashley, 13 [12-06-2004]

I VISITED THE LIBERTY BELL IN 1982, and I was very impressed. You read about landmarks in history,but when you see them it makes it even more special. Thank you very much
David Leon Gothard, dob-07-29-50 [12-06-2004]

this is a pretty cool place to go to find facts about the liberty bell and whatever else there is photos, quotes, just everything it is great .. LUV YAH
anonymous [12-06-2004]

Dear,Begmen Franklin Im learning about you I am discovering a lot of things about you plase send E-Male.
Elizabeth, 8,Ashboro,ect [12-05-2004]

I am doing a paaper on it and you guys arn't helping.
Amanda Vetsch, I am ten years old. [12-05-2004]

I would have never found this site were it not for "National Treasure" the movie! Great movie!
Joseph Goosey [12-05-2004]

I think this is a great site and i was hoping if i could get something on mason or pass and stow. Thanks Zack
Zachary, 13 and i live in Louisiana and crazy about history! [12-05-2004]

Guess what. I'm me. I kno that has nothing to do with this site, but I thought I'd write it anywayz. Kiss-kiss.
Me, I'm me [12-04-2004]

I would like to kno what the liberty bell represents in the country could you put that on the site? Is it independence? What does it stand for in our country?
Anonymous, mn [12-04-2004]

I love American History!
Allison I. [12-04-2004]

I,ve enjoyed this site very much,Thank You.
Tim Deas, Valley,Al. [12-04-2004]

This site rox it gives a lot of information.
Vinny Slykhuis, Wellington New Zealand [12-04-2004]

I have seen the movie tresure nation i believe that the given info is true
Vinny Slykhuis, Wellington [12-04-2004]

tell hows idea it was to get the bell
anonymous [12-04-2004]

I am doing a social studies progect on the liberty bell! I am so glad that I found this website to got o and find out more information.
Autumn, age:10 City:Manitou, KY [12-04-2004]

I think the Liberty Bell is an antique. I also think it was made over eight hundred-fifty years ago. What city is the Liberty Bell ?
Roy A. Doyle, 12 [12-04-2004]

My 8 year old daughter and I watched National Treasures this Thanksgiving weekend, and were wondering who Pass & Stow were. After visiting this site we now know that answer and a lot of other good info. Thank you.
Mary Graham, 33 [12-04-2004]

Having just seen the movie the "National Treasure" with my brother I had a natural curiosity to read up on Pass and Stow. I came here to read some more and refresh my memory - I saw the Liberty Bell probably 40 years ago ;-) Thanks for hosting the history.
Judi Courter [12-04-2004]

anonymous, Historical Interests [12-04-2004]

do you have a repleca of the Declaration ofIndependense?
Joseph [12-04-2004]

i like this movie
Kristin, 8, [12-04-2004]

Sarah Achartz [12-04-2004]

i think this bell is very important to our nation
nick, florida [12-04-2004]

Very good page
anonymous [12-04-2004]

Patrick Daudon, Stephane Laloe et Walter Cichacki sont heureux de vous annoncer la visite de la Normandy Liberty Bell à Philadelphie en 2005 et 2006 pour vous faire entendre le son d'origine de votre LIBERTY Bell et pour collecter des fonds pour construire le futur NORMANDY LIBERTY BELL CENTER d'OMAHA BEACH. contact : phillynormandy@aol.com
PATRICK DAUDON, Omaha Beach Normandy [12-04-2004]

As a former U.S. Marine and a native son of Pennsylvania, I find your website to be most informative and inspirational. Thank you for keeping our history alive.
K. Crater, Ogden, Utah [12-04-2004]

very helpful i learned a lot about it i didnt know and know i respect it and its creators even more thank u.
Hannah Fortney [12-04-2004]

Derrik [12-04-2004]

Is there really a map on the back of the declaration of independence like on National Treasure?
yo [12-04-2004]

i saw the movie called national treasure so i descided to visit your site.
Jessica [12-04-2004]

how is philadelpia spelled on the Liberty bell? What does "pass and stow" mean
Kelly McMahon, 11;dunedin [12-04-2004]

kistynjn [12-04-2004]

Froilan Mogol, 25, Pasay City, Philippines [12-04-2004]

Interesting that this website featured in the movie National Treasure, the bad guys did a search for "STOW, Declaration Of Independence", and voila, here they were, it was the next clue to finding the hidden treasure. I am curious thou, is there any truth or legend for that matter to this "treasure"? Or is it just made up for the movie?
Adam, From Australia [12-04-2004]

i went to visit the liberty bell with my high school (academy of american studies) back on nov 5 and i thougth it was really cool. actually seeing this historic bell thats known all over
Jennifer, 14, nyc [12-04-2004]

planning trip in spring would like suggestions for tour
glenn schuman, teacher [12-04-2004]

Very interesting. I was inclined to rediscover this historical bells history after seeing the movie "National Treasure" I hope this movie peaks the interest of many youngsters to research our research our very interesting history in America.
vicky, 45 [12-04-2004]

National Treasure did a good job to show young children more about the Founding Fathers and the history of our country. Hope you can see that movie also.
Jennie Choy [12-04-2004]

anonymous [12-04-2004]

was the real liberty bell in the movie national treasure?
alex, 13 [12-04-2004]

THIS SITE ROCKS!its really awsome
rachel heaton, age11 greenville sc [12-04-2004]

natasha [12-04-2004]

Renee [12-04-2004]

hey yall this info was so helpful i have to write a report on the Liberty Bell and this is all i need to write it. My prof will be so impressed, Thanx
tee [12-04-2004]

The writing on the crack are really roman numerals which makes 1753.
dustin jackson, 10 [12-04-2004]

i like the lberty bell
ADY, new york [12-04-2004]

I like the site and i was wondering about the libirty bell and i found a lot of good information on this site. Thank you
Brandon Walker, 17 [12-04-2004]

robert bonnici [12-04-2004]

I was looking about how the Liberty Bell was cracked. I think it was cracked because the ball inside of it was too hard so the outside of the bell cracked when it was rung.
Keith Rohde, Tampa, FL Age 8 [12-04-2004]

i think everyone in the world could fly. Please make me fly
Caroline Dickey, Bowie,Texas [12-04-2004]

this bell is really interesting after i saw the movie national treasure i got kinda interested on the history of it
stephanie [12-04-2004]

The liberty bell rocks
megz, i love you [12-04-2004]

when was the Liberty Bell built?
anonymous, fl [12-04-2004]

This was a wonderful site for me to get all the information that I needed on here. This site has a spectacular source of information about the Liberty Bell. You guys have really put this site together wonderfully! Sincerely, Lindsay
Lindsay, I am 18 years old and doing a project for school. [12-04-2004]

hello every one ive been here many times when i waited for concert tickets at electric factory andon south st at theater of living arts seen many concerts there
william j grayeski, 51 bellevue ave penndel pa [12-04-2004]

Would be nice to have a sound wav of the normandy liberty bell to hear how the liberty bell sounded.
Greg, 42 from wichita ks [12-04-2004]

I just went to see the movie, "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage..........it lead me to seek historical information on the liberty bell.
anonymous, Kansas City, Missouri [12-04-2004]

Tommy [12-04-2004]

Oliva Marcel, Washington D.C. [12-04-2004]

[Liberty Bell, Decleration of Independence]Possibly two of the greatest things in American history.
Grace, 13, ny [12-04-2004]

I am truly fascinated by American History. I find it extremely interesting and fun to learn about.
Christine, Age 12 [12-04-2004]

its an honour to have my name in this guest book, thankyou.
rani r. singh, 19 yrs old, FIJI citizen, Indian [12-04-2004]

This was a very information site.. I was able to learn a lot about our country. Thank you for this site. It really moved me.
Amanda, Berea, Ohio [12-04-2004]

your site is awsome it has every thing you need to know for a good education and lesson about History of the Liberty Bell
hannah, Deming .NM. [12-04-2004]

Kierra Jqhnson [12-04-2004]

I live in a shack. It is falling on top of me right now as I type! HELP!
Carmella Jones [12-04-2004]

Liberty Bell is so cool.
Susan Adkins [12-04-2004]

how did jonh f. kennedy middle school in ecorse get its name
anonymous [12-04-2004]

The liberty bell is a ver y special to me
Shavon Wilson, 14 years, Port Arthur [12-04-2004]

nicole [12-04-2004]

amber [12-04-2004]

flipper [12-04-2004]

sally [12-04-2004]

brittany lee [12-04-2004]

laura gaona [12-04-2004]

I am studying about the American revolution and the Liberty Bell.
Danielle Damario, age 7 in a half [12-04-2004]

The website is okay to my opinion.
TamaraWatts, 11years,Wendell,N.C [12-04-2004]

This is a great web-page.
Haley, Taft [12-04-2004]

u need to make your website bigger and have a picture a big one of the liberty bell
adriane andujar, 12,a girl,and live in brookhaven [12-04-2004]

KELLYE BOOZER, 16, hughes high [12-04-2004]

Michelle Jones [12-04-2004]

You';re after me gold! But me luck of the Irish will prevent ye from catchin' me!
Leprechaun, ageless, leprechaunville, 2'4'' [12-04-2004]

I like the ever thing adout the Bell
Dichele D. Dumas, 31,Port Authur [12-04-2004]

I thought it was really cool to see the Liberty Bell. I was probably about 14 years old when I saw it and it is definately something I will remeber forever. Philadelphia is a very historical city and it is definately a place that I would go back to!
anonymous, 18 yrs, WI [12-04-2004]

samar, 8,ir [12-04-2004]

It's amazing how the people back then so appreciated this country and all it stands for. It is most intresting how the Liberty Bell was taken as a serious symbolic way to the American people back then. Maybe we need to look back into history a little deeper in todays day and maybe more Americans would learn to appreciate all we have like the Americans did back then. The great sacrafices and blood shed that was laid across the lands for our generations of today and for generations to come.
Cheryl [12-04-2004]

GET ON MY LEVEL...lol-really cool site---or is it?????
Steven Mott, 14, west side--not single! [12-04-2004]

clover, I'm10 [12-04-2004]

i think that all the be that is fight for use is some good people
april, 12 [12-04-2004]

I like this place
Rachel@K@Ray, 9 [12-04-2004]

sam millett, 9 [12-04-2004]

I think that history of the Liberty Bell is interesting. Along with other information about history.
katie forst, 8, winterset, love 2 search the net [12-04-2004]

Lauren Duffy, London Ohio [12-04-2004]

great site for homeschoolers
ang walls [12-04-2004]

I want to go to college
Christina, 38,Berwick [12-04-2004]

Deborah Greene, Summerville, SC [12-04-2004]

I liked seeing the big 80ft bell from the World's Fair. I liked to see the real bell's crack that it got when it was ringing.
Frankie Fairbanks, 7 [12-04-2004]

Kevin W. Beatty, Joplin, MO [12-04-2004]

Jonathan 10 [12-04-2004]

In Social Studies, we're working on symbols in the U.S., and I think it's really interesting when we learn about the Liberty Bell!
Laurel Bengford, 10 yrs, Arthur, Iowa, 320 East 1st Avenue [12-04-2004]

lucy [12-04-2004]

Hello i visted philly some time in 2002.And we waited in line to to get up close to the bell.I have picutures of my daughter standing next the bell under very tight security of men keeping hand guns straped to there hips just in case of a terror attack on the bell.Glad to see it is easy and free to see. I might havet to come back. We also visted Franklins home.
Christopher, Winnebago,illnois [12-04-2004]

thank you for the information about liberty bell i really enjoyed the reasearch i made im glad that i had the chance to read on it .
deidre ayala [12-04-2004]

Up here for a project and so far so good
Kierra, I'm 10 [12-04-2004]

JOHN A HOOPER, altoona pa.16602 [12-04-2004]

Kelly 10 [12-04-2004]

i think that you should be able to click something and go straight to it because i dont like searching through this stuff i dont know about you but i dont like it. and this project that we are doing is so god deg on stupid.
desirae brown, 12 hampton va [12-04-2004]

Hannah, 10 [12-04-2004]

matthewd [12-04-2004]

Hailey, 10 [12-04-2004]

Cole [12-04-2004]

Molly [12-04-2004]

casey [12-04-2004]

Brittainy [12-04-2004]

jenny [12-04-2004]

Jasmine, 11 [12-04-2004]

Laura, 11 [12-04-2004]

Matthew [12-04-2004]

Israel [12-04-2004]

Katie, Hanover, Pennsylvania [12-04-2004]

I think this website was very helpful for my class project. As Veteran's Day approaches, we are celebrating Freedom Week and I needed information on the Liberty Bell.
Dillon Cole Elguezabal, Age: 8, Eagle Pass, TX [12-04-2004]

Nick [12-04-2004]

I learned some about the liberty bell in kindergarten today and now my nanny and I are looking up pictures of it.
Kayla, 5 years old [12-04-2004]

This rocks
paige rivera [12-04-2004]

this is the coolest thing
DESTIN WADE, pensacola, florida [12-04-2004]

Philip Miller, Middletown, Pennsylvania [12-04-2004]

Nayaree Bradley, 23,baltimore [12-04-2004]

john pass was a relative.just looking to see if we broke the bell or what .ha ha phil
PHILLIP PASS, 44 atlanta .ga. [12-04-2004]

Should have done this sooner
Dick Van Ness, Paso Robles, CA [12-04-2004]

We would like to know why there is a spike in the crack of the Liberty Bell. Can you tell us?
Justin Findley & Kris Johnson, we are 11, from Big Lake Washington [12-04-2004]

i want to know the significance of the bell
medard fiel paler, philippines [12-04-2004]

yes i would like to know whats written around it
anonymous [12-03-2004]

Tammy Marler, 4th &5th Grade Teacher [12-03-2004]

The liberty bell is our history and if any thing happens we should restore it
vivian maggio, I like research [12-03-2004]

thank you for this page it helped me with my project
ashley, 15 [12-03-2004]

i love the libertybell
Sandy, 11,fishkill,ny [12-02-2004]

The Liberty Bell is cool! We hope to visit it next year.
Eric DeNeen, Age = 7, I live in Michigan [12-02-2004]

Pax, I love Texas /tech and I am going to go to college there [12-02-2004]

I liked reading about the bell. It is important because it was our history.
Chandler O'Brien, 6, Beaufort, SC homeschooler [12-02-2004]

i am doing a reaserch over the liberty bell and i hope you provided enough information
CaSandra [12-02-2004]

As a child I was told that an ancestor rang the bell. Is there a list of individuals who rang the bell somewhere. I am really curious, I want to believe it is true but I am not sure. It was on my Father's side, Last name is Reed, but doesn't mean it is Reed. Any help would be grand. Thanks, Stephanie Reed-Tippets
Stephanie Reed-Tippets, Riverton, WY USA [12-02-2004]

i don't know why i'm doing this
Kitty [12-02-2004]

Let freedom ring loud and clear
Jack Bittle, 37 [12-02-2004]

Jim Stowe [12-02-2004]

Thanks for this site, it has a lot of good info and helped me with my homework :)
LAUREN, 14 [12-02-2004]

In addition to being extremly informative, this site is also organized in a very good manner. Thanks for the help!
Andy Halterman, Norman, OK [12-02-2004]

david, mukilteo,WA [12-02-2004]

this is a really good sight it is helping with my homework.
arielle, 13 [12-02-2004]

I think you should have more info on the Liberty Bell. I'm doing a project on the bell, and I need more info.
ashlie [12-02-2004]

what does pass and stow mean on the liberty bell
John Nelson, i am 13 and i would like to know because i am doing research for my history class [12-02-2004]

im doing a report on the Liberty Bell and ur websight helped me get an A on it! Thanks a lot!Bye!
Hollie, 11 years old [12-02-2004]

I thought the liberty bell is real cool I wish I could touch it
Adam Roberds, Pritchett, Colorado [12-02-2004]

I loved it it was wonderful
Brooke, Massachusetts [12-02-2004]

Candace [12-02-2004]

Alice Johnson [12-02-2004]

this site is a good site for information and fun facts about the Liberty Bell
Chelsey, 18, Casper WY [12-02-2004]

i need to know how it cracked.and when it cracked
meghan, newalbany [12-02-2004]

irving briscoe [12-02-2004]

MELINDA GREAVES, vassar, mich [12-01-2004]

i am a big fan wirte back
destiny, 10,n.y.c,n.y.s [12-01-2004]

its cool...
Josh, 14 I live in Kansas City [12-01-2004]

Lots of info
Yunfai Ng [11-08-2004]

i think that who ever owns the bell is lucky and happy becuse it is a lot of money 'every body likes it i know i do
PHGUDTR, 11 houston tx. [11-08-2004]

Why dont they send the Liberty Bell to New Mexico?
Nayeli Arreola, new mexico 88081 [11-08-2004]

Chantal Hopkins, California resident [11-08-2004]

I have visited the Liberty Bell several years ago. I am interested in finding out more about John Pass and Stowe. I was told by my father (who was born and raised in Norristown, PA. that John Pass was my Grand father several times removed. There is no family documentation about him, that I am aware of. I thought someone could lead me in the right direction to find out the facts about Pass and Stowe. If there is anyone with this knowledge, please e-mail me at the above address. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Camilla (Pass) Wisecarver
Camilla Pass Wisecarver [11-08-2004]

I really like this web site it gives a lot of good information and talkes about what people want to know thanks for making such a good site
Amanda [11-08-2004]

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Stephanie, Age 13, California Arrowview Midlle School Rocks! [11-08-2004]

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mylayla, lebon [11-07-2004]

I am doing a report on the Liberty Bell.
Kristen, Georgia [11-07-2004]

jeants [11-07-2004]

Symbols provide us with a vivid picture of this land, this belived country. Keep this site alive worldwide as a major relic of who we were and how far we have moved as a Fredomom Loving country. God Bless America.
Reverend Ed Goldberg, Interfaith Clergyman, Manhattan [11-07-2004]

Megan Kerbs [11-07-2004]

I'm doing a report on the Liberty Bell and I need halp.
anonymous [11-05-2004]

Danielle Perry, Steamboat Springs CO [11-05-2004]

I have seen many of the places in Philadelphia in person, but it is exciting for my students to see them here.
Linda M. Glackin, East Moline, IL [11-05-2004]

Imformational and inspiring
La Tanya Cockrell, Eutaw, AL. [11-05-2004]

where is the bell now
Christian Campbell, na [11-05-2004]

Codie Shepherd, 14, Meraux [11-05-2004]

maranda [11-05-2004]

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Cheyenne Shawna Kc, 8,9,9 [11-05-2004]

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Nestor [11-04-2004]

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Jessica Doubek, libby [11-04-2004]

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mary, 13 [11-03-2004]

is the bell still rung today.
carly hughes, 10 [11-02-2004]

I wish I could see the liberty bell, it is so cool.
Amanda Dietrich, I am 14 years old and I live in Meadville PA [11-02-2004]

Melissa [11-02-2004]

I visited the Liberty Bell On 10/29/04 It was great. I want to thank the city of Philidelpha for making my visit so pleasent.
Bob Noyola, Fontana,California [11-02-2004]

I like the information that we checked out. I like this website.
Owen, age 5, Madison Wisconsin [11-02-2004]

anonymous, .... This didn't help at all D: [11-02-2004]

I am doing a report on the liberty bell. it is fun.
M [11-02-2004]

ayendia [11-02-2004]

We visited this site because we had some questions about the Liberty Bell. We wanted to know how it got it's name and how it cracked. We liked looking at the pictures in the photo essay. They were very interesting.
Mrs. Banek's class, Hanover Park, IL [11-02-2004]

I wonder why "Pensylvania" is spelled wrong on the Bell and also how much would the Bell be worth? Thanks. Jayson
Jayson, Lafayette, Indiana 10 years old [11-02-2004]

One of my Granddaughters is doing a report on the bell, and asked to interview me about it.
anonymous, 65yrs.old- oroville,ca [10-31-2004]

I think that this web site should have facts about the liberty bell's history.
Aleigh Huff, Brewton, Alabama [10-31-2004]

I went to the site because my great grandfather tour with the liberty bell across American. I have souvenirs of the trip.
nancy f burton [10-31-2004]

Carolyn Hangey, North Wales, PA [10-31-2004]

how did it get the crack? i think by ringing it to hard
PEDRO, age:10 [10-31-2004]

Carlene Perkins, st. Petersburg, FL [10-31-2004]

chris [10-29-2004]

so much history!
PAM, franklin, wi [10-29-2004]

Jarrett Taylor, 1;000;000 [10-29-2004]

The pirtch where cool. I will like to see the Lerberte Bell
anonymous, 100 [10-29-2004]

it was cool
chase, 12 [10-29-2004]

Caleb [10-29-2004]

I think the Liberty Bell is very pretty!
Destiny kirby, 8,Wasington,Pa [10-27-2004]

Allyson Geyer, Knoxville, TN [10-27-2004]

Studying about USA symbols.
Cole Preston, California [10-27-2004]

I am 13 years old and i was doing a report on the liberty bell this was a great web page to go on it helped me with all my problems and it had iteresting things it has great pictures and links and GREAT information!
savannah, Brewton,Alabama [10-27-2004]

The crack on the bell is very important! p.s. thanks 4 helpin me with my project i got an 80! :-D
Ceara Anderson, 11~f~nc [10-27-2004]

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meaghan [10-27-2004]

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lauren, wisconsin [10-27-2004]

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Ashley McElyea, 10, Azle Tx. [10-24-2004]

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Kirsten, Age 10 [10-24-2004]

the liberty bell is awesome
Marni Olk, montana [10-24-2004]

it's really historical
angela, tennessee [10-24-2004]

the break in the bell is sad..but I love it for what it represent.s military-freedom and a safe country to live in. "GOD" bless "AMERICA" DOLLY GLICK."
DOLLY GLICK, knoxville tennessee [10-22-2004]

the libert bell, wow why is it spelt pennsylvania? did they not no who to spell?
adele [10-22-2004]

mattie pringle, georgetown, south carolina [10-22-2004]

why dont they repair the crack?
Amanda Armitage [10-22-2004]

We thought this information was interesting and answered our question about what was so important about the Liberty Bell. We computed the age of the bell to be 228 years old and would like to see the bell in person. Thank you for sharing this information with us. Mrs. Cable, Teacher, and Class
John F. Kennedy Middle School, Ecorse Public Schools, Ecorse, MI 48229 [10-22-2004]

Robert Thomas Jr, This is a huge part of A [10-22-2004]

I think the liberty bell is a very good symbol of liberty
Megan Moore, 12 [10-22-2004]

This was a search for a question that came up in 4th grade. Mrs. Sheehy's class at Prescott Elementary in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Aaron Selvage [10-22-2004]

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Guy W. Pettit, Nettleton Ms-2925 Carolina Rd. 38858 [10-22-2004]

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kermit afflerbach [10-22-2004]

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kitty [10-22-2004]

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Melia, I am 13 [10-22-2004]

We were doing research for homework, thank you for this page.
Eric and Zechariah Shoup, 36, 9 [10-22-2004]

We enjoyed reading the factual information you had to offer on this website. We are studying a unit called building a government and Philadelphia is a key city to understanding the history of our government.
Terri Doumit (and third grade class), Columbus, MS [10-22-2004]

great website i enjoy looking at this site
kayla michalec, 14yrs, Flatonia [10-22-2004]

Iwould like to be there were the Liberty Bell is i really want to see it in person!
Brittany lashinski, age 11 city sweetwater TX [10-22-2004]

Thank you for your web site.
Michelle Knight [10-22-2004]

America is a great country and so is that bell. : )
K-Dog, West side [10-22-2004]

Your Web Page is Truly Inspirering. It Makes me evan more proud to be An American! Thank You So much ....
Helen Smith, Detroit MICH [10-22-2004]

dave [10-22-2004]

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DIONNE PARSONS, i like your website [10-22-2004]

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Dodge Fielden [10-22-2004]

Hayley [10-22-2004]

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Devil, 25 luckynumber I am 12 years old [10-22-2004]

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corey rice, 9years zephyrhills FL [10-22-2004]

alisha [10-22-2004]

I think this website is intresting Why? because of the facts the quote the photos and of course the Guest Book.
Peter, I am 12 Years Old [10-22-2004]

Molly Singer [10-22-2004]

More backround information on the liberty bell
Jessica Cameron, 15,West Haven [10-22-2004]

I'm learning about the Liberty Bell right now!
J.A.B. NJ [10-22-2004]

As a Pass decendent I have always been proud to be part of Americas history. Was nice to see a brother and cousin of mine have signed this.
Lisa Pass Hyde, Alabama [10-22-2004]

Chrissy Miller, 11 years old - 5th grade student at Quiet Waters Elementary School [10-22-2004]

Visited site for my grandson's homework assignment. He is a third grade student.
Ernestine Nobles-Thornton, Senior citizen,Southfield, MI [10-22-2004]

as a defender of the united states constitution and bill of rights the liberty bell rings true in heart,mind and consciness. GOD BLESS AMERICA !
e n perusse jr [10-22-2004]

My daughter and I were talking today and (ashamed to say)we could not remember about the Liberty Bell so I decided I had better look into it and refresh myself
Carolyn Rand, Little Rock AR [10-17-2004]

Thank you so much for your web sight i got me "A" in history!
Ben [10-17-2004]

i love this website i've always woundered about the Liberty Bell and i found out a lot thank you so much it also helped me with extra credit at school now i have an A+ i used to have a B+ BUT THANKS TO THIS WEB PAGE I GOT MY GRADE HIGHER THANKYOU SO MUCH!
sabrina, 12 Blessed Sacrament School(Christian school) 7th grade [10-17-2004]

I attended the Lanston Monotype School in Philadelphia, 1959. My home was in London, Ontario, Canada. I was very impressed with the history of Philadelphi. Living in Philly, changed my life and views of United States. Because of my training at the Monotype School, I was able to obtain work and I eventually moved to Indiana from Canada.
Frank Sinclair, age 74, Indianapolis, Indiana [10-17-2004]

This is exactly what I was looking for! I especially enjoyed the 1915 photos.
Karen Pearson, Music Teacher [10-17-2004]

What's with all the liberty bells; you could use some more decoration than that! (It looked pretty boring to me!)
anonymous [10-08-2004]

how did the bell get it's crack
ryt [10-08-2004]

I like cats and the liberty bell.Great information guys...p.s. i like cats
Brandon [10-08-2004]

The new liberty bell cost a lot
kimberly weems, brownwood texas [10-08-2004]

nichole, 14 sweetwater TX [10-07-2004]

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Stacey Sleentreneety, I am 11 years old but in 7 th grade. [10-07-2004]

T.Rex, sweetwaer tx [10-06-2004]

this web site is awsome thanks for putting it up
nicole baranyai, 12 pittsburgh pa [10-06-2004]

Our homecoming theme is Famous Landmarks, our class chose the Liberty Bell and this gave me the perfect info! I also see that other classmates of mine have checked this site out! Wow! same state different towns over 150 miles apart and we found the same thing. I guess we know we will have the same, Correct information and sizes to make our own. Thanks!
Leah buck, Katy, Texas, age 34( Teague, TX hometown) [10-06-2004]

i love to vist philadelphia. i love all the sports teams and i plan to live there when i grow up.
Marissa Rudy, Pennsylvaina [10-06-2004]

As the current Historian for our local DAR Barefoot Beach Chapter, I find the site very helpful for information for the Chapter Scrapbook.
Fran, Bonita Spring FL [10-06-2004]

me and my family went to Phily this summer and saw the liberty bell and stuff-its really cool :) now im writing a huge report on it and using your site as reference :) its really cool hehe, nice website too :P
Sydney, im 13 and live in michigan. [10-06-2004]

yasmeen [10-06-2004]

Marie Cenon [10-04-2004]

great info
silvia, monterrey.mexico [10-03-2004]

I learned a lot from this website. Thanks for helping.
Bridget Gauntt, Teague, Texas [10-02-2004]

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Haley, waco texas [10-02-2004]

Every immigrant should be given a pamphlet sumarizing the historical significance of our Liberty Bell.
Ross E. Cook, Atlanta, Georgia [10-02-2004]

hi and thanks for making this website
meagan, none [10-01-2004]

In April, 2000, my friend and I visited Washington, D.C. This had been my childhood dream and it was finally realized in 2000. We were able to visit all the White House and museums and enjoyed every minute of it especially after 9-11-2001. To think that we saw the Pentagon before and after is heart wrenching. I love my country. Thank you.
Marie Genevieve Dominguez, Oceanside, CA 92054 [10-01-2004]

Linda, Homeschool Parent [09-29-2004]

Ella Muscat [09-29-2004]

your page is realy good it helped me find what i needed to for a history repot that i'am doing for school. thank you for all your help. it was very interestting to read and find out more and more about the liberty. i thought you mabey should have a little more Bilbe verses to difine what it is aying. but thank you for the help you did give me.
Lily Cummins, Roseburg Or. [09-29-2004]

I thought that your web site was very interisting. It is good for essays and other things like that.!
Cecelia, i am 16 yrs. I live in Sacaton, Arizona [09-29-2004]

Keep our Liberty Bell safe. Keep it where it can readily be seen.
Barbara, 68 [09-29-2004]

thanxs website 4 helping us complete our social studies project!
andrea -n- alyssa, 13 [09-29-2004]

Your site helped me enrich my instructional activities. Thanks again.
S. McNeil, Miami [09-29-2004]

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MARIA [09-29-2004]

D.J. [09-29-2004]

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Bob, 14 idaho [09-29-2004]

I was present when the original bell was hung the guys who delivered it dropped it...it cracked and they refused to take it back.
John Friedrich [09-29-2004]

I am a volenteer at the March Field Air Museum in Riverside Cal. The replica of the "Liberty Bell" is with us this week. As a patriotic American and a "U.S.A.F." vet, I can feel proud to guide students through our museum and speak of the freedoms of the greatest country in the world, The U.S.A..
Robert Mauger, Live in Corona Ca., Born in Allentown Pa. [09-19-2004]

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Talor, 9 [09-19-2004]

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anonymous, 7 [09-19-2004]

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monica lattmore, age: 16 city: la, [09-19-2004]

i think that your website has a lot of information on the liberty bell and as for me as a student i love your website.
Nadia, 13,Augusta,G.A. [09-19-2004]

It is nice to find easy access to websites, such as this one, when looking for quick and concise facts.
Tamara Tate, 26 year old Special Education Teacher on Maui [09-19-2004]

jamesha [09-19-2004]

This is neet for class projects!
Casey Dixon, 15-years-old, 10th grade [09-19-2004]

change triviata to trivia on the links. also add games.
maddy mead [09-19-2004]

I very much enjoyed learning about the liberty bell. I am participating in a Bible study on Leviticus and it mentioned that the liberty bell contained a verse from there.
Joella McPherson, Amarillo TX [09-19-2004]

NIESHA [09-19-2004]

I just want all those that are interested in Whelchel Family History to know that I'am still searching and my book will get done sooner or later. I have finished one (1-28-2004) it has poems written by a Whelchel family member and anyone can preview it at www.1stbooks.com Author: Dink Title: Dink's Poetry 2002. The Whelchel Saga Continues:
Mel Welchel, Pittsburgh [09-19-2004]

It was a very moving experience to be beside the bell and we hope to visit again
Doherty, Derry Northern Ireland [09-19-2004]

This a nice site
Jessica Richardson [09-19-2004]

This is wonderful,Thank you for bringing this into our homes. Truly enjoyed.
Christine Smith, 70yrs old, Los Osos, Ca. [09-19-2004]

i had to do a project on it & it got me a a+
ashlee, i am 11 years old & i live in florida [09-16-2004]

found very interesting. thank you!
Bernie, age 60 [09-16-2004]

dallas tipton [09-16-2004]

great site but need more pictures
John Mac Innis [09-16-2004]

iwould like to know more information about pennswylvania
jessica, pasadena [09-16-2004]

pretty cool but im just looking for info for a project
Matt, 13, Ga, [09-16-2004]

this website helped me a lot on my school project. Thank you.
Matthew, age 9 [09-16-2004]

pedro [09-16-2004]

I love the us history. keep up the good work
arin adams, fort riley,KS [09-16-2004]

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Arica L Timms, 16, junction city ks [09-16-2004]

It's always good to refresh the mind and sight about history.
Mary Ann Douglass, Swedeland [09-16-2004]

Haydan, Neenah Wisconsin [09-16-2004]

i think the liberty bell is a very peaceful thing. when you here itas name it just chimes.
Kirsten Smith, 13,Battle Creek [09-16-2004]

this is so cool . history on the net. thanks please e-mail me.
samantha, texas [09-16-2004]

Jessica Shiver, 21, Albany, GA, Teacher [09-16-2004]

ummm who would make a site about the liberty bell?
joy [09-16-2004]

Eloise Crane, Columbus, Georgia Elementary school teacher [09-16-2004]

teddy saunders [09-16-2004]

imay i have a picture of the liberty bell
mary, kite [09-16-2004]

jakeem johnson [09-16-2004]

jackie johnson, 34 mother of 5 [09-16-2004]

i think this web site is great
Buffalo Bill [09-16-2004]

as saw Your site on the liberty bell, I thought this crack must be a sign for all the relativity, individuality and sometimes absurdity (in a philosophical sense) that might happen during our search for freedom !
Eva Berberich [09-16-2004]

thank u website!
ceara anderson, 11 nc matthews [09-16-2004]

This is a great section on the internet
Mae@01, !0 Corbin [09-16-2004]

I Like The Wizard of Oz
Robert J. Bird, Harrisburg Pa [09-15-2004]

I admire the history of Philadelphia and the pugnacious forefathers towards Britain in 1700's and those involved in the Independence of the USA. All countries today look with admiration at the results engendered from their ideals and perseverance. Bravo!
President Luis Ignacio - Lula, I am the presidente of Brasil. [09-06-2004]

your web site was every helpful for my report
KAYLA CARLOS, i am 8 years old and i live in texas [09-06-2004]

samantha saunders, 7, tampa, fl [09-06-2004]

this website is cool i love the liberty bell
bob, tx [08-31-2004]

TARA, 12,polk [08-31-2004]

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amanda drury, iidrdgthljei [08-31-2004]

jennifer horton, 12 [08-31-2004]

I am going to visit for vacation tomorrow. But I wanted to know about the Liberty Bell first.
Carlee, 7 years old [08-31-2004]

Excellent website history. Every American should read this. Our liberties today are being severely challenged; the Liberty Bell so aptly subscribes to the intention of god in Leviticus 25:10 that there should be liberty throughout the world for it's peoples. God proclaims it, the Liberty Bell inscribes it & no government can prohibit it. (Amendment 1 to the Constitution of the United States of America.)We must have leaders and judges who correctly interpret the intent of God and our founding fathers through rule of law and limited government. Let the Liberty Bell forever stir the fervent passion of patriotism in the heart and soul of every American.
Ray Winn, age 70, kingwood, Tx [08-31-2004]

Anthony Estille [08-30-2004]

why is it miss spelled on the bell and why is ther an crack on the bell
colton welge [08-30-2004]

who is kayla sitterly???? i love that name!
Cammie [08-30-2004]

Mimi Gongora, 10 Years old [08-30-2004]

why dont you tell how the crack got there?
jessica falstick [08-30-2004]

Where is the 2nd bell (the one installed to ring the time)?
Karl Bloomfield [08-30-2004]

I didn't know any of this history about the Liberty Bell. It was very interesting.
Randi Jean Witt [08-25-2004]

Peja Stojakovic, 13, Sac [08-25-2004]

Jeff Kamaka [08-25-2004]

I am confused about exactly what part of the bell is the "crown" because I am trying to make a model to scale for a school project. Can you help?
George Riant, 7 years old [08-25-2004]

I went to Philadelphia in December 2001 for an Optometric Metting at Pennsyvania Convention Center and I had the opportunity to know Liberty Bell, from that day I fall in love with his simbolism of freedom. Now I hope some day I can go again with my little four years old son.
Gustavo, I live in Argentina [08-21-2004]

1984 found Mum and I xing coast to coast USA, visit to Liberty Bell, proud to have been there, God Bless America
Michael Molyneux, 53, Wallasey Merseyside UK [08-21-2004]

I am a descendant of someone who helped move the Liberty Bell to Allentown
Tara Fox, Im 20yrs. West Unity, Oh [08-21-2004]

i read on a snapple cap that their was a missepled word on the bell. had to verify.thank you
SAL, 67 brick n.j. [08-21-2004]

It's really cool to see this web site on to find out how the Liberty Bell was made, and actually cracked as well.
s.savidge, 9 yr. old, Valrico,Florida USA [08-21-2004]

Hello...I am a singer/songwriter/recording artist from Dallas, TExas... I love your website... and I awnted to share the awesome experience I've enjoyed the past two years in Philadelphia on July 4th! On July 4, 2003, I sang a solo of the song I wrote (just afer 9/11) "Let Freedom Ring" - I sang this song at the LetFreedom Ring (tm) National Bell Ringing Ceremony of the LIberty Bell.. - and on July 4, 2004, I was joined by the Philadelphia Boys Choir in the performance of "Let Freedom Ring" once again at the Bell Ringing Ceremony. EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD BE IN PHILADELPHIA AT THIS BELL RINGING CEREMONY at least ONCE in their lifetime.. It makes one more aware of our heritage...and the beginning of FREEDOM in America... - and I believe brings about a feeling of pride of being an American in our modern times. One can hear my song, "Let Freedom Ring" at: www.kayseamayer.com/welcome.htm - I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN...AND AM PROUD TO SHARE THIS MESSAGE IN SONG ABOUT FREEDOM WITH OTHER AMERICANS. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND LET FREEDOM RING! Kay Seamayer Dallas, Texas kayseamayer@MSN.com
Kay Seamayer, Dallas, Texas [08-21-2004]

Noted your entry on www.google..searching for data to enclose as a stuffer for a frst day cover of the Liberty Bell envelope(s)issued Jan. 3, 1995.We are Kribbs' Kovers--recognized by the American First Day Cover Society as having been the "oldest,continuous cachetmaker of 100% hand drawn(one-at-a-time) and then hand painted FDCs for virtually ALL USPS issues from 1978-1999" when severe hand tremors ended our drawings.
Ken D. Kribbs Sr, Age:77+ 102 Crystal Cove,Brunswick,GA 31525-2455 [08-21-2004]

We are looking forward to seeing the Liberty Bell and its entirerty.
Cathy Rector, Michael Rector-Husband [08-21-2004]

Wonderful educational site. I work with adults with disabilities, and I used your site for our September 1st discussion. Thank You.
Bobbie Jo Dean, 26 from Elkton, MD. [08-21-2004]

I love history, and especially U.S. colonial history.
Shelly Flanders, Provo, Utah 35 [08-21-2004]

ed hein, Juneau, Alaska [08-21-2004]

anonymous [08-21-2004]

the bell is cool!
nicki [08-18-2004]

thank you for shareing very nice
bobbi hatfield, loveland colorado [08-18-2004]

tony matson, Rtied ostal employee [08-17-2004]

Now might be time for another US tour of the Liberty Bell to boost some US spirit.
Orville Jones, Nashville, NC [08-17-2004]

Colleen L. farr [08-17-2004]

jenn [08-16-2004]

jenn [08-16-2004]

The information on your website painted a beautiful picture for me as we are about to travel from Florida to Philadelphia to visit family and YES the Liberty Bell. May its history ring on forever within our great country and throughtout the world.
Jason H. Barnes, Fort Myers, Florida [08-08-2004]

Maureen Linder, I reently visited the Liberty bell with my family "Linders-Stephen-Hiers" we received an excellent educational tour. [08-07-2004]

It was so interesting and very cool I hope I can come back again and see it again
Tedd, I'm 25 and single [08-07-2004]

liberté, liberty... Patrick Daudon, auteur concepteur de la Normandy Liberty Bell sera à Paris le 25 août 2004 pour saluer cette grande fête de la LIBERTE à l'initiative de la Mairie de Paris et souhaite que de la Place de la Bastille nos amis Américains entendent les 7 coups de LIBERTE ou LIBERTY
DAUDON, normandie france [08-07-2004]

juanita witherspoon [08-07-2004]

I think that this site is very historic and educational for children 6 and up.
unknown, unknown [08-07-2004]

vertillus [08-07-2004]

i love this great history 'n' d site, i 'll like to have the hard copy
alo tokunbo, 'm 24,reside in lagos,nigeria [08-07-2004]

I would like to learn more about the liberty bell. I like the stuff about it though.
valery [08-07-2004]

Danielle Davis [08-07-2004]

its great
anonymous [08-07-2004]

I thought your site was very good, but the only thing was I'd sure appreciate if you could tell me how much it cost to see the Liberty Bell. Respects, No Name
anonymous [08-07-2004]

Kris Ditzel [08-07-2004]

Jeremy, 24 [08-07-2004]

Kris Ditzel [08-07-2004]

Merci Patrick Daudon pour la Normandy Liberty Bell
CLAUDE, Montreal [08-07-2004]

michelle sooy, National Park NJ [08-07-2004]

With all the senseless decisions some Fed. judges are making, I am concerned the Liberty Bell will soon be on their list of things to be destroyed because the inscription on the Liberty Bell came from the Bible: Lev. 25-10
Bryan G. Harper, My age is 72- Welsh, La 70591 [08-07-2004]

Buy a Liberty Bell