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The Liberty Bell

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i cant believ that it was easy to see this great piece of american history art just look how far this whole world has come to before the industrial revilution why can,we all get along
william j grayeski, penndel pa i like science art history [07-25-2004]

Great web site !1
sasha [07-25-2004]

Hi, I enjyed your site. I am always surfing the internet for interesting material which I can use in English classes, I found the history of the liberty bell really great - nice pictures too. Thanks, Marie http://www.xn--koreanisch-bersetzungen-mpc.de/koreanisch-uebersetzung.htm
Marie Seddon, From New Zealand, living in Germany [07-25-2004]

Kelsey, I am 11 years old and from KY [07-25-2004]

Jake Linder [07-25-2004]

stephanie, 13 [07-25-2004]

cuddles128 [07-25-2004]

This web site is the best for everyone! Even my high school student uses it, along with my third and sixth grader! Two thumbs up!
Charlotte Moran, 34, Berkley, CA, married [07-25-2004]

Margaret Flowers [07-25-2004]

Great site! I enjoyed my visit here very much. Very informative and I loved the pictures. I'll surely visit this site again. Thanks, and take care!
David M. Sitbon, http://www.geocities.com/nobtis5/Nobtis.html [07-25-2004]

Gus Griswald, Coral Gables, Fl [07-25-2004]

Visiting this site has been an invaluable experience.It seems that once you've heard the bell ring the sound is forever in your memory..Excellent research and interesting layout.The world enjoys your discoveries and thanks you for the invested time and energy.Keep up the good work...
Renna Irna Roberts, 32yrs old.EMT by profession.Visiting this site from ST.Croix Virgin Islands. [07-25-2004]

Kelli Eaton [07-25-2004]

shannon cullop, i am ten [07-25-2004]

Mark Wilcox, Richmond, VA [07-25-2004]

I have one of the books, MY grate grandfather went with the bell on the trip.
lill [07-25-2004]

cheyenne king, Westminster South Carolina [07-25-2004]

Was it possible that the Bell ever came to Canada or was repaired at any time by someone from Canada??
anonymous [07-25-2004]

Very educational site, just what I was looking for. Thank you very much for the work you put into it.
Hali, North Carolina [07-25-2004]

when they dicided to take of the liberty bell
ricardo murillo, los angeles [07-25-2004]

donalexander [07-25-2004]

Elfia Presta, East Norwich, Long Island [07-25-2004]

FreedomStreet, my websites http://www.freedomstreet.homestead.com/index.html
Sandra, I signed it once when they did a tour thru the states [07-25-2004]

this is a good site but make it better
hillary duff [07-25-2004]

The Liberty Bell is cool because it's so old. It was a really big bell. It has huge cracks now.
anonymous [07-25-2004]

cheyenne, I'm 10 [07-25-2004]

i love history! especially our countries history on wars and such.
howie, 15 [07-25-2004]

i appreciate receiving this information. these are facts i did not know. very interesting.
GLORIA M. LEWIS [07-25-2004]

Nyla, Murfreesboro Tn [07-25-2004]

jo kolasinski [07-25-2004]

Want to visit this year. Retired funds are short, but this we want to see....J. M.
Jerry Matheny, 67,Wauseon, Ohio 43567 [07-25-2004]

My dog had her first and only pup today and in rememberence of those words "Life, Liberty and Happiness" I have named her Pitruso Liberty Belle.
Mrs Kim Hutchings [07-25-2004]

very good thank you
helen danner, texas [07-25-2004]

The liberty bell is soooooo cool. I went to Philadelphia with my school and i sall the liberty bell.it was soo cool!
jessica, Maryland [07-25-2004]

praisegod and the lord jesus for lifeand his shed blood on calvary
mrs. donna marie monk [07-25-2004]

Interesting, informative knowledge Americans should know.
Sam Hartline, 72, Albany, Ga. [07-25-2004]

In 1947, while on a class trip to Independence Hall from James Martin School in north Philadelphia I took it upon myself to ring the Liberty Bell. The clapper was free at that time and I reached up to see if it would move. It did, just a bit. I decided if I wanted to hear what the bell sounded like I should pull it back all the way and release it. I did and the sound in that small room (it was still in the vestibule of the Hall in those days) reverberated throughout the building. Everyone froze, aghast and startled by the loud sound. Except for one small 8 year old boy who was terrified at what he had just done. I dashed up the stairs to get as far away as possible. A Park Guard grabbed me, lectured me and let me go. With the exception of descendants of the signers of the Declaration of Independnece I suppose I am one of the few people to have actually rung the Liberty Bell. A dubious honor that takes on more significance as the years go by.
George Bradley Cook, Born and raised in Phila., now living in Liberty, MO [07-25-2004]

family name is SCHULTZ, 87evanstonil [07-25-2004]

This made me very proud to see the pictures and read the information. I thank my ancesters and God bless America.
Audrey Bachman Ostertag, 71 Illinois/Florida [07-25-2004]

Ardis Coninx, Evanston, Illinois [07-25-2004]

great to have this historical site preserved
anonymous [07-25-2004]

Amanda, Laurel Maryland 23 years old [07-25-2004]

Kayla Young [07-25-2004]

Fantasitc page, thank you! Enjoyed the 1915 tour photos. The Bell traveled through my family farm in NW Ohio on the railroad. Also, in the Hayes Presidentail Center in Fremont, OH there used to be earrings carved from the old yoke on display. This Sunday I will preach on the US Liberty Bell and its inscription and God's Liberty Bell. Thanks!
Rev. Robyn Young, Killeen, TX [06-30-2004]

It was great too see this great part of American history
meredith m poulson, we were there last month [06-30-2004]

you should have coloring pages,ect...! Kayli
Kayli, 10/3,Matthews [06-30-2004]

your movies are great
kolton [06-30-2004]

Nice bell!
Debbie Owen, Orlando, FL [06-30-2004]

Thank you for this site and the valuable information it contains.
anonymous, Bakersfield,CA [06-30-2004]

i like the music!
Nicholas Felice, 4 years old [06-30-2004]

Robert Baker [06-30-2004]

I hope to view the Liberty Bell this summer
Beverly [06-30-2004]

God Bless the U.S.A.
jack loveland, kokomo indiana [06-30-2004]

i have waited too long to visit this sight
amanda [06-30-2004]

Very nice lots of information well researched BBITW Yes you have loads of good
C. Davis [06-30-2004]

Russ B, age 75, Lakeland FL [06-24-2004]

I want to someday visit the Liberty Bell and the Stature of Liberty.
Charlene [06-24-2004]

ur site is really good!
pachio [06-24-2004]

the libertybell rings in are head
rachael, 7 [06-24-2004]

rachael [06-24-2004]

I really appreciated reading the story of the Liberty Bell. The numerous pictures are all gorgeous. Anyway, whenever people are doing something for liberty, it's always beautiful. Nadia - Paris - France / Europe
anonymous [06-24-2004]

I am looking for american flag screensaver with fireworks going off in front of it. thank you
tony simonelli, rhode island [06-24-2004]

Visited the Liberty Bell last weekend with my family and my 3 year old granddaugter said; "Grandpa, I can fix that crack in the Liberty Bell for them" She told me later that she would go to Home DePot and get a screwdriver and some tape and Gorilla Glue. - Let Freedom Ring!
gene clemens [06-24-2004]

are you telling me even though the liberty bell had a crack they still rung the bell. we know a crack bell never rang true......please reply if possible..thanks
Debbie [06-24-2004]

Wow taco bell really did buy the liberty bell... cool! I like my 7 layers more than my liberty
anonymous [06-24-2004]

I would like to go to Philadelphia some day to see the Liberty Bell.
Jonathan Hatley, 11 yr old, Miami, FL [06-24-2004]

Love the website.. please listen to my song, "LET FREEDOM RING" at: www.kayseamayer.com/welcome. htm - I will be performing Let Freedom Ring again this July 4, 2004 - at the National Bell Ringing Ceremony.. - The Philadelphia Boys Choir will join me in this special featured presentation at Independence Hall. Please visit the LET FREEDOM RING PROJECT... at www.kayseamayer.com click on Let Freedom Ring at top of page.. Keep up the good work... we all need to spread the word and message of freedom throughout America! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND LET FREEDOM RING!
Kay Seamayer, Dallas, Texas [06-24-2004]

I have not had the honor to visit the Liberty Bell yet but I am planing a trip there in the near future.I know especially since 9/11 and the efforts of our Soildiers it will be an experience that I will never forget. I'll let you know exactly if I'm able to put it into words. See Ya Soon Philly.
Trish, West Palm Beach.Fl. [06-24-2004]

I am soon to be 65 years old; and have wanted to visit the old bell for nearly as long as I can recall. On May 10,2004, my Wife, Marilynn, and I visited it, finally! What an awesome experience it was.
Larry Burton, West Point, Ky. [06-14-2004]

maya sneed [06-14-2004]

the liberty bell is very cool ! hope u enjoy this web site!
nicole, i am 11 years old & im doin a report on the liberty bell ! [06-14-2004]

its great
tori, 10 [06-14-2004]

HOLLY [06-14-2004]

Hi,my name is Emi and I'd like to think that the Liberty Bell is awesome but I don't.
Emily, 11 Park Hills [06-10-2004]

Chelsea, 101 [06-10-2004]

Hi there. I was interested to read about the history of this famous bell as we here in Australia have no European based history more than 200 years old. We have neither the obvious patriotism or the civic pride you have, and we are the poorer for it. We can only hope to grow as you have grown and swell in our own maturity as you have.
Jim Glasgow, 40 yo from Adelaide Australia [06-10-2004]

julee beck [06-10-2004]

i think that the liberty bell is a real importence in our country
nicole leonard, uhh no [06-10-2004]

when i was a boy of five years, my mother took me to see the liberty bell inside independence hall. i saw it, touched it and felt the crack.. i will never forget that feeling to this day. god bless america.
SAM WOLF, North Miami, Florida [06-10-2004]

Love the website!I will visit again!
Julie M. Rich [06-10-2004]

i would like to visit the Liberty Bell some day and the Statue Of Liberty
Brittney Glover [06-10-2004]

This site is COOL, thank you for making my Liberty Bell project easier!
Genna, 11 [06-10-2004]

A great site for teaching about symbols.
Terra Centre Elem. School, Burke, VA [06-10-2004]

ZACH AND AMEE BRIDGES, 10 & 30 [06-10-2004]

Great info.......I just need to learn how to fix it so all the words get on my sheet when I print it.
Janie Snyder, Bradenton FL [06-07-2004]

tom roden, virginia beach [06-06-2004]

GRIER R. INGEBRETSEN, portland,oregon [06-06-2004]

fhrids shores hastr chois hads [06-06-2004]

This is a cool website for kids
Wanna, no [06-06-2004]

I like this site
anonymous [06-06-2004]

I am doing a state report on this state and it is 99% of my grade and due by June 11
Nicole Mora, 10 years old Hamden, CT [06-03-2004]

The Liberty Bell was a beautiful thing!
Vanessa [06-03-2004]

im proud to be a southern
michelle gossett, 14/ga [06-02-2004]

I love the liberty bell and all the background that it brings in with it. I recently visited this historical bell and as i stood their looking at it, it just hit me, that there is so much tied in with the bell. I seriously recommend taking a trip to D.C. not only for the liberty bell but also for the amazing experience of seeing so many historical buildings and places. I had a blast! go ahead, and if u like history, keep at it!
Marvin, I am a scholar at the university of Notre dame, and i am a major in history Webmaster's Note: The Bell is in Philadelphia [06-02-2004]

I am doing a BIG report on Pennsylvania and this helped a lot!
Jilian [06-02-2004]

the liberty bell is cool
brandi long, age11 phila.,pa 19125,1227 day st. [06-02-2004]

This is an awsome web site. More Music and Shtuff like that, games etc.
Steener [06-02-2004]

It was a great place.
anonymous [06-02-2004]

Gail Cox, Colorado Springs [05-30-2004]

nice site
Fred Cunningham, Mt. Dora [05-30-2004]

Hi Dude!
Crystal [05-30-2004]

LET FREEDOM RING! Fist seen the bell in 1976 Philadepha PA
anonymous, texas [05-30-2004]

Thanks you for sharing these historic details.
Danny Williams Sr [05-30-2004]

i love the liberty bell
pkohkhokn, mccleary [05-30-2004]

good how do u get pictures
anonymous, caver [05-30-2004]

I think thst the liberty bell is neat We are going there tomorrow2,4,and5 to visit the bell and philidelphia
Kayla, Age12 Sunbury pa 17801 [05-30-2004]

Angelina Tarvin, Sacramento, Ca [05-30-2004]

Kay SEamayer here...I am a singer/songwriter... I wrote a song, "Let Freedom Ring" just after 9/11 - I sang Let Freedom Ring July 4, 2003 at the Let Freedom Ring(tm) National Bell Ringing Ceremony of the LIberty Bell in Philadelphia....and have the honor of returning to Philadelphia this July 4, 2004 - to sing Let Freedom Ring and will be joined by the Philadelphia Boys Choir. The National Let Freedom Ring Project has been launched...inviting church choirs across America to include the singing of "Let Freedom Ring" in churches across America... To learn how to participate...please contact Let Freedom Ring Publishing...www.kayseamayer.com/welcome.htm - GOD BLESS AMERICA AND LET FREEDOM RING! Kay Seamayer www.kayseamayer.com
Kay Seamayer, Dallas, Texas - old enough to vote! [05-30-2004]

i thought that the leberty bell was is a great thing to have in the u.s and how come it did not come to virginia?
BREE BREE, 13 nn va 6010 jeff. ave apt. 24 [05-30-2004]

I think the liberty bell is one of the good things in life!
lauren, 10 [05-30-2004]

nicole, 11 [05-30-2004]

I would like to know why the Liberty Bell doesn't ring anymore.
grayson deleon, Salem, Mass [05-30-2004]

it is a good site.
anonymous [05-30-2004]

the song is really long
jordyn, 14, Iowa [05-30-2004]

Great site with a lot of history. thanks for helping me with a school project.
Sydney, 8 years old [05-30-2004]

I like the liberty Bell
allie Sutich, hi [05-30-2004]

u dont have a nuff info
corey [05-30-2004]

Samantha Jacobs [05-30-2004]

I enjoy reading about philadelphia, but the only thing that i dis like is that you dont give info on how much it costs. but other than that i love it...
Ashely McCallum, 16, mi, grand rapids [05-30-2004]

Very good website, I came on here to look for an explanation of what the liberty bell was for a friend of mine, when I told him that my middle name was on the liberty bell, because the man was a relative.
Lindsay Stow Stevens, old enough, NY. [05-30-2004]

ohla, fio [05-30-2004]

Bobo [05-30-2004]

Beautiful Area
hal jacobson, age 80, Plainview, NY [05-30-2004]

robert [05-30-2004]

I like the liberty bell because its in philly and that;s where im from
Marquius Dean, 14, Philadelphia [05-30-2004]

cool website
anonymous [05-30-2004]

I think I'm smart.
alex, 14 yrs,chicago,IL [05-30-2004]

This is a nice web site!
KACEY, 8,pa [05-30-2004]

rumsey's class [05-30-2004]

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mike boldizar, 11 riverview skatebording [05-30-2004]

dalton, picters [05-30-2004]

ALESSANDRIA AMESCUA, arizona [05-30-2004]

present pictures of the liberty bell please
anonymous [05-30-2004]

Several years ago we went to Pennsylvania and visited several things, one of which was the liberty bell. We saw the original that has been put aside. I am a history buff and my husband took me to many places in this great land to visit as many as we could on our way to and from Church programs, or visiting family. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state.
Kate Priddy, Virginia Beach, Virginia [05-30-2004]

The web site is great.The pictures are nice also
madison mckinnis, florida [05-30-2004]

Awesome Pictures!
Courtney Meredith, Age 9 Wray,Colorado [05-30-2004]

It was cool
Ashawnty, hbg,pa 10 [05-30-2004]

i have no friends!
CHRIS [05-30-2004]

Were are your games
michelle [05-30-2004]

where are ur games
shoash [05-30-2004]

this is a good website. Lot's of good information! and by the way...GO FLAMES!
My name is Bob, nothing [05-30-2004]

this site is great i like the music, you forgot to add the date the bell was hung in the time line, if you did put it in it is not very clear don't try to use all the big words to act smart.
Brianna, 12 years [05-30-2004]

I really like this site It is very info. Thanks to whoever made this site One day i will vist the Horirtial area
Richa [05-30-2004]

I had to do a memory book and i couldn't get any pictures of Social Studies until i came here! thanks a bunch!
melissa, 12. North Canton, Ohio [05-30-2004]

very interesting site
raj, 7years CA [05-30-2004]

it is very intreesting and fun
joann manzella, i like this site [05-30-2004]

can you tell me how long it took to have the liberty bell to Phillidaphida.
candace, 10, West Haven [05-30-2004]

i am doing a project about the Liberty Bell and all the facts i need are right here
anonymous [05-15-2004]

Happy Tree Friends is GREAT!
anonymous [05-15-2004]

this is a kewl website...LET FREEDOM RING!
ashley, i like soccer [05-15-2004]

Rachel Leslie Tobin, 12 years, Kansas, Olathe. I miss you KS! [05-15-2004]

it was kool
Zack Burgess [05-15-2004]

Very interesting site and very neat pictures i really enjoyed it. i love the music.
Dalton, Lincoln Nebraska [05-15-2004]

I don't much about this old bell but i hear its famous
Justin Bloom, 14 [05-14-2004]

kayla [05-14-2004]

kate, 8,aledo,tx [05-13-2004]

Rosie Hernandez [05-13-2004]

Crazy about r.d.
crazy dude, 5-12-04 [05-13-2004]

meghan [05-13-2004]

Cool This site is great
laurie, 459 [05-13-2004]

Who Cares about a stupid bell
anonymous [05-13-2004]

We are interested in making a liberty bell for our 4th of July float entry. Do you have measurements or a pattern we could use?
Dianne Schow, Rupert, Idaho [05-13-2004]

hey very cool
Justin Morgan, blah [05-13-2004]

It is so nice to have a great web site to share with my class. Thank you.
swensonj, 5th grade teacher [05-13-2004]

george [05-13-2004]

i need to know why the Bell was made and 5 fun facts about the Bell
Austin [05-13-2004]

this is a good thing to have on here it helps me a lot
lindsey, this is a great website jeeves [05-13-2004]

it is fun learning about the wars
Fish, 10,Pittsburgh,favorite sports baseball,basketball,football,hockey,andsoccer [05-13-2004]

Aliya Zahir, 9,munhall,p.a [05-13-2004]

i think its mispelled because the country was early than.
Bengel Bobick, 10,Pittsburgh,1994, [05-13-2004]

why is it cracked?
Nate, 9 munhall [05-13-2004]

Your site cooooooooooooooooooooooool thanks allllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooot
cyann, I'm a girl [05-13-2004]

we should do better stuff to keep our state safe
JOSH [05-13-2004]

This is cool We used it in school
Mary [05-13-2004]

mandy potoma [05-13-2004]

This is a neat site. We used it in school.
Shannon [05-13-2004]

casey, 10 [05-13-2004]

This is so cool!
lauren [05-13-2004]

Rachel [05-13-2004]

clarissa [05-13-2004]

I want to learn more about the Liberty Bell
Mariah Munoz, Las Vegas Nevada [05-13-2004]

Who Cares About a damn old bell
Me, none [05-13-2004]

Will visit Liberty Bell while sightseeing with 11 year old who will also visit Ellis Island,Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, White House, Gettysburg, etc. commencing in early June 2004.
Charles Sims, 69 Years old, Lancaster, SC [05-08-2004]

adrianna [05-08-2004]

I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up.
asaba owerri, aba, lagos [05-08-2004]

one day i would like to visit the liberty bell.and see that crack
AMBER DIAZE, 24,philadelphia [05-08-2004]

does anyone ever clean the bell? or duplicated the liberty bell without the crack?
THOMAS TATUM JR [05-08-2004]

Let the sound of freedom ring
vanessa, cibolo, texas [05-08-2004]

I saw the Liberty Bell once and it made a deep impression on me--"Let Freedom Ring"
Dorothy Dickens Meyerink, 77 years young [05-08-2004]

I think the taco liberty hoax shows america strength of charactor that we can still have a sense of humor and laugh. Laughter is good medicine.
Linda, mom [05-08-2004]

great website to look at before seeing it in person
Sarah [05-08-2004]

Danielle, 35 [05-08-2004]

Vija J Brewer Long [05-08-2004]

I am proud to have the Pass name...we plan to bring our 3 boys to see the name on the bell soon.
Jamie Pass, Indiana [05-08-2004]

erica [05-08-2004]

t yler, 10 [05-08-2004]

The pictures were very cool.I liked them a lot.
Shanice Onae Laws, 11,Covington,Virginia 24426 [05-08-2004]

ChelseaTucker, 10,Covinton,Virginia,24426 [05-08-2004]

martha, 7px85042 [05-08-2004]

Hi everybody!
Tiffany, 12 [05-03-2004]

i think the liberty bell is cool to learn about they should have it advertised on the tv
anonymous [05-03-2004]

this is a cool web site l like keep it up
sade [05-03-2004]

how were they alike and stuff like please send some photes @ mmm112@kiddonet.com,
meghan moye, can you send me some stuaff [05-03-2004]

I came to this website because of school and i thought it had very good info.
Andy-Roo, 13 years old [05-03-2004]

This is a good web site.
anonymous, pa [05-03-2004]

Dana [05-03-2004]

I think that they don't have enough photos of the liderty bell by it's self
Patryce, !2years old [05-03-2004]

get a real life photo of the liberty bell from today (2004)
anonymous [05-03-2004]

Pastor [05-03-2004]

In 1976 our family of four visited and saw the Liberty Bell and would love to return. I'm very upset that Shirley Dobson wrote an article that changed what is on the Liberty Bell as she is using the NIV instead of the King James.
Ann Nixon, Maitland, FL [05-03-2004]

This is a very well put together site for the Liberty Bell. I enjoyed your documented pictures thoroughly. Thank you very, very much. Sincerely, Ersela Taurus
Ersela Taurus, eastern NC [05-03-2004]

Rachel Blankenship [05-01-2004]

Chylon Poulhanycz, I'm 63 Years Old [05-01-2004]

I think that the liberty bell is cool
Preston Lewis, I am 15 I live in sommerville [05-01-2004]

im from philppil
gail, tampa [05-01-2004]

where the bell at
george, 41 tampa [05-01-2004]

arthur ward, wilkes~barre pa [05-01-2004]

i rock
tess [05-01-2004]

Your websites great, it helped me out a lot on my Civics report. Thanks! (Cool music too!)
Kelly, 13 [05-01-2004]

jessica harris [05-01-2004]

COLTON DICKINSON, age 8 [05-01-2004]

i love elvira
jose miranda, i love elvira [05-01-2004]

I Love Philadelphia and I will fight for this country for this city and for this nation if I have to. Brotherly Love is the key to this land that makes us so grand.
Miguel N. Melendez, 17 yrs old- Philadelphia Pa [05-01-2004]

i think the liberty bell is a great thing to learn about.
Marie Studer, 16,dunnellon, [04-29-2004]

Jocelyn, 12 [04-29-2004]

Lawrence Benzmiller, 11 ;Rogers AR [04-29-2004]

yvonne green [04-29-2004]

HEY! how are you?
Brett, 14... girl [04-29-2004]

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kessa, 13 yrs. old [04-29-2004]

ty for making this site it has really helped us out on ur project
eevee, 14, auburn hills, michigan [04-29-2004]

I liked the liberty bell it was interesting!
Bethay [04-29-2004]

who casted the liberty bell??? :)
anonymous [04-28-2004]

5 year old homeschooler loved the story. Especially about hiding the bell in the church. Thank you!
ben, Michigan! [04-28-2004]

how old is the Bell?
Aysia Taylor [04-28-2004]

Kim Dillon, wilmington, nc age 34 & age 6 [04-28-2004]

Mrs. M. Isobel Heron [04-28-2004]

LouAnn Beecher, age 12, [04-26-2004]

I think it is so cool that because of schoolchildren the Liberty Bell was able to go on "tour"
Tracy [04-26-2004]

Stephen Young [04-26-2004]

Thank God for everyone who lets Freedom Ring through prayer. I feel time is so short.
Bettye Hodges, Artesia, NM [04-25-2004]

jennifer, 12 California [04-25-2004]

Jacqui, Raritan [04-25-2004]

This is a great site to visit I can only dream of visiting these places one day.
karen l carpenter, I'm 34,in mobile, al. and I am a mother of three wonderful children [04-25-2004]

Great Site... Kay Seamayer here... Dallas based singer/songwriter. I wrote a song, "Let Freedom Ring" just after 9/11 - I had the honor of performing "Let Freedom Ring" July 4. 2003 - at the Let Freedom Ring(tm) National Bell Ringing Ceremony of the Liberty Bell - and will return this year, July 4, 2004 to perform "Let Freedom Ring" once again at the Bell Ringing Ceremony and will be joined in performance by the PHILADELPHIA BOYS CHOIR... This is a great honor to share this song about FREEDOM with AMERICA!. "Let Freedom Ring" can be heard at: LISTEN AT: www.kayseamayer.com/welcome.htm - Also, information and an invitation awaits you on the above website... to join in singing "Let Freedom Ring" in a NATIONAL TRIBUTE IN SONG TO FREEDOM....SUNDAY, July 4, 2004... Church choirs across America will join in this Tribute... Please feel free to join in this tribute - go to: www.kayseamayer.com/welcome.htm - GOD BLESS AMERICA AND LET FREEDOM RING!
Kay Seamayer, Dallas, Texas [04-25-2004]

i really loved the web site i wish it would say wat was written on the bell this is going to get me a good grade
Jesika [04-25-2004]

going to see it on a feild trip
kristy fenton, 11 [04-25-2004]

Kathryn Brown, 20 [04-25-2004]

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I am 9 and i live in Gurnee Illinois! I love to learn about things like the liberty bell and this site is very interesting!
Sarah, 9 [04-25-2004]

I loved this web site. it got me an "A".
kelsee, 11 Redding [04-21-2004]

your site is really good and with plenty information
Bethari Reracab, 29 years old, Carmel Valley,California [04-21-2004]

Love the March
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RANDA, 12 kennett mo [04-20-2004]

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kala, stephenville [04-20-2004]

Very nicely done! I like the music, too.
Sandra Haegele, Iowa [04-20-2004]

i was looking for fact about the liberty bell to put in my essay to help me be apart of Seads of Peace. This came to be a great help. thank you!
Brandy, 15 years old [04-20-2004]

I think you should sell the new Bell for 200 dollars
Raven, I love the liberty Bell [04-20-2004]

Very patriotic and informative!Can't wait to take my son to see it in June!
Donna L. DeBiasio, Age 39, Providence,Rhode Island [04-20-2004]

looking up information for a school project thank you for the web site it was helpful.
Drayse Lineberry, 11 yr. old 5th gr. bevier . mo. [04-20-2004]

I want to know about the Libertybell
Traci Robinson, 10,Memphis [04-20-2004]

I truely enjoy the story of the Liberty Bell and how it was saved. Now, I wish to teach my children and hope to find a great book easy for them to understand.
Virginia Lalani, Lakeland, FL [04-20-2004]

it is good
krista jackson, frazer [04-20-2004]

norma littich [04-20-2004]

I came across a bicentennial silver dollar and had to know about "Pass and Stow." A query... It cracked very early in its initial installation, but was recast. Why was it recast again? Another crack? Or simply an off tone? Thanks, B. Prewitt
Brandt Prewitt, Frankfort, KY 42 years of age... [04-20-2004]

Angela, 14 years old spokane whashington [04-20-2004]

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Jerlean F. Coffey [04-11-2004]

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brittany [04-08-2004]

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roxy, annville [04-08-2004]

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anonymous, 11 [04-08-2004]

The liberty bell is a really important part of our past, and seems like it's a great emblem of Philidelphia.
Roxanne, 11 [04-08-2004]

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Maxwell Potocny [04-08-2004]

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Andrew Montoya [04-08-2004]

My sister lives near the Liberty Bell! I also saw it!
Kristy, 13 [04-08-2004]

Stephane Laloe, President Normandy Liberty Bell Club. Contact : phillynormandy@aol.com
LALOE, normandie [04-08-2004]

Please explain the spelling of Philada
Judy [04-08-2004]

Pennsylvania will always be home,and with us.
Anderson Family, hello homestate,greetings [04-08-2004]

My 9 year old daughter asked me how the Liberty Bell got it's crack..now I have the answer ....Thanks !
Danny Foote, Birmingham, Alabama [04-08-2004]

Charles Henry, Houston, TX [04-08-2004]

thank you. this site setteled an old time wonder.
julie just, age 39 sex female state wi. [04-08-2004]

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Traci, Cohoes [04-08-2004]

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We think it is the most fascinating thing we've learned about thus far!
Mrs.Davis/Second grade class, Memphis, TN [04-08-2004]

Cool Bell!
D.k., 15 [04-08-2004]

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This website helped me a lot cause i have to do a american symbol and its really helping me.
anonymous [04-08-2004]

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anonymous, 15 [03-31-2004]

I went to go see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and it was awsome. I would go back any day
Courtney Samuels, Peoria, IL. [03-31-2004]

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Kate, 15=age [03-31-2004]

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Paula, 17 [03-31-2004]

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Ryan H., 10 morgan hill, ca doing a state report on Pennsylvania [03-31-2004]

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amanda [03-31-2004]

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Monique Powell, 14 Warrenton NC 27589 [03-31-2004]

I loved all the beautiful photos and the facts were very useful in all my studies of the Liberty Bell!
Tricee, age 14 Lorain Ohio [03-31-2004]

My 5 year old daughter needed to do a project on National Symbols. This site had a lot of info.
Angie [03-31-2004]

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J Murrow [03-28-2004]

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I really liked the site, but you need to add more pics of the Liberty Bell alone.
Kim Tyrrell, Staten Island NY [03-28-2004]

As a home educating mother, I am always on the prowl for interesting facts to present to my 9 yr. old son. The tidbit of information in his book about the Liberty Bell was inadequate. I found your site highly informative and greatly pleasing to read! A+ Thanks.
Cynthia Ruescher, Tyler, TX [03-28-2004]

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Marquavious, 11 Peoria i m hot [03-28-2004]

I really enjoyed the facts about the librity bell. I thought it was great HISTORY.
Miranda Hood [03-28-2004]

I think you should put why the Liberty Bell is concidered a symbol of freedom in the United States.
anonymous [03-28-2004]

We love the Liberty Bell and we like the pictures.
Mrs. Skutch's Class, ReadNet Charter School -Bronx, NY [03-28-2004]

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CECILIA SEWAP, prince albert [03-28-2004]

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Pat [03-28-2004]

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Monique, 10 [03-28-2004]

this site helped me with a project!
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Can't wait to visit some historic sites there in June.My 7 year old son will love it!
Donna, Age 39 from Cranston, RI [03-28-2004]

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danielle machino, 15 [03-28-2004]

Jesus died for us and He is our liberty.. He set us free from self and sin! He loves me and you enough to die on the cross for our sins.
Naomi Bowron, Age 8 1/2, East Leroy, MI [03-28-2004]

Your information on The Liberty Bell helped me out so much with my information on my project and paper! On my last project I had 4 sources and I got all my information in this one on your site! Thanks a bunch for all your hard work. You have helped me out more than you know!
Elizabeth, 14, Dallas Tx [03-28-2004]

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it is important becausa it rang when the decloration of independance was singed
jorge cardoso [03-28-2004]

Julia Lee Piotrowicz, age 7 [03-28-2004]

I think that this is interesting because I have to do a research project and I chose to do this one.
Julie, My age is 16 and I live in Lake Ariel, PA [03-28-2004]

I think that the Liberty bell is a great symbol of America
Paula Collar, MIlford High School [03-28-2004]

I visited the Liberty Bell on Feb. 20, 2004. It made me feel proud to be an American.
R.Peters, Ft.Gratiot MI [03-28-2004]

how about a newsletter subscription by email
Joseph Tedesco, Jr., Toms River, New Jersey [03-21-2004]

I love the Liberty Bell even thugh I've never been to it! I love it because it shows that our country is free!
Caitlin Welty, Age 11 [03-21-2004]

My mother wanted to know what caused the crack in the bell. So I check it out on the web. It's a great place to find things out.
Cathy Nutter [03-21-2004]

Great site, More information than I could fit into a 7 min. speech Thank You for preserving our nations heratiage.
RobL, Kilgore Tx [03-21-2004]

i love the liberty bell
anonymous [03-21-2004]

Zachary Doud, 8 Momence, Il [03-21-2004]

The Liberty Bell has had quite an interesting life. Thank You for the History Lesson.
Traci, Mom [03-21-2004]

this web site was great i got all the information i needed for NHD adn i think I did good...
..........., 13 [03-21-2004]

Sue Bundren, 39 Maynardville Tennessee [03-21-2004]

I had to do a project where we had to travel somewhere and visit 3 historical sites in the US I chose the liberty Bell
anonymous, Sturgeon Bay, WI [03-21-2004]

I Love History. I visited Philadelphia Pa a few years ago. I touched the Liberty Bell and it was a thrill to be there.I visited Philadelphia in July and they put on an re-inactment of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and I was asked to sign and I did participate.I was thrilled at the chance.Herbert H Hice
Herbert H. Hice, Macomb Twp. Mich [03-21-2004]

I think this is a cool site. In school, I am doing a report about things in America and stuff like that. It was very helpful.
Nicole, Age: 12 Grade: 6th State: Florida [03-21-2004]

thank you for making this!It gives stundents agod project!
molly [03-21-2004]

I have the honor to teach government and civics to seventh grade students at Glade Spring Middle School in Glade Spring, Virginia. Your website is wonderful tool and I use it often in my teaching. My family and I are planning a vacation to your historical and beautiful city this summer - we are all looking forward to our visit!
Lisa B. McNeil, Abingdon, Virginia [03-21-2004]

rachel [03-21-2004]

where is the bell located
courtney little, 13 [03-21-2004]

I Luv Liberty
Brendan Coco, I Luv Liberty [03-21-2004]

trisha, 28yrs [03-21-2004]

Doing a research report on the liberty bell as a history day project.
melanie [03-21-2004]

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SaRaH, Florida [03-21-2004]

Jordan [03-21-2004]

Bob, 11 [03-21-2004]

August 10, 1960, I was born in Loma Linda Hospital, in Loma Linda, California. Now, I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Cynthia Ann Knoefler [03-21-2004]

Megan, age 9 [03-21-2004]

this website is cool.
aaron riley, 11 essex [03-12-2004]

Thank you so much for the information... I needed it for my report. My school is taking a trip to Boston and Philadelphia so we are doing projects about different places we are going. I can't wait to see the liberty bell! Again thanks!
Tara Pozo, age 14 [03-12-2004]

the facts
nicholas [03-12-2004]

the liberty bell is a symbol of freedom.
monika, 8 [03-12-2004]

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danielle [03-12-2004]

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Betsy Ross, 24 [03-12-2004]

Tiana Saenger, 14, fergus falls, MN, female [03-09-2004]

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Volunteer at Ind Hall and the Liberty Bell. Great web page! Let Freedom Ring!
Jack Sholl, Palm Desert, California [03-09-2004]

Just wanted to say hi thank you for the info.
Victoria Brennan [03-09-2004]

it was intresting liked finding out more about it, very educational
ammie woolford [03-09-2004]

sophie nowlan [03-09-2004]

I saw the liberty bell yesterday for the first time. i am going to tell my class about it- everything the real crack and the word spelled wrong
aaron, 6 years almost 7 [03-09-2004]

PATRICK DAUDON Co Auteur Concepteur de la NORMANDY LIBERTY BELL vous invite a venir venir en Norandie entendre le son d'origine de la Liberty Bell le 6 juin 2004 contact : phillynorandy@aol.com
PATRICK DAUDON, Normandie - France [03-07-2004]

Jennifer Gless, 8, Stow, Ohio 2nd grade [03-07-2004]

I had no idea this bell saw so much activity!
Deanna Gless, age 36, Stow, Ohio [03-07-2004]

great site.enjoyed all the pictures & history
JERRY F CASTALDO [03-07-2004]

Teresa Atchley, 44, Kodak, Tenn [03-07-2004]

John Lippard, Milford, Connecticut [03-07-2004]

i think it should be more gothic :)
bradon line [03-07-2004]

Vahplahn Zeegar-Holman, Student of History [03-07-2004]

the liberty bell is awesome!
Nikki Herman, Hi i would love to visit the libert bell someday [03-07-2004]

I was here to get some facts about our liberty bell. I'm interested in learning about our history, all periods really. So, if you have a club let me know.
Rebecca, tn [03-07-2004]

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AJ [03-07-2004]

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Antonio, 15 years old [03-07-2004]

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greta, hbytnhdy [03-04-2004]

Great Web page. I am linking this to my web page for all to read. Keep up the great work.
Dick [03-04-2004]

I'm researching Pennsylvania for school and we did a project on state landmarks. I chose the Liberty Bell.I chose it because I think it's interesting. I enjoyed learning about it on this site.
C.J. Beckwith, Age 10 Our Saviour School,Jacksonville,IL [03-04-2004]

mallory [03-04-2004]

Aljonon sarver [03-04-2004]

good to have web sites about liberty
dimand, 21 [03-04-2004]

your pictures and imformation were very helpful to my report!
anonymous [03-03-2004]

i like that they had this site because in art class we hve to draw a picture of something bck in the dys and i picked the liberty bell!
keyana, 11 [03-03-2004]

Lourean B. [03-03-2004]

Cameron Watts, how did liberty bell get cracked [03-03-2004]

I came here to find facts for my school report for my social studies project,and I found out its a cool place!
Michelle, 8, Grand Rapids and born in Africa [03-03-2004]

What Bible verse was on the Liberty Bell?
Lindsey [03-03-2004]

i think the liberty bell is a sign of independence and the people that dont now the importance of it should relize the outstanding american heritage it represents today
Danielle Mellick, 14,norco,ca [03-03-2004]

Could include larger pictures of the Liberty Bell? otherwise, it's a great site!
histryman, Cerritos [03-03-2004]

This website is great! But I would like to see more pictures of the Liberty Bell.
Kevin Lee, age 10, Cypress [03-03-2004]

Mom is helping me with a report for first grade. But you gave us all the stuff i needed.
Eddie, age 7 [03-03-2004]

you can move it to taexs
paulhicks [03-03-2004]

I want to know how the Liberty Bell got its crack.
ricky martinez, i'm 11 years old [03-03-2004]

22th Feb. 2004 eight innocent people, young school students,a solider, men and women were brutalized murderd and other dozens were wounded by a palestinian terroist suicider, next to "Gan Hapamon" (Garden of the Bell)in Jerusalem, where the twin replica of Liberty Bell is located. Every year I teach my students through schools' web site about the Liberty Bell and its historical meaning .From now and on grief and sadness have been added to the Isareli replica of Liberty Bell and somehow through it to the authentic one.
Sara, Tel Aviv [03-03-2004]

wonderful site, thank you for what you have done for everyone
Benjamin Franklin Lovett, decendant of my namesake [03-03-2004]

Camille Sprecher, 10 years old. [03-03-2004]

I am a first grade teacher in Arizona. My students and I looked at the pictures in your 1915 photo journal. We think it is cool, special and interesting. We liked it. We wish there was a picture of the Liberty Bell in Arizona. Thank you for putting the pictures on the internet. We want to know why no one is allowed to stand on the top of the Liberty Bell anymore? Thanks, First Grade Class at St. Louis the King School Glendale, Arizona
Donna Magee [03-03-2004]

My first graders enjoyed looking at the pictures of the Liberty Bell. They were interested in the crack in the bell and how it got there.
Lisa Morris, Watauga, Texas [03-03-2004]

Betty Bitner, Middletown, PA [03-03-2004]

it is very dark u need some light in your web sight
Brooke Snedecor, i am 12 [03-03-2004]

arlene phelps [03-03-2004]

Olivia Mello [03-03-2004]

I think you need to shorten it up a lot!
lilly, Iam nine years old and I live n PA [03-03-2004]

gary [03-03-2004]

I love Pennsylvania
Kimberly, 11 boiling Springs [02-25-2004]

i would really like to see only the crack in the liberty bell
MIKE FAITH, age 11 [02-25-2004]

The pitures were good you had a lot of information.
Katie Dowell [02-25-2004]

I think the history that your web site has put togather is alsome!
berry [02-25-2004]

i would like to see more pictures
PAUL WALKER, i am 12 [02-25-2004]

The bell is very interesting. It gives lots of thoughts of wha the bell looked like when it rang
Dominic Brown [02-25-2004]

send me picyures
Ginger, moved to kentucky from pa [02-25-2004]

i would like to get some more info about the liberty bell please if you send me some i'm sure it will help me.
Amy harper, brandenburg,kentucky [02-25-2004]

I liked the pictures Ilike the way you put the website together also what you have to offer you should put games about the libety bell and more info.
Amber [02-25-2004]

i would like to see more pictures
PAUL WALKER, i am 12 [02-25-2004]

Could you put in a bird's-eye view of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell's chamber?
thomas, nickname- "Butterfingers" [02-25-2004]

The pictures were cool. I liked them a lot. I think that you need more writting. But I think it is still a good website.
Cathy, 13 [02-25-2004]

I think the liberty bell is cool!could you send my pictures. i love philly
Ginger, moved to kentucky from pa [02-25-2004]

I really liked the photos of the Liberty Bell and I would like to go and see the Liberty Bell someday.
Kayla Greenwell, age 11 [02-25-2004]

The pictures were very interesting because some people have never seen the Liberty Bell.
Lindsey [02-25-2004]

I really liked the pictures
Jake Allen Brock [02-25-2004]

this is a great website for the liberty bell
cody martin, 10 brandenburg,ky [02-25-2004]

I think the pictures and this websight are AWESOME,COOL,and RADICAL!
Sarah Whelan [02-25-2004]

I think the liberty bell is cool!
Ginger [02-25-2004]

I like the bells
Ashley [02-25-2004]

Th liberty bell is so cool
sabrae cooper [02-25-2004]

berry [02-25-2004]

l lushute [02-25-2004]

doind a research paper on the liberty bell.and what it represent to our us history
samantha, ohio [02-25-2004]

I would like some information on the Liberty Bell for school. If you would please send me some information. Anything you send I'm sure will be very helpful. Thank You, Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller, 13-Corning [02-25-2004]

P.A rocks
Kimberly, 11 boiling Springs P.A [02-25-2004]

Great information for a school project for my 2nd grader!
Rene'e Woods [02-25-2004]

ashley [02-25-2004]

this website helped me so much with my homework
clay heinley, 10yrs old really cool website [02-25-2004]

Holly, I liked this site [02-25-2004]

Beverly Yosen [02-25-2004]

I think the liberty bell is cool to look at beacuse it is history.
Crystal .phipps, 10,westerville [02-25-2004]

i will really like this program.
Laquasha Boyd, 10 S.C Bishopville [02-24-2004]

DEXTER, Age 6, St. Michael, MN [02-22-2004]

helps a lot wiff hmwk. thx.
Emily Gaynor [02-22-2004]

Was it cast in Whitechapel London or Whitechapel Sheffield? We enjoyed our visit to Philly
Darren Maguire, age 40 [02-22-2004]

I would like a map of the historic downtown I will be in Philadelphia on Mawy 11-25.
Pat Potter, Casper, Wyoming [02-21-2004]

The Hawaii State Legislature Building has a replica of the Liberty Bell on its grounds. Do you know if there are other replicas at other state capitols?
Rojo Herrera [02-21-2004]

I like this site. It is very useful for projects. Thank you whoever created it.
anonymous, 13 yrs, Patuxent Valley Middle, MD [02-20-2004]

this site is better than natonal geographic site.
Katie, I'm 11 years old I live mississippi [02-20-2004]

I would like you to send me a picture of the Liberty Bell and a book of the Liberty Bell
Dakota, Fort Atkinson [02-20-2004]

I love the liberty bell.
Nicole, 13 [02-20-2004]

It is so pretty, I am so happy to have been a part of it. Thank you so much for being such a great site to view. Keep up the good work.
Robert J. Bird, 30 Harrisburgh Pa. [02-18-2004]

I think that the liberty bell is a really cool thing to learn about. In fact we are learning about it right now in history. So anyway thats all for now good-bye.
Brandi Goates, 11 Rosenburg [02-18-2004]

Claire, age 11 Chicago Illinois [02-18-2004]

bob, 944 [02-18-2004]

Thanks for giving us a real view of the Liberty Bell.
Mary C. Reid, Tallapoosa Primary School [02-18-2004]

really great information. nice job. very well done.
anonymous [02-18-2004]

u didn't mention the women's suffrage please add it
erin [02-18-2004]

Thanks for the info, really helpful for a school project.
Alec [02-18-2004]

hannah [02-18-2004]

This is an awsome site I was just wondering on who put the crack in the Bell and my parents told me to go look on the enternet and then go tell them and u guts were great help thanx
Alecia Snygg [02-18-2004]

Heather [02-17-2004]

GREG [02-17-2004]

I think that you should include when it was first rung and what it stands for.
anonymous [02-17-2004]

nitza [02-17-2004]

thanks for letting me see your Liberty Bell homepage the reason why i came on here was because i was looking for information about it because i have this patriotic poster to do for school and i was just looking so thanks!
anonymous [02-17-2004]

sam [02-17-2004]

i went to this website to find out more facts on the libertybell
william mrozinski, 27, baltimore,md [02-17-2004]

Seher, 6 years, Galveston [02-14-2004]

we love the march!
katie mercer, england [02-12-2004]

this helped my 11 year old daughter on a homework assignmnent. harrodsburg, kentucky
J E-HARMON [02-12-2004]

How long and how big is the crack in the Liberty bell?
Donovan Hatapkha, I'm in 3ed grade I have one sister and one brother. [02-12-2004]

Sphinx, 84 [02-12-2004]

This site was ok make it better though
Daniel, 10 Our Lady of Grace School [02-12-2004]

Sue [02-12-2004]

I think the liberty bell is a good symbol that represents America today. I think this web site helps a lot.
Janie S., I live in San Jose and I am in Mr.Wong's class like Ashley. [02-12-2004]

ms. atwood's class, third grade [02-11-2004]

Debbie Price's Second Grade Class, Billingsley,Alabama [02-11-2004]

I am a 5th grade student at Welcome Elementary School in Lexington, NC. We are doing a project about the Liberty Bell. I have enjoyed the information that I have received on this website.
Mason Lookabill, 10,Lexington,NC [02-11-2004]

I like that you are telling everybody the history of the Liberty Bell. It helped me too. THANKS!
Elijah McCorn, age11Chicago,IL [02-11-2004]

This is a great web site my class is having a court on weither the liberty bell should still be a good symbol that rep. America today I said yes we will have the court this Friday. I am one of the witnesses. I am acting like John Pass my partner Jaine is John Stow Thank you for the great web site it helped a lot.
Ashley R, 10 yrs old San Jose, C A Mr. wong is my teacher [02-11-2004]

this a great site!
Lee, 10 years old [02-11-2004]

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Cody Simet, Lancaster, PA age 7 [02-11-2004]

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I really liked looking at the pictures of the bell. I never knew that the bell had spelled stuff wrong on it.
Shara, 14, Portland Me [02-11-2004]

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Ashley [02-09-2004]

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Andy, I am fromLong Island NY [02-07-2004]

We are bringing our 3 elderly aunts to see the Liberty Bell in June. Their ages are 86, 76 and 72. Anything else to suggest?
Debbie Hardik [02-07-2004]

just wanted to see it
dylan lowrey, i'm a 3rd grader at OEE [02-07-2004]

research for Liberty Bell
Barbara Peters, Moses Lake, Wa [02-07-2004]

Great resource for teachers. Thanks!
Catherine Renzulli, Downingtown, PA [02-07-2004]

I always wondered how the Liberty Bell got its crack. I am glad I know now. I also wondered how big the bell was.
Leah Ball, Sumner, Washington, age 7 [02-07-2004]

I like your pictures of the Liberty Bell. Thank you for the information about the Liberty Bell. I like your website. you guys rock!
Aaron Ball, from Sumner, Washington, age 7 [02-07-2004]

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MORGAN, 11 [02-07-2004]

The Liberty Bell is an interesting artifact symbolic of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. New Jersey also likes "the bell" because Bells brought us good things like the telephone, an appliance used by many every day. Thank you, Great State of Pennsylvania, for bringing the Liberty Bell to us and letting us visit your state.
Theresa Ann M., 1976 Graduate of East Brunswick School System K-12, MCC A.A.S. and Central Connecticut State University Bachelor of Science, Class of 1983 with a major of Marketing including Shipping, Receiving and Transportation, did theisis on this subject [02-07-2004]

anonymous, How the L iberty Bell got it's name? [02-07-2004]

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Lauren, Charlottesville,Virginia [02-07-2004]

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We enjoyed the pictures and learning about freedom.
Mrs. Presot's third grade class, Ohio [02-07-2004]

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Wonderful website of Liberty Bell history. Much needed for daughter's school project.
Tammy Burrell, Saluda, VA [02-07-2004]

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nora butcher, 17/ lexington ky [02-03-2004]

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Erin [01-31-2004]

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Ashley Leggett, 11, york Ne. 1225 florda ave. [01-31-2004]

I read once that the bell was cracked on July 6, 1835 while tolling for the death of Chief Justice John Marshall. Any ideas if this is true or not please email me. Thanx
ed [01-31-2004]

I like this site because I got a lot of great info. for my Landmark project for school. I liked listening to the March too! Thank you
Shawna, I am 9 from Massachusetts. I am doing a report on the Liberty Bell for school. [01-31-2004]

Great website. I visited the new Libery Bell center for a class and am now excited to learn more. The new center is GREAT!
Janet Feldman [01-31-2004]

I've enjoyed this page which I read in preparation for a trip to see the Bell in April.
Rich Knowles [01-31-2004]

Ashley [01-31-2004]

My grandmother told me that Stowe was her 5th great grandfather. Does anyone know details (first name, birth date, etc.) about him?
Michele [01-30-2004]

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Wayne, exiled by "outlaws in high places" to N.H. [01-27-2004]

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William, 8 years old from South Carolina [01-25-2004]

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Caitlin Smith, 14, Griggsville,IL [01-25-2004]

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For Whom The Bell Tolls
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Monique [01-25-2004]

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I thought of the Liberty Bell, to submit a slogan in the 'Pen a phrase" contest, although it was not one to be selected, I thought I would share it on this site. "Celebrate Liberty, we have the bell named for it."
Janice White, DuBois, Pa [01-25-2004]

scott, 10 [01-25-2004]

We're planning a visit to see historical sites in Philly!
Barbara, mom of two teenage girls (yikes!) [01-25-2004]

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Lucy Cook [01-25-2004]

Thank you for sharing the enormous amount of information with our class. In math we are compiling data, creating charts and graphs, and analyzing information. The CMP (Connected Math Program) has the bike ride starting at the Liberty Bell. I am integrating technology into the curriculum with the children and will be using Mapquest and this wonderful site in this inquiry based lesson. The possibility of creating interdisciplinary units from your site are just wonderful. Thank you! Ms. Melanie Murphy, Newport, RI
Ms. Melanie Murphy, Math Teacher [01-25-2004]

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charlie, tx [01-25-2004]

Reasearched in order to answer a student's questions regarding the crack in the bell. Found out the answer and more! Exciting! Thank you.
Katherine Coggin, Teacher of 4th grade history (Virginia Studies) [01-25-2004]

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Ashley Murrell, I am 12 years old and live in Rochester, MN [01-04-2004]

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