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very nice site! philadelphia is a cool city, lots of history, and our bell is absolutely beautiful! thank you!
linda flannery, shartlesville,pa [06-29-2003]

I like this site, but the PHOTO ESSAY is a little... odd.
Joe Smith [06-28-2003]

Thanks for the information. We will be using it while we study about July 4th.
Cathy Cummings [06-28-2003]

we sure have come a long way.I wonder what my dad would say about how the cars have changed.he worked for fords for about 40 years.
peggy, 63 glouster,ohio [06-28-2003]

I recently visited Philadelphia and saw the Liberty Bell. After going through the security to get to the bell I was especially aware of the price paid for our liberty, freedom, and our need to continue to safe guard these great gifts.
anonymous, Minnesota [06-27-2003]

I have 1 collectable of the LIBERTY bell
alex, it has a crak in it. [06-26-2003]

thank god for liberty
P. Casimiro, Warren, Michigan [06-26-2003]

I think that this site is so cool! I went to Philly on my fifth grade field trip...and I went and saw the libery Bell. It was so cool! This site told all of the information that the Tourists told you. It was awesome!
Callie Koesters, I live in Catonsville, Maryland [06-26-2003]

Wonderful site. Preparing to share our nation's birth history with the students. Thanks!
JJC School [06-26-2003]

Mark Wills, York, PA [06-26-2003]

I love the liberty bell
Beth, 11, Fargo, ND [06-26-2003]

It's so nice to go on the internet and read about such things as the liberty bell and other historical things.
sheila, fremont, ca [06-26-2003]

Pranav Bheda [06-24-2003]

the liberty bell is grat histoy
Gabriel, 12/from corcoran [06-24-2003]

i see the bell several times and was impressed with each time i seen it. i am planning on bringing my boyfriend there this summer because he has never seen it in person
SALLIE, malden ma. [06-24-2003]

wonderful site ....
anonymous [06-24-2003]

BARBARA WILSON [06-22-2003]

Getting a fat Liberty Bell blasted on my left arm, shoulder, same side as my heart. God Bless this Country of Ours. Kiss the Bell and thank God! PEACE! MiC-T.com
MiC-T, Most Patriotic Rap Artist on the Planet [06-22-2003]

How many days did it take to get from Phil. to San Francisco?
Wyatt Cox, Age 6 [06-22-2003]

we heard that the bell broke when they moved it from the english and also at some ones funeral/ Pres Garfield?
kyle Musser, age 10 [06-21-2003]

As the five times great grandson of John Pass, I am pleased to see how well the Bell is being treated in its move. I am sure John would have liked to have available to him the technology being used on the Bell today. Thanks.
anonymous [06-19-2003]

Thanks for the quote we'll use for our Fourth of July float!
Steve Hay, Modesto [06-18-2003]

Thanks to this site i was able to find where and in which one of the largrst city in the state the Libery Bell is the major tourist attraction. And.. i was able to answer on my english filology test:))) Thank you very much:))
Agie, 19 yers old [06-18-2003]

Born in Lancaster, Pa. I have a replica of the liberty bell, but have forgotten much of the history!
Phyllis Studinski, Age: 52 Arlington, Texas [06-18-2003]

Looking for information on a Newspaper article dated July 21, 1918. The newspaper page is the Public Ledger. The article and photo is called "The Living Liberty Bell" The photo is made up of 25,000 soldiers stationed at Camp Dix forming a human Liberty Bell. The paper is very brittle. Any information please contact me. Thank You!
Terry, Pennsylvania [06-15-2003]

I am an indie singer/songwriter/recording artist in the Dallas Texas area... and I will be in Philadelphia...July 4, 2003 to sing a song I wrote just after 9/11 - "Let Freedom Ring" (hear this song on my website at: www.kayseamayer.com click on Let Freedom Ring) at the "Let Freedom Ring" National Bell Ringing Ceremony (of the Liberty Bell) I am honored to share this beautiful and powerful song about unity and FREEDOM with Philadelphia...and America! God Bless America..and LET FREEDOM RING! Please feel free to contact me for info. or personal appearance... kayseamayer@MSN.com LISTEN TO LET FREEDOM RING: www.kayseamayer.com - and pass it on to friends... they will be truly blessed! Kay Seamayer See you, Philadelphia, on the 4th of July
Kay Seamayer, Dallas, Texas [06-14-2003]

Tanya Chotejaruchaiya, 12, Rockville, [06-12-2003]

I like the liberty bell because the crack looks kool and it has been through a lot over the years.
Kyle Wagoner, 13 St.James MO [06-12-2003]

I love the philadelphia area I'm in the U.S. Army and was born & raised in south philly..
anonymous [06-12-2003]

How was it back then in 1915? How did you come out with the Liberty bell? Why did you not hang the bell when it first came to london england?
Rolando, 10 [06-12-2003]

Briana hicks [06-11-2003]

Kelly, yo [06-11-2003]

I love basketball more then this thing!~This thing is not good i like hanging out with my friend Lindsay~!*
Jayne [06-10-2003]

Lindsay [06-10-2003]

I have found some interesting facts about our history on this little tour.
Julie Byrne, Corydon,In.47112 [06-10-2003]

Liberty Bell Rings like this Let freedom Ring!
Claire Duffy [06-09-2003]

nice website it got me nowhere
torrey, 14, bliss ny [06-09-2003]

We are coming to Philadelphia in August to attend the Manchester United - Barcelona soccer match. We intend to vist the Liberty Bell. Can you give us parking information since we are unfamiliar with the area.
Jimmy [06-09-2003]

nice site
bob [06-09-2003]

Proud member of the United States Air Force, the greatest Air Force on the planet! God Bless America
Bob Goeke, resident of Philadelphia [06-09-2003]

anonymous [06-09-2003]

america love it or leave it! proud to to be from allentown! learn to to speak the lanuage or go home! god bless america!
howard [06-08-2003]

WWII Vet.Site makes me emotional,"Keep all bells of liberty Ringing". Who can I contact to learn about the clock on the Hall; designer,constructor,date etc.
Waoter H. Wagner, Age 77; Norwalk, Ct. [06-08-2003]

Elaine Rachal [06-08-2003]

anonymous [06-07-2003]

Too many people, take our freedom's for granted...sad too because, i was in new york recently and was not allowed inside of the statue of liberty, I guess because of all of the seemmingly sicko's out there, BIN LADEN and that other horses ASS Hussein, MY freedom to visit a True work of art "The Statue of liberty" I felt cheated... because of a couple sick and twisted loser's I'll probably never get the chance to enter this great national treasure. LET ME FIND you loser's (BIN LADEN and HUSSEIN) I'll show what our ancestor's fought for !
Ronald Filiipi, Fraser, Michigan [06-07-2003]

goigj [06-06-2003]

Jasmine, age 12 [06-06-2003]

Thank You So Much For all Your Wonderful Work on This Site!
Erik Paul Lunsford, Age 34 Tucson, AZ [06-05-2003]

Jexxinzze, butts rule [06-05-2003]

i think your web site is really cool!
JAZMIN ESPARZA [06-05-2003]

rob [06-05-2003]

beckie smith [06-05-2003]

great website for my kids school work
christine [06-05-2003]

why is the liberty bell called the liberty bell?
Brittanee [06-04-2003]

looking for info on a small brass bell bought at 1876 philadelphia exposition by my mother's great aunt. hope someone can help !
sandy [06-04-2003]

Mrs. Hayes third grade class mariposa elem. school [06-04-2003]

ally [06-04-2003]

I love thie webpage! It helped me do my report on the Liberty Bell.
Harrison [06-03-2003]

How did the Liberty Bell become cracked? When?
Steffen Kelly [06-03-2003]

Ciao, sono soddisfatta di essere permesso scrivere come ospite un'entrata nel vostro libro dell'ospite. Ero già una volta qui, tuttavia non avevo lasciato qui i saluti. Ma ora: Il migliore per voi! Saluti cordiali interi e fino a presto, arrivederci
Julia [06-03-2003]

Elizabeth James, Irvine [06-02-2003]

michelle ragsdale [06-02-2003]

I was looking for how the liberty bell got the crack.
Ramona Stricklin, Homeschool mother [06-02-2003]

I like the way theres music on the page but i have one comment put on so it plays when ever someone is on your site so you dont have to go to the other spot and listen from there also please send me the music for flutes, clarinets, and saxophhine?
Morgan [06-02-2003]

Very interesting. Great website.
Michelle, 27, Noblesville, IN [06-01-2003]

CHARLOTTE, 16 santa barbara ca [06-01-2003]

The imformation helped me with my homework.
Andy, 10 [06-01-2003]

Very nicely set up.
Adam Smith, Age: 17 State: WI [06-01-2003]

anonymous, 38years old, Japanease [06-01-2003]

I found a lot of helpful info! thanx!
christine mahoney, front royal virginia [05-31-2003]

Nice website. It could be improved by adding some information about the people involved in saving the Liberty Bell. I am related to John Jacob Mickley and Abraham Blumer and was disappointedto see neither mentioned on this page. If they are mentioned somewhere and I missed it, sorry for the critisism.
anonymous, 21, Allentown PA [05-31-2003]

Jessica Tejada, New Orleans, LA, 23 years old. [05-30-2003]

Chelsi Oxenrider [05-30-2003]

ricardo [05-30-2003]

good info
Jessica [05-29-2003]

it's cool !
monica, maryland [05-29-2003]

I grew up in Philly and am very proud of the heritage it gives to all of us
Dottie, 40yo/Apopka Florida [05-29-2003]

I loved your site
Stephen Satinsky, Rockville MD [05-28-2003]

I went to see the Liberty Bell on a class trip. It is really nice.
Stacy Smith [05-28-2003]

Just checking out the pictures
Philomena Liberty [05-27-2003]

anonymous [05-27-2003]

Thank you for the information. I have to do a report in school on the liberty bell.
sarah welsh [05-27-2003]

gloria sandor [05-27-2003]

WOW I would of never known that
Alex Angellotti [05-27-2003]

Michael, Canton, Ohio [05-27-2003]

I learned a lot about Pennsylvania. I learn something new about this state every day from this website. Thanks for making such a great site. You have the most interesting website. You can even listen to music while on the web. Again great website. Nicky
Nicky, no [05-25-2003]

Paul D. Pass, Mayor-Bonita Springs, FL [05-25-2003]

We think that you should put ore info because kids have projects to do the liberty bell. This did help us some so thank you!
Tiffany and Mandie, 12 and 11 [05-25-2003]

I will make sure that all 4 of my grandchildren learn at a very early age about the Liberty Bedll and all of the men and women who sacrficed their lives, their families and thier fortunes to get us the freedom that we in this great country enjoy today.
Debby Finkle, 54, Atlanta, GA [05-24-2003]

jessica [05-23-2003]

John iove love you happy bridgette thank you please Bridgette and John with
Bridgette, 13 [05-23-2003]

Could the Liberty Bell possibly be moved to Washington D.C.? Please?
Ms. Z [05-22-2003]

It's a good site, but for my research project, I needed to copy a picture of the bell to Microsoft Word. The problem was it wouldn't copy.
Lizzy, age: 11 [05-22-2003]

Ilove you
gus, love [05-22-2003]

Have not visited the site yet.
Angel Whitaker, Homeschool Mom [05-22-2003]

colten dean spearman, 10,norristown [05-22-2003]

Thank you for a great web site. We enjoyed looking at all the pictures and learning about the Great Liberty Bell!
Mrs. Volanti's Third Grade Class 2003, Clovis Elementary School, Clovis California [05-22-2003]

Marjorie Riby-Schlicter [05-22-2003]

I liked the instructions for cutting a 5 pointed star.
anonymous, 57 [05-22-2003]

stephanie [05-22-2003]

This is a great site for everyone to find out information on the Liberty Bell
Samantha C. [05-22-2003]

can you send me a stamp?
amanda lake, 10 porthuron [05-22-2003]

this site is so awesome and helpfull
anonymous, 10,philly, [05-22-2003]

Gerry Doyle [05-22-2003]

Yolanda, nyafdf [05-22-2003]

I love your web site. There is so much good information, and it contains a lot of information I did not know. We plan to visit Philadelphia next month.
Joy L Bartholomew [05-22-2003]

Erin Huff, Washington state [05-22-2003]

I am planning to visit this weekend. I would like to know if it is open for public? Thankyou
Cecilia, Liberty Bell [05-22-2003]

Faith, 67 years old, Ohio [05-22-2003]

Daniel Newhall, 9, Assonet,Ma [05-22-2003]

I have a roject to do on Freedoms. I am very pleased that I have the Liberty Bell to be part of my project. I am 14 years old and never really cared bout the liberty bell but now i know a lot more abuot it and i am very glad!
Maryanne [05-22-2003]

I love this site because it helped me with my Fact Find,and it is very helpful.The idea of ths site coulden't of been more useful and very easy to undersand.When I came to this site I was very lucky and impress.Thank you and keep uup yhe good work.
Keondria Collins, 11,Columbus,Georgia [05-22-2003]

ALBERT, philadelphia [05-22-2003]

our family has in it's posession one of 3 souvenier fobs made by gearge johnson, jeweler postland maine. My wife is a direct descendant of george. this one is his personal one with an unsigned letter of authenticity.do you know any history concerning these items supposedly made from the piece that broke off the bell? it has lots of masonic referrence,and is quite impressive looking. thank you for your great web site, and for any info you might pass on. Tom Fay
tom fay [05-22-2003]

Because of the fact my school (5th grade) is doing a state project and my state is Pennsylvania I thought that to preveiw a summary of the Liberty Bell was appropiate. I found this site helpful in many ways. With my minpulatave persinality mabey I can persuade my parents to take me there. Thanks agian!
Somebody, GlenHead, New York [05-22-2003]

I have a small replica of the Liberty Bell, and found the information on this page about the bell very interesting.
Helen, From- Irvine/ Scotland [05-22-2003]

Same foundry as Big Ben in London. Txs for the info
Carol, Canada [05-22-2003]

justin [05-22-2003]

I love this site its good for a picture dictonary
MEgan, 12 [05-22-2003]

This site rocks!
Kristy King, age 10 Hookstown,Pa [05-22-2003]

Crak my bell
ajk [05-22-2003]

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My friend is spongebob
Patrik Star, 27 Bikini bottom [05-22-2003]

SpongeBob Sqarepants, 5, Bikini Bottom [05-22-2003]

La La La La La La buh by peeps I am hommie dwag
Mi Mi, I am so cool [05-22-2003]

the liberty is really niceand historical.
stacy [05-22-2003]

there is a lot of thigs todo here
Kyong-min Kim [05-22-2003]

you'll sites are fun
jasmine, 10 hampton [05-22-2003]

this is a good web and it gives good info.
jonathan, age 11 [05-22-2003]

Brittany Jones [05-22-2003]

good homework help
Amanda, Age 12 [05-22-2003]

the U.S is cool
arturo gonzalez, 13 years old [05-22-2003]

tory [05-22-2003]

we are a third grade class. we wanted to see a picture of the liberty bell. Thanks
Den 303 wild ones, Mongtomery, al [05-22-2003]

I love thinking about home while viewing some images that define the way i live my life. Thankyou. ATAN Neider on board USS Kittyhawk.
Aj Neider, Live and direct from philly, now serving yokosuka Japan, 20 years old. [05-22-2003]

this is a great website for people that are intrested in the untied states and its history
jennifer, im 13 years old and i live in westland mi [05-22-2003]

gonzalo [05-15-2003]

ashley wonnacott, Age 11 [05-15-2003]

Carmen Loupe, morgan city LA [05-15-2003]

eli [05-15-2003]

nicole peters [05-15-2003]

elasha [05-15-2003]

I love the liberty bell
ayers bryant, co 88.8767 [05-15-2003]

This is a very interesting part of History, and I have copied it to put into a folder.
Patricia Hedrick, 72 yrs old, line in Oelwein, Ia. [05-14-2003]

I LOVED your page. You had all the good information that even the encyclopedias didn't have. I loved the trivia and fast facts also! Great Job!
Meighan [05-14-2003]

Melissa McKay [05-14-2003]

I really like the Libery Bell. Someday I would like to take a train to go and visit it.
Choices, Ashland, Ma [05-14-2003]

lester strong, chesterfield va 23832 [05-14-2003]

Jackie May, Andover South Dakota [05-14-2003]

I had to do research on the Liberty Bell and there wasnt any other website that helped... except this 1!
Linsey, 11 [05-14-2003]

thatz tite!
Val, Burmingham, Alabama [05-14-2003]

good job
dianai, nice person [05-14-2003]

i visited here for info and it gave me what i wanted to know
angellys, 11 mass [05-14-2003]

The Liberty Bell is the best freedum bell Ihave ever herd of.
Jesse Magliari, seven, san luis obispo/California [05-14-2003]

history rocks!
brandy, 14 [05-14-2003]

James E. Kelly, Williamston, SC [05-14-2003]

Great site, I'l visit again
Robert Houghtaling [05-14-2003]

A beautiful memory collection, for future generations to see.
Judi Jaqua, South Dakota [05-14-2003]

It's a great website!
Kallie [05-14-2003]

Bradley Salvas [05-14-2003]

mayra [05-14-2003]

This was a cool exhibit. We are sorry the Liberty Bell cracked.
Mrs. Ward's Class [05-14-2003]

Yehuda Bernstein's 3/18/03 post is the kind of people that have no faith in our government. Even with the all the freedoms we have, Liberals want to criticize our great president (George W. Bush) no matter what he does. I am very proud to live in this country, and have full faith in our government.
Greg Elder, 40 Orlando, Florida... Proud American [05-14-2003]

it was a great site i learned a lot about symbols!
Diana, 9 Baltimore [05-14-2003]

Yes, I am a descendant of the John Stow whose name is on the Liberty Bell, so my father tells me.
John Stow [05-14-2003]

James Harrington [05-14-2003]

Cody Carraway, age 8 Reno, NV [05-14-2003]

kristen, im 12 and live in wisconsin [05-14-2003]

Megan, it was great [05-14-2003]

I really enjoyed this Liberty Bell website! THANKS!
Ken C., 52 yrs, LA, History Fan [05-14-2003]

wow. Totally cool
Amanda Swearingen, age 10 Baltimore, Maryland 21222 [05-14-2003]

this site is really helpful
Heather and Allison [05-14-2003]

chelsea [05-14-2003]

i always wanted to got penssyila cause it be very fun to
jessica, none [05-14-2003]

I thought it was very interesting, but I couldn't find what it says on the Liberty Bell, Because I am doing an report about the liberty Bell and I got all of my INFORMATION on this website, but I can not find what it says. if you could, can you email me back what it does say on it. And when you write it put in {SUBJECT}LIBERTY BELL for I know who it is! Please Stephanie
Stephanie, 11 years old [05-14-2003]

i had to go on a thingie and i chose the librty bell if u have any info peas send
kait, broomall pa 19008 10 yr [05-14-2003]

cathy, Leon, IA [05-14-2003]

Sweetbabe [05-14-2003]

I'm a storyteller and work with elementary school children in the main. I will use the the history of the Bell to talk to first graders who have asked about it. Thanks for your wonderful web page!
Leonard Gray, Age 78, San Diego, CA RMCS(USN) Ret. [05-14-2003]

This is a great site for our students to study the Liberty Bell. Thanks for the info. Tinsley Elementary Houston, Texas
Pam Anderson, Houston, Texas [05-03-2003]

renee, 13 kansas [05-03-2003]

Marcie Spence, Mankato, MN [05-03-2003]

brooke ray, 11years old, Texas, portland [05-03-2003]

Alex [05-03-2003]

this site is awsome it took me forever to find what i found here...i plan to see the bell it sounds cool.
thomas, 14/male/OR 4/29/03 [05-03-2003]

This is really cool!
Chelsea, Savannah,GA -Age- 11 1/2 [05-03-2003]

laci [05-03-2003]

Tonya Langmeyer, age 38 from Columbus, OH [05-03-2003]

The Liberty Bell is a very important part of our history. I am proud to sign this guestbook.
Kayla Savoie [05-03-2003]

Alyssa Hood, Age 8 [05-03-2003]

I just have to look up the liberty bell for school.
Destiny, Lincoln Park,Mi.-Age 9 1/2 [05-03-2003]

stephanie, 6 [05-03-2003]

We are learning about Benjamin Franklin and the Liberty Bell.
Mrs. McMillan & Mrs. Moline Class, Second Grade from Reno, NV [05-03-2003]

My students are studying the Revolutionary War and have been reading about the Liberty Bell. This websight gave us very interesting information. Thank-you
Ms. R.L. Tuten, W.Columbia, SC [05-03-2003]

i like to think when the going gets tough the tough get going. thats usa.
george, 60 [05-03-2003]

i need info asap
Tiffany, New York [05-03-2003]

gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt site i absolutly love it, it is a good reference source
kristen green, dublin, ga [05-03-2003]

My family and I will be visiting Philadelphia this year for our vacation. We look forward to sharing the great history of the city, including the heart of it all - the Liberty Bell
Deanna Schrayer, Bristol, VA, 33-years-old [05-03-2003]

Nathan Higdon [05-03-2003]

AMANDA DORR, 15 [05-03-2003]

Thank the historic society individuals for keeping this artifax and information avaliable. Will be sharing this info with 24 summer students.
jcourtion, Wausau, WI [05-03-2003]

erin trelease [05-03-2003]

I think this is a very good siteAll you have to do is put up some information on the liberty bell.And get some games about the liberty bell fo0r the kids and you will be rich.
melisa, 10 years old [05-03-2003]

rolecya white [05-03-2003]

crandall, 10 [05-03-2003]

We are a homeschooling family who tremedously enjoyed your web site. Thank you for the historic accuracy.
Kim, Natalie, and Allyson Hudson, Skiatook OK [05-02-2003]

Tom Sear, Moses Lake, WA [05-02-2003]

I came looking for information of the liberty bell out of my own curiousity. This site gave me exactly what I was looking for and more. Thanks :-) Liberty forever!
David J. White, Seattle, WA. basketball player "Bai Da Wei" [05-02-2003]

We were having a debate about the crack in the bell and your site gave us just the information we were looking for! Thanks.
Jean Squires, Teacher of Fifth grade [05-02-2003]

magill, homeschool assignment [05-02-2003]

I am a direct decendant of John Pass.
Jamie L. Pass, Wasilla Alaska [05-02-2003]

Hello I wasn't to the Liberty bell on his man I don't know is name he tooked hises that the bell get brake by a man ring it too hard
Darnell Smith, 16 Year OLD,Wading River RD, 211 [05-02-2003]

i think that the Liberty Bell is neat because, it is really close to where i live and on New Years it's neat to hear it ring. Brittany
Brittany Phillips, I'm 10 years old I live in York, PA [05-02-2003]

David Yen, Arcadia [05-02-2003]

Excellent site - good info.
Tom Sear, Moses Lake, WA [05-02-2003]

Im doing a presentation on the Liberty Bell and I was wondering what i could use as a visual aide????? HELP!
Scottygirl, age12 City Seguin [05-02-2003]

It gave me a lot of information that I needed for my school project (report and model).
Scott Bostic, 8 years old, Center Line, MI [04-24-2003]

laura,natalie,hillary [04-24-2003]

The reason im on this sight is cuz i have 2 make a project on the Liberty Bell. And i like the vertual tours.
Jessica M. Gillet, Age:12 [04-24-2003]

I saw the bell yesterday(4/23/03) and other famous places but I think the Liberty Bell was the best one.
Michael Joie, 10 years old Sicklerville,N.J. [04-24-2003]

I wanted to know what caused that crack.
anonymous, Michael, age 7, Dallas, TX [04-24-2003]

ardisha [04-24-2003]

this site is very nice. Well orchestrated and well put together. I am doing some research for my grandchildren who are interested in knowing the history of the liberty bell. Thank you!
Ms. Jan Watson [04-24-2003]

thank u 4 this site, it is helping me on my project
jordan, age:13 Poplar Bluff Missouri [04-24-2003]

kayla hellber [04-24-2003]

good site
nagem assyla [04-24-2003]

helped me a lot on my assignment on the liberty bell
danielle boileau, 10 mcmurray pa 15317 [04-24-2003]

Casey [04-24-2003]

My son is on an 8th grade field trip and visited the bell in person this morning
Kim, San Jose, CA [04-24-2003]

I am helping a friend work on a Social Studies project. I thoroughly enjoyed the site. Keep up the good work.
Cindy Morton, Sevierville, TN [04-24-2003]

Nicole [04-24-2003]

Im visiting this page to get information on the Liberty Bell for my final project in school : a report and model. Thank you
Zachary Rinke, Warren, Michigan [04-24-2003]

MEAGHAN, 7 sarasota [04-24-2003]

sammi [04-24-2003]

The liberty bell kicks a$$.
Aaron Hayes, age14 City Clarissa Mn [04-24-2003]

Jerome Kay, Portsmouth, Va. [04-24-2003]

This site is an AMAZING site for children and highschoolers who need to learn about the details of the Liberty Bell.
Amber [04-24-2003]

what does it says on the bell? mail it back a.s.a.p (now)
vicky [04-20-2003]

Kenneth Levy MD, Philadelphia, PA [04-20-2003]

it is cool
mallory, 10,hintonIA [04-19-2003]

Kayle Giarth, 9 [04-19-2003]

This site really helped me with my final project i was to make a model of the Liberty Bell.
Britney, 8th grader [04-19-2003]

I am in 2nd grade and I chose to do my report on the Liberty Bell.
Erika [04-19-2003]

Learn about it.
Cortny, Arcadia [04-17-2003]

Cortny [04-17-2003]

Frank Claborn [04-17-2003]

Sarah Saddler, Independence, MO [04-17-2003]

Christian [04-17-2003]

Its the best bell in America.I can't believe it weighs more than my dad's car! I'm going to vist it this summer.
Nicholas Radziul, age 5 [04-17-2003]

I love to see histort
Jess [04-17-2003]

Glad this site exists.
Christopher Bayne, Male, Quakertown [04-17-2003]

I am a first grade teacher and we are just introducing American History to the children. This page is so helpful.The kids are really excited about learning our history.
Cynthia, Toledo, Ohio [04-17-2003]

This is a great site. I am using it for a teaching unit in our school. Thanks
Orville Grasdock [04-16-2003]

pretty good website needs stuff for kids.
Mariah [04-16-2003]

ty this was very helpful for me the girls will be able to learn more about our great nation
debra, girl scout leader [04-15-2003]

Michael H., 13, fredrick [04-15-2003]

this website is really great and i haelped my on my research paper!
Danielle [04-15-2003]

I really liked the home page of the liberty bell. i found a lot of information about it for my power point presentation that i had to do for computer class. Thanky thanky. the info placed on this page was most enjoyable and helpful to me!
anonymous [04-15-2003]

I would love to see the liberty bell because im doing a report on the liberty bell
kari [04-15-2003]

About 10 years ago - after Desert Storm - I made a full size REPLICA ... I'd like to share some pictures ... and have them displayed ... for others to see - what's possible, when you have a dream. IF you email me ... I'll send you attachments. Thanks, Sincerely, Wendel Zeller.
Wendel Zeller, Cypress/Los Alamitos, California ... [04-15-2003]

I like your website,but it would be more interesting if you had a short fun quiz that consists of 10 or 5 questions.
Emilee, im a kid [04-15-2003]

Joanne Wingo, 04/11/03 [04-15-2003]

i love this web site and the pictures i love every thing in the web site !
heather barr, 13,lenoir,NC [04-15-2003]

The Liberty bell is a great thing.
Brittany Genwright, 12,Lenoir, [04-15-2003]

I liek the website but u vould use more information on the libery bell! well peace out
kool beans [04-15-2003]

I want to say GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Heather, Austin, Texas [04-15-2003]

this is kool
sum one, i'm 12 [04-15-2003]

I have a picture of the liberty bell hanging in our family owned barbershop, recently there has been discussion about how the crack came about, there were about four different stories, so I decided to look up the info so I could share with my customers..........thank you for the information.........now I can put my two cents worth in!
veronica collmar [04-15-2003]

shelby head, 8 years clifton TX [04-10-2003]

LISA234 [04-10-2003]

I love this website!
Colin Garland [04-09-2003]

I think that this web site is great but you need more info on the liberty bell.Also you need stuff on the philadelphia zoo.
Ashley mcmonagle [04-09-2003]

i am just interested in your country
sharon, wales [04-09-2003]

Jack Wayne Gilliam, 40,Houston [04-09-2003]

What Does it Mean?
Josh, 9 Dallas [04-09-2003]

I love your website!
Heather Barr, Age:13 Lenoir Nc 28645 [04-09-2003]

The best website I've been to tonight thanks*****
Stephanie [04-09-2003]

Doing a school project like everyone else.
Emily Helliwell, 8,Fallston,MD. [04-09-2003]

Searching all websites... what hours is the Lberty Bell, historic area sites available to tour. We would like to visit late in May for a long weekend? Can you help? Brocedures available how??
barbara, 42, long island new york [04-09-2003]

This is a great website. This was a helpful site.
Tiffany, Cleveland [04-09-2003]

THE Big [04-09-2003]

I think that the liberty bell is awsesome
Taylor, 13,Blackstone,23824 [04-09-2003]

hi~ peoples!
Bertha [04-09-2003]

It is very inspiring to be able to tour the pages of American history. Thank you to UShistory.org.
Guy Jean Goudeau, I was born in France and I have been a proud American citizen since 1952. [04-07-2003]

I am doing a project on the Liberty Bell
Anastasia Robinson, 14 Collinsville,OK 74021 [04-07-2003]

RAY, las vegas, nv [04-07-2003]

I'm using this site for a school project, bummer!
Sarah, 10,Plainfield [04-07-2003]

PAM [04-07-2003]

i beleve the liberty bell was a great step and we would not be were we are today if we did not have it
rachel, i'm 14, and live in Washington [04-07-2003]

Please send my good information about the Liberty Bell. I find it very interesting! Thanks Bunches!
anonymous [04-07-2003]

Daughters of the American Revolution. Sukey Hart Chapter
Regina Moore [04-04-2003]

tabitha morefield, 14/springfield/ohio [04-04-2003]

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kierstyn, 12,springfeild, [04-04-2003]

tabitha, 14/springfield/ [04-04-2003]

this ia great site and it really help students.
katie huett [04-04-2003]

players are cool
cory [04-04-2003]

Just sending a thank you to you for having this web site. My daughter and I needed some information on the Liberty Bell for a project she was doing. This web site taught us, her & me both, a lot about the Liberty Bell. We also thought that it was neat that one of the pictures of the Liberty Bell was taken in Gary, Indiana and that is where we live. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Tiffany & Jade [04-04-2003]

What a totally awesome site.
Amber [oz] Heitkamp, age 11 [04-04-2003]

I'm glad that President Bush is president because he knows what to do!
Amber Heitkamp, age 11 [04-04-2003]

Cassidy DesRoches, Cranston, R.I. age 8 [04-04-2003]

i like it
connor champoin, i like it [04-04-2003]

Nick Sparks [04-02-2003]

Richard Connor [04-02-2003]

JIM Gilkey [04-02-2003]

Love it!
Natalie [04-02-2003]

kari [04-02-2003]

Monique, 9, jacksonville Fl. [04-02-2003]

This place in awesome.
Matthew Nguyen [04-02-2003]

Please try to find out how did Liberty bell get its crack
rockStarr34 [04-02-2003]

Devin, 11, Port St. Lucie, Florida [04-02-2003]

I am doing a "Flat Stanley" project and want to know all about the Liberty Bell and other things in Philadelphia. Thank you
William Bachman, Nicole Saracino, Age 8, Lindenhurst, NY [04-02-2003]

nikki, 11,salt lakeut 84117 [04-02-2003]

I will be visiting the Liberty Bell with my parents this summer and wanted to share some facts with my kindergarten class.
Parker Richardson, 6 yrs old - Orlando, FL [04-02-2003]

I think it is so cool that they kept the liberty bell for a national momument and some day I would like to go and see the LIBERTY BELL
JC Guggenbiller, age: 13 city: Ft.Recovery [04-02-2003]

J.Wade Church [04-02-2003]

Wonderful site great for homeschoolers
Jennifer D. Nardis, Age 30, Millersburg,PA [04-02-2003]

this website was Sthuper!
Chris, i am 14 years old...i love guys [04-02-2003]

Marie Lucas [04-02-2003]

Ashley [04-02-2003]

the liberty bell has its own web site before me!
kathryn [04-02-2003]

I have a gocart
Rhino Rodo, 11 Ft.Recovery [04-02-2003]

ben, f]\g' [04-02-2003]

Great amount of information here.
Bob Withton, 17 [04-02-2003]

do you have any thing(time lines for my report?)
Kara Meyer [04-02-2003]

erika, 10 years old [04-02-2003]

Very informative
Dianne Henrie [04-02-2003]

My name is Kay Seamayer...I live in the Dallas TX area..and am a singer/musician/songwriter-composer... I wrote a beautiful song LET FREEDOM RING just after the 9/11 event - it is a beautiful song with a strong message about a unified cry for FREEDOM! please listen to this song....and be uplifted! at: www.kayseamayer.com click on Let Freedom Ring - and listen.. GOD BLESS AMERICA...AND LET FREEDOM RING!
Kay Seamayer, Singer/songwriter-composer [04-02-2003]

destiny white, 12-jacksonville-fl-32220 [04-02-2003]

Hey sup nothen here so see ya ohh ya the is the best page in the Liberty Bell ever
Justune, Keller TX [04-02-2003]

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Kaie, i am 18 [04-02-2003]

Jared, the age u.s.was in 1976 [04-02-2003]

Mrs. Querry's Second Grade Class, Bushy Park Elementary, Glenwood, MD [04-02-2003]

Lacy [04-02-2003]

noelle andreoff [04-02-2003]

Thank you. This helps a lot.
Diana Morawski, second grade teacher [04-02-2003]

Dane Estrella [04-02-2003]

kristi [04-02-2003]

allegra [04-02-2003]

I like your suff
Sierra, I am 18 [04-02-2003]

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lindsey smith [04-02-2003]

Rebecca Biagini, 12- Wayne, N.J. [04-02-2003]

it's a good site to find info on the usa
anonymous [04-02-2003]

Is it ever rung for specific reasons? City of Philadelphia should consider a ceremony with the ringing of the Liberty Bell when our soldiers return from Iraq. It would be a fitting tribute to the brave soldiers fighting for Freedom.
Therese, nj [04-02-2003]

Jordan Orosz [04-02-2003]

Barb [04-02-2003]

I think that the "Liberty Bell is really cool and interesting to learn about. Its really cool that kids can learn about it on the internet.
Briana Hicks, 11, [04-02-2003]

I think th "Liberty Bell is really cool and very interesting!
Briana [04-02-2003]

What nice pictures http://digitaljournalist.org/issue0212/pt_index.html
Mike [04-02-2003]

Helped me with my English report on famous things or people in PA
Dennis BIG D, pgh, pa [04-02-2003]

hey whats up my name is ames LOL
James [04-02-2003]

i really like the site it will help me on my book report.
KYMBERLY SMOAK, 8yrs old, lake city sc [04-02-2003]

I think the liberty bell is a rememberance of freedom and the reason we came to the land.
Cassandra, NYM, Minnesota 13 years old [04-02-2003]

Koool website§:)
Kar-kar [04-02-2003]

Hope Artley [04-02-2003]

We just learned about the Liberty Bell while we were looking at it on your website. We hope that the bell will work again. Thank you for writing the story. Thank you for showing us the bell.
Mrs. Haskell's class, K - 2 Instructional Program at Heritage Lakes School, Carol Stream, IL [04-02-2003]

anonymous [04-02-2003]

I Visited your site because I am doing a project for school on the liberty bell. Thank You
karli [04-02-2003]

James E. Houp [04-02-2003]

kilorito [04-02-2003]

Excellent site. W
O'Bryant School of Math and Science, Roxbury,Massachusetts [04-02-2003]

The bell symbolizes of peace and freedom.
Truong Truong, Colorado [04-02-2003]

I am a first grade teacher and my class is learning about the symbols of the United States. I enjoyed reading through your information and found it very interesting. While reading the thoughts of others there was mention of a teacher page of ideas, can you tell me how to find this cite. thanks!
Jo Ann [04-02-2003]

Brianna Maggard, none [03-18-2003]

I am doing a state report on Pennsylvaina and i would like it if you could send some information on this state.
Elizabeth Randall, age 11 [03-18-2003]

Ted Howard, 48 yrs. old...from Texas [03-18-2003]

ashcroft and the fbi want to destroy our liberties to preserve our nation. It is they who must be crushed, for :'Liberty for all". Yehuda Bernstein
anonymous [03-18-2003]

We're researching information for our 12-year-old granddaughter. Thanks for providing this info.
Earlene M. Powell, Plains, MT [03-18-2003]

to:wanda form:taniesha malik
taniesha malik, 7 10 [03-18-2003]

I came to this site, because i had to find out what it said on the liberty bell for History, but know i want to know more.
Ellie, age 13 [03-18-2003]

Natalie Samuels [03-18-2003]

as education students and future teachers, we were required to design and complete a social studies research project as if we were 6th grade students. we chose to research historical sites, such as the liberty bell, as well as how they impact students' lives today. this website was very helpful, interesting, and informative, and we thank you for providing us with relevant details regarding the bell that is so important to our nation's past, present, and future!
janet and jessica, education students [03-14-2003]

i luv it its wonderful we are learning of it now
diana, noooooo [03-14-2003]

Hello, have a tranquil day!
Kristyn, Oakland [03-14-2003]

I learned about the Liberty Bell in school today so I wanted to visit your web site.
Analisse, 6 years old [03-14-2003]

Very good page. Love the history, for I majored in history. I like the teacher page with the student assignments. Very neat and thoughtful.
Kevin Gilliam, Salisbury, North Carolina [03-14-2003]

my liberty bell is the coolest!
jessica riley, 34 kanasas city [03-14-2003]

I am doing a patriotic bulletin board for my place of work. I am using the sillouttes(?) of the Statue of liberty and the liberty bell on it. I needed a picture of the bell.
Allen Stump [03-14-2003]

Thank you for this great website. It really helped us learn more about the Liberty Bell. God Bless the USA.
Mrs. Coffey's First Grade Class, Marshfield, MA [03-14-2003]

Erin, 11 years old [03-14-2003]

ashlee newsome [03-14-2003]

Are class is doing diaramas and this really helped mine on the bell but there is still a question that was not clearly answered. I was wondering when exactly did the bell first crack. Thanks!
Morgan McCarthy [03-14-2003]

I thought it was very informative but i want to know exactly when the bell first cracked?
Samantha McCarthy [03-14-2003]

rafael cruz [03-14-2003]

Happy Chappy [03-14-2003]

I am proud to live in America. Thanks for the web site and the helpful information about our history. I am a home school mom and your site was very helpful to teaching my children about this piece of our history. Thanks!
Sherry Parrott [03-14-2003]

I Love Aaron He is the greatest son a man could ask for If you ever find this message aaron know that I loved you!--Daddy
Aaron and David Schultz, Aaron's 2nd Grade Report on a historical object [03-14-2003]

Cool site
Bob, Boston [03-14-2003]

is it still standing in the hall.
kassandra, how old is it? [03-14-2003]

iwas looking for info on how to tour the bell site for visit with a large group of kids. what do i ddo?
j todd, phila. pa [03-14-2003]

gjon ivezaj, age8 mocomb mi. [03-14-2003]

I love to learn about the liberty bell because there are so many different stories about it. I have heard manny of them. Il want to touch the liberty bell.
Chelsey Zangara, Allentown,NJ [03-14-2003]

I would love to see the liberty bell in person,and learn more about it!
Caitlyn Warakomski, Allentown,nj [03-14-2003]

JOHN HARPER, media, pa - age 10 -school project [03-14-2003]

Thank you so much! you really gave me some good advice for my report!
Matha [03-14-2003]

i forgot how the bell was cracked, now i know.keep up the good worked.
sam hill [03-14-2003]

I am doing a project for Kindergarten...what a great bell! God Bless America!
Jacob Stracener, 5 years old, San Diego, CA. [03-14-2003]

I am in the 3rd grade and am doing a project on the Liberty Bell. Thank you for all of the wonderful information.
Emily [03-14-2003]

GOD Bless America
Michael Yeager, Louisville, KY [03-14-2003]

this is a good site
jennifer demasino, 13 [03-14-2003]

I want to thank you all a lot for making this website.It really helped me with my liberty bell research..See I am homeschooled and i need has much help with reasearch as i can get..I just want to say thanks again! ¤§¤Jamie¤§¤ A piggy for you! ('@')~~Oink Oink
Jamie, I am 14 I Live in Florida [03-06-2003]

You should have more information on for tourist.
shronda, 21, yorkstown, kn [03-06-2003]

anonymous, i am a teacher looking to share a history of the Liberty Bell [03-06-2003]

Ashley Witt, 12 Plainfild IL [03-05-2003]

its just for a school project cant wait till this period's over talk about saved by the bell
raquel [03-05-2003]

Keep up the good work.
Douglas C. Rose [03-05-2003]

Let Freedom Ring for all the lands
John [03-05-2003]

I am 7 years old and I am doing a research project on the Liberty Bell.
Madison Norris [03-05-2003]

Amanda, 11 [03-05-2003]

india, 9 [03-05-2003]

its a new hope for me!please help me - i`m looking for Rachelle Tomei. She wrote to this site in january. does anybody knows her adress or email? i haven`t heart since 4 years a word of rachelle. please write.we where sisters in germany! Conny
Conny, Germany [03-05-2003]

Tracey, Talent, Oregon [03-05-2003]

The Liberty bell is the best!
Song bird, 14 [03-05-2003]

trish, huber heights, ohio [03-05-2003]

My band students are playing The Liberty Bell march and I came here to find out more to teach them about our history.
Debbie Seagraves, Band Director [03-05-2003]

Very Cool! My frind's sister Kendall Alderman showed me this. VERY NEAT!
JENNIFER GUETTLER, 12, Chipley Fl. [03-02-2003]

my friend holley cutts & i wenton this for my class mates. my teacher mrs brock loved it!
KENDALLALDERMAN, chipley,fl. [03-01-2003]

john neill [03-01-2003]

You have no good pics
Sarahphine [03-01-2003]

Tom Volpe [03-01-2003]

educational site . keep up the good work. i didn't know pennsylvania was misspelled on the liberty bell.
peter vacchiano, 1016 prince st., taylor, pa., 18517 [03-01-2003]

I first saw the Bell in Philly in 1962, a must see for very American!
Robert J. Greene, Avon, IN [03-01-2003]

I visited Philadelphia in 1972 and was very impressed and still love your place
Ewald Zappe, Age 70 [03-01-2003]

Guy 191 [03-01-2003]

tamara melton [03-01-2003]

I know so much about the Liberty Bell that I am doing my Civics project about it, and I am glad we have the Liberty Bell because if we didn't history would probably be different than it is today.
Anastasia Lynn Robinson, 14 yrs. 8th gr Collinsville, OK 74021 115 South Ave. E (918) 371-9739 [03-01-2003]

DANIEL, 11 [03-01-2003]

Doing report for school paper, thanks for your help.
Anna Owens, 8 [03-01-2003]

Came to this site as I was trying to answer my 7 year old's question: "How was the liberty bell cracked?" I see from this site under TRIVIATA that it was cracked upon the first time it was rung here in the States. What I also learned, that I didnt know, was that it was commissioned and brought to the USA before the Revolutionary War, and ironically made and purchased from England - or Revolutionary opponent. It seems fitting that the bell was cracked, for the true sound of freedom comes not from England, but from the One whom our unalienable rights are given. If this lesson is learned by our next generation, then we will have passed on the heart and soul of what made and makes America great. That being, God bless America. Thank you for this site and the opportunity to share my thoughts.
Thomas Spann, Chino Hills CA, USA [03-01-2003]

Gholamreza Vafaee [03-01-2003]

I've been to see the Liberty Bell at least five times during my life starting in grade school up to taking my own children a few years ago. I'm always in awe of what it represents and I appreciate that it is still here to inspire all Americans present and future.
TFairlie, Howell,NJ [03-01-2003]

i love this site! i love to learn about the liberty bell!
Jannelle, 12 [02-24-2003]

K. Meyer [02-24-2003]

Megan Sisco [02-24-2003]

Chelsea [02-24-2003]

this is a really good place to go to . It really helps me do my work !
Kelsey, age 10 city Minot [02-24-2003]

reza1 abbasi [02-23-2003]

I think your website is good, but where is the Liberty Bell?
Brittney Brown [02-21-2003]

Stella [02-21-2003]

What caused the Liberty Bell to crack who was it send me some info through email please. Thank You in advance.
Sunshine, United States [02-21-2003]

school project
grace barrett, evansville christian school [02-20-2003]

This is the best site I have found.
anonymous [02-20-2003]

b williams [02-20-2003]

We have been studying the Liberty Bell. We very much enjoyed looking at the pictures of the Liberty Bell.
Mrs. Nester's 1st grade class, Bonsack Elementary, Roanoke Va [02-20-2003]

Rozalind Vassar, I am 13 and I am doing this for a reaport. [02-19-2003]

I really apreciate your information it is really good and good you can help people.I was really stuck and couldn't find any website to help.
anonymous, kid who needed help for homework [02-19-2003]

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Me Meeerson, mevile [02-19-2003]

thanks you guys i due here keep it up .
OBINNA [02-19-2003]

Jazmine Kayla [02-19-2003]

were is the person that wrote this?
erny [02-19-2003]

God Bless America! We love learning about the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is awesome. We hope it never cracks again.
Mary Blount 2nd grade, Mrs. Boling's class, Maryville, TN [02-19-2003]

my computer cant find anything anymore!
Julilynn Casettei, 6 [02-19-2003]

Ww will be visiting on July 1st.can't wait to this this bell.
Linda Weaver, Riverside,CA. [02-19-2003]

a lot of people think that the liberty bell is not important but it plays a very important role in our lives. I wish people could find out more about it. I think this might help.
nani [02-19-2003]

I really enjoyed reading about the Liberty Bell becaue it was very interstaning.
Kathryn, 9 years of age [02-19-2003]

Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten csmith3@roe51.k12.il.us Our Character Education focus for the month of February is Citizenship. We have 4 kindergarten classes and each is focusing on a different American Symbol to share with others. Our class is sharing two symbols. One is Uncle Sam and the other is The Liberty Bell. Thanks for the information and the great pictures. We made our own mosaic version of the Liberty Bell, including the crack. Let Freedom Ring!
anonymous [02-19-2003]

This website helped me on my research paper!
Cory, Hey All [02-19-2003]

Great pictures
Beatty Elementry School NV [02-19-2003]

cool site! america is awesome!
nicole, 13/mt.pleasant [02-19-2003]

I think this website is great and you are too!
anonymous [02-19-2003]

wanted to know why the bell had a crack.
Wyatt Baggett, Age 6 [02-19-2003]

Naomi Dixon, Fort Worth TEXAS [02-19-2003]

Question: I hear that the Liberty Bell has been rung (hit) a few times. One was on D-Day, WWII. Can you tell me the other times? Thankyou.
Paul Weinbrenner [02-19-2003]

thanks for a wonderfully informative site. May liberty ring for all!
Mrs. R Lee [02-19-2003]

jennifer lashley, 13, monticello. kentucky, 2 sisters, live with my mom [02-19-2003]

Cool Web Site. I really enjoyed the visit, and hope to come back soon. http://www.pie-girl.com/
Jesica Brown [02-19-2003]

I found the site thanks to Google, being prodded on by my son's homework assignment. Great site! I'm thrilled that such sites are out there for the preservation of our country's illustrious history. Sites like this will make it easier for us to pass the history on to the generations following... Thanks, and God Bless you all!
Corey Saunders [02-19-2003]

jenny, 10years old [02-15-2003]

Miguel [02-15-2003]

god bless america
Ashley, 14 [02-15-2003]

You need to give more tourists info
anonymous [02-15-2003]

God Bless America
Charles A. Nager [02-13-2003]

tyler roberg [02-13-2003]

the liberty bell is one of the most interesting artifacts that we have showing our liberty and freedom in this nation!
chi chi, 18 [02-13-2003]

I love your webpage. It helped a lot when I had a report on Pennsylvainia last year and also this year it helped me a little bit with the Second Continental Congress and the Liberty Bell!
hi, 11 [02-12-2003]

patrick daudon,initiateur et promoteur de la normandy liberty bell 2004. en cette periode difficile, affirmons que notre reconnaissance pour nos liberateurs americains est toujours aussi forte et que nous n'oublierons jamais le sacrifice de ceux qui ont donne leur vie pour notre liberte. 11 fevrier 2003
PATRICK DAUDON, france normandy [02-12-2003]

trying to find the words inscribed on the bell
anonymous [02-12-2003]

hiya this is cool
jessica [02-12-2003]

as a child growing up in phila.i played in and around independence hall,got to witness that rainey nite when the lib.bell was moved to its pres.location.i am gratfull that all the world now can see what i took for granted! thankyou very much for telling and showing the greatest story ever told! god bless the u.s.a,
joe, 43 ; philadelphia [02-12-2003]

Sorry i didn't scroll down on the web page before i signed the guest book now i see all of the info.
Fawn Jerome [02-12-2003]

Neat site but it could have a little more information about the liberty bell it self. You know like about it's hitosy and what it exzactly represents.
Fawn jerome [02-12-2003]

My favorite site is 1915 photos. they were AWESOME!
Victoria Szendre, Age 8, Kennewick [02-10-2003]

Angela Dixon, 8 Fort Worth Texas [02-10-2003]

i like the way that the liberty is made!
Crystal, 12,in [02-10-2003]

i thought this was a very good web page.
Liberty, 24/f/sc(mb) [02-10-2003]

Priscilla Slan [02-10-2003]

This site is a great help if you want information on the liberty bell.
Jacob Kaminski, 11 [02-10-2003]

I wanted to find out how the crack got in the Liberty Bell and my mother found this website. We're listening to the march while looking.
Katrina Sanders, 8 yrs old, Schenectady, NY [02-10-2003]

We were studying the Liberty Bell and used your web site.
Gillett, AR Fourth Grade Class, Gillett, AR 72055 [02-10-2003]

Monique Keller, ST. James [02-10-2003]

Oriel Mitchell [02-10-2003]

cloe, 21 [02-10-2003]

i just wanted to say this is a very good web site. i had to do a report for my n.j.r.o.t.c class on the liberty bel and this helped me out a lot. thank you for this web site
CRYSTAL M.B, 14 years old go to curtis high school [02-10-2003]

on your we site you shold have a topic where you can ask questins about the liberty bell.BECAUSE I have some questions to ask for my homework so please email me when you get this
La'sha McGarah, 11yrs old philadelphia [02-10-2003]

I think the world would have been better without the wars because black white brown or pink she except eachother for who they are and get along thats the reason that poeple fuss and fight today.
Jessica Bentley, age 14, monticello, ky [02-10-2003]

morgan, 10 [02-10-2003]

I loved it.
Ian, 10 [02-05-2003]

Mrs. Faircloths 5th Grade Class [02-05-2003]

My kindergarten class is doing a unit on the USA. We enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell. Thanks. Kelli Rowland Charleston,Mississippi
Kelli Rowland, Charleston, Mississippi [02-05-2003]

Our class enjoyed looking at the pictures of the Liberty Bell. We would like to know how big is the crack? Thank you for answering our question. Mrs. Thompson's Class
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Found your website while helping my 7 year old find info about the "Bell". Thanks.
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It was very nice znd interesting but maybe you could put something together that we (pre-K Teachers) could usee in their classroom. Like, some information that we can relate easily to the children aged 4 & 5 yrs old. but other than that the site was excellant as I myself learned a lot about the liberty bell that I didnt well forgot over the yrs
Doreen, Lawton, Ok (Pre-K Teacher) [01-29-2003]

I am a kindergarten in FL, and have been looking for a book that would be appropriate for my students. I have not been able to find one. However, when browsing the web, I saw the statement "brief history" of the bell, I knew this would be just what I need for my class. We are beginning a study of "Our American Symbols", and the Liberty Bell is one that I was wanting to spotlight. Thank you for having this information available. Many Thanks, Amy
Amy, kindergarten teacher [01-29-2003]

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Robbie Pass Mardis, I am 57 years old and I live in Trussville, Alabama [01-23-2003]

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This evening, Jan, 13, in the Year of Our Lord 2003 I felt the urge to revisit Arnold Frieberg's famous painting of General Washington kneeling in prayer beside his charger at Valley Forge. Then I visited the Liberty Bell. As a Naturalized American I too share in the firm belief that Almighty God in his infinite mercy and love has bestowed upon this land the eternal blessings of freedom and democracy. I will make a pilgrimage to Valley Forge and to vist the many other historic sites in your great State. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Alex C.Fleming, Home: 9274 Hills Court, PWC, Manassas, VA 20112 [01-17-2003]

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I thought that this page was exciting and informative. I liked looking at the 1915 pictures. It is interesting to look at the many faces of the people who were in the pictures. What happened to them? Did viewing the Liberty Bell increase their patriotic zeal? Did they tell their children and grandchildren about the day that they saw the Liberty Bell? America is truly the greatest nation in the world!
Mrs. Omasta, Social Studies Teacher, Oxford School District, MA [01-04-2003]

Thanks for the great information. I will use it when teaching my band students to play "The Liberty Bell' by John Philip Sousa!
V. Sondag, Martensdale, Iowa [01-03-2003]


Did the Liberty Bell make any other journeys? Could it have been in Minneapolis in the 20's? My grandmother had a picture in her album of a bell on a train, but it was behind bars; it didn't look like people could touch it. We have been trying to figure out what the picture is.
Betsy Moore [01-03-2003]

It ansard all my questions abought the liberty bell.
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