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i like the facts
anonymous [12-28-2002]

I am trying to find out who the man was who rescued the Liberty Bell from the British. I believe his name was either Mickley or Troxell.
Richard K. Troxell, 74, Fredericksburg TX [12-27-2002]

I loved this site It helped me a lot!
Heather [12-25-2002]

robert l maxwell, 10 years old [12-22-2002]

My father & I came and visited the Liberty Bell back in March 2002. There was so much to learn! Philadelphia is one of the best cities in America. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Patrick Snipes, 14; Bailey, North Carolina [12-22-2002]

Great website with lots of information I found it very helpful in planning a trip to visit the liberty bell, thanks
Lisa, Chester, CT [12-22-2002]

I thoght that this site was very helpful for my Social Studies project on the Declaratio of Independce I LOVED IT
Kellianne, 12 Flemingotn [12-22-2002]

your web site is one of the best i have ever used. THANKS
morgan, 10 northwood ohio 43619 [12-18-2002]

taylor rice [12-18-2002]

I love history and i when't to see the Liberty Bell last year and would like to learn more about it.
Keara, age,11 [12-18-2002]

Great site, but why did they put it in San Francisco?
Ryan Geiter, 14 years-old [12-18-2002]

cool pictures
Bob, 36 [12-18-2002]

ryan geiter, 14,palm harbor,fl [12-18-2002]

Great 4 reachearch!
A.J. (Angee), 13 [12-18-2002]

It's cracked
anonymous [12-18-2002]

I think the liberty bell is a great memoir of the city of brotherly love. I think the daily free tours should continue for a very long time.
Michael Peinado, 27- secane, pa [12-15-2002]

where is the Liberty Bell located?
Aleah [12-15-2002]

I went here in 1985, and this is a big souvenir to watch the site now, thanks.
Laporte Michel, 56 years old - PESSAC (France) [12-15-2002]

Pennsylvania is a gret state.
Elis, La Crescenta [12-14-2002]

Al Andrews [12-14-2002]

i like this site a lot
alex, hi [12-14-2002]

kyle [12-14-2002]

I love this website because it gave e a lot of info for my school project.THANKS!
mary, 11 years old [12-14-2002]

Mollie [12-14-2002]

We are due to visit Philadelphia in March 2003. This site has given us some information that could be useful so we know how to get to visit the bell etc.
Paula, Kent, England [12-14-2002]

Jessy [12-14-2002]

Falon [12-14-2002]

this web site rocks!
Vincent Francisco, 13 [12-14-2002]

CJ, hi [12-14-2002]

Rob, I like monkeys [12-14-2002]

I think the liberty Bell is more than a Bell it is a symbol.
Jordan McNneese, 12 [12-14-2002]

Great Web I love seeing this Great stuff
anonymous [12-14-2002]

Courtney P [12-14-2002]

whinnie [12-14-2002]

Wow, totally excellent web site, thank you, learned a lot. Lance
Lance Winslow, Memphis TN [12-14-2002]

um, hey, im just doing some research cuz i have to do a ss project..k, ciao
eric (FuZY), 13, miami fl [12-14-2002]

this is a cool site
Jade, 15 new york female [12-14-2002]

im glad
midnight, 36,flordia [12-14-2002]

this is a great website. it helped me to do a report in school on the liberty bell. thank you!
anonymous [12-14-2002]

Kevin [12-14-2002]

I would like to know the some facts on chapter 8 in Social Studies book at Providence St. Mel's fourth grade
anonymous [12-14-2002]

Your syte has everthing I needed to do my report. I got more out of this than my trip to the Libery Bell Pavilion!
Ann, Pennsylvania [12-08-2002]

I think the Libety Bell's history is really interesting. I had no clue that the bell was hug in honor of someone!
Hannah Uthoff, 10,Sikeston MO,school project [12-08-2002]

Just looking up some history. I never knew the real story of the bell. Thanks
William Smith, Ithaca, MI [12-07-2002]

anonymous, I'm doing a project in historyclass about the Liberty Bell [12-07-2002]

I am doing a report on the independce hall and i need some info if you have any please email me at candybugz16@yahoo.com
Kaity Hanson, I am 13 and I am from washougal [12-07-2002]

I went to the Liberty and it was really cool!
Mandi, Age 13 [12-07-2002]

I found a little factual discrepency about the Liberty Bell. On one of your previous pages you state that the Liberty Bell was taken NEAR Allentown during the Revolution. Being a native Allentonian and a history teacher, you might want to change that line. As you properly stated on another page, it was hidden IN Allentown. It's a slight, by I feel important, difference in facts. Thanks
anonymous [12-07-2002]

I love askjeeves.com
Chelsea .S, age-9 [12-07-2002]

Your site is educational. I really like it.
LeAnna Irvin, 13 Yrs., live in Kingsburg, [12-07-2002]

Melinda Poole [12-07-2002]

I'm doing a powerpoint presentation about Freedom and I found this site useful for certain ideas, but I think you should make a summary of it's reason for being there...
JCAL, 17, New Jersey [12-07-2002]

i liked the website had a lot a good info.and it god me an A on my essay. thanx luvz britt
Britt, ect [12-07-2002]

anonymous [12-07-2002]

Thank you for writing about the liberty bell. I really liked it a lot. I thought that it broke the 1st time it rang but my mom said no, but I was right. Thank you Wendel
Wendel, 8 years old in Las Vegas NV [12-07-2002]

I think you should move the liberty bell to pittsburgh
Jaime Rodriguez [12-07-2002]

hey you guys need MORE info!
rose, 13 [12-07-2002]

this was kewl but we didnt find the answers to what we were lookin for!
kylie, im 13 [12-07-2002]

i love your website and i hope you keep the website on the internet
anonymous [12-07-2002]

Hummm, I never knew that Pennslyvania was mis-spelled on the Liberty Bell, I guess I find that interesting!
Sonya, im 14! [12-07-2002]

great web page!
josie, fairborn, ohio [12-07-2002]

I am do ing a report on Independce Hall and if you could e-mail me some info that would be great! Tahnk you so much Kaity
Kaity, I am 13 years old [12-07-2002]

i think this websites awesome because it gives good info.
Kayla [12-05-2002]

laura, none [12-05-2002]

ashley, chalmette 12 none [12-05-2002]

KrisAnn, Quitman [12-05-2002]

I just wanted to say that i really like this site because i am doing a project and it really helped me Thank you
anonymous [12-05-2002]

My students and I were looking for different symbols that represent the USA. We have found that the liberty bell is very interesting and would enjoy visiting PA.
D. R., Oklahoma [12-05-2002]

Daniel, 11,bluffton.ohio [12-05-2002]

y cantthe bell beon sale
ashley, none [12-05-2002]

i think the liberty bell shouldstill be hung !
ashley guidry, chalmette [12-05-2002]

Unie [12-05-2002]

Needed info on Liberty Bell for school. Thanks for the web site!I m #1 it all true this iz cool..im a gangster im a strait up G...Im out peace hommies
GOOFY#1 [12-05-2002]

kdizzy [12-05-2002]

HUNTER [12-01-2002]

My family just spent the weekend in Phlia. My kids loved to see the Liberty bell.The whole Independance Hall Tour was WONDERFUL ! If you haven't been there GO !
Kevin Hook, South Jersey age 45 [12-01-2002]

Ryan, Enid,Oklahoma [12-01-2002]

normandy liberty brothers for promote normandy liberty bell 20004
DAUDON PATRICK, cherbourg france [12-01-2002]

i think you should add how the liberty bell was cracked the first time it was cracked
courtney, 12,ridley park, pa [12-01-2002]

I am researching the Liberty Bell for my first grade classroom. I am impressed with the documentation and photograph tour of 1915. My first graders would love this! I hope to share it with them.
Caralynda, San Diego, CA 32 [12-01-2002]

terry, 37, south carolina [12-01-2002]

i really like the page. i am now homeschooling my oldet daughter, and she is learning american history. i looked up this sight after she had questions from the pbs show liberty kids. it helped her with some info she needed to help her with her questions after the show.
JODY THOMASON, denver colorado [12-01-2002]

i think the liberty bell is interesting because it cracked the first time it was rung.
Dream [12-01-2002]

I am in class right now.
Rachel, Baltimore,MD [11-27-2002]

God blass America
Adam Miller, 12 Baltimore, Maryland Beth Tfiloh Jewish Day School [11-27-2002]

This is very fun but not many thought.
Tatiana, age:9 city:Sentinel [11-27-2002]

Ms. Dahm's 1st grade class [11-27-2002]

I think that was good tellings.
Ashley, Baltimore [11-27-2002]

hey if any one reads this will u please tell me what is wrong with the liberty bell other than it is cracked i need the answr sooo bad please respond
hawley, 15 [11-27-2002]

Casie. R. Richards, My age is 10, Duluth Mn [11-27-2002]

very good site, a lot of info,thanks a lot
albert tafoya [11-26-2002]

this was a very awesome sight. i felt so touched about this sight
Mike Roch, nopew [11-25-2002]

Chase [11-25-2002]

This is very cool!
JIsha Mathew [11-24-2002]

anonymous, san jose [11-24-2002]

Cara [11-24-2002]

Pennsylvania home of the decleration of independence and liberty bell
Andy J, Chicago [11-24-2002]

Want to know info about a carpenter named woolley who made something from wood from which the bell was hung.
Mary Woolley [11-24-2002]

I think it is cool.
Becca, 9 [11-23-2002]

I got pictures and I like to see the Liberty Bell.
Emily Norgeot, Age 5 [11-23-2002]

I like the Liberty Bell.
Peter Norgeot, Age 7 [11-23-2002]

Bob Davis [11-23-2002]

Cyndi, 25, Little Rock [11-23-2002]

anonymous [11-23-2002]

its a lot of info
bob [11-21-2002]

this is very cool, i didn't like socicia studies until we learned a little bit about the liberty bell.
elyse terry, 10 years old [11-21-2002]

rick block [11-21-2002]

julie, i am 10 [11-21-2002]

Can someone please email me if you know how the liberty bell cracked.
Jolene [11-21-2002]

I think this is very educational and I'm glad that you're doing this for people. A smart mind is a bad thing to waste. Thanx again :)
Timi [11-21-2002]

i love this site because i love history
Brandi Frank, 10 phoenix arizona [11-21-2002]

I think the Liberty Bell is a wonderful piece of American history.
Emily Gaynor, 11 yrs. old [11-21-2002]

first and second graders, St. Paul's E[iscopal School, Woodville,TX [11-21-2002]

I think this is a really cool page. I'm using it for a school brochure.
Ariel Austin, 14, San Fransico [11-21-2002]

hey i'm doing a brochure for school on this bell
Lacy W., 13 [11-21-2002]

sally tran, portarthur,tx [11-21-2002]

Joe Gonzalez, E'Northport, New York [11-21-2002]

I would like to know how the Liberty Bell cracked. If any one knows can you please send it to jolene2007@yahoo.com
Jolene [11-21-2002]

MILTON ROJAS [11-20-2002]

i like the web site
MILTON ROJAS, i like this web site [11-20-2002]

hey hot guyz
sarah, 15 [11-20-2002]

yo yo yo Dan Kinney you is da nerd! ha!ha!
Alyssa, 14 Oberlin,La [11-20-2002]

samantha, bob and manymore are nerds!
sarah, 15 [11-20-2002]

well i love the site. i came on here for a project
reka, n/a [11-20-2002]

When I was about 10 now 60 I remember that the Liberty Bell was on tour and we saw it when it went through out small town Milan, PA. Is there any way that memory of history can be varified? Please respond and thank you for any information you can provide. Marjorie
Marjorie Buscher, 60 years old Williamsville, NY [11-18-2002]

I think the Liberty Bell is neat!
marci, 10yrs. [11-18-2002]

karen, i live in tn [11-18-2002]

alyssa [11-18-2002]

NICOLE HOLLOWAY [11-18-2002]

i like the liberty bell thanks for your help
sajhai ladee, 13,port arthur tx edison titans [11-18-2002]

Nick Lollar, 5th grader message: [11-17-2002]

Kris, 17, goin 2 MD U colledge pk campus message: TERPS!!!!!! Yeah "me" (see guest book) 18... here i come!!! [11-17-2002]

Peter Tonno, 43 yr old male, married, father of two boys, live in Annandale, NJ message: [11-17-2002]

Bridget Hendricks, I'm 9 I live in Mill Valley, CA message: My school teacher makes us do projects, and this week we do the Liberty Bell. I thought that this would be a good website to look at for imformation. [11-15-2002]

AMANDA SMET, age 10 [11-15-2002]

gives a lot of good information
Amanda, age=10 [11-15-2002]

yo yo yo your site is da bomb
dan kinney, pennsylvania [11-15-2002]

I really like this web site
swanna, 13 [11-15-2002]

Heidi [11-15-2002]

Christy Simms, 32 [11-15-2002]

I think the liberty bell is stupid. It only rang once and it was cracked.
forgot it, 16 of Ainsworth Nebraska [11-15-2002]

We are doing a Christmas decorating contest at work. Our floor chose the United States as a theme for the floor, with each person decorating their cubicles as different states. I chose PA., centering around the Liberty Bell. (My mother was from PA. and most of her family still lives in the Pittsburgh area.) Interesting site. Thank you!
TANYA D. HARRIS, 52 yrs. living. Located in Tulsa, OK [11-15-2002]

I think that learning about the Liberty Bell is AWESOME!!
Samantha Crosley, 11, Fremont, Michigan [11-15-2002]

rollin beaver, tucson az [11-15-2002]

I H8 history but if u r fucused enough you can do a lot of stuff
Michael, 13/turney/plats bass guitar [11-15-2002]

what makes the liberty bell special?\
anonymous [11-13-2002]

I think your site is very educational and I like the pictures. I had to look up the liberty bell for a history class and I am thankful that someone put a site together it helped me a lot. Thankyou
Ashley Fox, 16, Ainsworth, Nebraska [11-13-2002]

Seth Lucas, I am 5 years old. [11-13-2002]

JoDeane Kuntz, My husband is related to the pastor who hid the Liberty Bell [11-13-2002]

Sharayah Wills, 13 yrs old, Ramstein Germany [11-13-2002]

website very informative used for students homework assignment.
T Cliburn, 36, Mississippi [11-13-2002]

Im going to Chef colledge there and I want to learn more about Pennsylvaina
Heather Mckinney, age 12 [11-13-2002]

heddi3 [11-13-2002]

I am doing a brochure for my Geography class on Pennsylvania, I have to find some interesting things in Pennsylvania and figured that this would be very interesting.
Morgan, 14 years old [11-13-2002]

I have never forgotten my visit to your city and Independance Historical Park.I intend to come back with my husband who has never seen this wonderful part of our country and its amazing history!
Marta C. Durrance-Hensley, visited 25 yrs ago from CA [11-13-2002]

the liberty bell was great it helped a lot thanks.
Alfredo Rojas, 12 {11-12-02 [11-13-2002]

Alfredo Rojas [11-13-2002]

I think that the liberty bell was tight.
Alfredo Rojas, 12 years zip 77642 TX [11-13-2002]

I love it here.
Kali [11-11-2002]

walberto perez [11-11-2002]

This site is great...perfect for my report...*GRUNTS*
anonymous [11-11-2002]

This is a very good site because it tells you exactly where,when,why, and how Thank You
Kristien, 12 Port Arthur,Texas [11-11-2002]

cody wells, 13yrs. [11-11-2002]

I like that it is made out of so many metals.
David, Sequim, WA [11-11-2002]

i think that the liberty bell is beautiful! i've even saw it before!
Jessyca [11-10-2002]

I am the great great great grand daughter of Charles Wesly Alexander who took the Liberty Bell around the U.S. on the Freedom train.
Jacqueline Hahn [11-10-2002]

I think it is neat becase it is at my school van Rensselear.
austin weems, age 9 Rensselear [11-10-2002]

Joshua Williams, Grand Rapids Michigan : Age 8 [11-10-2002]

Helen Higgins, Tallahassee, FL [11-08-2002]

Such a good Article, very helpful for my project! After reading all the Bell has gone thru, It was so touching, it brought American tears & American Pride out in myself!!
brendi, Dalton,Ga [11-08-2002]

i used this website for my school project. it was great!
L.C., 7 YEARS old Atlanta, GA [11-08-2002]

This is a great website it tells us what happened in the past, this site is COOL.
Harkin A., 7 Torrington Ct. [11-08-2002]

rachel, 13 [11-08-2002]

Cool site! Whats up with them spelling Pennsylvania wrong on the LIBERTY BELL??!!?? Messed up!
Trishie [11-08-2002]

Keyonnia [11-08-2002]

bobby [11-08-2002]

lakesha jordan [11-08-2002]

I love you liberty bell
Sarah, hello my name bob how are you? [11-08-2002]

Virginia Leichty, 4th grade teacher in Rensselaer, IN [11-08-2002]

Rosemarie Barnhart Kohles, Marrero, LA near New Orleans [11-07-2002]

Nicole [11-06-2002]

scott schmidt [11-06-2002]

Brenda, 14/Lexington [11-06-2002]

Our class is writing a repport and this website was the most helpfull.
Heywood Jablome, 15 Years Old [11-06-2002]

patrick [11-06-2002]

this is a great web site. i was so glad when i found it for my report! Thanks!!
Mike Hunt, Willow Gove, Pa age: 14 [11-06-2002]

I think this is the bestest web page ever! I found a lot of information on the liberty bell. I want to thank the people who built this web page. It is really great. I leanrned how it got cracked too. That is really interesting!
Joe Smith, i'm adopdid I'm 6 and a half Abington, PA [11-06-2002]

ty 4 helping me do a report in school.ur site is awesome!!
Ryan, 11-m-fl [11-06-2002]

very interesting
megan burton, chicago area [11-04-2002]

Jamie [11-04-2002]

i love history it is my faverit subject. i love your web site
jasmine delane pate, age11 city columbus [11-04-2002]

I think that the Liberty Bell is really cool and we have been studdying it in american History
Kristy Hartsuyker, 15 Dacoma Okalahoma & i am a freshman [11-04-2002]

bob [11-03-2002]

Elizabeth Chism, 11,chesapeake,Va [11-03-2002]

you should get better pics of the liberty bell instead of people looking at it from 1915.
jhon [11-03-2002]

school project
jarod hilburn, okc, 10 years old [11-03-2002]

This page was very helpful for my school report on philadelphia
shanna, 11 yrs old, syosset N.Y. [11-03-2002]

*victoria*! [11-03-2002]

I thought the Liberty Bell was cool.
GArrett Kass, 12, Walnut Creek, CA [11-03-2002]

looking up information for my daughters school report
robert smithj, 38 baton rouge la [11-02-2002]

I like this web site because i was doing a project on Philidalpia, and because my whole fifth grade is going there.
ChelseaCline, Age:9 [10-31-2002]

United we Stand
holly, 17,New Fairfield, CT [10-31-2002]

I saw the Liberty Bell on a Field Trip to Philly with my school. Philly rules, its a lot better than most parts of Baltimore!
Jimmy [10-30-2002]

Thanks for the info and pictures!
Kathy [10-30-2002]

I love it.
Barry J Coleman [10-30-2002]

The Liberty bell!
Alyssa, 12 years old [10-30-2002]

John J. Wayne [10-30-2002]

We enjoyed the web site which added to our knowledge of the Liberty Bell.
T. McKinney and class, Pineville Middle School [10-30-2002]

Mandie Getho Ashcraft [10-30-2002]

i visited the liberty bell through a field trip and i enjoyed learnign about it.
Ayana, jessup [10-30-2002]

Awsome dude
von doy [10-30-2002]

edddiemoreno [10-30-2002]

What a great site! Discovered it while helping granddaughter research for school project...if I'm ever asked, I now know the title of The Monty Python's Flying Circus musical theme.
L. B. Kestner, Louisiana [10-30-2002]

Thomas Keown [10-29-2002]

I think it's a good website because it tells us about the Liberty Bell and help kids with book reports for school.
Tykia Brittany Payton, Thanks for the help on the liberty bell [10-29-2002]

Kyle Healy [10-29-2002]

Stephanie Wisniewski, 15 i live in Pennsylvania [10-29-2002]

Send me the history of the Liberty Bell, please!
Michael Pirkl [10-27-2002]

Alexandra Maher, age 9,IL,Mundelien,60060 [10-27-2002]

We visited historic PA summer 2002. Seeing the Liberty Bell was an inspiration for all!
Eddie, Shelma, Robert, and Allison Severt, We live in beautiful Bolt, WV [10-27-2002]

Very nice website.
Anteater [10-27-2002]

I looked for some information in our library and they only had 2 books. My 4th grade son has a project on the Liberty Bell and this sight will be very helpfull. Thanks for all the information.
Joan Spink [10-26-2002]

Like this web site.
E100, age 100,000,000 [10-26-2002]

hey i loved to see the show
missy, age 16 shelton ct [10-25-2002]

i liked to see the Lberty Bell. My kid loved to hare the songs of the bell and she cant stop signing them. I also loved it!
roseanne fazzino, age14 City Shelton State CT [10-25-2002]

I really like this page. It's really good for doing homeworks. Tank you.
Beatrice, 16 years,live in Puerto Rico [10-24-2002]

What a great help this site was. My daughter needed info for a school project. This was just right!
anonymous, Orlando, Fl. [10-24-2002]

this place is awesome!!
Taylor & Amanda, 9 & 10 [10-24-2002]

I think that the bell is very pretty
Autum, www.expage.com/autumfoster [10-24-2002]

i'm planning a trip and want to see the liberty bell. love ????
Amanda, ******** [10-24-2002]

I enjoyed the Liberty Bell March. I didn't know the Liberty Bell had its own song!
Becky Winebarger, Age: 39 Home school Mom from Asheville, NC [10-24-2002]

Catrina Castro, El Campo, TX [10-24-2002]

Caleb Warso, 9,Chiago,60025 [10-24-2002]

this site helped a lot with my history project.
Kelly, student [10-24-2002]

its a great place to find the best facts on the liberty bell!
laura, 12 age nj city [10-24-2002]

courtney, Age 12 [10-24-2002]

Danieal [10-21-2002]

shana gallagher, age 8, mill valley, CA [10-21-2002]

Nettie L. [10-21-2002]

Karen Wyatt [10-21-2002]

this is a great website it helps tech people about the liberty bell and gives people a better understanding of what it is all about!
sarah, age 13 memphis tn [10-21-2002]

Lisa Mitchell, 12 [10-21-2002]

christina [10-21-2002]

This is one of the best sites I have visited.I have used it many times, especially in the recent July times re historical events. It is so well thought out--one can make his way through the various elements, yet also easily return to previous pages. Thanks from a "local" who designed and sewed an original bicentennial flag in 1976,and also visited the Ross house on July 4,2002.
mary b. harris, 72/ Phila. suburb, Hunt.Vly, [10-20-2002]

Good website. I found good information for my project on the Liberty Bell
Joshua LaPlace, Age 8, Irvine, CA [10-20-2002]

chelsea mizenko, 9 years old [10-20-2002]

Why can't i find any information about the Independance Hall
stephanie [10-20-2002]

We were wondering where exactly the bell is located.
Rochelle Wilson [10-20-2002]

janet jacoby, 16 [10-20-2002]

dania [10-20-2002]

I think it's great that you all made this site it's really cool.
Eric Helton, Age 11 [10-20-2002]

I think your essay was pretty neet.
anonymous [10-20-2002]

Darlene Dockery, nc [10-20-2002]

Bonnie Roberts, Galveston, TX [10-17-2002]

Ithink this is a great website
Alex Dunion [10-17-2002]

you should put what word on the liberty bell is spelled differently now then when they did back then.
alex, 13, londonderry, New Hampshire [10-17-2002]

id like to know moore about the libertey bell
connor [10-17-2002]

Hi Berry.
Yong Jian Chen, 10/m/ny [10-17-2002]

arnold e. pass [10-17-2002]

I nedded the information for school. it was a great help.
Neil Anderson, 11 from Green Bay Wisconsin [10-16-2002]

I think that you have a great website and it is very easy to find information that you may have about anything. I LOVE LL COOL J
Caprisha Davis, I am 13 years old-Rock Hill- South Carolina-29730 [10-16-2002]

i think this is the best web sight to help students do their projects
Krystal Whitworth, milliington tn [10-16-2002]

I love it
Christine E. Brice, I live in New Jersey [10-16-2002]

Hi Yall' Hows ya doin? Ours crops 'bout ready. Hope to see yall soon. Bye Yall'
TJ, Iowa [10-16-2002]

I think you should tell more about climate,little and big city's.
anonymous, 10,Fairview [10-16-2002]

I was looking for a picture of the Liberty Bell for a contest I have entered into at school that states "United We Stand - Say No to Drugs! And I wanted a big picture of the Liberty Bell to put on my paper.
Brandt, age 9 [10-16-2002]

And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughtout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family. Leviticus 25:10 .... Whatever happened to this?
Melissa [10-16-2002]

I like the liberty bell.
Betina, 8,Detorit, [10-16-2002]

I like this web site so much that I think I'll do a report on the liberty bell!
J.C., Age 13 [10-16-2002]

Devon E. Peace, 10 yrs. old [10-16-2002]

Outstanding presentation
Cal Sti [10-16-2002]

Jerome [10-09-2002]

I like this site. IT'S AWSOMEIt's great for my report
Sarah, 11 years old [10-09-2002]

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I'm looking for a photo of record in 1918 of Camp Dix, NJ "The Human Liberty Bell" it is of 25,000 soldiers posed as the Liberty Bell. I have an orginal of the photo in it's original frame and would like to find more information on it. Could you please help me find an answer. Thank you, Jeanette Galiano
Jeanette Galiano [10-09-2002]

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Jena Liberty [10-07-2002]

Great page. The history of the Liberty Bell is of great interest to me as my 7th Great Grandfather was one of those who conspired to hide it beneath the floor boards of the church. Something that was not mentioned here is the fact that the rumors spread when the bells were spirited out of town (to get the British to waste time hunting for them in the Delaware River) and the secrecy surrounding this event were so well done that it was 100 years before the truth of their whereabouts was known. Historians actually believed that the bells had indeed been hidden in the river.
Pat Yost Longley [10-07-2002]

I found it incredibly exciting to learn that eithty-seven years ago, 500,000 school children united in a single cause. 500,000 School children--that's truly astonishing. But then, when I stopped to mull it over, I realized, hey, this is America. Any monumental undertaking can, and does, occur here. The bell's traveling across the entire United States and then back home again is still heartwarming to this day. In 1915,Americans were truly a dedicated and inspired people.
Marie, Belen [10-07-2002]

Patrick Abubo, age: 49, 827 Brentwoood Avenue; Holtville, CA 92249 [10-07-2002]

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Eric, 21,Lexington Ky [10-02-2002]

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Peggy Swafford-Ragland, I live in White House,Tennessee,just outside Nashville. [10-02-2002]

We were in Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell in June of this year. Our whole trip was spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Let freedom ring throughout all the land and never cease its sound of hope and love.
Nancy Veldkakmp, retired history teacher [09-28-2002]

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Diane Stilley, Covina, Calif. [09-28-2002]

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My husband is in the process of making a small replica of the Liberty Bell from wood. We have had some problems reading the script on the bell.
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Danielle N. Schneider, 13, Newark Ohio [09-28-2002]

hi,my name is kristin and i went to philadelphia and i saw the LibertyBell and IndependaceHall and i went with the sozitionclub and also i went to the Declaration of Independace and that was cool so. i love bging up there so ihope i wish to go there agin and altho it is far away where i live and it took Two hours to get back to the school so have and niceday up there love you friend kristin.
kristin [09-28-2002]

I think its hilarious how they spelled it wrong. In the Magic Kingdom, Disney World, they have the "liberty bell" with the mistake there, its good that they didnt fix it
Tim [09-28-2002]

Great web site
Ashley [09-28-2002]

Check out "The Liberty Bell of Independence National Historical Park" by J.C. Paige and David C. Kimball, if you want some reliable, well-researched (primary sources) information about the Bell. Also see www.nps.gov/inde for factual info..
K. Schaffenburg, Philadelphia [09-28-2002]

I think that this article on the liberty bell was very well done and very informative. Thanks so much
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John Traband, social studies teacher [09-28-2002]

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We took our children to Philadelphia this summer. They fell in love with The Liberty Bell. My daughter did a replica of it for her summer reading program entitled "All about America". It is great!!!!!
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i'm currently in a police academy in california, were i asked my fellow recruits if anyone new the signifigance of the liberty bell, how it was cracked and where it was originally hung. amongst the responses were the following:1)it was rung when paul revear road through town proclaiming "the british are coming" 2)it was hung in a church steple and was cracked during the revolutionary war when the steple was blowen up. there were many other explanations, none correct. i am excited to be bringing the correct story to them tommarrow. thanks for the outstanding web site.

Ben & Amy Mahn [09-05-2002]

I really enjoyed my visit to your site. Howerver, after recently discovering that my ancestor Nathan Levy had been involved with bringing the Liberty Bell home from England to Philadelphia, I was disappointed to find his name not mentioned on your site. The ship Myrtilla which brought the bell home was shown as being owned by Franks when it was owned by the company, Levy and Franks. To not include the Levy name in your history seems a disservice to this early American trader. If my researcy is incorrect, perhaps you could let me know. Cheers,Your northern neighbour.
anonymous, Canada [09-05-2002]

have a great day
BILL KNIPPER, jacksonville fl [09-05-2002]

Looking for facts on the Liberty Bell. I picked it for Social Studies for our 5th Grade project.
Deana Tourigny, Age 10, Simpsonville, SC [09-05-2002]

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BILL LYONS, roseville,oh [08-23-2002]

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SFC. AL EMMERTSON, slc, ut. [08-23-2002]

Willow [08-23-2002]

Haley Tilt [08-23-2002]

Katherine A. Ogle, Berkeley, CA [08-12-2002]

I wrote below, yesterday; but, I forgot to place one more fact regarding history and my ancestry. Not only is Robert Charles my father to the eighth; but his wife is Henrietta Gordon, the daughter of Gov. Patrick Gordon who was (I believe) the third governor of Pennsylvania. This makes Gov. Patrick Gordon my father to the ninth or my ggggggggrandfather! So, I guess this makes the site triply (if there is such a word) important to me. Also, I spelled Permelia's name wrong and she married Valentine Arndt for those of you are here searching your ancestry roots, also. :-D
Ronda (Arndt) Freiborg, Willmar, MN [08-09-2002]

Thanks for a really wonderful tribute to our Liberty Bell! I've been working on my ancestry and have learned that my greatgreatgrandfather Arndt married Parmelia Charles. Robert Charles was her greatgreatgrandfather making him my gggggggrandfather. That's a lot of greats. So, I was scouting around to find something on the Liberty Bell since I'd heard he was the one who was designated to go to London to get it made. Thanks again! It's doubly important to me. It's an awesome site.
Ronda (Arndt) Freiborg, Willmar, MN [08-09-2002]

please help me with my web site love mom
MOM, I'm so proud of you Adam [08-08-2002]

i have always wanted to see the bell, i have gotten to go east one time in my life and still didn't see it. maybe next time.
billy hiatt, 35yrs old. muskogee oklahoma [08-08-2002]

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bahar [08-08-2002]

meganPetticrew, rosevillmi 9 [08-08-2002]

We read today of the new bell being cast at Whitechapel in commemoration of 11 September. We were inspired to read the history of the Liberty Bell. Thank You!
Catherine and Clare Schade [08-08-2002]

History thru the internet...wow times have changed! Enjoyed the site very much
J Jones, Texas [08-08-2002]

I made a quilt wallhanging as a homestay gift for the Swiss family my 15 year old daughter stayed with during her People to People Student Ambassador European trip this summer. The front of the quilt had Bald Eagles, fireworks, stars, American flags, The Pledge of Allegiance and The Star Spangled Banner. The fabric backing on the quilt had The Liberty Bell, The Statue of Liberty, George Washington, Uncle Sam, The Bald Eagle, The American Flag and more. I am explaining to her homestay family what these symbols of our country mean and wanted to be sure I got the date right, therefore, my visit to your website. Thank You!
Suzy Feirman, West Boxford, MA [08-08-2002]

LA Yarish [08-08-2002]

Dorothy Bryant, Bensalem,Pa. [08-08-2002]

is this name misspelled or do i read that my family might have had something to do with the liberty bell?
john mark wilband, 42 penticton bc canada [08-08-2002]

CANDICE PIRETTI [08-08-2002]

My father, whose family resided in Easton, PA, told me as a child that one of our forebearers was responsible, in part, for the transfer of the Liberty Bell to Allentown during the Revolutionary War. I was trying to check this out on the internet. Any further information (or possible sources of such) would be appreciated. Thank you.
Charles Weaver [08-08-2002]

Anyone with info about John Pass and John Stow, who recast the liberty bell, please e mail it to me. I'm trying to chart a family history. Thanks
Donald A. Stow [08-08-2002]

like whoa!
J [08-08-2002]

tawna chester [08-08-2002]

Great site. I learned so what that I want to use at this year's meeting since C.A.R. National "Celebrate Freedom" program focuses on the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.
Teri Fischer, General Anthony Wayne Society, Children of the American Revolution [08-08-2002]

This site helped me with my summer workbooks. The facts are interesting. I like learning about important times and historic things. I think that this website is really neat!
Amanda and David Jefferson, 10 and 8 years old, have 2 guinea pigs, live in Ellicott City, M.D. [07-24-2002]

Rachell L. Daniels [07-24-2002]

My son told his teacher that during summer vacation we were going to visit the Liberty Bell. She asked him to bring her back a picture of him with the bell. He was excited to see the bible verse on the bell just as he had learned in class.
anonymous, Sanford, Florida [07-24-2002]

Larry James Jacko Jr. [07-24-2002]

this page was very interesting and I would love to see the liberty bell one day soon.
Cassi [07-24-2002]

Great to learn of such an important part of your history. God Bless America.
Brian Benson, Melbourne . Australia [07-24-2002]

great to read up on the history
tim roberts [07-24-2002]

Diane Pitzer, St. Louis Mo [07-24-2002]

dan, 43 [07-24-2002]

Disappointed--adult charge was $17.76 to view bell. No parking available. Could we have viewed the bell without entering the building on 6th street and paying the charge?
Linda Fletcher, Indiana [07-24-2002]

I adore America I visit the country at least every 2 years I have been to New York Miami beech Gracelands & also to see the Liberty Bell.
STEPHEN NIGEL HARRISON, I am 51 years of age Ialso go to quite a lot of meetings up down England [07-24-2002]

Brought home from Philadelphia, for a new Chinese Neighbor of ours..a smallty bell. She did not know what the "Liverty Bell' Is ! Will use this Web Site to inform her ! Thank You
Robert A. Lott, Honolulu, Hawaii [07-24-2002]

nous sommes proprietaires de la plus grosse collection de cloches au monde Les Carillons Touristiques et nous possédons une réplique de la liberty bell. Nous sommes heureux d en relater histoire
France Bastille, riviere-du-loup, quebec [07-24-2002]

Jacob Durant, I am 14 and I live in Glennville Ga. [07-24-2002]

Sherry Van, 1st grade teacher in Allen, TX, working on a powerpoint presentation about American patriotic symbols for my class and for an Intel workshop [07-24-2002]

Doing research for our local Office of the Aging. I'll pass along these interesting facts. Thanks!
Pat M., Putnam County, NY [07-24-2002]

I really like your website. It helped me with my research
Natasha, Las Vegas Nevada Hayes Elementary School [07-24-2002]

Where was the bell when it was first rung and cracked? What was the name of the person who first rang (and cracked) the bell?
Curtis L. Woolley, Midwest, 57,married,college,selfemployed,vet,2 grown kids [07-24-2002]

Deborah Pass Morgan, Comanche, Oklahoma [07-15-2002]

Will be visiting Philly this week. Thanks for all the info.
Michelle Pehlman, Birdsboro, PA [07-15-2002]

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bob, age 113 cityaustin,texas [07-14-2002]

Wm. Maxwell, 77, Dayton, Ohio [07-14-2002]

While we were getting the oil changed in our van today, our 8 year old twins spotted the Liberty Bell on the Pennzoil sign. They immediately began asking about the crack on the bell. We came right home to look it up on the internet. Thank you for having this wonderful site ready for us to explore!
The Hoyt Family, California [07-14-2002]

What a great job ! Nous sommes une famille Canadienne francaise (Montreal) et depuis un an nous vivon a Denver Je peut vous dire personellement que le reve Americain tient ses solides racines dans le patriotisme et ce site internette en est une bonne preuve. Felicitation auX concepteurs et ... God bless America !
Real Desjean, A Canadien family living in Denver [07-12-2002]

Thanks for sharing with me;I will pass this on. Keep sending such blessed info.
anonymous, Lafayette,La [07-11-2002]

anonymous [07-11-2002]

I want my Country back as was 226yrs ago. I will accept nothing less. God Bless and God Bless America
George Rice, 62/Odessa, Texas 79761 [07-10-2002]

We will be visiting Philadelphia in July 2004 for the Convention of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Pat O'Grady, Troy, New York [07-10-2002]

i didn't know that the Liberty Bell had more than one crack in it.
Brandy Jones [07-10-2002]

I'm creating a scrapbook in memory of September 11th. I've included a History section with pictures and articles on the American Flag, Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Declaration of Independence, ect. Thank you for helping me with my research.
Audrey Kangas, Minneapolis, MN [07-10-2002]

I visited the old city, saw Ind.Hall and the Liberty Bell on June 30, 2002. It was an amazing experience. This web site is excellent. The true meaning of the bell should be shouted to one and all. There were several people around the bell that didn't know it's history.
B. Muggli, from Texas [07-10-2002]

great site!!!
ann haugland-sunde [07-10-2002]

I think this is a great web page! Truely, it has something 2 give 2 us young teens dat they don't give us in school. Yes we learn about it but this is like up a personal. Anyway thanxs for the site and keep it up!!! xoxoxo PLUR
Joseline, 17,philadelpia [07-10-2002]

I Live in EL Paso, TX now.. I was born in Dyersburg, TN. I was looking anything about my birth place and came across this. I hope everyone doesn't take their freedom for granted. God Bless America.
Rick Phillips, 44 / EL Paso TX [07-10-2002]

Ryan Prince, Homeschooler, age 8 [07-10-2002]

I saw the 4th of July special on TV yesterday & asked my mom what the liberty bell was when I saw it. She explained to me what it was, and I asked more questions, so we looked it up here. Thanks for the history.
Bryson, age 5, Lamar, CO [07-10-2002]

What a cool website. We enjoyed it very much!
Susan & Aaron Young [07-10-2002]

I'm 80 yrs old. My mother, a DAR always told us( four brothers that served in four branches of the service in WWII That our names were on a plaque near the Liberty Bell. Last name is Ball. Could you give me any info on that? I saw the bell 50 years ago when in Philly but didn't know this at the time. Thanks
Duke [07-10-2002]

Margaret Legge, Finanacial Aid Administrator [07-10-2002]

I didn't know that a Bible Verse was on the Liberty Bell.
Marie J. Brown, Toledo, OH [07-05-2002]

Fantastic informational site. I was refered here by Kings Chapel
E Keller [07-05-2002]

Great web site. Useful information for our church Fourth of July celebration today.
anonymous, Crookston, MN 56 years old [07-04-2002]

Great site! I really enjoyed my visit here. You'll have to stop by my site...I'm sure you'll all LOVE it...Plus you'll be able to read about my personal experiences volunteering in NY after 9-11. Please keep up the great work, as I'll surely visit your site again. Thanks, and take care.
Dave Sitbon, http://www.geocities.com/nobtis5/Nobtis.html [07-04-2002]

My parents,grandpa and aunt are planning on visiting philadelphia and I'm looking for a narrative or something for all the sites that History has to offer. My mom teaches 5th grade and wants to show her students your wonderful history so we need as much info as you can give if possible. They're leaving July 8th 2002. If you can respond right away that would be great. Ty, Rae
Rae, 25 Louisville [07-04-2002]

Wonderful, informative sight. I did not know about the President's House and have sent my agreement with you by email. Thank you very much.
Francie Gosslee, Mt. Juliet, TN [07-04-2002]

BRYAN BLACKMON, waco [07-04-2002]

your page is very informative,it really helped me prepare for my citizenship test,thank you i hope I get to see the Liberty bell one day .Thank you and have a nice day.pc
anonymous [07-04-2002]

looking for teaching ideas for 8th grade social studies
lstrader [07-04-2002]

I have a bell cast in 1858 by the GW Coffin Bell Foundry. Any links to help research this bell or foundry?
Ben [07-04-2002]

I learned about the Liberty Bell in school and I have some questions. We are looking at this site so I can learn more about it.
sarah g, age 5 from Maryland [07-04-2002]

Thomas A. Green [07-04-2002]

Tim Eighmy [07-04-2002]

ANTHONY PETER CAROTA, schenectady new york [07-01-2002]

Great website - my kids loved the pictures & the history.
Christine Breeland [07-01-2002]

I'm pleased to have viewed the Liberty Bell (just last week). It is impressive - even for a person who's not a history buff, such as myself. If you haven't been to see this regal symbol of american history, you really should go. And there's so much more to see while you're in Philadelphia. Enjoy! Larissa Berg
Larissa Berg, I'm 32 yrs. old & from Schenectady, NY, USA [07-01-2002]

Katie Daugherty [07-01-2002]

it's amazing to me that our nation's founding fathers read and thought so much of the word of god that they would put his word on the very symbols of liberty, but today our nation don't even want us to acknowledge him as our lord. praise god, glory to his son,jesus for what he has made in the united states of america. shame on us for what we have done with it. forever a christian, and a patriot of our country for life!!!
RANDY WARD, pontotoc mississippi [07-01-2002]

We're looking forward to visiting your city and the Liberty Bell next week!
Don W. Gehr, Jr., Omaha, NE [07-01-2002]

I never really took a specific interest in the Liberty Bell until I recently heard a message that John Ashcroft was giving when "Coral Ridge Ministries" radio show featured him as a guest speaker. He talked about the inscription out of Leviticus 25:10 and the Quakers creed at that time about "freedom with responsibility. Thanks for the excellent website.
Kevin Rodela, Henderson, Nevada [07-01-2002]

I am married to a Stowe and am fascinated by the little information you provided on John Stow (Whose name is printed on the bell). Can anyone out there tell me more? I am also fascinated that it passed through El Paso, Texas in 1915. Do you have any more on that?
Diane Stowe [07-01-2002]

Recently visited in Philadelphia and saw the Liberty Bell for the first time. It's story is very interesting to me.
anonymous, Chipley, FL [07-01-2002]

This website was really interesting and I like reading through it. It gave a lot of facts and had thigns that caught kids eye. I would review this site as about a 6. Bye!
Sara Brink, 12, Folcroft [07-01-2002]

Granddaughter asked why there was a crack in the bell. I was glad to find the answer.
Macey, Oregon [07-01-2002]

I am writing a children's book about the Liberty Bell.
Peter Roop [07-01-2002]

ed mcclain [07-01-2002]

alexis, 19 [07-01-2002]

i really like your website. i am sure lots of other people enjoy it too. i had to do a report on liberty bell and you were a lots of help. thanks!!!!!!!!
Eunseo Shin, age 10 [07-01-2002]

i like your page. i need information about liberty bell so i went there it had lots of information in it. well thank you. i still need more information about it so if you know any more information tell me o.k.? bye! thanks again for the information!
Cara S., umm... nothing in mind. [07-01-2002]

I have family members visiting .I wanted to order our tickets to view the bell.I was able to get the phone # from this page.Thanks Gloria
Gloria Tatem, Williamstown N.J. [07-01-2002]

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