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The Liberty Bell

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Scott Liberty [07-01-2002]

Sounds interesting.....
Nikki Yi [06-26-2002]

Thank you for having this sight-sometimes a person needs help remembering!
linda, Phoenix, az [06-26-2002]

Visited your website for info on the Liberty Bell for an up-coming display in our college library. A wealth of info. Thanks so much. kat
Kathy Burks, Fort Worth, Texas [06-26-2002]

Let Freedom Ring, one more time... may we inquire as to the possibility of reccreating the same exact route for the revisiting of the Liberty Bell to San Francisco ? We have a replica of The Liberty Bell in our school...they could visit with each other! Do you know how many other cities had replicas made for the original cross country visit? Thank you for your time and consideration with these queries. WE LOVE THE WEBSITE!!! We have a friend who loves ballet... maybe we will create a dance for her to perform while people listen to PS's March!
anonymous, sf [06-26-2002]

anonymous [06-26-2002]

A friend was there and now I think I need to re-visit the bell. I was there in my teens.
Dennis Spivey, 55 [06-26-2002]

I was looking for pictures of US History and colonial America, your site helped me a great deal. Thanks!
Patti Foust [06-26-2002]

rolanda larive [06-26-2002]

Cliff Morgan, Tavares, FL [06-26-2002]

Thank you for the information, I am trying to put together information in a booklet for my grandchildren.
Kathy Koecher, White Bear Lake, MN 55110 [06-26-2002]

You have a great web page. I learned everything I needed to know and more! (35 years old)
Ann [06-26-2002]

How did the Liberty Bell get it's crack? When did they ring it?
andrew and mommy mccloskey, 7 years old [06-26-2002]

What an awesome experience to stand and look at the liberty bell, and remember the moment in history that it was rung for freedom. How inspiring.
Boudreaux, Lafayette LA [06-26-2002]

It would e nice to have a full screen close-up of the entire Liberty Bell, with the inscription also visibe. I would like to be able to print it or even make it into a screen saver.
Robert Eric Frykenberg [06-26-2002]

liberty is much more than just a bell, but this bell and its history will inspire a whole lot of thought
HERMAN N HOFFMAN, new albany, indiana [06-15-2002]

I would like to let you know that today I was at the Liberty Bell with my mother and my friend for a class trip we had a lot of fun! But we thought that we would tell the woman who was telling us about the Liberty Bell didn't not care about a thing she was saying so thought that we would tell her that I was a direct decedent of John Jacob Mickley and she acted as if she couldn't have cared less! I think this is horrible! Also she told us the wrong year that they saved it! I think that not only did she have the wrong information she didn't care about some information that we were trying to give her. I understand if she couldn't use it because you don't know for sure but she could have atleast cared! I think this woman is a disgrace not only to me but to my family! I have contacted you before and told you that I was related to him and you didn't pay any attention! My father was finding out our family tree and found out that we were related to him but I think that you and your workers could atleast act like you cared instead of just standing there like nothing was happening! Thank you for your time and I hope that you read this letter and do something about it.
Kathleen, Chatham, New Jersey [06-15-2002]

Thanks so much...
Elena M. Brady, 47 [06-13-2002]

feenalie & Aashish Patel, 10 & 8 from Normal, Illinois [06-13-2002]

Kayla Roushia [06-13-2002]

Babushca, 39,newyork [06-13-2002]

Thank You for info
Ashley [06-13-2002]

Awesome place to go!
anonymous, 11 yr old girl [06-10-2002]

Vinilla, Amarillo [06-10-2002]

I was 16 the last time I was here a long time ago.
Susana Sant Andreu B., Barcelona .Espaņa [06-10-2002]

I did not know that they remoled the bell after it cracked again for the third time. When it cracked again, they left it alone and incased. Miss that part in High School Thelma
Thelma Parham, God Bless America [06-10-2002]

Collin Williams, 8 years old Shelby,OH [06-10-2002]

Miss Larson's third grade class, Mammoth Elem School, CA [06-10-2002]

Maria Barrera, Age 15 City bridgeport [06-05-2002]

What a GREAT country!
Vicki, Bethlehem, PA [06-05-2002]

leishla [06-05-2002]

This was the greatest site in the world and it reallly helped me on my history report. Thanx a lot Liberty Bell.
Brad Dedreux [06-05-2002]

ryan, 12, point pleasant [06-05-2002]

Jennifer Stinnett [06-05-2002]

god bless america
freddy [06-04-2002]

Very Interesting! I come on here to find info for school projects
Taylor, Age 10, NJ, Female [06-03-2002]

I need pictures of the Liberty Bell for my school prodject
Madison [06-03-2002]

I think that should have more things that I can look at.
Ashley S Aniton, 8 years old, Cleveland, Ohio [06-03-2002]

really cool and thoutful web site everyone should come but you really need more educational games
Christina Cosey, 15 Hamilton [06-03-2002]

Awsome information on the liberty bell.
Kendra George, 12 years old,Spannaway WA [06-02-2002]

julie, brridgewater [06-02-2002]

Website should tell the home of the liberty bell{whether it is in pennsylvania or philadelphia}.
capri [06-02-2002]

lorna [05-31-2002]

Dianne Pawlowski [05-30-2002]

madison douglas, 8 years old [05-30-2002]

gaywonn tavares, 10 years old newyork [05-29-2002]

Ur info on the liberty bell will really help me get through part of my state report on places to visit THANKS!!!!!!!!
Kristin [05-29-2002]

chantel [05-28-2002]

seungjaelee, 14,ellicott [05-28-2002]

This website gives me a lot of info about history
Steve Haag, 11 Mt. Laurel NJ [05-28-2002]

We had a special celebration for Memorial Day at our school today. Because we don't live near the Liberty Bell we enjoyed looking at the pictures.
Mrs. Iris Mattia and class [05-24-2002]

I am in the 2nd grade and me and my mom are studying about the bell on the web. Thank you for this site.
Courtney, 8 [05-22-2002]

This a really good website. I got all my info for my project here
Nick DiDio, age 10,i live in Mt. laurel in NJ [05-22-2002]

anonymous, Tavares, floridia [05-22-2002]

I am Sorry for the people of 9/11
Lisa Milz, age:16 [05-22-2002]

the liberty bell is big
65 [05-22-2002]

Hey im sayin hi 2 my mom, dad and christine and jackie w. i luv you all!!
**Jackie**, Hey I live in a town which is in a state whcich is in a country which is in a continent which is in a world which is in the universe [05-22-2002]

it is a ok thing to go to .
christi, 12 [05-22-2002]

Carl [05-22-2002]

its cool
mel [05-22-2002]

COLIN SMITH, age 7, male [05-22-2002]

Morgan, 10 [05-22-2002]

hi everyone!!!!!!!!!
Kelsey Smith, 12years old I live in Princeton [05-22-2002]

like listening to music
Elaine murray, age 18 [05-22-2002]

It has a lot of phat info
Mick DiDio, 11 years old,I live in Mt. Laurel NJ [05-22-2002]

Iwant to know where to find the name of the man who arranged for the bell to be removed to Allentown. I have heard he was an uncle to Mary Pickersgill, the lady who make the Star Spangled Banner. Thank you very much.
Jane Hampton [05-22-2002]

Sara, !0 years old [05-22-2002]

Heather, 13, Canoga Park, CA [05-19-2002]

can you send me a picture of the liberty bell
Ariana Johnson/ Robles, age:11 city: brockton mass [05-18-2002]

Friday May 17th 2002 a Liberty Bell Replica was recieved from Whitechapel Bell Foundry and Delivered to Brown County (Schneider Nat"l) This date. I was There and took a part in this little piece of History.It shall be placed At Brown county Court House September 11, 2002.
LARRY L BOYD, Green Bay [05-18-2002]

Penny Chapman, age 10,city philadelphia [05-18-2002]

Carolyn Root, A resident of the nation's oldest city, St. Augustine Florida. [05-17-2002]

i think the liberty bell is the coolest place.
sierra parsley, 12 salem N.J 08079 [05-17-2002]

I love eggs
Yolanda W, Mississippi [05-17-2002]

Tess, Raleigh [05-15-2002]

kody, ten [05-15-2002]

let freedom ring
Nick, Litchfield [05-15-2002]

lindsey [05-15-2002]

I am working on Stow Geneology, My family traces back to the time of the liberty bell and I am hoping we have a conection to John Stow. Anyone interested or if you have information on John Stow's Lineage, please contact me. Thanks!
Dean Stow, 39 - Atco, NJ [05-15-2002]

This is a really cool website, all the state websites should have stuff like this. Their should be a kids section, so all the kids can find research for school projects. I hate it when I can't find information for school projects, but with this website I could find everything fine. My compliments to the writer(s) of this website! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Kelly, 12 years old [05-15-2002]

I ned a Address and a phone number and more information about the Liberty bell.
ANNA GERASYMENKO, the libertybelladdress [05-15-2002]

V, age 9 Bellevue,wa [05-15-2002]

I am doing a project on the Liberty Bell!
Areeanna, Tempe arizona [05-15-2002]

i think this is a great web site to go to if u want to know about philadelphia
corey, 14,pa,m [05-15-2002]

I found this very interesting and loved looking at the pictures.
Karen Brogan, Blackduck, Mn. 56667 [05-15-2002]

Try to find a picture of the Liberty Bell that shows the words that are towards the top and what the stand looks like that is holding the liberty bell.
Amanda, 18 [05-15-2002]

Marvalee Whittaker [05-13-2002]

I like this websight. It is very intertaining.
Ashley, I am 17 years old and I like to read interesting information [05-13-2002]

i think this web-site is great because it helped me with homework. when the bell was first cracked was interesting!
anonymous, write me sometime please [05-13-2002]

use this as a school report it is good info
Megan [05-13-2002]

My son is doing a report on the Leberty Bell and this site was extremely helpful. EOrtiz
Emily Ortiz, Wichita, Kansas [05-13-2002]

Veronica G., I am doing a report on the liberty Bell [05-13-2002]

not many; just came into the site. Thanks for presenting it. VTY MMW
MMW [05-13-2002]

Peter Campo [05-13-2002]

I did research this project Mr. Westermeyer~ and what a great website I did!
Kelsy, Oak Crest Jr. High [05-12-2002]

i think the liberty bell is a great symbol of our country. it took a great place in our history. i think it is a great choice for a symbol for our country.
GLORIA AND HANNA, reading pa [05-11-2002]

zac, 10 moses lake W.A. [05-11-2002]

kristyarianamelissa [05-11-2002]

Fifth Grade students from Kratzer School, Parkland SD, will be visiting the Liberty Bell!
Vicky Pammer, Allentown, PA [05-11-2002]

yo man im just here to say that this is the coolest sight in the world ..and SKATEBORDING is cool
JOE [05-11-2002]

your sight is cool ...i got a bunch of stuff i needed thanks a lot you are cool your my favorite websight..
sK8bRdr4life [05-11-2002]

Judy [05-11-2002]

chris Ogren, 11 years and live in Ford River mi [05-11-2002]

i'm showing this to my 1st grade class, as we are studying symbols of the usa
alyce segall, phoenix, az -- teacher [05-11-2002]

Aaron and Lori Jones, Huntington Beach Ca [05-11-2002]

The liberty bell should be rung in remembrance of 9/11
Dan Weston, 13 years old [05-11-2002]

The liberty is an important symbol so let's keep it nice!!!!
Laura Suppi, I'm from Philly:-) [05-11-2002]

eat potatoes
Steven Nagy, No [05-11-2002]

hello america
mike, 13 [05-11-2002]

i need facts about the liberty bell ect.....!
ASHLEY ROBERTS, deming nm 88030 [05-08-2002]

kyle [05-08-2002]

I am doing a report on this intresting place.I think the L.Bell is cool!
Britteny Ramirez, Saranac, Michigan [05-08-2002]

Your site is very nice.I was suprised at how much the Liberty Bell actually weighs!!!!!!!!!!That is amazing!!!
Melissa, I'm visiting on May 30,2002. [05-08-2002]

Kool website many intersetsing facts
Ace, 13 [05-08-2002]

Tia [05-08-2002]

cool!more music
elle, 21 [05-08-2002]

well i lived in bethlehem pa for 6 years and it is beautiful any how i came to this web site to find out info about pa for a state sscrap book in school and i really reemend this web site to any other children or s because not to hard to read has pictures and it's just soo wonderful i really that who ever made this web site possible and i am now making my own web site @ www.geocities.com/bonehead_2009/kaitlyn_1 well hope u like it and remember to sign my guest book ty (thank you) and i also want to say hi to every one in pennsylvaina
kaitlyn thompson, 11years old in fifth grade wasilla, alaska [05-08-2002]

this site is AAAAAAWESOOOOOME!!!!!!
Tor [05-08-2002]

great web page i used it for a project in school
leigh, age 11 [05-08-2002]

It helped me with my homework!
Matt Geraghty, Age 9, Chicago, Illinois [05-08-2002]

Briitteny, Saranac Michigan [05-08-2002]

very good web site. we enjoyed your pictures. thank you.
the students of Den 303, Chisholm Elementary, third graders studying patriotism [05-08-2002]

michael siegfried [05-08-2002]

Christi Molly [05-08-2002]

I really like the liberty bell it is so cool.
Areeanna, Have a good time [05-08-2002]

billy [05-08-2002]

sam [05-08-2002]

MACY WHITWORTH [05-06-2002]

christina [05-06-2002]

reamis [05-06-2002]

You should move the Liberty Bell to a bigger location
Joseph Ning [05-06-2002]

My daughter has never been to Philly and I am taking her May 21. I took my older children when they were young.
Donna Leeper, Hackettstown, NJ [05-06-2002]

I came to this site because I've always wondered about the story of the crack in the bell!!
Kimberly Landers, Upstate New York [05-06-2002]

I am in 6th grade and doing a social studies project on the Liberty Bell. thank you for such a great web site. Lots of info and great pictures too.
anonymous [05-06-2002]

I likeed the story of the liberty bell it was really cool Iwould like to read it agin but I don,t have any more time to read the story.
Angela, MI 9 years old [05-06-2002]

Zach Marston [05-06-2002]

more pics!
Elle [05-06-2002]

KRISTA, ohio [05-06-2002]

holla at me
ty, 15 [05-06-2002]

Well me teacher made use do a point of intrest on P.a HISTORY! so I figured I'll do it on The Liberty Bell! and well I got a lot of infomation from it! See ya's HOMMIES Peace OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave [05-06-2002]

BRIAN MARTINEK [05-06-2002]

Thanx for a cool website..helped my research a lot about Cheyenne!
Jenna [05-06-2002]

andrew cy mercadante [05-06-2002]

I really like this site!!!it rocks
Megan [05-06-2002]

what is the liberty bell
carlin, libertybell [05-06-2002]

Philly, philly,this is where I am from
Shaulda, salem n.j [05-06-2002]

The Liberty Bell Reall Cracks Me Up
Brandon LeMaster, Age 10 Everett Washington [05-06-2002]

I Think the Liberty Bell is cool.
Brandon LeMaster, Age 10 [05-06-2002]

Clair, Arizona [05-06-2002]

secret, m/83/very cool [05-06-2002]

Barbara Kindt [05-06-2002]

Thanks for the info. on the Liberty Bell. I am using it for my state report! Eric
Trish, age 10 5th grader Rochester NY [05-06-2002]

krys G [05-06-2002]

ryan pastraty, 11 Hastings on HunsonNY [05-06-2002]

this is the best and informal site ever sweet
dwayne [04-29-2002]

Tony and Camron, Lynn, MA 8 and 10 [04-29-2002]

Awesome It realy helped me with my report guess what I got an A+
Bla Bla, none [04-29-2002]

ok good page if only i was an American ! I am in Britian & so some connection there if only that London, Whitechapel it was first cast.I have a decription of the method of construction of the bell foundry, admitted copied from British libray,and dog eared from the original Italian, cira 1600 approx.
paul, hampshire, uk, [04-29-2002]

Great photos!
Sandra Gonzalez [04-29-2002]

Hi,I would like to know how it got the crack.Do you know? Thanks!
N [04-27-2002]

Erica pace, Bountiful, UT [04-27-2002]

I was doing a puzzle of the United States and wanted to see a photo of the liberty bell. I hope to see it in person someday. Thanks for a great website.
Audrey Desrosiers, 5 years old, Clay Center, KS [04-27-2002]

The Liberty Bell has always been a fascinating part of our heritage. Am visitng your site today to learn more and more. Awesome eye catching page. Thanks for the toll.
MLM, 46 [04-27-2002]

It was pretty neat
Katie Bob [04-27-2002]

Very good web page.
Tabatha Jones, 14, Tennessee [04-27-2002]

How was the Liberty Bell cracked???
anonymous [04-27-2002]

Jacqueline Morales, 14 years old from Pennsauken, NJ [04-27-2002]

I went there for a class trip yesturday with my school the whole 8 th grade and I really enjoyed myself I saw things I haven't ever saw I want to go there again.
Lateisha Burgess, 13 years of age Pennsauken N.J. [04-27-2002]

this site rocks! yeah i love it!
Janet Marson [04-27-2002]

Excellent website. I loved seeing the close up pictures and this information will be very useful to me when I start teaching in my own elementary school classroom. Thanks again for a terrific website. I will tell my Teacher friends about it! Have a smiles day!!
Teacher Kathy M, I was born in NE Philly, and now I reside in San Francisco Area, California. I am a Substitute Teacher in the K-8 grades. [04-27-2002]

Rubiane Xavier [04-27-2002]

this is a very nice web site. ia m doing this is a class in school. i love history class and i hope you do to. i enjoy reading and love cheese.
Sarah, 12 years old very smart [04-27-2002]

I thought your web page was very cool.
Tia, 12 years old and smart [04-27-2002]

Mary-Kate Olsen [04-27-2002]

Susan McMearty, Vineland, NJ [04-27-2002]

Planning a vacation to see the Liberty Bell this year
Jeanne Brown, Galveston TX [04-27-2002]

JILLIAN WADE, 11 [04-27-2002]

How old is The liberty bell?
Simom, 10 Baltimore [04-27-2002]

dean roland [04-27-2002]

anonymous, 11 Oak Ridge [04-27-2002]

I'm doing this project on the liberty bell and this site really help!!!!
kelly bargfeldt, 11years cornwall [04-27-2002]

Tyler Johnson [04-27-2002]

does anyone have any info on a painter from Ft. Lee, NJ with the signature Dante from the early 70's???
Josephine Apple, Watha, NC [04-27-2002]

the liberty bell represents our freedom.Our country went through a lot to win the U.S.'s freedome.It should be honored
danielle, 11 kerrville TX 2319 Trails End 78028 [04-27-2002]

Looking for articles on Independence Day and Liberty Bell. Thank you for contructing the site.
Dakota Baptist Church, Minot ND [04-27-2002]

Thank you for this educational website. My children enjoyed it.
Laurie Messer, New Jersey [04-27-2002]

Nikki messer [04-27-2002]

this is a great sight for good information about the bell thanx so much
sarah, 17/yakima [04-27-2002]

This site helped me with my homework!
anonymous [04-27-2002]

how was the bell cracked
cassie, 11 years old [04-20-2002]

its a nice site. I used it 4 school.
Brian M Jr [04-20-2002]

How lucky I was to see this historic site as a teenager, given the state of the world...
Denise Dow, 42, Rockford, IA [04-20-2002]

can make me a liberty bell
joel sowder, 23 winfield kansas [04-20-2002]

why is there a crack in the bell?
anonymous [04-20-2002]

i am coming to visit it again cause i loved it
shauntel, 10,youngstown [04-20-2002]

i loved it
a, 10,youngstown, [04-20-2002]

Ashley, 10 years old [04-20-2002]

Great Site
Monica [04-20-2002]

This Websight was referred to me by a Native Philadephian, Billy Carey, who is stuck down here in Texas for awhile.I actually made a trip to Philly to see the Liberty Bell in 1976. Wonderful City so full of history. Awesome Websight.
Paula Schumacher, age 52 from Gatesville,TX [04-20-2002]

Nancy Marie De La Garza [04-18-2002]

i'm here to print a picture of it for school
brandi keisling [04-18-2002]

heyy i am doing something for s.s. and my state is pennsylvania soo i deiced to write about the liberty bell
kristen, 10 [04-18-2002]

I wish you would have had a wave file that we could listen to of the actual sound of the bell.
Beth Krueger [04-18-2002]

Frank, Casey, Kamesha, Justin, Tevin, Niko, Tomenia, Ms. James
Ms. Hickey's Class [04-18-2002]

teddy [04-18-2002]

Daniel, Brandon W., Brandon E., Nestley, Jaye, Juan, Roney, Matthew, Aaron, Ms. S., Ms. Reen
Ms. Rockwell [04-18-2002]

Gloria, Kyle, Keke, Joey, Melissa, Angel, Theresa, Pierre, Raymond, Brian
Ms. Friend's Class [04-18-2002]

We like free stuff! Devon, Anthony, Tyrice, Giovani, Kamyn, Gleason, Jaime, Willie, George,
Ms. Wells [04-18-2002]

forgot to add my name to Ms. Stewart's class
Brittany [04-18-2002]

Clayton Jasmine Jasmine M. Tiffany Dallas Tommy Jonathan Erica
Ms. Stewart [04-18-2002]

Kim Smith [04-18-2002]

i like your website!!!!!!!!!!!!
melissa, 16 [04-18-2002]

Brian Moore glenn grahl johnisha wardlow christal malcolm Josh Bradshaw shaka Terrell shaina henderson david mickel miller Linda Morosky
Ms. Harris, Ft. Myers, Florida [04-18-2002]

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Ms. Scott, Ft. Myers, Florida [04-18-2002]

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Ms. Burke- Perry, Ft. Myers, FL [04-18-2002]

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Mr. Pegler, Ft. Myers [04-18-2002]

Keith Sweet William Lee
Ms. Carlson [04-18-2002]

SaNDERSON, Carlos,Justin, donte,Chris
Mr. Daly, Ft. Myers, FL [04-18-2002]

Ms. Deming's Class Dennis Thad JT
Deming, Ft. Myers, FL [04-18-2002]

Nick Brummans [04-18-2002]

Very enjoyable. Looking forward to visiting the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in the spring.
Timothy, 102 Locust Court Ballston Spa, N.Y. 12020 [04-17-2002]

Greetings fellow Americans!!
Eddie M. Phillips, (47 yrs old) Jasper, Alabama [04-17-2002]

matt barnabei, 10 [04-17-2002]

Ms. Wilson, Ft. Myers, Florida USA [04-17-2002]

i luv philly
Hayden Bracket [04-17-2002]

we're coming to umw assembly there april 25-28. will we be able to view the bell?
ANNE SCAHILL, independence, mo [04-17-2002]

it is pretty good
Debbie Miller, New Zealand [04-17-2002]

lacey [04-16-2002]

Cristina Gacos, gufwekthyeogheutyvo4th r [04-16-2002]

Jennifer Panico [04-16-2002]

thank you for this site
Kay Hosey, teacher [04-16-2002]

Bob, Weare,NH [04-16-2002]

thanks for the great information. I'm doing a report on the Liberty Bell, and this site is perfect!!
anonymous [04-15-2002]

aq [04-15-2002]

BreeAnn, 11 [04-15-2002]

Poem by:me The Liberty Bell means freedom to me.It rings over the Ocean Sea.THe Bell of brotherly love.Philadelphia`s proud of.Let freedom ring.
Stevie, 10 years old,Luthersburg PA [04-15-2002]

Nicole Mentzer [04-14-2002]

such heritage we all share to bad some of us don't appreciate it!
s.anderson [04-14-2002]

Ramsay Riddell [04-14-2002]

Tyeisha [04-14-2002]

meme, 98 la la [04-14-2002]

Nathan Myers [04-14-2002]

angel Silvasy [04-14-2002]

Who was the maker of the original bell?
Beth Rowland, Chesapeake,va [04-14-2002]

put some games on this sites like triva or somethng about the past in a game
jj rc [04-14-2002]

I AM so Interest in the patriotic STUFF!
Kelsey, 12,lawton [04-14-2002]

this site is good for this paper im doing on theliberty bell
ebony, rossvillie [04-14-2002]

This is great info for my history report on Pennsylvania please e-mail me more if possible
Melissa Martinez, San Jose,California [04-14-2002]

I really liked your website. I always think that pictures are important. In my class we are learning about the liberty bell and all the other stuff that goes along with it.
Ashley Fair, age: 13 [04-14-2002]

I think that this is a good site for young people to learn about our history. Or you could get information for a project. Sincerly, Katie
Katie [04-14-2002]

I did have the oppotunity to see our Liberty Bell and I can't explain how wonderful an experience it was. I am planning a trip to PA with my family so they can also experience some American History. Visiting your site has really made my day. I feel very much like I did when I visited Philadelphia. Thank you for sharing your site.
Irene Campana, 29, Valley Glen, CA [04-14-2002]

My 1st grader is learning about American symbols in school. They wanted to know how the bell cracked. Your site answered our questions. Thank you. I would be nice if there was the same information but somehow condensed or simplified for younger people.
Pat, Worth, IL [04-10-2002]

i like the liberty bell very much
john thomas [04-10-2002]

BARBARA C BOVIDGE [04-10-2002]

How many times was the Liberty Bell remade.
Justin Paul, 11 [04-10-2002]

Your site helped me out a lot for my school report. THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!
LIZZIE W., 9 years old [04-10-2002]

Joni Cs [04-10-2002]

Its the best site ever.
Tasha O'Brien, 13 columbia maryland [04-10-2002]

Great patriotic site!
Brian Moore, Ft. Myers, Florida [04-10-2002]

Susan Van Wormer [04-10-2002]

I'am so happy,with thispages. That was real good for all of you.We can find more information about Liberty Bell in here,and we can see how they look like.Anyways I like this page thanks for the information.
Purwo Radityo, 15,male,philadelphia. [04-10-2002]

daerial deGroot, 7 [04-10-2002]

I've always been interested in the Liberty Bell!
Gina Adams, 14 years old [04-10-2002]

This is a great site for 3rd grade social studies. The students loved it.
Theresa Moore [04-10-2002]

Bobby [04-08-2002]

A liberty bell charm was presented to my granddaughter on Easter. She wasn't sure what the meaning of the bell, and I would like to see more of our schools inform our children the background and true meaning of the Liberty Bell.
Virginia Henry, Louisville, Kentucky [04-07-2002]

this is a great site for reports
Melissa, 13 [04-07-2002]

will you send me some stuff on pensylvania because i need it
kayla, I am in 5th grade [04-07-2002]

Deanna Sauer, Littlerock, Ca [04-07-2002]

ALI HULSEY [04-06-2002]

Will be visiting Philadelphia in August and was checking out the sights to see.
Monica Dorman, Age 9, Custer, WA [04-06-2002]

der der
harry bob [04-06-2002]


SONYA o. STEPHENSON, columbia, sc [04-06-2002]

Jasmine Clark, 7yrs old, Decatur Ga. 30034 [04-03-2002]

I really liked it. My Grandma and Grandpa are going to take me to see the liberty bell.
BENJAMIN REID CONOMOS, 4 years old from williamsville new york [04-03-2002]

good pictures for a project for social studies
Sara Bender, 13 [04-03-2002]

Brandi [04-01-2002]

I had to do a paper for school on the Liberty Bell. My mom told me I was born about six blocks from the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania Hospital. We moved when I was three. I found this web page very helpful and interesting. I am going to share some of the trivia with my classmates.
Lauren Opsasnick, age 9 [03-31-2002]

Bernard Evers [03-30-2002]

I am studying this national landmark for a class paper.
Michael Perryman, I am 9 years old, I live in Ladera Ranch, California. [03-30-2002]

this web site was good for my project on the liberty bell!!!
JACKIE, single [03-30-2002]

I feel compelled to share the following thoughts. The Liberty Bells symbolic representation of liberty and freedom has become even more relevant since 9/11. To hear the bell might be an appropriate reminder of the sacrifices Americans have made both historically and recently. Even though I was not directly affected by the events on 9/11, I know it would mean a great deal to me and perhaps others. Are there any plans to have a ceremony this coming September on the one year anniversary?
Lee Caughron, From Baltimore [03-30-2002]

Quiyana Williams [03-28-2002]

I think that the liberty bell is really cool and even though it broke on Washington's Birthday! Thanks Heather Walk
Heather, 11,Port Matilda, Pa [03-28-2002]

I loved My trip to "The city of brotherly love"
Chris Dunn, East Boston,Ma [03-28-2002]

RACHEL [03-27-2002]

The Baluta Family [03-27-2002]

Roy A Smith, San Jose, CA [03-27-2002]

I am a teacher doing research for her class on patriotic symbols.
Iris [03-27-2002]

Isaac Norris II ordered the Bell in 1749 and It arrived in 1751. Twentyfive years before we fought with England what was it about. RELIGIOUS LIBERTY - Israel kept every 50 years the Jubilee Year when the Land goes Back to it's Original Owners. SO EARTH BELONGS TO THE FAITHFUL REPENTANT MAN WHO LOVES AND HAS KEPT THE SEVEN SABBATICALS OF SETTING THE SLAVES FREE every seven years.
R. Daniel Coffin, http://www.geocities.com/dankapporeth/ [03-27-2002]

Visited for 3rd grade class project. I liked your site.
Raenicia Haworth [03-27-2002]

jasmine schmidt, 9 years old [03-27-2002]

Renee Johnson [03-27-2002]

I wish you could have facts of it in days now
Melanie Judkins, age.10~Orrington [03-27-2002]

I live here in Philly. The Liberty Bell is a very beautiful piece of craftmanship.
Katherine, Philadelphia, PA [03-25-2002]

Charm, 11yearsold [03-25-2002]

Do you have some liberty bell stamps?
Jared dickson, age 9;Chandler,OK [03-25-2002]

this website is great thanks for the info
Chas B, age22 city pearl harbor, hawaii [03-24-2002]

I am a decendent of John Pass and I would like some info about him
Corey Pass, Anchorage Alaska [03-24-2002]

i lived in philadelphia all my life and every chance i get i come to see all of the attraction but the liberty bell is the best
missdee, 19 philadelphia [03-24-2002]

I'm doing a project on the United States for school and I thought I would us the liberty bell as an interesting fact about the United States because I myself find the liberty bell interesting so I thought my teacher would to.
Rebecca Lynn, I'm 14 Nickname Boo Bear Buttons [03-23-2002]

I think that going to the independace hall to see the liberty bell is great.I think that every parent should take teir children to go see it
tiffanee [03-23-2002]

Denise Cundari, age 22, Rancho Cucamonga, CA [03-23-2002]

would like to have directions to come and see the liberty bell. Comming from Arlington Va. Please advise if yopu can. Thanks Glen j. Olsen
Glen J. O)lsen [03-23-2002]

sue burnside, Vallejo, CA [03-23-2002]

Excellent site! My kindergarten class wanted to know more after a student brought a minature bell for Show and Tell. Thanks!
Kathy Barco [03-23-2002]

Looking forward to sharing the Liberty Bell with my daughters ages 5 and 7. Thank you for letting them see a small piece of our great and lovly Nation.
Bob McGinn, Age 33 / Bowling Green, KY [03-23-2002]

Nice web site. Thanks for the interesting information
Jack B. Zaharia [03-21-2002]

I am writing a report on the Liberty Bell Pennsylvania my dad is helping me to get important information from your web site. Thankyou for helping me.
Fahmaan Khan, 7 years 2nd grade Islamic School of Irving Tx [03-21-2002]

I enjoyed reading the history os the Liberty Bell. Thank you so much for your being available on the internet. Freddie Glascock

we are doing this for national night at girl scouts,we picked pa.
toni irace [03-21-2002]

I learned about the trip the Liberty Bell took. I thought it was interesting.
Gaby Harris, Tustin, CA [03-21-2002]

how did the libety bell brack
kody, 21 [03-21-2002]

hey send me some info on the liberty bell...PLEASE!!!!
Rachael Geise [03-21-2002]

domonique [03-21-2002]

I think this was a good idea for u all to put this on the computer
Rhonda Amos, 5th grade [03-21-2002]

JALIE [03-21-2002]

well i'm going to philidelphia this june .
BRIANA, 8years monroe [03-21-2002]

charlotte, n.c. has the "freedom bell"...it's supposed to be the largest ground-level bell in the world. (7' high x 7' wide). i've never seen the liberty bell "in person" but if if it's anything like the freedom bell, it would really be something. ps...what a great sight you have here...i looked it up to see what the lettering on the bell was and got much more. thanks a lot, jack...pps...the part i liked the best was following the bell across the country in 1915...makes one realize what a really great place america is, and the liberty bell says that so well.
JACK SMITH [03-21-2002]

Angel4774 [03-21-2002]

The bell is awesome!
Kayleigh Wolf, New Ulm [03-21-2002]

I had to learn about the Liberty Bell for a class project, thanks for all the info.
Zac Sears [03-21-2002]

please send me more info
my [03-21-2002]

I am here on a report. But the info. I am finding is just what I need to knoe. I love this site! I am now actually learning about stuff i never knew before.
Kerry, I am 12 [03-21-2002]

hey ya'all! hehe, thought this was a good site! can reach me at grasshopper581@yahoo.com if ya want to!
Rachel Sabo, 14, nc [03-21-2002]

I would like to say the Liberty Bell is a good symbol for our freedom and I love it.How did it crack?Whhy did it crack
Shelby Jones, 11 years old [03-21-2002]

I love history
steph [03-21-2002]

I received an e-mail today from my brother in New Mexico asking me if I knew of a rumor that said that reproductions of the bell were made and one sent to each of the states. Has anyone ever heard of this? Is it true? Does anyone know where the reproductions are?
Nancy Mullen, Pennsylvania [03-21-2002]

when and how cracked the Liberty Bell?
Chris Tangherlini, none [03-21-2002]

i truly love this web page
Rhonda Amos, 5th grade 12 [03-21-2002]

i was doing resharch on the bell in it Koll way the go
Rhonda Amos [03-21-2002]

In like the the site it gives a lot of info. about
Ashley, 11 [03-21-2002]

Taryn [03-21-2002]

Linda Sympson [03-21-2002]

Great Web Site
Sister Janet M. Purcell, Norristown, PA [03-21-2002]

very informative.
hfleiss, 34, san diego [03-21-2002]

We were not able to visit your town, but we have a little museum located in Melbourne florida where they have a replica of the bell and we learned a great big amount of information from your site to take with us when we go to visit the bell. THanks
Troop 471-Girl Scout-Odako Service Unit, Cocoa, FL 32927 [03-21-2002]

this website is great but it should have a special link just for someone who is writing a essay on the liberty bell so they dont have to look through all other information that is not needed.
Nicole [03-21-2002]

It was neat to see this at a young age. Maybe when I am older I will do a report on the Liberty Bell and say I have been there.
Bricen Reid, 3 yrs old from Peoria,Il [03-21-2002]

Information used for the NEW Girl Scout Badge "United We Stand" For the Junior Troops.
Sharalee Armstrong, Orem, UT [03-21-2002]

Send me e-mail im doing a project in school on the liberty bell and i need info. please e-mail me
Brian [03-21-2002]

I used this site for a homework project. It was very interesting. Thanks!
Amity Smith, age 11 [03-21-2002]

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holly adams, 15 South Berwick ME [03-21-2002]

Very nice pictures
Fububble [03-21-2002]

Allie Maxson, I'm a 3rd grader writing a report on the bell [03-21-2002]

i love your web page
Jennifer Johnson, I have my own American History web page and I would love it if you could send me some information on the liberty bell-- thank you [03-14-2002]

A very good website
Kevin Dilaurenzio [03-14-2002]

My husband, who is from England, (like the bell! hee hee) asked me what the Liberty Bell was all about and I was mortified to realize that I couldn't answer him. The line in the Aaron Tippen song "where the stars and stripes and eagles fly" that talks about the echo of the bell and knowing what the price of freedom is. That is what sparked the conversation. Anyway, I was so embarassed that I couldn't remember that I came on line and found this site straight away. THANK YOU! I thought it was rung when the Declaration of Independance was read and was right but your site let me learn so much more. I just saw the D of I at a display in SLC and it kind of ties it all together for me. Thanks again! God Bless America and all her heros....including those who preserve our herritage!
Jodie Illingworth, Salt Lake City, Utah [03-14-2002]

great site
stephen [03-13-2002]

Book Report
Abigail Brock, California [03-13-2002]

I think the liberty bell is a symbol of our country!
Gregory Gottlieb, 9 yrs. old [03-13-2002]

diane ruffin, baton rouge, la. [03-13-2002]

I'm doing a report about this famous bell
Britteny R. [03-13-2002]

waz up phili
Jay [03-13-2002]

this is a great site if you are intersted in historical things!
Morgan, age 10 [03-13-2002]

I really like this website! Please can you send me further information.
Anna Poulton, I am 18, I live in Wales [03-13-2002]

I like this site.
Kurt Micheal M. Palanca, Chicago,ILL [03-13-2002]

Evany Arthur [03-13-2002]

I really liked the pictures and enjoyed reading the history of the Liberty Bell. I wasn't interested in history when I was in school. If I'd had something like this then, I might've become more interested. Thanks much
Linda A. Beheler, Age:54......Kokomo, IN [03-13-2002]

Hi, we are 2 6th graderes working on a G.T. project.Our project is making a hyperstudio with the topic being patriotism. We are very gracious we found this web site, it has helped us greatly with our project. We have found just what we're looking for for one of our cards. THANKS!!! Cas and Ash
cassie and ashly, 6th graders working on a project [03-13-2002]

Megan Stewart, 10 [03-13-2002]

About a year ago I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Philadelphia and see the Liberty Bell. What an experience!
Rebecca, Ohio [03-13-2002]

Amanda Lajza, 5th grade [03-13-2002]

You need more facts about the Liberty Bell because like if someone needs to write a report like I need to answer questions for R.E.A.C.H.
Katie, I am9 years old and in a gifted class called R.E.A.C.H. [03-13-2002]

Tyler J. Johnson, I am 8 years old from Lakeland, FL [03-13-2002]

BRAD, 12 very small [03-13-2002]

Hi people i would like to say Michelle Kwan is the best skater thanks!
Shelby [03-13-2002]

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Very interesting, Thank you.
Gene A. Nailon, Age 61, Edmond, OKla. [03-13-2002]

i like it!
gabrielle carter, none [03-13-2002]

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i thank this is a purty good website
lita, 13 [03-13-2002]

derek cathers [03-13-2002]

you should have a page telling the whole story without missing any details
anonymous [03-13-2002]

I en joyed my trip throuhyour facts on the liberty bell.
Elaine, i read that the original story documented in history books about how the bell got cracked was wrong [03-07-2002]

We loved using your website to help us learn about the Liberty Bell. We especially liked to read about the funny joke Taco Bell played!! And that the bell was cast in the White Chapel foundry....Mrs. Mouri plays White Chapel bells in her church's bell choir.
Mrs. Mouri's 2nd grade class, Rockford Christian School [03-07-2002]

Chris Mullins [03-07-2002]

This site looks pretty cool. I think I will learh a lot!!:)
Brittany, I'm 10 n' 3/4 [03-06-2002]

You guys are cool
Lauren, Ashland Missouri [03-06-2002]

The Liberty Bell IS The most ineresting thing in the US!
Shakera, I'm HOTT! [03-06-2002]

TAMI stull [03-06-2002]

James Mounts [03-06-2002]

I hate terriorests
Ronald Mounts [03-06-2002]

Mary Ann Plasky, Cary, Illinois [03-06-2002]

josh christensen, age12 LakeBenton [03-06-2002]

It Was nice
AJ Hamm, 10 [03-06-2002]

Bill Bob Ben, nonoe [03-06-2002]

Kay Seamayer, Dallas, TX [03-06-2002]

I moved from Philadelphia last year and we are doing a project in school. This is a great to get all my information!
Bryan Hunt, 10 yrs. old from Gettysburg, PA [03-06-2002]

i wood like to see some cool pichers that have cool thnigs in them
Mia [03-06-2002]

i like to draw,and read. when i grow up i want to be a doctor.
sejal bhayani, 10 years old,i live in california in saratoga [03-04-2002]

This is great! I needed a picture and these were great ones. Thank a lot!
Andrew, 13/m [03-04-2002]

Can you send me some brochres and other info?
Steven Holmes, 8311 NW 30th Ct. Ankeny, IA 50021 [03-04-2002]

i love this site
Jelani Tuck [03-04-2002]

jay garber [03-04-2002]

I did not even know that there was writting on the Bell.There needs to be more teaching of American history in all grades. Thanks for the info, since it will help me finish a replica for my daughter's first grade play.
Gerald E. Eaton II, Oakley,Ca 94561 47years of age [03-04-2002]

I love learning about American history. I would like to know how the liberty bell got it's name. please answer me back!!
brea, I am very patriotical [03-04-2002]

Ron Pierce [03-04-2002]

nikolis perez [03-03-2002]

Nice site!
JR Hewitt [03-03-2002]

We are so fortunate to be born in America where we are free to worship God and be the best that we can be.
Thomas & Cyell-Luann Hansen, 60 Lafayette,NJ [03-03-2002]

Thanks for the info...I'm learning about this in my 1st grade class at McKinley Elementary
Ashleigh Caroon, 7, Ham Lake, Minnesota [03-03-2002]

Susan Owen, 1st grade teacher [03-03-2002]

Shirley [03-03-2002]

This is the best site ever!!!! I love it!!!!
Misty Jenkins [02-28-2002]

justinm [02-28-2002]

Mrs. T. Davis' Kindergarten Class, Barnard Elementary, Tulsa, Okla. [02-28-2002]

I love you USA!!!
James Cowan, age 32, Lehi, Utah [02-27-2002]

RONNIE DAVIS [02-27-2002]

I made a liberty bell for my science fair project.
Tate Englehart, Age 9 Fort Wayne, IN [02-27-2002]

Joequise Ross, 4th grade Bridge City Elementary School [02-27-2002]

hey i love the liberty bell!!!! it shows all of our freedom. woooooooo!!
courtney [02-27-2002]

Kelly Combest, age 11, city H.B cA PHONE NUMBER 714) 536 1906 [02-27-2002]

needs more things
keith, in [02-27-2002]

This page was a good source of info. and has nice pictures
Emilia, Pittsburgh, PA [02-27-2002]

I'm doing a Social Studies Fair Project and I chose the Liberty Bell as my topic. This page helps a lot!! Thanks!!!
Eric, Age: 12 State: Florida [02-27-2002]

REGINALD BARNES [02-27-2002]

this is a good page
JaTawn [02-27-2002]

I really like this web page and as a matter of fact I would like to send some of this web page information to my social studies teacher
Martia Annette Warren, Born on March 31, 1989 and loves Social Studies [02-27-2002]

I think the Liberty Bell rocks>It's amazing to know it still stands
Sophia Carlson, 17, Fairfax [02-27-2002]

i love the bell
dusty, age 9 [02-27-2002]

I have really injoyed the sites that I have been to. It has really helped with what I needed to know about something i needed to know on my test. I really do apperciate the sites very much. Thank you very much.
Shawn Kellam, Marshall,Tx [02-27-2002]

went to visit the bell in august last yer and i found it extremely interesting
colleen lambe, age 18, tyrone, northern ireland [02-27-2002]

Donna Washburn [02-27-2002]

leo wazlo [02-27-2002]

my children enjoyed listening to the march as we searched for information for a school project
GRACE MARABLE, philadelphia [02-27-2002]

i liked the web site it helped me find what i needed for my project for school
Tamara Pelts, 16/Tennessee [02-27-2002]

I have a replica and was inerested in the history.
Lynette Parry, 54 years [02-27-2002]

Cool sight I like it though I wish there was a more updarted picture of The Liberty Bell
Tori, Waukegan, IL [02-27-2002]

we thought the information was way cool and can't wait to vist the bell this summer
GIRLS SCOUTS OF OCEAN COUNTY NEW JERSEY TROOP 154, ages 10-12 jackson nj [02-27-2002]

i really like this wedsite
Hannah English, booneville mississippi [02-27-2002]

alison hradek
faith vidrine [02-27-2002]

Hi, I'd like to ask Mr. Buonpastore if he's related to a (Gaspare) Patsy Buonpastore who came over from Naples, and was born around 1897 and died of pneumonia on October 24, 1935. I am looking for a record of this gentleman. I also want to know are you related to a Nicholas Buonpastore born on march 20, 1927 and died on march 19, 1989 a war hero. If you can help me let me know
SOLDIERTOCHRIST, Patsy Buonpastore (1897-1935) [02-27-2002]

i like this place alout it has alout about the liberty bell well ive got to go help my friend get some information.
cary lambert, 10/hoover/alabama [02-27-2002]

Have enjoyed frequent visits to PA and look forward to seeing Liberty Bell in new setting on next trip in 2002
Brian G Skidmore, 61 years from Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK [02-27-2002]

carlos, oxnard ca. [02-27-2002]

scott klilllconey [02-27-2002]

havinf a degree in history, i really enjoyed this site. keep up the good work and god bless america!!!!
RICK ROHAN, wm 55 chattanooga [02-27-2002]

I thought it was great because it got right down to the point.It also helped me with my homework! Thanks!!!
Brittany Quick [02-27-2002]

2/23/02- I am looking forward to our visit in April to your beautiful city.
alma ouimet, Coconut Creek, Florida [02-27-2002]

We heard of the terrorist threat on the Liberty Bell on the news this morning. Just wanted to say We love you and God Bless America!!!
Mrs. Ellis 7th Grade Class, Ingram,TX [02-27-2002]

The Liberty Bell is a great metaphor for the USA. We may not be perfect, but we are stronger, more resilient, and able to overcome advserity better than anyone else. The United States will prevail and will be better than ever.
Kevin Finley, Pa. [02-27-2002]

God Bless America!
Thomas Cook, Age: 24, Drexel Hill, PA 19026 [02-27-2002]

We found our visit to see the Bell extremely interesting, taking many photos of the bell and surrounding district. Upon our return home we found that a lot of the information that we were told whilst there had been forgotten due to travelling round the USA. The information that we gleened from these pages helped us to fill in those gaps and more.
Derek and Joyce Hollamby, Over 70, Visitors from Carnarvon Western Australia [02-27-2002]

i like the liberty bell.it has a lot of histry.
Alisha, tucson,az [02-27-2002]

Ther should be a huge black and white photo just by itself with no people.
Elise [02-27-2002]

I wanted my preschool children to know a little about our bell of liberty.
Sue Lowery, Preschool teacher [02-27-2002]

good job
121111GHJF [02-27-2002]

i think that you guys should put the most recent history in this site too meaning when the man hit the bell with a hammer
ce ce, philly 17 [02-27-2002]

this is a great web site for info on what i need thanks
ashley [02-27-2002]

This sight is the bomb!
Cassei Kosmal, hi [02-27-2002]

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Caitlin [02-27-2002]

I picked the liberty bell for my speech at school. We learned a lot here.
Meagan, age 6 Saugus Ca. [02-27-2002]

visiting for information only @ this time
janis felberg [02-27-2002]

I htought it was cool. It h
Karen [02-27-2002]

I loved learning about the liberty bell and the Statue of liberty.
Mandy [02-27-2002]

Thank You for all of the great information. My Prekindergarten class is doing a citizenship unit and we are now learning about the liberty bell. Great site!
Eileen O'Connor-Keene, Teacher from Louisville Kentucky [02-27-2002]

This is a very cool website. It had all the information I needed for a project
stevie boose, 8 yrs old, Stafford VA [02-27-2002]

Jan [02-27-2002]

We come every year to visit. Philadelphia is filled with so much history. You can't see it all at once.
Karen & Ron Kochell, teacher from Illinois [02-27-2002]

other places you can see like hors rides i been there so i know and what it meens onthe bell
LINDSEY FREEDMAN, 9,charroltte nc [02-27-2002]

sue burnside [02-27-2002]

Thank you kindly for this site. I really enjoyed it.
Joann Appel, Barberton, Ohio [02-27-2002]

Make a peaceful rule, depend on liverty Bell!
Mitsuo Okawara, 50 years, Live in the City of Tokorozawa. north-west Tokyo [02-27-2002]

Juan Lara [02-27-2002]

JUAN MUNOZ [02-27-2002]

Brittany Aguilar [02-27-2002]

Benny Herrera [02-27-2002]

Juan Lara [02-27-2002]

I wish some day I could come to Pennsylvania
anonymous [02-27-2002]

I wanted to learn about the liberty bell because of the recent terrorist threat.
Crystal Deal, 17,Cranston R.I. [02-27-2002]

the liberty bell rules!!! go liberty bell yahoo
matt, nah [02-27-2002]

SONIA A STEWART [02-15-2002]

The bell is really old.lol
Rene Lear [02-15-2002]

i am giving a speech in my class on the liberty bell. thank you for all the good stuff and pictures.
brian hogan, 7years old Saugus, CA [02-15-2002]

thank u website 4 helping me do my world history project. u got a lot of helpful info.
monique, 14 [02-14-2002]

i am a patriot for the U.S. Rock on America!!
Elliott [02-14-2002]

Cool info great for my homework.Thanx
Becca [02-14-2002]

i like the site....nice job..but i think that you need more picturtes of the liberty bell in general...thank you!!!!!!!11
ashley, 15 [02-14-2002]

Tiffany, age 16 [02-14-2002]

We really enjoyed looking at all the pictures. We learned many educational and historical facts both through reading and looking at the pictures. Thank you for having this wonderful website for us to visit. Thank you, Mrs. Ramos' first grade class
Mrs. Ramos' first grade class, 1st grade class [02-13-2002]

Bianca, 22, Littleton, Calorado [02-13-2002]

We visited your web site today and learned a lot about the history of the Liberty Bell. Thanks for helping us.
Mrs. Carey,Yiyi,Jasmin,Michael [02-13-2002]

Kevin Denney [02-13-2002]

I think that this web sight is cool! Nice pictures on the bell!
Jenna, 11years old [02-13-2002]

I really like this website is very cool!!!!
cassie, 10 [02-13-2002]

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malcolm, delran [02-13-2002]

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rachel, 10 [02-13-2002]

i love to sing and i'm 12 years old
d.jay, 12 [02-13-2002]

Recently began researching my family's genealogy and have been amazed at how much our country's history played a part in the migration of the family. Let freedom ring...God Bless America!!!
B. Spors, age 54, from Monroe County, WI [02-13-2002]

jolene [02-13-2002]

mom just brought me a minature one from philadelphia on her work trip!
karl [02-13-2002]

your site was very interesting an watching the photos.. thanx truly yours Kristina Warner
Kristina Warner, 16yrs of age, live in oklahoma [02-13-2002]

This is a fantastic website! I never knew the bell had travelled across the country. Nor did I know much about the crack. Thanks a million.
Ann [02-10-2002]

i like this sight because it gave me a lot of inormation on on the liberty bell.my best friedis laura wiechmann which is in the guest book too.my favorite animals are frogs, kittrens,pigs(justlikelaura),and dogs.thois isa great sight and i hope you add more and more exiting things to it.thanks a lot!
Jessie Gardener, 11 Eau Claire Wisconsin [02-10-2002]

I did a contest and the theme was our country america. I decided to do a model of the liberty bell.So i went t this site. This is a great site to get information on. I learned a lot too. Thanks for making this site. It's great!
laura wichmann, 11 Eau claire Wisconsin [02-10-2002]

I think the liberty bell is very interesting
brandonnelson, I live in west pelzer s.c. [02-10-2002]

This site is neato! I really like learning about the Liberty Bell because my sister lives in Pennsylvania.
niki buckno [02-10-2002]

i would like to be able to see the bell larger.
ANGIE LLOYD, 35 mansfield ga. [02-09-2002]

Leann, Gate City, VA [02-09-2002]

I love this web site
Jascia, philadelphia [02-09-2002]

this was very good information. We were researching for a book report about the liberty bell. There was more than enough info. furnished on this web sight.
denise long [02-09-2002]

I think since you have a triviata you should have a trivia quiz.
Tamisong [02-08-2002]

Geri Cattelona [02-08-2002]

MS.Smith's 5th grade [02-08-2002]

orange es nuestra ciudad hermana por casi 30 aņos de colaboracion e intercambios y muchisimas bellas historias de amigos
CELIA PESQUERA, queretaro mexico [02-08-2002]

i would lovwe to see more photos
stacey garcia, im 13 y.o. [02-08-2002]

it was a cool i foung a lot of stuff for my porjet
anonymous [02-08-2002]

running for state senator for california 40th district.... may liberty ring once again for ALL of Americas people !!
Felix Miranda, chula vista, CA. 44yrs. [02-08-2002]

i asked everybody they did not the reason the bell was cracked thanks alexis
alexis signore, i am 8 years old [02-08-2002]

i studird this site at school and it helps me do my homework. buh bye, Cassy South
Cassy South, 11,Russellville,Alabama [02-08-2002]

Hey! I've seachering this stuff for a Social Studies Project and its prety cool info, THANKS!
Rachel [02-08-2002]

I wonder about the liberty and justice. I like history because there are so many things that you can learn about it!!!
Tanara, 10, Osceola,Arkansas [02-08-2002]

We love learning about the Liberty Bell.
class 2-02 [02-08-2002]

I think we should fix the crack b/c it is an eye sore and also it makes us like a look poor contry -me
Shantwain, no!!! [02-08-2002]

renee mcdonald [02-08-2002]

Alex [02-08-2002]

Choice, it is our greatest human freedom!
Alexandra McGinness, 10 years old [02-08-2002]

I think that the Liberty Bell was very nice, and intresting to see.
Julie Rupp [02-08-2002]

I learned that the Liberty Bell as we know it today was actually melted down and re-cast three times from the origional bell.
Joey Merino and his Dad, Orland Park Illinois [02-08-2002]

school project thanks!
steven guzorek, 8 [02-08-2002]

Jesse [02-08-2002]

beau [02-08-2002]

Ashley .B [02-08-2002]

We enjoyed your sight during our unit on the United States. We found a lot of information about the liberty bell that we could not find elsewhere.
Mrs.LeDonne's First Grade Class, Johnston Elementary School, Wilkinsburg, PA 15221 [02-08-2002]

We really enjoyed looking at the pictures. Mrs. Dante's 1st Grade Class St. Francis West Des Moines
Mrs. Dante's 1st Grade- St. Francis, West Des Moines, Iowa [02-08-2002]

akelina [02-08-2002]

DELLA [02-08-2002]

jennifer martinez [02-08-2002]

What can I learn about this website,and what this website is about.
Caitlin Jobe, i'm 11 years old I live in eddy texas [02-08-2002]

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mansi parikh, 10 [02-08-2002]

It would be nice if it were in kid terms.
stephanie dunkel [02-08-2002]

Hi my name is sarah and im studying about the liberty bell with my friend taylor.
sarah, i am working on a project [02-08-2002]

This web site is very informative and interesting. I saw the liberty bell about twenty years ago. I just could not remember the history. Your web site answered all of my questions.
JILL BLAND [02-08-2002]

Ashleigh Forbes [02-08-2002]

Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH!
K H, Bruceville,TX [02-08-2002]

Maureen, 11 [02-08-2002]

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Emily Phelps, 7 Mason, OH [02-08-2002]

andy [02-08-2002]

this was a really helpful web site to get information and pictures from thanks for a good job.
chris tumey, im 8yrs old and i am doing a paper on the liberty bell for my 3rd grade class at p.b. ritch elem in Ga [02-08-2002]

I hope the Liberty Bell is continuosly preserved, protected, and displayed as a major part of our American Heritage, special message to the ACLU-KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF the LIBERTY BELL!
Tom Osborne [02-08-2002]

I am writing a report on the Liberty Bell. I like the Liberty Bell March that I got to listen to while I printed off the information from the internet.
Stuart Hale, I am in 3rd grade in Mt. Washington, Kentucky. I am 8 years old. [02-08-2002]

I just came to this site for information for my homework, but I found a lot more then I needed.
Hae-In, I'm9years old and I recently moved fromEast lansing, Michigan, to Mt.Plesent [02-08-2002]

Great web site! Helps a lot with my report.
Autumn, age 8 Williamsburg, WV [02-08-2002]

who rang it when it cracked
hazel parker, 46/st.cloud [02-08-2002]

Very informative.
James E. Frank, Raised in Phila area. My father was one of the policemen guarding the Bell in 1915 trip to San Francisco [02-08-2002]

I love the Liberty Bell! It has such a nice crack!
Mike [02-08-2002]

Thank you
Manchester-Arlington Elementary School, Windham, ME [02-08-2002]

I did a report for my school,Hunter Elem. Thanks for the info
Brittany Greene, 10 yrs. Eliz., Tn [02-08-2002]

I really like your web site and because I love to lean about History. I had to get information of the LIBERTY BELL and I got a lot of stuff I neaded too.
Hannah Geruntho, age 10 PA [02-08-2002]

My son is doing a report on the Liberty Bell and this site was extremely helpful!!
Holly [02-08-2002]

Katelyn Pueppke, age - 6 from North Dakota. Homework assignment to find out ago bell. [02-08-2002]

It is a great site for kids to come to for informational stuff on the Liberty Bell
Carlee Zollinger [02-08-2002]

Brandon Holloway, 8 [02-08-2002]

Trying to plan a trip to see the Liberty Bell with my family..(husband and children), just like I did when I was a child. Still have photos of it from 1970 something. Thanks for the great site to help with my planning.
Lisa, Ohio [02-08-2002]

I just loved the photos from 1915. Would love to see more!!
Tiffany Chapman, Pleasanton, CA [02-08-2002]

i need a return address cause im doing a report on texas.thanx
allie, California [02-08-2002]

I learned a lot at this website!
Samantha Derynda, 11 years old [02-08-2002]

Ron Taylor [02-08-2002]

I was doing a school project, and my friend told me to go to your website. I used all of your information on The Liberty Bell,and got an A. Thankyou for this website. Sincerely,Noynabo
noynabo, Age11,City Des Moins, [02-08-2002]

Hello, I have a bell here and was wondering how much it is worth. They say it came from when they repaired the Liberty Bell. So if you could please send me some info. on my bell and about how much you think it would be worth. Thank you, Susie
Susie Joe [02-08-2002]

Came to see Philadelphia for the first time in late 2000. The history is amazing and seeing the Liberty Bell was chilling.
Janine, Seattle, WA [02-08-2002]

I noticed on the return trip to Philadelphia, the train went through Kentucky. Do you have any pictures which depict the Liberty Bell with citizens of Kentucky? I've thoroughly enjoyed reading more about the history of the Liberty Bell. I'm a former AP U.S. History teacher from Tompkinsville, KY.. I'm currently working with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Monroe County. The theme for the Relay in 2002 is "God Bless America through the Years." My relay team has chosen for our theme, " Let Freedom Ring..... Ring Out Cancer"; the Liberty Bell will be our focus for our campsite decoration. If you have any pictures of the Liberty Bell, on its journey back to Philadelphia, taken in Kentucky would you mind sending me a copy? Thank you very much. Again I found my morning research most informative. Thank You. Becky Waggoner
Becky Waggoner, Tompkinsville, Kentucky [02-08-2002]

Great web site!!
Sherrie Irving [02-08-2002]

it cool
britni, 11 keller tx [02-08-2002]

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kachena, erie pa [02-08-2002]

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Alex Zeilman, 12 [02-08-2002]

I think this is a spectacular website espeshaly if you have to do a report:)
Alex Zeilman, 12 [02-07-2002]

Jennifer [02-07-2002]

i'd like to see pictures of just the liberty bell,and print them out.
sierra dearenker, 23,cambell,ysu [02-07-2002]

Taryn, age 7, working on a school project [02-07-2002]

I run past the bell 3 x a week on run from south phila to camden
Gary, Bella vista, Philadelphia [02-07-2002]

They are cool.
Trav, 11 [02-07-2002]

thanx for the info!!!!
Vince, 14, Prescott AZ [02-07-2002]

Cool site, we used some of yer infromation for a school thing.
S C [02-07-2002]

megan [02-07-2002]

Nice resource to have and reference. Thank you
Tina Green, Denver, CO [02-07-2002]

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Denise Walker, 16, Louisville IL [01-30-2002]

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anonymous [01-30-2002]

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Kiara Duarte, no [01-30-2002]

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christina, 11 middletown [01-30-2002]

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darnitra, clarksburg,wva [01-30-2002]

its cool to have a little history to look at, even when we take advantage of what we got today.
Ryan Johnson, 17, weightlifter [01-30-2002]

No thoughts I'm just doing school work,,, well I love history so this is not ordenary school work! (My last name is pronownset [Mac-an-awe])!
Nathan McAnaugh, 12 years old, AZ [01-30-2002]

I trhink History is cool and I like it a lot it is my favorite subject.
BJ Grandlund, 14 yrs,old and I live in Odessa,TX [01-30-2002]

great info!
PAM T [01-30-2002]

4th Grader and Cedar Ridge Elementary - We are studying American History and this was great help for me.
Jon-Paul Guzman, Age 9, Branson, MO [01-30-2002]

jeff keen, 18 [01-30-2002]

I love to read about history, and also teach my children about history as well. I love our beloved country.
Jodi Ann Faragoi, 30 yoa, Las Cruces, NM [01-30-2002]

Mike Buell [01-30-2002]

I need your help. My grandfather Joseph William Frank was a Phila police officer who protected the bell on this trip. (we have some pictures that you might want to include in your 1915 Photo's) After the trip, he had one of these photo albums as a reminder of this trip. He died in 1961, my Uncle Joe Frank lent this album to the 1976 bicentenial organization. We never received it back. As a family we would like to get a copy of this album. My mother Mary Frank, Joseph William's daughter will be in contact. Is it possible to see this book 1st hand?
Ken McCormick [01-30-2002]

just need information for my play coming up where we are competing against all middle schools IN OUR AREA !!!!Our topic is America the beatiful. We have to make up play with that topic!! well i hope we win cause our school( NIAGARA MIDDLE) WON FIRST PLACE LAST YEAR!!! SO HOPE WE CAN DO IT AGAIN!!!
amanda, 12(age) Niagara fall(city) (state)New York (zip code)14304 [01-30-2002]

We enjoyed the interacive experience and marched around our room.
Holy Name First Grade [01-30-2002]

It is a very nice cite but I don't have any scroll yet. How can you help my poor life?
Elizabeth Dorvee, 10 years [01-30-2002]

eric strawhacker [01-30-2002]

I visited Philadelphia 25 to 30 years ago and saw the Liberty Bell. We were allowed to touch ti. This was a very moving experience. Are viisitors still allowed to touch the bell?
Nancy Houston [01-30-2002]

Hi, I am robert henry my 2nd grade teacher said that i knew more about our cornrerys history than she did.But i never knew much about the liberty bell.so i came to this web sight. thank you!
robert henry, 12 years old-Soldotna,ak [01-30-2002]

I needed pictures for a report on the revolution and this pictures provided helpful pictures that I could copy and paste~ Thanx!
Joanne [01-30-2002]

I read all about the liberty bell.thats cool stuff.right to you later.
daryl, 34 [01-30-2002]

nice place to look at when you are doing a report!
Suzanne [01-30-2002]

looking for information
brittany [01-30-2002]

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I thought it is interesting.
Megan Hester, Age 11 Ft. Bragg, NC [01-30-2002]

pegnlar@hotmail.com [01-30-2002]

Brenda, Northbrook, IL [01-30-2002]

Suzanne [01-30-2002]

tamera [01-30-2002]

I never really knew the history behind the Liberty Bell. Now I do. Thank You.
Kristen Wright, New Mexico [01-26-2002]

Let Freedom Ring, from sea to shining sea. thank you America for your support
Policemen, New York City [01-26-2002]

I really like your web page. It is great for my shcool projects.
christina wilson, 15/holly hill/singer [01-26-2002]

MARYN T. SHULTZ, virginia [01-26-2002]

love the march! We're leaving for Philly in the morning and hope to see this in person
Coleen Harvey [01-26-2002]

I am here doing a report on the liberty bell and very excited to learn about it!
Jessica Daubon, West Aliis, Wi [01-26-2002]

Laurieanne Prado-Garcia, age 32, Kalamazoo, MI [01-26-2002]

Amanda, age 19 [01-26-2002]

I think its cool the way it cracked three times. We read about it
Jerrika, 11 [01-26-2002]

the liberty bell is cool
Jessi [01-26-2002]

I think the postcards are really coooooooooool!!!!!
Darcie Rahe, age11 cityspringfield IL [01-26-2002]

Just to inform you I own a racehorse in England which is called Liberty Bell! You can monitor its progress at www.racingpost.co.uk. He is due to run on Friday 25th January at Doncaster Racecourse - off time 1.30pm GMT.
Tim Darby, London [01-26-2002]

you are the coolest
nate, maine ??????????????????? [01-26-2002]

pepperann48 [01-26-2002]

Kathleen Henderson [01-26-2002]

This is a great site. I just to be a history teacher and there are some great facts in there that many people do not know. Keep up the good work.
Amelia Mason, Windsor, Vermont [01-26-2002]

i love the liberty bell i feel that it shows our freedom forever
Emily, new hartford age 11 [01-26-2002]

Yours was one of the most informative article on the subject I found on the web that helped me help my 2nd grader do a research paper on the Liberty Bell. Great photos, too.
Cameron and his mom, 8 yrs. - Dallas, Tx metroplex [01-26-2002]

I came here looking for Robert Sherman. He was a boston Lawyer who helped write the Declaration of Independence. But I ended up at a liberty bell site which would be pretty cool if I wanted to know about the bell.!!
Josh, 16 shelton, WA [01-26-2002]

I was doing homework for school and wanted to see what the Liberty Bell looked like. I decided to sign the guestbook after seeing all the names and where they were from.
Cullen M., I live in Oak Harbor, WA [01-26-2002]

I love the liberty bell I am doing my book report on it.
Kyle, Newark 10 [01-26-2002]

Shawanna Juiston, 11,Newark [01-26-2002]

Janice Burmylo, Grandmother from NJ [01-26-2002]

i am doing a research report. i would like to interview an expert on the liberty bell. Thanks for the helpful info and please respond!!!
Catherine, Alex., Virginia [01-26-2002]

Jay Dee Wood [01-26-2002]

Thank you for posting this very informative essay online My 3rd grader has a project on the liberty bell and some of the info in here has been very helpful in our research. Thank you.
Tammy Randall [01-26-2002]

I Truely enjoyed your sight it is very well thought out.
Neil Van Doren [01-26-2002]

i wanna'go there some day.!!!!
chase studdard [01-26-2002]

i liked this site because i had a project on the liberty bell for school. I found out a lot of cool things i never knew
Kirsten AShley, 9, Slidell Louisiana [01-26-2002]

Wonderful and interesting pictures.
Meghan and Lisa, Capac, Michigan [01-26-2002]

God Bless America!!! America Stood with Oklahoma in 1995 now Oklahoma stands proudly with America now! we still hear the ringing of the Liberty Bell in this great country!
Josh Weeks, McAlester, Oklahoma [01-26-2002]

Carter Vernon, Age 9 [01-26-2002]

Kyler Joe Daugherty, 11 okc [01-26-2002]

doing report for geography
brandon mattox, 21,stillwater,ok [01-26-2002]

terr1 [01-26-2002]

Those responsible for this site are to be commended.
Terry and Carol Beckley, Landisville, Pa. [01-26-2002]

i thought this website had a bunch of facts i didn't know
Audrey [01-26-2002]

Hi. I'm writing a story about a fictional gay ballet company visiting Philadelphia from my beloved Bethlehem. I wanted to make sure that my memory of the bell's legend was correct. My friends and I had begun July 4, 1976, appropriately, with scrapple, eggs and home fries at a diner in north Philadelphia. Then,I was treated to both Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell as an adult. 'Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land', I read today on this site, just as I'd remembered from all those years ago. The awesomeness I felt at the time I know I've always felt. I am an American. I am free and unique, if only my government may some day recognize it. My race is American. I feel no prouder to be an American now than I did in 1976 because my country has always been in my heart, not in our flag hanging from a car aerial, ignorantly exposed to the elements. Being an American is non-negotiable, in a way no other peoples have ever figured out. But too many people here have yet to understand that. As a gay man I do. Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land. Kevin
Kevin Bellew [01-26-2002]

irwinhyman, 74 new york city [01-26-2002]

Dominique [01-26-2002]

Brendon [01-26-2002]

i learned a lot about the liberty bell and now im going to make a report on it for extra credit
andrea, 10 [01-26-2002]

pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
carrie, neat [01-26-2002]

This web site was very interesting and it gave us a lot of information! Thank You!
Miss Williams' Class, We are a multiage class of second and third grade students. [01-26-2002]

This web site is the best for my rescearh on history projects .
christina wilson, 14/f/fl [01-26-2002]

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Gabriel Spradlin [01-26-2002]

This information will be use for school.
Anne-Marie, age 9 [01-26-2002]

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Your web site rilly helped me a lot on my homework
Dalia [01-26-2002]

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Your web site could have been more helpful. I need to do a bibliograpy for my project and you don't have that info.
rebecka, age10 [01-26-2002]

Pam [01-26-2002]

pamela [01-26-2002]

james [01-26-2002]

Millington South Elementary, Second Grade [01-26-2002]

megan [01-26-2002]

I have enjoyed this sight. I looked it up cause my 5th grader had a report to do on the Liberty Bell, I have found out a lot of facts that I didn't even know. If anyone ask about this sight or ask where to find out info on The Liberty Bell I will be sure to tell them about this sight.
Arlene [01-26-2002]

We really liked what you showed us and the information that you gave us.We hope we can see the Liberty Bell one day in person.
Mrs. Page, Tedder Elementary School, Pompano Beach, Fl Second Grade Reading Class [01-26-2002]

jason [01-26-2002]

I don't know if you know this but the Whitechapel Foundry, where the bell was cast still exists! I don't know if visitors to London can go in, but as it is a short walk from where I live I'll find out and let you know.
Ron Hoare [01-26-2002]

I apologize for my earlier comment, you do have pictures of the bell.
Paul Delozier [01-26-2002]

would like to see a picture of the bell on this sight and to here the recording of the bell.
Paul Delozier [01-26-2002]

allen steffy [01-26-2002]

David Cosgrove [01-26-2002]

Its a very helpful site Im doing a project on the U.S. thanks
Karly Watkins, Georgia [01-26-2002]

Toya McHam, I would like all the information you can give me on the liberty bell. [01-26-2002]

Sara [01-26-2002]

The photos and the facts were very interesting.
Rodrigo, Cedartown GA [01-26-2002]

It think this is a good site to get info from.I also think Orange is cool.My brother was born in Orange,California. This site helped me on my report!
Amie coyne, I'm 9 I live in Gooding,Idaho. [01-14-2002]

Debbie Welch [01-14-2002]

this page is verr cool.the reason i came on it was i had to do a report on the liberty bell it helped me a lot
megan, i'm 9 [01-14-2002]

I thought that the liberty bell was cracked by being dropped. I think that it is important to share the history with everyone especially since the things going on since September the 11th.
aesha brock [01-14-2002]

MACKWINE [01-14-2002]

Your site really helped me on my school report about the Liberty Bell
Brittany Stephens, I'm 10 years old [01-13-2002]

i would not change a thing. ive enjoyed this web site.and it tells a lot of our american history.
tammy perry [01-13-2002]

I first visited the Liberty Bell on our senior class trip in 1956. I touched the crack at that time. That was very important as it was the first time I saw something of that importance.
Shirley Green, WAC veteran [01-13-2002]

I did really need this info, another site led me here. Ilove the site and the song. d:D
Cora-Anne [01-13-2002]

Brought back memories from the forties when I first saw it on a trip to Philly with my mother.
Eric Obenhaus [01-13-2002]

I'd think that the liberty bell would be even in worse shape today then when it cracked cause it's so old. What the liberty bell stands for though is very greatful!
Emily, Cheerleader [01-13-2002]

thanks for the great website
george, portland, or [01-12-2002]

Taylor [01-12-2002]

i love this site because it helped me soooo much with my social studies project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BONNIE MAYNARD, 11 years old [01-12-2002]

Harlan S. Nice [01-12-2002]

Thanks for your help with our project!
Cub scout pack 16, weblo den 1 [01-12-2002]

i think it was great i heard and learned a lot of new things.
alanna, 11 st.charles mo [01-12-2002]

My mother was born in 1885. She has a small liberty bell that she says was made from the clapper of the bell. It was given to her by the engineer of the train that was taking the bell around the United States. Do you have any information about this happening. Thank you, Jo Ann Olson
Jo Ann Olson, Renton, WA [01-12-2002]

Thanx u really helped me with my social studies project.I had to make a replica and an essay!THANX REALLY!
Brittny, 10/f/VA [01-12-2002]

kirsten [01-12-2002]

For my Social Studies class we are writing an ABC book of the Revolutionary War for L I have the Liberty Bell i thought i could get some cool facts about it at this site
Maggie Shanahan, 10 Mancelona Mi [01-12-2002]

Thank you for all the information and pictures!
Tosh Miller, Texas [01-12-2002]

Lacey [01-12-2002]

Peggy Stang [01-12-2002]

Wow this web site was really helpful!thank you!!
Lindsey, Iowa [01-12-2002]

Thomas Branstetter, age 10 / Brookville, Indiana [01-12-2002]

I think your website is cool and send me some info about yourself!
Erika, 11 yr old. [01-12-2002]

the song is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!
LIVIA, 10 ny [01-12-2002]

this is a very interesting site,especialy for kids.
LIVIA, 10,n.y., [01-12-2002]

its alrite
Nikki [01-12-2002]

i am trying to find facts for school thats wy i came on this website
matthew, 9 east providence [01-12-2002]

I am very pleased that this organization is in operation since the National Park Service site is down as of this date 1/8/02. One of the most stirring moments of my adult life was a visit to the bell. Just about nowhere else would the guide say, "Go ahead, touch it." I hope this will never need to change.
Vincent Astor, Memphis TN [01-12-2002]

I would just like to say thank you. My wife and I brought our two young daughters to Philadelphia for the holidays. The Liberty Bell was a highlight for all of us. It was a powerful moment and one we cherished sharing it with our little ones. I am from Florida but there is nothing I love more than Philadelphia, Cheesesteaks, and The Eagles. Thanks for a memorable vacation, Pat and Family
Patrick Templeman, Go Eagles [01-12-2002]

I liked your stuff here it was great.
Vikram, 10 years old,city is Palatine. [01-12-2002]

an inspireing part of americas histopy
kristopher, 13 [01-12-2002]

The 3rd grade class of Fargo Elementary are wondering why the bell is cracked. We decided to look the information up on your website.
Mrs. Eggleston, Fargo Elementary, Fargo OK 73840 [01-12-2002]

This website is incredible. I am teaching my first grader the history of our country, and in my search for more information, I came across this site. Thank you for making this available.
Tracie Minear, Mississippi [01-12-2002]

my wife thought it was cracked by davey crocket, when he shot with his bow and arrow. she thinks her story sounds better than the truth.
EDWARD BOWER, michigan [01-12-2002]

I had to a project on the Liberty Bell and I used this site.
Jake Bourque [01-12-2002]

4th grade student Saint Stanislaus School Lowell. Massachusettts
morgan folta [01-12-2002]

i like it
cassandra [01-12-2002]

Gwen Ryan, Covington, LA [01-12-2002]

Thank you so much this website really helped me on my social studies project ! THANKS !
Paul Beck, 11 [01-12-2002]

I am happy, bacause I was there. God bless America!
Andrej Rechnik, 71 year, Maribor,Slovenia,Europe [01-12-2002]

I think your website has plenty of interesting information and lots!!!!
Sarah Brandt, 11/Indianapolis/female [01-12-2002]

JULIAN TRENT [01-12-2002]

This site is really neat because it is all about history, one of my favorite subjects.
Shannon Carbaugh, I am 10, I live in Seneca,Pa [01-12-2002]

Excellent information studying Sunday school lessons . Liberty Bell inscription from Leviticus 25:10. Thank You for excellent photo.
J.H.Butler [01-12-2002]

none thank you very much although it was preaty interesting and thats all
green, none thank you very much [01-12-2002]

Alex [01-12-2002]

i thought about it and now i think that the liberty bell is super neat and it should not be replaced.
syd, i like it [01-12-2002]

i think that the liberty bell is old and might have to be replaced some day.
syd, what is the symbol of the liberty bell [01-12-2002]

thanks for helping me with my project.I need pictures of the liberty bell and u had just what i needed
Natasha, 13,philadelphia,rush middle school [01-12-2002]

I am camp director for the Cub Scouts annual Dad 'n lad campout in april and the theme I chose this year was "Let Freedom Ring" and I am just trying to find historical facts and pictures getting ideas for events and awards. Excellent sight and very informative andvery easy to read and understand. Great Job!
Nan Scarborough, 41/nacogdoches, Texas [01-12-2002]

I think that the liberty bell is amazing And i want to lirn more about it
Hottie, 11 [01-12-2002]

May the LIBERTY BELL ring for peace and liberty,for ever!
Andrej Recnik, 71, Maribor, Slovenia, Europe [01-12-2002]

I hope to get to see the real thing one day. Since Sept. 11 I have realized how important the flag, liberty bell, and the statue of liberty really are I hope everyone knows how important freedom really is.
Dalton L Noles, Buena Vista TN 12-31-01 [01-12-2002]

i thought it was really good info. aboutit
kat h. [01-12-2002]

Timothy, 11/Brooklyn/11210 [01-12-2002]

Laura Vorhies [01-12-2002]

I have just returned from a visit to Philadelphia. Standing in the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the framework of the constitution was created was humbling. The Liberty Bell, ordered 1n 1751, to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of William Penn's 1701 Charter of Privileges is an apt icon for our nation. It is a clear symbol of the foundation of the United States of America and what continues to make our independence and democracy a worthy model. The imperfection, the crack, reminds us that our country is a work in progress. The United States needs care and attention to achieve the goal of "liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof". This site is well designed. Content is clear and informative. Thank you. Now I'm off to check out ushistory.org
Bridget Martin, Riverhead, NY [01-12-2002]

this site is great for my homework on the liberty bell!!!
Elizabeth [01-12-2002]

I learned a lot at this site. Very Interesting. Thanks
Judy Spencer, Ava, Missouri [01-12-2002]

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