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Beautiful collection. All Americans should visit...and the real location as well!
M. Thorson, Colorado [12-26-2001]

Great job every one
Alicia ann zwiers, 11 Benton Harbor [12-22-2001]

Sheena manson [12-22-2001]

I did a report on the liberty bell and it is so fasinating to me.
Heather, 14 years old in cypress [12-22-2001]

Emily Morris [12-22-2001]

Please, keep alive the feelings you had on Sept. 11, 2001. Other thoughts: Our present President's home state flag displayed the words, "Don't tread on me". I'd like to borrow that thought and reword it to: "You tread on us. We'll stomp on you." It is difficult, in this day, to fathom any religion that condones the murder of any other people or religion. It can't be considered an act of bravery, or a proper religious doctrine, to kill innocent civilians, including young children. U. S. flagburners should be brought to trial for the crime. Or, at the very least, charged with theft (which is usually is). Ken
Kenneth E. Longley Sr., 20 yr. BSA, 67, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a state with red, white and blue license plates. [12-22-2001]

Shakiem Wyman [12-22-2001]

molly [12-22-2001]

I have always dreamed about visiting such a historical site. However, I am HORRIFIED by your city's antiobesity campaign. Is it true that some woman goes around with a scale and bottled water confronting fat people? I am not only a proud fat chick, I am a MA who has researched the stigma of obesity for 20 years. That kind of confrontation must be emotionally devastating to anyone who has to endure it. And counterproductive. The mayor should have focused on fitness for all instead of further humiliating fat people. As long as this man is mayor, myself and my $ will not visit your city.
S Sanders, Female 22lbs, 5'7" [12-22-2001]

My teachers husband is a piolat everyday we say the Pledge Of Alligance she cries.
Alayna, 8 Yorktown VA 23693 [12-22-2001]

Deborah [12-22-2001]

Dennis [12-22-2001]

this is a cool page
Adam Monroe, cool [12-22-2001]

I think your website is realy neat and interesting From Kayce Olson
Kayce Olson, I am 11 I live in Ellendale N.D 58436 [12-17-2001]

i love this webpage.
Daisy Silvar, I'm 13,I'm from orange california [12-17-2001]

I tink the Liberty Bell shold be tought in school's more ofton.The people who have seen it are lucky.
Rebecca Jean Spitzer, I am 11 years old and live in Ellendale,ND [12-17-2001]

i love history it is one of my favrote subjetcs.
Ashley Touchstone [12-17-2001]

Tracy Parker, Dayton [12-17-2001]

miguel osorio, micia57@hotmail.com [12-17-2001]

I am doing reports on the Bell at school and this is my favorite topic!!
Sarah Hornung [12-17-2001]

Denise Kalisz [12-17-2001]

Edward-Lewis Brown, United States Constitution Rangers, Continental Congress, 1777. [12-17-2001]

very very good!!!
andrew [12-17-2001]

I thought this was very cool!
Nathanael R. Greene, Chicago, IL, age-19, [12-17-2001]

Why was the bell cracked the first time it was rung
booty, 56 philly 18140 [12-17-2001]

Enjoyed the information. I will be sharing it with our band students who will be coming to Philadelphia in April to tour and be judged in a Music Festival.
Cheryl Taylor, Ohio [12-17-2001]

I think the liberty bell is cool.
Amanda, 11,Ellendale,North Dakota [12-17-2001]

Great Sight! Glad it was here, my daughter is doing a drawing of the liberty bell and needed to know what all the wording said.
Roxanne Undesser, Afton, WY [12-17-2001]

great web site!
rodriguez family, homeschoo; group [12-17-2001]

I have never been to the liberty bell but i would like to someday soon. I hear that it is really neat. I cant wait. Thanx.
Jaclyn, New Jersey [12-17-2001]

I liked it
Shane [12-17-2001]

you are cool
bob, 42,bristow [12-12-2001]

well i'm doing a symbols of the u.s.a. project in my social studies class and one of our questions is about the liberty bell. so i came to this website and found everything i needed.all i have to do is read a little more and then i need to find out how we us the liberty bell today then i'll be done. well got to go i have to finish this and then i have to read,then feed my cat and dog. then i have to do a lot more. god bless the u.s.a.!!!!!!!!! jesus will always be there for those who need him!don't forget he will allways love us no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STEVIE, 11 [12-12-2001]

It was good.
gregory dixon, 8 Prince george va 23875 [12-12-2001]

Bev Westerberg [12-12-2001]

Thanks for all your wonderful information.
Ashleigh Tallo, 8 years old from louisiana [12-12-2001]

Great information for my child's research paper!
Dave Moy, Chgo, IL [12-12-2001]

I am doin a project on the liberty bell it's pretty cool! Well, I sure would have loved to see it ; it looks pretty and really big!!! ok well g2g bu bye!
Dawnn, 15 Reynoldsburg oh [12-12-2001]

Im doing a project on the libery bell and this web site has helped me so much!I would love to see It if im ever there!
Brooke, age 15 from Reynoldsburg,Ohio [12-12-2001]

my great-great-great-great-great grandma came from Germany.
John Thompson, age 23, Orange, California [12-10-2001]

I was doing a report on the Liberty Bell and this was a wonderful site to come too! Thankyou!
Chrispen Brown, Age:15 [12-10-2001]

I am doin a report on the Liberty bell and I have learned so much about it!!!
Kristen Bell, I am age 11! [12-10-2001]

This website gave me some great information to share with my class. Thank you for having it!
Jeff Kyllonen, 5th grade teacher [12-10-2001]

I just wanted to know more information about the Liberty Bell. Your site is a great source of information
Keith Plageman, Grovecity Ohio [12-10-2001]

i like the liberty bell
LISA MCLOUTH [12-10-2001]

This is a great website. My mom and I really had a great time reading about the Liberty Bell. I hope to go and visit it someday.
Rebecca Mason, god bless the usa!!!!!! [12-10-2001]

i think the liberty bell stands for freedom.
morgan, age 7 [12-09-2001]

I'm doing a project for school and I chose the Liberty Bell. I think Its sooo fascinating!
Monique, Miami, Florida [12-09-2001]

This website is really helpful!! The Liberty Bell can be tricky to get information on but this makes it easier than 1,2,3! Thanks so much!
Kay, 10, Murrysville [12-09-2001]

We visited the Bell last summer. I couldn't remember all the details we learned on our tour. This site is great!
V.A. Shelley, Longmont, CO [12-08-2001]

cool sight
kay, 13 [12-08-2001]

Danai Brice, 6, Ft. Worth [12-08-2001]

I really enjoyed reading about the Liberty Bell it was very educational. It gaved me the opportunity to tell my family and friends about the Liberty Bell History.
Asante' Knockum, 13 years old Belle Rose, La. [12-08-2001]

Do we have to pay any fee for the visit?
Napat, 10 years old, NYC [12-08-2001]

thank you for creating this web site!!!! it is very handy for school!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
MADISON HESTER, 13,corinth ms. [12-08-2001]

I think that the liberty bell is very fasinating and interesting. I'm glad I know about it and this site is great for the liberty bell information.
aafiyah, Miami, FL [12-08-2001]

Roxanne, 30 Sydney Australia [12-05-2001]

This site is the bomb i am doing a thing on the bell and i am doing so good on my report this site is awsome
Jamie, 14 [12-05-2001]

Janay Brown, 13 years old [12-05-2001]

We thought this was a great site and we enjoyed the pictures. It was helpful with our class work. thanks
sarah and phillip, north carolina [12-05-2001]

This is AWSOME because i am doing a project and this website helped a lot !! Thanks so much ! Paul <><
Paul Beck, 11,Columbus,GA [12-05-2001]

the bell was very nice
yolanda adams, 48, teekee town, married [12-05-2001]

I think the Liberty Bell is a beatiful thing of the history and is greatly admired.
Destinee Johnson [12-05-2001]

I thought that this page could have had a little more facts on the liberty bell, because I'm doing a two page report and on the facts about the Liberty Bell there was nothing of interst!! I think you should add more facts in there.
Dashire, I'm 13 live in co. [12-05-2001]

I am currently doing a history project on the Liberty Bell. Your website helped me out a lot.
Alonia Lewis, I am 14 years old and I live in Gulfport, MS. [12-05-2001]

Beautiful site. I like the variety of pictures. Good Work.
Cesaron White, age17, San Antonio Texas [12-05-2001]

it was a really good website it helped me a lot with my homework
brittniey bartnick, 14/st.pete/fl [12-05-2001]

visit my webpage at http://www.expage.com/po346
Chris, age 11 Delran,NJ [12-05-2001]

Courtney, 14 bangor [12-05-2001]

this is what america is all about thanks for this web site
david ritchie [12-03-2001]

cooool love it
Roxie pakston [12-03-2001]

this was one of the greats and wonderful sites that was ever created and it helped me a lot with my social studies project thank you!

I like the liberty bell march
robert B, Age 10 [12-03-2001]

I learned a lot. there is still much to learn but just visited to get pictures for our x.mas play. thank you
mary gachupin, JemezPueblo,N.M. [12-03-2001]

i need a lot of amformation on liberty bell for a profect bu wednsday
donald, 14 wintergarden florida [12-03-2001]

i need more info from youall
brandon, 13,wintergarden,ect [12-03-2001]

its a good year here!
Am ber DeLisle, 13,Kingston [12-03-2001]

the liberty bell is huge
Taylor, 10 [12-03-2001]

My class at D. S. Perkins Elementary really enjoyed this site. We were studying the history of the Liberty Bell. Plese send us any information that you can send. Thanks, Frances Vincent D. S. Perkins Elementary 565 North Crocker Sulphur, La. 70663 337-5277401
Frances Vincent, Sulphur, La. [12-03-2001]

Deborah Castillo [12-03-2001]

i just wanted to make sure that i knew what the liberty bell was, and everything... i didn't know all of it, but i had the right idea! yay! i'm smarter than i thought i was!
Sarah, n.y. [12-03-2001]

"I am very proud to be an American!!"
John Prutzman, Jr., I am & years old and live in Glen Allen, Virginia., [12-02-2001]

Randall P. Harris [12-02-2001]

i think the liberty bell gives inported info
jennifer dehus, im 10 freeport im doing resaerch on liberty bell [12-02-2001]

This site helps with my social studies research!
Rachel Lee Galante, 9 years old, Sanibel Island FL [12-01-2001]

I Like the Liberty Bell
Jeremy Roberts, 15'Bristow [12-01-2001]

ryan [12-01-2001]

thanks for helping this web page has been so much help to my kid
ann [12-01-2001]

Excellent and informative WEBSITE!
Fred Debnam, Garland, Texas [12-01-2001]

It is grat
Alexa yorba, age 10 Chino;CA [12-01-2001]

Erica Los, age 9 Indianapolis [12-01-2001]

Hi this is a great site it has good pictures I'm glad I found this site I'm going to use some pictures for my progec I even sent this site to my History teacher so the whole class can use it thanks for the great site
Acacia Willey, 8th Grader [12-01-2001]

I am using this page to help write a children's book!
Kelli [12-01-2001]

i am coming to philadelphia soon to see the bell.
rachel, age 5 [12-01-2001]

Becky Dege, Teacher of fourth grade students in LaMoure, ND. [12-01-2001]

Tammy [12-01-2001]

this is my all time favorite page!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa, age=13 1/2 [12-01-2001]

this was very cool
alicia, age=13 [12-01-2001]

i liked everything about the website and i hope to visit it again!!!
jessica villalobos, age 13 city woodland hills [12-01-2001]

I really like the Liberty Bell
Erika Salazar Duran, Age 11,Code 94533,City Fairfield [12-01-2001]

I really like the Liberty Bell
Audrina Escano, age10,Fairfield code94533 [12-01-2001]

I Think you sould put in a big piter of Philadelphia
Hugo, age10 [12-01-2001]

I looked at your site to gather information for further study on the Liberty Bell for History. I am studying this in Home school. Thank you for this site and it's information.
TJ Gunter, age 13 [12-01-2001]

I love this web site
miranda, 10 years old [12-01-2001]

During a discussion about the Limerty Bell my neighbors and I discoveter that we did not know as much about the Bell as we thought. It was great to be able to refer to your web site. Thanks, j.
Jack Fuller, El Paso, Texas, born September 22, 1948 [12-01-2001]

I really like your website because it has helped me in a pproject I am doing for school. Thank you a lot. I also like all the pictures. They are cool!
Serena Brett, age 9 from Haslemere in England [12-01-2001]

We are learning about the Decloration and the values of the liberty bell and your site has helped us out!
Ms.T's class (Toll MS 8th graders), Cali [12-01-2001]

This is the greatest site on the Liberty Bell I have visited so far
Paulette [12-01-2001]

KathNip89 [11-28-2001]

KathNip89 [11-28-2001]

My thoughts are that the Liberty Bell should have a full picture of just itself because someone might want to do report on it. Like Iam.
Jennifer L. , age,10,Land'o'Lakes [11-28-2001]

I will be doing a report on the Liberty Bell for my fourth grade history class. Thanks for sharing your information with the world.
Danielle Durochik , age 10 Peifer School, Schererville, Indiana [11-28-2001]

Let Freedom Ring!!
Derick Kopp , in Ireland [11-28-2001]

maribel deras , los angeles ca [11-28-2001]

Rachel [11-28-2001]

WALTER BELL [11-28-2001]

Nick , Greensboro, NC [11-28-2001]

Rachel is studying the Liberty Bell in school. This has been a helpful tool to help her better understand. Thank You, Rachel & Kathy Glessner
Rachel & Kathy Glessner , Louisiana [11-28-2001]

Mitchell , 6 [11-28-2001]

i will be good.
Makenzie , 8 nigiel [11-28-2001]

i think the bell is here to show suppot for others
mariah toaston , mexico mo [11-28-2001]

Michael Hucks [11-28-2001]

Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!
Danielle Clay , i'm a 18 year old senior at I.C. Norcom [11-28-2001]

I like the Liberty Bell. But can I have more information.Like what does it sound like? I like how it has scripture on it.
Kane Mcmanus , 7 years old [11-28-2001]

I love the liberty Bell I love the U.S.A God Bless America
Shanta Coleman , I'am 15 yrs old [11-28-2001]

Hi everyone I like your Website
Shanta Coleman [11-28-2001]

Maybe later
Nathaniel C Anderson [11-28-2001]

cool site!!
Lizzie , i am 10 [11-28-2001]

I used this for a homework assignment and enjoyed the info I received. Keep up the good work! Thanks
donna stanart [11-28-2001]

carolina flores [11-28-2001]

I love your web page but it has to be more appealing to younger people. Maybe you could make it more interesting!!
Amy Colenwse , age 9 Boderentown,Pa [11-28-2001]

it was great, im glad i got to sign the guest book :) yea!!
HEATHER , 18, tulsa, oklahoma [11-28-2001]

I came to this site because it was perfect for a school project.
Thomas Chapman , 11 years old, Austin, TX [11-28-2001]

WOW what an amazing piece of history.
Kody Kuhl , 10 years old, Land O'Lakes Florida [11-28-2001]

Stephanie Marcel , Bensalem PA [11-28-2001]

I am a Webelos Scout Leader. I am interested in giving my Den some knowledge on the Liberty Bell.
Timothy Gartland , Turnersville NJ, age 40 [11-28-2001]

It is a good wweb page
Angelo Jordan Jr , 13 whitehall Pa [11-28-2001]

My 12-year-old granddaughter and I spent part of Black Friday in line to see the bell. It was her first time. It was too bad that the brief presentation was dry, devoid of the rich history the bell carries, particularly for folks living in the Philadelphia area. Many of us know where it spent the night while in transit to Allentown during the Revolution. Please, NPS, make the history come alive for visitors. There's so much to tell.
Cindy Hichens [11-28-2001]

Paul D. Holman [11-28-2001]

Makenzie , nnhgghj [11-28-2001]

i`ve enjoyed the site that you have provided. im not very profiencent on how to go about finding different web site`s concerning history< mainly grand rapids mi, michigan >. it would be greatly appriciated if you or the staff could send me the hyper-links and or information that would allow me to study the history of the state and city in witch i live. i`ve always have had the desire and passion to study and learn as much about our countyes history. thank you for you time and help in finding the sites that i have inquired into in advance...........h.m.
HOWARD MOERLAND , grand rapids mi. 39 yr old [11-28-2001]

Carol J. Ashton , Uniontown, Pa 15401 [11-28-2001]

sadaham vosan , city [11-28-2001]

Jerry Cook [11-28-2001]

I think that your town is cool and your baseball team the PHILLIES are to I hope I can move there some day.
shyla burns , 18 Chidress,Texas [11-28-2001]

Great website! Special thanks to Cong. Mike Pence (R), Indiana. His recent speech on the floor of the House pointed out our Godly Heritage and cited The Liberty Bell as an enduring symbol of the Liberty guaranteed by the Charter of Privileges. God has truly Blessed America!
John W Bowen , Milford, NH 03055 [11-28-2001]

i love the liberty bell
jamie , 14 years ould phila pa [11-22-2001]

The First time I saw the Liberty Bell I was amused by the way it looked and that it has been here in the U.S for so long. This was a dream for me and it came true. I loved it
Duran Howato , 16 Flagstaff [11-22-2001]

hi! :)
Rachel , 13 [11-22-2001]

I enjoyed the sight. I am planning on using it for a virtual reality tour in my Technology Tools class.
Patti A. Willets , Teacher-Central Catholic High School, Toledo, Ohio [11-22-2001]

I think your site is very good, but i think it needs more pictures of the liberty bell. After all, the way that I got to your site was by tyoing in liberty bell pics on the search the web box.
Shannon Patrick , I need as many pictures of american/patriotic things as possible for a school project [11-22-2001]

my daughter is doing a s/s project on the bell and this is a very good site for her!
Tazzy waz , my age is 24 and i am a male [11-22-2001]

Grace A. Liddy [11-22-2001]

COREY HICKS , 10 vicksburg ms. [11-22-2001]

Shana Weiser [11-22-2001]

ithink that the liberty bell is an interasting idea. it is scary to think how big it is, i think.
anonymous [11-22-2001]

i am doing a report on the liberty bell so, please send me more info. very soon.
kali [11-22-2001]

the liberty bell was verry nice and prety
brenda , houston tx [11-22-2001]

I'll get there in person soon, I hope.
Maggie Kaplan , Eastsound WA [11-22-2001]

I took my sons on a Walking Tour of Historic Philadelphia and one of the places was to see the Liberty Bell. I have not seen it since I was in school, my three sons who are 9,11,13 as well as myself felt very good at being there. My two olders sons go to G.A.M.P., this trip was for my older son. The time that we spent there as well as the other 14 places was too short so we have my an agreement to come visit everything again of the Christmas break. I look forward to being able to see the Bell as well as everything else real soon. Our city has so much to offer and we should all take advantage of it.
Barbara Corso , 1129 Porter Street Phila., Pa. 19148 [11-22-2001]

god bless america and let freedom ring!!!
Cat Aggen , Cincinati [11-22-2001]

crystal Kehayias , Ohio, 1-5-85 [11-22-2001]

I'm in fourth grade at Arredondo Elementary,and I'm studiying Pennslyvania.I would like a lot Of Imformation!Because you're not giving me anough of it!
Swalynn Callahan , I'm 8 Years old In Tempe,Az. [11-22-2001]

Kathleen , I am 10 years old & going to visit the city with my girl scout troop. [11-22-2001]

I love this site because it help me write my Daughters of the American Revolution essay.
Loni Singer , I am 13 years old and in 8th grade [11-22-2001]

I think the crack is cool!!
Brandon Herron , 11years old: Virginia Beach, Va [11-22-2001]

I would like to learn about the liberty bell
Adam Ewing , 13 [11-22-2001]

matt choate , 14 texas [11-22-2001]

Megan cwhorter , Whiteland INDIANA 46184 [11-22-2001]

the liberty bell isa symbol of america
Jipsi Kmble , 12years old 7th grade [11-22-2001]

chris olson [11-22-2001]

It was very emotional time to watch the Bell, the Liberty Bell. Life is not easy. Human has felt that. Even the Liberty Bell there was a stroke that made the Bell cracked. Longlive Liberty Bell, Longlive human noble spirit. Minh Duc Do
Minh Duc Do , Houston, Texas [11-22-2001]

great info perfect for projects
Terri Lynn , age 12 [11-22-2001]

I like i love it iwant some more of it
Josh Pronschinske , Age 12 [11-22-2001]

Ring forever bell of freedom, ring...
Christopher Tarvin , i am 10 years old.. i live in Hebron ky.. and i wanted to know more about our bell of liberty and freedon.. may it ring in our hearts forever.... [11-22-2001]

Don't have any.
Lenny Pinto , 13 need info for Project on Phiily colonial times [11-22-2001]

Found this to be very interesting and dismissed some myths that I had held for years. I am planning an article on bells and plan to use some of this info in our club newsletter.
Mickey Dungan , Plano, TX age 63 [11-22-2001]

This page is very interesting.It has a lot of good info
Beth G. Harris [11-22-2001]

I am doing a history project on the Liberty Bell. Do you know what the words say on the Bell?
Haylee Little , 10 yrs, Corona, Ca [11-22-2001]

We Need poems about the liberty bell
Damani Anderson , I come from A place Far Away Called Seaport(SavannahGa) [11-22-2001]

I needed this info for my daughter's homework assignment and it was very useful.
Denis Johnson , WPB, Fl. [11-22-2001]

I needed this info for my daughter's homework assignment and it was very useful.
Denis Johnson , WPB, Fl. [11-22-2001]

you go!
sdeewds , 24 [11-22-2001]

I think that it is cool that you have have a the info about the Liberty Bell... I just think that it is so cool...
Cassie Gray , 15,Maud Tx [11-22-2001]

Great information!
Mellissa Hodges , 13,GrantsPass Oregon [11-22-2001]

Glad to have your information available to pass the story of the Liberty Bell on to my children.
Jack Wilson , Pittsburgh, PA [11-22-2001]

Marilee Hierspiel , 67 Cape Coral, Fl. [11-22-2001]

I think ya'll do a wonderful job ,and I think the extra "o" on google at the bottom are cute.
Hannah Eschete , 12,Houma ,LA [11-22-2001]

NICOLE ZEHEL [11-22-2001]

Kayla N. Murphy [11-22-2001]

Carol Gallick [11-22-2001]

Hunter Reynaud 11/11/01 12yrs [11-22-2001]

I liked your wed-page very much. I've always enjoyed history!!!
Linda , age: 13 [11-22-2001]

It was very interresting to read so much abaut the history of Philadelpia. It will help me with a school report so much!
Greta , 16 years old,Germany [11-22-2001]

great website than you for it. hopefully my son and i can make a trip there one year. GOD BLESS AMERICA
johnny olsen , age 7 Gig Harbor Washington [11-22-2001]

Wonderful site! My 10 year old daughter is doing a report on the Libery Bell and your site was very helpful and easy to navigate!
Christina Anderson , mom from Schenectady, NY [11-22-2001]

Cequeta Lang , age 13 gulfport,ms. [11-09-2001]

Rebecca Alterauge [11-09-2001]

Way Cool!
Ashley/Amber , 14 yrs.,prague NE [11-09-2001]

Jessica Powell , sprankle mills [11-08-2001]

This is so interesting. My 17 year old son asked how the Liberty Bell got cracked. I felt quite foolish because I didn't know for sure. I thought it got cracked moving and went to look it up as soon as we got home. Thank you for this most interesting and infomative information.
Karen Aaland , Norco, CA [11-08-2001]

my daughter is in her 2nd yr of college to become a lawyer. her dad needs a good picture of the ''liberty bell'' to do a wall iron sculpture as a surprise. i loved your facts and trivia on this page! thank you
JAMIE WILSON , austin, texas 78749-3727 [11-08-2001]

My son is doing a Revolutionary War project and chose the Liberty Bell to do his project on. I grew up in the 70's and we did not learn much about patriotism in the US. We went to the local library and found only one book about the Liberty Bell, which didn't help much. Your site is incredibly well done. Every public school in the US should have a link to your website, so kids everywhere have access to this information. I wish I had known about the great history of this national symbol a long time ago. Thanks!
Julie Nelson , Denver, CO [11-08-2001]

Josh Dodson , 15/puxico/missouri [11-08-2001]

Needed answers about the crack for 4th grade project. Thanks!
Karen Murphy , Great site! [11-08-2001]

God Bless America!
Diamond M. Kinlaw , 7 yrs. old, Moncks Corner, SC [11-07-2001]

Me and my friend Alex like the Liberty bell.Why does it have the crack?Why is it famus?
Tyler-Alex , 9/Novinger-8/2/Novinger [11-07-2001]

I am helping a third grader do work on liberty bell. Getting information and making her a bell for her project.
Peggy E Dugan [11-07-2001]

i just need facts
WORRIN JOINY , 18/az/ [11-07-2001]

cool site
Jill Sievers , 12 [11-07-2001]

David Ogle [11-07-2001]

Brian Bayliss , 11 years old, Collingdale, PA [11-07-2001]

thank you this site was much help on my history report!
Lauren Gillen [11-07-2001]

samantha alch [11-07-2001]

Stephanie [11-07-2001]

I think that this is a great place to find what you may need for a school report or anything else about the Liberty Bell!
Katrinka Krall , age-17 [11-07-2001]

Bobbie Morrow [11-07-2001]

I like all your songs.They are cool.The one I like the most is who i am.Iwould like to hear form you if that is ok.well got to go talk to you later bye.from kayla taylor from montrose pa.
kayla , 13 female /montrose [11-07-2001]

Baileigh Guercio , Baton Rouge. LA [11-07-2001]

my Girl Scout Troop #1429 is working on our "America Cares" patch and found your site to have a lot of information. Thank you!
DeAnna Grout , 10 years old, Chandler, Arizona [11-07-2001]

devon jones , age 7 [11-07-2001]

Very interesting website, it had everything i was looking for.
C , 15 [11-07-2001]

I am doing a research paper over the Liberty Bell and thought that I would come and visit the site.
Kasha Hughes , Alma, Arkansas [11-07-2001]

Alana Ingram , 10 Berthoud,Colorado [11-07-2001]

I can't wait to see the bell this weekend.
Devin Chiari , 11 years old-Cranford, NJ [11-07-2001]

i really enjoyed your webpage! And you gave me the answer to my questions! ~AMY~
Amy , 13 [11-07-2001]

I would love to have the genealogy of the John Nixon who is credited with having given the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.
Samuel Anthony Nixon [11-07-2001]

i had to find out about the Liberty Bell for my homework. i found the pages very interesting.
lottie howitt , 8years,datrmouth,devon,england [11-07-2001]

I am studying symbols of the United States in my fifth grade social studies class. The information on this web site is very helpful for the study my class is having.
Heather Hill [11-02-2001]

this is a really cool website for school.
Kimberly Glenn , 13 live in hudson texas [11-02-2001]

We are learning about the Liberty Bell as an important symbol of our country.
Ms. Turner's History Class , 7th & 8th grade students [11-02-2001]

thanks for all the pictures and info. it really helped on my first report
Rebecca Shelton , age 10,blou [11-01-2001]

doing homework thanks for the help
Kylie Williams , 2nd grade [11-01-2001]

We're having a narrow boat built, to use for cruising the English canal system. We decided to call our new boat Liberty Belle, because it is our road to freedom after 40 years of working life! So we came to your site to check out the derivation of the name, and we hope to come and see the museum next time we're in The States.
Angela Jefferies , Kenilworth, UK [11-01-2001]

visited the bell in sept. 2001 got a lot of good info. i would like to see the same info. on this site that the park rangers shared with us. but this site is great. my son is still interested in learning more about phil and the bell since we visited. he's doing this research for his class to share. thank you
JANNEL SMITH , benbrook, tx. age 29 son age 8 [11-01-2001]

nice site
jessica waldon [11-01-2001]

There were a lot of facts that I did not know about the Liberty Bell. Your article was very informative.
Jerry Cameron , age 36 Pelham,Georgia [11-01-2001]

This information was great for my report in History class. Thank you for all the knowledge you gave me!!!
Jarrod Mamaril , Live in Independence, Kentucky; Age is 9 years old; Love to real about history. [11-01-2001]

I am doing a speech on the Liberty Bell, it's history, and it's symolizm. It is for my college speech class. I have really learned a lot from this site. I think everyone should know the history of our country and it's symbols. This is a great site.
Anna , aRuskiLa@hotmail.com [11-01-2001]

i like the liberty bell is is so cool
jamie , im14years ould phila pa [11-01-2001]

Eva J. Purnell , HOuston, Texas [11-01-2001]

Rhandy , 10,Phoenix, [11-01-2001]

Rhandy , 10,Phoenix, [11-01-2001]

Desire- We appreciate your program on the internet. Nick- This program taught me things that I have never known. Bradey-I learned that the Liberty Bell weighed over 2,000 pounds. Kaleb- I did not know that the Liberty Bell traveled all the way to Washington and to San Antonio. Alisha- I learned that Liberty Bell was cracked. Ariel- I enjoyed the program. Kylea- I learned that over 1 million people visit the Liberty Bell each year. Jawuna- I didn't know they had to hide the Liberty Bell. Heath- I couldn't believe how far they traveled with the Liberty Bell on the train. Colby- I never knew the Liberty Bell exhisted until now. Zack- I didn't know that Taco Bell played an April fools Joke saying they bought the Liberty Bell. Kayla- I enjoyed the photos! We enjoyed the show!
Metcalf's third grade , Ages 8-9 [11-01-2001]

Cordelia , 20 yrs [11-01-2001]

super site! it helped us settle a dispute. Thank you
Kathleen TOland [10-28-2001]

Jordyn , age 9 [10-28-2001]

Stella & Jeffrey , 10/27/01 [10-28-2001]

Thanks for a fun and interesting website about the Liberty Bell. It is much appreciated.
A Native-Born Proud American , San Francisco Bay Area, CA [10-28-2001]

This was a great source for information for my paper on the declaration of independence
jessica , 9yearslod [10-28-2001]

Kimberly Brown , California [10-28-2001]

this site is cool
jordan [10-28-2001]

Carole Black , St. Joseph, Missouri [10-28-2001]

mdelgado [10-28-2001]

I think you all should have air security because of what happened on Sept.11,2001.I know that will be hard because the airforce is in or still going to Afghanistan bu that's the opinion from me
Stephan Floyd [10-28-2001]

tina , none [10-28-2001]

this helped me with a school report.
Emily G. [10-28-2001]

stephanie matthews [10-28-2001]

kenny [10-28-2001]

i love america!
JANET , scranton, pa [10-28-2001]

bryson , 10 Iowa [10-25-2001]

My daughter needed info on the Liberty Bell. I was lucky to find your site. It was very helpful for her project.
Ann Smith , 32, Mother of 4, Houston, Married [10-25-2001]

C.M.D.S [10-25-2001]

i have a lot of respect for the firefighters and policemesn who helped in the sep 11th tragtidy!
Ba Graham , 12 ..i live in the us [10-25-2001]

Matt Losclazo [10-25-2001]

I love cats !!!!!!!~~~~~~~ :)
Leanne Perisn , 13 [10-25-2001]

chris cox [10-25-2001]

Cool pictures and stories
Jackolyn Carter , Age: 10 [10-24-2001]

Love the John Philip Sousa music. Never expected such a nice website.
Linda Burklund , Age 43, from Erie, PA [10-24-2001]

Ashleigh W. [10-24-2001]

Joey Teagarden [10-24-2001]

Nikki & Niesho [10-24-2001]

I went to see the Liberty Bell in August of 2001. I learned a lot about it when the guide talked about it. My family took this trip as my Senior trip.
Anna Soyster , I am 18 years old and I live in Tennessee [10-24-2001]

kyle taylor , weirton wv [10-24-2001]

I think is very important for america espicialy because of the war
Lisa Unverdorben , 11 Olean NewYork [10-24-2001]

My 8 year old daughter is writting a report on the bell.
Anita King , Ft. Myers, Florida [10-24-2001]

travis bloom [10-24-2001]

im 13 and my class was doing a project and i found a lot of interesting facts about it
Kayla , im 13 [10-24-2001]

I love your web Page !!!!!:)
Alex Jochmann , 11 [10-24-2001]

Edward.R.Williams , I live in West Philadelphia and I am 12 years old. [10-24-2001]

Ms. Turner's 1st grade class [10-24-2001]

jeanette velez , age 10 city kissimmee florida [10-22-2001]

gabby , i liked it [10-22-2001]

it must have taken a long time to make this website.
casey bright , ha [10-22-2001]

Mindy West [10-22-2001]

I really enjoyed this site it helped me out with my history project! thank you!
kajal , I'm 16 from PA [10-22-2001]

Philip , 11 Carson City,Nevada [10-21-2001]

jim winship [10-21-2001]

planning to visit in Dec during the kids school break
Jose A. Gonzalez , Miami,FL 33183 [10-20-2001]

This is an awesome piece of history
anonymous [10-20-2001]

Alan Robbins [10-20-2001]

Wish there had been a full screen picture of the bell that could be downloaded.
Charles Sweet , 67..Austin, TX [10-20-2001]

Rosemarie Nix [10-20-2001]

I think it is very creative that they thought of this web stite to learn about the LIBERTY BELL
Monica , Houston [10-20-2001]

jcowan [10-20-2001]

I'm doing a report and this website is so helpful. Let freedom ring!!!
Alissa L. , Age 9, Kentucky [10-17-2001]

Lorraine Juan [10-17-2001]

god bless america
La Verna , Garden Grove, CA [10-17-2001]

Christine Salvaggio [10-17-2001]

Kirstie Anyan [10-17-2001]

i like the liberty bell i think this is a wonderful site it tells me every thing i need to know about the bell and about the history of the bell.
kayla smith , 13 fremont [10-17-2001]

DAVIU [10-17-2001]

Kirsten Kyne [10-17-2001]

Thomas Pate , borken [10-17-2001]

This was a great web site, didn't have to go any futher.
Natasha Ross , Monroe,La. [10-17-2001]

i like the web site and i think that it is great that the internet is honoring this great part of american history
Jon Sheairs , 11, delran, nj [10-17-2001]

Its a nice site~!
Melissa Genca , Im 11 years old an I live in Delran N.J. [10-17-2001]

hey sup in 5th grade (last year)i went to philly and saw the liberty bell it was cool
Heather , Age:11 [10-17-2001]

Deb Passino [10-17-2001]

It's a wonderful website. I got to thinking that I really didn't know exactly what the history of the Liberty Bell was, and all of my questions have been answered. Nice graphic design, too. Thanks, Tina McKenzie
Tina McKenzie , Los Angeles [10-17-2001]

Your Program is very beautiful, especially in the times which we are living. I am sure that my suggestion is a repeat of many other visitors, but could not there be included in the opening of the page the tolling of the bell? Thank you for your endeavors to bring to the history of our bell to the American People. Sincerely, Rod Duncan
Roderick M. Duncan , USAF Pilot(Captain, ret)and Delta Airlines Pilot(Captain, ret) [10-17-2001]

I'm doing a project at school with some other kids about "The Seven Wonders of the USA." I picked the Liberty Bell as my wonder!
Madeleine , I'm 11, Ilive in Irvine, California [10-14-2001]

I think that the Liberty Bell is very interesting!This web site helped me with my report for school.
Brianna , age 9, fifth grade [10-14-2001]

A graet site for researching history!
Laura Summy [10-14-2001]

they should cover the liberty bells crack or rebuild it
tweetybird , 15)bronks)4433 [10-14-2001]

The USA history is very interesting.
George Alvarado , 10 years old [10-13-2001]

This helped me with my reprot
April Richard , Louisiana [10-12-2001]

I would like some free information on the united states I am a new member of the constitution
chelsea Leatherwhip , meridian, Texas [10-12-2001]

Thanks this site helped me on a report
Kent Thompson , 13,Fort Wayne IN [10-11-2001]

kevin , age 13 [10-11-2001]

your photos are cool. Peace out bro
MattandJake [10-11-2001]

Brittany , Jasper AL. [10-11-2001]

Neat site
garret , 13 years [10-11-2001]

the liberty bell is the USA's representinve of independence
sarah [10-10-2001]

kevin anderson [10-10-2001]

This is a good site for research.
Melissa Anguiano , Dallas , Texas [10-10-2001]

ROBBI SMITH [10-10-2001]

cody [10-10-2001]

Keikei , I am looking up the liberty bell for my Reach class [10-10-2001]

Hanna Brorsson , Sweden [10-10-2001]

Rickeita &Sami [10-10-2001]

ariel &Rickeita [10-10-2001]

Ana Maria , 16 from Chicago [10-10-2001]

I really enjoyed reading the information on this site
lynn , Georgia [10-08-2001]

My third grade class is interested in information concerning the Liberty Bell and other symbols of our country.
Nancy Zelinsky , Dalton, Georgia [10-08-2001]

What a great sight for parents and kids. My mom and I look together
Carly Berrier , McVeytown PA [10-08-2001]

Let Freedom Ring !!!!
Jason S Gurian , Ambler,PA [10-06-2001]

chelsea [10-06-2001]

K.K.m. [10-06-2001]

This is an ok site but you should have more info for the liberty bell march
kristina , 14 k.s [10-06-2001]

Hi. Whiy is it cracked?
Whitney [10-06-2001]

hey its ben nice i like your site see ya soon
todd gordon , 13 [10-06-2001]

I think the Liberty Bell is something special. It means a lot to the country. It is very interesting to see this site.
Jenny Fischer , 17 yrs. old; Mt. Hope, AL [10-06-2001]

This is an awesome site to help me with reports, homework,etc.
Cassandra , age 10- I live in Cleveland, TN [10-06-2001]

i thought this site was very interesting and helped me a lot with a research that i di for a history class about five sites of history
april Moran , 17/sullivan [10-06-2001]

Kelsey , Claremore [10-06-2001]

I really liked this site, I needed info on the Liberty Bell, and I found all that I needed on this site, I should recomend it to other people. I really liked this site.
Olivia , 12/f [10-04-2001]

i think the liberty bell is really interesting
mary wiscoff , 16, minot, north caolina [10-03-2001]

jesscia kalenze [10-03-2001]

This is so great! We have a group project and it's about the "Movement" of people, ideas and goods in Philadelphia. This helps me (and my group) a lot!
Alexis , 14, Union, NJ [10-03-2001]

2nd grade teacher
Linda Hamilton , Dayton, OH [10-03-2001]

Michael Zawojski [10-03-2001]

Allison Pucci , 8&half [10-03-2001]

Chris G , 55 [10-03-2001]

Thanks for providing us pictures of the historic Liberty Bell. We can't visit it in person, but you helped bring it to us. Thanks, Cathy Mueller, teacher.
Glen Rose High School Gov't. Students , Government students looking up info. [10-03-2001]

God Bless America!
Andre Anthony [10-03-2001]

When I went to go see The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, couldn't see because it was full of people. It was actully a class trip. It was fun. But I want to know more about The Liberty Bell.
Melissa Alvarez [10-03-2001]

This website is so great in many ways. It gave me a A+ in my history class. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE.Also i just like to say thank you because of what a great website this is.And because of it i am passing my class
amanda , w.p.b. fl. [10-03-2001]

I have a report due tomorrow on the Liberty Bell. This site was very helpful
Mariyah Mulvey , 8 years old [10-03-2001]

i think they should have not re-made the bell after it cracked!:)
Mack Crawford , 10yrs old [10-03-2001]

Duran Howato [10-03-2001]

bob fisher [10-03-2001]

I love Philly!
Jermaine Haynes , Im 17 and from Philadelphia [10-03-2001]

Ryan , 13, urass, [10-03-2001]

Patrick , New providence [10-03-2001]

Thanks for the great info--very complete and more than I hoped to get. I love the music feature too!
m.mikelson , Garwood Elem. Teacher [10-03-2001]

Cassie Johnson , almost 11, El Paso, Texas [10-01-2001]

age: 12 evans mid.school thanks:hope to see the liberty bell one day.
ORRY LEWLESS , martinez,ga. [10-01-2001]

i love the U.S.A
Samantha , im 10 [10-01-2001]

it's awesome
Kendra C. Roberts , houston,texas [10-01-2001]

I can recall seeing the bell when I was younger and been impresses with it then and I'm still liking th ebell and the history. Maybe some day I can take my kids to see it.
dee , 40, Sanichton,BC Canada [10-01-2001]

I love this site.
Ellen Maddox Grogan [10-01-2001]

Theresia Van Schie [09-30-2001]

I have a report due tommorow and it is about the Pennslyvania Assembly
Bear Ross [09-30-2001]

Melissa Wallace [09-30-2001]

Tammy Smith , Baltimore, MD [09-30-2001]

i thought this was awsome for my big report.
kelli stretch , 13 [09-29-2001]

Thanks for the information. It would be nice to have a freedom from terroism bell at the wtc site.
irene , long beach [09-29-2001]

I have to give a lecture about the liberty bell at school. Thanks for your help!
Esther , 15 years, Germany [09-29-2001]

Boskat [09-28-2001]

Mary Marlar [09-27-2001]

Hi I'm ong and I think what you guy did made it much and more fast for us to do and I thank you for doing that. Thank for reading my note
Ong Vue , 10 Neenah Wi 54956 [09-27-2001]

I was doing this for my teacher. We are studing the Liberty Bell in class. Thanks
Keelee Deel-Blomshield , 10 yrs old Lubbock, Tx [09-27-2001]

Found everything I was looking for on this site. Brilliant. Thank you.
Debbie Austin , 32 Wales in the UK [09-27-2001]

i had to do a report for school and i chaose the LIBERTY BELL because what just happend to the twin towns.....the LIBERTY BELL is very interesting!
Shawna , 12 years,webbers falls brown hair green eyes 116lb good tan [09-27-2001]

very nice site
mike wasson , houston tx [09-27-2001]

great website! very informative!
Beth [09-27-2001]

Needed the page for an assignment. Very informative. Thanks.
tish , 22 in KY [09-27-2001]

We have been studying American symbols in my third grade class, and we've just learned about the Liberty Bell, and my kids got a kick out of seeing the pictures. Thanks for the information, and great pictures.
Ms. Smith's Class, DallasISD , Dallas [09-27-2001]

It was very helpful in researching about the Bell for an English Essay.
Megan Kastner , 18 years old [09-27-2001]

go red,white and blue
laurie , nothing [09-27-2001]

La campana tiene bonito color. Sonaba mucho. Gracias por sus fotos. Estä bonita la campana. Me gustó la campana. Ya está fea porque está rajada. por el salón de Mrs. McCotter Alfonso, Chris, Christopher, Daniel, Diana, Ernesto, Esteban, Francisco, José, Karina, Kevin, Monica, Olaf, Oscar, Ruth, Sarai, Stephanie, Tania, Vilma, Yahaira, Yenif
Mrs. McCotter , First graders from Link Elementary School visited this sight. [09-27-2001]

We've been learning about the liberty bell and I got some information off this website that I will be sharing with my classmates. I am glad to be an AMERICAN! God Bless America
Natali Cortez , 9 years old, Arlington, TX, Mrs. Morgans 4th Grade Homeroom [09-26-2001]

we'll i think that ya'll should let people print pic's of the liberty bell because on 9/17/01 i had to do a report but i couldn't get a pic of the liberty bell so i failed
LIL'SPADE [09-26-2001]

garrett lyons , 9yrs. LORANGER LA. [09-26-2001]

I think The Liberty Bell is a very intresting and educational piece of History. I think it is very cool. God Bless America!!!
Paige Ebert , Age 10, Houston, TX [09-26-2001]

Beverly Hinton [09-26-2001]

this site is cool
mandy , 14: Northern Cambria, PA [09-26-2001]

This piece of history is useful for generations to come to remember the great love that we have for our country and freedom means so much to us, to be an American means so much
Darshelle Mincey [09-26-2001]

billye ruth logan [09-26-2001]

Iwould like to know more about the liberty bell
Aimee , 10 yrs. [09-26-2001]

Hannah Smith [09-26-2001]

you need more pitures
CHRIS [09-26-2001]

jackee [09-26-2001]

alan hernandez [09-26-2001]

Brittany [09-26-2001]

Hi, i'm @ school , at lunch recess at the lab, and it's 12 05, getting info on a report about the liberty bell. the site is great for info. and i ecspeicalllyi like the facts. thanks a lot!
Emily , um.... im 12, [09-26-2001]

i wish the tridege would have never happened.
cassandra sterling , 12 f tx [09-26-2001]

you are mean
dayne williams , 12\man/tifin Oh [09-26-2001]

this website is phat
pat [09-26-2001]

We are going to have Open House on the 6th of October, 2001. We want to impress upon our students and parents that we, like ALL Americans are trying to support each other in this time of uncertainty. I am making a workbook for our K students that will include all the symbols of our liberty, and of course, must include the Liberty Bell.
Aurora Nowlin , age 52, wife of former Marine, mom of 1 former and 1 active Marine, Kindergarten teacher, Rotan, Texas [09-22-2001]

ellen wile [09-22-2001]

The liberty bell is dear to my heart for my great grandfather was the official photographer for the city of Philadelphia when the liberty bell took its trips in 1901, 1903, 1904, and to CA in 1915. My family has its own pictures of the bell and I cherish them.
Deborah Gates [09-21-2001]

Lee Smith , Louisiana [09-21-2001]

very good page i luv it
RICHARD MARTIN [09-21-2001]

send to president, I am really devastated about the twin towers. Win that war Mr. President I will always have faith in my country I'm proud!
Chad Taylor , 13 yrs. S. Lebanon,ohio (1513) 494-9413 45065 warren co. [09-21-2001]

MARKEEN [09-21-2001]

Natalia L. Fiore [09-21-2001]

good site for book reports.
Elizabeth Tolle , 10, Richland IA [09-21-2001]

Maybe we can fix the crack and ring it!A good welder could fix it.We have the technology to fix it now!!!
Andrew Monroe Shadle , Seal Beach CA [09-21-2001]

I was looking for information for my classroom on the American Flag and this site came up. Looks like a very interesting site. I will remember it and use it or my own children can.
Connie Shuffett , Kindergarten Teacher [09-19-2001]

alan rosenblatt [09-19-2001]

Great Site for info. Used for my Girl Scout Troop to earn a patch called "Girl Scout Pride" that had to learn about the Liberty Bell. thanks!!
Karen Higham , Dallas Texas [09-19-2001]

Larisa M. Ippolito , Freehold, NJ [09-19-2001]

We are closing our social studies book for a while and beginning a unit on important symbols in American historysuch as the liberty bell.
Melissa Crane , Bremond Elementary Bremond, Tx [09-19-2001]

meli [09-19-2001]

will history books in school change after the new york terrorist act in newyork? or will it be added just as another thing it happenned in the ?
maria e ramos , 27; santa ana, ca. [09-19-2001]

i think ur page is pretty cool, i waz doin a project and needed a picture of the liberty bell and thanx to u i found one - thanx!!!!!
Suzanna Johnson , i'm 12 and i live in the united states [09-19-2001]

Philadelphia will always be credited with being the "Birth place of America however it takes a whole nation pulling together to keep US Strong and Free. God Bless America !!!
William D Inverso , Born in South Philly [09-19-2001]

Thank you for the history lesson. I printed ALL !
Dorothy Reese Plunkett , Age 73. Anniston, AL 36207 [09-19-2001]

I wasn ot able to visit the Liberty Bell last week as I had orginally planned because I happened to be in Philadelphia on Tuesday September 11. After the horrendous attacks all monuments in the city were closed for their protection. Being able to tour this website has been very satisfying for me. Thank You, and God Bless.
Georgianna Jenison , 18, Lee, NH [09-19-2001]

This is an awesome site!
Brooke Mills , Coppell, TX [09-17-2001]

Ted Curry , Age 9 from Texas [09-17-2001]

jean mcnamara [09-17-2001]

It was relley cool, intrusting,and fun!!!!!!!!!
Lindsay Whited , 12/tiffin/Oh [09-17-2001]

I think this is a good website. It gave me a lot of useful facts for a school report.
Kari , student at SHS [09-16-2001]

Tomorrow is Constitution Day - we have three elementary schools with celebrations and ringing their bells along with the ringing of the Liberty Bell.
Harriett Hubbard Kay , Palm Springs, CA Regent Cahuilla Chapter NSDAR [09-16-2001]

Shelby Lemons , i am 12 years old and i live in illinois [09-16-2001]

Shadale And Jasmine [09-13-2001]

Barb Eckert , second grade teacher [09-12-2001]

July 6th SHOULD and CAV be a day of recognition and celdbration throughout the land. Webb county Texas officially proclaimed that July 8th will be henceforth referred to as "LIBERTY BELL DAY". This Proclamation was made on August 27, 2001. Plaese forward any pamphlets or other information that may help us to plan for a wonderful day of activities that will draw attention and honor to THE LIBERTY BELL. our temporary mailing address is: 3600 N.Bartlett Ave.-117 Laredo, Texas
Joseph Chalko , 56yts, Laredo, Texas [09-12-2001]

jason franks [09-12-2001]

Tara Tonya Boren , 15 Moyers, Ok, Moyers School [09-12-2001]

platt , colorado [09-12-2001]

America has a great heritaage which should be studied and honored above all else.
Crystal Stafford , Dallas, Texas [09-12-2001]

i want to know how a crack got there
Amanda brown , 12 [09-11-2001]

I like the liberty bell I think it means a lot to our people!
Jessica Turner , Age:16 City:Cottonwood [09-11-2001]

alicia , 10 years old [09-11-2001]

Alicia Irving [09-11-2001]

Mira McPeek [09-11-2001]

i think the liberty bell is good/great/ahhh
alexandria ulrich [09-11-2001]

this is a great site to get info from! keep on adding more info and it will be even better!
katelyn [09-11-2001]

this site was a great help on my report, thanks!
maggie donnelly , 13 [09-11-2001]

thank you

I teach Second Graders a wonderful song about the Liberty Bell and every year we put on a Heritage Program for the families. The children love the Liberty Bell song the best. This year, I am doing my best to learn more about the background of this American symbol--most of it is above their heads but I for one am grateful for your website. It's so well done, succint, interesting and helpful. Thank you!
Karlyn A. Lewis , 45 San Diego [09-11-2001]

We visited there on July 19, 2001... It was fascinating to see for real...Instead of reading about it. The tour guides where very informative...thanks for history listen.
Marilyn A. Jahn [09-11-2001]

susan biddy , 39 yrs old , maylene,al [09-11-2001]

i want to know how a crack got there
Amanda brown , 12 [09-11-2001]

I like the liberty bell I think it means a lot to our people!
Jessica Turner , Age:16 City:Cottonwood [09-11-2001]

alicia , 10 years old [09-11-2001]

I was in here looking up info. because I had to do a project on it. I found a lot of useful info. at this site, and the pictures was a great touch for the project also.
Wendy Harris [09-11-2001]

DANIEL ANDERSON , age:39 [09-11-2001]

jessica [09-11-2001]

I was satisfied with this site. I find it most informative, and very thorough.
Austin Theriot Jr. , Age 45, Houma, LA [09-11-2001]

Austin Theriot [09-11-2001]

Jack B. Gilham , Odessa, Texas [09-11-2001]

I never found what I was looking for!!!
Noelle Power [09-11-2001]

Heidi , 29, Las Vegas Nv. [09-11-2001]

I came to your site because i am doing a report on the liberty bell for school. and this site really is helping i will tell everyone about it its GREAT! thanx 4 your help bye!:)
victoria powell , age=14 town-richmond kansas [09-11-2001]

I hope to see the Liberty Bell in September, when I visit Philadelphia.
florence jones , Tallassee, Alabama [09-11-2001]

this is a very informative site
suSUSIE Q , i think this site is very well informed [09-11-2001]

this is a very informative site
suSUSIE Q , i think this site is very well informed [08-30-2001]

My husband and I are in our 30's and neither one of us could come up with "how the bell cracked"...thanks for the answer...and more!
Terri McConnell , Ashtabula, Ohio [08-29-2001]

I really never was much into history. My daughter had to do a book report for school, so I helped her pick out the book; The Liberty Bell. I had to read it to her, as the writing was difficult for her to understand. She is only nine. I never ealized the great significance of our Bell. I am really glad I got to read it and to share our history with my daughter.
Kelly Deming , 28yearsold Covington, Pennsylvania [08-29-2001]

if you would like to know more about my ansestor buy my book PASS AND STOW look for the book febuary 2002
Ken Pass , las Vegas [08-29-2001]

i think this is a great site for all ages. i'm glad i found this site, because in my history call i am making a national symbol and i wanted to do the liberty bell.
Ryann Burruel , age:13 [08-29-2001]

I'm a first grade teacher and I want to research the bell for my class.
Donna Childress , Grundy, Virginia [08-29-2001]

Brian David Shepler , Mothers family name is Ross of Huntingdon county PA. Maybe part of the Philidelpha Ross family, [08-29-2001]

Exellent site!
Sara , 22 [08-29-2001]

kerria seabrooke [08-29-2001]

Bill Wallace [08-29-2001]

I got pictures for a school project. Liked all the pictures.
Gabriel Rivera , 10yo, Uvalde, TX [08-29-2001]

I think the Liberty Bell is interesting. My mom and I are studying the Liberty Bell. If you have any other information or pictures, I would like it if you could send them to me. Thank you.
Joshua , 6 1/2 Years old, homeschooled, interested in Liberty Bell, live in Pennsylvania [08-29-2001]

I would appreciate an expanded account of how the abolitionists used the bell as a symbol
ellen stahl , teacher from South Florida [08-29-2001]

summer Faith [08-29-2001]

It is a good informative site.
Terry Howe , Neosho, MO [08-29-2001]

I'm very happy to find a page where i'm able to find a piece of history of this country.
Magaly , 17, i live in California, the Golden State [08-29-2001]

Charlie Brown [08-23-2001]

Billie Styron [08-22-2001]

Ryan Nicolai R. Peña , 8 years old, San Diego [08-19-2001]

I came to this page to get information about the bell, most specifically the dimensions. Our firm (Huckabee & Assoc.) is participating in Can-struction, where you build sculptures out of non perishable items, and after all sculptures are judged the food is then taken to the food bank. In our sculpture we will replicate the liberty bell and other items. So thank you for the information.
Allison M. Davis , Ft. Worth, Texas [08-17-2001]

Estoy muy orgulloso de pertenecer a la raza humana, que superando dificultades sin fin, logra la cristalización de sus ideales, mediante gestas tan válidas como humanísticas, de las que ustedes, han mostrado con este acto independientista de 1773. Dios los bendiga, norteamericanos.
Alavaro Llaca De Unánue , Veracruz, Ver., México, [08-17-2001]

Thanks to your website my kids are able to view a piece of history.
Cassandra Meyer , West Memphis, AR [08-17-2001]

I am the librarian in an elementary school. The 5th graders in our district visit Philadelphia each fall. I plan to have them visit this site first which will enhance their visit. Thank you.
Elizabeth Mayer , Syosset, New York [08-17-2001]

Just checking out your web site
V Channel [08-17-2001]

Plan to visit in September ... Just getting a heads up on the area!
Barbara P. Murray , Christiansburg, VA [08-17-2001]

redastewart , Holden, Louisiana [08-13-2001]

Chris Moss , Dallas, TX [08-13-2001]

Great site.
Chari Mc Hale , Chicago, IL [08-13-2001]

very interesting and knowledge filled I give it two thumbs up
Phillip Queen , I am 43years old and I am intrested in past histories [08-12-2001]

Jennifer Mccoy , message: [08-09-2001]

annette stull , 36 CALIFORNIA message: TEACHING MY 7&9 YEAR OLD ABOUT AMERICAN HISTORY [08-09-2001]

Andrea Paganie , 30 Pittsburgh Pa message: Very Interesting Thanks [08-09-2001]

Jo Andrews , message: are the descendants of signers of the declaration of independence allowed to ring the bell on 4th of July? [08-09-2001]

I've bin there 1 year ago and i know "I'll be back". Very amazing place and city RALPH
Ralph [08-05-2001]

Ithink the website is "GREAT"!!!! It gives a lot of information.
Robyn Lea Creswell , I'm going to be 10in September [08-05-2001]

I went to Philly with my grandmother back in the 70's. Seeing the Liberty bell was one of my favorite memories. I look forward to the days when I will take my grandchildren to see it!!
DEBBIE PIKE , Born in Pennsylvania [08-05-2001]

my family and I are coming for a visit , because of what we saw on your web site ,what great old pictures and information you gave and where to go to look at it.
becky wright , 37, cassopolis michigan [08-03-2001]

shantel [08-03-2001]

I loved the photos of the 1915 journey.
Karen L. Schindler , Euclid, Ohio [08-03-2001]

DESMOND JOHN EGAN , brisbane australia, 54yrs. [08-03-2001]

As a long term resident of Philadelphia, and a Ranger for the National Park Service here at Independence National Historic Park, I must congradulate this site on the details you provide! Our interpretive staff is dedicated to making our visitors enjoy our history. If you all like what is in this site, be our guest and come to visit. There is plenty of history for all to enjoy in our city!
Edgar LLewellyn [07-31-2001]

Very good. Lots of interesting info to fill my brain. I will keep this site in mind for school.
Hannah Boettcher , age 11, Paoli,PA (90 minutes away from the Liberty Bell and Philadelphia.) [07-30-2001]

Mary Steward [07-30-2001]

What a great site to be able to travel cross country with the liberty bell.
Eldred W. Atkinson , York, PA [07-29-2001]

nice site enjoyed the info. Thanks.
Pat Blair [07-27-2001]

I went to the Liberty Museum in Melbourne, Florida. I saw a replica of the original bell but without the crack. I also got a chance to toll the bell. So now I'm reading more about it's History.
Thomas Kearns , I live in Melbourne, Florida [07-27-2001]

Very good site for student information.
Linda Dillingham , school teacher [07-27-2001]

Paula Richard , Gardner Massachusetts [07-27-2001]

Have gone to see the Liberty Bell its a beautiful sight to see a piece of history. Take good care of the bell for future generations.
Nellie Mello [07-26-2001]

Well i think that you should put a little more information in here! Im not trying to be rude or anything, but my little brother needed to look up some facts on the Liberty Bell, and he wasnt able to find what he wanted!! So i think that you all should go out and find out EVERYTHING that you can and then put it in here!! Thanks, Whitney
Whitney Scott [07-26-2001]

We have some much to be proud of, I wish more of us respected the freedom of America. We misuse the privilege of being an American so much.
anonymous [07-23-2001]

Frank S. Hurst [07-23-2001]

N.C. In my rear view mirror. I am comming to P.A.
kevin [07-23-2001]

this yankee will be coming home soon! thanks for the memories.....
jeannette smith , native of commonwealth of PA. [07-23-2001]

When l look at thes pictures of the liberty bell and think of what it stands for I think how lucky we are and how we should thank God that we are americans
Eunice WADDELL McKenzie [07-23-2001]

kristal wright , ga [07-20-2001]

Cortney N Wilson [07-20-2001]

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was a nice web to visit. i loved it.
LYNDA , quail valley, calif 92587 [07-19-2001]

I can't go there to see it myself so this site is very helpful and I thank you for providing it.
KAY JACKSON , largo, florida [07-19-2001]

My brothers are visiting the Liberty Bell this week with the National Boy Scout Jamboree!
Mary Julia , 10 years old [07-19-2001]

aharon , 16 woodalke [07-19-2001]

Esther Shipley , American Fork, Utah [07-18-2001]

Liberty, tradionally understood, is the best gift endowed by the Creator to human beings. Which they often pervert into license.
Marco Respinti , From Milano, Italy -- Age 36 [07-17-2001]

I liked learning about the liberty bell, and I liked the pictures. I can't wait to learn more!
Devon Jones , age 6, Woodsfield, OH [07-15-2001]

casey [07-12-2001]

I think its a great page, and that`s very interesting that it has its own home page. Its a real nice bell.
Jenny Lopez , 16 years old. L. A C.A [07-12-2001]

I am doing a project for my 3rd grade class. I choose the Liberty Bell as a symbol of America. Thank you, great website!
Jason Holcomb , I choose the Liberty Bell as a symbol of America. I am 8years old. [07-11-2001]

Thank the God for our Liberty
Jon Capps , Gurdon, AR [07-10-2001]

it's very informative and educational for the students. God bless....:)
anonymous , 18 yrs. old, philippines [07-10-2001]

Very informative site. I'll be sure to visit the Liberty Bell when I'm in Philidelphia this July.
Joan Keeler , Hewitt, N.J. [07-10-2001]

Wish we had a similar symbol to tell the world that we, like Americans, live in the land of the free.
René Morissette , Montreal,P.Q., Canada [07-10-2001]

I like the liberty bell march. I like your website.
jonathan sigal [07-10-2001]

Your website is cool. I'll go on it again.
cam sigal [07-10-2001]

we are taking a vacation to pennsylvania in august & plan to visit the bell!
ANNETTE BOWEN , verona, va [07-10-2001]

I enjoyed how each section is set up. I would'nt change anything.
Mabel Martinez [07-10-2001]

I wanted to know why it is called the Liberty Bell and I found it out here. Thank you!
Taylor Elliott , age 8 [07-10-2001]

Just wanted to thank you for having the info. on the Scout making the Liberty Bell for the 4th of July float. We tried it and won Most Patriotic Theme in our City Parade. THANK YOU!!
Pam Bandy , Den Leader for Webelos Scouts and I'm from Ft Worth , TX [07-10-2001]

GOD Bless America
Jean Gerardi , Warwick, NY Orange Cty [07-10-2001]

Our Facility is a group home for the Developementally Disabled Each month we do an activilty calander and put up events for the month-July being this month. An event we chose was the cracking of the Liberty Bell. Your site was a wonderful source of information. Thanks! Great Job!
Schultz House , Danville,Il 61832 [07-10-2001]

even today, i feel that what i did for my country is leived back to the days of days when the colonies sought independence for these united states, and at the time, the 13 colonies or 13 states of these united states of america!
CWO BOBBY J. FREEMAN USN-RETIRED , garden grove, california [07-10-2001]

this is terrific information on the internet!
Carol Steward , 57 years [07-10-2001]

After the photo essay, my 4 year-old daughter wanted to visit the Liberty Bell. We will definately go.
Trisha Torres , Brooklyn,NY Age 27 [07-05-2001]

cool site
NancyO , age 33, Olive Branch, MS [07-05-2001]

Let freedom ring!
Stanley K. Kaminski , Lived in Morrisville, pa for 20 years. [07-05-2001]

I am teaching two of my grandchildren history and have found these sites very helpful.
Phyllis Habersaat , 69 yr old great-grandma in Blachly, OR [07-05-2001]

Well Done !
Paul Kilbride , teacher Central High Phila. [07-05-2001]

Happy Bithday AMERICA !
larry L. Wong [07-05-2001]

Thanks for providing this site I volunteer here in NY state at the Gen. Herkimer Home and I truly appreciate our national heritage and the importaqnce of keeping our history alive.
Susan F. Hamiltom Seleway , Syracuse NY [07-05-2001]

I have always studied history and find the founding of our country facinating
Dorothea Hoskin , Hyrum,Utah 70 yrs old female [07-05-2001]

excellent website
JOHN LEWIS , retired teacher 41 yrs [07-05-2001]

ithink the liberty bell is a sign of freedom
EMMANUEL YONG [07-05-2001]

god bless america.....
jean marquardt , layton, utah [07-05-2001]

Nice Site. Concise, yet informative history.
William Dooley & Family , 37, Virginia Brach, VA [07-05-2001]

Enjoyed having learned about the Liberty Bell.
Gilka F. Nunes Pereira , Vicosa-MG- Brazil [07-03-2001]

Luci Saunders , Upland, CA [07-03-2001]

Very interesting facts. Some dates which correct things that I have heard in the past. I shall use the information to speak on July 4.
W. Bryan Thornburg , Age - 74; City - Waco, Texas [07-03-2001]

really enjoyed this sight
charlene crossett [07-03-2001]

I am proud to be serving my country. No matter who you are or where you come from once you are in the military you are one to serve and protect your country just like the millions of men who have paid their lives so we could have our freedom and everything else we have today.
Jennifer Patton , amn, usaf [07-03-2001]

very interesting-i teach at a pre school and i learned a lot to share with the kids
KELLY , 21-williamstown-nj [07-03-2001]

Going to be teacher and gathering information for students. This is a neat site.
Linda E. Grotz [07-03-2001]

I am a student right now and I plan to teach our American History to grades 5-8.
Tiffany Konegni , 21, Downey California, [07-01-2001]

steven [07-01-2001]

Let Freedom Ring
Richard J. Goldner , Camarillo, California [07-01-2001]

Eileen Byrne Dishong , I was born and raised in the Phila. area and each time I see the Liberty Bell I feel like I am back in Phila. I now live outside Chicago but miss the history of the great city of Philadelphia, especially around the fourth of July! [07-01-2001]

Informative site, inspiring symbol.God bless America!
Gary H. McClenney , Chesapeake, VA [07-01-2001]

B Chegash [07-01-2001]

Thanks...we were looking for information for our newsletter. (Richland Manor Nursing Home)
Laurie , Delhi, Louisiana [07-01-2001]

May god bring life, liberty, peace and happiness to us all.
APRIL BOONE , 27 yrs.-Savage, Md. [07-01-2001]

tom and mabel grover [06-28-2001]

Sharon Yanz , Vacationing there 7/8-10 [06-28-2001]

why did the bell get a i to it . plus we are going there tommoer
alex , 8 hafordcounty [06-28-2001]

alex , 8 hafordcou [06-28-2001]

Visited the Liberty Bell in 1976 for 200 Birthday Celebration, and it was great!
Lea LeJeune [06-28-2001]

We live in the greatest country.
Annette L. Smythe , Lacy, New Jersey [06-28-2001]

My maternal grandfather's name was Reese Pass who was a Phila Fireman before he retired in the mid 50's. He passed on the info that we are direct decendants of John Pass whosw name is cast on the bell.
ed miller , Decendant of John Pass [06-28-2001]

I enjoy this site very much. Thank You!
Vicki Ror [06-28-2001]

This is a very informative site. I came looking for specific info and found all of it and more.
Jessica , age 13,Oregon [06-28-2001]

Liberty is the greatest gift of all.
Paul Vincent [06-28-2001]

Norman Dopf , 56, Cambridge, ID 83610 [06-28-2001]

Rebecca Bradford [06-28-2001]

I am getting together our Fourth of July party at the US Embassy and found your website quite nice!!
Susan Smith , Pretoria South Africa [06-28-2001]

Wish I could have found a clear picture that showed the exact writing ... where it was and how. Other than that was a very good learning experience for my family and I. Thank you.
Laura Bunch-Sunderland , Illinois [06-28-2001]

I can really use your website.Thank You for your info at this site!-Valerie
valerie edwards , age:10 city:sprigfield [06-28-2001]

valerie edwaards [06-28-2001]

I can't wait to get to Philadelphia on June 29, 2001. I will spend time to check out the sites...especially the Liberty Bell...I want to see it in person!!!!
Christine R. ramirez , South Sioux City, NE [06-28-2001]

Thank you for all the info. I am glad it was easy for me to find out about the inscription on the bell. Thank you,
Simon Flores , Harker Heights Tx [06-28-2001]

Christian Diaz , I am 10 years old [06-28-2001]

Parker Teshima [06-28-2001]

thank you we are doing a unit on citizenship. You have really helped.
nancy labbe , 4th grade teacher, hannibal, new york [06-28-2001]

I enjoyed the site and learned what I needed to know about the bell.
Heidi DeAndrea [06-20-2001]

Shoko Sato [06-20-2001]

Let Freedom Ring this Independance Day.
Michael Souza , http://wareham-ma.netfirms.com/ [06-20-2001]

Edward Beideman [06-20-2001]

I was teaching my students about the Libery Bell and the background that I received from this site really made the storu come alive.
Judith K. Rogers , Kansas City Missouri [06-20-2001]

I am planning to visit the Liberty bell in October.
William [06-20-2001]

From your account of the Liberty Bell history, I understand that there have actually been four bells cast, trying to meet the accetance of the Pennsylvania State House. The first one was cracked and melted down and recast by Pass & Stow. Its sound was unacceptable and that bell was also melted and recast. That one is currently in the steeple of Independence Hall. The second Whitechapel bell didn't sound any better and was placed in the State House cupola to ring chimes for the clock. Then, what bell is on display? The originally cracked bell, according to your history, was melted by Pass and Stow and recast with more copper. So when did the one on display crack? Is it a fifth bell? Please clarify this for me? Thank you.
Gary Fyke , Chillicothe, Illinois 61523 [06-17-2001]

I Came to this site Because my Grandpa had told me that my Ancestor John Stow had worked on the Libery Bell
Robert Carl Stow , 17,Moore Oklahoma [06-17-2001]

Carole Patton [06-17-2001]

Annette Wagner , 21, Munich [06-17-2001]

BERNICE MANEY , georgia [06-14-2001]

Nick Treviso , 9 [06-13-2001]

I hope to someday see the Liberty Bell.
Bridgette Gavic , age 9 [06-13-2001]

Susan Hamilton , I was raised in Phiadelphia but live in Indiana now. [06-13-2001]

we are homeschoolers doing research on patriotism. we will be learning about many american symbols and patriots. we hope to explore and find your site helpful!
melani thompson &spencer , mom of 6, lake forest, ca [06-13-2001]

Hey this web page is great it contains a lot of information.
Melanie and Liz [06-13-2001]

Ralf Schwalinski , city [06-13-2001]

Amanda Mullaney [06-13-2001]

Kristin [06-13-2001]

Great page, great history
anonymous [06-13-2001]

Bill Spivey , Roland, Okla. [06-13-2001]

My youngest son had to do a report on an American Symbol he picked the Liberty Bell Your site was both informative and interesting, thank you.
Avila Tregoat , Kindergarten teacher nyc,ny [06-10-2001]

A nice resource for historians and students alike.
Ellen , Hereford [06-10-2001]

oh yea~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ let's rock & roll~!!~!~!
Simon Lee , 14 years old [06-10-2001]

Kathy Koecher , White Bear Lake, MN 55110 [06-10-2001]

I work at an elementary school and found the liberty bell information helpful een for my kindergarteners
Bonnie Marquis [06-10-2001]

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I think that thwe Liberty Bell is an awsome aritfact. Buffy Rulz. She is better
Buffy , Buffy Rulz [06-06-2001]

I am writting a story pertaining to the Liberty Bell. This is not only a very informative site, it is really a lot of fun!!! I'll be back!!!!!Bw
BW Sanderson , Female, age...???...Jasper, Tx [06-06-2001]

PATRICK DAUDON , bayeux normandy [06-06-2001]

love your sight. helped me on a very large schhl project.
geof , newbury port mass [06-06-2001]

I love Pensylvania. And the liberty Bell
Jessica , age 11 city,Williamsburg state,VA [06-06-2001]

Where is the Liberty Bell?
Kelli , I am Cool [06-06-2001]

Madison Stolk [06-06-2001]

jereme , 100000000000 [06-06-2001]

Very good websight
Kristen Usher [06-06-2001]

charles seevers [06-06-2001]

Working on social studies unit the United States flag and other symbols of our country.
Dolores R. Mesi , Teacher Kindergarten [06-06-2001]

Jill, Shelby and Ali Broyles [06-06-2001]

I love this web site. I am a historical director for the statue of liberty but i ma want to think of getting a job at the liberty bell.
Morgan Le Count , 26 [06-06-2001]

I really liked it. If you want to do a research on Liberty Bell, this is a great site. Congratulations!!!
Petronila Nascimento [06-06-2001]

The Liberty Bell is awesome. Went to see it march 2001. It's good to know it's on the website.It is fun to learn more about the Liberty Bell's history.
Rose 06-02-01 , Rosemount, Minnesota [06-06-2001]

have become very interested in the Liberty bell since the passing of my stepfather and finding in his estate a coin with the Liberty Bell on it....can anyone help to tell me if it is valuable or not?
Frances , Norwich,England [06-06-2001]

The facts on Liberty bell were interesting
G.B.R.K. satish chandra , 21, Male from Hyderabad, AP, India [06-02-2001]

It is great to see our history and show those who may never get to visit your great city! Thank you
lois jean grega , 37, fallentimber pa about 1 hour from happy valley ( home of the penn state nittany lions) [06-02-2001]

Jennifer Rodriguez [06-02-2001]

I think it should be bigger
Leo , White Swan [05-30-2001]

If your looking for information on the Liberty Bell, this is the road to travel. Thorough, complete, and the most informative I've found in one location....
Floyd Remaley [05-30-2001]

Wonderful, I really enjoyed this information. Well done!
Dan Dellinger [05-30-2001]

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Roll Away the Dew
Robert Purdy [05-30-2001]

Samantha , age 9 city Manhattan Bch CA [05-30-2001]

I love this site!
Jean [05-30-2001]

I need the address of the Liberty Bell, please. I would like to visit it in my vacaion Thank you
Jack Ballestero [05-30-2001]

Doing a book report.
francesca , 6, Hyannis, MA [05-28-2001]

Annie Lee [05-28-2001]

Daria L.Atkisson , Thorofare,NJ [05-28-2001]

Jack Boyer [05-28-2001]

needed info for school report
Dustin , age 8 , Barnesville, Ohio [05-27-2001]

i think this has as much information as www.google.com has if you could take information from the libberty bell and add it to www.google.com i will get a million people to come to the website. thanks bye bye
Jenny , 9, ca [05-27-2001]

Very informative. Good site
Larry Lashley [05-27-2001]

Sarah Morris [05-27-2001]

Danielle Mink , 11 Crownsvville MD [05-26-2001]

I visited Philadelphia in 1984. Loved it then and I love this website. Thank you!
anonymous [05-26-2001]

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I think that it is fun to do things into
Asia , Iam nine [05-26-2001]

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the site is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
mike coulter , 12 royersford pa [05-24-2001]

Hi, great site! I was wondering if you could tell me what the guides at the Liberty Bell are called. Tour Guides? Lecturers? Rangers? Any help would be great. Thanks!
kenna [05-24-2001]

thomas mullen [05-24-2001]

Most intereating info. My background is the Bucks County area, my relatives on my mother's side all Quakers, so the quote was interesting for me!
Elizabeth Horender , Fort Plain N.Y. [05-24-2001]

mbuzogany [05-24-2001]

great website
Charles Cocke , 60 [05-24-2001]

could u buy it
shawn [05-24-2001]

i love the Liberty bell
VANDORA , 10,0098743 [05-24-2001]

GREAT site! A lot of info for me to read and use. THANX!
Elizabeth [05-24-2001]

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I need more ifo.
Jessica , no [05-24-2001]

It really helped with a school project! Thank you so much!
Kim [05-24-2001]

I am very interested in why the liberty bell is patriotic.
Anne Willey , I'm 13 and live in Essex Jct. VT [05-24-2001]

i have to learn about the liberty bell
Aracely Chavarria , Amarillo, Tx [05-24-2001]

My name is Leigh and I was learning about the Pledge of Allegince and each part of our class was assined a different part of the pledge my group got with Liberty and justice for all and my teacher said that the Liberty Bell was part of it so I was wondering if you could send me some facts and the History of the liberty bell or send me a sight that does have info thanks a lot!
Leigh, I am 11 [05-21-2001]

this is a great website! it really helped me on my history project on the liberty bell. it was one of the four topics i chose on my project about the american revolution. thanx for the great site. i got an A on the project too!
Laura, London, Ontario, Canada [05-21-2001]

heather guzell, 13/f/pa [05-21-2001]

eric, 10 [05-21-2001]

there is a gost in one of the pictures
stephen dellibovi, 10 port washington ny [05-21-2001]

this page is really cool. Our class is going on a 2 day 1 night trip. were going to see the bell and the consition blah blah bah. Well anyway thanx any way.
Ryan Castro, age:11 city:Port Washington state:New York [05-21-2001]

I think your site is cool and very interesting. It is also very educational especially for my class. My class is going on a 1 night 2 day trip to Philidelphia and we are going to see the Liberty Bell and much more. I think it was a wonderful idea to make this site.
Jonathan Sharon, Age: 11 City: Port Washington State: New York [05-21-2001]

i think that your sight is cool and it has a lot information on philly. i am glad that you made this sight because my class is going to philly and we need to learn about philly and this sight teaches us all a lot
stephen dellibovi, age 10 port washington ny 11050 [05-21-2001]

l a pagina 9 ho fatto un link sul vostro meraviglioso sito. a pagina 9 ho fatto un link sul vostro meraviglioso sito.
Zanella Silvano, Viale dei Colli 27 - 37128 Verona Italy [05-21-2001]

This is such an awesome website. I am sure to get an A on my report. Thank you for such useful infromation. I learned so much!!!!!!!
Faith Peterson, Age 13 San Francisco, CA [05-21-2001]

It is wonderful to read about our heritage. My sons are looking to see if they are related to Mr. Stow
Sarah Hiittner Stow Soard, Formerly from NJ now TN [05-20-2001]

i love your history
shamain wilkes, I Love philadelphia [05-19-2001]

i really like this page because it gave me a lot of information for my reseach paper.
T.TOWERS, age/16 texarkana , ar [05-18-2001]

it was just so great
candice [05-18-2001]

I like bells
phil McCrackin, 20 Smelgin IL [05-18-2001]

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Al Ramos, Nipomo, Ca. 93444 [05-18-2001]

This site has helped me a lot on reasearch. Thanks!
Matthew Yee, Age 10 [05-18-2001]

I hope to see this historical bell this year. It is one thing to study about our history but it is so much better to see it.
Betty Gueringer [05-18-2001]

the liberty bell is awsom
megan, 19 [05-18-2001]

Where is it located right now?
John Williams, Age:12 [05-18-2001]

Brandon Mallin, 5th Grade Student in St. Croix Falls, WI [05-18-2001]

Mom found this site for me when I had some questions on the Liberty Bell.I liked the way the bell was hidden from the Redcoats.
Brett Snell, 10 yr old, live inCentral New York State [05-18-2001]

I really like the Libery Bell. It is so pretty! Where was it made?
Brianna, 11 [05-16-2001]

Rene Layland, rochester,NY 32 yrs old 5th grade teacher [05-16-2001]

Put MORE pictures!!!! Otherwise, I liked this info!!
pam [05-16-2001]

I was wondering if you could have more pictures, to print of the Liberty Bell. Iam doing a project on it and I need pictures! But I really think it is an awesome website!
Joyce Ann [05-16-2001]

I would like the Liberty Bell to fall apart when
Corinne, 11 Oak Forest [05-16-2001]

I needed this site for a report and it helped me
Dan Jenusaitis, 13 [05-16-2001]

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It has all the imformation for everyone.
Vivian Ta, female [05-14-2001]

i think your website is cool. had to find lot's of historical sites for homework and you were one of them. thanks for the help.
annie mack [05-14-2001]

I'm doing a school report on Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell. I have traveled to Philadelphia before and saw all the historical sites including the Liberty Bell. However I didn't know much about it so I look forward to learning about it!
Lisa Manwaring, 18 years old [05-14-2001]

Awesome site and it expecially helped me because I am going to Philly for school and I know nothing about the place. Thank You!
Melissa [05-14-2001]


this web site is ok not the best i've been to though!! Ur Friend, Danielle
Danielle [05-14-2001]

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I am going to Philadelphia for a feild trip, and this site makes me look forward to it a lot! I looked up aol keyword "philadelphia'but i couldnt find much then i just thought of ushistory.com
Lucy [05-11-2001]

I think it is a cool website!!
joe [05-11-2001]

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Doing a paper in my History class on the Liberty Bell. Thanks for this wonderful site.
Emily, Tennessee, age 17 [05-11-2001]

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Benjamin [05-11-2001]

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Um.. This website is very nicley put togather!!!!!!!!!!
LIndsey Reed, Tipton Mo 65081 [05-11-2001]

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Reading about the Liberty Bell made me think that of all the symbols that personify America something as solid and of great bearing there is nothing like the Bell.
Richard Acevedo, Rialto, CA [05-11-2001]

This is the best web site
DEREK, falls church [05-11-2001]

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dexter, 1738 banning blvd [05-10-2001]

We are thinking of visiting the liberty bell for memorial day weekend.
barbara mackin, elizabethtown, ky [05-10-2001]

Why do you not have directions to the LB? I have friends visiting from Asia and we would like to see the LB. We will be coming from Longwood Gardens. Please reply with directions and how to exit to I-95 South to washington D.C. Thanks.
Gina Catedrilla [05-10-2001]

As a newcomer to Philadelphia from Missouri, I'm proud to live in a city with so much history.
Carey, 25, King of Prussia, PA [05-10-2001]

i need some more stuff about nesquehoning PA
Ashley Applegate [05-10-2001]

Klear [05-07-2001]

you need more information on the liberty bell
caitlyn, 11years old [05-07-2001]

I am told that I am a descendant of John Pass, but I have not been able to go back into geneology far enough yet to confirm this. I have a great fondness for Pennsylvania - born there (Chester County) and lived there until July 1995. And I plan to return to Pennsylvania (Chester County) in later years.
Jane Eileen Brown Sharkey, Sarasota Florida resident [05-07-2001]

jeremy linn, i have acat, arat, 2dogs, chickens. [05-07-2001]

I'm very happy with Benjamin Franklin. Did he have any children???
Timothy "VIRGIN" Sykes [05-07-2001]

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Kim Steffen, 38 [05-07-2001]

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Melanie, 20 Cleveland Ohio [05-07-2001]

Hi , I need some photos for presentation about America Revolutionary War . Could you do me a favor , sending more photos for me if you have them . Tks a lot . With the best regards from me~~~Natalee
Natalee Lee, the photos about America Revolutionary War [05-07-2001]

I have a 2cent stamp that commemorates the 150yrs of independence. Is it worth persuing. Is the stamp worth anything today
Julie, yes [05-07-2001]

What a terrific web site!
Jane Anderson, teacher@ Eisenhower School in Bridgewater N.J. [05-07-2001]

I found your site very useful while helping my son with his school project, Pennsylvania scrapbook. Thank you!
Lisa Keslar, Indian Head, PA [05-06-2001]

Still, at the age 60 (next weekend), questions come at me and I want to know.... Who ordered the Liberty Bell to be made?, was it always called the liberty bell? are examples. I always want to get deeper inside an object or a person that one has taken for granted. In school you took the bell for granted, that is was in and part of our fight for freedom... then I as I'm ready historical date in past years, I noticed that it was delivered to Philadelphia in 1752. That makes me ask the question, revolution is still almost twenty years away... hmmm, so I looked for a site to see if it would give an answers. Your site looks good so far, but this is only my second page...
Peggy J sSimmons, Washington IL [05-06-2001]

It is a shame that the Liberty Bell can not start another coast to coast tour of the United States, for the Children and all of the others that have been unable to see this piece of National Pride.
Sherry L. Stidston, Age 63 yrs. Clovis, CA. From Tuscola, IL. [05-05-2001]

This is a cool web site!!!!!
Wierdo [05-05-2001]

Michael Wurth, Sierra Vista, AZ. [05-05-2001]

Does anyone have a picture I could reproduce onto a heavyweight paper for the children to color and cut out at our presentation next Wed?
Becky Fuller [05-05-2001]

Our family is presenting the state of PA at our homeschooling group next Wed and decided to present info regarding the Liberty Bell. Will be printing anything I can find here to help 5-10 year olds learn about it. I also have a pair of OLD lamps of the liberty bell. We are also presenting information about paper making, Hershey chocolates and Oil discovery.
Becky Fuller [05-05-2001]

cool website
Mei Kuo, 12 colts neck [05-03-2001]

I like this to write my report about the liberty bell because I found it intertesting.
Ashleigh, 8 years old [05-03-2001]

Darby Lee Montgomery [05-03-2001]

Becky Claar, I am 14/f/Pa e-mail me if ur a guy and send a pic [05-03-2001]

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Ernestine Gooch [05-03-2001]

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Reeca, 10 Yr. Amarillo [05-03-2001]

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How did the Liberty Bell get cracked?
Mike Kropacek, Age: 12 City:Fairfax State:Virgina Address: 5205 Grinnell St. Zip Code: 22032 [05-02-2001]

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VICTORIA KALENDEDER, i'm 12 and live in canada [05-02-2001]

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gas, im 10 and live in north dakota [05-02-2001]

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Kate, I'm 11 1/2 [05-02-2001]

It Was Awesome
Matt Cermack [05-02-2001]

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Marisa Mills, Cool facts!! [05-02-2001]

we are going to see the liberty bell for the first time may 19th.
DORIS ROSS & FAMILY [05-02-2001]

hey im doin a history project an the pictures helped a ton!!
lyndsey, 13 [05-02-2001]

i love the libertybell!!
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Learning the history of the Liberty Bell.
Ivellise Vasquez, 10 [05-02-2001]

i will like to see the liberty bell one day in my little life i have.
karima [05-02-2001]

I am descendant of John Stow who was one of the makers of the Libery Bell.
David E. Stow, 44 yrs old of Medford, NJ [05-02-2001]

greate place to visit. proud to come from Phila and to live so close
judy surrick, 64yrs. Croydon. pa. [05-02-2001]

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i really thought this site was infromationable
Matt Duncan, 15, California, Los Angelas [05-02-2001]

sara, age10,city Glen Carben [05-02-2001]

we came to your website because we have a project due on the Liberty Bell and it told us everthing we needed to know!! THANKS
Nicky& De'Anna Lewis, no [05-02-2001]

loritta watkins [05-02-2001]

We will be X-raying the Liberty Bell today and as a "die in the wool" patriot, I consider this to be the most honorable task I have ever performed. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. Conam Inspection, Inc. Crack Propagation Team 4/27/01
Don Hurst, Conam Inspection, Inc. [05-02-2001]

Thank you for the website. It helps me a lot to plan my trip to visit this great city this July.
LI-Lin Wu, age 33, Taipei Taiwan. [05-02-2001]

i visited here because it gives you a lot of different info about part of our history and that is something everyone should know about is there history!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrea Hill, stoneboro, PA [04-26-2001]

I'm doing a report for Museum Day at school.
Kyle P. Ortel, 8 [04-26-2001]

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i didn't know how the bell was cracked...i do now! thank you for the information!!
angelo simeone [04-26-2001]

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Your site really helped me I had a report on the liberty bell and I got all my information on your site it was fun to do my report and to learn more about the liberty bell I will tell you what I got for a grade later when I find out.Your site rocks
Amanda, I am 10 and a girl I live in Queensbury NY 12804 [04-26-2001]

who first rang the bell / how did it get a crack / and now where is it
lexi karras, 9/prospect park [04-26-2001]

it was ok
Breezy, 10/stanhope/nj [04-26-2001]

the liberty bell is a good thing to study
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AMANDA ALANIS, 07 brownsville, texas [04-25-2001]

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I have visited the Pavillion several time and I am always moved by the significance of he Bell.
Mercedes Benitez-Sharpless, Easton, PA [04-24-2001]

Your website has helped me through this very big project that I have done. I gat an A because of your wonderful website! Thank you!
Sheena Bonilla, Honolulu, HI [04-24-2001]

Am Perdue descendant; it has been told in family lore that Perdues went to Ireland to help cast Liberty Bell. Am seeking to discover if this is fact or just a family tale Thanks for any help you can give me, Rosemary
Rosemary K.Hodges, 54--Hardy, VA near Roanoke) [04-24-2001]

this is nice
john auer, Mt. Plesant [04-24-2001]

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Melissa, I have a great boyfriend [04-24-2001]

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Thanks a lot for the info. I'm doing a report on PA and I thought adding a little info on the Liberty Bell might do some good! thanks a lot
Holli Raschella [04-24-2001]

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great website. very informative..fun too
Angela Loo, bay area, ca [04-24-2001]

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Amber, age 8 Wyoming , Mi. [04-24-2001]

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Being an Anglo American really do want to explore the culture of America...or at least that's what Dad says !
Abbie Megan Carter, 3 mnths, New Providence, NJ [04-24-2001]

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it was cool
Corey Smith [04-24-2001]

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of how the soldiers fought for our independence. Some died for it but others made it through and gave us our independence. Thank God for the Flag!!!!!!
Olivia Carter, 13 Beaumont MS [04-24-2001]

great sight
SAM [04-24-2001]

I am doing my State Report on Pennsylvania. This site helps me a lot! It gives me a lot of information.
Megan Hutchens, I'm 11 years old! [04-24-2001]

Sandra Gonzalez [04-18-2001]

This is a very informative site. My daughter is going to research the Liberty Bell because she recently visited the Liberty Bell Shrine located at the Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, PA. My father helped to found the shrine at Zion's, and there is a plaque in his memory at the shrine. I am looking forward to showing my daughter this fine website to assist her in her research.
Nancyann Griesemer Flood, Stamford, CT; former member of Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, PA [04-18-2001]

this a great site. we are a homeschool family,this is a great resource.
mary darnell [04-18-2001]

enjoyed your site used it as part of the research in a school project. Sure hope you don't mind. I will achknowledge where ther research came from.
Billie Stephens, 53 yr old student Atlanta,Ga [04-18-2001]

jerry aguilar, music [04-18-2001]

Grace J. Manuel [04-18-2001]

I like this web site, it helped me a lot on my state report. I chose Pennsylvania to do my state report on because my best friend moved there.
Sephiroth, n/a [04-17-2001]

I like the Liberty Bell
Symphony, 10 years old, Kailua,Hawaii [04-17-2001]

Researching internet for homeschooling course materials. Presently working on U.S. Gov't.
Gene Webster, 65 yrs old; Austin, TX; retired technical writer [04-17-2001]

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I am doing a research project on The Liberty Bell your site gave me lots of informaton! Thanks!
Abby, from Indiana [04-17-2001]

Cool Page, your helping my out with my homework!
Gowri, Age 11, girl [04-16-2001]

Looking forward to meeting the Liberty Bell
Patty Zawistowski, Finksburg, Maryland [04-16-2001]

I'm a single mother of two,my youngest will be visiting the bell on a school trip that was rewarded to students who entered the Patriot Contest in their school and learned all about our great and plentiful history
Darlene DeAngelo, 40 years of age Baltimore, Maryland [04-15-2001]

A good way to learn history in the parts that interest you.
Paula Fox [04-15-2001]

After recently reading about the attack on the Bell,I became interested in learning or very possibly being reminded of the history of our Liberty Bell. This website made looking up a pleasure. What a learning tool this computer is. It is a very exciting way to experience learning. Not at all the way we studied back in the 1940's
Walter Swailes [04-15-2001]

Great information. Thanks!
anonymous, Carlisle, PA [04-13-2001]

if any body has a picture of the u.s. flag send it to me please
crystal clabourne [04-13-2001]

You have Very good info on the Liberty bell! it was great while using it for my history project!!
Sheridan Erdman, age:15 Used for History Project [04-13-2001]

Billy Jae [04-13-2001]

I am looking for the reason that the bell cracked, for my metallurgy class.
Gerald Rhodes [04-11-2001]

I have memories of a school trip back in the early 50's to see the Liberty Bell when it was housed beside winding stair steps and we could reach out and touch it. I just checked out your web site to get the dimensions and facts about it to give to a neighbor who has never seen it. I am proud of my Pennsylvania Heritage and always talk about growning up and taking the train into Philadelphia Market Street Station from Norristown. Thank you for an informative site.
barbara schroeder, florida (born & raised in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania [04-11-2001]

It's always nice, when doing family research, to look at your site. I'm a descendant of John Pass, and many of my relatives used to live in Philadelphia. Thanks for sharing this information with me!
Jennifer Pass Kellar, 30, Gastonia, N.C. [04-11-2001]

Lauren Burke, I am 9 years old and I live Holmdel N.J,07733 [04-11-2001]

Prince Williams [04-11-2001]

i need some facts about Pennsylvania history
Jennifer, 10 punxsutawney 15767 [04-11-2001]

I'm a teacher and this is a great site for kids.
Benita aldrich [04-11-2001]

I think the Liberty bell is awesome. I would like to see it some time soon.This is so cool . I would like to visit Pensylvanea it sounds way cool! I can't wait to tell my friends about this website.
Shalee Rosa Osterloh, Septemer 4,1991 9 years old Casper Wyoming [04-11-2001]

The sound of freedom has been perserved by the members of the armed forces whom have died so that citizens of america could live a safe and free life. Richard Aitchison Gysgt USMC Retired.
Richard Aitchison, 86 North Taylor Nampa Idaho 83687 [04-11-2001]

Brian, california [04-11-2001]

maritza [04-11-2001]

This is so cool i only wish that i could have been there when it happened bec it came thought kansas city and that where i live. this is a cool site and i would like to know why can't we stand on the bell and why did they back then? pleaz if you can write back thank you for your bye
Vanessa, 12 [04-11-2001]

I liked the information here but it is too ling for me to read so my om had to help me. I will use this site again
James M. Ragen, 6, Orland Park Illinois, First grade [04-11-2001]

it is so so so kool
brianna, 11 ct [04-11-2001]

i am a descendant of John Stow, and i would like to thank you for mentioning his contributions to the Liberty Bell on this site. when i was little, i heard that one of my ancestors had cast the bell, but not until recently have i been able to find anything. i hope that i can use your information in any school reports that come my way.
Denise, 15 yrs old [04-11-2001]

The July 4th Parade Theme for Independence Day 2001 Juneau, Alaska " LET FREEDOM RING "
Gerald J Dorsher, juneau, alaska [04-11-2001]

Let Freedom Ring.! Thank God that we live in the Good old USA.
Stence Miller, Harrisburg, Pa. age 69 [04-11-2001]

stephen blumberg [04-11-2001]

This is my school project and I found a lot of great stuff to do my poster. I hope to talk to you later.
China Rentzell, age 9 Reedville, Virginia [04-11-2001]

I liked the web site but it needs pictures just with the liberty bell not with the people!
Kristi, nothing [04-11-2001]

My grandfather travled with the bell and I had pictures of this but my Mother distroyed them all. I would like to find someone with them
Virginia [04-11-2001]

The liberty Bell is a great historical mark to go see even if you are living in Philadelphia.
Natalie Roberts, 18 years old [04-11-2001]

mary e terry [04-11-2001]

great site.very informative
kriss tang, kuala lumpur,malaysia [04-06-2001]

Ronald E. McCorkle [04-06-2001]

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James A. Jenkins, Age 69, Veazie Maine [04-06-2001]

Great site.
Robert W. Culp [04-06-2001]

The liberty bell RULES.
Jen, Fanzine [04-06-2001]

JOHN P. SOPHER, cordova, sc [04-06-2001]

I am troubled to hear today that someone has damaged the Liberty Bell by striking it repeatedly with a hammer at the display in Philadelphia. In our family, we remember the story my Grandfather told of how, when he was a little kid, he saw the Bell as it travelled on a trip by rail around the turn of the century. My great-grandfather, Elijah Courson, worked on the Pennsylvania R.R., undoubtedly helping my Grandfather gain a good vantage point as the Bell came through town. He always considered himself lucky to have been able to run up and stick his finger in the bell's crack. He was reminded of that moment for many years to come, when he would see the Bell's image on a coin in pocket change. It is with a nostalgic and melancholy feeling that I look at what happened with the hammer today, and struggle to understand why anyone would do such a thing.
Paul Courson, Williamsport, Penna. [04-06-2001]

Jennifer Garcia [04-06-2001]

i think your page is really good...but you should add more facts on why the liberty bell took place.
jaime henderson, i am a 14 female from south newton middle school [04-06-2001]

it was great.
petrua [04-06-2001]

At school i have been learning about the liberty bell.i think it is amazing the bell was travled so far.i hope to talk to you soon.april 4,2001.
EMILY BROWNING, 1o years old festus mo 63028 [04-04-2001]

I really like your web page but I think that you should take some pictures away because I can't look through all of them and nither can other people
Kayla Dowling, 9yrs.Lititz Pa. [04-04-2001]

MARTINIQUE [04-04-2001]

i think that the liberty is a awesome bell!
JESSICA SPICER, 11 i live in jonesville ky. [04-04-2001]

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michael robinson, 11yrs. detroit,MI [04-04-2001]

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Charity Carley, 14/female/Okc [04-04-2001]

Shelby [04-04-2001]

Thank you for your information which helped me with my school homeworks. I am in 3rd grade at Canyon View Elementary in Irvine, California.
Deborah Park, Age 8, Irvine, California, 92620 [04-04-2001]

This is a great site!!
Meredith Ann Deacon [04-04-2001]

WOW!!! Great site guys. I LOVED the music. It was great as well as all of the facts. Way to go!
ALP Pepo, age 11 [04-04-2001]

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it helped me with my school report
Jessica, 11 4-1-01 [04-01-2001]

This website helped me on my Social Studies progect.
Victoria, 11 Newburgh [04-01-2001]

kelsey, 10 year old girl [04-01-2001]

I love this page because I got a progtect on the Liberty Bell and I can get ''TONS'' OF Iformation on it.
Michael Corrigan, 10 Philadelphia [04-01-2001]

happy gilmore, 46 pleasanton [04-01-2001]

michelle [04-01-2001]

Richard Benton, 47, Seymour, IN. [04-01-2001]

Lauren Tebo [03-29-2001]

Your site is quite interesting. The subject of the Liberty Bell came up at lunch the other day, and no one could exactly recall the history behind the Bell. Thanks for the very well written and informative web site.
Jeff Miller, Age 29 from Baton Rouge, LA [03-28-2001]

i had to look at this website weather i wanted to or not
me [03-28-2001]

Pat Buggy, 10 [03-28-2001]

Katherine Smeltzer [03-28-2001]

Kayce Whittington [03-28-2001]

Greetings, I am a teacher in NY am making a set of trading cards for my students and school district. WHere can I obtain a royalty free color photo of the Liberty Bell? thanks, Don
Don Michael [03-28-2001]

I think this is a very good homepage and a lot of people can use this page for reports and other things too!
Kaitlin [03-28-2001]

joshua [03-28-2001]

I think that Pennsylvania is a great state! It's so cool! I think you guys should make the pictures so you could pike them. I mean like,if you wanted a picture of the Liberty Bell you could have a placr where it says pictures and you could have different pictures and the names of them on it, so I could just find Liberty Bell, click on it and I would have the picture. Well thanks for letting me give my opinion.
Phoebe McIntyre [03-26-2001]

Amanda Bostic [03-26-2001]

This site has good information thank you for your time to give me this info. Thanks a million Peace Out Jiggas
Devin, 13 [03-26-2001]

We are very interested in WW2 and our little village was liberated by the brave men of the 104th Timberwolf division. We have a homepage (http://home.hetnet.nl/~oostvogels/milit-eng.htm and so we came in contact with veterans of the Timberwolf division and very nice and friendly people. One day, the son of a soldier of this division, who lives in Philadelphia, send us a little libertybell, and we are very proud to have it. We have heard meny story's and know how important liberty is. Best regards of Teun and Bart Oostvogels.
Teun & Bart Oostvogels, 13 and 15 years old/The Netherlands-village Achtmaal. [03-26-2001]

Olga [03-26-2001]

rayla green, 8 yo georgia [03-26-2001]

Henry Hull [03-26-2001]

Mrs. J. O'Rourke [03-26-2001]

Just finished "devouring" your site. Such an interesting read. Thank you. Marina James.
Marina James, Retired. From Kippens. Kippens, Newfoundland@Labrador, Canada. [03-24-2001]

I think the Liberty Bell is tight! It's one of many things that make our country sparkle along with the Gateway Arch and the Space Needle. It also makes a good logo for the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team!
Marshall [03-24-2001]

Candie, Springfield [03-24-2001]

randy straub [03-23-2001]

i think that the liberty bell i one of the worlds interested thing in the world and i cant belive that it lasted this long and hopefully would stay up 4 a very long time.
anni santos [03-23-2001]

i am doing a project on pennsylvania and i have lots of last minute information from your site thanks
james larusso, age11, city northlake illinios [03-23-2001]

i think philadelphia is cool
Daisha Garrett, age:11 [03-23-2001]

I like the Liberty bell
Terri Wright, 13 yrs. shamrock, texas [03-23-2001]

Just visiting via the web; I used to live near Philly years ago.
g e, Born in PA [03-23-2001]

its a really cool website that you can get a lot of information from
Doug Globun, I am 11 years old [03-23-2001]

good website, very informative
Alicia Stagemyer, age 11 - york,pa [03-23-2001]

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Joan, no [03-23-2001]

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Sarah Kanter, 9 yrs old [03-23-2001]

Erin Grimson, age 9 [03-19-2001]

Any extra info on the 50+ bells cast in 1950 for the Savings Bond Drive? One of them has been displayed on the front porch of the State House for decades. I'd love to know how many more are still out there! Thank you for a terrific web-site!
Susan Greendyke Lachevre, Art Collections Manager, Mass. State House, Boston [03-19-2001]

Mikele Flaming [03-19-2001]

I think that history & learning a lot about other symbols for our country is really cool.
lauren [03-19-2001]

I think that this page is great especially for school projects. Thanx
Mikele Flaming, 16;f; Philadelphia [03-19-2001]

i like the libery bell
mike, 13 [03-19-2001]

great page
Jake, 10,Chicago [03-19-2001]

I really wish you would add things that tell you why it is a tourist attraction and why the Pennsylvanians hid the Liberty Bell in a church during a war
sarah, tumwater wa [03-19-2001]

Wow, the history of the Liberty Bell is Amazing! Thank you for preserving this bit of history.
Kelly E. Palmquist, Landisville, Pennsylvania [03-19-2001]

Nathaniel Eagan [03-19-2001]

Excellent website. Lots of research material my daughter could use in school. Thanks!
Wanda Negron [03-19-2001]

The Bell: For me, i think, it is one of the best symbol, of all the diffrent language, religion and Culutre, where everybody understand: it´s freedom!. sincerly Alexander Alt
Alexander Alt, age: 34, city: Buxheim/Village [03-19-2001]

I choose the Liberty Bell as the subject of my report for school. The topic was, "Pennsylvania and important events that happened in history".
Patrick Gilbert, 10yrs. old, Ambridge PA, fifth grade [03-19-2001]

this site helped me with a progect for ss.
Kelsey, Age 8 [03-19-2001]

i iike the libertybell very much i hope that i can see it very much
noel, 14 pa [03-19-2001]

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I had a history presentation on the liberty bell and your site helped alot. thatk you.
Rozzy, no [03-15-2001]

miss rigler's 3rd grade [03-14-2001]

Thanks for the opportunity to visit up close, without driving a mile - thanks for all the knowledge you make available to us all.
Jackie Daniels, Charlotte, Michigan [03-14-2001]

GARY [03-14-2001]

nephritina frierson [03-14-2001]

Annette, City Wendell [03-14-2001]

Originally from Pittsburgh. I lived in Philadelphia one summer while going to school. Everyone should experience this wonderful historical city at least once.
Loretta Riles, Irvine, California [03-13-2001]

we look forward to visiting the city of Philadelphia and all it's scenic wonders
jammie o'leary, 4885 Springfield Drive York,Pa17404 [03-12-2001]

I love American History and the princilples it was founded on.
mary jefferson [03-12-2001]

As a student teacher preparing a lesson on the Liberty Bell, I found the information contained within this site to be very helpful.
Latasha Suggs, 23; Blacksburg, VA [03-11-2001]

I am doing this because I really need extra credit in Soc. Studies and because it's fun :)
Heather, I am about to turn 13 [03-11-2001]

jeffrey [03-11-2001]

I think the Liberty Bell is something that all kids should learn about in school!
Angelia Mathias, Age-11 [03-10-2001]

alexandra, 11 [03-09-2001]

i would like to learn abought the liberty bell
alex, age 11 [03-09-2001]

Thanks for the great picture story! I never knew the Liberty Bell traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah!! I was just surfing for info on Philadelphia - now I'll be more interested when I visit the Liberty Bell this year!
Joanne Staheli, 43 yrs, Mapleton, UT [03-09-2001]

Cody Pepperday, age 8 [03-08-2001]

this was a wonderful sight. the history and unknown facts were very interesting. my 10 year old son is doing a report for extra credit and your sight was very helpful.
C CARLSON, illinois [03-08-2001]

I think the Liberty Bell is interesting(we're studying it in school).
Jessica, Cambrige VT USA [03-08-2001]

Presley Gissindanner, age 15 Gateway, FL. [03-06-2001]

Beau Travis Gissindanner, age 10 Gatway,FL. [03-06-2001]

Richard D. Czuprynski [03-06-2001]

Think this is cool, thanks. I have a project and this web page will probably give me some really good information.
Monica Liotto [03-06-2001]

Thank God for our forefathers
JOHN LAROSK, i was born in chester, pa. [03-06-2001]

Erin Grimson, age nine [03-06-2001]

thought the page was very informitive.
tracy king, berlin md. [03-06-2001]

Why did it crake ?& how did it?
Harman(Harmen), I am about to be 10 [03-06-2001]

It was great for my book report
Audrey [03-06-2001]

Family history has it that my maternal ancestor, a Harry Luckenbach, goldsmith of Philadelphia, did the filing out of the crack in 1846, and that he cast three miniature bells with the filings. Is this true?
Gordon C. Winsor, Claremont,CA, retired minister [03-05-2001]

I am doing a report for school and enjoy learning about our countries history.
cody baker, 7 years old, Lone Jack, MO [03-05-2001]

i am just looking this stuff up b/c of an report but i didn't know how much neat stuff would be on it.
Alyssa [03-05-2001]

We're coming to visit Philadelphia in July and look forward so seeing the Liberty Bell! We're coming with a group for the National Elks Convention.
Lori O'Grady, Vermont [03-05-2001]

This research is for a paper my son is working on for his 2nd grade class. Thanks for the information!!! Marilyn
Marilyn Bazzell, Pleasant View, Tennessee [03-05-2001]

I want to thank you for this informational site! It has helped me with my school project so much. I love it. It has so much things i never knew before. It would hard to get this from all the books i have already on the topic.
LIsa, 13/ female/ Michigan [03-05-2001]

Great Website! Just keep that Liberty Bell alive and going!
Martha Schenide [03-05-2001]

Gary Antonio, Ogden, Utah [03-02-2001]

Could you send me any more color photos of the liberty bell or at least the links to them. Thankyou.
Arianna [03-01-2001]

I'm bringing sixty 12-year-olds to visit you in May!
Chris DeRosa, Falls Church, Virginia [03-01-2001]

jeff claeson [03-01-2001]

This program is to slow!
Margeux DeMoulin, 12 Golden, CO I go to Bell Middle School [03-01-2001]

Tracey Williams, Teh Liberty Bell is awesome [03-01-2001]

i really enjoy surfing your website
TIAHNAH HANLEY, 13 canton, ohio [03-01-2001]

Mis fotos favoritos fueron donde sacaron las fotos con los bebes. -Tania A mi me gustaron donde habían los niños vestidos de la bandera.-Juan A mi me gustó ver las fotos en California y El Paso porque nosotros vivimos en Texas. -Gustavo La campana se rompió y la volvieron a arreglar. -Jessica M. Me gustó la foto donde se tomó la campana con el Indio.-Endy Gracias por compartir la campana y las fotos. - todos los niños : )
el salon de primer grado de Mrs. McCotter [03-01-2001]

robert southard [03-01-2001]

There sould be more backgrounds.
Tyler, 8 Sikeston [02-28-2001]

*~ I really like this site. It's very, very interesting ~*
Elizabeth Langow, twelve years-old, and live in Virginia [02-27-2001]

I think the Liberty Bell is COOL,I studyed the Liberty Bell at my school and made a slideshow, now everyone in my class can learn what I learned about The Liberty Bell.
Teagan Marie Ferraresi, age 8 Mt.Prospect,.IL 60056 [02-27-2001]

Theresa Ellena, 16, temecula [02-27-2001]

It is a good thing to the middle school student that search for USA history.
Chris, 13,San Francisco [02-27-2001]

Tanks for making this website for school project!! P.S. this is really cool
Billy&John, 9&7 utah [02-26-2001]

Thanks for making this website for school projects!! PS your # 1
Billy&John, 9&7 years old Utah [02-26-2001]

I first saw the Liberty Bell in l996 and it was a thrill. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I revisited it this past October and it still holds that feeling of awe. I will be anxious to see it in it's new home when Idependence Hall Mall is completed.
Karyl L. Balle, Schenectady, New York [02-26-2001]

I love your website. It has helped me with my project alot.
Jace Branch, 9,williamson,w.v [02-26-2001]

This site is wondeful! I used it as a source to teach Patriotic Symbols. We especially enjoyed the 1915 journey from Philadelphia to San Francisco.
Yolanda Bennett, Student Teacher in a 1st grade classroom [02-26-2001]

Andrew Phillippi, nice place [02-26-2001]

This information was very helpful to me. I did a whole posterboard with this information.
Traci [02-25-2001]

I am very greatful for this reference material. It was interesting and informative. It has been very useful in helping me complete my report for school. Thankyou.
EMILY WARNER, 9yrs old, kentwood,mich. [02-25-2001]

I am doing a research paper on James Polk and he was the one that stopped ringing the liberty bell. I wanted to see pictures of it because I have never seen it before.
Max, 9 years old [02-25-2001]

this is a cool site
Ian Baillargeon, 10,exeter,NH [02-24-2001]

Ori Ravid [02-23-2001]

Very helpful for my school report
Michelle, St. Charles, Mo age 10 [02-22-2001]

tiara [02-22-2001]

Diandra [02-22-2001]

Caliann [02-22-2001]

Derek Neil Benner, Vince [02-22-2001]

i think the liberty bell should be in memories of some of the people that were very important back in the day
Salena hart, 14/greenville S.C [02-22-2001]

My play care class had a picture of the liberty bell to color, but no one knew how it got a crack in it. I will share what I have learned in class tomorrow.
Kayla, age 5 [02-21-2001]

the photo essay was great.
Heather Paul, Boston, MA [02-21-2001]

Katy [02-21-2001]

Janet Brooks, South Carolina [02-20-2001]

laura, 12 Colubia [02-20-2001]

We thought the pictures were great. It was cool to see the real thing. Thanks for all of the detailed information.
Jennifer Soehner, 1st grade class [02-20-2001]

I found your site when I was looking for information on a report for my third grade class. Your site has a lot of information and was really helpful as I did my report.
Juliet Milburn, age 9 [02-19-2001]

Great site
Renee Hemann, 14 [02-19-2001]

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hoping this will help me trace my family on wright side
charolette s wright mcknight, jacksonville texas 75766 [02-19-2001]

i am doing my social studies project and i just wanted to see new stuff about it.
Tasha Carver, 12 years old [02-19-2001]

I like the bell because it is really old and it has a crack in it. And it is special to our country.
Peter Thomas Alley, Age: 7 Sherwood, Oregon [02-17-2001]

have the liberty bell ever been in atlanta, georgia. can the liberty bell be removed from philadelphia to atlanta, georgia for a visit for the civil war history tour showing that people in america that freedom prevail.
RONALD SHOATZ-BEY, atlanta,georgia [02-17-2001]

michael hall [02-16-2001]

Geoffrey B. Lodder [02-15-2001]

Marissa Fried [02-15-2001]

Mrs. Francis' First Grade [02-15-2001]

Interesting site about a fascinating artifact. Thanks!
Stan Lightfoot [02-15-2001]

You should have suff about big ben and Ian Miller on this site that would be a good though! anyways its ok just needs some improvment! thank you for your time Sarah
Sarah [02-15-2001]

get more infoe
andy turnbull, 10 Brookllve 15825 pa [02-15-2001]

This is a cool web site and deserves credit
Jake [02-15-2001]

erica moody [02-15-2001]

It's a nice web site but you should have a page for kids like me who need to learn about it for school!
Veronica Park, age 9, Ballwin, Missouri. [02-15-2001]

Excellent site for people who need accurate information on the Liberty Bell. My daughter was doing an English paper where she had to pretend she was the Libery Bell and how she felt during the making, moving & finally cracking of the bell. Wonderful and useful information.
Lynda Marks, Age - 39, City - Whitehall, PA [02-15-2001]

i like this page it gave me eveything i needed for my homework
BRITTANY VALLEE, 14 f ohio [02-15-2001]

Hello Liberty Bell! We are coming to see you in June. I enjoyed your page. I wish we had a sound bite of the last time you were "tapped".
Yvonne [02-14-2001]

Derrick Necci [02-14-2001]

your site is AWESOME DUDE! it like totally rocks! keep up the good work!!!
ashley, i'm 14 and i live in pa [02-14-2001]

I need information for school. Whats your best information
Tyler J. Adams, 12 Mesa [02-14-2001]

great site it helped me get my proget done
quincy, age 11 [02-13-2001]

site is very well put together very insightful and educational. excellent!
peggy joseph, 28, schoolteacher, miami, fla [02-13-2001]

I thought the Liberty Bell was great to hear,see,look closely at,and touch it. I loved the Liberty Bell.
Rhonda J Leimbach, 31 years of age [02-13-2001]

i am doing a project on us symbols and i thought that the liberty bell was cool because of the crack in it and the color. it's weird how the bells when they ring they go slow.
Matthew Cox, 7 years old, Loganville, GA [02-13-2001]

looking for half broters son joel charles wright
charolette s wright mcknight, jacksonville texas [02-13-2001]

I like history......
Lezley Keppler, Marion,In. [02-13-2001]

really loved the addition of the music to your webpage. thanks from a homeschool family!
c.sosa [02-13-2001]

Melissa LaMastra [02-13-2001]

Thank you for your great imformation on the Liberty Bell for my school report
Darren [02-13-2001]

It's Awsome!!!!
Emily C. [02-12-2001]

Hey thank you so much for this web site! I am a concerned student trying to do a project. This makes it incredibly easy. Thanks again. By the way not like you care but I love Sean and Ali loves Tony!
Fish Stix [02-12-2001]

I am a second grade teacher in Bryant, Arkansas and our class is studying about the liberty bell. Thank you for the good information.
Heather Stewart [02-12-2001]

hi my name is maggie. my birthday is july 8
Maggie Campbell, missouir [02-11-2001]

I thought the page is very good. It gives me a lot of info for my history report. Thank you.
Kasha [02-11-2001]

Rick Ostrowski, Living in Japan [02-11-2001]

The child, Sandra, has been obsessed about "who" made the the liberty bell. I, her grandmother, promised to find the answer and I have. She's happy.
Mary Anderson, Sandra Babers,6 years old, Arlington, TX [02-10-2001]

I really am interested in the liberty bell, and I am doing a paradigm essay (8th grade)on it and it looks very interesting.
Harrison Wade, age:13; city:fillmore; state:California [02-09-2001]

Davina Dae Klopfenstein, Henderson, NE [02-08-2001]

i like the website
casey, 11 iola ks [02-08-2001]

I am a patriot of this land
emily schillforth, I'm 7 and i go to church creek elem. school and I am a patriot! [02-08-2001]

Spencer, 8yrs [02-08-2001]

wittney stevens, none [02-08-2001]

i always wanted to find out about the saying that is on the liberty bell.
jazz22, 14 [02-08-2001]

I organize the local 4th of July parade and have choosen a theme of "Let Freedom Ring" for this years parade. I remember that replicias of the Liberty Bell toured the country several years ago. I would love to borrow, rent, if not to much, one for the the parade committees float in this years parade. I saw nothing concerning this on your site. Could you please help?
Theresa, Director, Arthur, Illinois Visitor Center [02-08-2001]

doin a project on liberty bell. thanx for info!
aeriz gainzborough, 14 years [02-08-2001]

I touched this bell in 1950. -- yes - it is cracked.-- but what a history it tells.
Harvey Young, Windsor, Ontario [02-08-2001]

I would like it if you sent me some info on my Great Grewat Great ect. grampa Thomas Nelson JR
Kory Nash, 13, Decendent of Thomas Nelson Jr. [02-08-2001]

zachary, Westfield, MA 4th grader 9 yrs. old [02-07-2001]

Soren and Micah, 8 and 9 [02-07-2001]

jessica d lott [02-07-2001]

jack daniels [02-07-2001]

Doing research for my third grade class. The tour map was great.
Kaden Cochran, 9 years old [02-07-2001]

e-mail me
Jamie Townley, 2nd grade Pace, Florida [02-06-2001]

It was a good source for my project!
James espada [02-06-2001]

i relally like your website but you really need to give more information like for example how the crack in the liberty bell was a mistake. bye sign stephanie 2/6/01
STEPHANIE, 12 ripley w.v. ripley middle [02-06-2001]

I love that you have so much inormation and that you put little sayings at the begining to make you want to read the information.
Michelle Chatterley, Age 13 [02-06-2001]

i think that the bell should be the dinner bell
jennifer, i live in somers point nj [02-05-2001]

Liked the pictures,and the articles on the bell.
Mark Plog, age soon be 10 Ridgefarm, illinois [02-05-2001]

My 5 year old son is fascinated with the bell. He draws it in all his pictures and would love to see it in person, next year when we visit Philly.
leslie byrne, Fort Wayne Indiana [02-05-2001]

i'm doing a research project on the liberty bell if you could email me some info i'd be very thankful.
forest [02-05-2001]

I have heard so much about the liberty bell so I'm glad to sign this book!
Geen Starwing [02-05-2001]

This is a pretty neat site, and it has information that I need for a school assiment. Thanks
Leeann [02-05-2001]

We are a fifth grade reading class researching the Liberty Bell! How interesting!!
Mrs. Shimizu's class, We are from Valdosta, Georgia [02-05-2001]

I really liked this website because I like history.
Kayla Reed, age:13 city: Belvedere [02-04-2001]

I am very interised the history of the Liberty Bell.
Amy Freed, 9 yearsold I am from Timberville VA. 22853 [02-04-2001]

Pretty cool writeup of the bell. To the point with enough info. Thanks
Mike & Grace Speiser [02-04-2001]

I have been in the Navy for over 18 years. I visit the Philadelphia web page now and again to keep me up to date with whats going on at home.
Michael T Gallagher Jr, US NAVY stationed in San Diego, CA(from Philly) [02-04-2001]

why is there only 1 bell to represent freedom for england?????
anna [02-04-2001]

may i have a picture of the Liberty bell? NOW!
Onelia, nothing [02-04-2001]

did for s.s. project
Tanya Guidry [02-01-2001]

travis [02-01-2001]

Kelly [02-01-2001]

Anna [02-01-2001]

I was doing Homework and it was about the liberty bell So i went on yahoo and came onto this site. Its a great site about the liberty bell
Alexa Riell, I'm 10, I live in Shelburne Vt [02-01-2001]

Let Freedom ring!
Ilana Rosen-Ducat, age 6, naples, Maine I attend New Country School and am learning about Pennsylvania [02-01-2001]

We loved looking at the Liberty Bell. The bell is beautiful. We like the crack. Why can't we hear it in Texas? We hope you fix the crack.
Ms. Palacios' First Grade Class, Katy, Texas [01-31-2001]

I go to ur site everyday becasue i have nuttin else to do
dan, everybody calls me the midget [01-30-2001]

i love your adress....i go on it everyday
lee, im really small [01-30-2001]

i think the liberty bell is so awsome.
Juvlyne Martinez, 14 [01-30-2001]

just needed more information on a rhymes having to do with the liberty bell.
Doris Parker-Morales, music teacher Houston, Tx. [01-30-2001]

Doing a report for Grad. School. Great Site. Thanks!
M. Ingles [01-30-2001]

Alison Tludell, Arcadia,Fl. [01-30-2001]

waz up
Monique Jones [01-30-2001]

Doing a school report on the Liberty Bell.
Samuel Allen Young, Eufaula, Al. - age 8 yrs [01-29-2001]

Good facts about the Liberty Bell.
Shawn O'Shea [01-29-2001]

I'm doing a report on The Liberty Bell. I think it's a good subject.
Kelli Gratz [01-29-2001]

I thought the walk through the historic area of Philadephia was fascinating..from Penn's Landing up into the city. A great city. I can't wait to come back and do it again. We have done it twice. The mint, betsy ross house, christ church etc.
Karyl L. Balle, Schenectady, New York [01-27-2001]

enika [01-27-2001]

Michelle Rene' Ramirez, My city is nogales Arizona [01-25-2001]

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lyndon, 12 [01-25-2001]

looking for information for my school project very helpful
carissa bayer, 10yrs old wtby,ct [01-25-2001]

I put my thoughts in the information slot. i hope you don't mind. Thank you and good night!
Holli, your page is realllllly coooool! I'd like to be a liberty bell researcher when i grow up, and your page has changed my mind to be a liberty bell activist! [01-25-2001]

Gina Harrison [01-24-2001]

Klarissia DeShong, pa [01-24-2001]

Kimberly Knopp [01-24-2001]

I think the liberty bell was a waste to make because we already had the statue of liberty
Val Andrew, 31 Anchorage Alaska [01-24-2001]

YOUR website is very cool and interesting I like it a lot
ola faleafine, 11 birthdate Jan/8/90 [01-24-2001]

charles houghton, looking because class assignment [01-23-2001]

Thanks, you helped my report
Master Lass [01-23-2001]

I think that the people who built it are dund for spelling the name wrong
Wes [01-23-2001]

This website is a good website for information on the liberty bell. The pictures aren't that great, but everything else is awesome. Thank you so much for your information. I truely appreciate it.
Jessica, I am 12 years old, and I am in the seventh grade. [01-23-2001]

I would love for the Liberty Bell to be brought to Texas for all of our children to see.
Leah N. Karam, second grade teacher [01-23-2001]

I was looking for pictures that could be used by a 4th grader as part of her social studies project and wasn't extremely successful, although the information was good.
Suzette Lowe, Spencer, WV [01-22-2001]

thanks for your information
michelle, ft.lauderdale,fla. [01-22-2001]

this site is great for my pennsyvania report
Pieter Van Gilst [01-22-2001]

JAMIE CABASKI [01-22-2001]

kids loved the music
Mrs. Jane Carroll's First Grade class [01-22-2001]

great information::thanks a lot...
C.A.(BUD)CUNNINGHAM [01-21-2001]

Vishal Hathiramani [01-21-2001]

Please keep up the good work for my kids and grand kids
Larry Weisz, sixty Tok, Alaska [01-21-2001]

I am using this site to help my students learn about the libery bell, adn it is a great site. Thanks!
Stacey Miller, Clarksville, TN - Teacher [01-21-2001]

Emily Schillforth, I go to CCES and I am a patriot, working on a project [01-21-2001]

I was trying to get a picture of the Liberty Bell, but I was unsuccessful.
Carol Weber, 3 Mooney Road Pittsburgh, PA 15207 [01-20-2001]

i how are you i was thinking of the war and i wanted more about it Thank you
summerlynn, 11 [01-20-2001]

My class is preparing a report for history. I am researching the city of Philadelphia.
Jamie Murry, Myrtle school [01-20-2001]

i like the liberty bell and your website
Johannah Macbeth, 9 adrian [01-20-2001]

You have a great sulection
Johannah Macbeth, 9 adrian i would love to learn more [01-20-2001]

I needed to do a project on the Liberty Bell, and this site really helped me.
Joananna Lee [01-20-2001]

it is very cool.
KATIE GRIFFIN, 11 union county [01-20-2001]

I'm preparing a report for my history class on Philadelphia and I thought I would come and get some information about the liberty to put in my report. In the Incyclopedia it says that the bell cracked at John Marshell's funeral. When do you think it realy happened? I would like to know the truth if you could find out. Thank you for reading my thoughts and please try to find out the truth about the actual time that the Liberty Bell cracked.
Will Denton, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

We are looking up stuff on the philadephia.
Bo Madonna, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I am doing a report about Philadelphia for my history and computer discovery class.
Yancey Littlefield, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a report for my history class.
Stephanie Haygood, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a report for our history class about Philadelphia?
Toni McGee, Mrytle School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a report about Philadelphia for my History class and came to this sight to get information.
Lindsey Boman, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a report on Philadelphia for my history class.
Josh Galloway, myrtle school [01-20-2001]

I am here because I am doing a report on Philadelphia.
Noemi Suarez, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a report on Philadelphia for our history class.
Chasity Hall, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a report in history about Philadelphia and our teacher brought this website to our attention.
Bobby Brewer, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

We are doing a report for history on Philadelphia and needed some information.
Amanda Thornton, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

We are preparing a report for history class. I really like this site. It has a lot of useful and intresting information. I will visit this site agian!
Stacie Cobb, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a report for history class about Philadelphia. This site is very helpful.
Melissa McCraw, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

Chad Gordon [01-20-2001]

Allisha Minor, 19yrs.old [01-20-2001]

preparing an 8th grade history report on Philadelphia
Steven Rhea, student Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I'm making a report for history and I would to use your website. THANK YOU!
Clint Logan Herron, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I'm preparing a report on Phildelphia.
Jessica Price, Student at Myrtle High School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a History report on Philadelphia and this is helping with my research.
Kim Russell, Student at Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

preparing a report on philadelphia
James Thomas, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

Preparing an eighth grade report for history. Looking for Phildephia
Martha Scott, 14, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a history report. That is why I am visiting this site.
Richie S. White, Myrtle School [01-20-2001]

I am preparing a history report, that is why I visited this site.
crystal rhea, myrtle student [01-20-2001]

I am preparing an 8th grade History Report, and that is my reason for visiting this website.
Robert Chad Gordon, 13 Myrtle School (Union County Mississippi) [01-20-2001]

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i'm very proud of what our country has done thriugh the past five hundred that us children can learn about!
Erica Ellis, Madison 13 [01-20-2001]

I was just wondering who worked on the Liberty Bell when it was first put up. Thank you.
Patricia Haas, Pitman, NJ, but born in Phila, Pa, age 63 [01-20-2001]

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I love your site. WAZ UP
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I am in 8th grade. Do you have how the liberty bell origonated and it's importance in here. If so, I couldn't find it, do you think that you could send it to me?
Kendall [01-20-2001]

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I think that the pictures of the bell sould be just of the bell cuz kids (like me) need just the bell not all of thouse people. thanks Julie!!
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this site rocks but it doesnt have any where you can see clearly see bwhatthe bell says
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direct descendent of John Jacob Mickley who transported the bell from PHL during the Rev. He is my 7th gr
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I went to see the Bell it was funnnnnnn
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Did the bell go to San Fan and why did it go there. Did the bell ring for a death and why. How did the bell crack.
Aj Longmore, 16 Montrose, Co [01-20-2001]

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My grandmother had little Liberty Bell and I'm doing a report on the Liberty Bell for my reading class.
Jeremy Hadley, age 12 Columbus Indiana [01-20-2001]

Nice website for students. A blackline picture for coloring would be great for kids to have.
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I'm having Brander & Waid of Santa Fe make me a Sterling Silver and Red Bronze Bolo of the Bell
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