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I believe this is the best page of all.
Tiffany Goins, 13 Lafayette, GA. [12-18-2000]

What a great, informative site!
Toni Donelow Stewart, My Illustration website: http://ttonids1.nav.to [12-18-2000]

Ashley [12-18-2000]

Good web site
miles l clark, Out here in California I can recall seeing the bell one time-great [12-18-2000]

Thanks for all the information for my 4th grade report!
Alexis [12-18-2000]

Chelsea Berry [12-14-2000]

venkatesh, 11 years old norwalk ct. [12-14-2000]

it gave me the info that i needed
E-Nobis [12-13-2000]

Karen E. Cutler, Rock Hill, SC, Age. 38 [12-13-2000]

ryan, i had to do this for a school project............. [12-13-2000]

Wow! you can get a lot of good information on this web site wich is very use ful stuff in here.
Ashligh Mowrer, my age is 9 [12-13-2000]

Samler, 32 [12-13-2000]

It was a big help in my research.Thank you.
samuel joseph [12-12-2000]

this sight is cool cause i was doing a report on the liberty bell for school and cause of you i passed!!!!!
Kimmie [12-12-2000]

We are studying about Ben Franklin and the city of Philadelphia and had some questions about the Liberty Bell. We love this web sight!
Mrs. Wilbanks' Third Grade Class, Shadow Forest Elementary School, Kingwood, Texas [12-12-2000]

I entered this site for my G-Daughters school report on facts about the bell.
Vic Pohle, St. Louis, MO. [12-12-2000]

Maggie walker [12-12-2000]

Josh [12-12-2000]

i think that the ad is very funny and a great april fools joke!
Laura [12-12-2000]

Thanks for the great information. i needed good information for a project. Thanks for your help!
Laura, Albuquerque [12-12-2000]

First time going to Philly and you can't go to Philadelphia and not stop and see the Liberty Bell and eat an cheese and steak.
Lisa Wharton, visiting from Cleveland on business [12-12-2000]

I love the history of the Bell
Lizzy [12-12-2000]

gioanna zaharioudakis, 13 years old [12-12-2000]

i'm a fouth grader and your site was very cool.
James Porter [12-12-2000]

Donna Foreman [12-12-2000]

i thought it was a very interesting site and it had a lot of the info that i was looking for!
Nikki [12-12-2000]

tera tedesco [12-12-2000]

Chelsea, 11 winchester in [12-12-2000]

stacy [12-12-2000]

Iam looking at your web sight because need to know about Philadelphia and tourist attractions located in the city.
Alexia, Age 8, Flourtown [12-12-2000]

thank-you for the info I will share it with my class.
Jessica Myles [12-12-2000]

I have just enter this city and I love it all ready
Francineisr Loperut [12-12-2000]

I think the liberty bell sholud be fixed with a piece of the medal it was made of or bang it from acrack
antwan woodley, 12, philadelphia [12-12-2000]

star bonilla [12-12-2000]

It is a pretty cool and interesting page
Hadi Medina, 17 years old [12-12-2000]

I went and saw the liberty bell it is realy neat isent it ?
Nora Peck [12-12-2000]

I think the Liberty Bell is cool and interesting.
Ali [12-12-2000]

thank you william penn for everything you have done for pennsylvania.thank you isaac norris for sending the liberty bell to pennsylvania.
erin sands, age 10, monroeville,pa [12-12-2000]

Frank Brown [12-05-2000]

D mann, 14 [12-05-2000]

doing a trivia on two things that were wrong with the liberty bell for clare Mi. Midle school.
Brandy Walton, Clare [12-05-2000]

I loved that you put the pics of the liberty bell I have always wanted to see what it looked like Thank you Ginnafer Smiley
Ginnafer Smiley, 13 from Oklahoma [12-05-2000]

corina saldana, 13, brownwood tx, bo [11-30-2000]

Girndt Family [11-30-2000]

this is a good site to look at and to learn about
melanie, i go to ls [11-30-2000]

Steven Langham [11-30-2000]

dominick [11-30-2000]

I'm coming to your city on Dec. 7,2000 and can't wait see the Liberty Bell for the first time.
Kris Littlefield, Male - 34 Years [11-30-2000]

you spelled pennsylvania wrong!
bob [11-30-2000]

Brian Davis [11-30-2000]

enjoyed the sight and helped with my school work THANK!!!
Crystal Curry, Fla [11-30-2000]

Well i like the photos. Learned alot.
Yoishondra Rayford, Mississippi [11-30-2000]

how was the bell cracked? ross!
ross haubrich, 11,manning [11-27-2000]

We loved the pictures and the history. We can't wait to see the Liberty Bell ourselves!!
Rachael and Lauren, 7and 6 yr old homeschoolers from Webster, NY. [11-27-2000]

good website!
Erika [11-27-2000]

I'm having a project at school about the Liberty Bell. Thank you very much for the information on these sites. It has helped alot.
Sunniva, 15-year-old [11-27-2000]

this site has helped me a lot. i thank u bacause i really think i did a good job on my project. i spended a lot of time reading about the liberty bell and decided this was gonna be my a through us history. And may i say that whoever wrote this info has a neat way of geting u intrested!! :D
ANchicky, 13/f/cali [11-27-2000]

My grandparents took me to see the liberty bell this past summer. It was very exciting to see the bell in person. Do they move the bell anymore? For example, if we got a petition now, would they bring the bell to Santa Fe?
William Pirtle, 10 yrs old, Santa Fe, New Mexico [11-27-2000]

I think the Liberty Bell is cool! I'm doing a report about the Liberty Bell and this web page helped me alot!
Matt Lonergan, Wilmington, DE [11-27-2000]

I made a model of the Liberty Bell and was interested in looking up some more facts. I am very interested in the Liberty Bell, and hope to see it some day.
Jannelle Long, age 9 Harrison City, PA. [11-25-2000]

It's great you have this site. We hope to visit someday but until then I can pass the feeling of Patriotism to my children through a site like yours.
Keith B. Lutz [11-25-2000]

This is a cool site thank you for all the info. It helped my mom teach me the great symbols of America.
Elizabeth Hampton, i am 6 years old from Hope, Ar. i am in homeschool [11-25-2000]

I once saw the Liberty Bell, I'm doing research on the Liberty Bell at school. My friends are too.
Jessica, i'm 9 years old,Cincinnati,Iowa [11-25-2000]

Lakeisha, age 13 Tennessee [11-25-2000]

jason, 9 years old [11-25-2000]

Lulaura Garie [11-25-2000]

totaly cool!
Dexdorina Birchbark, I'm 12,I live in Zimbobway [11-25-2000]

I just learn about the mispellingon the bell Tank you for the information
Lucien Deschamps, 68 yrs Montréal Québec love your contry [11-25-2000]

a wonderful man made thing
amg, 13sp tn [11-20-2000]

this is bob
BoB [11-20-2000]

Cool Beans!!! :)
Jessica, Rednecktown, USA [11-20-2000]

I thought personlly that the Liberty Bell was a magnificent piece of our nation's history.
April Thacker, Spring City,TN [11-20-2000]

i think it was pretty funny and it sounds like something i would do if i had the power.
whiney lytle, 14,blanchard,ok [11-20-2000]

Very helpful site. Informative and yet brief.
Steven Benton, Age: 39; Cedar Rapids, IA [11-20-2000]

BRUCE [11-20-2000]

Thomas M, 9 years old, live in Denver, Colorado [11-20-2000]

I thought this was a very good wb site.
Allison Taylor, 14,Charleston SC [11-20-2000]

This is a cool place for US History!
Grant Lin [11-20-2000]

This is crazy, and it is just so funny that Taco Bell would do things like this! It was a little to serious, don't you think?
Grant Lin [11-20-2000]

cheryl lilly [11-20-2000]

My father Roy Torcaso remembers seeing the Liberty Bell in Auburn Washington when he was four years old in 1915. thank you for the pictures.
Linda Bernstein, Phila PA [11-20-2000]

I thought that this web page was very nicely put together and I appreciate everyone that worked hard on it to get it looking like this. There was a lot of important information on this site that I needed for my American History project. Thank-you to all that made the process of learning a little bit easier! Keep up the good work!
Jessica Wilson, 13, Ravenna Female [11-20-2000]

I thought that this site was very good it helped me with homework for my friends Chlid.
Dannielle, Wanaque NJ [11-20-2000]

Carmen, 13yearsold,port arthur tx. [11-20-2000]

We like it we love it we want some more of it.
kristy and kimberly, bayonne [11-20-2000]

Heather and Michael, School:MMS! [11-20-2000]

Dawn Dublanyk [11-20-2000]

i think learning about how our country started is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHRIS WEITKAMP, im 14,i live in pa [11-20-2000]

i liked the site i think that the site was nice i liked the photos on the site and the qoutes on some of the pictures
Edgar Franco, i am in school [11-20-2000]

Joe [11-20-2000]

we are going to Philly and think it will be phat
Dan,Jake [11-20-2000]

We think this site is cool
Joe [11-20-2000]

we are going to the liberty bell November,17
Craig Moncrief [11-20-2000]

We will be visiting the liberty bell Friday November,17
Robert LaVecchia [11-20-2000]

Cory Hymel [11-20-2000]

I love to learn about the liberty bell
Danielle Johnson, Age 10 [11-14-2000]

i've never seen the liberty bell but i heard soo much 'bout the bell!!
Alice, 5 [11-14-2000]

blake.T. Hegeman [11-14-2000]

I would really like to think you for having this site up and running because with out the information that I found at this site I would not be able to do my history progject.
Laken [11-14-2000]

oucannotpurchace thlibetybell it'spatof uour history andwe wouldntname it thetacoliberty bell
corit [11-14-2000]

This has a lot of good information. It helped me a lot.
Meg S., Lawrence, KS [11-14-2000]

I think that the Liberty Bell is a very pretty thing. I wish that some day I could go and see it and many other things in Philadelphia.
Katie Hammer, I live in Wakefield NE 68784 I am 14 years old [11-14-2000]

that is great .
Tai-Ra Whayne, 14 kansan [11-14-2000]

This is really cool. Good job.
Meg, I'm from Lawrence, KS... [11-14-2000]

edwin thompson, Martinez,Augusta,GA,30907 [11-14-2000]

Callie Koesters [11-14-2000]

cyndi [11-14-2000]

This is a good webpage. I'm doing a report o the liberty bell for history class. The information helped a lot. Thanks
Ashley, from: Ohio age: 13 [11-14-2000]

? Do you have other facts about History?
Rhonda Wisniewski, Texas [11-14-2000]

Doing a a one page report on a historic landmark in the North Eastern region. This sight was very helpful. Thank you.
Erin Reparsky, 9 [11-11-2000]

The info helped me a lot with my project i had for school! THANX!!!!
Victoria F [11-11-2000]

it's awesome
Whitnet Riley, 11, Clarion,Iowa [11-11-2000]

I lived outside Philadephia, Pa. for 26 years and it took me to have kids to go & see it! What an impressive sight!
Gayle Marie Larson, Palm Bay, Florida [11-11-2000]

I realy liked all the info about the Liberty Bell. It realy helped me with my report
Jenn [11-11-2000]

Wanzie [11-10-2000]

Cris Ramsauer, I am from Youngstown Ohio [11-10-2000]

i like the pictures you have on the liberty bell
brittany vonengel, i like the info on the liberty bell [11-10-2000]

Thought I would find more on John Pass. Thanks for the site. Gail Pass
Gail Pass, Anchorage, Alaska [11-08-2000]

katherine calderon, 7 years [11-08-2000]

I will be visiting the Liberty Bell for the first time this weekend. This site provided a lot of history.
Sandy Davis, Stewartstown, PA [11-08-2000]

Maria Clifford [11-08-2000]

add more pictures and more info for middle schoolers
Krissy [11-08-2000]

It was a very informative website.
Mary Serfass, 17 1/2 [11-08-2000]

I thought this site was the best of all it showed me very much about the bell(I LOVED IT)
lee powers, this site was very good and cool [11-08-2000]

Donna Rousey, Midway, KY [11-07-2000]

I think this is a perfect link for thoese kids who are learning about the Liberty Bell.
Monica, I am 9 years old. [11-07-2000]

Sarah Stine [11-07-2000]

Andrew Stine [11-07-2000]

very impyressed with trivia I was a young adult at the end of WWII but did not know it had been rung on that date
G Cseplo, Waldorf Md [11-06-2000]

i am doing a report on the liberty bell and i got a lot of information from this site. it is cool!
nicholas miller, 9yrs. old sulphur, la. [11-06-2000]

I nevr thought the liberty bell was so buatiful.
Lauren, Im 8 years old [11-06-2000]

Colin Adams, how big is it actually? [11-06-2000]

This is an excellent site. I'm taking most of my information for my Social Science Project from this site. Do you know where I can write to get some paraphernalia of The Liberty Bell? Thanks for the awesome information. Kahmal Porter
Kahmal Porter, Atlanta/10 [11-06-2000]

tim woughter, 12 [11-06-2000]

I am teaching my schoolagers about America and the Liberty Bell is one of the items we are discussing. This page was helpful for facts. Thank you
Lisa Pompa [11-06-2000]

Served w/Old Guard 5-56 to 1-59, Hq. Co. SN RA i7 437 289 Rec. for re-up but not Gd conduct Medal. Darn it.
Harold Thoma Teeters, 63 yrs. Pad.Ky. [11-06-2000]

Thrills my heart and recalls to mind the great sacrifices of the colonists and those who fought in the american revolution !
Alice S. W., Alabama [11-06-2000]

Hey this webpage gave me a lot of info that I needed for this project thanks so much!
Katie Burns [11-06-2000]

Brittany VonEngel, I am doing a report [11-06-2000]

Tiffany Lovell [11-06-2000]

Wanted to see what the Liberty Bell looked like. It was the subject of a creative writing assignment.
Katey Anthony [11-06-2000]

Doing a project for school. Very helpful. Thank you.
April Lay, age 9 [11-02-2000]

Amazing web site...I found it most interesting considering I had only been searching for the Monty Python Flying Circus theme music track title and discovered it is actually called 'Liberty Bell'. On entering this name, I eventually stumbled across your site which has been an unexpected education piece of education for me today ! Most enjoyable. I will ask my children to read also. Ian lacy Farnborough, Hampshire, England
Ian Lacy, From Farnborough, Hampshire, England [11-02-2000]

The libertybell is cool.
Dalton Taylor, Ohio [11-02-2000]

the libertybell is so big
Dyla h Tribble, ohio [11-02-2000]

shane, 8, [11-02-2000]

This site is very nice, congratulations for it, you have done a very good job!
Attimont, StBarthélémy d'Anjou, France [11-02-2000]

why dont you fix the liberty bell's crack?
Chris Okyen, Grade 4 [11-02-2000]

Well, i thought that the website was just great and dandy!!!!
Veronica, Hey Amanda!!!! [11-02-2000]

thank you for the interesting tour at the sight.
eli barhoom, israel [11-02-2000]

eli barhoom [11-02-2000]

cozette Sesler [11-02-2000]

de freitas william alva [11-02-2000]

I am a teacher and we are studying the 13 colonies, specically Pennsylvania. Thank-you! When I was a little girl I touched the crack in the Liberty Bell many times.
Nancy Williams, Georgia [11-02-2000]

I think it would be very nice to have in Zepyhrhills.
Christina Graham, 8, zephyrhills, fl. [11-02-2000]

Great site. I was hoping to find a recording of the bell ringing.
Michele Lachowicz, 1st grade teacher [11-02-2000]

I"m the liberty bell's #1 fan. I think it is the best thing in the world. i've actualy seen it in person.
Liberty Bell #1 Fan [11-02-2000]

Very informative and are looking forward to seeing it live during November 2000.
Sarah Jackson, 63, Pearland, Texas [11-02-2000]

Connor Alford [11-02-2000]

Taco Bell Hoax: I saw that in the NY Times that day and brought it in for my class. Most thought it was terrible, as they did not see the date. I have it laminated and usually produce it every April.
E. Perry, Long Island, NY [11-02-2000]

I am bringing the 5th grade of the Boyle Rd. Elementary School there on Friday, 11/3 and I was searching for facts for their assignments.
Elliot Perry, long island, ny [11-02-2000]

I am glad you had so much information for me to use for my school project. I want my class to be able to hear the Liberty Bell March, so I am going to log onto your site from school so we can all listen to it. Thank you.
victoria apicella, 9 years old, Wildwood, Missouri [11-02-2000]

James D. Krause P.F.C. U,S. ARMY (RET) [10-28-2000]

possibly related to stowe several generations back sister has compiled much genagoly on family
LYNNE J. KERESTY-HERITAGE, cape may new jersey [10-28-2000]

in honor of the people that gave their life aboarb the u.s.s. cole to protect our freedom.to all those who serve
CINDY [10-28-2000]

we don't like that Taco Bell was going to buy the liberty bell and thats final.
JONATHAN, 7 [10-28-2000]

JONATHAN [10-28-2000]

kory kautz, 8-Phoenix, Az [10-28-2000]

Great photos of the Liberty Bell. My son who is in second grade needed to write a short report about the Liberty Bell. I found your site for him. He liked the pictures best!
Cheryl Hodgeson [10-28-2000]

I think this was hysterical!
l nelson [10-28-2000]

Very informative and interesting. Thanks
Lisa Shaffer, 6th grade school project find bible verse inscribed. [10-28-2000]

Ash [10-28-2000]

Wonderful page.My sister is coming to visit from St. Augustine,FL, another city of enormous history. She has never seen The Liberty Bell. We are planning a visit to the Pavilion. Thank you for providing all the information we need to prepare for our visit.
Jane Breslin, West Chester, PA [10-28-2000]

I enfoy reading and seeing pictures of my history I was also a patrol in the 5th grade and I wwent to WashingtonD.C. so I got to see lots of interesting things if you are interested in u.s. history and you think you can compare to me e-mail me at Cristaleya@ hotamil.com see ya!!
Cristaleya, age-13, city-Gainesville,Florida home of the fighhting florida gators [10-28-2000]

i love liberty bell
Yvette Gutierrez [10-28-2000]

I'm glad this was here so I could send information to a friend down in Australia, so they can know our history.
Patty Reitz [10-28-2000]

This site really helped get a lot of information I needed on my report.
Jaqui Renee Daniels [10-28-2000]

That (selling the Liberty Bell) is so stupid because gullible people like me don't need that kind of crap. Besides I truly hope that our government hasn't gone entirely mental or mental enough to sell a historic monument like that.
Jennifer Carver, none [10-28-2000]

Courtney [10-23-2000]

cono [10-23-2000]

Nice site, hope to be up visiting in a few months with my son's class. My family is from Schuykill County and my ancestors (Kistler) served at Valley Forge (North Hampton Militia). I was always told they helped moved (used their wagon,part of the 700 I guess) the Liberty Bell to Allentown,PA. Do you have any names of the people who accompanied the Bell on the move? I know militia from VA and NC accompanied the bell, did any from PA accompany the Bell? thanks, Willard Kistler
Willard Kistler [10-23-2000]

Yahooligans is awesome. Don't take it off the internet!
Nora Swenson, I'm 10 and an only child!( OH YEAH ) [10-23-2000]

Richard F. Rhodes [10-23-2000]

I love your web-site. It is so cool!!
aubrey, I2 years old. [10-23-2000]

We are doing a report and I would like some information on the Liberty Bell.
Korie Larson, 14 Greeley Colorado [10-23-2000]

Taco Bell doesn't even make good tacos. I guess they had to try for any kind of attention. Besides that, their spokesperson was a dog -- not even an American breed. This was just a bad joke but they probably did not take into account that the concept of Liberty in America is not something that Americans trivialize. Without liberty for all, the United States would be just another third rate country.
MICHAEL KOSMIN, Philadelphia, PA [10-23-2000]

Iwent on for a homework assinment
Emily DeVane, 8 Upton MA [10-23-2000]

you should make this alittle more easier i cant find large enough pics
Alisha, pa [10-23-2000]

wilie fountain [10-23-2000]

Rachel Sleeth, 9years old [10-23-2000]

nancy wooten, age , 9 [10-23-2000]

Great site.We are using some of the info for a scout demo on our constitutional rights this evening.
Ruth Khan [10-23-2000]

go go gi a
Amanda, 2 mounths [10-23-2000]

I think it's fun to learn what people did and why they did. There are so many awesome things to know about our country's history and other country's history, and yet there is more that is yet to be discovered both past and future. Social Studies is a cool and I'm here to learn about my country and how are nation was put together by God's awesome power. I'm so glad Christ has risen from the grave to watch over us.
Kaelee, Follower of God! [10-18-2000]

I would like some information on the Liberty Bell because I am doing a report on it.
Korie Larson, 14 Greeley Colorado [10-18-2000]

aubrey [10-18-2000]

The site is very interesting and it helped me out a whole lot. Thanks Amanda
Amanda Hyder, 17, Old Town, Florida [10-18-2000]

Jackie Meyers, looking for 3rd graders, Oxnard CA [10-18-2000]

Taryn Alianello, I am 7 years old. [10-18-2000]

I really learned a lot from this site.I never knew the L. Bell went though so much.(ha-ha) Very interesting stuff on here.here I am almost 40 years old & just found out about the spelling and it taking 3 try's to get the bell.hope this help's my daughter with her homework and learn a lot more about the land we live on.God Bless American.
Cindy Anderson, McDonald,Tenn. [10-18-2000]

ZAKIA [10-18-2000]

When I was a little boy my grandfather gave me a chip of metal. He told me that it was a piece of the Liberty Bell, and that he had gotten it from a friend who chipped it off during the bell's tour. I don't know if this is true or not, but my grandfather was born in 1895 and so would have been 20 years old during the 1915 tour; a likely age for one of his pals do pull a terrible stunt like that. Does anyone else have a similar story, and how would I go about verifying my own, admittedly questionable, piece of history?
Paul McCarthy [10-18-2000]

C W Sekeres [10-18-2000]

As a Philadelphian and teacher of Philadelphia history to my second graders, I found this site most interesting! I will share it with them as well. Thanks!
Karen Penn, Upper Darby, PA [10-18-2000]

Decendant to a signer of the Decleration of Independance
Steven Redman, Edgewater MD [10-18-2000]

Adam Sherrill, Age 11, Walterboro, SC [10-18-2000]

Ame;ia Pivero [10-18-2000]

I am doing a report on the Liberty Bell and I think this website is awesome.
Sean Cornell, age 8 [10-18-2000]

I think its cool that the liberty bell cracked on July8,1776. My birthday is july 8,1987
Maggie Campbell, (age) 13 (city) Newlondon [10-18-2000]

we are learning history your site has been very helpful.
karenina taylor, eight and one half years old, detroit, mi., bates academy [10-18-2000]

Sarah, 55 [10-18-2000]

Look I have an important day coming up on November 27,2000 I have a history project due. I am sending this to inform that my topic will be thye liberty bell and if you have any other intresting stuff about this because I'm really excited and I need help. Thanx, Anaid
Anaid Torres, 13/f/cali [10-18-2000]

I'm gathering information to share with my students regarding symbols of America. This was an excellent resource! I copied some of the pictures for my students to see. Thank you
Zee Tovar, Kindergarten Teacher [10-18-2000]

jasmine cochrane, 14 [10-18-2000]

Amber Welch, 16 Jackson Ohio [10-18-2000]

Edward, 15, Massachusetts [10-18-2000]

this site is cool
Natasha Brown [10-18-2000]

i am working on a civics thingy and i need the liberty bell pictures to be bigger!
sam, 13,MI,usa [10-18-2000]

i think there should be more pictures of the liberty bell. and i also think that they should be poster sized. thanx
wendy, 13,Detriot,MI,USA [10-18-2000]

My 4th grader is doing a report for Social Studies class on US symbols and he chose the Liberty Bell.
Judy Barfield [10-18-2000]

I have a small liberty bell that was my great grandma's and it is very old. I am taking it to school for sharing tomorrow and wanted to learn more about it. The crack is cool. Thank you for what I wanted to know and lots more too.
Stephanie, age 7, Apple Valley, Minnesota [10-18-2000]

chanice jones [10-18-2000]

Well I have to do this essay at school for bonus points and we have to do it on the Liberty Bell.So I got on Yahoo and found at some facts and other stuff.Well better go bye bye. Meagan Ramsey
Meagan Ramsey, 12 Bald Knob 705 Forbes Dr. [10-18-2000]

Josh Krause [10-18-2000]

I love the leberty bell. I have actually got to see itin real life
derik dwyer, 13 Cin. [10-18-2000]

joe james, Florida [10-18-2000]

I think the children of the midwest and philadelphia are trying to bring the liberty bell to St. Louis for the 100th anniversary of its trip to the fair there in 1904 and I say - lets do it!!!! What great publicity for Phil and what a great way to encourage children in learning about the true meaning of liberty. 314 335 1159 phone
Karl Kindt, 55 St.Louis [10-18-2000]

My 11-year-old son and my parents visited Philadelphia today and saw the Liberty Bell. Unfortunately we didn't have a camera but we plan to visit again within the next few years to see it again. Nice display area and National Park Service people who explain the bell's significance.
Lisa Escaloni, Richardson, Texas [10-18-2000]

Very helpful.
Shelby Hawkins, 8 years old, Detroit, MI [10-09-2000]

are you all nuts!you cant change the name of the bell,which represents liberty and freedom. you need too be punished for it!!!!!!!!
samantha [10-09-2000]

Great Page! I was born in Pittsburg in 1950. Our daughter Jessica is attending Thomas Jefferson Univ. and we are coming to visit Oct.14. Can't wait!
Lynnette E.(Robinson) Massengill, Monroe, Mi. [10-09-2000]

Clarence Adams JR. [10-09-2000]

Leisa Hellard [10-09-2000]

My 13 year old son went on a field trip to Philadelphia yesterday and saw the Liberty Bell. He could not explain the significance of the bell to me so we are researching the history of the bell.
Tom Miller [10-09-2000]

i like the pichers
kortney kowalski [10-09-2000]

Love that thing about Pennsylvania being misspelled. That was sure dumb!!
Kyle, Mrs. Beckham- Science/SS Teacher [10-09-2000]

I am on the Board of a historic chapel in Kansas City, Missouri. We are working to restore the chapel and to purchase a new bronze bell to replace the one that was stolen in 1975. I would like to send a funding request to Taco Bell inviting their support. Do you know where and to whom I might send such a request? Thanks for your help. Roger Coleman.
Roger Coleman [10-04-2000]

billy moss, age 8 doing a report for school [10-04-2000]

Need info on historic sites, thank God for ushistory.org!!
Adriana Lee [10-04-2000]

very informative and educational. i have always been a fan of history but i never knew the history of the crack. keep up the fantastic work of educating the young and twenty-six year old group.
ryan hand, 26, simpsonville,sc [10-04-2000]

This is a fantastic site! It has almost everything students need to do reports on the Liberty Bell. Do you have any other features?
Kaciey Green, 13,Blythewood, [10-04-2000]

your info. on the Liberty Bell was very interesting. Thank You very much for sharing your info.
Kathryn Mitch, 35/pa [10-04-2000]

My kids are singing a song about the liberty bell here at school. We really appreciated your site! Thanks!
Amy D., Bloomington, MN [10-04-2000]

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This web site is useful for any kid who wants to do a report!
Joann Rosenburg [10-04-2000]

i just wanted to know about the bell for no good reason
diana greene, 10 y.o,cleveland hts. ohio 44118 [10-04-2000]

Stefanie Schauf, 12 silver lake [10-04-2000]

I was interested in facts about the Liberty Bell.
Anthony, philadelphia, pa [10-04-2000]

Would like to have a larger picture to download for classroom use. Otherwise, you have made me sound like an expert in a short time!
Susan, teacher [10-04-2000]

Plan to visit here on October 21,2000 just wanted to know some more this is a Great Wealth of information!
John & Kathi Hinn, Real Estate Brokers from Iowa 50's [10-04-2000]

Cool Site
anonymous [10-04-2000]

I have my niece visiting here from Ohio and when she asked how the liberty Bell was cracked ( when we saw a replica of it at Union Station) I told her I did not know,but that I knew where to find out. Thank you PJ
Phyllis Smith, Washington DC [10-04-2000]

My Grandmother, who will be 100 years old 10-22-00 told me today she put her hand in the crack of the bell when she was a teenager as the bell made it's way to San Francisco in 1915. She was in Ephrata Washington visiting relatives at the time. I did not know the bell was ever moved from it's current site so I wanted to investigate. This web site confirmed her story, how neat. I printed several of the pictures to show her. I can't wait to see her reaction!!! Thanks.
Kevin Halterman, Hannibal, Missouri [10-04-2000]

I am doing a project for school on the Liberty Bell. Good site!
sarah nicholson, Natick MA [10-04-2000]

Jenny Park [09-27-2000]

I am researching questions asked by my students. Thanks!
Tammy Newton, 4th gr. teacher from Viola, AR [09-27-2000]

Donald & Norman, nunya [09-27-2000]

Your site is very helfpful because I'm doing a Social Studies report about the Liberty Bell. Thanks very much!
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TIFF, 11 [09-27-2000]

chad, 13/m/pitt, pa [09-27-2000]

I think that the Liberty Bell is really cool,it's soooo big.My uncle lives there,in Pennsylvania,my mom was born there,she moved when she was 5.So I do a lot of reports about your state.I have to go because I'm in after school detention right now.
KATIE PINHEIRO, KINGSBURG,Ca. age 13 [09-27-2000]

can i have a picture of the liberty bells to my school cew longwood ny to amurphy
ASHLEY MURPHY, 9 [09-27-2000]

thanks for all the information on the liberty bell. my history book only has one page!
amanda jones, 13,spanaway wa. [09-27-2000]

Thank You!
Paul D. Thimmesch, Woodville, MS [09-27-2000]

I'm a mother helping my 10 year old daughter find information on the Liberty Bell for her Social Studies' project.
Leila Elkins, Covington, GA. [09-27-2000]

We will visit philadelphia this November.
Anna stadtmiller, 9 years old, [09-27-2000]

Dean malloy, uk [09-27-2000]

sarah sanes [09-27-2000]

I recently visited the Liberty Bell Pavillion and Independance Hall. I enjoyed being able to touch a part of history. I've always lived in Virginia,(also rich in colonial history) but have relatives in Philly, I'm a big fan of history. Especially American history. I had'nt been to Philly since I was a teen. It was just so interesting and exhilarating. I can't wait to get back to see more. I think this website is good.
Alice williams, 48, Newport News, VA [09-27-2000]

I loved the photo essay as well as the interesting information on your site. My class is conducting a study on "Symbols of a Great Nation" and this is a wonderful website for that use. Thank you from Fifth Grade :)
Donna McMullen, Teacher, 5th grade, Oklahoma City [09-27-2000]

i'm doing a project about the bell for history class. your web page is helping me so much on my project. Thank You
mark mikulec jr, 18,orland park, il 60462 [09-27-2000]

i need pics about computers
landy, 19 years merida yucatan mexico [09-27-2000]

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Samantha Rush, age:13 [09-20-2000]

Samantha Rush [09-20-2000]

this is a great web site!! i had a civics project to do on something in pa, and i didn't think that i would find too much on this subject. (well, not a whole web site!!) i was really happy with it. thank you so much for this wonderful web site!!! yours truely ~~~~~~lauren~~~~~~
lauren, 12 fairfield pa [09-20-2000]

i think it has a lot of scrolling but it is good
hannah, hi [09-20-2000]

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Marger Smith, age 25 Mililani, HI [09-20-2000]

we really enjoyed your site and were able to get a lot of info that we needed for homework. we will recommend it to our friends
cassie, new york [09-20-2000]

i like this place and it mmakes me learn a lot more
timothy, im 16 carson [09-20-2000]

I had to do a report for the Liberty Bell and this site helped my report and added some interesting facts!
Crysta Crawford, age 13 [09-17-2000]

I am looking for information on Philip O'Haver he was the master molder for the Liberty Bell.
~Angie~, O'Haver Family [09-17-2000]

Marlene Raymond [09-17-2000]

louis a. acosta [09-14-2000]

Greetings from the Utrechts Bellringers Guild (Utrechts Klokkenluiders Gilde) We are the bell-ringers from the Dom Tower in Utrecht.The Netherlands The Liberty Bell site is great!!!!! Please visit ours: http://home.hetnet.nl/~luidklok/
Adri Onnekink, City:Utrecht Country:Holland [09-14-2000]

We used the site to find facts about the Liberty Bell. Thanks
David Hall, 32, Holly Mi. [09-14-2000]

Just wondering who was the editor(s) of "Liberty" in 1837 who first used the Bell as Icon. I have heard of "Liberty Bell" which was a publication of editor Maria Weston Chapman. She published the series in Mass though many say it is a publication of the New York Anti-slavery Society. Could be both. Still, that does not explain what "Liberty" is - the publication mentioned as the 1837 beginning of using the bell as icon in abolition literature. HELP? Anybody know about "Liberty." - the publication? Thanks
Randy Headley, Columbia, SC [09-14-2000]

Thank you for your page.
Marnie Krause [09-14-2000]

Send me more information!
Michelle Snyder, 9 [09-14-2000]

Molly, nine moirrsville [09-14-2000]

Heather Snow, 16, provo, UT [09-14-2000]

cool site, i come from philly so its cool to finaly learn bout the liberty bell for my history project!
vicki reiff [09-14-2000]

je serai heureux de voir cette cloche historique a Philadelphia le mois prochain
PATRICK DAUDON [09-14-2000]

I'm looking up this article for extra points in Social Studies!!!
William David Bryan, 9 years old West Monroe, La. [09-14-2000]

michael rutherford, bay st. louis, ms; 18 [09-14-2000]

Great page found very inyeresting thank you
John Walls, Sudbury,Ma.01776 age 38 [09-14-2000]

the liberty bell is a major part of history.
Ashley lovett, 14/sidney, ohio [09-14-2000]

I like your bell.
Lucas Clarke, 25, nuclear engineer, married, one dog, North Canton, OH [09-14-2000]

I'm checking on information about the Liberty Bell for a homeschool class I'm teaching on American History. I couldn't find much at our county library (it's usually quite good).
B Hooten, Missouri [09-14-2000]

The pictures (photo essay) are so cool!
Meghan, 6 1/2 yrs old, Pgh, PA [09-14-2000]

trying to set up a cub scout trip to philadiphia. can you help with info or adresses of liberty bell US MINT ECT.THANKS
Vincent B Colucci [09-14-2000]

Jandy [09-14-2000]

BRITTANY VALENTINE, 11 lorain ohio [09-14-2000]

This was a great site. I used it for a US History project.
Ben Gregory, 17 + high school senior at Wando High School, Mt. Pleasant, SC [09-14-2000]

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This is the best webpage to get info on a book report for school!! It helped me a lot!!
Deanna, Batavia, Ohio [09-14-2000]

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This is a really good place to look up information about the bell.
Kara Yazzie, 14 [09-14-2000]

My students will be visiting this site looking for information.
Gerald Quinn, Uniontown PA. [09-14-2000]

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very good and educational. the place to go to get the information.
stacy, 17, ohio [09-06-2000]

Great Page!!!!! It helped me do my history project for school. :)
Alyssa [09-06-2000]

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I think this is a great website I found a lot of information. For my little sister she is 7 years old.
Jessica [09-06-2000]

Matt Novak, 12 years old [09-06-2000]

Enjoyed the visit. Will now come to see the Liberty Bell next week on my visit to USA
Mrs Frances Sherratt England [09-06-2000]

I wonder if you have a list of the places the bell train stopped at? I would like to know if it stopped in Erie, and will see if I can find out locally.
Susan Groh, Erie, Pennsylvania [09-06-2000]

I spent time in 'A' Companyat Ft. McNair during 1980 and 1981. I was in the firing party platoon. My previous unit was 'A' Troop, 1st Sqdn.(Air)/17th U.S. Calvary. ETS'd as a SGT. I went on to the USAF and became a Radar-Navigator in the 69th Bombardment Squadron/42nd Bombardment (Heavy) Wing at Loring AFB, Maine.
Capt. Mark A. Kelley, USAF (Ret.) [08-29-2000]

i like to send all the important information that you thing it is good for the school thank you
mahad adawe [08-29-2000]

Luther Johnson, New Port Richey, Fl. [08-29-2000]

I like reading about the hist. of the bell
David Wilkie, brookhaven, Pa [08-29-2000]

Maureen Williams [08-29-2000]

your site is awesome, very informative and educational. this was very helpful in getting info to my client. thanks!
Eva Rosario, I am an event & meeting planner [08-23-2000]

i was interested in knowing why the bell cracked so that i could share the knowlegde with my kids.
aretha williams [08-23-2000]

I have been told that I am a decendant of John Stow the Brass Smith. I have been working on my families Geneology for about two years now and have traced them back to 1805. I thought you and your visitors would like to know I am setting up a STOW family web site for researching the STOW name. Anyone who has information or thinks they are a decendant please contact me and let's see if we can prove this one way or the other. To find the page do a web search for "Stow Stowe Stoe" you should find it.
Dean Stow, Southern New Jersey Stow [08-22-2000]

Cool site
Carson Nyquist, I'm 12 [08-22-2000]

Birth date June 14
Julius Ferguson, 29 Baltimore [08-22-2000]

i like your page! it help with my history test!lol
carrie [08-22-2000]

Thanks being here.It was the info. I was looking for. Thanks agine
Rod Cole, age 40, McKeesport PA [08-22-2000]

DANA Mc KENZIE, payed first visit to bell on 8-19-00 [08-22-2000]

took our grandchildren(who are from out of town) sightseeing and they absolutly enjoyed all the historical sights.Your site is very informative.
mary narr, southampton, pa [08-22-2000]

Rose Palmer [08-22-2000]

Enjoyed the information very much.
Barbara Coto, Tampa, FL [08-18-2000]

thank you for making history accessible to those of us who are not priviledged enough to travel to other locations.
Brenda G. Long, Richmond, VA [08-18-2000]

Diego de Jesus [08-18-2000]

Allan Stubblefield [08-18-2000]

This Sept. my daughter and I are going to get to see this wonderful bit of history! I can't wait.
Christy Boettcher, age 48, Mission Viejo, Ca. [08-18-2000]

I am looking up answers to my summer homework
maura matvey, age7, Pittsburgh, PA [08-18-2000]

Professional public speaker, specializing in Patriotic Subjects. Quest for more knowledge/Americana History.
Marilyn S. Humphey, Age: 66; Yucaipa, California [08-18-2000]

I can't wait to show my kids the liberty bell. I saw it as a child because I used to live there, now I get to share the history of the USA with my kids...Thanks
Ivy Langendorff [08-18-2000]

Who is credited for casting the liberty bell
John ennis [08-18-2000]

We think it was a funny joke. People just don't knohow to take a good joke. grow up. whaaaaaaaaaaatzzzzzzzzz up??
sarah danelli, I'm short [08-18-2000]

Andrew, 12 Tucson [08-18-2000]

i'd like to know something about the history of the USA and Philadelphia, as well and visit these places. Thank You.
Dmitriy, philadelphia/// itnernational student [08-18-2000]

student of american history. thank you for the site.
L.Winer [08-18-2000]

Shawn D. Texter [08-09-2000]

the page is vary good and it is informtive too.
marcy, 54 bradenton [08-09-2000]

Interesting web page. I saw the bell several years ago.
Donafaye Brigner, Minford, Ohio [08-09-2000]

thanks! my mom wanted to know the particulars re the crack!! sue
Sue Brown, Newnan, GA [08-08-2000]

it would be a good idea to offer more museums that are educational for preschool children ages 5-10. they would be more interested if the history was showed or the tours was more focuss on the younger crowd. disney world is a good place to take your ideas from. i own lkq childcare and also a 13year vet in the marketing field.hope these ideas will help to keep our pass history, alive in the children of our future
LITTLE KING'S-N-QUEEN'S CHILDCARE, 699 everett st camden, nj 08104 [08-08-2000]

My 8th Great Grand Father recast the liberty bell thank you for including the information about him in your web site.
John Pass, Lawrenceville,Ga [08-05-2000]

And I think it is cool!!!
Jacob Queen, (age 7 1/2 Anchorage, Alaska [08-05-2000]

On August 2 2000, I led a group of 100 free americans in a demonstration of freedom. We smoked marijuana in front of the Liberty Bell, without getting arrested. As free americans we freely choose to smoke marijuana and the government has no authority to regulate our bodies. This was a successful demonstration of this.
Ed Forchion, website: www.tlmp.org [08-04-2000]

liberty becomes a lie when it is exercised without human conscience and the crack in the bell symbolizes the potential abuse of liberty toward the dark side of mankind"s desire and therefor the demise of society and drift away from god's dominion
AB DANESH, saunderstown [08-04-2000]

I have been a member of the U.S. Navy for Fourteen years. I would like to chose the location of the Liberty Bell as the site for my next re-enlistment ceremony which is coming up in about Five weeks. I have not yet been able to visit it's location, is there anything I should know before doing this, such as, time restrictions, other events, bus parking, etc? Can you help me with any of this info?
Robert D. Bingham, Annapolis, Maryland [08-04-2000]

As a 27 year old I have never seen it and this weekend I'm finally going to see a great piece of history and can't wait
Holly Cocchiola, 27 Bethlehem Connecticut [08-02-2000]

Clay Miner [08-02-2000]

I was looking for photos of the Liberty Bell when I found your site. It was wonderful! I will revisit the site. I will also want to look through ushistory.org.
William R. Korth, Esq., Father of a 12-year old who loves sightseeing in Philadelphia; we live in Fairfax, Va. [08-02-2000]

Maureen Curry [08-02-2000]

great information - i loved the liberty bell music! my son is on a visit to the usa and he visited the liberty bell so i wanted to have a look too!
JILL UÍ DHOCHARTAIGH, belfast, ireland [08-02-2000]

great website. enjoyed the 1915 photos. thanks.
rene finney, from albuquerque,nm [08-02-2000]

I'm originally from South Jersey, haven't seen the Liberty Bell in at least 20 years. Now, I'm bringing my 6-year-old daughter in Sept. to learn about American History.
Lisa Garrett, Southlake, TX [08-02-2000]

This a very good story. We enjoyed it. Thank you . Ciro
Ciro Lopiccolo, age-56, Burleson, Texas [08-02-2000]

Brad Werner, 14, Spearville,KS [08-02-2000]

John W. Austerberry, Sr., Ft. Collins, Colorado [08-02-2000]

Very GOOD. Thanks for the complete work.
D.F. Crigger, Age 60 Honduras...Born USA [07-31-2000]

Julio M. Thillet, NY City 51years old [07-31-2000]

Very informative
callie, al [07-31-2000]

Bruce mcClay, age 8 [07-31-2000]

I am so fascinated of the hohle history of the liberty bell
Darknight, I'm from Switzerland [07-31-2000]

I am looking forward to visit the Liberty Bell.
Tracy Harris, 27,Valley Stream, NY [07-31-2000]

I found the whole concept of the Taco Bell advertising scheme to be in poor taste. I am disgusted that anyone would try to use one of our country's greatest symbols for personal or comercial gain.
Brian Jones [07-31-2000]

PARRISH TRICHE, s [07-31-2000]

Nice Site. Informative
Terrence Michael Green, 33 Bay City, TX [07-31-2000]

Harda A. Callicutt [07-31-2000]

I would like to thank you for this site. You have done a wonderful job putting this information together. My grandfather is George McNair and was a descendant of Andrew McNair, the official ringer of the Liberty Bell, 1759-76; and was the bell ringer on the occasion of the Proclamation of Independence. There is poem regarding Andrew McNair and the Liberty Bell. Could you possibly find it and add it to your web site? Could you
LaVina Barker [07-31-2000]

your web page is dumb only cause i hate history but if you get games also on here it might be fun but besides that i think that your page was put together well
Mary, 14,troy,ny [07-31-2000]

Dallas links?
Fred, Chicago [07-31-2000]

Thank you!
Melissa Petty, Deer Park, Texas [07-31-2000]

D. Wright [07-31-2000]

Juanita Rushing [07-24-2000]

jason alafgani, 8,san mateo [07-24-2000]

timothy rubendall, i have a piece of the liberty bell that dates back to 1872, documented by postmark on letter [07-24-2000]

learned more about the liberty bell tonight than i ever did in high school or college. good history lesson!
JAN HILL, monaca, pa [07-22-2000]

Elizabeth, NYC 32yrs old [07-22-2000]

Your site is tight!
Jeremy Bunting, 13 years old [07-22-2000]

Great website! Learned a lot. Thanks!!
Marilyn Mordecai, Philadelphia, PA [07-22-2000]

Elijah Shacklette, Austin, TX, Age 75 [07-22-2000]

I can't wait to see the Liberty Bell when I visit in a few days
Angela London, I am 7 y.o. and live in Virginia [07-20-2000]

Angela Adam [07-19-2000]

i would love to come to see the bell i always wnt to every since i was young i hope i can one days, can you please send me a post card of it virginia jean dickinson po box 335 west ossipee nh 03890 i would like one thanks from virginia jean dickinson
virginia jean dickinson, 31,west ossipee,nh [07-19-2000]

Kelli Jean Kroh, stowe, pa [07-17-2000]

I am interested in history and I relley like your photo essay.
Kevin hendon, age 10 [07-17-2000]

Sally Price, Second Grade Teacher [07-16-2000]

I really glad to be here in Philadelphia !!!
Maisa Khudaiberdyeva, I'm from Turkmenistan, I,m thirty [07-14-2000]

I am looking to do a large report on the liberty Bell, please e-mail me any information you have.
David Curtis, 14, Des Moines, IA [07-13-2000]

Very enlightening. I'm 66 years old and many of these facts were new to me. I wonder if any of this information is being taught in our schools today. Thanks for the tour.
Carol Sweet Alexander, San Antonio, Texas [07-13-2000]

I think this is a good historical site. I am proud to be an american!!
Cheryl, Baltimore, Maryland [07-13-2000]

Julie Miller, Placerville, CA [07-13-2000]

i am a teacher of special ed high school students. i have bookmarked this site to use during the school year.
diane wilson, philadelphia,pa [07-10-2000]

I live in Philadelphia for 7 wonderfull years
Armando R. Cordon [07-09-2000]

I am visiting this site with my grandfather to learn about the liberty bell
Ross J. Slaughter, Shreveport,LA - age 7yrs old [07-09-2000]

This is a great site!
Julie Nuttall, Roy, UT [07-09-2000]

Susan Grossman Swift, I live in New York but was born and raised in Philadelphia. I sure miss it. God Bless you! [07-09-2000]

Alexander Serrano [07-09-2000]

Please add and Audio clip of the bell being rang. An audio and video clip of it being rang on the 4th of July would be great. Thanks!
John Yates, Minister of the Marion Christian Church in Marion Kansas [07-09-2000]

Beverly Maring [07-07-2000]

I am so pleased to have viewed this photo essay. I just love all things historical concerning our US of A!! Well done!!
Christy Young, Garland,TX [07-06-2000]

thank you for saving the integrity of the liberty bell.i can be contacted at my e-mail address:chargerman1@hotmail.com. Thank you for the web address! bye,darrell g. stow
darrell g stow, possible desendant of john stow [07-06-2000]

sarah, age 5 [07-06-2000]

i am doing research about the bell and was needing to know what is written on it now
margaret felger, pgh pa [07-06-2000]

was very impressed with the connection to the Bible
Nadine Sigler, age 48 St.Cloud MN [07-06-2000]

1)Well-organized 2) easy to access 3) attractive to the eye!
Barb Ekman [07-06-2000]

bad taste
pr [07-06-2000]

Debra Hall [07-06-2000]

I wish everyone could read the editorial about America in a recent Canadian newspaper. It was actually standing up for us. I hadn't heard anything so positive in years. It was refreshing. It keeps circling around so you will probably get it on your web soon
Ann Knox, Camp Wood, Tx [07-06-2000]

Gary Hansen [07-06-2000]

I like this site very much.
Brandon, 12 [07-06-2000]

May the true Spirit of the Liberty Bell bring jubilee. Happy Birthday, America.
MAK [07-06-2000]

josh king, age/11-Arkansawyer [07-06-2000]

I thought it was good for a chuckle...and I LOVE this country. I find nothing too grievous or in bad taste in this ad. Anyone who knows Taco Bell's kinds of ads could take it in its proper intent. I thought it was clever.
Rita, 35, okla [07-06-2000]

Will be visiting Philadelphia soon to see the Liberty Bell.
Diane Hansen [07-04-2000]

I think it is agreat web site for school kids.
PaulD. Ervin, age 60, Burlington, Iowa [07-04-2000]

Jean Dodge, Eagle Rock [07-04-2000]

Our local ISP has your website the "featured" website for this holiday. It is truly wonderful!
Patty, Andalusia, AL [07-04-2000]

Larry & Helen Ingalls, Plaistow, NH [07-04-2000]

This website is helpful for my homework. Very nice.
Pimsupa Puthipiroj, 8 years old, from Thailand [07-04-2000]

can't wait to see it in person
stephanie [07-04-2000]

It is now July 4, 2000, which is 85 years after this historical train ride with the Liberty Bell. These photographs exhibit an excellent presentation on freedom, as it is symbolized within the Liberty Bell and the American public across these United States.
John R. Doon, Jr., Postmaster, Montpelier, Vermont 05602-9998 [07-04-2000]

carl and julia stewart [07-04-2000]

It's terrific to be in America on this first Fourth of July in the New Millennium. I am so happy for the freedoms I have and I thank all the soldiers who have fought for me so I could be here today.
Clint Barodin, 12yrs.old, Grade 7 student [07-04-2000]

may this verse printed on this bell be true throughout our land.
Davita Hungate [07-04-2000]

excellent website, thanks for the info. women against gun control
Nancy, http://www.wagc.com [07-04-2000]

Gloria Jean Ghabris, Teacher of third grade [07-03-2000]

What a joy it is to see and really understand this true symbol of liberty
Teresa McGrath [07-03-2000]

Adam Carver, ST. Petersburg, FL [07-03-2000]

Well done. I enjoyed visiting your pictoral essay very much. Thanks.
Sharon Skinner, Phoenix, Az [07-03-2000]

Very interesting history piece. There was lots of information I wasn't aware of. I really liked the photo essay on the 1915 trip to San Francisco.
Pam Quinn, joplin, MO [07-03-2000]

i think the liberty bell is cool
Christopher Cunningham, 12 Wrightstown, N.j. [07-03-2000]

Every fourth of July, our family picks a different symbol of freedom. We study up on it throughout the year, find books (especially little kids), and do a presentation on that particular subject matter the morning of the 4th. Along with that, we do a red, white, and blue breakfast and flag ceremony. We want to instill the importance of this country in our children. Thank you for helping us by providing facts, etc.
Heidi Larsen [07-03-2000]

I like the libertybell.It is cool.Wiy is the crace in the bell?Wiy did you take it to difrent places?
amanda, vhdudhdndhhuydskdiu [07-03-2000]

how old is the libertybell.
danielle [07-03-2000]

Corrine Caylee NELSON
ashley [07-03-2000]

I am 81/2. I like cats. I am going to visit next week.
Corrine [07-03-2000]

Amber [07-03-2000]

Sammy, I liked the liberty bell I am going to see it on Friday [07-03-2000]

I think it is very cool to now about the the bell. I'm going to see it ome day. bye
Ariana, 9,pennsaken,N.J [07-03-2000]

the bell was very big for a bell.
tashanda, age 9 [07-03-2000]

Corrine [07-03-2000]

i have visited phildelphia many time. i took my children to see the liberty bell when they were young. they still remember the trip 15 years later.
MIKE C, retired military [07-03-2000]

Just checking in advance to take the family to view the Liberty Bell in July. The purpose of the trip is to introduce our son to West Point & Annapolis for possible college.
Joe Hattrup, 43, Reno, Nevada [07-03-2000]

Janet Heron, 34 yrs. B'Ham, AL [07-03-2000]

i have never seen the bell, but am excited to one day do so.
allison, 32, texas [07-02-2000]

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We loved every moment of this entire site.
Lawrence & Gail Hargrove, 54/50-Upper Gremantown, Philadelphia [07-01-2000]

PASTOR [06-30-2000]

bwalker, Texan [06-30-2000]

love philly i still get goose bumps remembering the first time i touched the bell we were allowed to then that was 33 years ago
claire streit, my age is getting up there The Bronx [06-30-2000]

An excellent rendition of photos for the San Francisco showing of the Liberty Bell. Thank You!
John and Phyllis Yohe, Scott Township, PA [06-30-2000]

Your web site is cool!!
Sondra Seilstad, Great Falls, MT [06-30-2000]

This is a marvelous page. I was able to get all of the info I needed to give my children an overview of Independence Day. Thanks
Cheryl, Spokane, WA [06-30-2000]

It would have been nice to be able to print this information out for reports for my children.
Pat Totagrande, mom [06-30-2000]

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hi, buh bye [06-30-2000]

Excellent Website. A labeledl purpose line would be beneficial for readers to understand what the Liberty Bell stood for. It was really used to notify people of various issues.
Gloria, South Carolina [06-30-2000]

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Joyce Lindquist, senior citizen, have seen it but enjoy the review [06-30-2000]

mike barnett, sulphur springs texas 4-25-53 [06-29-2000]

We'll be seein' the Bell tomorrow afternoon!!
Chris Bellamy, Baltimore MD [06-28-2000]

The Liberty Bell is cool.
Kaitlyn, Moorhead, MN [06-28-2000]

I was going to have a party on the 4th of July, but not enough people could make it, so I have rescheduled for July 8th, the day the Liberty Bell was rung when the Declaration of Independance was read by the public for the first time. At the party we will make our own fireworks by ringing bells and reading the Declaration of Independance as it was announced to the people that day in 1776.
Chuck Ballew, California [06-28-2000]

Cool website
Joshua, 13 [06-27-2000]

Casey, I like this website [06-27-2000]

My uncle James Duffy was the commanding officer of the Honor Guard that made the entire trip with the Liberty Bell.
Louis W. Jennis, Palmyra, NJ [06-27-2000]

I'm a direct descendant of George Reed (DE)one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence
Shelly Schweiger [06-27-2000]

the Liberty Bell is cool place to vist
Shannon, new jersey 14yr. [06-27-2000]

Great website! I love all the information that is provided. Excellent picture quality!
Bryce Holland, Dayton, Ohio [06-27-2000]

historical nut
bill schneider, pt. pleasant, nj 08742 [06-27-2000]

proud to be an american
David A. Wiatrowski, 47 yrs. / So.Haven, MI 49090 [06-27-2000]

I think that Liberty Bell 7 is really cool!!! I didn't know about it till my dad was watching a program about it and he told me about it and I have liked to research things about it ever sence!!! By Katy
Katy, age 11 [06-27-2000]

Sally Howell, Lake City, Florida [06-27-2000]

David Louis, Live in Dayton [06-27-2000]

Good site. But wasn't there a sister bell that was lost at sea and recently recovered?
Bruce Halstead [06-24-2000]

In tracing my family tree I had read that the Liberty Bell was removed from Phila by the Northampton Milia headed by Mathias Brobst and Adam Deal and taken to Zion Church near Allentown. Can you verify that for me. Thanks Joanne Farrell

Julia, I`m 10 and i live in pa [06-22-2000]

Trish O'Neill [06-22-2000]

It is a cool web-site and the only thing I didn't like about it was that it didn't have a map of the state that like placed where the person would like to go so its like changeable.
Kristen [06-22-2000]

Nancy Dutton, I chair the ELA department at Leicester High School. I am an ardent support of using portfolios as an assessment tool for student performance. [06-22-2000]

Very nice
Suzann White, Temple, Tx [06-22-2000]

mary fikes, age 57 [06-22-2000]

Your page is great and also our theme. Your information will be passed on along with your site.
Joanne S. Shukis, Spirit of Liberty Chapter, NSDAR [06-20-2000]

My grades have greatly improved this year!!
Bryce Hale, 9 years old in 3rd at Dulles Elementary School [06-20-2000]

your website is great, my family visited the bell, and we rode in the horse and carriage,visiting your site makes me want to go back to Philadelephia again!!
Connie Hale, Johnstown, Pa. [06-20-2000]

cool site
Katrina Macklin [06-20-2000]

Very good and informitive thank you.
George Hendren, age 60 Wichita Ks. [06-19-2000]

i love history!!!!!! i wish i could haved lived back then!!!!
shelia allen [06-19-2000]

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Jennifer Keen, age-22 [06-19-2000]

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Victoria Snyder, Lansing, Michigan [06-19-2000]

Your web page was very benificial to me. I used for a report I did and got second place. It was also interesting to learn about the bell, I had never studied it in school before. Someday I hope to visit Philly and see the bell. From what I've heard it is a great city. Well THANK YOU!!!!! HASTA LUEGO AMIGOS!! LATERS FRIENDS!
Andrea, 14 San Benito,Texas 6 - 14 - 00 [06-19-2000]

Larry Zack [06-19-2000]

i would like to know who authored the poem in which The Liberty Bell got its name...possible the original poem itself
adrienne cobb [06-19-2000]

The pictures in the 1915 Photo essay are bad
Angela, from NYC [06-19-2000]

It was an extremely funny joke- lighten up
scott bostick, fredericksburg, VA (Lots of history) [06-19-2000]

Wonderful to see this site!
Esther Taira, Montebello CA [06-19-2000]

John A Minnich, Macon GA [06-11-2000]

Iwent in person to see the bell in 1964, this is a real treat to see again. Thank You
Dawn Twilley, Drain Or. [06-09-2000]

I wanted to see the bell cause I like bells since I was born. I know all the bells in Venice. There are very interesting photos, but I'd like to know which musical note it rang!
Mario, I'm 32 and living in Venice-Italy [06-09-2000]

I think it was really funny! Good one!
Rebecca, 16, Iowa [06-08-2000]

I like cumputers and tecknoligie
Eric Valencia, 10 1/2 Temecula [06-08-2000]

Lisa Taylor, New York City [06-08-2000]

It's great!!!!!
Meredith [06-08-2000]

can't wait to revisit philly and bring my son to learn the great history of philadelphia.
VICTORIA THOMAS, west caldwell, nj [06-06-2000]

My grandfather, james J. Quirk, was an official guard for the Liberty Bell during its famous journey. he was given a wooden mallet with a silver plaque with his name of it to commemorate this trip. has anyone ever heard of this item?
Lynn Sons, Philadelphia, PA [06-05-2000]

Thomas A. Stein [06-04-2000]

Pennsylvania resident all my life have been to Philly many times and have not seen the LIBERTY BELL planning on a visit in the near future. The photos in this website helped to make the trip/visit a must.
James Stabley, Williamsport, PA [06-02-2000]

Shawn Booth [06-02-2000]

I think the liberty bell was a great idea
jim brorwn, 45 [06-02-2000]

The LIberty Bell is really cool and it is a historic part of Philadelphia. I can not picture the city wiht out it
Alyssa Socket, 14, Downingtown PA [06-02-2000]

Tommorrow, I visit your Liberty Bell and many other historical sites in Philly. Being able to visit your website really helped me prepare for my class trip. You provided much more data then any teacher could. I can't wait to visit! Maybe my mom will bring me!-Missy
Victoria Barnhart, Cockeysville, Maryland [05-31-2000]

Victoria L Stellfox, New Castle, DE [05-30-2000]

This is a great site.It has a lot of info.
Carolyn Pyle, Grimsley,TN [05-30-2000]

I grew up in Philly and led many a historical tour with college classmates, the woman who would become my wife and later our children. We always began at the Liberty Bell and finished up at Jim's for a cheesesteak (provolone and cherry peppers) and a Tastykake (peanut butter Tandytakes)
kevin mcgeever, 43, St. Petersburg, Fl [05-30-2000]

alexandra, 8 [05-30-2000]

KATIE MATEJA, i like the movies [05-30-2000]

ryan klick [05-30-2000]

I hope To see many things when i go to Philedelphia tomorrow and i hope you have a great summer and An execelent DAY!
Stephanie Coniglio, i am 11 years old i have 3cats and i dog i have a sister 13 years old i live with my mom and my stepdad [05-30-2000]

What year was the bell taken to the Chicago World's Fair? It was in our city of Xenia that year.
Joan Baxter [05-30-2000]

I lived In Philly about 30 years ago. I now reside in SouthCarolina. I teach in a rural area, and would love to bring my class as well as a friend of mine's class to Philadelphia. I truly think that children can understand and appreciate things better when they can see it
Evelyn Williams-Smith [05-30-2000]

i like the web site
luke, hicksville [05-30-2000]

Wonderful pictures
Eric [05-30-2000]

v isited story of liberty bell from philly t o san francisco very interesting . never knew such an event had happened. i was impressed by this bit of history. thank you.
DONALD A LAROSE, lowell, mass. [05-30-2000]

Excelant Information
Martin, N. CA. Redwoods [05-30-2000]

I think this is a great website because me and my class went to Philadephia.
Alicia Harmon, age 11, Baltimore, Maryland [05-30-2000]

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Shawn Nolder [05-28-2000]

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Enjoyed your website very much. My daughter has all the information she needs to do her report,thank-you
Dawn Russell, Lindenwold [05-28-2000]

I really like your page
karla, 17, victorville ca [05-28-2000]

I am looking foward to going to Philadelphia to see all of the exciting things such as the Libertybell and more
Kevin Makwinski [05-28-2000]

I really can't wait to visit phily and other diferent types of stuff like the Liberty Bell
Brendan Guarino, 11 Lodi [05-28-2000]

I think philadelphia is a wonderful place to visit Museam and the liberty bell.
Julian Lopez, 11Lodi NJ [05-28-2000]

i can't wait till i see PHILADELPHIA!i will have lots of fun.
Asha Gopalan, Ten Years old [05-28-2000]

I think the LIBERTY BELL was cool.You can learn lots from it.Can you send me some more info on my email adress
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I think i'll have a lot fun in such a big city.
Christian Kennedy, 10 male LODI [05-28-2000]

i think going to philadelphia will be fun . i really want to see the liberty bell ,and i now know so much on it .
* Victoria Trifu *, age ( 10) female [05-28-2000]

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matthew pecora, 11 lodi [05-28-2000]

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Sneha Patel, I'm ten and I live in Lodi,N.J. [05-28-2000]

I think that Philadelphia would be nice to visit and fun to see all the cool history stuff!
Redwana Khan, 10 1/2 years old, in Lodi NJ [05-28-2000]

I think philadelphia is a nice place to be in the summer
kamaljit kaur, 10 [05-28-2000]

I would like to visit Philidelphia.It seems interesting.
Chris Santacroce, 11 Lodi ,NewJersey [05-28-2000]

I like phili P--E--R--I--O--D.
Daniel Pecoraro, I'm ten [05-28-2000]

I think that Philidelphia will be an excellent trip because we can really learn a lot and share more thoughts when we get back.
Kelly Hughes, I am 10 and a half years old and I am from Lodi,NJ and I go to school at Washington School and we are going to Philidelphia May 31,2000. [05-28-2000]

i think the liberty bell is a good way to lead back in history and learn just a little more about the bell
Christina Syracuse, 10,Lodi NJ [05-28-2000]

I think Phildelphia will be a nice trip to see the liberty bell and other important spots in Phildelphia.
Caitlyn Ferreira, Lodi, New Jersey (11 years old) Femalel [05-28-2000]

I think it was a nice home page about the liberty bell
Michele, 11/female,Lodi [05-28-2000]

Asha Gopalan, i [05-28-2000]

Armando, 12 male Lodi [05-28-2000]

that it is very historic
Jacqueline Sfreddo, 10 female [05-28-2000]

i think that this was a very intersting it told u a lot of information.
jamie breitwieser, 10 [05-28-2000]

William E. Popp [05-28-2000]

Doris h. McMillan, will visit your Liberty Bell on June 14,200 as part of an Underground Railroad Tour [05-28-2000]

I am taking a field trip on May 26 to see the Liberty Bell and I thought I would learn more about it before I went. I loved your web site!!!
Kyle Felisky, 10 Westminster Maryland [05-28-2000]

Great teaching tool.
Antoinette V. Franklin, Defense Language Institute [05-28-2000]

I have to do a really big project on this kind of stuff. thanks for being helpfull!!!
yolanda, Yuba City, CA [05-28-2000]

great site. We have enjoyed all the wonderful information
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nathalie borrego, 11year oid [05-28-2000]

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shree ram sigdel, age 23 tanahu nepal [05-28-2000]

This site is a great tribute to the intrests of Americans in this electronic and internet age. Keep it going America !
Jeff Beck, Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania [05-28-2000]

Allison, I'm 12 years old and in 6 grade.I love Dolphins, basketball and soccer. [05-28-2000]

amanda rhoads [05-28-2000]

i like this web site
Alissa Kriczky, age 11 [05-28-2000]

Hope to visit in the latter part of June.
Anita Meier, Wisconsin [05-28-2000]

Hi! Let me think it over!
Mary Canary, oak tree lane [05-28-2000]

I have to do a report on the Liberty Bell.
Carl Partrich, 12 yrs old [05-28-2000]

http://www.ushistory.org/libertybell/bellhoax.html --check it out. --RG --ps: neat site Liberty Bell People.
Richard Gluck, I just saw the trivia page and this bellhoax page. [05-28-2000]

Someone said that they heard on Jeopardy that Taco Bell bought the Liberty Bell. I don't believe this rumour but I wonder what the clue/answer was that cause the rumour in the first place --Let me know someone, please-- (I do know that know that now Taco Bell is owned by a big food holding company with KFC and Pizza Hut--these were at one time held by Pepsico)--Thanks.--RG
Richard Gluck, 39,GreenEville,TN (currently takes computer classes/Word 2000/Publisher [05-28-2000]

Very interesting photos taken from various parts of the country. The students were particularly interested in how the bell received the crack. We are doing a Productive Thinking" lesson as to reasons for the crack and hope to find out in searching the Internet for the answer.
Donna Carter, 46 years old inner-city school teacher from Chattanooga, Tennessee [05-28-2000]

I looooooooooove this site!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Shipley [05-28-2000]

Born and raised in historical Delaware county, now live in California and miss my SE Pennsylvania heritage
Vincent Di Camillo [05-28-2000]

This sounds like the music that I hear when I ride on a carusell
Marianne E Wood [05-28-2000]

this is a nice web site but it doesn't have what i'm looking for.
Courtney Speed, 14yr. East Cleveland [05-28-2000]

Tonya Roberts [05-28-2000]

I like this site it is very interesting
Erica [05-28-2000]

hiy , my question during the Libyan-American war in the 17th century,is there small liberty bell hanged in the philadelpiha war ship? waiting forward to hearing from you soon cordially yours mohsen
mohsen a [05-28-2000]

i whant to know how the liberty bell cracked
Lindsey stone, i am 10 yours old [05-28-2000]

Very meaningful---Thank You!!!
Dan Sherman, 52yrs. Mesa, Az. [05-28-2000]

We want to know why the Liberty Bell cracked
Mrs. Behnke's reading group- Josh, Brooke, C.C., Jake, Carl and Tucker [05-28-2000]

thankx for the tour
Dennis [05-28-2000]

Hi, i really thank you guys I had a "pop" report on a different state well I got Pa. this page really helped me out. thanks, Jane
janey, age9 Moline,ILL [05-28-2000]

Jillian [05-28-2000]

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William C. McCullagh [05-28-2000]

cool site
audrey, 14/ female/ sydney australia [05-28-2000]

I am doing a report about the Liberty Bell and I really like this Website to find out things.
John Chang, 9 years old, Cupertino, CA(near San Jose) [05-28-2000]

One large picture of the bell for use in school work would be helpful.
Lew Wood, MAnteca, CA. [05-28-2000]

At 400 o'clock approx 60-75 citizens gathered at one of the most respectedly symbols of freedom in the entire free world... [READ FULL POSTING]
Edward njweedman Forchion, The Legalize Marijuana Party [05-28-2000]

i think tthis page is wonderful to get information from for reports.
stephen, i'm 11male i live in maryland [05-28-2000]

you have lots of information
Lauren Brown, 10,Oshkosh, WI [05-28-2000]

hope to see the Liberty Bell some day with my family It would be a genuine treat
pam polinske, franklin, wi [05-28-2000]

I thought this site was really cool. I found it very interesting.I really enjoyed it a lot!
Ermarefe Fernandez, New Jersey [05-28-2000]

Brittney [05-28-2000]

I think that the "Liberty Bell Hoax" was all in good fun. I mean if people thought that it was mean or something, then why do we even have an April Fools Day? It is not just because of my age, that I feel this way, but really, YOU PEOPLE NEED TO LIGHTEN UP!!!
Shana, I am 13 years old, and an American Citizen [05-28-2000]

Served in the OLD GUARD 3rd US Infantry and Performed Dyas Of rememberance at the Bell in 1986 for the Holocost victims of WWII
Brent De La Garza [05-28-2000]

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b69, 11 [05-28-2000]

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Rocky, 11 years of age [05-28-2000]

R.T.S. [05-28-2000]

Drew Daniels, i like tits [05-28-2000]

The first time I saw a picture of the Liberty Bell, which still hangs in our living room, I called it "Taco Bell"!!!!!
Jerry, I am 7 years old I live in San Mateo, CA and I was born in Philadelphia, PA! [05-28-2000]

I am doing a presentation/paper on the historic sites of Philadelphia and therefore came to this site. I think it's really neat. I had no idea that the Liberty Bell had a web site. Thanks to this page and other pages (how I got the link) I will be able to write the paper and present a good presentation.
Kirsten Beck, age 21, female, college student in Minnesota, but came from 35 miles north of Philadelphia [05-28-2000]

This was a great website ,I wish others had information about their things like you do. great work keep it up!!!
Kimberly Anne Dome, 17 Dallas,Texas [05-28-2000]

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Letterman [05-28-2000]

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Amber Broche, no [05-28-2000]

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Vanessa Garcia, Palisades Park [05-28-2000]

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Julia, 12,Palisades Park,NJ [05-28-2000]

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steve bai, 12,palisades park,nj [05-28-2000]

On the bell Pennslvania is spelt wrong
Mike [05-28-2000]

the bell is cracked and Pennsylvania is spelled wrong besides there is one in flordia and on the phillies stadium.
Bryce Walsh [05-28-2000]

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matt, 23 [05-28-2000]

matt, 23 [05-28-2000]

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FIFI [05-28-2000]

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kricky [05-28-2000]

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luke, age,13,ohio [05-28-2000]

Thanks for the info I needed it for a school project
Julie Larranaga, 12 [05-28-2000]

Tom, 5th grade teacher [05-28-2000]

send me info/picures please
Willis Gronwall [05-28-2000]

cprost, Lackawanna, New York [05-28-2000]

Great information! I am trying to gather as much information as possible on the Liberty Bell and its history. It is said the captain of the ship (Myrtilla) that brought the bell to America is a member of my family tree. I haven't as yet been able to establish any leads. Thanks for all the information on this web site. Most articles published give so few facts.
Doris [05-28-2000]

You've done a good job, my daughter needed info for a paper on the liberty bell and she has found it all right here. Thanks
P Barwi k [05-28-2000]

i love this web page it has a lot of interesting information about history
Brandy Christman, i'm 11years old [05-28-2000]

I really like this website because their are so many neat things to learn about Pennsylvania and especially the Liberty Bell. I'm doing a state project on Pennsylvania by myself so I want to know more about things interesting facts about Pennsylvania!
Lauren, 11 years old. Lives in California,L.A [05-28-2000]

I thought it is an awsome site!!
Grace, 13, Kingston,WA [05-28-2000]

Great info for my 2nd grader, he had to do a report on the liberty Bell and we found everything he needed..and more.
BRENDA KELLER, Lakeland,FLA. [05-28-2000]

We have a postcard of when the Libery Bell stopped in Oceanside California, San Diego County, in front of our Booth Hotel
Kristi Hawthorne, Oceanside CA [05-28-2000]

u should show on ur home pg. what words the crack go thugth
antony, 12 new cumberland [05-28-2000]

It Make learn about many things of our history and all what happened long ago. I think that your program is great.
Alex Rosales, 13, Port Arthur, TX [05-28-2000]

With my Sp.Ed. students, your presentation was great. While discussing the lessons, they were able to see the pictures as well. It helped them to understand exactly what was going on. Thanks for the wonderful presentation. Marla Bales
Marla Bales, Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma Brink Jr. High [05-28-2000]

I am originally from Valley Forge, PA. Haven't seen the bell for 48 years. We were permitted to touch it back then.
James A. Costello, 54 years old Orange, VA [05-28-2000]

I never knew the bell had gone cross country nor that it was actually the forth bell to be cast.
Andrew Bazan, Age= 13 Live n Pittsburgh, PA [05-28-2000]

Great source of info for my 5th grade social studies students who wanted to know why the Bell was cracked!
Jan Krasinski, teacher, MT City School, MT [05-28-2000]

Jenny conway [05-28-2000]

i thought that was the most funniest thing i heard in a long time
tara o'neil [05-28-2000]

We are from Keller, Texas. We thought the Liberty Bell was awesome. We learned a lot. We learned about the spelling of Pennsylvania and about the crack in the bell. Thank you for the good information.
Mrs. Hunt's 3rd grade class [05-28-2000]

I want to know when was the liberty bell manufactured
anonymous [05-28-2000]

what a crack!
elizabeth mahaffy, 18 years old. single. [05-28-2000]

jenniferrclark [05-28-2000]

Brendan Dunne [05-28-2000]

Great educational instrament thanks for the effort that went into this site.
Jason J Hulett, 28 Waukegan, IL. [05-28-2000]

I like your page.
Briggitte [05-28-2000]

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Danielle, I am 13,and love chris,yet I am single! [05-28-2000]

ever since i was very very young i wanted to learn about the liberty bell and i always searched but now that i found it i cant wait to lear about. it
lea, i am11 years old i live in ny and i would like to learn about the liberty bell [05-28-2000]

I think this is a great website it will help me on my state project.
Mandy [05-28-2000]

The NPS said their plan of the new Independence Mall would be completed by 1997. I was just there, April 25th, 2000 and the mall was a mess. Completely under construction still. What was the holdup?
Hayne Reed [05-28-2000]

Kaci N. Clippinger [05-28-2000]

"Miah", us [05-28-2000]

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Brady Ewart [05-28-2000]

Sean Fields [05-28-2000]

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chelsea, 9, hudson [05-28-2000]

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sara, florida [05-28-2000]

i think your web sight is real cool! it really helped me with my report!
kelsey ruben [05-28-2000]

Southfield Third Grade [05-28-2000]

Great photo essay about the 1915 trip. Lots of good information on your site. I enjoyed it greatly and will recommend it to others.
Paul D. Hunter [05-28-2000]

I am looking for the real story regarding the crack for my 5th grade class at Most Presious Blood School in Denver, Colorado. Many of the students have found many stories regarding the crack but we're not sure which is the truth? Is anyone sure?
Nicole Marcis, Denver, CO [05-28-2000]

GREAT SITE!!!! interesting facts I never got in history class so many years ago. Wouldn't it be just like our government to take away the freedom to see the bell that rang in the very existance of our great countries freedom
scott florey, overton, texas 39 [05-28-2000]

In my school we are studing the American Revolution. So I get to study more about the bell.
Amanda Lysykanycz, age 11 cityDavie [05-28-2000]

caitlyn davis, 7 years [05-28-2000]

one of my relatives [william hurry] rang the Liberty Bell July 4th. 1776 I am trying to find more about his early life in Phila.
thomas hurry [05-28-2000]

it was great
keith albert, lakeville [05-28-2000]

We have been studying the Liberty Bell in social studies for our homeschool this year. This is a great enhancement to what we have learned.
Dorcas B. Cecil, North Carolina [05-28-2000]

frankie, 10 [05-28-2000]

TEDDYBEAR [05-28-2000]

Tifty [05-28-2000]

I like your pages for the Liberty Bell. I'm using your Liberty Bell pages for my social studies report for class.
Melanie Magdalena, age 8, Tucson, AZ [05-28-2000]

Vickie Evans, Suffolk, VA [05-28-2000]

i like this page because it is educational.
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This is a really cool website
gina, 13, Wayland Mass [05-28-2000]

I thought the city was very clen considering some stories I have heard about Philly. I was very impressed.
Shawne Gatoura, 30, Female, Rehrersburg,PA [05-28-2000]

Our 2nd Grade class enjoyed your website. Thank you very much!
Mrs. Fultz, Superstition Springs Elementary [05-28-2000]

we are on your site for a school project for my daughter. Thank you
David Westbrook [05-28-2000]

I think it is ridiculous that the Taco bell A.D said that Taco Bell bought the Liberty Bell.If the last name is bell it doesn't mean that they have to buy it.
Lisa, 11 years old [05-27-2000]

I worked the detail on Jan. 1, 1976 when they moved the Liberty Bell from Independence Hall to the Pavillion. I am writing a History of Philadelphia and it's Police Department, and I was trying to find any photos from the move. My webpage is: http://hometown.aol.com/badlandscop/index.html Thanks for any help you can give me.
P/O Phil Bowdren Sr., Phila. Police Department [05-27-2000]

Your pics are very interesting.
kim [05-27-2000]

Marietta Shannon [05-27-2000]

Natasha Vincent, 28 [05-27-2000]

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nicole [05-27-2000]

I Like The Liberty Bell!
Kayla Zwonitzer, Age:10 [05-27-2000]

Brocklee [05-27-2000]

Great site there's a lot of info thanks!
Emily, age 12 homeschooled [05-27-2000]

One of the old stories about a crack or change of tone in the Bell was that a small crack occured for the funeral pocession of Chief Justice John Marshall on July 8, 1835. He had died in Philadelphia while again seeking the help of Dr. Philip Syng Physick. The back part of Dr. Physicks house and office on So. Fourth Street was in 1776 the home of John Nixon who on July 8 had the distinction of being the first to proclaim the Declaration of Independence to the public. Also of interest is that in 1752, the Doctor's grandfather Philip Syng, Jr., made the inkstand for the State House that was used to sign the Declaration and the Constitution. Also in that year Syng made the Hand-in-Hand insurance firemark which were cast by Pass and Stowe.
J. Del Conner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [05-27-2000]

thank you so much!!!!! you have a cool web!!!! I love world wide webs!!!!!! Yours is the best I've ever seen!!!! I live in Tipton,Indiana!!!!!have a nice day!!!!
Ashlie Harpe, age:8 teacher:Mrs. Day I have fun [05-27-2000]

I thought the pictures were great! I would like to go see the Liberty Bell sometime.
Stephen Lewis, Age 6, Virginia [05-27-2000]

I would like to see the mint building one day
Dennis Alley [05-27-2000]

Visitors' comments were wonderful. I have read somewhere that the Bell was designated National Symbol of Freedom at the Centennial Exposition of 1876. Is there any source that would verify this information and describe the event? Was there an actual ceremony and what dignitaries present? Was the Bell moved from Independence Hall to one of the buildings at the Exposition?
bj [05-27-2000]

karen gunther [05-27-2000]

I would just like to say that you people are changing the lives of many in Philidilphia.
Felicia, I am 10 years old.I go to oak grove school [05-27-2000]

I can't believe that they didn't realize that "Taco Bell buying the Liberty Bell" was a joke, especailly since it was April Fools Day
Jordan Sommers, Santa Barbara, CA 93109 Age 10 [05-27-2000]

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Kylie, age 10 [05-27-2000]

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Ronnike Anderson and Jaclyn Johnson, 17, and 18. And were from Lancaster, CA [04-17-2000]

Nice website with very useful information. My boss recently went to Philadelphia and brought back a liberty bell souvenir for me 5 year old. She and I thought we'd look at this site to gather info for her sharing day at school. I personally thought it was interesting that Leviticus 25:10 was used. I was always told that this country was founded on Biblical principles... knowing this about the Liberty bell just gives fact to what I was told. Thank you...
Michael Blackwell, Age 30 - San Diego, CA [04-17-2000]

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Courtney, 11 years [03-23-2000]

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RUSSELL TRAHAN, 38/yrs old/ Lake C harles La. [03-19-2000]

I teach kindergarten and would like to have a large picture of the Liberty Bell to show to my class. A brief version of the Bell's history suitable for this age group would be great. I think it is very important for children to know all about the sacrifices that have been made to ensure that they live in a free society.
Christa Logsdon, Bells, Texas [03-17-2000]

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I think this page is really laid out well. It also has great information. i did a report on the bell and I gor all of my information off this page
Jenn, 11 [03-17-2000]

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the bell is so old my grandmother is yonger then it!
Lerin Tilley, age:9 city:Okc [03-17-2000]

Wonderful web sight
Mrs. Marianne Knight, Weathersfield School District [03-17-2000]

i am entering a poster contest and the theme is freedom.i hered somewhere that the bell has something writen on it about freedom.what does it say?
lola [03-17-2000]

I really learned something on here that my teachers failed to teach me in school.
Rhiannon Miller, 19, nc [03-17-2000]

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Roger, Jessica Blair, 47, Daughter, Chicago. [03-17-2000]

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We arae studying about the Liberty Bell. We learned that you can't stand on the Liberty Bell anymore. It was a long trip across the country. People were happy to see the Bell and had lots of parades. It was interesting to see how the Liberty Bell traveled and how proud the people were to be able to see it.
Miss Karasewski, 1st. gr. Buffalo, N.Y. [03-03-2000]

The history of the Bell was very interesting and very informative.
Norma Lopez, San Benito Texas [03-03-2000]

Good sight and have plenty of info for me, thnx :-)
Daniel Scoggins, This is for a project [03-03-2000]

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Lyndsey Soliz, age 14 , Tipton,OK [03-03-2000]

I wish more younger kids would show interest in subjects such as this. Great job!
Jon Baker [03-03-2000]

I'm in the fourth grade and go to school in Noble, OK
Josh, 9 yrs old [03-03-2000]

Very nice article. I plan on bringing my grand children to see the Bell over the Easter holidays. I am a retired Marine Corps Bandsman, and have played the Liberty Bell March many times, in fact we played a concert in the rear courtyard of the pavillion in 1976, in honor of the Jewish War Vets. I didn't have the opportunity to see the Bell that day, so have been looking foward to re-visiting.
Tom Barlow, MSgt USMC Retired [03-03-2000]

We are planning to visit this summer. Could you advise us about the easiest route coming from Berwick Penn.
Ken Krueger [03-03-2000]

I think this sight is really neat. I am using it to find information on the American Revolution for a social project so far I have gound what I need thanks for helping. Danielle Ottway Calgary Alberta Cananda.
Danielle Ottway, I'm 14 and live ion Calgary Alberta [03-03-2000]

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katharine fanizzi, 8 yrs old, brightwaters NY 11718 [03-03-2000]

I really like the pictures and information on your site. Our Scout Troop is planning a trip to Philadelphia this April and we plan to visit the historical district.
Aline Verrone, Bristol, CT. [03-03-2000]

Your web site is very helpful. I am on this web site because I am doing a school project on the Liberty Bell and your essays and pictures are very explanitory and graphic.
Bridgett Sizemore, P.O. Box 96 Mallory W.V. 25634 [03-03-2000]

My Greatgrandfather Henry N. Gerhart was Born in Montgomery Pa. in 1840.I was told that our family had somthing to do with the hiding of bell.Never Confirmed.
Dave Gerhart, Age=57 Hilton Beach, Ontario Canada [03-03-2000]

I was telling my 8 year son about USA history and I wanted to show him what the Liberty Bell looked like. so I came across you web site and enjoyed it very much! Thank you! ps. the 1915 photos were GREAT!!!!!!!
Carlos Rodriguez, 37, NYC, Spanish and a vet. [02-25-2000]

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ASHLEA, i'm12 i'm home schooling [02-23-2000]

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Karleigh Dozier, age 8 [02-18-2000]

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Victoria Cranwell, 6 years old, Oakwood, Dayton, Ohio and I am looking up facts about the Liberty Bell for my school project. [02-16-2000]

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jess, age 10 salem,or [02-03-2000]

Thanks for helping us research information about America's famous landmarks! We enjoyed our visit.
Mrs. Dunham's Class, 2nd grade class [02-03-2000]

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well i have had to do a project on this liberty bell and i vistited your site to see if i could get some ideas. i have to make a model on this and i have no clue what i am goin to do yet!!! thanx for listening!!!!
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Thanks for helping me with my homework
matt ficarro, 9 years old [02-03-2000]

I saw the Liberty Bell when I was 4 years old and will never forget it. I think it is cool that you have a web site so I can see the Liberty bell and read about it.
Elliot Meskin, I'm 8 years old and live in L.A. Calif. [02-03-2000]

Your website was awsome it had some really bomb facts I never knew at all. Thanks for the cool information ! The pictures were great to!
Kaycie Ann, 11 years old, Portland OR [02-03-2000]

We read the story of the young boy telling his grandfather to ring the bell. We think the Liberty Bell is huge. We wish it wasn't cracked so we could hear it ring. Thanks for the neat web site.
DCG 2nd Grade Class, Grimes,Iowa [02-03-2000]

I am doing a project on the liberty bell. I would like a picture of the liberty bell.
Kaycee Wortham, ??? [02-03-2000]

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Jeremy Brown, age is 10,state is IL,city is Mossville,IL [01-26-2000]

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I'm a homeschool mom and I found this information to be very informative for my children. We plan on visiting very soon.
Hillary [01-26-2000]

A loving tribute to my late husband, Dr. Michael Greenberg, who died near Independence Mall -- October 1, 1990. Philadelphia was home to us and our two Boxer dogs (near Rittenhouse Square). This place is endeared with special tenderness and many beloved memories. Philadelphia shall remain a beautiful place for two beautiful, loving lives, enjoying everything that makes Philly a truly hallowed place. Just a ton of memories, laughs and tears. L'chaim -- Philadelphia and lovers of all ages! Affectionately, Bonnie Greenberg
Bonnie Greenberg [01-26-2000]

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My Dad and I thank you for helping us with my homework. Love Katie
Katie hill, I am 8 years old. [01-26-2000]

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John Pass, of Pass and Stowe on the Liberty Bell is my great, great, great, great, great grandfather. I am desceded from John Pass through my grandfather's mothers family. Her maiden name was Pass. I am very interested in finding any information you may have on John Pass and any web sites you may know of that are about him. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Jamie Corson, from Charleston SC [01-24-2000]

use the information for a school project.........thanxs
Michael Jay Nolt, im 6 years old,East Earl Pa [01-24-2000]

I really think the Liberty Bell is cool because that right there shows some of our freedom in just that Bell.
Allyson, 10 [01-24-2000]

In preparation for a family reuntion where we wish to honor those who have served our country, I enjoyed reading up on the history that I had studied so many, many years ago in school. How fasinating it seems to me now, as an adult, to realize the tremendous legacy I have been given.
Dottie Jones [01-24-2000]

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I had a student ask me how the Liberty Bell was cracked and I honestly didn't know the answer. I immediately looked it up and this page is very informative.
Iris Fisher, I am a teacher in Mechlinburg county schools [01-24-2000]

I am going on an East Coast trip and going to give a speech about the Liberty Bell. I'm very glad you have a web site where I can find some information, it really helps and makes it so I don't have to go to the library. It's like having a million books online!
Amanda Chipman, 14, Portland Oregon [01-24-2000]

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ESA, I am 13 and i am doing a report about the liberty bell [01-24-2000]

I think, Philadelphia is a wondful town. The people are very friendly. I think, it´s o.k.
Frank Gutacker, Germany, Wermelskirchen [01-24-2000]

This was an exciting way for students who have not been outside of Arkansas to "see" a part of history. Thanks.
Anderson Elementary Resource Class, 3rd/4th graders in Crossett, Arkansas [01-21-2000]

We are currently studying the American Revolution and about Liberty bell.
Mrs. Rivera's class, 5th grade students [01-21-2000]

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the information that was given was very good just what I was looking for Thanks
allison, 32 from Anoka MN [01-21-2000]

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Your website was sooooo awesome it helped me out greatly at the last moment for homework. This year my school is going to see the Liberty Bell and i leared sum pretty cool facts about it so now im excited to go, thanks bunches for the great info!!!!
Kate, 14 maine [01-19-2000]

I think that the liberty bell is really cool and I would like to get info. on it.
Linda Lloyd, age 15 Vancouver WA [01-19-2000]

We enjoyed learning about the liberty bell! We found out for the first time why it was cracked. We liked the pictures. Thank you for making it possible to "visit" the liberty bell!
The Decker family!, ages 26, 7, 6, 3, 2 [01-19-2000]

Courtney Ory, 9 1/2 yrs old, Louisiana [01-19-2000]

My son and I were looking for information on the Liberty Bell for a school project. We were pleased with the amount of information that we found. Even I learned some new information on the Liberty Bell.
S.Smith, Simi Valley, CA [01-18-2000]

Today is the day we honor Martin Luther King,and our family visited The Liberty Bell. We thought it was a way to remember a VERY VERY SPECIAL AMERICAN. Especially, knowing that the first time The Liberty Bell was thought as a symbol was when the abolitionists used it for the anti- slavery movement. The Rangers at Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell Closer told us interesting bits of history and seem to make it come alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One thing, I would like to suggest is to obtain the recording sound of The Bell so that it could be heard when visiting. I plan to write Columbia Records to see if they will generously donate the recording to you. THANKS FOR A GREAT DAY IN PHILADEPHIA!!!!!!!!!!
Russell A. O'Connell, 10 yrs. old, Califon, New Jersey 07830 [01-18-2000]

Jane Norton, Indianapolis, Indiana [01-18-2000]

I remember the first time I saw the Liberty Bell. I was a junior Girl Scout and went there on a trip with the scouts. I lived in N.Y at the time and had to travel by bus. I t was a very exciting trip. I was about 11 years old. I have not been there since the mid 80's. I hope to bring my son, who is 11 years old this summer.
Carol J. Cleary, Scranton, Pa 41 years old [01-18-2000]

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Cliff, Oak Harbor, Wa. [01-18-2000]

lovely page. Great for those junior high reports. Thanks a bunch!
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David Hollister Lewis, Age 8, Wyoming, OH [01-18-2000]

I am doing a report for school on the Liberty Bell and this web site really helped me find the information I needed.
Sara, 13 [01-18-2000]

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I think that this is a good site to go to and get information about a lot of our past istory and it has many good pictures and written captions!
Jayme, cincy [01-11-2000]

I'm helping my 4th grade son with a Portfolio of the United States National Symbols for a school project. I'm learning more about our country through this than I did when I was still his age. Wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful information you have given us over the computer. I have enjoyed this article on the Liberty Bell
Jeana Heidtbrink, I'm a 38 yr. old mother of three, I live on a small farm by Smithville, Mo. [01-11-2000]

this is my first time using a cumputer.i have found your internet very useful.thank you very much.
CLIFTON LEAK, age39 dunn,nc [01-11-2000]

shemeka [01-11-2000]

My son and I can not agree on the bell's history. His story is different from what is written here. This is not how the bell crack, he said. At the site where the bell is keeped they give a different story.
Bruce, 42, Willow Grove [01-10-2000]

Matthew Groschup, 5th grade student, Casita Center for Technology, Science, and Math, Vista, California [01-10-2000]

Michael MacPhail [01-10-2000]

I think you should have more pictures. Im doing a report on National Monuments and Im trying to do a collage. I need pictures of Monuments and I tied to look some up on this web site. I think it is a good web site if you need information on it but you need more pictures. As far as I know right now this is the only web page on the Liberty Bell.
Amber Fouts, 13/Female Montgomery, Al [01-10-2000]

I was reading how 500,000 school children signed a petition to have the Liberty Bell visit San Francisco. I was wondering if the same visit could take place again but to Los Angeles California. If this can be done how could I request such a visit. I enjoyed reading and learning about the Liberty Bell Thank you Val
Valerie, age: 13 from California :) [01-10-2000]

I was looking up the liberty bell for my daughter is doing a report on the constitution. Your page was very interesting I never knew all what the bell went thru. I enjoyed reading about it very much Sniggles
sniggles [01-10-2000]

Do you know of the second bell?I have a nut , bolt , and washer from it's packing cratealso pieces of the banding it says the Whitechapel bell foundry london est 1570 made in england. Is this of any Interest?
Todd Woollam, Philly [01-10-2000]

Great Web site for home schooled children!!! Better than any history book!!
mary buckland [01-10-2000]

My name is Katrina. Idid not know that much about the Libery Bell.I enjoyed reading about it THANK YOU.
Katrina Mooz, age 8 virginia beach,virginia [01-10-2000]

I am here for a project that i don't want to do
Lauren [01-10-2000]

Lisa Gulli, Age: 8 [01-10-2000]

I am doing homework on monuments and landmarks.
John Ayres, 8 years old, from St. Charles, Mo. [01-10-2000]

Who was ringing teh bell when it cracked? Does any one know the person's name?
Mike Morrone [01-10-2000]

Are you having any special events for the L Bell on 7/4/2000? It is our family birthday and we are considering a trip your way? appreciate any comments, Thanks, RS
R. SMITH, Yorba Linda, Calif [01-10-2000]

ryan tighe [01-10-2000]

The liberty bell is cool!!!!!!
Rosalie & Natalie, 9&10 [01-10-2000]

what is the name of the person who rung the liberty bell for the first time
guzman jacqueline [01-10-2000]

i really liked this site, i was supposed to do a projuect on the libverty bel and it gave me lots of valuabel in formation
anonymous, age13 [01-10-2000]

My maiden name is Pass. Hope someday to be able to trace my family background to The Liberty Bell.
Jan Pass Morse, Ohio [01-10-2000]

I looked up the Liberty Bell for homework and found your page. Thank you it really helped me. Kyle
kyle wallath, 9yrs old Erie MI [01-10-2000]

i also love this site.
jalecia, age 10 [01-10-2000]

i love the liberty bell web site.
carlisa, age 11 [01-10-2000]

this was very interesting stuff'i plan on visiting it in june
PHIL MURPHY, nineveh,ind [01-10-2000]

lilliancaskey, my great grandfather went with the bell to s.f. and I have the orginal photos. [01-10-2000]

Shiloh, Age 18 [01-10-2000]

Great site! Love to hear/read local historical info!
Kevin O'Brien, 40 yrs. old living in Silverdale, PA. [01-10-2000]

when i was in junior high a few years ago,i had a teacher who had a cardboard liberty box in his classroom. the strange thing was th kid who had done the project was an ancestor of the man who cracked the bell!nice site!i will be going to see the bell soon!
MELISSA, chino hills,california usa [01-10-2000]

I am very please with the information given. It is very educational. Thank you
Kelvin [01-10-2000]

anonymous, Jersey cape [01-10-2000]

Thanks for having a web-site. I wanted to learn more about the Liberty Bell and this really helped!
Isaac Potter, Carol Stream, IL Age 5 [01-10-2000]

This is a very interesting web site! Full of interesting information. But tell a lot about the history of it.
Cynthia Grant, 11 years old [01-10-2000]

We worced on the liberty Bell in school.And we lerend that the Liberty Bell got cracked two times.It is cool!
Al Lopez, 8 years old Port washing W.I. [01-10-2000]

The Liberty Bell is very big and awesome.
Aaron Bakewell, 8 years old Port Washington W.I. [01-10-2000]

We started to read about the Liberty Bell. We like the Liberty Bell.We also know that the Liberty Bell cracked the first time it was rung.
Marchu Laura josh andreasen, age 8,and8 Port WI. [01-10-2000]

We are studying the Liberty Bell.
Valerie Pals, 98 Port ,Wash.Wi.( [01-10-2000]

would the bell be browken now?
Joseph Bonner, age7 [01-10-2000]

I would like to know more abought the liberty bell
max pruefer [01-10-2000]

Were studying the Liberty Bell in school.We didnt learn that the state was spelt wrong.
Rebekah LeMahieu, 8 years old Port Washington W.I. [01-10-2000]

Why did the Liberty Bell crack?!
Josh Schroeder, 9 years old [01-10-2000]

Alexandra Hughes, Shelby Jacobson [01-10-2000]

Chelsea Brown, I live in Portwashington [01-10-2000]

I think that the Liberty Bell is pritty neat.
Kayla Melbye, 8 years old [01-10-2000]

Philip DiPerna, 8 years old [01-10-2000]

Shelby Jacobson, Alexandra Hughes [01-10-2000]

Thank you for your info. It cleared up a debate about how the bell cracked.
4a Dakota Prairie School, 4th grade Social Studies class [01-10-2000]

I have done an experiment on a bell that I made. The liberty bell has 2 spikes driven in the crack. I removed one bottom spike from my bell and it rang. When i put the bottom spike back and it was mute again. I truly beleive if they would remove that lower spie on the liberty bell, it would ring. could someone suggest it?
Ron Delby, Ivanhoe,Va [01-10-2000]

Great site! Would like to see more on Virgina ..
Steven Wallace, North Carolina [01-10-2000]

I have been to Philladelthea before and now I'am doing a tour giude on it for a school tour guide report I apprechate the info you'r site gives me and I'd all I really whant to say is THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH
Britt, I'am 10 years old [01-10-2000]

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