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Mayer Huber [12-19-1999]

Steven Dunne, 33 - Tampa,FL [12-19-1999]

i need pics for a project
todd smith, sayreville ,nj [12-19-1999]

great site
frank bayak jr., 49,jersey, i love, PHILLY [12-19-1999]

the third grade class is studying about the liberty bell so i figured that I would look up this website.
arielle, hucthinson kansas [12-19-1999]

I'm really glad you have this web page becase I'm doing a report on Pennsylvania and the Liberty Bell is very interesting.
Kristen [12-19-1999]

Thanks for keeping alive the concept of liberty!
DeWitt Baker Counts [12-19-1999]

this a cool site
dustin rasch, im 13 [12-19-1999]

pearl [12-19-1999]

i learned something from this site and that is that taco bell brought the liberty bell. i didn't know that. this is a great site to learn about the history of the liberty bell and i am glad i have visited it.
LA'VONNA, age 14, live in atlanta [12-15-1999]

Thanks for going online.
Jean Peterson, Severn, MD [12-15-1999]

lived in philly all my life was just doing a little research on the liberty bell. I thought it was going to move again
mary nush, san diego CA [12-14-1999]

Saundra Schaefer, Rochester, WA [12-14-1999]

great educational website
Julie Dvilinsky, 31 [12-14-1999]

I think there is a lot to learn about history. I liked the Liberty Bell.
Samantha Baker, age 9 , doing a class report on history [12-14-1999]

I think it was a great idea to use a bell. I think it has a look of peace to it and stands for liberty a way to let freedom ring to all corners of the country
Elisha Davies, 12, ny [12-14-1999]

This is a very informative website. We are homeschooling and were able to answer our questions within a very short period of time during our lesson on the Liberty Bell. Thank you.
Caroline and Alan Holt [12-14-1999]

Don't change a thing. I found it very informative.
Doug Brown, 28,Lake Station,In. [12-13-1999]

Shirley W. Taylor, Birmingham, AL [12-13-1999]

Melissa Elble, New Albany, IN [12-13-1999]

I thought this was a very nice website, thanx for making it!
Alley, 14 [12-13-1999]

The Bissell's, Erie, PA [12-13-1999]

I think the website is great. It helped me with a book report diorama. Thanks.
Amy , Age 9 [12-13-1999]

Roslyn Lang [12-13-1999]

Good site for reports.
Tigger, none [12-13-1999]

whitney [12-13-1999]

I only went very young and I loved it.
Jessica Kiser, Age 10 [12-13-1999]

If you could send some different things that aren't in this sight. You can send them over e-mail.
wesley evans [12-13-1999]

Dear people, Thank you so much the information on this page is going to help me greatly for my report on pennsylvania history for pa history class. thanks again, Polly
polly, 14yrs old [12-07-1999]

Brian Kulp, Age 14 [12-07-1999]

Andrew Marietta, 17,indiana [12-07-1999]

Philadelphia is a great city but you should remove the billboards advertising adult entertainment
michael Herterich, 38,, Lawrence, NJ [12-06-1999]

Hi, I'm doing a report for school on the Liberty Bell. I realy think that your website is a very good source of info. I like your website and think that there should be more like yours. -Jen
Jen [12-06-1999]

Tim Witman [12-06-1999]

We will see you in Philly!
Beauty & the Beast 2000 Natl. Tour [12-06-1999]

This is a cool page and it really helped me get a picture of what the liberty Bell looked like for my project.
Jennfier [12-06-1999]

This is GREAT!!! My son had a history report he had to do on the Liberty Bell I thought all my we will be at the Library forever then I got on the Internet and there was this page it saved me time I didn't have to go to the Library after all Thanks for such a great page on the Bell.
Carla [12-06-1999]

I loved the information. I really needed it for a project that I had to do for History. Thanx a lot to whoever made the wbpage up!!!
Lisa Edinger, 14 [12-06-1999]

Many people rather call me Liz than Hildaliz Matos.I visited Philadelphia in a historical school trip on November 23,1999. I twas pretty neat. Someone told me that if you touch the Liberty Bell you shall get good luck. They didn't let me touch the Liberty Bell. Plus it was too far away for me to reach it. I had a good time and on the way getting there it was neat to look outside the window. Also, had a good bus crew and there were no fights. I think if I would have owned the Liberty Bell and my parents would find out that I broke the Liberty Bell or something happened to it I would glue it with 300 bottles of Krazy Glue. Before I leave I want to say that I'm all that in a bag of Barbicue Chips. ( My skills are to live, and I'm the bomb.You have to admit)
Hildaliz Matos A.KA. Liz or Preita, 13, Pennsauken, New Jersey [12-06-1999]

Sean Casey [12-06-1999]

This web page was perfect for the research i needed to do for my U.S. History class. It told me things i had been looking for for weeks.
Brandy Billings, 17,collierville,TN [12-02-1999]

the bell site has a lot of good information
sabrina murphy [12-02-1999]

I am a U.S. history teacher and this site is a good site. I like it and hope more people do to.
Jon Palmer, I am 45 years old [12-02-1999]

Daughter is interested in the Liberty Bell.
Guy Bradbury [12-02-1999]

Teri p. [12-02-1999]

I think the Taco Liberty Bell is funnny not Ill Spitited
Zabob [12-02-1999]

Barbara Gottshall, Schwenksville,Pa [12-02-1999]

I am doing another book report on the bell and this is a nice site.
Dest, age:13 [11-30-1999]

cool web site
Danielle Morris, 10 years phila [11-30-1999]

This page is very cool.
Terrence, Age-12 [11-30-1999]

It was written on april 1st OK
Jonathan Koorsen [11-30-1999]

This was a very cool website. I really enjoy looking at the statue of liberty. I used this for a history project and it was very very helpful
Janelle [11-30-1999]

Lisa Civello, philadelphia [11-30-1999]

I think that this website is very imformative.
richerish [11-30-1999]

Very good Web Site.
Jim&Sheila Booker [11-30-1999]

I am a fourth grade teacher, and my class is studying the Liberty Bell as part of a unit titled, the Symbols of Freedom. I found the information on the web site very informative. I plan to use some of it as part of a webquest. However, I wish you had a page for elementary students at their reading level including some worksheets, games, and coloring pages.
Candyce Jones, Brookwood School District 167, Glenwood, Illinois 60425 [11-30-1999]

David Adamson [11-30-1999]

anthony strazzullo, 15 Pennsauken NJ. [11-24-1999]

Dominique [11-24-1999]

This is a great web site. I learned quite a lot about the Liberty Bell here
Dennis E Smith [11-24-1999]

Nice site, help us with school project
George Trent, naaaaa [11-23-1999]

I found everything I needed for my S.S. paper. thank you for this site
melissa windham, 9 years old south carolina [11-23-1999]

Dominique email = locale = message = [11-23-1999]

I somehow was lead to the pennsylvaina Page and it has brought back a sense of belonging to read up on the history of this our Great nation...being so far from home I thank you all for your stories of our history...God Blesses you all!
Pamela Rose Houser, originally from latrobe pennsylvania, now in the Phillipines [11-23-1999]

Love the web site. Do you have any pictures of the bell's visit to Puyallup, WA in 1915? It came from Seattle on its way to Olympia. Thanks.
Ruth Anderson [11-23-1999]

nice page...question: I have an old serving dish, candy dish maybe that has 1886 on it & a cameo (round) pic of liberty bell & a patriot on it. Was this a commemorative dish that was given out @ some event in 1886??? Thanks, jay swafford
jay swafford, springfield, tn 37172 [11-23-1999]

From independence to the year 2000. Protect our freedoms forever. Remember!
Brad Johnson, Casper, Wy [11-23-1999]

add who broke the bell to the artical
Jelani Blake, age 13 [11-23-1999]

I loved the pictures that you have in the 1915 photo gallary. Keep up the good work
Michelle, 16/Richland [11-23-1999]

Jon DeStefano, Langhorne, PA [11-23-1999]

Very Informative
Carla Pridgen [11-23-1999]

This site on the web is great ! I'm doing a class project to see how much the Liberty Bell weight!! This site let me no what i need !!! Thanks Brandon Gollihue 4Th grader At Lake Elem. School
brandon Gollihue, I'm 9yrs.old and live in Walbridge Ohio. [11-23-1999]

Colleen Connery, 5th [11-23-1999]

I'm a U.S. history teacher and appreciate having access to his site.
John S. Sapp [11-23-1999]

I am working on a research project about the Liberty Bell, I think that the Liberty Bell is cool because on the days that they have special occasions they ring the bell, and that's the only time they do that.
p.j., Norman, OK 10 yrs old [11-23-1999]

Just browsing in preparation for an upcoming visit to your city
Ralph Thomas [11-23-1999]

My school is going to see the liberty bell in December. It will be great.
Michelle Hoyer, 16/Richland. [11-23-1999]

I am doing a presentation for my computer class and this site came in very handy. Thank you!!!!!!
Jen Tyler, 35 yrs. young from Paris, Tn. [11-23-1999]

I think the liberty bell is very historical
Dman, i am 15,live in colorado. [11-23-1999]

Warren Turner, 12 yrs. old LaGrange,GA [11-23-1999]

I enjoyed it very much. Thank You. Robbie Elliott
Robbie Elliott, age 68, Sharon, Tn. 38255 [11-23-1999]

Wife has just visited Philadelphia (from South Africa) and brought back a Liberty Bell. I wanted to find out more about this bell
Paddy O,Brien [11-23-1999]

I enjoyed the site and hopefully one day I can bring my family to see the liberty bell.
Michelle Duncan, Baker, Louisiana [11-23-1999]

Finding sites for my 5-6 graders history study!
Melba Cook [11-23-1999]

this page was informative
Jessica Frizzell, I'm 18 [11-23-1999]

fantastic. very well done. casn this info be accessed thru American Bell Association, International, Inc. They are most proud of the Liberty Bell @ www.collectoronline.com/ or jfforman@loop.com
Joan Lubus, -0747 [11-23-1999]

Helped me with my Social Study project Thank-you
Elizabeth Rackley, 10 Gretna La. [11-23-1999]

I got great info. from this site for my school project! THANKS!!!
Brian, 10 11-14-99 [11-23-1999]

I thank God Almighty for the liberty that we as Americans have been granted through his grace...but, i presume, if our forefathers only knew that the country that they so dearly loved and fought for, now in 1999,doesn't even allow liberty for their unborn,I wonder if they would have ever fought for a life in "The Land of the Free and Home of The Brave!!!!!" May God have Mercy on us!!!
mrs. cindy langford, 32 years old [11-12-1999]

We enjoyed looking at your web page. It helped us learn about the Liberty Bell as we study our favorite symbols of freedom. We are proud to be Americans. Thank you for helping us learn. We hope that one day we can fix the crack in the Liberty Bell.
Mrs. Wallace's First Grade Class, Stripling Elementary School, Gwinnett County, Ga, a suburb of metro Atlanta [11-11-1999]

Kayes first school, Clayton West Yorkshire England [11-11-1999]

Markell A. Taylor [11-11-1999]

Tonight my 13 year old son asked me about the Liberty Bell, though there was little information in his Social Studies book I told him I would look on line. What a delight in finding this WEB site, congratulations on a job well done! The information and pictures are wonderfull and as my husband is from Altoona PA, I hope we will come and see the Liberty Bell for ourselves. Sincerely Paula M. Wright
Paula M. Wright, Los Lunas, New Mexico [11-11-1999]

the web site was great it is helping me out in social studies on my dig deeper report thanks a lot
Aaron Demitrius Blackshire, 12/m/south holland Ill [11-11-1999]

We are carving liberty bells in soap at cub scouts tonight. I wanted to det some history for the boys to read about!!
BObbi Hamilton [11-11-1999]

Just found this web-site, as we have just named our new thoroughbred racehorse "Liberty Bell" (a five year old unraced jumper by Ardkinglass out of Melaura Belle); we were thrilled to see the name was still available, and we thought we'd find out more about the American icon of the Liberty Bell -- we hope he runs well enough to live up to his name. If he's half as good as his half-brother, Major Bell 9who won at Cheltenham, Aintree and Ascot) then we'll be well please. We'll let you know !! Regards to all Liberty Bell fans everywhere. LWR
Lee Richardson, Based in London, UK [11-11-1999]

Ashley Millet [11-11-1999]

very well presented web site and very informative for the young people of america it gives the children of america a chance to see one of the reasons for our freedoms that we sometimes take for granted. great job.
john lee [11-11-1999]

I though this web site is really cool,I never knew about this untill my teacher told us because we are doing a project on different things in history and this web site gives me a lot of information!!!!!!! bye patsy..... p.s. and I hope who ever else looks at this can find a lot of information
patsy large, 14,marion,ohio [11-11-1999]

april jones , marion oh. [11-11-1999]

ROBERT LESSARD SR [11-11-1999]

Amy Fletcher [11-11-1999]

i wish my face was on the picture. thats dreams see you later. i am rill sorrey i did not no my email address
CLAY .TURNER, send me a picture of the liberty bell [11-11-1999]

The only thing I can say is I find this most informative.
Clarence & Lois Guralski, Information for our grandchild [11-11-1999]

The Liberty Bell Is My Favorite Bell In The "U.S.A."
Serina, 09 years Hampton Bays N.Y. [11-11-1999]

The Liberty Bell is Cool!
Stephanie, Hampton Bays,9 [11-11-1999]

picture of the Bell for school reports
Charlene Goodz, 9 years old [11-11-1999]

You guys are doing a great job!!! Keep it up!!
Sharyn O., Atlanta [11-11-1999]

Alex Reinhold [11-11-1999]

This website is cool. U should add more things that represent liberty though.
da man [11-11-1999]

After reading the messages below I hope Gwen in Fla came back up to PA to see the bell. We take what is in our own backyard for granted!
Donna Love, Nice job of an entertaining and well done site. [11-11-1999]

greg thomas, nokesville, va [11-11-1999]

I like all of the pictures and information.
Meagan, age 9, Cross Lanes, WV [11-11-1999]

Caley Schumacher, 8 yrs old [11-11-1999]

why is the liberty bell so big.
Nathalie Robinson, Age.8 Miami i love to collect objects.grade 2nd [11-11-1999]

I thought that the Taco thing was funny!!
Juan Garcies, 26 [11-11-1999]

Sean Roustio [11-11-1999]

Samantha Baldwin, age:14 city/state: Blacksburg VA [11-11-1999]

i liked your pictures
darcy williamson, Im 10 [11-11-1999]

Melia JoAnne Danals, I'm10, I'minAG,myschoolisSwain West Elem. [11-11-1999]

Carrie Crisp [11-11-1999]

ashley mcguffey, 14 years old muskegon mi 494442 [11-11-1999]

Jessica N Loftis, 10/bryson/ [11-11-1999]

i liked your pictures
Ryan Mandrell, Im 10 [11-11-1999]

I really like this page. It's really helped me on my assingment
Courtney Murphy [11-11-1999]

This is the closest I will ever get to actually seeing the liberty bell. Happy Constitution Week to all!
JaneFalgoust, 29/Thibodaux, LA [11-11-1999]

i I think its a good place to LEARN!!!!!!
Jessica Nicholes, i'm 13 years old [11-11-1999]

Karen Sweeting, i'm 14 yrs. old [11-11-1999]

We are each like the Liberty Bell. We each have crack and are a little dingy.
Amy Crane, Greenville, SC Age 28 [11-11-1999]

What about the Indians and the french???!!!!
S.A., 13, Florida [11-11-1999]

Research for 2 day school project: Livonia Primary School, Livonia New York. THANK YOU !! Great information here.
Megan Sidebotham , Age 8: Livonia, New York [11-11-1999]

I needed to do a report on PA for school, and this was an important part, thanks for so much info!!
Justin Connors, 10 years old, Ridge, NY [11-11-1999]

This site was so helpful when I had to help my sister with her homework. Thank you so much!!!
Lauren, 11 [11-11-1999]

I found this site while I was helping my daughter work on homework. I really appreciate the site, was able to get great information for her project. Thank you for taking the time to inform the world of a beautiful treasure. Julie
Julie Bohannon, Chickasha Oklahoma [11-11-1999]

Donna Kay Lynch, 35of age Live in Arnold, MO [11-11-1999]

i showed my son this and he thought it was neat to learn about.
cary, 29 [11-11-1999]

I'd just like to say that the Liberty Bell will always be a part of our familys' history because it was our ancestor who rang it when the bell tolled out for liberty on July 8, 1776
dean thomson, age 59 [11-11-1999]

the taco bell thing was funny.
David DiToro [11-11-1999]

I used this sight to get info. for my 2/3 class
Sue Kolk [11-11-1999]

I went to the Liberty Bell this summer.. and I thought is was great! I want to got there again sometime later..
Emily Lian, 10 years old.. Sugarland, Texas [11-11-1999]

Sara Munson [11-11-1999]

God Bless America!!!
Kim Guzman, Escondido, CA.... D.A.R. member [11-11-1999]


i realy like your web site.i am from jefferson school.

I will see you next Tuesday I'am from Jefferson school.

I dont like to think much, it hurts my head
Brittany Boomer, 13 yrs. old Martin, s.d. [11-11-1999]

Shelley Nelson, 13 yrs. old Allen, s.d. [11-09-1999]

The Whitechapel foundry is still in business - not bad for a bell foundry that can't cast bells ;-). Web address: http://www.whitechapelbellfoundry.co.uk/liberty.htm
Phil Howlett, uk [11-09-1999]

I really enjoyed looking at your site. i hope in the future your site has more to offer. have fun with your site.
Mice1_, age:15;sex:male;city:Waco,Tx. [11-09-1999]

Cheryl, Adelaide, South Australia [11-09-1999]

I thought the site was cool, but the quote section needs work. I mean it would be nice to have more than 2 quotes, ya know?
J. Rich, age 18; student @ UW Stevens Point [11-09-1999]

Erin Taylor [11-09-1999]

COOOOL web site. I loved the photo essay. It was CoooooooL.
Jennifer [11-09-1999]

Don Lewis [11-09-1999]

It might be helpful to some to include a street address on your home page so most of the driving direction search programs can take you directly to the bell. Thanks Terry
Terry Ginn, Bedford Ky [11-09-1999]

This is a great site because of all the info. I found about the Liberty Bell. I have to do a class project and the photos, links and music was great!
Roxanna Hernandez, 16, Las Vegas, NV [11-09-1999]

i never came to your website before.
Dante Grant, i am 10 and i live in new york city [11-09-1999]

It was nice.!~
Senihia Williams, Brooklyn [11-09-1999]

Adam Nud, 8---Springfield----Male [11-09-1999]

Marji, 28,doylestown,PA [11-09-1999]

i have seen it before and think it is so cool to see and think about what it really means
Amy, 14 [11-09-1999]

learning about liberty bell at school - Kiln Creek Elementary School - Newport News, VA
Rian Olivia Shambaugh, 5years old - newport news, va [11-04-1999]

My first grade son has to do a project on America and we are touring different sites.
JoAnn Lugowski, Drexel Hill, PA [11-04-1999]

student needed info about liberty bell.was only going to print short page,my info level has been broaden about the liberty bell, thank you so much, the information was overwhelming,i hope the student enjoy this as much as i have. gog bless america. thank you.
anna e. duncan, warner robins, ga 31088 [11-04-1999]

My 5th great grandfather fought and died for this liberty durning the American Rev. War. also my 4th GG fought in the war, and he survived.
dolores saurman griffith, Brandon, Florida [11-04-1999]

Great website!
Michelle Johnson, okc [11-04-1999]

Very Good information.
Sharia Robinson [11-04-1999]

Very nice site! Very informative!
Cynthia Hull, Murfreesboro, TN [11-04-1999]

I really like the information on your program
Brianna Seidler, 10 years old [10-30-1999]

I seenn the liberty bell back in 1860. I t was before the civil war. I haad a headache that day, and also an upset stomach, and a toothache. But I can still remember to this very day seeing and looking at that great bell. I tried to make one out of play dogh, and molding clay. I have those hanging out on my porch. Even though I am old and senile, I would love to touch the old bell again. If the bell is ever For Sale I have an extra $11.00 dollars that I have saved to buy it. It belongs to me!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew Roundtree [10-30-1999]

I enjoye the interesting facts about the bell. I did not know that on the bell Pennsylvania is spelled with only 1 'n'.
Ashley Johnson, age-21, city-Pittsburgh [10-30-1999]

This is a great, interesting, and very patriotic site!!
Bob Hoffmann [10-30-1999]

pretty goooood
caitlin [10-30-1999]

Robert Wiggins, none [10-27-1999]

your documented information is very good for histroy assignments. you have helped me out a lot thank you
sarah winhauer [10-26-1999]

Patrick Moehrle [10-26-1999]

liz morris [10-26-1999]

Carie [10-26-1999]

anonymous, florida [10-26-1999]

All great men's come's from great Cities,One Great Bell and one CITY,PHILADELPHIA
Jbaylor, Philadelphia [10-26-1999]

Why did it crack? Why did they have to rebild it?
Candice Gokey, 9,Hillsdale MI, In 4th grade [10-26-1999]

The Liberty Bell is a memory to all of us.
Jacki Bauer [10-26-1999]

Studying about the liberty bell at school.
Inga Ruddell [10-26-1999]

Janice Devena [10-26-1999]

it was funny of taco bell to do that!!
Tara, 14/pa/f [10-26-1999]

Tara, 14/pa/f [10-26-1999]

My thoughts are we are much blessed. We must never forget the blessing from God because from the begining this nation put their trust in God : one nation under god. If we forget God He can't bless this nation. I pray that we never go that way, but I see in history that many nation have fallen because of forgetting God. Our children must not be led in a wrong direction. We must go back to how we forth to keep this nation as one nation under God.I see a nation leading it's children in a wrong direction. That's why the schools are having much problems today. We as a nation must go back to the consistution by the people and for the people under one nation lead by God . When we tahat out pray from schools we lose the blessing,When we take out in God we trust, we lose the blessing. When we make evil good and good evil we lose the blessing from God. I can see the storms that have been more & more these days then ever before. Again I say I pray for the blessing again from God to lead us in a right direction.
Mr. Joseph A Scarano Sr. & Mrs. Nancy Scarano, Ret Police officer Port Authority of NY & NJ [10-26-1999]

I want to learn more about the Liberty Bell.
Erica MacMillan, I am 5 years old and live in Massachusets. [10-26-1999]

I'm foreign international exchange student. This is my first time when i'm in US. This web site helped so much when i traveled to Philadelphia.
Salta Naimanbayeva [10-26-1999]

I like this midi better. Liberty Bell March
Paul Coffey, Tampa, FL [10-26-1999]

this is a great site for research. I teach upper elementary school, and it is really age appropriate! Glad I found you.
MaryJane Hackney, Laurel Springs, NJ--history teacher [10-26-1999]

Lordy Lordy how i love this country
charles summers, 70 proud Navy veteran [10-26-1999]

I would like to get some more information on the history about liberty bell
Manuela Alvarez, 17, Colton Ca 92324 [10-26-1999]

Great information about the bell. My class was really curious about the "crack", and we found what we were looking for.
Judy Buehre, teacher [10-26-1999]

this site kicks @ss
{LuKe*LuV@}, 14yrs. old [10-26-1999]

Danielle Regan [10-26-1999]

Joshua Vickers, Age:11 Lehigh Acres, Fl [10-26-1999]

Excellent photo essay and history --will share info with my 1st grade class in preparation for Veteran's Day celebration.
Kathleen Brown, Youngwood,PA15697-1213 [10-26-1999]

The liberty Bell is the best!
Sara Champoux, 13, yakima, wa [10-26-1999]

kool site
Danielle [10-26-1999]

this site is great! i found it at school.
Jamie, 14 yrs old [10-26-1999]

Great web page! I was recently in Phildelphia for a conference and greatly enjoyed the city and the history.
Susan Donahue, Evansville, IN [10-22-1999]

Thanks I am a student and study the bell.
Karen Jordan, Portsmouth va [10-20-1999]

This is a really cool web-site and i think it's very educational!
Mykey, 15, Elmira, NY [10-19-1999]

kind of cool
nicole, 10 [10-18-1999]

I think that the Liberty Bell is a very historic bell. Hope I talk to all those people listening.
nini [10-18-1999]

I'm doing an extra credit report for my History class on the liberty bell. This sight has given me a lot of informaition to make my report really well. Thank-you (I won't hessatate to come back)
Tenia Evans [10-18-1999]

Isaac Wynne [10-18-1999]

maybe you should show me what the bell looks like!
adam robinette [10-18-1999]

You've done a great job with this website and which has been helpful to my son doing research for his U.S. History coursework, and more lately, as homework for my immigre wife learning facts of historical significance about our country's birth years. There are many interesting facts to be found within this site, for citizens of all ages.
Kerry McDaniel, Los Angeles [10-18-1999]

It gave me some insight into a trip I'm planning on taking down here. Thanks
Mohammed Ali, Toronto Ontario, 25 [10-18-1999]

i am pleased to say that this site was a big help to me...i would encourage many people to see this....hint hint::::even if it's just for a report
tiffany, 14 [10-18-1999]

how many people visit the liberty bell each year? and how many people visit this website every day???
gABBY [10-18-1999]

I used to live in Philadelphia but I moved to Georgia in January of 1999. I've seen the liberty bell many times.
Kristin Horton, 11,PTC, love soccer [10-18-1999]

I loved this pages it is very neat. I think you should add more pictures and more detail to each, it would be better if you wrote more about the liberty bell. It would be more interesting to the students like myself writing a state report of Pennsylvania. Please send me a letter on my e-mail address. Thank You , it has been a great exibit for my brother and I.
Thu Pham [10-18-1999]

"Love your website!"
NJVal [10-18-1999]

im a female dispite my name its ghonna be changed soon to Jamie
Jim Root, im a female [10-18-1999]

im a female dispite my name its ghonna be changed soon to Jamie
Jim Root, im a female [10-18-1999]

hello i live on pluto e-mail me back and dont tell anybody about Andy Garis
Joe Pearson, i'm 12 [10-18-1999]

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Thanks for the site, where I learned history on the Liberty Bell. I really enjoyed learning the more facts about the Bell
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I needed to find out how the liberty bell cracked for my teacher.
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Thankyou for making this sight I am doing this 4-5 page report on Philadelphia history and I thought the liberty bell would be a great topic this sight helped a lot .-Thankyou
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Thank-you for the great information about the Liberty Bell it's great to know things you have learned before
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Save the second amendment and our nation. Stop gun control now.
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Lindsay Boulineau, 13, Camarillo, Ca [10-10-1999]

I would like to know how the Liberty Bell got cracked.
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this web-page was very helpful to me on an essay
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my ancester help build the Liberty bell.
Aaron Stowe [10-08-1999]

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Whitney Frost, 10,homeschooler,09/27/89 [10-08-1999]

Great information for my report on the Liberty Bell. Thanks,
Richard Labranche Jr., age 9 4th grade [10-08-1999]

I am searching for anyone who has information on the John Stow who re-cast the Liberty Bell or any ancesters.
Charles Stow [10-08-1999]

In study of the Revolutionary War Period and founding fathers.
Charles G. Petit, Jr., 56 yrs., 6 Valley Trail, Eureka, MO 63025 [10-08-1999]

Don't change.
Raylene Dupoy [10-08-1999]

I think that the liberty shood not only belong to philadelphia,Peennsylvania. But to the houl United States. Like the way we shar the statu of liberty.
Yesenia Gerero [10-08-1999]

I think this is a great site on the Liberty Bell. Especially if you have to do a school report. I really enjoyed reading about the Taco Bell Hoax... and i think it was a great trick that they pulled.
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Judy Bowers, Newport, TN [09-30-1999]

The Liberty Bell is special to me. I started a collection in 1976. I visited the replica at Knottsberry Farm, never PA. I have over 185 different Liberty Bells in my collection. Most I find at Flea Markets or garage sales. Friends and family members have added greatly to my collection. This Web site is great. Thanks.
Phyllis Comstock, las vegas, nevada [09-30-1999]

I think the libertybell on your web page has neat pictures of the bell
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G. Flynt, 13, Garland, Texas (ROCKS!!!!!) [09-30-1999]

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Lived 40 years in Pa and never saw the Liberty Bell. I regret not seeing it after reading about it and seeing the Picture of it. Now residing in Fl. Next year planning a trip back home and will make a special stop this time to see the bell in person. God Bless the USA!!
Gwen [09-06-1999]

want to visit your city
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I'm to old to know as little about my country as I do. I picked the Liberty Bell as my first point of interest. It's nice to have a website like this to help me on my way. I hope their are many websites to help me learn. Thank you ---- Larry
Larry L Young, Fort Worth, Texas [09-06-1999]

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I heard that the bell cracked when being transported for John Marshalls birthday. Anyone heard anything about that possibility?
Jason Fujinaka, 23 M Chicago [09-06-1999]

the liberty bell holds a significant role in hisory.
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Gerry Yzquierdo, 4th grade teacher, Holland MI [09-04-1999]

Looking forward to my first real visit to Philadelphia since I was a child.
Joseph W. McCann, Bullhead City, Arizona [09-04-1999]

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Used to live in Phili for 7 years and I miss there very much!! Very nice to see it on-line. Thank you.
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hi i am planning to visit philly next month and i would like to visit this... any other suggested places to see?
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the liberity bell was a great bell because it rang very beautiful the reason i say this is because it rang for freedom !!!!!!!
gabbie bono, age7/philadelphia [08-16-1999]

Rebecca [08-13-1999]

I have a piece of the Liberty Bell and would like to authenticate it. Can someone help me? Thank You
Cecil Ybarra [08-13-1999]

We are going to visit Philadelphia in April 2000. We are going to see the Liberty Bell, and other historic sites in person. We are doing a homeschool, US History field trip. We are looking forward to the trip. You have a very interesting, detailed site. I enjoyed visiting it.
Debra Hojnacki, Toledo, Ohio [08-13-1999]

My family plans on visiting sometime in the middle of August.
Kim Lautner [08-13-1999]

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I am 54 and this is the first time I have read the entire story. This site is great. we need more like it about our history
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Visited Philly and the famous Liberty Bell, doing the whole historic tour bit. Loved the city.
Betty Morgan, Macon, Ga [08-08-1999]

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I think your site is great. I plan to have my students visit the Liberty Bell in the fall. I think I will have them visit this site first. Keep up the good work.
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I would like to know if there is eny connection between the people of Wales and the libert bell.
Gwynant Davies, Cymru (Wales) [08-06-1999]

We went to visit the Liberty Bell the first week in July. We wanted to visit there because our brother, Anthony, turned 3 on July 4th. We want him to know how important a date his birthday is. We love this site and since we live only a short distance away from good ol' Philly we will visit the bell often. Thanks for a great site
Melissa, Andrew, Darren, Dimitrius & Anthony Lordi-Liwen, Ages 29, 9, 6, 5 & 3 from Hatboro, PA!!!! [08-06-1999]

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WONDERFUL PAGE!!! I came her looking for information on a history article I was writting, and learned so much more about the liberty bell. Keep up the good work!!!
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We were scheduled to be there in 1976 until the Legionaires Disease scare. Always wanted to visit. Now I am unable to visit, so this is next best. Thanks!
Carla Epperly, St. Helens, OR [07-30-1999]

i finally saw the liberty bell it well worth the trip
allen gray, 33 baltimore nurse [07-30-1999]

Mike [07-30-1999]

Information on Michael Vincent Donnelly who for 22 yrs. served as superintendent of Independence Hall and a Civil War veteran commended by Lincoln and an organizer of the National Guard, birth, marriage, burial & family information. He had the privilege of living at the State House & 2 daughters, Catherine & Elizabeth were born while he was living there.
Mary Jane Henderson, Pigeon Forge, TN [07-29-1999]

I love this country! Thank goodness/God for our freedoms we all enjoy especially of religion. This is why the first pilgrims came to this country. :-) Let's keep it great and bright and shiny!
Michael Mohan, Colorado Springs, near NORAD/Cheyenne Mtn [07-29-1999]

Nice presentation
Neil James [07-28-1999]

The (E) was added to my last name due to doctor error on my birth certificate. The spelling should be the same as on the Liberty Bell.
James L. Stowe, Rt 3 Box 317 Crane, Mo. 65633 [07-28-1999]

We visited recently on the 4th of July weekend and it brought back so many childhood memories. We were in Philly for the Photo of the Century. Thanks to a great city, the Mayor and his hardworking staff.
Grandma Jean, Bayville, NJ - age 66 [07-28-1999]

Thank you so much for having this site. My 8 yeard old soon and I were watching "Wheel of Fortune" on an episode from Philadelphia and they showed "The Liberty Bell". This showing of "The Bell" and it's crack lead to a lot of questions I just couldn't answer. Thanks to this site, I was able to answer his questions and get a history lesson myself! Thanks again.
Bonna A. Brimhall, Columbus, Ohio [07-27-1999]

Thank God For The U.S.A. Let Freedom Ring!
Kelvin Fugate, 39 Hazard Ky [07-27-1999]

Thanks for maintaining the library of information on this important piece of American history.
Captain William J. Ungvarsky, USN, Hometowns Norvelt and United, PA [07-25-1999]

Great Website!!! KEEP UP THE GRRREAT WORK!!!
Kelly Bradshaw, Middleboro, MA [07-22-1999]

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I plan on visiting Philly this summer and have enjoyed all the information you have gathered. Thank you.
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this is a cool site on what is the liberty bell, keep up the good work!!
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I enjoyed your web site. I was looking for a link for a powepoint slide about the liberty bell.
Sandra Carter [07-19-1999]

enter this site to get some info on liberty bell for a speech i am doing for class. my speech is on a tour of historic philadelphia.
lorraine, warminster [07-16-1999]

It's just a chance to laugh.
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When I first saw the Liberty Bell it was Extradinary! It was so cool. It was maginficent! What do you think of the Liberty Bell?
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I love America and I just wanted to say: MAY GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!
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Great Information. I was wondering about the Crack in the Bell and found all information here.
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Wonderful! I did not realize how very special this precious piece of American history really is.
Richard L. Lucas, Dallas, Texas [07-12-1999]

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Cub Scout Pack 279 of Peachtree City,GA used the specifications from your site to make a full-scale paper mache Liberty Bell for our city's annual 4th of July parade. We won most patriotic! Thanks for all the info on your wonderful site!
Steve Rambeck, Peachtree City, GA [07-10-1999] [See a picture -Webmaster]

I found the history very interesting.
Carol Mullen, Springfield IL, 46 (07-08-99) [07-10-1999]

Enjoyed the information and the pitctures.
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ushistory.org is a fantastic web site! Keep up the good work!
Steve Inghram, Age - 39, City - Cedar Rapids, IA, Profession - Electrical Engineer, Family - wife & 3 kids [07-10-1999]

Enjoyed reading the history of the bell. Has been 35 years since reading about the history of the liberty bell in elementary school
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George [07-10-1999]

Great site. Very educational and entertaining.
Linda Neth, St. Joseph, MO. [07-10-1999]

Most interesting and well done.
Glenn Mac Donald, Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada [07-10-1999]

I do a daily trivia game at work and came to yur site for some information for questions. Thank You
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Chuck Commerton, Abingdon, Virginia [07-07-1999]

This is a marvelous site for the preservation of Am. history. I've added it to my list of sites, to visit often, because I'm an avid reader of American History; especially the time frame of the Am. Rev. I is a marvelous teaching tool for classroom use, also.
Lacy Liles [07-07-1999]

Cassandra [07-07-1999]

Would there be as much enthusiasm today if the Liberty Bell were to make the same tour? This site is great. I have learned more here than two years of revised history in college.
Joseph, 29, Houston, warehouse foreman [07-08-1999]

I believe in God, the Father, in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit. I believe that man has some inalienable rights and that one man's right ends where the other man's right begins.
Raul S. Garcia, 66; Tampa, Fl [07-07-1999]

I think this is a great website. Continue to expand, and expand the knowledge of many!!
David [07-07-1999]

Plan on visiting July 1999
Lawrence M. Harrison, Age 68 Algonquin, IL 60102 [07-07-1999]

my wife and i visited there about 10 years ago. we went to see the dogwood at valley forge and then drove down to see the liberty bell. it was late when we got there but i enjoyed it very much and hope to go back there
don regan, 63 plum pa [07-05-1999]

Suveer Bhatia, 3, Princeton, NJ [07-05-1999]

What is the Liberty Bell?
James Wesley Chester [07-05-1999]

home sweet home
Zygmunt Kozaczka, young 67 [07-05-1999]

Thank you for being here for me on the 4th of July. I have been lucky enough to see the bell in person and was surprised at how emotional I was.
Polly, 56 years old, live in San Jose CA [07-05-1999]

This site is wonderful. I love the photos of the 1915 trip of the Liberty Bell across the country. Thanks for all of the hard work put into this site. Elizabeth
Elizabeth [07-05-1999]

This is one of the better sites on the net. Thank you for the contribution.
Lloyd Edwin Martin, 59, Ocala FL [07-05-1999]

just watched the fireworks display from boston, like to wish everyone in the u.s.a a very happy july fourth.you also have a great web page on the liberty bell
val pede, Brampton Ontario Canada [07-05-1999]

This is an inspiring site! One can see the pride and patriotism in the faces of the people in the Photo Essay section.
Brenda Harrison, age: 47; Richwood, Ohio [07-05-1999]

robert huber, Conway Ar. age 48 [07-04-1999]

Good job!
Ed, Indianapolis [07-04-1999]

thanks for this site it is great
jimmy holcomb, 57 irving, texas [07-04-1999]

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I would like to know where to reach a timeline of the most historical points in US Early American History.
Diane Boyer, 2022 N. Lincoln St., Orange , CA 92865 [07-04-1999]

I learned a lot of new things that I did not know about the Liberty Bell before. I thought that the Liberty Bell was very interesting. I would like to see it in person very much because I learned that it was a symbol of the United States.
Kara Phillips, age 8, Rockdale, Texas [07-04-1999]

It is nice that people like you put up good websites like this, and it is nice that organizations like AFA suggest them to their friends...
Ruth & Roger Rasmussen, Senior citizens, living in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia [07-04-1999]

We came to your website on the Fourth of July to help us celebrate and understand this day.
Shari, Katherine and David, Puyallup, WA Ages 36, 9 and 6 [07-04-1999]

AMERICA U.S.A. IS A GREAT PLACE TO BE! keep democracy alive...
Elizabeth Cleaver, 34, Hershey, Pa [07-04-1999]

I have e-mailed this setup to everyone in my mailbox as I think it is excptional. Thank you.
Dorothy, Florida native [07-04-1999]

great idea. wonderful for adults and youths. try to include a "my hopes for america" section in the future
ghene nelson, teacher [07-04-1999]

Where the spirit of GOD is There is Freedom!!!! Let Freedom Ring!
david darby, born & raised in mississippi [07-04-1999]

Let´s keep the bell ringing everyday! Very interesting historical information. I has been very usefull to me this 4th of July. Thanks for the chance!
Teo Barreiro, Sociologist. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic [07-04-1999]

Let freedom ring! Thanks for reminding me or our rich heritage and the blessings of God on this nation.
Bonnie Dockan, Mt. Pleasant, Texas [07-04-1999]

taylor and avery wells, 6and 4 [07-04-1999]

Steve Owens, Corona, CA [07-04-1999]

I have a five hour layover next month on a flight to Bermuda. I'm glad I found this site to plan my "three hour tour". We'll probably take our vacation to Philly next year. Thanks!
Donna M. Rich-Luke, 30, Tampa, Florida [07-04-1999]

Thank you for this useful information. I have been to visit the Bell myself in Philadelphia. I was there on business, and late in the day made my way downtown to see the Bell. Traffic was heavy, but I got there shortly before closing. I had seen the Bell as a young person, but this second trip was more meaningful to me. Thank you forthe history of the recasting and the crack.
Glenn J. Kerr, 49, Grand Rapids, MI [07-03-1999]

Rev. Frank West [07-03-1999]

I am saving this to a disk to share with my Grandchildren I enjooyed the pictures and history and they will also. Thank you!
Carolyn B. Miller [07-03-1999]

Maurice Mendenhall, Denver Co. Age 73, Pa. Colonist descendent [07-03-1999]

Greatful for the memories that Philadelphia has preserved so that the truths that our founders cherished can be preserved for generations to come. Thank God for the USA.
H. Kaak, Winnetka, CA [07-03-1999]

Ted McNabb, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, age 48 [07-03-1999]

A must for every cyber family
George & Rubye Davis, Prattville, Alabama 336067-6224 [07-03-1999]

Very good.
Goodwin, NM [07-03-1999]

gary m thompson, I'm 47, live in Sidney, Ia, [07-03-1999]

DeWanda Rich [07-03-1999]

Planning field trips for coming year - what a great way to do this
Debbie, West Chester, PA - mother of two homeschoolers [07-03-1999]

Happy Independence and Long Live America.
Jackie, 26yrs, Kampala (East Africa) [07-03-1999]

Very informative. Thank you!
Brenda Stamper [07-03-1999]

Excellent page! My history in school wasn't that great,but I am learning more now.I get pleasure out of learning about the past.
Edgar, 48yrs old Fayetteville,AR [07-03-1999]

Great page. Very nicely done. God bless America!
Bonny Sweat, I'm from the GREAT STATE of South Carolina! [07-03-1999]

the pictures or pretty cool. i'm from des moines, iowa. you have a picture from des moines, that's cool
scott agan, jacksonville, alabama [07-03-1999]

we are very lucky and blessed to be born in this land of freedom...we should never forget what has happened in the past to keep our freedom.
melody kirk, chapmanville, wv [07-03-1999]

A beautiful page! It should be viewed by everyone able to do so. Thank you!
Kay, Hummelstown, PA [07-03-1999]

The U.S. is the best country in the world I put 20 yrs in the U.S. Army for this country
Thomas P Hammons [07-03-1999]

Thanks for this wonderful history site!
bluebird [07-03-1999]

I'm an American and I live in England. It is great to be able to share America's history with my children and sites like this one help me to teach my children (and myself) about the early history of our great nation, especially as my mother was born in Philadelphia! Thanks for a brilliant site.
Francis Tamburin, Horsham, West Sussex, England [07-03-1999]

I live in a city where there are many church bells, it would be nice if more bells would go up all over the counry and on forth of July all the bells could be rung.
Paricia Amendariz, El Paso,TX. [07-03-1999]

I am a direct decendant of John Pass. John Pass's original name was Govina Pace. He came from the Island of Malta. He changed his name after arriving in this country. Last note, Great page, and NEVER FORGET the blood shed for our freedom and independence. If it wasn't for the blood and the sacrifice, the Liberty Bell would mean nothing. Semper Fedelis, 1st to God, then Country, and Corp. God Bless the United States of America, even if it hurts to fix it. Amen
Scott Bratten, Ventura, Ca. [07-03-1999]

Very educational
Verna L. Hughes, 59, Springfield, Mo [07-03-1999]

this is a great web page i was using it to help my sister with a project she needed for school
NICOLE BUTLER, I'm 18 and a freshman in college [07-03-1999]

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The Liberty Bell is one of our favorite historical subjects to learn about!!! Thank you for putting it on the internet to share with others! (Sydney & Karrah Taylor)
Sydney & Karrah Taylor, ages 9 & 7 - Marion, Mississippi - LOVE THIS SITE! [07-03-1999]

it was very intertesting and learned alot and it was a very good pic also thanks.
drowland [07-03-1999]

Thomas Levendusky, 69- Willingboro,n.j. [07-03-1999]

Impressive Site!! Thanks! Brian, Editor Iver N Out US Troop Support Newsletter Over N Out:Based on a 3000 email subscriber newsletter, our website is a condensed version of all of our newsletter issues listing history, poetry, reference, humor and support links that are military related as well as of interest to civilians, and additionally we have an Adopt a Soldier Page listing addresses of deployed military personnel and troops and their supporters. "Over the Internet N Out to the Troops"
BRIAN, age 14 Editor of Over N Iut US Troop Support Newsletter [07-03-1999]

Christine Knapp [07-03-1999]

A very informative site. I am enjoying going through it.
Keith McStay, 55 yrs. Grand Prairie, TX [07-03-1999]

Duane Sadler, Mesquite, Texas [07-03-1999]

Did the bell spend any time in Iowa,on it's way west?
Norman Rosen, Fort Dodge,Iowa 72 yrs. [07-03-1999]

infomation on the liberty bell
gene wilson jesttes, 13 flint [07-03-1999]

I enjoyed the site snd the history. I will share the site with my students.
Kathy, teacher, greater Boston, MA [07-03-1999]

I am a preschool and kindergarten teacher who is doing a special summer school lesson on the Fourth of July, and my local library had no books in with any pictures of the Liberty Bell. Your site came up as I was exploring, and I was able to print many wonderful pictures from your 1915 tour photos. They will give my students an excellent look at the Liberty Bell, as well as a chance to see people from a different generation. Thank You!
kristin ratten, portland, or [07-03-1999]

Hey, 1915 photos! Scratch my last comment.
peter kronberg, newton [07-03-1999]

I did not know that the bell was adopted by the abolitionist movement. Thanks for an informative site. I would have liked more pictures showing the reaction in the US to the bell's travel to the exposition in California.
peter kronberg, newton, massachusetts [07-03-1999]

Beautiful picture of Liberty Bell. We need more web sites like this. Thank you.
Henry Opad, Boynton Beach, Fl [07-03-1999]

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I've got something that is so great, it involves the LIBERTY BELL and it's going to be one of the events in Americas history. America this year you shall shine
roland harris [07-03-1999]

I am taking my 9 year old son to see the Liberty Bell on the 4th of July, 1999. We were both delighted to find your web site which helped provide an outstanding amount of historical information; as well as directions to the Liberty Bell. Thank you for your great web site!!
Marilyn Bryant, Odenton, MD [07-03-1999]

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Some day I would love to visit Philadelphia.
Beverly J Bulman, I'm from Homedale, ID [07-03-1999]

We want our children to know and appreciate United States History. Thank you for having this site to help us. Sincerely, The Coltons
Colton, Family [07-03-1999]


I miss Phila. Visit my page http://www.inergy.com/stoon/Phila.html
Ralph Esten, a Phila native exiled to Florida [07-03-1999]

Robert McCoy, Thousand Oaks, CA [07-02-1999]

It's incredible how interesting history can be with all of the exciting teaching aides available. Teaching and learning should be interactive and fun.
Shelia McGrath, 7/3/99 Georgia, Bradley Childbirth Instructor [07-02-1999]

Jimmy Buzz, 11 [07-02-1999]

WOW great pages Lot's of good information!! THANKS
lesli, 39 San Diego CA [07-02-1999]

Phiadelphia is the most beautiful, historic city in the U.S. It has a peaceful energy to it. It is re-building itself to its former grand splendor.
bret leifer, boston 53 [06-29-1999]

I just went to visit the liberty bell Sautuday June 19,1999. During an informative session, the tour guide gave absolutely no references as to when the bell could have possibly cracked. He simply said that it remained in the tower for approximately 99 years and when it was taken out, then the crack was noticed. I was disappointed, because I had friends come from out of town to see it. I will be sending them the information that has been provided on this page. Thank-you.
Lisa M. Crohe [06-24-1999]

South Jersey native (Glenn). The Liberty Bell is truly a national treasure. Preserve it for future generations.
Glenn and Drucilla Ware, Living in Seaside, California [06-24-1999]

I would like to learn about the past.
Brendan Greeley, age 10 Princeton Mass [06-24-1999]

Would like more information posted that shows how the Liberty Bell got its name.
Angela Shelton, mother (African-American) from Detroit [06-24-1999]

I enjoyed your wonderfully patriotic site. I hope to visit philadelphia soon.
Jason D. Weiss, Buffalo, NY [06-23-1999]

This tells a good history of the Liberty Bell. I read that relatives of Benjamin Franklin could tap the bell with provided rubber mallots, but I can't find where I read that. Too bad, too since I'll be in Philidelphia later this year!
Dan Franklin Klute, Buchanan, MI [06-23-1999]

Kawana Whitley, Detroit [06-21-1999]

Thanks for preparing this very patriotic page! I, too, was intrigued by the stamp on your postcard. Can you tell me the significance of the aircraft through the U? What year was it distributed for use? Was this a first class letter stamp? Who designed or created the stamp? Will continue to research some of the sideroads in your story, including some background on Colonel Nixon. Thanks again for your patriotic energies!
Specialist Rogers, Public Affairs, Wyoming National Guard [06-21-1999]

SCOTT THOMPSON, 15/M/GA [06-21-1999]

Can't wait to visit philadelphia with my family. Think my kids will enjoy it
Susan Cicala [06-21-1999]

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God Bless America !!!!!!!!!
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JASON ACCARDO, 11,medford,N.Y.11763 [06-21-1999]

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Liberty bell is reaally cool
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Will be visiting next month and wanted some information on the Liberty Bell.
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This is a great site with a lot of useful information. I am going to be using this as a supplement in my classroom to extend our learning about the foundations of freedom in our country. Thanks for your excellent work!
Paul McCarty, Teacher [06-14-1999]

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Thank you for having made this resource available.
the maxwell family, 9, 11, 40, 46 [06-13-1999]


It is wonderful to see the history of Philadelphia on the internet. Having been born and raised in Philadelphia but not having lived there in 35 years, it is a pleasure to visit your site and feel like I'm home again.
Carol Rodgers, Punta Gorda, FL [06-13-1999]

Just trying to find out about the name Pass on the Liberty Bell.
Vicki Pass Hoban [06-13-1999]

RDS, K.C., MO [06-11-1999]

Frances Tuel [06-11-1999]

gloria brown [06-11-1999]

My father's first cousin traced our family's lineage before she died, and we are descendants of the Col. John Nixon mentioned in your article.
Linda (Nixon) Fulkerson, Morrilton, Arkansas [06-11-1999]

We were learning about the Libery Bell in class and wanted to find some information about it. Then we drew pictures and sent them to the USS Kitty Hawk in the Persian Gulf.
C. Nenninger and second grade class, DoDDS school in Yokosuka, Japan [06-11-1999]

Carrying on the family tradition of the military.
SSG Randall J. Nixon, 32/Morrilton,AR [06-11-1999]

David Holt, Omaha, NE [06-09-1999]

The Liberty Bell is one of the most popular sites to visit when you go to Philadelphia for any purpose. It would be a good choice of someone who is visiting Philadelphia to go visit the liberty bell and hear the story about the Liberty Bell because in my opinion I feel that it would teach you alot about what went on back then. And it would teach you to appreciate what kind of freedoms you have in America.
Faira Baptiste, Clairton PA 15025 [06-09-1999]

I came on here looking for something historical about Philadelphia because, we have to plan a historical trip of PA for social studies class.
Christy Gordon [06-08-1999]

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Angelica, 14 years old [06-08-1999]

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alicia hilts, 11 johnston [06-07-1999]

I'm trying to gather info and pictures to put together an American Heritage Scrapbook for my cub scouts
CARLA CARR [06-07-1999]

Stop out and see our corn maze in the shape of the Liberty Bell in Paradise Pa at The Amazing maize Maze as we celebrate a summer of freedom that we were blessed with by our forefathers
Doug Lynch, 38 Lancaster Pa. [06-05-1999]

Debra Fisher, Age 44, Canadensis, PA [06-05-1999]

Your tour was most informative and certainly interesting....Thanks...Meg
Meg Bell, Loudon, Tn...Educator, [06-04-1999]

I live in Philadelphia and I think your site is great. I am sending it to my friend Les Bowring in the United Kingdom
Donna M Cherrick [06-04-1999]

I was wondering if you guys know the tones/pitches that are supposed to be produced by the Liberty bell, had it not been cracked.
Reza Kashani, rkashani@engr.udayton.edu [06-03-1999]

cool site dudes
zachary ciemiengo, nope [06-01-1999]

where is your sense of humor? I think that was funny....no harm..no foul!
Courtney, Washington [06-01-1999]

If it actually happened, we would regard it as cold-hearted capitalism, nothing more. We might be shocked at the chutzpah of it, but it is no different in kind from the sponsorship of athletic venues and events. And besides, it would help to pay off the national debt. I guess the only thing left to do is haggle about the price.
peter persoff, age 53 [06-01-1999]

I am doing a report on Pennsylvania. I also have to do a state float. I wanted to see a large picture of the Liberty Bell so I could make a model of it for my Float.
Ashley Green, 11 yrs old, Livermore CA. [05-31-1999]

catrine [05-31-1999]

The information provided was very interesting. It is very helpful when doing research. Thanks for the information.
Eva Ponce, 21 yrs. old Los Angeles [05-31-1999]

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Toni Wise Friedlein, Edinburg, Texas (you don't ask ladies their age), etc. [05-31-1999]

I think your internet site is a great source of information especially for 7th graders such as me looking up info for social studies on a project. Our whole 7th grade has been on your web site today and I;m sure they think its really cool too!!!!!!!!!
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Crystal Stroder, 13 Carbondale,CO [05-31-1999]

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The bell makes a great topic for a report. Thanks
MaryBeth Eckles, age 7, Statesboro, Georgia [05-28-1999]

I have a 9 and 13 year old that I home school.It's hard to find good information on history. So I think this site is great.
Dawn, Nebraska Home school teacher [05-28-1999]

Thank you for putting this web site here. It is an invaluable resource for our family. :)
Cindy Mugler, home schooling mom of 4, Mesa, AZ [05-28-1999]

thank you for being able to visit the bell on the internet, I intend to visit philadelphia and the liberty bell...
vito v filomeno, 36y m landing nj [05-27-1999]

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Joseph Kingston [05-27-1999]

Great Web Page Very interesting
anonymous [05-27-1999]

I've seen the Liberty Bell and it is great!
Victoria Begg, State college, PA, 8 years Old [05-27-1999]

I absolutly love my hometown city and the very diverse, unconcieted public schools I attended.
K.L.P., 16; Philadelphia (until I was 15) then parents dragged me kicking and screaming across the bridge into NJ [05-27-1999]


The Liberty Bell and what it represents is a too often an example of the freedom that too many of us take for granted. Thankyou for reminding me of the history and significance of what the Liberty Bell will always mean to my heart. Whenever I wonder doubt the direction this country is headed or ever take my freedom to be able to do so for granted, I'll just visit this site for my own personal, "reality check." Thankyou, again, and may our Lord bless your work in preserving such a wonderful memorial to remind us all of the liberty we too often take for granted!!
Dick & Lucy George, Franklin, PA [05-25-1999]

David Prager [05-24-1999]

we're going to be visiting y'all soon, see you then
Katie Berkompas, age 10; Okemos, MI [05-24-1999]

Katie Berkompas [05-24-1999]

I got a kick out of tacco bells joke :)
Joe Cannon, East Lansdowne Pa [05-22-1999]

cjhv [05-22-1999]

have seen the bell many times,however, didn't know all these interesting facts. by the way the original Hebrew does not speak of liberty but of release. It had to do with the return of land, dept, and indentured service.
Allen N. Britton, Philadelphia [05-22-1999]

AnnMarie Barone & Family, Jefferson Township, NJ [05-22-1999]

Barbara R. Hoffmaster [05-22-1999]

We will be visiting your city in June and wanted to learn a little bit more about it before arriving. Your site was very informative. Thank you.
Sandra Woodard, Enterprise, AL [05-19-1999]

I think that the Liberty Bell symbolizes freedom and justice for all those who don't push it to the limit! (Really, I think you did a fabulous job on you whole web-site!)
Donald A. Spencer Jr., 13 yrs. old-Bridgeville, Pa. [05-19-1999]

this is an cool website thanks for making it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
daniel brosseau [05-19-1999]

My children ages 8 and 10 were interested in the Liberty Bell. We use the internet to look up information. We enjoyed your site. My children enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell. They look forward to visiting one day.
Suzanne Gardner, California [05-19-1999]

I have seen a replica of the Liberty Bell in De. which was given to each state for selling war bonds during WWII. True? Del.'s is in Dover. Are there others?
Alayne Tiemeyer, RReunion Coord.-USS Taconic [05-18-1999]

I think your website is prettty neat cause you learn so much bout the Liberty Bell plus about our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous [05-18-1999]

informative and nostalgic! I am visiting my bro-in-law in PHILI next week an this page is useful for me.
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Our class is coming this thursday on are class trip i hope to have fun at cheaking out the liberty bell
Tony Storti, 11 [05-17-1999]

I was looking for info on my famous uncle, David Rittenhouse and discovered your site. I love it!!!!!
Jim Rittenhouse, Downey, Ca. 90240 [05-17-1999]

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heidi marie [05-14-1999]

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Carol [05-14-1999]

Hi!!! can i have some info. on the Liberty Bell? Please!!!!
Kelsey gray, 13 St. cloud [05-14-1999]

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I am very interested in American history. It is even more interesting now that I have the name Liberty.
denise liberty, binghamton ny [05-14-1999]

i've got to do a report on the liberty bell and i've used this web site to do everything, in other words: thanks!!!
Dana [05-14-1999]

I had the privilege to visit the Liberty Bell pavilion in 1997. I enjoyed it.
Jens Abrahamsson, Göteborg, Sweden [05-14-1999]

Would like to tour in last week in September with husband and daughter. Weather? Events?
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roussel [05-14-1999]

This site totally rocks! The 5th grade in my school-Thomas Jefferson-are going to Philly for a field trip. Me and some of my buddies went online to find cool stuff we would see on the trip. Plus, I just think the Liberty Bell is cool to begin with. PLUS, this is better than any of the other things we do in Computer Lab. Again, This site ROCKS! See ya in Philly. :-D
E. Sjovall, 11 years old-I'm from Jersey!In 5th grade. [05-14-1999]

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I like how you had the little trivia facts, especially the one concerning Taco Bell. I found it quite hilarious. Thanks for putting a new twist on history for me.
Diane Hutchinson, 18 years old, bizzare humor [05-10-1999]

It is very interesting finding out about the history of Liberty Bell. Thank You
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I am doing a report on the state of Pennsylvania and this has given me alot of needed information. If I can get anymore information please write me or send me some. It is much needed. Thanks alot!!!
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I like these sights about Philadelphia
Melissa, 10 [05-10-1999]

Plan to visit June 17
Rose Barnes [05-09-1999]

a joke is a joke get over it tight wads . i know jokes that make that seem as patriotic as george washington. loosen the tie and laugh at your country if not you'll go crazy.
blair w bowers, 25/baltimore,md [05-09-1999]

Have enjoyed visiting the Liberty Bell and other things around Philadelphia.
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Lisa Kennedy, 11 Buena Park Whitaker school [05-06-1999]

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Ricardo Gomez, 11,Buena Park,Whitaker Elementary [05-06-1999]

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We are on a virtual road trip. We are wondering what the writing on the bell says. Thank you for creating this web page.
Mrs.Corwin's 3rd Grade Class, Portland, Oregon [05-05-1999]

Liberty for All--Praise God
John F. Madia [05-05-1999]

Hey, i thought it was pretty exciting to see things what i saw on my Philladelphia trip '99
Melissa Helmer, 13, OR [05-05-1999]

Great Musuem. Was in Phila recently and did not have the chance to visit. Thank you very much.
Audrey Campaner, Jacksonville, FL [05-04-1999]

Thank goodness Mom has access to the internet at work. Our time is so busy, but Mom always make sure we have time for homework. She brings us to work to access the internet because often the library is already closed. Thank you for having the basic information I needed to start on the report.
Alonna Muncherian, Grade 5 Student doing reseach for a scholl project [05-04-1999]

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cassie [04-30-1999]

when was the bell first rung.
Frankie Alice Kalama, 13,Queets [04-30-1999]

I am so excited to find this phot essay of the trip to San Francisco. I have copies of news articles written along the way when the Bell encountered in the crowds, descendants of the State House Sgt-at-Arms, William Hurrie, whose official duties included it heraldic toll in July 1776. I am 8th generation descendent of Mr Hurrie -- passing down through daughters all the way with an exception about halfway int he person of Cornelius L Peebles, my great grandfather. Last I heard, William Hurrie, originally of Scotland, was buried in the old Pine Street Presbyterian Church. I am sure that we each have information ts hare with the other.
Jan Williams, now of, Princeton NJ [04-29-1999]

I thought that Taco Bell was trying to play a joke on the people who own the Liberty Bell!
Brandon Milton, I am 9 years old and I live in Worden, IL. [04-29-1999]

I think the neatest thing about the liberty bell is that it is still around after all this time.
Ben Meyer, I am 9 years old and I live in Worden, IL. [04-29-1999]

At first I thought the liberty bell had rusted!!!
Brad Rea, I am 9 years old and I live in Edwardsville, IL [04-29-1999]

It was an interesting site:)
Katlyn, 11 years old [04-29-1999]

I like the Liberty Bell because it's a piece of history and is neat ThAnKs!
Brogan Harr, Brogan's my name!K? [04-29-1999]

My Class loves the Liberty Bell because it is cool. I'm doing a report on the Liberty Bell.
SOFIA MENA, 9 years old, MIAMI, FL [04-29-1999]

My class went to visit the Liberty Bell last Friday and we really thought it was interesting. I am doing a report on the Liberty Bell.
Lauren Orpin, 10, Baltimore, MD [04-27-1999]

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I think the site is really cool. I'm using it for a tourism report on one site in Pennsylvania, and I chose the Liberty Bell.
T.E. Barone, Age 10, Minnetonka, MN [04-26-1999]

We were looking for the correct color of the Liberty Bell. We are studying symbols of our country. This is a great site.
Mrs. Cork's Class [04-26-1999]

I thought it was a very interresting page your page gave mem a lot of help in civics thank again
Christina [04-25-1999]

Pa. is the most wonderful state and I'm doing a report for school (5th grade). And it was 1 of the 1st 13 states.
Jennifer Rowlinson, 11 yrs, Orange Park,Fl. [04-25-1999]

I will be visitng on Monday and I think your webpage is great.
Andrew Fiedler, 10, Fogelsville, PA [04-25-1999]

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Alex Hieter, Ilove Jordon [04-23-1999]

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Colin Kennedy, 10 years old,Edmond,OK [04-22-1999]

The Liberty Bell is important to us both. We liked the photographs. They are very nice. We enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell. Thank You!!
Jennifer and Summer Brazell, Ages 6 & 7, Sacramento, California [04-22-1999]

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Thank you for having this web page. I have to do a project on Pennsylvania and it was a nice addition.
Bryce J. Maj, 10, Illinois [04-21-1999]

a lot of education involved in this site
gail slack, 34/f Dover Delaware [04-21-1999]

The image I found is going to be useful for a powerpoint project. The information has given me the desire to visit Philly for more than an authentic cheesesteak. I am still looking for a video clip!!
Tim Fromunda, twenty one college student [04-21-1999]

I have a four hour layover in Philly next week - trying to figure out how I can visit.
Dianne M. Stocum, Tucson, Arizona [04-21-1999]

Todd [04-21-1999]

I think the Liberty Bell is very cool and nice.
cory lang, 13/ carlstadt [04-21-1999]

Justin Crnkovich [04-20-1999]

wonderful tool for investigating educational&cultural sites to take our students.
philomena fayanjuola, talent search program@ccri in providence ri 02905 ets is a college access program for lowincome 6_12 graders who are also the first in the ir family to attend college. [04-19-1999]

Kalley Besler & Mrs. Moore [04-19-1999]

Vanessa Toole, 10 [04-19-1999]

I was born on the 4th of July, sounds like Philidelphia would be a good place to be on my next birthday.
Denise Reyes [04-19-1999]

Recently I had to visit the Liberty Bell for my Anthropology class and write a paper about my ovservations, it was hard. I guess I went on a day when not many people came to site-see. however, I found a lot of interesting information on your page, reading others responses gave me some perspective.
Tamika Levels, From Willingboro, NJ [04-19-1999]

The page is wonderful! It has lots of useful information. Thanks for sharing the information.
Kristine Thomas, age:10 hometown:Jennerstown, PA [04-18-1999]

Yolanda Monroe, 24yrs old, Alabama [04-18-1999]

I am doing a project for first grade in school and your information was helpful!
Mackenzie Miller, 6 years old, Heim Elementary [04-17-1999]

Thanks for this page it got me an A on my project
Drue hill, age 10 Baltimore 5th grade [04-16-1999]

I like the Liberty Bell
Jake Snoddy, 7 [04-16-1999]

We will be seeing the bell up close and personal on April 28 when we take a homeschool trip to Philly. Can't wait!

I think that Taco Bell played a really cool joke on the entire nation. For those who think it is immoral or unpatriotic, that's bull. Can't you take a joke. Well I guess not if that is how you reacted.
anonymous, age 18, MA [04-16-1999]

Kevin Reulbach, age 18, MA [04-16-1999]

Great site!!! It helped me a lot on my report.
Kevin Hughes [04-16-1999]

I think that It is great that we get to learn about the liberty bell
anonymous [04-15-1999]

Philadelphia rox
Elizabeth, 13, davenport Iowa [04-15-1999]

This site brings back into our memories the very initial purpose of the Forefathers of America: The Pursue of Freedom, Happiness and its indeniable influence on the Nations´ Progress. It´s an excellence approach to Young people who are not likely to read the books, but in cyberworld, the Whole History is shown so vividly. Thanks for your effort!
Edilberto González-Trejos, 27 years old, Panama City, Republic of Panama, Central America. [04-15-1999]

i dont want the liberty bell to go to waste
derek judo, 17 ,nashville,tenn [04-15-1999]

Mrs. Silecchia, teacher [04-15-1999]

This is great. I am writing a lesson plan on Philly and this page helped a lot.
Jessica Buchanan, 21 year old education major [04-15-1999]

danny reichard, I LIKE KORN [04-15-1999]

Tony M. Krum [04-15-1999]

my 4th grader needed info for a social studies fair and this has been a great experience for myself and my child thanks for the info
Wendy Cannon, pineville, louisiana [04-15-1999]

I thought the information was great. It was really helpful.
Jenny Johnson [04-13-1999]

ISABELLA HOYOS, 10 years old native of Philly living in Wellington,Florida [04-12-1999]

I like the liberty bell it was so cool
Meagan Shanks, Batesville ms 16teen [04-12-1999]

Nicole Skaggs [04-11-1999]

I liked the color picture, we studied the bell in school and it was neat to see on the net. Kindergartner
Johnathan Kirven, 6, Collinsville, VA [04-11-1999]

I personally, liked the article a lot. It helped with my school assignment, too. I am glad I found something!
"Pearly" L. Clipson, 14, cool, lancaster, ohio [04-11-1999]

Very good information!
Andrew Torba, age 8, Old Forge, PA [04-11-1999]

Erica, 10 [04-11-1999]

i think this is a great site i cant say anything else except that its great
Jamie, im 11 i live in california [04-11-1999]

I'm doing a unit for recent immigrants about the liberty bell. Your site has helped a lot!
Erin Ring, soon-to-be-teacher [04-11-1999]

I think this website is a great idea and there should be more like it.
anonymous, 16 [04-10-1999]

My class is doing a project on the liberty bell and other stuff for our semester project.
Victoira Gates, 15, Houlka, shool bruce Jr high [04-09-1999]

awsome website
mikey [04-08-1999]

This was realy neat for me as I was born in Brooklyn New York in 1961 and was able to visit the Liberty Bell when I was 10 years old the same age as my daughter today
Vince LaVertu and Karyssa LaVertu, Dad and Daughter working on stste report Orange county California [04-08-1999]

I think you should make it so that I can link to my school web.
anonymous, Levina from Penn 11 yrs 4-8-99 [04-08-1999]

I really liked this website, with all the pictures and history. My mom and I are learning about Pennsylvania this week. Thank you for the interesting information we found here to help us in our Social Studies class.
Katherine, 7 years old, Kansas homeschooler [04-08-1999]

Nice site... Maybe more in dept profile of people who were involved in the bell
Robert M Tribble [04-08-1999]

I could really find all the info that I needed! It was gr-8!
Rachel Crenshaw, age 11 Chicago [04-08-1999]

We are studying about the Liberty Bell. We enjoyed seeing and learning more about the bell at this site.
"Miss" Paige's Sr K class Harding Academy Memphis, Tennessee [04-08-1999]

I love th site. FYI there is a Photo in a local Pizza shop from the journey accross the country in 1915. If you would like to add it to the photo Essay I can see about getting you a copy. I am sure the town would love to be a part of this site.
MIchelle Kreger, Originally from Philly now living in Waynesboro [04-08-1999]

I loved it!! It gave me all the facts I needed for a report!!
Margaret Clemons, Milwaukee, WI [04-08-1999]

i really enjoyed learning about the liberty bell.i have a report to do in social studies and we got to choose our topic.thanks bye.
kari bennett, 14 years old punsxy pa [04-08-1999]

Jorgensen's Third Grade, IKM, Small town, Irwin, Kirkman, Manilla, Iowa [04-08-1999]

this is such a cool web page i learned a lot about it. thanx for this web page i might just get a A+ on my social studies test on the liberty bell. thanx again,
Danielle [04-08-1999]

Great Site!!! I remember visiting the liberty bell when I was 6 years old and went back in high school and college and I enjoy listening to the stories every time. Phila has GREAT history!!!
Ann, Bethlehem, PA [04-08-1999]

Jennifer Hastings, 13 from fla. [04-08-1999]

I am doing this for a school project
Travis Visser, 9 yrs. Grand Rapids, MI 49321 [04-05-1999]

Wow!I didn't know that the bell cracked open on George Washington Birthday on 1876! Thanks!
Kelvin Lam [04-05-1999]

I am a decendant of John Pass who re-cast the Bell. I really like the web site, and my daughter learned about her family history.
Howard John Pass, Palm Springs, CA [04-05-1999]

Bill Klein, Medford, NJ [04-05-1999]

I dont know how I get here, but Im glad I did, because its a great page
JULIO INIGUEZ, 47, Mexico, etc. [04-05-1999]

i enjoyed reading about the bell's history, but I would like to know more about the pavillion and its role in the bicentennial. when did the pavillion officially open, specifically? i know it was in 1976. was the pavillion commisioned by the city? thank you for responding; i have difficulty getting info down here in south america
ross burns, lima, peru [04-05-1999]


This is a great site. I guess we learn a little something more everyday!!
Freedom L. Tyler, KS, 21 [04-05-1999]

I enjoyed your site very much. I plan to visit on 4/1/99.
Deborah Whittington, Crisfield,Md.21817 [04-05-1999]

awesome - sure beats going to the library
Blake Cope, 9 y/o SWM Salt Lake City [04-05-1999]

Jody Irwin, Teacher Chicago Heights [04-05-1999]

Our school is going to Washington and we want information on the history of Washington.
Doyle and Raymond, 11 and 10 [04-05-1999]

It tought me when the liberty bell was built and what materials they used for it.
Kyle, 9, Manchester [04-05-1999]

i think the liberty bell is cool
Tabitha Jones, 12 shenandoah pa [03-30-1999]

My 8 year old and I really enjoyed the site. Thanks.
Lori, Rayland OH [03-30-1999]

krissy and jen , ME ARE COOL
anonymous [03-30-1999]

Thank you for sharing the liberty bell with us. We have been studying our country in our second grade class.
Miss Tanker's Class, Texas [03-29-1999]

My daughter (8 years old) needed some information for a school project. This site was great and help her tremendously with her project. Thanks
Debbie Conneran [03-29-1999]

robert.j.atkinson @gte.net [03-29-1999]

Lot's of history packed into a small area.
Robert L. Ruyle, Lincoln, Nebraska [03-29-1999]

this site is really great!
Catherine, 11 [03-29-1999]

Love your website. Still can't believe The Bell no longer resides in The State House (aka Independence Hall). If you ever decide to put any audio on this site make it The Liberty Bell March!! Thanks.
Henry, Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA [03-29-1999]

I'm going on your tour soon in philly, on April 17th. can't wait. e-mail me with info about it. ~Mary~
mary, age 11, grade 6 [03-29-1999]

I came here to get extra credit for Social Studies(history) class and boy did I get extra credit.
Jessica, I am 13 years old. [03-29-1999]

I found all the imformation I needed for a report.
S.L.B., 9 years old [03-29-1999]


this is a ok site and i am cool like nick champagne
someone from florida [03-29-1999]

Great Job
Ronnie Vaughan, Alton, va. [03-25-1999]

Hope to visit over the Easter break
Dawn Budd, Cape May Court House,NJ [03-25-1999]

Planning a visit in April '99. Been 28 years since my last. this time bringing my 11 yr old son for the 1st time. I am grateful for the opportunity to research ahead on-line. Great site. Can't wait. Thank you.
Debbie Beam, Maine [03-25-1999]

I needed to know how the bell got its crack for my daughter report. Great site
steven reed [03-25-1999]

SHANNON, 8TH GRADER [03-23-1999]

We are looking forward to visiting the Liberty Bell in May. We have received a lot of information from this web site! Thank you
Ms. Pujol's Class, 5th grade students, Miami, FL [03-23-1999]

Lovely web site and a lovely country.
Frey Constance Steinbeck Flogeland [03-23-1999]

Hi! Hows the bell? Hope it's doing good.
Phillip Raynes [03-22-1999]

david cole [03-22-1999]

Thanx sooooo much this stuff helped me with my report @ school!
Laura [03-22-1999]

Thank you for helping me on my Social Studies project. I hope I make an A.
Whitney Morgan, Gulf Breeze Elem. Florida 4th grade [03-22-1999]

Gretchen Mayes, 8 years old, Matthews, NC [03-22-1999]

Bruce & Linda Honey [03-22-1999]

Janelle McIntyre, second grade teacher [03-22-1999]

I think that's very cool that you put the Liberty Bell on here
Lindsay, 12 years of age [03-22-1999]

nice site!
martin, 12 [03-22-1999]

Mandi, age: 14 Richland, Wa [03-22-1999]

I really love Pooh and his friends
Michelle Thate, I'm 11 I live in Brookfield [03-22-1999]

This page helped me with my studies on the Liberty Bell for my Social Studies class.
Matthew Dismukes, 10 yr old from Kingsville, Tx [03-19-1999]

dante berry, 11 years old [03-19-1999]

vanessa [03-19-1999]

This site helped me a lot !! :) Thanks a bunch. I'm sure that it will help on my Philadelphia Brochure!!
Sarah, 11yrs [03-19-1999]

I think this is an awesome website. It helped me a lot on the schol project i am doing in preperation for my trip to philadelphia. Thanks!!
Joe Black, Age 13, Washington DC [03-18-1999]

Even though we have lived in Pa. most of my life and the few times I was to Philly I have learned more about the city then and its history than I had ever known
mary marshall, now living in florida [03-18-1999]

Enjoyed your website very much. makes me homesick
Virginia Williams, Born in Philly 1940 Live in La.now [03-17-1999]

Good site. We hope to come down to see the bell soon.
Christine, Michael and Austin Ralls, Loudon, NH [03-17-1999]

Thanks for helping me with my social studies project! This was great!
Matt Harrington, 13 years old from White Creek, New York [03-17-1999]

Joseph Pinckney, 11, akron, [03-17-1999]

Pete Richardson [03-17-1999]

need to have info and not just comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa [03-17-1999]

I think it is great to have all of this information on the internet. It is great for kids to learn and then visit to see what it is. I am very glad to see my friends learning.
Veronica Bailey [03-17-1999]

Elsie, 11 Hays [03-16-1999]

Brandie, I'm 11 years old. I live in Winnsboro, Texas [03-16-1999]

David Bunch [03-16-1999]

anonymous [03-16-1999]

I had to do a project in computer class about the liberty bell. These facts and pictures helped me out a lot . Thank you very much.
Heather Mittelstrasser, 15yrs. old, Beech Grove, Indiana [03-16-1999]

Searching for information on the Liberty Bell for Special Education students at Stadley Rough School in Danbury, Connecticut.
Elliott W. Woolwich, Bridgewater,Ct. [03-15-1999]

Let Freedom ring forever
Pedro Fitas, Lisbon - Portugal [03-15-1999]

Pedro Fitas [03-15-1999]

hi di ho
Sandi Pierce, 6 [03-15-1999]

I am a collector of Liberty bell memorabilia. Found your site informative and exciting.
Duane Dragoo, Medford Or [03-15-1999]

We love your websites
Sasha & Chrissy, 11, Allentown, PA [03-15-1999]

i came to this site to find information for my son who is doing a report on Philadelphia. I think this is a wonderful site and will visit it again just for fun.
debbie vanucci, 34 hulmeville pa [03-15-1999]

This page was nice.
monique perez, 18 live in pemberton N.J [03-15-1999]

wuz up people in the house
justin [03-15-1999]

kevin [03-15-1999]

We visited the bell in October last year. Your page refresses our memory, I am interested to see a list of politicians who proclaimed a messag standing besides the Bell. Thanks for a nicely made page! Tom
Thomas F. Van Lente, 49 forever, from the Netherlands [03-15-1999]

This site has lots of info on the liberty bell.Thanks!!
Lucy, Cali [03-15-1999]

I am planning a trip to Philly in April with my children one of our goals is to see the Liberty Bell, I found your sight to be very interesting an imformative, I printed out some of the available information that I intend to share with the children during our 11 hour train ride, thanks for creating such a great sight!!
Michele LACross, Vermont [03-15-1999]

I like this sight . Its helful to all people,THANKS FOR HAVING IT,Bye
lauren porter, 10 gardner [03-15-1999]

Yvonne Dahl, Bend Oregon [03-15-1999]

The only time we've ever visited the Liberty Bell, in the summer of 1996, the ONLY interpretation being done was in Spanish. I asked when it would be presented in English, and was told it would not be. This seemed odd and vaguely insulting to English-speaking Americans.
Jerry Wesner, Albuquerque, NM; US history teacher [03-15-1999]

I enjoyed reading about the bell. I never knew how in the world the bell was cracked.
Heather W., 10 years old [03-15-1999]

I am writing a report on the liberity bell Can you Help???
Elicia Miller [03-15-1999]

I hope to see the bell in my lifetime.

I'm doing research for a school project, thanks for all the info.
James Harris, age 11, from NATO Air Station Geilenkirchen, Germany [03-15-1999]

This is a great web page. I thoroughly enjoyed printing information for my grandchildren. Good Job!
Bette J. Gallagher, Gloucester City, NJ, Grandmom of 5, looking for information on the Liberty Bell for my daughter who home schools her 2 children [03-15-1999]


This sight is the Bomb. I'm learning a lot. You guys who made this page rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justin James Janus Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!
anonymous [03-15-1999]

A wonderful collection of old pictures
Judd Deutsch, Easton, PA [03-11-1999]

Answered my question!
Russ Panzer, Artesia, NM [03-11-1999]

John Ritchie [03-11-1999]

I enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell--I want to print some pictures of it. We studied about the bell today in history--I am a homeschooler and my mother is my teacher. Thanks for the neat pictures and info. about the Liberty Bell.
Kalyn Mullis, 6 yrs. old, Jesup Ga., homeschooler [03-11-1999]

This Year I Have An Anthology Work And This Page Was My Favorite
Serra Akintürk, 15, Interested About USA , Turkey-Izmir [03-11-1999]

Olivia Bauman [03-11-1999]

I Never Knew Philadelphia Was So Interesting
Brian Goodreau [03-11-1999]

whats wrong with it? go usa!
bob r [03-09-1999]

I'm doing a report for school on Pennsylvania. I have gotten lots of info from your site. Thank you!
Klera, 21 yrs. [03-09-1999]

I needed to do a report and this was very helpful. I certainly did not know there was so much history in the Bell.
casey rich, 10,Logansport, in [03-09-1999]

(Liberty Bell Hoax) That was funny. For a minute I actually believed you guys!
Philip Stancil, age 10 [03-09-1999]

Jonathan Bausman, age 9 city Selinsgrove Pa [03-09-1999]

Great info. for doing a report (like me). Has great facts and pictures. Links are cool too!
Shelly, Yo Casey! Sup! ô¿ô [03-09-1999]

City of St. Paul, Nebraska [03-09-1999]

ASHLEY [03-09-1999]

This is a great web site. I enjoyed seeing the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall! NICELY DONE!
Taryn Nichols, 10 yrs. Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania [03-09-1999]

I am glad to be born here.
Joe Dubaskas [03-09-1999]

Do you kepe the bell safe
Nick Orwan, age10 cityPA [03-09-1999]

IS Bill Caten gary
Eric Hufnagle, AGE 16 [03-09-1999]

Why miny bills did you have?
Nick Orwan, age10 cityPa [03-09-1999]

Eric Hufnagle, age10 city PA [03-09-1999]

This is a great web site! I like the part about "The Old City Hall," and the part about the "Liberty Bell." The imformation about Philedelpia's history was great. It was neat site. I like it a lot.
Taryn Nichols, 10 years Selinsgrove Pa. [03-09-1999]

Reuben Hook, age 10 city Selinsgrove PA [03-09-1999]

Jonathan Bausman, age 9 city Selinsgrove PA [03-09-1999]

While on a business trip in Philadelphia this past week I visited the Liberty Bell. I was most disappointed in the lack of historical information present. I am reviewing your web site to supplement my visit.
Terry Thompson [03-09-1999]

This has been a great help on my Social Studies project!! Thanx-a-bunch!!!
Marie Graney, 12,DE [03-09-1999]

Thanks, this helped me with my social studies report
Carla Rood, 12, Rylands and Emilys friend, Virginia [03-09-1999]

What was the cost of the bell. Who would have paid for it.
Carla Rood [03-09-1999]

thanks for your help with my report on the Liberty Bell. I wish you could help with all my homework!!!
Derek King, 11, Mohawk, Ohio [03-09-1999]

Your web site was very helpful for my project I had to do for my social studes project
Jessica [03-08-1999]

john la sasso, norwalk, ct [03-08-1999]

What did it sound like?
Martin C. Peters, Goldsboro, NC 27534 [03-08-1999]

I love the independence city, I just visited with my kids in 97. They enjoyed seeing the history and the birthplace of dad. Cheesesteaks, Hogies,soft pretzels, gizmos, eagles & phillies. No matter where you go, when you mention philadelphia and cheese steaks we are one immediately. I was born in West Phila 5th & Berks, moved to Ambler-Saint Marys Orphanage for Children for a few years, it still stands. You ought to get that place on your web site. TALK ABOUT HISTORY! Hope everyone else that stops here enjoys the visit as much as I have.
Ron Mills, Please get Saint Marys Orphanage for Children on this Web Site-Amazing History there, in the lives of so many. [03-08-1999]

Haven't had a lot of time to look this site over yet, but what I've seen I am pleasantly suprised with. Gads of information. Keep up the good work.
Michael W. Messer Sr, I'm 54 Years old from Vassar, Michigan [03-08-1999]

We liked looking at the Liberty Bell.
Matt, Atia, Karsten, Sarah, Ryan, We are third graders who have just read, Let's Go,Philadelphia by Patricia Reilly Giff Philadelphia [03-08-1999]

stephen, 6, ft worth, TX [03-08-1999]

This is a wonderful page. Our grandson (age 10 in July) loves history and we are planning to take him on a tour of Philadelphia for his birthday in July. He is also interested in Edison and I was so pleased to see the photo of Edison with the Liberty Bell. We will be telling him about the trip in another week. I know he is going to be thrilled. Thanks for the page.
Ruth Taeger, Norwood, MA [03-08-1999]

I wish the Liberty Bell was not craked.
Heather Staggs, 9,Plaskie. [03-08-1999]

Jim Prange [03-08-1999]

Mary Jo Wilgenbusch [03-05-1999]

I really enjoyed the site But I would like to know one thing that i don't think was on the site. That thing is "how did the Liberty bell crack?" Well ^._.^
Nicole, 11,Milford [03-05-1999]

Kurt Roderer [03-05-1999]

like to know how did the bell crack?
laura, 11,shays best friend,CT [03-04-1999]

it was really cool
casey, 11,CT [03-04-1999]

mark watson [03-04-1999]

I think the page is awesome!! You should put in how the liberty bell got cracked or something!
Amanda, Bloobadeebloo [03-04-1999]

i think the liberty bell is awesome and i loved the pictures. thank you so much for sharing the information...
megan green, orlando florida [03-04-1999]

Molly Radig [03-04-1999]

This is a well conceived and executed web sight. Very interesting for all ages. This project includes a lot of data that even this Phila. area resident did not know (Phila. actually owns the Bell!)
John Worrell, age 42, New London, PA [03-04-1999]

Thank-You so much you helped a lot for my social studies project
Monica Jamaluddin, 11 years old, Ferguson Elementary School [03-04-1999]

I thought it was very good and a lot of pictures. I'm doing a report on the Liberty Bell and I think I got almost all my info from this web page! Highly recommended for a report!
anonymous, I'm a student in Chester County, PA (4th grade) [03-04-1999]

Chelsie Holmquist [03-03-1999]

Melanie, age 10 easton [3/4/99] [03-03-1999]

Why cant we rent out rooms in the White House to lawyers and charge them 40 million dollars and pay off Ken Starr.
Colleen Jones, Reynoldsburg, Ohio [03-03-1999]

I think this site, of what I explored so far is great!! This site is helping me on an I- Search history project I'm working on in school. I love the liberty bell and was interested to find out more about it when my dad/teacher told me some of its history. I found out that it was stored in a resturant called the bell hose that is located near me. I'm a proud american. I will be glad to tell my teachers about this site and maybe even get the rest of my class on it. !!! :)
Courtney Floyd, age 10 Harleysville PA Lower Salford Elementary School [03-02-1999]

Becky Hilton [03-02-1999]

Excellent Website keep up the good work g
Roland A. Sanders, 61 Willingboro NJ [03-02-1999]

Your site is very informational and I'm glad it's here!
David Gray, Naperville, IL -- 8th grade [03-02-1999]

Nice page it really helped me on my social studies project. what a great idea to make this page.
daniel, age 15/m live:baton rouge [03-02-1999]

You have been a wonderful help to my daughter's school report. Thank-you.
Wendy Adams [03-01-1999]


tommy, i love ashley 4-ever!! [02-28-1999]

Nice web page. My kids enjoyed looking at the pictures and getting a idea of what we are about to see in April.
Jim Reardon, Marysville, MI [02-28-1999]

Thanks for helping us with getting information for our school project. We also learned information about the Liberty Bell that we didn't remember when we visited the bell last summer.
Clare, Michael & john, ages 9,8 and 4 [02-28-1999]

Hey and i am going down to see the Liberty bell in apirl vacation so i'm happy i read about it thank you
Jill, 12, Florida [02-26-1999]

lots of help for my state report thank you
derick, 2nd grade virginia beach [02-26-1999]

please im me and say hi!!!!!
Sarah, 13 yrs,milwaukee,wisconsin [02-26-1999]

i loved all the information that was here i got an A+ on my report! THANKS FOR THE HELP!
joe bob [02-26-1999]

I am learning about the bell and flag in school and this information is really cool! Amanda Mahilo
Amanda Mahilo, 7years old from Ohio [02-26-1999]

Toni Pensule [02-26-1999]

Jessica, I'm cool [02-26-1999]

Mrs. Kelley's Third Grade, Beebe, Ar [02-26-1999]

Chloe Lovins, 10 Elkton,MD [02-26-1999]

We enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell and its historical meaning to the United States.
Mrs. Waldron's Second Grade, LaVergne, Tennessee [02-24-1999]

i was born and raised in philadelphia and have a deep love for my city. when ever i'm asked where i'm from i say philadelphia and proud of it!!!!!
catherine sommerer, levittown pa [02-24-1999]

Go Flyers!
Scott Thurston, age 7 Glen Allen, VA [02-23-1999]

KATHY MCCLURE STRACCIA, This is an excellent site -- very well done. I learned much about the liberty bell that I had never heard before. Congratulations! Of great interest to me was the name of thomas leech; I am proud to say that he is on my family tree and , until now, I had only heard that he had something to do with commissioning the liberty bell, but I had never seen anything written. So: it's not just hearsay! I have also enjoyed reading the guestbook; it's been great fun to read "the mail" from so many different people and places that share a common interest in such a neat national symbol. I especially enjoyed the comments of the pass and mickley descendants. I am now going to learn even more by taking the suggestion to visit "everything mickley". Again, kudos on a positively wonderful site. Message = my age is (egads!) 55; I live in greensburg,pa. My family is 6 generations, philadlphia; 6 generations, pittsburgh [02-23-1999]

Hi i've study pennsylvania numerous times and I think it's a wonderful state.
genna, 13yrs.,ovid-elsie michigan [02-23-1999]

Lisa Rieffel, New Orleans, LA [02-23-1999]

I have been to see the Liberity Bell many times and it still moves me.
whitney sugg [02-23-1999]

This was real helpful for my term paper this year.
Kimberly Wahl, I'm a 5th grader in Pinson, Al. [02-23-1999]

We visited your web site to find out information about the Liberty Bell. We didn't know about the Taco Bell ad, it was funny. Thank you for the great pictures and info.
Jarman Elem. 2nd grade [02-22-1999]

I really enjoyed visiting this site it really gave me a lot of information so I could teach my 8th graders about it!!! Thank you so much. I also loved loved the pictures!!
Michelle Patrick, 18 years old, Vine Grove Kentucky [02-21-1999]

We'll be in PA in May and the info on this website is great! We definitely will visit many of Phila's attractions
Joan & Bob Bayne [02-21-1999]

Philadelphia-- best city in country (I'm homesick, can you tell?)
Katrina Myers, 18, freshman, University of Notre Dame [02-21-1999]

I think the liberty is so lovely. You have a beautiful city. But I must ask. Why do you have a big, huge bell in Philadelphia?
Mrs. Walther, San Diego CA [02-21-1999]

I was looking for info. on the Liberty Bell and found your site. It was VERY helpful. Thank you so much. My 3rd graders learned a lot.
Mrs. Judy Sylvia, 3rd Grade teacher, Satilla Marsh Elem. Sch., Brunswick, GA [02-21-1999]

This information really helped my eleven year old daughter with her report for school on the Liberty Bell. Would just like to say thanks!
Telisa Chesson, Sulphur, La. [02-21-1999]

I am reviewing this site for a class project. It really allowed me to quickly understand the history and background surrounding the Liberty Bell. Thanks!!
Michael Snell, 11 years old today [02-21-1999]

I love the liberty bell.It is cool.
Rebecca Helsel, I'm 8 yrs old and I live in Richmond, VA [02-21-1999]

anonymous [02-21-1999]

I was raised in Emmaus Pa. and saw the liberty bell on a school trip about 1955 or 1956,I plan a trip to Philly This April so I can see it again. It will be my wifes first time to see the famous bell. Thank you.
Doug Joos, Jax Fl. [02-21-1999]

my wolf scout den is having a banquet and our theme is the liberty bell. we used your site to get the information we are going to tell about the bell. we are going to illustrate the bells journey to san francisco. thank you.
Nick Saldiveri, 8 yrs old, Picayune, MS [02-21-1999]

Jan hart, Little Rock, AR [02-21-1999]

Helping my 5th grade daughter research a report. This site was very complete, thanks!
Kevin McGrath, Valrico, Fl.(Tampa - Brandon area) [02-21-1999]

Fun and interesting!!
Mrs. Ward's Class, Tennessee [02-18-1999]

Just Doing Research:)
L.B.C. [02-18-1999]

I love visiting the Liberty BELL I come there at least two times a year it is great we stay usually stay for 4 days I love seeing Besty Ross's house and Ben Franklin's grave it is so fun to learn about this time in history. Hope to see that Urban theme park for Diseny world this summer. I want to move there one day
Anthony [02-18-1999]

it is realy cool but what is the liberty bell
jon, 9.akron. [02-17-1999]

Dustin Amerson, 11 years old, Dahlonega, GA [02-17-1999]

Super page!! Very helpful.
Mrs. Ownby's Class, Tennessee [02-17-1999]

It helped with my research. Cool sight.
TBarcelli, 9 years old Marietta, Ga. [02-17-1999]

Very Neat!!
Mrs. Darnell' Class, Tennessee [02-16-1999]

I wish they had websites for other pieces of history like this website.
Justin Ajamian, 15, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430 [02-16-1999]

Nicole [02-15-1999]

I am interested in the Liberty Bell and its History
Brittany Parker, Illinio,61342 [02-15-1999]

great web site. if you can't see it for yourself this is the next best thing.
joan linscott, thomaston maine [02-15-1999]

It it a very good teaching lesson, I like this page, Be cause it tells you how the Liberty Bell was cracked. It tells you the history of the bell,I feel sorry for the person who had to write it!! I bet it took a long time! I wrote a story for school, about the Liberty Bell, Thats why I wanted to read the story. It tells you about other people that did good things. William Penn, thossse kinda people... have to get off, Edith twitty
Edith Twitty, Tn 9 blountville [02-15-1999]

ThE lIbErTy BeLl Is Da bOmB Ya'Ll!!!! ~FrOm JeN
JeNnIfEr, ThE LiBeRtY BeLl RuLeS!!!! [02-14-1999]

I love this page!!! It's great for my homework!!!(we're studying the wars between Britian and the Patriots)
Kelly Malinski, age: 10 city:Butler [02-14-1999]

Jordan Reilly [02-13-1999]

shane o'dell [02-13-1999]

Let Freedom Ring
Michael Waldman [02-13-1999]

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I am doing a school project on the history of the Liberty Bell.
Karen Molloy, age 9 [02-13-1999]

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Teresa Murphy [02-13-1999]

Sarah W., 9 SB IN [02-13-1999]

Interesting website. I'll have to make sure and tell my daughther about it!
J. Medina, Hartford, CT [02-13-1999]

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I am studying stories about the Liberty Bell in Kindergarten.
Daniella Skylar Hurst, 5 years old, Coral Springs, Florida [02-08-1999]

I visited to Liberty Bell on Nov. 26, 1998. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life. I took pictures so that I could show my teacher and my school friends. I have a great interest in the history of Philadelphia, because all of my mother's family for 4 generations were born and raised in Philadelphia. God bless America and all our forefathers and mothers for what they gave to us. I am grateful. Thank you for takng the time to do this homepage. I really enjoyed very much.
Brent Thomas Townsend, I am 10 years old and live in Lillington N.C. [02-06-1999]

My Grandmother Just Found The Site Today While Planning Our Vacation. We're Interested In Making A Trip To Philadelphia ..... Especially Now.

The outrageous hoax by Taco Bell was in extremly poor taste. I will NEVER visit another of their stores! Nor, would I brake if their CEO was crossing the street ...
Ralph Esten, Largo Florida ( formerly, Philadelphia, Pa [02-05-1999]

I found all the information I needed for school! Thank you.
Jessica Ruth Gall, 10 years old [02-04-1999]

It provided me with a lot of useful information.
Daniel Armentrout, Flower Mound, Texas [02-04-1999]

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Jordan Beier, 8 yrs, College Station,Tx [02-02-1999]

I am doing a project on the independende hall and came to find some info.
melissa macmillan, grade 6,north bay ontario canada [02-01-1999]

Nice page but you need to see the real thing. Those of you reading this, come visit!.
carole-anne hafele, I work here hee-heee [02-01-1999]

I think the liberty bell is cool!
Nikki Evans, age- 12 [02-01-1999]

I love this website ! I put a link from my own to it !
Ralph Esten, Largo, Florida ( formerly Philadelphia , PA [02-01-1999]

I think that this is a great web page, especially if you want to learn all about colonial america. There is one thing I would like to contradict and that is the "Taco Bell Scam". I think that it is a very bad thing to fool the American people and make them think that a part of their history had been bought into a large chain restuarant! I think that it is a very bad thing to do something like that and it is cruel to fool a group of people that way.
Amanda Hall [02-01-1999]

I enjoyed the visit. I learned more about the Liberty Bell just by visiting your homepage.
Nicole Walker, 17 years old [02-01-1999]

I am doing a project for a history fair at my school. If you have any advice, please e-mail me. Thanks.
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More info is needed but other than that it was good.
Caroline and Leah [01-26-1999]

A veces uno se encuentra cosas tan curiosas como estas en la Red. Me alegra saber que una campana puede alcanzar la categoria de icono nacional para todo un país. Buen trabajo. Saludos.
Manuel Quintana, Palencia.- ESPAÑA [01-26-1999]

I am coming to your area on the 30th of January and felt the need find out where it is. Coming to ya to see the roots of this great land of ours.
Gil Goodin, Napa, CA [01-26-1999]

I was amazed at all the great facts about the liberty bell!
Kristy-Marie Garcia, 18; Corpus Christi [01-25-1999]

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i hate it it is stupid i have to do a dumb repot that is why i am here ha ha ha lol get away no no no no
Lintman, i like people i am a boy 14 [01-25-1999]

My dad was John H. Pass I'm sure we are descendants of the John Pass on the liberty bell also. Would like all the information I can find on it. You have a very nice page.
Carolyn Sue Pass Turpin, I'm 55 Yrs old, Robards, Ky [01-25-1999]

Great information for my school project. Thanks!
Amanda, Age 9 [01-25-1999]

tried to find info on the liberty bell. got this page instead, i"ll keep looking for the liberty bell
fran, canada [01-25-1999]

ANTHONY CIUCCI [01-25-1999]

I have a child that is almost five and I am almost married to his mother. I am looking forward to traveling with them both to our country's historical sites. These plans include the Liberty Bell, The Statue of Liberty, Washington D.C., and other wonderful places. I feel everyone should take advantage of learning about our history.
David Farmery, almost 29, Cumming, GA [01-25-1999]

this is a very intresting site
ben [01-22-1999]

LOC NGUYEN, NO [01-22-1999]

I have an assignment in 3rd grade for school.
Bryce Jones, 8 years old, Pawnee,IL [01-22-1999]

My family is one of the oldest in the country that helped found this country and i would like to say that your web site was very enjoyable and informative. Good day
Chester Allen McClanahan III, Im 33, and live on the Eastern shore of Maryland [01-20-1999]

This is a great site. I work at the Liberty Bell Shrine at Zion Reformed Church, in Allentown, PA (where the Liberty Bell and the other bells of Philadelphia were hidden during the American Revolution), as a docent and exhibit researcher/designer. I am also working on a research paper for a history course at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. This site gives a good backround for the Liberty Bell and its importance in American History. For those who are interested, the web site for the Liberty Bell Shrine is http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Ithaca/1760
Joshua A. Fink, 23 years old, Alburtis,Pennsylvania [01-20-1999]

What a wonderful web site!! I couldn't find ANYTHING in my encyclopedia on the libertybell and was really very graetful that we happened upon you! I am a homeschool mom and she asked me what it was so it was the perfect oppertunity to show her a good example of how the internet can do good! Thank you for all you wonderful work and effort!
K Peery, 30, Chicago 1/19/99 [01-20-1999]

Owner Of Liberty Bell American Diner, Very Interesting Site, Diner is situated in the town of the burial site of the First Mayor Of New York.
Stuart Billington, 28, Bedfordshire UK [01-19-1999]

This is a great site thanks for the infomation. I would like to see the bell go on tour around our country.
Randy Laux, Metairie, La [01-19-1999]


I have not had a chance to visit the bell YET. I found out this year that my family has been traced back to the bell. My grandparents name was Pass. Our family is suppose to be kin to the makers of the bell. That would be the Pass of the PASS and STOW that is written on the bell. Its different to think your ancestors did that.
Jim Johns, Dothan,Al [01-19-1999]

CHARLES W. PASS, 7531 ELAM RD. DALLAS TX. 75217 [01-19-1999]

I think the liberty bell represents the great freedoms our forefathers fought and DIED for. Many of those same freedoms are being challenged today!.
Brian Mowers, Canton,MI [01-19-1999]

Brittany Davis [01-14-1999]

I have seen this symbol of liberty and freedom wenn I was a child, living as a german emigrant in Collingdale Pa. 1961 I had to go back to germany, east germany. One month later, the 13. of august, the wall in Berlin was build,28 yaers later on on the 09.november 1989 it broke down. No matter how long it takes, freedom will ring.
Steven B. Hansen, age 52 Rathenow, Germany [01-14-1999]

love it
elvie houck, phila.,pa [01-14-1999]

Scott [01-12-1999]

We are curious to find out about the Liberty Bell and how it got its crack...:)
Logan Leonard, 9 years old, Chandler, AZ [01-12-1999]

Can hardly wait to visit Nation's Capital and Philly area.
Danny Wallace, 37/m, El Paso, TX. [01-12-1999]

i wanted to now how the bell got cracted.
nettie baum, 14 kitty hawk nc 27949 [01-11-1999]

Your web site is great! Hope to moving to Ault in the VERY near future!
Cheri Waterman, Greeley, Colorado 01-10-99 [01-11-1999]

you need to let teachers know you are here!
sharon wolfenden [01-11-1999]

I am very proud to be from Pennsylvania.Took my new family to see the Bell last year.The kids were thrilled.Took many pictures.
william H. Findon, Male/White 61 formerily from Pa. now in Oceanside,Ca [01-11-1999]

Veronica Ryder, 11 yrs old Sundown Lane School 01- 08- 1999 [01-11-1999]

Staci Elliott, Jefferson School Valley City [01-08-1999]

The liberty bell was bigger than I thought it would by but I liked hearing the story,though.
Olivia Rogers, Jefferson School Valley City [01-08-1999]

It was fun reading about the Liberty Bell
Nicole Nelson, Jefferson School Valley City [01-08-1999]

It was fun reading about the Liberty Bell
Timothy Ziemba, Jefferson School Valley City [01-08-1999]

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i really like this website a lot. it's very informative and helpful.
diana, belle mead, nj age 17 [01-07-1999]

I found lots and lots of interesting information about the Liberty Bell, for a project I am doing in Mrs. swainstons 4th grade class!! Thanks!!
Ali Sayer, age 10 [01-07-1999]

I think it is reallycool that you do this stuuf about the liberty bell.The liberty bell is a very interesting subject to learn about,i have a report to do on the liberty bell that is why i came to the web site.well i better go to get my report done bye your friend destiny
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I Think It Is Great We Get To Learn About The Liberty Bell So If Someone Asks Us About The Liberty Bell We Can Respond Very Quickly So They Don't Think You Are Dumb Or Something That's All
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We are studying about the Liberty Bell and wanted to be a part of your guest book.
Rhonda Knodle, Jefferson School Valley City, ND [01-07-1999]

I am a fifth grade teacher and this site really helped me to gather information for my students.
Kevin David [01-07-1999]

We liked the actual pictures and the new info.
Washington Elementary Grade 5, Hays, Ks 67601 [01-07-1999]

Excellent site!!! The information is plentyful. Keep up the great work.Q: Did the bell crack on the trip from Allentown to Philly?
Barry Turner [01-05-1999]

great site
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I'm really cool
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this really helped me on my geography project
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Cool Page I found a lot of info for my history project.
nancy, 14 [01-03-1999]

What a neat Web Page! I loved the old photos. Great idea! Thanks!
BJBrevig, Virginia [01-03-1999]

Above your guest book sign in is flat casting of the bell, who did it and when? And is it made of bronze too? Thank U
anonymous, Maryland [01-03-1999]

If anyone who reads this is intrested in reading more about the men who supplied the wagons that carted the "Bell" and 13 other Bells, go to a site called "Everything Mickley" It's not my page, but I did visit it, and it has a bunch of info. on John Jacob Mickley AND Frederick Leiser. They were farmers and were asked to help hide the bells. So they did the American thing, and helped.
E.W. Mickley, Philadelphia [01-01-1999]

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