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Bill Wallace, Texas [01-01-1998]

Love your site,keep up the good work.
Mario Frati, Mississauga ont. Canada [01-01-1998]

I enjoyed the Libery Bell on both of my visits.
Kristin Nevels, 15 [01-05-1998]

Family history researcher Supposed to be descended from John Stow, but can't make a genealogic connection
Barbara K. DeAngelo, Pfafftown, NC born Phila [01-05-1998]

i am glad that i found this site for my homework assignment.
Erik Bayer, LIBERTY, MO 16 YRS. OLD [01-06-1998]

do you want to talk
FALEZI [01-06-1998]

It's nice to visit history from time to time.
Mr and Mrs James W. Fogg ,Jr., Age 41 & 43 [01-06-1998]

Thanks for your great page!!!! I'm doing a speech on the Liberty Bell for my 5th grade class. I've gotten alot of GREAT information here.
Niki Larew, 11yrs old, Grafton, WV [01-06-1998]

In our last chapter we learned about the Liberty Bell. I thought it was cool
Trisha Cooper, 11 yrs old, chillicothe, IL [01-07-1998]

Kelly Stewart, 11, Chillicothe, IL [01-07-1998]

I love it Tessa

I was helping our son so a project for school and found this site very informative!! Keep up the good work.
Lora [01-08-1998]

it's ringy
James Ratay, 12 yrs. old [01-09-1998]

i think this is a nice web site to look at
nicky, 11/f chillicothe illinois [01-09-1998]

Mrs. Carroll [01-09-1998]

I'm doing a report on The Liberty Bell and that's why I came here. I hope mine is reeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy good.
Shelley [01-10-1998]


Bob Kinker, Va. Beach [01-11-1998]

I think the Liberty Bell is pretty.
Julie Houchard, 14yrs. Mesa,Az. [01-11-1998]

The web page was great helped me with a project for school....also very informative
Nicole Carbone, I am 10 years old from NYC [01-11-1998]

I have a photo of my Great-Grandmother Marafine standing in front of a 'crated' Liberty Bell. If I got it copied, could the time/place the photo was taken be determined. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.
Joseph W. Lutz, 58 - Gordonsville, Va 22942 [01-11-1998]

the liberty bell is a piece of history I guess? Thanx for showing me.
Miranda Rose Jack, 13, Fife, WA. [01-13-1998]

Why does the Liberty bell have a crack in it.
Jennifer Betts, 12 Wyandotte, Oklahoma 74370 [01-13-1998]

What a geat way to incorperate technology into a lesson
Kevin Winter, 5th grade Social Studies teacher [01-13-1998]

I have great pride in my last name, that I am going to get it tattooed, on my arm....
Benjamin Liberty, 18 from Manassas VA [01-14-1998]

I'm proud to have been born in South Philadelphia about a half a mile from the Liberty Bell.
Clarence Cush Miller, I was a shoe shine boy 70 years ago in Independence Square [01-15-1998]

Todd Fielding, Paoli, PA [01-18-1998]

Glenda White, S. Rockwood, [01-18-1998]

Doing our school project on the Liberty Bell and we pulled it up on the internet. Love the pictures!
Ashley,Hannah, & Jackie, Age: 13,12,12 New Orleans, La. [01-19-1998]

The Liberty Bell on this web page is a great way for people to see what it really looks like!
Jennifer [01-19-1998]

The Liberty Bell is fun! I like it alot because it stands for freedom and the United States.
sarah m., Montgomery AL age 6 [01-19-1998]

Good information for my report.
Beth, 10 years old, Randolph AFB, TX [01-20-1998]

We just finished a story in reading about The Liberty Bell. It was really interesting. We enjoyed visiting the website.
Peggy Kendall's 5th grade class [01-20-1998]

Alice Miller, Olmsted Falls, Oh. [01-20-1998]

Chris Briggs, Davison,Michigan [01-21-1998]


I looked up the Liberty Bell because I am studing it in school. Ithink the bell is pretty cool cause the first time they rang it, it developed a crack and two men melted it and redone the Liberty Bell.
ALLISON MARTIN, I am 10, live;Knoxville.TN [01-21-1998]

The Liberty Bell is a major part of our American History (even though it has a crack in it!). This is a great site.
Jen & Justin, Fifth grade Westchester NY [01-26-1998]

What a great sight for learning about historical Phila. This goes great with our study of the 13 original colonies!
Mrs. J. Roth, Teacher [01-27-1998]

I like the page for information about Philadelphia to help me out on a very important school project.
Sara Higgins, 17, Toledo, OH [01-27-1998]

Your site has helped me learn more about the Liberty bell.
Lauren TRIBLE, AGE 11,Leawood,KS [01-27-1998]

I'm so pleased that you guys have chosen to make a web site on the liberty bell. It has really helped me do research for projects and or just for fun. I like to go into web sites that can really make a diffrence in my life.I really hope that childen will take their time to look thing up on the internet
Courtney Maphies, Age10 Overland Park 1/23/98 [01-27-1998]

pretty cool website
Julia Jezmir, 10, Kansas City, Kansas [01-27-1998]

Could have been more informative
Kathryn Lemanski, Age 13 [01-27-1998]

Cynthia Peters, 34, Los Angeles [01-27-1998]

Brandy Austin, age 7,Morgantown,W.Va. [01-27-1998]

Harrison A. Schmidt, Age 9 Woodstock, GA [01-27-1998]

I grew up in Philadelphia. It's good to know I will be able to share my history with my children via the Internet. Thanks
Susan Magrolgou, from Sydney, Australia [01-27-1998]

Thanks for the info, it really helped a friend with a school project.
Griff Van Dusen [01-27-1998]

I thought this site was pretty cool because it teaches students and other kids about the Liberty Bell. That's all I got to say.
Eric Mark, 14 years, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan [01-27-1998]

Cool page!!!! Loved exploring it!!!! Links are great!!!!
Matthew Golden, Michigan [01-27-1998]

I learned alot. I really liked learning about the liberty bell. It is an important part of our history. Thank you very much for making this web site. alexnsmith@hotmail.com "Eschew Obfuscation"
Alex N. Smith, 14, Mt. Pleasant MI [01-27-1998]

The Bell is an important part of out history. Every American should know the facts about it.
Kelley Sak, 13 [01-27-1998]

We used this web site to study the Libery Bell in Ms. Gilbert's class. We are presently studying the Revolutionary War. My teacher thought it would be a good idea to do some extra enrichment activities. My class really likes using the internet to explore history!
Chris Hanlon, Renaissance Public School Academy, Mt. Pleasant, MI [01-27-1998]

I just finished reading about early US and the city of Philadelphia. It was fun to see what I have been reading about
Gabrielle Hulbert, 13, Coon Rapids, MN [01-27-1998]

I was planing a trip for some family from out of town and learned so much about a city that I live oh so close to.
Dina Irace, 25,Collingdale Delaware County Pa [01-27-1998]

I am doing Extra Credit for the Liberty Bell. I learned a lot from your web page. I think this is great. With your info I may get an "A" on this Extra Credit stuff. Thanks a lot! Danielle Covington Concord, North Carolina 11 years old.

I like the Liberty Bell! George Washington rules!
adam walter shattuck, 13 years old, mt.pleasnt, michigan, go michigan! [01-28-1998]

what is your name
scott daniels [01-28-1998]

This is a really cool site on the Liberty Bell.
Amy Smith [01-28-1998]

Sophie Taylor [01-28-1998]

indiana jones, ftg [01-28-1998]

It was OK!! I think it was fun!
ALANA LINT, 13 [01-28-1998]

KAYLA AUSTIN [01-29-1998]

The Bell is very Important to all 3rd graders.
Mark Barron`, 9 years old,3rd grade, Bellville, OH [01-30-1998]

JULIE L . MITCHELL, ERIE, PA. [01-30-1998]

I'm learning abouit the Liberty Bell!
Bryan Mullins, I'm 8 and live in Kingsport T,N [01-31-1998]

I'm really learning alot about the Liberty Bell.joshua george,Kingsport,T,N.

JR, AGE 13, SAN ANTONIO, TX [02-02-1998]

JON V, CLEVELAND, OHIO [02-02-1998]

kate butler, 10 years, Provo, Utah mess = [02-02-1998]

I was assigned a project to research and report on a monument. Since I am originally from Pennsylvania, I first thought of the Liberty Bell. I found this web site to be very informative and helpful in my research. Good Job!!!!
Marlene Noren, Adult student, 37, St. Petersburg, Florida [02-02-1998]

Jesse [02-02-1998]

Breanna Gamage [02-02-1998]

We loved the Liberty Bell information. We researched and studied the liberty bell in home school and your site was a great help! Thank you!
Patricia B. Haynie, Arizona [02-03-1998]

As a descendant of COL John Nixon, I was filled with pride when I viewed this site. The Liberty Bell is one of many symbols of freedom people have fought and died for, and it feels good to see it preserved here.
SSG Randall J. Nixon, age 30 Morrilton, Arkansas [02-04-1998]

I'm writing a paper on "what's my name" for my english 101 class.and I thought I would cover 4 topics on my paper,the Con- stitution,Statue of Liberty,and The Liberty Bell,and how my mother came to give me this name.. I wasn't named after any of the above things..I was named after a little colored girl 23 years ago..
Liberty Corp, I'm from Hume,Mo. and I'm 23 years old.. [02-04-1998]

Thanks for info for kid's essay
Judy Milstead, 57, Texas [02-04-1998]

brett lineberry, age 8 wake forest n.c [02-04-1998]

Kristopher A Joswiak [02-04-1998]

just doin' some research on the LIberty Bell. Very Helpful Page. THANKS!
Brad, Ohio [02-04-1998]

What a great site! I like the old pictures on the 1915 tour.
Barry Wurst, Maui, Hawaii [02-05-1998]

Great pictures. My first graders will love them. I can't wait to show them what I've found. It makes me want to visit!
Jodi Witt, Austin, TX [02-05-1998]

Thank you for the information about the liberty bell. We did think that there would be more links to sites in Philadelphia, but we only saw the bell. Thank you! Mrs. Jenkins Class
Mrs. Jenkins' 5th grade class, Bel Air, MD [02-05-1998]

It was a really good websight.
Lisa, 12 Ohio [02-05-1998]

this is cool
Jason Lindquist, 11 [02-06-1998]

this is cool but id rather be chatting with guys! love , brandy hi love tamara
brandy chapman and tamara shepard, were in 8th grade!!! [02-07-1998]

we thought it was interesting and we used the info for marek and my brother's report.
sarah & marek, marek 11 sarah 13 [02-07-1998]

doing a school project and this gives me great information to share with my classmates thank you
jaime daniel, i'm 9 years old, ft myers fl. [02-07-1998]

Your website is a well organized instructional program. I plan to show it as an outstanding example in my instructional technology education class.
Tony Madsen, 20, Budd Lake, NJ, history/anthropology/education major, James Madison Univeristy [02-07-1998]

thank you for the info i really appreciated it. It really helped me on my report for school. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you for your time and efort in this to help people.
Kelly Swift, 12yrs Willow Creek CA [02-07-1998]

I needed information about the Liberty Bell for an extra credit school project. This was very helpful. Thank you for providing this information. Why did the bell crack the first time it was rung? Should it have been built differently?
Dina, 10 years [02-08-1998]

i think the liberty bell is cool but i do not know why
tim or taz, 12 texas [02-09-1998]

This is a very educational site. I never knew that the Liberty Bell cracked because it was rung.
Nicole Taylor, 15 years old [02-11-1998]

I would love to see the liberty bell and a would like to learn more about it
kris love 14 age 14 [02-11-1998]

As a future social studies teacher, I found this web site very interesting and cannot wait to use it with my future students in their studies.
Sarah Pugh, 23 years old, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville [02-11-1998]

Miss.Froggy, I'm 11 I live in Springfield VA [02-11-1998]

Peter E. Fox, Warner Robins, GA [02-11-1998]

Tiffany Nichole, age 13 almost 14. [02-11-1998]

jennifer ng, 13new york [02-11-1998]

Melissa Pennington, Wichita, KS [02-11-1998]

Katie Schneider [02-11-1998]

N.Mennicucci [02-12-1998]

Daniel J. Kervick [02-12-1998]

Robert Deegan [02-14-1998]

Kelsey Hays, Stevensville, MD [02-16-1998]

I am doing an American Heritage Poster for history and the information that was on the pages helped me out a lot thanks for the information.
Daisy Butler, 16 Conway Arkansas [02-16-1998]

Hi! I am doing a report on the Liberty Bell for my Soc.St. Fair. I am going to make a modle of it out of Paper Mache. I am really excited. I have to do a term paper about it, too.
Shelley, Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/al/rangerminnie/index.html [02-16-1998]

really neat
Jake and Michaela, age-13 & 13 Taylor, NE [02-16-1998]

Beth Komulainen, Standish, ME 04084-6426 [02-16-1998]

I was in Philadelphia 2 years ago to spend my holidays...beautifull city! I think that Liberty Bell is a very important piece of American history. Ciao from "the old Europe"
Stefano Chiesa, 35 years old, from Milano (Italy) [02-17-1998]

they should have kept the receipt and took it back
CASSI k, AGE 8 [02-17-1998]

Brent Augustine, age 13 [02-19-1998]

Robyn Reijm, 12 years [02-19-1998]

With tears in my eyes I viewed this web site. The patriotism of the people and the Bible verse on the bell are awesome.Thank you.In 1915 SanFrancisco, my now 88 yr old grandmother was there. Her dad placed her,then 6,on the wooden platform. Loren G.Sage Lathrop,Missouri.
Loren G. Sage, Age39 from Lathrop, Missouri [02-19-1998]

I love it here!!!
Jacob Lee Henson, 9 years old, Paris, illinois [02-19-1998]

Tomas Starecky, Campanarii Pragenses Sancti Viti - Czech bellringers association [02-19-1998]

I came to this sight to info for my friend Dulce. (it is for her state report [mine is on Alabama]) I don't like to read alot so I liked the picturs.{some of them I copped and printed for her} I just wish the was a web site like this for Alabama!!!!
, Velma Goodwater age 10 [02-20-1998]

Oh my! What at exciting experience. I have known about the Liberty Bell since childhood but have never been fortunate to travel to Philadelphia to see it. After going through this sight, I truly stand in awe of this most wonderful piece of American History and all that it represents. Thank you for providing this wonderful sight to those of us who will never see it in person.
Jean Hollis, Fulton, Missouri [02-20-1998]

I am going to visit your city in may. I have my wife and 15 years old son with me. I hope you can give me some tips for that time.
Pekka Salminen, I am from Finland. Age 47 and I am going to participate Quality Conference. [02-21-1998]

super site!!
Julie Breunig, Madison, WI [02-21-1998]

Matthew Zafuto [02-22-1998]

Catherine Glover [02-24-1998]

Cindy Sullivant, Liberty, Missouri [02-24-1998]

I sure hope to see the bell someday. My great, great, great,great,great,great grandfather was in the revolutionary war. He was in the colonial army.
Erin Ferguson, 13 years old, doing a report for school, Glen Ellyn, IL [02-24-1998]

Thanks for the help with my class project
Kara, age 7, Riverside Elementary [02-24-1998]

Reagan Dunnam, 7 yr. Petal Ms [02-24-1998]

Thanks for the info!!
Dianna Strassburger [02-24-1998]

Thanks for the information! We enjoyed our research!

we are studing the liberty bell,you're information is better than anything else i've seen, thanks.
john coleman, age 12, arnold , mo. [02-24-1998]

Working on homework assignment and looking for information. Good site.
Sally M. Craig, 9 yrs old. [02-24-1998]

I never knew until my 90th birthday that the liberty bell existed
I am 96 years of age [02-24-1998]

good reporting info,
HiKick17, none [03-02-1998]

Our family is getting ready to visit Philly. The wedsite helped us decide where we wanted to tour/visit. I also found some great maps and other info the was a great help. Thanks. Couldn't have done it with this info.
Jane Earley, New Martinsville, WV [03-02-1998]

ROBERT J. GOUDY, 70 portage ind. [03-02-1998]

I learned about the Liberty Bell at school. I liked learning more about it. Thank you for helping me with my report.
Isabelle Daugherty, Nashville, age 6 [03-02-1998]

Thank you for the great site. I got all the answers to my 2nd grade project.
Alexandra Lowell, 8 years old; Woodinville, WA [03-02-1998]

I think it is a good symbol of liberty and freedom. Everyone in our country should look at it with respect and pride. GOD BLESS AMERICA Stacey G. age. 10

I used this page to write a report about the Liberty bell. Thanks for putting on the internet for kids to see.
Ashlee Mettert, Age 8, Columbus, Ohio [03-03-1998]


Thanks for the help.You're good people
Deante Drayton [03-04-1998]

I think it is pretty cool. I wish we citizens of the United States would show a little more respect toward our National Symbols.
Becky Gibson, age 14, Ponca City, OK, Frontier Public School [03-04-1998]

This site is just right for the best information available Thanks......
, Middletown, Ct. [03-04-1998]

Our country's fundamental belief in freedom of worship has made available the great freedom we enjoy today. II Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. What a great country we live in.
Tony Washington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [03-04-1998]

Thanks for help in my home assignment
, 11 yrs old, Peyton Forest Elem., Atlanta Ga. [03-06-1998]

melissa, 10 lake zurich [03-06-1998]

I don't think Taco Bell's hoax was funny. Why would they make fun of our Liberty Bell?
Katie Evans, 9 years old [03-06-1998]

Kewl web-site, lots of information helped me with my report!
Amber Maloy, Kingfisher Oklahoma, 14 [03-07-1998]

I enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell !
Sarah Kurdila, Age 8 Columbus, Ohio [03-07-1998]

Great web.site. Very helpful for a class paper.
Barbara Thomas, Texas [03-07-1998]

I'm glad I found your web page so I could do my homework! I liked everything you had to say.
Kirsten Reinhard, age 8, Hilliard Oh [03-07-1998]

I have visited the Liberty Bell ever since I was a little girl, and I feel it is like an old friend. I really like your website! Annette
Annette, 36 [03-07-1998]

I think too many people including myself know too little about the Liberty Bell and what it stands for. This site is great for students, patriots, and those who just like to accquire information.
sarah [03-07-1998]

Robert Buonpastore [03-10-1998]

Just love this site
Anna Marie Matovich, Pittsburgh, PA [03-10-1998]

Amanda bell [03-10-1998]

Amanda bell, My age is 13 I live in otis oregon mess = [03-10-1998]

Interesting, although we haven't seen it all... There is just too much to look at!!
Challenge Class '98 Bucklin, MO [03-10-1998]

This site really helped me on my project!!!!!!!!!
Graham Hanley, 11 yrs old Houston [03-10-1998]

I can remember the Liberty Bell in our City in the late 40's0r early 50's In front of McKinly Memorial.Can you help or did i dream this.
Arlene, Niles,Ohio Age 60 [03-10-1998]

The Liberty Bell is the TRUE symbol of liberty in the united States.
George Henry Shaver, III, Sovereign State Citizen of Connecticut [03-11-1998]

Plan to visit 3-25-98
James E. Gahring, Jerilynn and Joy Mansfield Ohio [03-12-1998]

Hector Gonzalez, 11 yrs. St.Cloud Fl [03-12-1998]

Ed. Guman [03-12-1998]

It's great too see this on the internet. I live in Philadelphia and am very proud of this. Everyone should get the opportunity to see the Liberty Bell
Bob O'Brien, 9 years old, phila [03-12-1998]

I have always been a history buff and have always been facinated with our past.
Charles R. DAHL, Las Vegas, NV [03-12-1998]

KATHRYN LEAIR, WI. 55 [03-12-1998]

This information is helpful for my report. This web site is the best!!
Emily Romano, age 9 [03-12-1998]

Is that all you can put in here about the Liberty Bell? All your information was halpful with my report.

Dave Police [03-12-1998]

Doing research for a 1st grade homework assignment.
Ian & Rena Hampden [03-12-1998]

I wish i could hear the Liberty bell.
vincent R., 9yrs. old, RDG. PA. [03-12-1998]

Can't wait to visit the Liberty Bell when we visit Philadelphia over the Easter vacation. We are bringing our 13 year old daughter to visit the historic and educational sites of Historic Philadelphia.
louise brennan, Hawley, Pa. Can't wait to visit the Liberty [03-12-1998]

I had a report recently due on the Liberty Bell and this website gave me tons of information! Thank you!
Megan Johanson, San Diego, CA age 14 [03-14-1998]

Jessica Bryant, 10years old, Hornbeck, LA [03-14-1998]

Your sight helped save my day!! I had a project to do for school and had left my social studies book at school. I was able to find lots of good information on your sight! My parents had seen the liberty bell in October! Thanks for your help!
Bridget DeForest, Fulton, Mo age10 [03-14-1998]

Thank you for the information my teacher asked me to research the bell and this is just what I needed! Tara
Tara Nugent, age 6 , Kent, CT [03-14-1998]

Thank You!
Trista Jacob, 8 years old, Pittsburgh, PA [03-14-1998]

I,m teaching Pa. history. There is great info. about the Liberty Bell Thanks.
Marie Thompson [03-15-1998]

I was interested in this website because I am making my own website. As you can see, my last name is Bell, and I wanted a picture of a bell. I was excited to find your website because many graphics are found here and I learned a lot while I was searching. Thanks
Cami BELL, Taylorsville, Utah [03-15-1998]

I saw the bell for the first time on March 8, 1998 and it gave me such a special feeling knowing that it represents our freedom. I have dreamed of seeing the Bell since I studied history in school and college. It was an experience that I will never forget. Thanks
Janet South, Gloucester, VA [03-15-1998]


I need pictures of philadelphia to complete my haomepage if you have some or know where there is some could you please e-mail me. Thank!!
Tim McGann, I am 15 and I use to live in Philadelphia [03-17-1998]

GREAT RESOURCE!!!! I was not aware of the Taco Bell add. I thought it was funny, Our country needs all the help it can get to reduce the national debt. Seriously, I enjoyed your websight.. was very helpful to my 10 year old.
Kimberley Kinniburgh [03-18-1998]

Ryan Ropraz [03-18-1998]

This site is really useful, and I am VERY glad that it is here for everyone to use.
Ashlee, 14 years old, Chatsworth Ga [03-18-1998]

Ryan Ropraz [03-18-1998]

i love all of the extra credit info. i got from this site.
David E Schmuker Jr., I am 15 years old, I am a male, I live in Belmont, MI. [03-18-1998]

It was fun
Sam Hertz [03-19-1998]

I got lots of good info and I liked your web page.
George Vander Tuig [03-19-1998]

This web page has a lot of good info, so i think your page won't go out of buissness!!!
Eddie Brosnan [03-19-1998]

I think the Liberty Bell is cool! It was fantastic to see it in person.
Davey, 10 from Delaware [03-19-1998]

I have learned that the Liberty Bell was cracked three times and that they have put it into a museum.
Chrissy Smith, 8yr. old, Fresno, California [03-19-1998]

Thanks for the info.
Debbie Sullivan, MA [03-19-1998]

This was a great page for doing research. My 7 year old son has to do a project on colonialism. With information from this page and a clay remake of the Liberty bell I think he will have a super project. Thanks!
crystal and dillon, Skowhegan, Maine [03-23-1998]

I went to the Liberty Bell on our eigth grade trip with my school in February. I was surprised that the bell was in a little building. Hardly anyone was in there when I was there. Just Japanese guys. It is kinda neat that you can feel it. All the other historic stuff you can't even get near so it doesn't seem very real. It's also kinda odd, the bell I think, didn't look very well made. It was gloopy and bumpy. I guess it really wasn't, if it cracked the first time it was rung. Well, anyway, we have to make up a whole report thing on our trip back East and it is due in a few days so I was just looking around for info and stuff. I hope that whoever reads this has a fun day and I'm proud of you that you take the time to read stuff like this. If anyone will ever read this. Oh well, I gotta go. Bye, bye.
Jenny McGrady, I'm 13, live in southern California [03-23-1998]

Thank You for the Info.
Chloe, age : 9 Cupertino, CA [03-23-1998]

I thought that this was very interesting and I learned thing about the Liberty Bell I never knew.
Brianna Mcdowell, age:11 Toms River, NJ [03-23-1998]

Anonymous [03-23-1998]

I am researching STOW and would like to know the names of John Stow's parents!
Julie, Wonderful website [03-23-1998]

I just returned from a Leadership Conference at Valley Forge, and had the opportunity to view the Liberty Bell while I was there. I can honestly say, that seeing that bell, that piece of our heritage was one of the high points of our tour through historic Philadelphia. I am looking forward to being able to return again.
Ryan Merrell, 16 Years old [03-23-1998]

I thought this was interesting and helpful for my school report.
Andrew Howell, 12, Mt, Laurel, NJ [03-25-1998]

I'm planning a visit next month and can't wait to see the Liberty Bell.
Tonya Farinella [03-25-1998]

I'd like to commend you on your page for the content and layout. It is obvious you spent much time and effort. The page has a certain flair to it as well as a professionalism about the presentation.
Shari [03-25-1998]

This is a great page in the web. Thanks
Virgilio Perez, Miami, Florida [03-25-1998]

it is cool
Raymond, I want to see it [03-27-1998]

James W. Johnston, Alpine, Utah [03-28-1998]

great museum !
Raymond Cunneff [03-31-1998]

in geography we are studying this it was cool. Bethany Drees

Loved your stuff!
Margaret Golden, Eastern Greenbrier Junior High [03-31-1998]

This site is very helpful for a ten year old girl.
Darjene Graham, 10, Woodbridge, VA [03-31-1998]


I needed to know more about the Liberty Bell. Thanks for your help.
Retha Clements, Laurel [03-31-1998]

The Liberty Bell is just too SSSSSSWWWWEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!
Derrick Smith [03-31-1998]

great museum !
Raymond Cunneff [03-31-1998]

Joanna Moreau [03-31-1998]

I will be visiting for the first time next week with my son's school group.
Earle Powell, Leesville, SC 29070 [04-01-1998]

Doing a school project Thanks
Nicole Voelker, 8 years old [04-01-1998]

My freind and i had a school project and your page helped a lot! Thank you! We really apreciate it!
Michelle, New Jersey Age 12 [04-02-1998]

The big bell is neat. I thought it was cool to see something that I only ever saw in a book. Now when I hear about it I will remember beautifull Philadelphia Pennsylvania.
Beneto, Mexico City/ 14 years old [04-06-1998]

Ben M. [04-06-1998]

I have gotten a lot of cool facts from here
Michael Fountain [04-06-1998]

I'm doing a report on this bell and other facts. I'm very pleased that I got such very good information. Thanks!
, T.J. California [04-06-1998]

I have to teach a lesson on the liberty bell and your page has helped me tremendously.
sara cargill, wallingford, pa [04-06-1998]

This was really a fun place to visit. I learned a lot.
Melissa, Dunkirk, MD 20754 age 7 [04-06-1998]

We read a book that showed a picture of the Liberty Bell. We need some more information and we found your site. We really liked the pictures!
Ms. Brewer's Class, 1st/ 2nd grades, J.S. Waters School Goldston, NC [04-06-1998]

i visted the bell and all that other stuff in person it was the best thing. i loved it and this page(s) really gives u the felling ur there so if u can't visit philly any time soon this page is great till u can
Juliet, 13/f NY [04-08-1998]

i thought the liberty bell was a cool site thanx
Lacey, i am 11 [04-08-1998]

Thank you for lots of good research information.
Shantel Arias-Thomoson, San Antonio, TX [04-08-1998]

I'm glad to right to you. I'm learning about the United States. It is very neat.
Jacqueline, 9 years old [04-08-1998]

great web site. l have a bell that was cast in 1860 by the gw coffin buck eye bell foundry cincinnati, oh. but can find nothing of its orgin.it is approx 22in . diameter and 20 in. tall weighs appprox. 300 lbs beautiful sculpturing.
, 60 yrs. old tyler, tex. [04-09-1998]

The information here will be very helpful in finishing my school report. Thanks
Kimberly G., Washington Elementary, Apollo, PA [04-09-1998]

I think you should still travel around the world.beacause alot of people still have'nt seen the Libirty bell yet. like me. I have'nt seen the Liberty bell yet cause you have'nt come to Ohio.
alexshook, 10,ohio [04-13-1998]

I think History is cool. Even Though I like Acting and Singing Better! :) SMILE EVERYONE!
Emily Peterson, Orem, UT. [04-13-1998]

i thanck it neat
casey, calgary [04-13-1998]

I Love History, this site is really neat
Arwen Castillo, Orem, Utah [04-13-1998]

i thought it was very interesting. i like seeing photo from the past.
danielle davis, 10yrs. old from new york [04-13-1998]

The Liberty Bell website was different, it wasn't like other websites.It was different. You could do trivia, but somethings were different. I liked the website because I learned history. History is imporant at least I think.
Lindsey (age 7), Whitefish Bay, WI [04-13-1998]

Someday I hope to visit the Liberty Bell, but for now i'll just look on the internet!
Samantha, age10 Indiana [04-13-1998]

The Liberty Bell is awsome.I like it alot.
Kim.K., 9 years old [04-19-1998]

Love your site, and I learned a bunch! I think Taco Bell was rotten to print such lies about buying our country's national treasure!
Robin, Vermont [04-19-1998]

It would probably be cool to see it up close and personal.

I think that the Taco Bell joke was pretty funny and not at all unpatriotic.
Jessica L., age 11 [04-19-1998]

How come the Liberty Bell cracked the first time it was hit!?
cocobean, age 9 [04-19-1998]

I think you turn work into play with this program. It's GREAT!
Emily Hoppes, I'm 11and I live in Kennewick,WA [04-19-1998]

Thank you for helping me learn the importance of the Liberty Bell.
Alexandra Paetow, 8 Parkton,Md. [04-19-1998]

I l the Liberty bell
Candy Man, Age90 [04-19-1998]

I originally visited the pavilion 15 years ago. It's good to visit again via the web.
Roger Mason, Willingham UK [04-19-1998]

Kelly Sullivan, age 8 New Jersey [04-19-1998]

Ashley Kennedy, 10, alexrandia, la [04-19-1998]

Mike Davis, (15,medina,OH [04-19-1998]

I came to this site from the Addy American Girls site. That's pretty neat! I think the Taco Bell joke was funny, as long as it said "April Fools" somewhere on it, but I couldn't see that it did. If not, it was probably a bit in poor taste. I'm glad you have a site like this to benefit & educate people. Thanks!!
Laurie [04-19-1998]

I enjoyed the tour at Independence Hall. My only criticism is that the first part of the tour, when you are escorted in and sit down to watch a short fil presentation is quite boring.
Regena Shell, Frederick, MD [04-19-1998]

I think the Liberty bell is cool.
Amy, 11, Texas [04-19-1998]

Shenae [04-19-1998]

It was fuuuuuuuuuuun
Brooke .Ashley.Butts, 10 .Arlington Texes [04-19-1998]

Emily, age8 [04-19-1998]

I'm new to exploring the net and am fascinated with all the information available. I've been wanting to take my children to see the bell and now I have some basic info and directions!
Kimberly, 37, Bridgewater, NJ [04-19-1998]

why does the liberty bell have a big crack in it
Dave Alex, 6,Houston [04-19-1998]

This is a pretty cool website, I like the guest book.
Gracie, 11 [04-19-1998]

Your web site is sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrea Haffly, Age:9 Wa [04-19-1998]

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Cody Wolbach, No... But we are very interested in this. [04-19-1998]

Thi place is awesome!!!!
Danny,, 1 Loveland Colorado [04-19-1998]

I Think The L.bell Is Very Speacel And That There Should Be A Holidy We Selabriet It ! American Girls Should Start It. We Should Have It The Day It Was Moved.congrgalisons If You Raed All Teh Way Down Here Too. Happy Liberty Bell Day Even If It Not When I Celabrate It !!

I love your home page. It gives a lot of info withch is good.
Anthony Nuccio [04-19-1998]

We studied the Liberty Bell in school.
Loren DeLong [04-19-1998]

I liked the web site because I love liberty.
James O. Hancock, I'm 10 years old [04-19-1998]

The Liberty Bell has always meant something special to our family. My husband is directly related to the John Jacob Mickley that transported the Liberty Bell from Philadelphia, he is John Jacob Mickley IX. Thank you for a great webpage
Donna Mickley [04-19-1998]

I thought it was very interesting and I learned tons about the Liberty Bell from this Web site!I have a souvenier Liberty Bell and my Dad and I look on the Internet to find some cool stuff about it! Of course I found lots of cool stuff about the Liberty Bell!
Kelly Shortridge, age 8 Atlanta GA [04-19-1998]

Still an inspration amid the tumult of modern life throughout the world. Let freedom ring!
Robert Wilson, Milwaukee, Wi [04-19-1998]

Sue Hershey [04-19-1998]

Since the line to get in to see the Liberty Bell was so long on Saturday (4/18/98) this site is greatly appreciated. We'll have to try again only on a rainy day when not too many tourists are in Philly. Jackie, 2nd grade, New Jersey

I knew Philadelfia in l986 and Liberty Bell too.
Jusmar Luiz Silva Lustoza, age 36-Londrina-Parana-Brazil [04-21-1998]

I'm doing a report on it. I think are country should be proud of it. I found some pretty intresting fact about it. Thanks for making my work FUN!!!!!
Ally Seider, I'm 10 almost11 B-Day 4- 24 87 [04-22-1998]

Very cool. keep it up. See if you can do more things like this
Billy Kid, 27B-Day 4-24-98 [04-22-1998]

My dad looked this up for a project in my school. Northeast Atlanta Christian School. Thank you for providing this information.
Michael Seymour, Dacula, Georgia Age 8 years [04-22-1998]

I visited the Bell in 1994 on a class trip with school. It's great to "virtually" see it again.
Farrah, Wisconsin [04-22-1998]

this sight is cool
Brian march [04-22-1998]

My class is learning about Philly and the Liberty Bell! Cool right!
Eric D.Patti, 11,EastRockaway,NY [04-22-1998]

Hattie Cotton School, Nashville, Tennessee [04-23-1998]

I am doing a project on the liberty bell and this was helpful!!Thanks-love ya!! Leslie Wood
, 14- Ansted,W.V. [04-23-1998]

I think that the Liberty Bell should have a nickname like it's 2nd name, the Independence Bell
Tim, 2410 Poplar rd. Havertown P.A. age 9 [04-23-1998]

Carrie Petrowske, Southeast Missouri State U [04-24-1998]

thank you. we are hoping to visit in person very soon.
The Dodson's, dillsburg, pa [04-24-1998]

I've never been to the bell, but Farrah has, and I know her. WHOO HOO!
Rob Knight, Milwaukee, WI [04-24-1998]

Excellent Material
oliver cashdollar, EVANS CITY PA. [04-27-1998]

Hello, my name is Matt Coker and I'm doing a patriotic booklet for my civics (American history class) and I was hoping that if anyone reads this that you could e-mail on your spare time and tell me some info on it or you can just say hey. thanks matt
Matt Coker, Brewton, Alabama 36426 [04-27-1998]

Thanks for the virtual tour! I'm going to PA soon and wanted some interesting facts, and thanks to you I got them!
Sherri [04-27-1998]

Thanks for helping me get great pictures for my report!
anonymous, 4-26-98 [04-27-1998]

Your sight is dabomb okay so it isn't dabomb, but it's pretty cool
Michael Fountain, leesville, south carolina [04-27-1998]

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I think that this site is the bomb.
Sourasak phacit, 12 Anchorage [04-27-1998]

What does the XX's mean on the top of the Liberty Bell? Thanks, for the other information.
Joshua Dowling- Fitzpatrick, 2nd grade, Ohio [04-30-1998]

I am doing a research paper on the Liberty Bell.
Zachary Fox [04-30-1998]

I am on way to see the Liberty Bell this weekend. Will write back after trip. Can't wait ya'll. Guess where I'm from?
Jessica Thornton, 27 yrs. [04-30-1998]

How long is the crack on the Liberty Bell?
Justin Carroll& Chantelle W. [04-30-1998]

jackie [05-05-1998]

I love it.
Bethany Lyn Blank, 9 [05-05-1998]

we are killing the students tell Bill C. I said hi
Eager, 52 warrington 18976 [05-05-1998]

This is a great Web site. Many web sites do not live up to their promise. This is one that does and more.
Don B. Sullenger [05-05-1998]

The page is great. How many visitors come to Historic Philadelphia during May? I can't wait to see it!
Mrs. Beaumont, Denver,PA [05-05-1998]

It is interesting.
Klara, Washington Pa [05-05-1998]

Howare you doing BYBY!!
Ryan, 9 years old Idaho [05-05-1998]

I like the Franklin Institute and my sister.
KYLE WAYNE KRUPINSKI, age #6 [05-05-1998]

The liberty Bell is cool i guess we're gonna see it:)
Katie & Kristy, 11 [05-05-1998]

getting information for high school student, very informative, learned while researching,still learning??
tony fuselier, 47 ville platte la never to old to learn [05-05-1998]

My family visited the bell in June of "97". Enjoyed it very much. Thank you something my tax dollars are being spent on that's worth it.
Ron Campanella, Chagrin Falls OH [05-07-1998]

I had to do a state report and the Liberty Bell was my main feature for Penn. so I was glad I found your page! Oh and the Taco Bell ad is just plan FUNNY!!!!
Nichole M. M., 14, Tampa Fl [05-10-1998]

Great information for school report!!
Ash Hendershot, Grand Rapids, MI [05-11-1998]

Donna Allen [05-11-1998]

You should buy a new bell b/c the liberty bell has a crack in it.
Sarah Berkowitz, 14 [05-11-1998]

Dan Freedlund, age 13, Batavia,IL [05-12-1998]

Very intresting stuff
Haley Rosengarten, Conneticut [05-12-1998]

wonderful web site. looked to see what was transcribed on the liberty half dollar.
John L. Polmanteer, Jordan,NY 13080 [05-12-1998]

The Liberty Bell has the freedom to go where ever it wants!!
shane [05-12-1998]

Damon, 20 Memphis,TN [05-13-1998]

this is a pretty cool website
deven mccanna, 14,springfield ,OR [05-13-1998]

2 thumbs up
Cosmo Kramer, 69,New York [05-13-1998]

This is an outstanding website for information on things of the past.
Jason Price, Olive Branch, MS [05-14-1998]

M. Hamilton [05-14-1998]

Useful site for homework assignments
Keene Public Library [05-14-1998]

Great information!
Duane Blackwell [05-14-1998]

Lori Simber [05-14-1998]

I would like to see more of the Liberty Bell being presented in schools. It is our heritage that our forefathers fought for. You have a great website.
vivian brandal, Marion, Mi. [05-15-1998]

I like the web sight because I learned more about what interested me.
Jennifer Siefken, 10 years of age [05-16-1998]

Laura Ruoff [05-17-1998]

Loved it!
Joe Scambio, Coventry,R.I. 5/16/98 [05-17-1998]

Memorial Day coming. Good idea to know more about our Freedom.
Deanna Arkills, State of Washington [05-17-1998]

The "Liberty Bell" will always be in my heart as a symbol of greatness to "my country"
George Zimmer, 62 yrs. old brooklyn oh. 44144 [05-17-1998]

We went to the Liberty Bell a month ago. We were amazed about its history and size. We love your web site because it gives us a chance to find out stuff we never knew.
Allen and Damien, We are 9 and 10 years old. [05-19-1998]

This is fabulous. Makes me proud to be from Philly!! Keep up the great work!
Donna Schneff, Philadelphia!! [05-19-1998]

I have been to the east coast 3 times and out of the three cities that I went to the one that I enjoy the most is the City of Brotherly Love.It is a neat place to go I am planning on going back next spring. The best aspect of the city is how you have got to give back to the city. So there is artwork everywhere.
John Combe, 19 Oregon [05-20-1998]

Its A cool site.
Wilson Vélez [05-20-1998]

micro-monkey [05-22-1998]

Heading to Philly this weekend to see the real thing. Thanks for the info.
Clarissa Bertha [05-22-1998]

My aunt and uncle lived in Philadelphia and I visited them many times in the fifties when I was a child. We visited the Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross House and other places - The Liberty Bell stays in my mind. I believe we even have home movies of us there. Thank you for making such a wonderful piece of history so easily available to access. When my grandchildren come visit me, I will show them this Web Site. It is wonderful! Judith
Judith G Gibson, Alpharetta, GA [05-22-1998]

I have missed Phila so much. Your web site reminded me of many happy happy years there-thank you
randi rowand, miami [05-23-1998]

I am a descendant of John Peter Mickley, the brother of John Jacob Mickley. JJ was one of 2 men who were given the order to take the "Bell" and all other bells out of Philly to Allentown. Just thought you'd like to know. We all think this is a wonderful web page!! Keep up the good work, the Wagner's
Beth Wagner O'Brien, Born near Philly; reside in Florida-Father's name Andrew Given Wagner [05-23-1998]

Adam Krueger, MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN [05-27-1998]

Randy Lee Pass [05-27-1998]

The libertybell is a nice tourist trap
Matthew Nelson [05-28-1998]

I love the liberty bell
Matthew Nelson [05-28-1998]

I went to the liberty bell and it had long lines
cheese1116, 11 years old [05-29-1998]

Debby Boehm, Teacher [05-29-1998]

I lived in Philadelphia for 40 years, before moving to MI. But I always love visiting Philadelphia, and walking in the historical district.
Lester Johnson, Detroit, MI [05-29-1998]

never made the pilgrimage while in school, going this weekend for a wedding in your fine state...thanks for the great site and inspiration to visit the bell. Well done!
Donna Hamilton, 33, Walton's Mountain, VA [06-01-1998]

I found it very informative and very well laid out.
Ava H Williams, Darby pa 19023 [06-01-1998]

Heading to Philly in mid-June. Thanks for the tour.
frank schoonover [06-01-1998]

I went to Messiah College to participate a Chinese Christian Retreat. After that trip, I thkink I ought to know something more about that place. thank you.
YuHsiung Wangh, 72-year-old. a Chinese. Raleigh, NC [06-01-1998]


shaun isaacs, 12 age city groton [06-03-1998]

ELIZABETH CARPENTER, 10 [06-03-1998]

I love the liberty bell homepage
Lauren, 9 [06-05-1998]

How nice to enter your web sight. I am gathering information for a travel seminar for a bank.
A.M. Huffman, 62, Wilkinson, IN [06-07-1998]

Why didn't they make it stronger?
Zach Adamczyk, age 7, St. John IN. [06-07-1998]

Wonderfull Site! An Excellent Cure For Apathy!
Walter Kiel, Los Angeles, CA [06-07-1998]

The liberty bell. A symbol of freedom
Richard Formisano, NewMilford NJ [06-07-1998]

I loved it. I can't get enough of the Liberty Bell.It's my favorite!
Michael Cox, Idaho Falls [06-08-1998]

Julie A. Wickman [06-09-1998]

David J. Channing Richmond [06-09-1998]

In 1979 I bought a new sailing boat, a Bellona 23. When I was thinking about what name I would give it suddenly "Liberty Bell" come to my mind. And so it was. It was not until later that I realised what a good name it was for a sailing boat as it symbolizes freedom. I still sail the same boat and it has given me many good times. Yours Urban Lange
Urban Lange, Age: 51, City: Sundbyberg (Sweden). [06-09-1998]

The Lister family (Whitechapel Foundry) are my ancestors. This page was extremely informative. Thank you!
anonymous [06-10-1998]

I pulled up this page for information for my day care for men and women and i recieved more then i bargained for. This is a great service for anyone that needs this kind of information. Thank you so much and God Bless The USA.

I think your web-site is very interesting and informattive. I think that we should remember our past and look forward to the future.
John Aguiar [06-10-1998]

It helped me do my Social Studies report and get an A!!!
Danielle, 12 Long Island NY [06-11-1998]

I think this is a good idea because other people can walk the streets of philadelpha
Benny [06-11-1998]

planning to use this information for a class project this fall--good site!
Jo Ann, social studies teacher [06-11-1998]

Sarah El-Ghoul, 11 [06-11-1998]

HI! Fantastic Web Page!! I have downloaded information and printed it for my mentally retarded clients education classes. I am a therapuetic recreation therapy technician. All my clients knew was we celebrate the birthday of usa they didn't know much else. I hope to instill in them patriotism, adeep love for our country,and flag.
Sharon L. Dodson, Spanish Fork,Utah [06-12-1998]

Loved your web page. We're going to go see it since it seems so interesting.
Marta Guidos, Queens, New York [06-13-1998]

I can remember going to see the liberty bell as a little child. I'll always remember the very nice time I had. I still had dreams taht I had lived in those days so I'd hear the bell for the first time
Stephen Satinsky, Rockville, Md. age 33 [06-13-1998]

The brief history of the Bell was very informative. I intend to print it and use it for one of our family's summer study program.
Tricia, Former Philadelphian, now in Bucks County [06-13-1998]

as a decendant of the Pass family I find myself in a position of meaningful freedom for workers all across America..I love what the Bell means..
Jack Russell Pass, Jr [06-14-1998]

I really enjoyed the 1915 photos. The pictures were great.
Dianne [06-14-1998]

great website!!!! i really enjoyed it and it helped me a lot (e-mail me)
why do you want to know, long island [06-14-1998]

the libertybel is a sybol we desperatly needin this day and age
scott [06-15-1998]

Mark Elliott, Letchworth, England [06-16-1998]

keith tumulty, im going there tomorrow i hope i will enjoy it [06-16-1998]

The subject of liberty, and that of religious liberty is very special to me. I believe so-called historians influenced by the religious right in America today are distorting the facts and lying to the American people. They will have a price to pay someday: National apostasy is followed by national ruin! God help them to realize their mistake before it is too late. Do not try to amend the first amendment to the Constitution, otherwise the Liberty Bell and the Constitution that we as Americans hold so dear, will all have been for naught! Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you. How is that for a red-head!
Gregory W. Hamilton, I am directly related to Alexander Hamilton, 40 years old, am an ordained minister, working on graduate degree at the J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. [06-19-1998]

Liberty Bell brings back the gone years of American history.
Rishi Pal, I am an Indian National, 25, working as an Engineer in U.S. [06-19-1998]

Bong Bong Bong :-)
Dat, WWJD [06-19-1998]

Jackie Taylor [06-21-1998]

Our summer school class is reading about the Liberty Bell today.
Mrs. Purkey's Class, J H Morrison Elem, Dayton, OH [06-22-1998]

I'M proud to be an AMERICAN
W.M.LISAK [06-22-1998]

does anybody know how much it costs to visit the liberty bell?
Karen, I'm awsome [06-23-1998]

Surely takes me back to my 1 1/2 years in Philadelphia in 1944-1945. I worked in Washington Square within that historic square mile, but did not fully appreciate that fact while there. I was a recruiter for the Coast Guard in the district office DCGO across the street from the square where they recently found graves of many Revolutionary Patriots.Since that long-ago time I've discovered that one of my ancestors waw given a city lot when he purchased land in the Welsh Tract. The lot was located where Independence Hall now stands. I am sure I would have taken mush more interest in my surroundings had I only known that my ancestors came with Penn in those years at the founding of his colony. Anyway, I'd dearly love to see it all again. Just love being able to go on this little tour! Miriam Bertelson
Miriam Bertelson, Resident of Fremont, CA [06-23-1998]

Stacey Fischer [06-24-1998]

It is interesting.
Jakob Penzien [06-25-1998]

One day I will see this wonderful site in person. But for now I thank you for this virtual look and information. Happy Independence Day!!!!
Diana Feeley, 36yrs Kiln,MS [06-26-1998]

very nice site
Ruth Thompson, Edmonds WA [06-27-1998]

I enjoy the 4th of July celebrations. The fireworks are my favorite.
Judy Soto [06-27-1998]

I am interested in U. S. history and my younger son also needs information for his report. Thank you
Sreve Gibbons, Carson, CA [06-27-1998]

i love this site..........
troy kennivol, d.c. [06-27-1998]

Seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell is something no one should miss.
Frank V. DiVittorio, 72, born and raised in New York [06-27-1998]

you're cracked!
Mel Wright, Age 39 New Castle, DE. [06-28-1998]

great website.
Melody Stickles, 38 female Illinois [06-28-1998]

Nice site - going to see the bell the second week of July 1998
David Bowers, Buffalo, NY [06-28-1998]

I think ur website is great. Very informative. Keep up the good work.
Steward Steckley< jr. [06-29-1998]

I am setting up URL's for my sons home schooling. This site is a fantastic place to start. While watching tv last night a newly citizenshiped person made the statement that he knew the names of all the presidents. And bet that the average citizen couldn't name them. HE'S RIGHT! I want my son to know the history of this "Great Land". There is no future without a past. And it's up to the coming generation to create the future of this country. So, he is definitely going to know its past. Thank you so very much for the hard work put into this site. It was listed on 6/28/98 in the Louisville, Kentucky Courier Journal special report. Great reference and learning site.
Dan Adams, 52 Nam Vet [06-29-1998]

William D. Oliver, LaGrange Ky [06-29-1998]

Bonita Oberster, Austin, TX [06-30-1998]

I am a huge history buff and really enjoyed the page. Thank you
Barbara Carby, Louisville, Ky [06-30-1998]

alice jesse, shelbyville.ky. [06-30-1998]

a wonderful collection of information! Thank you.
Richard Schnelle, Louisville, Kentucky [06-30-1998]

I was there when they moved "The Bell" back in the 70's...It is truly an amazing piece of history. Philadelphia is so full of many wonderful things. It is blessed with so much of our nation's history. I wonder what the Patriots of that day would think of the American's that live today...I wonder if they would still give their lives like so many of them did, I don't think there are many true patriots among ourselves today... It makes me feel ashamed of ourselves with our selfish behavior, we have so much in the way of modern conveniences (and they froze to death out in Valley Forge). I feel sorry for our forefathers and would like to thank them. God Bless America.
Charlotte Sue Fisher, 53yo Stuart, FL [07-01-1998]

I saw the Liberty Bell years ago and was glad to read the above thorough info.
doris kinsolving [07-01-1998]

It's great to be an American. I would like to thank every one who helped make it and fought for our freedom
David Flores, Hanford,July 21, 1987 [07-01-1998]

Great facts about the liberty bell! It rings E-flat!
Fred Meyers [07-01-1998]

This is probably the best web site I have ever seen!!!!!!
Billie E. Conkle, Ontario,ca [07-01-1998]

First time on board. I am looking forward to exploring this site over time. Thanks for sharing the US History with everyone.
Leland Clack [07-01-1998]

Richard Cayou [07-01-1998]

Excellent presentation.
Martha Butler, Age: 67, Radcliff, Kentucky [07-02-1998]

South Pacific, "O say can you see" A beautiful site
Louis J Bock, 73 years-ship made at Cramp ship yard, Phila [07-02-1998]

Thanks for providing an invaluable service for my students.
Ben F. Collins [07-02-1998]

Don't know YOU well enough to give name or e-mail address; but do appreciate this site and our newspaper for listing it.
anonymous [07-02-1998]

A good site that All Americans should visit, study, and understand. Well done...
James Phillips, I'm 66, live in Pensacola, FL but was born and raised 'up the road' in Reading, PA. Used to come thru Philly often as a lad, and paraded there. [07-02-1998]

Awesome site
Whitney Pahl [07-02-1998]

Great Page but it should be playing John Phillip Sousa's "Stars & Stripes Forever"
Richard [07-02-1998]

David Schmidt, Olathe, KS [07-03-1998]

happy birthday u. s. a.
christian merkel, 6 ky [07-03-1998]

A. Bullock, Lexington, Kentucky [07-04-1998]

Iam proud to be and AMERICAN
Delvin [07-06-1998]

I Would Like To Hear The Bell On My computer!
Robert J Lyons, 6 Yrs. Old Brooklyn N.Y. [07-06-1998]

My organization, the Fleet Reserve Assocation, Branch 84 located in San Diego, CA have been celebrating July 4 with a Bell Ringing (of the Replica) Ceremony since July 4, l976. This is the first time that I was able to read the history of the Liberty Bell. It is great and we are going to try to put it in a frame, display it to the public at our own building every July 4. I love your websight - has an air of patriotism. Thanks for your strong belief in the struggle for independence of America and many thanks for sharing the history of the Liberty Bell. Manny Cabildo, President, Branch 84, Fleet Reserve Association, 1998--
Emmanuel Cabildo [07-06-1998]

Very interesting. I found your site on July 4, 1998, and it really made me stop and think.
Michael Burkhardt, 36years old, married [07-06-1998]

I'm great-great-great-great grandchild of Richard Henry Lee AND John Marshall. I am so proud of our Liberty Bell, preserved for all the world to see!
Anne Keith Lee-Irvin, Native Virginian - 74 yrs old [07-06-1998]

I've been protecting freedom for nearly 20 years in the US Navy. I found your website very informative and helpful in showing my children some of the things I believe in so deeply.
Dan Harmon, Active Duty Navy 37 years old [07-06-1998]

Well done!
B. Rice Aston [07-06-1998]

The BELL should stand for Freedom for All
Jackie Johnson, 63 years young [07-06-1998]

As long as the concept of a free nation remains in a mans heart...then that nation will never cease to exist
Arnold Villarreal [07-06-1998]

Many Happy Returns!
Mary-Ann Lucas, Charlotte, NC [07-06-1998]

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Great Site!!! Happy birthday USA (07-04-98)
Andy Ash, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [07-06-1998]

Happy Birthday America! Proclaim Liberty throughout the land! LET FREEDOM RING!!
Peter Utecht, B.C. NE [07-06-1998]

I have injoyed your site & I would like to visit there one of these days.
Wm F Shertzer, 58,Fremont,Ohio,4.July,1998 [07-06-1998]

i am very glad to be american citizen.
thomas tucker, 56 -- south bend,in [07-06-1998]

Mary Gallgher, I'm 11 [07-06-1998]

Jessica [07-06-1998]

Am using a small Liberty Bell tomorrow in my children's sermon at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Independence, MO
Allison Seed, Independence, MO [07-06-1998]

I was lucky enough to see the Liberty Bell in all her splendor, and actually touch it. Imagine touching history!
Rhonda Lamb, Joshua, TX [07-06-1998]

Informative Page
William A. Martin, Agana, Guam [07-06-1998]

i like the liberty bell
carrie .t., 19/f/cali [07-06-1998]

WARREN TAKASUGI [07-06-1998]

Answered a question I should have known and gave other interesting material
Janet I.C., Ft. Lauderdale, FL [07-06-1998]

This is fantastic. I visited the liberty bell when it was still in Independence Hall with my Dad. I'm 52 years old and this visit is even more informative. What a great idea for this generation. J.McHugh DH,PA.
anonymous [07-06-1998]

I love the Liberty Bell!
Joshua Kuckuck, age 7 from Omaha, NE [07-06-1998]

I loved the information on the bell before I actually visited the site. But would like to have a map for the location of the bell.
Adrian Fields, 06-30-1998 [07-06-1998]

We're going to see the Liberty Bell next week!
The Gesslers, Westerville, Ohio [07-06-1998]

What a great site and easy to find. I first visited the bell in 1964 or '65 when it was still being displayed in Independance Hall. I was impressed as a child. My wife wanted to know how (and when) the Liberty Bell cracked. I remembered that it cracked the first time it was rung but I did not remember anything about the re-castings of the bell. Great information and an inspiring historical account. Can;t wait to take my own children to see it. LET FREEDOM RING!!!
Mark Swenson, 40, Salt Lake City, UT [07-07-1998]

rene a [07-07-1998]

I will recommend this site to my third grade students.
Joellyn Leget, teacher, Medina,OH [07-07-1998]

jerome g bush [07-08-1998]

Great info and set-up! The Taco Bell joke was funny and harmed no one! RELAX, people!
Nancy, Lancaster County, PA [07-08-1998]

Roy G. Mayo, Sr. [07-08-1998]

I visited the Liberty Bell Pavilion on 12 May 1998, the aura of history was amazing. I visited the web site to gain more information, and have thoughly enjoyed the experience.
Roy Tustin, Port Elizabeth, South Africa [07-10-1998]

Thanks for making available to students webpages like this that are visually stimulating and make history fun to learn.
Nan Laux, History teacher [07-10-1998]

Nice site for the liberty bell. I have a fascination with the early American History (Colonial times) and this site has some interesting information on the Liberty Bell. If I'm ever in the vicinity, I will have to stop and visit the bell.
Ross J Feickert [07-10-1998]

Now live in Md and work in Washinton DC Recomended a trip to Philly to a friend from Taiwan who recently became a U.S. citizen. She enjoyed Philadelphia and was particularly interested in the Liberty Bell. I'll direct her to this great site.
Bill Watson, Born in Philadelphia (1952) [07-15-1998]

We visited the Lliberty Bell on 7-11-98 while on an Aloette Seminar. They were both awesome. Really enjoyed your site- very informative.
Brenda Calecas, Bogalusa, La. [07-15-1998]

C Pierce, Louisville KY [07-15-1998]

Ralph Agostini, Hephzibah, GA 30815-6673-Age 60 [07-16-1998]

I love it! I found you web page in one of my magazines. I am forward it onto my daughter Kris who is a history buff and majored in college. It is great for us who cannot always afford to travel to be able to see it and feel as if we are there. Thank you for all of the work I know goes into it.
Peggie Klute, New Buffalo, Mi [07-16-1998]

A fantastic journey. I enjoyed every photo. You have done a wonderful job.
Theresa R. Blake, Clarksburg WV Age: 53 [07-20-1998]

Wha a wonderful site! I'm having a great time before I even get to Philly! Kudos!
M. Pagano, Brooklyn, NY [07-20-1998]

Looking forward to seeing the real thing at the end of August with our four year old. Would like to see a "Liberty Bell tour" within our public school systems throughout the United States. America's children need to know their nation's history, and it is my prayer for a revival of the sweet taste of freedom within their hearts. God Bless. Kristin Sapp, Atlanta Georgia 7-21-98
Kristin Sapp [07-21-1998]

Your website is very informative. Thank you for answering questions that I had long forgotten the answers to. Perhaps it is time for "The Bell" to once again make a trek across country. It would be wonderful for the less traveled youth to have the opportunity to stand near such a great symbol of freedom and American history.
Marty Spoor, Age 37 [07-27-1998]

Early August we are coming to Philly to stay for about two days. We are going to see Betsy Ross's house, the liberty bell, the zoo, and Norman Rockwell museum. I'm looking forward to going to Philly because i did a report about Besty Ross's house and about all that. I had to even dress like her in the old days. Love,
Anonymous, 10, Lafayette, NJ [07-27-1998]

This web page is phenomenal!
Andy Reuter, Chicago, IL [07-28-1998]


samantha [07-31-1998]

I once lived in Philadelphia for about a year and made it a point to see the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House and a number of other historical sites. To touch the Liberty Bell sent chills up and down my spine and I was SO PROUD. It is a shame this bell is silent now but it is one of the most beautiful, and even sacred, historical artifacts we have.
James Roy Garceau, 54, Claremont, NH 03743 [07-31-1998]

Jim Watson [08-05-1998]

I am researching my family history and have been told the 'Blackburn' name is on the Liberty Bell. I am trying to find information to confirm that.
Rebecca Coffey [08-06-1998]

I'm wondering if the Liberty Bell could go on another national tour, to remind the people of our great nation that liberty is a freedom that we must not take for granted!
Pamela George, 42, Lake Charles, Louisiana [08-06-1998]

The Taco Bell ad was great. But I wish the picture was larger and clearer. I hope to see the bell for the first time this weekend when my brother-in-law and I arrive to buy a special car.
Mark Brockman, Huntsville, Alabama [08-06-1998]

The liberty bell is cool!
Kyle MCcoy [08-06-1998]

My Kids Loved It. They Never Knew That Learning Could Be So Much Fun.
Brittany, Adam, Brianne, Lori-Hartshorn [08-07-1998]

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Joy&Aaron Coyle, Commerce City Colorado [08-13-1998]

Lois LeMenager [08-13-1998]

The Bell's message of Freedom still rings in this land, but many of our freedoms are being challenged today. Freedom to speak and pray in public arenas are thought to be a threat to the same freedoms of others. How sad that some people are so insecure in themselves that they would prefer to stop others from saying a prayer. Our founding fathers believed in these freedoms, fought and died for them. We need to vote to protect them, or we will lose them. Power corrupts shallow minds. I've never had the privilege of visiting the bell in person. Thanks for making it possible to visit it in my home.
Laurie Craig, Florida [08-15-1998]

Alex and Jim Eilers, Omaha NE [08-24-1998]

The Taco Bell ad was funny. Most people should know it was a joke.
Angie, 14 [08-24-1998]

love history, send any info you can, if you have stuff to send, we are going to visit philly soon
Dan and Marcia Dwyer, fox river grove il.....age 41 [08-24-1998]

I am a direct descendent of Nathaniel Pass, brother of John Pass, one of the two casters of the Liberty Bell. While on a recent business trip to Philadelphia I had the opportunity to visit The Bell for the first time. I mentioned to a park ranger that I was related to John Pass and was then given a personal tour by the Director of Park Services. What a thrill to be part of such a tresured American, no world, icon of liberty and freedom. Thanks for the wonderful job you have done here in preserving our heritage. Any additional information on John Pass would be appreciated. Thank-you, David Pass
David Alan Pass, Atlanta, GA [08-24-1998]

kellie [08-24-1998]

We visited the Liberty Bell last week...Independence Mall was really nice to walk through, but we were particularly impressed with the people who were dressed in the "period costumes" as they walked around the square. We agree that Philly is a city of brotherly love, in the fact that everyone was so very nice. We want to go back. We enjoyed "Ben Franklin" the most.
Pamela and Lacey George`, 42, 9 We live in Louisiana [08-24-1998]

My maiden name is PASS. I have been researching my family history, wish I could link to the John Pass that recast the Liberty Bell.
Deborah Pass Morgan, Oklahoma [08-25-1998]

This site is wonderful! Your server is extremely slow.
Stephan Cheney, Burlington, CT 06013 [08-25-1998]

shao [08-26-1998]

Will see it Sept. 20
Jim H. Crawford, Houston, Tx [08-27-1998]

Will see it Sept. 20
Jim H. Crawford, Houston, Tx [08-28-1998]


You made me get an A on my history test. thank you and please write to me.
Russell, Florence Az, age 13 [08-31-1998]

Why doesent the bell ring, I was very disepointed. Why dont you buy a new one?
Johan Isaksson, 12, Sweden [09-01-1998]

On are way there tomorrow and just wanted some info and directions. Thanks!
Thomas G. Rusinack, 32, Sidney, IN [09-01-1998]

i just wanted to say that this summer was my first time seeing the bell i am from columbus ohio and it was time in pa thanks for making this page
brooke bosse, age 17 [09-03-1998]

I think it's great. I am starting my own web site and was going to do something similar and was looking for a picture and permission to use. I don't think I can do better than this so I'll just a link to this page. I visited Philadelphia and the liberty bell three years ago and was pleasantly surprise at the southern flavor. Had a great time.
Charles K Russell, Montgomery Alabama [09-03-1998]

Interested in Benjaman Flower.
Nick-Flower [09-04-1998]

great page!!!
Annie Horwedel, 16, Philadelphia, PA [09-06-1998]

angela webb, teacher age 23 [09-06-1998]

Nicole RE [09-06-1998]

Great page! I am a second year radiography student and am writing a research paper about how they x-rayed the liberty bell. any information you could pass along would be very helpful. thanks!
Brandy, North Carolina [09-06-1998]

I am the teacher/parent half of a home school family.We are GLAD to find you,any help or sugestons from your end is welcomed.Blue Mt.cottage school
joy coyle [09-07-1998]

Dennis Rew, 17, philadelphia,pa [09-07-1998]

Information on this web site was very helpful. Its great for school assignmnets.
anonymous, Rebecca Smrke, age 9, Cincinnati, Ohio [09-07-1998]

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Kimberly Brown [09-08-1998]

I was looking on here to see why and how the Liberty Bell craked andthis site was very accurate and helpful.
Kimerly, 16 [09-08-1998]

Just doing research for a paper
Rhet Wierzba [09-08-1998]

I think that this website is interesting, but I'm a liitle bit confused on how to get around in this place if you know what I mean. Well, I'll see ya later everybody!!!
Diana, I am going to be 13 on September the thirteenth and I live in Allentown Pennsylvania [09-10-1998]

drake [09-11-1998]

The Liberty Bell was cool
Eric Braxton, 5 years old [09-11-1998]

You have a great site! Im trying to get info on John Stow, my dads family is from philly and John Stow is a Ancester. Any help would be greatly appericiated.
William Hall, Cumberland city , Tn. [09-11-1998]

Cool page!! I really learned alot.
Tracy [09-11-1998]

Put some more history on your site.
Tyler, 53 [09-12-1998]

Great information for my school project. I had to do a report on the state of Pennsylvania for my 5th grade class. This site was a big help. Thanks
Courtney Reed, 10, Tennessee [09-13-1998]

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Johnny Boy, Sydney [09-14-1998]

i just felt the need to see the inscripain on the liberty bell thanks
ken franklin [09-14-1998]

It is a great honor to be from the city where it meaning the American society all got started. I hope that we teach the future generation about the jewel we know as Philadelphia.
Taneisha Tyeah Anita Casey, I love the history of Philadelphia! [09-15-1998]

great, i needed sum stuff 4 a skool assigment and this was the place to go so thanx 4 a great web site. ps. need a bit more history
katie [09-15-1998]

I really enjoy reading and I think this web site is really good. KEEP IT UP!
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Thanks a lot, You helped me a bunch with my homework!!I found everything I needed for my report,about the Liberty Bell.Great Website.
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I love American history and your site is a dream.
Timothy Scott, Cookeville, Tn. [09-19-1998]

I wanted to know why it has a big crack in it?
caitlin rooney, 8 years old; from sherman oaks ca [09-21-1998]

As a retired military officer with more than 31 years of service to my country,I thoroughly appreciate your website,a place where our history and the things which mean so much to us,are there to read and see. We are unique among nations,and our pride in our nation,and our love for it needs preserving
LCDR Bob Prinselaar,USCG(ret), Fresno,California [09-21-1998]

This is a good help to me for I might get an A in this assignment
Nicholas Marouchtchak, Australia [09-21-1998]

I liked your site, about the history of the Liberty Bell. When I come to America next October I will be sure to go and visit Philadelphia and all its historic sites.
Samantha Sacks, I'm 11 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia. [09-22-1998]

Sharon Hagedorn [09-22-1998]

We enjoyed your information of the Liberty Bell. We enjoyed the tour. Florence High School, Florence, Texas
dstone, Jesse Flores, Jeffrey Wininger, Holli Burkett, Donna Stone Florence, Texas [09-22-1998]

Please send me more information
Honeymae Surmillon, 11 yrs. Chula Vista [09-23-1998]

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it helped me with a report i had to do in US History over philadelpia
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I LOVE IT. We are going to see the liberty bell in October. I can't wait!!!
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I really don't like the liberty bell and really don't care for it but because i am doing a report on it i found this little thing and I'm writing in it.
Jeffrey Bava, 16/Cleveland [10-01-1998]

thankx for the facts, say can you email me all the facts and info about the liberty bell-its for a school project-please hurry-it need it in a day
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I previewed the historic site in preparation for a class visit. I was filled with a strange but special kind of awe. I felt like I was a part of history.
Ms. Renee Walker-Linnen, Sp. Ed. teacher, JHS, NYC [10-01-1998]

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Great Pictures of 1915. A lifesaver for my 6th grader.
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Min Jones, I was on this program to get a picture to make a model of the liberty bell out of clay because it is a school project I go to Metzgar Elementry Greensburg School District!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [10-05-1998]

Enjoyed the tour!!
Karin Pritchett, age 39, New Orleans, Graduate Student [10-06-1998]

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K. Whitaker, teacher [10-09-1998]

We are studying the Liberty Bell and the symbols of our nation.
Mrs. Johnson's First Grade Class, East Limestone Elementary, Limestone County, Alabama [10-09-1998]

Virtual visits are helping our Travel and Tourism class to learn all about the history and places to visit.
Bob Shaw, Teacher, Burbank High School [10-09-1998]


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I am very please to see this site Because I have been the place at the Liberty Bell in 1981 summer during my study tour .At that time I used my name as Jae-Hyen KIM , I would like to be there again. -Kee-Hyun KIM, 10/09/1998 -
Kee-Hyun KIM, Now, I live in Suwon, South Korea. [10-09-1998]

Thanks, needed the information and I got it.
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The pages are to hard to find picture of Liberty Bell, and the State Flag of PA. I would put a couple pages where there is information on the State Flag, and on The Liberty Bell. Thank You
Bob, adult, Illinois [10-15-1998]

I was interesed because Lexington, MA is where the revolution started and I am very interested in this subject.
Danny Kliger, almost 6, Lexington, MA [10-15-1998]

We heard about the Liberty Bell in a song about Davy Crockett. We decided to learn about it. We learned a lot and saw many pictures. We are excited now to know about the Liberty Bell. Love, Morgan and Jessie
Morgan and Jessie Ditmore, Age 7 and 6 [10-15-1998]

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We are learning about the liberty bell in Social Studies, and we enjoyed the pictures of it on your site.
AlWood fourth grade [10-23-1998]

Was hoping to copy a 8and half by 11 picture of Bell for Nephews history class
Bob Lirot, 42 ILLINOIS [10-23-1998]

We'll be visiting Liberty Bell on Sunday October, 25, 1998. Can't wait to see the real thing!
Chris & Jill Rutter, Tucson, Arizona [10-23-1998]

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Gina Cristelli, 26 yrs, Pueblo, CO [10-25-1998]

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you guys at taco bell are major [expletive removed]! tricking the country like that is wrong and almost hateful ( not to mension immuture!!) disgusted, Steven F. Barron
anonymous [10-30-1998]

The broken bell is still heard around the world!
Lori Nixon Snidow, Col John Nixon's great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter [10-30-1998]

Cool web site, good graphics, keep it up!
matt hurst, 13, Wildwood, MO [10-30-1998]

The Liberty Bell reminds me of when I was a little girl and there was a Liberty Bell inside our church I don't know if it was the original but I do remember thinking how special it was.
Beth Dunbar, 20 [10-30-1998]

JAN, ARKANSAS [11-03-1998]

beautiful, thank you
julia k johnson, morristown tennessee [11-03-1998]

I was looking for information regarding the bell and the fact that it may have cracked while tolling at John Marshall's funeral. I teach at a high school named after Marshall and am working on a new web page for our school. I found the information that I needed! Thank you! Oh yeah, nice website!
Patrick McDowell, Age 38, Cleveland, Ohio [11-03-1998]

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Richie Arsenault, 11 years old , from Massachusetts [11-06-1998]

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Rocky Giannetti, Phila. pa [11-06-1998]

When was the rivet placed? Was there a ceremony? What is the specific density of the metal of the bell? Who placed the rivet? Where was the rivet repair made? Who was the first person to ring the bell before it was delivered? Who was the first person to ring the bell after it was delivered? Who was the first person to ring the bell for an official ceremony or celebration? Was the bell pitch Eb before or after the crack? Why was the pitch not Bb or Ab? What was the material of the clapper?
Shirley S. Lewis, 49; Statesville, NC 28625 [11-06-1998]

Enjoyed reading the information and my students will enjoy also.
Melinda Poe, 8th grade Social Studies teacher [11-06-1998]

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I was born in Philadelphia and still reside here. This site made me proud. Come and visit it, it is all that you could imagine plus more :-)
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I really enjoy reading about the Liberty Bell. I got some info on it for my report on the Liberty Bell. I guess you could say Im a school nerd that likes school + computers. I wasn't asked by my S.S teacher,Mrs. Massey to do it but we were drawing pictures of American symbols and I drew the Liberty bell. So then I thought "Hey, this sounds cool, I wanna learn more about it!" So here I am, doing my report! -Riley Robbins
Riley Robbins, I am a 10 year old boy from Arkansas [11-21-1998]

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My mother works for National Park Service (Antoinette Jett)
Lateefah Smith, 18, Philadelphia [11-21-1998]

Great site! I recently learned that one of my ancestors - John Jacob Mickley - drove the wagon which moved the Liberty Bell from Philadelphia to Allentown during the Revolutionary War. It was exciting to read the information that your site contained on this, and to confirm the event.
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I took my children to visit the Liberty Bell last week. They just loved it! They are 8 and 6 years old. They touched the bell and learned so much! I learned a lot also! The large crack that you see is a repair not the crack that many of us thought happened from the tolling. The crack is above the repair. Also, Pennsylvania is spelled Pensylvania on the bell. Thanks for your page!
Andrea Cleland, 38 years old, mother of 2, born and raised in Warminster Pa. near Phila. Currently living in Florida [11-30-1998]

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Kids thought it was neet to see how many people back then wore derbys and top hats. Also the authenticity of all the photo's very nice. We are going down town to visit the bell this weekend. Great site
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I truly enjoyed the tour around Independance Park, Philadelphia. The best part by far, was hearing the EXCELLENT story of the infamous Liberty Bell. Now I know the British involvement in the whole carade!! An great experience!
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I propose our Congress pass a resolution that our Liberty Bell should be rung as both Clinton and Gore are impeached. This will be our Shot heard around the World. By Americans for Americans. We need Patriotism and the resounding ring of Truth and Honor. History will know that both of these Global, Elitist, Socialist, and others like and around them will not be tolerated. June 6, 1944 was the last time it was used,It was broadcasted throughout the United States when we went into France. It may be cracked, and old, but I believe Americans and the World will hear the call, and a Sleeping Giant will Awake, and bring honor to our Constitution.
Randy Lewis Grass Valley, Calif [12-18-1998]

Was there ever any "clean up" work done on the Liberty Bell before the commemorative tour in 1976? Were any doctors at Stanford University involved?
cassie [12-19-1998]

I am the 6th great granddaughter of Chief Justice John Marshall for whom the bell was tolled a his death..creating a crack,a story handed down the family tree.Read more in any Encyclopedia.Thanks for leting me see the bell on your web site.
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We're playing 'Liberty Bell' (Sousa). With your information about the context, it is easier for us to play the music with a heart !
Harmonie St-Laurentius Oostmalle, Belgium, symphonic band [12-30-1998]

My grandfather, Jim Quirk, was a member of the Honor Guard who escorted the Bell to San Fran in 1915. He was given a wooden mallet with a silver plaque commemorating his participation. This was stolen from our home along with other Liberty Bell memorabilia in the 1970s. Does anyone else have one of these commemorative mallets? I would love to have a picture for my children...
Lynn Sons [12-30-1998]

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