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The Liberty Bell

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I think that the Liberty Bell is something that our nation should be very proud of.
Becky Gibson, 13 years old [09-30-1997]

This is very intresting for me. Pass is a family name for me. What issue of Harpers Mag. of 1912 has the picture of Pass and the bell?
Norma Mock, Bainbridge, Ga. 31717 [10-02-1997]

We are studying the Bell and you had some great info. Thanks
Anonymous [10-03-1997]

I think the Liberty Bell is kewl
Shannon, I live in Neenah WI [10-04-1997]

Felicia A., 13 Years old. [10-04-1997]

Your page is great for a project in school I have to do.
Katrina [10-05-1997]

I purchased a Liberty Bell tie tack from a thrift store and noticed that it has the words written in etremely small print. I wonder if you could tell me the exact words that appear on the real Pass and Stow Liberty Bell?
Miki Thomas, Salt Lake City, Utah [10-06-1997] [The answer is here -- Webmaster]

Tom Liberty, Modesto, CA [10-06-1997]

Why don't we melt the bell down again and recast it so that it can proclaim liberty once again? It was melted down twice before, why not again? The inscription is a mockery as long as the bell remains unringable.
Anonymous [10-08-1997]

Thanks for the great page! I used it for an American Revolutionary War project. I chose the Liberty Bell and am making a plaster figure of it, plus including all the pages I printed from your page.
Roman Schwarz, 8th Grader Bismarck, ND [10-11-1997]

I had to do a school project and I got all the info I needed
Shannon, 14 years old [10-11-1997]

I would like to see the Liberty Bell someday.
Candis, age 9 Kent WA USA [10-14-1997]

This was an okay website
Julie [10-15-1997]

It's cool!!!!!!!!
Joe Bob, age 12 [10-15-1997]

Very Nice , One of the best.
Lyle dean [10-16-1997]

I am studying about the liberty bell at school
Sarah Campen, Age 6, Roswell, GA....... [10-19-1997]

Cool but add more hypertext
Andrew [10-21-1997]

This site should be mandatory reading for school children right along with the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
David Vietmeier, Lodi California [10-21-1997]

Very interesting.
Kevin, Age 10 River Forest, IL [10-23-1997]

My son and I were able to learn together many facts about the great bell.
Ed Bush, Stephens City, VA [10-25-1997]

Thanks for the great info for my civics project. I don't know what I would have done without it.
Jess, Age 13 [10-25-1997]

Very informative
John Gorbley, Barnegat, NJ [10-27-1997]

We hope one day we will be able to visit the Liberty Bell. Thank you for all the information you gave us.
Javier Sanchez,Alex Quevedo,Carlos Friger, Fourth and Fifth Graders [10-27-1997]

We are very impressed with the Liberty Bell. We hope to see it some day. The Liberty Bell to us means freedom!
Gettysburg Academy of Miami, Mrs. Necuze's Third Grade Class [10-29-1997]

this is for history project!! I am doing it with my friend Tara Reese.
Lacey Coleman, 14 years old greenville , sc [10-29-1997]

Hey!! I wrote something on the Betsy Ross homepage, and now I am writing on this one!!! Cool huh! Well, like the other one I am doing this for a class project!!! My teacher is GGGRRREEAAT!!! From Laura Caroline Johnson and Anne Cooper ELlefson
Anne Caroline Ellefson, Greenville, SC USA 14 [10-29-1997]

We love history
Ashley Eggl and Elizabeth Nabers, South Carolina [10-29-1997]

Samantha Step [10-29-1997]

This is a wonderful resource for those interested in exploring the history of our country's independence. Thank you for such a fabuluous presentation.
Randy Johnson, Age 37, Arlington, TX [10-30-1997]

I am very proud to share the knowledge of the bell with rest of the world. As a foreign born, I truly treasure the freedom and privilege that each and every one of us has. Don't take what you and I have as American citizens for granted.
Michael Chen, 25 yrs old, Brooklyn, New York City [10-30-1997]

Meredith Gregory [10-30-1997]

I think the liberty bell is neat.
Stephanie Pore, I am 14 years old [10-30-1997]

I think liberty bell is neat.
Tabi Henson, I am 14 [10-30-1997]

This gestbook is not very cool But is cool in its way
John Buchanan, 13 years old (cheney KS) [10-30-1997]

Whitney [10-30-1997]

This website is Awesome!
James, 13 years old [10-30-1997]

Timmy Sallee, hi [10-30-1997] [Thanks for the Halloween hello! -Webmaster]

Thanks for a great page. I am using the information for a research project in a class at Metro State College in Denver.
Mary Ann Geiger [10-31-1997]

Good to know the history of the Liberty Bell. I have enjoyed reading the homepage.
Tan, Peng Kuan, studying in oklahoma state university. Malaysian. [11-03-1997]

Thanks so much for a great site.
David Fiday [11-04-1997]

A great place to tosee, having been there many times. Returning in a week with a new group of Scouts, see you soon.
James A. Oakes, Kenmore N.Y. [11-04-1997]

I enjoyed your site, thanks.
Jonathan Dinstel, 15, Kingston Pa. [11-05-1997]

I thought it would be neat to learn these articles of Liberty Bell and would be nice to give them the play in their time.
Hei Jin Woodyard, Mt.Airy, Md 21771 [11-05-1997]

Kelly, 13, Pennsylavanai [11-06-1997]

renee Bernardo [11-07-1997]

The Liberty Bell
M. Homko, Cleveland, Ohio [11-07-1997]

Good Work!
Meghan M. Sinnott, 18, University of Pennsylvania History major [11-08-1997]

Great information for my paper. I saw the bell when I was 9 years old.
Anne Rief, Age 13, West Point, NE [11-08-1997]

Mike Birchmeier [11-10-1997]

www.geocities.com/hollywood/academy/7525 [11-10-1997]

Thanks for helping me with my homework. I found the information which I needed for school
Mike Garretson, Age 12 [11-10-1997]

In order to follow our proclamation of liberty, we need economic tools and vision! The Bell is an icon to remind us of the freedom we must continue to win.
Stan Sorensen, Palmdale, CA Freedom Fighter [11-12-1997]

Love America
Crystal Moellenberndt [11-13-1997]

I think it's very informational for my extra credit project at school. We are studing the government of the United States. Thanks, Kayla
Kayla, Age 9, Manistee MI [11-13-1997]

Loved the idea of visiting the history of my country on the internet. Very helpful and interesting.
Amy J McCracken, 19, Waterford, pa [11-14-1997]

j. phillips [11-14-1997]

I am doing a school project on the Liberty Bell.
MEGAN THOMAS, age 8 in Fredericksburg, VA [11-15-1997]


AKIHIDE OTA, OHIO [11-16-1997]

This is for a school work assignment for junior high school.
Jerry L. Coon, American Falls, Idaho [11-16-1997]

Really great stuff. Our class is working on a project. Tks.
r.mcintyre mark twain elem lynwood [11-16-1997]

ellen, Hatfield, PA [11-17-1997]

I visited the bell the past weekend. The park ranger who was there gave a brief summary of the bell's history. The summary was very informative-- it told me about how the bell was made and how it became known as the "Liberty Bell." Bye bye!
Anonymous, New York, NY [11-17-1997]

Crystal Moellenberndt [11-18-1997]

Derek Rudebusch, 11, [11-18-1997]

Joe Broekemeier, PHILLIPS NE [11-18-1997]

This is a school project. Just wanted to say hi to anyone reading this. So,um, HI!
Rita Haddad, 13, ACS Athens, Greece. [11-19-1997]

Cool! Lots of fun to learn about! We really enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell.
Miss Martin's First Grade, Nashville, TN [11-19-1997]

I am doing a history project for school and decided to do the Liberty Bell and saw your page. It was really useful. I just wanted to say thanks! When I saw it, I got most of my infomation (with the help of a library!) Now it was easy. THANKS FOR THE INFO!
Alexis Hymes, 12 years old Reading Pa 7th grade [11-19-1997]


I just love what you have done with the place. It has been a real inspiration to me to learn like stuff. Him heard Him?
Eric D. Moul, 18, Harrisburg Pa [11-21-1997]

I would like one bigger picture of the bell
Ben Thiel, Traverse City, MI West Junior High [11-22-1997] [all the pictures are clickable to see them larger -webmaster]

Your website was very helpful to our study of the Middle Atlantic States!
Miss Kroener's Class, LaGrange Elementary, Tomah, WI [11-22-1997]

Very imformative!
Lauren, 14 ,from GA [11-22-1997]

It's Cool! I enjoyed looking at the pictures. It gave me the information I needed for my school project.
Andrea Wilson, 10, Kingsport, TN 11/22/97 [11-23-1997]

MAE MILLER [11-23-1997]

You're all cool
sdogey dognoop s, 10/sandusky [11-24-1997]

I had to do a report on the Liberty Bell and found your site very informative. Thank you
sara amsel, 13, brooklyn ny [11-24-1997]

Christie Kittle [11-25-1997]

We really enjoyed the information on the Liberty Bell. It answered many questions that the students had. Isn't technologhy wonderful?
Mrs. McCracken's 4th grde class, Oklahoma City Western Heights Public School [11-25-1997]

Kenneth E. Pizarro, Pittsburgh, PA. [11-28-1997]

In my opinion, the Taco Bell ad was exremely funny. Thinking that this was in poor taste or unpatriotic is ridiculous. America was based on freedom of speech, and has flourished in a spirit of freedom of commerce. The ad was merely a goodnatured use of these two freedoms.
Russell Lutz [11-28-1997]

BJ [11-29-1997]

I had to do my speech for school and it was very helpful.
Kristina Huff, age 13 Lords Valley, PA [11-29-1997]

Andrea, 13, Brownwood [11-30-1997]

It was ok
Dana, 13 Chestertown [12-01-1997]

This is cool
Gavin, Chestertown MD AGE 13 [12-01-1997]

This was great!!!!!!
Dana, 13 Chestertown [12-01-1997]

This site is cool
G-MAN, AGE 14 [12-01-1997]

The Liberty Bell weighs a lot.
Bryan Svercauski, age-13 Chestertown MD [12-01-1997]

The Liberty Bell is a very interesting piece of history that Americans should respect and love. The bell is something that signifies the importance of the American Revolution and how the soldiers fought the war.
JR Hayman, age-13 - Chestertown, MD [12-01-1997]

I think our country has a proud history and no one should think otherwise.
Peter M. Allen, 13 years old, Chestertown, MD [12-01-1997]

Reading Story about the Liberty Bell interested me about more informatiion on it. My Mom helped my brother and me look up your web site. Thanks for so great info!!!
Drew and Zackary Earl, age 10 and 6, Columbia, Tenn. [12-01-1997]

It is big and I could walk through the crack.
Hannah Spangler, I am a fourth grader [12-02-1997]

Congratulations on recent developments in Philadelphia to educate Americans regarding liberty and the U.S. Constitution.
William A. Garrabrant, Stewart Collection Librarian/Rowan University [12-03-1997]

Super! My class loved it!
Dr. J. Haak's Class, Champlin,MN [12-03-1997]

I thank it is very enlightening
Dustin J. Aumack, 17 Fairbanks Alaska [12-03-1997]

I used the information for a report I had to do for school. It really helped a lot. Thank You
Toni-Marie Milito, Long Island New York [12-03-1997]

I am learning about the Liberty Bell in school and I would like to learn more about the Liberty Bell!
SOCER87 [12-03-1997]

I intend to visit Philadelphia on 12/8/97 with my 12 yr. old daughter who has a day off school. She is studying the Constitution, Bill of Rights etc. and I thought a visit to the historic area of Phila. would reinforce her studies. Any suggestions about a one day trip, i.e. what should I definately see etc.
Jim Waller, Age 46, live in Kearny, NJ [12-04-1997] [We wrote back suggesting Tours -Webmaster]

Visting the Liberty Bell isnt all its cracked up to be.
Thaddeus Stevens [12-04-1997]

i think this place is really cool.
nicole scot kyle, rochester [12-05-1997]

I like this page. I've learned a lot about our country on this tour. Good job! :)
Shelly, 13/f [12-05-1997]

Thank you for such a Great Page. Keep up the good work.
Frank, 60 Willow Grove, Pa [12-06-1997]

Ummm, this page is pretty neat, considering that it concerns history. I someday hope to visit the Liberty Bell.(Not really but oh well, it sounds good!)
Sarah, 13 and loving it! [12-08-1997]

Very nice page
C L Frost [12-08-1997]

Jessica [12-09-1997]

my son is doing a highschool project. your page has been extremely useful
biff mays, 39 fayettevilles nc [12-09-1997]

great web page
Ron Green [12-10-1997]

This is fun doing homework on pages like this!
Johnathan Niles [12-10-1997]

i thibk that the liberty bell is a big crock. I bet nothin happened its just there to be cool.
Josh Rudy, 14 [12-13-1997]

Why don't you have photos of the stop of the Bell in Portland?
Sean, Oregon [12-13-1997]

I am studying the Liberty Bell for extra credit and I am supposed to find out were the bell is upposed to be not were it is now. If your site helps me I will be very appreciative. Thanks Lauren
Lauren, 13yrs. [12-14-1997]

I have a patriot in Rev War Peter Todd- N. Car. Milita
Leslie G. Todd, retired-saww bell 20 yrs.ago [12-17-1997]

this is for my daughter Bonnie's school project. Great information on here!!!
Tanga Hartman, St. albans Wva [12-17-1997]

Janet [12-17-1997]

found site very interesting
Larry Plourde, 60yrs. Winslow,Me. [12-17-1997]

Ilike your website
Anthony Pieri, I'm 16 [12-17-1997]

I was wondering a few things, did the bell travel in Vancouver Washington? If so, do you have any pictures of it? What does the engine to the train look like? Do you have any pictures of that? I'm just so curious of things like that. Do you have any pictures that you didn't show? I know it's too late to get any more pictures. The page is really neat.
Samuel Alan Workman, 10 years Vancouver Washington 98662 12-17-97 [12-17-1997]

i am trying to trace my family history. has anyone traced john stow(recaster) from his family to the present? any onfo is appreciated! thank you
charles stow, born in NJ. [12-17-1997]

You should put more pictures in here
Ashley Chance, 14-phili- [12-17-1997]

hi there
Jenny, none [12-17-1997]

la la la la la la la la la
Kelly Nam [12-17-1997]

Kelly [12-20-1997]

I am doing a project on Pennsylvania and the Liberty Bell is a big part of that. Thanks for the Info.
Andrew Miller, 9 years old, from Denver, PA [12-22-1997]

As a visitor to Philadelphia I was really impressed by the Liberty Bell and how much the United States has achieved in the past two hundred years.
Alicia Payne, 15 years old, Melbourne, Australia [12-25-1997]

I am a Day School librarian from Los Angeles. Your site helped one of my students win $20 from his Dad. I found the answer for him on your wonderful website. Thanks for all the good information
Enid Sperber [12-25-1997]

Great facts & pictures! It's almost as if I were there.
Kerri Viquesney, Kansas city, Kansas [12-25-1997]

Ron Allegrini, South Lake Tahoe, California [12-28-1997]

i guess the liberty bell was interesting when I was a child, but now I find it boring! And further more, when the liberty bell was made, liberty was not a reality for all people. I think you all know who I'm speaking of. Dara McNeil of Philadelphia, Pa.
Michael Baboolal, Switzerland [12-30-1997]

David Ruhl [12-30-1997]

Stephen Costello, 3.5 Years old [12-30-1997]

Marty Costello, 32, Philadelp [12-30-1997]

I lived in New Jersey and visited the Bell often. I have been to other countries where there are replicas of the Bell as a symbol of community and freedom. Does the Bell also get rung on Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday in January?
Rev. Cheryl Ann Elfond, Hastings, Nebraska local pastor [12-31-1997]

Buy a Liberty Bell