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The Liberty Bell

Most Patriotic Bell

Liberty Bell

I never imagined that our bell would generate such interest. Anyway, the bell is made from several plywood hoops and covered with fabric and paper mache'. The Liberty Bell home page provided the proper dimensions and photos that were essential in its creation. The yoke is made of plywood and frame is made of 2x4s. The entire setup was placed in a 6x8ft trailer.

In order to make it more detailed, I cut out each of the letters on the bell from felt and hot-glued them in place. That was the only labor-intensive part of the whole project. We painted the bell with a dull bronze paint and gave it a final "dusting" of gold spray paint. The Cub scouts had a lot of fun doing this and were thrilled that they received "Most Patriotic Float" award for our parade.

Steve Rambeck, Peachtree City, GA

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