Lazaretto Lazaretto
Source: Delaware County Times
Date: December 30, 2002
Byline: Thomas R. Smith

Letter: Tinicum deserves more recognition

The following is a copy of a letter to Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine.

The last shall be first. Pleased we were, Delaware County, to see a print of the 1799 Quaretine Station, Lazaretto. Delaware County claims multiple firsts (including) first European settlement. Often the county seems to be the least cited, but Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine has consistently (given) credit due credits.Thank you! Yes, Lazaretto is in Essington, but it claims title to a historic tract of "Tinicum," which place name, "every Pennsylvanian should know," because it was the "beachhead for first, permanent, European settlement, in Pennsylvania, in 1643."

Query: Why is it "Tinicum" is not better known?

Tinicum Colony was our equal to the New England Plymouth Colony. I hope for a restored Lazaretto, the quarantine of ignorance, and the inoculation of awareness.

Liberate Lazaretto.
Tribute: Tinicum.
Thomas R. Smith
Sellers Library Archivist
Upper Darby