Lazaretto Lazaretto
Source: Delaware County Times
Date: August 22, 2000
Byline: Beth Nelson

Tinicum commissioners question long-term costs of town projects

TINICUM — Money was high on the agenda during last night's Commissioners' Meeting in Tinicum Township. Commissioners discussed the use of township funds and questioned the long-term costs of seemingly beneficial projects for the town. Making an obvious reference to the loss of the historic Lazaretto Property to a private developer, Commissioner Thomas Gianchristoforo requested that Township Engineer James MacCombie look into the purchase and rehabilitation of the Rosse Marina Property. "We're looking into how much the cost would be," said Gianchristoforo. "We're not actually buying it, but we are interested in preserving our waterfront property." The Lazaretto building, possibly the oldest historic site in the county, was purchased by developer Island Marine Partners, L.P. Now a candidate for demolition, the building and it's future will be discussed during a public meeting 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Commissioners also discussed the Philadelphia Suburban Water Company's proposal to run new water lines through Tinicum to the site of their new plant, located across from the PSE&G building.Indicating that the toll on residents would far outweigh the benefits of money and newly paved streets from the project, Commissioner Adam German angrily suggested that alternatives to the water company's proposed route had not been thoroughly explored.

Gesturing towards last night's audience, German said, "There are a lot of people out here who don't want (the Philadelphia Suburban Water Company) to tear up the streets."

Shortly thereafter, German requested the township consider the purchase of an adjacent property for use as a new police station.

"You've got 13 policemen trying to operate out of a closet," said German.

The diminutive police station is currently housed in the township building's lower level.

Board President William Wasch mildly reminded German, "You said earlier that this town isn't all about money, but these things you propose, they cost money."