Lazaretto Lazaretto
Source: Prime Time Weekend (6abc)
Date: April 2, 2006
Byline: Gary Papa and Cecily Tynan

Lazaretto Station

It is one of the nation's first immigration quarantine stations. Called "Lazaretto Station" it stands in the middle of a marina, on the Delaware River, in Tinicum township, Pennsylvania. In 2001, a developer had purchased the site, intending to demolish the Station. Opposing the demolition were Preservation coalitions, and many citizens of Tinicum township. Last summer, Tinicum Township bought the Lazaretto Station, ensuring its preservation. It will now become a living history museum, telling the story if immigration, naturalization, quarantine, and public health from 1799 to 1897, using interactive displays, material culture, and first person interpreters. The ten acre site will also be home to a 21st cultural arts center, museumshop and restaurant, and will become a key point in the 20-mile, Fort Mifflin, Tinicum Bike and walking trail.