Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA
Independence Hall has been called "The Birthplace of American Freedom" and "The Crucible of Democracy." These inspiring phrases seek to capture the significance of the events that took place in this modest Philadelphia building. Both of America's central founding documents, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, were created here.

These documents are statements of ideas that were asserted, debated, and compromised on. They established the foundation for a new experiment in democracy.

Independence Hall, today, reminds us of the ideals and promise of that young nation. The United States was established in a time of conflict and the chances of it surviving and prospering were unlikely.

During the Constitutional Convention, delegate Benjamin Franklin observed that the chair in which the president George Washington sat showed a sun, but was it a rising sun or a setting sun? Pleased with the Constitution that had been drafted and signed here, Franklin finally declared that it was surely a rising sun, shining on the future of the nation.

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  • Here our liberty was first proclaimed.
  • Here our nation received its name.
  • Here our flag was adopted.
  • Here our government was created.
  • Here our rights were guaranteed, defended, and expanded.
  • Here we became Americans.

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