Hope Lodge

Hope Lodge Myths

Hope Lodge cartoon by Ben Tisdale
Cartoon by Ben Tisdale
"I don't care if 'e is the Commander of the whole bloomin' army, who's gonna clean up this mess 'is 'orse left in the bloomin' 'allway?"

Many stories surround this historic site, as told by long-time local residents of the area. While the stories are continually interesting, there is absolutely no evidence to substantiate any of them. They are reported because to fully appreciate any historic site, you should know its myths.

• George Washington rode his horse through the hallway in Hope Lodge in 1777.

• There are reports of ghosts of soldiers who died in this house when it "was a hospital" during the Whitemarsh Encampment of 1777.

• Samuel Morris, a lifelong bachelor, had a fiancee. During completion of Hope Lodge, he is reported to have said, "Now I have the sty; all I need is the sow," thus ending that promising relationship.