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Hope Lodge: Site Description

Hope Lodge has all of the utilities and facilities needed for the current level of operations, visitation and public programs.


Hope Lodge comprises a total of 43.8 acres. 12 acres are considered part of the historic/interpreted zone (~10 in gardens and lawn). Approximately 20 of the 32 remaining acres are arable cropland. Approximately 10 acres are naturalized wooded areas that provide havens for a diverse population of wild flora and fauna.


Access from main roads is very easy. Hope Lodge is located on the east side of Bethlehem Pike, a secondary north-south artery between Germantown/Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia and Quakertown/Allentown. The site is located c. 2 miles southwest from the Fort Washington exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the Route 309 bypass. Hope Lodge is also located only 2 blocks from the secondary east-west artery, Skippack Pike (Route 73.)


The main, paved-surface public parking lot has space for 33 cars, 3 buses. The gravel-surfaced auxiliary public parking lot has space for about 20 cars. The volunteer parking lot by the garage has one handicapped accessible space and space for 6 more cars. The staff parking lot by the Tenant house has space for 8 cars. The field behind the auxiliary public parking lot is used for overflow parking for large events. It has space for about 250 cars.


Public water is supplied to Summer Kitchen wing, Garage, Tenant House. A public water supplied fire hydrant is located on site and installed below grade in a pit. Bottled spring water for drinking is provided by a service for consumption by staff, volunteers and the public.


On site septic system with 1 tank and pump serves Summer Kitchen wing and Garage. On site septic system with 1 tank and pump serves Tenant House. Effluent is drained to septic field located on site northwest of Tenant House.


Buried wires in pvc conduit connected to a high voltage supply in an on-site pit supply Hope Lodge mansion, Summer Kitchen wing, Garage, Tenant House and Barn with electricity from a public utility.

Natural Gas

Direct burial lines supply Tenant House with natural gas from a public utility.


Direct burial lines supply Hope Lodge mansion, Summer Kitchen wing, Garage, Tenant House with telephone service from a public utility.


Handicapped restroom facilities are currently located in a rented portable toilet unit and are barely adequate. Increased site visitation will require the expansion of restroom facilities, both standard and handicapped accessible.


A designed garden in the colonial revival style with brick walkways, an arbor, formal flowering plant beds, small-scale, flowering trees and an adjacent herb garden are situated directly south of Hope Lodge mansion and the Summer Kitchen wing. It is enclosed by stone walls on the north and west sides and situated several feet below the grade of the ground directly surrounding Hope Lodge mansion. This garden is original to the Degn period of residence at Hope Lodge, but has been somewhat modified by the PHMC.

North Driveway

The north driveway (staff entrance driveway) on the Hope Lodge property features two stone pillars topped with round finials joined by a curved stone wall flanking each side of the entrance. On one pillar is sculpted the words, “Hope” and on its opposite is sculpted words, “Lodge.” These are original to the Degn period of residence (and possibly pre-date it.) The driveway is lined with a single allee of silver maple trees on its southern edge and a double allee of trees (maple on the inner row, London plane on the outer row) on its northern edge that is original to the Degn residence.

Site/Historic Buildings

Buildings listed (or have been determined eligible for listing) on the National Register:

Other buildings, not listed:

Major known significant archaeological resources at the site

Deed restrictions per May 20, 1958 indenture

“Whereas the Orphans’ Court of Montgomery County by Decree dated November 15, 1957, has authorized the Trustees to transfer part of the Trust property, known as ‘Hope Lodge on Bethlehem Pike’, to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania...to continue to administer and operate Hope Lodge as a Museum and permanent Exhibit typical of the architecture and furnishings of the Colonial period of America for the enjoyment and education of the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and others, by deed conveyance in fee simple and to include the land, grounds and other real estate appurtenant thereto...”

Hope Lodge on the Bethlehem Pike and contents conveyed to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be controlled and managed by the PHMC “to repair, maintain and operate the same as a historical exhibition, in such manner as will conform to the objects and purposes as set forth in the Will of Alice S. Degn, deceased (hereinabove referred to) as an exhibit typical of the architecture and furnishings of the Colonial Period of America.”

Right-of-Way Agreements

Between Keasbey and Mattison Company, and Susquehanna Pipe Line Company (now Sun Pipe Line), dated December 11, 1934

Between Keasbey and Mattison Company and the Borough of Ambler, dated March 17, 1937.

The southern border of the site terminates at center line of former Pa. Railroad (Trenton Cut-Off Branch) currently used for railroad freight traffic.

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