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American Govt. in actuality is A VIBRANT GLOBAL SYSTEM being conducted with the REDUNDANT formulas of Nation States; hence the seeming chaos and contradictions contrary to the concepts of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.
Sharma Dharam Pal, 64 plus years, a tourist from India presently in Holy St. Louis State of Missouri, USA [11-26-2014]

I think that this presidential election might bring our first woman president since Hilary Clinton is planning on running, and lots of women are going to vote for her.
Anonymous [11-26-2014] »»»

I think America is the best country for minority people to pursue their dreams. My dream is to eliminate the nonsense authorities who think we can not overcome the achievement gap. I have a great respect for the American people who support education once again to become a shinning star for everyone. In terms of political, I want to became the first Somali American senator. Its because that I believe in America everything is possible.
Adar [11-26-2014] »»»

It's receptacle for delegates to electorate their power in delegating to informative of entries of implementing change for the better. (Love the article)
A. [11-26-2014] »»»

I like on line text books because we are saving trees.
TJM [11-26-2014]

Thank you for making US Government understandable. You have made my work teaching students with disabilities much easier. Now I can teach and not have to rewrite information.
cc [11-26-2014]

Second year government teacher. this is the best thing i have come across. thank you!
kc [11-26-2014]

Do they deal with only constitutional law?
JC [11-26-2014] »»»

I just found your site and it contains much valuable information in a very readable format. On the American Government page you mention the national government, then 50 sates and then 85,000 local governments. I am doing a research paper and have come up with approximately 60,000 municipalities (including all of the unincorporated "county subdivisions). My question is how did you arrive at the 85,000 number? Your response will be very helpful to me. Thanks very much for this wonderful site. John
john wilson [11-26-2014] »»»

Lucas. De. Aguiar. Barozzzi. 31/03/2016
Marilia Barozzi. De. Aaguiarbarozzi. 6879.654-400. 0116, Tamlucasbarozzi1210 [11-26-2014] »»»

With the Common Core State Standards this information will be very helpful for me to prepare my lessons for US History, Civics and Economics. I teach all of these subjects at the High School level and am always looking for great resource materials. So thank you for the help.
TK, usa [11-26-2014] »»»

Nice to know that if you feel your not properly being represented as PD are not attorneys yet I am facing accepting a plea and misdemeanor with 2 to 3 year probation. Occurred 2009 arrested Jan. 2013 was never served notice to appear or summons. Went to court house records department and obtain blank notice to appear no proof of service no stamp nor signature! If i don't accept plea the DA wants to charge me with a felony. I believe a complaint was started in 2010 unbeknown to me until I had my file subpoenaed and thats when I found out a complaint was started and I was never informed.
AH, injustices [11-26-2014] »»»

I think obama is going to be the best president ever. If romney gets picked as president i am going to scream to the top of my lungs and i am going to be so mad that i am going to trash the whole house
Danielle Taylor, 12 u.s [11-08-2012] »»»

I think you did a great Job on thins ....But it would be a Little Better for you to put more of the Colonial Government Information in there.
M C [09-06-2012] »»»

I would just like to write to say how grateful I am to have a site like this one. Often when I'm preparing for a test I look over my professors notes and find its not enough. What you offer is easy to understand and direct. I love it just as I have come to love history. Thank you.
Conny [08-31-2012] »»»

You should not limit your comparrison of governments to just general democracies and authoritarian regimes. There are differences in types od democracies like parlimentary systems vs. Republics etc. These are distinctions people should understand and you have the perfect forum to explain it.
Peter Lamia [07-24-2012] »»»

I think this site will help make us all better citizens. Thank you .
anonymous [05-22-2012]

historic documents, declaration, constitution, more