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Powel House

Powel House
Powel House

3rd St. between Walnut and Spruce Sts.

The Powel House is located on what could once have been called "Millionaires' Row." Samuel Powel's next door neighbor was James Penn, the last "owner" of Pennsylvania before the Royal Charter expired. The Powels had the finest furniture in the city, and entertained many of the elite that helped forge the country. George Washington spent two Chirstmases in the Powel's Dining Room. It was noted that at one occasion attended by Washington that over 160 different dishes were served during the course of the meal. Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were entertained in the Powel's ballroom.

In the Powel's withdrawing room are silhouettes drawn by Mr. Powel of, among others, George Washington and his nephew. Mrs. Powel was a close friend to Washington, and when he decided he would not run for a second term as President, Mrs. Powel convinced him otherwise. Only Washington's stature and integrity could keep the fledging nation together, she said. If he allowed the country to crumble, then all he fought for would be for naught. He ran and easily won a second term.

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