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Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion

200 West Tulpehocken Street
Maxwell Mansion Facade
The Maxwell Mansion is one of many Victorian houses preserved in the Tulpehocken Historic District.

The Maxwell Mansion is a gorgeous Victorian-era house. It was built by Ebenezer Maxwell, a cloth merchant, in 1859. It is located in a part of Germantown that developed quickly and dramatically during America's first suburban housing boom from 1850 to 1890. Today the street is lined with Victorian houses, all well preserved to look like they did in the late-nineteenth century. This Tulpehocken Historic District is home to some extraordinary houses. The restoration and preservation of the area was largely a community effort in the 1950's and 60's.

Maxwell Mansion Wall
The side wall of the Mansion.

Today, the Maxwell Mansion is open to the public and contains a museum. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens. In front of the house, a plaque reads:

"The Tulpehocken Station
Historic District
A Victorian Suburb
As Designated By
The United States
Department of the Interior"

1. Photos by Greg Heller, Copyright © 2000 by the Independence Hall Association
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