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February 20-29, 2012

john bruce schmitt,thanks for the kind words i knew most all the people you wrote about . micky grandinetti all the brothers carl, mario and rolland. man they were 3 tuff kids! micky was at the boys club back in the 40's with tommy mcan were he use to work out in the basement of the boys club. i use to go down ther to watch him in those days . i was a kid about 8 years old .i joined the boys club in 1940. russell lynch took me their to join . i lived on lena street the red brick hill.i lived in germantown from 1939 to 1959 then i married my beautfull wife mary jane from mt airy. she worked at the band box movie for 3 years . we moved to her house in mt airy for 2 years and then to willow grove . i open up the beauty shop on 5022 wayne ave in 1960 to 1968. i look at all the good things about germantown. i loved it there, what a great place to grow up and do all the things i did and meet all the great people that grew up there . what good is it to bad mouth all those great people that were there at that time and they are not here any more to defend then selves ? what do we gain by that ? i like to remember all the good things and i love to read about what went on in their life time . i am 77 years old and on the computer and able to express my self as to what i saw and experances during my time !life is about the journey. we are here for a short time and then we are history ! what a great life i had as a child in germantown . there will never be a time or a place like that in this world ! blessings to all . frank .
frank margiotti, lansdale pa. [02-29-2012]

Correction--RE William Holden-tripped on a throw rug in his apartment-hit his head on his night table & bled to death. His maggot covered body was discovered 3 days later by the building supervisor.They found 2 empty beer cans--1 empty bottle of vodka & a half full bottle of vodka. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, mr.g dos [02-29-2012]

Bruce Schmiit You recently mentioned an old friend Bob Charlanza. It would be great to see Bob. Do you know if he is still in the area.
Jim Gallagher, Gtn NC [02-29-2012]

William, I just read about your Dad. I'm so very sorry to hear that Billy passed. We were like many other kids that lived in Germantown through the 50's & 60's. Your Dad was a sensational all around athlete who could play any sport, most at a very high level. We also (as kids)did all kinds of cool, funny & crazy things together. Your dad was and will always be someone who was respected for his athletic ability nut, mostly because he was a great guy who had many friends. Please know that although I have not seen Billy in a long time I have always looked back and remembered one of the truly best guys to have come out of Germantown. God Bless you & all of the Dalton family.maghera49@hotmail.com
Seamus McWilliams, 62,243 Zeralda Street [02-29-2012]

Jim McK: I remember reading a long time ago that Bill Holden died in a motel room, having hit his end on a bedside table while drunk. Whether it was a bar stool or a bedside table, the bottom line is, tragically, the same: his life was ruined and ended by addiction. Cheers, mate, and good luck with your talk in Ireland next month.
CMM [02-29-2012]

How interesting that the men -- other than Cinephile JL -- have needed to denigrate by analysis the appeal of sensual yet innocent films such as 'Picnic'. It matters not that Holden was an alcoholic, that he was paid $8,000 extra for that dance, or how he died. You might just as well analyze away the appeal of Marilyn Monroe in THAT dress in the boat scene with Tony Curtis in 'Some Like It Hot' or the awe of standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon. It's hormonal, not rational.
Catherine Manning Muir [02-29-2012]

Well as long as we're mentioning Kim Novak, my favorite movie with her was Pal Joey with Frank Sinatra. Oh by the way, someone by the name of Rita Hayworth was in this movie also. How hard was that choice? I would have loved to have been in that position to make it but Kim gets the nod over Rita. Great rendition of" The Lady is a Tramp" sung by Frank to Rita.
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [02-28-2012]

John Fleming: Your dialogue with Joe Lynch intriqued me about the difference between financial aid and a scholarship. The bottom line is what does a student have to pay for their tuition at an educational institution. LaSalle High recruited many students from The LaSalle Tournament. LaSalle High did not offer me any financial aid although I played in the LaSalle tournament. Obviously, Joe Lynch was a better player and Obie O'Brien,The LaSalle coach got him financial aid since Joe was a good assist-man like Obie's son. Joe Lynch and Bill Haas were 2 great players for SFA in the 1957 LaSalle tournament and Bill H. scored a lot of points against St. Matt's with players like Matt Goukas,Terry Collins,and Marty-Mahr who became All-Catholic Stars from The Prep. LaSalle gave financial aid to Joe Lynch and Joe Cunnane of St. John's but not to those other great athletes. You knew Larry Bolger from CD, he should have gotten financial aid since he was bright and a track-star. Larry Bolger was a friend of Bill Lawler who went to LaSalle High with Joe Lynch and was an outstanding swimmer but received no financial aid. Bill Haas should have gotten something from LaSalle but he had a scholarship[Financial Aid] from GA and was All-Inter-AC in baseball and basketball in his sophmore year. I wonder what would have happened to Bill Haas if he had attended LaSAlle and had a mentor like Jack Brogan. Paul Borian of The Hollow could have had a scholarship[financial aid] to Penn Charter like another Happy Hollower,Ollie Powers. Bor chose to go to GHS and received a scholarship from Nova. I found it so ironic that 2 of the greatest athletes of my day,Bill Haas and Ollie Powers, did not use their athletic talent to attend college like Sonny Kennedy and Jack Brogan. Many of the great athletes of Germantown would not have gone to private schools without financial aid. Duncan Hubley recruited great GBC soccer players for GA-Ed&Tom Kehan,and Bob Solly. Your Cardinal Dougherty would have been invincible with talent like that. Not only LaSalle,but Germantown schools like GA&Penn Charter gave financial aid for many students. The players for GA&Penn Charter played together for many years and they were well coached and disciplined. Duncan Hubley played a lot of soccer but he learned the fundamentals of basketball at GA. Duncan knew how to box-out but he always went left. He could have been a super-star if he went right sometimes. Today,he probaly never goes left because he does not want his taxes raised,LOL. Mr. Anonymous! I am only joking and I do not want to march with The Wench Brigade. I am a reserved guy and believe in synthesis, so my take is in the middle betwween you and Joe Lynch why smaller schools could compete athletically against the larger schools.
Bruce Schmiit [02-28-2012]

Re: William Holden's death from Wikipedia: On November 12, 1981, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner's autopsy report, Holden was alone and intoxicated in his apartment in Santa Monica, California, when he slipped on a throw rug, severely lacerated his forehead on a teak bedside table, and bled to death. Evidence suggests he was conscious for at least half an hour after the fall. It is probable that he may not have realized the severity of the injury and did not summon aid, or was unable to call for help. His body was found four days later.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [02-28-2012]

Joe Lynch, as a post script and not to be argumentative, could you explain to me the difference between "financial aid" and a scholarship, either full or partial that was awarded to an athlete? I know that LaSalle gave out scholarships, to 8th grade students that were scholastically above average.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [02-28-2012]

Speaking of "Some Like It Hot" as we were. I remember seeing it, as a teenager, when it first came out. The only thing I found to be somewhat sexual, was Marilyn Monroes dresses she wore. Quite tame by today's standards. I just thought it was just one funny movie.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [02-28-2012]

Joe Lynch: Thanks for the clarification concerning the "scholarships" awarded in the 50's from LaSalle. Admittedly I got my information 2nd or 3rd hand. My only personal experience, was knowing a couple of classmates that came to CD during my sophomore year, that were athletes, after they failed to meet the scholastic grade at LaSalle. Yes the CD basketball team was able to get into the playoffs in that time period 58-62, but both LaSalles football and basketball teams were able to have winning seasons. During this period, CD's football teams were about average. LaSalle had a long and proud history of producing winning basketball and football teams, with the likes of Tom Gola. Ironically, even though Paul Arizin went to LaSalle high school, as it was called at the time, he wasn't able to make the basketball team.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [02-28-2012]

Joe Heyer indeed held the CL record for points in one game, with 49. It was broken in 1968 by McDevitt junior Bobby Haas, who tallied 51 vs. Ryan. One side note: Ryan had only sophs and juniors on that team; no graduates until 1969. After Haas' outburst, the next-day headline in The Bulletin read, "Haas Nets Record 51 -- Two Higher Than Heyer." . . . Lots of great people being mentioned in these posts. Best wishes to all!
Ted Silary [02-28-2012]

Dennis McGlinchey ­ So there was more to Germantown than just sports. Good question about the Legion of Decency and its impact on attendance at the Germantown theaters for those movies with an unfavorable rating. Im sure it never stopped my parents from going to a movie they wanted to see. The Apartment with Jack Lemon, Shirley McClain and Fred Mc Murray has always been a favorite, I have a copy and watch it every now and then. Another great B&W classic that was probably on the list was Some Like it Hot. I seem to remember that Cleopatra was on the list. If it was, that was probably the only one I saw as a kid at the New Lyric that would have been on the list.
Del Conner [02-28-2012]

I for one saw many a "B" movie at the Orpheum in Gtown. As a young boy I was entertained by the Stooge shorts and to this day remember two movies which are probably lost in the Movie Archives. One was the "Saddist" and the other was "Fate is the Hunter", in which a cup of coffee caused a plane crash. The Saddist was pretty violent due to the murder of innocent people, to include two motorcycle cops at a gas station. Not much for entertainment today, but back then they had me hanging on the edge of my seat.
Ed, Chester, VA [02-28-2012]

Anonymous 01-30. Just viewed your message. You have nought to fear except the fear you behold. Peace Junglejim
Jim McKernan, Professor East Carolina University [02-27-2012]

Was interested in the comments of recent bloggers regarding William Holden, Burt Lancaster et al. Actually, Holden was a man with a love for a 'drop o the creature'...it is reputed that he died when he fell off a bar stool hitting his head on a hard surface..ouch! Love the Peckinpah film with Holden titled "The Wild Ones'-he took cinematic violence to a new level. Something of that nature befell the lovely Natalie Wood when she went off the boat near Santa Barbara I suspect. I spent this afternoon watching William Holden in Bridge on the River Kwai ..I recall seeing it in the 50's at the Orpheum and all of the lads whistled the tune those Brits concocted perfectly all the way home.
Jim McKernan, St VDePaul 1959; Church Lane Gtn [02-27-2012]

Frank Margiotti: I commend you on your great story about Jack Smith and your experience from your Airborne Days. You must watch Fox News since your posts are always fair and balanced. You did not think The Hollow Guys were scoundrels. Jack Brogan,our Maine Guy and former Hollow citizen made some fine comments about your former clients in your Beauty Shop- Mrs. Guarinello and Mrs. Powers. Goo Guarinello and Ollie Powers were 2 great athletes from The Hollow and cousins. For some reason, Goo Guarinello elicits some negative commentary on this site. To your credit, I do no recall reading any bad stuff about Goo from you-Mrs. Guarinello would be pleased and she will cook you a good Italian dish when you meet her in heaven. I like your posts since you are positive about people from both sides od the tracks[Gtn. Ave.] and our beloved GBC. You and Jack Smith knew so many great guys fom GBC. You are an old timer and might have remembered Mickey Grandinetti,the great Germantown Boxer, Trainer,and Cut-man. In later years, he had a gym in Kensington,The Henley Boys Club,at Frankford and Clearfield. The Henley Boys Club was not far from Mastbaum High where Pat Sarnese taught. Pat Sarnese was a great Germantown Football Player and super-star at Temple. He worked at The Hollow and Jack Brogan and Paul Borian knew him well. He was a super guy and his cousin,Joe Leone,comes to Germantown Reunions at The Buck. Joe L. would have known Mickey Grandinetti since he did some pugging back in the day. Mickey Grandinetti was a Germantown guy but he was well known and respected in Kensington by some very tough dudes-he trained Jimmy Young. Your shop was on Wayne Ave. and you might have known John Berkery who also had a shop across from The Hollow and was a few grades ahead of Jack Smith at SFA. John Berkery had a Irish Bar, Molly Maguire's,not far from Mickey's Gym-at K&A. It was a beautiful bar and the patrons were unique- K&A Types and numerous law-enforecment guys who were undercover but everybody knew why they were there. I went to K&A for lunch[Kellis's] and those K&A lads hated Rats. Bill Leonardo,an old Germantown Boxer,lives not far from Rat's Restaurant in Hamilton,NJ. Rat's is a weird name for such an upscale name. I was a classmate of Rowland Mole Adomoli at SFA and The Adomoli Family were pillars of GBC. You might have remembered Mario Adomoli who made a great effort for The GBC. Frank! Keep posting great stories about Germantown and The GBC- Airborne Guys still hangout at The Continental-especially The 101ST.
John Bruce Schmitt [02-27-2012]

Isn't it remarkable that some of the sexiest scenes in those old movies never included nudity or profanity. I think that the dance scene from "Picnic" is a good example of this.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [02-27-2012]

Speaking of sexy movies from days gone by, you can't go past 'The Blue Max' and that scene where Ursula Andress comes out of the bath with a towel around her neck, barely covering her 'assets'. The camera went round and round as she and George Peppard apparently 'got it on', although nothing explicit was shown in the film. Helen D'Angelo, I, too, was impressed with Bill Holden's physique in that shower scene in 'Picnic', although I was mindful that he died from a fall while drunk. Such a shame that actors and other performers (Bill Holden, Judy Garland, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston et al) were unable to cope with reality and dropped off their perches so young. My all-time favorite film is 'Elvira Madigan', about the ill-fated love between a Swedish prince and a tightrope walker, set to a Mozart theme. And, Joe, I saw 'West Side Story' 15 times with my dancing partner, Walt Painter. He went on to play 'Diesel' in the touring company of the show; I went to NYC with him for his audition and we took a master class at American Ballet Theatre together. A Germantown boy, Walt went to Vegas, danced in the Elvis movie 'Viva Las Vegas' and won an Academy Award for his choreography for Ann Margret. We danced together many, many times, including in CA's production of 'Brigadoon'. We even almost joined Ringling Brothers circus at one stage, but our auditions were cancelled because the choreographer had to rush off to deal with some crisis. Who knows where THAT would have taken me! I surely would not have wound up here in Oz.
Catherine Manning Muir, Counting down the last days of summer in Oz [02-27-2012]

Interesting to see all the interest and comments on Picnic, all stemming from a re-run showing on the boob tube in Australia. I wasn't even a gleam in the eye when it was released, so Kim Novack wasn't a boy's dream for me. She had to rely on her looks in that role because she was stiff and lost in that role. William Holden was closing in on 40 and was playing the part of someone 10-12 years younger, and maybe compensated for it by overacting on the charm. For me, I own it and the appeal is a view into life in small town America back in the day. Unrelated, but I wonder what the reception was in the theatres of Germantown for another Oscar Best Picture nominee (and winner), The Apartment. Did the Legion of Decency prevail to the point where folks stayed away from the Orpheum, the Colonial, or whereever that film happened to be showing....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-27-2012]

John Fleming, I was one of those 8th graders with "potential" in 1957. LaSalle High School granted me financial aid, hardly a scholarship,to attend school at 20th and Olney. But LaSalle had been giving financial aid to almost everyone since 1858. Hey, I wrote a book, the history of LaSalle "Of This Time, Of This Place," in 2008. I ought to know. Joe Cunnane '61 also received $200 of $300 tuition. The idea that they culled the 8th grade teams "with scouts" to find the best athletes is just not true. If it were true we would have had better teams. Not once did we get to the playoffs at the Palestra in my 4 years. I've always felt bad about that, letting down O'Bie O'Brien and the Brothers. LaSalle had one scout, my cousin Jack Brogan, who used to whisper into O'Bie's ear that his little cousin at SFA might be a good ballplayer with decent marks. I know what the perception was, but there were very few of us "scholarship" boys. In fact, now at LaSalle High School, 35% of the students receive financial aid. Still, schools who lose to us in sports cry "foul, scholarship kids,recruiting violations." I teach at LaSalle and the emphasis is on diversity not athletic prowess and winning, especially when financial aid is distributed. We do win our share of championships because now we are a large school, over 1000 boys. In the old days (1950s)CD had 3000 boys to our 700. And THEY had good teams, Richardson, Hockenberry, White, Townsend who beat us to get into the playoffs of 196l. The notion that LaSalle stockpiles rich athletes is one of those notions that just can never be disproved. I know. I mark their English essays, and I wish these "jocks," among others, had better handwriting.
Joe Lynch--Be True to Your School. [02-27-2012]

William Holden got $8,000 for starring in Picnic with Kim Novak?! Hell, I would have given her $10,000 just to play the dance scene with her.
John Payne, You put your left for in, you put your left foot out... [02-27-2012]

Oh, CathMM, I remember Kim Novak in Picnic and that song, Moonglow, I can still hear the piano. Kim should not have been allowed on the screen (Vertigo,too) by the Legion of Decency with what she did to young boys. Early Natalie Wood (Splendor in the Grass)was such a cutie her whole life. My brother Tommy met her and talked with her once, I am proud to say. I saw her in West Side Story in 1961 when the film opened down town and you needed to send in for tickets ($2, an outrageous sum!)to the Mastbaum. Weeks later you'd get them in the mail. When you went to the performance of West Side Story, a tuxedoed (sp.?) lad would show you to your seat. And you would be wearing a sport coat, of course. That year I saw The Music Man and Cantinflas in something, always smartly dressed. If you missed the movie in the 1960s, you knew you would never see it again except with commercials on Million Dollar Movie with Ed McMahon.
Joe Lynch, Cinephile [02-26-2012]

Bruce Schmitt, I remember most of the names you mentioned, especially Larry Bolger who sat next to me senior year at CD. I was the schools statistician for football and basketball. While not knowing most of the players personally, I obviously did attend all the games, and got to know the players from a distance. Although the football team didn't have the greatest records when I was there, 1958-1962, you couldn't ask for a team that played as much heart as they did. Each year the basketball team got to the playoffs at the Palestra. I always wondered why LaSalle with an enrollment a fraction of CD's was able to always field great teams. I found out later that LaSalle had scouts and offered scholarships to 8th graders, that had potential.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [02-26-2012]

Catherine, It is Saturday here in Philly too but the only movie on TV is King Kong and not even the old Fay Wray version but one made in 2006. Now I'm in the mood for PICNIC and the shirtless Bill Holden and ....maybe I'll try On Demand and check for old movies.

Catherine Manning Muir, William Holden refused to do the dance sequence unless he was given an $8,000 "stuntman premium" and was allowed to do the scene while under the influence of alcohol. He didn't believe the studio would do either, but they wound up allowing both. In that scene he is actually intoxicated, and it still remains one of only four movies that he ever danced in (the others being Sabrina, Dear Ruth and Sunset Blvd.), and one of the most memorable scenes in the movie.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62, save me an aisle seat. [02-26-2012]

CMM, that Moonglow dance is probably considered one of the more memorable dance sequences in films. What is amazing and you can't tell watching it is 1) Kim Novak and William Holden hated one another, 2) William Holden wasn't a dancer and was so nervous about it that he took dancing lessons to prep for it and 3) by his own admission, William Holden was "plastered' during that whole dancing sequence. To get through it and to get over the nervousness, he took a couple belts that turned into a few.... Watching it, you wouldn't know ....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-26-2012]

The link on the Awbury article didn't come through. Here it is again or if you go to Philly.com and search on "Awbury", you will find the article there. CLICK
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-26-2012]

Here is a link to an interesting article on Awbury Arboretum in yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer. Glad to see there is still interest and vision for this peaceful, and historic, little oasis in East Germantown.... CLICK
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-25-2012]

Today's Saturday matinee on TV is 'Picnic', with my husband's favorite actress, the ethereal Kim Novak, and heartthrob, William Holden. I saw it at the New Lyric. THAT dance at the Labor Day picnic, ("It Must Have Been Moonglow...") hardly touching, but so sexually-charged. Back in the day we didn't need nudity and explicit sex to titillate, did we? We had imaginations, which sometimes led to confessions of 'impure thoughts' on Saturday afternoon. In "Separate Tables", Burt Lancaster broke down Rita Hayworth's bedroom door; that was even sexier than the beach scene in 'From Here to Eternity'. BTW, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, the original 'Jersey Boys', are now touring Oz. Seems like only yesterday...
Catherine Manning Muir, Humming "it must have been moonglow that led me straight to you". [02-25-2012]

well here i go telling you germantown people how luck i was to be a part of germantown . i see you are talking about a jack smith,who i knew when he was a little kid at the boys club.jack was a few years younger then me so i nevr really saw how good of a player he was ! im sure he developed in to a good athlete. here is a litlle story about him that i would like to pass on to all on this site i was in the 11 th airborne from 1954 to 1957 . i was station for 2 years in germany 1955 to 1957 april .i had made sargent in 20 months.we were the only airborne tankers ever ! we were a test company and were trying to drop 50 ton tanks out of a c 119 for 2 years we tred and nevr were able to do it ? so they dis mantel the company. i was a short time then so they send me to a repel company to march new troops who were replaceing us . evey day for 2 months i was marching new troops. one day a trooper calls my name ?i look at him and it is jack smith ! i say wow ! some one from home ? i pull him out and talk to him all the qyestions what are you doing here and so forth . i was a sargent then and was able to do a few things for jack at that time show him around and help get his foot in the door .just a little story about jack smith .
FRANK MARGIOTTI, lansdale [02-25-2012]

The class of 1956 from Saint Francis of Assisi is having another reunion luncheon at the BUCK Hotel, 1200 Buck Road, Feasterville Pa. 19053 (215-396-2002 extension 2) on Tuesday, May 8, 2012, at 12 noon. This luncheon is opened to all members of SFA school or Germantown. Our previous luncheons ran about 4 hours and cost under $ 15.00. This luncheon is open to both male and female members of SFA school. If you plan to attend the luncheon please notify me on this web-site, so I can give the BUCK Hotel a accurate count.
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, sfa 56 & nechs 60 [02-25-2012]

John Fleming: Many of us were into basketball in the 60's, including many of the bloggers on this site. You saw The Overbrook team with Walt Hazzard and Wally Jones play against CD. CD's team must have had Bob Porky Harrington who was a star for CD and Temple. Bob H. was friends with Jack Regan and Jack Boyle,who was a great football player with CD and Nova. Jack B. and Porky were also good friends with Dave Fecek who was All-Catholic at CD and played for Wayne Harding at Temple. Ted Silary who blogs on this site,is a walking encyclopedia of Philadelphia High School Sports. In recent posts, I wrote about The Continental[Post 263] and Jack Smith who was the great soccer coach of CD. Bob Harrington was another great coach for CD and Joe Heyer had preceded him. Jack Regan,CD "60", was Hughie Canon's step-son and Hughie was the legendary manager of The Continental. At Hughie Canon's Funeral Luncheon,I sat with,Roger Harrington,John West,and Dave Linn. You might have known Roger Harrinton at CD where he was a very good baseball player. You also knew larry Bolger from CD who was a brave Marine and track-star at CD and St. Joe. I also knew Tom Rooney,a excellent rugby player and President of CD. I am a former Prepper but I have appreciated the education and moral values that my friends received at other Catholic Schools in Philadelphia. Many bloggers on this site attended Catholic Schools and they write so well. You remembered Joe Lynch,LaSalle, who competed against CD in basketball,and he submits excellent posts-not bad for an old jock. Joe must have learned from The Christian Brothers and not consumed too much of their wine. Kevin Mckernan of CD, must have visited The Christian Brother's Winery in Napa Valley since he lives in Califronia. Brother John!" God Bless Germantown, Cardinal Dougherty,and America".
Bruce Schmitt [02-25-2012]

William Dalton, I knew your dad. I'm sorry to hear about his passing. He and I played together on the Fernhill Falcons baseball team (Hunting Park League) in the early 60's. It was originally a rag tag bunch of kids, some as young as 11, playing in a league for 13 and 14 year olds. The first year, we were terrible. I think we won one game. The next year, we were one of the top teams in the league. One reason for the dramatic improvement was that some of our most talented players, and I believe you dad was one of them, were really too young for the league, but by the second year they had matured and could compete with the 13 and 14 year olds, even though they were only 12. Another in that group was Seamus McWilliams. Another reason we improved was that there were a few good ball players who got ticked off at the Gtn Boys Club for some reason and came to play with us - in other words, we signed some good free agents. I lived on the 300 block of Zeralda, your dad on the 200 block. There was a ton of kids on that block, and everywhere actually with the post war baby boom. I still have an 8 x 10 glossy photo of the team that I could scan and email to you. But I have to check to be sure your dad is in the picture. Again, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. If anyone out there is familiar with the Fernhill Falcons baseball team, let me know. Mr. Adams, who organized the team, told us he was going to get us all back together when we had grown up. But Mr. Adams died pretty young, so I'm not sure he ever did that. Catherne Manning Muir: Thanks for the tips on Italian podcasts. The Muir name is familiar to me. I think my younger brother had a friend named Bobby Muir. Were their some Muirs down in SW Gtn?
jim@oceanart.info, Zeralda Street [02-24-2012]

Jane Murphy West: I hope that you are still reading The Germnatown-Web Site from beautiful South Carolina-Myrtle Beach. Recently on this site, Dave Linn and Duncan Hubley, made some beautiful and kind remarks about Jack Smith-the great Germnatown athlete and member of the Continental where both The West Brothers and The Schmitt brothers enjoyed many an evening. I met you at The Continental too many years ago, when your future husband,Bill West,introduced me to Janet Murphy who became his wife. You and your husband,Bill, knew Jack Smith well and also Peggy Moore who married Jack. I was so pleased to hear such positive and laudable remarks about Jack Smith who was a veteran and long-time member of The Continental. You and Bill were such good people and well liked at The Continental. Both of you were even tolerant of me and David The Professor McNulty when we got involved in heated discussion about life- alcohol was not the cause. You were also friendly with Mr.&Mrs. Hughie Canon and Hughie was the former manager of The Continental. Your brother-in-law,John West was a pall-bearer at Hughie's Funeral. At The Funeral Luncheon, I sat with Big John and his friend,Dave Linn. John told me that I was a character and I started to laugh and he responded,"We Were All Characters At The Continental". Hughie Canon was also a character and only Mr. Canon could deal with another unique character, Thomas Goony Walsh. You were from Logan,Holy Child,but you spent a lot a quality time with Bill in Germantown where The Continental was an institution and is still standing. John West was recently hanging out at The Continental with another reserved Prepper,Tom Wilkins whom I could never beat at darts. I also could never beat your husband,Bill,on The Continental Pool Table. Life is not all about winning and Tom Boyle met his wife at The Continental and she had been my date. Unfortunately,you,Tom Boyle,and I have lost our beloved spouses. Jane! It is great that you still read these Germantown posts-especially the blogs about that castle on the hill with the cannon-Post 263.
Bruce Schmiit [02-24-2012]

William Dalton I knew your father well. I played alt of soccer with and against him he was a good tough player. I believe he was the mailman for the homes on Pulaski and Seymour St for a long time. I am very sorry an saddened to hear of his death may he rest in peace. Richie Pio SFA'64, NC'68, GBC'62-'68.
Richard Pio, Born and bred in G-town 1950-95, now in Ocala Fl. [02-24-2012]

Bruce Schmidt: I also saw the same Overbrook team, wally Jones, Walt Hazzard etc, in an preseason game with CD. The team knew that they had their work cut out for them when the Brook was going through their warmup drills. Don't remember the exact score, but even though CD lost we did give them a fight. As you know Joe Heyer went ton to be CD's coach in the early 60's. At the time he held the record for the most points scored in a game.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [02-24-2012]

Jack Brogan: I enjoyed your post about your penchant for Italian Food and connected with your comment about The GHS Team vs Overbrook. After I read your post on Italian Food, I was so hungry, I could not wait to visit an Italian Restaurant and have some Ravioli. There have been Germantown Reunions at LaFontana, a great Italian restaurant in Hatboro. Your ethnic-background is Irish and I always like dessert at Irish-American households when coffee is served with Irish Bailey Cream. Like you, I was at The GHS-Overbrook Game that you mentioned. Overbrook had a great team-Ralph Heyward,Wally Jones,Walt Hazzard,Wayne Hightower,and Richie Richman. Germantown's super players were Obie Snyder,Earl Proctor,and your good friend,Sonny Kennedy. In my opinion, Ralph Heyward was the best player on the court but Wally Jones won the game with his jumpers. Germantown played a great game with many scouts in the stands, and Sonny Kennedy received a schlorship from Rider University near Princeton-an excellent institution of learning. You and I witnessed another great Philadelphia High School Basketball Game-North vs LaSalle for The Catholic League Championship. You were on that LaSalle team and Joe Heyer was burning up the net but North won with the disputed tap-in at the buzzer. It was great for you to take us down memory lane with that super comments about that Germantown Game against Overbrook. Jack! You and Cousin Joe submit great blogs to our Germantown Web-site.
Bruce Schmitt [02-23-2012]

My dad, William J. Dalton, grew up in Germantown in the 50s an 60s. He lived on Zerelda Street (I think) with his younger brother James (my Uncle Cook). He went to North Catholic and later got drafted into the military. He use to tell me stories all the time about growing up in Germantown and playing at the Boy's Club. Unfortunately, my dad passed away on February 19th, 2012 after a 20 month battle with cancer. His viewing is tomorrow at 9:30 AM at St. Albert the Great Church in Huntingdon Valley, PA. The mass is at 10:30. Here's a link to his obitaury: CLICK
William Dalton, 24 from Northeast Philadelphia [02-23-2012]

Dan Hartnett: I grew up in SW Gtn, near Fernhill Park, was born in North Philly. My father grew up in Nicetown, just the other side of Wayne Junction from where I grew up. As I recall, you were near Chew & Chelten. I live now near Ambler and still study with Anna Maria at Upper Dublin H. S. I am reading & writing Italian on a college level, but speaking on a kindergarten level. Thanks for the yabla tip. I need to stay away from the books and concentrate on listening and speaking. I believe that visually oriented people like myself are handicapped at learning language as compared with auditory types. Musicians find it easier than artists. Me, I can't carry a tune. That's my excuse. Anna Maria is doing great. She has an amazing skill for bringing people together. My continued involvement in the class is largely for social reasonhs. It's kind of like a circolo Italiano. I'll see Anna Maria tonight and tell her I talked with you. Maybe we can get some of the old Warminster crowd together some time, with Anna Maria or without. - ciao -Jim
Jim Schaefer, Ambler,PA [02-22-2012]

Bob Eastside: I gave you my take on some philosophy,religion,and the consequences of bad trips with psychedelic drugs. My posts must be opaque since you intimated that I laid my rap on The Hollow Boys. I went AWOL from The Hollow when I was just 15 years old. You know many of The Hollow Guys from this great Germantown Web-site. At The Hollow, I spent a lot of time on the court,in the field,and in the gym. Paul Borian was a great slugger,in baseball and basketball,and I never wanted him to guard me in basketball since I was a resrved guy from The Prep. After a game at Gratz, Bor needed a police-escort to go home with his body-parts intact. Nobody wanted to guard Larry Rinaldi who had a bull-rush to the basket and could drive a defender through the wrought-iron fence into Wayne Avenue. My older brother,Cactus Jack,told me never to mess with Bob LaValle. Consequently,I never felt comfortable blocking The Feisty Bob LaValle on The Football Field. There was a lot of gambling at The Hollow-Poker,Dice,Ponies,Football-Pools,and plain-old pig. I could never come close to beating Goo Guarinello in pig and it was not good for me psychologically. When I went to The Hollow water-Fountain, these intimidating looking guys with their dark beards would be playing poker in the sandpile-an oxymoron. After reading my last post,you might think that I spent too much time in the desert but I have frequented a few museums. One of my favorite paintings is "The Card Players" at The Barnes and it always reminded me of The Hollow Card Players-especially Rocky Raffaele. These card games were intense and some of the boys could really shuffle. There was a guy who was a custodian and they called him "Joe The Nut" and he always had a scowl and a crazy look-I always thought of him as poor-old crazy Joe. With all these unpredictable things happening at The Hollow, I decided to play more ball at The Queen Lane Playground,The Project. Same old stuff- sports, gambling with dice and cards,and an added ingredient-Mary Jane but the dudes called it reefer. Being in a Jesuit school and disciplined, I stayed away from The Reefer Man but I did have a few beers after the game to prevent dehydration. One of The Pulaski-towners did kill a lady in a robbery for money for his drug addiction. I was more successful shooting pig for change at Queen Lane than at The Hollow. However,some of the brothers did not like losing their squirrels[Quarters] to a clean-cut dude like myself. Sometimes they would Bogart me and even get in my face. They saw me throwing up Bricks in practice and my shooting would be more focused when we had change on the line and it could get ugly. Bob Eastside! I never hung in playgrounds but I spent a lot of time at playgrounds if you know what I mean. I was simply a Germantowner and proud of it. We were both Germantowners and knew so many great people on both sides of The great Avenue-Germantown Avenue.
JBS [02-22-2012]

Dan Hartnett, Jim Schaefer and anyone else interested in all things Italian: We are so lucky and unique here in Oz to have a public multicultural and multilingual broadcaster, broadcasting news, sport, entertainment, documentary, film and food on both radio and TV in 70 languages from Aboriginal to Yiddish. For Italian, check out CLICK You can listen to or download Podcasts in Italian to your heart's content. I hang out on the Indonesian and Malay pages, but love the food on the Italian and Vietnamese pages!
Catherine Manning Muir, Out of the Outback, now on the mighty Murray River [02-22-2012]

Jim Schaefer: Sono Io, Danielle. Che sorpresa! Non ho conosciuto che ha abitato in Germantown. Che parte? C'era nato e cresciuto? Jim, nice to hear from you. I just bumped into Margarita last week at Nativity Church in Warminster. I also see Kathleen Carriere occasionally. I understand that Anna Marie was seriously ill but has recovered. What a nice lady she is. Time flies and I guess it was six years. I am going to Italy this summer for several weeks. It will be my ninth trip there. You might get the impression that I like the place. How have you been and are you in the Central Bucks area? I'm in Jamison. If you would like to bone up on listening to Italian, there is a site called www.yabla.com. There is a yearly charge but not expensive and at least a hundred or more dialogues. Let me know how you are doing. Ci vediamo!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [02-21-2012]

...and speaking of Jack Smith, his two younger bothers from Portico St. were also good on the soccer field. He was a good example to many young people, not just the boys he coached.
Hollow Girl [02-21-2012]

I told this story to my son, John, who was working for G.E. in the Albany area at the time. I said, “We miss you and you miss us.” I wanted him to get a job in Portland and move closer to us so we could see our grandchildren grow up. I said, “It’s little things. Having your family around you is more important than you know.” I told him about Tom Lynch, our cousin who lived ten houses down from us on Fernhill Road. I was about 15 and Tom was about eleven. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was outside playing step ball with myself when Tom walked up Fernhill. He was carrying his glove. “Where ya’ goin’, Tom?” He said, “I got a game to pitch at the Boys’ Club.” I don’t remember the name of Tom’s team but I do remember that I made a wise choice. “You’re the starter, huh? I’m comin’ wid’ ya’.” The walk from Fernhill Road to Penn Street is a long walk, up Pulaski to Manheim, over Manheim to Green and up Green to Penn Street. Tom and I had plenty to talk about though. I always had plenty to talk about. Still do. We got to the GBC and the game started. I was the only spectator. Tom just mowed em’ down. He was a left-hander and his hard one had zip and a tail on it. Tom pitched a no hitter. I’ll never forget the irony. I was the only one there to witness that no hitter. I bet that makes him happy even now. Tom Lynch. Good job, Tom. My son says that story made him start to think about how much he was missing in Freeport while trying to cure cancer in Albany. I've seen many people on this blog at their best. I saw Paul Borian all in green playing against La Salle, my school. I rooted for Paul. I saw Sonny Kennedy line up for the center jump, if you can believe that, against Wayne Hightower in the Public League Championship game. I saw Frank Felice when he couldn't miss a jump shot in a Gold Medal game at 25th and Diamond. I saw Monk McCaulley, all 135 pounds of him receive a kickoff in a professional football game. I saw Joey Lynch, Tom's brother, just destroy a great C.D. team. My son and his family live five minutes away these days.
John Brogan, “A love like that was a serious illness, an illness from which you never entirely recover.” Charles Bukowski [02-21-2012]

Lou Brownholtz.. Please email me updated about Kay.. Mike and I are in Reilly and know many of her Archie friends.. I know her Drum Corps Family would what to send her their love..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [02-21-2012]

Dave Linn: I want to compliment you on your very kind and beautiful words about your old coach and mentor-Jack Smith,The GBC Icon. You and Duncan Hubley,2 great soccer players can appreciate the talent and skills in other players. You were on The Championship Dobbins Team that beat North Catholic for The City Championship in soccer. This was a monumental moment for Dobbins since North was a soccer power-house in those days since they had so many great players from Lighthouse. Back in the day,we remembered the competition between GBC and Ligthhouse who had great and tough players from Kensington. You,Duncan,and Jack Smith knew so many great soccer players. I believe that Bob Solly and Tom Kehan from GBC played for Duncan at GA and Jack Smith was disappointed but it would be difficult to turn down that great GA Education. Bill Haas had to be unhappy when he left GA. Many GA graduates have done well in life. You are a friend of another great athlete,John West, who is Mr. Continental. The Wilkins Brothers,Tom and Jim, were hanging out with Big John on a Sunday at The Continental. John West was an All-Public for Roxborough and played for The Wissahickon Hawks. John was good friends with 2 NFL Players,Jesse Richardson of The Eagles,and Jim Katcavage of The Giants. John and Jesse liked to hang at Crane's and those boys could handle their alcohol-not many guys could hang with those lads if you know what I mean. John West was also at The Continental when Ted William's[Bor's Hero] walked into The Continental with The Old Southpaw from The Prep and G-Town-Bud Simons. Joe Lynch,Bucky Durney,Dennis Crowley,and Ray Dawes[A good soccer player], thought Bud's daughter was pretty-Paula Simons. I hope that these SFA Gentlemen do not take that the wrong way since I do not have The West Boys for protection these days. Dave! You and I knew some very tough boys back in the day,and one bogarted Big John at their own peril. Again,the guys from SFA,GBC,and The Continental appreciate your beautiful post about our departed friend-"Jack Smith".
Bruce Schmiit [02-21-2012]

Lynch, good point on going to church not making you a Christian. The Oman did it for 20 years and no one knows what he is.
Gman [02-21-2012]

JBS - you are one funny guy - perhaps a bit over the top for me but entertaining never the less. My youth was on the east side of Germantown so I assume you imparted your wealth of knowledge on the legions of Hollow folks that subscribe to this great web site.
Bob Eastside [02-21-2012]

Any one who knows Kay Brownholtz she had a stroke, she is in Einstein Hosp. Room 4004, she is doing good,so far, Mike
Mike Bresnan, Belfield AC [02-21-2012]

Jack MCHugh: Some bloggers on this site think that I am losing it but I do remembe Henry B.[Burke] Jones,the famous actor from The Prep who graduated with my father,Urban Schmitt, from that that venerable Jesuit Institution in 1931. I knew many teachers and priests from that class. You went to SFA with Eileen McIlhinney whose brother Pat went to The Prep and was taught by Gordon Wright who was in that 1931 Prep Class. Jim Nolen Sr. was in that class and his father had the coal-yard at Penn&Belfield. You probaly saw their trucks in Germantown and we were customers. Jim Nolen Jr. was in my Prep Class and his grand-father was Connie Mack and his cousin is Connie Mack,the senator from Florida. Rev. Francis Renz S. J. was also in that class and he was also my Philosophy Professor at St. Joe College. As you know, Henry Jones was a very famous actor and he knew Paul Newman and Robert Redford since he appeared in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. My father died in 1952 and this was the same year Henry Jones appeared in the movie,"Women Say No" but some of the old Germantown Hound-Dogs might disagree with that title. There was another famous Prep Actor by the name of Henry Gibson and he lived in Germantown and went to St. Vincent's. In Germantown, Henry Gibson went by the name "Jim Bateman". Many of us on this site, knew his brother,Tony, who also went to The Prep and North. You went to SFA with Dave Glancey and he was an actor and performed in various plays at St. Joe College. Your SFA Classmate,Frank Baggs Klock,also went to St. Joe College and you must have read his latest poem on this site-"The Three Explorers",Jack Brogan,Joe Lynch,and your old classmate,Tom Lynch. Another great writer from St. Joe is Joe Queenan,a humorist,and he grew up in The Eastfalls Project which is not far from our old neighborhood in Germantown. I did go to your old neighbor's Funeral from Clapier St.-Al Patrizi. Jack! Keep posting and I will tell Brother Ken that you are still posting some good stuff.
Bruce Schmiit [02-21-2012]

Dan Hartnett - Anche parla l'italiano? Penso che lei sia il stesso Dan che ho conosciuto 6 anni fa a le classe d'Anna Maria. If you're not the same Dan I apologize, but you sound intelligent enough to be him. And also from East Gtn.
Jim Schaefer, grew up in SW Gtn. [02-20-2012]

Lou Giomo and Joe Lynch. Your posts made me remember being at the New Lyric on Saturday afternoon with my peashooter and a pocketful of peas. That is a metaphor of our neighborhood. Italians and Irish. We got along. The only thing that separated us was food. Italian kids pitied us for what we ate. They believed a list of great Irish chefs was a very short list. Trout knew that. So did Dom and Larry Rinaldi and Ralph Gatto. They laughed at us about our food. Even Mrs. Guarinello laughed. She called us Irish in Italian as in, “Bobby, you should bring that poor Irish boy home for a meal; he’s nothing but bones.” Her Bobby, Trout and I were in Sal’s, drinking cokes. Mrs. Guarinello laughed knowingly with her sister Mrs. Powers and her friend, Mrs. Raffaele. All three were there. A few weeks later Bobby brought me up the street from Happy Hollow to the corner of Knox and Logan and Mrs. Guarinello’s table. After I listened to Bobby (she always called him Bobby) play rock and roll on his upright piano, we moved to the dining room for our supper. I think it was chicken cacciatore. Marone. Mrs. Guarinello was right. My own dear mother instantly became the worst cook in history. Chicken cacciatore. God help us. With linguini. Everything my mother cooked after that was definitely dead to me. We had boiled tongue at our house. My mother said, “The rich people in Chestnut Hill eat this, Jackie.” The tongue looked up at me, a whole tongue, little bumps and all. My indigestion didn’t go away until I was drafted. At. Fort Dix the Italian kids were complaining about the food in the mess hall. I said, “Pass that down here, son.” I gained 10 pounds in Basic Training.
Jack Brogan, Ya' gotta' dance while the music rolls on [02-20-2012]

Bob Eastside: I am an eclectic and reserved guy from West Germantown but I only drank Coke if you know what I mean. In my callow youth, I drank some Bad whiskey,ate some rotten bananas,and had some nasty coffee early in the morning but I never hung with Mary Jane and I stayed out of the rain if you get my 60's drift. My metaphysical thinking emanated from studying Metaphysics and Epistemology and not from some Psychedelic Experience. Too many college students got messed up in the 60's being influenced by Dr. Tim LSD O' Leary. Tim O'Leary and F. Gordon Liddy were both Jesuit educated and I was happy when Liddy busted O'Leary when Gordon worked for The FBI. These immature lads thought their metaphysical and spiritual experience could be enhanced by psychedelic drugs. Young people would wander to Texas,New Mexico,and Mexico in search of Peyote[Cactus] whose by-product was Mescaline which produced a psychedelic experience. In the 60's, my friends got high,dancing with beautiful people,drinking good liquor, smelling the roses,and eating decadent choclates and candies-no brownies please! Drugs can destroy our country- look what happened to Whitney Houston,Janis Joplin,Jim Morrison,and Elvis Presley. I've known many individuals who tried to do something about the drug problem in The US- including 2 guys from Germantown and SFA, Bud Ballard and Jim Bradley. Bud B. was affiliated with The PPD and had to deal with The JBM. Fernhillers might remember Jim Bradley and he was a brave member of The DEA. Mr. Eastside! I have to let you know that anybody who studied Metaphysics will tell you that Aquainas was "The Man".
John Bruce Schmitt [02-20-2012]

I read about many of Jack Smith's friends on this blog. I also knew Jack from his work at the GBC where coached me and many others in sports. He did more than coach boys, he molded us into becoming mature adults after our years at the boys club. We all looked up to Jack as a great athlete and one who served his country in the Army as a paratrooper.
Dave Linn, Blue n' Gold [02-20-2012]

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