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January 11-20, 2012

To the teacher-bashers: on the front page of my local paper today is a photo of a recent HS graduate who is rejoicing that she's been accepted into her chosen university course: primary school teaching. She said, "I've wanted to be a primary teacher ever since I started year seven - I like kids. I hope at the end of the degree I have better knowledge, practical experience and will be ready to have my own classroom and teach kids well." She's planning on living on two-minute noodles for the next few years to be able to afford to live away from home and attend a great university. Very commendable.
Catherine Manning Muir, Literate because of good teachers and good books [01-19-2012]

David Micklosky - We were friends. Like you I was born 1950 and graduated from SFA 1964. I hung out at Knox and Hansberry in '64. I was in a band, first, The Features, then, The Soul Society (the audacity, 5 white boys playing Sam & Dave, but our inspiration were the Sole Survivors. We went to see them at Irvine Auditorium, Janis Joplin with Big Brother and The Holding Company followed them but we had gone to see the Sole Survivors. Arthur Brown (Fire!) opened the show and he climbed the curtain until the security made him come down). Rich Lezinsky (sp) played lead gutiar, I played bass, Roger Warren from Schuyler palyed rhythm. Barry (?) who lived across from the Hollow played drums in the Features. Rich from K&A was a year ahead of me at NC. Rich always had a car. His long-time girlfriend lived on that corner. Can’t remember her name. She had a younger sister (Pat?) a brunette that I had major crush on. I remember a great party at their house in maybe 1967. In ’64 I would give my neighbor from Erringer Place Pinky McDermott a ride on my bike to and from Knox and Hansberry to hang out with you and others. We had some great times.
Del Conner, Later played at Doc Watson's as the Saddle Sores [01-19-2012]

I grew up in St. Vincent's----my family has deep roots in Germantown.My grandfather was baptized at St. Vincent's in 1893.When someone dies I send a donation in their name to the parish---they do good work,they need the money and it means something to me.Try it .
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [01-19-2012]

Since everybody was at the Ray Charles concert at The Latin dancing on tables, who was hanging on the corner that night? Paul Anka once kissed my wife at a concert 30 years ago at Valley Forge; that must count for something. I met Tom Gola once, Lauren Bacall in New York, was in the same room with Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates (does that count?), guarded Rick Barry at Miami, asked Tim McCarver a baseball question, shook hands with Ed Rendell, governor, got a book autographed by Harper Lee, am 2 degrees of separation from Lance Armstrong,saw Sergio Franchi (remember him?)at Wanamaker's looking through a book,saw JFK in a motorcade at 17. It's not much, but it's a life.
Joe Lynch--Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. [01-19-2012]

CMM: Any hungry sharks down there that could use a Snooki or 2? These clowns make Al Capone look good!...Joe P
Joe Passanante, LaSalle High '65, West Point '71, LaSalle U '89, LTC (Ret) [01-19-2012]

Hi BeBe. Sorry to hear you have some health issues, isn't getting older fun? LOL! At least, we are still sucking air & annoying folks.I've had a few TKR's & Revisions to the knee, but otherwise doing OK.Injured my left knee, during a rocket attack, in Nam. I think about the old days at HH. I remember you standing for me, Confirmation at St. Mike's. You were a good friend of my parents.Living here, in Phoenixville. about a mile or so from Rich. I see him,once every year or so, at the local drugstore.Keep well.
Joe Melchiorre, 64 years young [01-19-2012]

Bor: In your 1/18 post, did you mean Roberto Guarinello? Or is this senior moments?
anonymous [01-19-2012]

Hi BEBE. It's great to see you here. I'm a few years younger than you, but I got to play in some of those great HH football games in the fall. Your younger brother, Richard, and I were best friends growing up.
Bonnie (Joe) Gatto [01-19-2012]

Being a teacher for35yrs, I can't believe that so many of you are bashing the teaching profession.You all talk as if you are in a position, that what you say comes from experience as a teacher.The work involved, requires, at the least, 10 to 12hours a day of preparation & teaching in the classroom.Believe me,dedication, not money, is the main reason for being a teacher.Teachers are essential for all your accomplishments in your field of work.Think,before you speak unkindly about the very people that taught you to be a success at your profession. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr G DOS [01-19-2012]

LYNCH- Just stating the facts and a potential money saver, so don't shoot the messenger.That same precious cargo bought school tokens and took the ptc, el, subway, hitched or walked the way I remember it. I take it you had a little yellow bus. I put my big boy boxers on and called them Joe.
Gman [01-19-2012]

Bor, your allusion to lack of water comes not from Shakespeare, as I'm sure you know, but from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Rime (sic) of the Ancient Mariner', written in 1834. The stanza reads, " Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink." I remember reading this, and reciting it aloud, in English class at CA many, many years ago, under the erudite Sr. Franceline. So many of us owe so much to a Catholic education and the intellectual discipline it imposed.
CMM, Sweltering in Outback Oz [01-19-2012]

Jerry McKeon, Your last blog was quite pithy and so informative about people and places in West Germantown. You mentioned that Frank Crawford played pin-ball at Cabbage's on Morris Street. Frankie C. could have been The Pin Ball Wizard of Germantown if he had more money but he certainly fed that monster[the pinball machine]. We know the two venues that burned a lot of money, the corner- store at Greene&Logan and Cabbages's on Morris St. Frankie C. must have been creative to tell his parents where the money went. He had to tell his parents that he was mugged or something like that. Frankie C. must have learned from that experience since he had a great career in finance. Like you and Frankie C, I played pin ball and had my shoes shined at Cabbage's in Pulaski-town. I talked with Cabbage about boxing and the old pug knew a lot about women which makes him a genius. Ed Loughran,the brother of Tom Loughran,the great boxer, talked with me and Cabbage about the talent of his brother. Cabbage admired the talent of Sugar Ray Robinson. You are one of the few bloggers from St. Madeline's on this site. They did not have good teams but John Gillespie went there and was All catholic at The Prep for 2 years and his father was the great football coach for North. I played against John Tiller from St. Madeline's and he played for LaSalle High and St. Joe College. Your friend,Frank Crawford, knew Ed Biff Halloran and The Halloran Family attended St. Madeline's. The Halloran Family were great entrepreneurs and owned Conduit Construction Company. St. Madeline's was located in a nice part of Germantown and I was friendly with Frank Selgrath from St. Madeline's and he was a smart guy and obviously, he received a great education at your former school. You went to St. Madeline's but you had many friends from Saint Francis including Tom Cusack who is a great dancer like yourself and Sid Payne. Jerry! It would be great to see you at a Germantown reunion at The Buck where many of the guys knew Franny Walsh whom you knew from Morris St.
Bruce Schmitt [01-19-2012]

The mission school concept could prove quite interesting. "Saying there was no way tuition alone could sustain such schools, the commission came up with a concept for these mission schools that will explore strategies for alternative funding from corporations, private donors, and foundations." Will the archdiocese make concessions to the corporations that make donations, such as naming schools, gyms, classrooms etc, like many pro teams do with their stadiums, such as Citizens Bank Park? Could there be a Pep Boys High School in the future? More important how will the money collected be divided? How will grads of the different schools of the past, feel about donating to just any school?
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [01-19-2012]

Joey Lynch....Hamlet???You are losing it Pal Joey.Shakespeare is rolling in his grave.That passage was from Antonio Guarnello from the Merchant of Happy Hollow.The Goo was always quoting Shakespeare.He inspired Jay Kelly to teach Shakespeare in college for 30 years.By the way,despite no natural snow,skiing is great at Camelback.All but three trails are open thanks to snowmaking.Expecting several inches of the white stuff Sat.in the Pocono's.Come on up and I'll buy you a beer.
Paul Borian, Water,water everywhere but not a drop to drink. [01-18-2012]

Hi, I went to St. Francis 1964 and hung at Knox & Hansberry sts. Anybody out there who remembers me . Send me an E-mail and I will get back to you bye
David Micklosky, now living in Lebanon Pa [01-18-2012]

Frank M, I'm glad you're still cutting hair. It was great hearing from you. We were so lucky to live in the neighborhood we were in. I remember the good old days and our church, St. Michaels of the Saints. and also the Germantown Boys Club. It's a shame all good things come to an end but we still have great memories. I just stopped playing softball following a small stroke. I really miss it (and delivering bread. It really kills me to buy a loaf of bread.) Your friend, BEBE Rossi
Joseph Rossi [01-18-2012]

Paul Borian, Thanks for the kind words and compliments you made about me. Talking about good ball players, you and Ollie Powers were the best hardball players in the neighborhood. In fact you were the only hardball players in the neighborhood that were our age. Do you Remember the last time we talked? It was at Ernie Palumbo's nightclub/restaurant where I was a part-time maitre-d. We talked for a couple hours. I think the girl you were with wasn't too happy with our extended conversation. I sure do miss HH. It was a great place to grou up with so many friends. I miss seeing you and the gang. Have a great New Year, BEBE Rossi.
Joseph Rossi [01-18-2012]

Lou G. Thanks for thinking I was a good ball player. You gave me a Big Head. I miss HH and all the fun days. I hope things are going well for you. Please keep in touch. It's good to hear from someone from the old neighborhood. BEBE Rossi
Joeseph Rossi [01-18-2012]

Monk McCauley: I know that Bor[Paul] and other Hollow guys are happy that you are on this Germantown Web-site. Brogan's cousin,Joe Lynch,is astonished that Paul Borian, Mr. Baseball of The Hollow is now Hamlet of The Hollow. My brother[Ken] met Bor and thought he talked like a Philadelphia lawyer and not The Old Hollow Jock- A Jimmy Binns if you will. You knew many great Hollow Athletes-in baseball, Paul Borian and Rocky Raffaele,in basketball, Ollie Powers,and Jack Brogan. You played football in the playground and Bor did not like being blocked or tackled by you. The Hollow guys were tough and competitive in sports. Nobody wanted to guard larry Rinaldi in basketball-he went to the basket hard and quick. The poker games at The Hollow could be tense with some scary looking dudes competing-Rocky,Shangy[Joe],Bor,Nicky[Abber],and Larry-he had an Asian nickname and I want to be politically correct. In your last post, you mentioned your cousins,Mike Peale and Vince Weikel. They were good baseball players and I remembered them from the lower field at Fernhill Park. If I recall, Vince was older and a mentor to Mike P. I was a grade ahead of Mike at SFA and Bob Durkin had the rep for being the brainiac of that 1956 SFA Class. I always thought Mike Peale was intelligent and articulate and I read the posts of Joe Lynch who writes in a professorial manner-excellent for an old jock from Fernhill. Mike Peale was an outstanding student at St. Joe and a good friend of Dave Heil- a corner boy of Manheim U,Wissy&Manheim. Manheim U guys played ball at The Armory at Wissy& Hansberry and the games could be combative-especially with the concrete floor. One day, a Manheim U guy[Harry Brown] lost his teeth in a game and his friend[a marine] attacked me. It was getting good, jabs and overhand rights, when Sgt. Miles who ran the armory intervened. There was a relationship between your cousins,Mike P. and Vince W. and Sgt. Miles-possibly married to a relative. Sgt. Miles got my brothers,Ken and Rick, into that Army Reserve. However, I was drafted and I could not have a lunch-break at The Continental which was across the street from The Armory. I went to Dave Heil's Funeral, a great guy and I wonder if Mike knew that Dave had passed away. Monk! Keep posting and your cousins were good people although I have not seen them in too many years-this is one cool site and you know what I mean.
JBS [01-18-2012]

Hello G-towners! I've been reading the posts about the Latin Casino in Cherry Hill, N.J.. I was there only once,in 1976, to see the "man" Frank Sinatra. I had seen him in concert in A.C. the year before and it was an incredible night in the old convention center. Now I had the opportunity to see him in a more intimate venue, the Latin Casino. He appeared with Buddy Rich's orchestra. My ex-wife and I left early to stand in the line outside the Latin, when we heard someone shout out to us. It was a relative of my ex who just happened to be in the front of the line. We joined them; pretended we were looking for them so as not to appear as though we were crashing the line. We talked about how to get a great table and of course that involved tipping the Matrie D, so we chipped in $20 and gave it to the guy when we entered. He put us center stage, right behind the Sid Mark table. Unfortunately, there were about 8 other people at our table and it made for a crowded dinner but what the hell, it was Frank Sinatra. When the dinner was over and the music started, the anticipation was electric. He came out unannounced and just started singing. Needless to say it was a great night listening to the greatest entertainer of the 20th century. Ten years later, I took a different wife to a Sinatra concert at the Spectrum in Philly; 18,000 people all standing and clapping for him. We had seats right on the floor, about 15 rows from the stage. He was outstanding and he closed the show with his version of Mack the Knife that brought the house down. I saw him about 6 times altogether, the last being in 1990 at the Spectrum with Sammy Davis and Liza Minelli. He was starting to forget the lyrics and he had difficulty with his voice at times but it was still a great show. I'm still a huge fan of his and have most of my I-Pod filled with his music. Take care everybody!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [01-18-2012]

There was some mention awhile back that St. Martin of Tours School has been designated a "mission school". Here is an article that explains just what a mission school is. Still can't get over St. Martin of Tours.... Once such a large and strong parish. Many police and firefighters once called Oxford Circle their home. Their school was 2nd to MBS in students enrolled, becoming 1st with the quick demise of MBS and Southwest Philly. And, it was not that long sgo either..... Part of my astonishment is that I know Oxford Circle well, and remember what it once was. My family moved not far from there when they moved out of Germantown. Like Germantown, Oxford Circle was a wonderful neighborhood that met with serious decline... Here is the article CLICK
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-18-2012]

Yo Buck, say it ain't so, you say you love Philly but root for the Giants and Yankees. Art Museum! Are you sure you're the same Bucky Durney from Germantown?
25 W. Penn St. [01-18-2012]

During the early 50's it was essential for guys to have a DA haircut(loaded with Wildroot)a pack of cigarettes rolled up the sleeve of your T shirt-pegged pants -pistol pockets-blue suede shoes (ALA FLAGG BROS.)& a car with dual mufflers that sounded like thunder when revved up--COOL CATS!
Lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [01-17-2012]

Charles Carr: It is good to have a poet like you on this site since so many Germantowners appreciate poetry and respect the soul of a poet. You also have an appreciation of not only art but also religious art in that you mentioned the religious art of Thomas Eakins which resides at The Eakins Room at The Seminary. Thomas Eakins was one of the greatest American Painters and A Philadelphian. I was so happy when Eakin's Greatest Work,"The Gross Clinic",remained in Philadelphia. You lived not far from Lincohn Drive&Wayne where one of the great Art Collectors in The World lived-Henry McIlhenney. This Germantown Gentleman had a great eye for Fine Art. Mr. Henry McIlHenney gave much of his vast collection to The Philadelphia Art Mseum. As you know,there were some great dancers in Germantown, including Sid Payne who was always on Band-Stand with The Geator. Mr. McIlHenney gave The Little Dancer by Degas to The PAM in honor of his mother-Frances. Henry McIlHenney was not the only famous Germantowner who lived near Lincoln Dr.&Wayne-Connie Mack lived in that neighborhood and went to St. Madeline's. Is it any wonder that Jerry McKeon always liked baseball. Another guy, The Great Gatsby of Germantown, Edward Biff Halloran,also lived in that neighborhood. Jay Gatsby drove a Rolls Royce like Biff Halloran and The Biffer was a flamboyant guy,whether hanging out in Tony Mart's in his youth or holding court at The Halloran House In NYC which he owned. My basic observation is that we knew so many unique characters in Germantown-both East and West.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-17-2012]

GMan, you're a pill and bitter about something in your life. Bus drivers carry our most precious cargo--children. Would you have minimum wage drivers drive the kids home after their shifts at Mc'Ds? Tell us your name and take a stand. I can respect that.
Joe Lynch--Put your big-boy boxers on and deal with it. [01-17-2012]

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Nancy Dambrosio? Nancy lived on Rockland St.across from SFA schoolyard-she was my girlfriend for about 2 months in the early 50'S. CURIOUS! -Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Mr.G DOS [01-17-2012]

Everybody couldn't have been at the Latin to see Ray Charles, could they? I was at the Latin in Jersey only in the 1070s, the disco era, to chaperone a prom. Atlantic City had a robust night-club scene in the 1950s, as I recall, the 500 Club and, I think, the Rat Pack. About the best we could do was Zaberer's or Hogates in O.C. or Busch's in Sea Isle. Also, why is Paul Borian talking like Hamlet? Has the lack of snow driven him crazy like the Dane? The Blog is much more fun when people don't throw their politics on-line. Teachers, "Buss" (sic) drivers, pensions--people work hard for years for their money. Why belittle them? And when was the last time you like Tom Cusack stood on a table and danced the night away? Sister would not have approved.Neither, the Msgr.
Joe Lynch--Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy. [01-17-2012]

> anonymous, right about the schools or the priests?
denise Duckworth Tumelty [01-17-2012]

Jerry,Dont spread the word about pinball.Still trying to live it down.Lol
Frank Crawford [01-17-2012]

MONEYBALL - great movie - any other recommendations ? - some of these posts are putting me to sllep - no disrespect
BobEastside [01-17-2012]

Tom Cusack: We might have been at the same Ray Charles show. I can still see the folks dancing on the tables. It was really a great show.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [01-17-2012]

To class of 1957 from SFA hard to believe that we will be out of there 55 years come June. Time sure does fly. We do have some wonderful and funny memories from there. Ronnie Carmody McIntyre
Ronnie Carmody McIntyre [01-17-2012]

Tom Cusack: We might have been at the same Ray Charles show. I can still see the folks dancing on the tables. It was really a great show.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [01-17-2012]

I just got finished reading Carrie Hagen's book "We Is Got Him" about the Charley Ross kidnapping in 1874. It's a wonderful read!
Beth Tafel Shuster, resident of PennKnox for 26 years [01-17-2012]

I was at the Latin in the early 60's also seen James Brown there was not one person siting in there seats. He rocked the house.I seen quite a few acts there but none like JB.
Rich, Huntingdon Valley [01-17-2012]

Permit me to ramble, I spent the 2nd through the 8th grade at St Madeleine Sophie school on Green street. I was an alter boy and remember Connie Mack the manager of the Philadelphia A's coming to the 11 AM mass on Sunday and then going right to the ball park in his three piece suit. Our 8th grade class of boys(8)was so small we had to use the 6th and 7th grade kids to have a football team. I remember Holy Rosary trouncing us at Waterview? rec center, a lot to a little many times over the years. My grandmother lived at 5228 Morris street and I was at her home a lot when I was younger and made friends with Frank Crawford, Frannie Welsh and Carmen Volpe. As kids we would climb the short wall at the cricket club on a Saturday morning to meet the young Phillies baseball players who stayed there. I remember Cabbage (a friend of my uncle John) when he had the little shoe shine place next to Ben Hom's Family Fish store on Queen Lane, before he (Cabbage) moved to the bigger shoe shine place and store on Morris Street across from Hassis bakery (not the store front on Queen lane). I saw the story about Frank Crawford spending his money on pin ball machines, I remember him spending his dad's shoe repair money one afternoon at Cabbage's. We rented a house between my grandmother and the Crawford's for a couple of years before we moved into our first house that we owned at 1156 E Price st in 1955. I remember the parties at John Incarvito's house in e Gtn with the Lennon's and the guys from Fern Hill, Tom Cusack, Alan Good and Bob Kephart if memory serves me. My first cousins Mike and Joel McKeon lived on Chelten ave near the shrine and they were part of the Garabaldi club scene as well as the corner of Gtn and Chelten. Enough for now the Chianti is kicking in Jerry McKeon
Jerry McKeon [01-17-2012]

Denise, you are so right!
anonymous [01-17-2012]

Joe, I hope you are speaking tongue-in-cheek about the teachers, schools, & unions.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [01-17-2012]

I too saw Baby Ray and the Raylettes at the Latin Casino but it turned out to be not so good a night. Oh don't get me wrong, Ray Charles was divine, it was the med student I was on a first date with who got up on the table and danced - but he had NO rhythm and it turned me off completely. Now I know this must sound shallow but I couldn't help it. If you're going to get up on a table and dance on a first date, make sure you you're not rhythmically challenged for heavens sake! That's just me.

DMcG- Another group of parasites in the school systems are the buss drivers. They work approx. 5hrs a day, 9 months a year with paid holidays, including religious holidays. Most have health care and pension plans. The real kicker is they collect unemployment in the summer for 3 months. What union negotiated that deal? Small wonder why so many seniors on SS are driving school busses. Stop the madness.
Gman [01-17-2012]

WOW! All these "stories" about me. I love Philly and Germantown and we get to Phila about 3-4 times or more a year. We spent this past weekend there, staying at the Hilton on City Line Ave and going to a bar in Manayunk called "Grapes" where my nephew (my sisters's son) was playing w/his band and releasing a new CD. In his spare time he teaches in South Phila.Believe it or not spent Sunday at the Art Museum--Take that Joe Lynch. However got home in time to root for the Giants. When you live where I do one becomes a Yankee and Giants fan. LaSalle High was a special place and I will always be grateful to have been able to go there. It's true--Crowley and I were always in trouble However still have great friends that went to NE Catholic and Cardinal D. that I try to stay in touch. Now able to read all about SFA people. Great!
Bucky Durney [01-17-2012]

I was also at the Latin Casino in the early 60's to see Ray Charles ... an absolutely electric night. The place was packed and when Ray started, there were a lot of people dancing in the aisles, on the chairs, and even on the tables. Interesting that the audience was both black and white ... a rarity at that time ... and everyone was watching a truly great performer and enjoying every minute of it. I wish I could remember who my date was that night, but I am sure she had a good time ... I think I was with Gerry McKeon and his date but I can't remember ... too many party days in Margate years ago have erased some of my long term memory.
Tom Cusack [01-16-2012]

Alan Conner, You have a really good memory. I can't believe you remembered my husband's name. I remember running into you years ago but I didn't remember where. I hope I didn't act to foolish. I haven't heard from Muriel in a couple of years. I do hear from Lila at Christmas.
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Lived in Germantown 1947-1971 [01-16-2012]

DEDICATED TO THE MANY INTELLECTUAL GERMANTOWNERS WHO POST ON THIS SITE.....In sooth I know not why I am so sad.It wearies me,you say it wearies you;But how I caught it,found it,or come by it,what stuff tis made of,whereof it is born,I am to learn;and such a want-wit sadness makes of me that I have much ado to know myself.
Paul Borian, He,who laughs last,thinks slowest [01-16-2012]

O,Dennis McGlinchey, how right you are! What are the taxpayers thinking? "Most teachers enter teaching for a job and a paycheck." And, teachers "get everything they can from the taxpayers." And those Unions. . And you forgot, they produce illiterates. No profitable corporation could be run the ways our schools are run. Teachers take the money and run. The taxpayers build these Taj Mahals with swimming pools, give the teachers three months off every year with no accountability in the classroom. And step-by-step yearly raises? For what? Yet. . .I had a teacher in 4th grade who showed me a kindness I have never forgotten over these 60 years. I had a high school teacher of fiction and poetry who lifted me out of the darkness. I had a college professor who treated me as his equal and gave me the confidence I live by. I pay taxes to Radnor Township for the schools, and I haven't had children in them for 25 years. Little Matter. May the students of Radnor find the mentors, teachers, and counselors to guide them, laugh with them, point the way. May they emerge from their schools with kindness, knowledge and confidence. . .and the ability to swim at least one length of the pool.
Joe Lynch--Brog, you were my teacher. [01-16-2012]

Joe Lynch, just learnt that you are teaching alongside one of the greatest pedagogues born and bred in Philly-one John Connelly. John was a Woodrow Wilson scholar at Princeton and a major impact person on my going to postgraduate studies in Ireland-he had done some work at Fribourg University in Germany and he encouraged me. I recall a welcome home from the war night in Dirty Franks Bar at 13th Pine downtown when i was presented with a volume of Lawrence Ferlingetti's "A Coney Island of the Mind". His mind is worth picking Joe!
Jim McKernan, Professor, Greenville NC [01-16-2012]

Don't let Bucky Durney defend himself on this Blog. His offense against all nuns, priests and faces of authority continues to this day. His wit gave the nuns a lotta agita and dinnertime conversation. Only Sister Grace Winifred understood his Darrell Hammond [SNL] persona and she cut him some slack. The other nuns, dedicated as they were, never realized his potential for mayhem. And they thought Ronnie Manzo and his "Rebel Without a Cause" pose was the problem in establishing class order.Bucky was an altar boy (I think, or a choir boy) so his cover allowed him to disrupt the solitude and devotion of many a Mass, many a Novena. In my 1961 high school yearbook, across his picture he wrote "Take Care of You-Know-Who/Because She Belongs to Me Too." That caused me considerable trouble with my girlfriend.He flirted with your dates unashamedly in your presence. He would tell shocking jokes and abruptly leave the conversation with the girl in pain from laughing. At LaSalle, he would ape a Papal Procession at the Vatican (with acolytes, mind you) and give The Blessing to all the smokers in the Pit. (Maybe, you had to be there.) With Denny Crowley, they were Mayhem at any party. Wherever they were, that was the party. The motto of LaSalle is "Virtus et Scientia" (Virtue and Science). Those two had neither. Like Ken Kesey they attracted an assortment of merry pranksters and kept the moveable feast alive wherever they went on the road. If you ever get the chance to spend some time with Durney and Crowley, don't! They'll steal your wife, lie to your children, drink your Michelob and steal your Waterford. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
Joe Lynch--A Man of Means, by No Means [01-16-2012]

Regarding the school closures, I think we all can agree it is being done, because of financial shortages in the different parishes. Furthermore it has been suggested that the main reason for this, is because of the dwindling number of Catholics that have left the religion, resulting in smaller donations in the collection basket. I personally am not surprised or shocked at this happening, and quite frankly am a little surprised it didn't happen sooner! I remember reading a Time magazine article some 45 years ago, when I was in the Navy, about the "Demise of the Catholic Church". The article basically said that, for the first time in the history of the Church, the cause of Catholics leaving the religion, is because of internal problems, and not external i.e. feeding Christians to the lions etc. Since I have been on the Internet, and have made contact with other high school Catholic grads, I was really surprised to hear how many have left the religion. They found spiritual fulfillment with other religions or became Atheists. Even the rare practicing Catholic, was what is considered a "Buffet Catholic". In other words they picked and chose what doctrines they would adhere to.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [01-16-2012]

Jack Brogan, A LaSalle Explorer: You must be pleased that so many LaSalle guys from Germantown are posting on this Germantown Web-site. Recently, Tom Cusack whom you knew from SFA and LaSalle recruited Jerry McKeon to post here. Tom&Jerry who both loved ice cream and dancing and were a couple of chick-magnets. You and Sonny Kennedy did quite well at Happy Hollow with the ladies but Other LaSalle Guys ruled supreme at Fernhill Park-Cusack,McKeon,and your cousin,Joe Lynch. There were other LaSalle guys at Fernhill including The Pomfret Brothers, Rich and Ned who were friendly with Duncan Hubley,the great GA soccer player and coach. I last saw Ned Pomfret in Kaiserslautern,Germany in the 60's. We were hanging out in a bistro and a Big German Bully was beating up on a guy over a Fraulein. Ned asked me to assist him in an intervention and I thought that this LaSalle Guy was so compassionate. Ned was endowed with good looks and you know the rest of the story- LaSalle Guys were too smooth. Duncan Hubley and I played ball at The Armory,Wissy&Hansberry and The Yanessa Brothers would stop there. The Yanessa Brothers lived on the same street[Midvale] as The Pomfret Brothers and they all went to LaSalle High. You were a classmate of Tom Yanessa who was All-Catholic in Football and graduated from The Naval Academy with SFA Classmate-Ken Duckworth. Tom Yanessa left the Navy to be in The Army during The Vietnam War-he liked action. When Tom Y. left The Army, he joined The FBI and had to be member of The Swat Team since he was more John Wayne than John Wayne. I last saw him at Frank Yanessa's wedding with a cocktail in one hand and a cigarette in the other other as he entertained me and a hot blond about various commando-type operations. His brother Frank was also All-Catholic Football at LaSalle and rocky-looking but was a friendly guy who liked horses and gave me good info at The Track. Colonel Joe Yanessa was a very reserved kid but he drank that G-town water and was A Fighter-Pilot for The United States Marines. You and Cousin Joe Lynch knew all these LaSalle Characters. Joe Lynch recruited another LaSalle Character on this site-Bucky Durney. Bucky knows another LaSalle Guy,Dennis Crowley,and you went to SFA and LaSalle with Joe Crowley who had a rep for being a brainiac. You probaly knew Bob Durney who was in my brother's class at SFA along with Bob LaValle and Vince Higgins,another great football player for LaSalle and Tex Flannery,another SFA Guy. Bob Durney and Vince Higgins were in The LaSalle Class of 1957 with Vinc Pannepacker of Glenside whose father owned a major Florist Shop. All The laSalle Guys needed flowers for the Proms but you and Joe Lynch probaly went to The Paris Shop at Wayne&Seymour. I applaud all the talent that came out of LaSalle and you and Paul Borian were also Hollow Guys-great nutters if you will. At the last G-town Reunion, Bor spared me since he and John Fowler were doing their thing- they entertained me and Brother Ken-another Prepper.
JBS [01-16-2012]

Completed a 5K this morning. I little crisp, but, I guess being in FL. I'm not allowed to complain.
John Payne [01-16-2012]

Dennis McGlinchey, what evidence do you have to support your claim that "most (teachers) enter the profession for a job and a paycheck"?
anonymous [01-16-2012]

When the Church bemoans the lack of priests in the United States, they do not mention the 50% of the population which is cut off from the opportunity to become priests - women. They also do not mention the other large percentage which is not eligible for the priesthood because they are married. As I read the Bible, I see that two of Jesus' trusted circle were women - his mother & Mary Magdeline.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [01-16-2012]

Dennis et al > I will not get into the teacher debate because if you have not been there - done that, you really can not speak with knowledge about the subject and it is a no win situation. There is a long history of all unions because of the mistreatment of those who are now the members. When I started teaching in 1966, I had my Master's degree and a year's experience. I was paid $5000 and paid my own medical insurance. Even though I attained a doctoral equivalency, it was only in my final years that I was paid a reasonable salary. The money I spent on my classroom was not tax deductible and a teacher's family usually needed 2 salaries to be able to live even close to middle class. Many of the best and the brightest leave/left teaching for industry where they were paid more and their work respected. This is just the beginning.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [01-16-2012]

Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh I agree with you that Mrs. Brandt, our 6th grade teacher at Filter was excellent. My feeling is that she was the best of all the teachers we had at Filter. I don't know where my little brother got that idea in his head. Do you think maybe big brother was mess'n with his mind? I don't know but it would not have been the first time! I remember running into you and your husband Charlie at a party at the Venetian Club in Chestnut Hill. I would say maybe 1970? That was a fun night and made more so to see you two together. Say hi to Charlie for me. Also say hi to your good friends Muriel and Lila. I had a crush on both those lovely ladies back in the day. One question Dorothy. How did I miss you? Only kidding and besides Charlie is bigger than me and would kick my skinny you know what.
Alan Conner [01-13-2012]

I also saw Myron Cohen-----seems like we ALL did---the big question is who opened for him--I know it was a female singer -BUT what was her name?
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [01-13-2012]

Don't let those denials by Bucky Durney turn you away from the truth. He was an assassin all those years at SFA. He would make you snort with laughter during the sacred moment of the Concecration; he'd double you over during the Angelus with a roll of his eyes. At lunch, you'd spew milk from your nose. No icon was safe in Bucky's presence--nuns and their fetishes (clean floors, grave-side quietude, window shades perfectly drawn). Everything was open to ridicule and Bucky's classic understatemtnt.He was devastating without being mean. Girls got the brunt of his jokes without knowing it. We boys got the humor.I think girls thought he could do no harm since he wasn't a bully. He'd imitate the priest in confession, the Pope on the balcony blessing the masses, the nuns and their clanking beads walking down the aisle among the bold articles. I stayed back, watched his m.o., and learned to be funny a la Bucky and used his schtick my whole life in the classroom. I am getting him back now; he would want none of this revealed, but anyone who knows him knows that, despite his success in life, he's still a subversive kid, smoking a cigarette, standing in the cold, making fun of the May Queen in the SFA tower.
Joe Lynch--Stabat Mater Doloroso [01-13-2012]

A senior moment; got my St. Martins mixed up. I did think it odd because I know that SFA became a mission school (St. Martin de Porres) long ago. Joe Lynch, someone here defined a lay teacher as someone without teaching credentials, which was not correct, hence my explanation. I'm sure 'lay teacher' doesn't begin to describe what you are and do. Inspiration, role model, mentor... and so on would be more like it. I smiled when you mentioned Bucky Durney because I remember him being a bit of a larrikin. Glad to see his reply. Teachers these days are forever reminding their students to take responsibility for the choices they make. As though you could choose not to laugh when Bucky did something funny!
CMM [01-13-2012]

Jack Brogan: Small world story. Dippy Carosi was my wife's cousin . I got to know him well after we got married in 1975. He played ball and officiated up until the last years of his life when he suffered from some sort of dementia. The last years of his life were sad.
Louis F Pauzano, 70yrs So. Phila. [01-13-2012]

Mike Deely, Like many Germantowners, you enjoy reading the great posts which appear on this site. Recently, there have been great posts about the closing of Catholic schools,unrequited puppy love in a Catholic school in Germantow,poetry from a Germantown Poet,Charles Carr who also mentioned The Eakins Art at St. Charles Seminary, and we read about The Cohens,Myron and Leonard-the former,a comedian,and the latter,a song-writer. You mentioned Francis Scott Key since he was a cousin of Francis Scott Howell S.J. who is a friend of your brother,Father John Deely,and Rev. George Bur S.J. who is the president of The Prep and my former classmate at The Aforementioned Jesuit School. Francis Scott Key was also the cousin of Francis Scott Fitzgerald,the great writer. I wonder if some of the bloggers from SFA who experienced unrequited and unfulfilled love, read Fitzgerald's great body of work-"Tender IS The Night". As you know, Fitzgerald also wrote, "The Great Gatsby". Ed Biff Halloran,a West Germantowner,who was a well-known figure in NYC and owner of The Halloran House where The Geator and Pat Sweeney from St. Benny's hung out. Biff Halloran was The Great Gatsby of Germantown but he was not killed in the swimning pool and I must ask,"What Happened To Biff? There were many characters from Germantown and we are fortunate that many former Germantowners are posting great blogs on this wonderful web-site.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-13-2012]

Bucky Durney, where have you been hiding these past 40 plus years? Was just at a GBC Reunion last week with about 20 old timers from the club, including Mickey McGroarty.
Dave Linn, 25 W. Penn St. [01-13-2012]

Many of the parishes in the inner city have been subsidized by the collection baskets of the wealthier churchs in the city, and churchs in the suburbs, for years.I take up the collection on Sundays, in my parish in Schwenksville. I've noticed that there are many people who watch the basket go under their noses,on a weekly basis, with no attempt at a contribution. Who can judge these people, because no one knows their financial situation, or why they refuse to contribute. There was a parish in Mount Airy, on the news, after the announcements, that was complaining that the school shouldn't be closed. I don't remember the name of the school, but the enrollment was all black. The kicker is that none of them are Catholic. Something wrong with that picture, me thinks.I guess that it's classified as a missionary school? The cost of a catholic education,today is very high. Astronomical if you have two or more children attending.The new high school in Limerick, St. John Paul II, costs over $6000.00 dollars a year for tuition, only.If you choose to play a sport at any of the Catholic High schools, you have to by your own uniform and equipment. I notice the people with children, putting an envelope into the basket, most likely with part of their tuition. We all went free to SFA. I know that being one of eight children,we wouldn't have been at SFA at $5000.00 dollars a year (plus).Thank God for the good nuns who taught us ! The pastor at my parish is almost 75 years old, and he was told that he won't be allowed to retire, because there isn't anyone to replace him. I am sure that this isn't an isolated case. What is going to happen when we no longer have priests for all the parishs to say Mass on Sunday?? We'll probably be watching Sunday Mass on television, and eating white toast, for Communion. St. Charles Boromeo seminary only has 65 seminarians studying, according to the one that came to my church, last Fall.
ed burke [01-13-2012]

MONK, thank you for the information on Micheal PEALE. I was able to get his address and telelphone number from Telephone directory. BUD
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, sfa 56 & nechs 60 [01-13-2012]

The lifeguard. In the spring of my freshman year at La Salle College, Jim Henry, the athletic director called me into his office. Mr. Henry showed me a picture in the Germantown Courier. It was a picture of me shooting the ball, of course, during the Happy Hollow league championship game. The problem was I was not allowed to play in a local league because of NCAA rules according to Mr. Henry. To make matters worse the caption on the picture said I was Joe Roach. I’d used the same alias Paul Arizin used in the South Philadelphia Barn League. I don’t know why I did that. Mike Macher took the picture of course and also included my outlaw name in the caption. Mike had a great sense of humor. Mr. Henry didn’t think that was funny at all. He told me how this Joe Roche was all through at Happy Hollow and how I needed to get out of Philadelphia and go to Wildwood for the summer. “John,” he said, “Do you know how to swim?” I told him I was a great swimmer. Meaning I’d passed the two lengths of the pool test at the Germantown Boy’s club so I could go in the deep end. I didn’t tell him about the times people saved my life. Boo Durkin from Brickyard pulled me out of the Germantown Boys Club pool one time, and a kid named Jamie Schubert from Nicetown (lower Green Street) snatched me from the Wissahickan Creek as I was going down for the third time. “Sure, Mr. Henry,” I said. “And I have lots of experience with how to save people too.” That’s all it took. June 15 to September 15 that year I found my self with a red shirt, blue shorts, a whistle and girlfriends. I remember standing on my lifeguard stand blowing my whistle. I was waving to people who were out too far. I was telling the people to come in closer to the shore. The whole while I was thinking, "You better get the hell in because if you start to drown I’ll never be able swim out and save you." Nobody drowned so it's funny story.
Jack Brogan, ting, tang, walla, walla, bing bang [01-13-2012]

If you wanted a good table at the Latin Casino, you had to grease the palm of the maitre d, Marty Bloomberg. Legend has it that he cold tell the denomination of the folded bill that was given to him, without even looking at it.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [01-13-2012]

Denise, regarding your comment, "Most teachers do the job for the love of the children and pride in the children's success".... True, there are probably some, maybe many, who enter this profession for this reason. But, most enter the profession for a job and a paycheck. They are unionized to fight for everything they can get from the taxpayers. They time their contracts so that they can strike just as school is about to begin, to give themselves a bargaining edge. They hold hostage those that you say they love so much, the children, until they get what they want from the district and the taxpayers.... If there is one union that is still effective these days, its the teachers unions.....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-13-2012]

It is always sad when a school or parish is closed. I remember when Bevilaqua closed all those parishes in North Philly in 1993. I was angry at that move, feeling the Catholic Church was turning their back on the poor. This time around, I’m sad, but not angry. Odd as it may seem to me, I do understand that they are moves that have to happen. Folks are fleeing the Catholic Church in droves. Those that remain, don’t participate as they did in the past. I heard it mentioned that Sunday Mass attendance is down to between 20%-25%. We are, as the good and gentle Fr. McGee said in my Religion class at CD 40 years or so ago, “we are a pagan society”. We were astonished at such a remark and argued the point, to his amusement, but I now see that he was so right….. Tuition cost and affordability puts Catholic education out of reach of many Catholic parent s who might otherwise consider sending their children to a Catholic school. Tuition only covers part of the cost of education at the elementary school level. My current parish, if my memory is correct, tuition covered only about 60% of the educational costs, with the generosity of the parishioners covering the remaining 40%. At least in my parish, you have to be Catholic to go to the school. But, in Philadelphia, there is less of an emphasis on being Catholic to attend the school. My opinion, why should the parish and archdiocese foot the bill to teach non-Catholic children, just because parents want them to have a better education than the public option that is available to them? The closures do impact me personally. IC is closing and I am part of the Friends of Immaculate committee that worked so hard to raise funds to keep it open, and I must say the alumni and former parishioners have been very generous over the years. But, you can only do so much when the parishioner numbers continue to decline. The school in my current parish is closing. A new school will be created at that site with two other nearby parishes. What a fine school that was and one that provided my children with a great education. I had the option of a good public school district, but opted to forego the benefit of my school taxes and pay for a Catholic-based education for my children. I have absolutely no regrets…. But, they were down to 175 enrolled, so I was sad but not shocked by the news. While there are a lot of families with kids in the parish, I guess the parents feel why pay for something when you can still get a quality education that is already covered by your taxes. With change, there can be pain. We have seen a lot of change, and pain. The Germantown we knew and loved is a shell of what it once was. Many of the elementary schools we went to are closed or closing. Parishes we once belonged to are closed or closing. For some of us, the high schools we attended have closed. Many of the places we knew and have such wonderful memories of are closed. Philly in and of itself isn’t what it was and what we knew and remember. And, so on and so on…. As we have been doing, we just accept the change and move on with our lives….. We’ll always have our memories, which live on in blogs such as this, reunions, the FOI website, etc.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-13-2012]

Mon,Mike Peale is a lawyer but not in Washington Crossing.Hes managing partner with Timoney Knox and my cousin.Hed located in Fort Washington
anonymous [01-13-2012]

Jack Brogan at the Latin to see Myron Cohen? What's wrong with this picture? Jack went to Jersey to lifeguard at Wildwood with Dippy Carosi and to play ball at Kenney's Yard in the Crest. Dippy died two years ago, one of the Philly legends. For what, I could never figure out. Tell us John, open up, about Dippy and the lonely girls who followed your career at the Jersey Shore.
JJoe Lynch--The old days weren't always so good, tomorrow's not as bad as it seems. [01-12-2012]

The Latin Casino. I went there with Joe Gallagher when we were both 20 (underage) to see Ray Charles. The deal was you could get a bottle of Canadian Club and setups for a fixed price that we could afford. The Latin was crowded and even though I mentioned Joe Bops at the door, we were assigned to a back row. Joe Gal stepped up and told the guy we were reporters for "Downbeat Magazine." The guy escorted us to our seats. I rested my elbow on the stage and watched Ray sing "What'd I Say." I turned my head and looked up at the tables behind us. All white people up on the tables shaken' their tail feathers. Joe was a smooth operator.
Jack Brogan, Act like I'm only one got a car around here. [01-12-2012]

Since Joe lynch as well as others always blamed me when the got in trouble I must respond that they need to take ownership of thier behavior.However at SFA I seem to alyays get a C on my report card re: behavior. Is SFA still open? First I heard of the reunion in 2012--would love to get the info etc. Have stayed in touch and have seen Lynch, Crowley on a regulat basis but did see a couple guys at the LaSalleHS 50th. Since I heard about the Germantown blog from my buddy Mickey Mc Groarty I have looked at it a few times and enjoyed seeing the names. Denise Duckworth who I see is a often "contributor" ran into my sister Joanne in Ocean City where we still spend part of the summer. LOts of great memories of SFA and Germantown Boys Club and most of all Trinty Luthern Church Dances.
Bucky Durney, Live In Morris Township NJ. Two married children Imale/female) 2 grandchilren.Been married 44 yrs to Linda who I met in Somers Point and is from Hamilton Square NJ. [01-12-2012]

OMG, I'm one of those culprits, a lay teacher with tertiary credentials in an accredited school! All these years I've never had a title. Wendell Berry says "A teacher's greatest contribution may pop out anonymously in the life of some ex-student's grandchild." I shoulda went to the NBA when I had the chance.
Joe Lynch--Teach your parents well. . .Your father's health. . . [01-12-2012]

I just received some sad news this morning.. Terry Kelly from Morton Street (Cowtown) and St. Vincent's passed yesterday from a long battle with cancer.. Her Sister Anita (Neaty, told me she went peacfully.. Please keep the family in your prays Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [01-12-2012]

Myron Cohen, the comedian, died in 1986. His 'schtick' was to make fun of immigrant dialects, especially Jewish. Although he spoke perfect, cultured English, he was a master at capturing the ethnic accents of the Jewish citizens of New York City. One of his jokes was this one: "Woman comes home to husband. He's making love to another woman. She is outraged, throws him out the window. He lands outside, splattered on sidewalk, bones everywhere. During the police investigation, she was asked, "Why'd you do that?" Her reply: "At his age, if he can make love, I figured he can FLY!" He was a frequent guest on the Ed Sullivan Show. We watched it every Sunday night, sharing a pint of ice cream bought at Kodner's.
Catherine Manning Muir [01-12-2012]

It seems that teachers always take it on the chin. They are blamed for just about everything that is wrong with society and receive little respect and less pay - whether they teach in Catholic or public school. I taught for 37 years in public school and then substituted in the Catholic schools for about 5 years after i retired. Most teachers do the job for the love of the children and pride in the children's success. The few who did not teach for these reasons, did not stay in the profession very long. As doctors, lawyers or plumbers have different styles and capabilities, so do teacher but without teachers, there would be no doctors, lawyers or plumbers. If you can read this, thank your teachers no matter where you went to school.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [01-12-2012]

CMM - St. Martin of Tours is on Oxford Circle & has been a mission church for years. SFA was changed to St. Martin de Porres years ago (about 25). I believe it was not affected by the closings.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [01-12-2012]

Ronnie Carmody McIntyre: I remember distinctly when we were in 7th grade, the mother superior coming into the classroom to announce that Mary Clare Hunt was once again selected for the top job in the May festivities. (Was there a flower bearer from each class?)I recalled it being May Queen, but of course it couldn't have been, as the May Queen would have been an eight grader. I wasn't there in 8th grade (had transferred to CA) but I'm glad to learn after all these years that Pat Mockaitis was May Queen from 'our' class. An excellent choice.
Catherine Manning Muir [01-12-2012]

Del Connor, There were two 6th grade teachers at Fitler that I remember. Mrs Rightson(spelling?) and Mrs Brandt. I had Mrs Brandt and she was excellent.
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Lived in Germantown from 1947-1971 [01-12-2012]

In response to the elimination and merger of some of the Catholic Schools and the dramatic downsizing of Catholic education in the Philadelphia area, one has to question whether the Archdiocese has put everything on the table for consideration. I am immediately struck by the specter of St. Charles Seminary in Overbrook that sits on many acres of valuable real estate. Has the Archdioces considered the sale of this property and moving the seminary to a simpler, less ornate location but one which would continue to support the mission of the seminary? Further, my recollection is that the Seminary also is in possession of several Thomas Eakins paintings, which at public auction would fitch a lot. Again if we are facing a funding crisis for the Catholic Schools, why hasn't the Archdiocese and it's Committee put everything in play here? And speaking of St. Charles, were any of you lads attending CDHS in the 60's offered a summer swim in the marble pool at St. Charles by one of your teachers?
Charles Carr [01-12-2012]

Orville Ballard: Bud! I see that you found the location of Larry Farrell from SFA and Knox&Hansberry. You have such visual recall in that you remembered the gold stripes on the big blue Buick that Mr. Farrell drove. You had to have the coolest car on The PPD when you drove a big Plymouth Fury with gold stripes. I don't know if you rembered Ed Biff Halloran from West Germantown but when he was a regualr guy, he drove a Plymouth Fury. If you had worked for The NYPD,you would know Biff from his activity in the concrete business in The Big Apple. One day, Biff was driving his Rolls Royce to Florida and he and his beautiful machine just disapeeared. I often hang out with some of Biff's friends from Norwood Academy and Malvern,and it is a mystery what happened to him-we can only conjecture and speculate. It is interesting that you live in Hatboro and you are car guy and Hatboro was The Crusing Capital of Pennsylvania back in the day. I knew larry Farrell's older brother,Joe,and he worked in a gas station in Hatboro. I am looking forward to another G-town Reunion at The Buck. I mentioned in a post that Jerry Blavat operated Memories in Margate but he also has a gig at The Buck. We were Germantowners but we visited many neighborhoods in Philadelphia. You,Al Patrizi,and Lou Pauzano knew not only Germantown but also South Philly. You knew professionally a lot of the heavy stuff that went down in South Philly and ended up on S. Broad St. at The Pennsylvania Burial Company where Angelo Bruno's Viewing took place and The Geator was so saddened since he was so close with The Gentle Don.
Bruce Schmitt [01-12-2012]

Bud Ballard: Mike Peale has/had a law practice in Washington Crossing,he's my cousin & Vince Weikel,though younger than me, is my uncle. help stamp out & eradicate superflous redundancy...Monk
monk [01-12-2012]

CMM ­ the mentioned St. Martin of Tours School is on Roosevelt Blvd at Oxford Circle. Odd that it is now referred to as a “mission school” when just a few years ago it had the highest enrollment in the archdiocese. Like Germantown, Oxford Circle is not what it once was…. The IC-St. Athanasius School is not affected. SFA/ST. Vincent School is now known as DePaul and is not affected. This is just the start folks…. The parish closing announcements will be next and expect the news to be as bleak as the school closings. IC parishioners have already been notified that that the parish will be closing. Don’t know if the SFA parishioners were told. St. Vincent’s will once again become the lone Catholic Church in Germantown. Personally, I’m holding out hope they keep St. Benedict’s open. I have strong family roots in that parish.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-12-2012]

I think people are missing the most important underlying fact with all the closures. What all this tells me, is that there are fewer and fewer families that are practicing Catholics in Philadelphia. I think the reason for fewer practicing Catholics is because baby boomers, that were raised and educated Catholic, left the religion. If the city had more practicing Catholics, there would be more money in the collection baskets, which would lower the tuition's, which would result in higher enrollments.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [01-12-2012]

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