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December 1-10, 2011

On Christmas, my mother used to make a pudding with a cream topping.It had nuts and raisins, currants and candied fruits--the usual quantity.And it was toppped with the most delicious cream, and we waited all day (really, all year)for that first taste. We opened the Lit Brothers' socks, sweaters and ties for school (see Ralphie in A Christmas Story). We had this confection of cake/pudding only once a year after the turkey dinner, then we went back to the set of trains in the living room. There was not much room in our row-home living room on Fernhill Road, what with the live tree, the trains, mounds of wrapping paper, my brother Tommy's Grundig stereo (a thing of beauty!), the Emerson 12-inch TV, the afternoon visit of Johnny Fries and Neil McElroy, a bottle of Jameson's Irish whiskey magically appearing, and Friesey trying to get my father Maurice drunk.He usually succeeded, much to my mother Kathleen's chagrin. There was joy in that Christmas pudding, though, I think it was Cross and Blackwell we had to thank for the English pudding. Jack Brogan might come down to see what the fuss was about. Kathy, the youngest sat quietly, doll on her lap. It was the only day of the year Jack's mother Agnes did NOT have tea with my mother Kate-- they being sisters from County Cork. That store-bought pudding (I have to admit.) is the one memory I can taste of those Christmas dinners, even now. Outside,we never seemed to have snow on Christmas Day, though we always hoped. We always tried to get to midnight Mass in the chill air, then, at home, we'd size up the packages under the tree, pleading with our parents to open them before we went to sleep. These days, all of the Christmasses in Germantown are rolled into one string of memories as if they happened on one Memorable Day. Nevertheless, the older I get, the more sharply I taste those raisins and currants and that cream topping. If you visited our table after Christmas dinner, you'd wonder just what was on that empty plate with the dollup of cream on the spoon. And you'd wonder why I was grinning so.
Joe Lynch--Christmas is the Day that holds time together. [12-10-2011]

John Bruce Schmitt: A while back you were praising a ceratin "bakery" in Lawrenceville, N.J...Could you, without compromising your integrity, divulge the name of such bakery..My eldest just moved to New Hope, Pa., and she fancies herself as a bit of a gourmet..I told her about your citation of the bakery...If you would pass the "name" along a lot of people would be appreciative...Thanks, Mike
Mike Deely, HHI, S.C. (older than dirt) [12-10-2011]

go army---beat navy!
Anonymous [12-10-2011]

To Naomi Vitelli. I grew up on 600 block of Stafford in the late 60's till 1983 i remember a Ms. Vitelli! Most of the Irish and Italians had gone when I moved there.
Linda Beard, Logan,age 49 [12-10-2011]

Teri Evans Ireland, No I lived over on Clapier St. Tina (RIP) was my cousin. Her brothers were Jerry and Freddie. Freddie lives in the Northeast. Alfred and me had plenty of fights when we heard anyone tease our Aunt. She was a fantastic lady with a giant heart.
Anthony Saladino, St. Mike's 69, CD 70, Frankford 73, Retired USMC 1996, & now living in Huntsville, AL [12-10-2011]

Jim McK, 8001 State Road is where Curran-Fromhold Prison is located. If he goes up State Rd about a mile or two he will find some nice condos and apts. along the Delaware river, it's a gated community.
Northeasr Resident, X Germantowner [12-10-2011]

Cooter: Bob Campbell,that I knew,graduated from SFA "55". He lived on Reger St. betwween Gtn. Ave. and Greene. He was a great golfer and I caddied with him at Manufacture's Country Club in Oreland. He was a good baseball player and had great defensive skills at short-stop which he played for North and I think that he made All-Catholic. John Granozio was mentioned in previous posts and John and Bob played at Manny's Country Club. Both of these Germantowners stopped at The Jarrettown Hotel which was owned by The Schmitts of Germantown. Have a great Christmas in beautiful North Carolina with a ocean,rivers, and The Blue Ridge Mountains.
JBS [12-10-2011]

Jim McKernan: This is in addition to my last post. Another place to try is "Salem Harbor" apartments located on State Rd. just north of Grant Ave. I think they may be a little more upscale than Delaire Landing and they have a lot of amenities.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [12-10-2011]

Hey, I think Squeak is still in the garage on Green street across from the post office.
Joe DePero, 54, st mikes 70, levittown [12-10-2011]

Goetz' Laundry at 5022 Wayne Avenue wasn't a laundromat. There were lots of machines, but Mary Goetz operated them, not the customers. She did a lot of business with working people who dropped off their dirty laundry in the morning and she washed, dried, folded and bagged it in tall brown paper bags for collection in the evening. It was never a 'laundromat' in the sense that you could do your own washing and drying. Eventually, when the 5&10 next to Mulvey's/Gillespie's Tavern in the 4900 block of Wayne Avenue closed, 'Sandy' Lai (who also owned the Chinese restaurant next door to Schenk's Bakery and the dry cleaners at the corner of Wayne and Seymour) put a laundromat in there. There's a pizza place where Goetz' Laundry used to be. A photo is at CLICK
CMM [12-10-2011]

I also am interested in any info. about Tommy Joe Murphy's passing. I was his neighbor. He lived directly behind our home on Seymour St. (He was on Knox.) Knew Tom and his parents for many years in 50's and 60's. Looked in Phillynews.com but couldn't find any obituary. Does anyone have any info? Thanks
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [12-10-2011]

Hello Frank Margiotti- John Granozio is alive & well & lives in Montgomery County PA. His sister Barbara is a friend of mine. Naomi
Naomi Vitelli [12-10-2011]


JOHN LENNON (12/8/11)


love always, dad.
FRANK KLOCK [12-10-2011]

Jim McKernan----I will try to explain the Thanksgiving Game---it began 10 years ago----youngest grandchild was 8---first year---write down the states---year 2-the state capitols-year 3 what state is the Garden state--etc--year 4 presidents-5-first ladies--6 outline of the states--fill in the names--the format changed---a game master was chosen(not a game player)-each player gives the master 5 questions-due 11-31----she puts a game together-they are delivered Thanksgining eve-SEALED!names are drawn-2 on a team---questions can be sports---Am. history-news-geography-if you win your picture is taken wearing the TURKEY HAT-----some of this years questions------Who was the only president to be awarded a purple heart?__-What player blew the red Sox chance of winning the World Series in 1986?-----What 2 states only have one consonant?---it's fun --we try to keep it general-not to obscure.
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [12-10-2011]

bob d'angelo, the name was getze . yes she did have a daughter named mary ann ! i also did her hair .the laudrmat was next to m morell house going south ! dr parker was on the other side of the s/l bank going north . above his store live a hairdresser name chippie she had a little boy and was devorced . christine collier and her mom also came in to my shop! her mom told me and i guess i am now starting to bragg a little but she said i should have been hanging around with the hollywood people ! mrs collier was a very nice lady she use to come up to my shop when i moved to roslyn .noy trying to dispute you but i worked there from 1960 to 1968 and belive me i loved every minute of it and it broke my heart when things changed and i had to make a move !i can also remember the photo shop that was there for a very short peroid of time . that 50 hundred block is locked in to my memory bank. frank margiotti.
frank margiotti, lanssdale pa. [12-10-2011]

Catharine Manning Muir: It is so ironic that you suggested a dilineation and clarification of the word,mustard, at the same time that Joe Lynch's cousin, Jack Brogan, was making satirical commentary about the vocabulary and language of Joe Lynch,Paul Borian,and yours truly. Mr. Brogan would not dare challenge your language on this site,since you are a quintessentilal wordsmith,a member of the literati,steeped in language and a student of etymology. You read my post about the newest member of The Immaculate Conception Hall of Fame. I was attempting to make the case for the purity inherent in the word,"Immaculate". I was bringing out the point that this gentleman was more than just a good guy but endowed with grace and goodness as he was praying the rosary for his departed friend,Ralph Siani of Germantown. I used the word,mustard, to bring out that this pious man had no dirty laundry and was devoid of blemishes and stains unlike President Clinton. If St. Ignatius was at The Pearly Gates, I would have used the military term, muster,since Ignatius was a former Military General. In my last post to John Payne,I discussed the culture that inhabits pool-halls and John is a former Marine. If I discussed John facing St. Peter at The Pearly Gates, he would have to pass muster since he is a former marine. With so many women in the military,these gals can put the mustard on the hot-dog and make muster at roll- call. When Bill Clinton was Commander-In-Chief, I don't have to tell you what condiment was on his Dress-Uniform and it wasn't mustard. Incidentally, I might have seen John McGeehan at The Continental on Thanksgiving Eve.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-10-2011]

Jim McKernan: There is a large apartment complex on State Rd. about 1/2 mile south of Grant Ave. and situated along the Delaware river called Delaire Landing. One of the benefits is that there is an excellent nearby watering hole and eatery, "The Three Monkeys" directly across from Torresdale train station which is on Grant Ave. right in off State Rd. I think this is one of your best bets. My mother in law lives in Delaire Landing and she is somewhat financially challenged but it is decent.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [12-10-2011]

John Payne: Your last post really resonated with me since I connected with your profound and nuanced use of the word,"Shot-down". Some Hollowites like to nut[bust] me about my pedantic vocabulary but I did have have a life disconnected from libraries,books,and academic Institutions. In my callow youth, I did visit Allinger's on Market Street and I was not the only dude with a jacket. Some of these lads did not travel alone and Mr. Dillinger would be residing in their jacket-pocket-one could get shot-down verbally,financially,and physically-I did get your drift. In Buenos Aires,there were beautiful Billiard-Parlors on Florida Avenue and the patrons dressed liked movie stars as their girl-friends watched their Rudolph Valentinos in pin-striped suits chalk up their cuesticks-make a move on these ladies and instant shoot-down. John! The secret to any game and especially the game of life, is to keep swinging and stay in the game and know what games you have the probability of winning. In Florida, some of the venues can be treacherous. One must not navigate the waters where Sharks swim. One must also avoid the turf where aligators roam-one must survive and stay in the game. You are living and frequenting places where former residents of Chicago now live. Do not underestimate these opponents-especially ones from Cicero where a lot of stuff[mustard] took place. You were friends with Dickie Masterson and his brother Muggsy knew that area well. Back in the day, I liked to take trains to The West and stop off and hangout in Chicago. I liked to have dinner at Cafe Bohemia with a Czech Artist and I learned later that Mike Muggsy Masterson tended bar there. There are a lot of lesons to be learned from your favorite game. In 8-ball, if you are knocked down 7 times, make sure you have gotten up 8 times. In 9-ball, be a Kat and have 9 lives-you get my drift. Brother Ken still likes the game and plays everywhere-Fels Point in Baltimore and Fairmount in Philly. Being a reserved guy, I disagree with many of the venues that he chooses to chalk his cue-stick. He still has a steady stroke and uses mostly top-spin and does not draw that much. I do share his philosophy to always stay in the game. John! Stay the course and may you continue to chalk up the old cue-stick for many more years.
JBS [12-08-2011]

As the debate rages on regarding the laundramat on Wayne Ave., it was Goetz's, and was near the optometrist office of Dr. jacob Parker. Their daughter was named Maryann Goetz, who I believe went to St.Francis and was friends with a girl named Christine Collier ( a redhead )who lived on Pulaski Ave and also went to SFA and Little Flower( Class of 1964 maybe ).
Bob D'Angelo [12-08-2011]

i would like to know if john granozio is stiil with us ? i knew big john and played with him at the germantown boys club .at the boys club i remember jim frazer who was avery good soccer player and i belive later on went to play pro football . the boys club had some very talented ball player . some guys i belive if the timeing was right could have made the pros ! frank .
frank margiotti, lansdale pa. [12-08-2011]

Jimmy Mckernan, I believe the area is close to Bensalem and i also think there is an apartment complex called Korman Suites ... i cant say i know anything about them but, i have passed them passing through Bensalem ... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-08-2011]

JBS...you mentioned a Bob Campbell in your last post - would he be one of the Campbell brothers from Tacoma st. right off Seymore ?
Cooter in NC [12-08-2011]

Hi,I just read about tommy joe murphy passing.When did he die?Where did he live?
gtn girl, gtn 63 [12-07-2011]

"Remember Pearl Harbor"
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62, Viet Nam '65, Pearl Harbor 64-66 [12-07-2011]

JBS, you made me laugh with your 'pass mustard'. I think you meant 'pass muster' unless you were in a picnic mood.
CMM [12-07-2011]

Joe Lynch: You guys from the Hollow use haughty words like inadvertently to make us feel inferior don't you? You and Borian and JBS with your intellectual comments make me use my dictionary all the time. I agree with those who say Happy Hollow is fulla' arrogant jug heads. This last week when you guys were sulking, has been lots more interesting. We now know where every store on Wayne Avenue was located and who worked in each. I'm looking forward to next week's listing of the conductors on the trains at Wayne Junction starting with The Mayor, Mr. Clemmer. Anybody remember Bobby Primus who went to Saint Michaels. Great kid. Went to La Salle High School with me. His father was a stone mason. I can't think of a single kid from St. Michaels who wasn't a great kid.
Jack Brogan, Tom Brady is arrogant I bet [12-07-2011]

My son, Ross, and his new wife, Abby have just returned from Ireland. Ross will be transferring to a green/eco recycling post at the unit on 8000 State Road. I think that is near I95 I am not familiar with that area outside Philly. Could anyone please write to my email if they have suggestions on housing near that address. I think Ross would consider renting until he finds his feet -perhaps buying. If anyone knows of good diggs, or friends who rent, please write me. I am glad he has found work-now finding a home is the trick.Cheers Jim
Jim McKernan, professor [12-07-2011]

cmm? the lady who owned the laundromat her name was mary and you spell it one way but i belive it was getzs. she came to mt shop for all the years i was there? her husband was very sick and i belive confind to a weel chair and then to a bed ? joe lynch the person who told me about her mom? sign it anonymous,so i just followed her wish ? getzs laundromat was 2 doors from my shop going south on the west side of the street. my shop, card shop. mrs morell's house then getzs laundromat. she was from upstate hazelton pa i . there were a couple houses then bowman and morell, then old man kodners drug store . i do not profess to be the best speller or the best typist, so if i make mistakes please forgive me but i am sure you all will get my message . frank margiotti
frank margiotti, lansdale pa. [12-07-2011]

Lou Pauzano, I enjoyed your post of 12-3, where you mentioned that your dad had a machine shop behind my Grandfather and fathers blacksmith shop on Wayne Ave. Honestly,I never knew that was your fathers profession, even though our families have been linked together for many many years. I fondly recall your Grandfather when he worked in the blacksmith shop. My Dad thought the world of him. We have an old photograph of all the men who worked in the shop and he is in it.I also recall the "Manzo girls ", they were all so kind. Also, my godparents were Tony and Anna Di Salvio, and they bought our house on Keyser St.,when my parents moved to Newhall St. I was 5 years old at the time.I also remember Chip and Sue Manzo, they would visit us often at our house in Wildwood. And lastly, I have the fondest of memories of your dear parents, and visiting your home often when I would play with Peanut after school.They were wonderful people.
Bob D'Angelo [12-07-2011]

Lou Giorno: I must commend you on your laudable post about your good friend,Frank Margiotti, who is a walking encyclopedia-especially about the shops and stores on Wayne Avenue in West Germantown. In another post, you mentioned John Granozio as being one of the best pitchers from The Brickyard and although you were a great hitter, you and all the other hitters could not get a hit. I have a different take on John Granozio. John G. was one of the greatest hitters from SFA,LaSAlle,GA,and Temple University. At SFA during his time, there were legendary guys-John Berkery[businessman],Ed Kane[Lawyer],Jack Scanlan[[football],John Flaherty[Physician],Jack Murphy[famous bartender. John Granozio should be in The SFA Hall of Fame since he achieved fame not only in athletics but he had a successful life and career. Incidentally, John G. is in The Temple Hall of Fame. John Granozio was an outstanding athlete in 3 sports-baseball,basketball,and football. At LaSalle High, he played on great teams, helping The Explorers to win Champonship Games with his clutch hitting. He attended GA and was All-Interac in basketball. He competed against your friend,Rich Kohler of Penn Charter who was also All-Interac. John G. was one of the greatest hitters to play for Temple,if you will,The Joe DiMaggio of Temple. One year, John hit over 400 for Temple-extraodinary. I am not done yet. John Granozio played for Temple under Harry Litwack with super players such as Guy Rodgers,Hal Lear,and Jay Norman-Temple was the 3rd best basketball team in the country. Like you,John was in The Educational Business-A Guidance Counselor for Upper Dublin High. John G. married a woman from one of the most elite families in Panama-Arias. There was more than one President Arias. I went to St. Joe with Enrique Arias. John and his family lived on a beautiful home overlooking Manufacturer's Country Club in Oreland. Obviously, John was a good golfer and a member of Manny's which has a beautiful course which I observed as a caddie with my friend from SFA,Bob Campbell. At A Germantown Reunion at LaFontana's in Hatboro, I met Barbara Granozio,John's sister-a charming lady. Mr. Granozio owned a bar on Shedaker St. in The Brickyard and sold it to Jim Stabilito who was my friend's father. Hopefully, I will be having lunch with Jim Stabilito Jr. at The Spring House Tavern-down the road a piece from you. Lou! You were correct that John Granozio,a lengendary figure from Germantown should be mentioned on this site,and I hope that I have amplified your request.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-07-2011]

Joe Lynch...when I wrote to Frank, I did mention my Mom's name, but forgot to post mine..mistake correctd. Thanks
Teri Evans Ireland [12-07-2011]

Anthony Saladino..did you live on the 5100 block of Keyser ? Is your sister Tina? I lived 2 houses from Alfred and Mary...then moved to 5013 then to 5100 block of Knox next door to the Forgiones.I loved Mary, she bought me a broom and we would sweep the pavement and street everyday.
teri Evans Ireland [12-07-2011]

Peter Coyle, thanks for confirming. John was a name that kept coming back to me with that family. He was 2, maybe 3 years older than me, so you are right when you say he would have been in an IC class in the later 1960s. Mike Deeley, those words are far too kind to ever apply to me. But, thank you. JBS, funny you should mention Rev William Byron, as his name has already been recommended for consideration for induction into the IC Hall of Fame. There is a backlog of worthy candidates, but I expect he’ll get in eventually if not in 2012. For anyone here from IC, know that the 2012 IC Reunion is set and will happen on October 14, 2012. Check in from time to time to the IC website for details, which will be posted there as they become finalized. Here is a link to the reunion page. http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com/2012%20IC%20Reunion.htm
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [12-07-2011]

What an inadvertently funny line on the Blog: "Anonymous, I remember your mom. . ." We all make istakes, I guess
Joe Lynch--You're a mean one, Mr. Lynch [12-06-2011]

Frank Margiotti, you must have read my mind because you answered my question in the same batch of posts. You said you were there 1960-68, so how come I just can't picture your shop? A real blind spot in my memory bank. Did Goetz' Laundromat come in after you left?
CMM [12-06-2011]

Dear Mr. McGlinchey: Your articles in re Immaculate Conception Parish are really astounding...I keep referencing your articles to my brothers in Japan, Delaware and Georgia...Keep it up, please, for you may be the most influential Irishman" in provoking memories since Barry Fitzgerald. Thank you, Mike
Mike deely, older than dirt [12-06-2011]

Hi Linda Fontana, Thanks for the info. on the Germantown reunion. February sounds great! Naomi
Naomi Vitelli [12-06-2011]

Lou Giorno, My friend Barbara Granozio is John's sister. I've heard some great stories about John. Germantown is known for it's good people & great stories! Barbara & I enjoyed the Germantown reunion at La Fontana's. Looking forward to the next one. Naomi
Naomi Vitelli [12-06-2011]

Jim Money and Dennis McGlinchey, you are both correct. Jim Harnett was in Jim Money's call along with my cousin, Bill Duffy. Jim Harnett's younger brother was John. He was younger than me, I am class of '65. I would say he was in one of the late sixties classes. Their father's murderer was never identified that I am aware of.
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [12-06-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey: You have been and still are connected with one of the great Catholic Institutions in Germantown-"Immaculate Conception". My Irish-American Mother,Marguerite Bradley, attended IC on Price St. in Germantown, and Immaculate Conception on West Ave. in Jenkintown. Immaculate Conception is a wonderful church in Camden. There is a magnificent Ukrainian Cathederal of The Immaculate Conception on Franklin St. in North Philadelphia which Pope John Paul visited. There is also a wonderful Immaculate Conception Church in Buenos,Aires. One of the largest churches in The United States is The Basilica of The Immaculate Conception in Washinton DC. Your old Church,"Immaculate Conception", has a name which permeates in Philadelphia,The United States,and throughout the world. Joe Coll has been inducted into The Immaculate Conception Hall of Fame in Germantown. I last saw Joe Coll at The Funeral for Ralph Siani, A Germantown Barber, at St. Luke's in Glenside. Joe Coll was saying the rosary at his pew,and obviously he was playing to The Blessed Mother and connecting with God. Joe Coll is a very pious man and devoted to his faith. He will pass mustard when he meets Saint Peter at The Pearly Gates. I would be remiss if I did not mention another person for The Immaculate Conception Hall of Fame- Rev. William Byron SJ. Father Byron was The President of Catholic University,Sranton University, Loyola University,and St. Joseph's Prep. Presently, he is a Professor of Business and Ethics at St. Joseph University in Philadelphia. Rev. Byron is a brilliant scholar,dynamic and charismatic and is the author of numerous books and articles. Brother Dennis! You are a Man of Faith, Father Byron would inspire you with His Grace and May You Walk With The Lord and feel this Grace and spread The Good Word.
John Bruce Schmitt [12-06-2011]

Bud, I am Wayne's cousin I should have told everyone that his daughter Amanda Armstrong-Mendez is looking for stories about Wayne.. Sorry for the confusion..Erda
Bud Ballard, From the Westside of Germantown [12-06-2011]

JBS: I get shot down all the time at our Friday Night Tournaments. :)
John Payne [12-06-2011]

Mr Hartnett was shot and killed in a armed robbery. They recovered the murder weapon in the sewer in front of his business. His son's name was Jimmy. IC class of '61 with me.
Jim Money, 959 E Chelten Ave [12-05-2011]

Frank Margiotti, now I know where your shop was, i.e., 4th from the corner of Wayne & Seymour, going north, between the card shop and the S&L, but for the life of me, I can't picture it. Was it where Goetz' Laundromat was later on? Somewhere along there a photographer opened a shop and had a big sign painted that misspelled the word 'photographer' so that it came out 'photograther'. I think that was one of the earliest instances I can recall of noticing signwriters' spelling errors. And, yes, the doctor across from your shop was Dr. Anastasi, who was our family doctor. You mentioned you were there for 8 years. When was that?
Catherine Manning Muir [12-05-2011]

No one ever mentions a great baseball player from Brick yard,namely,John Granozio. John played semi-proball & had a try out with several major leagues teams (he was that good ).When he played against GBC, I was lucky to draw a walk & got hit by a pitch ( it still hurts )HA HA! He pitched a no-hitter against us that day-he was one of the best pitchers from brick yard. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, mg dos [12-05-2011]

Teri Evans Ireland Alfred DiFeo is my cousin and Mary was my Aunt. Did you live on Keyser St? Alfred and Aunt Mary lived with my grandmother at 4929 Keyser and My Uncle Denny lived across the street. Up near the corner the Capone's lived. There is a fb site growing up in the 50-60-70. If you go there you can upload the pics.
Anthony Saladino, St. Mike's 69, CD 70, Frankford 73, Retired USMC 1996, & now living in Huntsville, AL [12-05-2011]

anonymous ! i remember your mom ! sandy evans ! wow it seems like yesterday, she was a real good customer . and a nice person . i got to say to all who come to this site that were from that area . i am the last person i guess who is stlli here that was one of the merchants that can tell you what was going on at that time 1960 to 1968 ?maybe there are still some old timers who are still here,but they are not on the computer or don't know how to use one .but i do think must of them are not with us anymore sorry to say. well if i can answer any questions i will be glade to do so as i ( thank god )still have a pretty good recall on people and places .i am 76 and still cut hair at my sons shop in plumbsteadvill . i go when ever he needs me . frank .
frank margiotti, lansdale [12-05-2011]

There was a garage on Green St below School House La owned by Squeak DiCandino and his brother Anthony. They only did auto repairing and refurbishing. Anyone remember the people or who hung out their?
anonymous [12-05-2011]

John Payne: I was overwhelmed by the fact your nick-name is "The Red Baron", who is probaly the most famous pilot of all time. However,The Red Baron did die in the cockpit. John! I have not seen you since the 50's when I would see you shooting hoops at The Hollow. Like The Red Baron,you had a red hair and it is amazing that you can be still called "The Red Baron". My brother is a pilot and he would have to be called "The Bald Eagle" if you know what I mean. I went to A Hollow Reunion, a few years back,and Joe Lynch,in a professorial tone,reprimanded me for calling you,"Junior" and now you have a classic nickname,"The Red Baron". You worked for John Berkery,the famous entrepreneur from Germantown and he would be impressed with The Red Baron Label since you were probaly flying when you were driving one of his big boats. Actually both of you guys resembled The Red Baron- this a compliment since I would not want to piss you guys off, my mother did not raise any fools. Your friends from The Hollow, Hollowites if you will, had many unique nicknames-Rocky Raffaele, Goo Goo Guarinello,Bor Borian, Sharpy Felice, Ba-Ba Murphy, Baggs Klock, and your brother,The Cisco Kid.John! You must be in The Hollow Hall of Fame with The Best Nickname-"The Red Baron".
Bruce Schmitt [12-05-2011]

Trank Margiotti--I liked your tour of the businesses on the 5000 block of Wayne ave. You rekindled memories of many of the names for me. Interesting I never noticed Kramers whole sale candy store.
Jack McHugh [12-04-2011]

JBS, you recently mentioned Joe Coll and The Glenside Pub. Just wanted to mention that Joe was a recent inductee into the IC Hall of Fame. This is a new IC reunion tradition and he was among the first to go in.... He's a really good guy. Here is a link to his induction bio page... http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com/hall_of_fame.htm
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [12-04-2011]

Dan Hartnett, not only did I misspell the last name, but I got his first name wrong too. The broker killed at his Marple & Clemens real estate office was James J. Harnett Jr. He was killed around 1967/1968. He lived in the last house on the 1100 block of Rittenhouse, right at Anderson Street. Linda Fontana might know the family and remember the killing. He had a son that went to IC, just a couple years older than me. I thought the son's name was John, may be wrong on that. Here is a link to a 1963 ad on James Harnett's real estate business on Chelten Avenue. CLICK
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [12-04-2011]

Attention Erda Armstrong Graham. I knew your father Wayne Armstrong. We were both into Drag Racing. We both hung out at the Hop Shop at Broad and Godfrey. We were a group of about 25 to 30 guys who started a Hot Rod Club in 1960. Go back to the YOUR THOUGHTS on 1-17-2011.There additinal story about your Dad. Bud Ballard
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, sfa 1956 & nechs 1960 [12-04-2011]

Frank,my Mom Esther(Sandy) Evans came to your shop almost every Saturday...in later years she would say "No one has ever done my hair like Frank"
anonymous [12-04-2011]

Hello, I was just going through some old pictures and came across pics from 1964 on Keyser St..Alfred DeFeo, little Mary,Johnni Yanni inside his Geandfathers Shoemaker shop..remember the Mocking Birds?..Yannis corner store...In 1964-65 I was climbing on our porch, my brorher Michael and Johnny Yanni were there..I fell and cut my head open..my Mom carried me to the corner where a bunch of guys hung..a really nice guy drove us to Germantown Hospital...whoever you are, if you read this...Thank You ! Teri
Teri Evans Ireland [12-04-2011]

Amanda Armstrong-Mendez: I knew Wayne Armstrong a few years ago-the 50's and the 60's. Wayne was a "Car Guy- he liked to fix them and drive them hard. He liked to ride bikes-The Big Ones. His corner was King&Laurens where the garages were located. He worked on cars with The Pinto Brothers,George Weller,Chicky Fez, Jimmy COllins,Bottles Parsons,and he knew other people including Frank Regan and Bob Colsten, the wild and crazy Biker.Your dad could drive hard but not crazy. Bob Colsten lost his life on the highway. Vera Canavan had a ride with Bob Colsten and probaly knew your Dad from St. Vincent's. Your dad knew many bikers and car people and had common sense. I had an argument with a biker and your dad helped smooth things out before a battle erupted. Your dad had a great personality and never looked for trouble. With his personality and technical skills, he developed a lucrative business. He was well respected and liked in the car-business. I know a guy from West Germantown,Captain Bud Ballard[PPD] and he worked on cars with Wayne at a garage near SFA and he spoke highly of Wayne. I last saw Wayne at Crane's in Ambler when he and your mother were having dinner. If I recall,your mother's father had Klock's Butcher Shop at Wayne&Manheim where Lou Pauzano worked for many years. Your Grand-father,Skeeters was a member of The Continental and attended the picnics for the holidays. Your Grand-parents worked at Midvale-Steel where my Brother Ken had a paper-stand. The Armstrongs came into my sister's Drug-store at Queen Lane&Laurens where Wayne's Bike would be belching as he roared up one of the great streets in G-town-Queen Lane. Simply put- Wayne Armstrong was a great guy and I know that he was a Great Father.
Bruce Schmitt [12-04-2011]

Rich Patrizi: I appreciate the info about Brother Al. Your Big Brother was always a good guy,friendly,and witty. He had many good friends-Tom Cusack,Bob Kephart,Pat McIlHinney,Jerry Mckewon,Jim Flynn and all his classmates at SFA. The Germantowners always have a good time with Al at The Buck when Germantowners get together- he even laughs at Cueball Cusack's stories and jokes. The Germantown guys are looking forward to see him again at The Buck. I have rounded 3rd,home-ward bound,and I will remember Al in my prayers on Sunday. If you take after Al and Brother Tony, you have to be good-people.
Bruce Schmitt [12-04-2011]

Lou from south philla, your mon Jean came to my shop and all her sisters (your aunts) rose, curry, tony, marie nick name marzy! the manzo girls!. peanut your brother al loved my gold chev 1962 inpala. there were so manny good people came to that shop. frank
frank margiott, lansdale [12-04-2011]

Vera, I remember your grandmother.... Shel lived next to Marge and Jim, her son. I lived right accross the street at 5534, with my grandmother who also came over from Mayo, Mary Stanton Frieling. However my grandmother cooked the turky brest up LOL Must be somthing about the west of Irland.
Bob Smith, 5500 block of Morris Street [12-04-2011]

Joe DeParo, I remember you, I talk with Freddy on FB maybe you can talk Jerry into getting on here or FB. I hope all is well with you, I enjoy this site very much.
Anthony Saladino, Huntsville, Alabama [12-03-2011]

Frank Margiotti, My brother forgot to mention that my uncles kids name are Jerry, Tina (RIP), & Freddy. I was up from Huntsville visiting my mom and she brought my wife to you to get her hair done... so you're a hit in Alabama too.
Anthony Saladino, St. Mike's 69, CD 70, Frankford 73, Retired USMC 1996 [12-03-2011]

Bruce Schmitt- I saw your post on 11/30 looking for info on my brother Al. He is doing better but not out of the woods yet. I told him you were asking about him. He appreciates your concern. Keep him in your prayers! Rich Patrizi
Rich Patrizi [12-03-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey: I have a younger brother, John Hartnett and we lived on the 900 block of Rittenhouse St. He is not the person who was murdered and is now living in Colorado. I am surprised that I did not know another person with that name, especially as we were members of Immaculate Conception and my brother went to school there.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [12-03-2011]

anyone remember danny shaw. from woodstock st.back east germantown
OLD EAST GERMANTOWN, age 70 [12-03-2011]

Bruce: Many thanks for your kind comments in your most recent post. You are correct, my father did operate a machine shop on the 4900 block of Wayne Ave. It was located in part of garage behind D'Angelo 's blacksmith shop. Mt dad's place was known as the Wayne Machine Shop. He did a lot of sub contract work for the Earl Gear Machine Co which was located on the 4800 block of Stenton Ave. My maternal grandfather, Frank Manzo was a tool dresser/blacksmith who worked for Tony D'Angelo. I think the tailor shop you are referring to was located across the street from the Hollow. It was not owned by Paul Borian's father. Paul's dad had a shop on the 4500 block of Wayne Ave. See Paul's post of today. I can't speak to where my prom dates had their hair done, but I do know most of my aunts frequented Frank's, it was a weekend ritual for most of them. Living in South Phila. Is about as close to the Germantown we knew as you can get. See you on the 21st.
Louis F Pauzano,Sr, 70yrs, South Phila. [12-03-2011]

Helen Leone D'Angelo-indeed the smells of a turkey cooking are majestic. It is a grand several times a year and I think that second day leftovers are sometimes better than the original platter. I loved the portrait my brother Kevin painted of the plated table, golden bird and family anticipating the feast. I can still see the ol man in his tank top t-shirt with a long knife in hand hacking into the bird and me mum's eyes rolling. P.S. do tell me how the "breast down" technique works ok?
Jim McKernan, Professor North Carolina [12-03-2011]

Rosemarie Maligeri, Yes it is wonderful to have Ross and Abby back. Times are harder in Ireland than here by his accounts. I feel sad about the disaspora effect too-my Da, and now my son, had to leave that terribly beautiful land.
Jim McKernan, St VDePaul 1959; Church Lane Gtn [12-03-2011]

Vera Canavan, I first learnt of 'breast down turkey baking 'when an Irish student invited me home in Galway, Clifden, Connemara in beautful West of Ireland around 1971. His mum cooked the bird that way and said it was always done that way in her knowledge. I would like to know about your 'history games' on Thanksgiving. From my experience we have been taught a lot of bunk myths about Thanksgiving. I have also learned that most of our beliefs and customs are not authentic surrounding Thanksgiving. We do know that the Wampanoag killed five deer for the feast, and that the colonists shot wild fowl—which may have been geese, ducks, or turkey. Some form, or forms, of Indian corn were also served. But a gang of Indians sitting around eating pumpkin pie sounds a little like BS eh? But Jennifer Monac, spokesperson for the living-history museum Plymoth Plantation, said the feasters likely supplemented their venison and birds with fish, lobster, clams, nuts, and wheat flour, as well as vegetables such as squash, carrots, and peas. Much of what we consider traditional Thanksgiving fare was unknown at the first Thanksgiving. Potatoes and sweet potatoes hadn't yet become staples of the English diet, for example. And cranberry sauce, sweet version not available til 1800's It was Abe Lincoln who proclaimed the last thursday in Novtember as Thansgiving in 1862. It should not go unnoticed that the Indians who so graciously brought the vittles were to be run off the land by these and other settlers who came later. I would think the native american indians do not celebrate this feast day?
Jim McKernan, St Vincent dePaul 59' Professor [12-03-2011]

Naomi Vitelli, and Helen D'Angelo, thanks for your kind wishes. I hope that you most definitely can make the next brunch at LaFontana's..since everyone has family plans for the Holidays, I was thinking of a date closer to(Valentine's) in February.I welcome your input. Have a super weekend. Linda Fontana
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [12-03-2011]

OK I know some of you guys have some good stories about Wayne Armstrong from King Street for his daughter..
Erda Armstrong Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [12-03-2011]

Lou: As you know,I am widowed and when I hang out with an Italo-American, I like to break bread and drink some good Vino. I am getting over the flu and forgive my spelling of bread. I was a switch-hitter only in baseball because I could not hit a curve but it did not work since I did not have the talent of Paul Borian and Lou Giornio- 2 of the great hitters on this site. I still find the curves quite challenging if you know what I mean. I will see you and Father George at your favorite restaurant near the prison in Fairmount.
Bruce Schmitt [12-03-2011]

Frank Saladino,i knew your mom and dad. your mom came to my shop for years. i went to her viewing . what a great lady she was ! we had so much fun in that shop . little Mary your aunt use to come in my shop .IN FACT LOTS OF GERMANTOWN PEOPLE CAME IN TO THAT SHOP! I WAS THERE FOR 8 YEARS AND HAVE LOTS OF STORIES I COULD TELL, ALL GOOD ! FRANK MARGIOTTI
frank margiotti, lansdale [12-03-2011]

Amanda/Mandy - your Dad, Wayne Armstrong, comes up here in discussion a lot. I grew up in Germantown, but didn't know him from his Germantown days, but he did tell me he grew up there. I knew him, and your Mom, Barbara, from Timberfare - we were neighbors. I live in the house next to Norm (who can ever forget Norm, right?). We moved there in 1993. Have to say, your Dad and Mom were the nicest people, the best neighbors. Never forgot them. Only wish we lived further up the circle. They both were taken way too soon. Hope life's been good and I expect there will now be many stories posted here of your Dad from his Germantown days. A good man that everyone liked.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [12-03-2011]

Paul Amendolia: You framed it so well with your poignant description of Germantowners in your beautiful post. It was wonderful for me to celebrate Thanksgining Eve at The Continental which you played a very important part. There has been a lot of commentary about the great shops and stores on Wayne Ave. but they are now gone. However, The Continental still stands as a beacon on the hill with the old canon which symbolizes strenth. Your predecessor,Hughie Canon,had a name which also symbolized strength. On Thanksgiving Eve, I talked with A Continental Giant,John West. Big John has been hanging out at The Continental for 55+ years and he still makes Sunday at The Continental for the football games. I have beem blessed to have known both West Brothers,John and Bill[RIP] and these are the type of men that you talked about in your last post-warriors that you would want in the foxhole.Paul! I commend you on the great work that you do at The Continental and keeping alive that great Germantown Institution-"Continental Post 263".
Bruce Schmitt [12-03-2011]

Mitch Henigan: It was great to talk with you at The Continental. Your father was Hank Henigan who was a renowned figure from Germantown. Hank Henigan was a SFA Grad,a great athlete, and worked at The Famous Institution at 333 West Queen Lane-Crane's. Tom Wilkins,Jim's Brother, and I frequented Crane's,and we thought that Hank Henigan was a cool dude. Your Dad would also stop at The Continental for a quick beverage after finishing his work at Crane's. Your dad was a friend of Hank Crane,one of the owners. Your dad worked with Emmett Harkins and Joe Coll who now owns The Glenside Pub which reminds me of Crane's. There was a family connection between your dad and Emmett Harkins. Your dad was a hard-worker since The Crane's job was a 2d job-it was a long day and he had to be a very strong guy. I also recall playing touch-football with Hank on Knox St. near Hansberry-he could really toss the pigskin and I even caught some of his long bombs. Mitch! You come from good genes and The Henigan Family is a great Germantown Family. It is always a plesasure and a honor for me to talk to The Henigan Brothers at The Continental. At the next Continental Event, you should invite The Legendary Frank Baggs Klock,Our Poet Emeritus on this great site.
Bruce Schmitt [12-03-2011]

Frank Margiotti was the ultimate business man--not only was he a great hair stylist, but gave a wealth of knowledge and song to his patrons.Frank has close to a photographic mind-he amazes me with his many recitations of movie scripts by heart. I never had any siblings,but Frank is like the brother I never had.Frank will give the shirt off his back if it would help you. What a wonderful person & friend. I am blessed to have had him as a friend for so many years.When I think of Frank -honesty-integrity & hard work come to mind. You're the best of the best paisano. Lou Giorno
Lou giorno, Mr G [12-03-2011]

L.Fontana, sorry I missed your last gathering but I will make it a point to be at the next one whenever it is. It is always great to see old friends and even better to meet some new ones.
Joe leone [12-03-2011]

Frank Margiotti, Freddy was our uncle, pegavone was his nickname, also my father would call him vonnie. We grew up on 200 blk. of west clapier st. Our family was originally from brickyard. My father married a girl from the hollow, maiden name Difeo, who had 12 brothers and sisters. Her name was Dolores, they calles her Dee. She was one of your steady customers for years when you were on Wayne Ave. I've been reading this site for 6 years but this is my first posting. It's a great site reading all the stories by many different characters from all area's of G'town. My fathers name was Frank, they called him ciccio. I'm the oldest of 4 brothers, now living in Deptford N.J. My brother's names were Pat (USMC Viet Nam Vet), Anthony, 20 years plus USMC, Joey (RIP), Myself, Frank, retired from the Phila. Police Dept. And to all those names that i remember from both sides of the tracks, keep on posting. frank saladino St.mike's 64, NC 66, G'Town HS 68
frank saladino [12-02-2011]

Annon: the tailor out whom I spoke was not Paul Borian's Dad. I was referring to fifty hundred block of Wayne Ave, I believe Paul's dad had a tailor shop down around zeralda st which would have been about forty five hundred block of Wayne Ave.
Louis F Pauzano, Sr, 70yrs., south phila [12-02-2011]

Anyone remember Links Seafood house around Chelten And Lambert? Also a small seafood takeout next to the Liberty Bell Tavern On 66th and Limekiln PK. O dont remember the name.
Gman [12-02-2011]

Jimmy, that makes sense to cook the turkey breast down to keep in the juices - I might just try that the next time I cook one which I do a few times a year. I love a turkey cooking in the oven, it is a festive, economical feast for a large group. So nice to have your son home for the holiday with you. I'll bet he's a chip off the old block.

catherin manning muir, my shop was at 5022 wayne avenue next to the s/l bank . next to me going south was the card shop . that was own by a lady named lil borger kults. next to her was miss morell her son was in partners with dick bowmen . bowen and morell realesate next to kodners drug store.now across the street was kane and brown, kramers whole sale candy store etc then paris flower shop ralphs barber shop then alexandros beer dist and then some houses then doctor's office. dr. anast ? on the conner going north was a conner store sold whole sale tabaco and stuff. acros the street was gabers b/cue chickens . it was later bought out by john abbmondion. manheim st. was kloock butchers .on the conner of manehim and wayne ave. was the old bank the going south was lous drug store. down the avenue going south was marions store and d'ambrosos suite . i remember 1.00 a week you said 2 ? i never remember that ?we had lots of good merchants there who were very faithfull in serveing the people in the area mr. kodner was a real piece of work, man he watched his store like a hawk. he walked to work every day . use to see him walking by my shop comeing and going . i knew must of all the shop owners and here is something that miss morell told me back in the 1960's she said her husband (who i never met ) invented the ace white shoe polish? he sold it to ace company for peanuts and they went on to produce and made a lot of money from it .she told me that story a long time ago back when i first got started . she was a great lady . made me coffee every morning. treated me like her son . if you need to know any thing else about that area in that time frame just ask me ! i just might know the answer frank margiotti.
FRANK MARGIOTTI, lansdale [12-02-2011]

Ed, can't remember if it was "Yee's", but my first taste of Chinese food was from a takeout on Chew, near Chelten, on the same side as Knab's Bakery and probably near it. What I remember most about it is that you got what you ordered from that takeout place, there was no cutting corners or substitutions. I'm not recalling the holdup and shooting, but not surprised.... There was a Marple & Clemens real estate office around the corner in the middle of the 800 block of Chelten. The broker, John Hartnett, was shot and killed there during a robbery attempt. That would have been 1967/1968. I knew him from serving newspapers to his home on the 1100 block of Rittenhouse. He was also a parishioner of IC. For me, that was a defining moment where I really saw the danger that was coming with the change in Germantown. Up until then, there was the occasional street fight, I knew full well the feeling of getting jumped going through the "Badlands", and I knew the fear that the street gangs like Sommerville, Haines Street, Brickyard and such were instilling in the neighborhood. But, the killing of John Hartnett was my first closeup encounter with a shooting and murder in my neighborhood.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [12-01-2011]

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew my father, Wayne Armstrong ? I see some things about him on here, I was just hoping I could get some stories about him from the old days since I can't hear them from him anymore :/ I loved his stories so much.. Please share if you would??
Amanda Armstrong -Mendez, Philly, pa [12-01-2011]

Hi Linda Fontana. My sisters & friends enjoyed the reunion at La Fonanta's in Hatboro. We're looking forward to the next one! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. naomi
Naomi Vitelli [12-01-2011]

Hi Ed,I remember Yees! My family-Betty & Joe Ambrose lived right across the street on Chelten Ave. Yees served great egg rolls.We enjoyed Freddie's cheese steaks too! naomi
Naomi Vitelli [12-01-2011]

JIM MCKIRNAN---My Irish born grandmother (lived on Morris St)---always cooked the turkey breast down---we enjoyed a 22lb----as well as a 7 lb breast--I like to be sure everyone has some to take home---great day-we always play a American History game to help us remember what the day is about.Hard fought -competive group!
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [12-01-2011]

There's been some talk here about the shops on the 4900 block of Wayne Ave, which reminded me of this story. Around 2003 or 2004, about when I discovered this blog, there was some discussion here on the shops on Wayne Ave. A woman posted here (going off memory) that either her father or grandfather had a longtime business on that block and wondered what was there. She grew up above the shop and had many good memories of living there. I thought she said her father or grandfather was a tailer or a shore repair business there, but my memory could be wrong on that. I was making picture-taking treks into Germantown at the time working on a project and offered to find out for her and take a few photos. She was elderly and was grateful for the offer. I took them, even to the point of going up the side alley to get photos of the rear and yard. No easy fete since that alley was trashed and there were images of rats dancing in my head going through there. I sent the photos to her, and never heard from her again. I even remember where she lived, out in the Gwynedd area, not too far from me. But, her name long escapes me. Being elderly, I assumed something may have happened and maybe even had passed away because she was very eager for what I could find out. Doing a google earth search, I figure that address was 4938 Wayne Ave, between Clapier and Seymour. Anyone familiar with this business. It is the last business in the row, next to the alley, just a block from the Wayne Ave Theatre, same side. It is now a Chinese Restaurant (no surprise). Here is a link to that google earth image. Just curious if anyone remembers that longtime business. CLICK
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [12-01-2011]

Lou Pauzano: You must be luxuriating reading all the posts about Hollow People and the shops om Wayne Avenue where you lived. Frank Margiotti posted some great blogs about the shops and the folks who patronized these businesses. Obviously,since you lived across the street from the tailor- shop on Wayne Ave., you would know that it was owned by an Armenian. There was another tailor-shop near Wyneva&Wayne that was owned by an Armenian-American. His son,Paul Borian, posts on this site,and he made some beautiful comments about Roy Belson and Ba-Ba Murphy who passed away. You probaly knew Ba-Ba Murphy who live around the corner from you on Tacoma Street. Ba-Ba could really rag it and he could give Frank Sharpy Felice some competition who was also a flashy dresser. There were many tailor shops on Wayne Ave. including the legendary John Berkery's shop across from The Hollow. D'Ambrosio's shop was down from Kodner's at Wayne&Seymour but I bought a suit from Mr. D'Ambrosio at Broad&Chelten. Your brother,Albert[Peanut], knew Steve D'Ambrosio and my sister Joan knew Steve from Lou's Pharmacy and would like to know how Steve is doing. Many Hollow ladies went to Frank Margiotti's shop and possibly Mrs. Pauzano,your very nice mother,patronized Frank's Busines. Lou! You were always going to Proms and many of your dates probaly went to Frank's so that they could look pretty for you. There were many great small businesses in The Hollow Neighborhood including The Pauzano Machine Shop. Your father's business was not far from Superior Bakery,Keyser&Logan, and there was a black-smith business next to your family business-I believe it was mentioned in a previous post. The Hollow and Germantown is not the same place that we knew in our youth. We should get together and break bed in another old Philly neighborhood-Fairmount. Yesterday, I was hanging out in Bordentown with your old friend-Pat McIhinney. Lou! We were blessed to grow up in Germantown and to have known so many good and interesting people.
Bruce Schmitt [12-01-2011]

Anonymous...My dads tailor shop,Martin's Tailor,was located at 4560 Wayne Ave.It was the second store from Apsley St.The corner store was a grocery store.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, A balanced diet is a chocolate chip cookie in each hand. [12-01-2011]

Anon: A friend down here in Florida who runs a billiard league has the nickname, Il Duce. One day I said, if your Il Duce, then I must be The Red Baron; and pool rooms being the same the world over, I've been the red baron among that group ever since.
anonymous [12-01-2011]

Anonymous: Ba-Ba was a friend the way any Hollowite is a friend. We conversed and had some interactions, but keep in mind that Ba probably had ten to fifteen years on me. Nevertheless, here is a typical Ba-Ba story. (It's a Hollow story, so if not interested, this would be the time to move on). On summer day, I was about sixteen or seventeen, and had my sister Pat's car for the day. A group of us were standing around philosophising, when Ba walked up and said, "Hey Junior," (Ba didn't get the memo about my name change), "Can you do me a favor?" "Sure Tom. What do you need?" "A lift. I have to pick up a check." "Oh. Where?" "Just up the Boulevard a little." "Sure Tom. You springing for gas?" "Absolutely, and Thanks.I have to pick up my last check." So the sages and philosophers all pile into my light green 1955 Ford, and we were off. "Ten minutes max" as I recall Tom saying. As I hit the Boulevard at ninth street I asked Tom, "Where to now, Tom?" "Yeah, just up ahead a little. I'll tell you when." Whitaker, Harbison, Cottman. "Tom? Where is this place?" "Yeah, just a little further." Long story short- our destination turned out to be just past Sommerton Pool, which in those days was the other end of the earth. Just for the record, Tom did fork over two bucks for the ride, and the stories in the car on the way up and back were well worth the ride, and lesson. RIP Ba-Ba.
anonymous [12-01-2011]

Hi Ed I remember a Chinese place but, not the name of it but, it was not far from Chew and Chelten. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-01-2011]

Hey Jimmy Mckernan Good to hear from you and so happy to hear that your Ross and his lovely Abby were able to share the holiday with you. I dont believe i have ever heard of the Turkey being cooked breast side down but will give it a try next time and will let you know how it turns out. One never knows do we what is in our future ...and wouldnt it be something if Ross does come to Philly ... well the good thing is you are close enough to visit him from time to time and he you. God Bless you Jim, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [12-01-2011]

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