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November 21-30, 2011

Anyone remember a "Yees" Chinese to go place around the corner of Chew and Chelten. Someone said he was held up and shot years ago.
Ed, Chester [11-30-2011]

John Payne- Was Ba-Ba a friend of the Red Baron? Who was the Red Baron and did he fly over Happy Hollow?
anonymous [11-30-2011]

Frank Margiotti, what was the address of your shop? Although I lived in the next block down, I just can't place it. Up at that end of Wayne Ave, from Manheim Street south, I remember the old bank/draper on the corner, the pharmacy and the paint store and then it's a blank until I get down to Goetz' laundromat, the S&L, the real estate agent and Kodner's Drug Store. On the opposite side of Wayne Ave was the shop on the corner that sold magazines, ice cream etc, then some residences, Dr. Anastasi, the barber shop, the florist and the hardware store. But I just don't remember your shop. Maybe because I don't remember ever having my hair cut professionally until I was out of high school. As an adult, I had my hair done at Gerald Paul's on Maplewood Avenue. It was a great outing. He had eclectic tastes in music; some days it was classical and other days it was heavy metal. Those were the days, weren't they, when there were nice shops, friendly owners and staff and no bars on the doors and windows. BTW, D'Ambrosio's Tailor was at 4942-44 Wayne Avenue. I remember when he put up the big neon sign with the blinking scissors. He had a suit club; for $2 a week, a man could get a new suit on the never-never.
Catherine Manning Muir [11-30-2011]

Bruce Schmitt, Thank you for the kind words concerning the Continental. It is much appreciated to get the respect from you and many of elder Statesmen from Germantown. Our Mothers and Fathers,Sisters and Brothers have taught us to appreciate where we came from. These life lessons could only be learned in Germantown. We are thankful.
paul amendolia, Continental Post 263 [11-30-2011]

Roy Belson. Is the Roy Belson that passed away in LA the father of the Roy Belson that is in his mid 50's?
Joe DePero, 54, st mikes 70, levittown [11-30-2011]

Anthony Saladino. I remember you from St Mikes. Hope all is well. I'm in touch with your cousin Jerry. Good to see you posting here.
Joe DePero, 54, st mikes 70, levittown [11-30-2011]

So sorry to hear of the passing of two Happy Hollow legends;Tom(Ba-Ba)Murphy and Roy(Hoke)Belson.They were so funny and entertaining.They played a large part in making the Hollow such a special place.I for one will never forget the fun times with Ba-Ba and Hoke,along with others,holding class at Wayne and Logan.Rest in eternal peace gentlemen,and thank you for sharing your humor with me.....Paul Borian.
Paul Borian, Blessed are they(Ba-Ba and Hoke)who can laugh at themselves for they shall never run out of material. [11-30-2011]

Rosemarie Maligeri and Helen Leone, was heartened to learn of your grand T-Bird day. I was extremely grateful to have my son, Ross, and his new wife Abby, home from Ireland for thanksgiving. I had dinner across the street with Dr. Morris' family (Abby's parents and kids-her granda Ralph, 92, is a pistol-he flew B-17's in WW2) Then i went home and to feed my American pit bull "Jade" so i cooked a 21 lb (29 cents a lb bird) it was the most delicious turkey. I have learned its not price that guarantees quality--!My Irish years taught me to cook the bird upside down-on its breast-that way the juices pour down while cooking keeping it sweetly wet. It should never be 'dry' meat-the dreaded result for most turkey lovers. Did ye ever hear that tip before? Well it was wonderful feed for a few days and Ross carried half the bird back to Raleigh where he has found a position with a green-recycling company started by fellow East Carolina U grads. So, its all go now til the Holidays. They are thinking of sending Ross to their Philly plant which just opened. How the wheel recycles life eh? Thhen we shall have to eat more bird. Slan!
Jim McKernan, Professor, East Carolina University, St Vinny's 59' [11-30-2011]

John Bruce Schmitt,I met you Thanksgiving Eve at the Post and it was a pleasure, we talked about a few things but, one thing I did not do was Thank you for remembering my father here on Germantown Thoughts.I would like to do so now THANK YOU & TAKE CARE.
Mitch Henigan, Born, Raised & Still in GTOWN [11-30-2011]

Tom Cusack: Brother Rick and I missed your presence at The Continental on Thanksgiving Eve. I was hoping to get information about Al Patrizi,your good friend. I just had lunch with your old friend,Pat McIlHinney,in Bordentown,NJ. Pat talked about Leroy Kelly from Fernhill and I mentioned how I met Jim Brown of the Browns at the same restaurant where we were having lunch-you are a smart guy from Lasalle and I don't have to tell you the connection between Big Jim Brown and Leroy. Tom! I had it with sports after The Eagles on Sunday and I am still recovering from The Phillies.I hope to see you at a G-town Reunion in the future or a meeting with some of our mutual friends. Frank Crawford had posted on this site not too long ago. There has been some discussion on this site about Hollow people and you knew many many Happy Hollowers including Doctor Jack Flaherty who was your cousin. I would never call Doc Flaherty arrogant especially when he was hanging out with Nicky Abber. Tom! Keep posting and dancing-Mike SmithSFA] told me that you danced with a lot of pretty womem including his wife's girlfriend from St Mike's.
Bruce Schmitt [11-30-2011]

Would love to see everyone for lunch--December is a busy month -February sounds perfect!
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [11-30-2011]

Hello one and all: In re-thinking about the upcoming Holiday Season and family commitments, I think that maybe closer to Valentine's would be a good date to set for our next LaFontana's Sunday brunch. Input, anyone? Thanks, Linda P.S. Looking forward to seeing a lot of attendees this time around.:)
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville,Pa. [11-30-2011]

Lou P: Would the Armenian fellow who operated a tailor shop next to Lou's Pharmacy be Paul Borian's dad?
anonymous [11-30-2011]

I never batted against Ollie Powers,but I got hits from some great pitchers at GBC--I hit a few pitchers who played semi-pro ball-they were awesome-great memories-those were the days. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, mr g dos [11-30-2011]

18th of December is good for me Linda.

Hi Helen Leone D'Angelo Sounds as though you had a houseful ... but, isnt it wonderful to do this with family and friends during this time of the year especially ! I too had an 18 pounder ..ha! Had the soup and pasta too .. loved every minute of it! Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-30-2011]

L.Fontana, Usually holidays are hard to get a gathering together but if enough people post they are can make it we should try to have it. I'm available almost any time So count me in whenever you decide to have it.
Anon [11-30-2011]

Another hollow legend passed away today. Roy ( The Hoke ) Belson died 11-28-2011 in Los Angeles, CA. of natural causes. He was in his early eighties.
relative [11-29-2011]

Anybody from the Hollow remember "Pip" from the Superior Bakery at Keyser & Logan Sts.? I can still smell the Italian bread baking.
West Sider, Wake up and smell the Bread [11-29-2011]

I had a very festive Thanksgiving Rosemarie - cooked an 18lb turkey and all the goodies and shared it with family and old friends. I hope you are well dear girl!

Anon: Thanks for providing the source of Ba-Ba's nickname. All those years, I never knew that.
John Payne [11-29-2011]

Millie! Was Tom Murphy who died the brother of Frank and Jack Murphy? These Murphy brothers went to SFA and Tom would be near 65. If I recall Tom was a trucker and might have connected with The Teamsters. I had seen Frank and Tom Murphy not too long ago at The Buck in Bucks County-they were very friendly and everybody enjoyed their company.
Bruce schmitt [11-29-2011]

Bruce: just a brief correction, the tailor shop next to lou's pharmacy was operated by an Armenian gentleman whose name escapes me . D 'Ambrosio was located on the next block, maybe two or three doors down from Seymour St on the same side of Wayne Ave as Lou's.
Louis F Pauzano, Sr, 70yrs, South Phila. [11-29-2011]

John Bruce Schmitt: yeah i did know mrs powers she came in lots of times with goos mom .joe raffaele use to send up our lunch when were so busy he would deliver it for us,what a great guy he was !his wife joan use to come to my shop. lew the pharmacist another good man . he would go to no end to fill our perscriptions. and you talked about old man d'ambrosio now there was character his daughter in law came to the shop and would make me laught about all the stories about him . when i would go there to buy a suite, he would say i gotaaa the goods no place you gonenaaaa fine this good material?joe rossi (bb) now there was another personality he was something else ! his wife ann and her sister came to my shop. mat fasano another good man he live in maple glen for a long time use to see him now and then . think he now lives some where down the sea shore . i can tell you i knew a lot of people because of being in bussiness in that area.i also knew sal rose who owned a blacksmith shop and his wife nora rose use to come to my shop. she had a daughter debbie who marries tommy rosano . i remember did debbie's hair for her wedding . tommy was friends with bobby colesberry who made it big in the movie bussiness and brought tommy with him and got him started in the same bussiness .bobby colesberry died about 7 years ago another great guy he was to his mom.i did his whole family mom and sisters and kids.i could go on and on with all of the people i knew as a kid and then as grown up man !we had some really talented people who lived in germantown and some of us went on to biger and better way of life, but none will every replace those beautfull years growing up in germantown and all those different talented and great people ! frank margiotti
frank margiotti [11-29-2011]

Anon: Still working on trying to get a date, when 'all' are available. That is hard during the Holiday season. What about sunday the 18th? Is that good for anyone right now? IF not, we could all make it closer to Valentine's Week/ maybe the sunday before? Just post here, your thoughts. Thank you.
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [11-29-2011]

Helen Leone D'Angelo: Thanks for your kind words, always. I hope you can make the next get together. I am thinking that in December, if anyone's free, we can still do a sunday afternoon brunch at LaFontana's. After 2:00, you may order anything on the menu. How does that sound to you? I look forward to seeing you again. Linda
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [11-29-2011]

I find it amusing how the standards of movies and TV have changed so greatly since the 50's. Is there still a condemned list by the Catholic Church? If so, it seems to me, using 50's standards, most shows and movies would be on it. The movie "Some Like It Hot",was one of the few American movies ever given a "Condemned" rating by the Roman Catholic Legion of Decency. Really quite tame by today's standards.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62, save me an aisle seat. [11-29-2011]

Millie: @ Tom Murphy's nikname, his blonde almost white hair made it look like sheeps wool,ergo,ba-ba.
anon: [11-28-2011]

Did the Priests confess their sins?
Silent Night [11-28-2011]

Hi Helen Leone D'Angelo How was your Thanksgiving Holiday? Hopefully it was wonderful, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-28-2011]

Frank Margiotti: I must compliment you on your excellent blog which you posted about neighborhoods on both sides of The Tracks[Gtn. Ave.]. That blog should be a paradigm for this site since you said positive things about different neighborhoods including The Hollow and The Brickyard. You really knew a lot of Happy Hollowers including the legendary Goo Guarinello whose mother was a customer in your shop. Possibly,Goo's Aunt,Mrs. Powers might have been a customer also. Ollie Powers was a super pitcher and I am not so sure Lou Giorno would have gone 5 for 5 against Ollie P. Your shop was on Wayne Ave. and my Sister Joan was a Pharmacist at Lou's Pharmacy at Wayne&Manheim. I bought suits from DiAmbrosio's which was next to Lou's. Steve DiAmbrosio worked at Lou's and Joan S. thought Steve was a great kid. In your last post,you mentioned Joe Rossi,who was a great defensive baseball player who would steal hits from batters and climb the Hollow rocks for catches. He married Ann Lee whose parents had a variety store at Manheim&Keyser-not far from your shop. You mentioned Joe Steak's which was owned by Joe Raffaele and he was a little older than you. Another steak-shop was Sal's and I saw him at a Hollow Reunion at Scoogi's in Flouertown. Sal is still friends with Matt Fasano whose father owned a grocery store on Wayne Ave. Sal B. and Matt. F. have a buddy by the name of Tony D'Angelo whose father had a black-smith business on Wayne Ave. Those Hollow Families were hard-working people and those were the people who made America and Germantown great. Many of these Happy Hollowers also went to St. Mike's which you loved so much. Frank! Keep posting and I find your blogs-inspirational.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-28-2011]

CMM> So be it. The prawns and beer would also work for me, and I love mince pies, so I'm good to go as they say. Thanks for the culinary update, and I will in fact look up the yabbies, and Moreton Bay Bugs on Google. Anything with such an appetizing name deserves to be investigated. :) Cheers.
anonymous [11-28-2011]

Millie! I am saddened to hear of the loss of Tom Murphy who came from a great Germantown family. Tom was in my brother Rick's class at SFA. He had a great personality and a great supporter of Irish Causes if you know what I mean. Frank and Tom Murphy came to a Germantown Reunion at The Buck Hotel about a year ago. Tom Murphy was a true Germantowner and will be missed by all of us who knew him. Ba-Ba Murphy was a legendary Germantowner and Happy Hollower who was a flashy dresser and loved The Track. Dom Raffaele would have known him since he lived around the corner on Tacoma St. Paul Borian and Jack Brogan probaly knew Ba-BA. I know that Frank Murphy and his siblings were related to The Mahers but I am not so sure Ba-Ba was related to your cousins. I can only tell you that all The Murphys were colorful people and at The Germantown Reunions Cousin Frank has great stories-some of these can not be told on The Internet-Frank M. and Joe L. . from The Yard have some great conversation.Millie! Cousin Tom was so well liked-"May Tom Murphy Rest In Eternal Peace".
JBS[Schmitty] [11-28-2011]

To the Raffaele Brothers, and Schmitty, et al. I'm Tom Murphy's cousin (second youngest of the 8 Aitken brothers and sisters.) Tom has always told us all the stories about you guys growing up: him, Rocky, Goo, Dom, Joe, etc. and how he was always over at your house for a spaghetti dinner! I know Tom took his lady friend down to Wildwood about 5 years ago to visit Dom and they had a great time. My sister just happened upon this Germantown blog because my family also grew up there and she was trying to see if she knew anyone. She then passed along your blog info to me and I read a blog from a guy named Schmitty who mentioned a Ba-Ba Murphy who loved the track. Is that my cousin, Tom Murphy you were referring to, Schmitty? And if so, how did he get that nickname? Anyway, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you our dear cousin Tom just passed away last February. If any of you knew him, I would love to hear from you and reminesce. Thanks! My e-mail address is mil.c.aitken@gmail.com.
Millie, Northeast Philly [11-27-2011]

Good to see you posting again Linda and hope you are well.

Linda F, is there going to be a luncheon of somekind soon.
anon [11-27-2011]

Just saw a post from Jim Mc Kernan concerning Fr. Gehring. He was a great man and wrote a book detailing the rescue of a Chinese orphan, Patsi Li, and how she survived and made a life for herself in the United States. My dad got Father to speak to the Immaculate Conception Holy Name Communion Breakfast in the late 60's and I got to speak to him and he gave me a copy of the book "A Child of Miracles". My grandfather was the secretary for the Chinese Missions for the Vincentions and he worked in the China House on the Seminary grounds near the Musgrave gate to St. Vincents Seminary. Pop Meehan had many stories about Father Fred.
Bob Mc Creight, 58 Havertown, PA [11-27-2011]

If we are under pain of mortal sin for going to the movies, then there are lots of former kids, nuns and a few priests who are in big trouble. I remember the whole school walking up Chelten Avenue to the Walton to see The Song of Bernadette when I was in second grade 1960. Soon after that I remember Father Flaherty coming on the PA system and telling us to croos Chelten Avenue and then Chew Street and not walk near the "Dirty Walton Art Theatre"
Bob Mc Creight, 58 Havertown, PA [11-27-2011]

John Payne: If I had a turkey farm, I'd go broke within a week. Reason: no market for turkeys here. There's no Thanksgiving Day; that's strictly an American holiday and even at the American-Australian Association Thanksgiving dinner in Sydney, it's ham, not turkey, and definitely no stuffing. The only other 'turkey day' might be Christmas, but because it's mid-summer here and always a scorcher, the traditional Christmas meal is at lunchtime and consists of ham and chicken (all cooked on the barbie), cold seafood (prawns, yabbies, Moreton Bay Bugs--look them up on Google--all delicious), salads, mince pies, fruit cake with brandy sauce, and champagne/white wine/cold beer to wash it down. Ergo, no need for turkeys. It's a case of 'when in Rome...'.
Catherine Manning Muir [11-27-2011]

John F: Interesting tidbit regarding the ban on entering the movie theater. What if you were wearing an invisability cloak, and no one saw you?
John Payne, If you close your eyes and click your heals three times... [11-27-2011]

anthony saladino, was your dad fread? nick name pegavon ? frank .
frank margiotti, lansdale [11-27-2011]

Frank Klock! I trust that Thanksgiving was bountiful and that you will be able to handle the crowds on Black Friday as you do some heavy Christmas Shopping. I spent Thanksgiving Eve in Germantown with many folks that you knew-too large to enumerate and of course there were many Henigans at The Continental. Many Germantowners knew Hank Henigan from The Old Watering Hole-"Crane's. Frank! I liked your post about Joe Frazier and the party that you attended at Smokin Joe's Place on City Line Avenue. You and I knew City Line well since we spent 4 years at Hawk Hill in the 60's. I never went to Frazier's Bar when it had another name or when Smokin[g] Joe owned it. You and I and many Hawks had a few beverages at The Main- Liner,54th& Ciyt&line. I also stopped at The Presidential back in The Day, which was owned by John McShane,The Builder and Former Prepper. I know a lad by the name of Mike Poxon who has posted on this site and he was a patron of Frazier's Bar. He knew Smokin Joe and he hired Marvin Frazier's Limo-Service on the day of his wedding to Marita. The Wedding Reception was at The Germantown Cricket Club and I was talking to Marvin Frazier about the art of pugilism since I knew a few dudes who were in that business. There were many people who backed Joe Frazier-Cloverlay. Marvin Frazier was a good boxer and spoke well. I recall,he grew up in Whitemarsh-not too shabby. The Red Baron[SFA],Brother Ken,and I enjoy your posts and we do not think that you are an arrogant bastard or a no-good motor-scooter-Goo is watching and praying for us.
Bruce Schmitt [11-27-2011]

In 1934 Cardinal Dennis Dougherty banned all Catholics in the Archdiocese from entering a movie theatre "under pain of mortal sin." The ban has never officially been lifted. (As found in, "A faith in flux," Philadelphia Inquirer, Sun, Jun. 04, 2006.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [11-25-2011]

CMM> Put that American spirit to work and start a Turkey farm. Someone has to introduce it. The Aussies will love you even more once they develop a taste for it. It's a win-win situation. :) Kiwi dressing?
John Payne, If you grow them, they will roast..or something like that [11-25-2011]

Kevin McKernan: Great memories of our Norman Rockwell Thanksgivings of the past. Not too many family celebrations exist today as in the past, since many of us are on the move. Not to be a stickler for detail.....but since we both are grads of the same year from CD, '62, you made a slight error in remembering CD's Thanksgiving day football games back then. We traditional played Fr. Judge at our "home field" Cottman and Algon. It is also noteworthy, that in our four years, we never lost on Thanksgiving, and in fact, Judge was unable to score a single point against us! 1958 score: 26-0, 1959 score 24-0, 1960 score: 0-0, 1961 score: 19-0.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [11-25-2011]

Linda F.> So good to see you post again. I was concerned that something had happened to you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and holiday season. Thanks to your encouragement, along with some other friends, new and old, from this site, I have started doing some writing. If you are interested, you can find six stories on authorsden.com. Take Care.
John Payne, A picture is worth a thousand words, 1,000 words can paint a million pictures. [11-25-2011]

john bruce schmitt,thank you for your kind words. i like comeing here on this site and reading about peoples memories of our beloved germantown . i was so lucky to get a taste of all most all of germantown i moved to germantown in the year 1939 i saw it all happen before my very eyes. i could write a germantown book . i think that a lot of happy hollow people found a place to remember all the great memories that they have of germantown. i think if other people fine this sit they should know that it is for all germantown people and should put in the memories that they had back in the day . i spend 8 years on wayne avenue and all those people that came in to my shop were from all over germantown and i loved them for makeing me the lucky guy i became ? i knew so manny people the names that appear here ring in my ears like it was yesterday .i did know goo! his mom came to my shop . i found him to be a personality,as i did bb rossie, sal joe's,fasano, the list go's on and on !to manny for me to put here .but on the other hand i knew all the brickyarders and the high and magg guy's the boys club the bringhurst guys . wow! i can go on and on and bore you all ! i am 76 years old and i will tell all that i had a great life and i loved germantown . when i moved to roslyn in 1968 i was a finished product of wayne avenue. what i mean by that is i made all my mistakes and learned from that and stayed in roslyn from 1968 to 1992 what a great run i had and i owe it to all those wonderfull people from germantow who tolerated all my mistakes and made me in to the successful person i became ! god bless you all ! have a great thanksgiving . frank margiotti.
frank margiotti, lansdale [11-25-2011]

Brother Rick and I cruised down The Boulevard,got off at Fox Street and headed to Wissy& Hansberry for The Germantown Reunion on Thanksgiving Eve. Rick&I hung out at The Cadillac Club[music] at Broad&Huntingpark back in the day, so we did Jim Morrison of The Doors when we entered The Continental-"I Am A Backdoor Man". The first gentlemen that we saw were The Burke Brothers-Ed and John,they are so big that one can not miss them. I turn around and I see Mr. Continental,John West. After The Korean War, and having served Our Country Proudly, John became a member of Post 263,"The Continental". John was at The Continental when Paul Borian's Hero Ted Williams, entered The Continental with Bud Simoms. John W. and I thought that we were in a time-capsule since John Burke looked so much like his father, Ed Burke Sr. Slugger Boyle and Ed Burke Sr. held court at The Continental back in the day. I appreciate the fact that Dave Linn who put out a lot of fires and kicked a lot of soccer balls, asked John West to make this G-town Reunion. We wish that Jane Murphy West could have made this event but Jane is reading these posts in warm Myrtle Beach,SC. Dave Linn and I talked to Mizzy{Paul] from The Hollow. Dave L. mentioned that Mizzy has moved on up[Gtn. Ave.] and now lives in beautiful Chestnut Hill. Mizzy is not arrogant and he did not think any of The Hollow Oldtimers were arrogant. Mizzy also knew that anybody who would call Nicky Abber an arrogant sucker was out of his fudging mind. It is ironic that I talked to Joe Pio since his brother, Rich Pio, came to The G-town Reunion at The Buck-All The way from Florida. I talked to Jim Wilkins whose brother,Tom, was a regular at The Continental and would hustle me at darts but never liked to make a wager on the pool-table and I was not that good. Tom Wilkins had a friend by the name of Dave Mcnulty who was an orator and an actor-especially after a few Scotches. Lord David was The Richard Burton of The Continental. Everybody had a great time at The Continental and there were no condescending suckers or arrogant motor scooters on Thanksgiving Eve. The guys and gals came from different neighborhodds including "The Brickyard".At any G-town Event,there is always A Garvey from The Brickyard,and Brother Rick and I had good conversation with Charlie Garvey. All The Lads were mellow and no screaming but there will always be A Screaming Eagles Presence at The Continental-"The 101 First". I commend The Continental Commander and His Unit for a great event-"God Bless America and Germantown".
Bruce Schmitt [11-25-2011]

happy holidays to every one from gtn.
george greene, gilbertsville pa retired [11-25-2011]

Kevin McKernan, nice post of memories of a Germantown Thanksgiving. And to Tom Cusack, two thumbs-up on that post and the sentaments you relayed.... You are a class guy that obviously understands and appreciates what this blog is all about. It is what so many here have been trying to tell the Hollowers these past couple of years since you guys found this blog....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-25-2011]

Happy Thanksgiving to all. A belated Happy Birthday to my brothers from the Corps...Semper Fi. I've enjoyed reading most of the post on this site, my brothers and I grew up at the Hollow. It's great listening to the stories from the "old heads"
Anthony Saladino, Born and raised in Gtown, lived on W. Clapier St. up the street from The Hollow. Went to St Michael's. Went in the Marine Corps and stayed for over 20 yrs. Currently live in Huntsville, Alabama [11-25-2011]

On this Thanksgiving eve, the preparations for tomorrow's dinner have been completed; so I'm taking some time to reflect on Thanksgivings "past" as celebrted in our home on Haines Street. In an Italian home, Thanksgiving is all about family & food.....LOTS of family....LOTS of food! I recall my mom spending days preparing, cooking & baking. The traditional Thanksgiving Day menu at our table included: escarole & sausage (my favorite); "home-made", ricotta-filled ravioli (my favorite) My mom made & rolled the pasta dough; then filled it with a ricotta mixture. It was my job to seal each ravioli with a fork. This was a very important part of the process, as my mom didn't want the ravioli to break open when she would place them in boiling water to cook. After the ravioli were cooked & drained, they were topped with my mom's "home-made" gravy. The gravy contained braciola (my favorite). THEN came the turkey with all the trimmings (my favorite). Older & wiser, tomorrow's dinner menu will not be as elaborate as those of Thanksgivings past; but the spirit of Thanksgiving will continue to be the same as those celebrated in our home on Haines Street. It will be a day for family & friends to gather, to reflect and to give thanks to God for the many blessings He grants us each and every day. P.S. My mom (94 yrs. young) is spending Thanksgiving with me this year in Florida. She no longer makes her home-made ravioli; but she can still turn out a mean batch of delicious pitzelles! Thanks for the memories; God bless; Happy Thanksgiving.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [11-25-2011]

Is there anything more beautiful than a 25 lb., golden-browned turkey, sitting in the middle of a perfectly plated dining room table, along with all the fixings, with family and friends happily seated awaiting for father to say grace? Our mothers ( and sisters) would have been at work since dawn preparing this epicurean feast, sometimes even starting the night before with the prep work, and God only knows how many days before Mom would have started her shopping and planning? All my brothers and I had to do were to stay out of the way--hike over to La Salle College and watch our Cardinal Dougherty Cardinals (the old garnet and gold) lose another Thanksgiving football game. One year we actually pulled out a win and I was so excited I nearly lost my appetite. Then we were home for the "feed." With all solemnity, Dad would start saying grace: "Bless us O Lord for these thy gifts we are about to receive...and he that grabs first gets the most..." Mom would scowl, everyone would laugh, and knives and forlks would start flying. Someone would tell a story that elicited howls of joy and tears of laughter would run down the cheeks of smiling, happy faces. Another lovely holiday was under way, but I only had eyes for the giblet gravy and succulent dark meat. I hope everyone's memory-bank is filled with similar memories of family gatherings. Happy Thanksgiving!
Kevin McKernan, Old St. Vincent's, '58 Before dinner was done, the radio started playing "Jingle Bells." [11-23-2011]

Happy Thanksgiving to all you turkeys out there. You know who you are. I've seen you at the TAMs. Turkey Anonymous Meetings. Mange! Enjoy!
John Payne, A bird in the hand has to be plucked, rosated and basted. [11-23-2011]

To all the G-towners I know and to those I don't know ... have a Happy Thanksgiving ... I continue to really enjoy reading the posts on this site, whether they be from my neighborhood (Fernill Park & the Hollow) or from all the other neighborhoods ... I find them all interesting and informative and inspire me from time to time to post some of my recollections ... I am currently in Florida for Thanksgiving ... otherwise I would be at the Continental catching up with old friends ... best wishes to all.
Tom Cusack [11-23-2011]

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Germantown Friends on this site. Have a blessed day with your families tomorrow. Most especially Bill Cupo, Anthony Giordano, and Jim Breen, all of whom I have become close with. Love and Respect, from Linda Fontana :)
L.Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [11-23-2011]

vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [11-23-2011]

Frank Margiotti: I must commend you on your beautiful comments about your friend,Lou Giorno which indicates to me so much love and loyalty. You operated a beauty-salon on Wayne Ave. where many Hollow Ladies were patrons. You knew also knew many Hollow Guys including many who attended St. Mike's. These Hollow Gentlemen were an eclectic group,competititive athletes,card-players,dice-shooters,lovers of ponies,great dancers and talkers but I never found them arrogant. Your establishment was not too far from The Raffaele Family and Rocky and Joe Raffaele were Hollow Guys who were not arrogant.Anybody who dissed them would not be working with a lot of brain-marrow. Paul Borian and Larry Rinaldi were great Hollow athletes who did not have to bogart since they had talent. Your friend,Lou, knew Goo Guarinello and I wonder if you found Goo insolent. You probaly knew Nicky Abber and I would never have called him arrogant. Your shop was on Wayne Ave. as was John Berkery's. I know that you would be upset if an individual labeled all shop-keepers on Wayne Ave. as arrogant. It would have been moronic to diss John Berkery and call him arrogant. Frank! You appear to be fair and balanced. I think that it was grossly unfair to characterize Happy Hollowers with the label of arrogance. Thursday is Thanksgiving and we should thank God that we grew up in Germantown and there should be more positive blogs such as your post to Lou Giorno.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-23-2011]

Memories today of JFK's assassination on this day in 1963. And tomorrow being Thanksgiving Day, I'm reminded of football games (LaSalle HS, of course), chrysanthemum corsages with blue and gold ribbons, the parade downtown, a big turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie. None of that here; I gave up trying to do the traditional turkey dinner two years ago, when the biggest turkey I could get was only 6 pounds and looked pathetic once it was roasted. It is a great tradition and I hope you all are with family and loved ones, while I am out here in the middle of nowhere, turkeyless.
Catherine Manning Muir, Turkeyless in Outback Oz [11-23-2011]

Dave Linn: It is great that Mr. Continental,John West,might be coming to The G-town Reunion at Hansberry&Wissy. It is so ironic for me to see John at The Continental since I last saw him at Hughie Canon's Funeral and Hughie was the former manager of The Continental. On Wednesday, I will remember Bill West[RIP],John's Brother,and Dave McNulty,an actor,who was fortunate that John liked his sarcasm after a few scothes unlike some other patrons. I am looking forward to seeing you and your soccer friends. There will be many folks from Fernhill including Joe Lynch. Dave! Tell John that Bull said hello and horse can't make it since he is getting tired.
JBS [11-23-2011]

Last week, CMM again suggested leaving this blog in favor of email. This is the 2nd maybe 3rd time she has done this. Why does she keep coming back? Hey, Dennis McG. You are in good company. She has also blocked me. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. We were blessed with a wonderful past & good memories which helped to make us who we are today.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [11-23-2011]

To all of my Germantown friends who post here, have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. May you enjoy a day filled with much laughter and happiness with your families.Most especially Bill Cupo, Anthony Giordano and Jim Breen/ whom I have come to know and care about very much.
Linda Fontana, Montgomeryville, Pa. [11-23-2011]

Hoping everyone has a great Thanksgiving....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-23-2011]

Dave Linn: It would be great if you could bring Mr. Continental,John West to The Continental. The spot near the back-door should be reserved for John since he and The Former Commander,Tom McLaughlin, occupied that place for many years. It is ironic that the last time that I saw Big John was at Hughie Canon's Funeral,the former Continental-manager,and you were with him-both of you are good people. On Wednesday, I will be thinking of Bill West[RIP],John's Brother,and David McNulty,who was Professorial and had strong opinions after a few Scothches. David was lucky that John was his friend since Dave was an actor and not athletic oriented. I am looking forward to see you and your friends,many of them great soccer players at The Continental. I know many of the great athletes from Fernhill will be there including Joe Lynch who is now one of the great bloggers on this site. Dave! Tell John that Bull said,"Hello" and Horse can't make it.
JBS [11-23-2011]

Dennis Crowley, I don’t doubt that priests railed from the pulpits at SFA and probably the other Germantown churches over the films. But, they couldn’t stop the changing times. I do know the priests at Immaculate Conception gathered the support of the parishioners and, along with the local community, waged a fierce protest when the owners of the Walton Theatre wanted to show X-rated films there. But, they lost, and they showed those films there from around 1961/1962 until around 1974. IC has a history with this theatre before and after its adult film era. Before, the school kids would process there as a class to see religious films such as Song of Bernadette and Our Lady of Fatima. In 1977, IC rented the theatre for an anniversary program for the school kids as part of the parish’s 75th anniversary. Given its checkered past, maybe they sprinkled Holy Water before going in. Cardinal Dougherty, the rotund namesake of my alma mater, had some success in his fight against the movies in the 1930s & 1940s. Supposedly, he saw a racy billboard that infuriated him. He then took to the pulpit forbidding area Catholics from going to the movies. It worked, and the theatres saw a big decline in attendance. That was back when Catholics listened to the priests and bishops and didn’t question. Imagine the archbishop doing that today - going to the pulpit and forbidding the flock to go to the movies….
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-23-2011]

Jim, I envy you! I would love to move back to NC and I love the coastal areas.. I lived down then in Onslow County for many years.. Enjoy it.. hope all is well for you and your family.. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless.. Erda
Erda Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [11-23-2011]

Dave Linn: It would be great if you could bring Mr. Continental,John West to The Continental. The spot near the back-door should be reserved for John since he and The Former Commander,Tom McLaughlin, occupied that place for many years. It is ironic that the last time that I saw Big John was at Hughie Canon's Funeral,the former Continental-manager,and you were with him-both of you are good people. On Wednesday, I will be thinking of Bill West[RIP],John's Brother,and David McNulty,who was Professorial and had strong opinions after a few Scothches. David was lucky that John was his friend since Dave was an actor and not athletic oriented. I am looking forward to see you and your friends,many of them great soccer players at The Continental. I know many of the great athletes from Fernhill will be there including Joe Lynch who is now one of the great bloggers on this site. Dave! Tell John that Bull said,"Hello" and Horse can't make it.
JBS [11-23-2011]

JBS, the oldest member of Continental will be in attendance.
Dave [11-23-2011]

Bill Cupo, I remember that Price Street beer distributor as Piening's, but also heard to it referred informally as just "the beer distributor". Funny that your father bought whatever was on sale, my father did too. I remember Ballantine and Reading mostly. He was more motivated by the price than by brand or taste.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-23-2011]

Hi Shiela, So good to hear from you .... I hope you and your family are well. Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday ! Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-22-2011]

Joe Gatto: I don't recall all the details of Felice Mairon's murder because I was still reeling from the murder of my stepfather, Mike McGeehan, when it happened. I think it was sometime in 1974. The killers were just kids, stealing his coins, silver dollars, I think, but I could be wrong about that. Linda Fontana posted here on 01-20-2011 "My cousin Joanna's best friend is Gloria Mairon-Masorli, it was her grandpop who was killed in "G"town, back in the days you mentioned...it was a horrific murder/robbery/ Felice took care of the church...the kids who 'axed' him literally and figuratively'..were only like ten or eleven yrs.old.and couldn't be tried as adults....they're probably living among us still...scary, eh?" Felice's son, Dominic, owned and operated the grocery store at 4946 Wayne Ave for many years and lived on Pulaski Avenue near Seymour St. His daughter, I recall, went for her driving test and wound up marrying the state trooper who gave her the test. They bought a house on Clapier Street, I think.
Catherine Manning Muir [11-22-2011]

Dennis Crowley: My recollection is that 'The Moon is Blue' was on at the New Lyric, not the Wayne Ave. Playhouse. I distinctly remember seeing the movie's title up on the marquee of the New Lyric. Yes, the nuns did make a big deal of it. It was on TV here not long ago but I didn't watch it. The fuss at the Wayne Ave Playhouse was much later, during the Vietnam War, when an anti-war flick was shown and the street filled with protesters. That was the end of the theatre, which went on to become the Paul Olds showroom.
Catherine Manning Muir [11-22-2011]

This message is for Dennis McGlinchey, I just happened wander on to this site looking for something else about Germantown and I recognized your name. I believe we might have attended Immaculate Conception grade school at the same time. I graduated in 1970 and went on to Cardinal Daugherty,which I just learned has been closed down. There is also a group on Facebook called Legends of Germantown you might be interested in. Holla, Vince
vince scott, Born and raised in Germantown [11-22-2011]

Dennis, I grew up at Penn & Magnolia, and like you I always answer that I am from Germantown.
Sheila [11-22-2011]

Happy Thanksgiving to all ye Germantowners. I have given meself the gift of 30 acres of planted virgin forest-fronting the Pamlico sound-my land actually has a river running right through it! It is here I might take me last stand. I hope also for a fort in Cork. We pagans need forts. God bless ye everyone.
Jim McKernan, St Vincents 59' [11-22-2011]

Joe Lynch: I must commend you and your Aussie Friend,Catharine Manning Muir, on your excellent rebuttals to the bloggers who characterized Happy Hollowers as arrogant. Cathy and you write so well which all began at SFA under the tutelage of Sister Grace. Joe! You had great mentors-Sister Grace[composition] and Bobby Goo Guarinello[Basketball]. I enjoy the writing style of these 2 SFA Alums- Cathy with her unique analytical style and Joe with his wit and satire. However, Bonnie Gatto and I were saddened to hear the story of the tragedy that befelled Mike MCGeehan near The Hollow. Mike McGeehan was the uncle of Johnny Boy McGeehan of The Hollow- a super guy and devoid of arrogance. CMM's blog resonated with Bonnie Gatto and his brother,Ralph,was a super Hollow Athlete and a great team player-no arrogance there. Joe L.&Dennis Crowley, I am happy that the 2 Explorers will be attending The G-town Reunion at The Continental on Wednesday. I know that The Red Baron,John Payne Jr.from your SFA Basketball team would like to attend this event but he is residing near Alligator Alley in Florida. Recently, Frank Margiotti who had a Beauty-salon near The Hollow, posted some beautiful words about his friend,Lou Giorno. It is also wonderful that you 2 lads from SFA and LaSalle are friends after so many years. It would also be great if Tom Lynch and John Fries could make it-2 Fernhillers. I have the feeling that it's going to be a happening. Frank Bags Klock! You can make it happen. My Germantown Brothers! I hope to see many of you at The Continental and I won't be flying but I will be buying.
Bruce Schmitt [11-22-2011]

Hello Dan Hartnett ! When you're right, you're right. I did have my priorities wrong; I should have played golf and put up the lights when it got much colder. You're right about Warren; he's a cool dude and a very thoughtful person. He and I served on the board of our townhouse development and we tried to keep the place looking sharp and making sure it is a nice place to live. I'll tell him you said hello and had some very nice things to say about him. As far as my dad is concerned, I remember him going into the Proper Place many times. Wasn't it called the Highway at one time? I do remember the woman who owned Mom's store, plowing into the glass brick of the tavern when she lost control of her car. My dad did have a shot of Corby's when he would go in to a bar. He brought me in sometimes to have a ginger ale and let me play the shuffleboard table. Anyway, thanks for the nice remarks about him. I missed him terribly when he left us so suddenly and at this time of year, the memories just keep flowing. I don't know what kind of beer he drank at your bar; at home he bought whatever was cheapest: Reading, Piels, Ballantine, Schmidt's. I don't remember the name of the beer distributor on Price street but they used to deliver if you wanted. Thanks again for your post; have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you get some golf lessons for Christmas. LOL !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and C.D. grad/Chalfont,Pa. [11-22-2011]

Rosemarie hite Malageri ! Thank you for your kind words regarding my posts on this website. I always try to tell a little story about the neighborhood that warms my heart. So many of my memories involve my dad who passed away suddenly, almost 42 years ago. My mom is still with us; she's 94 now and living in Newtown, Pa but for the moment, she's with my sister for a while in Florida. Your childhood is so important in the development of the person you turn out to be and growing up on Haines st. provides me with so many nice memories, especially when the holiday season is upon us. I truly loved the house and neighborhood I grew up in and I try to express myself with little stories of my childhood. I also hope you enjoy your holidays along with your friends and families. Thanks again !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate and C.D. grad/Chalfont,Pa. [11-22-2011]

Bill Cupo, nice post of Christmas in Germantown memories. I still use those big bulbs. They do cost more, are electricity hogs and I do see a significant increase in my electric bill for December. At least for now, it is still worth it for me. It reminds me of my days in Germantown when all the other rowhomes on my block and beyond used those multi-colored big bulbed lights. To me, it's a tradition I keep alive. Needless to say, no one else on my block uses those big bulbed lights. They also prefer those white LED lights. Maybe in time I will move on also. I will have an empty nest by next Christmas so, who knows, maybe that will be the time to change and cut back.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-22-2011]

JBS, I'll call John West to see if he can make down to the Continental on Thanksgiving Eve.
Dave Linn [11-22-2011]

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ONE & ALL.HEY webmaster, have a good one.
Lou Giorno, Mr G DOS [11-21-2011]

Bill Cupo You always tell the nicest stories of years past and i actually visualize you and your Dad on those cold nights putting up those Christmas Decorations. Its people like you who still make the holidays special even if your energy level has dwindled your love more than makes up for it ... I hope you and your family have a wonderful, healthy and blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Thanks for the memories, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-21-2011]

Bill Cupo: I just read your post about putting up Christmas lights last Monday. Bill, You have your priorities wrong. Last Monday while you were putting up lights, I golfed at Pinecrest with my friend Jay, who you met earlier this year with me. The authorities at Pinecrest, in their infinite wisdom, informed me that they were putting another golfer in with us. It turned out to be your friend and neighbor, Warren, who we met before with you. Small world, same circumstances. In any case, here we were in the middle of November, in short sleeved shirts, playing golf while there you were, putting up Christmas lights. No brainer! You know that I am a hacker but it doesn't matter. Not a good idea to take up a new sport at age 68. In any case, you can judge a person by the company you keep. Your friend Warren, is a first class guy so it must reflect on you. He really showed his colors when he told us that he, and his wife, would be spending Thanksgiving feeding the less fortunate. That speaks volumes. Please give him my regards and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Reflecting on your post with your dad and you putting up lights, I would not be surprised, if after he was finished putting them up (with you of course) that he perhaps stopped at the Proper Place for a shot of Corby's and a beer (always only one) where I was bartending. For whatever reason, I never forget that these were what he drank. What a classy guy. I just got an e-mail from Lorraine and understand that your Mom went to Florida for the Winter. May God bless her; she doesn't sit still. Ciao and happy Thanksgiving!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [11-21-2011]

Frank Margiotti, everybody should be fortunate enough to have a friend like you. I'm sure Lou appreciates you as much as you do him. You are indeed a good friend.
Sheila [11-21-2011]

Rosemarie, may you also have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving! May everybody have the same.
Sheila [11-21-2011]

Catherine Manning Muir: I did not know Felice Mairon was murdered. What were the circumstances of the case?
Joe Gatto [11-21-2011]

Germantown reunion. Continental post. Wissahickon and Hansberry. Every Thanksgiving eve.
Joe DePero, 54, st mikes 70, levittown [11-21-2011]

Continental Post Wissahickon & Hansberry, Wed. Nov. 23rd, after 6pm. All Welcome, 21 and up from G-town.
Member in Good Standing [11-21-2011]

Anonymous: Re: The reunion. The annual reunion The usual place Same time as last year.
John Payne [11-21-2011]

Anonymous of 11/19, you hit the nail on the head regarding my posts. Never are my posts meant for just the east-siders, but for all of Germantowners. Thanks for seeing that.... As JBS acknowledged in a rare moment, in his words, I am not one you can "stereotyoe". If ever asked, where did you grow up, my response is always Germantown, never East Germantown. If pressed for where, I will way on the east side, near Chew & Chelten. It's not that I'm not proud of East Germantown, I answer as people will know, and it is usually the Germantowners that know of the sections. I only started using the "born & raised in East Germantown" moniker to show there is more to Germantown than certain areas. I know full well now that my response to Joe Lynch's post touched a nerve with the Hollowers. Maybe if the Hollowers take a step back and read that post from a perspective of someone not from the Hollow, you might understand where I was coming from. It was never about volume of posts. I challenge anyone to find a post where I complained about the volume. If you do look, what you will find is a "there's room for everyone, just skip over them" type of post. Any post by me, always has my name attached to it. While I'm sorry that a firestorm resulted here on this blog, I stand by that respone to his arrogant post.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-21-2011]

CMM, I'm not going to get into a "my Germantown era" was better than "your Germantown era" with you. Sort of pointless, don't you think? I have always said here that I grew up in Germantown before, during and after the change. And, I have always said here there were some not-so-good memories mixed in with the good. Some of those not-so-good memories I even relayed here, not all. Mostly, I just focus on that which was good. I wouldn't trade my growing up in Germantown for anywhere else, though I would trade those some of those not-so-good memories for good ones, if I could. But, all of those experiences makes us who we are today. And, CMM, thanks for agreeing with me on the Facebook group. I made that suggestion for Hollowers and Fernhillers a long time ago. It just makes sense that when you have a group of people that share such a rich history and common experiences. GBC has one. IC has two. SFA/St. Mike's has one. Germantown has several. All very busy with memory sharing. And, since you brought it up, yes CMM, we did have a heated off-the-blog exchange quite awhile back. Unlike you, I didn't save the emails, seeing them as insignificant. But, as I'm sure you can say the same about me, they certainly showed you in a very different light....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantion [11-21-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey: Philadelphia was a city of neighborhoods and Germantown was one of the greatest neighborhoods in Philly. CMM framed it well when she commented so eloquently about 3 of the neighborhoods in G-town-The Hollow,Fernhill,and Brickyard. CMM mentioned the horrible tragedy that took place near The Hollow and MIke McGeehan lost his life-Mike was a wonderful person and highly respected. Joe Raeffale, from The Hollow and Joe's Steak Shop tried to intervene- Joe[Shangy] was a brave and courageous man. On Thaksgiving Eve, many great Germantowners will meet at The Continental where we will share our thoughts and memories about our wonderful days in Germantown. The Continental is located at Wissy& Hansberry in West Germantown but many folks will be from The Eastside of The Tracks[Gtn. Ave]-especially "Brickyard". Mr. Brickyard,Mike Garvey, will attend with some of his many brothers. Another large family, The Henigan's,also will have a presence. This year The Dynamic Duo,Joe Lynch& Dennis Crowley, will attend-from SFA,LaSalle,Fernhill and many other G-town neighborhoods. I would hope that Dave Linn could bring Big John West-Mr. Continental. Back in The Day, Brave Veterans of WW II,The Korean War, and Vietnam, would congregate at The Continental and we would care less what neighborhood that one lived. At The Continental, Let's Praise and Salute All Germantowners-"God Bless America and Our Beloved Germantown".
JBS [11-21-2011]

That post from Barnard L. Sackett, about the Wayne Ave Playhouse brings back some funny memories. Anyone remember when the Legion of Decency and the pulpit oratory at SFA railed against the showing of "The Moon is Blue" starring David Niven because divorce was a plot twist. Boy, we've come a long way since then----most of it downhill.
Dennis Crowley [11-21-2011]

A Non-Smokin' Joe story. When my son was about ten years old I took him to the circus. We were seated in the "Big Top", and the M.C. was doing the usual shtick, when suddenly he stopped,put his hand over his eyebrows in survey fashion, and pointed to a place in the audience. "Ladies and Gentlemen", he said, "We are honored to have with us tonight, the one, the only, Smokin' Joe Frazzzzzzzier." Then he squinted, and leaned forward as though getting a better view and said, "Oh! Sorry Lady."
John Payne, The greatest show on earth [11-21-2011]

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