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November 1-20, 2011

what reunion?where?what time????
anonymous: [11-19-2011]

FRANK KLOCK,I met SMOKIN'JOE ten years ago when I was working at Graduate Hospital myself and the rest of the menses were having lunch and someone said is that it is it's SMOKIN' JOE and we all ran to him shook his nand and he gave us his card then someone asked him how he felt when he KOOCKED OUT ALI and JOE said of course it was GREAT then he told us that after that every time HE( SMOKIN' ) would enter a room and ALI was there talking about this or that and someone would say hey it's SMOKIN' JOE ALI would stop talking and his eyes would grow WIDE and full of FEAR and we all had a big laugh and shook his hand again SMOKIN' went on his way.That's my SMOKIN' JOE story and I'M sticking to it!
Mitch Henigan, born, raised & still in g-town [11-19-2011]

Dennis, one thing that can be said of you is that you write posts that are inclusive of all Germantown areas. Your posts are informative too. Once or twice hearing about certain people that only a handful of us know is ok, but after that it gets very old. We all had our neighborhood characters, but realize that everybody didn't know them, thus constant reference to them would be one of those "guess you had to be there" things. Like I said, once would be fine, twice bearable, but past that it gets old. Just MHO
anonymous [11-19-2011]

Dennis....One last comment from me regarding the word arrogance.Arrogance is our politicians who refuse to put the future welfare of our country ahead of their own.It is not JBS,Joe Lynch and other Hollow folks who pass on their stories,thoughts and memories on this site....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, amen ! [11-19-2011]

To All Germantowners, I wish everyone a Blessed and happy Thanksgiving. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-19-2011]

Jack Brogan: Being a SFA guy like yourself, I enjoyed your commentary about The SFA Team of 1954 and 2 older SFA Players-Gerry McColgan and Jack Walsh. Gerry McColgan had an awesome hook-shot and he used the backboard at The Hollow effectively. You were A Hollow Guy and you saw Jack Walsh with his sensational jump-shot-take your pick who had the better jumper-Jack Walsh or Ollie Powers. There were many Walshes in your class at SFA-Jim,Sally,and Kathy. Sally Walsh was on that great SFA Girls Team and was a great defender. Kathy Walsh married Sal Botticella from The Hollow Steak Shop. You thought Jim Walsh was the best player on your 8th-grade team. That really surprises me since I thought you and Sonny Kennedy were great players and played on the college level. When I was a kid, Billy Kennedy was an outstanding player at The Hollow. You know The Crowley Family well-SFA&LaSalle. Dennis Crowley nutted me since I did not mention his name on Cousin Joe Lynch's SFA Team. There was a guy on your team who did not start but I liked his game at Fernhill because he did not mind passing the ball-Tom Cueball Cusack. He had great moves on the court and his moves off the court were awesome-a fudging dancing-machine with sweet movement. Another guy on your SFA team was Joe Gallagher who was probaly better known for his football talent and he caught a lot of passes from Ralph Gatto[Hollow] at North. Joe G. and I would stop at LaSalle High and get in games at The Gym. You thought The SFA team with Joe Lynch and Bill Haas was good but your team was not too shabby. There were good coaches at SFA-you and Goo come to mind. My coach at SFA was Hughie Mooney and we ran a flow-offense which was sophisticated for young dudes. The Hollow Guys have been reprimanded for too many posts and I am now waxing on about SFA. Your friend,Bor Borian, probaly would not mind but I am not so sure about some other bloggers. Brog! Have a great Thanksgiving with a few great beverages- if Sonny Kennedy stopped by, he would bring Fine Wine.
Bruce Schmitt [11-19-2011]

i think it is time to say something about my good friend lou giorno. he and i were friends since the 5 th grade we first met at st.michaels of the saints . there were 4 of us that hung together.lou me frank margiotti, alex daniela and fred lofferdo. we grew up together. went to all the dances and proms . lots of partys and sea shore trips . in 1954 3 of us joined the army airborne for 3 years . lou did no go,he went in to the army reserves and to collage and became a teacher at jinks schoal for 35 years . fred and alex are not with us any more . so it is just lou and myself. i hope lou will not get upset with me ! but i need to tell you all that my good friend dose not leave his house 24/7 he is in a wheel chair and is restricted because of something call transversus malidas. a problem with the spine . but i have to tell you that he is my hero ! i talk to him every day and i vist him and he is with out a doubt the braves man i know !the reason i put this out there is because he gets lots of enjoyment from the computer and this site . so please be kind to my hero and my good friend . he did so much for the children that were his students and the likes of lou giorno will not pass this way again . love you lou ! your friend frank .
frank margiotti [11-19-2011]

Germantown was a far different place for those of us who went to SFA, St. Vincent's, St. Michael's etc in the '50s and graduated from HS by the early '60s than it was for those who were schooled in the late '60s and graduated in the mid 70s, as DMcG was. Also, many of our generation fought, sacrified and died in Vietnam, something the later generation did not experience. Finally, many of us had liberal educations at university before and during the Vietnam War, where we read widely and were made increasingly aware of just how little we knew. These factors probably account for much of the disconnect between the regulars from the west side, including the Happy Hollow and Fernhill folks, and the bleating blogger from the east side. Germantown skidded down the slippery slide after 1963 and by 1974 was unrecognizable (Roosevelt extension to Schuylkill Expwy cut Fernhill Park in half, for example) and virtually uninhabitable (couldn't take the trash out after dark, couldn't sit on the stoop on scorching summer nights, couldn't prop your bike outside a shop, etc). I had experienced the brutal murder of my beloved stepfather while he was at work on Wayne Avenue near Happy Hollow and had my kids' bikes and wagons stolen from our back yard, something that would have been unheard of 15 years earlier. Nearby, Felice Mairon was bashed and murdered by youths stealing his coins. There was no internet in the 60s, so there were no cowardly cyberbullies; we dealt with bullies swiftly, face-to-face. Our Germantown and the bb's Germantown were as different as chalk and cheese so the argument is silly and futile. He has no idea what Germantown was like in our day but persists in arguing that what he does not know is so. I urge a boycott of this blog and switching to Facebook, where we can 'gatekeep', or by private email, where we can block unwelcome senders. You can find me on Facebook, along with other 'Friends' from the old neighborhood. Sadly, one rotten apple has spoiled the barrel.
Catherine Manning Muir [11-19-2011]

Hello G-Towners ! I took advantage of the nice weather last Monday to put up my Christmas decorations. We don't turn them on till Thanksgiving, but I didn't want to chance the weather at that time. This is a far cry from the situation my dad and I found ourselves when it was time to put up the lights. It seemed as if he always waited till a night when it was bitterly cold; I guess it felt more like the holiday season then. I remember my dad debating whether or not we should use masking tape to hang the lights or use the litttle u-shaped staples that were used to put around the cord. The staples of course left little holes in the window sill that had to be filled in when the warm weather came and of course that meant painting the wood also. If we used tape, he would inspect the lights that might be hanging as a result of the tape getting damp. I preferred the staples; it looked cleaner. Of course the lights he and I put up were the big GE lights that came in assorted colors and were expensive to replace if they burned out or were stolen. The lights that I put up last Monday were the new LED light sets that I purchased at Home Depot. I traded in the old sets that I had and got a coupon for $4 off the price of a new set of LED's. These lights are tremendous; you can actually string up to 29 sets of lights on one outlet. That's a string of fifty lights x 29. Wow ! If only I had enough trees and bushes to do that and drive all the neighbors crazy. The sets that my dad put up had about 20-25 lights and used a tremendous amount of electricity. I know we used at least 5 sets of these lights; one on the window and the rest on the trees and shrubs on the lawn. I can only imagine what the electric bill was during the holiday season for my mom and dad in today's dollars. Anyway, he loved Christmas and I guess it didn't matter to him what the electric bill was. Eventually, we switched to the new "Japanese" light sets that came onto the market; they didn't seem the same but they were cheaper. The only problem with them was if one burned out, so did the others. That drove us nuts. These new lights I purchased, stay on even if one breaks in the socket or burns out and they are extremely bright and a true "white" color. At one time in another house I lived in when I first got married, I rigged up a speaker to my stereo unit and played recorded Christmas music from a cassette tape as well as put lights in every tree and shrub I had. It looked and sound impressive but it was a lot of work. I don't have the energy for that anymore. I'm content with a couple of trees that I have and a lighted sleigh; enough to please my wife and I yet not enough to work to hard to put them away for another year. I still have plenty of Christmas spirit left in me but it will never match the thrill and excitement of helping my dad out or decorating till I was exhausted when my kids were small. The countdown now starts; 7 days from now and I throw the switch on another Christmas season, only this time I'm going to beat Peco. Take care everybody !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [11-19-2011]

Dennis McG: i'm from the hollow & want to thank you for the links you've provided @ Gtn & Philly.
monk: [11-19-2011]

I was invited to attend a 50th reunion of SFA in 2000 at Jack Walsh's house (I was my wife's guest), but I knew all the people that attended as we were from the same neighborhood in GTN.-Jack Walsh-Rich Kohler-Tyrone Cerone-Mary Kelly-Margaret McGlochlin- Dottie McGuiness -Eleanor Hudson-Joan Mallon-ET AL. Gerry McColgan had passed away & was missed by all.Shortly after the reunion,Jack Walsh had a severe stroke that has left him paralyzed & bedridden-I got Tranverse Myelitis 5 yrs later & am partially handicapped. I'll never forget the good time we had that day.Lou Giorno
lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [11-19-2011]

Believe it was 1971 when Smokin Joe Frazier beat the pants off of Ali. The next day at Dougherty caused as much commotion as the day Jimi Hendrix died. That fight reached the racial divides as most Whites went with Frazier and Blacks with Ali. To date I believe opinions have not changed much of either fighter. Smokin Joe checks out a poor man, and Ali continues to suffer through Parkinson’s disease. They can put Smokin Joe’s statue right next to Rocky Balboa…wherever it is currently located.
Ed, Va [11-19-2011]

Boggles the mind why DMcG keeps addressing posts to me on this blog. I have saved a number of his cyberbullying emails and put him on my 'blocked senders' list so no more will come through. He knows this. His continued attentions are unwelcome and I consider it to be cyberstalking. It should stop. Webmaster, are you there?
CMM [11-19-2011]

CMM, please contact me directly with any postings you consider inappropriate and I will edit or remove them.

Bruce Marshall's name was brought to my attention with the information that I married a younger woman in the 70's. Sorry, Bruce, yes I was the owner/operator of Wayne Avenue Playhouse in Germantown, but in the 60's I was engagement to Hedy Lamarr and we lived in my Gramercy Park penthouse in New York. There was never any such marriage of which you speak. Yes, my name was proudly on all the advertisements. After all, if you going to sell an item let someone who knows behind it. Good luck with whatever you do.
Barnard L. Sackett, Los Angeles, CA. [11-19-2011]

Hey Schmitty: Lynch and I will be at the reunion 11/23. I'm calling him right now.
anonymous [11-17-2011]

Dennis McG: I recently heard a radio commentator say that the political left should charge Sarah Palin rent for all the time she spends living rent free inside their heads. I'm hoping you are not going to start charging us arrogant Hollowites. :)
John Payne, Bitterness destroys the vessel that contains it. [11-17-2011]

Hi Erda Father Farren was very tall wasnt he? If i remember correctly .. he had a very kind face and I do remember his cape too. If my memory serves me here he was a very kind person . Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-17-2011]

Frank&Lou,2 Oldtimers: Both of you posted about 3 great Germantown athletes-Gerry McColgan,Jack Walsh,and Richie Kohler. Gerry McColgan and Jack Walsh were great basketball players from Saint Francis just like Jack Brogan who also remembered them. I remembered Gerry McColgan from The Hollow where I would see him with his great left-hand hook-shot off the backboard-he was a real player. You probaly knew him from North and Jack Brogan mentioned that he was All-Catholic. You[2] also mentioned Jack Walsh who was a great jump-shooter and a member of The Hollow Nation. I can never forget his beautiful jump-shots from the baseline at the Hollow-gym- nothing but silk. Both of you like myself, probaly knew Richie Kohler from GBC and he was one of the greatest athletes from Penn Charter. Ollie Powers from The Hollow went to Penn Charter and he and Jack Walsh were the best jump-shooters from The Hollow and was All-Inter-AC in basketball and baseball. I surmise that both of you gentlemen are Italo-Americans and I would like to mention 2 great Italian-American Atlletes from Germantown-John Granozio and Mickey Grandinetti. Lou! You were a great hitter in baseball and John Granozio was one of the greatest hitters to graduate from LaSalle High and Temple.John is a member of The Temple Hall of Fame-he played the hot-corner like Mike Schmidt. Incidentally,John G. played on the great Temple Basketball Team with Hal Lear and Guy Rodgers under the superior coaching of Harry Litwack. Lou! I conjecture that you were good with your hands. Probaly,the best boxer out of Germantown was Mickey Grandinetti. Mickey was a legendary guy from GBC,G-town,and Kensington. Mickey ran a boxing-gym in Kensington,Henley Boxing Club and he also ran The Old Cambria[The Blood-Pit]-he trained Jimmy Young,an awesome fighter. You[2] might have seen him at The Garibaldi on Chelten Avenue where he was the bouncer and the lads did behave themselsves. He handled this job in a professional manner. Two guys from SFA,Jack Murphy and John Berkery, were bartenders at The Shamrock,Gtn.&Venago. Many of the patrons were rough and tumble dudes from K&A. Jack Murphy and John Berkery were intimidating kats but they had a bouncer,Marv Edleman,a tough Jewish Boxer for backup. Mickey Grandinetti and Marv Edleman were 2 respected professional bouncers and I would have liked to see them play poker with the boys from The Hollow-some of whom post on this site. Germantown rules and keep trucking.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-17-2011]

JBS, at first I thought your post to me was a compliment, then thought of it as more of a veiled insult, but then thought it was just another re-introduction of the cast of Hollow characters. Maybe it was a combination of all three. Whatever it was, or its intent, I almost fell out of my chair at the fact that you even directed a post my way or even responded to any of my posts after 8 years of coming here. Afterall, I’m not from the Hollow. Paul Borian, I control nothing here. I post from time to time, that’s all. Mostly, I have been quiet about the Hollow guys and the volume of Hollow posts. I skim them for relevance to “Germantowners” rather than just “Hollowers”. Most are not, so I just skip over them. And, I am the first to step up to the plate here with a “nice post of memories” response, regardless of whether it came from the east, the west, upper, lower, etc. Can you, JBS and the other Hollowers say the same about non-Hollow posts???
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-17-2011]

Mike Deely, not sure what the apology was for but there is nothing to apologize to me for. Here is a link to a list of all of Philly neighborhoods. It doesn’t give exact boundaries, but still might be helpful. http://www.phila.gov/phils/Docs/otherinfo/pname1.htm As for the “dislike” of the East Germantowners, there isn’t any as far as I know. The current storm here derives from a post made on 11/7/2011 by Happy Hollower Joe Lynch admonishing non-Hollowers on this blog to “learn the lore of the Hollow”, that it is our “misfortune” that we did not grow up at the Hollow, and that this blog would not exist without the Happy Hollowers. If that isn’t arrogance, then I don’t know what is. This is a blog for all of Germantown. Happy Hollowers do not have a monopoly on all the good times and memories of growing up in Germantown.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-17-2011]

Jim McKernan, thank you and I’m really glad you appreciated my article on “The Theatres of Germantown”. I wrote it for the Germantown Historical Society’s member publication, “The Germantown Crier”. The whole experience was very enjoyable. There are many more photos with the published article than on the website. The Germantown Crier with the published theatre article can be purchased from the Germantown Historical Society for a very nominal price.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-17-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey, I'm from Brickyard,don't see many blogs from there but I have a lot of relatives from East Germantown and a lot of friends from Happy Hollow. I really enjoyed your blog and the info on East Germantown Scholastics. This site brings a lot of fond memeries to the people who lived in Germantown ALL GERMANTOWN. Personally I just move my cursor to pass anything I'm not interesred in. I think we're all mature enough not to be jealous of how much one area blogs more than any other. Just my opinion.
Joe Leone [11-17-2011]

Our President is in Oz today, enroute from Hawaii to Indonesia. Announced that a company-sized unit of US Marines will be based near Darwin for 6 months each year (lucky for them, it will be during the dry season!), gradually increasing to task force size (2500)by 2017. Also, more US Navy ships will codock in Perth and more Air Force use of military airfields in the Northern Territory. It's all about the rise of China and the US focus shifting towards the Pacific Rim. Made me proud to watch my President. He said and did all the right things. A group of school kids in Parliament House on a school trip got hugs, hand shakes and high fives; they were stoked! Made me proud.
CMM [11-16-2011]

"SMOKIN' JOE" PROVIDES HIS OWN EPITAPH. In the mid-1970's JOE FRAZIER opened a "NIGHTCLUB" on CITY LINE AVE. and my friend Jerry Freedman sold JOE several Cash Registers. The night before the "Grand Opening" JOE threw a Private/Guests Only Party, and Jerry was invited and brought me as his guest. The Party was rockin' and JOE got up with the Band and sang a couple funky soul songs to great applause. Well, after a couple hours and four or five drinks, I decided to MEET JOE. I walked right up to him and said, "How ya doin',CHAMP ?" and JOE'S face lit up as he struck a Boxing Pose with his huge fists and he shouted right at me from a foot away--- "WHEN ALL THE REST WAS LAUGHIN' AND JOKIN' SMOKIN'JOE FRAZIER WAS COOKIN' AND SMOKIN'!" Then he started laughing loudly and moved past me. SMOKIN' JOE, I'll always hear your laughter, and so I hope you'll always hear my prayers.
FRANK KLOCK [11-16-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey you are to be congratulated on your wonderful local history of Germantown theatres. It is a treasure of pictures and knowledge. I recommend that all movie lovers and goers from Germantown past and present read this piece. Some houses were grand like the Orpheum and some "cool or chic" like the Bandbox on Armat Street. As children we learnt how to run around and see if their was a Matinee with 2 films or other scoop-and we learnt from Brother Bernie how to get in without a ticket! Often moving just ahead of the ushers with their indignant flashlights. We learned to 'makeout' and other wonderful lifeskills too! Dennis, your work is much appreciated
jim McKernan, Professor, History/Philosophy/Theory of Education. Greenville NC [11-16-2011]

Father Grass was a wonderful priest but my favorit from St Vincent was Father Farren.. I loved the cape he wore you. I remember him always with a smile and joking with the children..
Erda, From the Westside of Germantown [11-16-2011]

Erect a statue in Smokin Joes honor, absolutely. Put it along with other statues of Rocky, Big Frank and Joe Pa in Happy Hollow. After all that is the center of the Universe. Aint it??
anonymous [11-16-2011]

CMM, take note, a statue of Philly icon Joe Frazier will become a reality afterall.... Former Govenor Ed Rendell is leading a group in that effort, and has the support of the mayor. He didn't get his just due in life, though there was a bit of personal responsibility mixed in there. He died broke, an alcoholic and living in the apartment above his gym. For whatever reason, endorsements never came his way as they did to others. But, they all came out to pay respect at his death. At least with a statue, that respect will be longer-lasting....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-16-2011]

Germantown Reunion @ Continental Post Wissahickon & Hansberry, Wed. Nov. 23rd 6pm to ?? the "Last of the Mohicons" All Welcome.
Reunion Guy [11-16-2011]

Johhn Flemming...You were right on about your comments about Dennis.He believes that he is the gatekeeper of this sight.It is insulting to be a member of Happy Hollow nation and be called arrogant.Dennis,you need to get out of East Germantown for awhile and calm down.This is not your site! I ignore most of your posts because they do not interest me.You should do the same when the good folks from our beloved Hollow share their thoughts,memories,and stories.Who are you to judge us as arrogant.You should get on with your life.You remind me of a politican who is doing his best to divide the many folks who have contributed to this sight for the past several years.I could say much,much more,but I won't....Paul Borian.
Paul Borian, Dennis,you are nothing but a menace. [11-16-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey: You are one of the great bloggers on this site from Immaculate Conception which was the first parish that my Grandmother belonged to in Germantown. I had many friends from IC. The former President of Catholic University and The Prep graduated from IC- Rev. William Byron S.J. You have had an interesting dialogue with Fernhill Joe Lynch who played a lot of ball at The Hollow and has had a beautiful platonic friendship with CMM-our erudite-blogger from Australia. CMM does not have a penchant for troglodytic bloggers. Dennis! I have to tell you CMM's step-father was an iconic member of The Great McGeehan Family from The Hollow. Joe Lynch was a Fernhiller and not a Happy Hollower and Joe and Cathy[CMM] enjoyed the beauty and the panoramic setting from the top of the hill at Fernhill Park. We are fortunate to have these very intelligent and literate bloggers on this site. I would be disappointed if great bloggers like the aforementioned folks left this site. Paul Borian,another iconic figure from The Hollow has been dormant and is saddened by some of the negative remarks about his friend's[Goo] shrine[The Hollow]. I find it productive if we get posts from both sides of The Tracks. I am a Germantowner and I respond to posts from different playgrounds since I liked to hang on the rim and not corners-LOL. I never hung at Wayne&Logan where the Hollow folks congregated but those lads loved that venue-that is why God made white and red roses. I really liked the post which you responded to CMM about the great theaters in Germantown. I know that Joe L. and CMM appreciated that since they are members of the literati. It inspired me to get tickets for Billy Elliot. You might have seen the movie but I want to see the musical. Billy Elliot could have been the role-model for some of the great Hollow bloggers on this site. Billy Elliot turned in his boxing gloves for his dancing shoes. Paul Borian and Jack Brogan from The Hollow were friends with Jay Kelly whose cousin was Grace The Actress and Princess. These Hollow Lads were interesting characters. Dennis! There is a Germantown Reunion at The Continental on Thanksgiving Eve with mucho G-towners-all neighborhoods. Dennis! Keep posting and let's do some toasting-"God Bless America and Germantown.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-16-2011]

Could someone describe the areas referenced in these postings; "Cowtown", "The Hollow", "the Brickyard "...etc. ? My memory of G'Town was gone after 8th Grade @ St. Benny's...(My Family moved to Arlington, Va. and I went to the Marist Sem in Penndel.)Please enlighten me also to the palpable dislike for the East G'Towners on this "Page"...Inquiring minds want to know...p.s., Mr. McGlinchey for writng you on your personal "page", I apologize...I did that last year to a "lady" and she gave me hell..I really lack in computer skills and some events come under the heading of 'unintended consequences"...Sorry, Dennis.) I'd dearly love to learn the parameters of the areas mentioned in many of you G'Towners'postings and also the"unbridled animus" directed to East G'Towners...Mike Deely, a proud East G'Towner, and a lover of "all things Germantown"..
Mike Deely, Older than dirt [11-16-2011]

Alert to the Hollow guys, here is a non-Hollow story that I’m sure you’ll ignore as being irrelevant to you. A remarkable story, nonetheless, that was relayed to me. Both teams involved had a lot of players from IC, so there is an IC connection for that very reason. We all know there was discrimination in Germantown, to the point of segregation. First the Irish, then the Italians, then black Americans. The East Germantown Scholastics were a team that played in the Pop Warner Conference, a prestigious junior football league, in the 1940s to around 1950, when the Korean War forced them to fold. The East Germantown Scholastics played their games at East Germantown Recreation Center. They were an all-white team. There was a squabble that caused some members to break off and create a new team in the Pop Warner Conference, the Stenton Rams. Depending on who you talk too, the squabble was either over allowing black players from the neighborhood to join the team, or over the amount of playing time the players were getting. It was probably a combination of the two and I understand it was heated and there was a resulting bitterness. When the disgruntled players left to create the Stenton Rams, the move was made to allow black kids from the neighborhood on to the Scholastics team, thus breaking the color barrier that existed at the time that prevented black kids from participating in East Germantown sports. This was around 1947. Both the East Germantown Scholastics and the Stenton Rams were successful in the Pop Warner league, but the Rams were more so. The Rams would have won the 1949 championship had the Scholastics not scored with 2 seconds left in a game to tie the Rams, 12-12. What a game that must have been between two arch rivals. Both teams folded in 1950 because of Korean War and the draft. But, field success aside, it was the action of the East Germantown Scholastics that initially broke the color barrier in East Germantown sports, and possibly all of Germantown sports. Here is a link to a photo of the integrated Germantown Scholastics CLICK Here is a link to a photo of the non-integrated Stenton Rams http://pub3.bravenet.com/photocenter/album.php?usernum=199947123#bn-photocenter-1-1-199947123/55520/1/156687/ Needless to say, black kids in Germantown from that point onward were accepted on to the teams of their choice. As sad as it is and was, discrimination and segregation was a part of Germantown history, on both the east side and the west side
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-16-2011]

JBS: Yes, it was Larry who kidded Ben Hom about his name. Of course he knew that Ben didn't say, "Been Home", but Larry couldn't resist the play on words. They became fast friends until the day Ben died (we still miss him) and we often laughed over the story over the years, so I know it's true. Rocky Raffaele was older than us and not a real part of our Hollow lives. Incidentally, Ben was also a good artist and attended art school; however he stuck with the family restaurant business, in addition to the laundry. A great loss to the art world. I won't post here except to correct a misconception (like this one) due to all the acrimony over Hollow bloggers. I'm not from the Hollow myself, but enjoy reading about it, as well as all the other neighborhoods in Germantown. A famous writer once said, you write about what you know. So if you know the Hollow, that's what you write about. I see no arrogance there - in fact, the arrogance is in those who resent other people's memories. BTW, I enjoyed meeting you too at the Scoogi's reunion.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [11-16-2011]

Denise--being a graduate of CA-I thought you would understand my posting-oh well,maybe it's better that way.LFG
Lou Giorno, Mr G DOS [11-16-2011]

Anonymous, Ignored? People were tired of being ignored? There is no proctor here who is calling on people to post. If you want to post...post. Is it their computer that is ignoring them? Their fingers? Have no thoughts?
anonymous [11-16-2011]

Rita, Thanks i appreciate it. I am in Bucks County and have been for 45 years now. Rosemarie
anonymous [11-14-2011]

Vera Carey Canavan, I agree .. Father Grass was a wonderful Priest and a wonderful person. Rosemarie
anonymous [11-14-2011]

Rosemarie Rinaldi: I have to tell you that it is a great story about Ben Hom telling a Hollow Guy his name and sounding like been home.I was told this story many years ago by Frank Sharpy Felice. If Larry[husband] told you he initiated that story-it must be true. Mr. Raffaele[Rocky] and larry always looked like rocky-guys to me. Paul Borian looked like a choir boy when he played those two rocky-looking guys in their poker games. You and Larry were blessed to have a good friend like Ben Hom. Ben was a good baseball player and might have played ball with Bor Borian at GHS. I knew Ben mostly from Pulaski-town where Ben's parents had a laundry on West Queen Lane near Morris where Frank Felice worked at the pharmacy near that corner and dressed the part- you can understand why Goo Guarinello called him "Sharpy". Rosemarie! I'm going to get into trouble with some of the bloggers because I"m posting about The Hollow. Rocky Raffaele and Smokin[g] Joe Frazier can't defend me anymore and Larry might have to ask the guy who owned a tailor-shop on Wayne Ave. to help me because he in spite of his international rep was extremely intelligent. I was just a Germantowner and not a Happy Hollower and I enjoyed meeting you at Scoogi's at a Hollow-reunion-keep posting because Larry Rinaldi was one of the great Happy Hollowers and he had good rapport with Goo Guarinello-Mr. Happy Hollow. I hope Larry did OK with Goo in poker but he[Goo] kicked my butt shooting pig.
JBS [11-14-2011]

> Lou - I do not have a clue what you are talking about. I have responded to many blogs from many people on this site. I state opinions, memories, and thoughts on things which strike me - positive or negative.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [11-14-2011]

Dennise McG...You said it well. A lot of people got tired of being ignored and just stopped posting here. Now I know why I knew people from every corner of Germantown but not the Hollow. They are pretty seclusive.
anonymous [11-14-2011]

Paul Borian: Bor! You have more seniority than any Happy Hollower who blogs on this site. As this is the case, I will give you my take on the suggestion by one of our Germantown Bloggers that Happy Hollowers had an air of arrogance- I would surmise that he meant the jocks which obviously would include you since you were The Ted Williams of The Hollow. You and the old-heads[jocks] did have that Hollow swagger but I would call that,confidence, and not arrogance. Some of The Hollow dudes did border on impertinence and could exhibit temper-tantrums but they would be labeled tempermental but not insolent. You and I knew Matt Fasano and Tony D'Angelo and they were competitive athletes but they were decent guys and gentlemen-not arrogant. You,JoeLynch,and I did know an arrogant athlete who played ball at The Hollow and Fernhill. I am not saying arrogant athletes are a oxymoron. I am simpy stating that arrogance was not indigenous to THe Hollow. I liked having lunch at Kellis's at K&A and an arrogant guy by the name of Charlie Devlin frequented this establishment. Charlie could go over the top with his arrogant behavior and he had an early demise and it was not by natural causes. Two guys from The Hollow,Jack Brogan and Sonny Kennedy should have been arrogant since they walked down Wayne Ave. with Connie Tippett and Sabina Cunningham-2 very beautiful ladies. The Hollow ladies should have been arrogant since they had it all-but I found they were inundated with humility. Bor! I hope that you did not take umbrage with the utterances of the blogger regarding the characteristics of The Happy Hollowers. Your buddies from The Hollow were human and like all of us had foibles and some warts. Joe Lynch,Brogan's Cousin, would not have liked The Hollow Folks if they were a bunch of insolent braggarts[bastards].
Schmitty: [11-14-2011]

CMM - nice mention of the Germantown theatres. Here is an article on all 14 of them, as well as a few more that were outside of Germantown, but along the "cobblestone corridor" of Germantown Avenue. http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com/Germantown's%20Theatres.htm
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-14-2011]

Hah! Joe Lynch. Saw your post. Now I know why I never passed the ball to you. You were the arrogant bastard. :)
John Payne [11-13-2011]

Waterview story: On summer nights we sometimes played road basketball games against a team at Waterview Playground. My only other knowledge of Waterview had been as a St. Francis football player and trying to recover from the Holy Rosary line running over me, and then Johnny Herrera running over me. The Waterview basketall team was all black kids and boy could they play. One time near the end of August, and after the last game of the summer their best player, a kid who played for Germantown named Turner, walked up to us after they turned the lights out. I'd been hearing singing in Waterview, as if a choir was rehearsing. I asked the Turner kid about it. "Come on, man," he said, "wanna see?" He headed toward a building that turned out to be a swimming pool. It was a pool like the one at the Germantown Boys Club, four side walls (I think they were brick) and no roof. When we walked into the pool area I at first thought it was empty, but then the singing resumed. In the darkness it was hard to see all the black kids crammed around on the ground around the pool, all of them singing. The acoustics created by the four walls made the kids sound like angels. I now think they were singing blues and gospel music. I've never forgotten that sound.
jack Brogan, Baby, if you can hear me, turn down your radio... [11-13-2011]

Lou !i rememger jack walsh,jerry MCcolgan,and also rich coulter who was a very good player . they had a very good team . frank .
frank margiotti [11-13-2011]

Lou Giomo: You are correct about Jack Walsh. Sweet jumper. I saw him play for North Catholic and played with and against him at The Playground. His jump shot was a perfect thing and usually found the net. His brother Jimmy could play too. He was the best player in my 8th grade team. There were two future college players and a guy who was a legend in California, but Jimmy Walsh carried us in 8th grade. I knew of Jerry McColgan but he was gone from Happy Hollow by the time I got there. He was an All Catholic player at North Catholic though.
Jack Brogan, Sister St. Michael, 3d grade. Wonderful teacher. [11-13-2011]

JIM MCKERNAN---Father Grass was always my image of what a priest should be--I last saw him around 1981--he was still that person.
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [11-13-2011]

Back in the days, we had so many choices of movie theaters: New Logan, Orpheum, Band Box, Wayne Avenue, Cayuga etc before the days of the Megaplexes and too many choices. Out here where I live, 14 hours by train to anywhere, we have a 'cinema', just like the old New Lyric. One movie at a time, but today there are three different ones on, all part of the 2011 Big Screen-Australian Film Festival. New Australian films that otherwise wouldn't make it to remote and regional areas are brought to us by the National Film and Sound Archive, an agency of the Australian government. Broken Hill is the most remote town that the festival is traveling to and tonight, outdoors, under the stars, the movie "Red Dog" will be shown in the remote Aboriginal town of Wilcannia, two hours' drive from here. I won two tickets to today's showing of 'Eye of the Storm', very Australian, but universal, starring Charlotte Rampling, always gorgeous and wonderful, plus a stellar cast of Australian greats, including Jeffrey Rush, Judy Davis, Robyn Nevin and lots of actors we see on TV all the time but don't know the names of. If you get the chance to see "Eye of the Storm" on the big screen or on DVD, don't miss it. A great film, definitely a Palme D'Or or Academy Award contender. AND, good on 'ya, Joe Lynch, don't let the head troglodyte get away with his latest attempt to control the agenda. Soon enough all of us who were lucky to have Happy Hollow at the center of our universe will be dead and the troglodyte--if he outlives us-- can talk (to himself) about anything he likes, defunct parishes, you name it!
CMM [11-13-2011]

Anonymity is having an identity crisis on this site. What is the difference if someone posts anonymously? Aside from the recent references to I.D. theft and fraud, (which I do not think is that big of an issue when one only signs initials, or there name), there could be other issues in that person's life to which we are not privy, e.g., a stalker, a domestic situation that could light a fuse, some debtor problem, that old college loan office, LOL, and so it goes.
John Payne, Are you talkin' to me? [11-13-2011]

Hey, Denise D. Tumelty--I don't see you capitalizing on other people's posts with your critiicisms.I guess your trying to get some original thoughts HUH? LOUIS F GIORNO
Lou giorno, Mr G DOS [11-13-2011]

Joe Lynch, sorry my post threw off your equilibrium. But, somehow, you completely missed the point of that post. Personally, I couldn't care less about the volume of posts coming from the Hollow guys. Because those posts are not universal and meant to be of interest to only those from the Hollow, I usually just skip over them like most folks do here. The point of my post was the shallow arrogance that you and the other Hollow guys continue to show here, not in the volume of your posts. Germantown was sectional and, to an extent, divided back in the day. We're now seasoned adults here, yet it seems you Hollow guys are bent on keeping it divided. Maybe if you guys take your Hollow blinders off, you would see there was a lot of commonality to our Germantown exeriences, that there was life beyond Happy Hollow and Fernhill Park. Maybe Joe Lynch, if you and your Hollow croonies take an interest in the non-Hollow posts here instead of telling us all to "learn the lore of the Hollow" and predicting the demise of this blog here without the Hollow guys, maybe you guys wouldn't be such a lightning rod here. I found this blog 8 years ago. There's been some less than acrimonious exchanges from time to time. That's to be expected on a blog. But, as I see it, the consistent dissension here seems to be due to the arrogance of those from the Hollow and the resulting fallout. I'm all for giving peace a chance, but the Hollow guys need to step up to the plate and tone down your arrogance. Not all of the Germantown world revolved around Happy Hollow.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-13-2011]

When will the "brainiacs" from other areas of Germantown get it? You cannot use up all the space in a blog. You have something to say about your particular neighborhood, please feel free. No matter how much you blog, there's always room for more. Don't want to hear any more about the Hollow? Just skip over it and let the rest of us enjoy it. Believe me, we'll never run out of space.
anonymous [11-13-2011]

JBS: Wasn't Rockey who kidded Ben Hom about his name. It was Larry, who, when he asked Ben what his name was, said (kiddingly): I didn't ask where you've been. I asked your name." Ben had just started hanging at the Hollow and Larry invited him to join in the basketball game. They became fast friends up until the day Ben died and always laughed about Larry's play on his name.
Rosemarie Rinaldi [11-13-2011]

Joe Lynch: Seems there is always a "Dennis" on most message boards/blogs/forums etc. These types of characters want to be "the boss of everything" Unless you either post what they want to communicate about or agree with them, they get themselves all up in a lather. People like this have always amused me for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is the immaturity of their actions. Most times, it stems from them being a form of "control freak". Ironically if it wasn't for the posts of people that aggravate them, there wouldn't be any life to the message board at all. What boggles my mind the most, is that if they don't want to read the posts that bother them, then why don't they simply ignore them and move on. Instead they see the need to insult the poster! It has been my experience that the best way to deal with them is to simply ignore them, and they will go away.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [11-13-2011]

JBS: Have to correct a misconception that's been repeated here before. It was Larry Rinaldi who asked Ben Hom his name and then said (kiddingly): I didn't ask where you were, I asked your name.
Anonymous [11-13-2011]

Joe Lynch...You are right on about the Hollow.The place sucks!The guys and girls were full of themselves.Some were big time bullies,like me.Some were big mouths,like me.Most of us have not been able to move on with our lives.Several of us have been intimidated and disgusted with all the negative comments about our thoughts and memories of the Hollow,that we no longer post on this sight.We now share our memories,stories,and comments via e-mail,telephone,and live gatherings.This sight played a big role in bringing us together....Paul Borian(never been intimidated in my life)
Paul Borian, Born in Germantown Hospital,found my way to Happy Hollow,and lived happily thereafter. [11-13-2011]

Hey Joe L.> I never realized I was stingy with the ball. I certainly wasn't a gunner, (as I recall). I think my offensive post being mostly at the top or corner of the outside area, I probably didn't have the confidence to fire one into the key, and of course if I passed it off to Jimmy K., you know that ball was heading for the hoop.
John Payne, Ball hogs aren't as prickly as hedgehogs. [11-13-2011]

I was just reading the posts from the earlier archives. There were so many people writing about old friends and memories. Where did they go? I'd like to see them come back.
anonymous [11-13-2011]

Rosemarie I will pass your message to the girls. Mary lives in Toms River and Pat lives i Somers point. Carmella is still in Philly and so am I.
Rita Seeberger, e high street in the 60's [11-12-2011]

Two people that went to SFA were great basketball players,but are never mentioned -namely--Jack Walsh & Jerry McColgan SFA 1950 grads.
Lou Giorno, Mr G DOS [11-12-2011]

Oops, I am an arrogant bastard, Dennis. Been tryin' to hide that. That's not news to anyone who knows me. I just wish those other arrogant bastards at the Hollow (You know who you are!)would quit sending your memories and tying up this blog from the gentle citizenry. That insolent Hollow crowd clutters up the news here and prevents Belfield, and Waterview and East Germantown recreation centers (as you so rightfully point out) from telling us about their sock hops, slick hair and dungaree dolls. That Hollow crowd sucks the air out of the room.No lie. I, for instance, see no irony in Paul Borian, no historical certainty in JBS; Frank Klock ought to lose his poetic license and John Payne should have passed me the ball more in 8th grade; Brogan has his own plowing problems in the arctic-- Maine, and most of those other Hollow Bloggers are just feint voices from an improbable past who should move on with their lives. There's nothing to be learned from nostalgia, recollection, recitation, revision. We Hollow types would all be a little better if we just shut up and shut down. Let's give East Germantown a chance with the Blog. After all, Give Peace a Chance. Ball's in your court now, Dennis.
Joe Lynch--Don't give me what I want.. [11-12-2011]

Jack Brogan, I compliment you on your analysis and understanding of Joe Lynch's commentary on The Hollow. Your blog indicated to me 3 main points-your love of Cousin Joe L, your ability to read and understand the written-word,and your love of Happy Hollow and the many friends who hung out at Goo's Shrine. I liked your quote re: Ben Hom's question,"Have You Seen Anybody?" Ben Hom was a great guy and good friends with Paul Borian[Bor] and Larry Rinaldi[?]. I will not list Larry's nickname because I want to be politically correct and Larry was and is not a guy who should get pissed. I never called your friend,Goo Guarinello-" Goo Goo". When Goo was not present,we did call him-Goo Goo. You also knew Rocky Raeffale,an unforgettable character from The Hollow. Your friend,Frank Sharpy Felice,the impeccable dresser,told me a great story many years ago when Rocky first met Ben Hom. Rocky asks,"What's Your Name?". Rocky hears,"Been Home". Rocky with his unique voice,retorts,"I Want Your Name Not Where You Live"-You Have To Love IT. Brog! Cousin Joe and I only played ball at The Hollow and You were a Happy Hollower. You remembered,Joe The Nut's nickname and Joe L. and I only remembered him as Crazy Joe. Bloggers on this site should know that people like you and Bor Borian simply had a great love for The Hollow and Happy Hollowers. It is so laudable that Happy Hollowers have great friendships after so many years.
JBS [11-12-2011]

Erect a statue in Joe Frazier's honor? Sure why not? Where should it be located? Next to the Rocky Balboa Statue?
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [11-12-2011]

Just wondering if anyone has any pics of my family they owned the gillepie funeral home back in the day, thanks have a great day
anastasia gillespie, Im 39 years old the grandsughter of bud and peggy gillespie, daughter of frank and cheryl gillespie niece to karen, rosemary and peg gillespie [11-11-2011]

To all who served our country and continue to serve I thank you and keep you in my prayers. Sincerly, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-11-2011]

MEK, your anon opinion resonated true with me based on the revealing life events posted here on some individuals that one or two people take the liberty to publish. It seems that they research ones background and then feel free to make it all public without one knowing its going to happen. Also the arrogance of the hollow crowd as Mr McGlinchey stated is long standing and was the opinion of many before this web existed. Many of the girls from our area never bothered with that neighborhood because of their arrogant reputation. It could be why they are such a small tight knit group of individuals that feel the need to be heard.
Gman [11-11-2011]

Dennis Crowley:It is great to hear from one of the great defensive stars of The SFA Basketball Team[1957] which almost won The LaSalle Tournament which was held at held at LaSalle High where you matriculated. If your coach, Goo Guarinello,had asked me for advice, I would have used a triangle&2 when you played St. Matt's in the finals. You would have guarded Matt Goukas,the super-star, and your friend,Joe Lynch,would have guarded Terry Collins who went to LaSalle College with you and Joe L. after he graduated from The Prep and was all All-Catholic. I would have kept Bill Haas in the triangle-zone since he would be concentrating on throwing up numerous shots. Not only was I negligent in not mentioning your name on that team but I missed your other friend Emmett Harkins who also went to LaSalle High with you and Joe Lynch. The Harkins Brothers liked to play b-ball and George Harkins was the best player but Joe Harkins was on my team at SFA. Joe Harkins and your brother,Jim, were in my class at SFA and they both went to LaSalle High. Your Brother,Joe, went to SFA with Tom Cusack and Jack Brogan and they all graduated from LaSalle High. Brother Joe had the rep for being a brainiac and you had the personality and attire-unique hats. At a G-town reunion at The Buck, I talked with your SFA classmates,Ray Dawes,a great soccer player,and Charlie Lupkin[??] who is a great photographer. Recently, I crossed paths with Ron Boyle who was also in your SFA class. If you had hung out at The Continental, you would have known The Legendary Slugger Boyle,Ron's Father. Dennis! I have not seen you or your sagacious brothers in many years and it would be great to see you and Joe Lynch at a G-town reunion. One of your SFA team-mates was at the last G-town reunion,John Fowler. You,being a smooth talker,must have had an influence on John F. since he held his own in conversation with Goo's friend, Bor Borian. Dennis! Keep posting and enjoy The Jersey Shore-not AC but OC.
JBS[Schmitty] [11-11-2011]

to all u.s.marines semper fi, happy 236, and all veterans past and present thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country
anonymous [11-11-2011]

A few weeks ago a great man said this to me on this blog. "Brog, irony doesn't travel well." Up to that moment I'd always thought it was Guiness that didn't travel well. That great man himself, Joe Lynch, then went and wrote here: "These newcomers too ought to learn the lore of the Hollow. Why discriminate against someone who had the misfortune to be born somewhere else?" Could it be that this line was irony and that Joe was poking fun at all the nutters from the Playground. Could it be that he was saying the only reason we write so much about Happy Hollow is that we miss the place? That in itself should telll you where Bor, JBS, me, Joe Lynch, Dom Raffaele and John Payne are in our lives. Arrested developement. That's the problem. Fifty years after we all left the place, Ben Hom said to Charly Durkin, "Seen anybody?" We all knew who Ben wondered about; anybody who mattered. Anybody who could remind us of what we were. So take it easy on us, will you. This will all pass away. Joe, it was Joe the Nut. I never knew a Crazy Joe. Crazy Joe would have been disrespectful.
Jack Brogan, ...do I dare to eat a peach [11-11-2011]

To all GTNers--If you have doubts about the punishments handed out by the Penn State Officials--think about this--if that poor kid that was sodomized was Joe Paterno's son, do you think he would have done more? AMEN, NUFF SAID !Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr G dos [11-11-2011]

Jack McHugh, You got it right about Patsy-the Child of Miracles. An amazing story. the Japs had bayoneted her as she was Chinese and Fr Fred took her case up. I heard he scared other marines by jumping into their foxholes to see if they were OK. There was another priest at St Vinnies called Father Aloyious Grass-who I also think had served in the Marine Corps. He took no shenanigans-we were lucky to have such men leading-and unlucky as it turned out to have one bad apple in that barrell too.
jim mckernan, professor east carolina U. [11-11-2011]

Rita Seeberger, Thank you for your response ... Actually the girls and their sisters and brother were all pretty close to our Aunt Mary and her children growing up I believe they still keep in touch with her from time to time. I did know of the passing of Kathy and was saddened by it . Our Aunt Mary does hear from Carmella occasionally .... Angie Defernando and my Mother named Angie as well were very friendly when we were children and we would often go to a nearby park with our mothers and play there ...I remember Rita and Anthony very well but, the younger kids not so much ... I doubt Anthony will remember me or my mother but, I have seen him on this site occasionally. I know that Rita passed away . She was such a sweet person. The next time you see or speak to the girls please say hello for me. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-11-2011]

I'll go a step further CMM, I hope they erect a statue in Joe Frazier's honor. They erected one for Harry Kalas (deservedly so), why not Joe Frazier? But, doubt it will happen. He was a true Philadelphia icon and legend. But, he was mostly ignored after his glory days ended. Even in Philly, he was Smokin Joe, and he was loved, but seems that love needed to be stoked from time to time by reminders of him and his accomplishments. It was usually an event or happening that would make us remember him, like his backruptcy or whatever else he was involved in tht made the headlines. You had to laugh when he said, when Muhammed Ali lit the Olympic flame at the Atlanta Olympics, that they should have thrown him in the cauldron. That was Smokin Joe.... Sadly, he died broke and an alcoholic. He deserved better. But, through it all, he kept that smile.... RIP....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-11-2011]

I feel that we all have some extrasensory perception of one degree or another, we just have to not get it get lost with our other thoughts. 10 years ago I was in an old junk store in Texas and as I was glancing fast over the books, something made me look away from the books in front of me and look at a book over in the next area. Now the book was not glowing to get my attention like you see in movies, never- the-less something made me go to it. My mother had told me about Father Gehring and his book "Child of Miracles" (she never lost contact with friends in St. Vincent’s parish). I then knew why I went in this store in the first place. As it was said, he was the pastor of St Vincent’s parish during the 60’s and the book tells a little of his life with his family who came from Germany. After he became a priest he went to the missions in China and the book tells some of this story and the fact that the Chinese call him Fr. Lee since they couldn’t pronounce his name. The name Lee came from the fact his hats were made by the Lee Company (I guess they are the same ones who made the jeans/dungarees. Most of the book is about a little Chinese girl, who due to the elements of war and a sinking ship was picked up by another ship and taken thousands of miles away and left on Guadalcanal. Here, Fr. Gehring took care of her, calling her Patsy, the soldiers called her Patsy Lee after Fr. Gehring. Interesting was the fact that this turns out to be her real name-Patsy Li. I hope my facts are correct, as I haven’t read the book in 10 years but it was a great book filled with many interesting personalities.
Jack McHugh [11-10-2011]

Joe Lynch: I knew you from SFA and playing ball at GBC and Fernhill Park which was your 2d-home. You played a lot of ball at The Hollow but you were not a Happy Hollower since at night, you hung out at Dave's[Fernhill] with all your buddies and talking with the lovely ladies- you had a lot of competition with Dennis Crowley and Tom Cueball Cusack. You and your Irish buddies from LaSalle were great talkers. You have developed into quite a writer and I commend and applaud you on your support and commentary about The Hollow and the many Hollow people that you knew albeit you were A Fernhiller. Your positive comments about Hollow Folks does not surprise me since 3 great Hollow athletes had an impact on your career and life-Jack Brogan,Sonny Kennedy,and Robert Goo Guarinello. Jack Brogan was your cousin and mentor and taught you how to think on the court-you were always a smart player and I observed how you moved well without the ball which enabled you to get open for a shot. Sonny Kennedy had good moves and he was a great role-model for your offensive game. Your coach at SFA was Goo Guarinello[Mr. Hollow] and he taught you to be tough and never to quit. You have jested with me about my rough drive towards the basket. I never noticed any docility or fragility in your game and your toughness began with Goo's coaching. In your blog on The Hollow, you mentioned Connie Tippett and I must reiterate Connie's great athletic talent,her charismatic smile,and her extraordinary personality. Dom Raffaele was also mentioned and he had an outstanding personality and one of the pillars of The Great Raffaele Family of The Hollow. I always thought Rocky Raffaele was one cool guy,a very talented baseball player,and behind that tough facade was a compassionate person. However, I have to tell you that some of the Hollow dudes could have been more compassionate with "Crazy Joe" who obviously had a problem- it was not necessary to taunt him. Being a reserved guy, it might surprise you that I liked to have lunch at K&A-Kellis's. There was one tough bully by the name of Charlie Devlin who gave people at the bar a lot of stuff. He had an early demise and with your street-smarts, I do not have to tell you the rest of the story. Smoking Joe Frazier was one tough dude and he did not like to give people stuff. Joe Hand and Jimmy Binns,2 boxing experts will tell you that Joe was a decent guy. One always felt comfortable in his gym at Broad&Glenwood. May Joe Frazier,Robert Goo Guarinello,Rocky Raffaele,and Connie Tippett Rest In Eternal Peace. Joe! Keep Posting and remain positive about all the neighborhoods in Germantown-Fernhill,The Hollow,and The Eastside and The Westside.
Bruce Schmitt [11-10-2011]

Rosemarie,they are the same girls. I was engaged to Anthony Diferdinando in the 60's. I am still good friends with him and his family. The girls have a sister carmella who lives in philly. Kathy died and they have a brother Jack. And they do live in Jersey now.
Rita Seeberger, lived oE. High St in the 60's [11-10-2011]

John Payne, Im a little late on this one but, actually just read your Halloween jokes ... I liked both of them very much .. thanks for the chuckle! Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-09-2011]

My mistake: Joe Frazier was born in S. Carolina and came to Philadelphia in his teens. Sadly, he lost most of the fortune he made through boxing through bad investments, etc and wound up living above his gym in Philadelphia. However, I remember his glory days, and how badly he was treated by his employer, Cross Meat Packing, when he came back with an Olympic Gold Medal and a broken hand. They laid him off. RIP, Joe.
CMM [11-09-2011]

Rosemarie Hite Malageri: You are from The Eastside and A Saint Vincent's Girl which will endear you with bloggers who yearn for more posts from The Eastside.Some bloggers are unhappy that so many posts emanate from Happy Hollowers. I am not a Hollow Guy since I only played ball there. I have to tell you that Hollow People were interesting characters and I enjoy reading their posts. However, I am happy to respond to your post since most importantly you are A Germantowner and have the Germantown Spirit which is instilled in your son,Lou. When I talked with Lou in Lawrenceville about Germantown, he was so happy and positive to talk about the neighborhood where his mother,Rosemarie, lived and enjoyed. Lawrenceville is a town that Lou and I know well-charming if you will. Apparently, you visited the great bakery in lawrenceville which brings back memories of the great bakeries in Germantown. The bakery of choice for me in G-town was Hassis-Bakery on W. Queen Lane-great Cinnamon Buns. A great restaurnat for lunch in Lawrenceville is "Acacia. My mother who worked at Vernon Library, luxuriated when she had lunch at Alden Park Manor,Wissy&School House Lane-not far from the neighborhood when many St. Vincent kids lived. At LaFontana's at G-town reunions,many people attended St. Vincent's. It would be great if some of these folks posted more often including Bernie McKernan. Two of the McKernan Brothers,Kevin and Jim, still post on this site with interesting commentary. We are fortunate to have this great Germantown Web-site along with our competent Web-master. The Germantown Spirit permeates many venues- including one of Lou Malageri's favorite towns-lawrenceville.
JBS [11-09-2011]

On Friday 11-11-11, let us all take a moment to remember all the wonderful men and women who fought so valiantly for our country. They sacrificed so much to make the United States the greatest country ever know to man. I am not a veteran.God blessed me with a high lottery number during the Vietnam years, but my cousin Joe D'Agostino served honorably< and always told me he was glad he served and I did not. He used to kid that he did 2 of his 4 years in the Marines for me, we were that close! I also had many discusssions with WW2 vets when I used to visit my mother in Assisted Living. They told me many wonderful stories, not of war, but of life.Then,many of them were gone a week later, but I was a better person for having heard of their lives and scrifices for our nation. We all should thank any veteran we meet or soldier we see. In my business travels, I often see young men and women in uniform and I thank them for serving,or buy them a coffee or a beer.It is my very humble way of giving back to those who give so much. God bless them all !
Bob D'Angelo [11-09-2011]

Hey Schmitty - I was also on that SF/GooGoo team in 1956-7. 2nd in the City CYO Tournament and 3rd in the LaSalle Tournament -- or was it the other way around. I think Lynch may also have been on the team as well-- just kidding Joe
Dennis Crowley, 222 Abbotsford - HH [11-09-2011]

how did i do that?connie tippett,now she can rest in peace.john margie has pass also.very sad for the families.sorry allfor the intrusion.thanks dom raff
dom raff, same [11-09-2011]

To be (anonymous), or not to be (anonymous), that is the question. There is no denying that "Identity Theft" and stalkers are definitely a problem in today's society. I think most of these problems can be alleviated with a little thoughtfulness by us all. Identity theft and stalkers, for the most part, can be kept to a minimum by what an individual posts on the Internet. The fact is that just about anyone can get any information about anyone with a minimum of information. Basically all you need is someones name and what state they live in, and you can get their phone number and address. So yes extreme caution must be exercised when putting out personal information on the Internet. On the other hand by putting your name on a "personal" message board, it gives you a chance to being reunited with people you knew in the past. Using the Internet, I have been able to locate just about kid I grew up with, and haven't seen in over 50 years. A couple of shipmates I served with in the Navy, and even my Navy recruiter. I really don't think there is much danger, on this site, if someone was to just post their name. Who knows, you might get reunited with an old friend from your past?
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [11-09-2011]

Jim McKernan, nice post on Fr. Fred Gehring. Thanks for sharing that. A salute to all of our noble veterans, living and deceased, all are American heros....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-09-2011]

Joe Lynch, your comment here "...these newcomers too ought to learn the lore of the Hollow. Why discriminate against someone who had the misfortune to be born somewhere else? Who will carry the torch when we all are gone? I too wish those from the Hollow would move on with their lives. .but, then, as we would soon find out: there'd be no blog" is a good example of why the Hollow guys seem to be a lightning rod here. Shows an almost arrogance with the belief that the world revolved around Happy Hollow. Maybe your world did, but mine didn't.... and I don't see it as you say, a "misfortune" in any way. And, I don't feel a need to, as you say, "learn the lore of the Hollow"...... There is no discrimination here, just a lot of arrogance on the part of the Hollow guys. We had Belfield, Waterview and East Germantown Recs. We had Awbury Park and we had our diners too and so much more. Our times and experiences were just as fun and memorable as existed at the Hollow. Where we differ from the Hollow guys is, we reminisce in a sharing way that doesn't throw it in the face of all others on this blog that ours were the very best of times that Germantown offered back in the day. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and Yes, Joe Lynch, this blog will still exist without the sharing and arrogance of the Hollow guys.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-09-2011]

Gman, what a nice tradition, an annual get-together of friends and family from the High and Magnolia neighborhood. P&M (Penn and Magnolia) friends also do an annual get-together that I think they have been doing that successfully since the 1950s or 1960s. Our every other year IC reunions pull in around 500 enthusiatic folks. You're right. While the focus here seems to be on the Happy Hollowers, they didn't have a monopoly on the life and good times that was Germantown back in the day. The success of our east-side reunions attest to that.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-09-2011]

Jimm I remember Father Gehring.. He also wrote a book "Child of Miracles" My mother had a copy of it and I remember reading it.. It is about an orphan girl and the Marines he served with.. I am not sure what happened to the book but I do remember he did autograph it for mom.. I think I will try to find it and read it again.. Thanks for the memories.
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [11-09-2011]

Hi Rita I grew up with girls named Pat and Mary Gallagher .. my Mothers brother Victor married their Fathers sister Mary .. Just wondering if these are the same girls. The girls i grew up with i believe did move to Jersey. If you have an opportunity to speak with them again please say hello for me. If their Fathers name was Jack then they are the girls i grew up with. Thank You Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-09-2011]

I was saddened to learn of the death of Smokin' Joe Frazier, who was born just 14 days after I was, also in Philadelphia. I always remember that once he went pro and had a bit of cash in the bank, he bought his mother a house in Chestnut Hill (or Mt. Airy, I forget which). When President Nixon declared there'd be no Christmas lights in DC because of the Arab oil embargo, and the lights went out all over America, Joe's house was lit up as though he owned Philadelphia Electric Co.. He said that his mother had never been able to afford Christmas lights and now that he could get them for her, nobody was going to stop him. I've always loved him for that. You did good, Joe, now rest in peace.
CMM [11-09-2011]

The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol,when they do the Bristol Stomp.Really somethin when the joint is jumpin,when they do the Bristol Stomp.The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol,whoa-oh,when they do the Bristol Stomp.Whoa,oh,oh.Really somethin when the joint is jumpin,ah,ah,ho,when they do the Bristol Stomp.
Paul Borian, Friday nights at the Hollow [11-09-2011]

To Anon--Your reasoning for not identifying yourself was very good--I feel that you are a wise person & I will not critisize again. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [11-09-2011]

Lou Giorno, Please don't feel sorry for those of us who don't post our entire name or life history here. Some may have been stalked or a victim of identity theft. Now, if I learned anything growing up in Germantown, it was how to protect myself. And, that is merely what I am doing. It doesn't make me less of person or a quack. It just means that the lessons I learned on the streets and playgrounds of Germantown have served me well. I am extremely grateful for those lessons, often learned the hard way in Germantown. As an adult, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Another lesson learned in the 60's in Germantown.
MEK [11-07-2011]

Friday Nov. 11th is the day for all Verterans. God Bless and Thanks for your Service. Take a moment to remember the ones who gave it all. While I am at it Nov 10th Happy Birthday to all Marines.
Erda ( Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [11-07-2011]

Hey, I hail from the other side of the tracks at Mechanic and Magnolia. Many stories to be told there. Where are you folk. You all cannot be serving time....Just kidding.
Ed, va [11-07-2011]

Lou, I agree, but it's not the fault of the Hollow people. They're doing what this site is for. It's the job of the others who hail from other parts of Gtn to participate, including myself. I know they're checking in to keep up with the goings on. I'd like to see some familiar names and places and I wish they'd join in. I'm from Penn & Magnolia. My husband is from High & Magnolia.
Sheila [11-07-2011]

Last weekend, I was shoveling snow. This past weekend, I was mowing the lawn. Strange weather we're having, huh....... Have to say, as you get older, you really do appreciate reunions of folks who share a common interest and the wonderful rehashing of memories. Whether it be a parish reunion, as IC successfully does every 2 years, a school reunion, a neighborhood reunion or even an-all Germantown get-together. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, many of us from the east side found work at Williamson's Restaurant out on City Avenue. There we met people from all areas, from all walks, all ages... Just the nicest people you would ever want to meet. We worked, but we had many good times too. Many of us met our mates there, including myself. Someone came up with the idea of a Williamson's reunion, and in just a month or two, it snowballed and 60 of us were able to get together yesterday, and could have been more if there was more time to get the word out. Around 10 to 15 of those had a Germantown connection. Quite a few I have stayed in contact with or saw a few times over the years, but there were many there I haven't seen in 30-35 years. If you ever get a chance to attend such a reunion of folks you share happy times with, do it. Maybe raise the idea and see if it takes off. It's such a nice walk down memory lane that seems to be ever more important as we get older.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-07-2011]

I have an extraordinary story for you as we come up to Veterans Day. I knew a Fr. Fred Gehring who served as Pastor at St. Vincent's on Price Street from 1963-1969. One wouldn't think of Chaplains as War heroes but Fr Fred was. In fact he was affectionately known to the US Marines of the 1st Division as the "Padre of Guadalcanal" and portrayed as such in the 1960 film "The Gallant Hours" by Richard Carlyle. James Cagney-one of my favourite actors played Fleet Commander Admiral William "Bull" Halsey-catch it if you can -black and white and no battle scenes. An unusual 'war movie'. Fr. Gehring was ordained at St Vincent's Seminary on Chelten Ave in 1930 served in the China Missions and later was US Naval Captain (equivalent to full Army Colonel) I, by chance, was stationed on USS Halsey DLG 23 while she did search and rescue operations in Gulf of Tonkin and South China Sea escorting the carrier USS Hancock, as lead guided missile frigate. We gave "Charlie" a lot to worry about winning eight 'battle stars'-more than any other navy fighting ship during the war in Vietnam. USS Halsey rescued dozens of airmen in her tours of duty. Father Fred died peacefully in his sleep in his 95th year. A real break for the devil as I'm sure the devil would not have had the courage to look him in the eyes. Halsey once quipped "there are no great men, just ordinary men who find themselves facing great challenges in extraordinary situations". I salute all of my fellow veterans on this Friday.
Jim McKernan, Professor, East Carolina University [11-07-2011]

If happy hollow people keep dominating this website,we might have to change the name to HAPPY HOLLOW YOUR THOUGHTS.C'mon GTNers, get crackin ! Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, MrG Dos [11-07-2011]

Actually I could care less if someone wants to post a comment on anonymous basis. Do you really expect to go to their house, visit them, and break bread ? Who cares ! I'll welcome any post that does not involve Hollow sports memory comments that are becoming so over the top boring. Lou - I support your plea for more input from non-Hollow folks. I beginning to think this web site is known by only Germantown westsiders.
Bob Eastside [11-07-2011]

Joe DAgostino: Thanks for the heads up. I checked the site you mentioned, and none of the ships I was on were listed. I noticed that most of the ships listed were in inland waters after 1966, the year I was discharged. I remember all the criticism those in the military got from the hippies and protestors. Thankfully that attitude has changed, for the best. Sure folks still protest and hate the wars, but at least they respect those in the military. Although I have been out for over 45 years, I still get a "Thanks for your service" quite frequently. Living in Florida, with its abundance of seniors, there is no shortage of veterans, who have served from WWII to the present day conflicts. We are all easily recognized when we wear our ball caps, denoting what branch and what conflict.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62, Viet Nam '65 [11-07-2011]

Well, I do take it as an affront that there is so much criticism of "Happy Hollow people on this Blog. Yes, they are talky and sketchy of memory; and I don't recall half of what they seem to remember from 50 years ago; and I remember it differently, through a glass darkly; and those Hollow people do meet for lunch at the Buck Hotel on occasion, and old friendships have been renewed in tears and smiles, that's for sure; and the news of our friends' deaths have been posted, alas,(even old girlfriends come back to haunt you with your boorish behavior); and the blog certainly does act as a clearing house/village bulletin board/town crier for news on local school closings, the immoderate weather in Philly lately, the circle of life things, ch-ch-changes for you rock and rollers; and the Blog is a barometer for how far our dreams have fallen short of our teenage expectations; and unexpectedly someone shows up with no knowledge of Goo Goo or Father Magarity or Crazy Joe or Palo's/Fasano's/O'Mara's/Moe's/4 pm Saturday confessions/Wayne Junction Diner/Connie Tippett/Trout/Dom Raff/Don't-call-me-Junior Payne/Borian's triples off the cliff/Peter Brooks' off-the-gym-wall dunks/the 53/23/H/26/J/--7 1/2 cent school bus tokens--these newcomers too ought to learn the lore of the Hollow.Why discriminate against someone who had the misfortune to be born somewhere else? Who will carry the torch when we all are gone? I too wish those from the Hollow would move on with their lives. .but, then, as we would soon find out: there'd be no blog
Joe Lynch, a person of interest at the crime scene [11-07-2011]

Some people on here asked about the Gallagher Sisters from E. Mechanic Street.I had a reunion with Pat and Mary Gallagher in New Jersey yesterday. It was great to see them after so many years.
Rita Seeberger, E. High Street in the 60"s [11-07-2011]

Last Sunday there was a great, mens only, Gtown reunion held at Joesphs Catering in Horsham. Approx 110+ attended from the High & Magnolia neighborhood. The, invitation only, reunion has been going on since the late 50's and was origionaly held at OLR school hall and attended by 300+ people that lived within certain boundaries identified in around that corner. Many of the original men that started this tradition are gone now but their sons and relatives from the neighborhood are keeping it going. So dont anyone think that the Hollow was the only place to grow up. OLR and Waterview men are still going strong.
Gman [11-07-2011]

Did any of you GTNers ever hear of Transverse Myelitis ?? Please let me know if you did. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr. G DOS [11-07-2011]

I feel sorry for people who don't identify themselves on this website--but the last posting by anon hit the nail on the head--more people should be posting on this site other than Happy Hollow people. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [11-06-2011]

Dan Hartnett: Mercedes Ellington, Duke Ellington's granddaughter, is an ex-Germantownite and a great dancer who went on from the Jean Williams School of Ballet (where I studied while in high school) to the Julliard School and then Broadway and television. She was the first African-American to become one of the June Taylor Dancers on the Jackie Gleason show but didn't make it on her first audition because she hadn't studied tap. She did some intensive tap lessons and auditioned again, successfully. Because her complexion was so fair, it was very, very hard to pick her out of the lineup on our very small B&W TV screen and I used to sit with my nose only an inch or two from the screen to try and find her when they did the opening number on each show. Lots of info about Mercedes (for some reason doesn't mention her Germantown links!) by goggling "Mercedes Ellington".
CMM [11-06-2011]

Dan Hartnett: Wonderful video of two old hoofers who made it big as actors. I was a dancer but never learned to tap, except perfunctorily. However, it can be said that, just as you can't play a sad song on a banjo, there's no tap dancing that doesn't bring on a smile.
CMM [11-06-2011]

Dom Raff: After posting my condolences re: Connie Tippet, it occurred to me that Margie may have already passed away earlier this year. I'm not sure, but for some reason that rings a bell with me. I last saw Margie at my sister Pat's funeral last year.
John Payne [11-06-2011]

Hey Anonymous- Lou and those writers from Happy Hollow put out some good stuff. Step up to the plate and pretend you are Goo Goo. He was a home run hitter and a great freakin story teller. The Hollow still rules.
anonymous [11-06-2011]

I went to St. Francis and CD. I remember Young's - I remenber Nelson's 5 and 10 - the boys club and all the great times living in Germantown. I listen to WIP and heard something on Friday that rang so true. Whenever you went outside.. on ANY day, there were always enough people to get up a full game of ANY sport you wanted - you walked to school with all of your friends - You could get anything you needed between your house and Chelten Avenue. I loved it - I think about it a lot.
Frank Vacante, Lived on Knox Street [11-06-2011]

Jack Brogan,Our Maine Guy: Mr. Anonymous will be upset that I am responding to your post since you are "A Hollow Guy". I also remembered you were from SFA where you were a year ahead of me and one grade behind my Brother Jack who was good friends with Bob LaValle and Bob Hanf who was a good b-ball player like yourself. I would be remiss if I did not commend Dom Raff on his beautiful remarks about Connie Tippett who was in your class at SFA, A Hollow Girl,and one of The Great Athletes from Little Flower. You and Sonny Kennedy were good friends with 2 beautiful people-Connie Tippett and Sabina Cunningham. The Hollow Woman-Athletes had it all-talent,beauty,brains,and wonderful personalities. Connie Tippett had the most beautiful and warmest smile that I ever saw. Mr. Brogan! You posted some great comments about SFA Basketball,individual players such as Joe Lynch who is your cousin,and legendary LaSalle coaches, Obie O'Brien and Tex Flannery who was also A SFA Guy. You made great commentary about the famous game between Saint Francis and St. Matt's at A LaSalle Tornament. SFA had 2 superstars-Bill Haas and Joe Lynch. We have many bloggers on this site that were in that game-Joe Lynch,John Fowler, Frank Klock,Joe DiPasquale,Joe Razzano, John Fries,and last but not least and the greatest pool-shooter on this site,John Payne Jr. Ray Dawes,a great soccer player and might have been on that team. I believe another great soccer player and friend of Joe Lynch,Charlie Solly[RIP] might have been on that team. Charlie Solly and Duncan Hubley,the famous GA Soccer Player and Coach, played a lot of b-ball at Fernhill Park. I also knew a lot of the great players for St. Matt's-Matt Goukas,Terry Collins,and Marty Maher who would become All-Catholic Players at The Educational Factory in North Philly-"The Prep". For SFA, Joe Lynch was an All-Catholic Player at LaSalle and Bill Haas was All-Inter-Ac at GA in his sophmore year. Your mentor,Bobby Goo Guarinello was the coach for SFA and Matt Goukas Sr.,The Warrior Player, helped and coached St. Matt's. You mentioned that Joe Lynch executed some great passing in that game and Coach O'Brien gave him a scholarship. I recall Joe Lynch and I playing in a Boys' Club Tournament in Willow Grove and receiving crisp passes where I had a decent game not quite 30 points which Bill Haas had in The SFA-St. Matt's Game. Joe Lynch played ball at Fernhill during the summer when he was a student at Lasalle College and also on the basketball team. In these games, Joe L. wanted the ball and he moved well without the ball. He always picked me to d-up Bill Haas and I tried to emulate the defensive skills of the greatest Armenian Basketball player from The Hollow-Paul Borian. At A Germantown Reunion- Bor suggested to John Fowler that he would have been a great player if he had a more balanced game and spent more time to learn the art of passing. Tex Flannery,the famous LaSalle Football Coach lectured Joe Lynch on The Art of Passing. Tex Flannery had a bar at The Junction but a lot of The Happy Hollowers hung out at Nick's across from The Hollow. Tex Flannery also had a bar on Cherry Street in Center City but I hung out at Mace's Crossing on Cherry St. since my classmate from The Prep, owned that Bistro. I met your cousin,Tom Lynch,and his rich friend,John Fries, there. Ed Kehan,the great soccer player from SFA, would also stop there for a beverage and a sandwich. I rambled on and I am in trouble with Mr. Anonymous. My family is no longer in the bar-business and I do not have the connections to protect myself if he[not she] gets pissed- I am too old for a riff and you get my drift.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-06-2011]

John Fleming: Thanks for the kind words. Please go to the : WWW.VA.GOV site and look for the list of Presumptive Illnesses. If you suffer from any of those listed you may be entitled to compensation. There is also a list of all ships that are considered eligible for this entitlement. Remember, you do not need to have been in Vietnam for a year to qualify. Some ships were docked in harbors and also took on water, so you may qualify. Going forward, all vets need to take care of each other. We came back with absolutely no support from our government and in many cases our own friends. I remember one of my duties stations was at Camp Pendelton, CA and the Hippies were all over us Marines. I think I got in more fights back home than in Vietnam. It is good to see how times have changed, and thank GOD! Oh, I forgot,it’s not ok to mention GOD. Well anyway, GOD Bless you John Fleming and GOD BLESS AMERICA! Joe DAgostino
Joe DAgostino [11-06-2011]

Anonymous: Every person who ever lived in Germantown has posted here. You just didn't recognize them because they posted anonymously.
John Payne, You know when a ghost is lying; you can see right through them. [11-06-2011]

Thanks, JBS
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [11-05-2011]

I wish some other Germantowners would post on this site. There were so many of us that I find it hard to believe that it's occupied mostly by Happy Hollow folks. Not that I have anything against the Hollow, but I know there are others out there who can be heard from.
anonymous [11-05-2011]

If you would like to see something that will really light you up, see the video below of Bob Hope and James Cagney. They don't make 'em like that any more. Enjoy! James Cagney and Bob Hope at a Friar's Club Meeting back when actors were real performers. Bob Hope was 52 and James Cagney was 56. For the young folks, here is something you probably have never seen before and, unfortunately, you may never see again. For us older folks, this is the best of the best, and we had it for many years! This is a side of these two entertainers you hardly ever saw, but it shows you their enormous talent. Bob Hope, the best of the comedians, and Jimmy Cagney...mostly cast as the bad guy, gangster in the movies. click on the link below? http://videos2view.net/Hope-Cagney.htm
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [11-05-2011]

JBS, I apparently had a big senior moment in remembering why your name was familiar to me but, did realize this yesterday (Thursday) who you are and why i knew your name. What a small world and I do remember you very well from the G-Town get togethers at LaFontana. Thank you for your kind words for my son ...i think he is the greatest and a very good person ! I am blessed to have him for sure ! :>) I love Lawrenceville and Princton ... very beautiful areas and you are so right about the bakery...it is one of the best. You were a lucky kid to have missed out on having Miss Catherine as a teacher. :>) I spent many hours in the library in Vernon park and loved going there very much. I cant say that i remember your mother but, probably had interaction with her from time to time. The McKernan brothers are to say the least wonderful men ... funny, smart, kind hearted, and of course very handsome ... oh and did i mention quite devilish too! :>) Sorry guys had to put that in! It was good to hear from you! Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-04-2011]

i would love to hear from anyone from the "old neighborhood" i lived on erringer place.
KATHLEEN MC DERMOTT [KAUFFMAN], st.francis of assisi 1960 little flower 1965 missed reunion [11-04-2011]

Joe DAgostino: Very moving and poignant. I think you really captured the essence of those of us that served in the military in the 60's. I was one of the lucky ones that enlisted in the Navy in '62, right out of high school and got discharged in '66. My experience in Viet Nam was in the Spring of '65, when my ship a tin can (destroyer) was assigned to guard the Marine carrier, the USS Princeton. They carried the first wave of Marines "in country". The duty was basically to escort the carrier while it cruised 10-12 miles off the coast of Viet Nam. It was usually 30-40 days at sea, back in port, in Japan for maintenance and repairs, then back for another 30-40 days. I volunteered for this duty. Not to go to Viet Nam, even though I knew the ship was going. I just wanted to make a WesPac (Western Pacific) Cruise. Being young and still in my early 20's, the cruise was just part of the adventure of being in the Navy on a warship. It wasn't until much later in life, I really thought about where and what I was doing. I always wondered how many of them young Marines went in country and never came back, or in body bags. I share your emotions, as I believe most of us do, of those that didn't come back. As you know, those of us that served are in enormous brother/sisterhood. Whenever I see someone wearing some sort of military clothing, showing their past service, I never fail to start a conversation, regardless of what service they were in. Its almost like magic, we become "old friends" immediately. Handling funeral details, had to be the toughest assignment. I find it very difficult to hear about when some of our young men and women are lost in action. Being 67, with most of my life behind me, I fully realize how these heroes, will never be able to experience life as it was meant to be.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62, Viet Nam '65 [11-04-2011]

How many GTNers remember YOUNG's ice cream palor on GTN AVE near Penn St ? They had the best ice cream on the AVE.
Lou Giorno, mr g dos [11-04-2011]

Webmaster: Good job on the article about the kid who plays at the Prep. Now, you're not from Germantown? How could you possibly know about Happy Hollow unless you were a runner for Goo Goo? You, my friend, are from away. That is what the Maine natives say to me. You're from away, John. That means your father and grandfather weren't born in Maine. I asked a Mainer one time, "My kids were all born and educated in Maine. Are they from away?" He said, "My grandma' said, 'if the cat has kittens in the oven does that make em' biscuits?" Ted, you have to start looking for the Wayne Junction Diner, dude.
Jack Brogan, Look out, kid, it's somethin' you did [11-04-2011]

Dom Raff: Thanks for the post re: Connie T. This was the first I heard that she passed away. I join you in wishing Margie, and the rest of the family our sincerest condolences. That is a very special family from our old neighborhood. May she rest in peace.
John Payne [11-04-2011]

Denise Duckworht Tumelty: I am not surprised that you were not the individual who called an older blogger on this site-a nasty Hollow-weener. Your parents were Fine Germantowners, you went to a fine Catholic School,Cecilian Academy, Your Brother,Ken, was a brave Naval Fighter-Pilot and you gave many students in Pennsylvania,a great education and moral principles. I have learned from traveling the highways of life that one must be very careful what emanates from one's mouth. You probaly discerned from my sculpted features that I did not always practice what I preached in my callow youth. I recall travelng with a feisty character to West Virginia around Thanksgiving Time. This guy could be a wise-ass and tells a guy at the bar that a lot of the folks in these hills have pumping-kins. I intervene and tell Billy[Hill] that we are looking for pumpkins for making pies. We were the only guys in the joint without a pick-up truck or a shot-gun. I wanted peace in the valley and that is the operative word for our Germantown-site. You and I appreciate the work that our web-master is doing for this great site. Our web-master should not be buried but praised-he needs the support of All Germantowners on both sides of the tracks,East and West. Thanksgiving will soon be here and we should all appreciate having grown up in Germantown with all those wonderful people including veterans like Joe DAgostino and Jim Mckernan who posted some beautiful blogs recently.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-04-2011]

iwas sorry and sad to hear of the passing of connie tibbett.(maiden)she was a member of that special group of girls that i grew up with.she was pretty,intelligent,athletic,and oozing with personality.my condolences to her familyand may god help them with their grief.dom raff how lucky was i to have this group of girls as school mates and friends.love the site,thank you
dom raff, same [11-03-2011]

Jim McKernan : Thank you for your kind words, and I salute you for you service to OUR country. Welcome home to you too. I have a very hard time during Veterans Day, and Memorial Day completely knocks me out. One of my duties when I came home from Vietnam was Sergeant of the Guard at the Marine Barracks for funeral details. It was a very short duty, but to this day I cry at “Taps”, and can just about stand when I see a flag draped coffin . The visions of the mothers, wives,and fiancés faces when they received the flag has been permanently etched in my eyes. It is amazing how God gives and takes. Since Vietnam, my eyes have constantly burned. It is a reminder of all those young boys that never made it. These are the demons of war, that after all these years, I try to make peace with. I am posting this so that all our fellow veterans can know that I have become very much involved with the Veterans Administration and to help compensate ALL veterans that may not know that they may suffer from Service Connected Disabilities. I want any vet that reads this to please go to :www.va.gov you will find a list of Presumptive Illnesses that you may be compensated for. Some of my fellow Germantown Vets helped me, so now I must help others. Jim, I am sure we “bumped” into each other in Germantown. I am 64 so the 2 years difference may have kept up miles apart in our teenage years. Germantown was truly a unique environment to grow up. The ethnic diversity, was in itself a learning experience. I think of the holidays with so many people celebrating the same day in different ways. I had friends of all colors and religions and I doubt any one cared. I think I was having too much fun playing sports and street games like half ball, wire ball etc. And of course girls! Finally, one of the wonderful things about this site is the friendships that are made, not just kept. The blog's thatcontain “infighting” has no place in my life. I have a saying that I try to live by: “It’s not my life,it’s not wife, so it’s not worth thinking about.” You my friend can understand that. Hopefully we can continue to use this site as a place for fellowship and funny stories of times less com- plex. We all know that life is truly short, for some of us------ much too short. Take care my friend and stay well. Joe D’Agostino -
Joe DAgostino [11-03-2011]

bud ballard here is cris maher contact info.oneeasycut@gmail.com good luck dom raff
dom raff, same [11-03-2011]

Rosemarie Hite Malageri: I spend a lot of time in the village of Lawrenceville in Central New Jersey. Lawrenceville has great coffee shops,restaurants, a great bakery and a famous Prep School. I had a conversation with Lou Malageri about sports and baseball. Lou liked the teams from Philly and I was happy since many guys in Central Jersey like The Yankees and The Giants. It came out that his mother,Rosemarie, was from Germantown. I conjectured that your parish was St. Mike's or Holy Rosary. I learned yesterday that you attended St. Vincent's on Price Street. I went to St. Vincent's for 1st-grade but I missed 2d grade and never had Miss Catharine. My mother was a librarian at Vernon Park-not far from St. Vincent's. The McKernan Brothers,Bernie,Kevin,Jim, remembered Marguerite,my mother,when they were voracious readers back in the day. There are many bloggers on this site who went to St. Vincent's and visited Vernon Library. I believe that you attended Germantown Reunions at LaFontana in Hatboro. I was the reserved guy talking to the two Irish raconteurs-Bernie McKernan and Dan Hartnett. Two guys from SFA attend this event,Ray and Roy Dawes. At our table, sat Denise Duckworth Tumelty,a walking museum of jewelry. I went to SFA but I knew many people from St. Vincent's. On Sunday, I attended Mass at St. Catharine's on W. Penn St. and many folks from St. Vincent's would also be there. I also played ball against St. Vincent's in The CYO League. There were many great Catholic Parishes in Germantown including St. Vincent's. Your son,Lou,is a good guy and it is great to have your posts on this Germantown site.
John Bruce Schmitt [11-03-2011]

That sneaky storm of Saturday makes clean-up a mess. It's the first time I ever shoveled snow in the shade. Beautiful weather now, ex-pats., the kind that brings back memories of first loves, getting your shoes soled and heeled to get another season out of them,can I afford Converse All-Stars, will I have a 50 cents to get into the dance at the parish hall, maybe I'll walk her home, if she'll let me, how can people afford to stay at a hotel, I'll beg some donuts from the soldiers over at the park after dinner, where the hell do babies come from, if she doesn't love me, I'll die, if my ears weren't so big, they wouldn't laugh at me, I just might walk by her house--once., let's shovel this court off, it's not too cold,I'll just stop at Linton's on this snowy day and say the bus was late, Oh, there she is,Wow, Uh, oh, something wicked this way comes.
Joe Lynch--In the getting. . .get understanding. [11-03-2011]

Thanks for all the nice things you said about my Dad, Victor Errichetti. He died 40 years ago this coming April and it amasing how people are still talking about him. I miss him a lot. My Mom is 92 and lives in NJ. Does anyone still have the silver dollars that my Dad handed out to the Alter boys? Some of those were from 1850 to 1950. I still have just one with the Errichetti Funeral Parlor sticker on the back...it hangs on my bed post. Does anyone remember Weegee Palladino?
JoDina Errichetti, 9 months a year I live in Scottsdale, Az, 3 months a year I live in Seaside Park, NJ [11-03-2011]

Webmaster - thank you for your efforts. You can judge submittals without the emotionality of having grown up in Germantown.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [11-03-2011]

Hi Erda, I thought there was a schmidt in the corp ... apparently there were plenty of them :>) so at least I know my memory is still working pretty well ! Thanks for the input, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-03-2011]

Joe DAgostino All I have to say is Amen! God Bless all our Veterans! and on the 10th I wish you and all Marines a happy 236th birthday!
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [11-02-2011]

Rosemarie, I think you may be thinking about Joe, Bill, Jeanette, Charlette Schmidt from Yearsley.. It was a big family from IC parish lived on one of the small streets off Haines.. I think Stockand for something like that..the four oldest all belonged to Yearsley.. In when Barbara left in 1966 Jeanette was drum majorette until the end of the Blackhawks in 1969.. Joe is with Reilly & Archie..
Erda, From the Westside of Germantown [11-02-2011]

I want to make it perfectly clear that I did not call anyone any name and only referred to "antics" which had already been mentioned. We had a wonderful Halloween in our part of Germantown. It began a few days before when we carved the Jack- o-lantern with my father. It was one of the few times in the year when we were allowed to light a candle. On Halloween night we went as far north as Seymour St. and south to Abbotsford Rd. (where one house gave out rubber balls from the factory where they worked. Everyone tried to hit there first- they ran out quickly.) We went up one side of the street and down the other from Germantown Ave. to Wayne Ave. That's quite a large area. We only quit if our bags got too heavy or the lights were turned off. Rotzell caterers were at the end of Wyneva St. by Wayne Ave. You had to do something (tell a joke, dance, etc) to get your treat. There was always a room full of adults. They loved it & so did I. It still provides a good laugh. Oh and by the way, as I have said before - my name is spelled with an S - Denise - ....not ce. Now let's drop the critical comments unless it is something fun or funny. I also think all people should give their name or keep quiet.
denise Duckworth Tumelty [11-02-2011]

Joe D'Agostino thank you for your heartfelt message. I feel your pain and I want to say "Welcome Home" after all these years. I did not know you. I am 66 years old and volunteered to serve in Vietnam after receiving orders to Italy-which I am sure you would have loved in 1969. But if you will walk with me and be my buddy we can do some good thing in gaining the Germantown Vietnam Memorial being erected. I just need some community help-and funding. I thank you for your service-remember it is not for the warrior to reason why-tis for us to do and die said Tennyson. I expected better political leadership than we had. And I will say that I think our sacrifice was much too great in Vietnam.I thank you for your service.You are a tough guy you took a lot and you have a lot to give. Bless you. Jim McKernan, Vietnam Veteran 1969-71.
Jim McKernan [11-02-2011]

I fully understand why Lou is pissed since an anonymous blogger labeled him with an unflattering term. A more euphemistic term should have been used-a softer word like hot dog might not have been so offensive. Our web-master and Germantowners are fortunate that our victim was not called a no-good motor scooter or a mother plucking chicken[coward]. In the playgrounds of Germantown, colorful language was heard and used. In Happy Hollow Playground, Goo Guarinello used colorful language and it was almost poetic. For some reason, the anonymous blogger was really pissed about that Halloween Post to use such powerful language. One could really see the anger emanating from these posts. I empathize with our Web-master who must deal with all the posts that appear on this great Germantown Web-site. All Germantowners should be civil and try to be fair and objective in our commentaries to our fellow-bloggers. Let us believe in redemption and God Bless Germantown and All Germantowners.
JBS [11-02-2011]

I’ve tried to write about my cousin Joe Lynch several times, but everything I put down on paper comes out clichéd crappola. My mind is kind as far as Joe is concerned. As little kids we lived in the same houses, first when his father was in the Army and then when my father was down and out. Joe and I were closer than brothers. Later, I saw him play many great games. I saw him almost single handedly beat a good Cardinal Dougherty team in over-time. As an eighth grader Joe played on an excellent St. Francis of Assisi team. Goo Goo was the coach, so the kids knew how to play. Goo was a good coach and great when he had players like Joey Lynch and Billy Haas. I played for La Salle High School at that time and I wanted Joe to play well enough in the La Salle Tournament to get a basketball scholarship to La Salle. The first big game was against St. Matthews. It was a semi-final in a tournament that had started with 84 teams. In the old La Salle gym, right before the big game started, two things happened. I rounded up my coach, Obie O’Brien, a man who had coached Tom Gola and cut Paul Arizin at La Salle. I wanted Obie to see Joe, the best 8th grade player in Philadelphia as far as I was concerned. As I guided Obie toward the end of the gym where St. Francis would play, the second thing happened. I noticed Tom Flannery, a great guy who owned Flannery’s Bar, just below Wayne Junction, was jabbering away in Joe’s ear. Flannery had played at La Salle College and was good for kids to be around. Tom knew basketball and he knew how to talk to kids. The problem was at that moment Tom was giving Joe advice about how to play that game, and how the most important thing was to pass the ball and to be a team player. I stood with Obie and watched as the game started. I don’t think Joe Lynch took a single shot the entire game. Not one. Billy Haas had thirty points. Joe had 20 assists and all the rebounds, but at the time I was thinking to myself, assists? Who cares about assists? Obie O’Brien cared about assists and rebounds I guess, because Joe got the scholarship.
Jack Brogan, The snow is melting. Is it April? [11-02-2011]

To webmaster-Thanks for being honest about where you lived. However, how can you relate to any of our posts about GTN, not being a native ????????
Lou Giorno, MrG DOS [11-02-2011]

Thanks to all the folks that supported me in my condemnation of the nastygram I received from the coward ANON.If I see anything on this site from Anon, I'm going to ignore it completely.Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, mr. g dos [11-02-2011]

Naomi, and Dennis MCGlinchey, I liked Victor Errichetti very much too. He handled most of the burials for my family over the years and he was always not only very professional but the kindest person too and funny. My one uncle would always look at Victor during one of our family viewings and say "stop looking at me you bugger ... i know your measuring me for the next one" of course it was said in fun ...and Victor would actually pull out a measure tape just to play it up even more . When Victor passed away i can remember feeling a saddness and a lost feeling as well .. wondering who the heck we could trust with our viewings and funerals ... funny isnt it that people would be so attached to a funeral director but, this is what Victor brought to the people in the neighborhood ... just a good and kind man who you knew you could trust with the most sensitive of rituals. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-02-2011]

Bruce Schmidt, My son told me that you and he spoke about G-Town the other day and that you come on this site occasionally. My family and i grew up in St. Vincents parish on Price st. ... you im told were in St Mikes parish. The name Schmidt is familiar to me ... did you belong to the Yearsley Drum and Bugle Corp .. or did a relative of yours belong .... this would be the only place i would remember your last name ... But, i just wanted to say hello and hope to see you on this site sometime. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [11-01-2011]

To webmaster--What part of GTN.were you from ??
Lou giorno, Mr G dos [11-01-2011]

I'm not from Germantown.

The nastygram from 'anon' 10-30-2011 to Lou Giorno is still on the site. Not good. Too many cyberbullies on this blog for my taste.
nobody's business but my own [11-01-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey, I enjoyed your thoughts about Mr. Errichetti, for I also found Him to be a Very Generous person. I lived across the Street from the funeral home in the 800 block of Price St. One day he personally took me and his son Victor to the Zoo and we rode in one of his Limo's. He paid for everything that day, which included lots of fun and laughter. Years later when my Sister was getting married, Mr. Victor Errichetti insisted that he would provide a Limo and a Driver for the entire day at No Charge. He has left a Legacy of Being Kind and Generous to those in Germantown. I was one of those Altar Boys, who received a Silver Dollar from Mr. Victor Errichetti after a Funeral Mass!
Tom McAleer, Immaculate Conception '59 Born in Germantown [11-01-2011]

Veterans Day: I have come to the conclusion that have lived a truly blessed life. I had a wonderful childhood full of some great moments. My parents were the love of my life and I had a sister who I know was sent from heaven and is now with God. My youth was spent with many friends, doing some stupid, funny, dangerous things, but all was fun when I look back. My life seemed to stand still, with the years spent in the Marines and the 11 months of hell called Vietnam.....But I was blessed, for I came home, never the same, but home I was. I lost too many friends in places with strange names and they were all much too young to make that “Ultimate Sacrifice”. Most were only kids, the average age was 19. They should have been going to college mixers, but instead they were mixing it up in a much more deadly way. The VA said I am 80% disabled and suffer from “Survivors Guilt”. Seems very confusing to me. I am happy to be alive, but guilty that I made it. I read some posts here that complain about what others say, but the reality is, you say what you say, because of the many veterans who gave you and I that very right of free expression. Let’s always remember to hate the war, but never the warrior. On November 10,2011 my Marine Corps will celebrate it’s 236 th birthday, just one day before Veteran’s Day. Founded right here in Philadelphia, not too far of a carriage ride from Germantown. I salute all of our men and women in uniform both past and present. This country has many faults, but like a family with many siblings, don’t let any outsider pick a fight with us. I believe in GOD BLESS AMERICA, and Semper Fi! Joe DAgostino
Joe DAgostino [11-01-2011]

Lou Pauzano! Your last post was pithy-rich with with comments about The Hollow, The Prep.and Fairmount and South Philly. You and Paul Borian are Hollow Historians. I met you at The Hollow in the 50's when you were playing cards with my pretty classmates from SFA- Jean Masterson and Eileen Mclaughlin. We were fortunate to grow up in Germantown and you still live in a Philly neighborhood-South Philly. I have to tell you that I always like South Philly and Girard Estates where you live,was always a great place. I brought out Chicken Man's Mob hit since it was so sensational-technologically induced. I also like another old neighborhood in Philly-Fairmount. We have lunch at Rembrandt's in Fairmount and we get good service because you have a good connection. We meet people there whom you knew and I was not confabulating when I mentioned that an individual owned parking lots. Fairmount is not far from The Prep and I commend you for all the great work and fund-raising that you do for The Prep. It is so ironic that many of our friends went to CD and North but only The Prep survives. Lou! I hope that you survived Halloween and things are going well down-town[South Philly].
Bruce S. [11-01-2011]

ATTENTION Billy Fitzpatrick, the pastor of Staint Francis of Assisi was Monsigor Peter J.McGarrity, Rev. James A.Magee and Rev. William J. Finley. They were at SFA in the mid 40's .
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, sfa 56, nechs 60 [11-01-2011]

Joe D'Agostino, Reading your recent entry, made me smile. I thoroughly enjoyed & related to it. Not only is it a wonder that we managed to survive but it's also a wonder that we were able to raise a generation of kids who survived. As I reflected upon my own childhood as well as the childhood of my responsible, moral, caring, productive children, I came to the conclusion that often times "less is better". Maybe because I, as well as they, grew up w/o all of the "safety nets" that now surround us; they are able to decide for themselves; fend for themselves; and hopefully instill in their children the same sense of respect & responsibility that will endure for generations to come. Take care; God bless; and, once again, thanks for the memories!
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic'55; cdhs '59 [11-01-2011]

frank margiotti, lansdale [11-01-2011]

Marie - I do remember Herman at Sun-Ray at Chew and Chelten, and that would be from the 1960s. I'm remembering him as a tall, lanky guy who wore black glassses. He was a bit of an oddball, and we had fun with him. I don't remember it being teasing, but more like we were less reserved around him then we would be with other adults. BTW, that Sun-Ray is still there, now Korean-owned and called Kim's Sun-Ray.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [11-01-2011]

BOO! Speaking of senior citizens this rainy Holloween Monday; What do you get when you cross Dracula with Sleeping Beauty? Tired Blood. or... How do you know when a ghost is lying? You can see right through him. Guffaw! See you all at authorsden.com
John Payne [11-01-2011]

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