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October 11-20, 2011

bud ballard,my guess it was the mcgeehan brothers.john&charie both love baseball.cris maher says hello.he remembers hanging out when you guys were kids.dom raff which is harder hitting in 56 consecutive games or pitching 7 no hitters?
dom raff, same [10-19-2011]

I would like to remind people of the old days when everybody respected parents or sisters of any of your friends, nobody would curse in front of a mother it was like a code we had
anonymous [10-19-2011]

Bud, re: Two coaches; that sounds like the McGeehan family. Johnny and Charlie were a couple of terrific athletes in my age range, but their father and uncle were great fans of baseball. I'm pretty sure that the one of them had the nickname of Whitey.
John Payne [10-19-2011]

YO ! CAPT. BALLARD--------- That baseball coach might have been "WHITEY" HARKINS, who coached our SFA CYO Baseball Team in 1957, 1958. I just had a funny image of you riding around the bases on your motorcycle. I need another cup of coffee. take care,Buddy, your fellow Logan Park "Jr. Park Guard.", frank klock.(117 W. Abbottsford Ave.)
FRANK KLOCK [10-19-2011]

Ed Burke if we didn't have you old heads what would we have to aspire to. You guys set the bar scholastically, athletically, and socially, you gave us something to live up to to attain. OLD HEADS RULE. Richie SFA'64, NC'68
Richard Pio, Born and bred in g-town 1950-95 now in Ocala area [10-19-2011]

Orville, that sounds like it could be Whitey Harkins(?) or Horgan. Whitey was a good soul.
jim mckernan, Greenville, NC [10-19-2011]

Professor James McKernan: Your last blog and essay was interesting and eclectic and indicated to me and other Germantowners your love and penchant for all things Irish. Other bloggers and Irish-American on this site, share your passion for Irish History and culture-Jack Brogan,Joe Lynch,Frank Klock,Tom Cusack,Jack McHugh,John Payne and many others. I have known many Irish folks and venues in a myriad of locations in the world. At SFA in class,there were many Irish kids including my good friend Pat McIlhinney who was also good friends with Tom Cueball Cusack. Cueball Cusack had the honor and privlige of hanging with the legendary Thomas Goony Walsh at The Dunes in Somers Point. Your father probaly knew Goony Walsh when he tended bar at The Eagle,Gtn.&Erie. Down the block from The Eagle,there were a couple of other famous Irish bar-tendersat bar-tenders-John Berkery and Jack Murphy who tended bar at The Shamrock. John Berkery was an interesting businessman and quite international with a deep love of Ireland. He not only lived in Mexico but lived in Ireland at approximately the same time that you lived there. In an earlier post,Jack McHugh explained the Irish Presence in Mexico. There is also an Irish presence in Argentina-Patagonia. I even hung out in an Irish Pub in Kiev-Obrien's. This pub was off of Independence Square in Kiev which was the heart of The Orange Revolution. I spent time in Crimea where many Irish soldiers fought The Russians including your relative. Joe Lynch and Frank Klock would remember The Battle of The Light-Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson. In Philadelphia,we had two Irish Mayors,Jim Tate and Bill Green. Pat Kirk from SFA married Bill Green and their son is a councilman. In Philly,there were great Irish Defense Lawyers including Emmett Fitzpatrick and John Patrick Walsh. Emmett was graduating from The Prep at The same time,John Berkery was graduating from SFA-1948. They knew one another and they had an interesting connection. John Patrick Walsh had represented Birdman Phelan in the Dante Inferno case but eventually departed. There were many Famous Irish builders from Philly-McCloskey,McShane and Kelly. Jack Kelly's daughter was Grace Kelly and I believe Jay Kelly from The Hollow was related. We were fortunate to grow up in Germantown and be exposed to many cultures-including The Irish.
JBS [10-19-2011]

Hey Ed. When you touch base with Joe Bracken, Tell him I,m still alive and kicking. But in Arizona the past 15 years.
John DiRenzo [10-18-2011]

Some very interesting posts of late.... Jack Brogan, I enjoyed your post on the late great Paul Arizin. He was a hero before my time. His son Michael was more my time, he did play for LaSalle in the mid-1970s. Thought he was a chip off the old block (he wasn't).... Joe Lynch, add Temple Stadium to that list. There is an appeal to those old-style stadiums you just don't get with the catwalk-laden and quirky Tropicana Field and other such domed monstrsities. Can't speak for Cowboys Stadium, but hear it is a modern marvel, one that will cost you dearly if go there to see a game. Jack McHugh, nice post of memories. If you ever make a run again to the Polish areas of Philly, try the Polish kielbasa. You won't find better anywhere. If you go around a holiday (Easter, Christmas, etc), expect a line out the door and down the street, with a wait of an hour or so. There is a reason folks stand in line that long.... Some like Czerw's but I think Swiacki's is the best....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-18-2011]

Joe Lynch: Seems to be some understanding about my thoughts on "The Trop". While I do go to a game or two during the season, its not really how I like to see a ballgame. As I previously stated, I am a purist and prefer a ballgame on real grass and with sunshine. To be fair there are some pros to going to the Trop, such as being able to see the Yankees and other American League teams. I might add that most games I have gone to, have been "gratis". I have met another Philly boy, whose company has from time to time, gotten luxury boxes, and he has graciously asked me to join him.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [10-18-2011]

Frank Baggs Klock: I thank you for the 2 photos of your classmates-Jim Bodie Howard and Dave Glancey. Bodie and Dave were Fernhill guys and Rich Pio knew your friends from the neighborhood and The Park. You and Dave Glancey were actors in the school-plays at North. Your Director at North was Dave Loscalzo who as you know was my neighbor on Hansberry Street. Dave Loscalzo was a Prepper and taught by Urban Schmitt,my father. You and Pat McIlhinney worked for Dave Loscalzo at a camp in The Poconos where many Germantowners ski. Many of your classmates from SFA[1958] post on this site. Recently,we had a post from Jack McHugh from Texas who was in your great class. I intend to stop at The Continental on Thanksgiving Eve for a G-town Reunion. You were friends with Sue Henigan and there will be representatives from The Henigan Family. You and Brother Ken were friends with Jim Kehan and his brother,Tom Kehan, makes this event. Back in the day, I would bump into Ed Kehan at Mace's Crossing which is owned by a classmate from The Prep. You knew a lot of Preppers from St. Joe College where you competed against them in Poker. If you had come to The Buck, you could have cut cards for The Tab at our table with Paul Borian,a superb poker player. You and Bor had a good mentor for poker-playing-Goo Guarinello. Frank! In your photo,you must be lifting weights since you look in good shape. I hope the protesters in center-city don't camp out in your neighborhood because you might surprise them with colorful vocabulary and your G-town pugnacity.
Bruce Schmitt [10-18-2011]

In the summer of 1956 I played baseball on a traveling team from Happy Hollow. There were two brothers that coached the team. The one brother was nick-named "WHITEY". He had gray/white hair. He dove a 1955 Chevy Belair 2 door, painted sky-blue and white. The two brothers that coached the team had a IRISH last name. I played Cather on the team. I was impressed with "WHITEY". He showed me how to block a runner coming home from third base. I only played one year. When I turned 16 years old, I always had a job after school and during the summer. I can not remember the family name of the brothers. Can anyone help me? BUD.
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56 & nechs 60 [10-18-2011]

Thanks Rich Pio for reminding me that I'm an "old head".I had almost forgotten!LOL I am also a brother of the bad heart club. I had my attack while on a cruise in Bermuda. I spent an extra five days in paradise in a hospital in Hamilton.The ship couldn't wait for me to get out of the hospital, so it left without me. I had to sneak out of the place when I found out that the female Doctor was not a Cardiologist. Actually there are no Cardiologists on the Island to treat you.All they do is put you on a Morphine drip until the pain goes away. Any of you older citizens thinking of traveling abroad should check out your medical situation prior to departing.There ain't nothing like the old USA brothers and sisters. It was a very long swim home.Thank God the water was warm. Let's go Flyers!
ed burke [10-16-2011]

Paul Arizin owned a driving range up near Greenwood Dairies. After I was a pig at the Greenwood Dairies we headed over to Arizin’s to slam a few golf balls. It’s a wonder somebody wasn’t killed what with all those balls flying everywhere but out toward the markers. Just as I was getting ready for my last drive, I looked up and there he was. Paul Arizin. I’d seen him play many games for the Warriors and then for the Camden Bullets but somehow seeing Paul Arizin in street clothes hanging around his driving range made me wonder. I was about 18 and just beginning to realize that I would not grow up to be Paul Arizin. No amount of practice would make me Paul Arizin. Like Tom Gola Arizin was a superman. We headed over to him. “Mr. Arizin,” said I, “Is it true that you didn’t make the basketball team at La Salle High School?” Nice guy. You could tell just by the way he handled the question. “Yeah, Obie thought anybody who had asthma couldn’t play a whole game.” I pictured Paul wheezing up and down the court while he led the NBA in Scoring in 1956. “So how did you get to play for Villanova if you didn’t play in high school?” He said, “I was actually a freshman at Villanova but I came home to South Philadelphia to play in the Barn League. I sort of knew I could play in college because The South Philadelphia Barn League was full of ex-college players and I held my own. One night I had a good game and after it the Coach of Villanova, Al Severance, came up to me and said he was wondering if I had thought about going to college. “I go to college, coach. I go to Villanova.” He asked me to come out for the freshman team and I got the scholarship a few months later.
jack brogan, Think I'll pack it in and buy a pickup... [10-16-2011]

Like Tropicana stadium? Domes? Try our Franklin Field during the Penn Relays with thousands of high school kids sprinting and lunging for the tape of a Friday and Saturday afternoon. Try the Palestra (Still!) and sit in the cheap seats and recall The Big O, Bill Bradley, Jack Ramsey, Tom Gola, Harry Litwack, Penn-Princeton, the rolls of toilet paper careening down on the floor after the first basket. We (LaSalle) once won the Quaker City Tournament (1963), beating St. Bonaventure, and time stopped for a kid in uniform who carried his coach off the floor. Sure, I'll drink the $9 beers at Tropicana Park, but I'll remember Smokey Joe's and smokier McGillen's Ale House after a Big Five doubleheader for a $2.75 ticket. Those modern stadiums certainly are comfortable for us old folks. But . . .----Excuse me, Ma'm, I think you're sitting in my cheap seat.
Joe Lynch--Character is what you are in the dark. [10-16-2011]

One of the many great things about Germantown, was it’s proximately to other places. I remember Saturday mornings, if I didn’t have to work early at the Acme, I would go with my father to a place not far away to what we called Mrs Smith’s bakery. Now this was not the frozen kind, but here they made the fresh pies for restaurants. This was in the mid 60’s and the damaged pies were 50 cent for the regular and $1 for the huge restaurant size pies. I do remember, sometimes a big line to get in and so by the time we got in, as we were never the first there, less items to choose. Only a few blocks away was the Ward Chocolate factory, you may not remember the name but you may recall the product--Raisinets-chocolate covered raisins, Goobers-chocolate covered peanuts and the nonpareils (snowcaps) dark chocolate. For a 5 lb. box, it was $2, we didn’t go here all the time because even with a lot a children in our family, one box lasted for a while. Not too far away, was a shop were my Dad would pick up a dozen fresh bagels, at about half the price you would pay elsewhere----well that was my father’s saturday morning excursions. A few years later I used to make runs periodically to the Polish area of Phila. not far from Germantown, Why? They sold the most delicious chocolate I ever had, all from Poland---and the variety was unbelievable. Later when I moved to Texas, every trip I made back to Phila., Polish candy was on my list to get, along with scrapple, pretzels and Tastykake. There was one piece of dark chocolate about 2” long and 1/2” wide, that was filled with liquor, now when I say Liquor, that’s what I mean. It was not like those little chocolate bottles that we can buy in many stores that claim they have liquor in them and the only way to tell what kind it is, by checking the wrapper. These were in brandy, whiskey and vodka, anyway one bite of these and it was releasing a shot of whiskey etc. into your system. I would buy them and take them to work, explain to the people what it was and still they would let out a yell when it would start to hit them. Around 9 or 10 years ago I did my regular buying of Polish candy, went to my car and opened up one and it wasn’t the same, so I tried a different one, again a disappointment, and then I looked at the wrappers, My favorite Polish candy was now made by Cadbury and Nestle. I should add that I couldn’t even find my liquor candy anymore. Well it’s a lot like our Germantown---nothing remains the same, but we do have our thoughts on the subject.
Jack McHugh [10-16-2011]

JBS While many g-town lads took to soccer I was more interested in baseball. My da was from Gaelic Ireland and played Gaelic Football-not much played in the states (soccer was not a big sport in Ireland in early 1900's. So i went for the local sports: baseball, b-ball and football. I was the last man cut (ouch that still hurts) on the CDHS Freshman b-ball team in 1960 but then the Freshman ...coach Fr Schmidt and I were not pals in class. I was in class with Roger 'Inky ' Harrington, Bob Manus and George Paull (George went on to All-American honors at La Salle and we should acknowledge that as he was from Holy Cross and was almost a G-town boy) I played baseball for Temple 2 years and the real joy came in Ireland when I played on the Ulster University team as a postgrad PhD student (they didnt have these silly NCAA rules about eligibility) It was a great stress reliever as we were in a civil war in my time there 1973-1979. BTW Wetzel was a tourist who stayed all of two days in Ulster! He was on a 2 week holiday while i went for 21 years! A good mate but no authority on Irish affairs. The Ulster team B-ball was interesting we had two yanks 1 Greek 1 Canadian and 1 Englishman and we kicked ass. Most of my team mates played college ball at home two were international players. Basketball in Europe was started by American troops stationed there after WW2. My Irish wife Valerie loved going to the US Naval Base in Derry where they had a real hardwood court! We all loved the fact that after the match we could go to the enlisted men's club and drink beer! My wife thought it grand they let us buy cases of budweiser to take home. Those roads were dangerous in the 70's. I once had to talk our way out of a roadside stop by Loyalist armed paramilitaries-I said we were an international team-they had automatic weapons and balaclavas which scared me-but they waived us on. Phewwwww! Loyalists had murdered a n Irish (Catholic) showband "The Miami" band n that same road a few months later. We were blessed to come from Germantown where our mums doted us and we had good ball. The term is going grand JBS-I never age with these lovely young scholars. Amen Prof Jim McKernan 65, Greenville NC
jim mckernan, St Vincent's 59 CDHS 63 Temple 68 Galway U 73; Ulster u 78 [10-16-2011]

Joe Gorman: Thank you for checking in and identifying your connection to Germantown. My brothers and I knew your father, uncle, and their Mill very well. We lived in its shadow on Church Lane. They were wonderful neighbors and very tolerant when we cracked a window or two in one of the heavily screened windows while playing hose and half-ball against its four-story, red brick walls. You might say it was our "Wall of Dreams". If I close my eyes, I can still see your dad or uncle, hanging out of the second or third story double doors, a Blackbeard-like hook in hand, snagging and hauling in huge bales of burlapped wrapped, raw cotton. This was very exciting--and dangerous--in the eyes of us children. Our little area of Germantown was a beehive of manufacturing activity. You might recall (you are younger) King's Manufacturing next door to the Lansdowne Spinning Mill and the large Continental Mill on Lena St. Down the street was the Germantown Lumber Yard, run by two other brothers-- The Jones boys. All these businesses are gone now. The last time I was in the area, I noticed that your Dad's mill had been converted into condo's. I liked it better as a Mill.
Kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [10-16-2011]

Monk McCaulley[Ed]: I send to you my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your younger brother,Donald[Monk].A lot of the younger guys such as John Howie Payne[Junior],the brother of The Cisco Kid[Frank] knew Don. I understand fully why you could not make The Buck which had folks from The Hollow such as the great baseball player,Bor Borian,and John Fowler,the great offensive b-ball player. As you know Bor has PHD in Nuttology which he acquired from his mentor,Bobby Goo Guarinello. Bor was nutting John Fowler about his passing deficiencies and John F. responded quite well with a powerful E-mail. Goo and his Hollow Posse were well known for busting[nutting]. You would have enjoyed hanging out with Bor and John, a couple old-jocks who are great talkers. My brother Ken who was Don's age had a great time with The Hollow guys. At our table was Linn Wilson whom I had a bloody battle back in the day,but we had great rapport and we did not nut one-another. At The Buck, I was not about to diss him since he is still a big dude. These days, Bor and I are reserved since we hangout in various Irish Venues-Sea Isle and Spring Lake. Bor mentioned in his last post that you live in Boyertown-a venue for many Germans. I know that culture well since I lived in Germany and my Ukrainian wife was born in Germany and her family moved to Argentina. Monk! I hope to see you at a Germantown Reunion.
JBS [10-16-2011]

Schmitty...Donald McCaulley(R.I.P.) is the younger brother of the Hollow Ledgend Monk(Ed)McCaulley.Monk is living the good life in Boyertown with his family.Much to my regret,he was unable to make it to the luncheon at the Buck Hotel.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, IMAGINE,had I learned to play the Sax,and dance the Mashed Potato [10-13-2011]

Thanks to all who answered my question about Jones store. Dot
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Lived in Germantown 1947-1971 [10-13-2011]

Joe D.>Great recollection regarding my name change during the early teen years. You were "dead balls accurate" as Marissa Tomei would say, except about the part of not liking Howie. I didn't mind that too much. Glad to see you posting again. I've been wondering how you are doing.
John Payne, You say Junior, and I'll say Howie, you say The Hollow, and I'll say Wowie. [10-13-2011]

I want to thank The Germantowners for staightening me out with the nicknames. Joe DiPasquale! I believe you were in The SFA Class with Brother Ken and John Payne. I have to tell you that I was really surprised that John Payne's nickname was Howie. I remember Joe Lynch of SFA telling me Junior Payne was John Payne of this web-site. You also went to SFA with Jim Howard and you can understand why I would think his nickname was "Howie". I have not seen Jim Howard in 50 years and nobody called him Jim. Rich Pio reminded me that his nickname was "Bodie". Goo Guarinello coached you at SFA but did you know his first name was Robert? You probaly knew Monk McCaulley but I discovered on this site from John Howie Payne that the youngest McCaulley Brother had passed away. Monk McCaulley,the older brother,was going to come to a G-town reunion in Bucks County but I now know why he could not make it. Brother Ken and I have an older brother who went by,Cactus Jack. The cactus is no longer present and he is plain-old Jack- my first name is John. I knew a couple of guys from Swamp-poodle whose nicknames were Nails and Trigger. They were friendly with Thomas Walsh whose nickname was "Goony". They all knew "Birdman Phelan". You and I knew Rocky from The Hollow. I played ball at The Queen Lane Playground[The Project] and there was a guy there whose nickname was "Squirrel". All the guys that I mentioned with these various nicknames were stable lads but the squirrel was nuts. Joe! Thanks for the info and keep posting since you know so many folks on this site.
Bruce Schmitt [10-13-2011]

Hey John Fleming, didn't mean to touch a nerve when I suggested to you to check out Tropicana Field, if you hadn't already done so. By your response, seems you like the place. Hey, if Tropicana Field is your Field of Dreams, so be it. There is not another venue quite like it in all of professional sports.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-13-2011]

JBS:it was me,ed, who was coming to the Buck.The nickname monk was given to us by groups of our respective ages people. as far as i know, don was a rare visitor to the hollow, he was not very interested in sports. thanx for the kind words @ my brother.
ed monk mccaulley [10-13-2011]

Dot, I believe that "Jones" owned three corners of Gtn. & Coulter Sts.
D. [10-12-2011]

The fabric store was Jimmy Jones My mother in law work there in the 60's
dot, gtm. grad. 1957 [10-12-2011]

Great for you who follow the sun and warmth these years of retirement. For me, I go for the occasional oil smell from Marcus Hook; the diesel from the 23 bus (!); the unexpected butterfly in November; the anticipation, if not the reality, of a White Christmas; Home for the Holidays with Perry Como; the Eagle at John Wanamaker's; fudge-- dounnashore; Christmas wreaths at Macy's from October 1st on; chilly soccer nights at the GBC; that old Italian shoemaker above Woolworth's on Wayne Ave. who never understood a word I said (The same could be said for my parish priest.); my brother and sister who were "finding themselves" in Baez and Dylan and Sinatra, Tom,in the 1960s and allowed me to take part in their lives; my parents who taught us the Celtic songs of the old country; YOUR parents who probably helped pay my tuition at Saint Francis; every girl I ever danced with at the parish hall under the watchful eye of Father Donahue; each tree in Fernhill Park that gave us shade in the summer, the riot of color in the fall, a whiter shade of pale in the winter and hope in the spring; my rebellious cousin who, if he were born at another time, another place, would have been hanged on the Bridge of Troon next to Roddy McCorley by the Black and Tans. Talk not of palm trees and alligators, endless summers and exotic lizards, Snowbirds and almost-cheese-steaks, Ye Retirees! As you well know, the hoagie is only as good as the Corner you're standing on.
Joe Lynch--Here comes Jeanie in the polka-dot bikini. [10-12-2011]

I send my heartfelt condolences to The Hollow People and Germantowners who knew Donald "Monk" McCaulley. We all regret that Monk never was able to make the Germantown reunion at The Buck. Monk would have been so happy to have talked with Bor Borian and John Fowler. Monk was younger than Paul Borian and me but he was well liked at The Hollow and The Junction Diner where he showed his great personality. It is so sad that another great Germantowner has left us-"May Donald Monk McCaulley Rest In Eternal Peace".
John Bruce Schmitt [10-12-2011]

Dorothy, would the fabric store be Jones & Jones?
anonymous [10-12-2011]

Was up in the Philly area for my sons wedding at Valley Green Inn on 10/2. Went back to the old neighborhood to visit my mother, she still lives on Clapier St. Visited our first house on Royal St. and it brought tears to my eyes just thinking about how life was back then, we were young and it was all ahead us, wow we bought that house in 1970 for $5,500.00, our mortgage was $75.00 a month. Five kids and forty one years latter here I am in Florida, where did all the years go? Ed Burke I didn't know you you were an old head but I knew your 'LITTLE BROTHER' John also your mother,aunt and grandmother from Mannys. I also have had some health problems concerning the heart, I have three stents in my right coronary artery so as the say you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family history, by the way stents are easier than having your teeth pulled. Richie SFA '64' NC '68'
Richard Pio, Born and bred in g-town 1950-95 now in Ocala area [10-12-2011]

The Hell's Angels motorcycle club was on the southeast corner of Wakefield and Shedaker streets.There was a old barn,converted into a garage. This Hell's Angels chapter was the first to open on the east coast. The Chapter was at this location from 1958 to 1963. The Chapter was forced to move when several members were arrested for 3 counts Theft of Motorcycle, and alteration of serial numbers.Ray DAWES you were correct. Mike GARVEY you were also correct. The BARN/GARAGE was located in the rear yard of a house located on Logan street just east of Wakefield. The front of this house had a Logan street address. By the way I was the Highway Patrol Officer who arrested the three Hell's Angels members.
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56, nechs 60 [10-12-2011]

lou giorno: The Public Ledger, Little Iodine, Uncle Remus, Little Lulu
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [10-12-2011]

Professor James McKernan: I was surprised with your interest in b-ball since you have a penchant for political,sociological,and economic policies and notwithstanding the fact that you played for Temple University under Skip Wilson,a great baseball coach. Recently, I was talking to Paul Borian and John Fowler at a Watering-Hole in Bucks County and naturally we talked basketball since John Fowler was a great offensive player and Bor[PB] was a ferocious defender with his intensive scare-down. You would have enjoyed the conversation since they know the game and remember the great players like Earl "The Pearl" Monroe of Bartram and who also played in your adopted State-North Carolina[Winston Salem]. It was interesting that two great players from Philly went to North Carolina for college-Earl Monroe and Linda Page. North Carolina is a beautiful state with the mountains in The West[Blue Ridge] and The Atlantic Ocean on The East-I spent time in Boone and Ocrakoke. You have a good life since you spend time in NC and Ireland. I find it almost oxymoronic that you played b-ball in Ireland and not football[soccer]. I played some b-ball in Kiev and the lads were much better players when they competed in soccer. It is so sad to hear economic conditions are bad in Ireland when not long ago,the economy was booming- Ukrainains and Poles headed to Ireland for employment. I went to a funeral at St. Vincent's and Germantown&Chelten had better days. You and Your classmate from St. Vincent's,John Wetzel would be depressed. Incidentally, John Wetzel was the altar-boy when my Aunt Ann Shea was married at St. Vincent's. He was in Ireland when some heavy stuff was going down-I don't have to tell you. The McKernan Brothers have been relatively quiet on this site. Brother Kevin and Joe Lynch have had some good dialogue with The Australian Intellectual-CMM. Kevin also would have gotten along with Baggs Klock who graduated from high school the same year-1962. Like Frank,many of us are Phillies Fans-this was a very tough year for all of us. I have not seen Brother Bernie recently and he must be crusing the Eastern-Shore in his yacht. Dan Hartnett and I were supposed to take a little cruise-those lads are really steeped with The Blarney, I can not keep up since I am only half-Irish. Brother Ken tried to keep up with Paul Borian at The Buck but Bor spent a lot of time with The Irish Folks at venues like Sea Isle. In my youth, I liked hanging on the rim but in my golden years, I am hanging in various Irish venues in Spring Lake which Brother Bernie knew so well. Have a productive semester with your students.
JBS [10-12-2011]

It appears as though Mr. McGlinchey is all too consumed with the Rays home field the Tropicana. Seems a little childish to me to start with "my father can beat your father" argument, by comparing the Trop to Citizens Bank Park. Keeping in mind that this is a Germantown, I will not go into a long dissertation about the pros and cons of the Trop. Suffice it to say, that being a purist, while the Trop isn't my favorite venue for a ball game, its sure nice to watch a game in 72 degree air-conditioned comfort.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [10-12-2011]

My fatherand his brother were the last owner of Lansdowne Spinning Mills. They were Bernard Joseph Gorman - LaSalle College and Robert Gorman - Villanova College
Joe Gorman, Odenton MD age 53 [10-12-2011]

To LOU, YES I Recall most of those papers & funnies. Sure miss them & Germantown.mARIE
anonymous, marie [10-12-2011]

Ed (Monk)McCauley. My sincere sympathy for the loss of your youngest brother, Donny.I remember him as a fun, happy and friendly young guy. My memory if of a frekle faced little bull of a guy. RIP Donny.
John Payne [10-12-2011]

Bruce Schmitt,John Payne's middle name is Howard,when he demanded not to be called Junior(we were about 13 or 14 as I recall,we couldn't just call him John,not at that age,not at the Hollow so he was Howie for the next five years or so. As I recall he didn't like that any more than Junior,such was life in the old neighborhood!
Joe DiPasquale [10-12-2011]

Dorothy Hodges Drolsbaugh The name of the fabric store was Jones.Don't you remember Lila use to drag us there all the time. By the way how you doing.
Carol Drakely McFeeters, Grew up in Germantown [10-12-2011]

Adultering Citizen, I enjoyed your memories of Fall in the Poconos but, have to say, didn't quite undertand the purpose of your ideological post that followed. Others here mentioned enjoying a one-seasoned climate. A four-seasoned climate is not for everyone, there's no denying that. There is also no denying that raking leaves and shoveling snow is work. I may be in the minority on this one, but I am one who enjoys the changing seasons. To me, each season brings on a new invigoration, a new outlook.... It's not, same old, same old.... Maybe as I get older I'll feel differently about the cold, but right now I do like the different seasons and what each one has to offer.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-12-2011]

Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh - I think the name of the store at Germantown Ave. & Coulter was James Jones and Son and then later on the sign was changed to James Jones and Daughtgers. Anyone agree?
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [10-12-2011]

JBS I believe Jimmy Howards nickname was Bodie. He was one of the first people I looked up to as a child as he used to walk me to and from SFA seemrd to always have change in his pocket and I knrw that when I grew up I wanted to be like him and have change in my pocket. What a simple time it was. Dorothy the fabric store was James&Jones.
Richard Pio, Born and bred in g-town 1950-95 now in Ocala area [10-12-2011]

Trying to locate a foster brother named Joseph Bracken who lived with me in Gtn on Mechanic Street / Prozzillos.
Ed, Chester, VA [10-11-2011]

Was the MC clubhouse located on Chelten Ave next to the Gtn train station
Ed, Chester [10-11-2011]

About love of home, place, country: my baseline was as expressed by that great American, Senator Carl Schurz, who said in 1872, "My country is the great American Republic. My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right." He expanded on this theme in a speech delivered at the Anti-Imperialistic Conference, Chicago, Illinois, October 17, 1899: “I confidently trust that the American people will prove themselves … too wise not to detect the false pride or the dangerous ambitions or the selfish schemes which so often hide themselves under that deceptive cry of mock patriotism: ‘Our country, right or wrong! ’ They will not fail to recognize that our dignity, our free institutions and the peace and welfare of this and coming generations of Americans will be secure only as we cling to the watchword of true patriotism: ‘Our country—when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right.’” Precisely!
Adulterous Citizen [10-11-2011]

Hey GTNers!-Any of these things joggle your mind??--The Evening Bulletin-The Record-The Germantown Courier-Terry & The Pirates-Smlin Jack-Mutt & Jeff-Myrtle--Brenda Starr-Andy Capp-Lil Abner-The Phantom-Popeye-Maggie & Jiggs-Katzenjammer Kids-Barney Google-Did I miss any? Waiting to hear from you. Lou giorno
lou giorno, Mr G DOS [10-11-2011]

Baggs&John Payne! As you know,I am a little older than you lads and I must have had a senior moment since I misconstrued Frank's E-mail about Howie's surgery. I thought that Jim Howard's nickname might have been Howie because his friends never called him "Jim". I am so old that I remember when they called John Payne-"Junior". Paul Borian and John Fowler also remember John Payne's former nickname. I am just happy that John Payne had surgery 10 years ago and he is still recovering from The Phillies and Eagles debacles. Bor and I are still recovering from 1964 and now we have to digest 2011. John! In your spare time,enjoy some bowling and some 9-ball on the velvet-forget surgery. Frank! With all the nicknames,old and new,and the anonymouses[?] on this site, you will have to forgive my confusion. Brother Ken and I are happy that Jim Howard and John Payne did not have any surgery and that they are doing their thing. Frank! I understand your poetry better than your e-mail.
Bruce Schmitt [10-11-2011]

My appreciation to Bud Ballard for organizing the Gtown luncheon at the Buck ... it is always a pleasure to reunite with people that I have not seen for decades ... it is a very congenial and welcoming group that attends and the number continues to grow. Thanks again Bud.
Tom Cusack [10-11-2011]

Bud, The first clubhouse was at Stenton and Logan st.
Mike GARVEY [10-11-2011]

The terrible odor coming from South Philly, is drifting all the way up to Germantown. We have the best fan base in the nation,but our teams always choke in the big ganes. We deserve much better than we're getting!1 LOU GIORNO
lou giorno, Mr G dos [10-11-2011]

JBS, I enjoy your b-ball comments. I played at Ulster University 75-77 we won Irish Inter-Varsity Champs. BTW, Earl the Pearl Monroe played his b-ball after Bartram at Div 2 Winston Salem State U (CIAA Conference of which my Dublin born lad, Ross,has re-written the football kicker records in CIAA) Ross has just landed a job in eco-environment field that will bring him to a new plant near Philly. He is arriving in from Dublin next week-times are harder there than here and I think that says someting. Love to all G-towners. Jim McKernan
Prof. Jim McKernan, St Vincent dePaul 59' CDHS 63'; NUI Galway 73; Ulster U 78 [10-11-2011]

For anyone who knew him, Donald ( MONK ) McCaulley passed away on 10-8-2011. He was the youngest of the 3 McCaulley brothers.
Skip, Grew up in G-Town [10-11-2011]

JL: I don't remember much about autumn color in Germantown because there were so few deciduous trees at Wayne & Seymour. However, living on Fernhill Road and just around the corner from the park, you had lots of trees, autumn color and then fallen leaves to enjoy. I have an indelible picture in my head of autumn at the Delaware Gap; 360 degrees of red, orange and yellow, so expansive I didn't photograph it, except with my mind's eye. 50 or so years later, I can see it now as I write this. When my children were small, we had a camper trailer and used to leave it at a campground in Mt. Pocono. On Friday afternoons, we'd drive up to Stroudsburg, buy a bucket of KFC, go out to the camper and have our picnic dinner, watching the skiers come down the mountain under lights. We'd go there until the temperature got below freezing, by which time even the heater inside couldn't get the temperature up high enough to be habitable. THAT was autumn! Jimmy Breen, my pen pal, lives up there and can enjoy that scenery every day! Here, it's spring, the native flora is ablaze in orange, yellow and red, just like autumn colors. We won 3rd prize in the local garden competition for best native garden, pretty good since we only started it a year ago. Do you remember the smell of burning leaves, back in those days when burning was permitted? How good was that, unless there was washing on the line! Enjoy, and spare a thought for me.
Adulterous Citizen [10-11-2011]

Hey John Flecking,you mentioned living in the Tampa area. If you haven't already, check out Tropicana Field. There is no baseball stadium like it, not ever and not anywhere. Definitely one for the "What Were They Thinking" file.... No one in their right mind could ever have conceived such a monstrosity. The Rays deserve so much better, and they deserve fan support. Locally, what can I say about our Phillies????? Disappointment is thick in the air for a team that was built to win the World Series, but the ride ended way too soon.... Well, at least we can take conmfort in having Citizens Bank Park and not Tropicana Field.......
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-11-2011]

Can anyone tell me the name of the fabric store that was on the corner of Germantown Ave and Coulter St in the 1960's. Dot
Dorothy (Hodges) Drolsbaugh, Lived in Germantown 1947-1971 [10-11-2011]

the Hells angels club house waas at wakefield and shedaker sts.Later to become the Lang Mcain VFW post
Raymond Dawes, 68years ST> Francis 57 [10-11-2011]

Bud Ballard: I agree with Ed Burke that it was a great party at The Buck which you organized. Ed Burke lived next to Bob Colsten who was a wild and crazy biker. I had a spill with him on a hard ride and I decided that riding a bike was not for me but I did take a ride with Frank Walsh as did your classmate-Al Patrizi. Al's last ride with Frank W. had some very bad results. Years ago, I did see a biker's club not far from Girard Ave.-I think it was a Hell's Angel's Place. I do know that The Pagans and Hell's Angels did not get along. I am a reserved guy and heading home so do not quote me on that location. I am not sure that The Hell's Angels are even located in Philly. You probaly remember The Hells Angels at A rolling Stones Concert when there was some big trouble. Bud! I do remember when The Academy of Music was located at Broad&Locust. I will be joining The Burke Brothers,Ed and John, and The Garvey Brothers,Charlie&Mike, at The Continental-Wissy&Hansberry,on Thanksgiving Eve. I do know the location of The Continental since I lived across the Street at Hansberry&Schuyler. It will be great to have another G-town Reunion at one of my old hangouts-The Continental. I hung out with Ed Burke Sr. in the 60's at The Continental and 50 years later Ed Burke Jr. will be buying me a taste at the same establishment-you have to love it.
Bruce Schmitt [10-11-2011]

JOHN PAYNE,Please tell me about your surgery,and Doylestown Hospital,which is six blocks from my other house,let me know how your are etc.
JOE DI PASQUALE [10-11-2011]

You can take the girl/woman out of Germantown; but you can't take Germantown out of the girl/woman. That said, I watched the Phillie lose to the Cardinals Friday night. I felt the same anxiety & anticipation as if I had personally been in Citizens Bank Park. Once a Phillies fan, always a Phillies fan; even when, as I have, lived in southeast Florida for the past 25 years. Yes, I do miss the autumn leaves; but I don't miss the Philly winters (snow); the Philly springs (rain & mud). I do enjoy being outdoors every day with the sun shining, the palm trees swaying, and the ocean resonating its calming effect on all who stop to listen. Take care & remember spring training will return in 2012.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [10-11-2011]

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