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October 1-10, 2011

Dennis McGlinchey. The Mills family lived 5 doors from us. Knew David. Has a couple of younger brothers and and has a sister.
John DiRenzo [10-08-2011]

Bruce SCHMITT.Question, The Hell's ANGELS Outjaw Motor Cycle Club opened its first chapter on the East Coast in Philadelphia. The clubhouse was loacted in Germantown. Do you or anyone know the location of the Hells Angels Club House in Philadelphia?
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, SFA 56 and NECHS 60 [10-08-2011]

It was great to see, and talk to old classmates. Wish it wasn't such a long ride. Really like to have had much more to imbibe, then some of the real old stories would have flowed I'm sure.Still all in all a great time. Met a couple new G towners, Paul Borian and Richie Pio. Too bad I never knew ya! Just wish some people who talk trash and don't show up. You know who you are don't you!? Can't wait til spring to see all you guys again. Safe winter gentlemen!Hope to see you and brother john at the Continental on Turkey day eve Bruce. I will buy the first round (maybe the second too)Thanks Bud you throw a HELL of a party.
ed burke [10-08-2011]

Baggs, I assumed you knew about that. All is well. It was a life changing experience, for the positive. I gained tremendous respect for doctors, and the medical community in general as a result of that experience. Folks (like P.O.T.U.S.)who envy or just do not like doctors, apparently have no idea what their lives are like. Yes, they are extremely well compensated, but aside from giving up a considerable portion of their youth in preparation for their professions, they then give up their a sizeable amount of their adult life. My surgeon, Dr. Priest, at Doylestown Hospital, was in the hospital late at night, 9 and 10ish, and back again between 6 an 7 A.M., and to the best of my knowledge he wasn't even, "cutting diabetics feet off just to collect a fee", contrary to what 'the great orator' thinks.
John Payne, Took a lickin' and kept on tickin' [10-08-2011]

Joe Lynch: Its going to take much more then "Autumn in Philly" to ever lure me back to the Delaware Valley. Make no mistake about it, I thoroughly enjoyed my 60+ years in the Philly area. I just felt it was time to move to a more desirable location. Other then not having to deal with the horrid Philly Winters, and seeing an occasional alligator and palm trees, its not that much different down here in the Tampa Bay area. There is enough Philly influence to satisfy the most diehard Philly expatriate. I live less then an hour from Clearwater, and able to go to the Phillies workouts and Spring Training Games. I have seen the Eagles play the Bucs. Found a place that has cheesesteaks to rival most places in Philly. While the show is quite nice, don't forget after the show is the intermission, in the form of a Philly winter and all that comes with it. Yes it does get hot down here, but you don't have to shovel humidity!
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [10-08-2011]

Baggs: I hope that your friend and classmate from SFA[1958],Howie[Jim Howard] is recovering from surgery. Many bloggers on this site remember him from SFA and Fernhill. Brother Ken and I appreciate the info about Howie, a good guy with many friends including Frank Baggs Klock.
Bruce S. [10-08-2011]

At the G-town luncheon,at The Buck, I was talking basketball with Paul Borian and John Fowler. Many of The Germantown Bloggers on this site, are into basketball. One of the great shooters from Philadelphia just passed away-Linda Page. Linda played for Dobbins and N.C. State. Linda scored 100 points for Dobbins when she played against Mastbaum. In Philly, Linda was coached by Jim McCabe and Tony Coma who had coached Earl The Pearl Monroe at Bartram. Bor! Linda Page could have beaten Goo[The Hollow] in Pig. I am sure Ted Silary saw Linda Page play many times-she was a player. I saw her play for N.C. State.
JBS [10-07-2011]

Those of you ex-patriots in warmer climates are going to miss The Show--autumn in Philly. In a week or two the leaves will be turning and the Phils will be wrapping up the World Series. It was my good fortune, all my life, never to work in the fall or any other season; I always went back to a school to learn or to teach in September. Have I been fortunate or what? I hope those fall memories of Germantown sustain you in your dry, sunny enclaves. Maybe the Weather Channel can help with your withdrawal pangs. Me, "I'll take romance when my heart is young and eager and gay" (Steve and Edie,c.1958?)
Joe Lynch/ I am not a smart man but I do know what Love is. [10-07-2011]

DMcG: Firstly, have a look at the section on unsolicited advice and the ego at http://30sleeps.com/blog/2007/12/27/unsolicited-advice/ Anyone there you recognize? Then go back and re-read or just read the derivation of the 'nom de plume' Adulterous Citizen; it has to do with love of home, place, country, nothing else. It's a literary thing. You're never so dead wrong as when you're certain you're dead right!
Adulterous Citizen [10-07-2011]

Bor and The Maine Guy[JB]: Both of you posted some profound comments about your Hollow friend,Bobby Goo Guarinello[RIP]. Your comments were nuanced with psychological connotatation. Joe Lynch is an excellent writer but I believe that the two of you could write a great story or an essay about The Hollow and the characters who hung out there. The two of you attended outstanding Catholic Institutions of Learning. Both of you are substantial people and it is edifying that Goo had a positive impact on you. Goo liked to gamble but I never saw you shoot craps. Bor! That was quite a story that you told at our table at The Buck when the cops jumped from the 53 on Wayne Ave. and raided a crap-game taking place in front of Moe's. I never had major problems at The Hollow but a lot of gambling took place there-hoops,cards,dice,ponies,and football pools. Many bloggers on this site write fondly of their days at The Hollow. The guys at The G-town luncheon came from different neighborhood which they also liked. Joe Lynch had a thing for Fernhill Park. The three of you with your writing skills and creative faculties have the potential for a fascinating book.
JBS [10-07-2011]

CMM: We share your love for Hawaii but you should know that you may be risking your citizenship status by moving there. According to a majority of Fox T.V. viewers' polled, Hawaii and the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, are not considered parts of the USA. I know, stop screaming, already. Dawn and I almost packed it in and bought a coffee planation (big island) there in 2000, after the Supreme Court intervened and selected our President. Not doing so was perhaps the biggest error I've ever made considering the financial disasters we've endured since then, and especially irritating, is when the realtors' beautiful brochures still arrive rekindling dreams of our own personal, coffee brand label like "Chock full o'Nuts"…'That Heavenly Coffee'. Good luck with that matter of the heart on 10/24. And, BTW, a big Aloha! if you decide to return to the Island that made you both so happy. If our good old Germantown had the the same charm, climate and beauty as our 50th state, we would consider returning…but it doesn't and we both hate the cold. Santa Barbara is good and perhaps the closest thing to the Na Pali coast we have on the mainland. Germantowners can also be proud that a graduate of the Germantown Friends School, Saul Perimutter shared this year's Nobel Prize in Physics along with astrophysicists from John Hopkins and Brian Schmitt from Australia. Well done, fellows!
kevin, Old St. Vincent's, '58, CD '62 [10-07-2011]

In 1683, thirteen families from Krefeld, Germany, arrived in Philadelphia to begin Germantown, one of America's oldest settlements.
anonymous [10-07-2011]

I graduated from Holy Rosary 1948 and Little Flower 1952, just looking for old friends and times
maryanne filosa, trying to renew old memories [10-07-2011]

YO! HOWIE! Open Heart Surgery! WOW! keep tickin', thebaggman.
BAGGS [10-07-2011]

The bus left me off at Bridge & Pratt, where does the El stop for the Buck?
Bus Guy [10-07-2011]

The Goo stuff just great. Why dont you guys form a Wench brigade like the Froggy Carr group from 2 street and march in his name every New Years in the Mummers parade. Who Dat, Who Dat, Who Dat Froggy Carr. You could create a catchy chant so you all could chant it when you see each other.
Gman [10-07-2011]

Speaking of the Peter Pan Syndrome, a term I became familiar with some 30 years ago, when it first came out. It has come to my attention, as being a participant on a few "Walking down memory lane" message boards, such as this one, that there are a few individuals, that take things a bit too far, and are fully consumed with wanting to relive to "good old days. They just don't seem to be able to fully move on with their lives and live in the present and accept the changes that have occurred over the years.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [10-07-2011]

Looking for Jim Breen who lives in the Poconos--formerly from Seymour St. Jim,just dropped off the radar screen about 3 weeks ago.We communicated quite a bit via emails-he had a stroke about a month ago but it wasn't serious & he still emailed me.Does anyone know what's going on with him? I'm worried about him-please help me out via Gtn your thoughts or my email day1114@comcast.net Lou Giorno
Lou giorno, Mr G dos [10-07-2011]

John DiRenzo - did you know the Mills family on Bandon Drive? David was a friend and classmate at IC. They lived on Narragansett St in East Germantown until the late 1960s, before moving to the Northeast
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-07-2011]

YO! HOWIE! Open Heart Surgery! WOW! keep tickin', thebaggman.
BAGGS [10-07-2011]

Paul Borian & Jack Brogan, thanks for the update on Goo through the later years. I was curious what became of him. And, Paul Borian, being from the Hollow gains you automatic entry into heaven?????? Come'on....you do have some wild dreams. Remember that dream you shared with us, about the Hollow guys beating the Italianos from Waterview?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-07-2011]

Hey Germantowners and Surrounds Friends, if you ever had an idea for a product and thought you would like to invent it, but didn't know where to begin, or didn't have the money; you need to check out this computer site: www.quirky.com It's very cool, and for $10 if you have a great idea, you can take a shot at having it invented, plus get feedback on the idea itself. I've put one up there so far; if you get a chance give it a look and a rating. Thanks Go to www.quirky.com/ideations/111126 Thanks.
John Payne, If you build it, they will buy. [10-07-2011]

Hey Naomi, you can also find Phyllis on Facebook. Just request to be friends.
John DiRenzo [10-06-2011]

Adulterous Citizen: Good luck with the cardiologist. Been there done that with open heart surgery in 2001. Your love for our country, but disdain for Germantown, and the country in general at the present time remined me of a boss I used to have at Rite Aid Drug. He used to say "That guy loves the bible; it's just the chapter and verse that he doesn't like." Cheers mate.
anonymous [10-06-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey: I heard a psychological explanation for Goo Goo. It is called The Peter Pan Syndrome. I've thought about him through the years and came to the conclusion he didn't want to grow up. "No gold watch for me," the Goo told us. He would never be a "clocker." What he did was move down a generation every five years or so. He was the center of our group although he was eight years older. I've talked to younger guys who had the same relationship with Goo that we did. It's important to know that Goo was right minded. He never exploited us. He wanted to be with us, and he made us laugh. I saw him once ten years after I left Happy Hollow. It was in Wildwood. I had three kids and a job. We were both uncomfortable. I was sort of grown up I think. He was still Goo Goo. Being the young, tough set shooter was just to great to leave, so he never did.
Jack Brogan, Old man, look at my life. Im a lot like you were. [10-06-2011]

Richard Pio: It was great to see a Germantown-Floridian visit us at The Buck in Bucks County. You were a Fernhiller and Big Linn Wilson who was at my table was also a Fernhiller. You might have known his brother Jim or his sister Dottie who posts on this site. You lived in a nice neighborhood near The Cricket Club and Fernhill Park. You might have known the old knuckleballer,Joe DAgostino who was also a Fernhiller. Joe Lynch posts here and he was also a Fernhill guy. We were hoping to see him but he was bringing quality education to the young lads at LaSalle. He would have enjoyed being at our table with John Fowler and his cousin Jack's friend- Mr. Hollow,Paul Borian. Hollow people always mention Goo Guarinello,a legendary figure. Captain Orville Bud Ballard and the boys really appreciated your presence. You can take the boy out of Germantown but you can't take Germantown out of the boy. Did you see the big guy,Ed Burke,with his Red North Jersey?
John Bruce Schmitt [10-06-2011]

He Naomi. We move to 3738 Bandon drive in the far northeast. Around the corner from what used to be Liberty Bell Race Track at Knights and Academy rds. I now live in Mesa, Az. I have been here since '96. Also owned a bed and breakfast in Tombstone for a while.
John DiRenzo [10-06-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey...Robert Guarinello,fondly known as Goo Goo,ruled Happy Hollow from the 50's into the 70's.When the neighborhood went downhill,Goo and several others from the Hollow migrated overseas to Wildwood.He held various jobs during his tenure in Wildwood to pay the rent,visit the tracks and casinos.I was one of his many deciples for about 10 years.It was so much fun being with Goo and his followers.He was athletic,knowledgeable,darn right funny,and a caring person.Like many of us,he had imperfections.Gambling was not good to him most of the time.If I had Joe Lynch's writing skills,I would write a book about Goo and Happy Hollow.A good title would be,"The Ledgend of Happy Hollow.Goo is a charter member of the Happy Hollow Hall of Fame.By the way,we also have a Happy Hollow Hall of Shame,of which Goo is not a member.He is now sitting at the right hand of the father waiting for some of us to join him.If you are from the Hollow,membership is guaranteed.He is very busy these days wearing sveral hats;sports director,director of entertainment,political advisor,and senior lobbyist....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, I'm at a loss for words. [10-06-2011]

CMM, your use of the moniker, Adulterous Citizen, might be leaving the uninformed the impression you might not want to be giving. Just seems odd you would do that. To those who attended the Buck Hotel event, I'm glad to hear the SFA/HH reunion went so well.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-06-2011]

Had a great time talking with a lot of the people at the Reunion! Some lies, some truths but Oh Well! Paul looks good for his age! Kenny I will followup with Frank. Thanks again to TC...
John Fowler [10-06-2011]

Hey Joe - I respect and understand your comments regarding Andy Reid but you need to wake up and smell the coffee. I want a Super Bowl for Philly here before we are all too old to actually know what we are watching ! It's over for Andy my friend - we must move on or continue to settle for also runs with our wonderful division titles that are absolutely worthless.
Bob Eastside [10-05-2011]

Kevin: your post was a marvelous assortment of metaphors and platitudes that missed the mark. I surely don't long to be back in Germantown -- wouldn't go back on a bet -- but it's 'my country', the USA, I miss, although I wouldn't really want to be 'in it' just now. The PBS News House keeps me as connected as I need to be for the present. If I were to 'go home', it would be to Hawaii, where I lived for 8 years and where my husband and I met and have so many wonderful memories. Wouldn't be Honolulu, either, but Molokai. Meanwhile, we're enjoying the burst of color in our native garden and eating fresh vegies and salad from my vegie patch out back. Hope the cardiologist I'm seeing on the 24th doesn't give me bad news. All in all, life is good here; hope it's good where you are, too.
Adulterous Citizen [10-05-2011]

To the class SFA class0f '56 congratulations on your reunion, glad I got the chance to stop in and put some faces to names I see on this blog while I was in Phila. for my sons wedding.It was a distinguished group of men from g-town and SFA which produced many distinguished and sucessful grads. You guys are a tough act to follow. Richie SFA '64, NC '68. It was great meeting all of you.
Richard Pio, Born and bred in g-town 1950-95 nowin Ocala area [10-05-2011]

The class of 1956 from SFA had a luncheon at the BUCK Hotel at 12 noon today. There were 18 males and 2 females present. A good time was had by all. We left the BUCK Hotel at 4:06pm
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, sfa 56 & nechs 60 [10-05-2011]

We had a great get-together at the Buck with 25 Germantowners. I sat at an interesting table with 2 Hollow Guys,Paul Borian,and John Fowler, Linn Wilson from Fernhill Park and my brother Ken from West Hansberry St. Ken was so happy to see his old classmate from SFA-John Fowler. Ken and John F. mentioned how witty Frankie Baggs Klock was and they were hoping they could hear some of his famous and funny stories. Tom Cusack had to take up the slack. Ken had heard about Paul Borian from The Hollow and he was very impressed with his conversational skills. This was the first appearance for Linn Wilson and he had a great time talking with his old classmates from SFA and conversing with the great raconteurs at our table- Paul Borian,John Fowler,and Ken Schmitt. Ken was so impressed with the vast knowledge of sports that these raconteurs knew about. I must be getting smaller since I was the smallest guy at our table- only 6 ft. and 225. Tom Cusack had to be happy since he was not the oldest guy at this event. Chuck Lubk. was busy taking pictures-our G-town photographer. All of us thank Bud Ballard for organizing another great event. Brother Ken and I are so happy to have grown up in Germantown with so many nice people. Some very nice ladies showed up and were delightful. Everybody had a wonderful time-"God Bless Germantown".
Bruce Schmitt [10-05-2011]

Hi John DiRenzo, Where did you move when you left Stafford St? I will contact Phyllis if that's okay. Thanks, Naomi
Naomi Vitelli [10-05-2011]

Joe Lynch: Don't forget that grand master of a coach, Ed Khayatt...woo hoo!
Joe Passanante, LaSalle High, '65, West Point, '71, LaSalle U (MBA) '89 [10-05-2011]

If we applied the same standards of excellence (the Super Bowl only!) to us that we apply to Andy Reid, how many of us would still have our jobs? We forget the Eagles and their woeful records (save the Vermeil years) since the glory of 1960. Winning the Super Bowl takes some luck; we haven't had much lately and we certainly had none in the 1970's, after Vermeil and before Reid. Sure, he mismanages time and the play calling is suspect, but the Phillies lose 60 games and may yet be eliminated in the first round. Nobody's calling for Charlie's resignation--yet. Just remember the Swamp Fox Marion Campbell, Kuharich,Mike McCormick, etc., if you want to see futility in football. Maybe there is a curse, like the Bambino's,or the goat in Chicago. Maybe it's just bad karma. 40 mill to a scrambling QB does seem a but excessive, though. But, then, again, I'm a teacher and I'm accustomed to BIG Money.
Joe Lynch/Here today Guatemala. [10-04-2011]

Hey Naomi Vitelli. I haven't been on this site for a while, but in case your interested, my sister Phyllis is an administrater at St. Matts' on Cottman Ave.
John DiRenzo [10-04-2011]

Hey bus guy. The 59b will get you to Bustleton and Byberry. But that's as far as, or as close to the Buck you can get by bus. I think. You're better off asking someone who lives in the Far Northeast. As they know the area better than I. I haven't been back to Philly since '89.Still in Az.
John DiRenzo [10-04-2011]

Andy Reid has the presonality of a snail & he's always second guessing himself.This is a LEADER??? He's been lucky so far--I want John Gruden or Bill Cowaher to bring out the best in this team--instead of heavy breathing-snorts & faces. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, mr g dos [10-04-2011]

Attention members of Staint Francis of Assisi Class of 1961. I have 81/2 via 11 photograph of the entire class. If anyone would like to have a copy contact me on this web site. I will need your e-mail address. Bud. BALLARD
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, SFA 56 and NECHS 60 [10-04-2011]

In view of recent developments and performance of the Eagles, I feel it necessary to rethink my position on keeping Andy Reid as coach. I think it would be in everyone's better interest to bid him a fond adieu, and thanks for what he has done in the past.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [10-04-2011]

After the Friday night dance at St. Vincent's, we would stroll down to Germantown and Chelten filled with teenage hormonal attitude. If it were a Saturday, we would be rendezvousing at Duvas after the Trinity dance. Music was important to us back then. A Renaissance was under way, and it was taking place all across the city: new and bigger fins on cars every year, a new song on WIBG every week. Someone on the avenue would break out a small transistor radio and four, five or more guys would suddenly break into harmony; girls that had had to endure the same boring uniform five days in a row, now appeared with hair up, make-up on, and I might add, far more colorful and tighter fitting clothing. They were smoking and sashaying, would have made the Supreme's proud. Heady days! It was after one of these impromptu performances that I first heard about the THEORY. It went like this according to Johnny L. and his pal, Toad, a fellow that looked like a squirrel but was called Toad for his ambition...or lack thereof. They were older and more experienced so I listened carefully as they explained that Germantown & Chelten was the center of the universe, that sooner or later everyone would eventually pass through this intersection--and they would be there, holding up the corner until they met the more interesting ones. No sense on moving on. The place would collapse if they left. They were staying and I could tell by the way the Toad's eyes kept scanning the area for cops and girls in tight, red sweaters that they were serious. But, "Wouldn't Times Square, NYC be better?" I asked naively. "Naw, just quicker. G&C will do just fine," he answered. Later, my buddy JB, a quick judge of character said, "They're full of crap, talking out of their arse." Years later after so many of us departed and Linton's was demolished, I wondered what they were doing as their universe came crashing down.
Kevin McKernan, Names have been changed to conceal the guilty. [10-04-2011]

He Ed. As I said on facebook last week. Another wasted season. The eagles have spent millions and millions of dollars on players that can,t play. Their defense has been riddled since week 1.
John DiRenzo [10-04-2011]

Andy Reid is a millionaire with a bad attitude whose time with the Birds has come and gone. The Eagles management has to face reality & address the poor preparation and coaching of this team. Good bye Andy and hello (please!) Jon Gruden, the new Eagles head coach next year !
Bob Eastside [10-04-2011]

Dear "Adulterous Citizen"... or may I presume CMM? Sometimes I think we may all be like salmon, following some primeval urge to return to the pond in which we were spawned. (Imprinting?) But our pond has been spoiled, and besides, salmon die after they return and spawn. Careful what you wish for. Curiosity killed the cat.
Kevin, "You can't step in the same river twice." [10-04-2011]

Hoping that those alums from the CA Class of 1961 able to attend their 50 year reunion have a great time reminiscing and reconnecting with their friends. Regarding Andy Reid and posters here, looks like we're all in agreement that he's gotta go. Seems the Eagles brass have had enough too. They spent all that money creating the "dream team" in a "do it or lose it" stand against the coach... Regarding Goo, so much is written about him in poems, songs, stories, memories, posthumous birthday wishes, etc. But, seems the the focus of his memory is only him in his legendary days in the 1940s/1950s. Never a mention of or a reference to him in the 1960s thru to his death in 2001? Why is that? Did you lose contact with him in his later years?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [10-04-2011]

No long term memory for NFC Championships. Its the big game Philly craves and Andy just cannot take them there. It is time for a coaching change. No criticism, just facts.
Ed, Chester [10-03-2011]

To Anon--I tossed hand granades during basic training at Fort Knox Ky--Two types--Concussion & Shrapnel Circa 1959l Lou Giorno BR13619094
Lou giorno, Mr G dos [10-03-2011]

The Cecilian Academy Class of '61 is holding its 50 year reunion in Ocean City starting today. Of a class of 43, only a few are attending. I would love to be a fly on the wall! BTW, my 'nom de plume' "Adulterous Citizen" was coined by poet, journalist and dancer Tishani Doshi, the daughter of a Gujarati (India) father and Welsh mother, whose first novel, 'The Pleasure Seekers', was published in 2010 by Bloomsbury. The 'adulterous citizen' is a person who is in one city or country but dreams of another, as all migrants and expats do, with one foot in and the other foot out, always trying to find one's roots, one's place, trying to define what is 'home', to be rooted or to be uprooted. A wonderful turn of phrase to describe a universal sentiment.
"Adulterous Citizen", In one place and lusting after another [10-03-2011]

The Hollow Nation: I would be remiss if I did not wish Bob Goo Guarinello a happy birthday as he and St. Peter look down upon us from their etheral castle in the sky. Goo would be happy with Frankie Baggs poem to Goo with his version of a Dylan poem-Mr. Tamberine Man,for the purists, Dylan's songs were poetry. Frank! We thank you for your memories of Goo with your poetic soul. Recently, there has been a lot of Hollow activity on this site. Goo's buddy and protege,Paul Borian,mentioned Chubby Checker's birthday. Chubby lived in East Germantown,Chew&Haines,across from an old friend from Holy Rosary and The Prep-Jim Stabilito. Another Hollow Guy,John Payne,talked about The Sharp-shooter,Billy Kelly and how he shot against Goo. John Payne and I were decent shooters but we always lost to Goo- he never shot for fun. I would be totally impressed if Billy K. ever took some change from Goo when they shot hoops. Jack Brogan mentioned on this site that Goo was the best shooter that he ever saw and he watched Frank Selvy and Paul ARIZIN play. Joe Lynch knew all about Paul Arizin and he mentioned his name when he wrote a book about LaSalle High Athletes. Joe Lynch! I hope that you mentioned Tex Flannery[Coach] from SFA and who had a bar at The Junction,near Wayne. There will be some Hollow people at The G-town at The Buck on Tuesday. Some of you will be meeting The Reserved Paul Borian for the first time. Bor was younger than Goo but older than Mr. Twist,Chubby Checker. I will see many of you lads at The Buck and we can talk Phillies baseball.
Bruce Schmitt [10-03-2011]

C'mon baby let's do the twist like we did 50 years ago.My man Chubby Checker turns 70 tomorrow,October 3.Can you believe it!I was a lousy dancer until Chubby came along with the twist.With the help of a few beers,I was a mean twister,often twisting the night away....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Still twisting and turning on the slopes,but no longer on the dance floor or in the aisles. [10-02-2011]

(With apologies to Bob Dylan.)

WE'RE GOIN' TO -----


FRANK KLOCK [10-02-2011]

Hi Bill, as much as anyone, I am frustrated by the lack of Super Bowl wins by our beloved Eagles. The last time they won the championship, wasn't even called the Super Bowl at the time, was over 50 years ago! There is no denying that Andy has fallen short way too many times, and it might be time for a change. Philly teams have long history of taking their time to win championships. Since the beginning of the modern world series in 1903 it took the Phillies 77 years to win a world series. This was after coming so close a few times to even getting in the world series in the mid 70's.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [10-02-2011]

Hey, anonymous, (I feel funny writing to a nonentity), I wrote the book on Pitchin' Paul. No, literally, I did, and Jack Brogan too. I wrote a history of LaSalle High School and a profile of Tom (Tommy God) Gola and Jack Brogan putting on his Converse All Stars, ready for the Hollow. You could buy the book for 75 dollars; there are a few copies left. Also, Mark Twain always admired a person who could spell a word in many different ways. I know how many points Paul scored in college, why he didn't make his high school basketball team (The guy who cut him was my coach.)and whom he replaced as the scoring champion in the NBA. He went to mass daily his whole life, was a successful executive, grew a large family and was the most humble superstar I'll ever meet. When he died, the angels wept, the lights at Convention Hall dimmed. My cousin Jack Brogan taught me basketball the Gola and Arizin way and Brogan taught me life the Gola and Arizin way. I've tried to live that way ever since. Both are in the Top 50 All-Time College Players of The Sporting News. My cousin is just outside the Top 50 College Players of all-time. I will lace them up again when Paul Borian hits a triple in the Penn-Del League.
Joe Lynch--I seafood differently. [10-02-2011]

Oops! I did it again. The anonymous post about Billy Kelly's set shot was mine.
John Payne, "Just let the ball roll off your fingertips" Goo-Goo. [10-02-2011]

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