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September 20-30, 2011

Sorry I did not get this posted before today.. Hope many of you will go back to the old neighborhood and enjoy all it has to offer..At the Cliveden 10/1/2011 Join an exciting afternoon of Battle Reenactments, educational tours of the historic Cliveden House, and an exhibition and sale of rare prints, maps and memorabilia. FREE family-friendly event, open to the public. There is also many other events to enjoy. I am going to try to make it tomorrow also.. but have been there in the past years and alway had a good time with my children and Grandchildren..
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, Grew up on the Westside of Germantown [09-30-2011]

Helen Leone D'Angelo Thats what i say!
rosemarie hite malageri [09-30-2011]

pitching paul arizin(villanova)the best basketball player i ever seen.i know wilt,osar,elgin,jack,etc.etc.boston would put russell on him and he still end up with 35-40 points.saw paul play in camden with bobby mcneil.he was about forty but still had a deadly jump stab'dom raff-thanks ben for driving me to all those games
dom raff, same [09-30-2011]

does anyone have pictures of the waterview baseball(Mr. D coached) or basketball(George coached) teams of the 60,s. also Holy Rosary's football teams (Mr D coached).
louoldies [09-30-2011]

John - I understand your comments regarding Andy Reid and they detail his accomplishments. But, if Andy does not win a Super Bowl after all these years and no parade down Broad Street then what has he really given us ? My prediction - Jon Gruden will be the head coach next year.
Bob Eastside [09-30-2011]

Tom Cusack--Did you ever mention me to you cousin Agnes?--If you did,let me know what her comments were. Denice Tumelty--I know for sure,that your sister, Jane, was a target--I must have you mixed up with another CA girl. Incidentally,I'm 76yrs young & didn't start teaching until 1958.Lou Giorno.
Lou Giorno, Mr G dos [09-30-2011]

Billy Kelly had a terrific two hand set shot from outside the top of the circle. Goo and he had many head to head games of PIG with their set shots. He, Billy, was also a very accurate shooter from most other spots on the court. He had a short jumper that he launched from next to his ear, more than from over his head; and it was more a a hop than a jump, but it was deadly. I think the game was more about style for Billy. You not only had to make the shot, but you had to look good, (cool), doing it. I remember going behind him to steal the ball when he was dribbling (posing) out at the circle area. He would become insensed and call me a worm. I think today they call it, "picking his pocket". Sometimes Billy would get so mad he would chase me around the court, even if I already passed off the ball. It was great fun. Those were fun years, and yes, me and a lot of the other young guys tried to copy Billy's style on the court.
anonymous [09-30-2011]

Lou Giorno, You have some good stories. You tossed hard balls,softballs,and snowballs with great accuracy. Did you ever toss hand grenades and horse shoes? Do not answer if you never played these sports. Happy Hollowers will understand and you will always be the man.
anonymous [09-30-2011]

Andy Reid a incompetent coach? Perhaps. He led the Eagles to five NFC championship games, including four consecutive appearances from 2001-2004, and to Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004. Not really that shabby. I seem to remember that Charlie Manuel was highly criticized when he first came to the Phillies, and look what he has done. I guess even when we have winning teams, some people feel the need to criticize.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [09-29-2011]

Joe D'Agostino, what a profound post. Thanks for sharing that.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in Rast Germantown [09-29-2011]

To Dennis McGlinchey-Imhof's had great food, sevice,& decor.I went there many times on dates & never was dissapointed. I had my batchelor dinner there. It's a shame, such great places close, & aren't available to us anymore. Hey! Dennis, try The Springhouse Hotel -309 & Norristown Rd--Great food & sevice-Bon Appetito Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [09-29-2011]

Bob D'Angelo: You and your cousin,Joe DAgostino, just posted some beautiful blogs. You and I are on the same page in that there were so many great and good families in Germantown. You and your brothers not only came from a great family but you had wonderful friends. I met your brother Tony in 1952 when I was with my father,Urban, who happened to be Tony's math-teacher at The Prep. Tony was playing stick-ball on Keyser St. near The Superior Bakery and it was exam-week. My father urged Tony to get home and prepare for his geometry-exam. Tony did well in that test and 3 months later, he attended Urban Schmitt's Funeral at St. Francis. Tony was older and I always remember how he was a great baseball player. Tony was humble and he would praise guys like Paul Borian and Larry Rinaldi. Bob! If Tony always remembed my father's name,you can understand why I would remember your mother's name-Sally. Tony had great friends,Matt Fasano and Marty O'Gara whose parents had grocery-stores on Wayne Ave. where the legendary John Berkery also had a shop or store-whatever,I or Paul Borian never took our clothes there. Bor's father also had a tailor-shop on Wayne Ave. I did have a beverage at Berkery's Bar,Molly Maguire's,at K&A. I was the only guy there alone,all the other guys traveled with their brothers-Smith&Wesson,LOL. I knew Brother Joe,from Fernhill and St. Joe. He had good friends,Bob Terranova,Joe Lynch,and Frank Klock,our G-town poet. Dr. Joe D. and his friends are all articulate and very literate. You were friends with Peanut[Al] Pauzano and Joe Dags[cousin] and they are very glib guys and Joe D. has gotten so profound since he stopped throwing knuckleballs. I wonder if the oldheads like Bor Borian and Lou Valentino Giorno could have hit him- I had problems with a hanging curve. You also mentioned Ralph Gatto and you were friends with Bonnie Gatto. Ralph was a great athlete and an outstanding football player. I played football against him and he was very competitive but he was a great leader and team player-all-around good guy. I saw Joe Razzano at A Hollow Reunion which Brother Tony attended and I went to SFA with Jim Razzano[older brother]. I also went to SFA with Jim's cousin,Dom Raffaele,whom you mentioned in your last post. Dom Raffaele was probaly the most popular guy in my class at SFA. Mole Adomoli,a very feisty guy, always spoke in a friendly manner to Dom. Mole and I would always have battles, I helped pay some tuition for a few doctors and dentists kids. My heroes are men like The D'Angelo Brothers who married beautiful and charming ladies and believe in God,Country,and their families.
JBS [09-29-2011]

Lou, you are having figments of your imagination about the snowballs. Frist of all you are much older than I, and I rode th school bus until 4t grade which would have been 1954. i think yu were already teaching by then. i can't speak for Jane but since you wound up teaching in the same building, i am sure the subject would have come up. Also, please note the correct spelling of my name.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [09-29-2011]

Dan Hartnett: Thank you, Dan. I know that we share a mutual respect for the great men and women that sacrificed so much to pass on to us this great country (once a Republic; now, a Democracy evidently). We won’t be able to pass it on to our posterity if we don’t know the truth ourselves.
Joe McCormick, ic '55, cd '59 [09-28-2011]

Lorraine: Thank you very much. I needed that.
Joe McCormick IC '55 CD '59 [09-28-2011]

For all Navy and Coast Guard Vets. Now the VA has finally put you on the list of Presumed Agent Orange illness. If you served on any of the ships on the link below during Vietnam, and suffer from certain medical conditions listed on the VA web site, you may be entitled to some compensation. CLICK
Joe DAgostino [09-28-2011]

JBS - Your memory never ceases to amaze me. Not only did you remember the cousins Zeccardi, but also remember that my Mom's first name was Sally too. You are so right, they were a very nice family and all of them were very bright.Their Dad, Fred died way too young and he was a really nice guy. There were so many great families in Germantown and if I started listing them all, I could go on for hours. All were hard working people who lived for their children and raised them to be good people. You came from a great lineage too.I know your Dad taught my brother Tony at the Prep, and he always thought he was a woderful man. As for you, I always thought you were one of the toughest guys I had ever known. As they used to say in the hood, you knew how to throw them ! No one ever gave you trouble ! Even though I was younger, I always looked up to you and guys like Paul Borian,Larry Rinaldi ( the guy that put me in the trashcan),Ralph Gatto,Joe Razzano,Joe and Dom Raffaele, BB Rossi, Matt Fasano, Marty O'Gara and of course my own big bro Tony.
Bob D'Angelo [09-28-2011]

Subject: Friends. There comes a time in you life....When you realize who matters,who never did,who won't anymore, and who always will.....So, don't worry about people from your past,there is a reason they did not make it into your present,and will never be part of your future. Be kinder than necessary,because everyone you meet is fighting some type of battle. Send this to everyone you don't want to loose. Joe DAgostino
Joe DAgostino [09-28-2011]

Billy Kelly went to St. Francis of Assisi and was on the same basketball team as Sonny Kennedy, Jimmy Walsh and Pete Brooks and me. As a sophomore he went to North Catholic and played JV there. His family moved to California and Billy was the greatest basketball player to hit Hollywood High in the late fifties. He told me that. Billy could shoot it.
jack brogan, It's a wonderful night for a moon dance. [09-28-2011]

Anyone knowing the where-a- bouts of Ed (Butch) Stewart from Chew & Chelten please let him know his old buddy, Donnie Punzo, is in hospace at his home in Phila. & would like to see/ talk to him ASAP.
G- Towner, Waterview Rec. Center [09-28-2011]

To: Bus Guy You can't get to the Buck on the H bus, and you can't get to heaven on the Frankford el.
MEK [09-28-2011]

Bus Guy: There will be a lot of guys at The Buck who took The "H" including Ed Burke. The H terminates at Cheltenham&Ogontz and possibly Ed& Joe Leone can pick you up there-otherwise,you can take a taxi. Forgive my flippancy, but at The Buck, Paul Bor Borian will be attending and he has a PHD in Nuttology if you know what I mean. There will be some characters there including my brother,Kenneth. Ed Burke was a H-bus guy and he should have some laughs with Ken and Linn Wilson who was recruited by Captain Bud Ballard. If you come to The Buck, let me know if you are The Bus-guy. There are many anonymous guys and pseudonyms on this site and although I studied cryptogtaphy, I am finding it diifficult to discern who some of these kats are.
JBS [09-28-2011]

The Iranian hikers, let's see now, out of an entire world, who on god's earth would pick Iran to hike in?

Lou Giorno, I never bought into the dream team thing. Great individual talent that I hoped would mold into a team. But, it is too soon to throw the towel in on them.... If I can borrow the Happy Hollow soap box for a minute, I will say that my patience with Andy Reid has run its course.... I kept the faith through all the bad calls, poor time management, obnoxious explanations and non-answers, the arrogance and disrespect of the media and fans, the poor personnel decisions, etc. I won't go so far as to hope for a losing season to get him out of here, but I do hope a one-way plane ticket comes his way soon.... I've had enough of him. Enuf said, soap box returned.... Anyone ever eat at Imhof's on Chelten Avenue?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-28-2011]

I lived across the street from The Hood Cemetary for 20yrs.My friend John Gessleman & I used it as a playground (no damage ever done)-at night we would scare the heck out of anyone dumb enough to walk on that side of the street. In winter, we would go to the far corner facing Gtn.Ave & make a stockpile of snowballs & launch them at the girls getting off the 23 trolley-Denice Duckworth was a favorite target along with her sister Jane-if we didn't have any live targets,we would launch our missles at the 23 trolley(no one ever got hurt).They were great times & gone forever,but still alive in my memory.Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr G DOS [09-28-2011]

Joe Lynch, You approve of anonymous people with good humor. Jack Brogan has a good memory. How is your memory? What high school did Paul Arizin attend? You were a good speller. How do you properly spell the name of the guy who went to Brogan's high school and played for The Warriors. Ask your friend,Paul Borian, if this guy went to a good college. You are lucky you will not be at the reunion with a couple of those guys who post here. They even make Paul Borian look good. Who was this guy Paul Wall. Could he hit better than Paul Borian and Lou Giorno.
anonymous [09-28-2011]

Jack Brogan, Never won a spelling bea [09-28-2011]

Bor! You are The Hollow Historian and you knew Paul Wall from sports and when he played at The Hollow. In the 50's, I see this big black dude at The Hollow and the other kid says,"There's Paul Wall"-like somekind of a Superman. Back in the day, you knew a lot of great athletes including Herb Adderly who went to Fitler with you but he should have gone to Keyer School which was located at Coulter&Morris. Keyser School is now Wissahickon Boys Club where Herb Adderly&Bill Cosby played ball. You also knew Bill Cosby from GHS Football. I knew that Herb Adderly did not hang at Nick's across from The Hollow. I would see Herb at The Hi-Dee Ho Bar at Pulaski&Coulter in the 60's. Being a reserved guy at that venue,nobody broke my nose there. One time, I took Jim MCIntyre from Fernhill and Tony Shields for a beverage at that joint and they were game but they seemed a little nervous. I had mentioned that Herb lived around the corner from me when he played for the Packers-5200 Wissahickon Ave. In later years, when his brother Charlie was allowed to throw away his zebra clothing, he lived in my old block,500 Hansberry Street across from The Continental.I regret that The Cousins,Jack Brogan and Joe Lynch can't make The Buck. We would have historians from The Hollow and Fernhill. Was Mr. Anonymous,A Hollow Guy? I went to a G-town function and an anonymous guy at The Bar, posted later on this site. Bor! I was not a Hollow Guy like you and Jack Brogan but I did know a few Hollow People including Bobby Goo Guarinello who was known by thousands- He was truly legendary.
Schmitty [09-28-2011]

FRANK KLOCK, center city phila./sfa'58/nechs'62/sjc'67. [09-28-2011]

JBS: My memory is pretty good. I think I checked in at Happy Hollow every day for about ten years in the late 50s and early 60s, or almost every day. I remember Paul Wall being inside the Playground once in all that time. Bor knew him from football where he was an All Public end. I thought he went to Germantown HS. One time in football game at the playground over on Bringhurst Street Bor drafted Paul to play for Happy Hollow and he was a real ringer. I would say that Paul Wall did not "hang" at Happy Hollow. Also, I remember Herb Adderly inside the Wayne Avenue bars once and that was to play as a ringer for Happy Hollow in basketball. Herb never hung around, unless I missed him. Miss Herb Adderly? I don't think so.
Jack Brogan, Went to the High School that cut Paul Arizen. [09-26-2011]

Dear Anonymous (9/25/11) Sorry you can't make it. Anonymus
ANONYMOUS [09-26-2011]

Joe McCormick, Have you ever considered writing & publishing a book? I read your entry & could imagine myself in one of those small towns. I thoroughly enjoyed your description of events; your rhetoric & interjections. Your style of writing is definitely NOT boring. You've come a long way since your days on Crittenden Street. Take care.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; cdhs '59 [09-26-2011]

Anonymous: Sorry you can't make it to the reunion.
Well Known [09-26-2011]

That was a really funny blog: "Sorry, I will be unable to make the reunion at the Buck hotel." Signed, anonymous. Does anybody else get the humor?
Joe Lynch--Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.--Stephen Jobs [09-26-2011]

i keep reading @ all the basketballers from the hollow, didn't billy kelly play a pretty good game?
anon [09-26-2011]

Bud, does the "H" bus take me to the Buck? Can't make it there, sorry.
Bus Guy [09-26-2011]

Bob D'Angelo: I hope that you are not far from Paradise-Sarasota. Let's head north to Germantown and discuss some of the people that we knew from the old neighborhood. I knew that you were related to The D'Angelo Family from East Germanown but I learned from your post that you were cousins with The Zeccardis from West Germantown. I also learned the proper spelling of "Zeccardi". It was interesting that Mrs. Zeccardi had the same first name as your mother-Sally.Your cousin,Marina,was a very pretty girl. My friend,Pat McIlhinney was very fortunate to have such a pretty date for his prom. Pat hung at Fernhill for the second shift with guys like Tom Cusack and Al Patrizi. There were many pretty girls at Fernhill and Joe Lynch and his friend, Joe D'Angelo[your brother] would agree with that aforementioned comment. Joe D'Angelo's, friend,Bob Terranova,also hung out at Frenhill. I also remember your cousin,Joe Zeccardi,who became a physician. My older brother,Cactus Jack,was in Joe Z's class at SFA-1953. Brother Jack would tell me that his class was filled with brainiacs including cousin Joe. Two other physicians came out of that class-Pat McCarthy and Gene Dragonowsky. ED Burke will be coming to The G-town reunion at The Buck and his cousin married Gene Dragonowsky. Another brainy kid in that class was Bo Durney and he went to LaSalle and became an attorney. I was always amazed with all the cousins that lived in Germantown. You knew The Razzano Family and they were related to The Gattos and The Raffaeles. If I can remember properly, The McLaughlin Family was related to The Mastersons and The Tippets. I mentioned these names since they were Hollow people like you and Brother Tony. Brother Joe D. liked to hang out at Fernhill.Bob! The Zeccardi Family was a nice family and kids liked Fred,the owner of the grocery store at Knox&Hansberry-there were such great families in Germantown.
J.Bruce Schmitt [09-26-2011]

I need corrections in my spelling sorry.I knew the twins well. Marie
Marie Bommentre [09-26-2011]

To all Eagles fans-stick a fork in them OK! Dream team?? Nightmare team is a better fit!SHAME-SHAME -Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr G dos [09-26-2011]

Dottie Wilson CUMMMINGS Thank You for your help locating LINN. When I called LINN the first time we were on the telephone for One hour. I gave him the names of all the persons attending the luncheon. LINN will be attending the luncheon. Thank You again for your help. BUD.
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56 nechs 60 [09-26-2011]

Joe McCormick: Well done Joe re: your comments on Paul Revere. I also have read numerous histories of the American Revolution, and while I can't summarize the detail as well as you did, your conclusions, given the facts, are overwhelmingly obvious. I have also shuddered at the amount of crap that has been attributed to George Washington. It is sad when this is taught in some quarters today to our young.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-26-2011]

Do you think the Iranian hikers were spy's.
anonymous [09-26-2011]

To Anonymous, in that case we won't miss you.
joe Leone [09-26-2011]

Lou, Eileen & Pat hung out with Eugene & Tony. They speak often of your uncles and have fond memories of them & the fun times in :) in Germantown. n.
Naomi Vitelli [09-26-2011]

Sorry, I will be unable to make the reunion at the Buck hotel.
Anonymous [09-25-2011]

Marie Bommentre [09-25-2011]

Bud Ballard: Iam glad to see you located my brother and he will be going to your Reunion Oct. 4th. I am getting a kick out of the posts about my eldest brother Linn Wilson and his shenanigans as a yound guy. To have the good old days of Germantown back for one day would be grand. I love this site!
Dottie Wilson Cummmings [09-25-2011]

naomi, I believe Monte's change hands in the 60's and was then owned by Silvi Rossiolli. The twins are my uncles and they now live in northeast philly. what were your sisters names?
louoldies [09-25-2011]

Lou Giorno: You are correct that Paul Wall went to The Hollow. He was a great athlete and he was a friendly guy. Back in the day, he was one of the few African-Americans to play ball at The Hollow. Herb Adderly[NFL] also played some ball at The Hollow. If I recall, Paul Wall and Robert Goo Guarinello[sorry LVG] were All-Public Athletes from Simon Gratz. Paul Borian,Mr. Hollow Jr. and Goo,Mr. Hollow Sr. had good rapport with Paul Wall. It was interesting that a black guy from East Germantown would hang out in a playground in West Germantown-The Hollow. Bor and Jack Brogan,The Maine Guy, are probaly happy that you mentioned such a great guy from Germantown. I know that Goo,The Hollow Legend,would also be pleased that Lou Valentino Giorno posted such positive comments about Paul Wall.
JBS [09-25-2011]

JBS -You mentioned Zeccardi's Grocery at Knox and hansberry Sts. Fred,the owner was married to my Mother's cousin,Sally. They had sevral children. The oldest son was Joe ( he became an MD and was an ER doc at Hahneman) Marina ( may be the girl you are thinking of )was the oldest girl.
Bob D'Angelo [09-25-2011]

Ray Dawes: Revisionist writers have long labored to blacken the reputation of our founding generation. Facts pertaining to the events of Lexington and Concord have been well documented and recorded on both sides of the Atlantic. Participants and witnesses were interviewed by authorities in America and in England. Records of the proceedings of courts-martial of British officers involved are available. Accounts differ only as to which side fired that first “shot heard round the world” David Hackett Fischer chronicles the events from primary sources in his heavily-documented "Paul Revere’s Ride". Americans were expecting a raid on military supplies hidden at Lexington and Concord. On April 8th, Revere rode to Concord to warn leaders there and on April 16th he met with John Hancock and Sam Adams in Lexington. He met with town leaders along the northern route from Boston to set up an early warning system. On April 18th the British blocked roads leading to the two towns. Revere instructed two men to hang two lanterns from the old North Church and then he bravely and stealthily crossed the Charles River under the bows of British ships ­ No drunken sod was he. He mounted a waiting horse, evaded British patrols, and began his 18 mile ride to Lexington. William Dawes took the land route out of Boston and road west about the same distance arriving in Lexington half-an-hour after Revere. In hundreds of accounts of what happened that night no one remembered Dawes. He had met with and spoken to no one. Not far from Lexington, Revere ran into young Sam Prescott (the future Dr. Prescott) returning from an evening with his wife-to-be. Both were captured briefly and both escaped (Revere through a trick ­ No drunken sod was he). Both made it to Lexington. All of the Patriots that assembled at L&C came from towns along the route Revere had taken. He had awakened town leaders, militia commanders, ministers, family networks ­ leaders of all stripes. As he left each town cannon and muskets were discharged, bells rang, fires burned and riders dispatched to awaken others. Old men joined their sons and grandsons. In the town of Dedham no males were left below the age of seventy or above sixteen. Armed women guarding the town later in the day captured a British officer. Both men exhibited extreme bravery however, Revere proved to be the epitome of organization, preparation and action before the onset of an emergency. No drunken sod was he!
Joe McCormick, ic-55 [09-25-2011]

Anthony first name Joseph middle Last name unknown
Anthony Joseph, Looking for birthparents or family members [09-25-2011]

MYSTERY: I am the daughter of an adoptee from St. Vincent’s home through the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia. My father’s name given at birth/baptism was Anthony Joseph. Anthony’s date of birth was August 17, 1956 born at an area hospital. Birthmother at the time was a 20 yr. old factory worker of German/Irish descent. Birthmother lived with ill grandmother, mother and three younger siblings at the time. Her oldest brother was shot and killed by the police before my father was born. Birthmother's father worked at DuPont. Birthmother's mother went to Commercial High School. We believe they were from the Germantown area. Birthfather was 28 yr. old bartender of Irish descent. Any clues or leads are greatly appreciated.
Anthony Joseph, Looking for birthparents or family members [09-22-2011]

Half the fun of going to Riverview was the boat ride. I can still remember watching the teenagers dancing as the boat would leisurely head toward its destination. The park was an above average park with its amusements. Not quite on the scale of Willow Grove, but still provided a great day of fun.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [09-22-2011]

does anyone know the where abouts of Jerry Passerini from Holy Rosary. I believe he moved to Lansdale in the 1960's.
louoldies [09-22-2011]

Dave Micklosky, Did you spend any time in Nuc Pwr training at Idaho Falls, ID? I am thinking you might be the guy I met in the middle of Idaho who was from Germantown!
Dave Byrne, SFA 58, NC 62, Drexel 66 [09-22-2011]

Does anyone have any information about Paul Wall; He lived on Collum St or Ashmead St--he played baseball at Happy Hollow & GBS.Any info would be greatly Appreciated. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Mr G Dos [09-22-2011]

Life is a lark at Willow Grove park, when birds of a feather flock together.
John Payne, Do you have any tickets left? [09-22-2011]

jake from gtown I came from a family of six, had five of my own but I wanted seven. Had two before I was twenty waited seven years and had three more, wished I had had two in that seven year lull and I would have had my seven. Its better to make mistakes young than old.Richie SFA'64 NC'68.
Richard Pio, Born and bred in G-town 1950-95 now in Ocala Fl. [09-22-2011]

Dave Micklosky: It seems like you were a corner-boy from Knox&Hansberry-a great corner. I passed that corner frequently when I walked home from SFA or GBC. You are probaly younger but my good friend,Pat McIlhinney,lived at Knox&Hansberry. I lived at Hansberry&Schuyler. Pat Mc was always going to Zacardi's Grocery at Knox&Hansberry. Mr. Zacardi had a very pretty daughter. Low and behold, Pat walks into The Prep Prom with this beauty-the lovely Miss Zacardi. Pat hung in Fernhill Park after dark and he was not dunking the basketball. However, for The Prep Prom, he chose a beauty from your old neighborhood. I played some pin-ball at the candy-store at Knox&Hansberry and played touch-football in the street[Knox]. Sue Henigan recently posted on this site and I played football with Hank Henigan who was a good athlete. I also remembered Hank Henigan when he worked at Crane's-333 W. Queen Lane. Frank Murphy meets with his friends from SFA at The Buck and he hung at Knox& Hansberry back in the day. Frank M. hung at a lot of corners-icluding Marion&Ashmead[M&A] which was not too far from your corner. The legendary,Mole Adomoli,held court at M&A. Frank Murphy also spent time at Wayne&Logan where The Hollow was located. Frank M. liked Nick's at that venue and ballplayers like Paul Borian and Ollie Powers would stop there to quench their thirst with a few beverages. It will be interesting if Bor and Frank cross paths at The Buck on October 4 and exchange some wild and crazy stories about some of the stuff that went down at Nick's. I knew many other G-town families from your neighborhood such as The Farrell Family. Bud Ballard, The G-town Reunion Organizer, has been trying to connect with larry Farrell from The SFA Class-1956. Another great family in that neighborhood was The McCarthy Family who lived at Manheim&Knox and had a Real Estate Business. I went to SFA with Dennis and Kevin McCarthy has posted on this site. Dr. Pat McCARTHY[RIP],JOE FARRELL,AND my brother,Urban Cactus Jack Schmitt hung out together. Dave! Keep posting and your post brought back fond memories of your corner and the home-boys who walked those streets.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-22-2011]

more than 5 clapier st had the gleasons 12 or 13 the hartner the same. nicolettes had 5
ray dawes, st. francis class of 57 [09-22-2011]

Hi Lou, I remember Sylvie's. Was it Monti's during the the late early 60's? Do you remember The Twins from Haines St? They were Hair Stylists & friends of my sisters.
Naomi Vitelli [09-22-2011]

Anybody from Knox and Hansberry Sts.
David Micklosky [09-21-2011]

"Life is a lark at Willow Grove Park"
Sue Henigan [09-21-2011]

Jake: I surmise that you are from Cow-town on The Eastside of The Tracks. I don't know which side was more prolific but at SFA, there were many large families. I attended a G-town Reunion at The Continental around Thanksgiving and I was talking to Charlie Garvey. Charlie told me that he preferred being a lover and not a fighter. It will not surprise you that The Garvey Family from Brickyard was a large family. At Continental bar was a member of The Henigan Family,another large Germantown Family. If I remember correctly, 2 of the brothers went by"Hank". South of Cow-town,in The Yard[Brick],The Deemes Family lived and they were another huge family. One of The Deemes married Dorothy Eastburn,with movie-star looks from SFA-1956. I am amazed how some of The Hound Dogs from that SFA Class let her slip away-LOL. Bud Ballard! You had a great class and I was only joking since we are in our golden years and we do not seek trouble. I am not mentioning any names but some of your classmates were always chasing those pretty skirts.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-21-2011]

Naomi, across from frisco franks water ice was sylvies steak shop. before it was sylvies it was monte's, last name was manuallo (spelling may be wrong) on the other corners was Holy rosary Church and a baptist church. the corner i'm speaking of is haines and belfield/Musgrave.
louoldies [09-21-2011]

bud ballard: i will not be able to make it to the Buck, scratch me.. hope you get to have the full menu & have a great time.
monk [09-21-2011]

Large families. 5 or more kids. In your neighborhood. How many can you remember? There seemed to be many as I was growing up there.
jake from gtown, cowpath road 18964 [09-20-2011]

Irene DeLellis Are you any relation to Jimmie DeLellis from fishtown? My Grandefather was David DeLellis and his brother was George. The DeLellis family has a place on LBI and are also related to the Breen's and Gagliardi family's.
Joe Graber, I yam whats I yam [09-20-2011]

H-1 bus began at Germantown & Chelton in front of Lintons and yes Sheila it took you to Roosevelt Jr. High.
Bus Guy [09-20-2011]

Bud Ballard: That's a great turnout for our G-town get-together at The Buck. The owners should be happy with a nice crowd like that. Tom Cusack is a great organizer since he's always throwing big parties and events. In my old age, I just try to go with the flow and whatever you and Cueball decide, will work for me. Bor and I are older than you and we have rounded 3rd and we just want to be easy-going and reserved-drink some good booze,tell a couple stories,and listen to even better ones. It's going to be a good event with some of the new characters making guest appearances. It will be nice to see Lin Wilson, and his sister posts on this site. His brother Jim was a great kid and Lin had an unique personality in that he would drive with some wild and crazy drivers. Bud! It's amazing the unique characters that came out of Germantown-many of them will be at The Buck because they care.
Bruce Schmitt [09-20-2011]

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