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September 1-19, 2011

There's been some recent discussion here on Riverview Beach Park. That was one I never knew but here is a link to a history of the amusement park and photos. The website layout is confusing, but there are around 25 photos of the park along the bottom of the webpage. Looks like the amusement park closed in 1967, but is still a recreational park today. http://pvhistorical.njcool.net/rvbp.htm
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-19-2011]

Road the H1 to Roosevelt Jr High. We'd catch it at Lintons after a breakfast of toast and tea.
sheila [09-19-2011]

Lou Giorno I remember those end of school trips to Willow Grove Park. I loved that park and the rides ... especially that wooden roller coaster ... ha! Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [09-19-2011]

Attention BRUCE SCHMITT and TOM CUSACK please call me by telephone. We have 24 for lunch. 25 or more the BUCK is going to move our group into a private a private room with only 4 meal choices, rather than the whole rest menu. CALL CALL CALL.
Orville T. BALLARD, SFA 56 and NECHS 60. [09-19-2011]

To all GTNers et al--they spent millions putting up two new stadiums(BANK & LINC ),for a few more bucks, the dummies should have put a roof on these venues. I don't get it! Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, MrG DOS [09-19-2011]

Anyone remember the singing bus driver on the H & XH?
MEK [09-19-2011]

Junior Payne...Me thinks that you are the "Fast Eddie" of Florida.Be careful because there will always be a hustler out there looking for your retirement funds.....Bor(never been hustled)
Paul Borian, Could have been a great pool player had it not been for my love of baseball,basketball,and football [09-18-2011]

Frank Baggs Klock! I applaud you on the great kudos that you received from The Maine Guy,Jack Brogan de Hollow. This is quite a compliment considering the fact that Jack drank the Christian Brother Water[Brandy] and you marched to The Jesuit-drum[Ignatius]-being a great poet and writer,I know that you get my meataphorical drift. It is a pleasure to summit a message to you since I do not have to worry about being pedantic by dint of your fudging literacy. Frank! You have to make The Buck with all The SFA and Hollow Guys-this is truly a "Baggs Event". If you play a little music, Cueball Cusack will grab an Irish Waitress[Server] and do The Irish Jig on The Dance Floor. Bor and You can talk about Goo. If John Payne came, he would talk about running a little 9-ball and you and Brother Ken would talk about your 9 lives. You and Ken have definitelly walked around the long block of life. I also read on this site that Monk of The Hollow might be showing up. Recently, I was hanging down at The Old Anchorage in Somers Point,and I crossed paths with Tom Black-Jack Wilkins of West Bringhurst and he wanted to know about Baggs Klock and Bor Borian of The Hollow-he reads this Germantown Web-site and his brother[Jim] hung in Taeker's where you were a legendary figure and you might have known our old friend,Tony Bateman. Frank! "See You At The Buck"- What The Heck!
Bruce Schmitt [09-18-2011]

Can you add facebook pages? The Germantown Boys Club/Camp Indiandale page: http://www.facebook.com/GBC.Indiandale and the Grew up in Germantown open group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/67912812768/
John Kazalonis [09-18-2011]

@BusGuy I rode the H and the XH regularly, mostly to and from school at Dobbins, sometimes "up the avenue", but I don't remember the H1 ??????
John Kazalonis, Milne St 49 - 68 [09-18-2011]

Mike Deely: Thanks for your comments. Dutring my first 4 years in Germantown, from age 14, I lived on Haines St. near Stenton Ave. We then moved to Boyer and Rittenhouse Sts. and was there for eight or nine years.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-17-2011]

Joe Lynch and Frank Klock are unorthodox teachers. They both teach writing, but I know hundreds of people who regularly teach writing and all of them have one thing in common. They do not write themselves. That has always made me wonder. Would you go to a person to learn how to paint if your teacher was not a painter? The great American writer Ring Lardner said, “There’s nothing to writing. You just sit down in front of a typewriter and open a vein.” Thank you to both Joe and Frank and Bor and John Payne. You all engage the page, and I enjoy your stuff. Words were always in the mix at Happy Hollow. I can hear Goo Goo in my mind. He’s reciting Hamlet in that gray 49’ Olds. He says, “To be or not to be. That is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles,” and so on. Jay Kelly went on from the Olds to become a college professor teaching Shakespeare. I can picture some of the toughest guys I’ve ever known hunkered down over cutthroat games of Pass Word in the boys’ end of The Playground. Words were always important. What an unusual place it was.
Jack Brogan, My truck is a 3/4 ton Chevy Cheyenne bad boy with a huge plow. [09-17-2011]

Bud Ballard: This is going to be quite a party at The Buck-Your buddies from SFA and Bor's Buddies from The Hollow. You are quite a detective in that you found Big Lin Wilson. He wanted to knock me out but I am half-German and what's a little blood,broken nose,and lost teeth. If it been Lou Valentino Giorno, I could've gotten stoned. My generation had to wait till the 60's to get stoned-LOL. I bumped into Bob Durkin's relatives at a Funeral at St. Vincent's and he is on strike. Could he possibly make it? There might me a few brother-teams at the event-Burkes,Dawes,and The Reserved Schmitt Brothers. Brother Ken is not reserved and he can keep up with Borian,Cusack,Fowler,and Joe Leone. If Mike Garvey brings Goony Walsh, Ken would shut his face and listen to Thomas Goony Walsh, another reserved gentleman like Paul Borian. It will be interesting what some of these old kats from The Hollow look like. Bud! You've done a great job and keep that motor running.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-17-2011]

Joe Lynch: I was intrigued by your last post which indicated that you had an appetite for beauty and art at a very young age. You not only liked art that hung on the wall but you also had a passion for walking beauty. You also engaged in the art of pugilism which might have been caused by your competition with other opponents over some lovely things that you were hitting on at various venues. Like you, I studied the art of pugilism but my intrinsic nature was peace and traquility. Today, I attended a funeral for Cholly Bauerlein at St. Vincent's on Price St. in East Germantown. Cholly and Agnes were Peace Acitivists and friends with Dan Berrigan S.J.,the great Jesuit Poet and Peace Activist. I drove by Fernhill Park where you luxuriated in great glory from your experiences on and off the court. There is no basketball court there but some nice tennis courts. I drove down Abbottsford Ave. where Lin Wilson lived.. If you recall,being a man of peace, I intervened between you and Lin Wilson when you had an altercation-it had to be over a young lady. You probaly read on this site that Lin and I had an encounter in The Driveway of Manheim Gardens and all the ladies were screaming from the windows. You also had a brawl with Jim Christopher. Bill Haas had a bout with Joe Leone's buddy, Ronnie Manzo. Joe Leone and Lin Wilson will be coming to the G-town Reunion at The Buck on Oct.4. You were friends with that feisty soccer player,Neal McElroy and he even would kick people when he played basketball. One day, I intervened on Neal's behalf on East River Drive when he was having a confrontation with Corky Calhoun,The Penn B-ball player. Joe! I was a man of peace and not always reserved. Paul Borian is really reserved these days and the reserved guys will be hitting the mahogany at The Buck on Oct. 4. Roses are red, and Bor will be fantastic when he brings his plastic. Bor is a player, he hangs in The Irish Riviera[Sea Isle] and has a chalet in The Poconos. Try to get a pass from The Christian Brothers and I will spring for some Christian Brothers Brandy for you and a peanut butter&jelly sandwich for The Hollow Jock,The Bor. It's going to be a happening.
Bruce Schmitt [09-17-2011]

Nine ball tournament tonight. "You like to play pool, Eddie? You like to play pool for money?" "Let's me and you play some Fats?"
John Payne, Where there is a will, there is an heir planning your demise. [09-17-2011]

Bor, As soon as I find a hill in Florida, and it snows, I'm going out and getting a top rate pair of skis. Ohh, wait a minute....how about water skis?
John Payne, Where there's a will, there [09-17-2011]

I'm sure many of you remember going to Willow Grove Park at the end of the year with your school-we rode in an open air trolley that took us to the park.I rode the Thunderbolt-the Alps-bumper cars etc.-My favorite ride was The Tunnel of Love-when a girl went with you on that ride,she knew she was going to be Kissed as was expected.Many of the girls tried to hide their faces so the nuns wouldn't see them going on that ride HA HA! We all looked forward to that trip.Great memories of the past-right? Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Mr Gdos [09-17-2011]

Pal Joey(Lynch)...You are living the good life.Safe and secure! However,if you would like one last adventure trip,why not mosey on up to Freeport,Me to spend a week with the Brogans.You can borrow my camel for a very economical ride.No need for gas,but bring plenty of water...Paul Borian
Paul Borian, No longer rocking in bandstand,Phila.,Pa [09-17-2011]

We moved up to Germantown/Mt.Airy in 1946 from S.Philly. I loved it right from the start. It had everything. Green trees, historic bldgs. nice friendly people. Loved going to the many movies we had in the area.
Irene De Lellis Lennon, Warminster, Bucks County, Pa [09-16-2011]

Free Doo-Wop Concert Sat. Sept. 17th at The Plaza on Penns Landing. 1-7pm. Come out and support our Veterans.
Oldies Fan [09-16-2011]

Altar boys and choir boys from SFA cruised free to Riverview Beach Park. That day was such a joy to a young boy-- climbing aboard, staking your claim on a chair, feeding the jukebox, buying the candy, actually sailing on a great river for two hours, under two bridges, hanging over the side above the white water. I stayed in the choir just for that day, even when my voice changed. The actual Park wasn't as good as Willow Grove Park, but the ride took you away to another world. I don't remember a stinky river, just unfettered freedom from exams, parents and the High Mass with P.J. McGarrity--Asperges Me, if you know what I mean. That ride was payment for all those voice practices, and I was willing to give up my lunch period with all the cracked notes and occasional cracked heads during the school year.In 6th grade I could have taken passage on a tramp steamer and sailed to Zanzibar, so great was that day. Since then I've curbed my enthusiasm for adventure. Alas,now I wear galoshes on rainy days,wear stripes and plaids together, collect my social security check monthly, take my Lipator in the morning, nap to 5 PM, shop the sales for ban-lon socks at Wal-Mart and live vicariously the life of Paul Borian! Sigh.
Joe Lynch--Do Not Go Gentle Unto That Good Night [09-16-2011]

amen brother it would be very hard to forget any of the ladies joe lynch mentioned in his story i am sure the classes of 55-56-57-and probaly 58 would agree
RAY DAWES, st.francis class of 57 [09-16-2011]

Joe Lynch, were those mistakes made at Siani's or Dougherty's on Wayne Ave. You gotta watch those "Clip Joints".
1st Cut on the Horse @ Siani's [09-16-2011]

JOE LYNCH if you look into the true history of paul reveres ride he was not the only rider that left the boston area. there were two others who rode off revere. charles dawes a silversmith dr prescott who was a dentist. paul revere was drunk and fell of his horse and was captured. they let him go because they saw that he was just a drunk. there were many more riders dispatch to spread the word the british were a coming. a women rode faster and futher than any of the men she also returned to fight in the line
Ray Dawes, st francis class of 57 [09-16-2011]

Linda Simons Carney: I am happy to see that you are still connected with this Germantown Web-site and your post was excellent. It was obvious that your classmates at SFA thought that you were a beauty-including Ray Dawes and the old Jock,Joe Lynch. I knew Joe Lynch from playing ball at Fernhill Park and he was always observing the beautiful scenery which was present there if you know what I mean. He seemed to also observe the very pretty girls in your class at SFA and I felt sorry for the ladies who had to compete with you. There were many pretty ladies in my class at SFA including your sister,Linda.How did the girls in my class deal with Sabina Cunningham who not only was a raving beauty but had a super personality. Your sister Linda and Sabina were so very popular with all of their assets. I know Linda is not from Tennessee but is she still riding Tennessee Walker Horses? Your father,Bud,visited our restaurant in Jarrettown and we had a barn with horses. I always liked fast horses but not fast women but today I only own sculptures of horses. Joe Lynch and I were not good painters and if one does not have artistic talent, this problem can be solved by collecting art. I last saw you at your great party in Medford Lakes,NJ in the 70's. Later,I got hooked up with an International Artist who lived in The Pines where the sun never shines-Medford Lakes. She was almost as beautiful as The Simons Sisters-You and Linda. I had good rapport with your father,Bud,since he went to The Prep with my uncle. Your father was a Professonal Baseball Player and I liked talking baseball with him-especially pitching. He would be so happy with the great pitchers of The Phillies. Bud Simons became a legend in Germantown when he brought Ted Williams into The Continental. I will be meeting Paul Borian from The Hollow at The Buck with other Germantowners on October 4. Bor knew your father and those gentlemen really knew their baseball. Your whole family liked baseball and I hope you and Bob[your husband] are still rooting for The Phillies albeit you live in lovely Bonita Springs. Paula! Give my regards to Linda and your wonderful family.
Bruce Schmitt [09-16-2011]

John Payne....I married Fran in Feb. 1966 and thought that we would head to Florida for our honeymoon.But no,Fran wanted a ski honeymoon in Mt. Snow,Vermont.Being a Hollow guy,I knew absolutely nothing about Skiing.I do remember an older guy at the Hollow,Frank Stasen,who was a skiier.He once asked me if I wanted to accompany him on a weekend ski trip.I checked with Goo,and he said "no way". Anyway,I got hooked on the sport.To this day,my wife regrets going to Mt.Snow instead od Florida. We have had a season pass at Camelback Mt. in the Pocono's for many years.Many of our ski friends did not take up skiing until they were in their 50's.They are all good skiers today at ages ranging from the late 60's to the early 80's.The older guys and gals are my heroes because some of them have had hip and knee replacements.But they keep coming back year after year.In addition,they take an annual ski out west.If you ever move back to the Philly area( why would you),I'll give you a free ski lesson or two,or three,or more.Hope all is going well with you and the family.....Paul Borian.
Paul Borian, Rather die on the slopes than in the saddle. [09-16-2011]

Dan Hartnett; Thank you for the memories...My Dad was Pres, of the Letter Carriers Union (branch 157) and he organized an annual trip for his union members and their families to "Riverview"..Much like yourself, I remember the odors emanting from the River, but what really "shivers my timbers" is the "Cobblestone Street" leading up to the Wilson-Line boat..Great memories ..Where in East G'Town did you reside?...Mike
Mike Deely, 74 & older than dirt [09-16-2011]

Monk( AKA Rufus)...The Buck Hotel is located in lower Bucks County.The address is; 1200 Buck Rd,Feasterville/Trevose,Pa,tel.215-396-2002.You can google it for directions.It's probably an hours drive( or less) from where you live.It would be great to see you in living color after all these years.I'll give you a half of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk.The reserve guy will pay for the booze.Bring a basketball with you so that John Fowler will pass the ball to us for the first time ever.Is it true that John had Tommy John surgery on his elbow due to 15 years of "gunning ?".....Bor
Paul Borian, Monk,you are the man ! Mr entertainment ! Next to Goo,you were the greatest ! [09-16-2011]

Click here for guidance

ATTENTION John Bruce SCHMITT and Tom CUSACK We have a full house for Tuesday October 4, 2011 at the BUCK HOTEL.
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56 nechs 60 [09-16-2011]

ATTENTION John Bruce SCHMITT one of your fight opppnents will coming to the BUCK Hotel. He said the last time hehad a fight with you, the fight lasted about 2 hours. Do you know who Iam talking about. His initials are L.W.
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56 nechs 60 [09-16-2011]

Anthony G: Riverview Beach Park was on the Jersey side of the river just below the Delaware Memorial Bridge which is past Wilmington Delaware. You could see the bridge from the park. I don't remember the name of the nearby town. My family also used to take the Wilson line excursions which started at Delaware Ave. and Arch St. I remember this because we would take the #33 trolley to get there which ended at Front and Arch. There was a one block walk. I remember that the boat had a band and dancing although I was just a kid and hadn't got that far yet. I also remember that the river stunk. It was probably all chemical runoff and no water. Thank God it has been cleaned up since then.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-14-2011]

Lou Riverview Beach Park is located in Pennsville, NJ.
sheila [09-14-2011]

Ray Dawes, So nice to be remembered..it goes both ways. Paula
Paula Simons Carney [09-14-2011]

Bor: I never made it to the slopes, not even the bunny slopes as I believe the beginner's hills are named. I think I might have enjoyed it, but in later years when I considered it, someone said I could really tear up a knee or worse by taking it up at a late age, so alas, it is one adventure that I never got to enjoy. Have a good time, and be careful.
John Payne, Heard from the top of a ski slope," It's all downhill from here." [09-14-2011]

Ok, she died on Musgrave Street-drowned! How is that possible, so far from the Wissahickon Creek or any other body of water? In Whitemarsh, the rain marooned houses and closed that section near Erdenheim Farms (Stenton Ave.)for over two days. In my neighborhood,the sewers on Fernhill Road caught all the water and tennis balls we could hit down there and leaves that dropped in the fall (That's where they went!). I remember when the City used to spray the trees with DDT in the summer.We'd never hide or run away. We came out of our houses fogged with second-hand smoke and walked into a spray of DDT, eating an orange Popsicle. How'd I live this long with all these childhood poisons? Thanks for the shout-out, Paula Simons Carney. We boys were always showing-off for you and your girlfriends under the sharp eye of the nuns.I was the best speller in 8th grade, so, naturally, I became an English teacher for all these years. I loved art but not memorizing poetry for Friday afternoons. I can still remember Paul Revere's Ride, almost half the poem, though, and I show off my 75 lines. I once drew a pyramid in art class, having no talent, and the nun taped it to the wall. It was my proudest moment at SFA, bar none. Ronnie Manzo was infinitely sharper than anyone else and we wanted to be like him--knowledgeable about girls, foul-mouthed, intimidating. He often wore pink and black, thin tie, pegged pants,Flagg Flyers. He and James Christopher would beat up everybody in their way, a la The Christmas Story, with Farkas pounding on Ralphie. Believe it or not, I once beat up James Christopher in a fight on lower Greene Street. I don't think any girls were around, so I didn't get the credit I so badly sought from you girls.I was luckier later and married happily.The Blog's a good place for stories, memories, snapshots, images of a time infinitely more interesting than "Happy Days." I remember Paula as "scary"-beautiful. There were lots of girls from The Hollow/Germantown like that. We boys would just grovel and drool." Still do!
Joe Lynch--Focus. Hustle. Hydrate. Believe. [09-14-2011]

Bus Guy: The H-bus went through the heart of Germantown and parallel to Gtn. Ave-it began at Gtn.&Pike and terminated at Cheltenham&Ogontz. I boarded the bus at Duncan Hubley's Corner,Wissy&Manheim and took it to 17&Erie or Broad&Erie. Many kids from North,Little Flower,Dobbins,and GHS took this bus. Many times,I took this bus with Harry Brown,Duncan Hubley's good friend. My connection with Harry Brown ended when he had an accident playing basketball and I was on the opposing team. Unfortunately, Harry B. always blamed me for his failure to eat corn on the cob properly. Harry was an ok guy and an excellent pool-shooter. I will be seeing Ed Burke at The Buck on Oct. 4 and I remember that he took The H when he went to North. The H traveled along Manheim St. not far from where Bruce Marshall lives and I wonder if it still operates. Probaly Duncan Hubley and Bill Haas,2 great GA Athletes took The H to their school at Greene& School House Lane. H-bus Guy, I appreciate the ride that I just took down memory-lane through G-town.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-14-2011]

Bor etal: where is the Buck Hotel? Street and Town, if you would. Thanx
monk [09-14-2011]

Frisco Frank was directly across the street from OLR. He opened that Lemonade stand around 1960 after serving 33 years in jail for murder. It is now Tranzillies. Yes Naomi that was my neighborhood.
Gman [09-14-2011]

Correction--My new email address is day1114@comcast.net--I remember an organist & a violin player entertaining you at The Sunkin Gardens as you dined in the 1950's
Lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [09-14-2011]

Paul Borian&The Hollow Nation: Bor! It's great that you are making a guest apearance at The Buck-a great Bucks County Institution and I recommend that you leave your 60's attire at home or some of the boys will think that you just got out of an institution. It would be great if Baggs makes it and I will be happy to buy him a drink because he never drank Scotch since he is Irish and he preferred Irish Whiskey which could make him frisky. Baggs should spring for a beverage for you since he made a lot of money at Hawk Hill playing poker and he learned your style at The Hollow. You were probaly a better hitter but Frankie Baggs did coach baseball. My brother Ken was a classmate of John Fowler and Baggs and he will be showing up-he did go to The Prep and he is not reserved like us. Possibly, Bill Fleishman from GHS, might show up and I believe you were friends back in the day. Dan Hartnett from GHS lives in Bucks County and it would be great if he made an appearance. I always talk to Dan with reverance,since Bob LaValle and Nicky Lazro were afraid of him-LOL. My brother,Cactus Jack, always told me to keep my mouth shot when we played football and Bob hit me hard. Bor! What's up with the Phillies in that Oswalt lost to his old team-Houston,one of the worst teams in baseball. Cusack will be coming and if you think you know baseball,wait till you talk to Old Cueball. I'll spring for a screwdriver-his favorite drink at Herb's-Wayne&Berkley,not far from The Junction Diner where you went after Nick's. Enjoy the Fall weather before you do your ski-thing.
J.Bruce Schmitt [09-13-2011]

In 2001 Dr. A.C. Satterthwait gave My wife and I (She is his daughter and I am his son inlaw) a hard bound version of Hannah Logan's Courtship published in 1904. We get mailings from you each year and I thought you might like to know we have such a copy of this book in extremely fine condition. It is a wonderful piece of history and we are proud to have it in the family and to have been entrusted with its keeping by Sally's father who is a history buff and genial-cological genious who has studied extensively in linguistics and his families historical roots. It was through him we found out Sally's relatioship to Hannah Logan in the first place. May God richly bless you and if we can be of any service to you, please let us know as we are alawys yours, Mr. and Mrs. Evan Fridge 3664 Tracy Way Knoxville, TN 37931 (865)539-2359
Mr. Evan Fridge, husband of Sally M. Fridge formerly Sally Satterthwait of Pottstown PA who is the great, great, great, great, great grand daughter of Hannah Logan. [09-13-2011]

Joe Lynch that was Musgrave and High I drive by the streets often Mike
Mike Bresnan, Belfield [09-13-2011]

JOE LYNCH unless your were looking for older women to teach the ways of the I think you ment Paula Simons i think she wrote that she is in florida now. She had posted on this site last year. Are you able to make the buck hotel 10/04/11 at high noon. Come back Shane come back. Ray Dawes not a poet
Ray Dawes, st Francis class of 57 [09-13-2011]

Gaman, sad to say, but not only the sewers are loaded with trash, so are the streets. Wasn't that way when we lived there.
anthonyg [09-13-2011]

Tom, we took the Riverview cruise many times. Where exactly in Jersey is the park? I would love to visit it. Is there a website I could visit? I will try to find it, but please help me if you can. Thanks, anthonyg.
anthonyg [09-13-2011]

Joe Lynch..so good to see you mention Bible History..so many of my friends..Catholics by birth and education say they never read the Bible...and...I ask where were you for Bible History..and that was just grammer school! Sounds like you are well as am I your OLD classmate Paula (simons) Carney
anonymous [09-13-2011]

With all the blogs about the Sunken Gardens, does anyone remember the Cowtown banquets that were held there every year for the men, or the Cowtown picnics that were held at Fischer's Pool during the 70's?
May Flannery, Grew up on Zeralda & Clapier Sts. GHS 68 [09-13-2011]

RE: Marty Raven To all who knew Marty from Rising Sun and Yearsley Blackhawks Drum & Bugle Corps, I am sadened to report that Marty (62)passed away on 09/03. Marty was a Vietnam Veteran who served in the 11th Calvary "Blackhorse" Troopers. He will be laid to rest w/full military honors at the National VA Cemetary in Bucks County, Friday, Sept. 15. God bless him and all who served our great nation, covering us w/the blanket of freedom.
Linda Chiarolanza-Raven [09-13-2011]

anthonyg-- I don't remember Frisko Franks but I do remember a steak shop and water ice stand across from Our Lady of The Holy Rosary. Someone mentioned Boo's grocery store. I think it was on Hanines St. I stopped there many times in my younger days.
naomi vitelli [09-13-2011]

Gman- Did you live near Musgrave & Haines? I remember a great Italian Water Ice stand right across from Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. n.
naomi vitelli [09-13-2011]

Joe Lynch....My normal routine between ski seasons is mowing the lawn,fertilizing the lawn so that the grass will grow faster,mowing again and again again.In the fall,I'm raking as many leaves as our national debt.In between,I'm cleaning the yard from broken tree limbs and branches.But,this summer,Im bailing water from my partially flooded basement(unfinished,thank God,replacing a burned out sump pump,and investing in a gas operating generator.The remnants of tropical storm Lee almost did me in.My pump died on me about 4 a.m. Thursday morning.One hour later,after setting up my back-up utility pump,I was outside in the dark,flooded yard,pouring rain with thunder and lightning.I looked to the sky and yelled at the top of my lungs;"I'm coming to join you Goo for a game of poker and a cold one."All in all,I can see the light at the end of the tunnell.In a few months,the lawn mower will be in storage,the ski rack on top of my car,and a cold bottle of champaign on ice ready to be guzzled by the Bor.Oh happy day will come my way for a three months stay....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, A beautiful sight,I'm happy tonight,skiing in a winter wonderland. [09-13-2011]

Attention! MY NEW EMAIL is day1114@comcast.net Giorno
Lou giorno, Mr G dos [09-13-2011]

to all the athletes from '50 & '60s: The older we get the better we were.
anon: [09-12-2011]

Get this, ex-patriots (people who moved away from the Hollow and environs), a woman drowned in her car at the corner of Germantown Avenue and Haines St. Drowned, for God's sake, sitting in her car, I guess waiting for the light to turn. Who'da thought? People have been ruined and inconvenienced to no end because of Thursday's flood. We never saw anything like it when we went to SFA, unprepared for those spelling tests and Bible History stories. The weather has leveled off now, but mold lingers. By the way, has anyone seen any Christmas (not Xmas, the communists want to take the Christ out of Christmas--Sister Grace) commercials? Remember those Christmas and vacation clubs that gave the customer no interest on their accounts. I met my wife in that Provident National Bank on Chelten Ave. She knew I didn't have any money but she married me anyway.
Joe Lynch--You can lead a horticulture but you can't make her think. Dorothy Parker [09-12-2011]

The recent post from Lou Giorno mentioned a cruise to Riverview Beach ... that really brought back some fond memories. For a couple of years in the early 50's, the St. Francis parish picnic was held at Rivereview Beach Park in Pennsville. The cruise down the Delaware on the Wilson Line was always a treat and the Riverview Amusement Park was always fun. As I recall, I was in the 7th and 8th grades at the time (June of 1953 and 1954). Today, I visit the Riverview Inn restaurant from time to time ... the skeleton of the old Wilson LIne piers are still visible and they made the amusement park into a nice local park with many pictures of the old amusement park.
Tom Cusack [09-12-2011]

Naomi, I just came on the site to see if anyone saw the news about Holy Rosary. I even saw the corner stone where it had the name of the church. I was watching it and DVR'd it just because it brought back so many memories. Wasn't Frisco Frank's right there or do I have the wrong corner?
anthonyg [09-12-2011]

bill flieshman there is a lunchoen at the buck hotel for the class of 56 and friends. all are invited, just put buck hotel in the search box.
Ray Dawes, class of 57 S.F.A [09-12-2011]

Bud Ballard...I'M IN ! See you at the Buck Hotel on 10/4.I'll be brown bagging it since times are tough,unless the reserved guy will pick -up the tab.I hope my ace,buddy,pal,Frankie Baggs will show up and perform some stand-up comedy.I feel like I have known Frank Klock all my life,but don't remember if I ever kicked his butt at the Hollow.If you show up,I promise that Schmitty will pay for your lunch and drinks,plus mileage at 50 cents.He is the last of the big spenders.I am easy to recognize;tall,dark,shaved head,goatee,fake diamond in my left ear,tattoo of Goo on my left forearm and Marilyn Monroe on my right forearm.I'll be wearing my Happy Hollow tee shirt,khacki pants,argile socks,and white bucks......Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Last good lunch was at Scoogi's with the Happy Hollow Gang that always shoots straight. [09-12-2011]

Say what you will about climate change, we just came through a record heat wave in July, an earthquake, a hurricane, a tropical storm, a flood on Thursday and a predicted downpour today, Saturday. We've had 20 inches of rain in 5 weeks, whole neighborhoods under water, and few of us Bloggers have not had to bail out the basement. Roads are still closed (This Blog is for all the expatriates in Australia, Ireland, Florida, and Maine.) I don't remember this Wrath-of-God weather as a kid in the 1950s. Hardly even a snow day. . . and I had to walk 15 miles to SFA,uphill both ways, 4 times a day (sometimes 6, on 1st Fridays), against the wind, without shoes. (Sorry, Ma, the truth is out.)My brother Tommy and Neil McElroy used to dawdle over the trash-pickings on Mondays in any weather to see if anyone was throwing out toy soldiers or Superman comic books. They were always late for lunch and late for school (but both became successful executives) since we lived at the end of the parish, next to Fernhill Park.I was the good boy who picked someone else's flowers for the crown of the May Queen statue. "Where did you get those daffodils, Joseph?" Sister Clare Eleanor would ask. I also thought that by winning the spelling bees I could win the eye of Carole Scampton or Barbara Botta, Judy Kiely, Mary McHugh. There was no chance for Judy Simons. No luck there. Imagine this coming winter if the past two months are any indications of the future: wolves out of Jack Brogan's backyard, blizzards and snow drifts from Paul (apres ski) Borian's skiing resorts, an avalanche of dire poetry from Frank Klock,snow squalls of JBS's precise Wayne Avenue memories of all the pretty girls who lived near Wayne Ave.(You know who you are.) I just wonder what Bor does between beach season and ski season. And Jack Brogan, does he have the F-150 ready for the plowing? And is CMM in Australia picking the last fruit of the summer? John Payne,following NASCAR or playing shuffleboard? David Byrne, putting a hotel on Boardwalk? Tom Cusack just crusin' in 3rd gear? Tom Lynch,last seen driving a red BMW on Long Beach Island? Me? I'm hunkering down with videos of L.Ron Hubbard, buying a gas generator, stockpiling emergency food, investing in GOLD with G. Gordon Liddy and getting my flu/shingles shots early. Jesus is coming, folks, and S/he's carrying a bigass axe!
Joe Lynch--Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts. [09-12-2011]

May we never forget the September 11, 2001 attack on America, those that perished that day, the loved ones they left behind, and the responders who now face health issues for offering a helping hand back then. All that so that evil can have its way and a place in history. And, shame on Mayor Bloomberg for not extending an invite to the NYFD to the 10th anniversary events. Over 400 firefighters lost their lives that day. Remember, they were running UP the WTC fire towers to help, as the people were running down the fire tower steps. No room for them? There was room for them 10 years ago….. Hopefully, he’ll see the error in his thinking within the next 24 hours… They were heroes then, and should be treated as such today. Maybe make some room by uninviting some of the politicians and figureheads….
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-12-2011]

Bill Fleischman - what school are you referring to? I know that the IC Class of 1956 is celebrating with a 55th anniversary event in October. In fact, this remarkable class has a get-to-gether every month for whoever can show up, and a bigger event every 5 years.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-12-2011]

rosemarie malageri did you have 2 brothers named louis and larry? anon
anonymous [09-12-2011]

Tom Cusack: I hope and pray that Al Patrizi is recovering. Give us the green-light when we can visit him. Cueball! I learned from this site why you were always traveling with foxes- your good-looking cousins fixed you up with their foxy girl-friends. You had some interesting cousins starting with Doctor John Flaherty. Back in the day, the lads thought that John,the Irish Physician could really hang with the big boys. Paul Borian mentioned Nicky Aberr in one of his posts. They were quite a team, Doctor John with his tailor-made suits,good whiskey in one hand and cigarette in the other hand and muscle-bound Nicky listening to cuz pontificating. Your other cousin,Higgins, was the bartender at Herb's,Wayne&Berkley. Cueball! You were a trip,telling your cousin to give you a screw-driver and giving him phoney age-cards. You knew Goony Walsh,and he was a bartender at The Eagle,Gtn.&Erie and when LaSalle guys like yourself wanted to drink-he would take the order and no drink and the dudes had to pay a fine if you know what I mean. He was not so tough on guys who went to The Prep but they drank coke-LOL. You also had a cousin who was knocked out gorgeous,and she knew Lou Valentino Giorno,one of the great raconteurs of this site. You,Lou,and Bor knew your neighbor very well. I will not mention his name since Lou and his buddy Bob are having cordial conversation these days. Just imagine your feisty neighbor and Louie G. both hitting on Cousin Agnes on The Riveriew Boat. I will always be grateful for your intervention between me and that obnoxious drunk at a Cherry Hill Bistro but you would not have stopped that altercation and there could have been a drowning. West Germantowners knew your neighbor since he was a legendary character. Bor is a reserved guy now and he won't spill the beans.
Bruce Schmitt [09-12-2011]

Naomi, so sad to see that church flood. In all the years we lived their that never happened. The sewers must be blocked with years of trash that is never cleaned out.
Gman [09-12-2011]

Thank you Dottie Wilson Cummings for your somber reminder of 9/11. If ever there is to be an appropriate off-topic post, it is yours. Sadly,it shows all of us that there is a world, much larger than our beloved Germantown of the past. A sincere thank you for your work in helping the first responders. Your post makes me want to read the past posts on this site of a simpler time and place we experienced in our former neighborhood. May God Bless America.
MEK [09-09-2011]

Checking to see if anyone from the June class of '56 has heard about a 55th reunion?
Bill Fleischman, semi-retired Philly Daily News sports writer [09-09-2011]

JBS your comments are on point and your recollections of good old Germantown can be quite intereasting. Good old Lou's need for disclosure of the folks who post is really superfluous and accomplishes nothing. Let's not inhibit anyone from posting their treasured memories.
Bob Eastside [09-09-2011]

Hello All Germantown friends-Did you see on TV the news coverage about the flood waters at Musgrave & Haine? Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church "flooded--so sad. You could see the ground broken & flooded all the way toward Waterview Playground. No pun intended. n.
Naomi Vitelli [09-09-2011]

GOD BLESS the 343 of the FDNY and "Never Forget".
Retired Firefighter [09-09-2011]

Bob Eastside--Thanks for your recent post-It was nice! I've been drinking the water for 76yrs & I've been around the block a few times. Lou Valentino Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [09-09-2011]

Tom Cusack-You're right it is a small world. Your cousin, Agnes Dooney,was a real knockout; in fact, she was the girl that told me that I reminded her of Rudolph Valentino (she made my day) I'll never forget her or her compliment to me. By the way,this occured in 1951 on a cruise to Riverview Beach. If you ever see her,tell I said hello. Lou Valentino Giorno.
lou giorno, Mr G Dos [09-09-2011]

Captain Orville T. Ballard: Bud! I will be coming to The G-town Event at The Buck on Oct.4 and Brother Ken will be making a guest appearance. I understand that John Fowler will be coming from beautiful Lancaster County. It would be great if the 2 Hollow poets could make it-Paul Bor Borian and Frank Baggs Klock who remembers you from West Germantown. It will be amazing if Al Patrizi shows up- Al always had mental toughness and is a fighter. I hope Hatboro is not getting flooded, and my family did not buy The Old Mill Inn located in Hatboro because it would get flooded. With a little luck, it will go well at The Buck. If it rains, BA Borian will have some choice poetry for a storm, he will tell it what to do and where to go. It would also be nice to have other guest appearances and no bad asses-Joe leone did know a few. Bud! You knew quite a few in your time and you took care of them in proper manner. Brother Ken and I are looking forward to another nice time.
John Bruce Schmitt [09-09-2011]

Ed Farrar there is already a GTN group on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/67912812768/
Anon, Only I know who I am. And sometimes I'm not so sure. [09-08-2011]

As the10 year remembrance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks approaches. We can't forget the thousands of hero's who gave thier lives that most tragic day in our history and those who lost loved ones from our community and the surrounding communities. Please remember these brave people and bring your communities together during this somber time. I spent many hours at Ground Zero not as an EMT but as a member of the "Critical Incident Stress Management Team for the State of NJ. I did crisis intervention and debriefings working with the Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Police Officers, civilians and our military. I will never forget what I witnessed being at the "Pile". Please pause for a moment of silence and remember those who sacraficed much. God Bless America! Dottie Wilson Cummings
Dottie Wilson Cummmings [09-08-2011]

ATTENTION John Bruce Schmitt and Tom Cusack please call with your the number of people coming to the luncheon on 10-4-2011. BUD
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, SFA class of 1956 and NECHS class of 1960 [09-08-2011]

Lou Giorno ... you mentioned several woman in your last post ... one of them being Agnes Dooney ... she is my cousin ... really pretty and lived below the junction ... she had two brothers, Tommy Dooney and Jackie Dooney ... small world.
Tom Cusack [09-08-2011]

Anybody remember the "H", "XH" and the "H-1" Bus?
Bus Guy, 50's & 60's [09-08-2011]

you can tell just by reading these posts that there was not another neighborhood like ours. How lucky we were to be there back in the day. Germantowners are the best and if you were from brickyard even better. Keep writing
sheila martinelli Roos, born and raised and still love Germantown [09-08-2011]

Bob Eastside: I don't know you,Lou Valentino Giorno,and I did not know Joe Patti of The Hollow whose favorite song must have been "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley. I don't have a dog in this fight-I'm no Michael Vick. On this site,there are people who like to nut people and Dennis McGlinchey talked about stirring up the pot. I'm too old for pot and have no desire to get engaged in any plot. I simply try to respond to posts on this site. I will simply state that you and Lou Giorno write well and will probaly never back down from anything,obviously both of you grew up in Germantown and drank the water.
JBS [09-08-2011]

Bor: I commend you on your recent posts about The Hollow and your friends and acquaintances who hung out at Wayne&Logan. Frank Klock,another Hollow poet, e-mailed me and praised Bor's poetry and your commentary about your beloved Hollow-Yes! His poetry was colorful. Bor! There are people on this site who are trying to emulate you and playing The Hollow game of nutting people. You were a bad ass when you had your Louisville Slugger and you should have used it when you had altercations with Herb Adderly and Larry Rinaldi- they were Bad Asses and throw Nicky Abber in that mix. You and Larry Rinaldi remembered John Berkery, even the bad asses were afraid of him-there must have been a reason. Fran would not have married a bad ass, you won her over with your Hollow charm. Joe Patti of The Hollow sounded like a real ladies-man and he suckered Rudolph Valentino of St. Mike's because he was too much competition for The Latin Lover. Luckily for Joey and Rudy,that they were older, they would have big competition for The Hollow Beauties with Don Juans like you,Sharpy Felice,Sonny Kennedy,and Jack Brogan. In all due respect, Sonny Kennedy has to get my vote,since his main squeeze was Sabina Cunningham,absolutely knocked-out gorgeous. Sabina caused traffic accidents when she walked across Wayne Avenue if you get my drift. Dom Raffaele,not Midvale Dom, would agree with me because Sabina was at SFA with me and Wildwood Dom. Dom and I were fortunate to be at SFA with so many lovely ladies and you knew many of them who were great basketball players. Joe Patti was not the only Hollow guy who liked to check out the assets. You made a good living,checking out the assets on the balance sheet. Bor! I hate to tell you that we are reserved since we are no longer hanging out in Germantown playing sports and talking to the babes in their pretty shorts. Goo gave you the nickname "Bor" because you liked to score. Your natural game was baseball and not basketball. You did well in life through the great game of baseball. Like you, I love the Phillies. Come to The Buck on Oct.4 and talk to some of the SFA folks, some of them were bad asses and now they are reserved-you knew some of them.
Schmitty [09-08-2011]

Kevin McKernan: I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your kind words about my mother,Marguerite Schmitt Bradley, whom you remembered fondly from The Vernon Library in Germantown. You and The Other McKernan Brothers used that facility well since all of you are so literate and write so well. My mother,Marguerite liked the students from St.Vincent's[your alma-mater] so very much. She would be pleased that The Mckernan Brothers and John Wetzel have fared so well in life. If you recall, John Wetzel was a good friend of your kid-brother,Professor James McKernan. John W. and Brother Jim toured various IRA bars in Ireland and did their thing in Northern Ireland with their Germantown Bravaddo-youth is so wonderful.You and Frank Klock,our poet and Irish Raconteur,should have joined those other lads in Green Ireland. Like Brother Jim,Frank is a musician and likes music and could party back in the day-sometimes at Taeker's-not far from your old stomping grounds. You might have played ball against Frankie Baggs when St. Vincent's played SFA. Both of you graduated from High School in 1962. Frank graduated from North with John Fowler who will be coming to SFA&G-town Reunion at The Buck on October 4 at High-noon. Brother Ken will also be coming since he wants to see John Fowler again-he was friends with John and Baggs at SFA,back in the day. I can only tell you that those 3 lads are a bunch of characters-3 true men of Germantown. Brother Ken was a piece of work, he would tell obnoxious people to shut their face or he would get his older brothers and then commence to place a powerful left-hand square in their jaw. Ken is never boring and he does have The Irish genes. Ken and Brother Bernie could have held court at The Single Bars back in the day. The 1958 SFA Boys would enjoy you at The Buck but you are luxuriating in Sunny California. You know what Paul Borian said about Irene-it was not Thank You but --. As The Beatles would say,"Here Comes The Rain". Kevin! Thanks Again! and give my regards to Bernie-Did He sail off to Tahiti or just march off into the sunset?
Bruce Schmitt [09-07-2011]

i have to agree with lou giorno on signing your name on any post that you enter here, why all the big secret ? i am 76 years old and fell so lucky that i am able to use ths computer . most of you are a lot younger and have been able to grasp all the great changes that this wonderfull country has done for all of us .would like to say that in 1949 we kids from st michaels of the saints were pretty sharp dressers. did not have a lot of money at that time,but most of us had little jobs to help out at home . we bought our own clothes when ever we could . i was a very lucky young man ! i knew lots of people from germantown . i was from brick yard and went to schoal at schafer wister for 2 years .i then transfer over to st mikes when they first open and excepting italian children.i was all over the place boys club, cow town, happy hollow, mt airey,snack bar, duvas restaurant. so i got to know a lot of great people ! i loved the boys club, knew all the older guys there ! whitey roberts . mole turner, monk ridder, just to name a few ! and also some great guys from the happy hollow . i knew goo goo b b rosie all the brothers mole, karl, marrio. sal, mat fasano and the list go's on and on till i would bore you all !and to all of you, here is the kicker ! i had a beauty shop on wayne avenue from 1960 to 1968,and i got to know more people like the mom's and dads ! what a great run i had liveing in germantown from 1939 till i left in 1968.so be kind to each other here on this beautfull site that brings us all back to a little bit of our youth!stop with the wise guy stuff, and love going back in time and enjoying some good memeries! excuse the spelling if i made some mistakes . blessins to you all ! frank 76 and still cuting hair .
frank margiotti, lansdale [09-07-2011]

Hey Schmitty...Did you catch the post from Mr.Anonymous who remembers me as a "bad ass".To the contrary,I was anything but!I was humbled in my youth when Herb Adderly TKO'd me in the Fitler school yard,followed by another TKO from Larry Rinaldi a few years later at the Hollow.I was just a jock with a loud bark but no bite.Joe Patti was a Happy Hollow regular.Everyone knew him because he was always hanging on the corner watching all the girls go by,commenting on their assets.He was fairly tall with long arms,and played some basketball when he was not checking out the girls.Midvail Dom was an older guy who hung on the corner after a days work at Midvail Steel.Another regular on the corner came to the Hollow from Pittsburgh.Guess what we called him.Joe Schwartz was the janitor at the Hollow.He was a victum of "shell shock" during WW2,and would sometimes fly off the handle.Unfortunately,he became known as "Joe the Nut." Guess who gave him that nickname? In looking back,from my own personal experience,I did not know the full names of several guys who were regulars at the Hollow.The nicknames were sufficient.... Paul Borian(known as Bor,but had hoped for more)
Paul Borian, I'm no reserved guy,and neither are you Schmitty. [09-07-2011]

Pearl Carman Plavin. My Sister Joann Schurr has been asking about you. We lived at 203 W. Clapier in the 40's when you and she were very good friends. I just talked with her and she would like to call you if possible. I know your number is listed in the Philly directory. If that is alright, I will let her know. George Schurr forty
anonymous [09-07-2011]

In the last booth was Rocky, Endy, Goo Goo and Hokey. It was near Christmas and snowing outside. The door opened and in walked three guys. Jimmy Maier, Jimmy Malia and (I think) Booby Obst. All three were dressed as bad asses. Going dancin I guess. All had Pork Pie Hats pulled down and tilted to the right, all wore big shouldered, blue Six Button Bennies unbuttoned so we could see their one button link sport coats, their high riser pants. You could see the saddle stitching down the sides of these pants. All had 12 inch pegged cuffs. All three wore Flagg Brothers box toed loafers. All three looked beautiful. Hokey glanced back as they entered and he started it. Goo, Rocky and Endy followed. Hokey jumped up and put is hands up and pressed them against the wall as though the three were holding guns. Rocky and the others did the same as Hokey said, "Don't shoot." If a person came through the door at that moment he would have thought a hold up was taking place. The four with their hands up against the wall held the position for a minute or so and then the laughter started. My words can't do justice to the fun of that moment.
jack brogan, Goofy as ever, thank God. Pushed the wrong button. And I'm sober. [09-07-2011]

A possible solution to the anonymous issue is establishing an alternative Germantown Thoughts page on Facebook. Maybe the Webmaster (Historic Germantown) can establish or host a page since half the world is now on Facebook. At the vey least Facebook requires you to enter a name and bio. It also accommodate pics, links, and such, which are always being addressed on this site.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [09-07-2011]

Bob Eastside, Lou's feelings are getting hurt. It was not a sin that he retaliated against that Hollow guy. It would be better if you went after Bor and JBS. They were bad asses after a few glasses, and now they wear glasses and are sweet as molasses.
anonymous [09-07-2011]

In my era, the guys from St.Michaels ruled supreme with all the girls from SFA & St.Mikes--they would invite us to all their parties-we dressed like cool cats & were more mature minded-this was circa 1950's.Any of these girls ring a bell: Marg Mcloghlin-Agnes Dooney-Snookie Cunning-Sue Gass-Marylou Harkins-Annette Mc Cue-Eleanor Hudson-Patsy Ballard-Bootsie Lynette-Carolyn Pede'(MY WIFE)-ET AL.Many of these girls said I reminded them of Rudolph Valentino(no kidding)This was my era--maybe you guys improved after we left the scene.I'm so sorry it all had to end-beautiful times.Some of my cohorts at that time were Frank Margiotti-Alex Daniele (rip)-Ray Giordano-Fred Loffredo (rip)Lou Santoro-Pete Masucci, Et Al. But the living legend was,& still is--LOU GIORNO Ha HA!
lou giorno, Mr G Dos [09-07-2011]

Bud Ballard, Al has improved but still is in need of prayers. Thanks to everyone for your concern and prayers. Rich Patrizi
Rich Patrizi [09-07-2011]

Lou - Dennis M. apparently wants to join the FBI with you - LOL - apparently you guys plan to track down anyone that disagrees with your way of thinking. Give the folks a break who don't desire to provide name, rank and serial numbers and just enjoy the postings. Lighten up !
Bob Eastside (Serial # 0175285998) [09-07-2011]

Lorainne Cupo and others mention the stores and family businesses. We had Rosners Drug Store at Anderson & Chelten (then Liebermans) The was Eddie Sachs Grovery Store at Price and Ardleigh. Anne and Eds across from the Immaculate on Sprague Street. Al Axelrod had the flower shop near Rio Brothers Garage (both still there) Trio Cold Cuts at the Top of the Hill (Wister, Chelten and Wyncote) A guy Goldy bought it. I worked for him one weekend about 20 Hours and he paid me $25. The first thing he had me do was count the rolls from one bag to an empty bag and make sure there were 5 dozen in a bag. It seemed like there were a hundred dozen rolls. Then when he rang up the persons order he would take the tape and place it on the counter. One time he knocked it off and I bent over and picked it up. He called me aside and said if he knocks the tape on the floor, leave it there. He was charging some people more for their lunch meats. I went back to helping my dad at the beer store for the rest of the summer. I and my friends always had a free cold soda.
Bob Mc Creight, 57 Havertown [09-05-2011]

My mom, Ida Anne Lalli Regan, graduated from Germantown High School around 1944-1945 to 1948 or 49. Anyone here remember her? She is celebrating her 80th birthday on Sept. 12 and we, her girls (there are 5 of us!) are creating a power point project to celebrate her 80 years on this planet. Any thoughts or well wishes would be great. Thanks!
Marianne Regan, San Diegan [09-05-2011]

Bob Eastside, or whatever your real name is, I agree with Lou Giorno on this one. When your laughter dies down, realize that attaching your name to your post gives legitimacy to the post. Attaching your email address to the post solidifies the legitimacy of the post even further. What you find is the pot stirrers here (yourself maybe?), typically hide behind a fake name or as anonymous. Why the need to hide your identity?????
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [09-05-2011]

Bob Moore, Kramer's was a confectionary and novelty wholesale store, Kane & Brown was the hardware store. The New Lyric was on Germantown Ave at Manheim Street and the Orpheum was on Chelten Ave. Used to love going into Gagan's (sic) after school for penny candy.
Bill, 62, Olney [09-05-2011]

three guys from happy hollow went to new orleans for mardi gras.they partyed all day and nite then decided to go back to there room when they got there they found out the elevators werent workin they decided to take the stairs they were stayin on the 30th fl.the first guy told jokes fof 10 floors the second guy told fairy tales and happy endings for 10 floors when they got to the 21 landing the 3rd guy said i have a suprise i lost the room key
anonymous [09-05-2011]

Lou, You are a nice old guy and one of the smartest guys with a lot of God given talent who post here. Having set that,you should lay off the Happy Hollow guys a liitle bit. You did not get along with Goo Goo and some of the hollow posse. They had talent too. They could outplay most in sports and gambling. The could also outdrink and outdance the wussies. The pretty girls loved them. The hollow boys ruled at Saint Francis and St. Mike's. They had all the girls at St. Mike's. Goo and Paul Borian were bad asses and they could write poetry. You were a teacher and how about stoning us with some sweet poetry like the boys from Happy Hollow.
anonymous [09-05-2011]

Lou - I agree with Bob Eastside - why the obsession with the anonymous bloggers ? If folks want to remain unknown for whatever reason we should respect that. I don't really equate a persons name with how interesting their post is. Just enjoy the entries and be reminded of the great times we all had in Germantown.
Cooter in NC [09-05-2011]

JBS: On behalf of myself and family, please extend to your mother, Marguerite Schmitt Bradley, our fondest best wishes on the occasion of her 98th birthday. I can't imagine anything my old librarian would like as a gift at her age...except a good story--written or verbal--from you and your brother, Ken. And I'm sure you have another adventure in you, lad. Enjoy the day; you are so fortunate to have had her for so long.
Kevin McKernan, Remembering the Vernon Park Library with affection [09-05-2011]

Paul Borian,The Chronicler of The Hollow Nation: That was quite a group of Hollow Guys with their nicknames. Sadly, many of them are in the castle in the sky. I was surprised that I knew so many of them although I only spent 5 years at Goo's Paradise. I liked your 2 bookends for The Hollow Book of famous names- Booby Goo and Rocky. I even remembered Nicky Abber who was friendly with John Doc Flaherty, Cusack's Cousin. One night at Crane's, I was trying to nut Doc since I was drinking vodka without OJ and I said," You Traveling With Your Bodyguard,Nicky. Doc Flaherty retorts,"He's No Fudging Bodyguard, He moves My Refrigerators". Bor! I'm a reserved guy from The Prep and I drank fire-water with both Flaherty and Cousin Cusack. Is it any wonder, I don't look like a choir boy but I never tried to get stoned if you know what I mean. Joe Patti from the Hollow did get stoned. Was he friends with BeBe Rossi or any of The Raffaele Brothers since he was older- I conjecture that he he was short and stocky. You mentioned 3 Raffaele Brothers-Rocky,Shangy,and Trout-was Midvale Dom,another Raffaele[Dominick]? You mentioned Ben Hom,an Asian- American but his friend,larry Rinaldi, had a nickname and his nickname could not be mentioned because it would be politically incorrect and it would not fly on this site. Was Chink, John Raffaele, another Raffarle Brother? You did not mention your friend, Frank Sharpy Felice,the great dresser but you mentioned another flashy guy,BaBa Murphy. Jack Murphy of SFA, and a good friend of the famous John Berkery, was another flamoyant Murphy and held fort at The Shamrock,Gtn.&Venago, which was not a good spot for clean-cut and reserved guys like us. The toughest guy in the joint was Marv Edleman, a nice Jewish guy. I would be remiss if I did not bring up Crazy Joe from The Hollow and he had a right to be pissed all the time since he had to clean up the bathrooms. I did my best to respond to your excellent post about some of the characters from The Hollow. It did compute and now Frankie Baggs can E-mail this Germantown Web-site with some of the Hollow characters that he knew including John Payne Jr. whose brother was The Cisco Kid. Bor! Enjoy Labor Day at Sunny Sea Isle and may you enjoy 20 more before you knock at Heaven's Door.
JBS[Schmitty] [09-05-2011]

To Bob Eastside--There you go again,trying to tell people what to think-write-say Etc-Everyone has a right to voice their opinion--I'm sorry that you are so narrow minded not to realize this. Instead of criticizing other people's posts maybe you should post something yourself & stop being critical of others.Anyway you probably don't have anything interesting to say,you have to survive by living off other people's posts.GET A LIFE & start using your own intelligence or people will think you're a parasite. Sorry I have to put you down,but you ask for it in so many ways.Truly your friend LOU GIORNO
Lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [09-05-2011]

Please do not make personal attacks on others.

bud brother roy will attend on the 4th
ray dawes, 68yrs old class of 57 S.F.A. [09-05-2011]

GERMANTOWN TODAY: As my friends on this site may or may not know, I am a Licensed Mortgage Banker, and I do mortgages all across the country. As such, I get publications and web sites that are used in my profession. One of these is http://www.city-data.com/zips/19144.html This is a city data site of Ger- mantown as of 2009. If interested, please click on the link and you will see every type of statistic for our old neighbor for zip code 19144. You can of course use this for anywhere in the Phila. Area. I know for some this is boring stuff, but in my world it is a valuable tool. One thing I noticed that in the 19144 zip code, that 52 new homes were built after 2005. I never thought there was any room for new construction in my Germantown of the 50’s and 60’s but I guess some of thoes old mansion properties may have been converted to some type of housing. Anyway, I hope you like the site. If you want any information on todays mortgage and housing enviornment, please blog me. On a good note, The Long Beach Island and the Jersey shore made out great after Irene. Joe DAgostino
Joe DAgostino [09-03-2011]

My oldest friend. Del Conner got me hip to this site. Remembering G-town in 1960. Midvale Steel The Budd company Philco. Fern hill park. I sure the oldies remeber there was an army baracks in fern hill for a little while( it seemed to me) In the ealy 60s Fitler school where i went. Stpped by about 2006. What a shame. Any one remeber Ithink it was called gegan's candy store with a sweet chunky old lady. Or Kramers hardware. The movie theatre on germantown avenue. Was it the Orphium? Something like that or maybe the new lyric ? never the same but never to be forgotten. Peace and Love Bob Moore
bob moore, just turned 60 this year. grew up on Erringer pl. [09-03-2011]

ATTENTION! I think I've figured out a way to get those anonymous bloggers to identify themselves--Just ignore their postings & don't answer them-maybe this will frustrate them to the point of identifying themselves.GOOD IDEA???Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, mr g dos [09-03-2011]

Lou - go join the FBI or CIA if you are so interested in who people are. How about we include our SS #'s in all postings ? Really - who cares -all postings are welcomed ? LOL
Bob Eastside [09-03-2011]

Bob Eastside: You and the gentleman from North Carolina with his moniker,Cooter, seem to have read the same play book,both athletically and philosophically. In my long life, I have spent time in North Carolina-Ocrakoke on the ocean and Ashville and Boone in The Blue Ridge Mountains. I recommend that you search for Cooter at a Hooter in Greenville or Ashville. Forgive my rhyme, but I am inspired by Bor Borian and Frankie Baggs Klock, 2 of our great poets on this site. Lou Giorno did a number on Joe Patti,a Hollow guy,back in the day,but these are 2 Hollow Poets who walked the streets of Germantown and Wayne Avenues with their Hollow Swagger and carrying no dagger. Bor and Frankie Baggs were 2 good athletes. Bor was known for his hitting prowess in baseball. You talked about the lower field at Fern Hill where a lot of great baseball took place. I played on that field and I remember 2 great hitters who also played there-Leroy Kelly[NFL] and Bill Haas[Mets]. Paul Borian had a Hollow buddy by the name of Booby Goo Guarinello who went to Simon Gratz. That lower Fernhill field bordered Nicetown and was not far from Simon Gratz High. The great Dodger Catcher, Roy Campanella played on that field. In recent posts, we talked about Al Patrizi and he played football on that field as did the great Hollow quarterback from North,Ralph Gatto. Fernhill Joe Lynch, the great basketball player from LaSalle played a lot of ball at Fernhill and knew every nick and cranny since he liked to take walks with the ladies in that beautiful park. You would take umbrage if I talked about The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, but The Germantow Spirit permeates every nick and cranny in The US and The World-including Ireland and Australia. Peace! Brother1
John Bruce Schmitt [09-03-2011]

To all of you "Old Heads" on this site. This Sunday we will hold the 42nd Annual Germantown Beach Party. Starts around 1PM, north of 1st Street SIC..which is really Strathmere. All are welcome! Stop by and we can fill you in on our recollections of the Hollow and Fern Hill..and Brickyard...
John Walsh, Class of 72, SFA- GTown-'58-85 [09-03-2011]

Dedicated to Schmitty who appreciates poetry at its best; Once upon a time in the land of Happy Hollow,our leader Bobby Goo was holding class in such a way that all his students could easily follow, From basketball to the movies,handicapping the ponies,playing poker,telling stories and jokes,it was a time for fun and frolic and high hopes, An argument here and a fight there,be assured our friendships would never end in dispair, Where have you gone Rocky,Shangi,BeBe,Trout,Cisco,Ollie,Ben,Chink,BaBa Murphy,Joe Bops,Hokey,Joe Breeze,Midvale Dom,Nicky Abber,and Bobby Goo,the HOLLOW NATION misses you. Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Frankie Baggs,can you top this ? [09-02-2011]

Did anyone see Action News story this evening about the assault in the Chinese restaurant on the 4900 block of Wayne Ave. Don't know for sure where it is exactly but it looked to be around Seymour St. Very sad.
Louis F Pauzano, Sr, 69 South Phila. [09-02-2011]

Click here for video

John Fowler: It's great that you will be making The Germantown&SFA Luncheon at The Buck on October 4 at 12 O' Clock-High Noon. It would be good if your old friend and classmate,Frankie Baggs, could make it. If Frank K. shows up and along with Tom Cueball Cusack, the conversation will just flow. Joe Leone always has good stories and sometimes,John Berkery,the famous Germantown entrepreneur, is mentioned, and we talk softly because we try to be stand-up guys. Big John would let your SFA buddies,John Payne[Jr.] and Jim Kehan practice their driving skills in one of his big boats- they were probaly 15 years old but who was counting. I have to ask Brother Ken if he can make this event. He always tell me what a great b-ball player you were and the wit of our Hollow Poet,Frank Klock. There is always a good turn-out and I pray that Al Patrizi can make it. We have learned on this site that he had better days. I can only tell you that if anybody can survive, it's Al Patrizi. Capt. Bud Ballard is the organizer and you might remember him and I know Frankie Baggs knew him but he even remembers a reserved guy like me. You knew Tall Charlie Lightcap and the odd couple of him and Joe Leone. Joe L. drives to the luncheon with another tall guy,Ed Burke, who is shorter than Charlie since he is only 6 ft. 6 in. I remembered most of the guys at The Luncheon although Cueball and I were in higher grades. It would be good if our new poet on this site,Paul FU[Favorite Uncle] Borian made a presence and gave us some professional info about the Phillies and obstacles down the road. I will see Brother Ken at my mother's 98th birthday on Labor Day. John! Have a great Labor Day-no grass[cutting], some birds and lots of pars and no bars, only beer and wine at home or a picnic.
Bruce Schmitt [09-02-2011]

Cooter: I agree. But, our Webmaster allows stuff about Australia and Ireland. Why not something about a South Philly guy? Just asking.
Anon [09-02-2011]

Dogtown was from Walnut LN to Johnson ST and from Green ST to Chew ST
rich, Huntingdon Valley [09-02-2011]

To Joe Leone-As a child of children of the 60's both from Germantown, that was one awesome link you posted for all to see! I really enjoyed watching the history of the 60's, most especially the politics, music and fashion! Thanks for posting..Take care..
Sharon McHugh Rudolph, N. Cape May N.J. [09-02-2011]

Rich - What a fabulous post! Your words were few but the video spoke volumes. I wonder if it would be possible to relocate the white house and congress to North Platte, Nebraska. It certainly couldn't hurt! This video touched my heart and made my day - all in one! Thanks for sharing. Andy
Andy Anderson, ICS '58/CDHS '62, USN '62 -'66 - Longwood, FL [09-02-2011]

To Anonymous: I stand by what I said. The Catholic faith is consistent and is directed by the Pope and Magesterium (the bishops in union with the Pope). The Catechism of the Catholic which was published under Pope John Paul II is a compendium of all Catholic teaching. It is very clear on this issue. If you have a priest saying or teaching otherwise, then he is disobedient. He would be the clerical equivalent of a cafeteria Catholic as he is not permitted to do that.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [09-02-2011]

Bob Eastside - Yes... I remeber the lower ball field at Fern Hill...very nice baseball diamond...I remember watching the Lang McCann baseball team playing there - they had a great centerfielder who could really fly and pound the ball at the plate...can't remember his name.
Cooter [09-02-2011]

"Irene" is GONE......but, not forgotten. L.A.F.
L.Fontana [09-02-2011]

To Webmaster--It's frustrating for many of us to answer the ANON postings,we would like to know who these people are & get a better perspective of who we are talking to. Can they be made to reveal their identities before accepting their postings?? Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Mr G Dos [09-02-2011]

The only way to do that would be to require registering to be allowed to post to this page, which we do not want to do.

Dan, some of the Catholic church's stances on issues varied and still varies from parish to parish.
anonymous [09-01-2011]

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