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August 21-31, 2011

Bruce Schmitt....Send me info about the October Event John
John Fowler, Lancaster Pa/Millersville Area [09-01-2011]

Right after World War II the Veterans Administration on Wissahickon Ave. must have hired a slew of people to work at this location, many of these people lived in Germantown. Our family moved to West Clapier St. in the summer of 1950, and I remember 4:30 every weekday evening, it was like flood gates were just opened because this mass of people would come pouring down the street from the VA, walking to their homes in Germantown. This stream of people would use the odd side of the street and some people who wanted to go faster would be on the other. I don’t know how many thousands of people the VA had then, but besides the parking lot being full of cars and people walking, there were 4 or 5 empty (H and XH buses) waiting on Wissahickon above Manheim to take the employees in both directions. There were also two (Z buses) they were shorter than the regular PTC buses, and I found out years later they went to Roxborough. In the next few years there was a noticeable decrease in the number of workers at the VA. For those that are unfamiliar with the VA complex go to http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/PA3820/ The complex was originally build as the Atwater Kent Radio Co. The first building near Roberts Ave was build in 1924 and when I moved there, it was a Philco plant, the 2nd building was the VA, it was build in 1928, there was a brick inclosed bridge/causeway between both buildings that crossed Abbottsford Ave., knocked down when they build the expressway. In the photos: #29 shows the bridge over Abbottsford, #31 shows the entrance in front of Clapier st., when I went to High School I would take refused in there out of the cold to wait for the bus, this was the security office then-and they never bothered us. #35, the files picture looks like a scene out of an Indiana Jones movie. The Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company was the largest maker of radios in the nation with 12,000 workers in the early 1930’s, you can imagine the many families in Germantown who put forth the tendrils of luxuriant hope only to have them cut down in 1936 (the mist of the great depression) when the plant was closed. When! the Government and Philco took over the buildings I don’t know-----I do know that the VA and the US Signal Corps were there during WWII
Jack McHugh [09-01-2011]

Cooter - right on ! You are correct - politics, religion & personal coments regarding straight, gay or color of skin inferences are really unnecessary and pointless. Anyone remember the bottom ball field of Fernhill park next to MIdvale. I enjoyed some great ball games there.
Bob Eastside [09-01-2011]

Jack Brogan: Your post (8/30/11) made me smile. We both must have been weaned on the same bad hooch and Irish rebel songs in our youth growing up in G'town. As fate would have it, My dear mother (RIP), after naming her first four children after family members-living and deceased - demanded that I be named after the murdered Irish martyr: Kevin Barry, an unusual name back in the day, but quite ubiquitous today, and the title of one of the songs you 'poured' out in old Beantown . I even have a godson, Kevin Miguel Becerra running wild down Mexico way. That name, Kevin, has now gotten around. All this put me in mind of young Frankie McCourt writing in "Angela's Ashes". At one point in his story, young McCourt exclaims: "Damn, the I.R.A. wants me to die for Ireland... and the bloody nuns and priests want me to die for Jesus. Doesn't anyone want me to live?" Jack! Live long and keep singing and don't be a stranger to these pages.
Kevin (not Barry) McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA. [09-01-2011]

Dom Raff,SFA "55"- Your last post was great with a lot of info about people from The Hollow and SFA. The Raffaele Brothers were dominant figures at SFA and The Hollow. You were connected with some of the great bloggers on this site such as Paul Borian and Jack Brogan. I concur with your praise for Jack Brogan's Father and Son Story. Jack and Joe Lynch,his cousin, write well and they are lot more than just b-ball. I get a kick out of The Old Hollow Jock,Paul Borian, puting out poetry on this site- saying good-night to Irene with some colorful poetry. There are now 3 Hollow Poets-Goo,Frankie Baggs,and Bor. As you know Bor and his buddies liked to nut[bust] people. However, Lou Giorno seems to be winning this contest . You read his post where he retaliated aainst Joe Patti when Joe P. cold-cocked him. Joe Patti was older than us and he was friends with one of your brothers- I guess. A Hollow guy suggested that there would have been trouble if Paul Borian and your Brother Rocky had been stoned. I also think that if Larry Rinaldi or Brother Joe had from The Hollow had suckered Lou Giorno,no stoning would have taken place. Larry Rinaldi was very tough and even went after a big guy in one of those famous Hollow Poker Games. Those Hollow Guys in those poker games were intimidating-including your 2 brothers,Rocky and Joe. I had enough trouble dealing with Mole Adomoli-our old SFA classmate. You might had even witnessed 1 or 2 of our skirmishes. Dom! I always admired you because you had good rapport with Mole and it was almost normal if you know what I mean. We have another classmate who posts on this site-Al Paris whose parents had The Flower Shop. At SFA, we were a grade ahead of Al Patrizi and he is having medical problems-Al was always a great guy with a super personality. I also hope you get in contact with Johnny Boy from Logan Street. I remember that you were very good friends with Johnny and Ralph[Gatto]. I surmise that you are still in Wildwood and that Irene did not try to drown you. My friend from The Prep,Bobby Dolge,lives in Wildwood and he is a radio-personality[jazz] in The Wildwood Region. Dom! Enjoy labor Day Week-end and drink some Fine Wine,have a succulent steak,and hug your Girl-friend.
Schmitty [09-01-2011]

Peg, Say hello to "johnny boy" for me too. Junior.
John Payne [09-01-2011]

A great story I've never heard before http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=07DGeLvDw8I
rich, Huntingdon Valley [09-01-2011]

I loved Dairy Maids some sat. my Mom would take us there.I liked that put two thin crackers away on the dip of ice cream.It makes think of my Mom who passed away 4/17/11.Marie
Marie [08-31-2011]

TOM CUSACK would you please get intouch with me in regards to Al PATRIZI. BUD
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, sfa 56, nechs 60 [08-31-2011]

peg,thanks say hello,i'll be in touch.
dom raff, same [08-31-2011]

ATTENTION DOTTIE WILSON CUMMING. I have been trying to locate LINN WILSON. SFA class of 1956 is having a reunion luncheon at the BUCK HOTEL on Tuesday, October 4, 12 noon. As of this date 26 classmates will be attending. Some of the people attending are George BECCARIA,Tom Mc INTYRE, Al PATRIZI, Joe WALSH,Joe LEONE etc. DOTTIE would you have your brother contact me. BUD BALLARD
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56, nechs 60 [08-31-2011]

All my life I knew about Cranes. We used to go there (from Morris Street) for dinner on Friday night. My Dad Joe Pritz was a frequent patron, if we needed to find him. Go up Queen Lane and see if he was there!
John Pritz, My dad Joe Pritz was a regular at Cranes ! [08-31-2011]

I know Cowtown and Pulaskitown[i was a busboy at Cranes in the 60's] but I never hear about Dogtown. I forget where it was.
anonymous [08-31-2011]

Jack Brogan: Your note of 8/30/11 was the best thing I've read on this page.You have the "gift",sir..Might you be related to a Fr. Brogan, S.M., of St. Columba's Parish in "Swampoodle"?..In any event I intend to forward the message to my 3 brothers;Fr. John Kevin Barry, Thomas Brian and Philip Gerald..Deelys, all... You adage/bromide "it's the truth that doesn't trave well" is a "keeper"..Thanks so much for your posting...Michael Francis Patrick Deely
mike deely, hhi, s.c., [08-31-2011]

Frank Klock: I seem to remember a 'Ballad of Happy Hollow' someone penned in the late 50's or early 60's. Was that your ode?
Bonnie Gatto [08-31-2011]

Rich PATRIZI: Al was a good friend of my brother, Ralph, and Tony and I were friends. Al will be in my prayers.
Bonne (Joe) Gatto [08-31-2011]

TO Anon--Those guys you mentioned from THE HOLLOW, were lucky,they never gave me a reason to STONE them-the great GOO would probably praise my missile's accuracy-even though I wasn't from The Hollow. Lou Giorno P.S. Why are you afraid to identify yourself?? I think you are a WUSS who is ashamed of something you said or did-maybe people would stone you if you identified yourself ! Lou Giorno
lou giorno, MrG Dos [08-31-2011]

Jack Brogn, Did you ever make it to the Black Rose in South Boston? Now that a PROVOS bar. A great place.UP THE PROVOS.
Mike Garvey [08-31-2011]

Rich Patrizi - when Al is well enough please ask him if he remembers the Lobs family. In the meantime he is in my prayers. Thanks for passing on the info - it is helpful. Rick
Rick Lobs [08-31-2011]

Dottie Wilson Cummmings - I am curious if he remembers me. This site is a mother lode of memories, connections and information. Is he on Face Book or something?
Rick Lobs [08-31-2011]

I think this site should be totally revamped - I personally don't like reading about folks personal viewpoints about subjects that have nothing to do with GERMANTOWN ! Lets keep our postings to stories about growing up in our beloved Germantown, where are they now stories, memories like the postings of JBS, things of that nature. If it didn't happen between Wayne Junction and Vernon Park it has nothing to do with Germantown. A prime example are the recent postings about Joey Vento - what did he have to do with GERMANTOWN. Maybe he stopped in at the Sons of Italy on Germantown Av. once but I doubt it.
Cooter in NC, Eastsider [08-31-2011]

Rick Lobs - I saw you post in regards to my brother Linn Wilson. He lives in King of Prussia. Married with 3 children and several grand-children
Dottie Wilson Cummmings [08-30-2011]

Bor: I am overwhelmed with all the poetry emanating from The Hollow. Goo has to be smiling as he looks down from heaven. Goo was a mentor to you and Frankie Baggs and both of you had a rep for being good poker-players which was one of Goo's favorite past times. Frank Baggs Klock has provided us with some great poetry on this site. As you know, Frank has a keen mind and hung out on Hawk Hill for 4 productive years where he received a superior Jesutical Education. Many great Generals had a Jesuit Education including Saint Ignatius and Napolean, and General Alexnander Haig went to The Prep. Frankie Baggs was not influenced by military history and theory but his penchant was poetry and literature. The Jesuits excelled in this arena. Gerald Manley Hopkins S.J. was the greatest Jesuit Poet. I would also recommend that you read Robert Southwell S.J. and his great poem,"The Burning Babe". Now that you are getting into poetry in your golden years,have the discipline to follow through on this new advocation. I am intrigued that you are getting poetic because you kind of missed that 60's thing with the poetry,free spirit,and whatever since you were married. During this period, Frank and I were doing a little free lancing and doing our thing if you know what I mean. However, it was a good thing that you did not have to worry about getting stoned- whether hanging out with Mary Jane or getting hit on your brain. Brother! Let There Be Peace In The Valley! Goo loved you and no more" FU".
Schmitty [08-30-2011]

ATTENTION Rich PATRIZI would please keep us informed on AL'S condition. AL you are in my prayers.
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56, nechs 60 [08-30-2011]

We were in The Harvard Gardens, a pub on Cambridge Street in downtown Boston. It was a Sunday afternoon in September; just before the football game started on the four large TVs mounted around the pub. This was 1964, before the Boston Patriots existed. The Giants were the only football team for Boston fans. I was singing for our drinks. The pub was filled with South Boston Irish warriors, a group of loud I. R. A. lads, the kind of Irish patriots who had never actually been to Ireland, but who were willing to die for the cause. I stood up at the bar and sang The Green on the Green at the top of my lungs. Anybody watching my performance would conclude I was drunk and pay no mind. I was in my cups to be sure, but I’d been taught how to sing by Sister Helen Agnes, the choir director at Saint Francis of Assisi Grammar School. The Green on the Green was worth a round of drinks. My good friend Dom Raffaele was with me. This was at the beginning of Dom’s passing as an Irishman phase. As he did to much of my crazy stuff, Dom just shook his head back and forth as if to say, Can you believe this guy? I ordered a Jameson neat with Black back for the both of us then stood up and blared out Kevin Barry. The Southie Provos booed and stamped their feet when I sang the part where,

“Just before he faced the hangman, in his dreary prison cell,
British soldiers tortured Barry Just because he would not tell
all the names of his companions, and other things they wished to know,
'Turn informer or we'll hang you!' Proudly Barry answered 'No!'
Shoot me like an Irish Soldier, do not hang me like a dog.”

After the song and after the hooting and cheering quieted down, and after the second round of Jamison and black arrived, the pub quieted down. I heard Pat Summerall, the kicker turned CBS football expert, blare out from all three TVs, “…and receiving the opening kickoff for The Cleveland Browns will be Leroy Kelley, a rookie from Morgan State.” I paid close attention as Summeral continued, “This is Kelly’s first game, first play.” Leroy received the opening kickoff and ran it back 95 yards for a touchdown. I ran too, all around Harvard Gardens, telling the Irishmen how Leroy was a kid from Fernhill Park and how I knew him when he and his brother Harold came up to play on the swings and bars with Jimmy Palmer and Irving and the other kids from Roberts Avenue. The Irish rebels, all now ready to fight for the honor of The New York Giants, suddenly looked at me like I’d transformed into an informer. One problem was that I had sung the Irish songs in my mother’s brogue, and exchanged short bits of conversation with the lads, saying things like, “God save us and guard us,” so at least some of boyos believed I was directly over Kilkenney. Now they knew the truth. The free drinks stopped, but Dom and I managed to get out of The Harvard Gardens okay. We walked up the street to a pub called Shenanigans. At halftime I stood up and started out with, “I’ve been a wild rover for many a year, and I spent all me money on whiskey and beer…” Like that.
Jack Brogan, Joe:It's truth that doesn't travel well, [08-30-2011]

This webmaster seems to thinks he is above reproach. He singles out people by name if they offend HIS sense of right because he's LEFT. I can't believe he singles out one person while totally ignoring the attacks by some ON that person.
Anon [08-30-2011]

Teri Ann Evans Ireland: Thank you so much for that great memory that included three of the most wonderful people in my life. My mother was a woman who never had a bad word to say about anyone. My mother would always say to me, “Joey, when someone talks behind your back, your backside will answer.” It sounded so much better in Italian. My Dad, was one who never went to church on Sunday, golf was much more important. Than I went to Vietnam, and my dad went to church everyday until the day he died. He was a man of few words, but when he spoke he made you think. Than there is my sister Quinta. There are no words to describe an angel. I must include her husband Stan, who never left her side. Thanks so much for the memory. Yes, I pray to all of them every night, and think of them every day. Joe D’Agostino
Joe DAgostino [08-30-2011]

OMG. Someone on the blog is telling us to arm ourselves with concealed weapons. The Barbarians are at the Gate! (And we know what color they are.) Webmaster, how could this maniac slip by your censorship? As proof: There's no crime in Switzerland, we are told, because they're all armed. The racist tone of that Blog ought not be tolerated. "Greek" picnics and "flash" mobs. We all know what you're talking about. My own Irish ancestors were part of some mobs and "gatherings" in Philadelphia, to be sure, and they were the victims of the "Know Nothings," too, with quite a few deaths all around. Do we really want to bring back those times? A call to rally white people on this Blog to carry weapons is more than yelling "FIRE" in a crowded Sal's Steak Shop.It's unprecedented. Webmaster, don't fall for this guy's not-so-subtle racist rants. The NRA don't live on this Blog.
Joe Lynch--He's as dumb as a salad bar. [08-30-2011]

The posting is not in violation of our terms.

Rich, Very nice ! Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-30-2011]

Rich Patrizi, may the prayers of many old friends give you and your brother Al some comfort.
Del Conner [08-30-2011]

Tom Cusack - thanks for stopping in to see Al, He always enjoys your company. Rich patrizi
Rich Patrizi [08-30-2011]

Rick Lobs - Al has been having respiratory problems and they have become very serious at this point. He lives in upper Roxboro. Rich Patrizi
Rich Patrizi [08-30-2011]

Dom Raff: If you are looking for my brother John, he is alive and well and living in Connecticut.
Peg McGeehan Johnson, Hatfield PA [08-30-2011]

Rick Lobs my brother Linn Wilson lives in King of Prussia.
Dottie Wilson Cummmings [08-30-2011]

Hello G-towners! I'm thinking about the last hurricaine that affected Germantown while I still lived there and that was hurricaine Donna in 1960. I remember being sent home from Immaculate; I think I was starting the 4th grade that year. I had on one of those yellow slicker rain coats and boots because I had to walk home to Haines street which was a little bit of a walk and seemed like it was longer with the wind and rain blowing that day. We didn't get a direct hit but we were in a serious band of weather created by the storm. That storm battered Long Beach Island and it hit my Aunt and Uncles's home in Tuckerton, N.J.. They had a little one floor, two bedroom bungalow that also had a boat dock and a small fishing pier that sat on a lagoon that led out to Little Egg Harbor bay. Well, my mom and dad got a call from them and said they were going down to inspect the place. When they got there it was devastated; water almost to the ceiling and muck everywhere. My dad proceeded to go down there to help out, but nothing could be saved. They also lost their boat somewhere out in the bay I would imagine, as it broke loose from the trailor. I remember my dad coming home from there and describing how the homes in that area looked. I don't think my aunt and uncle fully recovered from the shock of that storm and that place never seemed the same again. They sold it not long after that storm after rebuilding. Back in G-town, I remember coming home from that long walk from school and being drenched by the rain. I had water in my shoes and water down my clothing even though I had a raincoat on. The wind had blown the rain down through the hood of my coat and soaked me through my clothing. Needless to say, that storm created havoc in the neighborhood for a couple of days. The only other hurricaine I can recall, although not very well, was Hazel in 1955 or 56. Just some slight memory of sever wind and rain but not much else. Anybody else with a memory of Donna or Hazel? Take care everybody!
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [08-30-2011]

Paul Borian, I am happy that Long Shot Louie never stoned The Bor,Rocky,or Goo. The Hollow still lives.
anonymous [08-30-2011]

Then we had the fiasco in Powellton village when the MAYOR gave the word to drop the bomb on the 'MOVE MOVEMENT'. Ed Burke: That bomb was dropped on Osage Avenue, not Powellton Village. Powellton Village happened prior to Osage Avenue, under Frank Rizzo, and the only casualty was officer James Ramp.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [08-30-2011]

Not trying to throw gas on the fire, but, I believe most if not all Christian religions consider homosexuality "Wrong". I believe the only thing that has changed is the stance that being gay, in of itself is not sinful, as long as the person doesn't engage in any sexual activity.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [08-30-2011]

To Anonymous remarks to Cooter: The Catholic Church never taught, and still does not, that homosexuality is sinful. Homosexuality is a condition or a disposition, not an action. The Catholic Church along with other Christian religions that don't compromise the bible, teaches that homosexual practice is sinful just as it teaches that adultery and sex outside of marriage are sinful. Whether you agree with them or not does not matter. I just wanted to clarify this issue but not to start an argument.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-30-2011]

Hey Joe, you got it wrong. Dont take it personally since there is more than 1 Joe on this site.
Gman [08-30-2011]

Rich Patrizi, I will keep your brother in my prayers.
Dottie Wilson Cummmings [08-29-2011]

marie, the laundromat which used to be a unity grocery store for years on haines was owned by Boo's brother tommy. tommy also owned a shower/locker house with a hot dog/hamburger stand in front of it on Pine ave on the beach in wildwood. it is no longer there. if you go down on the beach it is all covered over. In around 1960 i remember the priest from Holy Rosary taken the altar boys down to tommys.
anonymous [08-29-2011]

Hi Kevin, I agree with you about not to many of us cowtowners coming onto this site ... but, Im sure there are plenty of them reading these many posts every day. I loved cowtown and growing up there . I have many fond memories of life there with my cousins and friends. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-29-2011]

Hi to all you Germantowners ... I hope all of you survived Irene with not too much of a problem and are safe and dry in your homes ... the weekend was a wash for sure but as long as we have our health and our families thats all that counts. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-29-2011]

Don't know if this will work but I thought it was worth the try. This is the one of the best presentations of the sixties I have ever seen online. Just click on the link below and sit back to enjoy the memories. If you're not old enough to have been there, feel free to pass it on to someone who was. Fortunately, this presentation features a "pause" and "reverse" function in case your eyes can't take it in fast enough! (Like me for instance!) Click on "the sixties" below: http://objflicks.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm =
Joe Leone [08-29-2011]

lou ! i remember when that all happen the stone ! wow !that was a long time !like 63 years now . is joe still with us ? they were good years at st. michael.lots of good times. great story . frank .
FRANK, lansdale [08-29-2011]

Long ago and far away, in a land that time forgot.
Before the days of Dylan, or the dawn of Camelot.
There lived a race of innocents, and they were you and me.

For Ike was in the White House in that land where we were born.
Where navels were for oranges, and Peyton Place was porn.

We longed for love and romance, and waited for our Prince.
Eddie Fisher married Liz, and no one's seen him since.

We danced to 'Little Darlin,' and sang to 'Stagger Lee'.
And cried for Buddy Holly in the Land That Made Me, Me.

Only girls wore earrings then, and 3 was one too many.
And only boys wore flat-top cuts, except for Jean McKinney.

And only in our wildest dreams did we expect to see.
A boy named George with Lipstick, in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We fell for Frankie Avalon, Annette was oh, so nice.
And when they made a movie, they never made it twice..

We didn't have a Star Trek Five, or Psycho Two and Three.
Or Rocky-Rambo Twenty in the Land That Made Me, Me.

Miss Kitty had a heart of gold, and Chester had a limp.
And Reagan was a Democrat whose co-star was a chimp.

We had a Mr. Wizard, but not a Mr. T.
And Oprah couldn't talk yet, in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We had our share of heroes, we never thought they'd go.
At least not Bobby Darin, or Marilyn Monroe.

For youth was still eternal, and life was yet to be,
And Elvis was forever in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We'd never seen the rock band that was Grateful to be Dead,
And Airplanes weren't named Jefferson, and Zeppelins were not Led.

And Beatles lived in gardens then, and Monkees lived in trees.
Madonna was Mary in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We'd never heard of microwaves, or telephones in cars.
And babies might be bottle-fed, but they were not grown in jars.

And pumping iron got wrinkles out, and 'gay' meant fancy-free.
And dorms were never co-Ed in the Land That Made Me, Me.

We hadn't seen enough of jets to talk about the lag.
And microchips were what was left at the bottom of the bag.

And hardware was a box of nails, and bytes came from a flea.
And rocket ships were fiction in the Land That Made Me, Me.

Buicks came with portholes, and side shows came with freaks.
And bathing suits came big enough to cover both your cheeks.

And Coke came just in bottles, and skirts below the knee.
And Castro came to power near the Land That Made Me, Me.

We had no Crest with Fluoride, we had no Hill Street Blues.
We had no patterned pantyhose or Lipton herbal tea

Or Prime-time ads for those dysfunctions
in the Land That Made Me, Me.

There were no golden arches, no Perrier to chill.
And fish were not called Wanda, and cats were not called Bill

And middle-aged was 35 and old was forty-three.
And ancient were our parents in the Land That Made Me, Me.

But all things have a season, or so we've heard them say.
And now instead of Maybelline we swear by Retin-A.

They send us invitations to join AARP.
We've come a long way, baby, from the Land That Made Me, Me.

So now we face a brave new world in slightly larger jeans.
And wonder why they're using smaller print in magazines.

And we tell our children's children of the way it used to be.
Long ago and far away in the Land That Made Me, Me.

If you didn't grow up in the fifties
You missed the greatest time in history.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
rich, Huntingdon Valley PA [08-29-2011]

Good night, Irene - hope all are safe.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [08-29-2011]

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Earthquakes and Hurricanes,
F You!
Irene, you are not a dream, you are a nightmare!
Paul Borian, Another Happy Hollow poet laureate. [08-29-2011]

I know about cowtown [been there],Pulaskitown [was a bus boy at Cranes in the 60's]was'nt there a dogtown?
anonymous [08-29-2011]

I visited Al yesterday at Chestnut Hill Hospital and he is very sick ... I echo what Al's younger brother Rich said in his blog yesterday .. keep Al in your prayers.
Tom Cusack [08-29-2011]

Joe D;Agostino...I rarely post on this site, however today I had to send you a quick memory. Listening to the news I have heard LBI mentioned multiple times. I was thinking of a time back in 1970-1972 when your Mom and Dad, somehow loaded 6 kids from Know St ( 4 grandsons) and 2 girls) into a car and drove us to the new house on LBI. It was the most beautiful house I had ever seen.We went on the beach and your Dad taught us about everything from tides to sea shells.We sat on the deck as your Mom and Dad tossed the salad, and prepared the spaghetti with the sauce that traveled from your sister Quintas kitchen to LBI I am not certain but I think you may have been in Vietnam at the time. I can remember your Mom standing on the deck and looking towards the beach saying "God Bless Joey".You had a wonderful family Joe. Quinta was the most kind,loving person I have EVER known.I think of her often. Quinta was my son's God Mother, I tell his children about her all the time, I wish they would have had the chance to Have known her, and your parents. My thoughts are with you and your family during the storm. Be safe. Teri Ann Evans Ireland traveled from your sister Quintas kitchen to LBI
Teri Evans Ireland [08-29-2011]

TO Cooter in NC: Joey Vento's parents wouldn't have ordered anything in Italian, b/c they learned to speak English when they came here - which is what Joey Vento thought everyone should do. Incidentally, it drives me crazy when they say, "Press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish?" Was this done for any other nationality? As for homophobia, remember that back in the day, most of the Christian religions (including the Catholic Church) considered homosexuality a sin - therefore, if you were a good Christian, you abhored homosexuality. We've learned a lot since then and so have most of the religions.
anonymous [08-29-2011]

Frank Klock...Thank you. Your Poem was beautiful. As I sit here in my living room, waiting and hoping for a great storm,I listen to Bob Dylan,introducing him to my grandsons, and telling them stories of the incredible jam sessions at my tiny apartment in Roxborough..the extrem talents of my brother Ears, John Hennigan, Roy Bateman,and many others.I remember Ears sharing your poems with us, and I remember you. Thank for making me smile today. Teri Evans Ireland
Teri Evans Ireland [08-29-2011]

Joey's in a better neighborhood now, even better than South Philly or . . . Germantown. I think I implied that in my blog. He's with people of color and people with linguistic failings. He doesn't have to order the rolls at 6 AM or get to the 8 o'clock mass on the the Feast of the Assumption anymore. He's with the people he served for all those years, "With or Without." I hope to have as high a place in heaven as Joey Vento. But, I will not be a dart board for ludicrous remarks about linguistic purity, political correctness and grandiose notions of the way we were. Joey is buried today, in the eye of a hurricane, in the week of an earthquake. He is buried from the Cathedral with hundreds of mourners and and a Who's Who of the powerful and elite of Philadelphia. "Without. . Joey!" RIP
Joe Lynch--Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night. [08-29-2011]

Pearl I can't produce a photo but I can attest to Dairy Maid being located at Germantown and Maple Wood avenues. Occasionally while shopping on the avenue my mom would treat me to a banana split there. I believe the candy was on the first floor and the ice cream and such was upstairs on the second floor.

Not Positive does anyone remember? I saw you often walking with your Mother to visit your Dad (Issy) at Solars. Was Mr. Solar your uncle? Everyone adored your grandfather the show maker, Benny Wise. Your family were always very pleasant to all of your customers.

JBS thanks always for your post and your kind words Jack, love your father and son post. You painted a Norman Rockwell in our minds

Dom Raff spell check, grammar check...literate maybe?

Johnny boy where are you?

Hi Sue and Jr.
Dom Raff, same [08-29-2011]

About Joey Vento.. As you suggested Joe, his parents may not have mastered the English language right away,but their intention was not to change the language in their new country. They didn't have the language option when making phone calls, or when reading their utility bills. They weren't given handouts, nor did they expect any. They came here through Ellis Island and entered legally. They needed a sponsor. They did it the right way and raised their children to be contributors to this country and not takers. It was a different America then, a country that offered much for those who worked to obtain it. Joey may not have had the most eloquent manner of saying things, but he was right on the mark. You didn't get any politically correct psycho babble from him. He loved this country and was on the right track for it's preservation.
anonymous [08-29-2011]

Gman: I don't "Know it all" as you stated. But I have run my own business and know how difficult it is when someone that speakes another tongue came into my store. I also know the Vento Family on a personal level and agree with everything Joey Vento was trying to accomplish. I've always been and will always be controversial but those that know me know that I will stand up for my beliefs. They also know that I try and be as respectful as those I'm responding to but make no mistake I will not be intimidated by their "edjumacation" (popeye) or beliefs in an on-line venue. I resent your "But you seem to know it all" Comment. I consider that as an attack on me personally that the webmaster once again, seemingly ignored.
Joe Graber [08-29-2011]

I wrote to Mr. Graber offline regarding my application of the website policy.

Frank: I appreciate the kind words in your last post and any understanding of literature and poetry emanated from my wife,Ludmila, who was a scholar. Ludmila was from Argentina and I wonder if she would have supported Joe Lynch's position on Joe Vento and the language controversy. When I was in Germany, I spoke German but the Frauleins liked to practice English and many times when they said no, they really meant to say yes. In Paris, I loved it when The French would say Wee,Wee-that could be confusing. I walk in the mall and I hear more Spanish,Russian, and Indians talking their language than English. I had 4 years of Latin,and I could not use Latin in latin America because The Mass was in Spanish. Frank! You are a musicologist and I say,"Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood,"-The Animals. Kevin McKernan wrote about dog-town and to keep on truckin. You hung out in Taeker's-a suburb of Dog-town and you paid your dues and listened to The Blues. You and I remember the old blues-song,"Truckin Our Blues Away". You are a Beatles Guy and with all this fudging rain coming, listen to "Here Comes The Rain",on Saturday. On Sunday,after church,play Who'll Stop The Rain By The Beatles. Your old buddy from SFA,Brother Ken, is no Gemini Guy and he likes to shoot pool on Sunday-I don't think so this Sunday. Like you, Ken likes music and he was a drummer in high school and he does march to a different drum. He is not as reserved as us if you know what I mean. A dude tried to steal his bike, and he confronted the guy and said,"I'm From Germantown,Motor Scooter". The moron retorts,"Big Deal"- I did clean up the language. It was a big deal since the police came and the old smooth talking G-town drummer had to tell the man[police] that his bike was about to be stolen. This happened in Glenside but the guy did not live in Glenside. The whole world is going crazy and I am content to hang at The Jersey Shore. Frank! Enjoy this very wet week-end,listen to good music,eat some good food,drink some Fine Wine, and hug your wife.
Bruce [08-29-2011]

Cooter - you are correct - Joey should have just worried about the money he made off his cheesesteaks. I always preferred Pat's or Jim's anyway. My brother is always right !
Bob Eastside [08-29-2011]

I don't know about you, but if there were more Joey Vento's in the world, we all would be better off. POI, whenever a Policeman or Firefighter were killed in the line of duty Joey would donate one days proceeds from Geno's steaks to the family. What's wrong with learning the language where you live? Thumbs up for Joey Vento. RIP
Dave Linn [08-29-2011]

There were three of us that spend a lot of time together: Al Patrizi, Lindy Wilson and me. Anyone know the whereabouts of Lindy Wilson? He lived on Abbotsford Ave near Wissahickon Ave.
Rick Lobs [08-29-2011]

<> I believe that is the Al Patrizi that lived almost directly across the street from me (West Clapier). May I ask where he lives and for what we should pray for him. Thanks. Rick
rick Lobs, Plymouth-Whitemarsh High 1960 [08-29-2011]

I have to chuckle as I read the posts relating to Catholic schools, personalities, and events. I grew up an Episcopalian in a sea of Roman Catholics. My home church was Calvary Episcopal at Pulaski and Manheim Streets. Well, as a grade school age boy, I remember my first visit to Saint Francis RC Church. Remember this is well before Vatican II changes. I got as far as the front door and peeked in feeling very naughty. What I saw really scared me. I saw lit candles, lots of lit candles. The flickering glow reflected up into the face of the several statues that I could see. The door was locked but believe me I would not have gone in. There is no telling what could happen to an Episcopalian at Saint Francis. I hope you find humor in that as I continue to do. Rick
arick Lobs, Plymouth-Whitemarch High 1960 [08-29-2011]

Its 6pm in central west Florida and no sign or effects of Irene as it passes out in the Atlantic near Daytona Beach but it doesn't look like all you in the northeast will be so lucky. I hope you all will take heed and listen to the experts because Irene is no joke and needs to be respected because I have seen the destruction a hurricane can cause, lots of blue tarps and bent over trees. I hope everyone in the Phila. and New Jersey area is bracing for this storm. Stay safe abd be smart.Richie SFA '64, NC'68.
Richard Pio, Born and bred in G-Town 1950-95, now in Ocala area [08-29-2011]

I knew Junie (Junior), Brian AND Mitch. LOL
Joe DePero, 54, st mikes 70, levittown [08-29-2011]

Cooter, Joey Vento never denied service to anyone. Even the Human Relations Commission came to that conclusion....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-29-2011]

How about the city of brotherly love.Anybody felt any love coming out of Filthydelphia, except for the Phillies,lately. Remember the riots back in our days,when the cops had to barracked the ghettoes. Then we had the fiasco in Powellton village when the MAYOR gave the word to drop the bomb on the 'MOVE MOVEMENT'.We should have cloned Frank Rizzo. Imagine Frank Rizzo, in charge today? Not long ago, when you couldn't walk on South st. without getting accosted by thugs, when you had your squeeze on your arm. Then the Greek festivals in Fairmount park that spilled over on South st. not that long ago. Now it's the 'Flash Mobs' beating up on any White people that venture out for a nice quiet evening! What 's next - murder and mayhem on the steets of the city we loved so dearly not so long ago. The countries of the world that have little or no crime,like Switzerland, allow all their citizens to carry sidearms at all times. It is going to turn into the Old West very shortly, in this country.Arm yourselves for your own protection, and get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Could anybody shoot one or more of these young thugs if attacked??
ed burke [08-29-2011]

Murph from Cowtown: Good to see a Cowtowner checking in here. Your section of G'town is not well represented on this site. Why? I remember a number of your neighbors /buddies that I attended St Vincent's with: The Kelly's, McDermitts and that wild and colorful Catalano clan to name but a few. Good folks! I really enjoyed the poem you referenced (that really was the way it was); you captured the moment beautifully, just as you did with a previous post on those bad, black dogs of Cowtown. Anyone that has ever confronted a junk-yard dog had to smile with that submission. Thanks for the stories and keep posting is our JB motto here, personally I prefer we all "keep trucking."
Kevin, Old St. Vincent's, '58 [08-26-2011]

I think that Boo also had laudray on Hainse St. marie
Marie Bommentre [08-26-2011]

Joe..They will remember Vento and Big Frank a lot longer than us. Many of us are thankful for people that have the moxie to stand up even though its not politically correct at the time. But you seem to know it all.
Gman [08-26-2011]

Al Patrizi is not taking phone calls. Please keep him in your prayers.
Rich Patrizi [08-26-2011]

Lived at 5025 Keyser St in Germantown from 1950-1972. Went to St Francis of Assisi and North Catholic. Worked at Kodner's Pharmacy at Wayne Ave and Seymours St, The Cupboard on Germantown ave just below Manheim St and Hugh H Eby on Stenton Ave. After my hitch in the Army (1968-1970) took a job at IRS on Roosevelt Blvd and retired from there in 2007. Currently live in Somerton section of Philly but Germantown will always be my home. Am interested in hearing from old friends from the old neighborhood. (Bill James, if you're out there, get in touch).
Kevin Dolan [08-26-2011]

Bud Ballard: I am sorry to hear that Al Patrizi is in the Chestnut Hill Hospital. Hopefully, you or Tom Cusack might have the latest up-date. Al always had a tough mental-attitude and he was a real trooper when he survived that bad crash with another member of your SFA Class-1956. Bill Lineheiser's brother,Norman, died in that accident. Bill L. was in your SFA class and Tom Cusack was in Norman's class at SFA-1954. Jack Brogan and Tom C. were also in Norman's class at LaSalle-1958. Norman's girl friend was Carol Middleton and she was knocked-out gorgeous. She lived near Joe Lynch but at that time, Joe was interested in school-work and basketball. I hope that Al gets better and can make the Buck on October 4. Have a good weekend if you don't get rained out.
Bruce Schmitt [08-26-2011]

BRUCE----- Thank you for your astute literary criticisms through the filter of friendship. your Hawk Hill pal frankie. p.s. Say hello to your Gemini Brother and ask him if he'd forward us some of his writing.
FRANK KLOCK [08-26-2011]

re Joe Vento: seems to have been the only man with the stones to try & preserve our language, he was right. The h*%l with political correctness.
anon: [08-26-2011]

Listen my chidren & you will hear a story about your Hollow brother, JOE PATTI. (circa 1948 7th grd )After school, St. Mike's play ground--after arguing with Joe, he SUCKER PUNCHED me in eye and was running away with his back to me--as I got up,I picked up a stone & yelled HEY JOE!-as he turned around,the stone hit him dead center in the forehead (25yrds away)-he yelled & grabbed his head,that had a nice visible lump where the missile hit him -next day our parents were called in, Mother Francis Anita, gave us all a stern lecture about the evils of fighting & we were punished--I said The Hand Of God guided my stone to the spot where it was intended for revenge of the sucker punch. I talked to Joe 55yrs later,& he still couldn't believe that the stone hit him from that distance--God works in strange ways. Lou Giorno.
Lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [08-26-2011]

Just a thought on Joey Vento. I wonder how old Joey would have felt if his parents tried to order a sandwich somewhere and were turned away because they only spoke Italian. Comments ?
Cooter in NC [08-26-2011]

Earthquake tremors were felt back in Germantown sometime during the early to mid-60's. As a child, I remember being awakened by the early morning tremor, which at first I thought was an oversized truck going down the street.
MEK [08-26-2011]

Ray Dawes, I am well and living in Abington. Those Trinity dances were so fun. I still see Pat McKee a few times a year. We were all so young. I hope that you are well.
Ginny Tutro Bollard [08-26-2011]

Joe Lynch: You make all viable & legitimate statements. Do not think for a minute that I was suggesting life back in the 50's and 60's was Fantasyland. To be sure there were problems back then. All I was suggesting that it was overall, for most of us a more gentler city. I don't think the current residents of Germantown and most of the city, will have the same fond memories in years to come, as we do now.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [08-26-2011]

Tommy Cusack, For a former altar boy, you had an exciting life. Your old friends were big scorers on the court but you scored big time off the court. You hung out in places like Sunken Gardens with many hussies, femme fatales,and plain Janes. You were like a kid in a candy store. You knew about tremors and earthquakes long before they hit the east coast in 2011. Now that you are old and gray what do you have to say.
anonymous [08-26-2011]

Joe Lynch: You have no clue as to who Joey Vento was to those who surrounded him. We were his neighbors in Shamong NJ. My son and Geno played together as children. We traveled to Atlantic city with him and his bride one year. He and Eileen used to come into my store in Medford. He was a wonderful man. A good Husband and a dedicated parent. He, like most of us, had strong views on some issues. But who doesn't? You dont agree with his viewpoints but many, like myself, do ! He was a great man who helped many people. Keep your politics out of this discussion and honor the good man that he was in his passing. YOU didn't know him personally and I did. I dont care if I piss you off or not nor do I care if the webmaster deletes any of this comment which he probibly will. Joey Vento was a good man. Period!
Joe Graber [08-26-2011]

Please keep the dialog civil. Mr. Lynch was expressing his opinion and you are expressing yours. Please be respectful of each other.

Joe Lynch, didn't quite understand your post, but I think you missed Joey Vento's point. Joey Vento was not that complex of an individual. His point was simple, you come to America, you learn the language just like every other immigrant had to do before you. You don't come here with the expectation that the masses are to bend and accomodate you. Think about it, if you go to France, Italy, Russia, etc., you don't go there unprepared expecting the citizens there to understand you. No, you make an attempt to communicate in the language of the land. That was Joey's point with the sign. I, for one, can understand his anger and frustration of the many that would come to his window to order a cheesesteak in their native tongue, expecting the counter people to understand them and what they ant. The gall! Remember, he never denied service to anyone, so there was never an issue of racism or discrimination. Joey Vento may have missed how things used to be, just like we miss how the Germantown we knew and loved isn't what it used to be. That's only natural, but that wasn't the point of his sign. May Joey Vento rest in peace and may his sign live on forever.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [08-26-2011]

ATTENTION Al PATRIZI is in Chestnut Hill Hospital. Call him if you can. I did not get room or telephone number.
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56 nechs 60 [08-25-2011]

Frank Baggs Klock: I liked your poem with it's relevance and rhyme- you are not getting older, you're getting more poetic. Obviously, Bob was your man, I won't tell Joan Baez if you know what I mean. I went to a concert at Temple in Ambler and Joan Baez was bashing the great poet and writer, Bob Dylan. It must have been a sensational concert with Dylan and leon Russell- Leon had to look older than Dylan. They had to do"A Hard Rain Gonna Fall". I see that some of The Henigans were at The Mann. I knew Hank Henigan from G-town and Crane's where he worked. At a Germantown Reunion at The Continental, I saw one of The Henigans- there are a few. There is a G-Town mini-reunion at The Buck on October 4. You could cruise up 95 and get off at Street Road. It would be great if some of your old buddies like John Fowler and Dave Glancey could make it. We don't have to talk about existential angst,arthritis,or the high costs of medication-if Bor Borian showed up, we could talk baseball. He was a better hitter but we remember the difference between a curve and a slider- John Payne had a problem with those pitches but I might as well have laid my bat down. It is any wonder that poetry appealed to me in the 60's. Poetry had great appeal in the 60's and it was beneficial to lads who could not dance like Cueball Cusack from SFA. I loved the story from Joe Lynch's post that he could not get served at 23 and Cueball is doing Vodka&OJ at various pick-up joints at 18. I took Joe Lynch into a cavernous joint in Center City in the 60's when he was at LaSalle and there was no problem- he was not vertically challenged. I wish they would ask me for my license when I get a senior-coffee at McDonald's. Frank! Keep trucking and 3 pucks are the hat trick- ask The Geator and obviously I read your poetry. If you make the Buck, I will bring another poet, Brother Ken, and if anybody can, Ken ken.
Bruce Schmitt [08-25-2011]

John Fleming, "the old days weren't always so good (Billy Joel)" if you were black, hispanic, handicapped or gay or were, in some way, different from the crowd. Joey Vento (RIP) could never understand how his beloved Souf Fluffya (and our beloved Germantown) neighborhoods could host such a wide array of Hmong refugees, Mexican immigrants, Asian emigres--that the city was changing fundamentally and Frank Rizzo (See the mural off 9th St.)wasn't in charge anymore. He never understood racial and social upheaval was coming to town--inevitably, and, on the stoops all over Philly, the faces would forever be a little darker, the languages a lot more exotic. (Check the merchants at the 9th St. Market.) Those first and second generations of new Philadelphians will have their own blogs, 50 years from now, and they'll remember a quirky old man who sold cheesesteaks and made a fuss about speaking "properly (in English)" when ordering his cheese steaks. Poor Joey, he became calcified in his thinking, then became a shill for extremist politics. I'll want to remember him for his charity work and contributions to the police. Joey was colorful but he was just on the wrong side of history.
Joe Lynch--Be well, do good work, and keep in touch (Garrison Keillor) [08-25-2011]

Well now everyone can say they've felt an Earthquake tremor. How about that. Surprised, when we least expect it.If you were on the East Coast, you experienced this. L A F
L.Fontana [08-25-2011]

I guess by now, most know of the passing of Joey Vento, owner of Geno's Steaks, in South Philly. Besides being known for putting out a good cheesesteak, he was known for taking a stand for "old fashioned" American ideals, most notably he wanted his customers to place their orders in English. Right or wrong, agree or disagree with him, one thing is for certain. His way of thinking is basically the way things were back in the day, that we all have been able to have such great memories of growing up in Philly. It was a time when everyone spoke English. Even the families that immigrated here and the parents didn't speak English, they insisted that their children learn English. It was a time when people had self respect for their neighborhoods, and consideration for their neighbors. While we can still have the memories, those days are long gone, and I can't see them coming back any time soon.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [08-24-2011]

Charlie peterson: It's great to see an East Germantowner check in from The Great Dairy and Bratwurst State-Wiconsin. You graduated from IC "54" with George McDermott and Frank Shaffer whom I knew from The Prep. You graduated from North with Ralph Gatto whom I knew from The Hollow and Joe Gallagher went to SFA,my alma-mater. You probaly knew them from football. I crossed paths with another classmate of yours from North,Bernie Mckernan and that dude can wear some rags. I found it interesting that you know the Spring-Lake and Sea Girt area so well since most Germantowners went to Ocean City or Wildwood for the beach. You were so fortunate to have spent so much time in The Spring Lake Area. Today, I was in Spring Lake but I had lunch at Spike's in Point Pleasant because their fish is so fresh and absolutely delicious. Yesterday, I had lunch at The Riverhouse in Brielle and the view is extraordinary. You talked about an Irish bar-restaurant in Spring-Lake but you might be talking about Rod's in Sea Girt and a guy named Frankie owns it. The Breakers on the ocean is the best place in Spring Lake. Like you, I liked the Yankee Clipper in Sea Girt on The Ocean but the owner sold it to a rich gentleman so he could raze it and build a beautiful summer-home. The towns along the shore from Avon By The Sea to Point Pleasant are great towns. Most people who go The Spring Lake Area are not Philadelphians and they root for The Yankees. Living in Wisconsin, you must miss The Jersey Shore and The Phillies and The Eagles. The folks in Wisconsin love The Packers and The Bucks have a good baseball team. You probaly knew that Herb Adderly from Germantown played for The Packers. A few of the guys on this knew him. Herb lived around the corner from me on Wissahickon ave. If The Phillies faced The Bucks, you might have mixed feelings. This year, I'm really excited about The Phillies and Joe D'Agostino thinks we might have a shot at Jim Thome-Mr. 600. You will be coming back to enjoy The Jersey Shore and have a few brews as you watch The Phillies again- they are really a great team. Two great ball players on this site, Paul Borian and Joe D'Agostino would wholeheartedly agree with that statement.
John Bruce Schmitt [08-24-2011]

Cashan's was at High and Magnolia Sts Rosie and Susie Belmonte's store was at Mortan and Mechanic Sts
anonymous [08-24-2011]

Ginny Tutro have not seen you since The Trinty dances on saturday nights. How are you.
Ray Dawes, 68 living in Oreland [08-24-2011]

I guess it was the late 60's when I used to go to Podells, and was greeted by his beautiful red Doberman. I can still hear the clicking of the dogs nail on the floor as he came to greet me.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [08-24-2011]

Pearl, the only photo I have of Dairy Maid is in my head, my Aunt Marie Beck worked there for years . It was like a Fairytale inside to us kids, especially at Easter . I can't remember ever going in & not finding the counter full of shoppers . Thanks for the memory Pearl, I hope someone post a photo .
Dolly, NE Philly [08-24-2011]

My parents held their wedding reception at Sunken Gardens in 1942. My father was a corporal in the army in Tennessee during the war, but somehow I was born in 1943. Go figure. There is not one documented case of the Japanese Air Force bombing Tennessee during my father's tour of duty. The family is proud of that. He was too old--32--to be send overseas. The younger guys used to call him "Pops" because of his advanced age. Our families--Lynches, Brogans, Raineys, Murphys--pulled together during those years of shortages and coupons and rationing. My earliest memory is living with the Brogans on Fernhill Road--families hung tough together in the war years--then we moved down the street to 4614 Fernhill Road. I remember pulling a wagon as we moved the furniture, if we had any at the time. How 2 families, 8 people lived in those small houses for a time is beyond me. Living with Jack Brogan never hurt me, though. Hand-me-downs. I had to wait for the basketball court for his sharp elboews. The last time I went to Sunken Gardens, they asked me for ID and I did not have the required card for admission. They refused me (at age 23) and I never tried to get in again, so angry was I. All those times I wasn't there, Tommy Cusack was in there drinking vodka and OJ and hustling hussies, well, If I had known then what I know now, I would have asked Goo and Rocky and Borian to rough up the place a little. Cusack, you stole the life I should have had!
Joe Lynch--I've got your back when your back's against the wall. [08-24-2011]

Tom Cusack: Cueball! This nick-name was given to you by your good friend Gerry McKeon whom you mentioned in your last post which was very good and informative. Back in the day, I remembered you from SFA when you were a clean-cut altar-boy and one of the few kids who had rapport with Father PJ McGarrity,The Legendary Pastor and Confessor from St. Francis Assissi. After reading your post, I learned that as a 18 yr. old young-in, you were hanging out in pick-up joints[Sunken Gardens, drinking potato-juice[Vodka] mixed with OJ,and some people called screw-drivers "Polish Champagne, and with this fire-water, you commenced to hit on older Femme Fatales. Lou Pauzano from The Hollow, would have taken you to Paris where you would have met The Femme Fatale from Pig Alle. At Sunken Gardens, at that time, you were a puerile and naive 18 year older who wanted to connect with a mature gorgeous babe. If you had crossed paths with the seasoned but no lounge-lizard Dan The Man Hartnett at The Gardens, he would have advised you by dint of your youth to implement The GPE Program- Go Plain Early. A Plain and Pleasant Lady would have been thrilled to connect with a lad with your very engaging personality. At 12 o' clock, she would have felt like Cinderella and you would have gone to Littleton's and being a gentleman, you would have pured the cream into her coffee. Some women like their coffee,black and strong, but at that time, these women were not right for a guy from LaSalle. Fifty years later, we are still single and our pockets still jingle-an old saying. You should hang out at The Jersey Shore where there are many mature ladies-middle-aged lassies and lovely grandmothers. Spring Lake is The Irish Riviera and you would be with your people. You are too mature for old places like The Dunes in Somers Points. Recently, I visited Somers Points and our old haunts have disappeard-Bay Shores,Tony Mart's and even Mack's where I had dinner in a different ambience. Tom! I hope to see you at The Buck-what the heck. It will be great if your good friend,Al Patrizi, shows up at this SFA event organized by Captain Bud Ballard-I will even spring for a screw-driver.
Bruce Schmitt [08-23-2011]

Ed, I believe the grocery store who was owned by Boo and Carmela Deluca was at Cosgrove and Ross. Boo had very bad eye sight. Cashan's was at Magnolia and Mechanic street. Another Steak Shop that used to be a drug store prior was at on greene street across from Vernon Park. here they had fountain soda's. It was called Buddy's Luncheonette.
louoldies [08-23-2011]

@ Andy--how about Marlows on the corner of chew and woodlawn [just down from chew tavern]Coop's [next to yearsley post] Chuck & Bill's Armat & Heiskell
anonymous [08-23-2011]

ATTENTION JOHN BRUCE SCHMITT and TOM CUSACK please e-mail me. I need to ask some questions regards upcoming luncheon oballard89@aol.com
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56 nechs 60 [08-23-2011]

Latest Phillies Rumor: Jim Thome is coming back for the playoffs. Reason: The Twins know he is at the end of his career and he already got his 600 home runs. Reason #2 Charlie loves the guy and needs a left handed bat coming off the bench. Reason # 3 In the playoffs he would make a great des-ignated hitter. Reason # 4 Charlie wants him to have a chance to get his World Series ring before he retires. Let’s hope it happens, for Jim Thome is one of the real class acts in all of baseball. Joe DAgostino
Joe DAgostino [08-23-2011]

Arlene McMahan, I remember Cashman's Grocery Store on Gtn. Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Cashman were very nice and very hard-working people. The store was opened from early morning until very late at night.
Ginny Tutro Bollard [08-23-2011]

anonymous! I knew Junior&Brian "WHAT'S UP"
Mitch, g- town, born here & still here, i'm a " 57 " henigan [08-23-2011]

To Andy Anderson---The bar your thinking of was BUZZ Colemans -corner of Chew & Woodlawn Aves. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Mr G Dos [08-23-2011]

Lorraine Cupo Kelly: Podell's was on the corner of 66th Ave. and Stenton. Eastburn Ave. ran behind it. Now I remember Smitty's. I remembered the place in the middle of the block but the name didn't register. I used to work at Dave's grocery store at Stenton and Narragansett, right up the corner. It was one of those Unity Frankford stores that every neighborhood had. He had the oldest cash register that I ever saw. It had a hand crank used to operate it. Generally it wasn't needed as the math for most transactions was done on the back of a brown paper bag. A separate piece of paper was used to record transactions that you paid at the end of the week. What a different time that was.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [08-23-2011]

Annonymous, My family and I lived up the street from Bakers Drug store and many Friday nights we would be treated to ice cream cones and pretzels ... it was such a wonderful treat especially on those hot summer evenings. Mr. and Mrs Baker were always very nice especially Mr. Baker . I loved getting a glass of seltzer water which they would only give me if my Mother would order it for me. :>) Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [08-22-2011]

(for sue and mitch henigan)
bob dylan at the mann center and his review of audience member frankie baggs

bob talks of frankie

i like the drone,
the idling,shiftless wag,
the wastrel
who will neither toil nor spin,
the winking one,
the philosophic brag,
because his art and mine
are neither kith nor kin.

i like to watch
his windy,wagging jowls,
to hear his lavish lies
enhance a tale,
to mark him when his eyes
grow large as owls,
to add their magic
when inventions fail.

i like his loud guffaws,
his quick disdain
when some duller mind intrudes
to question the malady of brain
that works in such beguiling latitudes.

i like his vain composure
and his lies,
and fear the truth will triumph
when he dies.

frankie talks of bob

the best singer/songwriter
our country's ever had.
and i love the way bob bops
around the stage
like "the geator"
in a cowboy hat.

tangled up in "goo", frankie baggs.
FRANK KLOCK [08-22-2011]

Anyone remember Al[Junior]Judge or Brian Widmaier from Seymor St.
anonymous [08-22-2011]

Love our Germantown. Does anyone have a photo of the Dairy Maid on Maplewood Avenue and Germantown Avenue? Someone disputed its existence and I need proof it was indeed there, and beautifully so.
Pearl (Carman) Plavin, 72 years old, an avid old Germantowner, lived near Happy Hollow on Wayne Avenue, grandfather - Bennie Wise, Shoemaker:4938 Wayne Avenue. I'm a Fitler Elementary School, Roosevelt Jr. High and Germantown High gal. I lived on Wayne Avenue between Clapier and Seymour Sts. It was the best! [08-22-2011]

I remember two farmers who would come. One was Eddie Damn who had a small truck and then the other farmer would come on Sat. in a large walk in truck that my gram. would go and sit in while she ordered from the farmer who wore grey coveralls. Anyone else remember Cashman's grocery store on Gtn. Ave. below "Spring Alley" and also Jack's Fruit Stand. (late 1950's.)
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [08-22-2011]

nowhere does any brochure, website, whatever speak to access by car or parking. If there is no parking, please come right out and say so.
Melissa [08-22-2011]

When visiting Wyck, park on West Walnut Lane or Germantown Ave. (metered parking).

The drug store on Chelten & Heiskell was Sams and Bakers was on Armat & Morton. Joanne from cowtown
joanne [08-22-2011]

Sunken Gardens ... this was the first club my good friend, Gerry McKeon, took me to after I "field tested" my new age cards at Herb's Bar (a subject of an earlier, rambling and rather verbose blog ) Gerry said that I should order a "7 & 7" because I had no idea of what to order and I hated the taste of beer. I was now ready at the age of 18 to convince the bartender at "Sunkies" that I was 23 since that is what my age cards said I was. I ordered a 7 & 7 in my best baritone (phony) voice and lo and behold ... he never blinked and I got my drink! I realized that I had crossed the threshold and was now entering the club scene. I even asked a few of the lovely ladies to dance and that worked out well so I figured I am on my way ... then I asked this drop dead gorgeous redhead to dance and she told me "Get lost, Kid" .... and that brought me back down to earth real quick. No matter ... I had entered a new phase of my social life and it started at "Sunkies" .... fond memories.
Tom Cusack [08-22-2011]

Bud .. I look forward to hanging out with the SFA crowd at the Buck Hotel in October ... thanks for organizing this .. always a good time.
Tom Cusack [08-22-2011]

Orville I will be there. Roy is chec king his calander
Ray Dawes, st fran 57 [08-22-2011]

Dan The Man Hartnett: For a guy who is steeped in philosophy and philosophy and is known to frequent some of The Fine Restaurants in Bucks County, you knew some characters in your long travels. You and Thomas Goony Walsh must have drunk the same water[firey?] since your early years were spent in Tioga. You also knew the legendary warriors from East Germantown-Nicky L. and Jackie F. In your last post, you mentioned one of those characters from The Hollow, Bob LaValle, who was friendly with Paul Borian and Jack Brogan. Bob L. was also friendly with my brother Urban[cactus Jack] since they were classmates at SFA. Cactus Jack and Bob were a couple of feisty guys and they always liked to give me advice. Bob told me to stay away from some of the dudes that Jack traveled with since they could get eccentric when they had some firewater. Bob had street-smarts and I did have some ugly encounters which I survived because I had acquired some good defensive skills and I was sober. At night,we played football at Stenton Park and Jack advised me to shrug off Bob's tough hits because he would not intervene if we had an altercation. Jack was no rocket-scientist and I did not need his excellent advice since I had seen Bob get in a hook-out at The Hollow with The Legendary Goo Guarinello and Hollow people would know what that was all about. Bob also told me anybody who dissed John Berkery was stupid. Big John had a shop across from The Hollow where you could get your clothes cleaned . Bob's point was don't complain if your clothes arrived late. Dan! I can't believe the characters that came out of G-town. I liked Kevin McKernan's anecdote about Bernie jumping out of the window with his umbrella-great prep for a paratrooper,maybe A Screaming Eagle. We should visit Bernie on his yacht in Annapolis and we can bring some Fine Wine-but no dancing girls since you lads are happily married. I am too old to be burning up Spring Lake but The Ben Franklins in my pocket are not burning any Hole- you know how The Lace Curtain Irish are. Good luck with your computer and you know what you are doing. When I push the wrong button, I take my Apple to the local Geek and those Franklins are not burning any holes in my pockets. Dan! You and Bernie can make it happen-"The Eastern Shore and Crab-Cakes.
JBS [08-22-2011]

Anon - Wow! '74 was a full 12 years after I had left. The neighborhood must have really been in transistion then. There were several bars in the neighborhood as I remember - Chew Tavern, The Idle Hour, and Mickey Maguire's. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the bar right on the corner. Maybe someone else can help us with the name of that place. The Picadilly Inn rings absolutely no bells with me. Andy
Andy Anderson, ICS '58/CDHS '62, USN '62 -'66 - Longwood, FL [08-22-2011]

Anonymous,the Drug Store on the corner of Heiskell and Chelten Ave was called Sam's,Pete steak shop came much later,Sam's had a great soda fountain,he was a very nice man,we had 2 Drug Store and 2 Italian food store's that we could walk too great memories.Sandy,Cowtown
Sandy Cipriano [08-22-2011]

Gman, Thanks for jogging my memory about Podells. As you described it in your post, I pictured it as though it were yesterday. I can see the store; but am unable to name the street on which it was located. Podell's chocolate nut sundae ($.35) was delicious & a real treat on a hot summer's day. Dan H, Smitty's was a very small store located in the middle of the block on Narragansett (sp?) Street. I used to cross E. Haines St. (1333), go to my aunt Josephine's & uncle Victor's house (1326); enter their front door & exit their back door. This route was the shortest & led to the alleyway separating Haines from Narragansett. I would walk a few steps to the left & arrive at Smitty's. It was also the best route to take during inclement weather. Mostly, I would be sent to Smitty's for a loaf of bread and/or any other dinner emergency that would arise around 4:30 p.m. Smitty's also had a "cold cut" counter. I remember being sent there to buy bologona for the "fried bologna" sandwiches my mom would make on a Sat. afternoon. My mom would make the fried bologna with a tomato sauce; put a few slices, (with gravy/sauce) on fresh, white Wonder bread......mmmmmm......haven't thought about that in YEARS! Another Saturday afternoon treat would be a sandwich made with Italian cold cuts (usually from Salenzi's). The sandwich would be made with prosciutto; capocollo; Genoa salami and a very sharp provolone cheese. When you placed all of the above ingredients on a fresh baked Italian roll, added a few drops of EVOO, along with a few hot, Italian cherry peppers, you didn't just have a sandwich, you had a MEAL! Of course, this was way before we ever had to worry about our cholesterol. Thanks for the memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [08-22-2011]

John Bruce Schmitt, This is aside from Germantown but you mention Spring Lake quite often. I lived in Sea Girt from 79 to 83. I was GM of the Seaview Square Mall in Ocean, NJ and a member of the Sea Girt fire department. Spring Lake and Sea Girt were, and still are, awesome places to live, play and "hang out". My favorite hangout was the Yankee Clipper in Sea Girt. It was on the beach and the "go to" place for years until it was torn down and replaced by a private residence. I also frequented an Irish bar/restaurant (go figure) in Spring Lake. Can't think of the name. I always return to Sea Girt and Spring Lake every year when we visit our family in Philly and NJ from our home in Wisconsin.
Charlie Peterson, IC '54, NC '58 LaSalle '71 [08-22-2011]

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