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July 21-31, 2011

Dom Raff's mention of a party in Lou' cellar reminded me of a small birthday party I had. Must have been 6th or 7th grade, which would have been Dec '54 or '55. My classmates and friends Barbara Botta and Edna Langjar, who both lived in Nicetown, were there. I wonder what paths their lives have taken.... Watching from here the shenanigans in Washington; and I thought OUR parliament here in Australia was a rabble!
Catherine Manning Muir, Outback Oz [07-30-2011]

I forgot one of the better players in the Ferhill BB league ... John Fowler ... a really good all around player who played for North Catholic. One of our more prominent bloggers, Bruce Schmidt, did not play in this league. Although Bruce played at many different courts in the area and left his mark on each one of them (mostly black and blue), this is one league that he did not grace us with his presence. I would imagine his work commitments prevented it .. but Bruce could play some ball, and very physical at that.
Tom Cusack [07-30-2011]

Joe Lynch: As you are aging, you and Bor[PB] have gotten quite creative in your writing notwithstanding the fact you were a couple of jocks back in the day. On this site, I was accused of being afraid of Bor who has a PHD in Nuttology. Bor was nutting you and you go after me. With your great education at LaSalle, why should you be afraid of a Nova guy. Also, Bor is either reading the Daily News at The Beach or cutting his grass at his estate in Doylestown and you are still very engaged in the writng profession. Being Jesuit educated, I am not going down the nutting or busting trail but I am going to give you some straight talk. Most of the time when we played ball at Fernhill, I was on your team and you always wanted the ball and you wanted me to d-up your rival,The Great Bill Haas. Bill was known as a baseball player but he was All-Inter AC Basketball in his sophmore year at GA. We usually won in those pick-up games and you outscored Bill H. because you were getting timely passes from me and I was able to get Big Bill off his game- Bill and Duncan Hubley always went left. I came to Fernhill to play ball and I wanted to win and I wanted to stay on the court- it was ok if you scored the most points. You liked to team up with Pat McIlhinney and you were both deadly shooters. The 3 of us go way back. I remember playing ball in an All Star Game at Lower Moreland High School in Willow Grove. I had 26 points in that game and I was double-teamed. Pat had 6 points in that game and I score 4x more points than both of you combined- I do know that 7x4=28. In our games at Fernhill, I could have gunned the ball but I was always dishing off to you baseline because it was good % shot for you. There was a reason, I wore combat boots at Fernhill. One of your friends,Neal McElroy, was a good soccer player and he would kick people when we were going up for a rebound in basketball. I am a rational and logical person and I did not want to punch Neal and be a bully. Neal must have received a good education at Textile since he never kicked me when I was wearing my boots. Joe! You have a good memory and I did have 2 girl friends from Broad& Erie but they both liked green dresses. Back in the day, You and I were in a joint in Center City[The Underground] and one of the ladies had a red dress. She wanted to take us to a party and have some fun but we were good Catholic kids and headed home and got up the next morning and hit The Rail[Holy Communion]. I wondered what would have happened if Cueball Cusack had been with us. He is a chick-magnet and I went to a bistro with him and all the lassies wanted to talk to him. A jealous individual goes after me since I have glasses and was wearing a jacket with a handkerchief. Cueball will tell you that he is vertically challenged but he broke up the altercation convincingly-he sounded like a connected Joe Pesci. You and Cueball and all those Fernhillers were a bunch of characters. You and The Fernhillers had good rapport with the ladies but Bob Kephart was the man. I can only imagine the parties that he had on his yacht in recent years. Joe! You are pretty good when it comes to busting and nutting but The Bor is The Man although he gave Bob D'Angelo some good advice-"Stay Out Of The Sun".
Bruce Schmitt [07-30-2011]

A very wise man once told me that “once a word leaves your mouth, you can never pull it back in.” He also told me that in an argument the “one that yells the loudest is usually wrong”. When I read some of the “off topic” posts on this site I always think of that wise man. He was a world traveler (in his mind) and could tell stories of places in Germantown that made your imagination run. He made people think and had a way of making a trip to the Schuylkill river become an adventure. He was a teacher, a writer and long time ago a radio announcer. He was also named Philadelphia Man Of The Year in 1954. We sometimes criticize others, but forget to look at ourselves. Words came out of my mouth many times that I am sure hurt people, and I know I had yelled much louder than my opponent in arguments. Guess I was the guilty one. I look at things different after my time in Vietnam and firmly believe that “if it’s not my wife, it’s not my life, it’s not that important. That wise man has left me, but my cousin’s the D’Angelo'’s will attest at how smart my Father was. Sorry for the “Off topic” post, but let’s all move on to more about Germantown.After all, we lived in a very unique area. Joe DAgostino- GHS 1965 .
Joe DAgostino [07-30-2011]

question - has anyone's post been edited by the webmaster ? if you are making a valid point clear of any controversial comments why is the webmaster deciding on what gets published ? I thought all comments were welcomed ?
Bob Eaastside [07-30-2011]

The webmaster reserves the right to omit sections of postings that include personal attacks.

lou,sorry i miss you.it would have been great to see you.i still remember the eight grade party in your cellar.seeing you on the site brings back a lot of good memories.i'm only working occasionally with a friend who teaches culinary programs in north jersey.hello to your brother albert.love all the gtn.stories.dom raff
dom raff, same [07-29-2011]

I always enjoy reading this blog … from all the neighborhoods, not just the one I grew up in (Fernhill Park & Happy Hollow). Based on what I read, I sometimes I get the urge to post some reminiscences and this is one of those times. The time frame is the late 50’s early 60’s at Fernhill Park, a place where I loved to play basketball, and hang out. Although the Fernhill basketball court drew a lot of players, and a lot of good ones at that, we never had a summer league. Plus the court needed some work (new nets, lines painted). A bunch of us got together, formed a league and upgraded the court with new nets and repainted lines. Close to 50 players signed up. We picked the most talented six players we could agree on as captains, and held a round robin draft of all players that signed up, with the captains picking their team. There were about 7 or 8 players on each team, some in high school, and some out of high school. This was a real competitive league and a lot of fun to play in. It lasted for a couple of years as I recall. One of the captains was Ralph Gatto. He was one of those players that made everyone around him a better player … plus he was a real pleasure to be around. His team won it a couple of years. Another captain was Leroy Kelly (the NFL Hall of Famer). He was also a nice guy and a really good player who won the scoring title one year. His brother Harold, who later played baseball for the Orioles and White Sox, also played in the league and he had a dead eye left handed jump shot. Although I can’t remember all the players that were in the league, here are a few: Pat McIlhinney and Joe Walsh (first class jump shots), Jimmy Flynn, Al Patrizi, Bobby Kephart, Joe Lynch (a complete and talented ballplayer that later played for LaSalle), his brother Tommy Lynch, Joe Fries, Joe Gallagher, Eddie Durkin from the Hollow (the one from Clapier St.), Mike Sweeney, Frank Klock, Duncan Hubley … and so many more that I can’t remember. What I do remember is a lot of good memories of Fernhill Park and the spirited competition on the court. Believe me, I was not one of the better players there (vertically challenged for openers … also a lack of talent), but there was a place for all caliber of players there. Lots of fond memories ...
Tom Cusack, I could have been really good if I was a foot taller [07-29-2011]

These baseball games Borian talks about (Me with 4 errors) are in his mind only. If I committed 4 errors at shortstop, allowing 8 runs in front of Goo-Goo, my crumbled, lifeless body would have been, the next day, at the foot of the cliff. I've said so often on this blog that memory is faulty EXCEPT when the memory is about me scoring many points in basketball games against Schmitty on the cement courts at the Hollow with the wire mesh backboards. OK, OK, I was a few inches taller and I was wearing sneakers (he, the familiar combat boots) and he had just doubled shifted at Vicks, making Vapo-Rub so children could sleep at night. OK, OK, maybe he had just broken up with his girlfriend ( the-girl-in-the-red-dress, Little Roe), lost his PTC transfer and had to walk from Broad and Erie, dodging "red cars" who had his #, OK, OK, Schmitty was tired from First Friday Mass (Make 9 consecutive First-Friday-of-the-Month Masses and you go straight to heaven when you die--immediately!), OK, OK, I made him carry a bucket of water when he guarded me, OK, OK, he gave me a 10 point lead in a game of "21," OK,OK, he was on crutches, OK,OK, after a Sal's cheese steak,a Schenk's donut, a Moe's Yoo-Hoo, and a thorough reading of the Daily News box scores. .
Joe Lynch/One can never get enough of the school of life.--Ivan Doig [07-29-2011]

Bob D'Angelo...You are such a young pup! Tony and I got ten years on you.Now I know how you were able to do double duty in the 100 plus heat and humidity.I trust that you were satisfied with your golf game that Sat.morning.If not,you have a legitimate excuse.I do remember you vaguely back in our Hollow days.I believe that you were the best looking one of all the wonderful D'Angelo family(please don't tell Tony that I said this).....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, I had nothing to do with the bad boys of the Hollow who stuffed you in the trash can. [07-29-2011]

Many thanks to the people who understood & supported my posting on GAYS. Sometimes you must read something 2or3x to comprehend what the person is saying (I do it all the time ).Thanks-Grazia-LOU GIORNO
Lou Giorno, Mr G DOS [07-29-2011]

Dennis - Lou brought up a subject that was bizarre and he does not need you to defend him. You might consider lightening up my friend. LOL
Bob Eastside [07-29-2011]

Joe D. - Thanks for the good wishes. I'm wondering if you have pulled the plug yet, or are you still working. It's good hearing from you.
John Payne [07-29-2011]

>Dennis McGlinchey - Isn't it funny the wonderful memories we have of little things - like the nativity sets. When I bought the set for my sister, they were in the middle of the store - where they had the chicks at Easter. And yes, I think we only ever called it the "Wayne Ave 5 & 10."
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [07-28-2011]

Dottie Wilson Cummings I remember you, I went to school with Tommy, and you are right about our neighborhood it provided a menagerie of games to play with the park the back driveways the wall that went up my back driveway. Beside halfball we played kickball, handball, chink, wallball and baseball down the park. We used to fight to use Rich Patrizi's brothers glove (Tony) when we played the field and we would play all day. Those were the days. Richie SFA '64 NC'68.
Richard Pio, Born and bred in G-town, 1950-95, now in Ocala area [07-28-2011]

Bor: I like your posts on baseball and sports. I connected with your blog about how hard it was to hit the great softball pitchers and especially with the riser. The mechanics of your baseball swing would not work with a riser. I think that John Payne and I gave up on baseball early. I was not surprised that John Payne Jr. would rather hang out at the shore talking to the lassies than scooping up groundballs at shortstop. John was in brother ken's class at SFA and he married the prettiest girl,Cherry, and another classmate,Eileen McIlhinney, was smitten with John. I was a friend of Tony Bateman from The Prep and he had a thing for Moody Doyle. However, Moody went for another Payne Brother,Frank Cisco Payne. Joe Lynch took John's spot at short and how could he concentrate when he wanted to be with the lassies at OC. Who wants to hit or catch a baseball when you can hit on the lovely ladies at the shore. It is the same old thing at the shore, the young lads are still hitting on the ingenues. When those hormones are kicking in, it is no time to think about baseball. As you know, The Jersey Shore is a great place for sun and fun. You mentioned one of The D'Angelo Brothers being a golfer, and that would be Bob who was stuffed in a trash can at the Hollow by one of your buddies from The Hollow. I gather that he prefers Florida over The Jersey Shore. The important thing is that Germantowners should have the good life during the summer-Jersey,Florida, Maine or whatever. Jack Brogan and Duncan Hubley were hanging out in Maine recently. I will be hanging out in Strathmere this week and I am sure Germantowners will show up at The Deauville Inn- Lou Pauzano is in the area. Bor! Enjoy Sea Isle and The Phillies are still our team.
Schmitty [07-28-2011]

naomi,the next time you see tom gillin and his family ask him to call me or better yet i'll call him if you leave him my number.it's 336-612-2488.thank you again. joe
joe o'donnell, will be 67 in 2 wks. my email address is jodonnell1@triad.rr.com [07-28-2011]

Bor - I am Tony's youngest brother Bob. Joe is the brother between us ! I do remember you, with the dark hair and strong physique, but you probably don't remember me. But,I am proud to accept being The Man,The Iron Horse and pride of the Hollow from an esteemed gentleman as you. And I admit, THAT was not very smart, especially for one who is over 60 now.
Bob D'Angelo [07-28-2011]

Joe D'Agostino, thanks for providing the link to the Germantown/Nicetown master plan. Very interesting read.... Hope it happens... The Germantown that we knew back in the day is gone forever. But, the Germantown of the future will be better than what is there now. How can it not be?
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-28-2011]

Bob Eastside, lighten up some. I don’t think Lou Giorno meant to disparage anyone, probably just expressing how things were back in the day vs now. Fact is, while insulting, those terms were used and we all heard them. Even Archie Bunker used them in “All in the Family”…. Maybe some things are best not brought up for discussion, but you’re expressing outrage over something that has happened, can’t be undone and we've evolved from.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-28-2011]

Joe Dagostino, thanks for the link to the Transportation Master Plan for Germantown/Nicetown. It certainly is comprehensive and imaginative but perhaps overly optimistic. The areas around the train stations, especially Wayne Junction and Wister, are so bombed out that I wonder if it is possible to bring them back. I was amazed to see the number of trips starting or terminating at Wayne Junction. I do so hope the plan, or a good part of it, comes to fruition.
Catherine Manning Muir [07-28-2011]

Bob Eastside, You were tough on Lou Giorno but never critical of anonymous. Lou is a sweet old guy from Germantown. lou had a great career and was an awesome hitter in baseball. Mr. Giorno was also a great musician. We should praise Mr. Giorno and not bury him. Lou did not get along with Happy Hollow Goo but that is why there is chocolate and vanila ice cream. Paul Borian has been talking baseball and he had a Happy Hollow All Star team with some bad hitters and he gave them all hits. He even had The Poet,Frankie Baggs, hit a home run. If he had Lou Giorno on that team, he would have gone five for five with two triples,two doubles,and a single. We should appreciate the talent of this great Germantowner. Lou would have gotten a lot of hits off Jim Mckernan from the Eastside. Lou is a nice guy and some of the Happy Hollowers even like his posts. lou is no homophobic and was an open minded teacher. Try to be more objective in your next post.
anonymous [07-28-2011]

To anon anon - you and Lou ... No one was "ever taught" to ridicule or discriminate in my household growing up.
Bob Eastside [07-27-2011]

Hey Dom Raf. Went to Westy's a few nights ago to look you up and was told you are no longer there. Are you still working in the Wildwoods?
Louis F Pauzano sr, South phila [07-27-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey: Your info about The Queen Lane Apartments[The Project] at 301 W. really resonated with me. As you probaly know, Crane's at 333 W. Queen Lane was next to that project. Frankie Baggs Klock,our Germantown poet,and I loved hanging out at Crane's and that was not a joint for amateurs with the glasses half-filled with whiskey. Frankie Baggs recently sent me some great photos of Crane's. He probaly felt sorry for me since Borian only gave me a walk in his simulated Hollow team and Frank had a home-run and Dom Raffaele had a single. I was a terrible hitter but I did have some good shots at The Queen Lane Project when I played softball with the brothers. Now, you mentioned that the Project will be razed and low-income town-houses will be constructed. I glad that the social-engineers finally get it. They built low-rise town-houses on Alfred St. across from The Project and they will probaly last a long time. The Queen Lane Project was built over a cemetery for people of color-this information is probaly known at The Germantown Historical Society. I knew that corner back in the day when it was a lot, and the neighborhood went south after the project arrived. The East Falls Project was not good for East Falls and that project was razed and East Falls is hanging in there. Across from The Germantown Cricket Club on the 5100 block of Morris was a beautiful street with lovely homes and the social engineers decided to build the Kelly School on that block. It was so sad what happened to our old neighborhoods in G-town. I am very happy that the block where The Germantown Cricket Club and The Continental Post are located, looks pretty good. When people are in Germantown, they stop at The Continental for a brew or a beverage. There is a big Germantown Reunion there around Thanksgiving. Dennis! Keep posting and East and West Germantown were great places back in the day.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-27-2011]

MASTER PLAN- Did not know if anyone Saw the master plan adopted in 2007 for the Germantown/Nicetown area. The link http://www.philaplanning.org/plans/gtwntoplansum.pdf is pretty amazing. Now when they get the money to do this is another story. Even though I, like most no longer live in Germantown, I would certainly like to see it restored. If you go to the link, there are some great artist renderings starting around page 12. On another note, the heat was unbearable even down Long Beach Island. I could not believe the traffic heading towards the beach. Anyway, take care everyone and keep posting. Joe Dagostino- GHS Class of 1965. Marine Corps Vietnam class of 67-68
Joe DAgostino [07-27-2011]

John Payne good luck with having your short stories published,I know you will! Joe DiPasquale
JOE DI PASQUALE [07-27-2011]

Joe D'Angelo...You are the man! The ironhorse and pride of the Hollow.Tony must be very proud of you.Playing 18 holes and watching the Phillies in 100 degree heat in the same day is quite a feat.Then again,you did admit that you are not very smart...Paul Borian
Paul Borian, If I drank eight bottles of water in one day,I would never leave the bathroom. [07-27-2011]

Schmitty...My fast pitch softball career lasted about three weeks.After my baseball days came to an end while playing in the Penn Dell league,my Germantown High School teammate,Mike Polin,convinced me to play softball in the Northeast Phila.fast pitch league.A couple of the pitchers(Sasse and Crozier,I believe ??)pitched the ball more than 100 miles per hour.In my first at bat against another pitcher,I never got my bat off of my shoulder.Three pitches,three strikes.Too fast for me.Plus never saw a baseball rise before.Hardball was so much easier.By the way,Junior Payne was the starting shortstop on our Happy Hollow Bears baseball team.However,he missed the game because he was in Wildwood checking out the girls in the Irish pubs.We never forgave him for deserting his teammates in our championship game.We had to recruit Joe Lynch from Fernhill,and he almost cost us the game.Playing shortstop,he made four errors resulting in eight unearned runs.Goo barred him from the Hollow for life.Joey never returned to the Hollow.......Paul Borian
Paul Borian, My Armenian rain dance,which resembles the Polka,finally worked.How about that beautiful 2.5 inches of rain in Doylestown.Hope you got some too. [07-27-2011]

Hi Rich Pio, not sure if you would remember me but you bought back a lot of memories in regards to your playing half ball. I recall watching my brothers Linn and Jim, the Pyle boys, the Patrizi boys playing half ball games that lasted forever in Our driveways between W. Clapier Street and Abbottsford Ave. I remember my mom getting pretty mad because her broom sticks kept disappearing. So many happy memories from the neighborhood. Keep up with these posts I get great joy reading them. Dottie Wilson Cummings -SFA 60, LF64
Dottie Wilson Cummmings [07-27-2011]

I worked at the Wayne Ave 5&10 while I was in high school. The owner was very nice and paid me the huge sum of 50 cents an hour, delivered in a little brown paper bag every Friday. I tended the cash register, stocked the shelves, followed suspicious-looking kids around to keep the level of shoplifting down and ate lots of M&Ms out of the display case at the front.

Dennis McGlinchey: Yes, Ramadan during summer is especially difficult, but then in many of the countries where Ramadan is observed, it's hot all year round. My first Ramadan in Sumatra, right on the equator, was very trying, not that I was fasting, but because, to show respect, I did not eat or drink anything in front of others during the hours between sunrise and sunset. I used to joke that, just to up the ante, God turned up the heat and didn't let it rain for the entire month. To keep doing one's work in all that heat while fasting is a great test of willpower. Ramadan is a particularly dangerous time to be in a taxi or other public transport, especially long haul, because the drivers are fasting and aren't able to concentrate. As the month goes on, it gets even worse, and by the end of the month everyone is truly clapped out but feeling good about life and about having persevered with a difficult commitment. Above all, it's a great cementer of community. The sounds of the calls to prayer at all hours of the day and night are calming and reassuring, not unlike the routine of the ringing of the bells at SFA Church at 7am and again at noon for the Angelus. Ramadan and the celebration of the Eid at the end, called Idul Fitri in Indonesia, are experiences not to be missed.

Lou Giorno: I believe you meant no harm, just making a comment on how it used to be before we were 'enlightened'. To my mind, racial and other epithets hurled at those who are different from 'us' demean only the speaker, not the target. Travel and education make us see the similarities, rather than the differences, between 'us' and 'them', I think.
CMM [07-27-2011]

Bob Eastside-You didn't understand my posting-to set you straight,it was about semantics not a put down for gays & lesbians-try to read the main thought in a posting before you make a statement. The WEBMASTER knew what I meant-sorry that you don't understand what you read. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr.G.DOS [07-27-2011]

Wayne Doneker - sorry - you must have misunderstood me. I meant there wasn't anyone dressed up to scare you running up and down the aisles when I went to see The Tingler...no, no, no, I did not mean it wasn't scary. Still like seeing when it comes on TV today.
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [07-26-2011]

paul,thanks for the bunt single,i needed a hit.it was entertaining.dom
dom raff, same [07-26-2011]

Lou - wake up and join the real world - those words you referenced concerning gay men and women were NEVER acceptable and I find them extremely crude. Why in the world would you bring up this subject ? If you can't do any better just read the other postings and keep quiet.
Bob Eastside [07-26-2011]

Lou,I cannot believe you are that politically naive. Sex/Gender issues are protected under federal laws.We were all taught to ridicule "fags". Some of america's great people were fags. Live and let live lou.
anon, anon [07-26-2011]

There is no federal, nor any Pennsylvania state law protecting the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender individiuals for housing, employment, or public accommodation.

Interesting to see that plans are underway to demolish the hi-rise Queen Lane Apartments and replace them with townhomes. Good intentioned when built and may have even been a success in the beginning, but those hi-rise projects only hurt Germantown, East Falls and any other area where they were built. East Falls has been undergoing a renaissance since they took those Schuykill falls towers down. Maybe this will help revitalize that section of Germantown as well.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-26-2011]

If not mistaken did not the cafeteria wall seperating male and female go tumblin dow at CD in 1971?
Ed, va [07-26-2011]

Bor: I read with interest your simulated Hollow baseball team. You even had Joe Lynch and me on the team but Lou Giorno was not on the team since Goo would have been pissed. It was so kind of you to give me a walk but Joe Lynch had a stand-up double. I never walked since I always went down swinging-especially with off-speed speeches and that hated pitch-the curve. I did see you hit a hanging curve at The Hollow and it must have traveled to Clapier St.- Lou Giorno,Mr. 5 for 5, would have been impressed. John Payne and I could not hit like you,Bill Haas,and Lou Giorno. Not being a hard-ball hitter, I played some softball at The Queen Lane Playground[The Project]. I came to the conclusion that it was easier to hit a softball before I faced a real softball pitcher. I played in a game for The Germantown Cricket Club and I was the lead-off hitter in the final inning with the score 0-0. I wish that I could tell you that I had a walk-off home-run. The opposing pitcher could really throw a hummer and I saw 2 pitches that I could not see. The next pitch was an off-speed riser and I struck out before the ball landed in the cather's mitt and he lost sight of the ball and I landed on 1st. I stole 2d and winded up on 3rd when the next batter bunted. With 1 out, I scored on a fly-ball with an interesting play at the plate. The folks went crazy and we won although I struck out. If Goo or Tony D"Angelo from The Hollow had been the catcher, they would have blocked the plate and I would not have scored and it would have been 3 outs. Baseball is a great game but it is all about pitching-think Phillies. Skip Wilson was a great player and coach for Temple but he would have played in The Majors if he could have hit their nasty pitchers- you know whence I speak. Fortunately, The Phillies have 3 of the best pitchers in baseball and at one time, Oswalt was also great.
Schmitty [07-26-2011]

I think the fans of Philadelphia are the greatest in the country. They support every pro and college team in the city and turn out, spending their money to watch their favorite athletes. I went to the Phillies _SD game on Saturday, and there were 45,000 others there. It was over 100 degrees at game time ( 4 PM ) and we sat 17 rows from the field behind the Phillies dugout and in the sun the entire day. It had to be 110 degrees and I was a puddle for 9 innings. I drank 4 bottles of water and luckily, had some wet towels to help in the heat. I had also played 18 holes of golf that morning in 97 degree heat and drank 4 bottles of weater to get through that.Crazy ??? Maybe, but just a sports nut and a longtime Philly fan. It was worth it !
Bob D'Angelo [07-26-2011]

Denise Duckworth Tumelty: Around 1954, I also bought a Nativity set at the Wayne Ave. 5 & 10. The first year I got the principal figures and the “hard card stock stable”. Then for several Christmas seasons that followed I would get a few more figures to add to the set. I remember that they used to sell them up in the front near the cashier, then one Christmas they moved them to the middle of the store. They were all beautifully made figures from Italy. One of my sisters has the set today and displays it each Christmas and I might add that they look almost like new. In those days most of the 5 and 10’s used the red color on their signs that was the same red that Woolworth’s used, and I believe this store’s sign only said 5 and 10 Cent Store
John McHugh [07-26-2011]

Not Germantown, but to add to CMM's post, Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar. It's a moveable observance and can fall during the high heat and long days of summer. I have an Indian friend who says it is especially grueling when it falls in the summer.... Wish them an Eid Mubarak or just a Happy Eid when it is over and the celebrating begins..... Aside from the end of Lent services and the weekly Stations of the Cross, Lent growing up was a time to give something up, no meat on Friday, and contributing money to the "Mite Box". These were little cardboard boxes where we were supposed to sacrifice and contribute our coins to the poor. When turned in, the nuns would check to see if your sacrifice was "appropriate". Seems I would always fall behind and scour around the night before looking for coins for my mite box....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-26-2011]

Paul Borian, nice dream..... It is good to escape from reality once in awhile.....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-26-2011]

Show unintentionally disrespectful posting re disparaging terminology for homosexuals from lou Giorno

Received an SMS today from my family in Indonesia, who were my hosts when I went to Sumatra to study in 1994 and have become my extended family in the intervening years. The SMS conveyed the traditional request for forgiveness, as the fasting month of Ramadan approaches. 'Mohon ma'af lahir batin', meaning 'Forgive my wrongdoings, both in thought and in deed'. I have responded in the traditional way, with the hope that their fast will be especially pleasing to God. Ramadan so reminds me of Lent when I was a child in Germantown, but it was so much gentler and easier than the Muslim fast: Muslims cannot let anything pass their lips, even water, from sunrise to sunset and even marital sex is forbidden during the fasting month. We Catholics had it much easier. I remember the solemn colors of the altar cloths and vestments at SFA church, the feeble sacrifices of 'giving up' some little thing for Lent and then getting new clothes at the end, for Easter. In Indonesia, the cities empty out at the end of the month and everyone goes back to their villages to pay their respects to parents and elders. A lovely tradition. We arrived in Jakarta in 1993 during Lebaran, when everyone had left the city, and it reminded me of the scene in 'The Mouse that Roared' where the 'invaders' arrived at the dock in NYC during an air raid drill and the streets were totally deserted. However, three days later, Jakarta's streets were alive again as the hordes returned to the daily grind of city life. What memories do others from Germantown have of Lent when we were little kids, I wonder.
Catherine Manning Muir [07-25-2011]

The dog days of August have arrived early in July.It's summertime and the living isn't as easy as it once was.But we still have baseball,and the pennant races are heating up.Brace yourself for another Happy Hollow sports story.You say,oh no,not again.How about a great Germantown baseball game that took place in 1954.It was the Dept. of Recreation championship game between the Happy Hollow Bears and the Waterview Italianos,played at Waterview playground.It was one for the ages.After six innings,Waterview was ahead 10 to 0.The Italianos were calling us the bad news bears.With two outs in the 7th and final inning,the Hollow bats came alive.Dom beat out a bunt;Brogan was hit by a pitch;Schmitty walked;Goo hit a grand slam;Joe Lynch hit a double;Tom Cusack walked;Monk got an infield single to load the bases again;Frankie Baggs cleared the bases with a homerun;Jay kelly singled;Joe Razz doubled;Larry Rinaldi hit a three run homer.Just like that,the Bears(not bad anymore)were ahead 11 to 10.In the bottom of the seventh,Ollie Powers struck out the side on nine pitches.GAME OVER ! The Boys of the Hollow returned to Wayne and Logan with the championship trophy.Jack Brogan was awarded the Robert Guarinello sportsmanship award.By the way,Lou Giorno,I went five for five in that game;all strikeouts.......Paul Borian
Paul Borian, The foregoing was pure fiction.It's what dreams are made of.As for me,I'm dreaming of a white christmas.If you want the heat and humidity to go away,THINK SNOW. [07-25-2011]

Kynn Frusco: good to see you on this site
Bonnie Gatto [07-25-2011]

Hi Ellen, Reading germantown thoughts I was surprised to see the name Mr. Boston and Lingelbach school. My name is Peter Braspennincx and used to live on Washington Lane in the 60’s I also attended Anne Lane Lingelbach school. Unfortunately your name is not in my memory Ellen… Does my name ring a bell? I still have a lot of memories of Lingelbach Mr. Boston, Mrs Harvey, Miss Dillon, Mrs Corles was a first grade teacher ( she had blue hair ) I believe Mrs Crumlin? played the piano. Do you remember playday that was held in june every year ? It would be nice to hear from you.
Peter Braspennincx, Age: 55 Living in the Netherlands Europe [07-25-2011]

Thank to encouragement from a few friends on this site, I just finished my third short story. Now I need to look into publishing possibilities. I know I can self publish via vanity presses, but I would like to try traditional venues first. Wish me luck. Stay tuned.
John Payne, Publishing is easy if you have the write stuff. [07-25-2011]

Hey Happy Hollowers, and Fernhill Parkers! I got a real treat to visit for a time with the indisbutable king of English from all of Germantown, Jack Brogan. What seemed like minutes was actually 2 hours. We did not order for at least an hour, and then didn't finish our drinks. We covered some topics,such as Army duty,Hollow and Fernhill Park teams,touched on off-spring and of course Joe and Tom Lynch. Even though it had been forty-five years I recognized Jack, becayse he resembled Joe Lynch, and he used his English expertise, and recognized our accents as Germantownese. Try meeting an old, or even a young friend some day. With this web site you can look 'em up.
Duncan Hubley, Duncan Hubley McKean Ave. [07-25-2011]

Joe Lynch: I found it interesting that you and Dennis K. would be trolling in AC when there were so many treausures to be found in OC. Being a member of The Literati, you must have read Russell Conwell, who said,"Search For Treasures In Your own Backyard". Dennis Kropp graduated from The Prep with Terry Collins and Marty Maher who played ball against you at SFA and LaSalle High. You were in his wedding party and you both live in Newtown Square- rhetorically speaking,how can't you get together. I bring this point up since I wanted to get together with Duncan Hubley and Dave Heil from Fernhill and Dave passed away. It was sad that Duncan and Dave were disconnected for so many years. Dave would always tell me what a great guy Duncan was and they had good times at OC. Dave Heil liked Somers Point much better than AC for trolling purposes. I'm heading to OC and Strathmere for A War At The Shore Party and possibly Dr. Dennis Kropp and Pat McIlhinney,your Fernhill friend, might show up and consume a few beverages- they are Irish and know myriad sides of life.
Bruce Schmitt [07-25-2011]

Murph from Cowtown: Ah the great cafeteria strike of '61! One of the few victories of the student body over the faculty. When you think of it, the student body was quite progressive, because the social revolution of the 60's, had not yet begun. Up until that time, all that was offered for lunch was hot dogs and beans, and soggy tuna fish sandwiches on Friday. I got the word late and on the first day, I was one of the few that purchased lunch. When I got back to the table, I was "strongly" advised to cease and desist from making any further purchases. When the school finally acquiesced, they added something they called hoagies LOL. I believe that soft pretzels were always on the menu.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida, CD'62 [07-25-2011]

The best memories of school that I have are from my years at Lingelbach (1960s). I would love to be able to tell Mr. Boston that I remember so many songs from "Auditorium." Playing double dutch while the guys played wall ball was a lot of fun, too. I'd love to have a Lingelbach reunion, but I have no idea how to find my old friends.
Ellen Polsky, West Mt. Airy [07-23-2011]

Through the miracle of the Internet, and Facebook, I made a connection with a classmate's siblings, and in the course of exchanging emails and strolling down memory lane, it was discovered that they knew "Sammy" Rescigno from IC and CD class of '62. If anyone is interested in connecting with him, send me an email and I will pass it on to him.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida, CD'62 [07-23-2011]

Yes, I knew Helene Smith an her husband Denny Kropp from the Prep, '6l. I was best man at their wedding, lost the wedding ring (found later) and immediately went dounnashore. They live 15 minutes from me in Newtown Square, I think, but I haven't seen them in 30 years. We'd cruise 9th St. outside of Shriver's Fudge and eat at the Chatterbox, when you could get in, sing "Michael, row the boat to shore, sitting on the Boardwalk. I worked at Dunkim Inn/Friendly Inn, so I might have served donuts to anyone who is reading this blog in the summers of '61, 62. Who cared about skin cancer? Money?! Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll? Being damned Forever.We never wore shoes except to work, maybe mass because Hell was still a Place, pre-Vatican Council. For some reason you lose touch with your old friends--nobody's fault, but you do regret those young years and relationships, crazy days and nights with 3 quarters in your pocket, always going to a non-existent part around 55th St. (O.C) The OCBP of course meant Oh, Come Be Passionate, as far as we knew. Denny and Helene were the best and I regret the passing years without them. I also regret the rides Denny would give me all summer as we tried to pick up girls in Atlantic City. Remember the hurricane that destroyed so much of the shore in '62? Hey, anon., how do I know you?
Joe Lynch/It takes an Irishman to know the sides of life. [07-23-2011]

Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon - The Tingler didn't scare you? Man! Whatever days you and I were there, I guess the reactions were totally different. I'll never forget that day at the movies.
wayne doneker [07-23-2011]

Anyone remember the great Cardinal Dougherty Cafeteria Strike circa 1961? The idea was to force the school into providing more palatable food like hoagies and soft pretzels. If you tried to get into line for food, the retribution came faster than Robin Robert's fastball.
Murph from Cowtown, California [07-23-2011]

As a 3yr old lad I stood with my Grandmother Anna Bliss Pritz from Morris St. I remember distinctly standing in the bank doorway at Germantown Ave & School House Lane in the freezing cold.Comming north on Germantown Ave was a big black convertable with FDR waving his hat, everyone was cheering. I didn't know at that time who FDR was. My memories of April 12, 1945 in my family was a very sad day. I recall my mother comming down the stair crying, telling us FDR died. My Dad Joe Pritz was away in the army.Such were Days in Pulaskitown
John Pritz, FDR's Parade on Germantown Ave. [07-22-2011]

I haven't been reading the Gtn. blog these past few wks. as I've been "on the road" camping/vacationing through some of our beautiful country. It's always enjoyable reading the entries of former Germantowners & sharing their stories. I was pleasantly surprised to read about a chance meeting between my brother Bill Cupo & one of our former neighbors, Dan Hartnett. Also, Del Conner, I remember the Acme promotional give-a-ways. In fact, in my jewelry box, I still have a bracelet, commpliments of Acme. Each wk., Acme would distribute a charm to be put on the gold bracelet Acme also provided. One of the charms is a Snoopy dog; another is a 4-leaf clover. I also remember the theater give-a-ways. My aunt would sometimes take me with her to get an extra dinner glass, which the movie house distributed. I still have a few of these treasures in my DR breakfront. On another note, I would just like to share an observation I've made while traveling. Small town America is alive & well. The people I've been meeting along the way are decent, hard working, God loving, flag displaying citizens. They are polite when greeting you & when leaving their company, they are not embarrassed nor ashamed or afraid to say, "God bless you"! Small town America reminds me of what Germantown was like so very many years ago. Take care. God bless.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [07-22-2011]

Wayne Donaker - I was at the Lyric for the Tingler there wasn't anyone scaring you when I was there. I also remember The Creature from The Black Lagoon, Sinbad, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Abbott and Costello movies, Mr. Roberts, etc. Ah, the good old days. I remember seeing the Ten Commandmants at the Orpheum balcony with all of our gang at Keyser and Seymour. Must have been Summer of 1960.
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [07-22-2011]

Denise Tumelty: The 5 & 10 on Wayne Ave. was the R K Strickler 5 & 10 Cent Store. I was convinced it had a formal name, but could not remember it. The 1950 Philadelphia Phone Directory provided the answer and the fact that Strickler’s had another store in the 7600 block of Ogontz Ave. There actually must have been an R K Strickler, since part of the listing is for a residence in the 7900 block of Cedarbrook Ave. It is hard to believe that there was another store like “our” 5 & 10. Surely that thought was far from our minds in the 1950’s. It was “our” special place; one that we could visit ourselves, as soon as we were allowed to cross Wayne Ave. on our own. I still have my collection of small plastic planes, trains, and automobiles that I bought there in the early fifties. In 1950, M & H Sporting Goods was located at 131 (north side of) W. Chelten Ave. Edward Goldberg was listed at 324 W. Chelten, as was Electronic & Hobbycraft Stores, Gem Models, and Universal Model Products. Sometime later, E & H opened a store on the south side of the 100 block of W Chelten. I still have a catalogue from E & H from the late sixties when they were located at 160 W. Chelten.
yetanotheranonymous [07-22-2011]

Joe O'Donnell, I have information about Tom Gillin and his wife Carmela. naomivitelli@gmail.com
Naomi Vitelli [07-22-2011]

lynn frusco [07-22-2011]

About 'youse': it flourishes wherever there are people of Irish descent and, unfortunately, it is a marker of low socioeconomic status. Here in Oz it is ubiquitous because so great a proportion of the population is of Irish descent and not the lace curtain kind. Drives me crazy, like fingernails scratching on a blackboard, when a shop assistant asks "Are youse right?", which is Oz-stralian for "May I help you?" When I was teaching, I tried to get across the fact that the plural of 'you' is 'you' but 'youse' appears to be genetically ingrained in the Irish of the diaspora and there's no hope of a cure.
Catherine Manning Muir [07-22-2011]

Lou Pauzano&Tom Wilkins: Both of you are from West Germantown and my classmates from The Prep. Our classmate,Phil Rosato S.J.,passed away and he was a brilliant and decent priest. Both of you, spent a lot of time at The Jersey Shore-especially Avalon. On July 30, I am attending a War at The Shore Event in Strathmere- Deauville Inn. Tom! Many of your buddies from Norwood and Germantown will be there-Jim Murray,Prep AD. Lou! You are Mr. Prep and many Preppers will be there-including my friend and body-guard,Big Mike DeLone. It would be great if you 2 old Germantowners and Preppers could make it. Paul Borian,Sea Isle, could crash the party and hang out with The Jocks and many former govt. types if you know what I mean. Gentlemen! Have a good summer as we are heading home.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-22-2011]

Does anyone remember a Sister Concepta (Marie?) from Our Lady of the Rosary (69-70)? I heard she ran away from the Franciscans with a man. I witnessed her once shoving an eraser in a student's throat because he forgot to clap the erasers.
Ed, va [07-22-2011]

After growing up in Philly I entered the service in 1975 and retired after 21 years of military service. The majority of my stateside time was spent in southern states. I remember on one hometown visit I started jabbering, drawing stares from my Gtown buddies. Finally someone said, “What happened to your Philly accent.” I was shocked at the insinuation that I’d lost anything. Yes it was confirmed I did pick a sort of southern draw, but proudly continue to use words like spicket and liBARY.
Ed Farrar, Va [07-22-2011]

Does anyone know Tommy Gillin that drove the '23 Trolley Car' who has lived in the Germantown area all his life.....he would be about 70 i think.
JOE O'DONNELL, i live in north carolina [07-21-2011]

Ted Silary: You are doing great research on Germantown and Philly athletes. Jim Katcavage and Bob Schaefer lived in the Abbottsford Homes but it was much nicer back in the day. Many decent people lived there in the 50's when I delivered medicine for my sister[Joan] who owned Manor Drug at Queen Lane&Laurens. You talked about Herb Adderly who went to Fitler in Germantown. I always thought that he always lived in Germantown near Penn&Pulaski. You mentioned that he lived on Newhall Street in Pulaski-town which is parallel to Alfred Street between West Penn and Coulter Street. When Herb played for Green Bay, his residence was 5200 block of Wissahickon Ave. I know 2 guys who had an altercation with him and they both went down in defeat. Herb was one great athlete and I wish he had gone to GHS or GA.
JBS [07-21-2011]

Having an aunt who was a teacher, we never said "youse". But I did say Ac-a-me. My husband still does.
Sheila [07-21-2011]

John Mc Hugh I sure do remember Barneys later Millie Kelso and Jean Garbach buoght it then it became Pops. How about Larry the huckster I don't remember anybody talking about him, he used to come down the back driveway in his green truck do you remember him. Bob D'Angelo your right about half ball it is amazing how much fun you could have by cutting a couple of pimple balls in half and getting an old broom stick to hit them with. I spent many hours in my youth doing just that. We hads perfect field, anything past the pitcher was a single. anything in the wall below the first floor windows a double, anything above the windows and on or over the roof was a homer. The field was just out front on Clapier St. hitting toward the apartments. Richie SFA'64, NC'68.
Richard Pio, Born abd bred ib G-town 1950-95, now in Ocala Fl area [07-21-2011]

Bob D'Angelo: u were talking about the New Lyric. I used to go there on Sat. and Sun. double matinees almost every weekend. A quarter (maybe 35 cents) was enough to buy a bag of butter popcorn and a soda. Movies theaters now-a-days cost a lot. One new modern movie theater actually cost $9 for soda and popcorn. Including my wife, it was $18. Never again. I was stupid to pay for it but we were hungry. But talking about supposedly scary movies that were lame, this one wasn't. I remember 1 movie that scared me so much i couldn't sleep right for a couple of years. No exaggeration. I was about 7 or 8. I Couldn't turn off the lights either at bedtime in my room. My mother swore she would never let me go see another horror movie again. That movie was called "The Tingler" with Vincent Price. In that scene when that woman in her bedroom (she couldn't talk, thus could not scream) saw that head pop up from behind the bed with a machete under its chin to signify her head was about to be cut off, I'll tell you, kids in the entire movie screamed, ran, railed, tried to climb over others who had fallen in the aisles and over the seats just trying to get up the aisles to the lobby...I never saw anything like that not only at the New Lyric, but anywhere. It was a madhouse. The ushers (that older woman and tall man who usually "ushed") tried to act as crowd control, but it was a futile effort. No one wanted to go back to their seats again. Looking back, it was pretty funny...a riot. This happened about 3 times that afternoon. I think of that sometimes and chuckle. Super scary then, but really very funny. Probably lame now. Anyone posting here remember when the Tingler played at the New Lyric? Does anyone remember that afternoon?
Wayne Doneker, Lived on Knox & Hansberry, now in Red Lion, Pa. [07-21-2011]

Denise Tumelty, I was in the first grade with your brother Ken. He was in the Infant Jesus Group. I wasn't. I too thought I could tell the part of Philadelphia a person came from by listening to their accent. A few years ago I was stuck outside Memphis on a Saturday night. I wanted to get to Beale Street but the cabs were not to be had. I sat in the motel bar and watched a Phillie's game on the TV. A few seats down a guy was shouting at a missed fly ball by the Phillies' center fielder. I listened to the man, and when he quieted down I said, "I bet I can tell you where you lived within ten blocks." He said, "Go, man." I said, "Broad and Erie." He laughed and said, "Fish Town, but I'm impressed." He had a car and was headed for Beale Street.
Jack Brogan, Tell your ma, tell your Pa, our love is gonna grow, wa, wa. [07-21-2011]

looking for anyone from St Josephs when Sister Alice Marie ran the home.anyone from group2 Anne marie Gilligan,Stephanie Verandek,Gina,Marla,Genevive White,Carol Henry.
Allyson Sealy, 51yrs old I lived at 910 church lane(St Joseph's home for girls) in the 60's [07-21-2011]

I loved the Wayne Ave. 5 & 10 as we called it. did it have a real name? I also did my Christmas shopping there - a set of small glasses for my mother. We used with the "good china" on major holidays. When my husband & I downsized, our older daughter asked if she could have them. In 1954, I bought a Nativity set there for my sister & her husband for their first Christmas. I wrapped every piece separately so they would have lots to open - hey I was 10. They used it right next to their Hummels until they downsized a few years ago. One of our daughters has that too, so the 5&10 lives on. Do you remember the live chicks they sold at Easter time? I think there was a sporting goods store on Chelten Ave named m&h. Could this also have been a hobby shop of the rockets which have been mentioned?
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [07-21-2011]

Another Philly-ism: Iggles (the City's pro football team). Speaking of "jimmies" (not sprinkles, God forbid), my cousin's 2 grandsons are twins, one named Jimmy after his dad and the other named Andrew. They always got an ice cream cone at a local stand and one day, Andrew wanted to know why they had "jimmies" but not "andrews".
anonymous [07-21-2011]

I have enjoyed the posts about the way Philadelphians speak. I guess I never realized that I had any accent until I went away to college in West Virginia ( Marshall U ). I had been eyeing a very pretty blonde, and one day in the Student Union, I summoned up the courage to try and meet her, hoping to "get to know her". I gave her a little rap and thought I was doing very well and scoring some points. It all came crashing down when she said, in a very thick West Virginia accent, "Yew taaalk fonny "! I just had to laugh, but realized, I guess we did have accents !
Bob D'Angelo [07-21-2011]

How many of you GTNers remember seeing FDR in a motorcade going up GTN AVE in 1943? People were lined up on the sidewalks & he passed right by St.Michael's school-we were cheering & waving flags--it's something I'll never forget.Does anyone remember?? Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr G DOS [07-21-2011]

John Pritz, Are from the family on the 5400 block of Morris Street.. I also grew up on Morris Street the 5500 block. I grew up right across the street from your grandparents and O’Connell’s. I remember hearing about the plane crash on School House Lane.. A good friend of mine Janet Worrell lived in the twin next to that house.. I think it was my father that told me the pilot was found in NJ. But who knows we will have to Google it.. Always glad to hear from people from the old neighborhood.. Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [07-21-2011]

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