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July 11-20, 2011

John Pritz... I seem to remember you from my early days on Morris street - 5534... I think you family members were frinds with my uncles Bill and Jack Freiling... My Mom was their sister....
Bob Smith, 64 - currently in upper Bucks [07-20-2011]

Duncan Hubley: You must have enjoyed Ted Silary's post where he mentioned the great GA player-Jim Fraser. You mentioned another great GA player- Chickie Cochise Downham. You also knew Ken Twiford who was in the backfield with Chickie when GA ran the single-wing. Connie DeSantis was an outstanding blocker on that great GA Team. Ted Silary also mentioned Jim Katcavage and Bob Schaefer whom you knew from Fernhill Park. When you played the Deacon St. boys at The Lower Fernhill Field, you were playing against a NFL Hall of Famer- Leroy Kelly. In that softball game, you recruited Chickie Downham but you did not ask Bill Haas to play. I played with Bill Haas on that field, and he could hit better than Harold Kelly[Orioles]. I remember Frank Connerly[PC] and Shep Messing who played for St. John's with Fran Roberts. You and I knew to foul Fran Roberts in basketball and apologize and his game would be off. I liked all the guys on your corner including Harry Brown. Harry and I were friendly since we both went to the Prep. Our friendship was tarnished, after he had a dental problem after a tough bb-game at the armory. I also suffered from accidents and injuries in sports and I can only say that stuff happens and what can we do. I am very sad when I think of all the guys who have passed away from Fern Hill and your great corner- Manheim U.
Bruce Schmitt [07-20-2011]

I feel Germantown was not the only neighborhood with an "accent." My brother lived in south Florida for about 45 years. He had an ear for languages & talked to everyone. Often times he would tell people what part of Philadelphia they were from. I do not remember the people from our neighbrhood saying yez (or the plural youse) or Acame. That was more from the northeast or South Philly Crowns?? Isn't that how you say those colored wax sticks? Of course a -ti-tude & wauter are city wide - as are bag not poke, soda not pop, & jimmies not sprinkles (that's what New Yorkers put on ice cream or now the tv ad). Maybe we just had better role models.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [07-20-2011]

Visited Northeast HS today to check out high school addresses for a summertime project. School records showed that Herb Adderly (later Adderley) lived on the 5300 block of Newhall Street (right nearby Albert Street), so I went with that. He lived on the 1600 block of North 12th Street when he first enrolled there (and there's a note that he was a transfer from Germantown). Also, check this out: A guy named Samuel "Mike" Wilson, born in 1896, lived on the 8100 block of Germantown Avenue (actually, that's in Chestnut Hill; close enough -- smile) and wound up making it to the major leagues AND the NFL.
Ted Silary [07-20-2011]

What about open the winda (Window), youse, yella (yellow), dawg(dog), wit or witout
anonymous [07-20-2011]

Speaking of give-a-ways, I would look forward to the weekly trip to the Acme Supermarket on Germantown Avenue when they gave out American Heritage books with your groceries. They were mostly paintings with captions rather then a lot of text. I loved pouring over them. I particularly remember one day getting into our ’55, red and white Ford and right away opening the newest edition we received at the market. I had opening the book to the Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington that would be used on the dollar bill. What made it stick in my mind was my father saying that right were we were parked, in the Acme’s parking lot, is where Stuart’s studio was when he had produced that portrait of George. Wow. I’ll never forget that.
Del Conner [07-20-2011]

There have been some great posts on this site recently. I vaguely remember hearing about a bomber that had crashing near Morris Street. I do remember the small store / lunch place on W. Caliper. It had that large cement patio in front of it with a few steps down to the front door. Today, they would have tables and umbrellas on the patio for the lunch crowd. Seems to me that the larger lunch places at the corner of Wissahickon, W. Caliper and Abbotsford Avenue were remodeled a few times, would reopen for a while then close again. The one at the corner with Abbotsford was later remodeled to become headquarters for a billboard sign company after the expressway was put through Fern Hill Park. Always loved to go the 5 & 10-cent store next to WJ Olds on Wayne Avenue. Great cheep toys, Halloween and Christmas decorations in a counter of wood with items separated into little box like sections. It had a wide staircase in the middle of the store that went downstairs but don’t remember what was sold down there. No lunch counter at that 5 & 10. I remember a very nice Chinese boy in my class when I attended Fitler. I think his family owned a toy store next to Kane and Brown Hardware. Or, was it a florist? Was this the Hom family? My brother Alan corrected me recently and told me it was the “E&H” hobby shop on Chelten Avenue and the jet fuel was “JetX Pellets”. Al also told me of some explosive ingredients that he added to the pellets, but that will remain a family secret. How about the kitchen remolding business on Wayne Avenue and Queen Lane? Was it Coleman’s? They redid our kitchen in the late fifties (pink, black and grey) when my father traded an antique mirror for a big modern one that remained in the house when the family left in 1968. I’d be interested to know who has that mirror now. Unfortunately I’ve given up on the Inquirer and now read the Wall Street Journal too.
Del Conner [07-20-2011]

Bob, unless you work on the Golf course you'll never get out with the retired guys. As for the 5 & 10 cent store on Wayne Ave. I did my Christmas shopping there when I was a kid. Fore !
Dave Linn, Retired/ Golfing & Fishing all Summer [07-20-2011]

My fondest memory of the movie theatres in Germantown was the "New" Lyric theatre.That was really it's official name .It was quite a beautiful old theatre, probably built in the 20's. I recall going there for a Saturday matinee with 50 cents and having enough money to get in AND buy candy. I recall a double feature one saturday where they played " Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstien" and "Abbott and Costello meet The Mummy " They actually hired people to run down the aisles dressed as Dracula, The Mummy and Wolfman". They were suppose to scare the kids, but I recall thinking it was pretty lame and stupid. Believe it or not, last Saturday I was channel surfing and saw "Abbott and Costello meet The Mummy" was on the This movie channel. I wanted to watch it, but knew it would never be the same. As Oscar Wilde once said " Youth is wasted on the young " !
Bob D'Angelo [07-20-2011]

Joe Lynch, nice post of memories. I grew up and lived in Germantown before, during and after the change was well underway. I do know the sense of safety and trust that you mentioned. While I usually went about with friends. I didn’t have fear earlier on and gave little thought to harm coming my way. But, as the change started taking place, street smarts had to kick in, to be somewhat cautious and maybe not so trusting of everyone. I agree, Germantown & Chelten was like Oz. Always great to go there. But, also loved heading out of the neighborhood too, going up to Cedarbrook Mall and Korvette’s and to the Cheltenham Mall and Gimbel’s. We were always on the go somewhere, hanging out here, there or anywhere. Nowadays, seems kids only know their video games, computers, Ipods, cell phones, etc. While bad things happened back then too, like the recent discussion of Maryann Mitchell showed, just didn’t seem as prevalent as today. But, you are right, there is less of a sense of trust today than we knew back in the day, and that is sad….
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-20-2011]

Joe Lynch: are you the same Joe Lynch that knew Helene Smith from CD and her husband????
anon [07-20-2011]

Joe Lynch, Phiadelphians aren't the only one with unique language patterns. Cherry and I lived in Rhode Island for seven years, and they not only drop their r's, they reverse words. I considered writing a Rhode Island to English dictionary. Some examples; Cheetah: A person who copies other's answers. Cheater: A spotted member of the cat family. usu. found in Africa. Cuba: A person who dices food. Cuber: An island 90 miles south of FL. Pita: The big fisherman from the bible. Peter: A type of mideastern bread. Tuba: A root plant, or potato. Tuber: A brass horn. and so it went. Great little state though. We loved it up there.
John Payne [07-20-2011]

OK you Deacon treet men, how many of you remember the softball games at the Roberts Avenue field. Your opponent was Manheim U. and you brought the umpire. We played for a case of beer, which was quite difficult for us, since none of us were 21, not even 18. We had Frank Connerly who posed as 21. Maybe Shep Messing was close. Anyway after at least three consecutive losses, I used my unknown talent at the time to bring in Hugh Wyatt, and Chickie Downham, remember him Paul Borian, to win one game. The Deacon Strret team never played again. I only remember "Honeybabe", their homerun hitter.
Duncan Hubley, Manheim U and Fernhill Park.resident. [07-19-2011]

Had a great talk tonight with Jim Fraser, ex-pro FB player and Germantown Academy grad ('55). He lived on the 300 block of Winona, close to School House Lane & Pulaski. By the way, last week I was able to confirm that Roman pros Jim Katcavage (NFL, McMichael Street) and Bob Schafer (NBA, Defense Terrace) indeed grew up in Abbottsford. Germantown High FB star Charlie Janerette ('55) lived on 11th, near Fairmount. Not sure why he went up to Gtn every day. Take care, all.
Ted Silary [07-19-2011]

I remember the rainy night well when I as a youngster heard the sound of a low flying plane over Morris Street. The bomber crashed just north of Morris St on School House Lane. The plane hit the end row house and fell down on the RR track. We were not allowed to go near the area for at least a week, eventually everything was removed and repaired. Today there isn't a sign of any distruction.
John Pritz, Air Plane Crash-1944 [07-19-2011]

I think that one of the things I miss about childhood is the sense of trust we had in everyone, that nobody meant you any harm. You could talk to strangers, store keepers with funny accents or dialects, the cops in their "red cars," priests in confessionals, the "rag man," who would walk up your alley, the man who sharpened knives and carried his wheel on his back, the huckster with his tomatoes and corn. My parents were a little suspicious, they being parochial Irish from small villages in Cork, but when I grew older and went to many parts of the city by PTC there didn't seem to be danger, even when I grew older, in my teens. I thought nothing of going to 57th and Baltimore and back at 1 am by trolley, subway, trolley. I must have been dumb but I trusted people. . and drugs had not crept into living rooms. That Germantown and Chelten was Oz, our first Mall--Woolworths, Penney's, Allen's, Lintons--hustle, bustle. Imagine how many of us passed each other closely, bumping into each other at Christmas time, back in the 50s and 60s, only now we are talking to each other.
Joe Lynch/God keeps the truth of life from the young as they are starting out or else they'd have no heart to start out at all.--Cormac McCarthy [07-19-2011]

Bruce Marshall: I wanted to add one name to the list you had of the little store in front of our house on W. Clapier. When we moved there in 1950 it was called Barney’s and many of his customers were the lunch crowd from the V. A. Barney had a good little business there on Clapier where Copley Rd.and little Schuyler almost meet. Up the street at Wissahickon Ave. and W. Clapier St. was another lunch place, a bigger one and it closed around 1954, but I don’t know what it was called. Down Wissahickon at Abbottsford, was a little place but I never saw it opened, but I remember you could look in the big glass window and see the counter and about 7 stools.
John McHugh [07-19-2011]

Does anyone remember Wayne Junction Oldsmobile on Wayne Ave.? Since my Dad's shop was right next door to it, he had many friends who worked there. His good buddy was a mechanic named Yocki. I think his real name was Ollie Neithammer. I'm not sure he was from the Gtown area though. They used to occasionally lend my Dad a brand new cars to try for the weekend, so that was very cool. The last car he bought before he died in 1971, was a loaded 1964 Olds 98. I thought it was a limo, dark blue with light blue interior, power windows and power seats too. I was thrilled when he let me take it to my senior prom in 65(with my girlfriend Rosanne Seminaitis from Wyneva St. ), and I thought I was one hot pair of pajamas ! Perhaps some of you, or your parents, bought a car from Wayne Junction Oldsmobile. I also fondly remember the 5&10 next door to WJ Olds. It was a rare treat when we would go in there, but I thought it was a toy wonderland. Later, we bought "pimple " balls there to play half ball with the Razzano Brothers ( Joe and Tommy )on Newhall St. If you could hit a half ball, you could hit anything !
Bob D'Angelo [07-19-2011]

Dave Linn - I golf in Fla, when I am on vacation. I have to work when I am home ! I'd still like to get out with you and Jimmy. Orville Ballard - I certainly remember D'Angelo's gas station across from St. Mike's church ( that was our parish ) As far as I know,they were not relatives. The D'Angelo Bros. Construction on Bringhaurst St. was my Dad's cousins. To all - regarding the old Wayne Avenue Playhouse, I too remember it well. My dad's blacksmith shop was across the street, next to Wayne Junction Oldsmobile and Joe's Pizza shop.At one time,my family owned the building that Joe's Pizza was in. I was a kid,but remember the Wayne Avenue theatre playing some very esoteric,foreign films too, which were considered quite risque back in the day. so,it was out of bounds . I did see one movie there in High School, but cannot remember what it was !
Bob D'Angelo [07-19-2011]

Another Philly-ism: caw-fee (breakfast beverage).
anonymous [07-19-2011]

Mr. Anonymous: It was so good of you to mention The Wall Street Journal on this site. I purchased the week-end edition and it was excellent. The blogs on this site have been ratcheted up with great commentary about finance and culture. The Wall St. Journal has commentary on Finance,Culture,and Politics. In this week-end edition, I read a great essay on China which is becoming one of the most powerful countries in the world-economically,militarily,and politically. If you had lived in West Germantown or hung out at The Hollow, you would have known Ben Hom- a great Chinese-American. He went to GHS with Paul Borian and they were both great athletes-especially in baseball. Ben was also good friends with Larry Rinaldi, another outstanding athlete from The Hollow. Ben Hom's Family had various businesses in West Germantown. Ed Burke and I remember Hom's Laundry on West Queen Lane. The Chinese people have the work ethic and are great entrepreneurs. I appreciate the fact that you mentioned The WSJ and I want to return the favor. I would surmise that you are a veteran and have read books about war and the history of war and battle. One of the greatest books on the history of war was written by Sun TZU. During the summer while you are traveling on going to the beaches, it is good reading and good for cognitive thinking. Since you read The WSJ, you must be a deep thinker and you probaly admire Rodin's stature-The Thinker which is on The Parkway. Mr. Anonymous! Keep submitting these titilating posts but in the future try to be more expansive and elucidating.
JBS [07-19-2011]

Jack Brogran, a few of the neighborhoods theatres used the giveaway approach to get people into the theatres in the off-days, like a Tuesday or Wednesday. I may be wrong, but I don’t think the larger theatres like the Orpheum or Colonial needed to resort to that. I sense the niche theatre, the Bandbox didn’t either. But, some of the theatres in the outlying neighborhood used that approach to fill their seats. I know the Walton at Chew and Chelten did a “dish night” as did the Chelten at Chelten and Anderson. They were successful too. My immigrant grandmother wasn’t much into the movies, but went to the Chelten in the 1930s or 1940s whenever they were having a “dish night”, just to get that dish. Interesting to hear the Wayne did that too. Wouldn’t be surprised if the New Lyric did that too.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-19-2011]

Jack McHugh, I too always pronounced it crowns rather than crayons. Similarly, I still have to catch myself and not say lie-brie, but library. I used to tell the other guys at North when they would comment on some of my pronunciations that it was my Germantown accent. Now I just say It’s a speech impediment.
Del Conner [07-19-2011]

My first realization that Philly people had a special speach sound was at a summer dance of LaSalle. I guess I was about 15 and my cousins and I got all prettied up and took the bus to Olney Ave., tanned and clad in our summer dresses we hoped to meet and dance with some cute boys. The boys we met were visiting from out of town and told us we spoke funny! I think they were from Boston, I thought THEY sounded funny! After that I became very aware of what I was hearing in the language spoken around me ever day and am still conscious of the peculiar but charming sounds of Philly. Gotta go to the Acame for bottled wuter - see yez later.

Jack Brogan, I came up withy something similar to your walking backwards as other people were leaving the Wayne Theater to get. To get into the Germantown Cricket Club pool, living just down the block from it on Erringer Place, we kids would put on our bathing suites, hose ourselves down until soaked then run up the street to the Cricket Club. We would act like we were chasing each other past the entrance to the pool in our trunks and hair already wet, like we just got out of the pool, and jump right in, again. Worked every time.
Del Conner [07-19-2011]

Spent many Saturday afternoons with my brother Tom in the "New"Lyric." 10 cents. 3 hrs. of cartoons, coupla features (maybe Frankenstein!), a serial of Gene Autry to keep us coming back. People seemed to be either at Confession on Saturday afternoon or at the movies. Sometimes, lonely, I had to ask neighbors if I could watch their TVs I don't ever recall being refused on Fernhill Road. You might even get a glass of water, pet the dog, get a compliment on what a nice family the Lynches were. The Brogans were a nice family, too (and cousins), the Middletons, Townsends, Fischers, LaVelles, Mc Gonigles, George--the Peppermint Man, Mrs. Powderley in her dementia; neighborliness went all the way around the corner to Dave's Pharmacy. People would look out for you then, if you skinned your knee falling off your Schwinn bicycle or you were crossing Pulaski Avenue for the first time. They'd give you the right change at the grocery store and you'd get to know their growls and smiles. Fernhill Park was Edenic--breezes, semi-pro baseball in the evening. My parents would take The Evening Bulletin to read with our cousin Agnes Brogan (Jack's Mother, find a bench under a tree and listen for the crickets this time of year. Then, we kids would walk home for baths after the swings in the Park. Couldn't have had a better summer or childhood.
Joe Lynch/Explore the things the mind already knows. [07-18-2011]

When I was a little kid my mother took me with her to "The Wayne" on Tuesday nights. The owners gave away a cup and saucer one week, a sugar bowl the next and a dinner plate the next until we had a complete set of "china." I have a few of the Wayne's cups and saucers in my cupboard here in Maine. Sometimes I'm reminded of movies I saw. One was "Johnny Belinda." I had no idea what that movie was about but I will never forget that bright screen coming on, and roaring lion that started the movie. Later, when The Wayne became The Wayne Avenue Playhouse, I hung out across the street at Sal's. Sometimes, when the first show was letting out, we'd stand among the people exiting and while they were walking forward we walked backwards right into The Playhouse. I saw my first sexy movie there. Of course by that time I knew everything there was to know about sex. Just ask Joe Lynch if that isn't true. I remember Monk McCauley shouting ape calls during the most dramatic parts of those art movies. The people from Chestnut Hill, cultured people with great cars parked up and down Wayne Avenue, were aghast. That was the best part.
Jack Brogan, "Taxes purchase civilization." O.W. Holmes [07-18-2011]

Any one remember Pat Gipe ?
rich, Huntingdon Valley [07-18-2011]

I love reading this site no matter what people are talking about - except maybe things which down America. It annoys me that people criticize entries and then sign "anonymous." We always just referred to the movie as the "Wayne." My brother used to tell a story of my older sister dragging him across Wayne Ave so they would not get hit by a trolley on their way to the movies. he was probably about 6 or 7. I don't ever remember going there.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [07-18-2011]

Dave Linn: The D'Angelo Brothers and Cousin Joe Dags are street-smart guys. If you want to do a round of golf with Bob D'Angelo give him a couple of strokes on the front and back nine and throw in a couple of Mulligans and you have yourself a good game. If you putt like you kicked the soccer ball, you are a very competitive golfer. Golf is one tough game and it is amazing how far the young lads can hit the little white ball. Just remember,"You Drive For Show and Putt For Dough.
JBS [07-18-2011]

Joe Lynch: I don’t know if it is how it was said in Germantown or Philadelphia, but more than likely just my own asininity, but I was in my 40’s before someone corrected me on the way I said crayons----crowns
Jack McHugh [07-18-2011]

TIMARRA: tomorrow; PEENITZ: elephant food; WIRF: value of something; KINNEYGARTEN: pre-school; EYETALIAN:person from Itly; ASSED:posed a question; PIXTURE: picture; NUTTN: less than sumpn; PREESHIATE:eggspress graddytood. (Thanks to Clark DeLeon)
Joe Lynch/No one's ever regretted a tattoo. [07-17-2011]

I especially remember two events at the Wayne Ave Playhouse: a series of Marx Brothers movies and another series of W.C. Fields movies. Both were wonderful and I'd love to be able to see them all again. As for Charlie Chaplin, I never had much time for his comic films, but his 1940 satire of Hitler and Nazism "The Great Dictator" was heroic and wonderful. A few years ago I was teaching a unit on WWII in Europe to H.S. seniors and introduced the unit by screening that movie. Sunk in better than any textbook or lecture ever could. BTW, it was Chaplin's first talking picture and his greatest commercial success. I remember the big demonstration when the WAP showed an anti-war film during the Vietnam War; hordes of people descended on our little 'burb and the WAP closed down soon afterwards and became the Paul Olds showroom.
Catherine Manning Muir, From Wayne & Seymour to Outback Oz via Honolulu [07-17-2011]

Bobbie Gatto: I remember those games very well. I always looked up to you and your brother Joe. You both had a quiet wisdom and yet a strong sense of leadership. I wasn't able to be the athelete that you and most were but I gave my all on every play beit basketball football and yes, even polio Joe on the soccer field. LOL I hope all is well with you. I saw Cahrlie fu last year and I although Charlie wasn't an athelete, he was your neighbor if I remember right. (write that down cause I dont remember much anymore) LOL Hope all is well with you and your family. With warm regards Joe Graber
Joe Graber [07-17-2011]

Del Conner - no I wasn't the one who lived on Wade St. Linda, Ann and Diane Bloomer lived on Wade St., they are my three cousins.
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [07-17-2011]

Bob D'Angelo: Thanks buddy for the warm welcome. Hope to speak to others on this site in the future. Would love to me some of these true characters. As you know, even though I moved from G'town in 1951, I remained connected through the shore, your brother Joe and many relatives. I plan on contacting Joe Dag soon to see if he remembers me.....Regards, Joe P
Joe Passanante [07-17-2011]

Bonnie Gatto...Welcome back Bonnie!Rumor is that you made a visit to the Hollow and never made it back.I understand that you are making a fortune selling the famous Gatto family Italian water ice.Word is that you are charging four bucks for the patented lemon ice......Your story about Sunday morning football at PSD reminds me of a football game that I played for Germantown High School in 1955.In the huddle,I told our quarterback,Joe DiNatle,a quick way to score a touchdown.It was a Bee Bee Happy Hollow special.I drew a diagram on the dirt.Twenty yards downfield,fake to the right,cut towards the center.Joe's pass was slightly off target,but I caught it.Losing some momentum,I ran about twenty yards before some dude caught up to me.Our running Tommy Dixon was trailing me on the play,and heard him calling me out as I was about to be tackled.I lateraled the ball to Tommy who sprinted in for a touchdown.It was an eighty yard TD.,our longest of the season.The best part;it was a Happy Hollow special.Originally developed by Bee Bee and perfected by brother Ralph....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Just wrote a check for my biggest expenditure;school tax bill.For what??? [07-17-2011]

Nice to see some postings on the Wayne Avenue Theatre here. That was one not mentioned too often here, far less so than the New Lyric Theatre from those from the west/lower end of Germantown, but it was one that was special to those who went there. Speaking of the New Lyric, "new" was never the formal name for that theatre. It was renovated in 1929, and renamed the Lyric Theatre. Further renovations in 1935, people just then referred to is as the "New" Lyric. The name, New Lyric, stuck from that point forard, even though just "Lyric" was on the marquee....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [07-17-2011]

Lets get back to more stories about Germantown and away from money advice - this ain't the Wall Street Journal.
Anon [07-17-2011]

Joe Lynch,Film Aficionado- You were hanging out at The Wayne Avenue Playhouse and The Band Box and I was at other venues since I did not want to read The Inquirer on Saturday-night. I can not imagine you with an ugly ingenue since you and The Fernhillers were always chasing foxes- Especially Cusack,and Patrizi and McIlhinney were no amateurs. As you know, I am Jesuit-educated and we were taught that all God's creature are beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what might be a wilting rose to you, can be a voluptuous flower to another lad. I am in God's Camp and my street-savy brother,Cactus Jack, there are no ugly women, only plain and beautiful. They are good dancing partners but don't try to understand them-that is why there are xx and xy chromosomes. I was married to a beauiful woman,Ludmila who took me to a myriad of foreign films in Princeton. Like you, she enjoyed French Films,and she was from Argentina but spoke French. You did not mention Catharine Deneuve and she was my favorite French Actress and I really liked her presence on the screen. I like the cultural contributions of You and John Fleming on this site. I might even head up to Princeton tomorrow and soak up some culture at The McCater Theate-one of the greatest regional theaters in The US. Joe! Keep posting and give us some reviews on some good Spanish and Latin-American Films.
Bruce Schmitt [07-17-2011]

TO PAUL BORIAN: If I was in the top 1% of income, I'd be happy to pay 28.3% of federal taxes. Ditto: the top 10%. Incidentally, they also have lots of tax write-offs and loopholes available to them that we poor shnucks don't havew. Besides, what does this have to do with Germantown?
anonymous [07-16-2011]

Attention Bob D'Angelo are you a relative of Bob and Joe D'Angelo was had a ESSO gas station on Germantown Ave across the street from Saint Michael of A Saint Church?
Orville T. Ballard, sfa 56-nechs 60 [07-16-2011]

Dave Byrne will you have your brother get in touch with me. Bud Ballard
Orville T. Ballard, sfa 56=nechs 60 [07-16-2011]

Yes, Bud I am one of the Garvey;s from Bringhurst St.My Father name was Chappy.Did you live on Bringhurst St.? Sent me a e- mail
Mike Garvet [07-16-2011]

Joey Lynch: Yes we folks from Philly do have a language of our own. My wife, who is from South Jersey, still corrects me when I say lie-berry, instead of lie-brary. I once sent my son to the store to pick up Campbells tomato juice to make a pot roast. He said they didn't have any. He thought I said "camels" instead of "camp-bells". My favorite is "jeet", "no jew?" yea I had a "chee samich"
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [07-16-2011]

Investment Suggestions Posted by John Fleming

Bor: I am getting so much info about finance and culture on this site, I am overwhelmed. Fernhill Joe Lynch, was hanging out at The Wayne Avenue Playhouse while you were either hitting shots on the roof or doing your thing with the boys at Moe's- probaly a little cards since I never saw you shoot dice. You were so clean-cut, no dice and only beer and wine and liquor on special events. Now, you are reminding us of our tax burden and Brogan's Cousin[JL] is telling us about The Foreign Films that he saw back in the day. I wish you 2 old-jocks could advise an old pseudo-intellectual Prepper like myself how to deal with heavy taxes and how to understand the cultural context of a foreign film, sub-titles don't do really do justice. I guess, I'll have to do something operatic- Barber of Seville. Joe Lynch said,"He Doesn't Know Or Care and Makes No Difference. He and his colleagues in academia better care since he will be still paying taxes and collecting Social Security and Medicare Benefits. These politicians better get working on these deficits and quit kicking the can down the road. Back in the day, their favorite song must have been,"Down The Road A Piece". I trust that you are down the shore and enjoying the ocean and Busch's in Sea Isle. We are both hanging out with The Irish Lads on The Irish Riviera. Whitey Bulger of South Boston won't be hanging out anymore since he will be wearing pajamas. Bor! Keep posting and you and Jack Brogan are the voices of The Hollow- Wayne&Logan. How about those Phillies? Can they pitch or what? Hitting isn't everything.
Schmitty [07-16-2011]

I played football every Sunday morning on one of the fields at the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb. The group included Bob O'Donnell, Dave Glancey, David McCartny, Eddie Makaitis. Bob and I were sometimes opposing QB's. Bob would plot out intricate plays in his huddles and I would always just tell the guys to 'go long'. Didn't matter who won. Just a fun time for all of us.
Bonnie Gatto [07-16-2011]

Those of you who have moved away from Wayne and Logan have taken with you the distinct langwich of Mayor James H.J.Tate and Clarence Ferguson (remember his pork-pie hat, now back in style, I might add.). ADDYTOOD--attitude,ACKAMEE--Acme, SPICKIT--tap, MANAZE--mayonnaise, CRICK--big stream,ZINK--where the spickit is, WAUDER--what you get from the spickit, VANELLA--not chocklit, TAWK--speak, DOZE--not dem, ASSED--posed a question, MIRRA--whatcha look in, CHESTER DRAWS--part of a bedroom suite, IGGLES--not DA Bears--SAMITCH--normally eaten at lunch, ITLY--Rome, etc., CHUNGUM--Wrigley's., etc. All of these were lifted from a Clark DeLeon column in the INKWIRE, some years back. I'll bet you could add to these.
Joey Lynch/I don't know. I don't care. And it doesn't make any difference. [07-15-2011]

I was an altar boy at SFA and my brother Cooter was in the choir. I remember Fathers Donohue, Cooney and Fitzpatrick reporting into McGarrity. Can I ask who else served at SFA ?
Bob Eastside [07-15-2011]

mike garvey are u from bringhurst st was your fathers nick name chappy
buddy curran [07-15-2011]

Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon, Charlie Chaplin not funny? Perhaps. Humor is in the mind of the beholder. I personally have never found the 3 Stooges funny or humorous, while most folks do. Not to defend or try to change your mind, or be argumentative,I will simply say that Chaplin was quite innovative and creative in his films, given that movies were still in their infancy. Actuality I found the films of Harold Lloyd more entertaining of that era.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [07-15-2011]

Somebody mention the Wayne Ave. Playhouse? Everything I ever learned about life (except what my Big Cousin Jack Brogan taught me!)I learned in the darkness of that movie theater. Around 1965 I used to go to the Swedish, Russian, French, Italian and Czech films they showed. There were always about 11 pointey-headed-people there, at times, the smell of weed, and always, always on the screen a Knight was playing chess with Death (yes, that one) on the beach. In five years I never saw a film without subtitles.If you had an ugly girlfriend, you'd never take her because the guys on the corner would rag you the next day and tell your Big Cousin Jack Brogan and you'd have some 'splainin to do. I thought I was weird because I always went alone to the Wayne Avenue Playhouse or with my sister Kathy who thought I was an intellectual because I read and somewhat understood "Lord of the Flies." It was a great time, 1965, and you could assume any pose or affectation and people wouldn't kick you around(except maybe Goo-Goo). Later on, the Band Box near Gtn. and Chelten became the Art House of choice (I think Paul Borian hit one too many line drives on the roof of the WAP and it closed). At the Bands Box everybody smoked dope, quite openly, I always waited for the lights to go on during the Jean Luc Godard's "Breathless" and J. Edgar himself might barrel up the aisles with a tommy gun.The Band Box was small and compact. I saw "A Man and a Woman" there and a lot of French film noir. I loved the Wayne, though, close and empty with a minimum number of narcotic arrests on any given night. You could take a classy girl there--if you knew one.
Joe Lynch/So you're scared and you think we ain't that young anymore. . . [07-15-2011]

I'm curious!, Does anyone know what happen to Mannuel Pinto. He was my parents best man when they married in 1939 at St Vincent's by Fr. Sculley! Even though I went to St. Francis Grammar School, I hear frequent stories from my family about Miss Catherine at St. Vincents. All of my Aunts and Uncles stil talk about her. Someone mentioned "Jimmy Pritz", which one, Jr or Sr? Hoping to hear from you
John Pritz, Mannuel Pinto-Morris St. [07-15-2011]

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am from Northern Ireland. I am trying to do a little bit of research as my grandmother was born in Germantown. She was born in 5759, Beechwood Street, Germantown. I was wondering if anyone would know where this would be or how I coule maybe find the place on Google Maps as I was told that the house she was born in is still standing today. My grandmother died in January. Thanks for any help provided.
Mark Anderson, Northern Ireland, 28 [07-15-2011]

Welcome Joe Passanante ! a good friend from the Germantown days and N. Wildwood when we lived across from each other at 12th and NY Aves. Joe was a fine guitarist and noted wiffle ball and half ball player,(which we did a lot at "the shore "). He is also a West Point grad and a great guy. Welcome Joe !
Bob D'Angelo [07-15-2011]

John Fleming: I commend you on your astute investment philosophy which has helped you to navigate the daunting financial waters and survive the debacle of 2008. You are correct that buying mutual funds are not a slam-dunk- they can be expensive with their fees and costs. Returns can be miniscule and yet there can be high expense-ratios. I prefer ETF's with lower espense ratios and focus on the correct sectors[industries]. I survived 2008 becuase I avoided banks and rea estate sectors which were a disaster. With mutual funds,they all did badly and they had huge investments in the banking sector. It is essential to diversify in all types of assets-Stocks,bonds,commodities and alternative investments. I had lunch today with an astute investor from Germantown-Pat MC. Like you,he is a huge fan of John Bogle[Vanguard] and he likes balanced mutual funds which is a combination of bonds and equities. I always liked Peter Lynch[Fidelity] who was Jesuit Educated. Some of my best friends were Jesuit Educated. I believe that our discussion about investing is laudable because Germantowners should think about the possibilities and consequences in their golden years. You are enjoying your golden years and may the golden financial sun continue to shine on your golden parade.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-15-2011]

Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon, I remember the movie theatre on Wayne Avenue Across from Joe’s Pizza and seeing silent films there. Buster Keaton and the General was my favorite. His films have stood the test of time and are still funny. Neighbor Don Moore worked as an usher there. Like the Band Box, and the movie theatre on Midvale Avenue next to the train bridge, no popcorn at the Wayne Avenue theatre. At the Wayne Avenue theatre they had peanuts that you ate and dropped the shells on the floor. Arlene, did you live on Wade Street just in from Green and Manheim Streets? Is your sister Linda Bloomer? I so, I remember going to her birthday party, Friday, September 13th, 1963. I think her birthday may have been the Wednesday before. That Friday 13th was my 13th birthday. Still remember doing the line dance in the basement. I danced a lot that night with Pat Walsh from Pulaski Avenue.
Del Conner [07-15-2011]

Bob D'Angelo: Thanks Bob for that info on the photo site. Pictures are great and the best collection yet. Great shots of G-Town! Take Care, Dave
Dave Byrne [07-15-2011]

Bob D'Angelo, you can golf in Florida but not up here with me and Jim at Macoby Run. What's up with that? Remember to keep your eye on the ball. Fore!
Dave Linn, Just a Hacker [07-15-2011]

Show Posting re tax burden by income level in America from Paul Borian

Duncan Hubley: You are correct that I would be remiss if I did not mention Leroy Kelly as one of the great athletes from Philly. You and I played a lot of basketball against Leroy at Fernhill but he was sensational in football and baseball. Leroy,Haarold Kelly,and Bill Haas were the best baseball players from Fernhill. I think with more effort, Leroy could have been a professional baseball player. I never saw a more explosive back out of the backfield, your buddy,Ken Twiford was also explosive. We were fortunate to have competed and played against so many great athletes at Fernhill. I last saw Leroy Kelly at his burger king at Cheltenham&Mt. Airy in the early 80's, he was living in Mt. Airy. He looked like he was in good shape. We should try to get together with him-you had good rapport with him and Joe Palmer. The brothers from Roberts Ave.&Deacon were not only good athletes but decent guys. Harold and Leroy Kelly were motivated and disciplined athletes. You will be visiting another disciplined and motivated athlete in Maine-Jack Brogan from The Hollow. I am having lunch with a Fernhill guy tomorrow-Pat McIlhinney,SFA and The Prep. He spends a lot of time at OC where he spends the summer. He likes to talk about investments since he wants to supplement his retirement income. In these challenging financial times, it can be quite daunting.
Bruce Schmitt [07-13-2011]

Did anyone ever go to the movies at the Wayne Theatre, across from Joe's Pizza Shop on Wayne Ave.? My friend Faye and I went once when they had a Charley Chaplin Festival - We didn't think he was so funny.
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [07-13-2011]

Hey Harnett: Wake up..Why would any course send out a "duo" when a trio or a foursome was avaliable...They're not trying" to make money, but to "speed up pay"..Speed of play is the most attractive measure of any golf course....Mike Deely
Mike Deely, n/a [07-13-2011]

Catharine Manning Muir: Your last post contained commentary about currency which is important to retired investors from Germantown. The Federal Reserve had been buying bonds which kept interest rates lower and consequently sent the dollar lower. With a lower dollar, imports from Germany,China,and Japan are more expensive. Borian and Hartnett are skiers and if they travel to Switzerdland to ski, they will find that The Swiss Franc has gone through the roof and hanging out in the Swiss Alps can be costly. The dollar has more clout in Argentina and one can ski there during our summer. When you travel to The US from Australia,you can get good values in your shopping since The Australian Dollar is strong against The US Dollar. You and John Fleming have reminded Germantowners about the importance of money and spending in our golden years of retirment.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-13-2011]

Born at 4675 Germantown Ave (near Abbotsford Ave). Sang with Ray Duffy (St Francis, North Catholic '65) in folk group the Hitchhikers in the 60s. Good friends with the Dangelo brothers, Bob and Joe from Newhall St. Went to Lasalle High with Dave Bodo and Vince Plano.
Joe Passanante Jr, Sewell, NJ, 63 years old, [07-13-2011]

The Pa.School for the Deaf also held a great Halloween parade. The prizes were super. L.A.Fontana
L. Fontana [07-13-2011]

I remember the 4th of July Fireworks at the School for the Deaf on Germantown Ave.. We would go every 4th and as a teen a group of us would go after we did the parade in Glenside.. Glenside was Yearsley's last parade on the 4th..
Erda Armstrong Graham, From the Westside of Germantown [07-13-2011]

I am just back from vacation in Sarasota and just wanted to share that the weather there was actually the same as here. Just have to play golf early in the day and then spend the rest of the time on the beach,pool or in air conditioning. JBS - thanks for the pep talk on the investment. I really doewsn't matter where the prices go if you are not selling. I'm hoping to spend more time there in the future.The pace is much more relaxed ! Just got a link from my brother Joe. It is a photo album of Immaculate Conception, and also includes some great old photos of Germantown, including churches, GTN Boys Club, (Bill Cupo- there is a photo of you in the sports section), and other memories. It is a great nostalgic trip. Here is the link, check it out. http://www.friendsofimmaculate.com/photo_album.htm
Bob D'Angelo [07-13-2011]

How fun it is to read the stories of old friends meeting again and the good times they have. It rekindles the feeling of being young and who we were at that time of our lives and enhances the sweetness of who we are now. I can't wait 'til our next get together to see everyone again.

John Bruce Schmitt: Allow me to further explain my investing philosophy. From day one, some 35 years ago, I took complete control my investing decisions. I educated myself as much as I could, mainly reading the books of Peter Lynch, John Bogle, who I once had breakfast with, etc. I have always been a prudent and somewhat Contrarian type of investor. Here is basically what I have learned over the years. -Most investors SHOULD NOT be in individual stocks. They have neither the money nor the expertise to do so. Much better to invest in mutual funds, and let experts do the stock picking. Of course finding the right investment firm and right mutual fund can be tricky. -Same thing with bonds. Better to get a bond mutual fund. With my conservative style of investing, I have been able to enjoy my early retirement with no real change in my lifestyle, even with the major drop in the stock market in the last few years.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [07-13-2011]

For trivia nuts from GTN---Did you know that Three actors turned down the role of Rick in CASABLANCA--Ron Reagan _-Errol Flynn-& George Raft-I couldn't picture anyone playing Rick but Humphrey Bogart & Sam,(Dooley Wilson), couldn't play the piano.The movie had two endings,of course, we only saw one.Rick & Ilsa danced to one song in the movie -Perfidia-not- As Time Goes BY.Bogart & Wilson were the only american actors in the film,the rest of the cast were foreign actors. I saw the original movie at The Colonial when I was 8 or 9yrs of age, but have viewed it many times since then. Lou Giorno" Here's looking at you kid "
Lou Giorno, Mr G Dos [07-13-2011]

Show Off-Topic Posting about NASA from cmm

After reading the posts about the fireworks at the school for the deaf and dumb on Germantown Ave., I couldn't help but flash back, as I recalled those events also. The guys I hung out with on the corner of Price and Crittenden all referred to the school as "the deaf and dummies". While we did not look down on those folks and did not do it maliciously, we could get strung up today in certain quarters for non-politically correct speech. Somehow, I feel, we were less affectatious in those days and more genuine, even in our naivete', and didn't have to pay homage to self righteousness. In a certain sense, it was a more innocent time.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-12-2011]

As luck or coincidence would have it, a friend and myself went out yesterday (Monday) for a round of golf at Pinecrest golf course in Montgomery County. Since we were a twosome, the golf course authorities, in their infinite wisdom, teamed us up with two strangers to make it a foursome. Golf courses like to do those things in order to maximize their revenue. In any event, one of the two new partners who was disguised behind a pair of sunglasses and under a hat, was none other than frequent and beloved blogger on this site, "roll of the drums", Billy Cupo. Is this a small world or what? I did reconnect with Bill (brother of Lorraine) last year after about 50 years. I even had lunch at his mother's abode along with Bill and Lorraine (his mom did the cooking)last year. In any case, what a great day we had. Bill is a more accomplished golfer than I as I only started four years ago at the tender age of 68. Not exactly a Phil Mickelson. I did witness Bill hitting a shot of about 140 yards right out of a sandtrap and on to the green. The guy definitely has some tricks in his bag. All in all it was a great day and being former Germantowners we did, in fact, wind up at the bar for some reminiscing and good B.S. Small world, ain't it?
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [07-12-2011]

Hello G-towners ! Thought you might like to hear about something that happened today to me while going to play golf at Pinecrest C.C. in Montgomeryville. By sheer coincidence, my neighbor and I got to play golf with that great Germantown blogger and historian, Dan Hartnett. We were both given an 11:24 time and when I walked into the pro shop, there he was with a friend of his. Well, we shared a hug and then proceeded to hit the links. Let me tell you something ladies and gentleman, as a golfer, Dan is a great blogger and historian. No really, we had a great time sharing some memories of Germantown at the 19th hole and we really enjoyed playing together. Dan was the best friend of my cousin Ron when we lived on Haines st., and we had lunch together at my mom's apartment in Newtown a few months back along with my sister Lorraine who was in from Florida. Of all the places to meet a guy from the row homes of Germantown; on a golf course in beautiful Bucks county. Turns out the Dan lives in Jamison and I live in Chalfont and he just started playing golf about 4 years ago. I've been playing since the age of 13 or so when my dad took me to the old Pine Town golf course in Upper Dublin. Later I would play at Roxborough C.C. and when we moved to Bucks County, I played at Hi-Point in Warminster which is now Spring Mill C.C.. I'm sure you'll be hearing from Dan shortly now that I've beaten him to the punch on this website. He hit some good shots, unfortunately not enough of them. I'm sure he'll have some poison ivy from being near the woods so much. Just kidding of course but it was really great to get to see him again and what a total surprise to boot. Take care everybody !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [07-12-2011]

Speaking of rockets, who remembers the Nike missiles that were positioned in Fern Hill Park? When I lived in Awbury Arboretum I heard that were also stationed there in adjacent Awbury Park that is city owned. Do you remember the Army barracks on Cheltenham Avenue next to Temple Stadium? They may have had missiles there too. All major cities had the missiles on the high ground around them. If I remember right there was an agreement with the Russians that took them away. I think the missiles were deployed against bombers rather than intercontinental missiles.
Del Conner [07-12-2011]

John Fleming: In your last post, you touched on a topic which is a big concern with retired Germantowners- securing a fair return on our investments with an element of security and at the same time being able to have peace and tranquility. The financial arrows that you want in your financial quiver would be bonds and not stocks. However, I've been a fan of stocks and blonds but not bonds, I have never married a stock but I did marry two blonds. We are in a very critical period in The US Financial History and I am very concerned-especially in the future. You have good reason to be prudent and bonds have been a safe investments for the last 3 decades. Germantowners should be aware that bonds also have risk. Many folks believe that they just correct the interest and wait to maturity and get back their principle. We must factor in inflation and higher interest rates which are the bane of bondholders. In the early 80's, bonds were decimated when interest rates rose to 18%. Diversification is imperative in investing-all the eggs should not be in one basket. Retired folks need income and stocks with a steady dividend-stream is my box of choclates-a sweet spot if you will. In the golden years,many retired people have breakfast at The Golden Arches-McDonald's. In South America,Arcos Dorados[Golden Arches] is the largest McDonald franchise in the world. You are a curious type and you might want to read about Arcos Dorados on Google or the symbol on Yahoo would be "ARCO". If one thinks sugar prices will rise and sugar is used in Ethanol, a Brazilian company by the name of Cosan might be worth learning about. If one believes that inflation and commodities will rise, a hedge against inflation is needed. Bonds and CD's are not the answer to inflation. A retired investor needs a diversified portfolio with Blue Chip Stocks that pay a dividend. Many Germantowners will scroll down when they read this blog but they do so at their own peril. This is no time to put our heads in the sand, even ostriches are not always buried in the sand. John! Enjoy Your Golden Years,The Golden Arches,and May Your Retirement Investments Be Golden.
John Bruce Schmitt [07-12-2011]

Denise - that was the official name of the school, Pennsylvania Institute for the Deaf and Dumb. That name was also on the signs out front of the Mt. Airy campus. Plus, the property was registered on the National Register of Historic Places under that name. Back in that day, the term "dumb" was not considered offensive when referring to someone who is speech-impaired. It is offensive today, but history is what it is.... Here is a link to an old postcard of the school that contains the word dumb.... BTW, saw many a July 4th fireworks there... CLICK
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown. [07-12-2011]

Tampa Theater update: *Yes I know this is not strictly a Germantown post, but there is a connection. Had the pleasure of going this weekend to see "Casablanca" on the big screen. What an experience! Even though have seen the film over a hundred times, it was a most enjoyable experience. If there is such a thing as time travel, viewing this 1942 film in a theater built in 1926 comes as close as it can be. The theater was expecting a large turnout, and they scheduled two viewings, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Movie lovers didn't disappoint them, and both days were packed. We chose this time to sit in the balcony. Now for the Germantown connection. I kept thinking to myself, "Why can't Philly or Germantown do the same thing and restore an old theater or two, and show classic films. Are the people of the Tampa Bay area more cultural and sophisticated? In a city that can sell out all the Phillies games, are there not enough people to support preserving a historical theater?
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [07-12-2011]

Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon, I do remember the 4th of July Fireworks at The PA School for the Deaf. The first time there - I was about 7 years old and was so shaken! It seemed as though the sounds could be heard later that night when trying to go to sleep.....strange what we remember.
Naomi Vitelli [07-11-2011]

Given that our government (Australian, that is) today announced the most sweeping economic reforms in a generation, all tied to putting a price of AUD24.00/ton on carbon emissions, the cost of living here, as in the US, is at the top of the list of concerns of retirees and others on a fixed income. (Stop now if you don't care; don't complain later that this submission is off-topic or too long!) I'm wondering how former and current Germantowners are coping and what changes we'll all be making to be 'green' while keeping costs under control. Petrol (gasoline) here is $1.45 a litre, which equates to $5.50 a gallon. Given the higher value of the Aussie dollar, that equates today to USD 5.91/gal. We use very little petrol because we live in a small, remote town and nothing is more than 10 minutes' drive from our house, so we can't cut back there. We've switched to LPG instead of electricity for heating and between that and turning off the heaters at night and wearing layers during the day, we've cut heating costs from $10/day to $6; electric blankets and 3 cats keep us warm at night. All of our Vitamin C comes from our mandarin orange tree, free, and most of our vegies come from my garden. We're saving money and cutting pollution, without suffering. I'd like to hear from others about how they're caring for the environment and the wallet at the same time. Either here (if the purists don't complain too much) or by private email. Cheers.
Catherine Manning Muir, Outback Oz [07-11-2011]

Vera: My Grandparents lived next door to the O'Connels on Morris Street I remember them as a child. I'm a member of the BLISS Family whom were early settlers (1860s) to Morris St. Any information about my family would be appreciated.
John Pritz, Born in Pulaski town @ Morris and Hansberry Sts. Member of an old Germantown Family! [07-11-2011]

Arlene: Yes, I went to those fireworks once. A long way to go from Wayne and Seymour. I think it was earlier, however, probably in the early '60s.
CMM [07-11-2011]

Bruce and you hollow boys forgot Leroy Kelly of Deacon street. He was in highschool at Simon Gratz when I was in college. He then went to Morgan State where I am sure he was a star. My story is that one Sunday when I played for Chestnut Hill Soccer Club at The Roberts Avenue field in Fernhill Park.I arrivered at that field at least 15 minutes before kickoff, played a 90 minute soccer game, then showered and changed all the while Leroy was running up and walking down the hill to the Expressway. At least two hours. That is what allowed him to plow through the line for the Cleveland Browns. He was the leading ground gainer in the NFL three years in a row. Hard Work by Him got him there. Duncan Hubley GA '57
Duncan Hubley, Fernhill Park [07-11-2011]

Attention All GTNers--Please BOYCOTT anything that Casey Anthony endorses! Caylee,you little angel, RIP. Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Mr. Dos [07-11-2011]

Just finished a fun billiards tournament called "The Gangs of New York". We broke up the group into the Italians, the Irish, the Poles, the Ladies, and the gang from the South. Yes, people actually got into character, and in some cases, wardrobe. (52 players in all). Great night; started out with a deli-catered dinner, and topped off by winning part of the 50/50 for a $30 bonus. The entry fee was only $5.
John Payne [07-11-2011]

Hey Arlene, I remember going to the school you referred to, although I won't classify it as you did. Don't get me wrong that was the name of if back in the day, but now I believe it is referred to under a different name. Yes we went and laid on blankets or sat on chairs, but I do remember. Seems like just a short time ago.
anthonyg [07-11-2011]

When we weren't sledding in Logan Park, we would sled from the top of Knox & Logan down to Wyneva St. to Greene & hope we could stop before going out into the busy street. Would do it again in a minute. At that time, Wyneva was paved with quarry tile which looked like bricks but they were quick to cool & slow to warm up so there was always snow or better yet - ice!
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [07-11-2011]

>Arlene McMahon - I can not believe that you still refer tto the fireworks spot as "the Deaf and Dumb school on Germantown Ave." As far back as I can remember, it was referred to as The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [07-11-2011]

buddy,i can identify with that poem you wrote.i'm going to copy that one for my self. joe o'donnell
JOE O'DONNELL, will be 67 on aug.th [07-11-2011]

Bernie McKernan: Recently, I noticed a post where the great blogger from Down Under,CMM, thanked you for some info about the shooter from West Germantowner,Wayne&Berkley, who blasted a victim. I surmise that you knew a few bad actors back in the day. I know that you knew the Coyle Brothers from St. Vincent's who killed a cop not far from Broad&Erie, a corner that Mr. McKernan was familiar with. We have been dicussing the great athlete,Herb Adderly on this site and you knew Charles Adderly who ended a woman's life near Wissy&School House Lane. Our mutual friend,Dan Hartnett, remembers Frank "Birdman" Phelan who ended pretty Judy Lopinson's life. You've been been around the block and have even walked the streets of Caracas. I wonder,being Irish, if you have walked the streets of South Boston. Whitey Bulger was the main guy in that part of town and he put fear in the hearts of men and guess what he put into his enemies. After many years on the lamb,his femme fatale caused his arrest because she had to look pretty. She better not like pretty where she is heading if you know what I mean-you do know. Allow me to digress from crime and discuss things a little more sunny-The Jersey Shore. You hang out in beautiful Annapolis and you are a boat-guy but you have done The Jersey Shore intensively. Someday, I will be tasting some Vino in Brielle and you might pull up to The Brielle Yacht Club in your big boat. I"ve been hanging out in Spring lake and Brielle with your people- The Irish. I hang out in The River House on The Manasquan River with a feisty Irishman who owned The Dunes In Somers Point. For fun, he repossesses boats for the banks-with this economy, he is busy. Everybody can not afford a big boat. The lads love to tell the babes how big their boat is at the bistros. Yesterday, I was hanging out in Avalon at The Windrift which has the best view in Avalon. In my last conversation with you, we talked about Venezuela. I've gotten into that culture, but my Venezuelan friend likes Aruba-Gracias No. We have to be patriotic and support America. No offense to your brother,The Professor, who seems to be having a very good time in The Green Isle. He is really into that culture. As they say in Costa Rica-Pura Vida and The Celtic Women will sing,"Lift Me Up".
J. Bruce Schmitt [07-11-2011]

Naomi Vitelli Sounds like a nice change of pace ... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-11-2011]

Arlene Bloomer McMahon My cousins and I went to the school for the deaf and enjoyed the fireworks many times . Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-11-2011]

Wonderful memories of Germantown. I lived there from 1943 until marriage in 1968, in the 5100 block of Keyser St. SFA grad in 1957. Girl Scout troop #1 at Sleepy Hollow with Miss Ginder. I remember some great teachers at SFA: Sr. Francis Dolores, Sr. grace Winifred, Sr John Anita and the dreaded Sr. Mary Immaculate--she terrified me! I recognize some classmates' names: Joe Lynch, Billy Haas, Cathy Manning, Helen Fowler, Chuckie Lubking. I have memories of hanging out at the Wyneva Drug, sitting in the back booth drinking cherry cokes with Mildred Gillespie, Pat Mockaitis and Mary Clare Hunt (probably after Sodality, which our mothers made us attend!). My friends and I spent lots of Saturdays "up the avenue" shopping in Rowell's or Allen's or going for an ice cream at Dairy Maid. When I was older Crane's on Queen Lane became a favorite Friday night spot for snapper soup'. Lobster tail, and tall gin & tonics.
Geraldine McIlhinney Davis, Boston area [07-11-2011]

John Payne, I don’t like to recall negative memories but, your comment of Casey reminded of the OJ verdict while living on a hilltop in Awbury Arboretum. You hear a lot of noise on a hilltop. I was working outside on my house when the verdict came in. From Hanies, Ardleigh, Stafford, and other far off streets I heard repeated gunshots and cars blowing their horns. Very disturbing. Happily, I didn’t hear a thing when the Casey verdict came in living here in Society Hill.
Del Conner [07-11-2011]

With the end of NASA’s Shuttle program I think back to the beginning of the space age and the rocket craze that had everyone making them. My brother Alan with Bob Moore’s older brother Don, and others constructed some elaborate rockets and launchers for launch in the “Old Lot” on McKean Street in the late fifty’s. They would get the rocket fuel, looked like Tootsie Rolls but lighter in color, from the M&H Hobby shop on Chelten Avenue that they would fill copper pipes with. Using sheets of copper they got from my father, they fashioned fins and a holder for the base of the rocket. Using lumber they got from the old carriage house on the lot that had been torn down sometime before, they made an “A” frame Block House with a window cut out. A copper sheet that held the bottom of the rocket had a string attached to it that ran to the Block House. Someone would light the rocket and run back to the Block House. The string would be pulled releasing the rocket. One launch, wanting to gain more height, and forgoing the problematic lunch mechanism they had made, a rocket was launched form the flat roof on the rear of our house on Erringer Place. That rocket with a capsule fashioned for it contained a live caterpillar. We tried at least one with a parachute attached for a soft landing. We were lucky not to ever hit anything or anybody, or start a fire. We younger kids started to make similar smaller rockets using old copper ballpoint pens. You would grind up match heads and stuff the in the cartridge, soaked the whole thing in lighter fluid, prop it up on a small rock and light it. Looking to make sure no one was in the street or cars approaching, these mini rockets would shoot halfway down Erringer Place. Later I would hang out with a guy whose name escapes me who lived in the Manheim Gardens Apartments across from Larry Durrel. We would make another version of a rocket. Taking a match we could cover the head of it with tin foil. Placed on something so the head of the match hung a little over it, with another lit match placed under the tin foil, the match would ignite and sale across the room! Yes, we did that in his apartment. Children, if you are reading this, do not attempt to do this! I agree with John Glenn. We should have had the next generation of rockets ready before retiring the Shuttle. Hope all goes well on the last run.
Del Conner [07-11-2011]

Buddy C. The only thing Golden is your pee.I have a six pack. but there a keg in front of it lol mike
mike garvey [07-11-2011]

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