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July 1-8, 2011

Lou Giorno: I never sledded down West Logan Street but I regularly roller skated down Wyneva Street from the top of the hill at Germantown Ave. to the bottom at Greene Street. It was very steep, with a big crack just before the corner drug store that I had to jump over while moving at a great rate of knots, then grab onto the light pole at the corner and spin around it, to avoid hurtling out onto Greene Street. Very exhilarating! Once my skates came undone (not a good plan to wear skates with sneakers!) and I crashed into a fence halfway down the hill, bending my hand back at the wrist, and spent the next few days in great pain. That same wrist now gives me trouble; I'm sure there's a connection.
CMM [07-08-2011]

Jack Brogan: It has been too many years since I saw Hollow Guys nutting the crazy custodian and obviously, he was called,"Joe The Nut". A lot of The Hollow Guys would really get him pissed. Paul Borian responded to your comment about Herb Adderly and I think we can all agree he was the greatest athlete from Germantown and Philly. Herb had a cousin,Nat Curly Adderly, from Pulaski-town and he went to Edison-The Old Northeast. He was All-Public at Edison during the same year,Joe Lynch[cousin] was All-Catholic at LaSalle. How could Curly Adderly go to Germantown after Herb's experience at GHS. Bor! Think about Bo Robeson of Bartram who played against Wilt Chamberlain and was ALL-PUBLIc in basketball. He was also one of the greatest running-backs in The Ivy League,Cornell,and played professionally for The Chargers and other NFL Teams. I am not done yet. Bo was in The Olympics and won a medal in track. Go Phillies!
JBS [07-08-2011]

Lived on Berkley St Moved to Mayfair and then Greater Northeast in Torresdale section. OLC Parish.
John Gallagher, Live in Delaware. Grew up in Gtn. Attended St FRancis of Assissi School [07-08-2011]

Does anyone remember attending fireworks on the Grounds of the Deaf and Dumb school on Germantown Ave. When we went in 71? 72 the fireworks came down on the spectators. We jumped up and got out of the way and I never went to a live fireworks display again!
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [07-08-2011]

the golden years have come at last i can not p--,i cannot see i can not chew i can not s---w my memorys shrinkin my hraring stinks no sense of smell i look like hell my body's drooping got trouble pooping the golden years have come at last the golden years can kiss my a--
buddy c [07-08-2011]

Bruce Schmitt....thank you so much for the kind words and compliment. The Floridian Culturati? I had to look that one up LOL. While I have always tried to "refine" myself and learn of the finer things in life, I have never, for one second forgot my roots. I always remember that I was and still am a "Philly Boy" raised on the streets of Philadephia, whose idea of Haute cuisine was applying ketchup to my scrapple and eggs. Culture events were going to the movies and the Franklin Institute to ride the big locomotive and play with phones in the Bell Laboratories exhibit. Great advice you gave Bob D'Angelo concerning his present financial situation. Just concentrate on the present and not what could have been. Like the gentlemen gave Ben the one word advice in the film "The Graduate" Plastics. I would say just one word about investing "Bonds". Dull, boring but they give off sweet dividends every month.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [07-08-2011]

Hi Linda Fontana & Rosemarie Hite Malageri and to all Germantowners, I was wondering if you would be open to having the Germantown reunion at the parish hall of the church I attend in Abington? Just a thought...anyone who cares to, may bring food/beverage to share. We could meet on a Saturday or Sunday 3 to 4 hours. Please let me know if this sounds like a good idea or not. I am open to comments. Thanks. Naomi
Naomi Vitelli [07-08-2011]

Here is some Germantown trivia, the great Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox used to stay at a friends house who lived in the Abbottford projects. That friend brought him over to the Continental Post at Wissahickon & Hansberry for a brew in the basement bar. How about that! Can you see any ballplayers today doing something like that? Info via John West.
Member of Continental [07-08-2011]

Anyone out there remember sledding down WEST LOGAN ST, all the way to Greene ST?? That site, was one of the better rides in that area. We threw snowballs at the 23 trolley & scared the riders (not proud of that) Lou Giorno
lou giorno, mr g dos [07-07-2011]

Vera, every 4th of July I recall the fireworks in Philadelphia on July 4, 1976, which I watched in awe from the steps of the Art Museum. A few years later when I was living and working in DC, I sat on the steps of the US Capitol while the Washington Philharmonic Orchestra gave a concert on the lawn. Mstislav 'Slava' Rostropovich conducted. It was magic! When the orchestra reached the most orgasmic part of the 1812 Overture, he turned and faced the audience and conducted not just the orchestra but also the audience. It was so exciting! I can see and hear it now, as I write about it. You know what it means to be an American when you've sat on the Mall with hundreds of thousands of others, caught up in the magic. Here in Australia, there's fireworks at the drop of a hat but nothing can compare with 4th of July fireworks at home! Today the temperature hear is just above freezing although I've been out in the sun weeding my vegie patch. I'd rather be on the beach in Cape May any day!
CMM [07-07-2011]

In the theater the audience is asked to suspend it's disbelief; in our criminal justice system we are now suspending deductive logic and common sense, and so, Casey goes free.
John Payne [07-07-2011]

Bob D'Angelo: It is enlightening to read your posts about Florida and refreshing to see the elucidating comments from Germantown Floridians. John Fleming,a member of The Floridian Culturati, made some sagacious and salient commentary on Florida Real Estate. Now that you are about to retire, you should think about the golden years and not the valuation of your retirement-home. It is equally important that you stayed the course in your 401-k and that it did not devolve into a 201-k. I would recommend that one thinks about not just return on capital but return of capital in these golden years. You are very sage to have selected The Sarasota Area for your retirement years. You and your brothers have the whole East Coast covered- Tony likes Maine, and Joe still likes The Jersey Shore. You will be joining many Germantowners who have retired to Florida. If you like pool,John Payne,The Villages, can tell you where to chalk your cue-stick. Rich Pio can show you some of the many great golf courses in Florida. Be careful of sand-baggers who deflate their golf-scores in order to have a high handicap to secure strokes when betting. Cousin Joe Dags, a Restaurant Connoisseur, will be visiting you and he will be driving his Benz. At Longboat Key,you can pull up with the other Benzes and Bentleys at The Euphemia Haye. This is Fine Dining with excellent Vino. Another good place with an European Flair at St. Armands Circle would be Cafe L' Europe. The Sarasota Region has it all-Beaches,sun,Golf,Race-tracks,shopping,and culture, just ask John Fleming. Bob! I wish you and your family many years of happiness and joy in beautiful and sunny Florida.
Bruce Schmitt [07-07-2011]

JBS: Did you mean Joe the Nut?
Jack Brogan, Hot, even in Maine. But the fish are here [07-07-2011]

John Payne. For signing my name by mistake you must do 10 laps around the bases at the Hollow or 20 laps up and down the basketball court at the hollow. I'd ask for your first born but unless they have a job and can support me I couldn't afford them. LOL NP MY friend...chit happens. Have a great summer.
JoE Graber, I'm a pain. [07-07-2011]

i remembered all the good memories when living in philly, but i really forgot how humid it's here on the east coast, and n. c. is far worse.the wildlife is insanity here.b lack bears, deer, chipmonks, cotton tailed rabbits, copperhead snakes, wasps, sugar ants, ticks, and soo many other insects i've never even heard of. we've had so much rain and thunder and lightning that have hit the ground knocking trees down and my landlords mobile home has been hit with lightning. it's really creepy here.if i ever get the chance to move back to cali, i will in a heartbeat, joe
JOE O'DONNELL, am now living in 'eden' n.c. 67 on aug.10 [07-07-2011]

Nice to see all the Germantowners at the National Mall. I retired from DC police and worked and watched almost every 4th of July. What a great honor that was.
Jim Money, 959 E Chelten Ave [07-07-2011]

Jack Brogan and Schmitty...A little follow-up on the great Herb Adderly,who is a member of the football Hall of Fame.Herb came to Germantown High School in mid semester to join our basketball team.No doubt in my mind that he would bring instant credibility to our team.However,Mr Webb,our coach at the time,believed that first year players should play junior varsity.Herb transferred to Northeast High School and became a starter on a great team featuring Tee Parham,Sonny Hill and others.Herb was a man child,somewhat like Lebron James.He starred in football,basketball,baseball and track.He and Lee Elia(Olney High School)and,of course our own Ollie Powers,were the best Philly multiple sports athletes in the 50's.I pleaded with Mr Webb to let Herb start with the varsity,to no avail.I thought about hiring Goo and Rocky to escourt Mr webb on a plane to nowhere.Can you imagine a Hollow boy like me going to school and playing ball with Herb aqnd The Cos? At least I had the Goo....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, I remember Manny Manicot of the Green Bay Pepperonies. [07-07-2011]

Jack Brogan....Saw Pat Boone writing love letters in the sand this past weekend in Sea Isle City....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Lazy Mary you gotta get up to put the cloth on the table. [07-07-2011]

Bernie McKernan has let me know that the shooter at Wayne and Berkley was caught. I'm so glad. The only thing worse than a cold-blooded murder is the failure to arrest and convict the perpetrator.
CMM [07-06-2011]

The concert in Washington at the National Mall was great!All class -made Philly look bad-sad.
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [07-06-2011]

My grandmother Sarah Kane O'Connell was born in County Mayo in 1893---she had a sister Honora (we called her Annie--she was married to a Tom Harrington---had 3 children -Tom-Jim-and Kitty---her first husband had died -she had 2 ? daughter from that marriage--I did have a Uncle John who was a Marine officer---also a uncle Jim who had been in the army---hope this was helpful!
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [07-06-2011]

Long Beach Island- As promised I said in a former blog, “Why not mention some places to eat or things to do by the shore.” We now have Former Germantowner’s spread out all over the country. Recently I see Joe Graber talking about LBI. I live and work here for the past 40 years on the LBI-Manahawkin area, so here are some places to eat that serve good food, good prices and are all within 20 minutes off of LBI. • Spiaggia E Luna Barnegat, NJ (Not Barnegat Light) Italian • Octopus's Garden West Creek (Seafood) • IL Giardino Sul Mare- Forked River, NJ (Italian) • Mud City Crab House Manahawkin (Sea Food) • El Tenampa- Manahawkin Mexican • Naples- Barnegat (Pizza) • Oyster Creek-Leeds Point, NJ (Great Lobsters) This place is a real treat finding. Out on the point in the home of the JERSEY DEVIL. You will find many places on LBI, but I thought some off island places would be fun. So if your down LBI way, check out some of the “Off Shore” places. I think you will find the food good, not high end and a good platter for your money. I really like El Tenampa in Manahwkin for Mexican, and a very good friend of mine owns Spiaggia E Luna, mention my name and ask for the Pork Osso Bucco. Also, for you “Chain” lovers- Olive Garden just opened in Manahawkin. Like I always said, “You can call me anything, just don’t call me late for dinner.” Mangiare Joe DAgostino- GHS 1965
Joe DAgostino [07-06-2011]

Hi Helen, You do remember? I didnt go often with your family but, i truely appreciated the wonderful treat of going to the shore with you guys ... the thoughtfulness and generosity of your Mom and Dad will never be forgotten. Love Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-06-2011]

Hey gtowners....been absent from the site since summer holidays started-presently in sunny west cork on the beara peninsula in a small village-dropdead gorgeous with one pub and no cop shop! I have a date tomorrow with a blackhaired beauty from Skibereen. \We got lost in a medieval forest yesterday looking for a stone cottage i saw online..what a wonderful place to get lost. The people are mighty-they greet everyone with a nod and handshake or hug n kiss. You can get to the next town with a ride on the mailbus. Yesterday a pigeon walked into the foodshop to the amusement of some dutch tourists-the landlady had to show him out-he seemed well rehearsed in this act. Only in \Ireland i think to meself. Bless all of ye. I am stuck on the fund raising for the gtown Vietnam memorial. No worries-I promise i will get it done sooner i hope than later - if anyone has ideas or experience raising funds please contact me at mckernanj@ecu.edu Hope ye all had a grand birthday yesterday. Up the Republic! Jim |McKernan
jim mckernan, ardgroom west cork [07-06-2011]

Dave Byrne&John Payne,SFA: It is so interesting for me that both of you lived near Wayne&Berkley but hung out in different playgrounds. Dave B.'s court was Fernhill Park where he shovelled the snow so he could shoot hoops during the winter. At The Hollow, John P. had Crazy Joe[The Custodian] shovel the snow and John could view the white snow on the rocks at The Hollow. I hope it is refreshing to discuss snow during the summer. I was not a Hollow guy but I did spend 5 years playing sports there. John! You and I graduated from SFA,a good school, but what were we thinking when we shot hoops[change] with Goo Guarinello. Both of you hung out at diiferent courts[Venues] but they were beautiful and great places for young folks. I would like to submit more info or an essay about The Hollow and Fernhill but some bloggers would take umbrage with the lenght and nature of that aforementioned post. I enjoy reading your posts, not only are they good, but both of you were in that great SFA Class "1958" with Brother Ken. I talk to Ken about the bloggers from your SFA Class and he really liked all of you. Gentlemen! Keep posting and have a great summer.
JBS [07-06-2011]

Cupo, did you learn to swim, yet?
Peter F. Coyle, Lafayette Hill, Pa. [07-06-2011]

Ted Silary--thanks for the info about Ace, as I didn't know if his record was still intact,it stood for a LONG TIME. Lou Giorno
Lou giorno, Mr G Dos [07-06-2011]

Googling to see if they've caught the shooter who rampaged the bar at Wayne and Berkley recently, I happened upon a report of a fatal shooting in early 2008 by police of a man at Wayne and Logan. What struck me was that the report mentioned there was a flashing blue light on a pole on the corner, indicating the presence of a police surveillance camera. Now that's something we never had when I lived in the neighborhood! Sign of the times. BTW, couldn't find any indication they caught the recent shooter. Some other family is mourning the death of a father, husband, son, while the perp goes free. I know how that feels.
CMM [07-05-2011]

Happy Birthday America! Let us remember that the strength of our beautiful tapestry is woven from the threads of people from all over the world - yes, immigrants & aliens- who have sought to be part of our great country... and thank you to those who serve today to preserve our freedom and to help others around the world.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [07-05-2011]

I'm watching the concert on the National Mall. Little Richard just sang Good Golly, Miss Molly. Many, many years ago I sat and watched Pat Boone sing Good Golly Miss Molly with my all time favorite person, my cousin Joe Lynch. I said, "Joe, that guy is a fraud. You'll never hear of him again after this song." Turns out I was right. Took over fifty years and there was Little Richard pounding out Miss Molly. I wonder where Pat Boone was.
Jack Brogan, Look out, kid. It's something you did. Don't look now but you're doin' it again. [07-05-2011]

Bill Cupo, what a great story of your summer of '65. Warms my heart.
Del Conner [07-05-2011]

For Lou Giorno . . . Ace's record stood until Oct. 25, 1985, when King's Marc Wilson and Ron Bryant connected for a 99-yard TD. There were also 99-yarders in '88 (Gratz guys) and '06 (Bonner guys). Meanwhile, believe it or not, in a Pub playoff game in 2000, a Central kid intercepted a pass on the goal line and got tackled on the other 1. Can you imagine running 99 yards and not scoring? Phew! . . . I knew Ace when his son was playing for Roman (the son had a 91-yard TD). Very personable guy. Really connected with the players. I'm sorry for your loss.
Ted Silary [07-05-2011]

Del Conner and all interested. Marie Gagliardi was the fourth of 7 girls and one boy. Nancy, Katherine Jeannie, David, Marie, Jane, Patty and Beth. Our cousin was Jimmy breen who also post's on this site occassionally. My family also had a home in Ship Bottom. It was only because of my polio (drs) that we remained in Philly. Thanks for the Info on GEN. Meede
Joe Graber [07-05-2011]

To: Vera Carey Canavan. I believe we may be of the same connection to the O'Connells of Woodlawn Avenue. My Grandmother's name was Honora O'Connell, and I believe she may have been born in Ireland in the late 1800's. Do we have a connect? There was a cousin James O'Connell who visited us sometimes and he was a retired Marine Officer.
Anne Carroll Camp [07-05-2011]

Jack Brogan,SFA&HHU : You always contribute great posts about G-town and HH-especially in the area of sports and basketball. In your last post, you mentioned some dynamite b-ball players from G-town and North Philly- Hubie White was from W. Philly and Borian loved him- he was not an Explorer or Hawk. You competed against some sensational players in that game at the Hollow. However, I was impressed that you thought Herb Adderly of Pulaski-town was the best. If Herb had stayed at GHS, he would have been on the same team with Cal Gore and Paul Borian. Cal Gore was a phenomenal shooter and Bor and Herb would have gotten the boards. Herb Adderly was the greatest athlete out of Pulaski-town,Germantown and Philly. He was All-Public[NE] in football,basketball,and baseball. Bill Haas probaly thought that he was better in baseball but if Herb had concentrated on baseball, he would have been a great professional player. Herb Played for NE[8th&Lehigh] when they beat Germantown for the Public-League Championship. The GHS pitcher[Paul Borian] sent a fat fastball down the pike and Herb hit it to deep center to end the game. A GHS coach has Herb Adderly playing JV basketball and has a centerfielder[Bor] pitching against Herb who had issues with that school. When Herb was angry, he played better. He was one of the greatest d-backs and tacklers in The NFl. When a pass was caught, he paid the price because Mr. Adderly could really hit. You and I knew a guy who had a confrontation with him and naturally, he lost that battle. Herb's brother Charles,was also a great athlete but took another path in life. Your cousin,Joe Lynch, knew The Kelly Brothers from Fernhill Park, and Leroy was a NFl Hall of Famer and Harold,The Orioles,became a minister. It intrigues me how siblings can be so different. In the game with The Hollow and The All-Stars, who was the best shooter-Cal Gore,Ollie Powers or Bob Goo Guarinello? I always thought that Frank Selvy or Jerr West could shoot the lights out. Some bloggers will take umbrage with this lenghty post but it is your fault since you had submitted a superior blog and I am simply responding. I trust that you are having a bang-up day on The 4th in beautiful Maine-you are our Maine Guy.
J. Bruce Schmitt [07-05-2011]

Lou giorno, Mr G dos [07-05-2011]

AAHH,the 4th of July - the all American holiday! Sweet summer smells, hot hot sun, kids of all ages lining the streets for local parades, free hot dogs and sodas, antique cars, fire engines loud blasts, the flag flying high and proud on lawns, family fun - God Bless America!

Oh Roe, you poor thing - sun poisoning! I do remember of course. Those visits to Margate for the day were the highlight of the summer for us, the fireplug also a real treat. Falling asleep on the beach with the hot sand underneath after many hours playing in the ocean was the warmest most wonderfeeling ever. Enjoy your summer Rosemarie, you are a treasure.

G-man: My mantra is to treat all people the same. Anthony of G-town and not Anthony The Weiner of NYC, does not like lengthy blogs. I was attempting to explain to him why I had to submit lenthy blogs to some superior blogs on this site. You suggested that Anthony's post was superior and that I should have applauded him. Obviously, Anthony was giving me and other bloggers a shot. I am a reserved guy, but I did have a few altercations on the playgrounds of Philly. After I took a shot, I did not tell my opponent that was a great hit and follow up since I am hurting. We have to stop this nonsense about lenthy or short posts on this site. In our country and society, we have big problems-people losing their homes,high energy and food costs,heavy debt with both consumers and the government,and the high cost of education. We should be giving support to our fellow Germantowners on this site and the preponderance of the bloggers are superior. Jack Brogan and Paul Borian used their athletic talent to secure a college education and provide adequately for their families. These 2 aforementioned gentlemen are from The Hollow. Recently, I responded to Joe McCormick's excellent[superior] blog and he is probaly from IC since he is an Eastsider. Many wonderful people are from The Eastside and IC. My mother and Grand-mother lived on The Eastside. I went to The Prep and Father Byron was The Prep's President and former president of Catholic U- he went to IC. With your pseudonymn, I surmised that you were a govt. agent. Back in the day, govt. agents were called G-men. You did not submit whether you were with the govt. Incidentally,they are laying off IRS agents and at the same time, they want to raise taxes-this does not compute. If some bloggers are upset about lenghty blogs, wait till the politicos on this site discuss politics in 2012. A long time ago, you knew the corner of King&Laurens which impressed me since it was really an opaque corner. Speaking of opaqueness, you could be more transparent and provide more info so that our Germantown bloggers could respond to your posts in a thoughtful and adequate manner. May you enjoy The 4th of July and not in an explosive manner.
JBS [07-05-2011]

Richard Pio: Thanks for the info on the Ted Williams/Trop connection. I wondered what the connection was.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [07-05-2011]

Joe Graber, LOL I wrote you a post about Marie Gagliardi, and signed it, "Joe Graber". Senior moment. I think I got it right this time. John Payne
John Payne [07-05-2011]

Joe Graber: thanks for the reference to the Gagliardi home in Ship bottom..I pass it evry time I go up there and reflect on how it's withstood the battles with the weather conditions..Thanx for the memories
mike delly, n/a [07-02-2011]

Answer to the Trivia question as to what kind of food was referred to as a "Kellys,Down" -- Sweet Lorraine and our lovely lass from down under were on the right track but Vera Carey Canavan hit it right on. A Kellys was a BLT sandwich and if you wanted it toasted you asked for it down. I thought Dan Hartnett would be the first to guess it. I believe he remembers some other waitress-names for different kinds of food that we would order back in the day.
Joe McCormick - East Germantown, CD 1959 [07-02-2011]

Alert! Happy Hollow Story, sort of. Herb Adderly went to Germantown High School for his sophomore year. I don't know if he played football there, but he did try out for the basketball and was put on the J. V. team. Before the season started he transferred to Northeast High School. (I heard this story from Paul Borian who told me that Bill Nelson, the coach of Germantown was wondering who that kid was who was really tearing up Germantown's varsity during the game against Northeast. It was Herb. I saw Herb play on one of the best teams I ever saw in Philadelphia basketball: Tee Parham, his brother Joe Parham, George Timbers and I think, Sonny Hill. They did not win the Public League Championship, but Herb was one of the best basketball players I ever saw or played with and/or against. The Happy Hollow part of the story is that Herb came down from Pulaski town to play for Happy Hollow against a Public League All Star team that included Calvin Gore and Hubie White. I played in that game, So did Goo Goo and Ollie Powers. We played two games. The first without Herb and we couldn't get a rebound. The second with Herb was a different story. This was in the summer. I was wondering if anybody else remembers playing in either of those games.
Jack Brogan, Bob Wood was a Blackfoot Indian [07-02-2011]

JBS..no reprimand intended and I didnt work for the IRS. I just cant figure why you started to rate people. We all know plenty of people all over Gtown that were super academically, athletically and socially but I dont see anyone else rating them. I never knew a superior person from HH but that dosent mean there wasnt one. Have a great 4th.
Gman [07-02-2011]

Hi Bob D'Angelo, I have friends who live in Sarasota. I dont know if you ever watched the Golden Girls sitcom many years ago but, my friends house looks exactally like that ...very beautiful. In fact that entire area is very beautiful. One of my memories of going to the shore although it was Margate not Wildwood is being so excited about going that i didnt sleep at all the night before ... after spending time in the ocean I was soooo tired that fell asleep on the beach and went home with a good case of sun posioning ...:>) Helen Leone D'Angelo probably does not remember that day but it was with her and her family that i was lucky enough to be invited to go to the shore with. I love the shore points and the sound of the ocean .... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [07-02-2011]

Joe McCormick: I have to tell you that your last blog was excellent[superior],well written,pithy,and nuanced with elements of philosophy and psychology,and full of Germantown common sense. I will displease some bloggers since it is imperative that I respond with more than one paragraph to your rich commentary. I thought that your comments about sports and The Hollow were very fair and objective-especially concerning Bob Goo Guarinello. You are correct that there were many great Hollow athletes and there were many Irish basketball players although basketball was not your game. However in the game of life, you have had a slam-dunk, you have a wonderful family and your priorities have been focused- Family,God,and Country. You are an open-minded individual and appreciate the folks from both sides of our great highway-Germantown Avenue. Paul Bor Borian of the Hollow,was so appreciative of the interesting words that you submitted about his friend and mentor-Goo. I must reiterate again that I was not a Hollow Guy but Goo was an unforgettable character and biggger than life person-Damon Runyanesque. Bor jested that Goo was The Hollow bully and make no mistake he liked to gamble-cards,dice,ponies,and whatever. Bor knew Goo's warts and he accepted this fact and this was a loyal friendship. Goo always supported Bor and his other long-time friends. Goo never dissed or bullied Mr. Raffaelle of The Hollow. God told Mr. Raffaele,"I Shall Call Thee Rocky and Upon These Rocks[The Quarry], I Will Build Your Playground Where My Children Shall Play and Frolic". At This Playground, God would have called Congressman Weiner-Peter and not Anthony. Rocky and Goo would have called Saint Peter,Big Peter,and Congressman Anthony W.-Little Peter. Brett Favre could throw the pigskin, Tiger was good with the putter, Clinton liked to smoke his cigar, but Anthony W. was the big Weiner of the internet. Joe! May your holiday be relished with some delicious weiners, burgers,and beers-we are so blessed to enjoy the freedom of our great country and to have grown up in Germantown with so many superior and good people.
JBSJ [07-02-2011]

Bob D'Angelo, as you most likely already are aware of, most all real estate in the country has been depressed for the last 5-6 years. More so in Florida, Arizona and California. While its a sinking feeling knowing that our homes are worth 30-40% less then what we paid for them, its only a problem for those folks that have to sell. Console yourself with that the fact, that when you retire, you will already have your retirement home in place. All you will have to do is get your Florida Drivers License and apply for the Super Homestead Exemption. Since coming online more then 10 years ago, the phenomena of folks being able to reunite with old friends and strolling down "memory lane", has always fascinated me, and primarily the degree that some people take it. The interest runs the gamut from people that savor their memories, and realize that "You can't go home again" to those that still try to live in the past, and don't embrace their present lives more. Going back to ones past is quite normal, and has been shown on TV with the Honeymooners, and in film, such as "Tomorrow is Forever", which I would recommend to everyone that tries to live in the past. We love going to all the beaches in Florida. While they are not the same as the Jersey Shore, in many ways they are better, because a day a the beach is less of a hassle. Most have free lockers and free parking, with barbeques. Of course they don't have the boardwalks Jersey has.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [07-02-2011]

Happy and Safe 4th of July to all.
Jane Holt Rauscher, SFA 60, LF 64, Bell, Fl [07-02-2011]

Anonymous---O'Connell was my mothers madian name-she lived on Morris St.-was born on Woodlawn-My grandparents were Sarah and John O'Connell-he was born on Woodlawn in 1893-I have many O'Connell cousins---are you one?
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [07-02-2011]

Bob D'Angelo I now live near Ocala Fl. and first discovered Anna Maria Island in 1992, and moved to Fl. in August of '95. AMI is one of Floridas best kept secrets, no commercial hotels or restaurants no buildings over two stories high. A free trolly runs up and down ths island until 10:30pm. My bride of 42 years and I take weekly trips to the beach, about 280 mile round trip, because of the great beaches, free parking, turquise water and only a few miles from St. Armands Circle, Lido beach on Seista Key on Long Boat Key. I'm sure that after spending time there it gets harder and harder to leave. I know it does for my wife and me. Richard SFA'64, NC'68
Richard Pio, Born&bred in Gtown 1950-95 now in Ocala Fl area [07-02-2011]

John Fleming it is only in the last couple of years that the Ted Williams Hitters Hall of Fame has been located at the Trop, originally it wasat Citrus Hills in Citrus county where he lived and died. I live and worked about ten minutes from it and visited a few times. The fight after his death about the dispersal of his bodt was big news for a couple of months. His hesd enbded up in Arizona at a cryogenetis lab. His son died about 2 years later. Richard SFA '64, NC'68
Richard Pio, Born & bred in Gtown, 1950-95, now im Ocala Fl area [07-02-2011]

Joe Graber, I goggled General George Meade and Barnegat Light House to rediscover that Meade oversaw the construction of it in 1857. I had forgotten that fact. I’ll remember it now.

Eleven years earlier Meade was a lieutenant with Robert E. Lee, Johnston, and others aboard a small steam ship that my great, great grandfather, Commodore David Conner had General Winfield Scott and his officers on to view the beach south of Verra Cruze in Mexico. Then proceeding up to look at the well-fortified city, the Mexicans opened fire just missing the ship. This was the day before the landing that leads to the winning of the Mexican War. That next day Conner landed eleven thousand of Scott’s troops, cannons, horses and supplies without losing one man. Many historians note how well the Army and Navy cooperated on this, their first joint campaign. It was quite the exception in those days. General Eisenhower studied Conner’s plans when planning for D-Day. Had the Mexicans sunk that ship think how different history would have been!

Coincidently, Conner and Meade are both buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery. Meade is buried on the site of what had earlier been Dr. Philip Syng Physick’s summerhouse, Fairy Hill. Conner was Physick’s son-in-law. Father of American Surgery and the maker of the world’s first flavored soda in 1807, Dr. Physick, Soda’s Pop, had for some time been pestered by a man to sell his summerhouse. Finally relenting, Physick sold it to that man named Pepper. Fairy Hill was later torn down and became the cemetery and the spot General Meade was buried.

In the War of 1812 Scott, then a young lieutenant had been wounded at Lundy’s Lane trying to get into Canada. Wounded, it took Scott two months to get to Philadelphia to be treated by Dr. Physick, who nursed him back to health. I would suggest that the man that linked Scott and Conner was Dr. Physick. And, that is whom we have to thank for Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, California, and parts of southern Wyoming. It is a stretch, but it works for me.

It is funny that my first girlfriend’s father, her brother David, her uncle and cousin Joe Graber constructed the pedestal for the General Meade bust in Barnegat. Small world.

Sorry for the long post. I would again suggest that paragraph breaks would help readers to scan the five parts of a very long post like this to find things of interest.
Del Conner [07-02-2011]

Hello G-towners ! Hey Bob D'Angelo ! You asked for a summer story about Wildwood or any other Shore town; well, here goes. When I was 13 years old, my dad and mom rented a friends house in the Wildwood Villas a.k.a. mosquito heaven. Anyway, we would go to Cape May beach and at night we, of course, would go on the boardwalk in Wildwood. I was allowed to walk on my own and meet them later; it was 1965 after all. I went into one of the arcades and I was sitting down playing "skillo", a game where you rolled a ball and tried to make 3 balls in a row, similar to "tic, tac, toe". I looked in the glass mirror and saw a beautiful face that belonged to a girl from Secaucus N.J. who was also on vacation and also allowed to walk the boards by herself. We started talking and long story short, we met the next day in front of the Rio Grande hotel, because that's where she was staying with her parents. We went on the beach together and it was very crowded and hot. She suggested we go back to the hotel and swim in the pool, and I didn't have the nerve to tell her I couldn't swim. She went in the pool and I looked on the side of the pool to check the depth. I thought it said 3 ft.; it was 8 ft.. So, I jumped in and couldn't get back to the top. I started flailing my arms and legs and swallowing a lot of water. I really thought I was going to drown. I opened my eyes for a quick second and saw a hand reaching for me; it was her. I grabed her hand and she pulled me to the side where I promptly threw up on the side of the pool. Needless to say I was scared to death. After I recovered, we went back to the beach and I didn't go near the ocean at all. At dinner that night, my mom and dad thought I was acting weird and I told them the story. My dad exploded with anger and my mom hugged me till I thought I was going to suffocate. I did meet her again that night and we said goodbye the next day. We kept in touch for 8 years, on and off, with letters, and phone calls. On the night of my wedding rehersal, I got a call from her telling me she was staying in the area at a hotel that was just 3 miles away in the Langhorne area. She was on a business trip and aked if we could meet. She didn't know I was going to my wedding rehersal and I didn't tell her until I got to see her again. She was even more beautiful 8 years later. We talked briefly, kissed each other goodbye, and I went to my rehersal. Well, because of Facebook, we reconnected after 37 years. She is happily married, as am I, with 4 girls and grandchildren. We e-mailed each other and I reminded her of the "almost drowning"; she remembered Wildwood but completely forgot about saving me; I think she was being polite. Anyway, that's my story about summers at the Shore and I'm sticking with it. Take care everybody !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [07-02-2011]

Schmitty,You are correct. Wayne is crossed by Berkley and Roberts runs into Berkley prior to Wayne.At one time Berkley was the best sledding around till one of the kids was injured sledding down the hill onto Wayne Ave. Charley Soley lived at the top and John Fries at the bottom.This was long before Fernhill park was chopped in half on the diagonial to allow for the highway.
Dave Byrne [07-02-2011]

Joe Graber, I clearly remember my first date with your cousin Patty Gagliardi. I remember the panic of picking up a heavy black telephone and calling her. We talked for an hour leading up to a date. We agreed to meet at Green and Seymour. Must have been a Sunday afternoon since I had a Bulletin route and would have been working on a Saturday. Not wanting to be late I left extra early. I arrived there and stood on the southwest corner, across from the church that was just a basement, in my penny loafers. There was snow and slush on the ground. As I waited for about forty-five minuets my feet were soaked and freezing. Patty and I, with a least two of her girlfriends, or sisters, went to the New Lyric were we saw The King and I. Although my feet were frozen I was in heaven. I remember after the movie walking past the Dog House on Germantown Avenue holding her hand. On another date with Patty as we walked past the Hollow I remember two sailors standing on Wayne commenting on how cute she was. I felt so lucky to be holding Patty’s hand that evening so long ago, and, a bit nervous about what I would do if I had to protect Patty from these military men. Would two teenagers go on a date and pay to see The King and I today? I think not.
Del Conner [07-02-2011]

To Gtn Girl that was Scullys who had the horses, he also had a permit for the sprinklers on the hydrants.
William Dougherty, Doc from Portico St, 56yrs [07-02-2011]

Joe Mc C - maybe that saying was not about food but about the man who ordered it. Maybe the gentleman, being the good Irishman that he was, had a few too many before he got to the diner and was about to fall off his chair....hence the sayhing "Kelly's down" !
Bill - Eastsider [07-02-2011]

Joe Graber> I used to frequent Trinity Dance during my younger teen years, and there was a girl who went there from (I thought Nicetown) who name was Marie Gagliardi. She was an occasional dance partner whenever I got the nerve to leave "our section" of the dance hall, and venture down to the Nicetown section to ask Marie to dance. I never did get the nerve to pursue Marie beyond Trinity, but she must have made quite an impression on me at the time because I still have fond memories of those occasions. I wonder if Marie was from the same Gagliardi family that you mentioned.
Joe Graber [07-02-2011]

Just returned from a trip to NYC to visit my son Josh and his family for my grandaughter Stella's first birthday. Great trip. Great father's day. As a special part of the trip, Josh took Cherry and I to Peter Luger's restaurant for a fantastic steak dinner. Great meal if anyone is making a trip to "The City", but bring you credit card. That was my second trip ever to Peter Luger's. The first was about ten years ago, and at the time they didn't even take credit cards, and when a group of five of us got the bill for dinner, my boss handed the waiter a credit card and received the news. We had to scrounge between the five of us to come up with about $400 plus in cash. Thankfully we had it between us. I recall the maitre d at the time having a rather chisled and unsmiling face...but what a great steak dinner.
John Payne, Yo! New York traffic! Forgetaboutit. [07-02-2011]

JBS> Interesting geography lesson on Gtn. I didn't realize that folks considered Midvale to be Nicetown along the Roberts avenue strip. Always learning. For me...Nicetown still has Clarissa Avenue, the 53 trolley route, and Windrim, the 75 trackless trolley route as it's boundaries. I guess this is how wars begun in the early days. LOL. My son always says (tounge in cheek) we should have taken Canada during our expansion years.
John Payne [07-02-2011]

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