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June 11-20, 2011

gbce ! i do remember hank lawlor . he lived on the coner of penn st. and germantown avenue . he was a great ball player he was a full back on the gbc .foot ball team . he was freinds with all them bringhurst guys what w a nice guy he was ! i don't know if he is still with us ? he was a few year older them me and i am 76 . frank .
FRANK MARGIOTTI, lansdale [06-20-2011]

I am trying to find out if the post office on Coulter St, across from Germantown Friends Meeting, had WPA murals on its walls; anybody remember?
Martin Snyder, Still in G’town, 63 years old [06-20-2011]

Naomi Vitelli [06-20-2011]

Joe Lynch: There has been some talk about the athletes from Germantown in recent days. Your venue for much of your athletic activity was Fernhill Park. On these very Fernhill Courts, you met Dave Heil and Duncan Hubley,the great soccer player from GA. You read the posts about Dave Heil from Duncan and me. We talk a lot about sports and athletes on this site. Joe! This is Father's Day Week-end and very sad times for The Heil Family. I know that you agree with Duncan and me that Dave was one of the most decent guys that I ever knew and his children told me that he was a wonderful and very fair Dad. I know that you appreciated how hard your Dad worked and knowing your integrity and work-ethic, you instilled these strong moral principles with your children. Joe! May you enjoy Father's Day with your loving family.
Bruce Schmitt [06-20-2011]

Want to see a great restored theater? Go to the Keswick in Glenside.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [06-20-2011]

Sandy - Russell is my oldest brother. He and his family moved to Florida in 1977 and now live South Carolina. My next oldest brother was Ken. Maybe you remember him, too. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2004.
Steve Swift, 603 E. Stafford St. [06-20-2011]

For JBS or others: Do you happen to know childhood addresses (closest intersections) for Jim Katcavage, Leroy/Pat Kelly, Herb Adderly, Bob Schaefer (anyone else from Greater Gtn)? I'm working on that project for my website just to show today's kids that Philly's NFL/NBA/MLB guys came from all the same places. Thank you.
Ted Silary [06-20-2011]

Denise Duckworth Tumelty: Most of the blogs here ARE about great memories, but there are a few (one of which is the other "anonymous") who are always making it a competition. See the blog praising Lou Giorno's accomplishments as an East Germantown guy, when in fact, it turns out he was from Germantown & Logan. What was that about? Fortunately, not everyone is so parochial as "anonymous", but it is still a blot on the great memories of the others who, as you say, "talk about where they lived, played & grew up". Too bad not everyone accepts that and insists on making it a contest. It's why I insiste on remaining anonymous - can't take the flak.
anonymous [06-20-2011], revised 06-21-2011

Happy Father's Day to all the men from Germantown. I love your stories, they bring back so many wonderful memories for me. Keep them coming.
Jane Holt Rauscher, SFA 60, LF 64, Bell Florida [06-18-2011]

Hey annonymous - I do not sense any east- west competition. People just talk about where they lived, played & grew up.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [06-18-2011]

Steve Swift, I do remember the Dunleavy family. I don't recall a Mrs. Morris. I think Angie's name may have been Prozillo. Carmela could sing like a bird! She had a beautiful voice! Sadly, she died about 3 years ago. She was living in Plymouth Mtg with her 2nd husband- Tom Gillen. I also remember Frank, Geraldine, Kathleen & Eileen Bliss.
Naomi Vitelli [06-18-2011]

Duncan Hubley: I could not agree with you more how you posted such kind words about our mutual friend-Dave Heil. I never heard anybody make negative remarks about Dave. His mantra was if you can't say something nice about a person-don't say it. You and he played basketball at Fernhill Park and he always loved the corner of Wissy&Manheim,Manheim U, where you and the guys spent many a summer evening. He was a real trooper and he could handle stress and the travails of life. He always had good and solid friends icluding Duncan Hubley from GA. His Memorial Mass took place in the charming old town of Sellersville. I talked with Jim Heil who was a great football player from Roman and friends with Jim Katcavage[NFL] and Bob Schaefer[Nova All-American]. You knew these 2 athletes from Fernhill. Duncan! We were so blessed to have such a good and decent friend. If there is a heaven, Dave is there. Like all of us, Dave liked Germantown."May Dave Heil Rest In Eternal Peace.
Bruce Schmitt [06-18-2011]

Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon now I remember you and your husband Tom, yes my dad liked Tom. My dad loved cars and fishing, he fished until he was too sick to get out of bed. Dad was a character I think he fixed half the cars on our street.
William Dougherty, Doc from Portico St, 56yrs [06-18-2011]

Great players at the GBC, anybody remember Jimmy (Hank) Lawlor? He was a great baseball and soccer player at the GBC and GHS.
GBCer [06-18-2011]

To all of the wonderful Dads ...I wish you a very happy Fathers Day . Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-18-2011]

Steve,I knew a Russel from Stafford Street he lived a few doors from the Bonner family I was friends with Pat Bonner,he was a nice guy,was his father a Minister??Sandy
anonymous [06-18-2011]

CORRECTION FROM LOU GIORNO---I never played basketball-I don't know how that got mixed up with baseball-which was the sport that played at GBC. When I went 5for5 Alan Goodman was the pitcher.
lou giorno, mr g dos [06-18-2011]

J.Bruce Schmitt...Not only hotels, but airports are a favorite place to "people watch". They are great places to just to watch "the passing scene". I am very familiar with the Ft. Lauderdale Miami Beach area, or at least was in years gone by. While I was in the Navy, my parents bought a house in Hollywood, Florida, and when I was discharged, I was going to live in Florida. I stayed there for about 2-3 months but circumstances brought me back North. This was the era of the great Miami Beach hotels, Fontainebleau, Eden Roc, etc. Great times back then. Having spent months patrolling off the coast of Viet Nam, I was able to accumulate a tidy amount of mustering out pay from the Navy, and was able to familiarize myself with the areas night life. This continued later on, when I would frequently visit my parents when I went on vacation from the cold winters of Philly. I was able to befriend a bartender who was able to get me tickets to the Jackie Gleason show, had dinners at Julius LaRosas restaurant....ah yes Good Times. I have been here in the Tampa area for more then 5 years and still in the process of exploring new places, both in the area and the state. We took a tour of the Henry Plant Museum a little over a year ago. One of the rooms had a display of how it was, when a prominent Philadelphia family came to visit. Last weekend we visited the Bok Tower Gardens. The Gardens and Tower were commissioned by Philadelphian Edward Bok. Bok commissioned fellow Philadelphian, architect Milton B. Medary, to design and build the majestic Singing Tower. Yesterday we went into downtown Tampa to get our tickets for a showing of the "Godfather" on the big screen of the Tampa Theater, which was built in 1926, and features The Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. One has to wonder why Tampa, which basically has a "transplanted" population, was able to restore and maintain a grand theater of the past, and Philly hasn't, especially with all the great theaters in the Germantown area. I believe that there is an effort to restore the Boyd Theater in center city, but it really has never really gotten off the ground. Florida really does quite an interesting history. Not as "important" and historic as Philadelphia History, but still extremely interesting.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [06-18-2011]

Dave Heil, Was the best friend you could have. He never had a bad word for anyone. I know he went to North Catholic, but I have not seen him since our days at Fernhill Park and the corner:Wissahickon and Manheim streets. Doc's.
Duncan Hubley, 5068 McKean Avenue G-town. [06-17-2011]

Linda Beard - We also lived on E. Stafford St. Naomi - You left out the Hicks, Jamison, and Dunleavy families! Do you remember Angie's last name? Do you remember Carmella? She had a crush on my brother, Russ. Re the Bliss house, Kathryn married my uncle. And who could forget Mrs. Morris!
Steve Swift, 603 E. Stafford St. [06-17-2011]

Does anyone out there remember Lois Lentz-her family owned The Ace Diamond rug cleaners on the 4800 block of GTN AVE????
lou giorno, mrg dos [06-17-2011]

Some people on this site insist on making this an East v. West competition. As Rodney King once said, "Can't we all just get along?" Germantown is Germantown, no matter which neighborhood you're from. Let's not get mean here.
anonymous [06-17-2011]

Yes, I have vague memories of Pauline. I think she lived next to the O'Neal's. I was more familiar with most of the people closer to little Wister and toward Manheim St. Tom and I met your parents after the loss of your sister Donna. Your dad and Tom spent many evenings having a cold one in our kitchen. He loved going fishing with your dad and stopped fishing for years after we moved. Your parents were good friends to us and we miss them and all of the comaradarie we had with our Portico Street neighbors. When we had our daughters Christening at my grandmothers all of the neighbors were invited and I still remember Mr. and Mrs. Seitz dancing in the middle of Portico St.... ah, remembering the good times. Pizza from Scaleas and the adults under the fire hydrant on a hot summer evening!
Arlene (Bloomer)McMahon, William Dougherty (Doc) re Portico St. [06-17-2011]

John Fleming: I am intrigued with your penchant for hotels and how you are piqued by some of the characters who hung out in these hotels-Various business-people such as Biff Halloran and Paul Harron and the lovely ladies. I do not recall any great hotels in Germantown but Alden Park Manor was a grand place with the beautiful grounds. My uncle had a small hotel in Ocean City and I also hung out with him in Ft. Liquordale[Lauderdale] and he liked to enjoy the restaurant on top of Pier 66 and we did get our kicks. I mention Ft. lauderdale because you and many Germantowners are now Floridians. There are so many great hotels in Florida. I always liked The Ritz-Carlton in Naples where the beautiful people hung out and a magnificent panorama of The Gulf. You live north of Naples in Tampa Bay. There was a famous hotel in Tampa Bay and was built by Henry Bradley Plant,the great railroad-builder. This hotel was called The Tampa Bay Hotel and is now The Henry Plant Museum on Tampa University Campus. My step-father was a Bradley from Branford,CT and they are buried near one-another in that quaint town not far from Long Island Sound. When you google Henry Bradley Plant, you will find him interesting but not quite as complex as some of the gentlemen that we knew from Germantown and South Jersey. John! Visit The Henry Plant Museum and have a beautiful Sunday in beautiful Tampa Bay.
J.Bruce Schmitt [06-17-2011]

Correction! J. Vito's son married the daughter of one of the most famous politicians in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. People and her students always spoke highly of her. I apologize for a senior- moment. I must also state that I am not from The Hollow or East or west Germantown. I had friends or both sides of the tracks. I remember when Paul Borian was a great ballplayer and I knew Hugh Mooney[GBC} and if he thought Lou Giorno was a good basketball player, that is fine with me. Paul Borian was smart and quick and Lou Giorno writes well and is probaly quite intelligent. If I can recall,the 2 cousins,Joe Lynch and Jack Brogan had superior games but not superior like Lebron The Man. I want to wish all the athletes from The Hollow,East and West Germantown-"Happy Father's Day". Bor! I never ate your lunch but I'll buy you a cheese steak any time and a coke or some Vino.
JBS [06-17-2011]

lou ! i was there when you went 5 for 5 ! frank .
frank [06-15-2011]

I hope anonymous wasn't suggesting Lou Giorno is a "superior" person to Paul Borian, otherwise we'll have a mile of testimonials to Paul (which he doesn't need or want)on this Blog. Boy, does Paul Borian NOT need a defender--in any way. I'll try, anyway. No, I won't! I am sure "anonymous" was tongue-in-cheek in his criticism of Borian, Brogan and Schmitt. I just wish he was funny about it. Anyway,who cares about anybody "anonymous!" What the Cuss!
Joe Lynch/The older I get the more I remember things that never happened. [06-15-2011]

Happy Father's day to all you GTN DADS!
Lou Giorno, mr g dos [06-15-2011]

It is with great sadness that I must inform Germantowners that Dave Heil passed away on Saturday. Dave graduated with me from SFA in 1955 and he was a very good friend and a good and honest man. He graduated from North with other bloggers-Dom Raffaele,Al Paris,and Frank Crawford. He graduated from St. Joe with other Germantowners such as Tom Wilkins and Jim Stabilito. Dave was a charter member of Manheim U,the great corner of Wissy&Manheim. Duncan Hubley[GA] was also one of the corner boys there,back in the day. Dave Heil had a great career in the automobile and trucking busines. I bought a beautiful red Mustang from him when he he was the manager of Quakertown Ford in the 70's. Dave was a people-person and he had never had any problems when he played ball at Fernhill or hanging out at The Continental. I did see him,telling some guys to buzz off-he was no wuzz and he liked to pump iron. Dave will be so missed. His Funeral Mass will be this Friday at St. Agnes in Sellersville,Pa-10 A.M.
John Bruce Schmitt [06-15-2011]

To Anonymous--I was not from East Gtn as you stated--I was from GTN & Logan St.A half block from St.Michael's Church on GTN Ave. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, mr g dos [06-15-2011]

Bob McCreight: I did know that J.Vito lived in Germantown but it is my understanding that he died recently and his Funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Vincent's. I am conflicted about the difficult times that J. Vito's sons have endured the past few years. What they do is not illegal in Las Vegas. They are not wise-guys and are gentlemen with a good education. These lads live in beautiful homes in Montco and try to be good family men. It was a sensational story when the Feds went to the home in Meadowbrook with excavating equipment and searched for money in the pipes under the ground-apparently,they hit jack-pot. I am not supporting gambling activity, but these gentlemen are simply sports-accountants and not criminals. Look at all the gambling that takes place in office-pools. However, I was always amazed that J. Vito's oldest son married one of the most famous politicians in Philly and Pennylvania. It is so sad that this situation has been in the newspapers and TV. Recently, I posted the sad case of Biff Halloran and how his life fell apart. I wish J. Vito's children and grand-children a happy life in the future. "May JVM Rest In Eternal Peace"
JBS [06-15-2011]

Louie G.- It is so refreshing to hear about an athlete from east Germantown. You scored more points in that game than Paul Borian of Happy Hollow ever scored. You could have played him one on one. You would have eaten his lunch,a cheese steak and a cherry coke. He would try to foul you. Brogan and Schmitt were afraid of him, but you were tough and smart. Look in the mirror and smile. You are a superior person. God bless Mrs. Giorno and the eastside.
anonymous [06-13-2011]

Lou Giorno, Entending my good wishes to your lovely wife on her birthday. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-13-2011]

Joe Lynch: With your literary background and knowledge of The Hollow People, I enjoyed your blog about those 2 Hollow Legends-Paul Borian and Jack Brogan. Bor did not agree with you about your characaterization of him as Jay Gatsby of Happy Hollow. Joe! In all due respect, notwithstanding the fact that you read The Great Gatsby, Bor is no Jay Gatsby- Gatsby died in a swimning pool. You and I played a lot of b-ball at The Hollow and walked through the hole in the iron-fence to get our Frank's sodas after the game at Moe's. On Moe's steps, Bor would be reading the Daily News and checking on The Phillies, Goo would be checking on Garden State and other guys might be rolling the bones[dice]. Across the street on Wayne Ave. was John Berkery's shop and he was in the early stages of his entreprenurial career. All these aforementioned characters were not Jay Gatsby types but Damon Runyanesque. Bor understands this and he suggested that I should submit a Gatsby-type guy from Germantown but outside the Hollow World. Back in the day, Gor hung out in The Dunes and Tony Marts where Jay Gatsby also hung out-Edward Biff Halloran. Joe! I want you to leave The Hollow,Wayne&Logan, and get on the "53 Trolley', and get off at Wayne&Lincoln Drive. This was the neighborhood where The Halloran Family lived in their Germantown Mansion. Biff Halloran went to Norwood Academy where he played football with Bob Sloan And Tom Yanessa. Tom Yanessa was a great lineman for laSalle and he graduated with Cousin Jack Brogan from that Christian Brother Institution in 1958. Bob Sloan was a great running-back for CD and his family was in the automobile business-possibly, Biff was influenced by Bob Sloan with his great love for cars. Biff drove my good friend,Tom Boyle, to Malvern in his big Plymouth Fury. Biff and Jay Gatsby liked big fast cars. In his youth, Biff liked to hold court at Tony Mart's with many beautiful babes and he went to a larger stage in The Upper East-Side of NYC where he was always the center of attention at Jimmy Westons where the beautiful people hung out. Biff liked fast cars,fast horses,fine wine and he threw beautiful parties at his suite in The Halloran House and at The Kentucky Derby. Biff must have read the book,"The Great Gatsby",because he was truly Jay Gatsby. Gatsby died in his swimning pool and I would love to know what happened to Biff when he drove off to Fort Lauderdale in his Rolls Royce and just disappeared. In my humble opionion, Biff Halloran was the real Jay Gatsby of Germantown. George Schur was a great swimmer from The Hollow and The Prep-He swam at The Prep with Harry Halloran,Biff's older brother. Harry Halloran has done very well in life and he is a major philanthropist. Harry Halloran has given big bucks to Temple for the study of ethics in business- his fellow Prep friends and teachers are so very proud of him. So many fascinating people have grown up in Germantown.
Bruce Schmitt [06-13-2011]

Arlene, thanks for all those names from the past. Did you know the Lady we called Aunt Pauline, she was a very sweet Lady but I can never remember her last name. One of the neighbors I will never forget was Mrs Emily Ruppert, she so often sent milk, home made puddings and other foods when she new we were short. My daughter's middle name and my grand daughter's first name are Emily. Mrs Ruppert will always have a place in my heart. All the neighbors were so very supportive when my sister Donna died after years of hospital care. My memories are always fond when I think of all of the people who made up my neighborhood, God bless them all.
William Dougherty, Doc from Portico St, 56yrs [06-13-2011]

I want to thank (once again) all the posters for their stories. Great reading. If you are a facebooker, look at this group: Grew up in Germantown 50's 60's 70's http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_67912812768
John Kazalonis, Grew up on Milne St [06-13-2011]

JBS: You peaked my interest about Edward Biff Halloran. I googled him, and to say he was "unique" is a real understatement. Quite interesting how someone from the tranquil area of Wayne and Lincoln Drive, rose to be known as the "concrete king" of NYC, and his various business associates. I lived closed to Pennsauken for almost 50 years, and just can't place or remember where the Holiday Inn was located.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [06-13-2011]

Linda Beard, Did you live on the 600 block of Stafford St? I remember the Albany, Hart, Kelly, Bliss, Butler, Swift, Bonner, Fish, Giori, Romano, Kernan,, DiRenzo,Darcy families. I lived at 632....the house is gone---burned to the ground! I still have good memories of Germantown and all the great people. Spent many days at Waterview Playground. The neighborhood was a good mix of Irish, Italian.
Naomi Vitelli [06-13-2011]

The post where Dr Williams diagnosed my polio was written by myself. I don't know why it showed up as ANON. Sorry
Joe Graber [06-13-2011]

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife,Carolyn, 75yrs old & married to a lucky guy for 55yrs--she was from East Gtn (sorry guys)-graduate of IC 1950 & LF 1954 three kids-five grandkids--(Nee Pede)lived on Woodlawn st &Locust Ave
Lou Giorno, mr g dos [06-12-2011]

Schmitty- You mentioned that I was a Fernhill Guy, that’s correct, but I have to tell you, I was very fortunate that through my baseball, I was able to “Hang Out” everywhere! I did frequent the Hallow at times, I also did the Germantown & Chelten scene (with the Horn and Hardarts ) I also remember that there was a corner in Nicetown with a store (I think Savages) where everyone hung out. At Fernhill the “Park” as well as Dave’s Drug store was the corner to be seen. Another good spot was in Mt.Airy, I believe on Stenton Ave. In Pulaski Town, it seem to me that the “brothers” hung out anywhere on the street. I spent the night drinking T-Bird and Tiger Rose (What’s the price? 30 twice) wine with my friend Ronnie Barksdale as well as some other team mates from Germantown HS, and trying to explain how the I-Tal-Yens, drank some red wine that would grow hair on your chest. Germantown had divisions, but for the most part everyone was welcome everywhere. I remember being able to go everywhere and know at least one person on one corner, that made it ok to stop and “hang out”. Simple times, with lots of stories. The greatest thing was being with your friends, just talking trash and looking forward to another day to do the same thing. Seems like everyday day was summer and everyday was sunny. It never rains on your good memories. Now as we get older, those days have much more importance. For some it was the time of achievements on the field of sports, while others it was just the friends they met along the way. I was very lucky, I had the best of both worlds. Seems as we get older the achievements get greater than they were, but the friends are always the same.
Joe DAgostino, ghs- 1965 [06-12-2011]

ED Burke,The Westside- I wish that I could give you some info about SFA but I am AN Agnostic concerning that matter. I did not have good rapport with The Nuns and I was not particularly fond of our old pastor- I don't even want to go there. I was never an altar-boy or a choir-boy. The nuns did a better job with the girls from my perspective. One morning, I walked into SFA School when it was raining, and The Mother[Rita Josephine] wants to know why I am not out in the schoolyard-"Hello". Another nun told me to get rid of my smile, I guess learning was not supposed to be fun. Obviously, you and I liked The Pastor from St. Catharine's[FR. Bogart] better than PJ from SFA and Father Bogart never Bogarted us-Pardon the pun. By and large, the nuns must have done a decent job since many bloggers went to SFA and they are quite literate. Everybody liked Sister Grace from SFA and you and I were not so fortunate to have her-our younger siblings were blessed to have been taught by her. I have to tell you that I am sad that so many Catholic Schools are closing. I went to a Prep-luncheon on Thursday and it is doing well albeit it is an oasis in The North Philly Desert. You and Big John[brother] could have been my boyguards with your good friends-Smith&Wesson or their cousins from Israel if you know what I mean. Ed! Keep posting and being a Germantowner, you survived the heat on the golf-course. Is it possible that AL Gore could be right?
JBS[The Westside] [06-12-2011]

BLOWING MY OWN HORN--I was written up in The GTN.Courier Circa 1950-51 by Hugh Mooney--Excerpt-"-Lou Giorno with a perfect 5 for 5 night led Sheldon to victory over St.Vincents at the GTN BOYS CLUB last night" I posted the entire article earlier on GTN YOUR THOUGHTS--Why am I posting this?--Most people feel this was a tremendous feat-what do you HH people think??? LOU GIORNO
lou giorno, mr g dos [06-12-2011]

To JBS. You talk about the bookie arrested in Montco with a million dollars in the trunk. Did you know his grandfather Vito, lived in the 800 Block of East Stafford Street and that his grandsons too over the house after he died in the late 80's. The house was raided by the Vice Squad of Philadelphias Finest.There were numerous phone lines and sports betting schemes going on there?
Bob Mc Creight, 57 Havertown [06-12-2011]

John Fleming: The Web-Mater,Fernhill Joe Dags, and John The Red Baron Payne like to read posts from a multitude of neighborhoods. I will attempt to comply with this request bu submitting a blog about a very unique character from West Germantown- Edward Biff Halloran. Biff was a flamboyant guy who was known in many circles-Germantown,The Main-line,The Jersey Shore,New York,and Florida. You were not aware that Biff Halloran owned The Holiday Inn In Pennsauken. You knew Jerry Blavat and he had Memories West in this venue and obviously he paid rent to the owner-Biff Halloran. Biff owned many hotels in New Jersey,Fort Washington and The Halloran House in NYC. My friend from East Germantown,Pat Swenney, would tell me about all the hot babes that would cling and talk to Biff when he was a major player in The Big Apple. Biff would hold court at Jimmy Weston's Place in NYC where all the big celebrities and famous people hung out. Biff threw opulent parties at his suite in The Halloran House. You and Don Barrella knew about the family who was the major player in Cherry Hill. Biff knew another Family from New York and he owned the 2 largest concrete-plants in NYC. One day, he was driving his Rolls Royce to Fort Lauderdale and he disappeared. Over the last 20 years, I've heard this question-What Happened TO Biff?. Biff and his friend,Paul Harron, were richer than God. Both of these guys must have read Joe Lynch's favorite novel-The Great Gatsby. If Goo Guarinello from Happy Hollow was Damon Runyan, Biff and Paul were Jay Gatsby. I know that Paul Harron left this world and the probability is Biff is talking to Paul about the great times that they head on earth. Some Germantowners hung out at The Vesper's Club which was owned by Paul Harron. Paul was reserved next to Biff but his yacht was called,"Misconduct". Both of these gentlemen were so well known in Philadelphia but Biff grew up in G-Town at Wayne&Lincoln Drive. I am a reserved guy and I find it amazing some of the characters that I crossed paths with in my beloved Germantown.
JBS [06-12-2011]

Del, Dr. Belasco was my dentist too. He was a character, but a good dentist. I took my kids to him too.
Sheila [06-12-2011]

Dennis M. - a wonderful post by you about east germantown - terrific place to live with really outstanding athletes. We did not brag or celebrate but just enjoyed the pleasure of the competing against other local athletes. Wister playground provided some great memories of really terrific football, basketball, and baseball games.
Bob Eastside [06-12-2011]

Yes, indeed. How about some stories about Portico Street and streets around there from former neighbors. How about roll call - try to remember the names of some of the neighbors who live/lived there: lets go back a while and then go forward or whatever Brezlins, Walsh, McStravock, Jeffries, Duffy, Fitzpatrick, Dunphy, Buzzo Smith, Dougherties, Mc Cathy, O'Neal, Melody, Evans, Bloomer, Power, Howley, Crosson, seitz, Christopher, Himsworth, McGowan/Graham, Garoppo, Parizi, Ice, Polaneczski, Ross, Rossano, Smith, Post, Walker. Anybody related ? check in.
Arlene (Bloomer) McMahon [06-12-2011]

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