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June 1-10, 2011

There's a Memory Lane (formerly Classmates) site for SFA at CLICK Lots of familiar names on it.
anonymous [06-10-2011]

SFA parish was founded in January 1899. The school is now called The De Paul Catholic School. The population of the parish is now 89% Black/African-American. All this info and more is at http://archdiocese-phl.org/parishes/7810.htm#
anonymous [06-10-2011]

MEK. Dr Williams 's nurse was Miss Pepperton. Spelling may be wrong.
Louis F Pauzano, South Phila [06-10-2011]

Maybe I will start some dialogue from those who hung around Portico St. When the tore down the old factory and put up a parking lot we used that lot as our ball field. Some of the abandoned houses were are fun house. Many kids hung out at the Lots at night. The boys club was a place to go. I remember running from Gtn Ave to Wisahikon from chelton to wayne junction playing hide the belt. I loved growing up in Gtn.
William Dougherty, Doc from Portico St, 56 [06-10-2011]

Speaking of Doctors, Doctor Daily on Manheim just west of Erringer Place was our family doctor. He saved my life in 1955 when at five years old he diagnosed me with spinal meningitis! I was very lucky. Almost didn’t make it. Had he not acted quickly and got me in Children’s Hospital I would not be writing this today. Was in the same class as his son Bill Daily at Fitler. Played a lot of basketball in their driveway by the side of the house. It would always break down when the girls that were playing would change the rules halfway through a game. I have heard that Billy died way, way too young. Our dentist was Dr. Emanuel Belasko on Wayne Avenue just above Manheim. Was still seeing him in the late 1970’s. He gave me gas one time as a kid and I had the strangest dream. Was sick as a dog from that gas. Never took it again. Would have needles in the gum after that.
Del Conner, Now site manager of my 3x great grandfather Dr. Physick's House [06-10-2011]

Fernhill Joe Dag: You and The Web-master are on the same page,"Simply Write Stories and Experiences About Your Neighborhood". Your family is interesting since you and Cousin Joe D'Angelo were Fernhill Guys and Bob and Tony D'Angelo were Hollow Guys. Cousin Joe's Friend,Joe Lynch,was a Fernhiller but His cousin, Jack Brogan, was a Hollow Guy as the bloggers on the site know so well. Like you and the web-master, I would like to hear from the folks on both sides of Germantown Ave.,whether whether it be The Hollow or The Brickyard,Fernhill or Cow-town. I also find it interesting that so many Germantowners have retired to The Jersey Shore or spend their summers there. Today, I went to a luncheon at The Prep, and I talked to Frank Gray who lived near The Hollow and he retired to Ocean City like Denise Duckworth Tumelty. You live in Long Beach Island and I talked to Bob Terranova at your Aunt Sally's Funeral and he also lives In LBI. Get a Germantown-group at LBI and I would enjoy hanging out with some of the guys. My father,Urban, taught Tony D' Angelo and he was at my father's funeral. Tony and you were outstanding baseball players albeit you hung out at different venues. In the 70' and 80's, I spent some time in LBI since I had a girl-friend in Medford Lakes and we would cut through The Pinelands for the beach. We would stop at The Surf City Hotel since it was owned by Hank Crane from Germantown. I wonder if Joe Pop's is still there and that was the hot-spot. You probaly know all the good Italian restaurants on The Island and if I drop your name, I know that I will get a good table. You know The Pauzano Brothers, and I meet Lou Pauzano for lunch in Fairmount,a neighborhood that I hung out for years, they treat Lou as if he owns the place. Joe! Keep posting and it is always great to have a blogger who threw a knuckleball- I know that Bor was impressed.
Bruce Schmitt [06-10-2011]

"Preserve your memories, there all that's left you," Paul Simon sang. Seems to be a cleft between HH memorists and everybody else. Just write good and hard about what's true, that's my advice (stole it from Hemingway). Pat McIlhinney and I used to rule Fernhill Park's basketball court after 7 pm on summer nights. Of course only a couple of aged ringers like Ernie or toady guys driven out of the Hollow were around in the heat at that time anyway. We were gods on the blacktop (1959)or so we thought. I envied Pat's car,sure he was going to cruise the Ridge (Pike) and pick up painted women after the games. Wheels, man! (It's what I'd have done!) Sweaty,I would walk to Dave's for a cherry water ice (5 cents), some penny candy (orange slices were the best.), and the Adventures of Superman in black and white on our 9 inch screen if it were Monday night. We had more lightning bugs in June,in a smaller world.I wonder what that means. Wonder too what they're doin' right now over in the next parish.
Joe Lynch/You can say what you say but you are what you are.--Jay Z [06-10-2011]

Joe Lynch....You got the wrong picture! I see myself walking from Wayne and Apsley to Wayne and Logan.After a cheese steak with sauce and onions,and a cherry coke at Sal's,it's time for a little three on three.Me and Goo and Ollie against you,Brogan and Sonny.I don't want to guard you,because your too good.I prefer Brogan because he is afraid of me.His game is driving to the basket,but I force him to take thirty foot jumpers.What can be better than that?? By the way Schmitty,this is what you missed when traveling outside our little world....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Welcome to my world. [06-10-2011]

Webmaster: Cudos to you for putting up the challenge to the folks who are complaining about too many Hollow stories. I and others have made the same suggestion in the past, to no avail. They suggest that they too have terrific memories, as I'm sure they do; and that their venues (fancy word for corners)were just as interesting. That's great. Let's hear about them. I do not recall you, the webmaster, limiting the postings to fixed number.
John Payne, Bitterness destroys the vessel that contains it. [06-10-2011]

TO ANONYMOUS (6/8): You diss the Hollow stories, b/c you say it should be about Germantown experiences. Well, nobody I know lived in ALL the Germantown sections, so you have to write about your Germantown experiences in the neighborhood where you had them. In this case, for many, it was the Hollow. What else would you write about if that's where you were from? Incidentally, nobody is excluding any other Germantown neighborhood from contributing - feel free. We enjoy ALL stories about growing up in Germantown, no matter what section. So why can't you?
anonymous [06-10-2011]

Thanks for the kind words, JBS. Lots of great names in your recent hoops post. Tony Coma was a passionate, competitive guy and produced, probably without much argument, the best female players in city history (Dawn, Linda).
Ted Silary [06-10-2011]

Ed Burke, nice post. Don’t be surprised if you see some parish closings in Germantown in a couple of years or so. St. Vincent’s seems to have found a niche, where most attending their Masses come from out of that parish. They are doing something over there, and it is working. I heard their problem is that their 150yo church building is in need of major repairs. With St. Francis, as you mentioned, their numbers are down and the church is in need of repairs. With IC, they managed to keep up with the repairs somehow, but their numbers are really down. Probably the only reason why closings haven’t happened yet is the Vincentians who staff all of those parishes. But, like every other order, their numbers are down as few seem to enter the priesthood these days and their priests are aging. When you think about it, you could close all three Germantown parishes and create a new parish out of the Seminary church on Chelten Avenue. It will be a very sad day if that happens, but the reality is that there just are not a lot of Catholics in Germantown these days.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & rasied in East Germantown [06-10-2011]

Anonymous of 6/8, very well put, and from a very different perspective that hits the nail on the head of the seeming resentment here to all the HH stories. I think there was sort of an east/west division that existed back in the day, that continues to exist in this blog. When I say division, I don't mean it in an animosity/contentious way, but in a sense that there were different worlds within the community of Germantown. For example, I went to the Germantown Boys Club just once in my life, but it was the world to many on the west-side and Brickyard. I was never at Happy Hollow or Fernhill Park. I never knew that Brickyard was the name of an area until a few years ago. I only knew that name to be the name of a violent street gang in the 60s/70s, along with Somerville and the Haines Street Gang. Those on the west-side probably never knew Belfield, Waterview and East Germantown Recs. They probably never knew of Awbury Park, Wister Woods or the Haines Street parades. Any post I ever made about an East Germantown experience has never received a response from anyone from the west side, and I discovered this site in 2003. Sometimes we find some commonality, like Germantown & Chelten, the theatres/restaurants/stores, the hucksters, sports sometimes, Pretzel Pete, Italian dishes the Moms made (St. Mikes and Holy Rosary covered different areas of Germantown), Scalea's pizza, the gardens, etc. The point of my rambling is, while Germantown was the common thread, our experiences were different depending on where we lived. While we can all try to share our own experiences here, which is good, it still won't mean anything to some people because they didn't live it, or know the places or people. That is why I always suggested just skipping over posts that don't interest you, rather than try to stiffle those making them. Have to admit though, I was annoyed with one Hollow guy a year or two ago when it seemed to me he was trying to make this a HH blog exclusively, and I posted to that effect. I don't see it being that way now, but the Hollow guys continue to be a lightning rod because they happen to be the most active and consistent posters. There is room for everyone here.....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-10-2011]

Does anyone remember the Van Gobi and Hunt family on McCallum street?
anom [06-10-2011]

Hey Schmitty,Correct me if I am wrong, I was looking recently for a site to find out a history of St. Francis of Assisi parish. I believe it was built in 1924. Through it's portals passed many a proud and honorable group of childen. I believe that today, as the website says that there are a mere 199 parishioners in the parish. I and my family used to attend Mass on Christmas eve every year. It was at 7:00 the last time we went. We had women and children with us, and a few carried weapons because the old neighborhood wasn't the safest place after dark. I think it has been 10 years or so since our last visit. I remember the night was very dark and cold. We parked our cars at green and logan and were standing on the corner when gunshots rang out in the distance. We couldn't tell whether they were meant for us or at each other. They weren't smiling, I guess, because we couldn't see them.I think the school merged with St. Vincent's because that is what it is called today. The parish relies heavily for donations from more affluent parishes in Chestnut Hill and others outside the city. Sad, and the church itself is need a great many repairs.
ed burke [06-08-2011]

Thank you Joe & Lou for Dr. Anastasia's name. I couldn't remember it for the life of me! I remember the building he was in. It was just down a few doors from a check cashing place, I believe. And Dr. Williams was such a kind, gentle man. He made going to the office a less stressful experience for this young person. I have nothing but fond memories of him, his nurse and those great blocks for us to play with. Thanks for the help, guys!
MEK [06-08-2011]

Anybody know where Timmy Eisachman is?
anonymous [06-08-2011]

talking in regard of the beach in wildwood. My inlaws bought a house there in 1947. At that time the beach was acros the street. Now the beach is four blocks away,and there is no water under the fishing pier. On another matter can anyone tell me where germantown heights is.
ray dawes, class of 57 S.F.A [06-08-2011]

Ted Silary: Your posts to Paul Borian[GHS] and John Fleming[CD] really resoanted with me since it took me back to my youth and Philly High School Basketball-both public and catholic. You are certainly an encyclopedia of high school basketball. I had mentioned Larry White in one of my posts,and he had played for Tommy Moore against Bartram in The City Championship-1961. larry made a big steal to clinch the game. Tommy Moore beat a great Bartram Team with Earl The Pearl Monroe as a reserve. The coach of Bartram was Tony Coma whom you had to know. You mentioned Linda Page from Dobbins and she had 100 points in a game. Linda was coached by Tony Coma at Dobbins and she went to N.C. State because Hawk-Eye Page played there-Tony Coma told me this fact. Tony Coma also coached Dawn Staley,the great scorer and Temple Coach. I was in Washington and I saw Linda Page play against Tennessee for N.C. State-that sister could really shoot. Linda Page and Herb MaGee[West] were the two best shooters that I ever saw. Linda page was one of the great players from North Philly. I also liked Fred Mad-dog Carter who played for Ben Franklin and St. Mary's in Maryland. His coach was Jim Phelan from South Philly. Fred might have been the first black guy to attend St. Mary's in the mountains of Maryland-not far from West Virginia. Fred in his youth,used the faciities of The Prep in North Philly where Matt Goukas played. Fred Carter was All-Public for Ben Fraklin in 1963 and Nat Adderly[Herb's cousin] was All-Public for Edison. Larry White was All-Catholic for Tommy More and Joe Lynch from LaSalle and Fernhill was also All-Catholic. Joe Lynch was a great blogger on this site but he has been dormant lately but his cousin,Jack Brogan has taken up the slack and he and Bor Borian from The Hollow are great nutters[busters]. Many of us on this site,appreciate your great knowledge of sports and it is great that your colleague from "The Daily News",Bill Fleischman, has recently posted on this site. Back in the day, we all read The Daily News- even Paul Borian when he wasn't playing ball or playing poker with his boys. One of his opponents in these poker-games was a legendary Hollow Guy but if I mention his name, a lot of stuff will start again. Being a reserved guy, I will punt.
John Bruce Schmitt [06-08-2011]

Happy Hollow: I was in the old gym when the body punching took place. It was Monk McCauley who dared to have a go at Pat Sarnese. This was a controlled bout. Pat clearly did not hit Monk his hardest. He did hit Monk hard enough to make a sound, sort of a thump that let us know that Monk was hit pretty hard. They were laughing the whole time and Monk was a really good, quick, little athlete. He landed lots of hits on Pat, but all of us knew that Pat could have ended Monk's life had he wanted to. I don't remember hearing about Monk's black and blue marks that night or the next day. The body punch contest was over and that was the end of it.
Jack Brogan, Maine, where the wind hangs heavy on the border-line [06-08-2011]

Borian, I picture you as Gatsby, cruising the North Shore of Long Island in the white tuxedo, searching for the green light at the end of Daisy's dock, hoping she'll show up at one of your parties. Or is that John Fries in Avalon (the Lexus, of course,) pushing his daughter Nicole's twins on the Dune Drive up to Springer's for ice cream. Bor, you give us dreams of winters on skis and summer winds (Sundays with Sinatra). John, you give us images of Palm Beach (Taboo) and "riotous excursions into the human heart." Boys, It's your world; we just live in it.
Joe Lynch/Rosebud. . . [06-08-2011]

Dennis Mc--- My posting about HH was to pacify those kids who thought they were in heaven when at HH.We all thought our venues were the best--HEY BUD! whatever makes you happy & content-KAPISH? Dennis,sometimes you have to read between the lines. lou Giorno
lou giorno, mrgdos [06-08-2011]

germantown boys club !i went therefrom 1940 70 1957 . i can tell you there were manny great ball players there durning that time . i was very lucky to see some of the great players who more then likely could have been pro players in all most any sport . i have been reading a lot about some of the great players from the happy hollow play grown .i was lucky enought to see both sides of those 2 areas. some of the player from the boys club that could have been pros if the times were better were guys like

germantown boys club ! i joined the boys club in the year 1940. talk about some real good ball player ? wow ! i had the great fortune to see both guys from the boys club and also guys from happy hollow . what hideing talent there was in germantown at that time ! from the boys club there were guys like whitey robberts,mole turner, monk ridder, dickey (boon ) tompson, duckey gaines,richie koulter (big head ) donald vile, bob hass, johny granizo,and from the hollow. i remember goo, bb rossie,rockey rafeal.yes sir there were lots of good ball players in those days who just never got to the big times ? i guess lots of them just never got the oppertunity and had to work to help out at home .i am 76 years old and i know lou giorno is my age also . we are lucky to be able to use the computer,some of you are a lot younger and have been able to make that switch from the old fashion telephone to the computer and tex messages,and all the other grat stuff this wonderfull country has given us.to bad some of the old timers are not able to handel the computer . what a great story they would be able to pass on to all !lou giorno you are the man ! frank from lansdale !
frank margiotti, lansdale pa. [06-08-2011]

frank margiotti, lansdale [06-08-2011]

DEAR ANON.of 6/7/11----- If your mind wasn't playing tricks on you when you saw a skinny kid with glasses trading body punches with Pat Sarnese----for my money---it HAD to be THE ONE AND ONLY ED "MONK" MC CAULLEY, who came by his rock-hard,washboard ABS,by charging money for us younger guys to drop a SHOTPUT on his stomach. MONK either stood on a chair to deliver his punches or PAT must have worn a stainless steel CUP. MONK and PAT, TWO HOLLOW IMMORTALS. frankie.(trading body punches (with a cream doughnut the size (of Mike Tyson.)
FRANK KLOCK [06-08-2011]

McG, you are absolutely correct. Most of us have just as many fond memories of our own neighborhoods and hangouts. HH guys had the same memories and are reminiscing about it. Its good for them to rekindle those thoughts. The way I remember HH riding down Wayne Ave was a sand field carved out of a pile of rocks.
Gman [06-08-2011]

MEK: the doctor on Wayne Ave. was Dr. Anastasia. He was a caring man. I still remember him coming to my house with his black bag in hand.
Bonnie (Joe) Gatto [06-08-2011]

Dr williams diagnosed my polio. He came to our house on a visit and told my parents to take me to GTN Hosp. where I spent the next 6 months in an Iron Lung. The rest is history. Jonas Salk was the hero of the 20th century in my book. He saved millions worldwide and his legacy remains. We can remove polio from the face of the earth if we work at it. There are currently 3 million people in the US who are polio survivors. Most of which are suffering from PPS (post polio syndrome)as of this writing. October is Polio Survivors month.
anonymous [06-08-2011]

It's the feeling of exclusion that makes others who come to this wonderful site resent the Hollow. Not once, but over and over again, all you guys talk about is the Hollow and the people you knew. We didn't know those people, so we can't chime in with our comments. It's kind of like a "guess you had to be there" kind of story. Those who were there enjoy it while the others just sit there. Not only that, but when somebody writes about their Germantown experience it is overshadowed by the Hollow. Have a Hollow reunion, write a book for those who are interested in names and adventures. Let's get memories on here that EVERYBODY can share and enjoy!
anonymous [06-08-2011]

Consider this a challenge to those of you not from the Hollow. Tell us your stories!

Something I enjoy doing is to search something which was previously mentioned on the site and read the entries around it. You'll be amazed at what you may have missed or forgotten.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [06-07-2011]

I am looking for informtion on the history of the 600 block of East Stafford Street. If anyone has any info please post! Thanx..
Linda Beard, I grew up in Germantown in the 60's [06-07-2011]

The "Denise Denise" comment was from me. I don't know how it slipped through as anonymous.
denise Duckworth Tumelty [06-07-2011]

MEK, the Doctor you are thinking of was Dr. Anastasia. I could be off on the spelling.
Joe Melchiorre, 63 years young & living in Phoenixville, PA [06-07-2011]

To: MEK: I and my brother and other family members were patients of Dr. Williams. I can still remember taking the H bus to his office for my checkups and he did make house calls. One night my mom was cooking spaghetti and he had a bowl when he was done tending to me. A great man and a fine gentleman. The other doctor you refer to was Dr. Joseph Anastasi who had his office only six doors down from where I lived on Wayne Ave. And yes I do believe he made house calls. I remember him driving a big blue Chrysler . His office was next door to Dr. Kredo, a dentist.
Louis F Pauzano, Sr, South Phila [06-07-2011]

Lou Pauzano: You are one of my old friends from The Hollow. You must me be reading the posts and comments about The Hollow and the scuttlebutt about the Hollow athletic-supporters. I met you too many years ago at The Hollow when you were playing pinochle with Eileen McLaughlin and Jean Masterson who had been my classmates at St. Francis. Eileen and Jean were nice,friendly,and great basketball players-Jean even had a jump-shot. You went to St. Mike's and Eileen MC. married Butch Pickett from that great school on Germantown Ave. Many smart kids went to St. Mike's and played ball at The Hollow-including Tony D'Angelo and Matt Fasano. Like You, Tony D'Angelo had 10 years of Jesuit Education- he had physical and mental toughness which helped him when he guarded the plate in baseball. He could have caught his cousin,Joe D'Agostino, who threw a knuckleball and I could barely hit a hanging curve. Rocky Raeffaele was a great baseball-player and he lived around the corner from you on Manheim St. Rocky and Joe Rafaelle would not like people dissing The Hollow and I would never want to get those gentlemen angry. The Rafaelle Brothers had great personalities and Dom Rafaelle was probaly the most popular guy in my class at SFA. The Rafaelle Brothers did not go to St. Mike's and had PJ McGarrity as their pastor. I was not a Hollow guy like you and your brother Al[Peanut] but I always had good rapport with people from The Hollow. I played a lot of ball at The Hollow and never had any physical confrontations there. I did put on the gloves with Mole Adomoli in the room next to the gym and this prepared us for sports encounters with opponents in The CYO. You knew many of the beautiful ladies from The Hollow-including Pat Kirk who married Mayor Bill Green. You probaly knew John Berkery who went to SFA and had a store near SAl's Steak-shop across from The Hollow. He was known to have a problem with guys who talked too much and he would be very disappointed reading about old Hollow Guys getting dissed. Many of us have rounded 3rd and are heading home and we should not be spiking the catchers-especially Rocky Rafaelle and Tony D'Angelo. Lou! I hope to see you at The Prep on Thursday and possibly many Germantowners will be there-Pat McIlhinney,Jim Murray,and George Schur,the great swimmer from The Hollow.
Bruce S. [06-07-2011]

is my mind playing tricks wasn't there a skinny kid with glasses who traded body punches with Pat Sarnese?
anon [06-07-2011]

Sorry about your Mom Marie, may she rest in peace.
HLD [06-07-2011]

Lou Giorno, have to disagree with your "We,who didn't live near the Hollow,find it difficult to listen to your stories about that venue,because we didn't experience the same thrills that you had when growing up in another area"..... Happy Hollow was no different and no more special than Belfield, East Germantown, Waterview Recs... Those here from HH are just more vocal about it, maybe even escalating their times to a mythical level (someone even mentioned hoping to go to "Happy Hollow Heaven" when he dies....). East, West, Lower, Brickyard, Upper.....doesn't matter where you grew up in Germantown, it was a great place to live and grow up. HH times were special to those who lived them, but no more special than the times of those who grew jup in the other sections of Germantown....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-07-2011]

Joyce Ruggero, nice memories of Wildwood. I don't remember the ocean under the boardwalk, but do remember when those boardwalk amusement piers jetted out over the ocean, and you could hear the waves hitting the pilings underneath. Nowadays, with the growing beach, the piers are over the beach and the ocean is a good distance from the very end of the pier.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-07-2011]

Whoa,some of you are misconstruing my thoughts about THE Hollow-sorry about that. TO Bob Westside-Even though I have Transverse Myelitis(a form of MS-I do have a life-a wife of 55+yrs,a real saint,three chidren-five grandchildren-many friends & many former students who keep in touch with me.I have a great life at 76yrs old--Lou Giorno
lou giorno, mr g dos [06-07-2011]

JBS: Yes the Gambinos did have business interests in New Jersey, including, pizza shops. Holiday Inn in Pennsauken? Can't place it. The only nite spots, I remember in Pennsauken was The Woodbine and the Ivystone Inn. I remember Dan Wierzbowski, had a unusual jump shot, with the way he held the ball. Didn't he give it a little twist, when he shot? I remember Chick Wierzbowski, but graduated in '62. I remember seeing George Paull in his junior year.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [06-07-2011]

Cathrine Manning Muir Glad to hear your great news ... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-07-2011]

Marie Bommentre, My sincere sympathy on the passing of your mom ... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-07-2011]

Ted Silary: Thanks for the research. With the passage of time, 50+ years, I had forgotten how lopsided the score was, between Overbrook and CD. Other players I remember seeing of that era, was Matty Goukas, St Joes, Frank Corace, Bonner, George Sutor, Judge.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [06-07-2011]

Lou Giorno: Your last comment about the HOLLOW made me think. Why do we who live in and around Germantown have to listen to the ills and wills as well as the Health care systems of en entire different country let alone all the postings regarding the Hollow. If we put up with them we should be understanding of the the great place that Hollow had in the history of our youth. I hope you don't feel I am attacking you but I am asking your understanding. We put up with crap from other countrys...why not accept the hollow postings.
Joe Graber, 64 but dont look a day older that 65 I swear. [06-05-2011]

50 years ago today I graduated from Cecilian Academy.
denise Duckworth Tumelty [06-05-2011]

To John Fleming: I found evidence of a game between Dougherty and 'Brook in December of the 1958-59 season. No individual scoring totals were reported, but 'Brook won, 63-36. Hard to believe: three guys (Hightower, Hazzard, Jones) made the NBA off Overbrook's 1957-58 squad (Hightower was gone by the '59 season) and, at the time, none was considered the team's best player (Ralph Heyward).
Ted Silary [06-05-2011]

To Paul Borian: I found the numbers for Overbrook's 1954-55 season and Wilt had 74 points vs. Roxborough, then indeed only 16 vs. Germantown four games later. 'Brook played Roxborough again four games after that and Wilt poured in 90 points (still the city record for boys; Dobbins' Linda Page had 100 in 1981). That 16-point performance was the second-worst of Wilt's high school career; he had 12 in a 55-51 win over Frankford in the 1953-54 season . . . Meanwhile, nice to see Bill Fleischman, my Daily News sports colleague, make an entry on here!
Ted Silary [06-05-2011]

No Ed from Chester, they might have been $6.00 I am in SIC & my husband crabs all summer. Have not been on here for some time. My Mom passed on 4/17/11. Marie
Marie Bommentre [06-05-2011]

John Fleming: You have had a very interesting life,living in Hawaii,doing stats for CD,and hanging out with beautiful babes in watering holes such as Sans Souci and Valentino's in Cherry Hill. You were frequenting places and a state where The Gambino Family had business activities. In the 70's, I lived in Palmyra on the river, and I spent some time at Garden State and most of the restaurants and clubs that you mentioned. Places like The Rickshaw was too large and surreal for me and I preferred Valentino's which was smaller and cozier. Valentino's was owned by a couple of friendly and wise guys- The Gambino Brothers. From my experience at these places, The Big Boys kept to themselves and the trouble emanated from the wannabes. You might have hung out at The Holiday Inn in Pennsauken which was owned by Biff Halloran. Biff Halloran was from Germantown,Wayne& Lincoln Drive, and allegedly connected. He would not be connected now since he was driving his Rolls-Royce to Ft. Lauderdale and everything disappeared- stuff happens,you live by the sword and you know the rest. Let's talk basketball since you did the stats for CD. I was a friend of Bob Harrington who played for CD and later coached CD for many years. I played ball against Dan Wierzbowski at GBC and he later played with Bob H. at CD. I had mentioned Larry White who was a great athlete and basketball player for Tommy More and he played on the City Championship team against Bartram. He was All-Catholic Basketball for 2 years. Do you remember when Chick Wierzbowski had a great game against Tommy Moore for CD in The Catholic League Play-offs[1963] and Larry White was despondent. You also talked about The Great Overbrook team with Walt Hazzard,Wally Jones,Wayne Hightower,Ralph Heyward, and Richie Richman. I went to a game between that Overbrook Team and GHS team with Sonny Kennedy from The Hollow and Germantown almost won. There were many great athletes from The Hollow and Germantown. I better stop since I mentioned that neighborhood from West Germantown-"THe Hollow".
JBS: [06-05-2011]

You're right Dennis, fix what's wrong...don't create another problem.
anonymous [06-05-2011]

I understand, from my extensive foreign travel that universal health care is free, as long as it's routine. You often wait for extended periods of time to gain access to routine screenings. Anything over and above routine is paid entirely out of pocket. So, to get an appointment sooner than reasonable or to have experts flown in within hours must have cost dearly. And speaking of good health care, who remembers old Doctor Williams on Germantown Avenue? I was his patient from the time I was born until the age of 16 years old. He was a wonderful man and would do anything to accomodate our large family. There was also a doctor on Wayne Avenue between Seymour and Manheim on the same side as the candy store and hardware store; he did house calls. Does anyone remember his name?
MEK [06-05-2011]

Lou - get a life and stop kissing Happy Hollow "ball players butts" The east side of Germantown was just as rewarding a place to grow up as your beloved Wayne Ave playground. You made me laugh out loud with your wacky post regarding the thrills you did not realize !
Bob Westside [06-05-2011]

Louie Louie and others...Ain't no stopping us now!It's Happy Hollow time.We are on a roll.One liners won't cut it.Too many passive bloggers.Suggest you use your teaching and organizational skills to put an end to all these Happy Hollow stories.However,I'll always remember the Camelot of Germantown-Happy Hollow playground....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Hey Goo,are you listening?Hope to join you someday in Happy Hollow Heaven. [06-05-2011]

Ed from Chester - Maybe you could get a case of crabs for $2.00, but not a bushel.
Jim Smith [06-05-2011]

Love the stories about Wildwood. Back in the 50s, my aunt purchased a tiny house at 21st and New Jersey in North Wildwood, about 4 blocks from the beach. All of the aunts and uncles would "rent" the house for a week or two and all the cousins would camp out with them, so we spent most of the summers there. The second floor, accessible by wood pull-down stairs, was like a barracks — one large open room under the wood eaves with five double beds and a pot to "pee in.” The adults took the 3 tiny bedrooms downstairs and the kids got the second floor. We had chores each morning before we were allowed go to the beach and spend all day there. Had to be back by 5 p.m. for dinner. I took my children to my aunt's house when they were young just like my parents did with my brother and me. Good memories all around! Remember when the ocean came up under the boardwalk in North Wildwood at high tide and $5 on the boardwalk would last all night?
Joyce Radocaj Ruggero, sfa '62, lf ’66 [06-05-2011]

Yeah, Valentino's on Haddonfield Rd in Cherry Hill . . . great Sunday night crowds, the disco was smokin', the drinks were flowin' and who cared if Giuseppe and Rosario Gambino owned the joint? It's where I first met Bob Pantano. Loved puttin' on some nice threads and dancin' the night away.
Don Barrella, Warwick Twp Bucks Co [06-05-2011]

Mr. Lou Giomo, You are one of the great educators from Germantown. We are very proud of your acoomplishments. You were reading books, practicing your musical instruments and these Hollow fellows were on the courts,hanging on the corner and dancing with the beautiful Hollow babes at the Happy Hollow rec. You have to admit these Hollow gentleman post some good stories and they went to good schools. JBS always supports them. Is he really from Germantown? Those old Hollow athletes are doing well. They are enjoying the Maine coast,the beaches in Sea Isle and Spring lake and the alligators and golf courses in Florida. Goo Goo is looking down from heaven and he is smiling.
anonymous [06-05-2011]

Happy Hollow, Happy Hollow, Happy Hollow, Why get upset with the words. Like many on this site, the sun did not rise and set on Happy Hollow, but to some it did. That’s fine with me, so why get uptight when we read articles that include a venue that was important to many people. Let’s remember the times, no video games, no staying indoors all day, no computers. Our lives revolved around our friends. Most of my friends,like many others, played sports in the day and spent time with our girlfriends at night. In the area I grew up there was some main venues to participate in sports, Fernhill Park, Happy Hollow and GBC. I am sure other areas were available, but these are the most frequented by me. I understand, that to many of us, the sports stories are just too boning unless you were involved, but as we all get older, what do we have to talk about. Heart diseases, Diabetes, Colon check-ups, Arteries, etc. I have a thought, why not expand our horizons some. Most of us have moved away from G’Town. Why not let us know about your area. I live near LBI, in South Jersey.. Great place to live this time of year. Maybe we can suggest some good places to eat or visit . I know it’s not the Hollow, but the Hollow is not “The Hollow” anymore....
Joe DAgostino, usa [06-05-2011]

> Jack Brogan - Love your HAPPY HOLLOW solution! That should please everyone - although they will miss some interesting stories & information if they choose to skip.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [06-05-2011]

Schmitty,Schmitty,Schmitty....I just love your blogs because you say some nice things about me.Makes me feel like I'm the Greatest.I read them to Fran hoping that she realizes how lucky she is being married 45 years to a Happy Hollow icon.She keeps insisting that I'm the second greatest,after her.What does she know,after all she is a Pennsauken,NJ gal.She missed out on the Hollow experience,much to my chagrin.She took away my Hollow sense of humor and personality.As a result,I'm just an average guy today.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, More Hollow talk.It never ends. [06-05-2011]

Jack Brogan....After all these years,you have not lost your "nutting" skills.It was hard to defend against you because of your athletic skills.So fast,so smooth,going left or right,great shot.It was almost impossible to stop you,other than a hard foul.As you can see,I have not lost my "Nutting" skills either....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Everybody's talking about the Hollow these days,Can't get much better than that. [06-05-2011]

>Love the song,"Denise, Denise." it is now part of the TACO BELL ad. >Bob Whiteside - Lighten up on those who talk about Happy Hollow. I was not allowed to "hang out" or even go out after dinner & we went away for the summer but these stories are part of the youth that made up the fabric of Germantown - no matter what section you lived in.
anonymous [06-03-2011]

Bor de Hollow: I commiserate with you since there are bloggers who beat up on your friend and mentor,Goo, and now the Hollow. I was not a Hollow guy but I never had a problem with The Hollow folks but I did give some some change to Goo. Your last posts were excellent-talking sports,Germantown people,and The Jersey Shore. Nobody knew Hollow Athletes better than you since they were your friends,team-mates,and even competitors. You and Jack Brogan considered Ollie Powers the best athlete from The Hollow. You and I knew Tony D'Angelo and he thought larry Rinaldi was the best athlete from The Hollow. I know that you had a tough time guarding him in basketball since he had sppeed and power-you were not the only one. Ollie Powers and Bill Haas were great athletes but they did not play football and larry was very strong as you know. You were right on when you mentioned that Ollie Powers and Bill Haas could not get it together mentally to take it to the highest levels-they had the talent. Ollie and Bill needed mentors and you and Jack Brogan realized the importance of mentorship. I know Goo was not perfect but he tried to be a mentor and always gave you full support. Jack Brogan listened to Pat Sarnese and Bob Lojewski who had street-smarts and were involved in sports professionally. It was so sad that Ollie Powers and Bill Haas did not use that Inter-Ac education to the fullest extent. I know that Jack Brogan,Joe Lynch, and Tom Kehan did well in life with the great education that they received from sports. As you sit on the beach in Sea Isle, you must feel fortunate with the great education that you had from your baseball talent. What's up with this guy who played for The American Legion and takes umbrage with the former Hollow Athletes like yourself. Is it possible that you competed against him when you played for Loudenslager and you sent his hanging curve to outer-space. Hanging curves would have made baseball a more enjoyable game. I commend you on the kind remarks about Mike McGeehan to Catharine Manning Muir. You also knew his nephew,Johnny Boy, who was a good guy and good friends with Dom Raffaele and Ralph Gatto-2 great guys from The Hollow. Bor! It is so ironic that we do not have Irish names and we are hanging out in The Irish Riviera-you in Sea Isle and yours truly in Spring Lake.
Schmitty [06-03-2011]

Bill Fleischman, I'm a proud June 1956 GHS grad... [06-03-2011]

Am I crazy or was a bushel of crabs just $2.00 years ago.
Ed, Chester, VA [06-03-2011]

Happy Hollow. That's how I'll start any story here. That way people who don't want to read about The Corner can skip my story. Those people might try to write something they remember from their own neighborhood instead of complaining about the place I went every day of the year for about 12 years, even Christmas. Where else would I go? What else would I write about. Reading about Borian's tough defense made me remember Bor in Saturday morning games. His idea of defense was to foul you every time you got the ball. You couldn't call a foul every time so Bor established mayhem as part of the game. He did that for Germantown H.S. too. Later when I played in the Catholic League and in college I realized that Bor made me a much better player. He taught me how to get a shot off while being hit in the mouth. He used to beat Ollie Powers bloody. That made Ollie a better player. The Interac. guys must have seemed like gentlemen to Ollie after being beaten up by Bor. Thanks Bor. I hated to see you show up at the courts because I knew I'd go home black and blue, but I treated Joe Lynch who was three years younger that I was the same wayt. Beat on him. Joe turned out to be great player. Another first class guy I forgot to mention who was a leader at HH was Jimmy Cannon. Great guy. He was handicapped but played well anyway, and like Bob Lejewski and Pat Sarnese knew how to talk to kids. He was an important guy for me.
Jack Brogan, That's how it goes. Everybody knows. [06-03-2011]

Does anyone remember playing baseball in the back yard of Dr. Rhodes on Walnut Lane? If so, do you also remember the Peters family and the Bertholfs (both big families). I would love to hear about your memories.
Gillian Andersen, New Mexico [06-03-2011]

Bob Westside - you are correct - there were also some great ballplayers who lived on the East side - many played at the old Wister Playground field.
Cooter Eastsider [06-03-2011]

Viet Nam stats-58,267 now listed on wall--there are 3 sets of fathers and sons--39,996 were just 22 or younger--largest age group 8,263 were just 19 yrs old--3,103 18 yrs old--12 were 17 yrs old---5--16 yrs old and 1 15 yr old--- 997 were killed on first day in Vietnam--1,448 on last day in Vietnam--8 women are on the wall--244 awarded the medal of honor 153 are on the wall---54 soldiers on the wall attended Thomas Edison high school in Phila Pa.--the most casualty deaths for a single day was 245 on Jan 31 st 1968--the most casualty deaths for a single month was May 1968 2,415
anonymous [06-03-2011]

I'm starting to realize why many of you HOLLOW people post comments on this site--your whole lives,when growing up,centered around the Hollow 24/7. We,who didn't live near the Hollow,find it difficult to listen to your stories about that venue,because we didn't experience the same thrills that you had when growing up in another area. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, mr g dos [06-03-2011]

Ted Silary: Speaking of basketball memories. I remember a preseason game in 1958, between CD and Overbrook. I was the teams statistician, and rode to the game with coach Mike Fallon and some of the players to the "Castle that Chamberlain Built". By this time Wilt was long gone and establishing all kinds of records in the NBA with the Warriors. In his place on the Overbrook team, was Wally Jones, Walt Hazzard and Wayne Hightower! With these 3 players, that all went on to great careers in the NBA, they already played like a pro team. While CD did lose the game, they gave Overbrook a run for their money.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [06-03-2011]

JBS..."Got your drift" Absolutely! In the early 60's, like many families in the Philly area, my parents moved to the suburbs for "a better way of life". They choose South Jersey, and that is where I spent the majority of my adult life. When I became of legal drinking age, I choose "nite clubs" over "your friendly neighborhood bar". I was never really a drinker, and preferred to be around females that got dressed up to go out. Among the places I went, were Sans Souci, The Rickshaw Inn, Cinellis and Valentino's. Anyone familiar with these watering spots knew they did attract certain types of "businessmen".
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [06-03-2011]

CMM, have to say, I am very impressed that a team of three specialists will fly out to do a screening on an individual. Maybe that is common in a universal health care system such as that in the land down under, but that doesn’t happen in America, where there are 46 million who don’t even have health insurance coverage at all. Health Care Reform, if you want to call it that, opens access to health care to many of those uninsured, but does nothing to control, and will probably only add to the biggest health care problem, the escalating medical costs. Repealing it isn’t the answer, getting it right is the answer.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-03-2011]

Thanks to all who emailed or blogged with wishes and prayers. It worked! As I'd hoped, the problem was technical, not substantive. I have a new-found respect for our universal health care system here in Oz; a specialist team of two doctors and a radiographer flew out from Sydney to do the second screening. Within an hour of arriving at the clinic, I'd had another set of x-rays and an ultrasound and got the all-clear, then went out to lunch to celebrate! Again, ladies, you know the drill: every two years, get checked out. On this high note, it's a good time to bid goodbye to this blog. For me, it's back to email and Facebook. Cheers!
Catherine Manning Muir, Good for another 2 years or 20,000 kms, whichever comes first! [06-02-2011]

CMM sorry to hear about your possible medical problems but judging from your previous posts it sounds like you have real true grit so fight the good fight and I am sure you will triumph in the end. I will be thinking of you. Richard, SFA'64, NC'68
Richard Pio, Born and bred in Gtown,now in Ocala Fl area. [06-02-2011]

Denise Duckworth Tumelty....Just got back from hot and crowded Sea Isle.Enjoy the next few weeks in Ocean City before the fouth of July crowd envades your paradise.By the way,a friend of mine recalls the time when Gregories was offering ten for a dollar.I would gladly settle seven for a dollar today......Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Denise,Denise,do you remember that song? [06-02-2011]

Catherine Manning Muir...Our best wishes for a successful recovery from your current health problem.I'm not sure if I remember you from our Hollow days,but you have been a wonderful contributor to this site.You strike me as one tough cookie who has been through a lot over the years,so this is just another challenge that you will overcome.I'm betting on it!By the way,I fondly remember your step father.He was a good guy.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, When you got your health,you got everything. [06-02-2011]

Schmitty and the Maine man(Brogan).We had a lot of great athletes from the Hollow,but I believe Ollie Powers was the best.Larry Rinaldi,another great natural athlete,nicknamed him Bloomy because his father was English.Ollie could do it all on the court and on the mound.His biggest flaw was mental,just like Billy Haas.If those guys had their heads on straight,who knows how far they could have advanced in their professional careers.If the Dalton Gang had hung out at the Hollow,Goo,Rocky and others would have directed them to Garden Park,Atlantic City,and Brandywine race tracks.By the way,if pitchers only threw fastballs,I believe I would have made it in the Majors.So for all you Philly fans,take it easy on Ryan Howard.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Baseball and Ballentine,the latter is much easier to master. [06-02-2011]

Ted Silary....This old jock has some great memories from my sporting days in Germantown.One great memory is that of the "Big Dipper."In 1954(I believe),Wilt and his enterough came to our gym at Germantown High school for a basketball game.A few days earlier,Wilt scored over 100 points in a lopsided win over Roxborough.He could have easily duplicated that effort against our undermanned Germantown team.However,the legendary Phog Allen,coach of Kansis University,came to our gym to see Wilt perform for the first time.Wilt decided to showcase his athletic skils by leading fastbreaks,rebounding,and generally having fun at our expense.He only scored 16 points(made 7 for 8),and Overbrook failed to score 100 points against the bad news bears(our team).The next day,the front page headline in the Inquirer read;"Germantown holds Wilt to 16 points."It was a moral victory for us,but I was still p----- off because he was showboating at our expense.Later on,I became a huge fan of Wilt Chamberlin until he left the Warriors to join the evil LA Lakers.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Wilt the Stilt,bigger than life [06-02-2011]

I propose we change the name of this GERMANTOWN website to the HAPPY HOLLOW website - if I hear any more about sports at Happy Hollow I'll turn in my American Legion old uniform and baseball glove to the great folks who ran sports on the other side of town.
Bob Westside [06-02-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey: You are correct that The Blue Bell Inn on Skippack Pike in Montco is a fine elegant restaurant but that does not necessarily preclude that stuff never happens there. I am a reserved guy and I prefer the company of refined lads and lovely ladies who like good conversation and thoughts. I would conjecture that you have Irish Genes and I would recommend that you hang in The Irish Riviera in Spring Lake with these Irish Lads who are gentleman and No Blarney. When I lived in Montco at Jarrettown, The Blue Bell was one of my stops and I would recognize many people who lived in Germantown and Philly. At the Bistro, there was great conversation which took place with men an women. It was an upscale crowd but rich guys do drink and gamble. In the 80's, one of the biggest bookies in The US lived in Montco and he played golf at a country club not too far from The Blue Bell. Many bookies hang at bars and this place had a lot of customers who liked to golf and gamble. My brother and I were friendly with Chuck Bolger who tended bar at The Blue Bell at that time. He would stop for lunch at our place, The Jarrettown Hotel. Stuff can happen anywhere and this argument was over money and they were both drinking and not thinking. Larry White, a great athlete and I wanted simply to prevent trouble at the bar and we helped Chuck to escort these men to the parking lot. One of the guys was in the money-business and it is not surprising that he carried heat. There was a bookie in Montco who was stopped by the police and he had at least a million dollars in his trunk. One can be in a Fine-restaurant and the guy next to you, can have a history. I've seen it many times. When you visit New york, visit Umberto's Clam bar on Mulberry,a nice place, but a famous mob-hit took place there when Crazy Joe Gallo got whacked. I do visit NYC and Brooklyn but I am very comfortable in the small Italian-Bistros which remind me of South Philly. You seem to be a man of good taste and name the spot for lunch in beautiful Bucks County. Recently, I had lunch with the tourists at The lambertville Station since there is good parking. I think that we are on the same page and John Fleming who did not go to SFA seems to get my drift.
JBS [06-02-2011]

CMM: Since we have become facebook friends, I will be communicating with you privately...thanks for the heads up concerns for 'all' women. I hope you will be okay.Respectfully, Linda "F"
L.Fontana [06-02-2011]

Jack Brogan&Other Hollow Supporters of Athletics: The post about the great coaches and athletes at The Hollow was superb-Bob Lojewski,Pat Sarnese. Bob Lojewski was not only a great mentor for Jack Brogan but also for Bob Lojewski Jr.,an outstanding basketball player at St. Joe-The Jesuit Academic Factory. At the risk of offending some people on this site, I must mention Bob Guarinello since he played basketball at Gratz with Bob Lojewski-they were great players. When I played b-ball on the outside-court at The Hollow, it was difficult not to think of Goo since he opened the iron-fence with his strong hands so that we could have a short-cut from Wayne Ave. Pat Sarnese was a good mentor for Jack Brogan and other Hollow guys since he was an outstanding football player and a coach at Mastbaum in Kensinton. Jack Brogan mentioned the great Hollow Athlete, Ollie Powers who happened to be Goo Guarinello's cousin- Lou! Forgive me but I am posting about The Hollow. Ollie Powers was one of the greatest basketball and baseball players to play for Penn Charter in the 50's. Ollie P. had a great game playing against LaSalle even when Jack B. was talking a lot and did not distract him. Paul Borian, a great baseball player from The Hollow, also played basketball and was a tenacious defender. If I recall, when GHS played Penn Charter, Bor had an outstanding defensive game against Ollie and PC. Penn Charter has made great contributions to baseball-Dave Montgomery,Reuben Amaro,Ollie Powers, and Jack Meyer. Ollie and Jack Meyer were great pitchers for PC but pretty-boy Jack Meyer also pitched for The Phillies. Old Jocks like Paul Borian would remember Jack Meyer when he was a member of The Dalton Gang along with Turk Farrell and Jim The Bear Owens. These 3 Phillies liked to party after a game and drink, brawl,and get back to the hotel very late. Turk Farrell was a tough Irishman and he could pitch the next day but I think that it took it's toll on Jack Meyer and he died very young. Turk Farrell also died young. It would have been great if The Dalton Gang of The Phillies hung out with Bor, Ollie Powers,Jack Brogan,and Goo at Nick's across from The Hollow-talking baseball. Baseball is such a great game but it was unfortunate that many of us had difficulties with a fastball but the curve was impossible.
JBS [06-01-2011]

Catherine Manning Muir, I will keep you in my prayers. rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-01-2011]

>Bill Cupo - love your "downa shore" stories. Can't believe you rode behind the mosquito truck & have lived to tell about it.Fresh caught flounder & crabs - what a treat! Yes, the shore was a great adventure & still is. I love living here. We just hosted a houseful of our daughters & their friends. Our house is a small craftsman cottage - about 1200 square feet - but it has rubber walls - space for all those whom we want to stay. Ocean city is still such a safe town. I am amazed how well so many people from Germantown have done - great professions & retiring to some of the best spots in the USA & others with homes in the Jersey towns of their youth.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [06-01-2011]

Good luck to you CMM
HLD [06-01-2011]

Bill Cupo, nice post of memories of going to the Jersey Shore. Growing up, my parents would take us to North Wildwood for 2 weeks. Some great memories of the boardwalk, beach, Hunt’s Pier, Sportland Pier, etc. A few times in the 1960s, my father took us on the Sightseer cruise boat out of Otto’s Harbor. Imagine my surprise just a couple years ago on the beach at Cape May and seeing the familiar Sightseer cruising by. Still around, still blue, and still with the familiar seahorse on the front…. Wildwood’s boardwalk is not the same but we still trek over there when we go to Cape May. Wildwood Crest was always nice, but Wildwood and North Wildwood took a turn for the worse for a few years there. Wildwood still has a way to come but, overall, I’m thrilled there is a renewed interest. Maybe too much interest all at once resulted in some over-construction and some of the razings have hurt the nostalgic charm, but the current preservation effort is strong, a good thing.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-01-2011]

JBS, I am having a difficult time picturing that fight at the Blue Bell Inn, a wonderful longtime restaurant and landmark on Skippack Pike in Blue Bell. But, I guess if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere. Bob Smith, nice Memorial Day post and relaying the story on Paul WEood. If the Germantown Vietnam War Memorial happens, he should be listed on it.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [06-01-2011]

Can't anyone out there tell me what happened to Patsy Ballard who lived on Lena St. in GTN??????????????? Lou Giorno
lou giorno, mr g dos [06-01-2011]

Bob Smith, This was very moving ...thank you! rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [06-01-2011]

I want to thank all veterans who have served in the military to make us all safe. I remember when Ronald Adamoli was killed. I went to St. Michaels with Joan Adamoli. We were young but realized that something terrible had happened. My thougths and prayers are with all who gave up their lives for all of us to remain free.
Anna Maria Forgione Geissel, Skippack [06-01-2011]

If you enter wilt and "cliveden award" into the images part of a search engine, you'll find a photo of wilt chamberlain receiving the 1955 men of cliveden award as philly's top high school athlete. the presenters are standings on chairs! (smile). aside from basketball, wilt was a standout track athlete and pulled off an accomplishment that might be unmatched . . . winning the high jump AND shot put. could you imagine anyone doing that today? all the best, germantowners. ted
Ted Silary [06-01-2011]

J. Bruce Schmitt: Thank you for your kind words. While I was not a student of SFA, I did have the benefit of being taught by St. Joes nuns for eight years and mostly priests at CD for 4 years. One thing that the nuns and priests were sticklers for, was proper reading, writing and spelling skills. I learned early in life that having great communication skills was a great asset, and constantly try to improve mine. Jerry Blavat connected? I am shocked LOL. I think the same thing could almost be said about most South Philly residents in the 70's and 80's.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [06-01-2011]

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