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April 11-19, 2011

linda there will be 2 more coming on sunday 01 Bud Ballard and his wife
Ray Dawes, age 68 st fran 57 [04-19-2011]

My brother Ron and I went to Germantown Boys Club on West Penn Street in 1955-1957 and don't remember the programs they offered but I wasn't the most athletic kid but my brother Ron was. We also had a paper route that went over East Bringhurst,north on Germantown Ave. east on Penn to Lena and then on to Wakefield. This was for the Bulletin and the branch where we picked up the papers was at Bringhurse and Wakefield. My mother helped if my brother or week to sick to do it or we were mad at each other as both of could be headstrong on occasion.I remember delivering the Bulletin seven days a week to Youngs Chocolates at Germantown and Penn Streets and 109 other homes or businesses each weekday. A lot of work and tough hours for not too much money. I went to both the old and new buildings of John Wister located on Wakefield south of East Penn and before Bringhurst Street which has adjacent to Grumblethorpe. What was this area of Germantown called?
David H.Floyd, Lived in Germantown 1955-1968. Retired accounant in Jenkintown [04-19-2011]

Mrs Barns was the crossing guard at Gtn and Logan
Joe DePero, 54, levittown, st mikes 70. [04-19-2011]

The SFA guys had a great time at The Buck where I sat next to The Dawes Brothers,Ray and Roy, and also The Garvey Brothers,Mike and Charlie. I can only tell you that Mike has been around the block. I commend Bud Ballard for organizing this event and telling us interesting stories about The PPD. On Thursday,April 21 at 4:30,there will be be a reception for Ludmila, my beloved wife, at The Moore Library of Rider University in lawrenceville,NJ. Those of you who do not mind an academic venue are cordially invited. The people who are attending are civilized and pleasant.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-19-2011]

Does anyone remember Dave Nadler who used to sell dresses from the trunk of his car? He gave bubble gum to the kids in the neighbor. Our Insurance Man was - Mr. Higgins. I also remember a truck/whip ride coming through the neighborhood in the summertime. And I can't forget the DeLuca Family, their beautiful garden complete with grape vines!
Naomi Vitelli [04-19-2011]

Ed, I here you brother. Try Steves Prince of Steaks for a good steak sandwich.
anonymous [04-19-2011]

I remember that horse had the wildest eyes. I still have a photo of me on the horse. He would put a cowboy hat on you and a set of chaps on you.
Jim Money, 959 E Chelten Ave [04-19-2011]

Jim McKernan, just to clarify, Charlotte Cardeza wasn't Latino, but married one of Spanish descent - James Warburton Martinez-Cardeza. Her father (Thomas Drake) was British, but moved to America at some point. He had Montebello built in Germantown in 1864, and she inherited it when he died. A guy contacted me a few years ago to say that he remembered Montebello, and played on its grounds in the 1940s before it was torn down. Lou Giorno, she was buried out of the Christ Church & St. Michael's Church at 29 W. Tulpehocken Street. What is there now is the older parish house and what look's like a newer, small church building. I imagine there was an actual church on that site back in Charlotte Cardeza's day, maybe destroyed by fire. Here is a link to what is there today. CLICK The Germantown Historical Society probably has far more on her, her father and Montebello in their archives.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-19-2011]

John Bruce Schmitt: Again thank you for this information on Ronnie and Pulaksi-town as it gives me insight into Ron that I never had before. Yes, he had an amazing relationship with those guys and I think it was unique that we could strike up such a bond.I too remember deliverying prescriptons to the 301 Queen Lane but nevef felt any fear. I always remarked tht Crane's with all its high class clients was in such a strange place next to a project where people struggled to find a decent meal sometimes. I remember Frank Felice from SFA and a Joe Ciucci who worked at Queen Lane Phamacy. Dr.Peppers niece Natalie Bell was in my high school class at Germantown High School. Ronnie's son Ron,Jr. was very involved with high school footballl in South Jersey and Ronnie spent time tracking down a college scholarship for him. He lives in New Jersey and is an investment banker for a major player.Ronnie and Brenda's other children are Timi who is a CPA and lives in Birmingham with her husband who is a liver transplant surgeon at the the University of Alabama,Turin who lives in NJ and has a Phd. in psychology and Rita who is in her last year of college. I have not been touch since Ron's death but will share your remarks with Brenda and her brothers Wes and Boll and her sister Martha. Thanks for your consideration of Ronnie as we both handled our tough childhood differently. Ronnie loved education and was driven to attain a good education for his children.
David H.Floyd, Lived in Germantown 1955-1968, retired accountant [04-18-2011]

To Dennis M--I read your blog about Cardoza---it was vrey interesting & informative.I was a parishoner of St. Michael's for 21yrs,but I never knew we had such famous parishoner. Was she a parishoner or just buried from St.Mike's ?? Lou Giorno
lou giorno, mr g dos [04-18-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey, I enjoyed your historical bio on "Lady Cardeza" who made the Titanic voyage (part of the way). My mum used to tell the story as she was a young girl when the ship went down. You probably know MSS.Titanic-pride of the Cunard line was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland, at the Harland and Wolf shipyard. And also that Ireland's, port, Cobh (formerly Queenstown) lying beside Cork, was her last port of call after leaving Southampton, England, in April 1912. When I worked in Belfast for a few years in the late 70's at Queen's University I would cycle home past the East Belfast docks. They had then the largest crane in the world that could lift 500 tons called 'Big Mac' long before the burger appeared...I think. You had to be white and Protestant to get a job there and I never felt safe cycling through East Belfast where Van the man Morrison hails from.I worked a crane at Midvale when I was a student at Temple but it was an itty bitty thing at 100 ton lifts.On the night shift I was taught to kill rats with the massive magnet that would be used to make lifts. It can get boring being 75 feet off the shop floor with no work to do! Take it up ten or twenty feet..put out some food and just wait for the vermin to come by-they often got to the guys' lunches or should i say 4 a.m. breakfasts beforehand. I was surprised this woman Cardeza, seemingly from European /Latino heritage,(?) was a big game huntress and socialite in 1912. I' ll never understand why the lookouton the Titanic-and I have stood such watches in the navy, did not see the iceberg in time for the ship to make a course correction on what was reported as a calm night-when the ship had been notified of icefields several times that evening. I'll break off here-amazing how a blog gets the mind running eh?
Jim McKernan, Professor, [04-18-2011]

Visited Philly this weekend and had a Cheesesteak at Ginos. I gave it two thumbs down. It was about six inches with what looked like minute steak with wiz. About 50 other steak shops within Philly can put them to shame. Cost was $11.00 with a coke. Sure do remember better steak sandwiches with shredded steak, mixed with cheese in my day. I know this is off-beat to Gtown but had to post anyway. ed
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [04-18-2011]

John Fowler: It's good to see you posting. What's happening with our mutual friend Joe Pesci or Tom Cusack of SFA? I hope that he comes to SFA luncheon at The Buck or April 19.If you can make it, Cueball Cusack will be older than you and so will be most of the other guys. John Burke might show up and he is younger but he is even bigger than you. You and Big John could have done a number on Matt Goukas when you played against him in The LaSalle Tournament. I was very disappointed when St. Matt's beat St. Francis in that game. Joe Lynch,John Payne,and Frank Baggs Klock,bloggers were on that team. I played with Pat McIlhinney and Frank Sharpy Felice at SFA and those guys liked to shoot-Frank's hero must have been Goo Guarinello since he liked long-range bombers. Yes! He was always the best dressed player- Goo gave him that nickname,"Sharpy",for a reason. Joe Lynch,Frank Klock,John Payne,Dave Byrne,and Jack McHugh-all SFA guys who know your age, will tell you,"Easy On The Candy At Easter".
Bruce [04-18-2011]

Anyone remember the old Italian guy who once in a while brought a pony around and sold rides?
Steve Swift, E. Stafford St. [04-18-2011]

I'd like to take my students on a tour of the Concord School House and maybe some other historic sites in the area. What is the cost per student and what times are available?
Nancy Bryan, 3rd grade teacher [04-17-2011]

I Marie, sorry I don't remember the name. Please refresh my memory. As for Anthony. I hang out a lot with him and his family. We are good friends
Rita Seeberger Kalbacher, High and Mechanic Streets [04-17-2011]

Anonymous, how about wallball, half ball, hoseball, marbles, buck-buck and the guy who sold ladies dresses from the back of his car or the ice truck where we hitched a ride from the back of his truck.The good old days fun and simple.
Joe leone [04-17-2011]

Linda&Rosemarie: I will be attending The Luncheon at Fontanna's in Hatboro on May 1. Every guest is the best, the food is good, and the wine is fine. Bernie McKernan and Dan Hartnett provide no harm with their Irish Charm. It sounds like "A Happening".
Bruce S. [04-17-2011]

I have talked with several old friends and Tom Cusack advised me of this site. It is fun to read the names that are showing up and I simply want to say...Hello to all! John Fowler St. Francis and the year, well it hurts to say!
John Fowler, Living in Lancaster PA [04-17-2011]

David H. Floyd: I commend you on your poignant blog about your Brother Ron and his close relationship with The African-American community. The Person Brothers,Boll&Wes, must have really liked Ron since he married Brenda Person. I could never guard Boll since he was quick and tough-lean ane mean if you will. Wes was more mellow but he was big and a great B-ball player. Big John Burke from Hansberry St. played softball against The Person Brothers and ironically, he played for a bar in North Philly. Incidentally, I went to a High School in North Philly-The Prep. I would take a break from homework and head to The Playground,The Queen Lane Project, to shoot some hoops under The Lights. I got along with The Brothers but Ron treated them as blood-brothers- they had an unusual relationship,almost surreal. Were Ron's children good basketball players like Ron and Uncles Boll and Wes or did they like figures and numbers like Uncle Dave of Jenkintown? I was friends with Mike Delone,an All-State Football player from The Prep and he married a tall African-American lady and I thought that one of the children should have been a great athlete but they went in other directions. Ron had the work-ethic and I hope that his children picked up this trait. As they say, there is no free-lunch. You did not know anybody from Manor Drug but I knew some people from Queen Lane Pharmacy. I was good friends with Dave Heil who worked there and I knew Frank Felice from SFA. Paul Borian and Jack Brogan,bloggers, were very good friends of Frank Sharpy Felice. These gentlemen hung on the corner at Wayne&Logan-"The Hollow". Paul Borian was a great athlete at Germantown High-especially baseball where he could crunch a hanging curve. He was friends with Sonny Kennedy, a great GHS basketball player and Ron and Boll Person would remember him-he competed against the great Overbook teams. All these aforementioned gentleman knew Ben Hom who hung out at The Hollow. His parents owned The Chinese Laundry on Queen Lane not far from Haasis's bakery. Across from Haasis's was Fred& Jesse's where there was sawdust on the floor. I worked there and delivered groceries to The Project. It was an interesting experience on the elevator and they never Bogarted me when I told them Jesse Turner was a Homeboy and Cabbage was The Man. I was not the toughest guy on the block but I had good defensive skills which did not help me when the jitterbugs were packing and I was slacking if you know what I mean. You talked about Taters whose real name was Vincent Stasson. It was tragic when he fell on the high-tension wires and lost the use of his hands. He would go on picnics and when nature called,it was difficult to find his friends-this was very awkward and forget the girls. You probaly remember his cute sister-Sue. The Stasson Family lived next to The Selkow family on Penn St. and the Selkow brothers went to GHS. I knew many guys from Fitler who went to GHS including Eric Wiener who was in Ron's class at GHS. You have not seen Boll and Wes Person since Ron's Funeral and they were friends with Sarge-a very rocky guy from Pulaski-town. It is good that you have found this site since Pulaski-town was an old and interesting part of Germantown. Your Brother Ron played such an unique role in the Pulaski-town culture. You and Ron did so well in this game of life, notwithstanding the fact that you had less than an ideal childhood."May Ronald Floyd Rest In Eernal Peace.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-17-2011]

David Floyd: Taters real name was Vincent Stasson, He lived in the 400 blk of W Penn st. The Stassons moved to Lansdale Pa aroung 1963. I was friends with his 2 younger brothers Harry and Joe. Lost touch with them years ago.
John Burke, 57 NE Phila [04-17-2011]

Re: Ruby/Oswald discussion. Why not just Google it to resolve whether it was Saturday or Sunday, because I clearly remember that it was a Tuesday. LOL
John Payne [04-17-2011]

For anyone interested in Charlotte Drake Cardeza, she inherited her fortune from her father who made his fortune as a pioneer in the manufacturing of denim. Here is her obituary from 1939:

NEW YORK TIMES, Wednesday, August 2, 1939


Noted Yachtswoman and a Big Game Hunter of Early 90's Dies in Germantown
Twice Circumnavigated World in Own Yacht--Daughter of Late Thomas Drake

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 1-- "Mrs. Charlotte Drake Martinez Cardeza, one of the survivors of the Titanic, which sank in 1912 after striking an iceberg in the Atlantic, died today at her home, Montebello, in Germantown. Illness had confined her to her home for the last four years.

Mrs. Cardeza was a noted yachtswoman and big game hunter and a member of one of Philadelphia's most prominent families. She once skippered the Eleanor, an ocean-going yacht, in stormy Caribbean waters. She was famed in the early Nineties as one of the few women big game hunters of that time.

Ordered over the side of the sinking Titanic on its maiden trip, Mrs. Cardeza refused to leave until an officer had made a place for her son, Thomas D. M. Cardeza, who was accompanying her. The family lost $30,000 in jewels in the disaster.

Mrs. Cardeza was the widow of James W. M. Cardeza, Philadelphia attorney, and the daughter of the late Thomas Drake, banker and industrialist.

In between her game hunting expeditions to Africa and Asia, Mrs. Cardeza twice circumnavigated the world on her yacht. She still found time to take part in society and social work and private charities were recipients of generous gifts from her. A patroness of the arts, she visited art galleries throughout the world in her extensive travels.

She is survived by her son, who lives at 305 West Chestnut Hill Avenue. He is a director of the Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company and the Zoological Society of Philadelphia and is on the board of several city hospitals. He is a noted huntsman and philanthropist.

Mrs. Cardeza had made her home at Montebello for 75 years. A brownstone castle-like wall with turreted towers surrounds the grounds.

Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at Christ Church and St. Michael's, Germantown, with burial in West Laurel Hill Cemetery."

ps. her son Thomas died in 1951.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-17-2011]

Sorry folks that the link to the view of Washington Lane and Morton Street today did not come through. If you want to see what is at the old Cardeza Estate today, copy and pate that whole web address to your address bar..
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-17-2011]

Click here!

The insurance man on Fernhill Road came every Friday. One time I answered the door and said, "My mother told me to tell you ain't home." His name was Owen Logue. Nice man. Also, we followed the mail man on his route up the 4600 block of Fernhill Road and down the 4600 block of Morris Street. At the corner of Apsley and Morris there was a mail box. Every day the mailman's "angel" had left a few pieces of gum. We all had some. Aslo: I saw that somebody here lived on the 4600 block of Pulaski Avenue. Those houses on that block had access to that really cool park-like area in back. I always envied those people with their own private park.
Jack Brogan, Saw lots of tarpon in Florida. Caught none. [04-17-2011]

Speaking of business people who came around weekly, do any of you remember the man who had a shopfront on Gtn. Ave. somewhere between Logan and Manheim Sts., I think his name was Mr. Goldstein, who sold household items and furniture from catalogs, everything from stereos, refrigerators and beds to sofas, display cabinets, you-name-it, on the 'never-never', keeping accounts in a little black book and collecting weekly? He was killed, hit by a car while changing a tire. Buying on the 'never-never' (instalments) seemed quite common in those days; even D'Ambrosio Tailor on Wayne Ave. had a 'suit club' and my step-father Mike McGeehan paid $2 every week and eventually got a new suit that he didn't need and seldom wore. Must have seemed like a good idea at the time he signed up for the club. The 'farmer' who used to come around in a horse-drawn cart sold freshly-butchered meat and chicken as well as eggs and butter. He told us he had to go out of business when the government imposed new license requirements and raised fees; got too difficult and expensive to continue trading. There was recent mention of Pulaski Town, and I remember walking through there one Sunday morning and hearing the glorious sound of gospel music and singing spilling out of one of the churches. Ever since then, whenever I hear gospel music, I'm transported back to Pulaski Town on a Sunday morning long ago.
CMM [04-17-2011]

Hey Steve Swift, remember those black dudes yelling.."WAAATERMELLONSEVRYBODY" I loved their manly singing! And we had to get to our milk fast(Abbott's) as the alley cats would pierce the tops to get at the cream. Church Lane was full of life.Our house, 205 E Church Lane, was historic-built in 1826 and had those gas lamps on staircasing. I reviewed the note about "lamplighters" this week-we had them inside!I used to frequent a pub in south Dublin called the "Glimmerman" they had the gas lights there too! Have a grand day all.
jim McKernan [04-17-2011]

I forgot about the bread man. I have a picture of me in front of a horse-drawn Harbison milk wagon. I am about 2 years old. There have been many mentions of Hassis Bakery. I loved that bakery. It was so neat that they had an ice cream counter at the back. The ice cream may have been their own brand. What a treat it was to go there!
denise Duckworth Tumelty [04-17-2011]

Joe Leone there was a barber shop under the house on the south/west corner of Germantown and Logan. The entrance was on Logan street. The school crossing guard at Gtm.& Logan was Mrs. BORNER. She lived on Stenton Ave. On the weekend she worked at the New Lyric movies at the candy counter and sometimes as a usher. The good old days.
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, sfa 56, nechs 60 [04-17-2011]

My wife remembers the insurance agent coming to the house to collect the premium. We both remember the Abbotts milkman and the Bond break man. The huckster also came around selling fruit and vegetables.
Steve Swift, E. Stafford St. [04-15-2011]

Dottie Wilson: I must commend you on your objective and fair commentary concerning the skirmish that took place at The SFA Picnic at Woodside Park. You were speaking metaphorically about Bud Ballard kicking Lynn Wilson's butt. That would have been a brutal battle since Lynn and Bud were very big kids. Fighting is bad at all ages but when boys become adults, it is too dangerous to deliver hard-hits to the head-not to mention broken-noses and lost teeth. It did not please me to have a skirmish with your brother Lynn but it was unavoidable since he planted the water-balloon in my face-this was anger. Lynn was a very big kid and it hurt. I must confess that I retaliated and my adrenalin was running at a high level. I had to be cautious since a shot to the head by Lynn would have sent me to Hill-Billy Heaven and I was a city-guy. God intervened when one of the combatants had a vision-problem and it would have been immoral for a blind-man to defend himself against a Germantown-gladiator. I hangout with Lynn's classmated from SFA and nobody knows what happened with Lynn. Al Patrizi lived near you on W. Clapier and his his brother,Tony, was friends with Jim Wilson,your other brother. My brother Ken liked both of those guys and they had great personalities. Jim Wilson was a nice kid and nobody ever gave him a hard time. The Wilson Family were good people and I recall your family going to church at St. Catharine's on Sunday- I hope my memory is correct but you must forgive me since I took some shots from Lynn but I was fortunate that these shots were not delivered on a sling-shot. Dottie! Keep posting and I trust that you still celebrate Easter but try to be moderate with the candy.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-15-2011]

Orville T. BALLARD [04-15-2011]

To 'all' who are speaking of gas lighting...My grandfather...who came from Naples, Italia..had that job in "G" town for awhile ..my mom lived over by a place called Hassis Bakery..so he would have lit those lamps on the West side of "G" town, maybe? His name was Domenic Pilotta.Does anyone remember the Pilotta sisters? Molly, Assunta(Sue), Angelina,(my mother)...and then Rosemarie and Mary. They also had two brothers, Uncle Nicky and Uncle Joe. Thanks for the memories..Linda Fontana.
L.Fontana [04-15-2011]

Vera: So far I think about 21 are coming to the luncheon..maybe more.
anonymous [04-15-2011]

Today marks the 99th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic - April 15, 1912. Wealthy Germantowner Charlotte Cardeza was a First Class passenger on the Titanic, and survived. She had an estate at Washington Lane and Morton Street called Montebello. She died in 1939 and, I assume, Montebello was sold after. What is there now looks like something that would have been built in the 1940s. Here is a link to info on Charlotte Cardeza and a photo of Montebello. CLICK Here is a link to what is at Washington Lane and Morton Street today. I can't tell if they are duplexes, apartments or just row homes. CLICK
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-15-2011]

Cooter, try and Google David Dingwall on your computer. I ran into him last year and he still looks the same except for a few pounds. There's no business like show business.
Old Friend of D.D. [04-15-2011]

Hi Rita, I did not live on Mechanic st.but I kew you & Anthony,I thought he was so nice & sweet.I tried to contact him but no luck.Marie Bommentre
Marie Bommentre [04-15-2011]

Denise D.Tumelty,Yes i recall the Ins. man & the chicken man.Do you ever have the sock man come on sat. Marie
Marie Bommentre [04-15-2011]

Mary Alice Armstrong Brennan, I salute you and your ancestor, Dr.W. Armstrong and his service to this nation. I have never heard of anyone serving on both sides during a war. The greatest thing is that he survived! And you obviously were well-endowed with his genes. Smart and lovely looking being apparent in our classroom at St Vincent's. And, you stayed in Germantown all these years, helping people with your caring nursing skills in this life. Bravo! I agree with Kevin, the brother. God Bless you, and your family, and Germantown.
Jim McKernan, Prof,, Greenville NC, St VDePaul 59' [04-15-2011]

Coming to LaFontanas - me + 2 = 3
HLD [04-15-2011]

Hey Linda, I remember doing that with my family. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-15-2011]

Hi Vera Carey Canavan, At last head count i believe we have about 22 people ... hopefully even more will deceide to join us ... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-15-2011]

To Joe Leone---The barber shop was located on the southwest corner of West Logan & Gtn Ave. Pistoria tailor shop was located on the northeast corner of east Logan & Gtn Ave. Lou Giorno.
Lou giorno, mr g dos [04-15-2011]

I was refering to Eddie Mc Ginley uncle. They called him Bumps also. He sold the Sunday ppaers in the front of the church on Ardleigh Street. His brother Edward lived on 1100 Price Street and had a son Edward Jr, who was called Bumps too. he was in the Boy Scouts with John Mc Glinchey and Pat Mc Glinchey and Dennis and I. Troop 118 with Bill "Bud"Lachman as the Scoutmaster.
Bob Mc Creight, ICC '67, La Salle '71 [04-15-2011]

Thank you John Bruce Schmitt for your comments about my brother Ronald Floyd you mentioned names and places that I remember very well. The words caused a flood of good memories of my brother and that time for me. Ronnie did marry Brenda and has four great children and they lived in South Jersey for many years. Ronnie worked at SEPTA and also for government in military purchasing agency (DSCAR). He held two jobs for over 20 years and it took its as he was 62 when he died of lung cancer as did our father at 53.You worked for Jesse and Fred which I knew as Pioneer Market as you Ron must have worked together and recall the the sawdust on the floor and that was 53 years ago. Yes, who could forget Mrs.Forrest from Queen Lane Pharmacy as she was the boss for his young guys working there at nights and weekends. Cabbage was great guy and I remember and the shoe shines and the pin ball machines. Ronnie loved basketball and guys from the playground and he really felt accepted as we really had a bad childhood moving many places in many parts of the city. Last saw Boll and Wes Person was at my brother's funeral. The African American community took him in and nurtured this very sensitive white kid from a broken home who wanted to belong and have some joy to his sad and deprived childhood and adolesence. I do remember Manor Drug on Laurens Street near the Queen Lane train station but no one who worked there. Did you go to Germantown High School and do you remember a young white guy (Taters?)about the same age as Ron who hung out in the area who had a serious injury and burns after falling on train wires as I wondered what happened to him as he seemed very angry and bitter. Well thanks again as I could spend hours on this.Let me know as I have appreciated going back to a time has bitter sweet memories.
David H.Floyd, Lived in Germantown 1955-1968. Now is Jenkintown [04-15-2011]

Our farmer was Arthur. He came on Fridays too. Probably the same person. Our insurance man was Mr. Hurst. Linda Kulik-Fontana, did you go to Cecilian?
denise Duckworth Tumelty [04-15-2011]

I'll be there on 5-1
denise Duckworth Tumelty [04-15-2011]

Hi my name is Rita, I lived on High Street in the 60's I hung out on Mechanic Street. I knew the gallaghers and the DiFerdinando's I was engaged to Anthony Diferdinando. Anybody on here from Mechanic street.
Rita Seeberger Kalbacher, I live on High Street in the 60"s hung out on Mechanic Street [04-14-2011]

How many are coming to the may 1 lunch?
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [04-14-2011]

Maryalice Armstrong Brennan: That was just a wonderful footnote you added to our Civil War recollections concerning your Great, Great Grandfather, Dr. William A. Armstrong. Wow! Serving on both sides of that conflict must have been mind bending. He certainly was in a rare category. The Armstrong name has provided outstanding military leadership during several of our Nation's wars, so it wouldn't surprise me if there is not another skeleton in your fine closet related to that flamboyant Civil War and Indian fighter: George Armstrong Custer, late of the 7th Calvary. I can hardly watch "They Died With Their Boots On" without thinking of Errol Flynn ( playing Custer) and not humming "Gary Owen." An Irish ballet that Custer heard and adopted for his unit. So glad your ancestor survived and made his home in Germantown/Philadelphia. I can readily see why you and your sister, Erda retain your strong attachment to Germantown. Your family is a credit to Germantown and I am proud to have known you and your cousin. BTW, The photos that you and your husband took of the Market Square Monument were excellent and very detailed. I hope they help my brother Jim make a case for placing a plaque to the Germantown lads that fell in Vietnam there. I know there must be others among our readers who had ancestors that fought in the Civil War from Germantown. I would love to hear their stories. I know that my ancestors, during this period, had just survived the "Great Irish Potato Famine" and were not yet in the country. But other Irish and German immigrants were pouring into the USA and made up the bulk of the enlisted ranks for the Union Army. Regrettably for the Hollow's Bor, I haven't come across any Armenian contributions during this time. Perhaps they were still dukin' it out with the Turks. Another terrible conflict.
Kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA., Old St Vincent's and CD [04-14-2011]

Great stories about the gas lamps & poles. Glad I mentioned them. hey the rest of you try to think of some of those little things which have made such great memories. Also glad to be remembered as one of Pistorias good customers. Glad Mr. Pistoria is doing well. He was always so nice & a good tailor! Hard to find today.
anonymous [04-14-2011]

Do you know that only about 35 of all the elemetary schools in Philadelphia have libraries? In some cut- back, they got rid of the librarians and the books too. And then people wonder "Why Johnny can't read?"!
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [04-14-2011]

To one and All: Can you believe it/ this sunday is Palm Sun.and next week is Holy Week, already. Can anyone remember walking to three or (more) churches on Holy Thursday Night? I did that with my family...still try to keep that tradition,too...do you?
L.Kulik-Fontana [04-14-2011]

Marie Bommentre: Are you and your husband, Al, coming to the luncheon on sun.May 1st. We hope you can make it. Linda 'F"
L.Fontana [04-14-2011]

Bernadette Iannuzzi Rizzo: Rosaria Fontana-Casey was in my wedding. She also was my daughter's sponsor for her Confirmation. Ro is a beautiful person inside and out/ and I miss those "G" town days when everyone all got to spend more time together. I lived over by the Immaculate Conception Parish/but many times walked all the way to Holy Rosary church. It was small, but lovely. Mostly Italians in that church,too. Did you know a girl named Judy Pacifico? She married Anthony DePaul...I bumped into her not too long ago...she was always so pretty. I remember that about her/and she was nice,too. Are you coming to the LaFontana's luncheon on May 1st?
L.Fontana [04-14-2011]

Naomi: Barbara Granozio is more than welcome to come,too. The more the merrier..we will all have a good time.
L.Fontana [04-14-2011]

to Bud Ballard, I hope you kicked my brother Linn Wilson's you know what for shooting you with his slingshot. Little sister Dottie. Dottie Wilson Cummings sfa 60, LF 64
Dottie Wilson Cummmings [04-14-2011]

David H. Floyd: I want to offer you my belated condolences for the passing of your brother,Ronald Floyd. Your brother,Ronald, was well-known in Pulaski-town and the Queen Lane Play-ground which was next to the project at 301 W. Queen Lane. The brothers simply called your brother,"Floyd". Ron or Floyd had a good game in basketball and he always went left. If he had developed a more balanced game, he would have been an outstanding player. He and I played against some great players at The Project. The Person Brothers were really good players-Bill[Bol] and Wesley. Bill and Wesley Person were All-Public at Germantown High. Ron Floyd had good rapport with The Person family and the Person sister liked your Brother Ron a lot and is it possible that they fell in love and got married. I heard that Floyd[Ron] drove a Septa Bus. Like your brother, I knew a lot of dudes at The Project since I played basketball,football,and softball there. I also played cards in the fire-tower of the project and shot pool at The Hi-Dee Ho Bar at Pulaski&Coulter. One might say that I was eclectic. I only saw Floyd in the basketball venue and his focus was primarily basketball. You are taking me back to the 50's and I will throw some names at you. The biggest name in Pulaski-town was,Adderly. Herb Adderly was the greatest athlete in Puaski-town and Philly and one of the greatest D-backs in The NFL. His brother Charles,was also awesome in sports, but he took a different route and killed a lady at Alden Park Manor and did time for many years. Brother Ron and I played ball against Nat Curly Adderly[cousin] and he was All-Public Basketball at Edison High. You and Ron worked at The Queen lane Pharmacy at Morris&Queen lane and Jesse Turner was a customer. Jesse was a cool dude but a boxer and very tough. His cousin was Gil Turner and he was a great professional boxer. Another Turner[Bill] lived next to the drug-store where you were a soda-jerk. Near The Person Family at Penn&Morris, a guy by the name of George Brookins lived and I shadowed-box and sparred with him. In confrontations at The Playground, he made sure that I always got a fair-one if you know what I mean. I have to tell you that some of those dudes were tough including the jitterbugs who carried weapons. I knew many of those guys by their nicknames-Smacks,Tiger,Squirrel,Lefty,Slim and nobody gave Jesse Turner a nickname- he was the legendary "Jesse". Others went by real names-Ishmael,Darby,Beesely[Big B-Ball Player] and Fonnie[super-star of playground]. Next to The Pharmacy on Morris St. was a boot-black by the name of Cabbage[Ferdinand Eskridge] who was an old pug. I would get a shoe-shine or play the pin-ball machine there. When he died, many Kats went to his house looking for money since he was known to have bags of money there. I wonder why he did not believe in banks. My sister owned the pharmacy[Manor Drug] which was 2 blocks below your store on Queen Lane. My brother-in-law Jay, knew your boss Doc Pepper from their days in West Philly. You live in Jenkintown and my sister Joan was a pharmacist at Oswalds in that town for a number of years. Back in the day,I went to church at IC on West Ave. and my friends hung out at Bucket's. Today, they probaly have dinner at The Drake on Old York Road. I always hung out at Crane's on 333 W. Queen Lane not far from where you worked. I believe that you worked with Mrs. Forest and her son worked for Schramm's Grocery which was across from Cranes. I worked at Jess&Fred's which was diagonal from your store and across from Volpe's Market at Morris&Queen Lane. Many bloggers on this site went to Haasis Bakery which you had mentioned in your last blog.Dave! I have to tell you that Brother Ron had an unique personality and had great rapport with African-Americans and they just loved him-it was truly remarkable. You are seeking GHS graduates. Jack McHugh posted you and his brother,Joe, graduated from GHS around your year-1963. Alan Conner and Joe DAgostino should have graduated from GHS around that time and they post on this site. Easter is coming and Easter Sunday was spent at St. Catharine's on West Penn Street. Dave! Pulaski-Town was quite the place.
John Bruce Schmitt[Smitty] [04-14-2011]

We had a gas light across the street from my house on Garfield st. The guy whom lit it we called Teddy the toad. We would get him to go to the state store and get us some wine. Thunderbird,What's the price, 60 twice.
Joe leone [04-14-2011]

Lou, wasn't there also a barber shop on the corner of GTN & logan? I think it was a basement shop.
Joe Leone [04-14-2011]

Lorraine, excellent story about the Gas Lamp and your/its travels. That is the kind of blog which makes this site interesting to read. Wish I had a couple of those lamps today.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [04-14-2011]

Lorraine Cupo Kelly - thanks for sharing that memory. It is not silly to have kept moving that gas lamp and pole from house to house. That is a precious relic and memory of your Dad, his work and your Haines Street home. I'm glad it is still in your family and hope it stays within the family, even if it means more moves...
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-14-2011]

Bob McCreight didn't respond and not sure if he saw the posts.... The bartending Bumps McGinley a couple guys are remembering here is not the same guy Bob is referring to. The Ed "Bumps" McGinley that Bob was referring to lived on the 1100 block of Price St, and became a pharmacist. He graduated IC in 1967. He is a friend of my brother and I last saw him about a year and a half ago at my nephews funeral.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [04-14-2011]

Denise Duckworth Tumelty, I remember the insurance man coming every week to our house ... We didnt have eggs,or chickens delivered to our home ... we had our own chickens that we raised in our back yard and fresh eggs every day. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-14-2011]

Denise, our farmer, Mr Moyer, used to come every Friday morning with chicken, eggs, milk and butter. I still see Moyer trucks in the city and wonder if it's the same family farm. Then there was Mr. Touhey, the insurance man who also made routine visits.
anonymous [04-14-2011]

We live at Saint Joe"s from 1964 to 1976, 1977...we just wrote a list of about 50 people that we considered family while we were there..Please email me if you remember us, b/c we definitely remember you..I learned so much about life by living with all of you.....Suzy
Suzie, mimi and nancy f [04-13-2011]

ATTENTION Saint Francis of Assisi class of 1956 and Northeast Catholic High School Class of 1960 is having a luncheon on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 12 noon at the BUCK Hotel. If you have any photographs of you or Joe Leone in their white first holy communion suite,or other school related photos with you. If you are not from Class of 1956 and would like to attend the Luncheon. Send me a E-mail stating you would like to attend. I must give a head count by Saturday, April 16, 2011.Bring photos of your street, house, yours friends etc. Bring Photos. My e-mail is oballard89@aol.com. Bud
Orville T. Ballard, sfa 56, nechs 60 [04-13-2011]

Jeannie ...Are you Jeanie Campbell,,,Maria and Beverly ?
Suzie Flach, mimi and nancy are my sisters [04-13-2011]

This is directed to anyone who attended Fitler Elementary school. I attended Fitler in the 1950's and recently went back for a visit. The school is trying to add a library and could use donations of books or money to purchase books. The principal and staff have worked hard to maintain high standards for the school and a library would be a great addition. If you are a former student, please consider sending a donation to the school.
Donna Waldeck Lorenz [04-13-2011]

Orville T. Ballard, sfa 56, nechs 60 [04-13-2011]

I thought the lamplighter was a figment of my imagination. Glad to have it verified. Did anybody have a farer who delivered chicken, butter & eggs? I think he was from Bucks County somewhere and delivered to our house on Fridays. My mom just left a note if we were out. We would pay him next time. How about an insurance man who came once a week to collect the premium. And not to mention the "church debt" collection? The high school girls came around for that.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [04-13-2011]

I appreciate being referenced and not to insult anybody but I would like to clear up my name. I am not Denis or Dennis. I am female DENISE - not any variation thereof.
DENISE Duckworth Tumelty [04-13-2011]

Bud Ballard: I am looking forward to The SFA mini-reunion at The Buck on the 19th. This will be a big week for me since Rider University is having a reception for my beloved wife,Ludmila, on the 21st. I found the posts that you and Joe Leone submitted about Woodside Par-intriguing. You and I are reserved guys but stuff always happened when we were around. That was a wild story that Lynn Wilson hit bulls-eye on an innocent girl with his sling-shot and the SFA guys had to fight for him. What was up with that? In your class at SFA, there were hot-looking ladies like Dorothy Eastburn and Lynn W. is shooting his sling-shot at a strange girl. I can not imagine Al Patrizi or Tom Cusack shooting a sling-shot at a girl, especially when Dorothy Eastburn was at the picnic. They would have been in The Tunnell of Love-Holding hands with her or another bombshell. Lynn Wilson was a character. I broke up a fight between him and Joe Lynch at Fernhill and later he throws a water-balloon in my face. Obviously, we had words and then some. I would see Lynn W. hanging with Frank Walsh who was in your class. George Becarria and Al Patrizi will tell you that Frank Walsh was a terrible driver. He was easy-going but he got a rush when he drove fast and he seemed to be in a daze. I jumped out of his car when he started to drag a guy on narrow Queen Lane by the reservoir near Fox. As you remember, Al Patrizi almost lost his life when Frank W. had a bad crash and Al was in the car. Ed Burke lived near Frank W. and he also knew another bad driver by the name of Harry Clapp who was Frank's neighbor. He had deformed hands and it was a trip when he turned corners doing 70 MPH and listening to Rock&Roll. Ed Burke lived next-door to a wild&crazy Biker by the name of Bill Colsten. I rode once with him and we had a spill. He died on The Highway of Death-Drag Racing. You knew Wayne Armstrong and he drove hard and fast but he always had his bike and car under control. Wayne would have agreed with me that those 3 aforementioned guys should have taken Septa and should have been hikers and not bikers. Bud! I will be seeing you and the guys next-week and we never know who will show up- possibly Lynn Wilson.
Bruce Schmitt [04-13-2011]

Hi Jack McHugh: Thanks for sharing about your father and his class reunion from Gratz. We live in Tioga before moving to Germantown 1n 1955 and my brother Ronald Floyd went to Gillespie Jr.High before going to Germantown High School class of 1961 and he died 5 years ago yesterday April 12 and he would have had his 50th reunion this year. Please let me know if anyone remembers my brother he really enjoyed baskethall and played the hoops with many near Queen Lane and Pulaski Avenues. We both worked at Queen Lane Pharmacy at Queen Lane and Morris down the street from Crane's Restuarant and across the street from Volpe's and Pioneer Markets and up the street from Haasis Bakery. This would have been between 1957 to 1964. We both worked together and the pharmacy and were "soda jerks" and we had many interesting discussions with our friends from the project at Queen Lane and Pulaski. Would like to hear from you about the old neighbor down the street from Germantown Cricket Club. Thanks
David H.Floyd, January,1963 Germantown High School graduate [04-13-2011]

Hi Kevin, There is name on that monument that is very important to me. It is my great great grandfather's. Dr. William A Armstrong has the distinction of having served on both sides of that terrible war. Born and raised in New Orleans, he was conscripted into the Confederate Army. Got sick and was sent home. His parents sent him to Philadelphia for medical care and after he healed he was conscripted into the Union Army. Dr Armstrong was one of the lucky ones who survived the War. He spent the rest of his life in Philadelphia and Germantown. Maybe that is why I am still in Germantown.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, still in G'town [04-13-2011]

How many of you GTNers remember the tailors & dry cleaners on the corner of GTN Ave & Logan St.?? (update) my uncle Orest (Ernest) Pistoria was the pickup & delivery person, & was all over that section of GTN. Two persons on this site were customers--the Duckworth & Scherr families Wyneva & W. Logan Sts is where they lived. My uncle Orest, (Ernest)Pistoria is still alive & in pretty good health-he turned 95 last month God Bless him.Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, MR. G dos [04-13-2011]

Yo Bobby Eastsider - your are correct on all counts ! I still have a lump on my head from that pole. If you are the Bob that I remember you were one of the best football and baseball players to grace the fields of Wister playgound. I also remember your "altercation" with David Dinwall . If Howard Cosell had been there he would have said "Down goes Dingwall".
Cooter in NC [04-13-2011]

My dad, Bill Cupo, worked at the Welsbach Co. The company made/distributed those gas lamps that some of you remember. When the Welsbach Co. either was sold or closed, (I'm not sure which), my dad brought home 2 of the VERY HEAVY cast iron poles (w/fixtures). At the time we lived @ 1333 E. Haines St. (Gtn.). My dad stored the poles in the "alleyway" alongside our home. They remained there until my parents had to move (MLK HS was going to replace that side of the block). He then gave one of those poles to his sister Helen & her husband (Joe DiFerdinando). At that time,they were living in Roslyn & they installed it at the entrance of their home. I think it may still be standing there. I think they lived on Woodland Ave. My dad gave the other gas lamp to me. It graced the front of our home in Penndel for 10 years & when we relocated to FL('78), we took the pole & fixture with us. My husband, once again, installed it at the front of our new Florida home. In 1980, we relocated BACK to PA, & once again took the pole with us to be displayed in front of our new home in Langhorne. In 1985, we permanently relocated to FL; and rather than haul it one more time....it was REALLY HEAVY..... we gave it to our oldest son. That old fashioned Welsbach lamp now graces his front driveway in Langhorne. I know it may sound silly to have kept moving that Welsbach lamp back & forth; but it meant a lot to me. It was a part of the past, one that I fondly remember on Haines St. Thanks for the memories. P.S. We converted the lamp from gas to electric w/o altering its appearance.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [04-13-2011]

lou giorno ! you are the best ! frank.
frank, lansdale [04-13-2011]

To Deniece T.I remember the old gas lamps I lived at the corner of Gtn & Logan--I have a picture My Mother took,& the gas lamp was in the background.Very quaint but never forgotten. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, mr g dos [04-13-2011]

Linda, Yes i did hear about Tastykake being sold ... its ashame for sure that this was done ... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-13-2011]

They went to war this morning--the Civil War (April 12, 1861). Two proud Germantowners were among the enlisted personnel at Fort Sumter, SC. when the "rockets red glare" were turned on fellow Americans this time. Two factions, it has been said, would tear themselves into pieces before they would become ONE again. Sgt. Bringhurst, a bricklayer from the Brickyard and Pvt. Witzman, ducked, covered and fired cannons back at the Confederates. (From our Historical Germantown Archives) They both would survive the bombardment and return home. One-third of able-bodied men and woman from Germantown would answer the call to serve the Union, including Pvt Patrick Mulhatten of the 150th Penn. volunteers whose battle flag carried the slogan "We are the Penn boys; from Germantown we come." Four horrific years of bloodletting and a dead President Lincoln would occur before it was again: "All quiet on the Southern Front." While the Union won the war; I'm not so sure they won the peace. Elements below the Mason-Dixon line today, especially in Texas and the ever troubling South Carolina are still promoting secession talk. Our fathers erected one of those ubiquitous "Union Soldier" monuments at Market Square that has overlooked Germantown Ave since 1883. It lists those from G'town that served, including one Confederate soldier whose name appears on the cannonÖlest we forget their sacrifices. I always got off the the north bound #23 trolley at this statue and boarded the south bound under the comfortable stare of this Union soldier.
Kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA., Old St Vincent's and CD [04-13-2011]

Marie B.> I'm not sure if you saw the post with an attached website that had pictures of Maplewood St., but it wasn't too long ago. There was a picture of one shop that folks were discussing that might have been a hairdresser. I thought you might be interested.
John Payne [04-13-2011]

Cooter - did you ever play Wiffle Ball at the corner off Wakefield & Clapier ? Bet you also played Box Ball too ! Are you the same guy who ran into the street sign post near Shedeker Street and had to be carried home ?
Bob Eastside [04-13-2011]

Hi Linda Fontana, Barbara Granozio-St. Francis & Little Flower High School would like to go to the Luncheon. Sorry, I don't know your email address. Thanks, Naomi
Naomi Vitelli [04-13-2011]

woodside park i remember bob horne was there with the dance party. then came dick clark. after willow grove left ther was a huge bowling alley.
dottie g [04-13-2011]

Dennis Tumelty, I also remember the gas lamps. We had maybe some of the last ones in Germantown on Erringer Place. I vaguely remember an old man with a small ladder would come by and light them. They were instantly missed when replaced by the mercury arc lamps with their cold light. Another thing of the past I recall was the Rag / Junk man driving his horse drawn wagon down the back alley yelling out ďold rags, junk," etc. Who remembers the dark brown station wagon with the Cock-Full-O-Nuts logo on it that would deliver ground coffee and Drakes Cakes to your door? We rarely got a delivery but our neighbors, the Snyderís, often did. Or, how about Bertís Ice-Cream truck? I think it had an open driving area with a white freezer box and green fenders. You could set your watch to his bell ringing at 12:45 on Erringer Place. We all loved Bert. He would break a double popsicle in half for you on the chrome bumper of the truck. My favorite was the Big-Top, vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet. One week a Mr. Softie truck came around just before Bert. At the end of the week Bert came a bit early and confronted the guy at the top of the block. After that the Softie truck would show up after dinner at the bottom of the block at Clapier Street. In the winter Bert delivered heating oil.
Del Conner [04-13-2011]

Denis Duckworth Tumelty, Yes, I remember those gas lamps ...I remember the man coming every night with his ladder and leaning it up against the lamp post and lighting the lamp .... There was something very calming about that every night... dont know why but it was . :>) Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-13-2011]

Linda Fontana, I lived at Magnolia & Mechanic ST. Yes I do know RO she is my cousins, Anne Casey, sister in law and I also know Anthony. I really dont remember Loretta or you, where did you live? What a great neighborhood to grow up in and a lot of girlfriends to share memories with. I know many girls who contribute to this web site.
Bernadette Iannuzzi Rizzo [04-13-2011]

Dennis Crowley: I am glad that The Old Explorer and SFA guy hooked you up with this site-Joe Lynch. I concur with Dave Byrne that The Crowley Brothers are doing well and enjoying life in places like Cape May and Amelia Island-2 beautiful and tranquil spots. I remember you and your brothers from SFA. You were the extroverted brother with the outgoing personality like Frankie Baggs[FFK]. You were also on The SFA basketball team with Bill Haas and Joe Lynch-2 talented athletes and practicioners of humility. The Christian Brothers did well with Joe Lynch since he speaks and writes well. You and your brothers were also educated by The Christian Brothers at LaSalle High. I went to SFA with Brother Jim and he was a reserved and very decent kid. I have not seen Jim since the 50's. He went to LaSalle with Joe Harkins and Maurice Waters from my class. There were many Crowley and Harkins Boys who went to LaSalle. Emmett Harkins was in your class at SFA and he also went to LaSalle. I knew Tom Yanessa and Ned Pomfret and they were in Brother Joe's class at LaSalle. Tom Cusack and Jack Brogan were in Joe's class at LaSalle and they both post on this site. I went to The Prep and I remember Henry Mingle who went to The Prep and he was in Joe's class at SFA but he was like Paul Borian and did not like The Black Robes[Jesuits] and went to North with The Oblates. You knew Denise Duckworth and her brother Ken went to The Prep and he was an outstanding and brave Naval Pilot. There were many bright kids in Joe's class at SFA and he had the reputation for being very inelligent. I thought that Henry Mingle was very bright and his smarts must have been off the charts. You and Jim have selected great places to retire. Many Germantowners now live or have homes at The Jersey Shore. On Wednesday, I am meeting Pat McIlhinney[SFA] and he has a condo in Ocean City. I like going to Spring Lake and there are probaly more Irish there than Sea Isle. Brother Jim lives in Amelia Island,another beautiful place. I liked hanging out in Fernandina Beach next to Amelia Island. Ray Dawes from your SFA class will be at The Buck Hotel on April 19 for a G-Town reunion. Tom McIntyre's son is a bishop. It would be great to see you and give my regards to Brother Jim if he remembers me-it has been too many years.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-13-2011]

David H. Floyd: I wish you the greatest of success on the turnout of the Germantown H.S. reunion 1963. I say that because in 1980 my father had his 40th reunion from Simon Gratz H. S. which is on Hunting Park and when I saw the list of those that came, I was amazed at how they were able to contact so many past students. In the case of my father, he had moved into two other homes in Germantown since leaving Gratzís and then moved to Jenkintown in the mid 1960ís. How in the world they were able to track him down I donít know. I always wondered about that since, to my knowledge he didnít know anyone from Gratzís. I asked me about it once and he said he didnít know how they found him. The reunion had a big turn out, at the time my father was in school there, Gratzís took in lower Germantown. There were many famous alumni to come out of Gratz---Roy Campanella the baseball player and Eddy Fisher the singer, just naming two. At the 40th reunion they seemed to know what happen to most of the class of 1940. Richard Pio who writes in this blog, his father was listed under the departed and the group said prayers for the 8 or 9 that had pasted. As I say again I always found it interesting that a group I never knew my father had any connections with, were able years later to get together (pre-Germantown thoughts)
Jack McHugh [04-13-2011]

I graduated from GHS in January,1963 and attended John Wister School and was in the the first graduating class in January,1963 from the new school building on Wakefield Street as the old building was on Bringhurst Street and was torn out as we looked out the windows from the new building. I remember help bringing Chief Halftowns gear to our auditorium. Also the Germantown High School of January,1963 is looking of our former classmates as we will have our 50th reunion on October 20,2012 at the Twelve Ceasars on City Avenue. Please let note in this column if interested in attending. We are in contact with only 50 of our 250 person graduation class. dfloyd2@mindspring.com
David H.Floyd, Retired accountant living in Jenkintown. Lived in Germantown 1955-1968 [04-12-2011]

To one and all: Newsflash: Did any of you know that Tastykake Co. was just purchased by a company down in Georgia called Flowers Foods for $165 million? Another landmark name 'may' bite the dust. Linda "F"
L.Fontana [04-12-2011]

Dennis Crowley: Nice to read the family update and see that all are doing well. I did take a ride up the street when I returned from Oregon a few years back.I drove around the block and attempted to recall the family names of the various homes on our street. Life rolls on!
Dave Byrne [04-12-2011]

To Dottie Q. I recall all of them.Allens of course had Santa.Marie
Marie Bommentre [04-12-2011]

John Payne,Thank you the places were a lady to be shop on Maplewood Ave.& Royale shoes on germantown ave.The men there would call you in to see the styles they.Well Thanks Marie Bommentre
Marie Bommentre [04-12-2011]

Bob McCreight: I didn't know you well but do remember you from the neighborhood. I believe you are related to the beer distributor. You brought up a name that got my attention, "Bumps McGinley" also known as Bumper. He bar tended at the Horsham Inn across from Willow Grove Navy Base even though he lived in Germantown. I recall being in there with some friends, one of who I shall not name because he occasionally blogs here, when a brawl broke out. We were in it and Bumper was the guy who broke it up. The Germantown guys put up a good show even though outnumbered. Bumps was not a guy to be trifled with but he was definitely a good egg. I recall the Ruby/Oswald shooting as having been on a Saturday also.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [04-12-2011]

Kevin McKernan: I applaud you on your great blog about the history of Germantown which included the contributions that The Germans made to our town. I almost get the idea that you were multi-cultural before it was cool. Your dynamic brother,Bernie, told me that you write well but you are certainly steeped in history. If you lived closer, you would be a great contributor to The Germantown Historical Society. Brother Bernie and I knew Tony Bateman from St. Vincent's and he was a big supporter of this organization. You spent a lot of time in Deutschland[Ger.]. Did you like The Rhine and drink the wine? Germany is known for good beer but their white-wines are excellent. Dan Hartnett,another friend of Brother Bernie,would probaly agree that Germans have good whites. As the tourist-boats navigate The Rhine, one can see castles and wine-fields. Now, that you live in California, you can enjoy the great Californi-wines of Napa Valley. Kevin! I find this site so very interesting and eclectic by dint of contributions by bloggers like you.
John Bruce Schmitt [04-12-2011]

TO Naomi Vitelli/and also "Anon"..the time of the luncheon on May 1st is at 1:00....hope you can still make it/Linda
L.Fontana [04-12-2011]

Cooter, you are right, George's store I worked at was at Seymore and Wakefield.
joe leone [04-12-2011]

Does anyone remember the gas lamps we had to light the streets? We had one right in front of our house. It made giving directions so easy. I hated when they were taken out & replace by the mercury arc lamps.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [04-12-2011]

We had a beautiful maple tree in front of our house on Wyneva Street. I think it is gone now but it lasted a long time after we moved I have noticed that the poorer neighborhoods have few trees or parks. One reason may be because the city will plant the trees but the property owners have to keep them trimmed etc. For people who are having trouble buying food, this can be an impossible expense. Then those neighborhoods have no place to get out of the sun or a cool place for their children to play - not to mention the beauty, calming effect, and health benefits of cleaner air & the like. Of course the nay sayers will argue that trees will make the streets darker & therefore hide crime. Isn't that a problem already? Do what you can to return "Penn's Green Country Town."
denise Duckworth Tumelty [04-12-2011]

I remember" BUMPS "McGINLEY as a regular patron of The Yearsley Post. He always sang "unchanged melody"with my trio when we had an open mike. In later years,he was the mixologist at the Horsham Inn-he was a guy that had a talent for singing & made people feel at ease in his company. I heard he passed on a few years ago--I miss his smile & his greeting for me-"here comes LOU DAY the music man" Bumps,may you rest in peace.Lou Giorno
lou giorno, MR G Dos [04-12-2011]

Roosevelt Jr High was the place to find gang fights. Usually on a Friday after school the gangs from Dogtown, Pulaskytown and probably Somerville would take over Tulpehocken St and battle it out.
anonymous [04-12-2011]

just realized that I skipped a letter of my own name in my haste which, as we all know, makes waste.
Sue Henigan [04-12-2011]

Dear Webmaster,sorry to hear you are still ill,have faith & pray.Thats what I do. Marie
Marie Bommentre [04-12-2011]

My company (JRC) "resurrected" The Germantown Courier, West Oak Lane Leader and the Mt. Airy Times Express. They are at various drop points throughout the area.
Sue Heigan [04-12-2011]

Bob McCreight! I stand corrected; he was shot on a Sunday not a Saturday. We didn't go to Arnone's that Saturday because we were so caught up on the t.v. broadcast of all of the events of that weekend. We finally figured out that we needed some food in the house and we went on Sunday. Our routine was usually on a Saturday so that's why I remembered it as being on that day. Thanks for the correction.
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [04-12-2011]

Anon, The luncheon at LaFontonas is on May 1st and is at 1pm ... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-12-2011]

Naomi Vitelli, The luncheon on the 1st is at 1pm.... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [04-12-2011]

Lorraine Kelly > 6 degrees of separation - I knew your cousin Billy DiMarzio as a fourth grade student at Glenside -Weldon School in about 1982.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [04-12-2011]

i remember that Ruby shot Oswald on a Sunday also. I too had just come in from church. I did not want to start a historical memory discussion.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [04-12-2011]

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