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March 11-19, 2011

Yellow Rose of Texas by Mitch Miller, What Will My Mary Do? by Johnny Mathis, Maria by JM too., Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Who?), Wake Up Little Suzie by the Everly Brothers,Suzanne by Judy Collins,Oh, Carol by Neil Sedaka, Dawn by the 4 Seasons, Judy Blue Eyes by CSN, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, De De Dinah by Frankie Avalon. (By the way, Ferlin Huskey just died. Since You've Gone was his one hit, but what a hit!) I'm Not Lisa, My Name is Julie by ?, So many (songs about) beautiful women, so little time. Thank you for teaching me that, Schmitty.
Joe Lynch, What's in a Name? [03-18-2011]

Regina Sprisser [03-18-2011]

LOL, Rich Pio, did alter boys really have a "crew", oh! forgetaboutit.
John Payne, make him an alter he can' refuse [03-18-2011]

Helen Leone D'Angelo,.....Girl, you had me at Scones!....Potato leek soup isn't too shabby either. Sounds like you had the best of both worlds in your family growing up in a strong Irish / Italian neighborhood.....Now, the sad truth is that this Irishman & his bride had Chinese for lunch on St. Patty's day & in N.Y. no less opting to have egg roll with Broccoli over Corned beef & cabbage. Cabbage always works wonders on a small cramped bus back to Baltimore from the big apple & so I probably saved a life & my own included on that ride. A clean bill of health from the Dr's & Memorial Sloan Kettering had me in a dancing mood but not quite up to the rigors of the young revelers along fifth ave. I almost came close to having lunch in Little Italy which borders Chinatown but I was in a mood for "Sum dum fuc" & I got it. Was caught up in a big funeral procession for one of the victims of that horrible bus crash over the weekend that claimed fifteen lives. Next time I should listen to wifey as she so coyly say's, "You have about as much knowledge of timing in these decisions as a pimp does in a monastery"........Helen, google me directions to your place for next years celebration & I promise to bring no egg rolls but a ferocious appetite indeed.
Bernard f mc kernan, St. Vincent's 54, N. Catholic 58". retired & working on a sailboat. [03-18-2011]

Favorite Girls' Names Songs: Diana, Jenny Lee, Lucille, Barbra Ann (Take My Hand!), Amanda (a little later--Boston), Michelle (My belle),Frankie and Johnny Were Lovers (OK, stop complaining.)Marianne (Jersey Boys--4 Seasons), Ragdoll (4 Seasons, not actually a name), Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog (This is getting ridiculous.), One-eyed, one-horned-flying -purple- people-eater (coulda been a woman!), Sandy (by ___________),Jennifer Juniper by Donovan (I'm reachin' now.),Ruby Tuesday (passable salad bar). Each song for me has a memory of a time and a place. How 'bout you?
Joe Lynch, (Joey, Joey, Joey--Most Happy Fella) [03-18-2011]

To 'all' "G"towner's- I have confirmed 20 people already coming to the LaFontana's Luncheon on May 1st,sunday. Most of them are women. However, I'd like a confirmation of the males who will attend...Bill Cupo, Anthony Giordano, JBS, Bernie McKernan, Dan Hartnett, and a few other gentlemen who have been there before ....could you please let me know for sure, if you will be attending this time? Thanks ever so much. Ciao,for now, Linda "F"
L.Fontana [03-18-2011]

HLD: Wow, you just made me very hungry. I hope that your friends enjoyed that special meal you prepared...Respectfully,Linda/PS- Can't wait to see you in May.
L.Fontana [03-18-2011]

Bill Cupo: Your words were very well written > and that is so true < not many still go to visit the Immaculate Conception Church right off of Price Street....where I got married..so sad.LAF
L.Fontana [03-18-2011]

JBS: I just read your post....re: your very intelligent and humble wife. How did you ever come to meet her in the first place..Hopefully there really is a 'spirit world' and the two of you can reconnect in the afterlife..LAF
L.Fontana [03-18-2011]

Lou Giorno: I agree with you totally. I was in "G" town a couple of years ago, very close to the home I grew up in. I was horrified/ at just how decayed that particular area of Germantown is now..I had tears in my eyes. I will remember it,exactly the way you stated....remember it as 'it was' not as it is'....and why did this have to happen.....no reason for it/LAF
L.Fontana [03-18-2011]

Guinness hangover anyone?
HLD [03-18-2011]

Thanks Naomi, I never knew their was another Joe Vitelli in Gtown. By the way who are you related to and where did you live, if I may ask.
Gman [03-18-2011]

If The Orpheum didn't have a balcony, then who was I kissing?
Joe Lynch,My Love Must Be a Kind of Blind Love. . .Chu-bup, Chu-bup [03-18-2011]

Tell you what. I didn't see The Quiet Man on any station on the 17th. I always look for it every year, the way I look for A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life at Christmas (Charlie Brown, too), Alice's Restaurant (But you can't get Alice!) around Thanksgiving, The Wizard of Oz (anytime) and Casablanca (ditto). As I grow older I appreciate the Duke more. I went with Ed Kennedy and cousin Jack Brogan to the balcony of the Orpheum (1959) to see the Duke in The Searchers. I wasn't quite sure what was going on, but I do remember my cousin saying, "Don't you realize what just happened?" to Ed Kennedy. Then I realized I missed something in the dialogue and I think NOW that it dealt with the Indians and their treatment of Natalie Wood when they kidnapped her. Oh, I get it now! Another moment of ignorance/innocence for the little cousin. When The Searchers comes on TV, I am totally there.
Joe Lynch, SFA57,LSCHS/Johnny Yuma was a Rebel. . . [03-18-2011]

The Bandbox may not have had a Balcony, I think I am confusing the Basement Lounge & going up & down the staircase ?
Dolly, NE Philly [03-18-2011]

Kevin - Yes, Germantown had many fine Irish families. But the Kellys were not one of them. The John B. Kelly ("Kelly for Brickwork") Family lived in East Falls. Give me the Garveys, McHughs, O'Donnells, Gallaghers, McWilliams or Smiths any day! Happy Saint Patrick's Day to All!
Jim Smith [03-18-2011]

Bill Cupo: It is not my intention to start a long thread or discussion/debate about "remaining Catholic" after high school. I just wanted to make a personal comment about your present status as a Catholic and the reason for you decision. Like yourself I feel the same way about, and am in the same boat. It wasn't until a some years ago, when I first got online and joined a high school website, that I realized that there were so many like ourselves. I approached the message board with some trepidation, as I thought most would still be practicing Catholics, and I would be the only "fallen away" soul. Was I ever in for a surprise! The vast majority were nowhere near being Catholic. Among the regular posters were an assortment of Atheists, Pagans and lost souls like us. The very few that were still "practicing" were at best what is referred to "Buffet Catholics". They would pick and choose what parts of doctrine they would choose to still follow, and still considered themselves upright Catholics. They think just because they still go to Church, they are still Catholic. That is like thinking because you stand in a garage you are a car.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [03-18-2011]

The Capri was across Chelten Ave. from Rowells and the Acme.
anonymous [03-18-2011]

Last I knew, Vince Giorno was living in Somerton in the NE.
anonymous [03-18-2011]

Bill Cupo: I read your post with interest as I too was an altar boy. I didn't volunteer but was volunteered which was normal for those days. I got kicked off in 6th grade. However, the ending of my story is quite different. As I got into my twenties, like you I also left the Catholic Church. It was not something that happened overnight but rather, gradually. In my case there were no resentments. It was just that the direction I was taking in life was at odds with what the Catholic Church taught. I was also kicked out of Roman Catholic High School in junior year. That was my fault, not theirs as I rebelled. Life took its' course for me and as the years went by, it did not go well. I got to a place some years ago where I did not ever have a good day. I'll spare the details but I recall an unfaithful wife, a mother dying of cancer, and being on the edge of losing my job. Being in a management position with no college didn't offer me any prospects of livelihood. As it turned out, after about 27 years I went to Mass out of desperation. Mass had gone from Latin to English and was strange to me. I then had to convince myself that the church that I left was the real deal. I am a person with a skeptical but inquisitive nature. I read everything I could find from patristics, through lots of history, encyclicals, theologians and commentators as well as the foundational stuff for other religions and became convinced that the church I was returning to was, in fact, the real deal. I never looked back. I am now a real Catholic as opposed to the cafeteria type. My life then took a radical turn for the better and has continued that way. I met my wonderful wife, married her 21 years ago and I am involved in teaching programs for RCIA (converts) and "Catholics Returning Home". I couldn't be happier or more content. This is not intended to be a lecture of any type, but rather a statement that while the zeitgeist (spirit of the age} points one way, there are those of us who find no solace in it. I know many stories like my own.
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [03-18-2011]

John Payne: John! For Saint Patrick's Day- For Each Petal On The Shamrock Good Health,Good Luck,and Happiness For Today and Every Day. I just came back from The Irish Riviera,Spring Lake,and The Lads and Lassies were having one heck of a time. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day has changed for me in recent years since I no longer can celebrate it with my beloved wife. Also, I was very unhappy to learn that Margie Tippett passed away. Margie T. was a good friend of your Sister Pat who went to SFA and Little Flower with her. Margie and Pat were great athletes and played championship basketball for St. Francis and Little Flower. They also played sports at The Hollow where they knew Jack Brogan and Sonny Kennedy. Margie might have dated one of these 2 former classmates. Margie was one grade ahead of me at SFA and she was always friendly with a consistent smile. My prayers will be with Margie. I always like your posts and I thought you were being cleaver when you used "Yeaning" from old Brithish literature. I assumed Frank Westside was FFK who is your old friend from SFA and that word was meant for Frank Klock,our poet on this site. I know that Frank K. will submit a poem for Easter. My brother Ken liked both of you lads since you had those great Irish Personalities.
J.Bruce Schmitt [03-18-2011]

dot the Capri wasa across the street from the Acme on Chelten Ave. It was also owned by the Duva family. Joanne
joanneposimo [03-18-2011]

Jim McKernan: Thanks for posting the recording. When I opened it and saw the "victrola", I was transported back to my early years. We had a record player with the same kind of large needle holder, but even more interesting, it was a crank (wind up) player. If one didn't wind it all the way the singer's voice would slow down as if in a slow motion special effects scene. The records were the large plastic type that shattered like a piece of glass, if dropped. We had 33rpm and 78rpm. I used to put the 33rpm record on, and set the player for the 78rpm, and it sounded like the singer had inhaled helium. Cracked me up. Then a few days later I would finally be allowed to go out again. I can still hear Patti Paige singing the Tennesee Waltz.
Jim McKernan:, And a grand machine it was... [03-18-2011]

Dot, the Capri restaurant was between Flag Brothers and the Who So Ever Gospel Mission on East Chelton Ave.
Joe Leone [03-18-2011]

To all of you men named "Joe"...This coming sat.is the Feast of St.Joseph.March 19th..and my mother always made a big deal of this day. She would make home made ravioli/and so many other foods for my dad. It was more of a celebration on that day ...than even his birthday....she would also make cream puffs...and Italian Cream Cake, my fav...yummy. I want to wish all of the Joe's on this site a very happy weekend.Respectfully, Linda "F".
L.Fontana [03-18-2011]

Does anyone remember "Shell Shock"? Poor vet from WW II that kids would excite by making sounds of a bomb falling. I remember one time on the Wayne Ave Trolley when someone did that. Sad.
Del Conner, Grew up in Germantown on Erringer Place, now 60 living in Society Hill [03-18-2011]

Mike Deely. You are correct that Dolph Krivda attended the Gethsemani Farms of the Abbey of Gethsemani, in Trappist, Ky after leaving Dayton U. He took care of the horses there and entered into the life of a monk. Apparently there is a final step and at that point, he elected to return to Philadlephia. Why he left college after 2 years is unknown.I know that at some point in his life he did break his leg. I will ask his wife. Why he went to the monestary is also a puzzle, but his two younger brothers followed him there. I believe they went so that his three younger sisters could grow up with some peace and quiet. Also, by sending three children to the monastery, it lightened the family's overhead. The Krivdas essentially had two families: first came four boys, then came three girls.The oldest boy went to LaSalle, graduated Valedictorian, then attended the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. After Dolph, the other two boys also went to college after leaving the monastery, one to LaSalle, and one to Temple U. Perhaps you can attend Bruce's reception at Rider University in Lawrenceville NJ on April 19th and we will meet up then.
T Michael Poxon, EastOakLane [03-18-2011]

Grew up on Erringer Place in the 50's & 60's. Remember the Kern Dodge House and old lot on McKea? Went to Fitler and Saint Francis. Bulletin Boy for years. Remember sitting on the rock at the end of Morris Street in Fern Hill Park the day before they fenced it off to start building the expressway through it. Bummer! What was the name of the pizza / stake / hoggie shop across from Happy Hollow? It was the first in the area. But there was the bakery on Logan St. that sold the square pizza. I forget the name of the movie theater next to Happy Hallow that would show old silent films. That was across from the Old's (?) car dealer. Another bakery across from that and on the next block was Kane & Brown (?).
Del Conner [03-18-2011]

Wow Bill Cupo, your posts here are usually upbeat, lighthearted and fun. That was one angry post..... But, you gotta know, your anger is misplaced. Your anger should really be towards your parents, for sending you to Catholic school, and not against the Catholic Church. Catholic schools provide a faith-based education. Always have.... Always will.... You go there knowing that, and your parents sent you there because they wanted you to have that. Pastorius was an option available to them, and apparently did not want that for you. It’s like Hebrew school, those that go there know they will be getting lessons in Judaism. What you call "forcing" is actually part of the Catholic school curriculum. As for being an alter server, that has always been voluntary. Either you wanted to be one at the time, or your parents made you. But, don’t blame the Catholic Church for that personal decision. Instead of being mad at the Catholic Church and blaming them for why you are no longer a Catholic, why not just see it as a personal decision that you freely made on the basis that Catholic doctrine is not for you. I am one who chose to remain Catholic. But, I know full well that Catholicism isn’ t for everyone.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-18-2011]

To Jim Smith--now that you mentioned it, I do remember the hardware store being there. Regards Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Lou nechs 53 [03-18-2011]

Happy Patty's Day! Ireland celebrates March 17th as a holy day of obligation; A comedian says NJ celebrates it by pulling down their pants and puking in the gutters; here in California we do it mixed--corned beef and guacamole anyone? Me thinks something was lost in the transatlantic crossing.
Kevin, Santa Barbara, CA. "Three years of Army green was enough green for me." [03-18-2011]

To all the Irish Americans from Gtn. may you have a Happy St. Paddy's Day 2011, and that's no blarney.
A Scot, from Gtn. [03-18-2011]

It's not rock and roll, but Danny Boy is right up there.The Irsh are a very melancholy people, especially when they are not brawling, telling jokes, or spinning yarns (aka, telling stories).
John Payne [03-17-2011]

The band box never had a BALCONY my wife worked there as a usher for 4 years (MARY JANE ) AND THE ORPHECUM DID HAVE A BALCONY .FRANK .
frank, lansdale pa. [03-17-2011]

Happy St.Patrick's Day to one and all.Growing up in Germantown's Happy Hollow,I was a lonely Armenian surrounded by the Kennedys,Brogans,Paynes,Mastersons,Lynchs,McCauleys,Murphys,etc.etc.(along with their next door Italian neighbors).Fifty years later,not much has changed at our summer home in Sea Isle City.In Sea Isle,50% of its residents report their first ancestry as Irish,and proudly call itself the most Irish town in the most Irish county(Cape May)in the State of New Jersey.Sea Isle is New Jersey's little Ireland,the Irish Rivera.Why so many Irish(and Italians) in Sea Isle?The consensus seems to point toward the "Philly transplant"theory.Back in the 60's,there was a whole migration of people who came out of Philly to the seashore.The Irish are great entrepeneurs(and politicians).They're able to entertain,have fun and are able to laugh at themselves.They think that they're pretty funny.By the way,both of Sea Isle's biggest Irish Pubs,Kix McNutley's & O'Donnell's,are owned by Italian-Americans.How about that!......Paul O'Borian(for today)
Paul Borian, From Happy Hollow to Sea Isle City,can't shake off the Irish. [03-17-2011]

Happy St Padraig's Day! The attached youtube recording is of the legendary John McCormack (of Atlone Ireland around 1912) Many say he was the finest tenor ever. I would agree. Enjoy Jim http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUEAhhMtd8k
Jim McKernan, St. Vincent De Paul Grammar School, 1959 [03-17-2011]

Dolly from the Northeast - The Orpheum had a balcony, NOT the Bandbox, and NOT the New Lyric. But the Bandbox had a basement lounge area with restrooms.
Jim Smith [03-17-2011]

Lou Giomo - I remember the old Masonic Hall on the east side of Germantown Avenue between Coulter and School House Lane. Do you remember Mauers Hardware that occupied the first floor of the building?
Jim Smith [03-17-2011]

This Italian girl is gearing up for St. Pattys Day. As a girl in St. Vincents parish, I would look forward to a show put on in the hall every year to celebrate St. Patrick. I learned all the popular Irish songs, some happy, many sad that still make my heart overflow with emotion. I will prepare a fine Irish meal for friends; potato leek soup, corned beef, red sweet and sour cabbage, Irish coffee with scones. Dinner anyone? Love to all the Irish and Irish wannabees.
HLD [03-17-2011]

Lou I am pretty sure ther was a balcony at the orpheum joanne
joanne posimo [03-17-2011]

"May you have warm words on a cold night,a full moon on a dark night,and the road downhill all the way to your door." HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [03-17-2011]

Germantown was the home of many fine families during the 50s and early 60s, but few of them came with the same cachet as the Kelly family. John B. Kelly Sr was an extraordinarily ambitious son of Irish immigrants who would become a three time Olympic champion (rowing), business tycoon ("Kelly for brickwork"), as well as serving on numerous public projects: chairman of the Phila. County Democratic Party (ran for Mayor in 1935) and commissioner and president of the beautiful Fairmont Parks. He was a strong advocate for physical fitness and proved it by leaving many descendants, among whom were John B Kelly Jr and every guy's dream girl, Grace Kelly. Another member of this fine extended family would be a classmate of mine at Cardinal Dougherty. This young Kelly had everything going for him: Name, good looks, intelligence, affable and, at that time, a very hot, red, sports car (Corvette?). He truly had everything …except TIME. He would perish in a auto accident (early 60s), not too differently than another popular rebel back then, James Dean who died in his Porsche 550 Spyder (1955). I can't say what young Kelly was listening to on the radio the moment his life ended ("Teen Angel", 59/60)? Perhaps, it was within the timeframe. I just know that this accident took a lot of the romance out of these tragic teen songs and caused me to lighten up on all that "pedal to the metal" stuff. Young people often think of themselves as "invincible"; Reality has a way of disabusing this notion. The mere fact that so many of us survived those early years was remarkable, given the chances we took with speed, alcohol and bald tires. Sometimes life is all about second chances...if you're lucky.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA., St Vincent's '58, CD '62 [03-17-2011]

Bill Leonardo, if that was your first time back to Germantown since 1948 (62 years), I can imagine the shock and sadness you felt and experienced. I remember meeting a woman at one of the IC reunions a couple years back. She grew up in Germantown and it was her first time back in over 50 years. She said she parked near her old family home and, in her own words, sat there for 1/2 an hour and just cried.... The Germantown that we knew is gone forever.... But, the memories of that once great neighborhood will last a lifetime. Personally, I think there is hope for Germantown in the future. It certainly won't be the Germantown that we knew, but it will be better than the Germantown of today.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-17-2011]

Lou, i mentioned the orpheum did not have a balcony. I guess i was wrong. I looked it up on the Friends of Immaculate Conception web site and here they describe the phila movie theatre's. I just don't remember using the balcony in the orpheum but the Bandbox I was up there many times.
anonymous [03-17-2011]

Have to correct, the Bandbox didn't have a balcony. It was too small.... It did have that great basement lounge though....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-17-2011]

To all GTN'ERS -If you don't want to get depressed--don't go to visit your old neighborhood or old haunts.Frank Margiotti & I went down recently & were sick to our stomachs at the sights that we cherished and loved looked like a nuclear blast hit.Live with the memories of how it looked-DON"T GO THERE NOW! Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Lou NECHS 53 [03-17-2011]

Michael Poxon: I really appreciate your kind words and salubrious commentary about my beloved wife,Lumidla Kapschutschenko-Schmitt. Marita[your wife] and Ludmila met in an Advance-Spanish class at Temple in the 60's. Marita went to Trinity College in Dublin and Ludmila went to Penn for Graduate-school when they graduated from Temple. They were both bibliophiles with a strong interest in literature. Ludmila and her father[Peter],The Renowned Sculptor, thought Marita was A Walking Encyclopedia. Your comments about Ludmila's erudition and scholarship was spot on. After Dr. Ludmila Kapschutschenko graduated from Penn,she taught Spanish at Vassar for 11 years and was Chair of The Foreign Language Department. She came to Rider University in Lawrenceville to be The Chair of The Foreign Language Department. She visited every country in Latin-America to connect with the varied Hispanic Cultures. Most of the time, I traveled with Ludmila and my cultural development was enhanced. You were correct that my life was enriched with conversation about books,literature,film,music,and dance. Ludmila was in an Ukrainian Dance Group and being from Argentina,she liked The Tango. In Buenos Aires, we went to many Tango Clubs and she took me to The Jockey Club which is a beautiful race-track. In the gene-pool, Ludmila was fortunate, her mother was a chemical-engineer and her father was a creative genius. We traveled to Ukraine with her father who introduced us to artists,writers,and art-critics. Ludmila was a brilliant scholar,a Full-Professor at 40, but I admired her most for her humility and sensitivity and compassion for people. She did not connect with snobs or arrogant people. She liked so much the people from Germantown and read the posts on this site. I attended Jesuit Institutions and she had good rapport with The Jesuit Priests that I knew. A Jesuit Priest celebrated A Mass for Ludmila at "The Aquinas" in Princeton. However, I decided to give her vast collection to Rider University where she taught for 26 years. There will be a reception for Ludmila at The Moore Library of Rider University on April 19-4:30-6:00. I will be having lunch with my Germantown buddies at The Buck and then head to Lawrenceville for some wine and cheese. I trust that you and some of my friends from this site will attend the reception. I know that you and Dan Hartnett like Fine-Wine and I hope that the wine will be congruous with your taste-buds. For a lawyer, your text is compatible with a journalist and an historian-you must have drunk The Germantown Water.
J.Bruce Schmitt [03-17-2011]

I think I remember the Orpheum having a balcony. I'm pretty sure it did..
Sheila [03-17-2011]

Hello G-towners ! For those of us on this site who were altar boys, as mentioned in a previous posting, this upcoming "Holy Week" would have been your worst nightmare. Starting on Holy Thursday and ending on Easter Sunday, there were endless "High Mass'" or so it seemed. All altar boys had their regular cassocks and then their "dress" cassocks; sort of like Marine Dress uniforms. We had to were our dress cassocks for all 4 days and because they were white, we had better not get them dirty. If we did, mom had extra duty that week. I can remember being so tired at those celebrations and I think I may have caught a few "zees" at one time or another. It was bad enough that you had to stay through them but even worse if Father Ganley was involved. He was a priest at Immaculate who took forever just to say a regular Mass. He hestitated at almost every word uttered and I thought I would go nuts just listening to him. I think the other priests should never have let him celebrate a high Mass. Anyway, I've put those days behind me and I've haven't been to church in over 20 years except to attend a wedding or a funeral. I know our parents thought they were doing the right thing by sending us to Catholic school but looking back now, I'm glad I didn't send my kids to Catholic school. Even though I appreciated the efforts of the nuns and priests and have some fond memories of them, I kind of resent religion being forced on me with no other option available. When I get together with some of my former classmates from I.C., a lot of them tell me the same thing. They enjoyed their time in school but once they left, they didn't practice their religion all that often. I've read where the majority of Catholics in this country no longer attend Mass every Sunday. Many, not at all. I think having religion forced on us helped us decide not to go any longer; mostly very young and elderly are attending church now. Immaculate in Germantown was one of the most beautiful churches in the city; still is. Too bad so many people will never get to see it. Take care !
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [03-17-2011]

Frank westside I also was an alter boy, even had my own crew. Not bad for an Italian boy in an Irish parrish. Richie SFA '64, NC '68.
Richard PIo, Born and bred in G-town 1950-95, now in Ocala area [03-17-2011]

Some anon blogger has said, remember pearl harbor. Is that a slur against the Japanese in their time of trouble? Stay anonymous.
Joe Lynch,It ain't me. It ain't me. I ain't no senator's son. [03-17-2011]

Lou, Anon is incorrect. The Orpheum, on Chelten Ave. had a very large balcony-it was majestic! The Band Box (Armat St)was a tiny theatre with no balcony. Anon got it backwards.
anon [03-17-2011]

J. Bruce Schmitt; Thank you for your note of welcome back to the "homepage"..( I didn't intend to offend anyone,so I thought I'd better "cool my jets"..Had no idea that "Dolph" went into the Trappists in Kentucky (probably Gesthemane, KY.)and that he attended Holy Angels parish...Nor did I know the "Gillespies' owned a beer distributorship, a bar and a funeral home.....What a "trifecta" (Only in America, right?)..In 1951 St, Benny's came close to doing the unbelievable. If we had won 2 more games we would have been CYO Champs for Philly..We had a great pitcher named Jimmy Darragh (who played for LaSalle and died his soph/junior year of a heart problem..)I don't recognize most of the names you've posted...Dolph seemed to be " a man among men"..Why a "gentle giant" would choose the Trappists is beyond me (which may be God's point)...I'm assuming you attended St. Joe's (17th & Stiles) but refer to it "obliquely"....Why ?...My best friends ( the Gannon Family) of 1810 Medary Ave.all went to St. Benny's and their off-spring did well..Rich Gannon of Univ. of Del...did well and his Uncle was (for whom he was named) was a classmate of mine @ the Manor and had "more class in his little finger" than most have in their entire bodies....I loved the St. Benny's Family...Bye the bye, where are you situated.? Mike Deely
Mike Deely, older than dirt [03-17-2011]

G-MAN, Years ago, Joe Gallo changed his name to Vitelli. Cheese is Joe Vitelli-brother of Tony & Donald.
Naomi Vitelli [03-17-2011]

anybodt go to germantown high in the 50's or know of anyone that went to st. vincent
dorothy gensemer nee hebron, roxborough.70 [03-17-2011]

To Anon--Vince Giorno was a distant cousin--he was abartender at the Chestnut Hill Hotel-I worked the cocktail lounge as a musician & that's how met him-I think he's into real estate at the present time. LOU Giorno
lou giorno, Lou NECHS 53 [03-17-2011]

Anonymous, The Orpheum was located on Chelten Ave between Germantown Ave and Green St. It had a balcony. To anyone, where on Chelten Ave was the Capri? I remember the name but can't place it. Dot
Dot, Lived in Germantown 1947-1971 [03-17-2011]

How many of you GTN'ers remember The Masonic Hall on Gtn.Ave--I went to many wedding receptions at that venue.Lou Giorno
Lou Giorno, Lou NECHS 53 [03-15-2011]

I used to walk the Wissahickon too, Patti Appleton, (1950s) on the steep trails, and, we were sure, Indian paths. Once I went with the Cub Scouts and marveled at Devil's Pool, supposedly bottomless. I found a bowie knife, but it was taken from me by a gang of rough boys. Well,would you fight back with a Cub Scout pack (170) as your only enforcers? Valley Green was always our destination and to be there was to be in another country, out of the city, in the wilderness. I learned never to put carbonated orange soda into a canteen if I wanted fizz later on. I learned discretion is the better part of valor. I learned the next time I went to the Wissy, I would take my big cousin Jack Brogan. He'd show them a thing or two about picking on little kids. And, I learned about life: it's the journey that's satisfying, not the destination. Now, THAT'S a lesson.
Joe Lynch, SFA57, LSCHS61,We don't need no ed-u-ca-shun! [03-15-2011]

Lou, the band box had a balcony. the orpheum did not.
anonymous [03-15-2011]

Jan and Dean-dead mans curve
anon [03-15-2011]

This past Sunday carol(girlfriend)and I went to visit my old neigborhood,which was located at 5200 gtn ave. I lived on E. Bringhurst st. belonged to the gtn. boys club etc.Left there in 1948 after army service.when I tell you I was shocked to see what happened to my wonderful old neigborhood.Carol was left without words.I had thought at one time to take my grandchildren and great grandchildren to see where their Grandfather was raised.Sorry to say I will never go back again.So sad
Bill Leonardo, now hamilton nj before brickyard [03-15-2011]

Mike Deely. Your kind words about "Dolph" have reached his widow, Marlane, who is much appreciative. I had a picture of "Dolph's" '52 team, clipped from the newspaper and gave it to his son Brendan. Dolph was co-captain that year with the great Jim Walsh,QB, a first team City Player and All Scholastic Team, along with Ed Kerplus,end, 2nd team all scholastic. Other North Catholic players making the 1952 all star roster included Dick Krop,guard; George Veneziole, guard; Ray Lyons,tackle; John Hilferty, back;Paul Carciclolo (2nd) and John Hilferty (2nd). Three members of the team came to Dolph's memorial service, as the word quickly spread. All looked hale and hearty, still stocky with stature and character. If you remain in your home town after high school, you retain lots of contacts. Layer by layer these generations of students add to the city. My good Indian friends from Main Line have encouraged their daughters to participate in sports, namely squash. Now I have seen them play in the excellent squash court facility at the Germantown Cricket Club. Now, she has a full scholarship to Columbia University to play on their squash team. Thanks again for remembering Dolph. The family really likes your kind words.
T Michael Poxon, EastOakLane [03-15-2011]

JBS. good catch, I forgot to put the "r" in yearning. That wasn't old english, it was mangled modern english. LOL
John Payn [03-15-2011]

That was one long walk to the Orpheum on Chelten Ave. The Orpheum had a balcony for lovers and little kids. (I'm not sure which I was.) I saw Psycho and South Pacific in that balcony, 50 cents. You went to The New Lyric as a kid, graduated to the Orpheum in the darkness of the balcony and when you went to college you went to the Band Box and the Wayne Ave. Playhouse to see Knights play chess with Death on the beach. In college I saw every Japanese/Swedish/Italian/French/Eastern European movie available and understood none of them. I faked comprehension and erudition (No comment, please.) We'd talk for hours about Bergman, Fellini, "New Wave," samurai warriors outside of Moe's, then ate pizza at Silvy's in Logan, I think. Unattached and unafraid, you traveled by trolley at 1 AM, bumping into the Night People like Schmitty, who had a knowledge of the Underworld, the demimonde, a young boy could only dream of. He was on a mission from God; I was dating a princess in West Philadelphia when he met on the 34 trolley. He would be just a minute, he said, as we sauntered into an after-hours club. 2 hours later, we had each others' back riding the subway to the 53 and our home in(Sigh!)Germantown. Good night, Moon; Good night, Schmitty.
Joe Lynch,SFA57,LSCHS61, An author in search of a character [03-15-2011]

Hi Duke, You can run into many former Gtowners at the Continental post on any day of the week. Many of them still come back to the area to hang out. I stop in from time to time to catch a Phillies or Eagles game. They have big screen TV's. It is a pretty cool place to hang out.
Mike(West Germantown), Gtowner [03-15-2011]

Both the Orpheum Theatre & the Bandbox had a balcony .
Dolly, NE Philly [03-15-2011]

Yes Linda, Sue Leone will come plus Susan O'Brien and Theresa Marchese.
HLD [03-15-2011]

Naomi..Are you talking about Cheese Vitelli brother of Tony? We all hung out together in E Gtown. I just was with them during the year.
Gman [03-15-2011]

Mike Deely: It is great to see one of the pious men from East Germantown and St. Benny's posting again. You and Rosemarie Rinaldi have been absent from this site for a period of time. Larry Rinaldi was a great athlete for North in the 50's and friends with Paul Borian and Jack Brogan who blog on this site-they hung out at The Hollow with Robert Goo Guarinello, an unforgettable character whom you read about on this site. I attended Adolph Krivda's funeral on Saturday at St. Luke's in Glenside where many former Germantowners live, including Jim McIntyre who was an All-Catholic quarterback for North in 1964. I talked to former North football players who knew Doph Krivda and Jim Deely[brother] from The North Class of 1953. Fran Higgins from St. Benny's was on that team but Doph went to Holy Angel's on Broad St. North was a large High School with students from many catholic parishes since in the early 50's, there was no Father Judge or Cardinal Dougherty. I am no kid, so I will mention 2 names that are easy to remember and spell-George Veneziale and John Goshow. George V. was a guard like AK and John G. was a d-back. George V. and Doph had football scholarships to Dayton but AK left Dayton to hang out with Father Lou[Thomas Merton] at The Trappist Monastery in Kentucky. Doph was unique in that he had the strength of a blacksmith with a spiritual soul. Incidentally, he was a blacksmith with The Trappists. Like you, he left the seminary and had a wonderful family. We talked about Jim Brute Walsh, the great North Running-back who was All-Catholic for 2 years and played for The Auburn Tigers in Alabama. We also talked about the legendary football coach, John Gillespie Sr. who lived in Germantown in St. Madeline's Parish. John Gillespie Jr. was an outstanding basketball player for The Prep and was All-Catholic for 2 years. The Gillespie Family was a big name in Germantown and they owned a bar,beer-distributor, and a Funeral-Home across from St. Francis. Jack Brogan,one of our great bloggers, knew Tom Gillespie from LaSalle High. Tom Gillespie's sister[Helen] was pretty but Joe Lynch was spending time with the ladies at Fernhill and Paul Borian was developing his poker skills at The Hollow and I was reading the NY Times trying to get ready for The SAT EXAM. Paul Borian, The Old-Jock, will tell you that I scored badly since I studied with The Jesuits at Hawk Hill. When The Bor and I meet St. Ignatius at The Pearly Gates, his Latin must be better than his friend, Joe Lynch,or I will be entering solo. Mike! Keep posting and some of my friends are conserative including Dan Hartnett, the old tumbler from East Germantown.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-15-2011]

Lou Giorno, There was a balcony in the Orpheum. Movies cost 25 cenrs. when I was young. My mother would give us 35 cents- 2 candy bars and the way in. I remember a guy by the name of Ronnie Stoner who worked as an usher. Did you know him? Do you have a brother named Vince?
anonymous [03-15-2011]

TO Webmaster-I just viewed a movie that could be of interest to you--it tells how the vaccine for Rocky Mtn. was developed. Made in 1937, it starred Errol Flynn, Walter Abel, Marge Lindsay,& Anita louise The movies title was GREEN LIGHT Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Lou NECH 53 [03-15-2011]

I'll try to find it. Thanks! (I am feeling much better.)

Lou Giorno: re: Orpheum balcony. I'm sure it had a balcony, unless I am mixing it up with the Colonial, on Germantown Avenue, but I'm 98% sure.
John Payne [03-15-2011]

I remember having to take the trolley (52) to the avenue if I wanted/needed to visit the Vernon Library. I vaguely recall a monument in front of it; but am hazy as to what it is/was. I recall the wood.....the beautiful wood in the building & the drawers that held the Dewey Decimal Cards. If memory serves me correctly, I believe there was an upstairs, also & no a/c in the summer. Whenever one needed to check out a book, the card in the rear pocket of that book was dated/stamped by one of the librarians. I remember having to learn the Dewey Decimal System & how it applied. Seems so very long ago especially when one thinks of today's technology & the Kindle and/or Nook. I remember having a set of the Encyclopedia Britanica in our home. It was essential in completing some of the school projects assigned us. I also remember the large blue Atlas we had & the beautiful maps it held within its binding. Today's technology has changed so many things over the years. No longer do kids take the trolley to the library; they access the internet on their laptop to learn just about anything they need to know. I'm sure that when they "grow up" they will have their own memories to share with their children; but I wonder if they will be as fragrant as the ones we experienced in our childhood. Thanks for the memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, FL; IC '55; CDHS '59 - turning 70 this yr. [03-15-2011]

RE: St Francis of Assisi parish - I was an altar boy - show of hands on who else was one ? Also, do you remember those May processions that circled the church ? Can you imagine trying to take procession walk today ??
Frank Westside [03-15-2011]

Lou Giorno,...The Orpheum had a balcony. I launched many a water balloon & turkish taffy from the cheap seats. That is, after I snuck in from the alley entrance using one of my brothers as a decoy making a ruckus. Colonial was much more difficult & decidedly you needed a better plan of action as the entrance to the theatre was preceded by a long straight red carped walkway that seemed like a mile long as a boy. The Vernon had no balcony & not very good flicks either so I would pass on sneaking into it & use the money Mom & Pop sprung for their afternoon of fun to get rid of me at Horn & Hardart or candy @ the Orpheum.
bernard f mc kernan, 70yrs StVinnies54,N.C.58 [03-15-2011]

Thanks, for posting the info, Webmaster. Wish I could attend!
steve Swift, E. Stafford St. [03-15-2011]

Cuban born Cookie Rojas who also played for the Phillies in the sixties, had a Cuban restaurant on Rt 130 in Willingboro, New Jersey, where he lived, also called "The Dugout".
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [03-15-2011]

Joanne, I remember the Capri on Chelton ave. I remember seing Patti labelle in there crying, I guess she couldn't sell her heart to the junkman.
Joe Leone [03-15-2011]

Helen: I know you are coming to the Luncheon, but, is your cousin, Sue, also coming? I am bringing my friend Carole Torrente/and I think they'd get along...let me know...I hope a lot of people show up..it's fun that way. Respectfully, Linda "F"
L.Fontana [03-14-2011]

remember pearl harbor,no help from me..
anon. [03-14-2011]

Another teen tragedy song from the early 60s is “Last Kiss” by Wayne Cochran, where 2 teens died in a car accident with a tractor trailer. I remember that one, but the version I remember most is by Pearl Jam. It is not the type of song you would expect from Pearl Jam, but they recorded it and it reached the top of the charts in the 1990s. “Teen Angel” though, has to be the ultimate teen tragedy song. The Greaseband used to sing that one when I would see them at the Bongo Room in the 70s/80s, dramatizing the sadness of the song.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-14-2011]

Duke Belmonte, The girl to ask would be Erda Armstrong Graham ... she is a Yearsley Post Alumni and knows a lot of its past members ... Erda belongs to the Riley Raiders now and has for many years where many of the ole Yearsly members now belong as well. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-14-2011]

HI Duke B. Hows your sister and brother doing? Well i don't hear much from anybody anymore. Dom spagnola comes up here once in awhile,he's married to my ex wife marie,chris marco. I am 61 now your a little younger than I. Most people on here are my brothers ages (Billy,Eddie). But if I do hear anything I'll let you know. good hearing from you. keep safe GG
george greene, ret in gilbertsville pa [03-14-2011]

Naomi vitelli, I am so sorry to hear this about Joe. I was in his company a few times during the time he and my cousins were close and he was always good natured and funny and had a heart of gold . He was one heck of a hair stylist too. I know my cousins will be saddened to hear that he is in such bad health ... I will keep him and his family in my prayers. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-14-2011]

Did the Orpheum Theatre have a balcony?I don't recall a balcony ! Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Lou nech 53 [03-14-2011]

I can remember during WWII grannie taking me to the Wissahickon with my little sail boat. Today over 60 years later certain water sounds remind me of the Wissahickon and the great time I had there with Grannie and my little sale boat.
Patti Appleton, Grannie and me along the Wissahickon [03-14-2011]

I was born in Germantown 1942. Lived on School house lane across from Dr. Hollis. My older brother, Peter, attended Germantown Academy. Dad entered military WWII and remained in as career. Last I knew our apt bldg was turned into a bank parking lot. My grandmother was Martha Brunken
Patti Appleton, Born in Germantown [03-14-2011]

J.Bruce Schmitt: Your note of 3/9 refering Mike Poxon is muchly appreciated...I gave Mr. Poxon as much info as I have...My sister-in-law forwarded the notice on "AK" as soon as she could to Fran Higgins, a member of that Championship team..All of us St. Benny's guys lived @ Anderson(field)..There were games (football) quite often during the week..As you'd come down the hill where Medary hits Wister, you could almost smell the competition..For night football, they'd pass the hat at halftime...(I especially remember a team from South Philly called "Southwark A.C.).Those were games not to be forgotten...In any event your referal to Mr. Poxon was much appreciated...I perused the page and was reminded of many things; Kissling Sauerkraut, Riverview Beach, etc...Thank you so much, Mike Deely
Mike Deely, older than dirt [03-14-2011]

Richie “Dick” Allen’s clothing store was called “The Dugout” on Chelten Ave. And for all you Robert Hall lover’s here is a link you may enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2bOwuhAGpU Joe DAgostino
Joe Dagostino [03-14-2011]

Noami Vitelli The Duva's you asked about was on Germantown Ave. down the street from Trinity Luthern Church. We used to go to the dance on Saturday night and to Duva's afterwards for a burger,fries and coke and actually get change. I was a old friend of Betty's. I knew a Joe Gallo from Heiskell street, Is that the one you mentioned? He was older than me but very good looking. There was another Duva's on Chelten Ave. called Capri. It was across the street from the Acme. They were also Duva's. MY aunt Rose was related to them. joanne
joanne posimo [03-14-2011]

How About Richard Thompson's "Vincent Black Lighting"? Does any one know that song?
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, still in G'town [03-14-2011]

Webmaster, would you mind posting the information regarding the luncheon again? Thanks.
Steve Swift, E. Stafford St. [03-14-2011]

Are you referring to the luncheon at The BUCK Hotel on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at noon?

Frank: I guess that I resemble your post that a number of people make frequent blogs. John Payne and Joe Lynch responded quite adequately to your post for more comments and blogs from other people. I must tell you that their comments really resoated with me. I remembered John P. and Joe L. when they were aspiring athletes. Now, they are substantial citizens and you must admit that they write well and have gravitas. John P. and I were naive in our youth since we shot pig with Goo[Robert] Guarinello who was a fudging deadly shooter. John is now using words[yeaning] from old English literature and not standing on the corner at Wayne&Logan and watching all the hot girls go by. My brother Ken was in class at SFA with John and he was a bit of a chick-magnet. His brother Frank was also a ladies-man and I often wondered why he was called, "The Cisco Kid ". I find it quite laudable that John makes interesting contributions to this Germantown web-site. I am going to paraphrase John's mantra,"It Is Possible For Other People To Step Up To The Plate. Pardon the metaphor but John and I had a problem hitting unlike Paul Borian and his new friend from this site-Joe DAgostino. I did play softball at The Queen Lane Project and I did break a few windows with a couple of shots that went over Pulaski Ave. into some angry residents' homes. Years later, Big John Burke played softball against these Pulaski-towners that I knew in my callow youth. Back in the day, the brothers played baseball and softball. Your posts are cryptic and possibly you are a baseball- man like The Bor who never liked libraries but he likes to read the very literate blogs of John Payne and Joe Lynch. This fellow, Joe Lynch, has turned out well. At Fernhill, he could really dribble and his blogs are not full of drivel. I am not trying to replace Frank Klock as a poet who was a friend and a team-mate of Joe Lynch and John Payne at SFA under the tutelage of Bobby Goo Guarinello. Goo was a poet and very glib. Goo was very articulate when he requested a quarter after I lost a game of pig to him. Joe Lynch is no dumb-jock and I was impressed that he quoted "Willa Cather"-cowboy historian. I collected Cowboy Art and she is in The Cowboy Hall of Fame. Frank! These guys bring a lot to the party and they are eclectic contributors to this great site. I would like to read one of your blogs with a little more meat and potatoes so that I could respond in a positive manner. Incidentally,what part of G-town were you from? If you went to Vincent's which I attended for 1 year, Naomi Vitelli and Vera Carey-Canavan would respond to your comments nicely.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-14-2011]

JBS: Bruce, the wonderful husband of Ludmila Kapschutschenko Schmitt. She took you out of Germantown and placed you close to Princeton, with its great University, in Lawrenceville, a quiet suburban enclave home to Rider University, a great spot from which you can travel far and wide to visit friends and family. We miss her, too. She took you on a world tour and you must have great conversations with her when she was not writing or looking after her parents. Given your great background in American history and politics, you must have found these foreign lands you went to with her of great interest. Passing just three years after her father, the doting daughter had him living nearby for over a decade in his own house, too often at his beck and call. She specialized in the diasorpa of female writers in South and Central America, forced to flee for holding, expressing and writing with liberal ideas in a part of the world filled with conservative values, enforcers of the faith and subversive types. As her family had fled war torn Ukraine for Argentina during WWII, she could empathize with these women as she studied their essays. She organized a program on the diaspora at Princeton in 2009. Now she has been replaced at Rider University with a talented professor Hernan Fontanet, a Ph D from Spain who has proven a worthy successor, maintaining the high standards of the Spanish Department. He gladly helped Rider University sift through your generous donation of books and videos and other research to pick items to add to and strengthen their collection. My wife, and Ludmila's long-time friend, Marita, also once helped place a valuable collection of antique books on medicine and medical history collected by three generations of doctors in one family. Some books went to auction at Swann Galleries in New York City; howwever the majority of the books were donated to the Combined Armed Forces Medical Library in Bethesda, Md and now lie catalogued and on display in their own oak bookcases with locked glassed windows. Marita and I have been to the Germantown Historical Society many times looking for photographs and articles and books about Oak Lane and West Oak Lane. The borders between Germantown and the areas to the north and northeast varied over the years. Germantown was laid out and occupied with many more residents than lived in the northern areas nearby, where little crossroads contained such little villages as Oak Lane, Milestown, Branchtown, Pittville, Somerville and the Aubury Enclave north of Chew Avenue, with its arboretum and park. But the two British officers shot in the Battle of Germantown now lie in a common grave in the DeBeneville Family Cemetery on Broad Street, thrice moved, never to return to England.
T Michael Poxon, EastOakLane [03-14-2011]

Anon, Your right, Joe Gallo lived on Heiskell St. Did you go to school with him?
Naomi Vitelli [03-14-2011]

Frank, if there's a blog you must read, then YOU must write it.
Joe Lynch/SFA57/LSCHS61./A Great Store in a Great City [03-13-2011]

does anyone remeber the clothing store Richie Allen had on Chelten Ave around 1966?
anonymous [03-13-2011]

Frank, thanks for the call to arms! I admit not many want to read my drivel, but I persist. People are running out of Goo Goo memories and nuns' stories and the Hollow vs. the Park. Willa Cather, American writer, once said that everything she ever wrote about happened to her before she was 15. Would love to hear other stories so I could shut up!
Joe Lynch, The past isn't dead. It isn't even past. [03-13-2011]

Joe Leone: I recently read a post on this site about your old friend-Ronnie Manzo. I never hung out with Ronnie but he always seemed like a good guy to me. He boxed on TV and would win Schwinn Bikes. He was also a champ in yo-yo contests and if you recall, he could really walk the dog. This bout that he had with Bill Haas was ridiculous. Ronnie was a foot shorter than Big Bill. The old Germantown fighter and trainer, Mickey Grandinetti, would not have liked that match-up. You, Frank Murphy, and I spent some time at Gtn.&Erie where Goony[Goonie] Walsh was king. Can you imagine if Bill Haas went at it with Goony who was much smaller than Haas. Tom Cusack knew both of these guys and we know where the smart-money would have been bet. Mike Garvey comes to The Buck for The SFA Luncheon and he knew Steve Traitz who became President of Local 30 after John McCullough was killed. Steve and Goony were the best of friends and either one of those guys would have been a more fair fight since Billy H. was a big kid. You were good with your hands but would you bang with Charlie Lightcap who was a foot taller than you. I hope that you can make it on April 19th, at The Buck. You have good stories since you spent a lot of time on Gtn. Ave.-including The Carmen where one had to watch their P's& Q's.
JBS [03-13-2011]

Mr. Poxon: Saw your postings in re Dolph Krivda..I used to be a regular on this page but things change...In any event on 3/4 I wrote a thank you note to Dr. Terranova ( a regular on this page)for giving my eldest grandson permission to play hockey again for Southern Reg.High in Manahawkin, N.J. (The young lad suffered a hit that put him in "la-la land" for about 5 games.I was wondering if my letter to Dr. T. was posted when I saw your notice of 'Dolph's' demise..The name rang a bell so I wrote my sister-in-law (wife of my late brother Jim (NECHS -'53).and she confirmed that Dolph was indeed a friend of my brother's...A teammate of Dolph's was a member of our Parish,Frannie Higgins of 18th st. an offensive lineman on that champioship team..Any other guys from St. Benny's on the squad remain a mystery..I had a cousin, Tommy, now living in Rydal, who played in the Catholic League Championship game @ Shibe Park in or around '47 or '48 under the older Coach Gillesppie (sp?).NECHS lost that one..I remember going to the "oval" @ G & Erie to see North several times...Great memories...I cannot believe that "Dolph's" name registered with me after so many years ..I don't even remember if Dolph was from St. Benny's. He and my brother were at least 2 years my senior and I was up in Penndel (near Langhorne) for 3 of my 4 years of high school @ St. Mary's ( Marist Prep Seminary). I missed an awful lot being in the Sem for those 3 years but I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.(As a matter of fact, my "recently-concussed" grandson drove me up to Penndel so that I may visit the graves of some of my former Professors, as well as one of my contemporaries who was killed in Nam while saying Mass, Fr. Bob Brett...The cemetery is gone and the Philadelphia Bible University has "cleansed the site" much like Sherman on his "March to the Sea"...C'est la vie..I thank you for "reminding me" of Dolph..May he rest in peace...Thank you, Mike Deely
Mike Deely, older than dirt [03-13-2011]

Frank Westside: You are yeaning for some different contributors to this site. That will happen. This site is like a virtual street corner. Some folks appear for awhile, then others have to leave to go home, because they only write from work, and in the meantime there are new arrivals, and the occasional new kid on the block. Plus there are the old heads returning for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and some youngsters asking what is a Goo Goo? Just look at it as a time lapse production with the scene ever changing. There are a lot of folks here whose names I didn't know before, and who I never met, but have become attached too, in a street corner sort of way. So Frank, you want some new input...I'm with you there...you go first.
John Payne, standing on the corner, watching all the girls go by... [03-13-2011]

More teen death songs---TELL LAURA I LOVE HER----I WANT MY BABY BACK--Jenny BROWN----please let this music not play in my head ANYMORE!
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [03-13-2011]

Another teen death song "PATCHES"
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [03-13-2011]

The Rock and Roll Hall of fame declared in 1991 that the first R&R tune to be "Rocket 88", a 1951 song about the fastest car on the road at the time-the Oldsmobile 88, with that cool silver airplane emblem on the hood. It was sung by Jacky Brenston and his Delta Cats with Ike Turner playing piano.Also released as Ike Turner/Jacky Brenston and the Rhythm Kings. Interestingly the song was written by B.B. King while on the way to the recording of the song in Memphis. I heard B.B. King do this tune in Dublin about 25 years ago in a concert with the amazing Ry Cooder's Band. I think the 1951 date trumps the others who have chipped in on the Germantown Site. Of course there were earlier R&B tunes performed by Black bands for Black audiences but it is felt that 'Rocket 88' appealed to a wider (white) audience, and was chosen to officially mark the beginning of rock and roll.
Jim McKernan, St. Vincent De Paul Grammar School, 1959, [03-13-2011]

Vera Carey-Canavan- I do remember you from Morris St. I still keep in touch with Sally. Hope to see you at the Gtown reunion.
Naomi Viteli [03-12-2011]

Hello Everyone, Every now and then I come onto this webpage to read some of the mail. I've seen Georgie greene's name before, and I wanted to ask him or anyone who use to go to the Yearsley Post on Chelten Ave, where I can find some of the people that I hung out with. I was wondering if there are any places that they frequent. I moved away in 1990 and would like to find some of the old gang. My age group would be mid 40's to mid 50's. If anyone can be of help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Duke Belmonte
Duke Belmonte [03-12-2011]

Jean Dinning, composer of our favorite morbid love song "Teen Angel" (1959) died February 22(NY Times). Her brother Mark sang recorded the song (sold 2.5 million copies) and made us all a little weepy and them a little richer. We squeezed our dates a little tighter (Like I needed a reason!) as we paused to wonder why Teen Angel went back into the face of an oncoming freight train to fetch a $25 dollar (replaceable) ring (10K gold, probably). I mean what was she thinking? What was the ring doing in the glove compartment in the first place? If she had to get the ring from the glove compartment, why didn't she ask her boyfriend to get it first? And, by the way,didn't every girl carry a train schedule in 1959, just in case? (Whenever I crossed the Wayne Junction tracks, I always knew the Local trains from the Outbounds!) Then,I started to think about the songs of death--Ebony Eyes by the Everly Brothers (plane crash), Dead Man's Curve by Jan and Dean, Big John by Tennessee Ernie Ford (OK,OK, a stretch),Artificial Flowers by Bobby Darren,(You can see I've done NO research on this list.)Teen Angel really sucks the air out of the room, doesn't it? I know only three songs by heart--Oklahoma, Crying by Roy Orbison, and Teen Angel.(Jack Brogan knows many Irish IRA songs of rebellion and he once almost started a riot in a Co. Cork pub on his last visit singing about Roddy McCorley). Anybody else know the other songs of plane crashes, head-on collisions, early tragic death, I'd appreciate some feedback here. One of her other hits was: A Pretty Girl Milking a Cow. I swear. You could look it up. NEXT WEEK: Songs with trains in their lyrics
Joe LynchSFA57,LSCHS61:I'll follow you down but not that far [03-12-2011]

Joe Lynch: Here's another one for you. "For a free home demonstration, without cost or obligation, just call right to the station, Sagamore two - two nine hundred". Followed by the phone number refrain again. Also, does anyone remember the commercials on WIBG for Cy Harold's Men's and Boys Wear? He was located at 54th and City Line and his ad used to say "open 24 hours a day, stop in and have a cup of coffee with Cy". Well, my brother and I did just that one Sunday morning about 3am after a night of imbibing. Needless to say, Cy wasn't there. Disappointment!
D, Former East Germantown [03-12-2011]

I went to Riverview Beach with my Girl Scout troop. We took the Riverview Beach boatride down the Delaware to get there. In his later years my brother lived in Pennsville, and Riverview Park is still there, but without the rides.
Sheila [03-12-2011]

Joe Lynch, I'm pretty sure it's "Robert Hall, this season"
Sheila [03-12-2011]

Joe Lynch,

"School bells ring and children sing
it's back to Robert Hall's again.
Mother knows for better clothes
it's back to Robert Hall again."

On another note, thanks for the memories of the Wilson Line excursions to Riverview Beach park. My mother took us on it two or three times. I remember that the river really stunk as it was so polluted back then. The boat stopped in Chester and Wilmington also. The park was located just below the Delaware Memorial bridge which was under construction at the time we went. And of course, at the end of the ride was an amusement park. Not as good as Willow Grove or Woodside, but nonetheless an amusement park. What a great day!
Dan Hartnett, Former East Germantown [03-12-2011]

Joe Lynch > We're doing our Christmas Shopping at Robert Hall this year. We're saving on clothes for Chrismas, at Robert Hall this year. Low overhead means low prices, so shop for one and all....and then I'm lost
John Payne [03-12-2011]

I looked up on the computer about the first R & R song--the computer is in a quandry about the first song--they mention 4 songs but can't really say what was the first one.
lou giorno, Lou nech 53 [03-12-2011]

Wow - seems like the same half dozen people chatting back and forth on this site. Anyone out reading but not providing us with some new insights and memories ? Please - we need new input from different folks who enjoyed their years in Germantown. Thanks.
Frank Westside [03-12-2011]

Capt.Orville T. Ballard: It will be a honor and a pleasure for me to attend The SFA Luncheon at The Buck Hotel. This a great event which is usually attended by distinguished folks from Germantown. I am looking forward to be there and see some new faces.
J. Bruce Schmitt [03-12-2011]

Rosemarie Hite-Malageri, My family has great memories of Vick & Sal. My sister Pat tells me that my sister Betty was friends with Victor. I remember hearing their names often while living close to Chew & Chelten. I am sorry to say my cousin Joe Gallo has a brain tumor and last I heard from my sister Pat, Joe is not doing well at all. Time seems to go by so fast. Joe's mother was Josephine and she was manager at Korvette's lunch counter which was located near Woodbrook Lane were she and Joe lived. naomi
Naomi Vitelli [03-12-2011]

Mr. Hollow[Paul Borian]: Your Irish friends, Jack Brogan and Joe Lynch, write well since they were English majors and made a good living from their writing skills. Recently, I was hanging in the old river-town,Glouster,NJ, with an old-Germantowner by the name of Tom Wilkins. This former Prepper could compete with you and Frank Klock in Poker and should be banned from playing black-jack at The Casinos since he has an encyclopedic memory. He reads the Germantown-site and he thinks your blogs are colorful. Philadelphia officials should thank you for your great commentary on The Hollow. At the same time, Joe Lynch is making laudable commentary about Fernhill. Joe Lynch must have had a lot of fun at Fernhill since when he talks about The Park, he has that Irish grin on his face. In a recent blog, Joe talked about a fight between Bill Haas and Ronnie Manzo who was a foot shooter. I never had a match-up like that. I always thought Bill Haas was a great baseball player and not a brawler like The Mole. I sparred with both of these lads and Mole hit harder. I appreciate your kind words about Ludmila-you and I married wives who were both classy and very literate. Ludmila grew up in Argentina and Joe Lynch had visited this beautiful country where the people look Italian but speak Spanish. Joe Lynch does not like Latin but he visited Latin America. President Bush did not want to visit Latin-America because he never studied Latin-he was not our brightest president in my opinion and I hope that I am politically correct since I voted for him. Joe Lynch could take you and John Payne on a tour of Buenos Aires where there are great pool-halls on Florida Ave. where the shooters wear suits. Sonny Kennedy would love the great steaks with Malbec. Sharpy Felice would love to shop there with the great leather. You are into The Italian Culture and The Colon[Columbus] is a great place for The Opera. You like to ski and you can visit Bariloche and ski in the summer-that is cool. Bor! Keep posting and accountnts can not only figure but think and write.
Schmitty [03-12-2011]

Naomi-there was a Joe Gallo that lived on heiskell st. across from Pignataro's store. Is this the same person you speak of.
anon [03-12-2011]

Naomi "V": I am only responding now, because I had yesterday off...and don't read these from home. You can bring anyone you want from "G" town to the Luncheon/and, I sure hope that you can make it/ we all order what we want there/
L.Fontana [03-12-2011]

Richie Pio: Bingo! You are right sir. That was Roberts Avenue I described, not Midvale. Thank you, a senior moment, but the hollow was at Germantown and Greene right? :)
John Payne [03-12-2011]

Joe Lynch--Robert Hall this season will show you the reason---I'm pretty sure that was the jingle---my head is full of useless information.
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [03-12-2011]

"Condemned" Movies Revisited: Any movie with Sophia Loren or Gina Lollabrigida (Sp.?) or Ingrid Bergman (Hussy!); "Splendor in the Grass" with Natalie Wood (!); "Some Like It Hot" with Marilyn ("Remember, men, all my girls are virtuosos."); "A Summer Place" (Sandra Dee: "Do I bounce when I walk?")Every Mickey Spillane movie; "Peyton Place"; every Annette Funicello movie with Frankie Avalon; every Mousketeer episode with Annette Funicello. "Town Without Pity" (Great Gene Pitney Song) etc.
Joe Lynch, SFA57, LSCHS61, not quite a virtuoso. [03-12-2011]

There are a few here reminiscing about their days at Happy Hollow. Seems to me that the 100th Anniversary celebration of the rec is the perfect opportunity for you all to get together and re-visit your old stomping groups. April 29 is right around the corner but can be done if you act quick in spreading the word amongst yourselves. Maybe end the day at the Continental. It's a great opportunity for you to take a walk down memory lane.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-12-2011]

A Memorial Service will be held for Barbara A (Osborne ) Naulty on March 24th at The James M Campbell Funeral Home, 500 E Benner St., Philadelphia 19111 from 10 AM to 1 PM . Barbara loved Germantown, she worked for many years at the Toddle House on Wayne Ave, and she tended bar at The Point on Germantown Ave across from Logan Park . Barbara became the first Woman Manager of the Toddle House in 1973 it was called the Dobbs House at that time . Often called the Jane Russell of Germantown, she did resemble Jane in her younger years, she will be sadly missed by her family & friends
Dolly, NE Philly [03-11-2011]

Schmitty,Schmitty,Schmitty.....My head keeps growing bigger and bigger with all your complements.You cannot compare my literate skills with Joe Lynch and jack Brogan,our Germantown kissing cousins.Being Irish,they have a big advantage over me.I'm nothing but an old Armenian jock whose only remaining skill is "nutting." Fran and my youngest son Paul are the literate ones in our family.Perhaps,it is because they have the Irish genes(from Fran)Thank God that I spent most of my time on the ball fields and basketball courts rather than those boring libraries.Besides,I was too noisey to be accepted in a library.My expertise was in the library of hard knocks at that sacred place at Wayne and Logan.I'm so lucky that I had a chance to spend some time with your beloved ludmilla at a Happy Hollow reunion luncheon a couple years ago.What a lovely and charming lady who somehow rescued you from Hawk Hill and all those boring Jesuits....Bor
Paul Borian, The Hawk is dead forever. [03-11-2011]

Fellows re: Midvale Ave. down by Berkley???? Wasn't that Roberts Ave. Richie, SFA '64, NC '68
Richard Pio, Born and bred in G-town 1950-95, now in Ocala area [03-11-2011]

Attention J. Bruce SCHMITT, George MCCAULLEY, JOE LYNCH are you going to attend the Luncheon at The BUCK Hotel on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 12 noon.
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56 - nchs 60 [03-11-2011]

Lou G.& Bor: the end of Jocko's show went I look at clock that hangs on the wall & the clock looks back & says that's all.
monk [03-11-2011]

Andy--it was Jocko Henderson-not Conlin.More trivia about Jocko--He lived in a large house on Wissahickon Ave.Remember his theme song ?? -NIGHT TRAIN by LYNN HOPE--He was doing rap,before it was rap. I really got a big kick out of his banter.
lou giorno, LOU nech 53 [03-11-2011]

"Gimme a little Kissling Sauer Kraut/It's fresh and clean, without a doubt/ In transparent Ply-a-Film bags it's sold/ Kissling Sauer Kraut, hot or cold." "Robert Hall's the ____________ /will show you the reason, /Low overhead, low overhead." Help!
Joe LynchSFA57,LSCHS61, How Now, Dow -Jones? [03-11-2011]

Remember Kramer? "Who wants to have some fun?" Here are some Irish (Gaelic) terms for March 17th. My dear grandmother knew this language and used it. Fortunately my parents migrated from Co.Cork to Germantown about the time Michael Collins was shot. DIA DUIT (God to you.) /BAIL O DHIA ORT (The Blessing of God to you.) /OICHE MHAITH DUIT (Good night) /SLAN LEAT (Good-bye) / SLAINTE (Cheers) /TA FAILTE ROMHAT (You are welcome.) / SAOL FADA CHUGAT (Long Life to You.) NI HE LA NA GAOITHE LA NA SCOLB (A windy day is no time to be fixing your roof) /SCILEANN FION FIRINNE (Wine lets out the truth.) Now you know why their are no Irish operas.Nessun Dorma, everyone.
Joe Lynch SFA57, LSCHS61,With the Wind at My Back [03-11-2011]

Saturday April 30, 2011 SAVE THE DATE, HELP US CELEBRATE! Happy Hollow Playground will celebrate its 100th Anniversary The City of Philadelphia announced the opening of the Happy Hollow Playground on April 29, 1911. We will celebrate the occasion Saturday April 30, 2011. Please join us 8AM ­ 4PM Lower level: Wayne Ave. and Logan St. Upper Level: Pulaski Ave. and Logan St. Invite your family & friends. Pack a picnic, bring a blanket and enjoy the day at Happy Hollow. We will commemorate with the opening of our new organic community garden, the planting of a small pear orchard and various other fun activities. Presented by Happy Hollow Community Garden, Drexel Medical Students/Office of Civic Engagement, Wayne Ave Merchant Association (WAM), Philadelphia Orchard Project, Friends of Happy Hollow Playground Brief History The 5 acre site of the former Wayne Quarries, was filled with 80 ft. of trash and debris after which it was outfitted with the finest play equipment, tennis courts and a most unique building designed by local architect George T. Pearson for Mr. EW Clark. The building was known as the Quarry Playground House. The property and facilities were gifted to the city by Mr. & Mrs. EW Clark, prominent Germantown residents who stipulated only that it be maintained wholly entirely for a public playground at all times and forever. Mrs. Clark named the playground Happy Hollow. info: a weiss 215 843 5555 awfromhh@gmail.com
allison weiss, Friends of Happy Hollow Playground [03-11-2011]

Rosemarie Hite Maglageri: You do realize that your charming, Freudian slip-of- the-tongue is going to cost you a half dozen Our Father's and Hail Mary's at your next confessional, don't you? Piece be with you.
kevin, Santa Barbara, CA., St Vincent's '58, CD '62 [03-11-2011]

Denise Duckworth Tumelty: There has been a lot of chatter on this site about rock&roll. Recently, I was hanging out in Gloucster,NJ,which is heavily Irish,with many Irish-bars,and back in the day,a mecca for rock&Roll. Bill Haley played at Jack's Twin Bar in Gloucster during the 50's. At this time, I was hanging out with The Wilkins Brothers and their rock&roll days are over since they are married-we were at a little soiree at Max's near The Walt Whitman Bridge.Your friend,Joe Lynch,would have loved this bistro since he liked to watch the submarine races on West River Drive and he probaly saw Arthur Miller's play-View From The Bridge. Joe visited Buenos Aires, a river-town, but Gloucster is no BA but more like Manayunk,Conshohocken,or Hazelton back in the day. It was deja vu for me and also surreal since it took me back to the day when I liked to frequent blue-collar river-towns. At Max's, I talked to people who knew you and Brother Ken. There was an elegant lady from Cecilian Academy who spoke beautifully-Tanya Wilkins Palmer. Names from CA came up-Pat Henry,Penny Peale,Peggy Tate,Cathy Manning,and Denise Duckworth. A guy by the name of Richard Coggshall piped in. Mr. Coggshall had been talking to Tom Boyle who hung out at The Continental with me-way back then. Tom Boyle was a smooth-talking Irishman who met a date of mine down the shore and became engaged to her,3 months later. However,Tom B. was nodding his head like a Shetland Pony as Richard C. talked. When Richard heard your name,he remarked that you were so pleasant and were such an engaging conversationalist. I was impressed that he gave such a compliment. Usually,he liked to talk about the great times that he had at Ocean City and Avalon. His wife is pleasant and is very good with people. Cogshall's best friend was John Uhland[RIP] who went to The Prep and The Naval Academy with Brother Ken. As you know, Paul Borian and Joe Lynch are great bloggers but they would have met their match with Richard Cogshall at Crane's on Friday night-an old hot-spot.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-11-2011]

I never went to riverside park. I remember hearing my sister Pat and I think Frank (Cisco) talk about it. As for Willow Grove; I remember the anticipation of the school picnic, the tickets ("how many strips do you have"), and the brown bag or shoe box lunches that were left at the picnic grove area. As a kid it seemed to me that Willow Grove was in some distant foreign land. When I became old enough to drive, I was shocked at how close it actually was to germantown, and St. Francis. I was also shocked at how small it was compared to my memories of the place, but of course, that is true with so many things.
John Payne, Jackie Papers came no more, and Puff that mighty dragon.. [03-11-2011]

Jack Brogan: Lots of snow this season, can you dig it? I was impressed with your recollection of the original Shake Rattle and Roll recording. I always thought it was Bill Haley and The Comets, because they sung it in the movie Rock Around The Clock in 1954. One minor correction, (I only know this because I googled it after I read your post), it was Joe Turner; Ike was busy at the time teaching Tina how to bob and weave.
John Payne [03-11-2011]

Naomi Vitelli I believe (I may be wrong) that Joe was good friends with my family some years back ... If he is able to ... will you please ask him if he remembers the Catalanos from cow town... I am almost certain he use to come to their house on Greeves ct ...Rosemarie P.S. You donot need to pay in advance for the G Town luncheon... you deceide what you want from the menu when you get there just as you would with any restaurant . The check is then divided up and whomever ordered what pays for their meal and drinks. Oh and YES please bring someone else with you ... the more the merrier.
rosemarie hite malageri [03-11-2011]

Wikipedia says that Big Joe Turner's (not Ike Turner) version of Shake, Rattle & Roll was recorded in February 1954 and was sung as blues (as in rhythm & blues); Bill Haley & the Comets' version was recorded in June 1954 as a rock 'n' roll version of the same. Anything before that time was rhythm & blues, which I remember listening to even tho' it was raunchy and forbidden at the time - see, Work With Me, Annie, Annie Had A Baby, etc. You could only hear rhythm & blues on black radio stations then.
anonymous [03-11-2011]

Jack Brogan: Shake, Rattle & Roll was also by Bill Haley & the Comets - may have been the other side of Rock Around the Clock.
anonymous [03-11-2011]

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