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March 1-10, 2011

For those of you that want to pay their respects to Adolph Krivda ("Dolph"), co-captain of the 1952 championship football team from North(east) Catholic, the memorial service starts at 10 AM on Saturday, March 12, 2011 at St Lukes RC Church on Easton Rd at Fairhill Ave in Glenside, PA. Thanks for your kind words JBK.
T Michael Poxon, EastOakLane [03-10-2011]

Joe Lynch,Thanks for the memory.Riverview Beach amusement park in Pennsville,N.J.was a great place to visit.I actually had many additional opportunities to enjoy the rides,pool,and roller skating rink.Friends of our family had a summer bunglow there and we visited often in the summer.Always traveling by ferry.On Sundays we had to take a ferry to New Castle,Del to go to mass.The times were different and much more fun.
George Schurr [03-10-2011]

Hello JOHN BRUCE SCHMITT. Thank you for your kind words and memories of Adolph Krivda ("Dolph"). The memorial service starts at 10 AM, with Mass at 11 am. Look forward to seeing you again.
T Michael Poxon, EastOakLane [03-10-2011]

Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56-nc 60 [03-10-2011]

Rosemarie Hite-Malageri, Joe Gallo was a hair stylist. He had a salon near C & the Blvd. (near Whitaker St.) Thanks for your kind words. n.
Naomi Vitelli [03-10-2011]

Lou Giorno...Oooh tiddly yok,this is the jock,I'm back on the scene,with the record machine.....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Aint that a shame [03-10-2011]

Paul Borian, Aint that a shame. [03-10-2011]

L. Fontana, Linda, Please let me know about the reunion/cost. Do I need to pay in advance? I hope I will be able to bring a friend from Germantown. Thanks.
Naomi Vitelli [03-10-2011]

The forerunner before rock 'n' roll was rhythm & blues, played predominanly on black radio stations. But Rock Around the Clock was the first rock 'n' roll song and was featured in the movie "Blackboard Jungle".
anonymous [03-10-2011]

Michael Poxon: I am impressed that you are connected with this Germantown-site but not surprised since you are a student of history and appreciate the architecture of older homes. This site emanates from The Germantown Historical Society and you have visited "Clivden" and Rittenhouse Village which was near your former home in Blue Bell[Gtn.] In any book about Germantown, you and Marita[wife] could make great contributions since you both have encyclopedic knowledge about Fairmount Park and The Historic Germantown Homes. My mother,Marguerite, was connected with The Vernon Library in Vernon Park and The McKernan Brothers from this site,frequented that beautiful old Carnegie Library- these Irish lads write well. You, being a very literate guy, must be impressed with some of the old jocks on this site who posess such literate skills-Paul Borian,Jack Brogan,Joe Lynch,and the old knucke-baller,Joe DAgostino. I can only imagine what would have happened if they had spent more time in libraries and less time on the courts and dancing with the ladies. Today, I had lunch in Princeton with The Director of The Moore Library of Rider University. I had gifted Ludmila Kapschutschenko Schmitt's vast Book-collection to Rider University. Ludmila was eclectic with volumes of the classics and numerous videos. I was so blessed to have been married to such a beautiful person and a very humble scholar. Like you, she enjoyed reading the posts about Germantown. Ludmila even met Mr. Hollow,Paul Borian,who is the eminent scholar on Happy Hollow. His friend,Jack Brogan, writes equally well about that wonderful old payground. As you can surmise, it was so wonderful and interesting to know all these characters from G-town-so smart and colorful- now fate has directed me to hang out in the burbs.
J. Bruce Schmitt [03-10-2011]

Lou - Break out those memory pills. The Black DJ you are referring to was Jocko Henderson (The Rocket Ship Show). I believe Jocko Conlin was a white umpire in the National League. Story Untold by the Nutmegs was released in 1955. There was a song released in 1951 called "Rocket 88" by Jackie Brentson and the Delta Cats. This is generally recognized as the first rock and roll song. Unfortunately, it was not played on "white" radio stations and,therefore, was never a hit. A song called "Gee" by The Crows is considered by many to be the first Rock & Roll hit. It was released in '53. Story Untold by the Nutmegs was a great song and was played (eventually) on both black and white stations. Jocko Henderson was terrific but my favorite was Georgie Woods - "the guy with goods" on WDAS. Lou, I'm sure we'll hear more on this subject from others with differing opinions but thanks for the ride down memory lane. My late father was not happy with my fascination with WDAS-AM & WHAT-AM and told me so on more than one occasion -- and not very quietly, either. Andy
Andy Anderson, ICS '58; CDHS '62 - Longwood, FL [03-10-2011]

Just read some of the movies that were on the Legion of Decency list. Maybe those folks should have spent more time in rectories than at the movies. Sparticus? Gentlemen Prefer Blonds? Really?
John Payne [03-10-2011]

Joe Lynch and Anon: I think the first rock and roll song was "Shake, Rattle and Roll" by Ike Turner in, I think, 1952.
Jack Brogan, Bristol stompin' in Maine [03-10-2011]

Hello G-towners ! Regarding Woolworth's on Chelten Ave; it was the regional headquarters for the firm. The offices were above the store and they used the store to experiment with new ideas and features. I know this because I was offered a position there when I worked for the Woolworth co. in the 70's. I was offered a promotion there to work for the buyer of sporting goods. I was managing the sporting goods dept. at the King of Prussia Mall, long before it was the way it looks now. I turned down the promotion because I would have had to commute to my old neighborhood from Langhorne where I was living at the time. I had a bad experience that influenced my decision. On July 4, 1976, my family was having a huge barbecue celebration and a lot of Aunts and Uncles and cousins were going to attend. I was in charge of picking up my Aunt Josephine who lived on Green Lane in a senior citizen apartment complex there. My ex-wife and I got into the car to go and get her and it was a long drive from Langhorne of course. When we got to the corner of Haines and Limelikn pike, right up the street from where I grew up, we smelled something awful. It was the antifreeze leaking from my car from a broken hose leading to the radiator. Believe it or not, I pulled into the gas station on the corner of Haines and Stenton that my dad had used most of his life. I was told "Man are you in the wrong neighborhood" and where the hell was he going to get a radiator hose on the 4th of July? I turned around so fast because my wife was very scared and I ran red lights all the way to Limekiln pike and Washington lane and pulled into another station where the guy kindly put in some water but couldn't fix the hose. I then went to North Hills where my uncle lived, a distance made short by my excessive speeding as the car was smoking even faster. He opened the hood and saw a hole in the radiator hose and fixed it with some special tape he had just for such an emregency. Now by this time, my aunt was still waiting for me and I was over an hour past the time I said I was going to be there. We couldn't reach her because as it turns out, she had been waiting on the steps of the apartment building because she didn't want me to come in and slow us down. I finally got there and explained what happened. After that experience, I decided that future trips to my old neighborhood would be few and far between. I really thought how ironic it would be to be die in the same neighborhood I grew up in; the people hanging out at the gas station and on the corners convinced me not to take the job. Anyway, just another memory from the old neighborhood.
Bill Cupo, Immaculate Grad "65". C.D. "69"- Haines st 1300 Block [03-10-2011]

Naomi---I worked at Duva's after school when I was a junior in high school---GOOD MONEY--Iknew your sister Pat when I lived on Morris st.-the O'Connell are my cousins.
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [03-10-2011]

I believe that all the Elvis movies was condemned.. I think the submarine races could be watched almost anywhere in the Pilly BUT If you were watching the races at Valley Green you may be Interrupted by a horse sticking his head in the car.. Then the 52nd philly parkguards would patrol the parks on horse back.. Of course I wouldn't know first hand Little Flower girls never did anything like that! HaHa!:o)
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, From the Westside [03-10-2011]

In all my 4 years at CD, not once were we given any info about the school's namesake, Cardinal Dougherty. Too bad, as he was quite an "colorful" person, and a real powerhouse with his influence. He is credited with establishing the Catholic School system in Philadelphia, as we know it today. I wonder what his thoughts would be about the current state of affairs, with the schools and parishes dropping like flies! I have heard that his decree that Catholics not attend the movies, was still in effect, and, technically, it would still be a sin to attend the movies. Again, it would be interesting, to see how he would react to todays films, considering that it was just a billboard ad, that got him outraged. I looked at the list of condemned films, and many of them were laughable: "The Seven Year Itch" - Infidelity and Marilyn Monroe on the subway vent? I read that this was the film that was the last straw for Joe DiMaggio. "Psycho" The shower scene? "Spartacus" the gay scene with Tony Curtis and Sir Laurence Olivier? "Some Like it Hot" the top rated comedy of all time. Cross dressing? "Torn Curtain" Can't figure this one. "The Odd Couple" Divorce? Attempted suicide? All of these films are currently shown on TV in their entirety. Times are really changing.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [03-10-2011]

Gregg, thank you! Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-10-2011]

Kevin, Another wonderful piece by you ... i enjoy you so much and you definitely start my day off with a smile ... Oh my gosh ... read what i just wrote do ya think it can be rated xxx ? :>) Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-10-2011]

Hey Dan, Just wanted to express my admiration and appreciation (belatedly) for your impassioned and inspirational defense of our National Anthem.
Joe McCormick, ic - '55; cd - '59 [03-09-2011]

Elvis in a "Condemned" movie, "Kissin' Cousins? I knew that when he sang "Don't Be Cruel," (1957?) he was not singing "Baby, it's just you I'm thinkin' of" but "Take it off!." It was an open secret. Remember the Everly Brothers and "Wake Up, Little Suzie,"--guy and girl, 4 AM,sleeping in a car, and "we're in trouble deep." CONDEMNED! In days of yore, one could "park" at Hunting Park with a girlfriend until 11 PM, then the cops would blink their lights, and we would be gone to the Hot Shoppes on Broad Street, if we had any money, or the Pub, Allegheny Ave. (Remember the 3 loaves of bread impaled by a knife and the 6 heads of lettuce for a salad. And that was BEFORE you ordered the fruit cup with sherbet) In West Philly,kids parked at George's Hill. (Not today, they wouldn't.) In South Philly--the Lakes or the Airport--anywhere in a pinch, Chestnut Hill was Bells Mills Road by the Wissahickon Creek. I heard CHC girls parked there with their boyfriends, Tripp and Chip. Don't ask me how I know these things; I never had a car, but I do have an older cousin (Jack Brogan) who was a teller of tall tales and he would captivate the imagination of a 13 year old choir boy with sly innuendo and double entendres. After all, we boys needed older brothers and cousins, men we thought to guide us through the dunes and shoals of life. Don't get me started on Drive-Ins and heaters that never worked or muffled speakers that made Sandra Dee sound like Troy Donahue and Troy Donahue sound like Broderick Crawford. ("There's a Summer Place. . .")I don't remember her name but she fell in love with the guy in the front seat, a North Catholic guy, as I recall.
Joe Lynch,SFA57,LSCHS61,Up in the mornin' and out to school [03-09-2011]

Ro sorry to hear about Sammy he was a good guy .I worked for him at Villa for a year I also worked for Vic at his stake shop at chew & chelten. sorry my friend
gregg striano [03-09-2011]

Re: Midvale avenue crossing Wayne Avenue. Going west from Wayne and Berkley (the corner where Herb's bar was located), on Berkley you quickly (maybe a quarter of a block) encountered a fork in road. Burkley continued up a very steep hill, and Midvale began, to the left, and stayed at ground (flat)level, and ran along side, of all things, Midvale-Hepenstal. Well go figure. Going west, Fernhill park was to the right, and just past the split (fork) the road curved, and the expressway went overhead. I hope this helps. also, I guess technically, that means that Midvale did not cross Wayne Avenue.
John Payne [03-09-2011]

Webmaster: So glad to have you back on site....and happy,also, that your recovery was a 'pretty speedy one"....Linda "F">
L.Fontana [03-09-2011]

Naomi: Although my mom, like most Italian women, didn't believe in 'eating out at restaurants',because she liked her own cooking better (lol) /However, once in awhile on a friday night, we'd eat at Duva's..on Gtn. Ave. Especially this time of year/e.g. Lent - We would be 'fasting' so we would all eat fish or Spag.with tuna or crab sauce on it/ The place was clean and had good foods. Thanks for the memory, Linda "F"
L.Fontana [03-09-2011]

Here is a link to the list of movies that were condemned by the Legion of Decency. The Outlaw was certainly on it. Looking down the list, maybe because the times have so changed, but some included here got my head shaking. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_condemned_by_the_Legion_of_Decency Philly's own Cardinal Dougherty took it even further, calling for a total boycott of the movies and forbidding Catholics in the Philadelphia archdiocese to go to see them. Seems extreme but he apparently became so incensed by a graphic billboard ad. Looks like that rating system went away in 1980.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-09-2011]

Jack Brogan - very funny story. Thanks for the laugh. Your parents' "Irishness" really shown through the words. Can't speak for other ethnicities, but the Irish immigrants back in the day were really concerned about what the neighbors would think... I remember my aunt saying that a common expression of my immigrant Irish grandparents was "Oh be Jesus, what will the neighbors think!"
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-09-2011]

Joe Lynch: The first rock 'n' roll song was Rock Around the Clock with Bill Haley & the Comets in 1954. You were close with Sh-Boom, but no cigar.
anonymous [03-09-2011]

The very first R&R record was "Story Untold" recorded by the NUTMEGS-in the early 50's The disc jockey that played it on the radio was Jocko Conlin on a black radio station--Hello-hello hello this is your engineer JOCKO--remember him????
lou giorno, lou nechs 53 [03-09-2011]

March is here again with it's pissy, weak sun rays that warms neither body nor soul, leaving me shivering in four layers of clothing (Am I in CA?). And despite what the poets say, I think March, not April is the cruelest month. All ready it has carried away several of our peers and friends from old Germantown: Sammy Catalano, Ronnie Manzo, and a member of my own family through marriage, Danny Guerriero of Levittown, Pa. RIP lads, we'll all be reunited soon enough. Now we face the purple vestment season of Lent, with it's ashes, fasting and the end of parties and dances…forty days until Easter and all that delayed gratification we will endure to re-experience the soft, sweet melt of chocolate cremes on the tongue again. It could be worse--Muslim Shiites self-flagellate themselves into a bloody pulp, while our ancestors donned the itchy, coarse hair-shirt for penance. Thank God we are beyond these practices. I recall the excellent Joe Lynch and JBS descriptions of SFA nuns, same good types we had at St Vincent's that made us write out all the things we would give up for Lent. And this so soon after the challenge of selling all those books of chances--three for a quarter--such a deal, for the opportunity to win some junk at the rummage sale held every year in our church hall. God, I detested that practice! It's no small wonder that I never went into sales. (Thank you Mom for buying all those booklets of chances, and a mea culpa to all the neighbors we annoyed.) Of course I would dutifully list the expected Lenten sacrifices: give up candy, impure thoughts (failure) etc. but think like the shrewd St Augustine, "O Lord, help me to be pure, but not yet." Hey, I was a kid whose Id would regularly veto his Superego. Delayed gratification was not in my book of virtues. After some time, I would get so sick of eating canned tuna and pallid, pink, canned salmon- - with all those little white bones in it-- that I once revolted, slammed my fist down on the formica covered kitchen table and swore, like Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind", "Lord if I survive this Lenten season, I swear I'll never, ever eat another stinkin' can of salmon, again." And I haven't! Yet oddly enough, I love fresh Atlantic salmon along with good chili rellenos. But what I really wanted was some of that fine, fresh fish laying on ice in Calavano's Fish Market on Chelten Ave…but it was always just beyond my reach … now, it too, is gone…March, be gone.
kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA., St Vincent's '58, CD '62 [03-09-2011]

Thanks for the clarification on Midvale & Coulter Street crossing Wayne Ave.
denise Duckworth Tumelty [03-09-2011]

Michael Poxon: I am so saddened to hear about the passing of Adolph Krivda,a gentle giant, who was not a Germantowner but played football at Anderson Rec in East Germantown and visted Blue Bell[Gtn.] when you and Marita lived there. Ludmila and I really liked him since he was a gentleman and very moral and sincere. He was very strong and powerful and was a lineman for North Catholic in the 50's. Catholic league Football was supreme and North was a powerhouse during this time. I was friends with John Gillespie whose father Jack was the legendary football coach at North during this period. Jim "Brute" Walsh was the great running back and blockers like AK opened up holes for him. During that time there were 2 other great running backs-Dick Christy from St. James and Bob Glascott from Roman. In the public league, one of the greatest athletes in Philadelphia History was Bo Roberson who was the running-back for Bartram. Bo was All-American for Cornell, was in The Olympics and played professional football. AK and I talked football-especially Catholic League Football. As you know, Adolph Krivda was studying to be a Trappist-monk in Kentucky. He knew Thomas Merton-"Seven Storey Mountain". AK told me how Father Lou[Thomas Merton] was electrocuted accidentally after taking a shower. AK was a craftmans and honed many skills working with The Trappists. He could have worked with Maestro Peter Kapschutschenko,The Renowned Ukrainian Sculptor, whose sculpture resides in your lovely Victorian Home. Ak knew many Germantowners who went to North Catholic. We had a blogger on this site by the name of Mike Deely who might remember AK fro North and some of the other athletes from that era. Mike Deely went to St. Benny's and AK was familiar with that parish and many other parishes from Germantown. You were surprised that I knew so many lads from G-town and Philly. AK understood this phenomenon since we both played CYO Ball. I went to The Jesuit High School in North Philly where Latin was required for 4 years and I read Virgil and Cicero. As a member of the literati, you understand the importance of reading these works for mental calisthenics and cognitive thinking. Joe Lynch, the former jock, from LaSalle jests about my Latin-erudition. I am quite pleased in his mature years that he has literary-currency and is no longer frollicking in dance-halls where another LaSalle guy,Tom Cusack, showcased his stuff. Michael! Being from Indiana,you are a basketball-guy. I played basketball with Joe Lynch at Fernhill Park-he had a decent game and I made him look better. I set up picks and screens for him and made passes to him when I had open shots. As One says in Latin,"Veni,Vidi,Vici". I know that you get it but Lou Pauzano and I take our Latin seriously and when we head to The Pearly Gates, The Jesuits that made it, will greet us in Latin. I will see you and Marita at St. Luke's on March 12. "May Adolph Krivda Rest In Eternal Peace. I and My Fellow Germantowners' Prayers are with you and The Krivda Family.
J. Bruce Schmitt [03-09-2011]

Naomi Vitelli, Duvas was a regular stop every saturday after our games at the boys club, it was caddy corner to James&Jones fabric store. They had good sandwiches and grape rickeys. Spent many a dollar there eating lunch. Richie SFA '64, NC '68
Richard Pio, Born and bred in G-town 1950-95, now in Ocala Fl. area [03-09-2011]

I hear a lot of discussion of Woolworths on Germantown Ave. My Brother Bill was Assistant Manager there, to include the other store on Chelten Ave. I worked at the Germantown Ave Store for a short stint as a stock boy. Did not care much for scrapping the gum from under the deli counters and the continious heat from operating the dishwasher. It was a very busy store. From there I went to working in the Car wash on Chelten Ave. Now that was an experience in itself, and other stories to be told.
Ed, Chester, VA [03-09-2011]

"Cruisin" down the river on a Sunday afternoon. . ." I remember, goin' down the river (Delaware) on the River- View Beach Line at the end of the school year? Altar and choir boys were given free tickets to go by boat to Palmyra (?) New Jersey to the amusement park, a two hour ride on the water. I felt like the boy in "Araby" by James Joyce who goes to the carnival. I waited all year for that day. Willow Grove Park was fine but easily accessible by trolley. Goin' down the river by boat, mind you, to another state was as exotic as it got and was the culmination of hard work in the choir loft, singing "Asperges Me" at the 11 o'clock mass every Sunday. I was never so happy as when I boarded that boat; no trip I've ever taken has matched that 2 hour voyage at 10 years old. They had a juke box on board and the older kids kept feeding it nickels and quarters to jitterbug. I remember the long-lost song "The Bandit," played over and over (It did climb the charts too at Bandstand.). It seemed whole families went to River-View Beach Park, not just kids, and everyone took picnic baskets, plates, table clothes, juice, wwatermelon,and we would swim the afternoon away. Father Kelly (SFA) would check out the girls' bathing suits to make sure they were modest. (Honestly, he was a good man.) And I would kick around, a fish out of water, not knowing what to do with the day. One time, Darlene Dawe, a girl I was fixated on (Tacoma Street) was on the boat, and I couldn't breathe for about 8 hours. It was June and it was busting out all over and the feeling was gettin' so intense, and there was the promise of long, langorous days at the Park, so I guess I was just practicing loafing on that boat, trying to get up the nerve to talk to Darlene, trying not to trip over my feet or drool on my t-shirt. Nat King Cole has a song "If I had to choose just one day. . ."--- THAT would be the day I'd choose from my childhood. (I did get up the nerve to talk to Darlene, we even dated for a few months. She married Johnnny Sutor of Milne Street. . . who had a car.
Joe Lynch SFA57, LSCHS61 Jersey Boy for a day. [03-09-2011]

Denise;I suppose it was Berkley st.just one block north of wayne junction.
JOE DI PASQUALE [03-09-2011]

Tom, Im sure that Alex will get in touch with you ...take care, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-09-2011]

Jimmy McKernan, Thank you for your kind words. I hope all is well with you. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-09-2011]

naomi vitelli, Did your cousin Joe Gallo ever work as a hair stylist ? I will keep him in my prayers. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-09-2011]

Thank you for all the kind good wishes. I'm feeling much better! –Your Webmaster

Hello one and all: Just wanted to state that the date for the LaFontana's Luncheon is May 1,Sunday, at 1:00/p.m.Hope that everyone can make this ..great gathering of "G"towners...and maybe each of you could bring someone new...the more the merrier/ Rosemarie and I will take a head count, as the time draws closer. Thank you, Sincerely, Linda "F"
L.Fontana [03-07-2011]

Bernie, Thank you, and your right my cousins did have quite the reputations but, were good to those they cared for and loved. i do know what that means! :>) Both Sammy and Vic had their own buisnesses but, it was Sam who had the meat business. Im not sure about either of them being able to rip a telephone book in half though ... ha! Sammy will be missed ! Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-07-2011]

Shiela, Thank you, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-07-2011]

HLD, Thank you, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-07-2011]

Webmaster, Sorry to hear you were ill but, happy to hear you are feeling better ... you were missed, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-07-2011]

Tom, The services for Sammy was last Friday. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-07-2011]

I remember there was a list of banned movies. Elvis's Kissin' Cousins was on it. It sticks out in my mind because when I told the other guys at recess that I had seen it the night before they started hooting that I was a sinner. I do remember a lot of skimpy bikinis. I didn't even know there was a list! I think Von Ryan's Express may have been on it too.
Joe DePero, 54 levittown, 70 st mikes [03-07-2011]

Does anyone remember Duvai (Dovays)- -Not sure how to spell it-Coffee Shop on Germantown Ave? My sister Betty spent many days there with friends from Germantown. We also spent many Sunday morings at St. Luke's Church on Germantown Ave. I think Duva's was across the street from the church. I also remember the good old days in Woolworth's One dollar went a long way back then! A note about my cousin Joe Gallo...he is very ill and living in Florida. Thanks to all for keeping Germantown in our thoughts. No pun intended. nv
Naomi Vitelli, East & West Germantown [03-07-2011]

i think "Sh-Boom" was the first rock and roll song, round about 1956. Black singers would record the songs, then white singers would "cover" them and make them more "acceptable" for white audiences. "Ain't that a Shame" was really a Fats Domino song covered by Pat Boone, and the list goes on. I think the Crew Cuts covered "Sh-Booom." I just didn't have the wavy hair or the moves on the dance floor to be great like Tommy Cusack. I spent more than a few nights at SFA dances without ever dancing. Bucky Durney was good when the lights went down, you might say. Going home with a girl, walking her to the door, was the Holy Grail of those Saturday nights. Maybe you would see each other at the 11:15 on Sunday at Mass. Most young people seemed to hang outside the doors smoking while the Mass was going on. Many of us went to the children's mass at 9 o'clock, much kneeling and genuflecting, as I looked for that little red-headed girl across the aisle. One or two of the nuns had a fetish about not going to communion, and they wanted to know, as you stood fidgetting in the back of the room, why you weren't at mass/why didn't you go to communion. Of course we boys said we had broken our fast, drinking a cup of water after midnight, never bothering to mention stolen, sinful kisses that might or might not be sinful. (Thoughts of sinful kisses were also sinful.) That was embarrassing,standing there explaining why you didn't go to communion. Everyone remembers the clickers of the nuns to awaken us and send us on our ways home. Other nuns wanted us to put money in the collections. Kids learned how to fake the contribution with a deft gesture.I once slouched in the pew--you know, you lazily put your butt on the pew when you were suppose to be kneeling upright, and then paid for it by spending that Monday afternoon in detention "until the stars come out." It was 5:30 pm when I left those wooden halls of SFA. Even now I feel guilty about my slovenliness in church. Hmmmm. A blog that began with rock and roll ends with Catholic guilt. That's as it should be, I guess.
Joe Lynch SFA57, LSCHS61--Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit [03-07-2011]

Jim Breen, thanks for your service in country.
Joe Lynch [03-07-2011]

Denise, I think Joe got mixed up, Midvale Ave. turns into Coulter St right past Wissahickon Ave at the train station. Coulter St. crosses Wayne Ave.
Gtn. Guy, Westside [03-07-2011]

Rosemarie,very sad to learn of Sammy Catalano's passing.May he rest in eternal peace.
Jim McKernan, StVdeP 59' CD 63' [03-07-2011]

A Saint Patrick's day wish for Joe Lynch;May the wind be always at your back,May the sun shine warm upon your face,and two feet of snow fall on your driveway...Paul O'Borian
Paul Borian, Germantown Mambo,Olay,Olay [03-07-2011]

Joe Lynch...Always knew that you were a late bloomer.You have surpassed Schmitty as the number one blogger on this site.At long last,you can do something better than Brogan.I have started my annual Happy Hollow snow dance on top of the hill for a St.Paddy's day blizzard.May the Fernhill Park Blarney Stone be covered with two feet of snow on March 17.......Paul Borian
Paul Borian, Where have you gone Bobby Goo,the Hollow Nation misses you,Yea,Yea,Yea....................Yea [03-07-2011]

BUD chuck's number is 610=644-4203. e-mail clubking@comcast.net
RAY DAWES, sfa 57 gtn high 61 [03-07-2011]

Welcome back to the Webmaster. Take two aspirin and a large Jamison with a Guinness back. You'll be fine. The men of the St. Francis of Assisi Holy Name Society took the #53 and the subway down to the Trans Lux on Market Street, or maybe it was the Mastbaum, and walked on a picket line protesting "The Outlaw" with Jane Russell and her aerodynamically (by Howard Hughes) designed bra. I remember hearing my father tell my mother the whole story. He said the men got off the picket line and got in the ticket line. “Agnes, that wee girl needed no designer either.” My mother said, “Go on with ya’, you Amadon. Who was it saw you at that shameful movie. God save us, it’ll be the scandal of the neighborhood.” I can still hear his laughter.
Jack Brogan, I wanna' go back, Jack, and do it again. Wheels goin' round and round [03-07-2011]

Dear webmaster WELCOME HOME Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou 53 nech [03-07-2011]

al paris get my phone number from wis or wilma tried your email it was blocked buddy
buddy curran [03-07-2011]

Bor of The Hollow: I was happy to read that you navigated the financial waters well but were knee-deep and on your knees in water in the the basement in beautiful Bucks County. John Payne of The Hollow and I are concerned about you having been in these dire straits. John[JR.] suggests that you launch an amphious attack on the waterways of Florida and ski on the Intra-coastal or Lake Okeechobee- John was a marine but you would then have 4 basements and you like to ski in The Poconos during the winter. I live in Mercer County with a high water-table and I connect viscerally with your problem. I find the sound of the sump-pump raucous. Back in the day, you had a rep for being a rough tackler in football and you liked The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis, and music would be a palliative as you worked on the problem in your flooded basement. After Heading to the basement, "Going Down", by Leon Russell and JJ Cale would relax you. Kevin McKernan,our California guy, knows San Francisco. In the 60's, there were 2 sisters from San Fran, Sugar Pie Desanto and Etta James who sang,"In The Basement", this would calm you. Ayo had a great number-"Down On Your Knees". Eva Cassidy, had 2 songs for this situation-"Wading In The Water and Walking On Water." You have a very bright and Jesuit-educated wife who solved the ice-problem with the hair-dryer. This was a team-effort and Canned Heat with their lead-singer,The Bear, put out a number-"Let's Work Together". James Brown would tell you that music makes you "Feel Good". Florida is not your answer and good eclectic music is a better remedy. However,"Forget The Drifters", and I hope that you have gotten my drift.
Schmitty: [03-07-2011]

I am sorry about Ronnie Manzo's death. He was one of those kids who made childhood interesting to all of us gazers. There was LIFE wherever he was, and you'd always learn something being around him. (That wasn't always a good thing.) He wore cleats on his Flagg Flyers and would pound them on the metal strips of stairs on the way to the second floor of SFA. You knew he was coming. . .on the third floor, for God's sake. He tested the nuns as we wished we could, but his angelic face and blond hair appealed to Sister Grace's maternal impulses. We gave Ronnie a wide berth, though we lived vicariously through his stories of older girls and forbidden actions. He might have been a part of Brickyard or on the fringe of that gang. He sort of tolerated me as some lumpkin imported from the other side of the tracks. Billy Haas once beat him up in a fight at Logan Park in 8th grade (1956)attended by everyone I knew. We lost track years later, as you might expect. I am sorry he met an early death. Passing each other on Germantown Avenue, we might have paused and laughed at our childhoods in that old stone school on Logan Street with the metal strips long gone from the stairs --dragging our own grandchildren behind us. RIP, Ronnie.
Joe LynchSFA57,LSCS 61-Nobody puts Baby in the Corner. [03-07-2011]

Germantown Boys Club and Camp Indiandale facebook page has reached it's first milestone. We are now http://www.facebook.com/GBC.Indiandale Please visit the page and feel free to start a discussion, post a thought, ask a question, or upload a photo or scan>
John Kazalonis, GBC alum Fernhill/Wayne Junction [03-05-2011]

Rosemarie-forget about the info found Alex on facebook. Wrote him hoping to hear back.
Tom [03-05-2011]

Prayers for the Webmaster. Really! But, why would you go to the Rocky Mountains and get spotted fever when you could go to the Poconos, kill a deer, and drink a Yuengling? A real Germantown guy would go dounna shore and buy a t-shirt on Wildwood's Boardwalk that said "I'm with Stupid" . . .or go to the Germantown Hospital, (53 trolley, 26 bus). . or go to Dr. Kreiger's, Apsley and Wayne, for a sugar pill or Dave's Pharmacy 'round Fernhill Park for some chicken soup . . .or maybe walk--I said walk-- to Women's Medical College for some X-rays and a female perspective (Women-as-doctors, imagine that?). . .Kodner's Drug Store would have been right off the 53 trolley for a quick diagnosis and a cherry coke. .Or just take a Carter's Little Liver Pill or St. Joseph's aspirin or Philips Milk of Magnesia or cod liver oil or castor oil or Doan's Pills. . .Hugs from grandmom always work. . . Mother Rita Josephine (SFA)would have told you to get back to your seat, young man, and offer it up for the poor souls in Purgatory. . .Jack Brogan, your best friend, would take you to the Park and beat the hell out of you on the basketball court,(like he did to me daily) regardless of your 103 temperature. . .JBS would have misdiagnosed you with his big Latin words and written something like "Sic gloria transit mundi" on the prescription pad. . .We would have prayed for you at SFA, l0:15, right before recess, soft pretzels, Mike and Ikes. . .Kids at the Hollow would have said, "Yo, seen the Webmaster, lately?" Somebody else would have said: Got sick. He's OK now. Pass the pepperoni." Kids at the Park would have put down their tennis rackets, wiped their brows on their Ralph Lauren Polo shirts and remarked about their tournament seeds at the Cricket Club.----- Glad you're back, Webmaster,I have a few more things to say. Hunker down for the last few day of winter. Go Strong or Go Home!
Joe Lynch,SFA57,LSCHS61,Something Wicked This Way Comes [03-05-2011]

I thought only in New York did they call front steps stoop.
HLD [03-05-2011]

Roe and Linda - May 1st is good for me.
HLD [03-05-2011]

Roe: Sorry about your cousin Sammy.
HLD [03-05-2011]

Pearl Plavin: You will find a lot of posts about your grandfather, Benny Wise, and other Germantown cobblers on the posts from 1-11-11 to 1-13-11. Enjoy.
anonymous [03-05-2011]

Webmaster: I hope you are feeling better. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?!
John Payne [03-05-2011]

The junk yard -scrap place on GTN Ave that many of you are referring to was known as SAM PLUM'S--I went there many times with scrap metal papers ETC.
Lou Giorno, Lounechs 53 [03-05-2011]

Orville Ballard: Charles' surname is spelled LUBKING; correct spelling may help you find him. I had his email address but don't anymore. Good luck.
CMM [03-05-2011]

Rosemarie, I'm so sorry to hear about Sammy's passing.
Sheila [03-05-2011]

Dear friends, The debate over Stoop verses Steps from my experience is this: Stoops is a New York term. Steps is our Philly term. And that's that. Jimmy Breen from the steps of East Seymour Street.
James F. Breen, 63 year old, East Seymour Street. [03-05-2011]

Noted Joe Lynch's comments on Jane Russel's passing. I met her. She was on a U.S.O. tour in Japan when I was in an American Army Hospital there for three months recovering from a gunshot wound in Vietnam. (Feb. 1967)She had to wear a sterile gown because it was in the Septic ward due to infections. She was our Dad's pin up gal during WW2 but she was still gorgeous. She stayed over a full hour just in our ward signing autographs and talking to us. Very kind Lady. We never forgot her. Jim Breen, East Seymour Street.
James F. Breen, 63 year old, East Seymour Street. [03-05-2011]

Dear master Web, Glad you are back. I thought you hit the instant and drove off in your hot car. Get better. Jim Breen.
James F. Breen, 63 year old, East Seymour Street. [03-05-2011]

WEBMASTER---hope you are getting better-I was worried about you-thanks for all your hard work.
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [03-05-2011]

Welcome back webmaster. I missed you. Hope you are OK. Guetings (sp) was the only shoe store that could fit my long skinny feet. Weren't those fluoroscopes cool. You could see the nails in your shoes as well as your bones. Joe Dipasquale - Where did Wayne Ave cross Midvale? I took the train frequently from Glenside to downtown & still looked for the VICKS tower. My parents loved to eat at the diner and they finally took the GASSNER name off where my father worked at Wayne Ave & Apsley. It was there till a few years ago. the company closed in the early 70's.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [03-05-2011]

Rosemarie Malageri-it hurts me to hear the news of sam's passing.would like to send some flowers hope its not to late.can you give me the funeral info.
Tom [03-05-2011]

JOE LYNCH,we were all Irish on St.Patricks day at ST.FRANCIS. That brings back a lot of fond memories,still makes me smile inside and out,by the way happy St.Patricks day.
JOE DI PASQUALE [03-05-2011]

Son of Paleface condemned? I did not know that! Growing up, it was one of my favorite movies and saw it countless times. One time, when movies had continued performances on Sunday, my mother sent my sister to come get me to come home for dinner, as I sat through it 3-4 times! I knew something was going on with Jane Russell, but still too young to understand exactly what it was. I just enjoyed the interaction of Bob Hope with Roy Rodgers. One of the funniest scenes was with Bob Hope in bed in Trigger. Hard to believe that a film with Roy Rodgers was condemned.
John Fleming, Tampa Bay, Florida CD'62 [03-05-2011]

Glad to hear you are recovering, hope your good health continues. We missed you..........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rosemarie Hite Malageri, Sorry to hear of your loss. I didn't know you were part of the Catalano family from Cowtown. Sammy, & Victor were feared throughout Gtn when I was a kid. I met Victor & a friend of his by the name of Snyder one day & they turned out to be kool kats. Still bad "Mo Fo's " though if you ex Cowtowner's know what I mean. I understand Victor (Vic) had a business later with processing quality meat cuts. Great, love to hear of Germantowners making the grade. Most of the fellas I hung around with couldn't read a telephone book but they could rip one in half. That accounts for my going unscathed growing up in Germantown.
bernard f mc kernan [03-05-2011]

Webmaster, sorry to hear of your illness. Glad to hear you are ok. This is a great website that providwes enjoyment to many....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-05-2011]

Joe D'Agostino, thanks for the reminder about The Big Store. I forgot all about that store. I used to get my Converse All-Stars (Chucks) there, among other things.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [03-05-2011]

Webmaster: Please get well soon! So sorry to hear you are ill. My best wishes for a speedy recovery.
MEK [03-05-2011]

Your webmaster came down with a 103° fever last Friday and was rushed to the ER. Seems he contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, of all things! Is feeling much better and is very glad to be back to work. Apologies for the missed week. You'll enjoy catching up on the entries which follow. Thanks for the kind thoughts and words.

Dear WebMaster--- I hope you're OK. frank klock.
FRANCIS KLOCK [03-04-2011]

Webmaster: I hope that you are okay, & just on a vacation, because these messages have been the same ones all week...Respectfully. L A F
L.A.Fontana [03-04-2011]

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Paul Wall. Lou Giorno
Lou giorno, lounech53 [03-04-2011]

Webmaster,No new postings since 2/27?????
George Schurr [03-04-2011]

How well I remembr Fasano's they had a food market 4900 block Wayne Ave and the day Jerry,one of the sons, lost the tip of his finger while grinding meat and talking to a customer. Ther was alos another market just us the street from Fasano's called Paalo's spelling may be wrong.
Al Paris [03-04-2011]

I enjoy reading about the old days. To many of you, you may remember me, buddy Curran, Ed skully, Eddie Anskis and Carl Maketa. Or my brother Paul Paris. All the days at Happy Hollow.
Al Paris, I lived in Germantown from 1950 to 1963. My parents lived there from 1950 to 1983 and owed the May Flower Shop on Wayne Ave [03-04-2011]

Someone long before mentioned a Louis Corrado, went by the name of Fly. Believe he lived on Magnolia by High Street
anonymous [03-04-2011]

Joe Lynch,Ronnie Manzo passed away about 10 years ago.He lived in Florida,came back to Phila to visit family and died at his brothers home.
gtn girl, gtn,pa. [03-04-2011]

Joe Lynch, I loved your comments and memories about the junk yard near the New lyric Theater. On the weekends Me and my Dad....collected junk metals, papers and collectibles for sale to that junk yard. He was so respectible to us kids. Can't remember his name. He was so.....cool to us. Bottles, cans.....Antiques......and any heavy metal objects was his business. As a kid? I made my tuition for North Catholic High School from all of my collections. This....plus my two paper routes....The Inquire.....and the Germantown Courier. Steady....gorgeous customers. God love them all. James Francis Breen, East Seymour Street...the 50's....Philly.
James F. Breen [03-04-2011]

Lou Giomo" "Stoop?" Never! We did porches only after a Jewish friend told me that "Stoop" in Yiddish is the "F" bomb! We weren't stuporous in East Germantown.
Kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA., St Vincent's '58, CD '62 [03-04-2011]

Hmm, is the website is dying. I guess there are just so many memories. No posting since Saturday.It's a shame; there is so much to write about. It's a little like a marriage; you wonder how you can speak with your spouse over dinner for 40 years, and then, you do it every night of your life. And she continues to astound you with what you don't know about her. When the kids go, that's the test, I think, of a marriage. You have to fall back on the truths that brought you together in the first place. Only you're much older and much more lame and indifferent and bored and just along for the ride. But, as the Beach Boys said, "God only knows where I'd be without you."
Joe Lynch, Ph.D, DVD, Family Practice [03-04-2011]

Attention JOE LYNCH, the SFA Luncheon is on tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 12 noon at the BUCK Hotel. Let me know if you can make. I have to give a head count. At the present time there are 25 people attending. Most are from SFA 56, and others from 55 and 58. BUD.
Orville T. BALLARD, sfa 56, nchs 60 [03-04-2011]

Well, Jane Russell died, she who was the subject of my last blog. I saw her at the Orpheum with Bob Hope in 1952 "Son of Paleface," a film that was condemned by The Catholic Standard and Times. (How many of you risked your souls at 9 years of age in such a bold, defiant move?) I can't believe I was 9 and walked from Wayne Junction up to Chelten Ave with some other lads to see a Condemned movie. Jane was an eye full, even for a 9 year old, I can tell you, though I didn't see or understand the controversy at the time. Now that I see her 1950's photo on the Inquirer obituary page, I wonder why I didn't sneak back again to the Orpheum again for another forbidden peek! In another year, we wrote post cards in school (SFA)denouncing the New Lyric Theatre for showing "The Moon is Blue" because of one phrase,"a professional virgin," in the film, and then the post card writing began--children, The Holy Name Society and The Sodality. This was called Catholic Action in the Baltimore Catechism--taking a stand against evil. I and all my classmates wrote the words written on the blackboard by the nun, handed in the yellow (!) postcards and hoped that one day we would be old enough to see this immoral "Moon is Blue." Anyway,thank you, Ms. Russell, for helping a small boy grow up into a sturdy man. RIP Jane Russell (1921-2011)
Joe Lynch SFA57,LSCHS61, Save me the aisle seat. [03-04-2011]

Attention Ray Dawes, do you have Chuck LUDICAn address and telespone number. chuck gave me this information at the last luncheon. Ray DAWES please give thisn information to me so I can contact Chuck LUBICAN. BUD.
ORVILLE T. BALLARD, sfa class 1956, nchs class 1960 [03-04-2011]

On Saturdays Joe Lynch and I would go "up the avenue," to Woolworth's on Chelten. We went fishin" there, and caught many more fish than I ever caught at the Wissy. That large fish tank downstairs in the pet department at Woolworth's had these little nets. They were meant for serious tropical fish collectors I guess. The nets were about three inches across and they had a long handle so you could chase the most reluctant gold fish down to the bottom.. It was difficult work, but you could scoop up a fish and feel the rush the hunter feels. The Woolworth's lady would eventually kick us out, but then we'd move to Guidings' shoe store for a floriscope of our feet. I did that so many times it's a wonder my feet haven't fallen off. I've been a fisherman ever since, and my feet are killing me.
Jack Brogan, I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night. [03-04-2011]

To those of you who know my family the Catalano's ... It is with great saddness that i relay this news ... My cousin Sam Catalano passed away this morning ... His children have announced this on face book along with the funeral arrangements. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-04-2011]

does anyone remember the dress lady Mary Hartley that went to homes to sell dresses and she had a christmas part at her house every year. Does anyone remember where she lived?
anonymous [03-04-2011]

Good-bye, February. Only Paul Borian on the slopes could like this winter. Why isn't he down in Clearwater right now, given his baseball background? March First is always the beginning of spring for me. I saw sprouts and shoots and the last small mound of snow on the lawn today--good signs. At SFA, the entire month, it seemed,during the 1950s was dedicated to St. Patrick. It wasn't just the shamrocks and the 40 shades of green on every door; it was the Irish Variety Musical Show that we boys had to put on in the auditorium.I sang, "H-A-DOUBLE-R-I-GAN spells Harrigan, Proud of all the Irish blood that's in me. . .Devil a man to say he were agin me. . ." We had to wear these bright green hats and one-size-fits-all-vests with a cane in our hands during our two-step fandango. And guess what? My brother Tommy and sister Kathy had to pay to see me dance. Children not in the extravaganza had to pay a quarter to hear me sing and dance to "If you're Irish, come into the parlor, there's a welcome there for you . . . "I don't know what Joe DiPasquale and Joe Razzano thought about all this Irish lunging and plodding. (I tried looking at my feet to keep the beat and avoid the snickers of my friends, John Fries, Chuck Lubking, Ray Dawes. I did not want to look at the girls Carole Scampton, Judy Kiely, and Veronica Carmody who could make my life miserable the next week.) In retrospect, I'm glad I trod the boards, vaudeville style, for the Saint who drove the snakes out of Ireland. For one brief shining moment, with all the scattered applause and muffled giggles from my "friends," I felt Irish and proud and confident. Thank you, Sister John Anita, wherever you are!
Joe Lynch, SFA57, LSCHS61--I am angry.I am dissatisfied.I am Irish. [03-04-2011]

Dear Dr. Terranova: I could not believe the coincidence of my eldest grandson having to go to you for "clearance" on his concussion and that he was able to resume play for Southern's Hockey team..What a very smallworld. Thanx again and maybe this summer we shall meet in Brant Beach. Thanks again, Mike Deely
Mike Deely, hhi, sc [03-04-2011]

Hi, one and all "G" towner's...I want to invite everyone to the LaFontana gathering again...Rosemarie Hite-Malageri/and I want to know if May 1st, sunday at 1:00 is good for you all?If that turns out to be a bad time for everyone, then we will consider May 15th sunday instead....Just let us know if you would like to attend..thanks you, Sincerely, Linda "F"
L Fontana [03-04-2011]

My cousin Bob D’Angelo sent me an e-mail that had me thinking. Me thinking is always dangerous, but he sent me something about our parents and how they would save or repair things. I remember my mom saving foil wrap, and using sewing thread to mend holes in our screens. I recall how I could not wait for the TV repair man to come and replace the tube(s) in our TV, always prayed that it was not the Picture Tube. Shoes could always be repaired and I never thought of throwing away a baseball because the cover came off, wasn’t that the purpose of electric tape? That tape was made from a real sticky material, not the vinyl stuff used today. I remember using it to save a cracked bat too. I think we used some real gooey stuff to mend our sneakers, but I cannot recall the name. We could go to “The Big Store” and get T-shirts with the numbers on upside down and cared less about it. We all knew how to repair flats on our bikes and mend our gloves. Most of us came from parents that went through the Great Depression, still have no idea why they called it “Great”, other than the fact that it made our parents GREAT! Joe DAgostino_GHS 1965
Joe DAgostino [03-04-2011]

Denise Duckworth Turnelty;I went passed wayne junction last week,the VICKS tower is still standing although it is painted solid gray,the dinner is gone as is HERBS bar on the corner of wayne ave and midvale.A great place to grow up,John Payne,Ed"MONK"Mcauley,Jim Kehan,Frank Klock and the rest of us shot darts played 8 ball and drank 10 cent beers on tap,I don't remember where we went after we were 21.
Joe DiPasquale [03-04-2011]

(with apologies to Paul Simon)

(singing)"AND HERE I AM






(singing)"I'M GOING TO GRACELAND...)

FRANK KLOCK [03-04-2011]

Anon. how about leather cleats that were nailed into the soccer shoe,(brown bombers), the lucky passes for the New Lyric Theater, Converse sneakers (Chucks), pimple balls cut in half and a broom stick. etc., etc., etc. Those were the days my friend!
anonymous, Old Germantown [03-04-2011]

Hi Pearl Plavin...Welcome to the Germantown webb site.This is Paul Borian.Should I remember you from Wayne ave.and Germantown High School?My address was 4560 Wayne Ave,and graduated from Germantown High School in 1956(with high honors in Guarinello logic,cheating in poker,baseball and basketball,and bullying)With that said,I guess that you had the good fortune of not hanging out with me......Junior Payne...You have no idea what it is like living in a house with a private septic system and private well.It is exciting and challenging at times.Believe it or not,we are experiencing thunderstorms in Doylestown on the last day in Feb.But hey,life is great!The power is on,and I hear the lovely sounds of my sump pump,pumping away.Music to my ears! Better than the Drifters....Paul Borian
Paul Borian, I love my old Germantown plumber,Coleman [03-04-2011]

Pearl Plavin,Do you remember the Schurr family?We lived at 203 Clapier.My sister Joann asked me if I had seen any info about you.Unfortunately she is currently in the hospital recovering from heart surgery.I will let her know that you have posted as soon as I can.I also remember you and your family.
George Schurr [03-04-2011]

Scanning the posts has become an almost daily activity for me in the hopes of seeing a familiar name or location from my childhood in Germantown. Whenever I come across a blog with no relevance to me, I simply scroll down...this being the same strategy used with channel surfing or perusing a newspaper or magazine. Rather than attack the webmaster whose time and energy have provided many former Germantowners with quite the enjoyable diversion from the present, may I suggest just not reading what does not appeal rather than ticking off someone who's providing such an entertaining site.
Patricia Carr [03-04-2011]

Joe lynch, sorry to say Ronnie Manzo passed away a few years ago.We were friends and fought together on Kid Gloves a TV show in the 50's.
joe leone [03-04-2011]

I heard the Germantown Town Hall on Germantown Ave is scheduled to be demolished. What a shame, too many historical buildings in Gtown/Philly have already been razed to the ground.
Ed Farrar, Chester, VA [03-04-2011]

Helen Leone D'Angelo You brought back some good memories of the "Saturday ritual walk to woolworths" ! Do you also remember the girls with those hugh curlers in the hair walking the Ave. on a Saturday... i believe this was also a ritual ... Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-04-2011]

Lou Giorno, You are correct ... stoop meant the front steps to the house, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [03-04-2011]

To John Bruce Schmitt Really enjoy your posts. When is the book coming out? MJK's brother passed after a brief illness. Memorial Service set for March 12 at 11 am at St Luke the Evangelist RC Church, Glenside, PA.
T Michael Poxon, EastOakLane [03-04-2011]

Ed Burke: You might be a little older now but you are aging like a fine wine. You and I go way back to our days on Hansberry St. which was a nice street. The Germantown Cricket Club bordered Hansberry and it was a great place to play even if we were not members. I am still friends with your old neighbor,Tom Wilkins, who always beat me in darts at The Continental. Tom was a decent shooter but The Burke Family had talent in that arena- especially Ed Burke Sr. who honed his skills in Kensington. I would never shoot against you or any family member for a wager. In April, we will be hanging out at The Buck. Bud Ballard is a great organizer and he has contacted many of your SFA classmates including larry Farrell. I have not seen Larry F. since the 50's. I wondered what happened to Bill Lineheiser who was in your class. I find it interesting that you have a penchant for books. The book that was written about Peter Kapschutschenko,The Renowned Sculptor,was written in Ukrainian and focused on art and sculpture. The preponderance of Ludmila Kapschutschenko-Schmitt's books were written in Spanish with an emphasis on Latin America. You are welcome to read my personal books which focus on art,sculpture,horses, and fundamental and technical analysis of investing and finance. Ed! We are retired and heading home, all we have to do is ride it out and enjoy the sun and have some fun.
Bruce Schmitt [03-04-2011]

Maryanne Kehan (Pacan) passed away on 2/24/11 after a long illness. Maryanne was a great person,mother,grandmother and friend. Rest in peace Mare.
Nana [03-04-2011]

In addition to Woolworth's on the "Avenue", I remember another store..... "Big John's". As a "cool" teenager, I was embarrased to be seen in that store. I remember, one year, going into the "Big John's" store with my mom & my mom buying a VERY LARGE turkey platter (ceramic). The cost of that platter was $1.00 My mom carried it home (on the 52 trolley) in a very large brown shopping bag which had the "Big John's" name on it. I still have that platter & have used over the years (58 at least) to serve many turkey dinners on it. Every time I do, I think about the fun times shopping on the "Avenue" & the Big John's store. I think the Dollar Tree of today is comparable to the "Big John's" of yesteryear.... minus the character. Thanks for the memories.
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55; cdhs '59 [03-04-2011]

I always heard the term "stoop" used for the white marble steps on houses which did not have a porch no matter where in the city they were located.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [03-04-2011]

(Cont.) When we went to the Scrap Shop, down from The New Lyric Theatre, some kids would wet the newspaper pages in the middle to give a hefty weight to the wagon load. I wasn't sure whether that was mortal or venial sin. On Saturdays at The New Lyric, we were given a yellow post card with a long number on it. If my number matched their number on the chalk board the next week, I got in for free. Kids threw them away after the show and I collected them off the street so I could save 10 cents the next week and see Flash Gordon or Gene Autry and the Thunder Riders plus about 3 hours of Road Runner cartoons. Ah, bliss. Once I saw a Frankenstein trailer and was so frightened, I had to sleep on the floor of my parents' bedroom for two nights. I was sure the Fiend knew my address and would take the 53 trolley, get off at Apsley Street, and kill me. I still sleep with a light on but I have gotten over the habit of looking under my bed or in the closet. Baby Steps, Bill Murray says. The Catholic Standard and Times used to publish a list of "Condemned" and "Morally Objectionable" films for all us Catholics. I could never figure out why I would go to hell for attending "The Moon Is Blue," while Craig Middleton, my Protestant neighbor, was free to indulge in cinematic license with no eternal penalty. I saw a "Condemned" movie, "Son of Paleface" with Bob Hope and Jane Russell at the Orpheum Theatre. I couldn't figure out why it was condemned, until someone said "Dummy,every movie Jane Russell makes is condemned." I was 13 when I saw what men saw in Jane Russell. And, magically the mystery was solved: "Oh, I get it. . " At that moment,I realized I wanted to see every Bob Hope movie ever made.
Joe Lynch,SFA57,LSCHS61,And gladly would he learn and gladly would he teach [03-04-2011]

Ted Silary: I liked your answer to Linda Fontana's question about the basketball coach at Holy Family who made a mistake when he pushed one of his players. On Sunday, I went to a Communion-breakfast at The Prep and Jim Murray was honored as alumnus of the year. Jim Murray is from Germantown and you know him well since he is The Prep AD and soccer-coach for 40 years. I was sitting with Vince Jimmy Panetta, the former football coach from Malvern and Prep graduate. Like you, he thought the coach was wrong but he was a good coach and was punished severely. My classmate George Burr S.J. had to hire another football coach at The Prep. Woody Hayes was a tough coach but he stayed on for many years since he won. Bobby Knight would go on crazy rants and he coached for years. Speedy Morris was at The Communion-breakfast and I don't have to tell you that he is one of the greatest high-school coaches in Philadelphia history. Ted! I always enjoy your fair and objective comments and you are smart to avoid political commentary.
John Bruce Schmitt [03-04-2011]

To Anonymous who posted on 2/26 - Thanks for mentioning buck-buck. My wife never heard of it, so it's nice to read that someone else remembers playing it.
Steve Swift, E. Stafford St. [03-04-2011]

Pearl Plavin: I wrote a blog entry here about your grandfather. You might enjoy it.
John Payne [03-04-2011]

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