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February 21-28, 2011

Hi, I saw Paul Borian's name and had to stop and write. I used to live on Wayne Avenue and I attended Fitler Elementary School and Germantown High. My grandfather, Bennie Wise, had a shoe repair shop on the 49 hundred block of Wayne Avenue next to Schenk's Bakery. What a wonderful place in which to grow up. So many lovely memories of a neighborhood that was unique and memorable. My name is Pearl.
Pearl Plavin, Now living in Warminster [02-27-2011]

Yeah - the VICKS towere always told me when to get ready to get off the train. I loved the Woolworth's luncheonette counter
denise Duckworth Tumelty [02-27-2011]

Joe Lynch the 23 trolley did not rurn to often after midnight either. I walked from 6700 GTN AVE TO 4900 many a night kept me thin. Are you available for the luncheon at the Buck hotel. Chuck Lubican made the last one.
Ray Dawes, 67 years old class of 57 SFA Germantown 61 [02-27-2011]

We used to take metal--old radiators and metal to the Scrap Man on Gtn. Ave. just below the New Lyric Theatre, across from Halpern's Fish Market (Marcus was in '57 class at SFA). Of course, we called him Fish. I am surprised Ronnie Manzo's name hasn't surfaced on this site. He was a tough kid, small and wiry but scary in other ways. I always tried to stay on his good side, on the other side of the schoolyard. He was, you might say, a little bit more mature with the girls than we were, so, of course, he taught us the secrets of femaleness, most of which was wrong. He did have a reputation in the schoolyard for terror, though. James Christopher was his sidekick and they were an imposing duo. (See Farkas and Friend in "A Christmas Story," and you'll know what I mean). On another topic, weren't black kids allowed to play basketball at the Boys Club? My brother Tom and I and John Fries, Charley Soley, the Kohlmiers, we all walked up to the Club on Penn Street at night, twice a week, to play soccer outside in our Sunday shoes. Short pants, colored t-shirt and, yes, the Reader's Digest protecting our shins in 20 degrees weather. I never noticed any segregation, but, maybe there was. Our parents always let us go to the Club without trouble (I think)and we returned home at 10 o'clock and went to school the next day. At the Club those Italian kids from St. Michael's were great soccer players--Chi Chi and Jo Jo and Ricky Troise and they always beat us 1-0. They had cute girlfriends who wore too much lipstick for 6th graders, and we wanted to be cool like Chi Chi and Jo Jo to attract the girls' attention. When we finally got to be cool on the field, then, they'd score their goal. We didn't figure out this female diversion until high school--by then it was too late.We had given up soccer and coolness.
Joe Lynch, I've done bad things, but Jesus loves me anyway. [02-27-2011]

What does the word STOOP mean? In GTN I think it meant front steps of a house--I could wrong. Lou giorno
lou giorno, lou nech 53 [02-27-2011]

Lou Giomo: You brought up the subject of integration at GBC in the 50's. I remember playing ball with the black guys at GBC in the 50's. The first African-American kid that I remembered was Steve Daniels. Steve D. went to Central, was smart and played both soccer and basketball. Steve was friendly with a big black guy by the name of Frank Tabb. The Chapelle Brothers played sports at GBC and they were also African_Amercans. One night at The Boys Club, Mike Mugsy Masterson had an altercation with one of The Chapelle Brothers-probaly Sammy. They took it to the streets-The Acme parking-lot at Gtn.&Bringhurst. I remember Jack Smith,the great athlete, and possibly Joe Brownholtz being there. Mugsy and the black dude were slugging it out when the little Chapelle brother starts hitting MIke. Jack Smith stopped the fight. This was a simple fight between 2 warriors and it got ugly and it was good that Jack Smith was there. I always liked Jack Smith and it was not simply because he was a great athlete. I played some ball at Wissahickon Boys Club which was all black. Herb Adderly[NFL] and Bill Cosby played ball at WBC. Herb and Charles Adderly were outstanding athletes. Charles Adderly should have been a professional athlete but he got himself into big trouble in the 50's. He went on a long vacation where there were no beaches or ski-slopes. Joe Lynch from Fernhill, talked about how we played ball with black-athletes. Leroy and Pat Kelly were Fernhill guys who were also great African-American athletes. In the 50's, I also played ball at The Hollow where the ethnic-population was mostly Italian and Irish. I can only remember 1 black guy whose name was Paul Wall and he was a nice person. At Kendrick playground in Roxborough, the kids were also white. However, Venice Island in Manayunk, black kids played there. At The Wister School in The Brickyard,most of the kids were black. From my perspective, the racial composition of a playground or park depended on the neighborhood. Many times when I went to The Y in Princeton, I was a minority. Obviously, America is changing and we are living in a multi-cultural society. Lou! Keep posting and I think most Germantowners are accepting this changing society. However, Americans are polarized on the issue of government and pubic-employees and I am not going there.
John Bruce Schmitt [02-27-2011]

Joe Lynch: Your memory is fantastic. How do you recall all the things you do? Did you have a video camera back then and never told us of your invention? “Golf Balls at Walnut Lane”, I recall doing that only after you said it. I lived on Fernhill Road, near you. My sister was Quinta D”Agostino, who was closer to your age. I remember you, and Tom as well as the Middleton’s and Brogan’s. My closest friend was John Petty (who recently passed) and my cousins were Tony, Joe and Bob D’ Angelo. You have some great reads, as well as JBS. Anyway, just wanted to say, keep it up. Joe Dagostino-GHS 1965
Joe DAgostino [02-27-2011]

I wrote that piece about Germantown, because I felt that this site sometimes drifts away from it’s main intentions. Our Webmaster wants us to talk more about our Germantown, past and present, than to make it a political forum. I agree, I love reading the stories about looking for golf balls at Walnut Lane, and hanging out at Dave’s Drug Store. The times at the Hollow and the Park are great reads. Some of you have better memories than I, so I tend to speak more in generalizations than specifics. I blame some of that on my time in the Marines and my tour in Vietnam. I think that has a tendency to cloud everything prior to that time. We all have some wonderful times growing up in a place that was very special to all of us in our separate ways. For me, Germantown was a place where my life was spent looking for girls and playing sports to keep my mind off looking for girls. I used to play baseball at the Boy’s Club and Fernhill Park and could see the lights at Connie Mack and dreamed of playing there myself one day. I very seldom drive through the old neighborhood for I live near Long Beach Island, but when I do, I think of the great times I had. Someone said I run the risk of being stuck in the 50’s, but I feel that maybe some of the values we learned in those days should still be here now. Someone mentioned the article about the Holy Family basketball player who got drilled by his coach, I do not know if that was right or wrong, but what I do know is in our day, we would have told that story to our dad’s and got drilled again. Times change and so do values, and that my friends is sad.-Joe DAgostino GHS,1965
Joe DAgostino [02-27-2011]

Marie B. Woolworths was a small world unto itself. It was a Saturday afternoon ritual to walk out the avenue and shop (with no money) and mingle with friends. The song "Come Saturday Morning" always reminds me of this "we're walking for miles in our saturday smiles". I especially enjoyed the records department at the back of the store where you could listen to any new release on 45rpm and maybe meet some cute boys. I can hear the squeeking of the old wood floors smell the perfume samples of Midnight in Paris. I hope you can make our next gettogether Marie.

The name "Fasano" continues to come up here.... A photo of a Germantown woman was posted on FriendsofImmaculate.com that was subsequently identified as Rose Fasano Nespoli. In case this woman is related to the Fasanos being mentioned here, and you may have known her or of her, here is a link to her photo: CLICK/A> ....and another photo of her there: CLICK
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-27-2011]

Marie, I remember the pet department at Woolworths. I bought turtles, fish and parakeets there. I remember the tall thin lady too. You could also get a pretty good ice cream sundae at Woolworths. It was called the Tulip Sundae and cost only .25 cents.
Sheila [02-27-2011]

To Bor: The pump don't work cause the vandals took the handle. I'm not a plumber, but I am political. Time to get off the dime, or in this case the ninety eight dollars. Is it really that much? Per hour? Time to move to Florida Bor. The worst that will happen is you might find an alligator in your drain, or worse yet, a golf ball. LOL
JohnPayne [02-27-2011]

JOE DAGOSTINO Well said--that was Germantown--when I need to feed my soul I usually play THE DRIFTERS -loud!
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956--Little Flower 1960 [02-27-2011]

Joe Dag, Ditto on Germantown. As to the player at Holy Family College, it's a good thing he never played in the Cage at the Germantown Boys Club.
Dave Linn, GBC Alum [02-26-2011]

To Linda (and all): The Holy Family situation was a mess for all involved. As we know by now, coach O'Connor has resigned and he'll try to find a job elsewhere. His work through the years has earned him many friends/admirers. What he did was wrong, no doubt. Here's hoping people don't forget that his career has been filled with 99 percent "rights." Thanks.
Ted Silary [02-26-2011]

born and raised in Germantown, Morton St.,Cosgrove St. then moved to Rox.
maryanne filosa, Holy Rosary '48 Little Flower '52 [02-26-2011]

Let's not be petulant with the Webmaster. His best quality is his invisibility. Frankly, people should be as concise or prolix as they want to be and on any topic they see fit to write about. It's America, after all. Why should I shut you down because you're not talkin' 1957 and Fasano's Produce Counter? We all have warm noses and need to be petted once in a while. I say, let the good times roll on this blog--within limits, of course. Err on the side of the writer's taste, common sense, insight. Someone might have a comment about his or her grandchildren. I'd like to hear about that happiness of a former neighbor. . .or maybe not. I'll just go on to the next entry. Religion and politics here in this space just make for bad vibes and arguments and misunderstandings. Let's make this blog what old Germantown once was; only I wish the 53 trolley ran more regularly after midnight. Try to Remember.
Joe Lynch, SFA57,LSCHS 61--a callow fellow [02-26-2011]

A link to great info on the Wissahickon Boys Club.... http://explorepahistory.com/hmarker.php?markerId=996
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [02-26-2011]

Joe D'Agostino - well said.... Though you run the risk of being accused of being stuck in a 50s time warp, thanks for sharing those sentaments and memories of Germantown of yesteryear....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown - IC-'70, CD-'74 [02-26-2011]

Joe D'Agostino, You said it perfectly. We are all very fortunate to have Germantown as our home. Thanks for saying it so beautifully.
MEK [02-26-2011]

Germantown Flashbacks: Pimple Balls, Duncan Yo-Yos, soccer shoes with screw-in studs and Readers Digest for shin guards, Trinity Dance, Yearsley Post, Allen's, Woolworths, penny candy, the Boys' Club, Fern Hill, the Marion Street Witch, buck-buck, Vernon Park, Wayne Junction, the old 23 car, Shulte's Cigar Store, the escalators at C.A. Rowells' store, Keds, Sam's Delicatessen, Dennis Cafe, Camp Indiandale, the Wayne Avenue Playhouse, Abbottsford Homes, Fitler School, Wister Woods, the Vicks Vap-O-Rub tower, Saturday matinees at the New Lyric.
anonymous [02-26-2011]

Joe A., nice post about Germantown.
Sheila from Penn & Magnolia [02-26-2011]

That piece,"What is a Germantown" is a perfect memory of the place and the time by Joe DAgostino (2-24-2011). Really good.Wish I had said those things. Nobody I knew was rich; everybody got socks and underwear for Christmas. We graduated from P.F. Flyers to U.S Keds and maybe Converse All Stars if we saved our quarters.Some people had cars and gave us rides when we had to go Gtn. and Chelten or SFA on a cold day. Why would you go into Center City when everything you needed was at Penney's, Allen's or C A Rowell's? The Brogans house had a phone (GL-5-7672)and when the call was for us, Jack ran down Fernhill Road to 4614 and told us to hurry up to 4634, his house, because a cousin was calling us.Kids in the neighborhood piled into a house to watch Saturday cartoons in the early 1950s--a little Dumont TV. Mrs. Dopey (we called her the dog's name)cheerfully let us watch Patches and The Big Top on Saturday plus a few hours of cartoons. Thanks, Mrs. Dopey, wherever you are. George, the peppermint man, would come home from work and give all the children (He and his wife, alas, had none.) peppermints as he stepped into his house. We thought Mrs. Powderley was a witch, but belatedly, we realize she suffered from dementia. Shame on us. She did scare us though. People definitely kept their problems indoors, away from prying eyes. We rarely talked to anyone who wasn't Catholic/Irish when we were children.In the Park, the Hollow, you met Italians, Poles, Jews, Protestants, private school kids. (What a country!) I even knew a Puerto Rican kid, Junior, who hung out in the Park and was always chosen in our softball games. The more we expanded our world--Germantown Boys Club, playing against the black kids from Midvale, the Kellys, etc.,fishing the Wissahickon, walking to Connie Mack Stadium on Knothole Day, looking for golf balls under bushes at Walnut Lane GC--the more confidence you got in yourself. Thanks, again, Joey DAg.And The Drifters' "There Goes My Baby" is the best 50s rock and roll song ever written!
Joe Lynch, SFA 57, LSCHS 61-- Unindicted Co-Conspirator [02-26-2011]

Joe Lynch: I'm happy to see that you are still posting and were not offended being labeled a liberal. Some of my friends are liberal although my political compass does not point to the left. Helen[HLD] believes there is room for a myriad of thoughts on this Web-site. The Web-master faces a daunting challenge and I think that he is a humanist like some of The Brothers from LaSalle. Joe! I have no problem if you are a liberal or that you are a graduate of LaSalle. I don't even know if you are a liberal since I never talked politics with you. Many people on this site were connected with The Teamsters including Ray Dawes who was in your class at SFA[1957]. Bernie McKernan who could compete with Frank Sharpy Felice with his resplendent attire, was also a member of The Teamsters. Your neighbor,Dave Byrne, knew Frank Sheeran, The Infamous Teamster President from Wilmington. My point is that all these guys were not liberals but they believed in collective bargaining. We must try to be rational and civil on this site. I am satisfied to read your comments about books since many of us did read books growing up in G-town. I commend you on your great contribution on "The History of LaSalle". Some of my good friends went to LaSalle. One could make the case that LaSalle was a Germantown-Institutions since so many Germantowners went there. Incidentally, Tex Flannery, The Legendary LaSalle Football Coach, went to St. Francis, our Alma-Mater. Can you imagine LaSalle's record if Tex liked offense. I trust that you never drank at Tex's bar at Wayne Junction. The Hollow guys always hung at Nick's-Wayne&Logan in case you forgot. I am impressed that you read Goethe. There is so much to be gleaned from the writings of The Great Master. His greatest work was Faust and one learns never to make a pack with the devil. Goethe also took umbrage with agressive stupidity[a translation]. I hope none of the bloggers take umbrage with my response to your high-level blog. We can talk about Bobby Goo's pick&roll or the zone-press and then other people will be upset. I know you were not into The Grateful Dead but we got to keep on trucking or what's the alternative.
Bruce Schmitt [02-26-2011]

Joe Dagostino My sentiments also. Joanne Posimo
joanne posimo [02-26-2011]

Paul Dann....On 3/23/2005 you indicated that you have a book 1926, Guide to Historic Germantown, by Charles F Jenkins. Also a news paper clipping Story of Ancient Wyck. Please contact me at terri_hunsberger@yahoo.com I am interested in speaking with you. Thanks Terri
Terri Hunsberger, Treichlers,Pa [02-26-2011]

Webmaster: I tend to agree with Dennis McGlinchneys post. Where is the line? Maybe you dont think Sauce vs Gravy isn't controversial but I find its importance is right up there with Teachers pensions and salarys. Ha. Just something to add flavor to an otherwise bland subject. This site is supposed to be about Germantown. Now I see even the Webmaster filtering out those views of his that he feels FIT to publish. I wont be here much longer. I dont find accusations made about teachers and Unions to have anything to do with Obama yet that posting will not flagged.
Joe Graber [02-26-2011]

Schmitty....Loved your post relative to spending money to stimulate the economy.We are doing our best by paying plumbers $96 per hour to maintain our houses.THAT'S $96 FRIGGEN DOLLARS PER HOUR!.If I were a yon teenager,I would go to a university and get a degree in plumbing.I HOPE I NEVER SEE A PLUMBER AGAIN! A few weeks go during a major ice storm in Doylestown,we lost our power for about ten hours.During that time period,the sump pipe pit in our basement began to overflow.For the next six to seven hours I was bailing bucket after bucket of water from the pit,climbing the steps from the basement,hiking through the kitchen,laundry room,garage,and dumping the water on the driveway.My wife wanted to call a plumber to install a battery operated sump pump(since we had no power).She said,"If we don't get a plumber,you will die."My response was,"After I die,you may then call a Plumber."By the way,when power was restored at 5:30 p.m.,the pump was grinding away,but no water was entering the outside waste line because it was F------ frozen.For two more hours,Fran used her hair dryer to defrost the frozen waste line while I continued to bail out the water from the pit.Being a stunade,no way did I desire to fill the pockets of our local plumber.I decided to die carrying buckets of water from our basement to the driveway.During this ordeal,I was thinking of my long-term goal to die in the saddle(not carrying buckets of water).....Bor
Paul Borian, Plumbers will eventually drive me to the poorhouse. [02-26-2011]

I agree with MEK, I think with-holding posts or info people wish to give isn't right..I think CMM is the one who origniated that request, correct or not?
ANON [02-26-2011]

Bruce, my good old friend. We may not have seen much of each other, since the great departure from Germantown, but I still consider you as my friend. I, for one, am looking forward to imbibing and conversing with you and other schoolmates at the Buck Hotel. As for brother John, he is doubtful. He is still a young "Whipper-snapper", as my grandmother used to say, and he needs to work because he has two young children to support and send thru college. You mentioned that your Father-in-law, Mr. Kapschutschenko had a book written about him. I am always looking for a good read, so I'd be interested to know the books title, if you'd be so kind. It appears that the book stores will not be in operation much longer (sad), but I hope we can still buy them on-line. Take care and I will see you at the luncheon! Thanks to Bud Ballard for all his hard work putting these luncheons together and his dilligent efforts in finding all our old classmates!
Ed Burke [02-26-2011]

Does anyone recall Woolworths & the pet dept,there was a tall thin lady that reminded of ta bird she tended to the pets.And of course the snack bar.I miss that. Marie
Marie Bommentre [02-26-2011]

Joe DAgostino, Wow ... that is beautiful! You hit it right on the mark ... that is exactally what Germantown was all about .. Thanks, Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-26-2011]

Joe D'Agostino - Cuz, beautiful words about our Germantown. Well done.
Bob D'Angelo, NC 65 Marshall U 71 [02-26-2011]

What is a Germantown? In my days Germantown was a place where people of all nationalities worshiped in all faiths. It was a place where we went to public, parochial, and private schools. We listen to all types of music ( The soul sound was my favorite-Loved the Drifters) Kids had parents with money, some with a little and some with none, but they were all equal on the court, field or dance floor. Loved the foods, the sounds and sights of my Germantown. The girls were pretty nice to look at too. Was the Hollow better times than the Park (Fernhill)? Who knows, who cares! Holidays were special, probably because everyone celebrated them in different ways. The candy on Halloween was bigger,and the bags filled up quicker. Mid-night mass on Christmas eve was very special. “Hanging Out”, “Making Out” was full of wonderful memories. Germantown was Happy days and American Graffiti all rolled up into one. I am sure we all knew a Ralph, Richie, Potsie and of course the “Fonz” Germantown was small town America, located next to the second biggest city in the country. That in itself, made My Germantown a very wonderful and unique place to live. Joe DAgostino-GHS 1965
Joe DAgostino [02-24-2011]

Black boys who wanted to play soccer joined the GBC. Those who wished to play basketball went to the Wisahicon Boys club, which also had a swimming pool and club house. Both clubs were started about the same time to give the boys some place to go to so that were not just hanging on the streets getting into trouble.
Raymond Dawes, St. Francis 57 germantown 61 [02-24-2011]

Frankie: Like you,I'm a west-sider, loyal Germantowner,but devoid of diaboical,maniacal,and economical characteristics. If you come to my funeral, you will not see a Brinks Truck although I've always been trucking.This is no time to be scrimping and skimping, we must be patriotic and spend money to get the economy moving. Many of my buddies from both the east and west side of Gtn. Ave. were players and spenders. You are familiar with Mr. Hollow,Paul Borian, who graduated with an Economics Degree from Villanova. He spends money in 3 different venues to give a helping hand to The Economy. In the winter, he heads to The Ski Slopes in The Poconos to make a contribution to that region. You read the posts of Tall Ed Burke who has big economic ideas. He exhorts us to read books but he wants us to save money in the purchase of these books in order to spend more money in other areas. Ed B. has good taste since he drinks top-shelf whiskey[Irish] and imported foreign beer for a little chaser. The Bor and I knew another Frank but he was called Sharpy since he could really dress. In college[LaSalle], he spent more on his rags than he paid in tuition. We need more guys like him to get this economy moving. Like Paul Borian, there was another baseball player from G-town who threw a knucle-ball but he was no knuckle-head when it came to finance-Joe DAgostino. Joe D. is a player and a spender. He is the guy whom you see in the front seats at the fghts. He gets good seats at upscale-restaurants since he doesn't talk trash but coughs up cash. He must have liked Janis Joplin since he made amends and bought you know what-"A Benz". Joe D. lives down the shore and when his ship comes in, he might go for a Bentley. These loyal Germantowners are good for our country. Back in the day, we heard Peggy Lee sing,"Why Don't You Do Right". She wanted her man to spend some money. Peggy's mantra was,"If You Got The Money,I Have The Honey". Peggy had another song-"Black Coffee which would be a metaphor for the bad economy of 2008&2009. However, my exhortation is not about being a profligate spend-thrift but to spend money so the multi-plier effect can take place. Probaly,you have studied economics and you are quite aware of the aforementioned economic-theory. Many Germantowners liked baseball and they liked 2-baggers which in this context means ejoying life and spending money which is good for our country. We are having a wicked winter and it might be a good idea to head to Bourbon Street in New Orleans and "Let The Good Times Roll".
JBS[The Westside] [02-24-2011]

T.Silary: I know you are a sports writer for a Phila. based paper.Dear friend of mine, please give me your input with regard to the recent suspension of the Holy Family Basketball coach, Mr. O'Connor. Was he out of line( with respect to one of his players or not,) in your opinion? I know if that were my relative he decked like that and belittled in front of his peers, I would be upset.thank you, Linda F>
L.Fontana [02-24-2011]

Denise: I asked Joe if he read my post or if his feelings were hurt. He said, "Brog, irony doesn't travel well." He says stuff like that all the time. For many years I believed that it was Guinness that didn't travel well.
John Brogan, Cold to the bone [02-24-2011]

Camp Indiandale (Germantown Boys Club)"1968" was a blast. My first trip into the real country and a look at the Amish. I can still recall chewing on birch tree sticks, and those campfire stories. Fear not the Moldy Mildew Man.
Ed, Chester, VA [02-24-2011]

Ed from Chester, Va. I agree with you..L>A>F>
L.Fontana [02-24-2011]

To Ed from Chester, VA > In the words of the famous Philadellphia Character Philosopher, Rocky, "Go for it". :)
John Payne [02-24-2011]

You're in fine form today Kevin - always fun to read.

Ed from Chester - there's room for all us here, pour forth!

Denise, "If there is a book you really want to read but hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."--Toni Morrison Also, "I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after. .Gone through and through me like wine through water and altered the color of my mind."--Cathy in Wuthering Heights. I like Goethe's: "Be bold and might forces will come to your aid." Still another: Sometimes I hear a phrase, and then that phrase suggests the next. Sort of a domino effect that keeps building until I hear a song."--McCoy Turner. Good luck with the book. Spell my name correctly!
Joe Lynch,SFA57,LSCHS61/If you start me up, I'll never stop. [02-24-2011]

Webmaster - you were wrong with your commenting to Anon "Please do not respond to this posting. It has nothing to do with Germantown and belongs on a forum discussing funding of public education.". I scanned the 2/22 & 2/23 posts and found most were not about Germantown. For whatever reason, you chose this one for public flogging.... Granted, you reserve the right to omit, but yet you look the other way on discussions on great literary works, McCain rallies, conditions in Australia, gravy vs sauce, etc. While the forum was setup for Germantown discussions, be consistent with what you allow, what you omit, what you admonish, etc. Personally, I don't know where the line is and only know when I crossed it when I see my submitted post not get posted....
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown - IC-'70, CD-'74 [02-24-2011]

Dennis, I removed my comment on the "Anon" post. Some topics, such as funding of public education, and unlike gravy vs. sauce, are controversial and divisive, not related to Germantown, and not conducive to civil discourse; I strongly encourage discussion of those issues elsewhere. Withholding of posts was begun recently, at the explicit request of this group, and against my recommendation. I have never withheld any of your postings.

Webmaster: Why do you tell people not to comment on public education comments posted by anon. to Joe Lynch (2/22/11), yet allow certain other people (CMM) to comment about Obama and post links to youtube? And further CMM editorializes by calling the person crazy and identifying the same woman as a campaign organizer. What does THAT have to do with Germantown? Why wasn't that comment flagged also? And what does this have to do with Germantown? If one needs to sound clever, one should write a book; not post on a Germantown website. I understand some people may have bad memories of Germanatown - but many don't. So, keep your clever comments to yourself. "To paraphrase William Faulkner, Germantown is not IS, is only WAS and cannot be IS again. So, friends, join me on Facebook where we can talk about other things that is IS and is WILL BE. Catherine Manning Muir [02-22-2011]
MEK [02-24-2011]

Here is an article about paying teachers the same as you pay your babysitter. http://www.facebook.com/?tid=1288237722404&sk=messages#!/note.php?note_id=666995678863&id=71209634
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Still in G'town [02-24-2011]

Does anyone remember a semi-pro baseball team The Wakefield A's?? Owen Young was a close friend of Connie Mack & he gave Owen financial support for the team. The team was managed by Melvin Gessleman a fine man, who was able to win a few series in that league.A big hitter for that team was ??Cerone.
lou giorno, lou nech 53 [02-23-2011]

JBS and Webmaster: Gentlemen, I'm feeling like Yogi Berra here with all this 'deja vu' stuff: cryptomnesia! (There's a good one, forgot that one), and "Belle du Jour?" I'm still recovering from "Belle de nuit." Don;t rush my development. Then we have our mysterious man behind the curtain carpet bombing us G'towners with Disputatious and now throwing around the Mordacious thingy. That's why I hang around this joint--for the vocabulary lessons; they're worth the price of admission. Keep up the good work! Finally, a word to the anonymous blogger that suffers from the Irish affliction: arthritis. Have you tried the old, time tested Gaelic remedy-- Aleve? If wine or whiskey doesn't do it, try Aleve along with a good yarn and you'll believe you are in God's palm surrounded by the 'wee people.'
Kevin McKernan, Santa Barbara, CA., St Vincent's '58, CD '62 [02-23-2011]

For all the writers, teachers, professors, and expert text portrayers on this blog; there are few of us Germantowners that just want to tell the G-town story in our own unedited words. With respect to all, ed
Ed, Chester, VA [02-22-2011]

Way to go webmaster. Do tell is CMM wrong?
Gman [02-22-2011]

Hey, Denise, I (and 3 of my colleagues) wrote and edited "Of This Time, Of This Place," A History of LaSalle High School from 1858 to 2008. It took 3 years of my life. Nobody (almost nobody) read it (except for my loving cousin Jack Brogan) but it does make a great coffee table book. In fact, it makes a great coffee table, if you know what I mean! Copies may be purchased for $75 dollars at the LaSalle College High School book store. Cooke Published the history and gave me guidance. Again, my coz Jack Brogan is mentioned in a basketball article with Tom Gola and Paul Arizin--3 Philly GR-8s. My first rule of writing is: Have Something to Say! If you do, you will find a way to get it published. Sorry, no discounts on that book to my Happy Hollow friends.
Joe Lynch, [02-22-2011]

A teacher's greatest contribution may pop out anonymously in the life of some ex-student's grandchild--Wendell Berry
Joe Lynch SFA57,LSCHS61, Struggling with the comma splices [02-22-2011]

Did the GBC give memberships to african americans in 40's & 50's ? I don't recall any blacks when I was there. lou giorno
lou giorno, lou nc 53 [02-22-2011]

Casey Fox We will keep in touch with the final date for the G-town luncheon ... hopefully we can accommadate you. Rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [02-22-2011]

To paraphrase William Faulkner, Germantown is not IS, is only WAS and cannot be IS again. So, friends, join me on Facebook where we can talk about other things that is IS and is WILL BE.
Catherine Manning Muir [02-22-2011]

Webmaster, you're right. The crazy lady at the McCain rally, one of his campaign volunteers, did say 'Arab' not 'Muslim'. Either way, she was clueless and eager to let the world know it. To McCain's credit, he took the mike away from her. I admired him for that. Others might have let it slide and thus perpetuate the myth. Watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QhJJBfwJME
CMM [02-22-2011]

Joe Lynch It's amazing how you liberals always equate one subject with another that has no correlation to the first. I said nothing about Obama. But I will once again reiterate that the teachers in Wisc are proving my point. They aren't worried about the kids but about how much they have to loose. If they were worried about the kids they would still be in school teaching. Typical liberal attack.
Anon [02-22-2011]

Ed Burke: I have known you for too many years and I am impressed with your interest in books. You have given some very good economic advice on buying and publishing books. I have not tapped into kindle but I do remember Spindle[apparatus] from biology- xx and xy chromosomes . Many bloggers on this site are interested in writing and publishing books. My wife,Ludmila, wrote and published a book and a book was written about her father,Maestro Peter Kapschutschenko. You and Brother John have a lot of info for a book including, Ed Burke Sr. who had a real life. In your neighborhood,there was a boxer by the name of Joe McHale who was also known to be a great dancer,he had a lot of good stories. Ed! There are so many good stories and info emanating from this Web-site. You and Bob Durkin,the iconic literary-guy from your class could write a great book. Incidentally,I hope to see you and your SFA buddies at "The Buck". I enjoy hanging out with those guys-they are good people and never boring.
JBS [02-22-2011]

Denise D.T.> You could try looking into "Outskirts Press". They are a self publshing firm.
John Payne [02-22-2011]

Patricia Carr- I loved the movie "We are Marshall " and, though I struggled through it the first time, I have seen it several times since. It brings back sad moments for me, but also a lot of good memories, as my time at Marshall was great. I loved the school, the town and all the West Virginia people, who I considered the most honest and truthful people I have ever encountered. I knew Red Dawson slightly and I was very good friends with Nate Ruffin, Jack Repasy, Bob Harris, Dave DeBord, Allen Skeens and many others.I am sure your husband coached all of them. All except for Nate were killed in the crash. I still have copies of the Phila Bulletin, The Huntington Herald Dispatch and the school newspaper, The Parthenon from the day of the crash. I am sure your husband and I knew a lot of the same people. I would love to talk with him ( and you ) some day, and reminisce about the great days at Marshall.
Bob D'Angelo NC '65 Marshall U '71 [02-22-2011]

CMM > You profession must be very rewarding for you. I think I would enjoy that line of work. I am also reminded of an SNL routine where the translator between a U.S. and a Russian (I think) statesman basically started something just short of a war by saying whatever he felt like to each of the players. It was a very funny bit.
John Payne [02-22-2011]

Denise D. T.> I sometimes write anonymously, then catch it when I see it posted. I don't know what is up with that. I attribute it to some kind of senior a.d.d. I usually will identify myself in the next posting; for instance, there is a posting today from anonymous, directed to Kevin McK regarding Irish Gifts, (story telling and arthritis). That was me. I still don't know why that happens. I would swear that I go through the same procedure every time, but apparently not. As for the regular and intentional anonymous postings, maybe some folks are just shy. As for the ugly and anonymous, well, they are both.
John Payne [02-22-2011]

Jack Brogan - i hope you are being facetious in your comment about teachers. Sarcasm does not do anybody any good.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [02-22-2011]

I messed up and gave out the wrong reason why Willy Johnson drove on the other side of the road. I was talking to my mother about my confusion and she pointed out to me that the Johnson’s were from N. Ireland and he drove the way the British do and when he came here around 1900 he never changed.
Jack McHugh [02-21-2011]

VIETNAM VETS: Recently I was asked to help inform my fellow vets about some changes to the “Presumption”conditions associated with Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. The VA has now released some more illnesses associated with our tours “In-Country.” Please note the following: Unlike before, you can now enter a claim if you have served one ( 1) day in Vietnam. The procedure is one where you contact your local VA Advocate to help you with the forms. As a former Vet who suffers from “Survival’s Guilt” I was never going to go after any benefits related to my survival, but after many of my fellow vets sending me e-mails and calls, I changed my mind. I now try to help other Vets with the same problem. So go to the site http://www.va.gov and check it out. Some of the illnesses are Diabetes, Neuropathy, ED, Ischemic Heart Disease. Let’s help each other. Note: They have also added some new information for Korean and WWII Vets. Joe DAgostino: USMC 1966-1970
Joe DAgostino [02-21-2011]

JBS- I guess I have to get rid of the Benz and now go with the Jaguar. As your friend I feel I must do my share (excuse the pun) in increasing your investment. Actually I have been looking at the new Jaguar XJ, so I must now move it up on my list of future cars.Take care. Joe DAgostino GHS - 1965
Joe DAgostino [02-21-2011]

JP: You are spot on about meaning being dynamic. Did you know that the word 'bad' meant 'really good' over 100 years ago, and not just in teenagers' slang. Another example is the verb 'to root' which has a very different meaning in Australian/UK English than in US English. There's a girl in the news here who has been 'rooting' for the home team, but in the biblical sense, not the baseball sense. I spend hours trying to find the meaning of a word or phrase to convey what I believe the author intended. Problem is, no one but the author knows what s/he meant and sometimes even s/he doesn't remember. The American Translators' Association (ATA) runs an annual contest to get translators into schools to explain what translation is and to encourage students to take up the profession. With so many bilingual students in the US, there is a huge potential but sadly very few take it up. Lucky for me hardly anyone is studying Indonesian; keeps up the demand for my services.
Catherine Manning Muir [02-21-2011]

Good on 'ya, Joe, for taking a stand. I am always amazed at displays of 'aggressive ignorance' in which folks show the world that they're clueless. Classic recent example is that elderly lady with disheveled hair who stood up at a nationally-televised McCain rally to announce that Obama was a Muslim. Ignorant and proud of it! I'll bet that neither she nor the anonymous person you rebutted ever read a book. Don't blame the teacher when the student is a dropkick; you can't get blood out of a stone but lucky for you and me that there are people willing to try.
Catherine Manning Muir, SFA'57 CA'61 etc etc etc [02-21-2011]

The woman said that Obama was an Arab, not a Muslim!

Anon does not what s/he is talking about in the diatribe of what teachers do, get paid. and pay for themselves.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty, CA '57 & 61, CHC '65 BS in Chemistry, Lehigh University '66 M. Ed. [02-21-2011]

Would like some information from those of you who have had a book published. I am just embarking on that road & need some direction. Any recommendations on "self- publishing?" Thanks.
denise Duckworth Tumelty [02-21-2011]

I agree with CMM - if an entry is too long or does not interest you, skip it. Everyone please keep bogging. I love reading them - although I may skip parts. And btw why do people write anonymously. What are you hiding - at least a first name. I put very little credibility to anything written without a name in any publication.
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [02-21-2011]

Show Mordacious Posting from Jack Brogan

Jack McHugh> I enjoyed your post on graveyards. Cher and I have visited graveyards during some vacations in the South, and in the New England area, when we lived there. I visited one, (Rhode Island I believe), where there was fellow who had himself buried in his civil war uniform, and in the standing position. Also, we couldn't help notice, as you did, that there were a lot of childhood deaths. Most probably died of things that wouldn't cause them to miss two days of school today, thanks to the wonderful world of pharmacology, and medicine. Hats off to our wonderful science students who choose to cut the brush for the rest of us.
John Payne [02-21-2011]

FW, I have to agree with CMM on this one. Just scroll on by.
John Payne [02-21-2011]

Kevin McK > The story telling is one of the better of the gifts that the Irish receive. The arthritis I could live without, but I love spinning the yarn.
anonymous [02-21-2011]

Kevin McKernan: Your recent blogs have really showcased your eclectic and diverse inclinations-books,literature,education,and your Irish-wit. Your father was a real Irish-raconteur and I hope you don't take umbrage with the aforementioned French-noun to describe an Irish-story teller since I know that you are not an ethnic-chauvinist. I am not confabulating[your word] or entering a state of cryptomnesia but I have met many Mr. Darcy types in my travels and you are no Mr. Darcy-Thank God! One must be judicious in using vocabulary and nuanced expressions on this site since things can be taken out of context. I am a reserved guy and I find nothing bawdy or risque emanating from the literate bloggers on this site. I did not find your story stiff at all about The Blond Goddess,Marilyn Monroe. If you really want to get a rise from some of the disgruntled bloggers, submit a post about Catharine Deneuve and "Belle du Jour'. Your post about Catholic-education also resonated with me since my friend and classmate from SFA recently passed away-John Stephen Ondik. Jack was extremely bright and a free-spirit. He went to The Prep with me and Tom Wilkins[Bringhurst St.] but he did not go for The Jesuitical Discipline and he transferred to CD where he did much better-academically and all-around. Like Jack, I was a free-spirit and I learned to tolerate The Jesuit-Drill of order and discipline. If one could deal with the structure of Catholic-education back in the day, it prepared us for the military and the adversities that we would face in life. It might sound hokey,but I was blessed to have a Catholic-education which inculcated in me, the principles of morality and ethics. Today in church, I listened to a homily about forgiving your enemy-that is a challenge. Kevin! Keep posting and I hope to see your brother,Bernie, at the next Gtn. Reunion with all those literate ladies and charming gentlemen.
JBS [02-21-2011]

Catherine - thanks for your brief reply to my recent commentary. A pleasure when you and JBS are economical with your words.
Frank Westside [02-21-2011]

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