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January 1-10, 2011

MEK, Thank you. I thought that I was the only one who was sick of hearing about Australia and how the US pales in comparison. Catherine, while your descriptions of your beloved homeland could be interesting to someone who might want to hear about it, I would prefer to read about Germantown. Why not let those who want to read your long posts contact you through e-mail and you can respond to them. This is not meant to start another war here nor am I trying to hurt your feelings, but there is a reason why most of the people, like me, who have been on this site for many years have stopped checking in. This site no longer highlights our old neighborhood. Yes, the floods are tragic, but we can see that on the news if we choose to, and poems, tennis players, etc. are not relevant to growing up in Germantown and it's offensive for you to continually put down the United States. Sorry.
ES girl [01-10-2011]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Frank Klock: John Payne and I have been posting about the great St. Francis basketball team[1957]of which you were a member. You had one of the best seats in the house to witness and observe the final game of The LaSalle Tournament between SFA and St. Matt's. I knew players from both teams since I went to SFA and Terry Collins,Matt Goukas,Marty Maher,and Bill McFadden went to The Prep after they graduated from St. Matt's. You might have known Matt Goukas and Bill McFadden during your scholastic-time at Hawk Hill. Matt Goukas was good friends with Joe Cellini who was a good poker-player and might have competed against you during your poker games at St. Joe. I believe that Matt Goukas Sr.,a member of The Mighty Mites[St. Joe] and Philadelphia Warriors Player was helping to coach St. Matt's team at the time. As an astute observer of sports and a former player, I wonder what your take on that game was. Did St. Matt's have superior talent,were they more disciplined and what part did coaching play in that great game for St. Francis? For St.Francis,Joe Lynch was All-Catholic at LaSalle,Bill Haas was All-Inter-Ac at GA,and John Fowler was a great player for North. Terry Collins,Matt Goukas,Mart Maher,and Bill McFadden all played for The Prep and became All-Catholic Players. As you know, Matt G. and Bill MC played for St. Joe when Jack Ramsay was the great coach. Frank! We enjoyed a lot of great sporting events during the 50's and 60's in Germantown and Philly.
Bruce Schmitt [01-10-2011]

Denise: Happy New Year. Re the address: thanks, but I have it already. Re the wedding in AC, I suspect you and I have the same source of info.
CMM [01-10-2011]

MEK: don't take my word for it. Just Google 'Katrina levees Corps Engineers' to see for yourself.
CMM [01-10-2011]

Monk! Happy New Year. Good to hear from you. I honestly cannot recall ever hearing the name "Potugese John". I'm wondering if you are attributing the name of another John to me by mistake. If there is a story that goes with that name, I'd love to hear it. By the way, thanks for the compliment. I certainly enjoyed pool in those days, but didn't think I was all that good at the time. I do recall you being very good, as you were in almost any sport or activity you attempted.
John Payne [01-10-2011]

Schmitty; Final thoughts on "the game". It was extremely close; but I cannot recall the final score. I chalk it up to "win some - lose some". The one thing I can recall that threw me off a bit, (I can't speak for team mates), was the size of the court, and the glass boards. It felt very open and intimidating. Finally, they were really very good.
John Payne` [01-10-2011]

CMM: Re Johnny's joke about Evonnne; it had nothing to do with her sex, nationality, or race. It is/was a much more simple joke than that. It was merely a reference to the lyrical, rythmic, and yes, "gong" like sound that comes from saying her name. Comedy and jokes of course lose much of their impact when explained. The delivery also had a lot to do with making it a funny joke. There was no offense intended or delivered to Evonne.
John Payne [01-10-2011]

CMM - I'll go back to the site and get an address for Bill Haas. I looked in the AC area because someone mentioned he lived there and through another source, I found out that he had been married in AC. I'll send it by email or FB
Denise Duckworth Tumelty [01-09-2011]

JP: I can't work out how Johnny Carson's joke about Evonne Goolagong is even remotely funny. I guess it was a 'bloke' thing, with a bit of racism thrown in. In those days, women and blacks were easy targets for jokes in bad taste. Thankfully, that is no longer the case, although some folks still haven't gotten the message. As for Evonne, she remains Australia's most loved women's tennis player and one of the country's most admired Aboriginal sportspeople. Among the list of historic firsts achieved by Evonne Cawley (nee Goolagong) perhaps the most remarkable is her victory over Chris Evert-Lloyd (Greg Norman's most recent ex-wife) in 1980 which resulted in her becoming the first mother ever to win Wimbledon. She was also the first Aborigine to succeed in tennis at an international level. At the age of ten Evonne Goolagong left home and travelled to Sydney to live and train with tennis coach Vic Edwards. She achieved success while still a teenager. She won no fewer than thirty-seven junior tennis titles and in 1970 won the Under-19 Australian Girls Singles. The following year, while still only nineteen, she defeated fellow Australian Margaret Court 6-4, 6-1 to take the coveted Wimbledon title. She was the second youngest person to win the title. In the decade 1970-80 Evonne Goolagong-Cawley (she married Roger Cawley, in 1975) won a total of ninety-two major tennis tournaments including Wimbledon (twice), the Australian Open (four times), the French Open, the Italian Open and the New South Wales Open (four times). Her particular talent for tennis is based on an extraordinary ability to make the game effortless and easy. She is regarded as a very natural player. At her peak she attained the No. 1 rank in the world. She became the fifth woman tennis player to earn over $1 million. Today, she and her husband, along with their children, live at Noosa Heads on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.
CMM [01-09-2011]

Thank you for the history. No response required.

Thank you CMM but no one needs to plead my being I am grand.
Jim McKernan [01-09-2011]

FFK. Re: the picture. If Joe can find it I will be sure to forward it to you.
John Payne [01-09-2011]

Helen Leone D'Angelo Yes it is wintertime-a time for Pagans to be hardy...I have hundreds of Limericks -(I was the Dean of Limerick for a shortwhile-no joke) I learnt many Limericks as an Irish student and loved the points made in all. I regret your prudish bloggers object to one I found witty. Limericks are of two kinds the intellectual- witty) and the ribald(vulgar) I find the lad o Liverpool innocent of vulgarity and am surprized at the outroar-seems the Germantown women er...and men are quite puritanical who object-but then it is the same anonymous ones who object to everything. On the other accusation, of the word "p....y", I can only respond that as a person serving in the war, and now as an ethnographic researcher, I must report exactly what the people said in a time of war. If that offends I also regret it but it is the truth and I cannot change that.I expect adults of Germantown to understand that a professor seeks the truth. happy New Year... Prof. Jim McKernan
Jim McKernan [01-09-2011]

L. Fontana--Hi, Yes, I agree Joe Caroluzzi is very handsome! The last I heard he was living in Roxborough, but that was many years ago. He had a brother named Bob and has a younger sister. n.
Naomi Vitelli [01-09-2011]

John Payne: You are definitely eclectic since you have knowledge of so many topics-Linda Fontana is correct. You must have had some talent in baseball since you saw so many different pitches. I saw 3 pitches- 2 fastballs and a change-up[curve] and I was done. Basketball was also interesting when a dude under 6 ft. would jam in your face. Don't feel like the Lone-ranger in getting some heavy shots to the head. My older brother Jack,a character,told me that the bigger they come,the harder they fall. He did not tell me that the big guys do hit harder. John! We should have only sparred with pugs under 200 and with our agility and smarts,we would have had better success. It was no fun coming from 17th&Girard to Germantown during my school years. Actually,taking the 61 up Ridge Ave. was not too bad since many of The Ben Franklin guys were not on that bus. Getting back to basketball, I enjoyed your comments about the championship game between St. Francis and St. Matt's. Was St. Matt's better or could a different game plan or strategy have been used. If I recall,Joe Razzano was tough defensively and a box and 1 could have been used on Marty Maher or a triangle and 2 with Joe Lynch guarding Matt Goukas.I also think that John Fowler could have played guard and put some pressure on their guards. Matt Goukas was taller than me and it was diifficult to get a shot against him. Did Goo have SFA play man to man defense or play different zones. Did you press to get them out of their offensive flow. Were Joe Lynch and Bill Haas used effectively offensively with some back-door stuff. It must have been a great game since both teams were very good. Terry Collin's father[Jocko] and Matt Goukas Sr.[warriors] knew basketball and they instilled this knowledge to their sons. John! You are the best pool-shooter on this site-better than Brother Ken and maybe even The Bor. I wonder if Sonny Kennedy learned some stuff from his friend Willie Mosconi Jr. or possibly his father. Enjoy the winter!-we are enjoying it too much if you know what I mean.
Schmitty [01-09-2011]

I love your Germantown website and have used it often as my Fathers family lived on Chelten Ave. My Mothers family is from Roxborough. Could you possibly do a "YOUR THOUGHTS" FOR ROXBOROUGH?? Thank you for a great website for all the Germantowners to reconnect! NOW HOW ABOUT ROXBOROUGH?? Thank You!1
Eileen D., Born and raised in Philly [01-09-2011]

We'll consider it! Thank you for writing.

John Bruce Schmidtt, Hi! I did not go to St Vincent School, but had friends who did. I went to Robt Fulton and Pastorius. I spent a lot of time at Waterview Playground and went to Happy Hollow a few times...don't laugh now...I used to go to Happy Hollow ..doing puppet shows :) a lot older now... Have a nice day! naomi
Naomi Vitelli [01-09-2011]

As the Queensland flood waters move downriver, more towns are coming under threat. Next in line is Maryborough, an historic and beautiful river city, much like Savannah GA and Charleston SC, with beautiful restored heritage buildings and homes. Sadly, morons also doing terminally-stupid things. For latest update see CLICK. No rain in months where I am; maybe a shower today.
CMM, SFA, CA, Temple, Outback Oz [01-09-2011]

Hey Linda, Happy New Year. Great to see you posting again. Don't let us chase you away again. Some of us have transient tourettes, but it's getting better. We need you sane folk to keep us in line. To paraphrase, your presence on the blog makes some of us want to be better people. LOL Take Care Mi Amigo.
John Payne [01-09-2011]

John Payne: truth be known, you were one of the best at Mosconi's, hence the nickname"Potugese John",ring any bells
Monk [01-09-2011]

MaryAlice and Catherine: The delayed response by the Federal Government to Hurricane Katrina was based entirely on the failure of the Mayor of New Orleans and the Govenor of the State of Louisianna to ask for assistance, knowing the intensity of the storm that was bearing down. It's called State's rights and Home Rule and until the chain of command is followed, the Federal Government can not act. That's the way it works. Now it seems that you Catherine seem to know the inside scoop as to why the levees failed. Could it have been that Hurricane Katrina was of "biblical proportions" also? I don't understand why you don't like the way things work here, maybe it's because you are making assumptions. However, to use either Katrina or what is going on in Australia as a basis for offering your views on government is not appropriate for this website. I believe that Australia is beautiful, civilized and under a huge crisis right now. But what does that have to do with Germantown? Please, please, please, stick to Germantown. I understand that your memory of Germantown is tragically sad. But this is a website by the Germantown Historical Society and should not be abused by anyone, just because they need a social outlet. I apologize for my harshness, and I am saddened by your tragic, tagic loss in Germantown, but perhaps if we could all just talk about Germantown, it would be helpful to EVERYONE, including the ones you think are being kicked when they are down. How anyone would know that is beyond me, but I don't seem to have the same level of information that you have down under. Peace. Out.
MEK [01-09-2011]

All personal opinions are welcome. No response required.

Naomi Vitelli: You mentioned that your mother worked in The School-Lane House. My sister Joan was a pharmacist and worked there on Sunday. I liked Wissahickon Ave. from Queen Lane to lincoln Drive. There were many apartment houses on Wiss. Ave.-Alden Park Manor,The Hathaway House,The School-Lane House and The Stafford House which you mentioned. I recall swimming in Alden park Manor with Wayne Armstrong whose family you know. Wayne liked fast cars and big bikes. Across from The School-Lane House was Clark Park. The Clark Family lived on the 5100 block of Wissahickon and they were philathropists. Besides Clark Park,they donated Happy Hollow to the city of Philadelphia and it had been a Quarry. Many bloggers on this site, hung out at the Hollow including Mr. Hollow,Paul Borian,and The Hollow Poet,Frank Klock. Back in the day, Bobby Goo Guarinello, wore both hats. I surmise that you went to St. Vincent's where many bloggers on this site went to school including The McKernan Brothers. Naomi! Keep posting and may 2011 be prosperous and healthy.
John Bruce Schmitt [01-08-2011]

JBS> 2011 is off to a good start. Tell Kenny I got a 47 out of 50 this week in the season opener of our eight ball league. That's 4 tens for winning four of the games, and all but the eight ball in the fifth game. I may be ready for Ken. :)
John Payne [01-08-2011]

Jack McHugh> First of all, Happy New Year Jack. I just read your post about Evonne Goolagon and it reminded me of a bit that Johnny Carson used to do as Carnac the Magnificent. He would "devine" an answer to a question, then open the envelope and read the question. One night Johnny held the envelope to his temple and said, "Evonne Goolagong", and then he opened the envelope and said, "What does a man say when he gets caught in his zipper". Some loved him and some really disliked him, but I think Johnny was the best that ever hosted late night TV>
John Payne [01-08-2011]

George Schur:I appreciate the info about Frank Gray Sr. and that he is still living. Unfortunately, the death notice about Frank Gray was his son. Death of a loved one is always difficult to deal with but to lose a child is a tragedy. Frank is fortunate to have a friend like you to offer some solace. My prayers and thoughts are with Frank Gray's family.
JB Schmitt [01-08-2011]

CMM, I do hope that the recovery in Queensland goes well. I agree with you that the response time to Katrina was too slow. My husband and I were sitting looking at this on TV for days wondering why the National Guard weren't sent in and why wasn't Washington doing anything. Love the poem. I have always wanted to visit Down Under. When I win the lottery. Be Healthy and at Peace in this New year.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Still in G'town [01-08-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey, I grew up on Morris Street between Chelten and Schoolhouse Lane. Your grandfather lived all around me. I know all those places you mentioned. 'Tis a small world indeed. Wayne Armstrong was my first cousin. Our fathers were brothers. Unfortunately, as we got older and moved away to raise our own families, we only saw one another at family gatherings. Erda saw him more then me. Thank you for the kind words about him.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Still in G'town [01-08-2011]

Rosemarie, little Angie throwing a frying pan at you? hard to picture but a hysterical image to imagine.

Thanks to all who wished me well during my last hospital stay---recuperating at this time--it is slow and very painful-some improvement noted lou giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [01-08-2011]

Technology now allows personal tragedy to unfold in a public arena much broader than the family home or neighborhood. We are witnessing a personal tragedy unfold on this blog and the carrion-eaters have already come out to feed on the carcass. Can we all please show some humanity and refrain from kicking this man while he is down? We must mind our own business, let his family deal with the crisis and recognize that 'there, but for the grace of God, go I'.
CMM [01-08-2011]

Re: baseball, I was the worst. Low balls, high balls, curve balls, fast balls sinkers; it didn't matter. Even worse, I couldn't field. Grounders, through the legs; high flies, misjudged. Trust me, when I say the worst, I'm not being humble. Just not my sport.
John Payne [01-08-2011]

Schmitty: I'm not sure how much help I could have been to you with the guys from Boone. LOL, apparently my pugilistic skill was getting knocked out. ;)
John Payne [01-08-2011]

Limerick or not....many found this to be offensive, making it 'controversial, once again,' moving on'...L>A>F>
L.Fontana [01-08-2011]

John Payne ....thanks for your kind words....and your Christmas Card..You are indeed, a very talented man/ Linda
L.Fontana [01-08-2011]

Naomi Viteli: When I was first married/ we had a home on Valley Rd. in Warminster, Pa.. and it was right off of Street Rd. Two homes down and behind our backyard.....was a family named Caroluzzi.....the little girl's first name was Chrissy.....do you know her? She'd be about thirty something yrs.old now....or close to that age.Maybe the mom's name was Mary? Anyway, I remember Joe Caroluzzi being VERY handsome, I was just a 'kid', but had a little crush on him, and also Victor Errichetti.....the son of the funeral parlor owner....in "G"town...Have a nice weekend...
L.Fontana [01-08-2011]

CMM: I like your poem about Australia. It reminds me of our planet on high speed film, i.e., the dramatic changes that occur year in and out. Similar to the earth changes that occur decade, century and eon, in and out. In addition, I no more believe that mankind is responsible for these changes, than I believe that the Aussies are responsible for the drastic yet magnificent changes that occur in your adopted country. To cling to the "man made" climate change theory is to me, very typical of the ego centric nature of most of mankind, when I suspect that our actual impact on the continuous change in our planet is analagous to a fart in a hurricane; and as Dennis Miller might say, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. :) Cheers
John Payne [01-08-2011]

FRANK KLOCK [01-08-2011]

What the Flock?! Is everyone following the Aflockalypse? Birds and fish dying spontaneously all over the world? This should bring out more bats than a full moon on a summers eve. The fundamentalist have already taken to their tomes to find the appropriate passages to support these events, and the global warming crowd has tingles running all up and down their legs. This should be good . I've taken a brief hiatus from cartooning, but this might drive me back to it. Keep watching; I suspect we are going to see more loons than Henry Fonda on golden pond.
John Payne [01-08-2011]

Hey Jim, I said Butch held the record at Temple U. not Appalachian State. Who do they play, the Little Sisters of the Poor?
GBC Alum, Philly Soccer [01-08-2011]

Did I hear a B.B. Jacquinto. That name sounds familiar! Mechanic and Magnolia.
Ed, Chester, VA [01-08-2011]

Naomi Vitelli, I remember you and your family with fondly. I also would stop by your house on Stafford Street after you moved off West Woodlawn. Your mom was always nice, but you or Betty Lynn where never home if I remember correctly... Betty Lynn was a sweetheart that uses to stick up for me when Maryalice and Penny did not want me to hang out with them. Paul and Sally live in Riverside NJ.. I do not see them since I moved from Morris Street. But I do have contact information for them. email me.. I would love to hear from you erda_g@yahoo.com Erda Erda (Armstrong) Graham, Lived on the Westside
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, Grew up on the West Side [01-08-2011]

Hi Helen Leone D'angelo I truely loved your mother ... she had a great way about her .... and one terrific cook too ! :>) I will say though i think i have you beat here since my mother threw a frying pan at me ... i only wish i had a ring to give her instead ... :>) thankfully i ducked just in time and it did miss me but wow did she have a great throwing arm but, i think that came with the Italian mother territory :>) ... take care Helen and be well, as always love, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-07-2011]

With attention focused on the Australian floods at the moment, I thought I'd share an iconic poem that, to my mind, is analogous to 'America the Beautiful' which I have always thought much more representative of what America means to its people than the unsingable national anthem, 'The Star Spangled Banner'. The poem 'My Country' was written by Dorothea McKellar more than 100 years ago while she was in England and homesick for Australia. It captures the beauty and the terror of life in Australia: the searing heat, droughts, floods, snakes, bushfires, offset by the joy of falling asleep to the roar of a downpour on the ubiquitous roof, panoramas so vast you can see the curvature of the earth, endless beaches, snowy mountains, deep gorges and, most of all, Australians' connection to the land, perhaps a legacy of their Irish and English heritage. Here it is:

"The love of field and coppice,
Of green and shaded lanes.
Of ordered woods and gardens
Is running in your veins,
Strong love of grey-blue distance
Brown streams and soft dim skies
I know but cannot share it,
My love is otherwise.

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror ≠
The wide brown land for me!

The stark white ring-barked forests,
All tragic to the moon,
The sapphire-misted mountains,
The hot gold hush of noon,
Green tangle of the brushes
Where lithe lianas coil,
And orchids deck the tree-tops,
And ferns the warm dark soil.

Core of my heart, my country!
Her pitiless blue sky,
When, sick at heart, around us
We see the cattle die ≠
But then the grey clouds gather,
And we can bless again
The drumming of an army,
The steady soaking rain.

Core of my heart, my country!
Land of the rainbow gold,
For flood and fire and famine
She pays us back threefold.
Over the thirsty paddocks,
Watch, after many days,
The filmy veil of greenness
That thickens as we gaze.

An opal-hearted country,
A wilful, lavish land ≠
All you who have not loved her,
You will not understand ≠
Though earth holds many splendours,
Wherever I may die,
I know to what brown country
My homing thoughts will fly.

As in the poem, after the flood waters recede in Queensland and the cleanup is history, the threefold payback will commence and the scarred land will be green again. It's not 'home' to me, but it's pretty amazing nonetheless. Follow Oprah's lead and come on Down Under! I suspect that hanging upside down on the globe helps prevent wrinkles, too. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Catherine Manning Muir, SFA'57, CA'61, Temple'73, Outback Oz '89-present [01-07-2011]

Will the real Prof please stand up. He did and you have finally seen him for what he truly is. What took all of you so long??
Gman [01-07-2011]

Webmaster, Regarding "troll"...... there's one here and everyone knows who it is. If you don't want to ban that person, then do us all a favor and either delete or hide their foul post. Thank you.
anonymous [01-07-2011]

Hi Linda,yes Joe Caroluzzi work at the Walton Movies back in the late 50 and 60;s I was going with him then a nice guy I was in that movies many of night with him good times Happy and Healthy New Year Sandy Cipriano Anstasia
Sandy Cipriano Anstasia [01-07-2011]

Naomi,I did met you in a store in Willow Grove,about a month ago,sorry we couldn't talk longer,Petes Jacquinto was my Uncle and my Aunt Sis she alive and doing well Bucky lives with her,I will give u my e-mail drop me a line,sjanastasia@yahoo.com,take care
Sandy Cipriano [01-07-2011]

John Payne: I can identify with your comment about baseball being a difficult game to master. I liked to hit the low-balls but the high-balls went down the pike much easier. I can only say that drinking does not help thinking. In our callow youth,we were not always thinking. Back in the 60's when I should have been studying,I was in center-city with a couple of guys whose middle-name were party-hardy. Being a reserved guy,I should have been hanging out with guys of a calmer demeanor. We were walking down Market Street when my former friend Richard C., bet me for 5 bucks that I could not knock off a sailor's hat. Consequenty, I achieved my goal and a donnybrook developed but I was the lone-ranger with no Tonto. I was not as fast as Pat MiIlhinney[SFA] but I was quick enough to escape. Pat McIlhinney and I went to high-school in North Philly and we were jumped and my quickness saved my butt. I learned early on that discretion is the greater part of valor. Not too long ago, I was hanging out with Tom Cusack,Goo's old neighbor. Tom likes to dance and there were many damsels in this joint. At the bar,there was a very attractive,tall blonde. This stranger wanted a better location at the bar. I had a jacket with a handerkerchief and I wear glasses. He gives me a hard-time although I was merely chasing glass and not you know what. I thought that the guy was going to sucker me and I give my glasses to my husky brother[Rick]. I was never that tough but I was a decent counter-puncher and I was going to slip a left-hook over his right if he delivered it. I was saved by Tom C. with his gravely voice and his Joe Pesci appearance. Tom intervened and he must have scared the guy since he headed to the men's room. Being a reserved guy, I headed home and Tom danced the night away. John! You are so fortunate to be married,it's a jungle out there. One of your classmates told me that you had an eye for pretty women especially in your SFA class. You even married the prettiest girl in your class,Cherry. It was always better to be a lover. At a Continental-reunion, Charlie Garvey,from a family of 14,told me that he was a lover. However,I could have used your help a few times when I had encounters with dudes from Daniel Boone on the bus in North Philly. These days,when I visit big cities, I always take cabs. John! We are too old to be stupid and get black eyes.
Schmitty [01-07-2011]

Does anyone remember H & H on Germantown? I used to go there for breakfast on Sunday after going to St. Luke's Church on 5900 block of Gtn Ave.
Naomi Vitelli [01-07-2011]

L. Fontana, Linda- Yes, Joey Caroluzzi worked at the Walton movie. I am sorry to say, I have not heard from or seen him for yerars. He has a sister Rosemary.
Naomi Viteli [01-07-2011]

Marie Bommentre...Thank you and the same to you and yours.
Sheila [01-07-2011]

JBS..I suspect that the only reason that Goo would start me before a player like John Fowler would be that John was being groomed as a forward, and I was a guard. I think John was probably subbing for Bill or Joe in those days. The same may be true for Johnny Fries.
John Payne [01-07-2011]

Joe D! Happy New Year. Great to hear from you. I would love to have a picture of that team. I know our memories fade as we get older, but I believe I am correct about the roster of the SFA team that I was on for three years, and who went to the finals against St. Matts. I'm sure Ray (Dawes) was on some team in eighth grade, but it wasn't the SFA school team. Possibly your grade also had a team at the GBC at the time. Do you know which team Ray is referring to for which he and Mole played?
John Payne [01-07-2011]




FFK [01-06-2011]

happy new year & peace & health to all.marie bommentre
marie bommentre [01-06-2011]

John Payne:I have a photo of that StFrancis team,if I can find it I will scan it and E-Mail it to you.
Joe DiPasquale [01-06-2011]

George Schur: I want to wish you a happy and healthy 2011 and send you my condolences for the passing of your friend from St. Francis[1952] and The Prep[1956],Frank Gray. Frank was always a gentleman and very intelligent. I would have good dialogue with him at Crane's on Friday-night when many people from Germantown hung out there."May Frank Gray Rest In Eternal Peace."
Bruce Schmitt [01-06-2011]

Some sports records are broken and some are not. Wilt Chamberlin 100 pt. game, Bret Farve 297 straight games, Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record for HR's but the number of games per year were changed. Let's judge apples with apples not apples with oranges. Butch has the record for 43 yrs. and counting.
Sporty, X-G-towner [01-06-2011]

Rosemarie, yes, the holidays were great! I hope yours were too.
Sheila [01-06-2011]

Lou, I hope your surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery.
Sheila [01-06-2011]

Clark, Just read your note about Frank Jacquinto. Was he Pete's brother? Pete had a son named Bucky. I think Pete worked for the City of Phila. His wife's name was Sis. She was a wonderful person. I also remember- if there were any problems in the neighborhood we could call on Pete Jacquinto. Do you remember Joe Scarpello who worked at Waterview Playground? His wife name is Mary Anne. Many years ago I used to watch their kids. All of their kids names began with a "J". --Great people!
Naomi Vitelli [01-06-2011]

Wally Kanan: The major difference between 'Katrina' and the Queensland (Australia) floods is the response by responsible authorities. Both federal and state government responded immedicately and appropriately and the public has kicked in millions of dollars in donations for flood relief. Thousands of homes and businesses have been inundated and destroyed here, thousands of cattle and sheep drowned, billions of dollars in damage and loss to urban and rural infrastructure, crops, equipment etc. A disaster of biblical proportions, to which government and the public have responded vigorously and quickly. That's the difference. The cause of the flooding of New Orleans was the breaching of levees, designed and built by the US Army Corps of Engineers, which failed. Here, where there are levees, they held. It has been the sheer volume of water over saturated catchments, from cyclonic rainfall over a prolonged period, which has sent rivers over their banks. The extent is much wider than Katrina and similarly tragic for people who can least afford it. The state of Queensland is the size of the entire NE USA, from Maine to the Mason-Dixon line, from the Atlantic to the Mississippi. The scale of the disaster is, as I said, biblical. It's not a case of one (Katrina) being worse than the other (Queensland); both are catastrophic natural disasters. The difference is in the response.
Catherine Manning Muir, SFA, CA, Temple, Outback Australia [01-06-2011]

GBC ALUM Charles "Butch" Ducilli scored 66 goals in 44 games for Temple. However a guy called Thomppson Usiyan who played at Appalachian St.(NC) here scored 109 goals in 49 games. My hat is off to both of these fine players.I was at college with Butch Ducilli. My son Ross scored 124 goals in his high school career at Rose High here in NC but he chose a football scholarship in his progression. He is named in the NCAA record books as having made the most field goals of most attempts in a college game.He holds the CIAA record of 18 field goals in a single season. Just a da who loved coaching and sports. Jim McKernan
anon [01-06-2011]

I haven't been a part of this site for some time, but I had to come on when I discovered a real coincidence. There had been some discussion regarding Father Peter J. Cavallucci of St. Michael of the Saints parish in Germantown, who was so highly regarded by all. Recently I received many of my late parents' documents and in going over them, I found their marriage certificate. As you may remember, I was from the Overbrook section of Philly (as were my parents, of course)and married a Germantown boy. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the priest who married my parents back in 1936 in Overbrook and signed their Certificate of Marriage was Peter J. Cavallucci! He must have been assigned to St. Donato's Church in Overbrook at the time, well before he went to St. Mike's. Who knew?
Rosemarie Rinaldi [01-06-2011]

Anyone remember Butch Duccilli's Dad pitching for The Sons Of Italy softball team at Wister playground ?
anonymous [01-06-2011]

"The Night The Lights Went Out"! I know you all have heard of The Red Badge of Courage, but have you ever heard of, "The Black Eye Of Stupidity". JBS, being a pugilist, you may like this story. One night, in seventh or eigth grade, while riding a bus or trolley home from an "away" game, (maybe Watertower, not sure), we were being feisty in the rear of the car when a sailor got on and sat up front. One of my mates, not yours truly, starts a low chant of, "he killed Joey", "he killed Joey". That is a line from an old Cagney movie. So a couple of the guys pick up the chant. Next, the sailor got up, and walked back to the rear of the car, just past the middle door; he stopped at my seat, and said, "get up". Genius that I am, I stood up eyeball to chin with this guy. The next thing that happened is that I awoke with the guys standing around looking at me, somewhat scared, and relieved. They then went on to explain that I cleared at least two seats in the air as I flew backwards down the aisle from what was apparently a very quick hook. The sailor was gone by then. I guess he reached his stop. Epilogue: as we arrived back at The Hollow and entered Sal's, Goo saw me. He looked at me quisically and asked what happened to your face. Up to then I hadn't seen it, so I looked in the mirror behind the counter and saw that one side was swolen, and my eye was blackened. (Hmmm, now that I think about it Schmitty, you weren't in the Navy were you? :)So Goo decided it was time for a "teachable moment", and he asked, "how badly did your boys kick that guy's ass'? Silence. Eyes down.
John Payne [01-06-2011]

John Payne: You are back on this site and making salient comments about sports,the psychological disposition of athletes and even the floods in Australia and I thought Frank Klock was eclectic. It must have been an interesting time in your life when you played on The St. Francis Basketball team of 1957 with Bobby Goo Guarinello as your coach. You confessed to being cocky and it was quite an honor to be a starter as a 7th grader. John Fowler was on that team as a seventh grader and he was a great player but did not start. Ken Schmitt,your classmate,did not play for SFA until the following year[1958]. Ken was a decent player but liked shooting pool over the hoops. You had talent and excelled at both endeavors. It was ironic that St. Matthew's,with Matt Goukas,Terry Collins,Marty Maher, was the team that beat you in The LaSalle Tournament and all these aforementioned players went to The Prep with Brother Ken. Matt Goukas,Marty Maher, and Terry Collins were All-Catholic Players and The Prep had Championship teams. Matt Goukas played professionally and also was a coach. Matt played for Dr. Jack Ramsay at St. Joe College which produces great coaches. Paul Borian will tell you how Jack Ramsay always outcoached Nova with their great talent. Terry Collins was the son of Jocko Collins,The Phillies Scout and NBA official. Jocko Collins signed Del Ennis from Olney for the Phillies and he had an illustrious career. When Jocko scouted Olney for the first time, Del Ennis had 12 rbi's and 2 Homers but Del was not arrogant. All athletes are not arrogant and narcissistic. At a certain stage in our development,adolescents must mature and get a grip. Mentors and coaches can help in this process. Discipline is also important and miitary-training can aid in this development. Many bloggers on this site developed discipline from The Military,including you and me. John! I hope the weather is balmy and sunny in Florida and I am concerned about the conditions in Australia which affects all of us due to commodity prices.
Schmitty [01-06-2011]

CMM, hope you are high and dry-keep us all up to date.

Dearest Rosemarie, my mother was always one step ahead of us for sure and kept us in a straight line. One time she threw a friendship ring over the back fence into a lot because she didn't like the boy who gave it to me. Of course my heart was broken (but not for long) and she prevailed as usual God rest her Italian soul! Happy New Year to you and your Roe. Love, Helen

Naomi Viteli- Did your cousin Joe Caroluzzi ever work for the Walton Theater? I think I purchased many movie matinee tickets from him when I was really young...(lol)...Linda.
L.Fontana [01-06-2011]

L.Fontana. Nice to see you back. I haven't seen you posting for awhile. Happy New Year.
John Payne [01-06-2011]

Webmaster: Would you please use some sense in editing comments? I don't want to read Jim McKernan calling women "pussy's" (12/31/2010 post) and I don't want to read his offensive jokes (01/05/2011 post). I don't understand why people would tolerate such bad taste on this website. If you want to call me "disputatious" or a "troll", so be it. I would rather "suffer" from your labeling than lose the courage of my convictions or the face of my dignity.
MEK [01-06-2011]

I do not understand why the limerick was posted; I had to assume it was a favorite from childhood days. I did find dozens of variations of the limerick online. As to the first noted offensive usage, I would prefer we not quote it directly again. It was offensive then and it is offensive now.

I am not easily offended; nor do I consider myself a "prude"; however, I take issue with Jim McKernan's most recent entry. Mr. McKernan, you should think twice before submitting such demeaning lyrics. If your latest "ditty" is any indication of the quality of literature being taught to your students; then I recommend they request a full refund for that course
Lorraine (Cupo) Kelly, fl; ic '55' cdhs '59 [01-06-2011]

Jimmy McK. Got any more of those dirty little limricks to ease these winter doldrums? LOL

Can we please stop with the rude limericks already!
CMM [01-06-2011]

The Professor has found a new way to be obnoxious: he's forgetting that there are ladies on this site with his talk of "pussy" and now "lipstick on his tool". Knock it off, Prof. We ladies don't appreciate it. And please don't post after you've had a few.
anonymous [01-06-2011]

FFK. That was me with the reference to the Snellin chart. I showed up as anonymous again. I guess the A.D.D. is kicking in again. Lol
John Payne [01-06-2011]

Butch Ducillis's record will be broken - as all records are. Don't say things like that.
anon [01-05-2011]

Charles Duccilli (Butch) actually lived on my street up in Bucks County for many years. Yes, he was a Prince in the Althetic field of Soccer. He taught Phys Ed at some School that I forget where. Great man, good example to kids everywhere. I miss the man and his family. James Breen, Pocono Mountains, Pa.
James F. Breen, 63 year old, East Seymour Street. [01-05-2011]

There was a lad o Liverpool/ who had a red ring round his tool/ when he went to the clinic/ the doctor was a cynic/ He said"thats lipstick" you fool. Happy holiers AThe Jungleman
jim McKernan [01-05-2011]

CMM...I just happened to read in the World News.....that Rockhampton in Australia, (population 77,000 people), is in danger of being cut-off from the entire outside world, due to flood waters..they stated that when the Fitzroy River hits 31+ ft. this is what will happen.Are you familiar with this? I am certain that you will be. Respectfully, Linda "F"
L.Fontana [01-05-2011]

happy new year everyone !from gg
george greene, retired in gilbertsville pa [01-05-2011]

Nice to see the Cold Water Gang mentioned as I am the President (for life) of the Ladies Auxiliary of The Cold Water Gang.This was bestowed upon me many years ago....aahhhh...good times.....
Susan (McCartney)Henigan [01-05-2011]

mary alice back at you! rosemarie :>)
rosemarie hite malageri [01-05-2011]

shiela happy new year to you ...:>) i hope the holidays were good for you and your family, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-05-2011]

lou giorno i hope all goes well with your surgery i will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers ... rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-05-2011]

helen leone d'angelo you were a good girl (no question about it) and your right your mom watched you kids like a hawk ... :>) but, it was all out of love . but, wasnt it fun to think you got away with even that little bit of hanging with the gang ....ha! happy new year helen, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-05-2011]

CMM, the difference between the floods in Queensland and the "Hurricane" that hit a major US city is New Orleans is also below sea level and most of the homes were destroyed.
Wally Kanan, the Weatherman [01-05-2011]

FFK> Interesting post re: the new year, Charlie Sheen, etc. Dude, listen, can you get me some of that stuff? LOL
John Payne [01-05-2011]

CMM: I hope you are not affected by the flooding in Australia. It's quite a scene from what little I have seen on T.V. I didn't hear what the cause was. Was there a sudden storm/hurricane, or some kind of levies or a dam that broke? Are you in any danger of the water coming near you, or are you too far away?
John Payne [01-05-2011]

Sandy Ciprano, Did I just see you about a month ago in a store in Abington? Are you a friend of my cousin Joe Caroluzzi? Sorry to hear about Rollie Hart. We lived on the same street in East Germantown.
Naomi Viteli [01-05-2011]

Lou Giiorno: Good Luck with that surgery. I hope you have a sucessful and stress free recovery.
John Payne [01-05-2011]

I still remember playing on the grounds of what used to be the Stafford House. I loved going to School Lane Coffee Shop (where my mother worked as a waitress). I also have fond memories of the Armstrong, Bradley and the Butler clan. I also remember playing on the lot of what I think was a business called Erickson.
naomi vitelli [01-05-2011]

Mary Alice Armstrong-Brennan, I was unable to find your email address. Please email me naomivitelli@gmail.com I have been in touch with Sally & Paul over the years. Have a great week!
Naomi Vitelli [01-05-2011]

Frank Klock: There you go again, making me look up words :) Did you know that "acuity" is usually measured with a "Snellen Chart"? Who knew! ;) Happy New Year Frank. Thanks for the pic. You and the family look great.
anonymous [01-05-2011]

Ray Dawes: Just read your post again. Ray, it wasn't an "eighth grade" basketball team; it was a St. Francis basketball team. You did not need to be in the eighth grade to play for the team. The eighth grade part becomes relevant for the team everyone keeps referring to, because that was the year that Bill Haas, and Joe Lynch were in the eighth grade, and the year we did so well. Hope this helps.
John Payne [01-05-2011]

Jack McHugh > Bingo! on the jacket. I think you are referring to the black Ike Style corduory jacket with the red and white stripes around the shoulders, and an emblem of a ball on the chest area, and name on the other side (the only hollow jacket I ever had). That was for winning something for the Hollow, not SFA in this case. I cannot remember what, but I think it was baseball, which is ironic, because I sucked at baseball.
John Payne [01-05-2011]

Ray Dawes: You are correct that I was a year behind you, Bill Haas, Joe Lynch, Joe Razzano,Joe DiPasquale, and John Fries. They were the eighth graders on that team that everyone keeps referencing, along with four seventh graders, me, Jim Kehan, Frank Klock, and John Fowler. The year was 1957. We went to second place in the city. We lost to St. Mathews at the finals at LaSalle, main court. St. Matts had Matt Goukas, Jocko Collins' son (not sure of his first name) a guard named Marty Marr. It was St. Francis Ray, not a Happy Hollow team, although there were several good teams that came out of there also. Starters were Haas, Lynch, Kehan, Payne, Razzano. Occassionally, any one of the three guards might be susbstituted with Klock, Fries or DiPasquale. Goo liked to mix it up.
John Payne [01-05-2011]

Frank Klock: I want to wish you and The Coldwater Gang,"A Happy and Healthty 2011". You were a good student,and liked sports and poker. I do recall that you broke a leg playing baseball or soccer. Playing sports can be dangerous but not securing an education can also be hazzardous. I applauded the Hollow guys who went to college on athletic scholarships and since you were an astute poker player,you understand the advantage of having an Ace in the whole. Back in the day,you and your good friend,Dave Glancey,liked music and I recall seeing Dave G. at at a Cannonball Adderly Concert when his big hit was,"Mercy,Mercy". You might have also remembered Bobby Blue Bland when he had,"Further On Up The Road and At End Of The Road". In this game of life,we must know how to play the game and know when the music stops. For me,it is a no-brainer,in this modern world,to attend college and then try a career in professional sports. Young people need mentors and wise folks to make decisions when one has limited experience. Professor McKernan,who pitched for Skip Wilson and Paul Borian who played for Art Mahan,had good careers after the music stopped in the athletic field-they discovered other diamonds. I always commiserated with former athletes who could not adjust to life after their careers were over and I hope Bill Haas is on his yacht in Florida,drinking Cognac with a big cigar and dressed like a movie star.
J. Bruce Schmitt [01-05-2011]

Lou Giorno, we will all say a prayer that all goes well with your surgery and you have a quick recovery.

Maryalice Armstrong Brennan ≠ my grandparents lived in the middle of that block of Garnet Street, right across from the school yard, from 1935 to 1970. They knew everyone on that block and would have known the two families you mentioned. My grandfather (Dennis McLafferty) was a stonemason by trade, but a jack of all trades really. He was the sexton at St. Benedictís from 1947 to 1970. All of my family roots are from St. Benedictís. Like Germantown, West Oak Lane was a wonderful area to live and Iíve heard so many stories of it when growing up. My memories of going over there are from the 1960s. My grandmother passed away in 1968. My grandfather looked out his bedroom window one day to see a man standing on his porch roof, looking back in at him, in broad daylight. That was enough to make him decide it was time to move. Oddly enough, he moved over to Chelten & Morris, to the Robert Morris Apts, moving from there when the elevator broke and they were slow in fixing it, then moved to the Chelten Arms Apts, moving after a breakin at his apartment, then moved to an apt in a house on Pulaski Avenue, until he passed away. He was in his 70s working as the doorman at the Aldan Park. Though he missed the West Oak Lane that he knew for so long, and despite the problems he ran into, he loved living in West Germantown. He loved the Boswell House on Greene Street and went there a lot. The Manor Deli was also a favorite. BTW, we have another connection. I donít know what relation you are to Wayne Armstrong, but he lived on my street in Plymouth Township. He and Barbara were two wonderful people, the nicest people youíd ever meet.
Dennis McGlinchey, Born & raised in East Germantown [01-05-2011]

Naomi Vitelli, I remember you and your family with fondly. I also would stop by your house on Stafford Street after you moved off West Woodlawn. Your mom was always nice, but you or Betty Lynn where never home if I remember correctly... Betty Lynn was a sweetheart that uses to stick up for me when Maryalice and Penny did not want me to hang out with them. Paul and Sally live in Riverside NJ.. I do not see them since I moved from Morris Street. But I do have contact information for them. email me.. I would love to hear from you erda_g@yahoo.com Erda
Erda (Armstrong) Graham, Lived on the Westside [01-05-2011]

Charlie Duccilli from the GBC holds the all-time record for goals (66) at Temple University. I don't believe this record will been broken.
GBC Alum [01-03-2011]

jim mc thank you, rosemarie
rosemarie hite malageri [01-03-2011]

Unlike during 'Katrina', when the US government was overwhelmed and unable to cope, both the Australian government and the Queensland state government have stepped up to the plate in the face of the Christmas/New Years floods in Queensland. While water levels are receding and the recovery effort is underway in some areas such as Emerald, water is still rising and won't peak in Rockhampton, a town of 75,000 people, until Wednesday. Access by road, rail and air is cut off, with the main North-South highway, rail lines and the airport all underwater. Disaster coordination has been excellent, people are pitching in to fill and place sandbags, and the military is flying in supplies by rotary aircraft. The water is carrying disease, debris and venomous snakes, with red and brown snakes swimming into homes where water has reached the floor boards. From the news broadcasts, it is the 'ordinary' Australian who is being effected, just as Katrina hit hardest among those at the bottom end of the socioeconomic scale. I'm proud of the preparedness, efficiency and effectiveness of the state and federal government efforts. Both the US and NZ governments have offered help, but so far we are able to cope on our own.
CMM, Outback Australia [01-03-2011]

Just saw Invictus. Not bad. I'm not sure about the historical accuracy, and at times I had trouble understanding some of the actors, but all in all, it was a good show. I recommend it.
John Payne [01-03-2011]

I remember my time in Germantown with much love - I went to St. Francis and then Cardinal Dougherty. I had the most wonderful childhood - my friends, my school and my family. I look back and think how sad it is for neighborhood now - nobody cares about what the kids do. Remember when you did something wrong and your parants knew before you got home.. lol. . That's because people cared. I Loved Germantown and always will... Thanks
Frank Vacante, Living in Ambler, Pa [01-03-2011]

I am sorry to say that Eddie Nixon passed away on December 3, 2010. Eddie will always be remembered as one the best dancers that ever came out of Philly. He is dearly loved and missed. I love you sweetheart.
Suzanne, Eddie Nixon's Girlfriend [01-03-2011]

Melissa Lynch the daughter of Madeline McCarthy (Portico St) and Michael Lynch, sister of Joseph, Ian, Michael, Tina and Theresa. Melissa (27) prolific stage actress died suddenly of injuries sustained in a vehicle accident on 12-30-10. Will be missed by her family and friends. Viewing will be on Monday Night, Jan 3, 6 to 9 @ Wetzel, Funeral will be on Tuesday, Jan 4, 2010 @ 1115 hours @ St Mathews RC, 3000 Cottman Ave, NE Philadelphia Can also be view on Philly.com
Germantown Forever [01-03-2011]

Happy New Year to everyone here. Hope your year is full of Happiness, Health, Peace and Love. Maryalice
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Still in G'town [01-03-2011]

Dennis McGlinchey, What a small world. I had two friends that lived on that block of Garnet Street. One in each end house. The closest to Chelten Ave was Avelina Landivar. She, her parents, and brothers and sisters were from Ecuador. We both went to Little Flower. The other family was the McGlone's: Pat, Mary Jane, 2 brother's and another sister. I spent much of my high school years between those two houses. And I never thought twice about walking from my home in west Germantown, near Chelten and Morris, over to Garnet St. Sr. Landivar was an artist and painted a number of pictures for St Benedict's Church. Chalk was his favorite medium. I have 2 of his works. We had many wonderful parties and lots of fun back then. This was early 60's.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, Still in G'town [01-03-2011]

Yes it's me and i'm back again, with a news story from way back when. Have you ever heard of the "Cold Water Gang"? Frank Klock, our poet laureate, recently sent me an article published in the Phila. Inquirer on 9/2/73 titled, "The Cold Water Gang Lives On, Plotting Against Gordon." Here are some excerpts from this humerous article: "There was a time when the members of The Cold water Gang used to hang out on a corner near Happy Hollow in Germantown with a corner character named Goo Goo Guarinello. This was in the late fifties and early sixties and the gang used to get its jollies making fun of the nine to fivers who came home from work on the trolley. 'You want to grow up and be like that?' Goo Goo used to ask. 'Nope,' the gang members would say. 'We want to be like you, Goo Goo.' Goo Goo was a hustler who ran a trampoline concession in Wildwood in the summer and hung on the corner making fun of straight people the rest of the year. He was maybe 10 years older than the Cold Water Gang, and he was, in the words of one member, their 'patron saint.' Nobody knows whatever happened to Goo Goo. Now, the members of the Cold Water Gang are all pushing 30 and they are teachers, lawyers, writers, and reform politicians. At first glance, people like Jim Clare, Dave Glancey, Bob O'Donnell, Frank klock, John White and the others are just like the straight people on the Wayne Ave. trolley. In short, they are nine to fivers. But the Cold Water gang endures. It has evolved into a strange kind of fantasy society with Klock, a high school teacher, serving as the Eternal Commander, or E. C. as he prefers to call himself. These otherwise industrious, successful young men meet regularly to plot strategy against an imaginary enemy named Gordon, whom none of them ever expect to meet. In fact, all that is known for sure about Gordon is that he's in the gin business. They throw fantastically good parties, although no one, of course, is allowed to drink Gordon's Gin, on pain of excommunication. A crisis came about in 1970, when Speed (Larry Rotheraine) went to Europe. Before he departed, the E. C. presented him with the Cold Water gang quill with which to sign treaties if he happened to run into Gordon, which, of course, he did. On July 18, 1970, Speed mailed Klock a copy of the treaty of Ville Franche between the Cold Water gang and Gordon. Among other things, Speed turned over to Gordon all the land between Seymour Street and the Stenton Diner in exchange for all rights to parsley in Yugoslavia. 'Treason,' screamed Klock. 'There's no parsley in Yugoslavia.' When Speed got off the plane from Europe, the gang members were waiting. So were the customs officials, who went through Speed's things without ceremony until they found two clear plastic bags containing a substance that looked suspiciously like marijuana. They inspected it carefully. 'Parsley,' said one customs man to the other. Speed went through. After a long trial, with lawyer O'Donnell presiding as a member of the eternal council, the treaties with Gordon were declared null and void. Klock let Speed off the hook, took all the blame for the bad treaties on himself, then gave himself a pardon. The Cold Water gang headed for a bar. All this really happened. Goo Goo Guarinello would have been proud..." Article edited by Paul Borian
Paul Borian, It's a New Year but the same old Bor [01-03-2011]

If anyone is in the Valley Forge Park area---go to the Memorial Arch-2000 wreaths are on display one for every solider who died during the encampment---very impressive!
vera carey canavan, st. vincents class of 1956 [01-03-2011]

Price and Baynton Sts. in Germantown, corner of Pepper's Drug Store, Don Vitelli, Mickey Hansberry, Dolly DiFrancesco, Bonny McCallister, Eleanor Vasallo - a gathering place on a cold winters night and I'd have to tell my Mom I needed index cards or loose leaf paper so I could go out for a minute and see who was up there and say hi. I would have liked to hang out there with the others but I had to get right home where my mother was waiting for me. Good little girls didn't linger too long on corners, not at the tender age of 15 anyway. Was that one big run-on sentence?

happy new year!
Sheila [01-03-2011]

I found out today that Eddie Nixon passed away December 3, 2010. We use to see Eddie and his girlfriend Sue at a local restaurant that we frequented. He was such a great dancer and a wonderful guy. Our hearts go out Eddie's Sue and family.
Diane, south jersey [01-03-2011]

Naomi Vitelli, Sally O,Connell and Paul Ginty are married for many years now. Erda keeps in touch with them. They live in NJ. How are you and your family? What are you up to? Where are you living these days? If you click onto my name in red you can send me an e-mail off the board.
Maryalice Armstrong Brennan, still in G'town [01-03-2011]

Going in for major surgery on my spine on Jan.5TH--asking all my blog buddies to say a prayer for me.I'll be back on this site when they discharge me. Lou Giorno
lou giorno, Lou from burbs [01-03-2011]

Happy New Year everyone.
John Payne [01-03-2011]

Just had to write something today because the date is 1-1-11 and that's so cool!

Today, here in the Australian desert, I am reminded of summer nights on Wayne Ave and on Tacoma Street, where I lived during my grade school and high school years (4944 Wayne Ave; 5008 Tacoma). It got up to 108F/42C here today, normal for summer in the Outback. When we moved here in Nov 2009, it was 116F/43C at midnight the first night, in the midst of a week-long dust storm, such as Steinbeck wrote about in 'Grapes of Wrath'. The topsoil of the state of South Australia was migrating north and east on the wind to New South Wales and out over the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. At this moment, a storm with lightning, thunder and wind is roaring through, but no rain. The air has, blessedly, cooled down to a mere 94F/34C at 8PM. Who among us does not remember those searing summer nights in Germantown when the streets and brick houses became heat sinks, making it impossible to stay indoors even after dark? I recall many nights sitting on the stoop or in beach chairs on Tacoma St. until 3AM when it finally became cool enough to go inside and try to sleep. In those days before the Clean Air Act, the summer sky would be copper red with pollution, so bad you didn't know whether it would rain or s**t! The pool at the Gtn Boys Club kept us sane, didn't it, along with the 'twin popsicles' delivered by the ice cream van and the lemon water ice from the stand at Logan and Keyser Sts. Blessed relief from the incessant heat, in the days before air con. Riots in North Philly were understandable at that time of year. Maybe the 'middle class' (in JL's definition, those who had trees on their streets) didn't suffer the heat to the same degree as those of us in the brick row houses with no trees out front. This desert heat on New Year's Day in Outback Oz took me back to Tacoma Street in the late 50s/early 60s. I'd love to hear from other former G'tners about New Year's Day 2011 at their place. With Queensland under water, bushfires in South Australia, a heat wave in Western Australia, and the NE USA digging out from the blizzard, surely there are some epic tales of how NYE 2011 was spent.
Catherine Manning Muir, SFA, CA, Temple, now in Outback Oz [01-03-2011]

It would be nice if someone who is/was friends with Bill Haas would make contact (see Denise's info below; apparently he's in the AC area) and invite him into this Germantown social network. Now that bayonets seem to be no longer fixed, this blog is a great place to catch up with (or meet for the first time) former neighbors. I'm going to send Bill a note as soon as I get his address (Denise, please email me) but he probably won't even remember me. Maybe some of you guys who used to play baseball or basketball etc with him would touch base and tell him about the blog and about the occasional reunions. Could be a random act of kindness that benefits both giver and the recipient. BTW, it's 108 in the shade here today; a good day to finish a knitting project I started in Philadelphia on my last visit 9 years ago (done!) and to read the thick weekend newspaper from front to back. Won't venture out until after dark!
Cathy Manning Muir, SFA, CA, Temple, now Outback Australia [01-03-2011]

in regard to b. hass he had a wicked curve ball. i would wind up falling out of the box. mr. durney and mr harkins came to me and said his ball will never hit you so just stay in the box. my next turn at the plate i stayed in the box he missed me. second pitch he hit me square in my crouch and that hurt for a long time. their apolegies did not make it feel better.
RAY DAWES, 67 living in oreland pa. class of 57 stf [01-03-2011]

question on the 8th grade basketball team. if john payne was a grade behind us how could he be on that team.i would think the team they are talking about was in a league at the hollow. i have a picture of the cyo 8th grade championship team of b. hass j. powel b. maul willim jefford and my self r. dawes and i have no idea who goo was.
RAY DAWES, 67 yrs old class of 57 SFA [01-03-2011]

Jim McKernan, thanks for the sweet words and God bless you.

Dom Raff: I want to wish my old classmate from SFA," A Happy AND Prosperous 2011". I see that you still have that good memory for numbers,figures,and statistics and you were probaly the best handicapper in our class but Sharpy[Frank F.] might take issue with that. In your last post,you went back to the 60's to remember Haas's stats in the minors-they were awesome. I liked your comments about Bill H. and you hoped that he was doing well. I would have hoped that he had gotten athletic scholarships like,Paul Borian,Jack Brogan,Sonny kennedy,and Joe Lynch. He had gone to GA on a scholarship and he was a good prospect for many good colleges. Ollie Powers was another good baseball guy. Professor McKernan,The Temple Pitcher,had a tough curve which might have given Bor some trouble but his fast-ball did not hum like Mr. Ollie Powers of Penn Charter. He was invincible in The Inter-AC. Forgive me but I was very surprised that Ollie and Billy did not make The Big Show. Bor[Paul B.] made some comments in his last blog about some of his Poker-buddies,2 of whom were your brothers-Rocky and Trout. Everybody at The Hollow thought that Rocky was a great baseball player. Tom Kehan told me that he was a good instructor in baseball. All your brothers and you, had great personalities. My older Brother[Urb] was at SFA with John and Rick was in class your younger brother,Ed. We were in the class of 1955 with so many smart and pretty ladies. A blogger suggested that we were jealous of Bill H. since he was such a great athlete and the women liked him. The guy to be jealous of was Sonny Kennedy who went out with Sabina Cunningham who was in our class. She had it all but did not know how to spell arrogance since it was not a part of her psyche. Dom! keep posting and lots of Toasting on Janury 1.
Schmitty [01-03-2011]

happy new year new year's is a gun in my face but luckily,i'm someone who doesn't take death personally, since death is the secret every body knows might be a nice place to visit but not in person. so for this coming year i'm making loud and clear this promise of acuity: i will continue to write with all the subtlety of charlie sheen trashing a hotel suite. may god's love touch us all.
FRANK KLOCK [01-03-2011]

After writing my last bit on Happy Hollow I started thinking about the very few things I remembered about the Hollow. I did go to a number of their 4th of July activities, I remember the bend bars to get into the basketball courts and of course I climbed the cliffs in the back a number of times which are now inclosed top and bottom by a fence. There was also a jacket that some of the guys had, I donít know if they had a new one each year but as the years processed I saw different designs, similar but yet different, being attractive and unique. John Payne I think I saw you with one---maybe
Jack McHugh [01-03-2011]

Schmitty: re: Billy Haas; A lot has been said about Bill. My only memories is that he was great under the boards with Joe Lynch on the other post. As for "having a big head", hmmm, a teenager with great talent, who receives heaps of adulation, and whose name appears in the newspaper repeatedly for fetes of athleticism, gee, what are the odds he might be a little cocky. I was cocky with none of those achievements. :)
John Payne [01-03-2011]

Hi Noami, yes I'm the same joe who had fun tim es with Betty, I understand she passed at a very early age such a shame. I also remember her husband Joey who grew up with me in Brickyard.I hope you find many of your old friends on this site and maybe come to one of their luncheons.
joe leone [01-03-2011]

John Payne got it right about Dom Raffaele knowing baseball. One time Dom, Jack Lavelle and I walked a Phillies twi-night double header. It was the Phils and the Cubs. We got there at the end of the 1st inning. The score was 1-0 Cubs. Final score 1-0 Cubs. Second game: The Phils scored a run in the last of the 9th. Final score: 1-0 Phils. We loved those games, didn't we, Dom?
jack Brogan, New Year's Resolution: Drink better scotch [01-03-2011]

ad astra per aspera-------happy new year to all old and new friends!
vera carey canavan, St. Vincent's 1956 [01-03-2011]

I want wish the webmaster & all my friends who post on this site A HAPPY & BLESSED NEW YEAR Lou Giorno
lou giorno, lou from burbs [01-03-2011]

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